Inchcock Today – Sunday 24th June 2018


Sunday 24th June 2018

Portuguese: Domingo, 24 de Junho de 2018

0435hrs: Ineffably, I’d had six hours sleep last night, much better that is. No waking up, no noctambulant nibbling and no jumping awake with a start.

WDPBL02 I did have what seemed like a tumultuous long, frustrating dream, and I woke up spreadeagled half-on, half-off of the £300 second-hand recliner, with aches and pains in most locations of the torso. The back, neck and right ankle being the worst affected. The need for the utilisationing of the Porcelain Throne arrived as I was extracting my lumbering body from the chair. The chest was very itchy.

The impressions left of the dream were that I was flitting between different places I had worked over the years, and reliving the disasters and mistakes I had made, and doing them all over again. Knowing I was doing this in the dream, but unable to put things right.

WDPBL02 It took me that long to get myself upright with the body pains, the need for the Throne dissipated and was replaced with the need for me get some Phorpain gel spread on my back Not easy when one is short and chubbily built), and to take the medications, including some extra Codeine. I did the Health Checks too.


WDPBL02 No sooner done, than the need for the Throne usage returned, so I poddled off to the wet room. I think that when I got myself body knotted up nocturnally on the recliner, I must have got the toes entangled somehow because they were now painful too? Every morning something different. Hehe!

The evacuation was another Trotsky Terence affected one.

7Sun4I decided to get the ablutions done while I was in there. No shower, of course, the noise this unit makes when operative would disturb my neighbours, so a Stand-up session was taken. I had to reapply the pain gel I’d put on an hour-and-a-half ago, of course, having washed it off. Shlemiel!

WDPBL02 I did notice how my chin was going Chicken Style in my older age. Not pretty is it. And, the torso seems to be collecting pot-marks, scars, and bruises. The poor old thing, Hehehe!

Did the medicating of Stand-up areas that need it, and went to make a brew of tea.

0600hrs, already. This sleeping for longer has upset the body clock. Haha!

I made a start on this diary.

WDPBL02 0615hrs: Clanging noise from Herbert above. But of course, I am not complaining, just mentioning it. There’s no point in my risking getting another telling off from the Nottingham City Homes for complaining about the noise. As the Management, told me; “He is doing nothing wrong, just following his hobby of model making. You’ll just have to live with it.” I don’t want to lose my home. I hope he has not fallen over and is bleeding to death up there, cause there was only that one noise and not the usual repetitions. But, give him time.

Went to make another brew for the one that I let go cold. Took these photographs from the kitchen window.


I then tried to have a go on Facebook, fingers crossed that yesterdays problems with it going so slow and accessing things has been righted.

I spent a long time making a TFZer graphic. I hope they like it.


I enjoyed doing this one.

Then I went on WordPress Reader for a perusal of others stuff. Good stuff again.

I rang Sister Jane, and she rang back. Her ‘Inchcock Food Intake’ advisory and instructional mode were adopted; She said it was good that I was not eating whole pork pies with a meal. Haha! We had a natter, losing the connection in the middle of it. As she rang off, I got a ‘battery critically low’ warning. The phone was charged up yesterday morning too! Glad we spoke though, cause Pete said he had not received the diary for yesterday, I checked, and he was right. I really thought I’d sent it as well. Humph! Klutz!

So I sent it off and got on to doing the Morrison order.

7Sun38I want to get that and the meal was done so I can settle to watch the England v Panama game. I just hope that Duodenal Donald eases off in a bit, he’s very naughty to me at the moment.

I ate the fodder while watching the football match. But not much of it. One muffin, a few chips, half of the gherkins and tomatoes.

7Sun35aThe Panamanian tactics in defence were more like rugby than soccer.

But what a result.

Certainly caught me by surprise in the first half. The second-half was more like the England team I know and love, ineffective.

After the game, Duodenal Donald was still grieving me, and the mind went off on one of its wanderings, worrying and fretting sessions and stayed that way all night.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications with an extra Omeprazole capsule and a few good swigs of the pitifully inefficacious antacid medicine.

The body closed down, the meal tray and dirty still half-filled plate sat of the chair next to the second-hand £300 recliner that I sprawled on top of, looking and feeling depressed and concerned over everything. Where the tray and I remained for several hours; Me, with about as much life in the crumb and uneaten food-filled plastic food-tray.

The mind did not stop stewing away.

Eventually, I had to get out of the chair, to tend to the wet-warm feeling from the lower regions. Cleaned things up and applied the medications. I considered having a stand-up -wash and shave, then the thought that I need to get help with the insurance telephoning tomorrow – then, I remembered I must also get help to phone the surgery about the appointment changes… next I stubbed my toe on the trolley. Then I feared I might have left the oven or tap on in the Kitchen… On and on these, what were to me, worrying things pestered me. I ended up checking the kitchen. Then doing nothing else other than getting my head down again.

Weekends are not my favourite times.

Taketh care folks. TTFN.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 17th May 2018: Social Hour Whoopsiedangleplop

The TFZer Clan

Thursday 17th May 2018

Dutch: Donderdag 17 mei 2018

0300hrs: My expergefaction was short and sweet this morning. No sooner had the brain activated, an ideé fixe lodged itself in my mind, and I just knew I had to get the laundry done, and felt an urgency and essentiality about it!

4Thu001Had a wee-wee. Got the day clothes and shoes on. Collated and collected the bag of soiled clothing, camera in my pocket and down to the laundry room.

Filled and started the washing machine going.

Noticed the state of the room, being slightly messy. I’ll take a hoover down with me later, to try and clean it up a bit.

Up to the flat. Got the Health Checks done and took the medications.


4Thu01The Sys Dia and Pulse was up a little compared to yesterdays. I thought this was a good sign. Then I realised I’d done the HC’s later than usual and had exerted a little effort, and this is why the readings had raised a tad?

The body and ailments seemed to be doing well this morning. Duodenal Donald is not bothering me at all! Arthur Itis only a few twinges. Reflux Roger, again, just the littlest of enforced deep breaths. Hippy Hilda, well, it felt like I had no hassle whatsoever, but she did start lambasting me physically later in the day. (Can’t expect all the ailments to be tickety-boo all the time.) One must presume asynchronous changes in degree daily. Harry Hernia being kind too. Anne Gyna is only just beginning to offer her stabbing pains here, there and all over the chest and neck area; but this is nothing compared to how she can play me up some days.

Overall, I feel a little lucky with how things are. (Fingers crossed that I won’t regret saying this, Hehe!)

4Thu04Back down to move the laundry from washer to the dryer. I forgot to take the hoover down with me. Dumkopf!

Got the togs into the dryer and began to clean the other machine.

I came across a rusty screw when I wiped inside the rubber covering at the bottom of the drum. This is the third one of these I have found this year?

I wonder how long it will last before it collapses? Hahaha!

Back up to the flat and got on with updating the Wednesday Diary.

Still no Porcelain Throne visit? Unlike my innards this situation is. Regularly daily, within the first ten minutes of rising out of the £300 second-hand recliner, I find myself on the Throne. But not today.

Updating the diary again, the time seemed to flash by, and the alarm rang to remind me about the laundry. So, back down again – once more forgetting to take the hoover with me. Tsk!

4Thu05Got the clobber sorted, folded and into the bag.

When I looked at the socks, all turned in themselves, the lighter grey pair reminded me of someone who used a glove puppet that looked similar to the socks. He or she was on TV I think?

I just can’t remember the person, yet I can recall the glove-puppet, although neither name.

To try and clean up the laundry room, I utilised the spiffy, à la mode, semi-automatic, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment with the cobwebs hanging on them, behind the door.


4Thu11Done my best! Huh!

Back up with the clean clothing and got it stored away.

Refilled the accoutrements pots ready for the nest washing session.

Got on with updating the Wednesday post while awaiting the arrival of the Morrison 4Thu07Home Delivery.

The chap arrived around 0625hrs. It seems I had a lot more stuff than usual today, certainly more carrier bags than usual. Yet, I’d spent a little less?

I got the stuff stored away. Unfortunately, I had to throw some frozen stuff away to make room for the new fodder. Schlemiel!

The noises from the lads preparing the out wall ready to have the insulation fitted, before the cladding could be done; seemed to be getting closer and closer with some speed.

4Thu12 I got the veg stew cooking on the crock-pot. I used a bay leave today, fingers crossed it tastes okay.

Still, no Porcelain Throne demands were made of me, yet?

Got the nibble box filled, gifts and raffle prizes in the bag ready for the Social Hour.

Back on the computer and finished the Wednesday Inchcock and posted it off. Then made a start on this blog.

4Thu10There was a sudden dull thud-like noise emanated from the kitchen that made me jump, so I went to investigate.

There were blood and feathers, floating down from above the flat window.

At first, I thought a bird had flown into a wall or window, but the blood was still coming down?

4Thu08 I put the small camera out of the window and took a blind shot off above the frame.

I think that a bird of prey had been for his breakfast pidgeon.

I forgot about making a brew and returned to the computer and carried on with creating this page.

The Virgin Internet or the computer kept going very slow and stuttery.

This depressed and worried me much. So I turned everything off and back on again, giving it a few minutes before starting it all up again.

