Inchcock – Thur 14 Feb 2019: A difficult to understand, disconcerting, beyond my comprehensibility sort of day. Regrettably!


2019 Feb 14

Thursday 14th February 2019

Polish: 14 Lutego 2019 r

4Thu03aWd BLACK 23:40hrs. As I woke up, the brain was a torrent of many confused thoughts. A breach of the peace of my mind. I wasn’t sure if I was still dreaming or not, but I was musing over my being in a condemned cell, playing Monopoly with a chap I thought was my executioner. The themes changed, but over the next fifteen minutes or so, I always seemed to come back to the distempered brick walled cell, and my being beaten into Monopoly bankruptcy by the hangman. Who incidentally was wearing a pink hood, while the rest of the visions were in mono? The side thoughts and fears were all involving nerterology of some sort. These mystifying ponderations eventually dissipated into the ether, as a wee-wee was required. Luckily, I scribbled some notes on the pad on the Ottoman. For when it came to my writing this blog, all actual memories of any dreaming had gone, apart from the picture of me in the cell, which I tried to reproduce in the graphic above.

Getting my abdominally weighty body free of the second-hand, 1968 rusty recliner, was done with no problems or pains. Amazing how things are so different from one morning to the next?

Wd BLACK Ah, back to the SSDWWs (Short-Sensationless-Dribbling-wee-wees) again. Always difficult to judge whether they have finished or not, so, extra care was needed to be taken. Tsk!

I went to the computer to turn it on and saw the reminder note hanging on the screen. The Doctor today 0850hrs. Leg problems, falling asleep all the time, kidney pains, Furesomide, and hosiery availability. I put this note into the jacket pocket straight away, so I didn’t forget to take it with me to the surgery and made sure the INR Anticoagulation and Arterial Thrombosis clinic record card was in there too. This made me remember the nibbles for the nurses and staff, so I put them in the bag.

Had another SSDWW, then I got the Health Checks done.


4Thu01Wd BLACK Aha, I expected this to happen, especially as I am off to the Doctors later; The BP has come down suddenly. Huh! The temperature and pulse are still high though. 

I’d just made a brew of tea, and had to nip off to the wet room to use the Porcelain Throne. The evacuation was a bit messy and with a little bleeding.

4Thu001 Wd BLACK When I checked the pins, the blood papsules, welts or whatever they are on the ankle, were a little more vivid this morning. But dry, no leaking at all.

Another SSDWW, they are coming a bit regularly at the moment. Oh, dear!

Made a start on updating the Wednesday blog, and within minutes, another Porcelain Throne visit was required.

Sept 11e

The thought of them coming back!

This one was far less messy and with much less bleeding. However, the aroma that accompanied the evacuation was so strong, I had to shut the window in case it attracted any Scarabaeidae (dung beetles – surprisingly there are 40 species in the UK!) who might have caught a whiff, to join the Weevils in the flat. Hehehe! 

As I wrote this, and not having seen any EIBWBBBs (Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) for a while, I looked up on the web to find out if they hibernate. I found out that: Boll weevils do hibernate in winter and before sleeping they produce many further generations. The female can lay up to 300 eggs over a 10 – to 12 -day period! They come out of hibernation in Spring it says. Argh! I’m glad I’ve got some sprays at the ready for when they relaunch their attacks!

Oh, the memories of my losing battle with them haunt me. The thought that they will return pees me off!

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Got some brekkers. Marmite biscuits with a round of Marmite cheese, and a mug of tea and few Scottish Shortie biscuits to round it off.

Ablution sorted. Did the midday Health Checks in case I am back too late from the surgery.

4Thu04I set off out: the weather was not too cold at all as I plodded down Winchester Street Hill.

Left onto Mansfield Street and first right along Marshall Street and onto Mansfield Road, turning left towards Carrington.

I was feeling pretty good in myself, apart from 4Thu05a few wobbles here and there, but they were not proper dizzies, just a loss of balance. Likely due to the blood pressure, and the water retention in the pins.

I ambled along, no rush, I’d given myself plenty of time to get to Sherrington Park in time.

4Thu05aWd BLACK At the Library, a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly hit me as he sped by me from behind. Too quick for me to get the camera out.

Near the top of the hill crest, an idiot of a disabled scooter rider was travelling on the road in the bus lane! Unbelievable!

Wd BLACK Down the hill and into the surgery. I was instantly cheered when a lady asked me if I was feeling alright! “Fine thank you” I replied, she added: “Well you don’t look it, very pale you are!” I’m not if this was due to the water retention or the Warfarin INR level being so far out.

I logged in and had to nip to their WC for a wee-wee. Back to the waiting area got the crossword book out. But the concentration was terrible, and I didn’t answer many clues today. Dr Vindla came out to call me in.

I thought it would be polite to start with “How do you feel now you’re back from holiday” and threw her a smile…

Busy!” came the reply!

I handed her the notes I’d made of things of concern.

Furesomide: “Have you been taking the Furosemide?” – “No, I’ve run out! – “Why?” – I asked for some and was told it would be best to wait for your return before getting any in case you wanted me to stop them!” Her fingers flashed on the computer keyboard, and she told me that, “A prescription had been sent to the chemist a fortnight ago and not been collected!” Although I had not been informed about this, I felt a right fool!

Showed her the new welts and papsules on the ankle top. She had a poke about and took a swab from the wound. Called Nurse Ann into the room (No nurse Nichole for me today! Sob!) They both had a prod around, and I was informed that after the sample had been analysed in a day or two, I would be contacted to go to a Treatment Centre somewhere, whoever can fit you in, and be examined. Also, they will sort out some support hosiery for you if needed!

I mumbled my thanks to her.

“You can go now,” she said. Pointing to the other door in the room, “That way, and don’t forget Nurse Ann will put a dressing on that wound!” Me: No, thank you very much! Head down and off out and sat in the nurses waiting area.

I was called in and told to sit down! The blood was taken, and I handed her the Anticoagulation record. She took the blood sample and said: “Press hard on that, right!” So I pressed hard on the cotton wool. As she set about putting some cream and a large plaster on the leg wound, which was uncomfortable with my pushing down hard on the arm vein and leaning against the arm on the trolley top to aid the pressure, with the other foot spread out in the opposite direction being medicated. Hehehe! 

The kidney examination and the Shingle injection are both booked for next Thursday, now. And don’t forget to fetch the Furesomides from the pharmacy! “Thank you” I sheepishly replied.

4Thu06I left her some nibbles and departed to the receptionist. Left them a box of the chocolate wheels.

Just so glad to get out.

I made my way to the Chemists in Carrington. Scarily I caught my reflection in the barber’s window: By Gawd the lady was right, I did look very pale! Tsk!

The pretty young lady in the chemist then asked me if I was feeling alright? If I looked that bad and poorly, how come no one in the surgery said anything? Confusion-Mode-Adopted!

I asked for the medications. She looked confused and summoned the pharmacist. He told me that I came in two weeks ago, and I was told that the next monthly prescriptions would be ready around the 2nd March! Yes, I said, but I do not want them, the Doctor told she had sent a prescription for Furesomide… He interrupted: We have not received any prescriptions for Furesomide for you! As I was saying, the Doctor told she had sent a prescription for Furesomide two weeks ago. It’s just that no one told me!

Ah, yes. And then, he went behind his counter and gave the said medications to the pretty girl, and he pretended to look busy and spoke to me no more!

Am I going mad, or did all this really happen to me? No wonder I’m looking pale!

4Thu07I went into the Lidl store and came out with a fresh ready-made dinner, nibble-box top-ups, crispy onions, tomatoes and a bag of very costly, but classy Swedish, or was it Switzerland made nougat. Which, of course, I will limit myself to eating just one cube a day, and not overdo it, cause it has a lot of sugar in it. Ahem!

4Thu06aThis Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist shot by, and I am sure he did not even know or was bothered about how close he came to hitting the lady stood in front of me. Git!

Now a little concerned by my pale appearance and the uncomfortable medical experiences, I caught a bus back to Sherwood, to get the L9, up the hill to the apartments.

The timing looked good. 4Thu08Dropped off in Sherwood and crossed over the road and met resident Roy doing some window shopping.

We tried to have a natter, but both of having low voices and suffering hearing loss, it was a bit ridiculous.

The bus arrived on time and soon had us back at the apartments.

I popped into the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights Flats, and Administration shed for the Generalleutnantess Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed. Rumourmongering Clinic. Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like porcelain and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room.

With them medics seeing me early and rushing me through, this meant I could catch the last few minutes of the Winwood Social Hour. But, most had left by then. Had a natter with BJ outside the hut, and went in. Jenny was in good form, telling me off for me not telling the doctor people I could not attend Thursday meetings. I did mean to, but the confusion over so many things, appointments, treatments, and ailments is my excuse for not doing it. Hehe!4Thu09

I think maybe I still looked a bit pale, cause Frank and Shirl asked if I was okay, and they don’t usually. I said mt farewells to Cyndy, no, she’d already left, Mo and Shirl, not many other folks in there, and departed back to the flat.

4Thu10As I hobbled along back to the apartment, I took these two pictures. The top one of Winchester Court with Winwood Court on the left in the image.

Then, on the left, a shot of Winwood and Woodthorpe on the far left. 

Met no one on the way up to the number 72. Got in the flat and the first thing that I did was to take a Furesomide, with the other medications. Put the bits away that I’d bought, and got on the computer to update this dairy before the memory faded.

Wd BLACK Ten minutes or so into starting the updating, oh boy, did the wee-weeing start! And they were of the LHBLWWs (Long Hosepipe-Blasting like Wee-wees), And they came and came for hours and hours. Just one Furesomide tablet has caused me such discomfort it’s unbelievable!

Wd BLACK Little Inchies fungal lesion is now bleeding!

I am now, so irritable with the day, myself, and everything!

4Thu12Wd BLACK Even made a right mess of cooking the Cumberland pie, I dropped it and made a right mess! Substituted it with the Dirty Fries and a pie slice.

Got it prepared eventually. Ate it in misery, having to break off for more wee-wees. Already I’ve had to empty the Emergency Grey Bin!

Even the bloody legs had gone white in support of the face. Now the stomach has started aching, I don’t believe this! I’m fed up! Sorry about that, a little self-pity-sorry-for-myselfness sneaked in there. Tsk!

4Thu20Got the nosh sorted. This was a little hot for my liking, but I still enjoyed it mix. Dirty Chips with various cheeses. I added some tomatoes, roar dried onions and a meat slice with some American BBQ poured on the pastry.

A taste-Rating of 7.9/10 for this meal.

I got settled in the £300 second-hand rickety recliner, with some biscuits and sweeties in case I woke up and wanted a nibble later on.

I recall wondering if I should bother trying to watch some TV… And off into the land of Nod, I drifted.

Not waking for a wee-wee or any other reason for a solid seven-hours! Yet I still woke up feeling tired.

Ah-well! TTFN!

Inchcock – Mon 14 Jan 2019: Song arrived from New Mexico about my marathon hobbles! Oh, Yes!


jan14 2019

Monday 14th January 2019

Japanese: 2019年1月14日月曜日

23:45hrs. I stirred into imitation life and realised that for two hours or so. I’d have a dream, wake up and think about it, (even scribbled some notes about the odd one on the notepad), nodding off again, another dream, more pondering over it… repeatedly! I can only get details from these scrawled notes, there were three pages of writing, but much of it ineligible. The detailed memories of the phantasms are vague or non-existent.

Dreams from the notepad:

  1. Being chased in an abandoned building – many floors – ogres – women.
  2. Boat on a canal – frothy brown water – drowning – underground cave.
  3. In a  trench – fingers kept falling off, put them back on – Gunfire?
  4. Unreable scrawl on notepad!
  5. Past mistakes and bad choices – tormenting – embarrassing – Cadets & TA.
  6. Heaven – arguing – Stalin – ambulance – ejected back to earth – blood.
  7. Young again – romantic moments – flowers – my motorbike – boxing – squash – badminton – bungee jumping – Suzie – school – cane and strap – Christine – the Meadows – Dad – Guilt.


WD128.0.0 I became aware of the need for me to take a wee-wee. But it was nothing like the last few days. Not such urgency, pain, power or panic about the activity. I was back to the standard SSWW (Short-Sharp-Wee-wee) for the moment at least. Yet, when I rose and tried to put on the slippers, the legs still held plenty of fluid, and any leg lifting was painful. The need to us the Porcelain Throne arrived at the same time. The wee-wee was so short, it surprised me. (They remained like this, and oh, so frequent, they stopped me from daring to go out on a long hobble, Grumph!)

1mon05aWD128.0.0 The legs were stiffened and a little harder to use? The fluid content, as you can see, unevenly distributed. Why this was so, I didn’t know. But, there you go! Hohoho!

I did note that the hairs had gone from the lower legs now, just like they did when I first started retaking the Furosemides. Like the ones on the stomach that disappeared last week. The pot-marks, papsules, swelling and depressions, blemishes, vein-graphics, lumps, ridges, bruises, the boil,  Stasis ulcer, and the ‘Arthur Itis lives here’ eruptions on the knees, were all indicative of getting old, I suppose. Hey-ho!

WD128.0.0 Also, there was just the one EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle) found in the wet room. Have the cunning little beasts got reinforcements who are doing a recce of the flat? Why are they still alive in this cold weather? Are there thousands of eggs in their hidey-holes in the window plastering and shower drain? Ready to give life to more of them, another invading army? My brain seemed to be imperseverant to the problem. Although, this morning the mind seemed like a composite of yonderly, acceptance and cerebricity, with a touch of lackadaisicalness lurking in the grey-cells.

1mon01Another SSWW, and off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks. I took this picture from the unwanted light and view-blocking new window, using the old Sony camera.

Not bad I thought. I’d forgot just how slow the old gal is.

I got all the equipment gathered to do the Health Checks.7sun03

The sphygmomanometer worked the first time. The new thermometer also operated immediately.

It all went smoothly and without any hassle.

WD128.0.0 Apart from my discovering I had missed last nights medications by falling and staying asleep for so long. Tsk! Made a brew and took the medicines for this morning, along with the Warfarin and Simvastatin from last nights quota. I did not repeat any of the medications of course. Had an SSWW. Then on the computer, to get the record updated for last week and this check.

WD128.0.0 Duodenal Donald came on while I was doing this. My EQ told 1mon01ame things might, no, would, get worse with Donald later. I knew this when the pain became like a droning one straight away. This usually indicates he is settling in to give me some nasty grief. I took a good swig or two of the antacid medication the doctor gave me. Although I knew the results would be derisory, impotent and ineffective, the hopes of getting just some relief, prompted me.