Seems to have rectified the problem. (He says with high hopes and blind faith!)

The chaps doing the prep work outside arrived at my floor. I think they were putting anchors of some kind in the walls.


Checked and stirred the crock-pot.

4Thu21WDP02A Ablutions tackled. Unfortunately,  I managed to cut the mole on my right cheek while shaving, and it took me yonks to get it to stop bleeding.

Not cataclysmic, I know. Lamentably, this glitch came at the most inopportune moment.

Ruefully, it meant I was very late for the Social Hour.

WDP02A Out to the Winwood Social Hour meeting. By the time I’d got down and to the ‘Temporary Obergruppenfurheress Wardens HQ, Building Workers Rest Room, Social Hut, Target for Thieves, and Telling Inchcock Off shed’; There were only about eight or nine residents left in there. I felt a right Alter Kocker!

Jenny, Frank, Cyndy, Mo and others. A chat with Jenny, and got the nibbles and cakes handed out. By then most were getting ready to leave. I did feel a fool! Said my goodbyes and departed feeling a little stupid.

4Thu20On the way back to the flat, there was a bit of a nip in the air out there. Although the sky looked beautiful.

No one about, I came all the way down Chestnut Walk, through the lobby and lift area, up to the 12th floor and into the apartment without seeing anyone. Oh, no I fib! I did pass the caretaker going the other way and shared greetings with him.

Still no signs of any need for the Porcelain Throne?

 Made a cuppa and got on with updating this bloke for an hour or so. Then went onto creating some diary-top graphics on CorelDraw and CorelPaint.

Three hours later, and feeling a little drained, I got some of the graphics done and saved.

Had a check to see if any comments had come in on WordPress. Got one.

Checked the casserole, stew whatever it should be called. Coming on nicely now. The contents are Tomatoes, swede, parsnips, garden peas, carrots, mushrooms and red onions. The flavourings: Caremalised gravy granules, balsamic vinegar, onion salt, a bay 4Thu19leaf, clear vinegar, BBQ powder and tomato puree.

How it will turn-out, I don’t know, but I’ve just had a spoonful of the liquid, it wasn’t great tasting but seemed okay, well, passable.

Got it served up and enjoyed it! Enjoyment-Flavour Rated as 8.8/10.

WDP02A The tray still on my overgrown wobbly stomach, I nodded off!

I seemed to launch into dreamland immediately, and what an odd dream it was. I was in a desert at night, and wanting for some reason, to sing. Each time I got a few words out, someone would shoot me? I tried and tried again, I have no idea what it was I attempting to sing. But a vulture, sat on a cactus, kept looking at me and winking in my direction? In the morning, I made this graphic, but it is nothing like in the dream, just an idea of what occurred in my not unpleasant, but a frustrating nocturnal nightmare, Hehe!)
I seemed to die and wake up alive in another dessert and still desperate to sing, it started all over again?


After waking up and scribbling notes about this land-of-Nod tale, I could not get back to sleep. Well, I did, but not until hours later. Humph!

Inchcock Today – Friday 12th December 2018: Nottingham Castle Visit – Whoopsidangleplop and Accifauxpa!

Of Course, they are lying on both counts!

Friday 12th December 2018

0240hrs: Woke, while remembering a dream about being chased through sewers the brain informed me that I was thirsty yet again. I reached for the mug of orange juice on the Ottoman near the £300 second-hand recliner, only to find it was bone dry. So, I gingerly manipulated the body mass free of the chair and put the empty giant mug in the bowl to soak and made a small cup of Yorkshire tea.

Got the computer started, took the medications, then did the Health Checks. All the results looked okay to me. A bit up and downish though, this week.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Messy, very messy!

Downloaded the photographs to use on yesterdays and this post. Did this one up to here, and updated the Thursday codswallop, and got it posted off.

At last, I got around to responding to the WordPress comments. Then I did some WordPress Reading. On to Facebook catching up.

Ablutions tended to. Put the radio on while shaving and Bad News Flowed. I heard that the Nottingham Trams were not running due to an armed robbery incident on the route.

The Nottingham Train Station was evacuated after the fire broke out at around 6.25am. Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service say that 60 firefighters from eight stations are at the scene. The Station is closed, with no trains arriving or departing, and is set to remain shut all day. Oh, dear, and they just paid £50m to upgrade this too!

Roads around the station have either been closed off or are very congested.

Nottingham City Transport is not serving any stops at the station or at Arkwright Street.

Various roads closed off for the investigation by the police; this news was followed with: Nottingham Railway Station has twenty fire-engines in attendance at a fire that apparently started in the toilets on the concourse. No trains and no trams today; This was followed by reports of Traffic mayhem, and we must check before we attend any hospital appointments today, due to staff being unable to get into work.

 I checked on the weather I was about to go out into. Tsk!

Spruced up, I took a recycling bag to the chute on the way out.

I thought it might be a bit of fun if I took the camera and went up to Nottingham Castle to get some shots of the Station Fire if I could. So I did.

Outside and took a couple of photographicalisations around the block of flats.

Got to the bus stop and had a chinwag with some others there, Frank and Welsh Bill both in the sarcastic, insulting mood, and we had a laugh or two.

Had a go at the crossword book en route into town.

Made my way straight to Robin Hood’s Maid Marion Castle. I got a bit of a shock when I went into the little shop to use my Pensioner’s card to gain entry.

Yep, £6 to get in. I fumbled and found the one twenty-pound-note I had left, put on confident, nonchalant smirk-come-smile and cried inside, and paid the nice-lady. Hehe! She said I could use the ticket again if I want to gain entry, but it had to be used before March. I was not sure I’d be up to wanting to go there in freezing February?

Paid my respects at the War Memorial. Ten minutes or later got a sensation from lower regions. Embarrassed, I went into to some trees and had a feel around. Just a little bleeding from Little Inchy, but nothing to fret over… I thought.

Then at the Victorian Bandstand, I took a photo of the castle from the low area.

I struggled up the incline to the Eas-West wall and hoped to get a photo of the station and maybe a little smoke or fire engine or two. But no luck, wrong position and a little misty. I thought I’d plod on my way up to the top level to try there. By the time I get there, the mist might have cleared by then.

But, iI did take this of the old cave houses that Nottinghamian Proletariat folk did live in, many years ago. The brick building was built in 1895, much modernised since.

A bit of a steep walk up the path to the old stone inner moat bridge.

Where I came across this whatever it is? Plainly very old and weather worn, a bit like me really. Haha! I can’t recall seeing this before on any of my many previous visits. I spent a while recalling my meeting a girl who worked at the Wimpey Bar on what was then Gramby Street (I think) before they changed the name to Maid Marion Way.

Be about 1963/4 I reckon.

Over the bridge and left, looked at the steps that needed climbing, took a breath and pressed on up to the top in one go. (Head shakes with pride mode adopted!) When I got to the top of the concrete, there were two animals straight in front of me, a squirrel and a magpie on the small lawn. I carefully got the camera out as I took the last two steps… and tripped. Flash, whoosh, they were gone! Humph!

To the wall and the entrance to Mortimer’s Hole. Mortimer History ← Click here.

Of course, there would be trips down this time of year during the week.

This brought back memories of long ago and got me a little excited.

I went to the uniform gallery, and that was locked up. Then to the History Museum and that was also closed.

As I turned the corner to go back around and down to the lower level, there came the wet, damp sensation from the lower regions. This time there was no need to check. Good job I had the safety pants on, I  think I must have had a message from the EQ that made me wear them today? I carried on down and out, to catch the bus back so I could clean up, use the Daktacort cream and sorts things with Little Inchy. Darnations! just paid £6 for this visit too! Huh!

Luckily I did not have long to wait for a bus as good fortune had it arrive within three minutes of my getting to the terminus stop. A most uncomfortable ride home. I thought things had settled and the bleeding might have stopped on its own; as I fidgetted in the seat.

The compound was abuzz with activity as I walked back from the bus to the flat.

Hastened into the wet room to sort out things. Well pleased with how the pad-pants protected me this time. Far less mess and hassle to clean things up. Put the unwanted items in a blue bag, sealed it, had a shower then took the blue back to the proper bin. Returned to the flat, changing into fresh trousers and fell over when I got my leg caught in pulling them up. What a state I was in. Hit my shoulder on the way down and banged my elbow on the way up. No, hang on, that was the other way around. Hahaha!

Took the belated midday medications and did the Health Checks.

Got the computer on and had a couple of hours and a bit updating this post.

Nosh sorted. A simple affair, curried beans, tomatoes, sliced apple, potato chips, Scottish Plain Bread and pork knuckle followed by a lemon mousse.

Did the pots and drank more Clementine juice and made another mug of tea.

Health Checks and medications tended to.

Settled in the messy, untidy room to watch TV. Unhappy with the mess around me, but aware that they will be returning to knock out the balcony and fit a new one, also to sort out the radiator drawer and cupboard door blocking and making more mess.

Started to watch a Law & Order episode and lasted only up until the first set of commercials, the nodded off.