It dawned on me, how long I had spent in the £300 second-hand recliner last night. Eight or nine hours methinks, a long time for me. Mind you, most of the time I was dreaming, waking, thinking… dreaming waking, thinking… Tsk!

Before updating the Sunday post, I made an early start on this blog, to get down the memories such as they are, of the dreams recorded.

Then on to doing the Sunday’s updating. During which I found a fantastically humorous and clever song from my mate Tim Price, who lives in New Mexico. Cunningly written and sung to cover my marathon hobbles. He’s titled it “Inchcock’s Wanderings While Wandering,” the words are here too! Nothing short of Brilliant! Here it is:


Inchcock’s Wonderings While Wandering

Key of C

Each morning there’s light out there,
Someone is in despair?
Someone washing his own hair?
Alcoholics here and there?

Up there, a plane in the air?
A shoplifter in his lair?
Perhaps a millionaire’s heir?
Old chap sleeps in recliner chair?

There’s a vicar with a prayer?
Someone eats a cream eclair?
Old folks playing solitaire?
Hearing burglars downstairs?

Inchock’s wonderings while he’s wandering through the many streets of Nottingham.
Streetlights shining on the sidings what do all those house lights have to hide?

Someone’s even happy somewhere?
With Cocaine a necessaire?
Street-sleeper, future billionaire?
Admits to voting for Tony Blair?

A Christian reciting the Lord’s Prayer?
Looking for a policeman full of despair?
Some of them might be out there
Taking in the night air

Someone with a cupboard bare?
Stealing cars, phones, a Frigidaire?
Some in places don’t want to be there?
Loyal abstainers or having an affair?

Someone battling nasty spyware?
Someone short on his bus fare?
A cross-dresser in his lady’s wear?
Singing Be my Teddybear??

A mugger waiting in a thoroughfare?
Terrorists planning guerrilla warfare?
Someone trimming armpit hair?
Politician changing his nom de guerre?

So many bodies, minds in disrepair?
Voters for Brexit, they all swear!
Nothing in Brexit’s fair-and-square!
Have we all gone as mad as a March hare?

Someone battling nasty spyware?
Someone short on his bus fare?
A cross-dresser in his lady’s wear?
Singing ♫Be my Teddybear♫?

A mugger waiting thoroughfare?
Terrorists planning guerrilla warfare?
Someone trimming armpit hair?
Politician changing his nom de guerre?

So many bodies, minds in disrepair?
Voters for Brexit, they all swear!
Nothing in Brexit’s fair-and-square!
Have we all gone as mad as a March hare?

Inchock’s wonderings while he’s wandering through the many streets of Nottingham.

I’m tickled pink with it! Cheers, Tim.

I went on to Facebooking on the albums and TFZer site.

Then onto the WordPress reader pages.

I’ll risk a walk into Sherwood, I think. To get bread and some Highland Shorties. Better get the ablutions done.

WD128.0.0 Got the cleansing done, and enjoyed the shower, even though an Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle crawled up my foot. The water and soap didn’t seem to phase him at all? Huh!

I got three black bags made up and down the rubbish chute, then took a big bag of recyclables down with me.

cwe 150.0.0 Smashing nattering session and laugh with Olive and Lynne when 1mon07aI got down to the lobby. Handed the caretaker, who was surprisingly his mobile phone, the bag for recycling. (Sarcasm-Mode-Engaged) Hehe!

There were no signs of any Willmott Dixon lads working as I walked along Chestnut Walk and called in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Warden’s Temporary HQ. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, Rumourmongering Clinic, and somewhere to est while waiting for the bus, Portakabin.

cwe 150.0.0 Had a quick chat with Obersturmführeress and Catwalk Model Deana. Ah, I remembered, I am barred by the Nottingham City Homes Management, from mentioning anything taking place between 1mon07bNottingham City Homes agents, representatives or employees and myself. And with Mary, who was sat looking a little dejected, bless her, as she waited for the bus to arrive.

As I plodded down Winchester Street Hill, I espied some chappies in high-vis jackets using Road-distance measuring wheels. I wonder what is going to take place, They had some warning signs in on display, and a hole or two with barriers around them.

1mon07cI got the bottom and turned left up Hood Street and right down Marshall Street onto Mansfield Road.

I came across a classic display of Nottinghamian Street Art. Now this, ought to be in the Tate Gallery!

A blend of a well used charcoal BBQ, electrical light casings and a mystery timer or heater. I 1mon19bet Thomas on the TFZ site will know what it is or was. I’ll post this picture later on to the Facebook site.

WD128.0.0 I plodded forward to the end and turned right and called at the International Food Centre. I wasn’t pleased to see that the Council had supplied places for the Pavement Cyclist to lock the bikes against outside the shop. Humph! You remember this shop, the one that tries to over-charge, or short change me so often; I’ve come to expect and accept it! I came out with a large jar of pickled mushrooms, a ridiculously priced small continental loaf (£1.49), and 1mon08a tin of garden peas. I annoyed the lady by giving her the right money, thus avoiding her short-changing me. Smug-Mode Engaged!

WD128.0.0 As I came out of the shop, a Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist, veered across the Pelican Lights. But I missed the git with the camera; I was too late. Klutz!

WD128.0.0 But I did catch three shops in a row, every one of them now closed 1mon09down. I zoomed in and took another shot of them.

So sad, to see so many of these businesses going bankrupt.

I think the Cafe was open last week. All their hopes and dreams shattered!

I turned in the other direction and crossed over 1mon09athe road and up the hilly Mansfield Road up to the, what I call; ‘The Shop with No Name!’

When the Post office closed down and moved into operating at the back of his store, Abdul just left the new Post Office Signs up, and he took his own down.

I bought the Highland Shorties, a can of spray cream. Some balsamic vinegar crisps and something I didn’t realise he sold – Polish Continental Bread. A large sliced loaf, for less than I had just paid for a small one! Of course, will mean a struggle to get in into the overfull freezer when I get back. Humph!

1mon10I crossed over the lights to the other side of the road and called into the Wilko shop. 

I came out having purchased some Fragrance Boost for the laundry and bins and a nasal decongestant spray. I noticed two different packaging on the freshener. A close look revealed that the older design of the made in Spain ones, had been replaced with a newer one, that is made in China now. Paid the lady the £5.59 owed for the goods, and exited the shop.

I began to make my way up the hill to the bus stop. There are a Mind and an Oxfam charity shop immediately next to the Wilko, and I thought, being as I a had plenty of time before the bus is due, I’d call in to see if either of them had a Negotiator or John-Q DVD. I call in these regularly, but as yet without any luck. Hello… the Oxfam shop had a copy on 1mon11sale! So I bought it. At last! Haha!

WD128.0.0 As I left the store, no less than three of the Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclists belted by me at speed down the hill!

I was so annoyed at them, I shouted out, but they were so going so quickly, I don’t think they heard me. In the photo, they almost out of site. Still, live and let live eh? Even to the contemptuous, sanctimonious, bullying, arrogant, rampallian, intimidating, dangerous, intransigent, vicious, belligerent, abrasive, disrespectful, self-centred, antagonistic, terrifying to the elderly, hard of hearing, blind, pensioners and thoughtless law-breaking Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclists!

Made my way up to the bus stop. Where a few things of interest took place or were spotted!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Caught the bus up to the flats.

cwe 150.0.0 Lynne and Olive were there, Olive doing her laundry, Lynne to see how the messy installations were going. We had another gossip and laugh.

WD128.0.0 When I got up and out of the lift doors into the lobby area:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m dreading them coming on Thursday to do my apartment.

Health checks sorted.

Much noise of drilling from the flats around me. My turn to suffer on Thursday. I must ask Lynne about what needs moving before they come, cause I’ve forgotten, Tsk! 

1mon33Nosh started.

Updated this blog.

Tired now.

Got the seasoned beans with sausages and continental bread dished up.

Ate it all up, put the tray on the next chair and drifted off to sleep – where I stayed for hours until I woke up realising I had not taken the evening medications. Twit!

Inchcock Today – Monday 5th March 2018

Monday 5th March 2018

ਸੋਮਵਾਰ 5 ਮਾਰਚ 2018 Punjabi

0005hrs: I stirred in the £300 second-hand recliner, a cracking headache, Duodenal Donald letting me know he was unhappy. The main expergefactor being the need of the Porcelain Throne utilisation.

I put the kettle on and had a look outside to view the weather and possibility of getting out today. The snow had gone, the mist and fog had too. But it was still icy, and I assumed the freezing rain as forecast would arrive shortly.

At least the buses should be running.

I felt the visit to the wet room was going to present opportunities for adiaphorous medicationalisationing activities. I was right, I’m afraid. Things were a right-state down below. Fresh and congealed dried blood at the front (Little Inchies lesion) and, tender, burning, bleeding bloblets of pain from the rear-end (Harold’s Haemorrhoids). All accompanied by Duodenal Donald’s stabs and elongated seemingly angry pains. I did some temporary patching up and creaming, and dreaded having to do the job in full at a later stage when I get the ablutions tended to. Washed up and returned to the kitchen, not feeling so good, but things could have been worse… I keep telling myself. At least the Throne Session was not too bad, still messy, but far less than yesterday. Hehe!

I guzzled down some of the impotent antacid medicine, took the morning doses with an extra pain-killer and Omeprazole. Oh dear, the innards are beginning to rumble and grumble now. Tsk!

Got the Health Checks collated for last week and did this morning’s ones.

Odd how I seem to wake most mornings feeling like a different person, at times like an unwanted alien. Not sure why I said that.

Got on the computer and got this started and done up to here. Then, on to finishing the Sunday diary. Sent it off and did some WordPress commenting.

The stomach is churning again. Not heard any noise yet from Herbert above. Then still it is only 0330hrs, give him time. Haha!

Went to the WordPress Reader.

Made up another graphic to use later as a page header on the Inchcock Todays.

Ablutionisationing and medicalisationing tended to next. A painful job that medicating of specific areas.

All smelling nice and fresh, I went to make a brew. And tried to take a panorama shot of the skyline, as it was apparent to the eye, rain in some areas (Or snow?) and not in others, as with the sunshine breaking through.

Disappointed in the outcome of this effort, though. Twinklies spoilt it.

Sorted and took the waste bags to the refuse chute.

Got the things ready and set off to the Windwood Social Shed, to wait in there for the bus to arrive.

No one in the hut when I arrived. I sat down and got the crossword book out. I was joined later by several other tenants, and Welsh Bill sat beside me and he was in much better health this morning. He was back to almost his sarcastic best and looked much recovered and fitter. We had a chinwag, but the atmosphere inside the hut otherwise, was one of low spirits.

Out to the bus stop and the city-bound bus arrived first. Got on with Margaret from the 7th floor.

Got off at the terminus on Queen Street and made my way down to the Slab Square. Not many folks around and an aura that gave off a sense of demoralisation lingered, mixed with an overpowering depressive melancholiness. No smiling faces and an increase in Big issue Sellers and street beggars.

I made my way down Lister Gate to take a photograph from roughly the same place of one I’d found from around 1959. So I could display them both in comparison to each other.

Looked like a ghost town.

I went into the Broad Marsh Shopping Centre to have a look at its demise as they run it down ready for demolition in readiness for the new, not needed, unwanted suicidal multi-billion new development.

The place is 2/3rds of empty shops at the moment. Being used a cut through for pedestrians from the South.

The security guard leaning against the Customer (And there were precious few of those about) counter, gossiping with a Service Lady in desperate attempts to keep each other from falling asleep.

The plans for how it will end up looking were impressive.

But where sufficiently funded Nottinghamian customers are going to come from is problematical. But I am confident it will attract the shoplifting fraternity in significant numbers, beggars and street artists too.

Doomed before it is built!

The top floor is already devoid of shops.

The original shopping centre that was also not required needed, used-much and hated by many Nottinghamians for the destruction of so many old landmarks to make room for it, was opened in 1972.

I limped back into the City Centre and back through the Slab Square.

Gawed, it looked and felt so gloomy!

I went the Tesco and got some cobs and lemon flavoured cakes.

Ten to the bus stop on Queen Street.

The old Elite Building had finished being cleaned up. Sadly, they had removed the statues from their coves on top of the building. A danger to street sleepers and shoplifters I expect. Hehe!

Throughout my little trip around town, I did not see a single police Officer. Street beggars, Big Issue Sellers, Street Artists playing upturned plastic buckets, litterers, pavement cyclists and a shoplifter in action in Tesco… Yes! But, no Officers of the Law!

A few people on Clumber Street now, as I returned to the bus stop.

Caught the L9 back to Sherwood.

The atmosphere on the bus was one of confusion to me. Kids were screaming demanding something called ‘Princess?’, That apparently their parents had refused to buy them. Two people on their mobiles supplied a loud running commentary as they both shouted to whoever was on the other end.

Then, someone on the raised seating behind me dropped something down the back of my neck. I later found out it was bits of broken crisps. I had to chuckle!

Obergruppenfureress Warden Deana was knocking on a flat door as I got back. Hellos were exchanged.

Got in and tended to the preparing of the meal. Had a rinse and found the crushed crisps (Hehe!). Titivated the kitchen a bit.

Mail had been delivered. The DVT results from last Thursday and yet another Nottingham City Homes information letter. Cunningly arranging a meeting in the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Hut for Thursday 15th March (Blood Test, GUM Clinic and Dentist appointment day, which negate my desires to attend the one and only Social Hour a week – But it doesn’t bother me!) Lie Mode Adopted. Details:

  1. Answering questions about the sprinkler systems to be fitted
  2. Answering questions about the new tannoy systems to be fitted
  3. Answering questions about the tannoy systems to be fitted
  4. Showing you how they work
  5. Telling you when works are due to start
  6. Telling you what the works involve
  7. Testing the fire alarms in all the blocks

So, that just leaves, I think anyway: The above plus – The meeting about the heaters, the installation of the new windows and how to use them, the installation of the new balcony and how to use them… and eventually:  Hire a plasterer and floor layer to repair where  the work on heaters, wiring, alarms and  all the above are completed, paying someone to redecorate the flat and fill in the holes and lay four new carpets and curtains, oh, and a lampshade.

I’m going to need to find some Chutzpah to cope with all this lot! I, like many other of the old folk I imagine, don’t deal easily with upset and change. But, there I go, moaning again. Tsk! Naughty Inchcock!