A scary dream woke me. In it, just about everyone I’ve ever known, and film characters, singers etc. were chasing me, in underground tunnels. “Shouting “You’ve got to go youth!” repeatedly. Where to I didn’t know, just felt I did not want to go wherever it was. We were suddenly on a ship, below deck, (Me still being pursued on foot) a cruise liner type, but it was scruffy, for there were portholes in the passageway… I was ejected out of one of these openings and recall thinking as they hacked off bits of my torso to get me to go through the window, “Well, at least I lost weight before I died”. Down into the cold ocean water… something else happened I’m not clear on, and then, I was in a barred cage with penguin looking angels approaching. They were most annoyed telling me they did not want me here, there were not enough pilchards to feed me… and I was back, body-parts reattached and being chased in the underground tunnels, by all and sundry?

I got the torch and scribbled notes of this dream. So glad I did now, cause the memory of it was very vague in the morning when I updated this blog.

I spent a few second trying to work out what could have prompted this episode. Not that it mattered, and was soon off into the land of nod again.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 10th January 2018: Busy day

Wednesday 10th January 2018

0145hrs: Seemed to shoot awake and found myself looking around the room for an old lady who had been in my dream, and blimey, it felt so real.

The lady floated down through the ceiling and hovered above me, then sank down and stood in front of me – I got the sensation that I knew her, but was aware even at the time, that I didn’t? I thought, this can’t be a dream because she has a shadow, so she can’t be a ghost either. The whole thing only lasted a few seconds; well, it felt like it to me. She spoke with the most beautiful Welsh accent: “You must not donate, they will come for more, and you will fatally give more… Remember this, my love…” and she faded away while blowing me a kiss?

Afterwards, I thought, perhaps she got the wrong address? Hehe!

Not the most interesting of dreams to remember, but I felt so much like it was actually happening.

I had to pull back my mind from this and make an effort to rise out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. This session could best be described with two words: Messy and Yellow! We’ll say no more. Cleaned up and off to the kitchen.

Did the health Checks and took the medications. Made a brew and got the computer on to finish yesterday’s post and sent it off.

0240hrs: Remembered that I needed to go down to the Laundry room and get the clobber cleaned, so I did. Collated the equipment and washing, down to the foyer on the way to the cleaning room.

Three new posters from Jenny, on the wall. The saddest sign of the year greeted me on the board facing the doors as I got out of the elevator. Dear old Eddie has passed away. An amazing man, who everyone liked or loved, a treasure lost. This photo I took is of Eddie enjoying his tipple on 16th December 2016 in the Social Hut. Cheers mate! Of course, now I am banned from making any snapshots of the residents nowadays.

Another poster was on the wall, from Jenny. (Busy gal!) informs us of a possible sneak thief in our midst!

I’d have thought a CCTV camera would have been installed in such an establishment as this. Not only or primarily to catch or identify naughty people, but to monitor the health condition of the Senior Citizens. Even those stealing from other pensioners! Just a thought.

Last of the posters, might seem inconsequential compared to the other two. But, it is kind of Jenny to remind us of this availability on a Saturday, and for opening it up for our use if wanted. Personally with the buses on a Saturday being only every two hours, and a total of four, if I go out on a Saturday, I tend to get confused and often miss the bus back.

I don’t know why I mentioned that, cause I get confused most days. Hehehe!

Got the washing in the machine and back up to the apartment.

Started to do this post, then back down to move the washing to the dryer. Oh, dear, the dryer filter looked like it had not been fluffed-out for several washes. And the sink was disgusting! Looked like someone had been plastering a wall and cleaning the tools in it! I’ll take some spray down with me on the last trip.

Up to the flat. Took this photograph out through the window.

No frost or ice this morning.

I started this post updating. Time flashed by and back down to the launderette to collect the clobber and titivate the room a bit.

Got the clothes folded and packed into the bag. Cleaned the filter and wiped the casings.

Then tackled the sink that someone had left in a right state. I reckon it might be one of the new tenants because this has never occurred before.

Naughty Tenants!

The grime took a long while to get cleaned off; it had an alabaster-like texture to it.

I opened the washers to freshen the insides a little, and in the first drum, I found more alabaster-like patches stuck on it?

So I cleaned them off, but they were easy to remove, not like those marks in the sink.

Then, as I was opening the door to leave the room, Hernia Harry started giving me grief suddenly? This might have been caused by the bending down or scrubbing away at the sink. Either way, he was not welcome! Hehe!

0435hrs: All the clothing stored away, accoutrements placed in the laundry bag ready for use on the next wash. Kettle on and made a brew. As I sat down to continue with the updating of this post, Hernia Harry again let me know he was active.

Did the graphic above of the dream and put it at the top of this post.

Made a graphic for the TFZers:

Nearly time for the ablutionisationing. Quick bash on Facebook and WordPress reader, them off to scrub-up.

Teggies done, then shaved. A Jolly nice shower was taken. Medicated the areas in need and got the rubbish bags to the and down the waste chute. Tried to make sure I had everything needed.

Took this photo just before leaving. The mist cleared, but the rain did not.

And guess what I forgot to take with me. My hat! I realised when I got out into the rain, Well, I would wouldn’t I? Haha!) Too late to go back up now to fetch it, I thought if I did, I’d miss the bus. I’ll see if I can buy a cheap one while I’m in Arnold.

Got to the Obergruppenfureresses Hut and had a quick chinwag and laugh with some other residents. Then caught the bus into Arnold. Nice chit-chat with a lady passenger. Made her laugh a bit, and that cheered me up.

Out in the rain and into another shop. Every one also too large. I popped into the Poundstretcher and got some black waste bags and a fabric refresher.

Called in the butcher and got some shop-cooked belly pork. Then in the big store and checked out their hats on sale. Every cap was too small, apart from one that was far too large.

Walked, getting wetter as I plodded on, to Asda (Walmart). First I went into their clothing section, and believe it or not, every hat they had was too small for me!

Spent a good while nosing around the food shelves and ended up getting: Four more tins of the curried baked beans, pork steaks, tomatoes, mushrooms, nibbles, a parsnip, a turnip, green beans, sliced red onions, sugar-snaps, Cox’s apples, orange yoghourts, and a TV Magazine.

Paid the nice gentleman on the till what I owed and made my way to the bus stop. Where I met fellow tenant Roy from the fourteenth floor. Good chinwag. Welsh Bill and four other residents got on the bus in Sherwood. Welsh Bill said he had now sorted his radiators out, he hoped. The Company that manufactured them told him to reset to factory standard. Which he did, and all seems well now, but he has not had a monthly bill yet, so he’s see what happens then.

All off the bus and they all went into the Social Hut. Roy caught me up before I got to the flats and I told him about Polish Eddie, pointing out the notice Jenny had put up about it. His only concern was the stealing of the Bone China cups. The other fellow with us, kind chap (I hope he is not the noisy Herbert from above me – He wasn’t, he got out of the lift on the 11th storey) Said our farewells, and I got into the apartment and had a wee-wee.

I was about to get the fodder unloaded as one of the Willmott-Brown external platforms came up passing the kitchen window. Although I didn’t catch them by the time I got the camera out, there were three women workers on it. That could be awkward if they found any bloke stripping off in his bedroom? Hehe!

I had a terrible thirst on me. Guzzled no end of orange juice from the fridge.

Unloaded and checked the items bought with the receipts. No overcharging today. Although some git gave me a five-Peseta coin in with my change! Humph!

Got two of the pork thingies, Shoulder Steaks, that’s them, and trimmed some parsnips and turnips, plopped them all in the slow-cooker with some pork gravy granules and a drop of Maggi in the water. The sugar-peas and green beans I can cook separately later in a saucepan afterwards.

Took the hearing aids out and noticed they needed a little TLC.

Got the tools out and de-waxed them, poked the tubes out and washed them. Then changed the batteries.

I was pleasantly surprised at how the fingers let me get the task done. No freezing or twinges. Then I realised that apart from the still stinging poor old feet and Little Inchy bleeding, the other ailments seemed to be giving me a break today? Good Stuff!

Putting the things back in the medical drawer and shook it a bit, and the Enoxaparin needle fell off of the top and shattered. As I recall now, I might have muttered something like “Well, fancy that!” at the time.

Poured out another giant mug of orange juice and got the computer on to update this diary.

Half an hour or so later, I went to check on the crock-pot and remove some fat that had floated to the top. And refilled the mug with orange juice. Why this thirst? Is it due to the radiators? Can the Aliens take the blame? Have I got a cold coming on?

The tiredness dawned. And I decided to set the alarm clock to remind me to check the pork and get my head down for a bit. One last check on the crock-pot before I got my head down, and to my surprise, the pork was well cooked and ready. No head down for me yet. I turned down the slow cooker and got the vegetables cooking. Sugar peas and beans in one saucepan and mushrooms with Soy sauce in the other and prepared them quickly. Got two part-baked cobs in the oven.

Can you see the face in the pork steak?

Picked out the turnips and parsnips from the cooker, then the pork onto the plate. Put things in the sink to soak as I went along. Added the veg and sliced tomatoes. Added the chips, two cobs and lemon mousse to the plate and got settled to dine rather well, I thought. Another mug of orange juice.

I purposely ate slowly. Savoured this much-better-than-of-late feast. Rated this as a 9.4/10 effort. I think cooking the parsnips and turnips in with the seasoned pork turned out to be a good idea. I slowly voraciously devoured and decimated all in front of me. (Not the cutlery or tray, you understand? Hehe!)

I put the dish down and drifted off into slumber. Woke-up shortly afterwards in desperate (I thought) need of the Porcelain Throne. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner with relative ease and lack of pain and got myself seated on the Throne… wind and nothing else evacuated. Read a bit of new book while waiting. I was well-awake of course by the time I gave up, still have the sensation that I needed to ‘go’.

Took this photo of the rather beautiful sky.

I washed the pots up, feeling in a sort of haze of thoughts, everything and everything seemed to come into my mind for pointless considerations. Terrorism, Brexit, the radiators in the flat, Hippy Hilda, which tea-bags were the best, Poor old Eddie, Fooey, Dad, the lack of buses, hearing aid problems and I felt sorry for Teresa May having to cope with the mess that the coward Cameron had run away from, sorry for my not getting a proper education. Oh yes, the mind did its own thing, wandering off on tangents and I just let it go.

Which was not a good idea as it turned out. Cause I got the pointed end of the steak knife stuck down a fingernail while drying the pots! Still, it brought the mind back to reality. Haha! It also made me realise I had not done the Health Checks nor taken the medications, so I belatedly did so.

Once again I got settled down. I think the mind must have felt guilty at letting me stab myself and gave me a rest so I could nod-off quickly, which I did.

Inchcock – Tuesday 20th June 2017: Whoopsiedangleplop – Lost the hearing aids. Tsk!

Tuesday 20th June 2017

Belarusian: Аўторак 20 чэрвеня 2017

0400hrs: Woke up, recalling some bits of a dream and scribbled it down quickly on the notepad. From my younger days, Suzie my first love (Well, my only one really), Chrissie, a wondrously attractive gal from ‘Down our terrace’ and Dad were in this one, I could not see me though, it was like I was just watching things as they progressed? I think Sister Jane came into it at times, to tell me where and what to look for? The back yard, Chrissie’s family dog Rover, appeared, burning ashes came down from the train above on the viaduct. Memories (Happy ones mostly) raced into and out of mind at a fast rate, like fast forwarding a tape or DVD? Pondered on them for ages.

0455hrs: Up and to the Porcelain Throne for a heavy duty session, but failure was in the air (Just wind, Hehe!) Had a wee-wee, though.

Did the health checks: Sys148, Dia 80, Pulse 101, Temp 35.6 and Weight 14.7 The pulse rate was exceptionally high, never had it so big before?

The computer on and sent Email to Sister Jane, with the photo of the funny shapes on the tummy. Told her I could make it tomorrow (Wednesday) all being well, to get out to visit them. Fingers crossed she can accommodate me. I’m sure she told me on the phone that she would be in on Wednesday. (Well, somewhat sure, Tsk!)

Another attempted Porcelain Throne session failed. Had a wee-wee, mind. Took a Senna tablet.

Did some WordPress reading.

Another try on the Porcelain Throne, gave up, had a wee-wee again. Took a second Senna tablet.

Did the ablutions. Another attempted heavy-duty session on the Throne… Failed again. Felt the pressure of needing to go, but too nervous to push too hard yet, as this had caused much bleeding last month when I had  Constipation Konrad visiting me. Had a wee-wee.

Could not find the hearing aids. Searched for over an hour and a half without any luck. I vaguely recall taking them out yesterday because one had lost all power and the other was picking up some squealing noises and wrapping them in a tissue – where, when and the location of where I put them remains a mystery to me? I’d been considering treating myself to a newer set of two anyway. So decided I would go into town and check on availability, prices, etc. and have a new hearing test done if they were not too expensive.

Got the bag ready, and went out to the Community Shed to see if Obergruppenfurheress Deana would be in like she said she would. Down the lift and out to the hut. Obergruppenfurher Deana and Gruppenfurher Julie were both in. Apparently, it is the day for collecting the yearly concessional TV licence monies in, so they were busy with us old folks throwing money at her. Hehe!

In between issuing the licences to various folks, she rang the insurance company for me and got it paid, bless her. Then reminded me of the need to pay for my TV licence. So I did.

On the way back to number 72 for one more quick search for the hearing aids, before catching the bus into town. I observed that the Woodthorpe Flats bus stop had a notice telling us ‘This Stop is no longer in use – use the one at the end of the road next to the Winchester Flats” – shame that, an extra walk and no bus shelter to wait under in the event of foul weather. Never mind, can’t he helped. A lot of workmen standing and lurking this morning, and they had started to do the removal of decorative ceiling coverings doing one floor at a time. Starting with the top floor on Monday. Meaning my floor will be done on Thursday when I can either go out for the day, and they will provide a free buffet meal in the Social Hut for us, or we can stay inside all day. Does this mean the Tenants Social Hour will be cancelled? I imagine not because it only affects the people on the 12th floor of each block. There is no way anyone opting to stay in their flats will be allowed into the lift area while the work takes place. Health & Safety rules.

Up to the apartment and had a search for the missing hearing aids again, no luck. Rushed back down again and to the end of the road to the new to us, bus stop. Many residents from both blocks were waiting. Had a chinwag with Bill. He was telling me how all the others were moaning about the bus stop, being moved, further to walk, no shelter from the elements, chattering about having to in or out of their homes for a day… they are not happy Bill said. I could not hear them due to the lack of hearing aids in my lug-holes. Haha!

I was the only one from the flats who got onto the City bound bus.

On Mapperley tops, the traffic inbound was at a standstill, and the L9 bus that the others back at the flats were waiting for was in the middle of the queue. Poor folks have going to have a long wait.

Dropped off at the terminus and walked down Queen Street into the slab square.

No Big Issue sellers in the area this morning?

To Boot’s and had a word with a lady there. But when we got to the prices I withdrew with as much grace as I could manage.

Over the road and down onto Wheeler Gate and the Specsavers shop. Had a word with them, their choices were far less than at Boots, and the prices for comparable models was about the same, but they had an offer on of two for the price of one. Plus, 4 years free batteries, one-year free insurance, Free aftercare, Free choice of fitting styles (Not sure what this means yet), a ninety-day satisfaction period and a Four-year guarantee. Oh, and a free hearing test.

The young man got my details onto the computer and asked when I wanted the test done from his available dates. He offered Thursday, made him look at me oddly when I told him I was to be stuck in the flats all day Thursday, I declined. Friday at 1700hrs – I got another odd look when I said this was too late for me to get a bus there or back to the flats.

Saturday at 1330hrs (He was getting a look of desperation on his face now, Hehe!) That will do, I told him, much to his relief I’m sure. He gave me a booklet and an appointment card.

I was going to tell him about there only being three buses to town on a Saturday, but I think had come to the decision that I was mad enough as it was. Hehehe!

Left and had a hobble up Friar Lane to see if the hearing place was open that used to sell alarms and timers for the hard of hearing. Terribly high prices last time I looked.

A big sign on the window, Shop To Let! So the business had apparently gone under since my previously visiting it. Not surprised really at the prices they were charging.

I meandered back down and onto the Slab Square, then up to the Primark Store and had a look around. Got some socks that claimed to be wider than average, thought they looked comfortable.

Some shoplifters were being taken out as I left the store. I don’t know how they make it pay here. So many times I’ve passed by and seen a police car with Officers removing offenders from this place.

Spotted some Nottingham Street Art outside.

I assume the staff of the nearby shops and officers have to nip out for a quick fag at their breaks and lunchtime? Whatever happened to the Smoke Rooms we used to have?

Got a TV magazine for next week and a newspaper to read on the bus, as I had failed to put my crossword book in the bag. I thought whatever it was that had caused the traffic snarl-up earlier, might be roadwork related and still be there.

As the bus passed the end of Clinton Street, I took a photographicalisation of it.

It didn’t come out too bad, considering how fast the bus was travelling, I thought.

Back at the apartments, I got off at the new stop and had a fair walk back to my block. Although it wasn’t a long walk, it was longer than usual. I must remember this when setting out in future to catch a bus and give myself a little more time.

At the apartment door, I rang the ladies next door bell. Gave her the newspaper to read. In the flat and tried again on the Porcelain Throne, no luck, but had a wee-wee.

Got the calendar updated with the appointment for the hearing test.

Realised when I did so, I’d missed getting to the Woodthorpe Park open day. Tsk, Cobblediplonk & Humph!

Did the Health Checks.

The pulse rate had gone down well, only 75 now, gone the opposite way? Huh!

The computer on again and updated this diary.

Back to the Porcelain Throne… ah, movement at last! Not easy, and Duodenal Donald bled a lot, but at least Constipation Konrad had eased a little. I shall still take another Senna with tonight’s medications, though. Took them while I thought of it.

Did some more WordPressing, then Facebooking. Lots of comments to reply to, that was fun.

The intercom burst into life, it was District Nurse came to collect their bag of tricks. I pressed the admit buttons and put some nibbles into the bag and said nowt when she got here to collect them.

Back to Facebooking.

1845hrs: Dawg-gone Virgin Internet went down! Reset button and restart made no difference. Rang 150 for help, got a recorded message Sorry your Virgin Internet is having problems, engineer despatched, we anticipate to have it working again by 0225hrs!

Had a wee-wee. Wash, the toothache started when cleaning the teggies. Humph!