Served up the meal.

For some reason, the lamb hotpot was of a different texture to the other one I ate two days ago. Same use-by date and brand, though?

I could not eat any of it. Tasteless and very greasy. A good job I added a Frikadellen and chips, they were excellent. I wondered why this happened? I must have done something wrong?

The innards started to rumble and grumble as I settled to watch the TV.

Fell asleep and proceeded to suffer a hell of a dream! Thankfully I scribbled some notes about them. Most unreadable, indecipherable, but still enough to get the theme of the thoughts:  Captured, held wearing nothing but a large pink towel wrapped around me – room, no furniture. Dog cat droppings. Broken window, being shot at. Wanted to jump out of frame using towel as a parachute? Realised I had no legs.  The scene moved to canal, nighttime – with me in wooden rowing boat wearing frogman’s suit. Jumped in and found me in cave underground, air-raid. Everyone had a jar of Marmite in their hand?

Beats me, too!

Sister Jane rang. Stopping the dream, bless her.


Inchcock Today – Wednesday 14th February 2018: Morning botherations

Wednesday 14th February 2018

Catalan: Dimecres 14 de Febrer de 2018

0155hrs: Woke in need of attention to the Porcelain Throne duties.

Noticed the sign I’d left to remind me about the blood test at 1020hrs.

The urgency of the need for evacuation grew more urgent, as I fumbled and struggled to get my short, plump wobbling body out of the £300 second-hand recliner.

But, I managed it with seconds to spare.

 But things went from bad to worse. Blood from Harold’s Haemorrhoids and dried-blood Little Inchies Lesion between them ensured that after the Trotskies affected session, that I had a right mess to clean up! The floor, the cabinet, the bowl, the lid, the splashes and splatterings, and me! Not a good start to the day. I felt uncomfortable and embarrassed. Not to mention that all the bending to wash and scrub things ended with my clouting my elbow against the sink, and starting Hippy Hilda off as well!

Not a very good start to the day. I was left feeling rebarbative, embarrassed and botherated!

While I thought of it, I put the anticoagulation card in the coat pocket for later and made up a nibble bag for the surgery folks.

Into the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications.

Got the kettle on first and took this photograhicalisation out of the window. Good job I put the hold-strap on the wrist, cause I got the shakes and the camera parted company with the fingers and hand. Without using the strap, I’d have lost the camera and likely broken whatever it landed on twelve floors below. Tsk!

Nippy out there at the moment. A good covering of ice or frost was on the cars and the windscreens.

Got the sphygmomanometer and thermometer utilised.

The computer on and I set about updating and finalising the Tuesday diary. This took a while. After getting it done and posted off, the machine played up something awful! I had to try to make the comments on Chrome, which usually works but didn’t today. I could not access the WordPress Reader on either Firefox or Chrome, and I was getting agitated.

Turned everything off and restarted the programmes. Then as I started this post, it would not let me import any of my photos! Just came up with ‘HTTP Fault’ but didn’t give any numbers. Grr!

I rebooted from scratch with crossed fingers after several attempts on Chrome and Firefox had failed to work. Opened Firefox first, and it is now allowing me to work (But oh so slowly)? I fear that everything is going to be lost soon, and I’ll be off the internet.

Updated this diary to here. Then tried again to get to the WordPress reader. Nope! It won’t let me in again! So I closed down Firefox and tried on Chrome. This gave access to the reader, but would not let me save any work done on the blog.

Back to Firefox and carried on here. Desperately frustrated now!

Had a break from the hassle I was having and tried to watch YouTube for a while. At least it let me on there. I enjoyed them.

Made apathetic and somewhat limp and half-hearted attempt at dividing the paperwork that will need sorting out, eventually.

Ablutions tended to next and painful treating and medicating of the lower regions. Sorted the black bags and took them to the rubbish chute.

I took a last picture from the kitchen window.

Although obviously looking cold out there, the scene was beautiful. Just a shame the hands were a bit shaky.

I set off down into the lift lobby and had a peep at the display update thingamajig on the wall. Which informed me it was 0900hrs and -1°c outside.


I made my way out onto Chestnut Walk and nearly did a Whoopsie on the first puddle I came across. It was frozen solid.

Met Warden Deana on the way down the road. Exchanged greetings and off she flew.

Got to the Obrgruppenfureress Wardens Temporary Hut. Only Welsh Bill and one lady tenant in there. I expressed my cheeriest of good mornings to them both. Got a muttered unsmiling reply in return. Which was fair enough with me; as they were deep in conversation. They continued to natter. I got the crossword book out and sat at the far end. Warden Obergefrieteress Julie came and asked me how I was. I said; “Fine thanks!” I don’t think she believed me. Hehe!

One or two more arrived and the lady and Bill went out to the bus stop for a fag. It was icy out there, enough for them to return minutes later. We all left and joined the non-speaking much residents out there. This lack of chatter concerned me. Had I missed something? Haha!

On the bus, and I dropped off at the bottom of Winchester street. The Newcastle lady, sorry I’m so sad with names, got off at the same time and we chinwagged as we went up Mansfield Road until she went into a shop. Lovely lady.

A few ambulances came by with their blues and twos going.

Up the hill, over the crest and down into Carrington.

The Nottingham Pavement Cyclist gave me a rum look as I took his picture, it’s not as if the roads were busy at that time of day.

If the gentleman is too scared to use the roads, should he be on a bike at all, I thought to myself. But of course, being an inbred and fearful coward, I said nothing.


I plodded on down the slope and got to the surgery with plenty of time to spare.

Got in and a receptionist told me to take a seat. (As if I’d nick anything? Hahaha!).

Got the crossword book out and indulged myself for ten minutes or so, before the new nurse came out to fetch me in to have the blood taken.

No nurse Nichole again. My heart sank.

This nurse did me, and sank the needle in a bit too far, just like she did last week. Then again, seemed concerned when the bleeding took ten minutes to stop afterwards. Still, nothing antisocial or curt about the gal. I gave her some nibbles and dropped some off for the receptionist on my way through and out. There were no receptionists on the desk at that time, so I dropped the bag on the counter for them.

Hobbled back the way I arrived up Mansfield Road and down into Sherwood.

I called in the Continental Shop on the way and bought a large potato, three tins of the pork in bean stew. I liked the one I got last week so much. Two slices of the pork and herb cooked meat as well.

I called in a charity shop for a poke around. I can’t believe myself sometime. I bought another mug! Still, I can hand some of those I already have at home that I don’t need with the other stuff later. Humph! I just fell in love with this workshop made pottery.

I poddled slowly along up the Sherwood end on Mansfield Road and popped into the Co-op to get some cheesy curls. But they didn’t have any. But I met a tenant from the Winchester Flats in there, and we had a good laugh or two between us.

A right genuine character she is, too.

Now, the next part of this tale might be hard for you to believe (Which is understandable cause it is a complete lie an told only for a bit of fun, Hehe!) I came out of the Co-op without buying anything. (This bit is, right) And as I was passing the cream cake shop… well this lady ran out and begged me to buy some of her cakes. She feared there might be some left over and was worried in case her boss found out! Well, I felt so sorry for her, I bought two so she wouldn’t have to worry. Ahem!

Then a slow walk up the hill and called in the Nottingham Hospice shop for a look around. Nothing of interest found. Left and to the bus stop.

Where another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist annoying pedestrians was spotted and photographed.