To extra Codeine Got the meal ready.

Rang Sister Jane to make sure she will be in and I would be welcome to visit in the morning.

Got some nibbles and things in the bag, so I don’t forget them tomorrow.

Found the hearing aids in the pocket of a shirt I was putting into in the laundry bag. Humph – Tsk and fancy that!

Fell asleep, dreamt of being chased along office corridors again.


Inchcock Today – Wednesday 17th May 2017: Soaking wet in the rain, shopped, visited the ducks and saw the surgeon in Derby. Shattered, when I got back! Hehe!


Wednesday 17th May 2017

Irish: Dé Céadaoin 17ú Bealtaine 2017

Bad night of waking in between dreams. War, well, in a battle in a City, schoolday bullying relived, failings and errors recalled, space travel, ghosts and being buried alive being some of the subjects. I’m certain there were so much more, not nice at all. I lay there thinking through and trying to remember more for ages.

When a demand came for the Porcelain Throne visit at 0310hrs, I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner, shivering despite having a bit of sweat on and off to the morning session. Took a while for a different reason to recently, the opposite of the Trots! The tummy rumbled much after the movement. Carried out the Health Checks, all seemed okay apart from the pulse being a tad high, the weight was down again!


Made a br3Wed01ew and took the medications. Making sure I did not mistakenly take any of the Diahorria capsules, now they are not needed. In fact, I moved them into another drawer so as not to do a Whoppsiedangleplop later in the week.

Saw a note I’d left myself when it came to starting the computer: ‘Bank Numbers Required’. I must nip down later and give them to them. I had a check on the local weather for today on the BBC website.


Looked like a wet day in prospect! Glad I got the umbrella yesterday in town now.

3Wed03The rain started again as I left the flats and decided to walk into Arnold, visit the ducks and pigeons and to get some pod peas.

I took the first photograph of the marathon hobble to Arnold at the end of Chestnut Walk. With the allotments below and housing in the distance and beautiful Spring greenery surrounding them. The smell was gorgeous.

Down Winchester Street hill and over the road and into the bank. Had to explain everything again to the teller lady, who was patient enough about it. Told her I was asked to bring in my NI number, but could not remember if I had or not, but here it is again anyway. She had no idea what I was talking about. Told me to pin in my card and dedicatedly perused her computer for a while, a frown spreading over her pretty brow. Said to me I had to make an appointment with the advisor to process the opening of the account. I told her the account was open, and I have a letter to that effect from the bank? Anyway, I’m going to see a surgeon in a while and might know more of when I’ll be free, and I’ll get back in touch (Call again) when I can confidently give you a date.

3Wed04Out into the drizzle, up to the top of Mansfield Road Sherwood and off down the hill towards Arno Hill Park and the duck visit.

About a mile further on and I got out the Pound Shop umbrella as the rain increased and it broke as I was opening it.

With my luck, I took this with a pinch of salt, in fact, I expected this to happen.

3Wed05Plodded onward in the wet onto Daybrook, the rain getting fiercer now.

The puddle in the car park had to be manoeuvred ti keep the tootsies and shoes dry, gave it a wide berth.

Nearly walked in front of a bus as I crossed over the traffic light junction – I indicated my apologise to the driver as he braked. I think he was questioning my parentage and possibly calling me a silly old fart or something similar. Oh dear!

Got to the park eventually and not many folks around, but there were some new breeds of ducks around. The ducks with the black coloured heads and brown and grey feathered bodies. They were very aggressive towards all the other birds there, they even chased off and bit the Canadian Geese!


The rain eased off a bit, and I spent a good while with them, nattering away to them. Like one does. Ahem!

Then out and along the road and over into the Sainsbury store. Where I found they did not have any pod peas available – Humph! I got some potato farls and cakes, Lemon mousse, a Lamb hotpot and two tiny turnips.

Outside the rain was now horrendous! I got the half openable brolly out and made for the bus stop across the road. I thought I was being rather clever by catching a bus that goes a long way around to town route but drops me off closer to the next bus stop where I can catch the Derby bus and save getting soaked so much? Cunning!

3Wed08Dropped off on King Street and down and through the Slab Square and up Friar Lane to the bus stop.

An i4 bus arrived shortly, and I was off on a ride through the villages route, into Derby.

I gave the crossword book a bashing, and even got one completely done with only having to look-up one answer! (Head swaggers slightly)

Despite the weather, I enjoyed the run-out, apart from one bloke shouting down his phone all the time. Eventually, he started using bad language, the F word crept into his conversation, and I just had to say something but resisted several times until I could no longer do so. I walked forward and tapped him on the shoulder and asked him quietly: “Could you please stop using bad language on your phone, there are elderly ladies on this bus?” I was so pleased with his reaction. He really didn’t know he was shouting put aloud. He apologised to the ladies, and I think he blushed. That result was far better than him telling to Go Forth and Multiply and head-butting me! Phew!

He got off the bus later and put his hand up in acknowledgement as he dismounted the bus. Jolly good chap.

Got into Derby bus station, the rain now wet again. Hehe! I wondered over into the Eagle Market.


What a sad place nowadays. Far more empty stalls than those in use.

Out and up to the London Road GUM clinic. Gave them the paperwork and in minutes they called me in to see Mr Redgrave, the surgeon who will be doing me in Nottingham later. Nice understanding Gentleman. About 60 years-of-age, a well-trimmed beard and patient with his patient. I could smell the pipe tobacco on his breath, and this got me missing mine. Hehe! Went to great lengths in advising me exactly what was to be done with Little Inchy’s problem. To be done under a local and he anticipated my being in and out in a day. He even explained any problems and how to deal with them following the procedure. I should hear within a week of a date, but I’m still on the Cancellation List and need to have everything ready at short notice. Gave me some leaflets. I thanked him so much, we both had a cup of tea brought in by a smiling nubile young lady. And, it was a nice strong cup of tea too!

Happy and contented I made my way back to the bus station in the rain, almost singing to myself and uncaring about getting soaked in the rain.

3Wed08aI got on another bus route to go back into Nottingham, the Y8 it was I think. As the bus went through Sandiacre, we passed a place that I had worked at in Security many years ago.

It used to be a Calor-gas supplier, now it had been cleared demolished and must have held hundreds of vehicles. This got the memory going.

3Wed10Had a bash at the Crosswords again, but not so successfully this time.

Arrived in Nottingham and dropped off on Maid Marion Way in the drizzle and walked down St James’s Street into the Slab Square.

I’ve not been down here for some years, there had been many changes with new buildings.

3Wed11Across the square as the rain got heavier again.

The Burke on the bike in this photograph all but hit the woman with white hair moments after I took this picture.


Up Queen Street and to the bus stop, turned out good timing as the last L9 bus was due in five minutes.

Tired and weary now, but happy with how the day had gone and the good news and information from Mr Redgate. Why he was a Mr and not Doctor I don’t know. But, then again, there is much I do not know. I had to fight falling asleep on the bus with all my might, but managed to, just.

Up to the flat and into the Throne Room.

Too weary to concentrate on doing any updating, so did this in the morning.

3Wed12Felt a bit more like eating tonight. Used a portioned plate and had, farls and potato cakes, Quorn eggs, sage & onion slices, pickled onions, strong cheddar, fresh pod peas, mushrooms, Mushroom Pate, an apple, one thin wholemeal and a Lemon Fool, with caramelised onion pickle.

Looked good, tasted good, but the eyes were obviously larger than the stomach again. I left a lot on the plate.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications. The Pulse was tremendously high at 94.

Got the goggle-box going. Swiftly fell asleep.

Dreamt something about V-rocket making, with me as a designer and demanding that garlic is added to the explosives? But it seemed I and the others were of French origin?

Woke and off to the Porcelain Throne, and spent an inordinately long time, struggled to evacuate, messy. A follow up to the ‘Trots’ I’ve just got rid of?

Had a glass of spring water and got the head down again, without any problem.

Inchcock – Tuesday 18th April 2017


Tuesday 18th April 2017

Māori: Rātū 18 Paengawhāwhā 2017

1Mon17aStirred at 0255hrs, Duodenal Donald giving me a lot of hassle and pain this morning.

I think I have only myself to blame perhaps; The overly seasoned beef in black bean sauce dinner from last night?As lovely as it tasted,

As beautiful as it tasted, I will resist this temptation in the future!

Out of the £300 second-hand-surely ready-to-clonk-out recliner and to the throne. The Senna taking seems to have eased things at last. I almost sang with joy at the lack of struggle and pain. Hehe! Little Inchy had been flowing a bit and needed corrective attention from the Betamethasone cream and cleaning up. But I could tell from experience, I was to suffer badly with both Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna – when this happens together, concentration goes on holiday. Remembered I need to go to the bank to investigate the farce over the transfer of account situation. Maybe today, Lisa the manager will actually talk to me?

Found a scribbled note presumably about a dream – but could make no sense of it at all and had no memories, although I could recall one I had early last night, the one I wrote about in yesterday’s post, that was completed as my next job. The readable bits of the pencil written script was: Hill high…. stethoscope (I think), canal… towering above… flying swooping?

0445hrs: Computer activated after finishing Monday’s off, I started this one. Did some photography doctoring to use later. Then the internet connection started going off intermittently. I wished that Duodenal Donald, who was becoming very active and persistent would do the same.

Into the kitchen to2Tue001a take the medications and an extra few swigs of antacid in possibly a vain hope of easing the ulcer pain. Then did the Health Checks:

Sys 162 – Dia 76 – Pulse 75 – Temp 38.7 – the weighing indicated another rise.

Oh dearie me!

Had to take another swig of the antacid medicine and pondered on whether I should risk taking an extra Omeprazole, as the medicine was cutting it with the pain.

I stood looking out of the window seeking inspiration in making my choice. Later I used the W-T option and tried to take a view of the same area, this is how the photos came out:


I think I read somewhere that Omeprazole had a side effect of diarrhoea? With things loosening up so much in that department this morning, I found myself in a quandary.If I do take an extra capsule it night prove a nocive decision, it I don’t take one, I’ll be in too much pain all day with the other ailments

If I do take an extra capsule it night prove a nocive decision, if I don’t take one, I’ll be in too much pain all day with the other ailments (Anne Gyna and Roger Reflux) playing up as well. On the other hand, I might get the runs badly… then again, it might make no difference at all? Bumfuzzled my brain now!

2Tue04Eventually, Duodenal Donald himself made it up for me, with a super-mega stab of pain, followed by a Donald Dizzy spell. I decided to take an extra one and another Codeine.

I decided to take an extra Omeprazole as well as and another Codeine. Just to keep himself noticed with all the ailments clambering for attention, Arthur Itis decided to have a go at the fingers as I took this photographicalisation and dropped the tablets. Luckily falling into the draw where I could retrieve them this time.

This is not going to be a good day medically speaking (I’m quick on picking these things up yer know, Hehehe).

The thought of the visit to the bank to talk to the elusive Lisa didn’t help in the clarity of logic department. Yes, I like that, I might refer to her like this: Elusive Lisa in future?

For I fear they might be more occasions to write about in this banking farce! (Getting myself wound up now, Tsk!)

Completed belatedly updating last week’s Check List.


Made another mug of tea, and pressed on with this update. The mind in a Zwodder-like state.

Did some WordPress Reading.


Then onto Facebook. Made a graphic of Pixie Mary Frieberg on the TFZer site, as she won the ball competition. I put her near the actual photograph of the implement on the table – a real Disney Angel.

Well all of them got it right actually, but Mary was first in with her bid, bless her cotton socks.

Got the ablutions tended to. Got the bank details, empty jars for the recycling bin and some painkillers in the bag. And set off to the bank and get some bread.

No one about at all, not a soul did I see in or outside the flats and Chestnut Grove… Eerie that.

2Tue08Dropped the jars in the bin and down Winchester Street, across Mansfield Road and into the bank.

Fell in love with little daisies on the verge.

Inside the bank, there were about six in the standing queue, three staff serving including the Manageress Lisa. I patiently took my place at the end of it. And Lisa was still ignoring me with natural aplomb and what must be a well trained and practised, honed skill.

I had to explain everything from the start again to the young good looking fit man servicing me. Jealous? Me? He said something I didn’t catch and went into the back of the building. A few minutes later, with the customers in the queue behind me tutting and sneering in my direction, he returned and told me an advisor needs to talk to me.

Hello, I thought to myself! I was instructed to stand at the back, and she would come and fetch me. So I did.

The lady appeared within seconds and escorted me into an office and asked me to sit down – I explained it was better if I didn’t, Arthur Itis playing up, and she professionally shot me look that said: “Huh, another old fart!” It was quick, but I caught it alright. Hehe!

She explained that the Co-op had put a block on the transfer because it had taken so long. I asked her who’s fault is it that it took so long – I got another shudderingly frightening look from her, this one said: “Who the hell do you think you are!” to me. I got in with my rapid verbals: “Your bank failing to check the postcode on the I.D. from the State Pension people who I admit were also in the wrong?” I suggested before she could speak.

A pregnant pause followed. The lady recovered. Ignoring what I had said completely, told me she would ring her head office for advice on whether or not we need to start from scratch again. I was gobsmacked, especially when they told her that we did have to!

I started to make notes so as to be able to use them in this diary. She frowned and asked me if I wanted her to make notes for me? Not sure if this was genuine or sarcastic, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. She lightened her tone and asked why I was making notes – I replied something like: “The memory isn’t as good as it once was you know – paused with my mouth open and added – I want to get the details right for my Trust Pilot Report” and offered a half cheeky smile. That worked, I could see she was perplexed by this.

I wondered to myself why I was being so short and annoying, not like me at all, thought it might be the extra pains today, took a codeine out and ate it, determined to try and win back her good side, in case I needed a loan later. So I adopted a broad smile and almost laughed, and this confused the Hitlerarian dear even more. Tsk! She wasn’t Hitlerarian at all, but I just like using the word. Hahaha! Sorry.

She set about redoing the application using the details and checking them with me from the first time. Asking me if the account at the other bank was overdrawn? I impressed her when I competently fibbed: “God heavens no, I’ve over a hundred grand in it!

I must stop annoying her and get her going I swore to myself again.

After a while on her computer, she told me that the account should be open and transferred 26th April, but don’t come to see us until the 27th. Then, as I was about to leave, she started the selling spiel: Come to see me after it is operational and I’ll see if we can offer insurances cheaper than the one’s you have now!

I exited into the sunshine and the wind then went to get a small l2Tue11oaf of bread and some meat to tonight,s meal. Sarnies only tonight, nothing spicy I said to myself.

No small loaves, only large, no belly pork so I got a Wiejska ring.

Walked up the hill, no bus for 55 minutes yet, so walked on up and down the hill and walked up the park back to the apartments.

2Tue09A few dogs taking their owners for a walk and refusing to return the thrown ball.

I love watching them.

One Alsatian ran to me and stuck his head in my bag trying to get to the meat I suspect?

He was friendly enough and took his head out when I asked him to ‘Leave’. Haha!

2Tue09aTurning right at the top, I hobbled down through the beloved Copse. Thickening out well now.

The entrance was a mass of nettles blooming.

I wondered at this point, how does one make Nettle Wine?

I’ll look it up later perhaps.


Ambled down through the Copse and took a photograph facing the flats.It really was so beautiful in there.

It really was so beautiful in there. The smell alone makes it worth the trip.

Came out the bottom and trying to miss treading on the buttercups and daisies, I made my way to the foyer door.

2Tue12Squirrels and birds very active around the area.

Up to home and had a wee-wee, but the bits away and made a cuppa.

Found a recipe for Nettle Wine.

Sounds too complicated for me to try, not got the room or gear anyway.

How do you measure nettle tops in pints, anyway?

Got the notes I made to help me update this diary.

Got up to here, and took the evening medication with spring water.

Made another mug of tea, then cleaned up the milk and fridge where I’d managed to drop the milk bottle when Arthur Itis decided to freeze the fingers on me. Humph!

At least Duodenal Donald had eased a bit. Mustn’t eat anything spicy tonight. Hope the Wiejska and bread will be alright. I could have had a drink of milk with it, but of course, I’d dropped and spilt most of it!

Had a bash on Facebook. Lost it. Got it back again. Lost it again… gave up and did some graphicationalisationing.2Tue12a

Got the din-dins done.

A salad of sorts. Went down nicely.

Had a Dennis Dizzy visitation when washing the pots.

To the porcelain throne thinking I was in need of a heavy duty session – but nothing, not even any wind? Well, there was plenty from Roger Reflux, but none from the rear-end. Hehe!

Tried to watch some TV, a Victoria Wood tribute and got only a few minutes into it before I drifted off.

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today Wednesday 29th March 2017 – Got to see Olive


Wednesday 29th March 2017

Spanish: Miércoles 29 de Marzo de 2017

0215hrs: Woke up with a start – wide awake and with the dream that I’d been having still partly in my head. Within seconds it had gone. I hate it when this happens!

Decided to try and sort some of the paperwork scattered around. First, to the porcelain throne and found Haemorrhoid Harold to be bleeding and made a mess. With the extra clothing to be washed again, I thought I’d get the last of the laundry done while I was feeling okay

Got it sorted and down into the machine in the laundry room.

Up to the apartment, took the medications and started to sort the paperwork out, then, time to go down again and move the clothes into the dryer. All done.3Wed03

Up and made a mug of tea and started to finish off yesterday’s diary.

Soon time to return to the laundry room and swap machines.

Back to the flat and finished off the diary.H

The dizzies returned and made me feel a little nervous with their persistence.H

Back on the computer and started this post off.

3Wed04A final nip down the lift and retrieved the washing from the dryer.

Note the right foot and ankle this morning in this picture?

Well bent and twisted it was, almost fell over twice getting back up with the bag?

Cleaned the machines and filter.

Finalised yesterday’s chronical and posted it off.

Time for a look at Facebook before the Morrison delivery was due to arrive. So I did.

Then some WordPressing.

Made another brew and found the milk had gone off! Had a black tea instead, just hope I’ve ordered milk from Morrisons.

Had a go at sorting the paperwork, got some done.

3Wed08The Morrison man arrived and left the groceries, and I began to put them away.

Seems to me, that I may have slightly overdone it again today.