The naughty uncaring boy!

Pete from the 15th floor joined me at the bus shelter. I fear he didn’t look very well. Not his usual witty self at all. I tried to get to know if he was in need of any help without asking directly, he’s a very decent chap.

We caught the bus up to the flats, and we walked to the court together.

I got in and put the purchases away. The cream cakes in the fridge, potato in the veg tray and the cans of stew in the cupboard.

I washed the mug out thoroughly and made a brew. Why it shud have tasted so much better than in a standard cup, I don’t know. But it did, and it seemed to keep warmer longer?

I got on with sorting the updating of this blog up to here. Got the curried baked beans with balsamic vinegar on a low light, and the chips in the preheated oven for half an hour.

Visited by Shaking Steven as I had a wee-wee. The resulting errant trickle meant more cleaning up again and adding items to the laundry bag. I wonder if I can get antiseptic disinfectant and wipes on the NHS? Hehe!

Nosh served up. Despite this looking and tasting rather good, I could not eat anywhere near all of it. That horrible not feeling poorly but not being in control of things came over me. I didn’t eat the fresh cream cakes, just had a bite of each one?

Did the Health Checks and tablets. Weariness as usual increased. Washed the pots and I got myself settled in the £300 second-hand recliner. I but on a DVD and promptly drifted off to sleep.

Woken again by the Strobe-Pillow Fire Alarm activation. This time I didn’t even bother with doing any checks, as I saw that the notification had not gone through to the alarm centre, cause they would have called if it had. (I think?)

Took a while to nod-off again, then any chance of rest was disturbed by the terrible omnium-gatherum filled dreams. No links to the different topics it took me, and every one frustrating and worrying. I sort of dreamed of dreaming and wanted to investigate why. That doesn’t make any sense, does it? Ah-well.

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 23rd January 2018: Lost control of my actions, decisions and limbs, today. Tsk!

Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Hmong: Tuesday 23 Lub Ib Hlis Ntuj Tim 20, 2018

0100hrs: I woke, and it took a while for the dream that I’d had to clear away. I was in the most comfortable and well-equipped coffin and had been going through the act of vivisepulture; in this sarcophagus in the middle of a field of cauliflowers; with those in attendance singing “Come, all ye faithful!” up above. A Royal Blue coloured telephone was stuck on the lid of the coffin. I was thinking, marvellous! Now I don’t need my sleep, nobody rings, then I heard a knocking outside of the casing? I can only recall up to here of the dream but feel sure it developed much further.

0110hrs: Out of the £300 second-hand recliner, with unexpectedly remarkable efficiency and minimal nocive effects. I’m sure it is a different person wakes up in this recliner every morning. Hehe!

Fully extricated from the chair, and off to the Porcelain Throne. Oh, dearie me! This session was Trotsky affected, kerplunk-push-gush-cling like glue, affair. Messy in the extreme and left a sanguinary splattered Inchcock and wet room. Haemorrhoid Harold and the fungal lesion all bleeding. The cleaning up and medicationalising treatments took me fifteen minutes. Adopted a new pair of Protection pants. These episodes changed my previously perky-outlook on things.

Had a visit from Dizzy Dennis as I made my way to the kitchen, and got the Health Checks sorted. All the readings looked fair to me.

Made a brew and took the medications.

On the computer and started this load of hogwash going.

The innards started to rumble and grumbled, then hurt, followed with another visit to the Porcelain Throne.

Same as the previous session. Fewer evacuations though, and far less bleeding, thankfully, so the cleaning up was much easier to do.

Back to the computer and checked the calendar for today’s reminders. Morrison delivery due 0630 > 0730hrs. And twixt 1400 > 1600hrs Robin Hood (Nottingham City Council) Electricity supply change application for suitability meeting. Must email Mate Mike.

Went to make another brew for the other that I let go cold.

A foreboding looking sky outside as I waited for the kettle to boil.

0315hrs: Then I moved on to finishing yesterdays post. This took a long while.

0700hrs: Got it finished.

The Morrison man arrived, grand chap.

Got the stuff into the kitchen and eventually sorted and stored away.

The fridge now loaded a bit more.

I had the struggle to get the fresh fodder into the fridge.

It didn’t seem such a load this time.

That was because the bulk cost was the new saucepans.

Which came with instructions that could have easily baffled and bemused Albert Einstein!

Hand Wash Thoroughly. – Precondition the non-stick surfaces, wipe on the cookware with vegetable oil, heat gently, cool thoroughly and wipe clean.

A List of where not to use them, avoid scorching and hot heating? Conditions to use them in. Do not scratch surfaces. The cooker hobs may be damaged? Many more instructions on using them. Then a monologue of how to clean them. Storage methods. A list of Cautions etc…

Sorry I bought them now!

By the time I’d got them out, being too scared to use them, it was time for the ablutions so I can to the meeting in time. I’m fed-up already now!

Had a good scrub-up. Medicationalised the areas needed to be done. Took the black bags to the chute on the way out.

Lifted the saucepans empty box and filled it with recyclable stuff and took it down with me as I left to go to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Shed, to find out the time of the Robin Hood electrical suppliers meeting.

I dropped off the box near the recycling bin.

I noticed this wood pigeon on the opposite side of Chestnut Grove on the back verge and took this photo of the little beauty.


As I made me along the road, taking care not to have an Accifauxpa on the wet leaves, I also avoided the deep puddled.

So much traffic and so little space for it.

I got to the hut, and Obergerfreiteress Julie and two other Nottingham City Homes employees were having a cuppa and nibble. One of them was the caretaker, I didn’t know the other bloke, but he didn’t smile or answer my cheery greetings.

Two tenants joined me as the three agreed that they will have to go and get something done. Hehehe! We had a laugh and nattering session.

I left, out to the bus stop where a few other residents were waiting. I was only going a few stops up the hill. Barry’s better half, such a friendly gal sat next to me and had a few words and a smile. I dropped off three stops later at the top of the road and made my way to the Aldi store. Where two more bags of shopping and £20 lighter in the pocket. I’d paid the lady and was on the way back to the bus stop.

I waited and waited.

Ten minutes after the bus arrival time, I walked down the hill two bus stops. Still no appearance of the vehicle.

I could see the flats in the distance, and decided to walk it anyway. Slowly.

It doesn’t show clearly in this photo, but at the bottom of the road, as I neared the right turn onto Chestnut Walk, the pavement was sheer wet, compacted leaves. I had a choice of walking on the street and getting knocked over or hobbling on the leaves and slipping over. I must have looked aright old dodderer gingerly making my way on the dodgy pavement.

The sun came out when I got close to the flats. It lasted a good two minutes, then withdrew; its days work finished. Haha!

I got the fodder away, and then suddenly decided to go to Asda instead of the electricity meeting. I’ve no idea why I made this choice. I think the brain kept it a secret from me.

Did the midday checks and medical thingamabobs.

Caught the bus to Arnold, the 15th-floor lady was also on her way out again, here she is in a deep-pink coat. A few tenants on the bus and we were somewhat raucous with our jokes and insults to each other, much laughter until they all got off the bus in Sherwood. Apart from me, who stayed on into Arnold; wondering why the heck I was making this long trip, just to get some Potato nibbles and Sourdough Bread? Especially at this late time of day? Had I finally lost it?