Had a right job sorting out the fridge and freezer, owing to the available storage space to hand, being somewhat less than the amount of storage space required. Hehehe!

3Wed08aSomehow I managed to get everything away, some cramped some squashed, mind.Ablutions

Ablutions tended to. (No new bleeding! Hurrah!).

The rain was pouring now.

Got the nibbles for the Kampf Obergruppenfureresses, jars for the bottle bank, hat and umbrella, and set off to the Winwood Community Centre.

Gave them their bites and asked if I could get any help with the banking I.D. fiasco. There were no signs of any presence of adjuvant inclinations shown.

3Wed07The subject was cunningly and cleverly changed… with genuine poise and ability.

Out into the strongly falling drizzle to the bottle bank and deposited the jars, then to the flats.

Met 92-year-old Norman in the Foyer, where he was waiting for a taxi to take him to the medical centre. So I had a chinwag with him for a while.

Up to number 72 and got the kettle on, now I have milk! aHaha!

Updated this diary.

Then did some more sorting of the paperwork.

The M&C hygiene ladies arrived. Had a chinwag with them, and M offered to do the oven for me. But this meant a skimmed on the other stuff. M is the owner of the company, and she was not happy because the other worker had chipped a bone in her foot and M had to go our working.

When they had gone, I rang Olive to see how she was, and she granted me a visitation, bless her. Nattering away and Obergruppenfurheress Deana called, and we all had a chinwag for a bit. Collected Olive’s jars, gave her a peck and back to the flat to check on Harold’s condition. No bleeding.

Already had the potatoes on the boil, added some of the mushroom Soy Sauce to them. Put the garden peas on warming up.Updated this diary.

Updated this journal. Superfluously perused the TV magazine.

3Wed09Getting some stuff from the fridge later, I noticed that I’d bought these here tomatoes in error on the Morrisons order.

What am I to eat these with, please?

Do they need warming?

Are they for a stew?

Ah, I see now, I think. I figured they were dried, but, they were not, they’ve just been cut and cooked?

3Wed10Got the meal served up.

Not too bad a one, but I undercooked the potatoes a tad. 

Rather taken with these vegetable slices with stuffing and herbs. 

Had to use the polish ham as I’d noted that is was a little beyond its sell by date, so tomorrow I’ll have the lamb hot pot thingy.

Got settled and watched some TV in between nod-offs.

Inchcock Today: Saturday 18th March 2017 – Early Whoopsidangleplops today.


Saturday 18th March 2017

Afrikaans: Saterdag 18 Maart 2017

Awoken with a start around 0230hrs. Sweating shivering and in low spirits. Tried my best to recall the dreams, but other than a vague belief that they were about my schooldays, nothing concrete.

The mind was riddled with concerns over the banking problems and my failure to sort things out This I think, decided me to try and keep busy to avoid them. I chose to get the laundry room duties done straight away. No washing or cleaning just got the glasses, pants and shoes on, picked up the bag of laundry with the everything needed for the task, in it and went down to the ground floor and got them in the machine and going.

6Sat10To the apartment and got the medication pots for the week done and sorted.

Started on Facebooking for a while before it was time to go down and move the washing out of the washer and into the dryer. Note how well I worked out what needed doing this time?


0325hrs: Down to the laundry taking the camera with me. Moved the togs and cleaned the washer.

6Sat07I popped out of the front doors to take a photo of the view across the road, hoping it might come out as a ‘Moody’ type one.

It was warm and wet, and I could hear some of the bird calls, and make out they were different ones, even without my hearing aids in.

Luckily, I’d got the key fob in my jumper pocket to let myself back in with. Phew!

Shot back up to my tiny dwelling called home, and got the computer on, finished the Facebooking session, and got some graphicalisationing started. Must keep the brain from wandering back to the problems!

0425hrs: Back down to collect the things.


6Sat11Timed it well for once, the Finish sign flashed up as I got in the room. Took a photo for no particular reason, and noticed how oddly shaded it came out? Very nice, but unplanned?

I think I’d moved the selection dial to this icon in mistake, but having no idea what it means didn’t help me solve the mystery. I changed it back to auto and took a photo of the clothing. Okay.

As I unloaded the clothes and folded them ready to go into the bag – I realised how few items there really were there? How, I inquired of my stunted confused brain, did I go five days since the last wash, and only have two pairs of socks, and three underpants in a pile? No towels either, in fact only four jumper-shirt thingamabobs? I was puzzled yet again?

Cleaned the dryer and fluff filter, wiped around and returned back up to the flat. The first task was to respond to the late call to the porcelain for a heavy duty session. Oh dearie me… Haemorrhoid Harry was still bleeding, after a check of things I decided to have a strip wash and put the clothes into the laundry bag after soaking them. Did the teggies and had a shave while they were soaking. Didn’t want to have a shower in case of disturbing the neighbours so early.

Then back onto the porcelain for another session! Blimey! Harry’s internal’s was still leaking.

However, I put some padded protection pants on… Like a giant nappy they are! Hehehe!

I put away the washed items and returned the bag to the other room… and spotted another bag with laundry waiting to be done in it! I did feel a fool (Nothing new there, mind!). I must have started two bags of laundry? Ah well, I’ll see if I can get this lot done in the morning. Tsk!

Computerisationing again. Worked on the diaries off, foolishly starting this one off first, thinking so much has happened already and I’d gone photographing mad too, better get it down now while I remember. This will make remembering the yesterday ending even harder! I’ve confused myself more and more today already, and it’s 0nly 0700hrs!

6Sat12I could hear the wind getting up outside (Mind you, the wind was starting inside. Hehe!).

I nipped bravely out onto the balcony to take a shot from a different angle. Facing North (To the right of the flat).

The wind and rain had soaked me within seconds. It was that dead thin and small drops rain that catches you out innit?

6Sat12aI then went into the kitchen to take a picture while hanging out of the window, of the view below. Catching my head against the frame and knocking the hearing aid at the same time. The tubing came out and I tried to catch it – fumbling and trying not to drop the camera, I dropped the tubing…

Went down the lift and outside, but could not see it anywhere, despite my determination and getting blown about by the wind and soaked in the rain, again! Made it worse cause I went down like a clot, wearing the slippers! It probably got blew away in the wind. So, if anyone in France, Germany, Holland, Russia or America see a plastic hearing aid tube landing anywhere nearby, it’ll probably be mine. Hope some bird doesn’t mistake it for a worm?

Back up to 72 and into the wetroom to dry myself off, swap slippers and have a change of clothes. Tsk!

I’m fed-up with today already! Still, it’s bound to improve innit?…. Innit?

Pressed on with the diaries again. Then answered some nice comments on WordPress, and got ready to walk down to the shops for some bread and fruit… not any cream cakes of course, though, oh no… Ahem!

Dressed, a spray of deodorant, long distance glasses on, hearing aid inserted, normal underwear on, hat on, bag ready and off I set.


6Sat17Down Winchester Street hill first and to the continental shop for a loaf of their delicious bread – but they had some of the belly pork with herbs and peppers on display, and I weakened. Shame number One!

Up the hill to the greengrocery shop and bought just one potato – I say one potato… look how big it was when I got it into my full sized oven cooking later. Ginormous! It’ll probably take two days to bake and last me a week!

Then the simple task of walking passed the cake shop and not looking in the window display… which I failed (Shame number Two!). Two Fresh Cream Buns with strawberry jam inside and vanilla icing on top. Of course, 6Sat20 I would never have been tempted or interested in buying such unhealthy foodstuffs normally. It’s just that I thought Olive would like one.

Carried on up and over the hill and right up through Woodthorpe Grange Park.

A few yards up the path, and I espied a rather beautiful lone wood pigeon on the grass. I got out the camera, convinced with my luck he’she would have flown away by the time I


got it out, but was lucky and took several pictures before it did fly away. It seemed to me, a bit like a search for twigs for the nest was taking place? Bootiful!

6Sat15Up to the top of the path to turn tight down the gravel path passing the copse, when I realised how kind Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were being to me. When I got to the Copse, I took a photograph showing the flats and the edge of the trees. I wondered if this one would do for Maries Nature Challenge Photo on her Facebook page.

Down the rest of the path, and met 93-yeat-old tenant Eddy coming up the path, and a lot faster than I can get up it! He was feeding the crows.

6Sat18Up into the flat, and I got the giant potato into the oven and took a piccy of the other stuff for you slaver over. Hehe! The belly pork looked and smelt so irresistibly tempting. I’ll have it for nosh tonight with some cheesy mashed then baked potatoes.

That is if the mega-spud ever cooks. Haha!

I’d like to have some garden peas with them, but fear another battle with the exasperating little vegetables. Hehe!

Made a mug of tea, and for some reason thought I’d hand-washed two shrunken kippah style 6Sat16caps. I must remember to keep turning them over.

Did them in warm water and used washing-up liquid. So I did.

Also washed out the cleaning cloths afterwards.

Rang them out best I could, and put them on the towel warmer in the hallway. It will take ages for the thick caps to dry ready for use again, but I have some others in the airing cupboard.

Going to see Olive in a bit, I’ve to call first to see if it is okay, mind. Hope she wants the cake, I know she likes these ones, ’cause last when I took her one and told her it was a cream iced scone (Thinking that was what they were called), and she told me off for getting the wrong ones. Luckily her grandson was due to visit and I left it in her fridge for him. She had a look later and realised it was the one she loves so much and ate it up. So now I know they are called Iced Cream Buns!

Got the computer going and did some diary updating, then awhile on Facebook.

6Sat21Oh, nearly forgot I took this one in Sherwood near the top of the hill.

Very sad place Sherwood for shopping.Three

Three stores have closed down this month. One of them a large supermarket, Budgens.

Of the other two, one I think was a ladies hairdresser the other a sadly failed florist.

Looking at this photo: It is Saturday and around 1130hrs, not many folks about is there? Too many shops, not enough people. However, the regular Big Issue Seller was in attendance and there were some stalls forming a Farmers Market, I felt sorry for them, no customers there while I was in the vicinity. Sad.

Went to see Olive, remembering to take the Cream Iced Strawberry bun.

She looked and sounded to be in good form. Even told me off, just the once mind. We had a jolly chinwag and laugh. She is still waiting for the date for her operation and has organised the after-op help she’ll need. Assistance for dressing and bathing lady all sorted. She’s even filled her freezer with ready meals to save hassle and walking/standing afterwards too. She’s been shopping for these this morning with her grandson, Malcolm. An amazing woman, no wonder I admire and love her so.

Best moment of my day when she smiled when she saw the cream cake.

7Sat24Back to the flat and got the giant potato out of the oven and halved it ready to scrape out the flesh into the bowl and mix it with cheese…

This is not a photo of the actual potato, but one I found on the web that resembled it the closest. Oh, gnashfumbleandammit! A large area of pure white, what looked and felt like soft plastic was around the dark area.

I removed the infected flesh and used the rest of it. A good bashing and mixing with some extra strong cheddar cheese, and out it in the oven with the potato spread wide and thin, which made it look like a lot more than it was. Turned the oven up high and did some Facebooking with the TFZers. Added the sausages later.

So, it turned out fortunate that the lady gave me such a whopping potato, didn’t it? Hehe!

7Sat23The weather turned a bit nasty, high winds and rain.

Popped in to use the WC, and found that Little Inchy had been bleeding again.Got the ablutions done and the meal prepared.

Getting fed up with this leaking blood lark. I’ll have to get some more of the extra large PCP’s, (Protective Comfort Pants) and they are not cheap.

Ah, just realised why I had so few underpants to wash now – I’d been wearing the throw-away PCPs! If it isn’t Little Inchy its Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding lately. Tsk!

7Sat22Served up the meal. Pleased with how the potatoes had browned off, the thin chipolatas were tasty, as was the beetroot, pickled mushrooms, siverskin onions, and best of all the garden peas – I put some demerara sugar in the saucepan with them when I warmed them up. 

The naughty cream cake was a pleasurable indulgence again, but I managed to drop the banana, got out of the £300 second-hand rickety recliner to retrieve it… and trod on it! I thought I’d cleaned it all up… more, later.

Put the washing in the sink to soak, checked the bobble hats on the towel dryer; they were still wet? then got the Boon DVD on to watch. Which went well staying awake-wise. Turned to the TV to watch the football on channel five. 

To the Porcelain room, and checked Little Inchy and Haemorrhoid Harold, both of which seemed to have steadied up and indeed neither was bleeding at the time. Got the PCPs off and returned to settle down and watch the end of the football, this is when I realised I had not got all of the banana up off of the carpet. Clouted my elbow as I tumble slipping on the tiniest blob of squashed banana.

If this diary was to made into a book (Comedy of course), folks reading it would think something like; Rubbish!, No one can have such bad luck! or maybe, Utter Tosh, don’t believe it!

Anne Gyna stopped me getting any sleep much, or rather getting off to sleep for hours, the latest I’ve been in getting the head down for months.

And yet, I don’t remember being concerned in the slightest about this?

Inchcock Today: Thursday 9th March 2017 -Worra day!


Thursday 9th March 2017

Welsh: Dydd Iau 9 Mawrth, 2017

Woke around 0230hrs, doing my bestest to recall the dreams, but not much luck again. Themes and feelings from them yes, this time a happier atmosphere, but no details. Tsk! Deliberated on life in great depth – two minutes later I dismounted the scarily shuddering £300 second-hand recliner and off to the porcelain.

Little Inchy had been bleeding, he always seems to after the medicos take their samples and prod and poke him at the examinations. Not too bad, though, I got the new cream out of the fridge and applied both that and the old one… too late I remembered they told me to use them on alternate days, Tsk! Did my best to removed all of it and reapplied the new one again. No ablutions yet, too early to risk disturbing the neighbours.

Made a mug of tea and took the medications, I did do the Health Checks but decided to carry out the weighing later when I have my shower, and all the clothing will be off this magnificently misshaped wobbly body. Hehe!

The BP was a bit low, well, the Sys (142) was, anyway. So when I made another cuppa, I did them again, this time up to (151), so no worries.


Onto WordPress and finalised yesterday’s diary and got it posted.

Started doing the graphic for the top first.

Moved onto Facebook.

4Thur04Had a good long shave, cleaned teggies, scrub-up under the shower; using the back brush, scouring sponge and Dettol soap.

Then dried off and medicated, creamed and lotioned the areas in need of the same. Oiled the ear-holes, applied the deodorants, then weighed me self while naked…

And still, the flipping untrustworthy dial indicated that I had gained weight again! Tsk!

Got the nibbles and prizes ready for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour meeting and set off with them… got as far as the lift and realised I’d forgotten to check the kitchen, so returned and was so glad I did, I’d left the tap running. Turned it off, and the wet-room light I’d left on as well (Huh), out to the lift once more, pressed the button… then returned to the flat to collect the hearing aids. Sad, is not the word is it?

Had a natter with Roys wife in the lobby before her taxi arrived, then out to the Winwood Social Hut for the meeting. So happy that I could get to one again at last. 

It was Eddy’s 94th birthday today. Sarnies and cake supplied for him by the group. BJ was late, nothing unusual there with him (Hehe), and he was in fine form and looking well fit. Nice little chinwags, gave out the nibbles and went back to the flats having a laugh with some ladies as we struggled to get back in the high winds.

4Thur05Got in the flat and as I made a strong cuppa to have before going out again, I espied some wood pigeon or doves right over in the copse way off in the distance. A sure sign that the growth on the trees were returning. Took a few shots, this being the only one that came out decently.

Looking at it closer later, when I posted it, they’re three birds, (I thought there were only two) all having a kip by the look of it. The leaf/twig in front of the far one, almost makes it look like a swan? 

Mum, Dad and offshoot? Bootiful!

4Thur11Got the bags and set out to the bus stop and caught the L9 into Nottingham after a gossip with some tenants.

The Ladybirds, or Ladybugs to the Americans, were rampant on the concrete pillars and seats in the bus shelter again today.

Called in the Victoria Centre to get some of the dark chocolate cashew nuts, but they had sold-out. Went to the Jamaican food stall and got the last two tins of Shiitake & PoKu mushrooms. Then caught a bus to Bulwell to have a look for bargains in the cheap food shops there. After wandering around for over two hours or so, I realised that there were none of any interest to me.

Decided to go back to town on the tram, but having just missed one, I caught (Or so I thought) the bus back to town. I settled with the crossword book for a good while, when I looked up, I had no idea where I or the bus was! Extreme Whoopsiedangleplop! Having the comfort of the Pensioners Bus Pass in my power, I let it take me on, and after going through many estates, some I recognised, I knew we were going towards Arnold, so I stayed on and luckily, over an hour after getting on the wrong bus, I got off at the back of Asda in Arnold.

Noticed the bus I got off of was a City Loop one, I was none the wiser. However a bit of luck here, I noticed on the read out board for the stop, the L9, which will take me to the flats, was due in five minutes! Fifteen minutes later it arrived, and I was so pleased. Hehe!

I’d been into town, got two tins of mushrooms, went to Bulwell found nothing I wanted, got lost ending up in Arnold and caught a bus back to the flats… over four hours lost in getting two tins of mushrooms! And I forgot to go to the bank. Hehehe!

A rather inefficacious outing to say the least.

Back at the flats and hastily as I could manage into the porcelain room. Phew, just in the nick of time, too! Little Inchy got caught in the haste for his services, and the blood flowed. Tsk! Cleaned up changed togs and applied the Anti-fungal OTC cream.

Letter from the bank had been received, put it to one side to read when I was in a more receptive mood.

4Thur12Got the fodder prepared.Easy job today, I’d left the mushrooms in the slow cooker and they were ready.

An easy job today, I’d left the mushrooms in the slow cooker and they were ready.

Tin of curried beans and some crispy streaky smoked bacon were added, a pot of Lemon Fool and a banana for afters.

I felt well drained and a bit of a fool myself, with the Whoopsidangleplop on the bus.

Washed the pots and settled to watch some more of the Doctor Who DVD.

Little Inchy had responded well to the new cream and didn’t leak at all from then on.

1800hrs: Turned over to the TV to watch Heartbeat… don’t remember much more until I woke around 2300hrs. This time I tried to recall the dreams I just knew I’d been having without any luck at all, then just drifted off back into the land of nod again.

Worra day!