I alighted the bus, and straight into the Asda store, directly to the nibble shelves and got some Beefy Potato Sticks and Cheesy Curls and paid for them and was out and standing at the bus stop all within fifteen minutes.

I got the Dennis Dizzies while waiting for in the bus-shelter. Fool!

Back at the complex, tired and well weary now. I noticed some of the make tenants stood in the drizzle and looking almost what appeared to be longingly at the workers in the centre compound. I wondered if they were having withdrawal symptoms from their working days?

I see this often. No expressions on their faces, it seems they had accessed their memories and were replaying them. Were they perhaps builders of some kind in their younger days or what? Both of these two appeared to be in a trance as they stared at the workers?

I pressed on down to the Woodthorpe Court apartments and went up to the flat, in an almost completely-fatigued mode.

To the Porcelain Throne, where only wind and stomach pains resulted from my best evacuational efforts. The better side of this visit was that Little Inchy had bled just the tiniest bit. Haemorrhoid Harold had made much use of the Protection Pants, though. Haha!

Change togs and carried out the Health Checks, took the medications and got the nosh sorted. The gadding about must have increased my appetite. I ate all of this food tonight. Took me a while to get through it, but Herbert upstairs accompanied me with a little tapping and knocking, bless him. Everything on the plate seemed to taste fantastic, even the Sourdough bread went down so well. Why I had three pots of desserts, I can’t understand. But they were a delight to consume.

I managed to get the pots in the bowl to soak and back to the £300 second-hand recliner, got a DVD on and was in the land-of-Nod in seconds!

Inchcock Today – Saturday 9th December 2017

Saturday 9th December 2017

Finnish: Lauantaina 9.12.2017

0130hrs: Stirred into semi-life with the brain battling to make some sense of the odd dream I and early last night. And wind continually escaping from the rear-quarters! Detaching my lumbering body mass from the £300 second-hand recliner was not easy this morning, painful in fact, as Hippy Hilda was in form and giving me some hassle.

More bother during the Porcelain Throne session, Trotsky Terence had returned, and much cleansing and cleaning were required afterwards, Tsk!

Made a brew, did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Got me in a pickle with trying to remove some photographs from the WordPress Gallery. Wasted another hour sorting out my blunders.

Made a graphic of the nightmare early last night that I had.

Whatever this flying block of flats, car park or spaceship was, I was in it, being forced to go up the storeys and finding personal old embarrassments and mistakes from the past on each floor – being forced to watch these replays, as if I was actually there? Not nice, I can tell yers! There was another planet earth in the dream too. Humph!

I went on to the WordPress Comments and then the Reader.

Then I started sorting any non-required graphics, files etc. on the computer.

Ablutions were done next. Readied everything and set off out. Met Welsh Bill, who got on the lift on the 6th floor on my way down. We had a chinwag and laugh on the way out. The weather was showing -1°c showing on the lift panel.

We called into the open Social Hut to keep warm while waiting. Three ladies including Jenny, and a bloke and Bill and me in there. Outside in the cols at the bus stop, were four smoker tenants.

Got the bus which was packed with passengers, who all got off in Sherwood, apart from and the other bloke.

Dropped off in Arnold and went straight to the Chambers Meat shop. Got some of their Home-Cooked Belly pork that was a lot less fatty than what they had on off yesterday… no, on Thursday.

Very nippy today, I decided to have a quick search for the pork knuckles, and get the next bus home to the warmth. Mind you, as long as it stays below freezing, the snow should keep off.

Went to Fulton’s, no knuckles. Called in Asda, no pork knuckles. That leaves Tesco to try on Monday – snow permitting.

Made my way to the bus stop. As I did, I spotted this couple with their dog. He was about six foot, she was about 6’6″, the dog about 4 foot when he stood still. A magnificent creature, no idea what breed he was. He had thick legs and a big head? Appeared to be very calm.

Got the bus which was early, settled and got the crossword book out. Did fairly well, as well.

In Sherwood, Welsh Bill got on. Another chinwag session was enjoyed. At the flats, Welsh Bill and I got in the elevator and William pointed out the temperature was still the same now at -1°c.

When I got in the flat,  I had a massive Dizzy Dennis spell that took a lot of clearing, in fact, I had mild ones for the rest of the day on and off. Tsk!

No Porcelain Throne visit demands, that was a good sign, too.

I made a tasty mug of tea.

As I was about to take hearing aids out and get the trousers off and jammies and my dressing gown on, when I heard a lot of barking coming from outside.

I investigated. It was the lady who often takes different dogs to the bottom field for training. This brown one looked like she had had some lessons. I fascinate me watching them. The icy on the grass didn’t seem to bother either of them, I’m glad to say they both appeared content with their lot.

I hung myself out of the window to get this photographicalisation of the thick ice on the walk to or back to the flats, on Chestnut Way.

Had a wee-wee, changed the clothes, and had another wee-wee.

I hope there is no rain later. I imagine that getting to the Doctors will not be easy on Monday.

Went on Facebooking.

Got the nosh prepared.

Made a right mess of seasoning the baked beans. For the life of me, I can’t remember what I put in them, but  I got a sweetness and bitterness taste all at the same time? I did spot the Fish Sauce bottle had moved as well as the Balsamic vinegar full strength bottle? Luckily I enjoyed the flavour. I just hope there are no repercussions from the innards. Ate it all up, then nibbled some chocolate nuts and Sherbert sauces as well. Tsk!

Did the Health Checks, medications and did a failed search for the mobile phone.

Washed the pots up. Had a wee-wee and settled into the recliner, all snug and warm. The TV turned on, and a Boon DVD watched. Watched all three episodes and then fell asleep. I dreamt of when the wetroom was being installed for some reason?

The memories of the super helpful chap who did the work came back. It was he who recommended I get a Bridge camera. If by any chance he reads this; Thanks for your help, clean working and I did get a bridge camera. Cheers!

Nodded off and woke with the mind in a ubiquitous condition. Jumping between unrelated thoughts, fears, desires and jealousies, combined with self-pity, lost loves, mistakes and loneliness, a solitude… then it would start again, producing entirely different responses from my grey-cells. I thought I might be somnambulating as I found myself sat upon the Porcelain Throne without recall of getting there? Another change, back to the hard with clear fluids. The mind cleared and I wondered what had just happened – had I dreamt it all?

An unsettling few moments there.

Back to the £300 second-hand recliner and back sleeping in minutes.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 11th June 2017: Horrible day, felt a right Eedle-Doddle!


Sunday 11th June 2017

Malay: Ahad 11 Jun 2017

0435hrs: Greeted by Duodenal Donald as I woke and lay there doing my best to recall the dreams, but only vague memories of a dustbin lorry and giant live jelly babies walking the streets, lingered? No idea!

Disentangled me from the £300 economy second-hand recliner ASAP and off to the Porcelain Throne for a heavy duty evacuation session. A lot easier again this morning. The cut I got shaving yesterday had stopped bleeding leaving a beautiful pattern of blood in the shape of a question mark on and down the cheek to the neck. (Just thought I’d mention it like, Hehe!)

7Sun03I noticed how grotty the wetroom floor looked. So I got the second mop and bucket out and gave it a good scrub up. I have two mops and buckets you know? I bought the expensive rotating to dry the head one cause it looked easy to use (As it turned out it was far easier to stub my toe on as it happens). Found it did not work on the knobbly floor of the wetroom and had to buy another.

7Sun02aReturned to the chair and again, there were signs of ‘Tidbit Nibbling Activity’ overnight, Again! Crumbs, empty crisp packet, vine tomato stems… Tsk!

Into the kitchen and viewed the murky morning outside.

It soon cleared up and the sun started to break through.

7Sun01aSpotted where I’d been at the tomatoes overnight.

Took the medications, made a mug of tea and got the tablet pots sorted out for next week.

Health Checks completed, all looking good apart from the increase in pulse and the weight!

7Sun02bGot the peas and potatoes in the saucepan and added water and vegetable seasoning for them to soak until ready to be boiled.

Had a wee-wee and got the computer on and started the diary updating to here.

Posted yesterday’s off, then did some WordPress reading.

Onto Facebooking then.

Duodenal Donald keeping on bothering me and for no reason a sudden depression hit me? I feel terribly low, no gusto, no interest… Oh dear.

7Sun04aI’ll make an early meal, see if that cheers me up.

Although the fodder tasted nice, the spirits did not improve at all.

A fatigue of sorts dawned after gobbling up the meal.

A shadow, a curtain, a genuine tiredeness, weariness, drained. Felt a right Eedle-doddle, as the Scots would say. (Always loved this phrase)

Hence, I did nothing but watch the TV and dose off, watch the TV then dose off… for the rest of the day and night.

Felt awful when I sprang awake many hours later to find it was not even time to go to bed yet?

Very odd, pointless, confusing, uselessness, worrying, a semi-obliviousness day of vague nothingness? Hehe!

Inchcock Today: Saturday 1st April 2017


Saturday 1st April 2017

German: Samstag 1 April 2017

6Sat01b0345hrs: Woke up with some memories of the dreams I’d had. A barren landscape as far as I could see, all repetitions of the same plot of land in a mire or bog?

All I was doing was walking from one pool and bench to the next, the whole world seems made up only of reproductions of this little scene, the pool or mire and bench with moss all around.

At each plot, I’d get out one of a seemingly never-ending supply of yellow dusters and would wipe the damp slime off of the bench at each stop, then move on to the next. I felt calm and contented and this went on all through the dream which seemed to go on for hours. Like a scene out of Hound of the Baskervilles scene repeatedly? So real it felt.

0400hrs: Arose out of the surely on-its-last-legs £300 second-hand recliner and nearly toppled over, so bad was my balance for some reason? I smiled to myself and thought, well you have been walking all night through the soft muddy bog. Hehe!

Made a brew and visited the porcelain throne – bit different this morning, much bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold and Little inchy was very sore. Anne Gyna just letting know she was there, but not too bad at all. Arthur Itis fair as well.

The computer turned on and got the Saturday post finished and posted. Made a start on this one.

Did some Facebooking.

Created and posted some fun graphics in response to Paul Winterbourne’s posts for a bit of fun.


6Sat02The sky had brightened, just after taking this photo, surprisingly, the rain started.

WordPressed a while, then tended to the ablutions in readiness for my planned 2-mile hobble into the City Centre.

Which didn’t happen!

Due to the fact that when I went down and had a gossip with some residents in the Foyer, the rain and wind were stronger than ever and I decided on catching the bus instead. But, I then realised the first bus going to town was not for an hour! If you’re confused at this stage, I’m not surprised, so was I!

So I took a walk up the gravel hil6Sat03l, through the Woodthorpe Park.

Watching some of the dogs taking their owners for a walk and game of fetch-the-ball – Or not, which I enjoyed.

The rain had eased off a little by the time I approached the bus stop.

6Sat04Alighted the bus in the City Centre and hobbled to the Jessop camera store on Clinton Street.

Not many folks about yet.

Inquired of one of the salesmen lurking about waiting to pounce, about the level one training course and how much do they cost and where and when held.

He was good this salesperson, he had me signed up for Tuesday 11th April at the shop for an hour one-to-one learning hour about the camera, he’d sold me the lesson, a spare Lens cap and Lens cleaner and I was £90 lighter, all within ten minutes!

Confused as to how he did that, I paid the man and exited the store.I nipped as quickly as I could through the rain and into the Victoria Shopping Centre and into Boots.

I nipped as quickly as I could through the rain and into the Victoria Shopping Centre and into Boots. Where I joined the massive queue to ask someone about the costs of buying one of the Do-it-Yourself INR blood Test machines, tabs and needles. But I gave up patience after ages and left the queue as there was only one woman at the eight service counters!

Which is just as well, because I search the details on the internet when I got back:

6Sat07aCheaper to croak out, at least my funeral is all paid for. Humph!

6Sat05Left the Boots store and walked to the other end of the centre (mall) to Tesco’s.

Passing one of the sets of escalators that had a mannequin hanging between the up and down steps.

I thought it was original, never seen one like this before. Of course, it could have been a woman hanging there? Hehehe!

6Sat08Got in Tesco and spent a bit more, Tsk! Sourdough bread, vegetable sausages, seaweed crispies, black bean sauce and… do you know? Them their Fresh Cream Horns jumped right into my basket again!

The little scallywags… Ahem!

Had to get a nip on to catch the bus, managed it with seconds to spare!

Back in the flat, no calls to the porcelain.

Put the fodder and camera extras away.

Computer turned on and did the Anticoagulation machine search.

Made a cuppa and got the chips in the oven.

Added the beef pie later.

Rang Olive to see how she was going. Not too good, but she’s allowing me to call on her in the morning.

6Sat10aI think oven chips, the pie, beetroot and onions for tonight, this afternoon rather.

Checked the TV magazine and realised I’d failed to get one for this week when pout shopping earlier, so I won’t know what I’m missing when I fall asleep. Hehehe!

Got the meal served up. A nice 9.2/10.

Whoopsiw02There was a Whoopsiedangleplop when I was refilling the mug with orange juice as I over filled it and sprinkled it over my new jammies and the £300 second-hand recliner and the electricity extension plug! After a few minutes of kitchen towel usage and bad language, I managed to mop and clean it all up without any further disasters. Tut!

Whoopsiw02I pondered and fretted over the absolute unbelievability of the State Pension people. When the bank manager informed them that they had got the wrong Postcode on my breakdown letter four weeks ago, they promised to send a new one with the proper Postcode on it and we had not received in three weeks, I had o go down to tell him, but found he was on holiday for a week. Five weeks had gone, now. Had to visit the bank again to explain things to him again. He called the State Pensions again and after much kerfuffle, they said they’d send another one. It arrived today, with a different Postcode on it, but still not the correct one!

And, the Bank Manager informed me he was being transferred to a different branch and a new manager would be in situ next week! I was now back in a depressed, sorry for myself and Duodenal Daniel pain giving condition… oh, and discouraged with life and it’s pitiful Whoopsiedangleplops it brings me; at the very thought of my having to go through the same process of humiliation from scratch with the new manager! Mortified!

1Mon19Took the things into the kitchen to throw some away and wash other articles and clothing from the Whoopsiedangleplop with the orange juice, and just had to admire the view outside, despite my depression.

Duodenal Daniel kicked off almost immediately, then Anne Gyna joined in.

Not happy, not comfortable and perhaps unconsolable? Poor old chap, Hehe!

Trying to concentrate watching the TV later was neigh impossible with the pains, distraughtness and feeling worried and a bundle of nerves so suddenly.