INCHIE TODAY: Thursday 9th March 2023

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A bright morning with snow.

Bright-looking urine in the bag is good!

Down to just four visits today.

Email from Asda – order on its way.

Made a brew of Glengettie.

Asda order arrived.
Pondered on whether to have casserole for a nosh?
Put the rest of the fodder away.
Fridge before and after delivery.
Note that it is not full!
Tried the Vegan butter later. It didn’t
spread well, but tasted grand!

Took some more view photos of the light snowfall. See
above… Not the houses, which I reckon must either have
a Cannabis farm in the loft, that, or they are so rich
that they can afford to heat the attic? Hehehe!


The footfall in the snowfall, in the bottom field.

Later, a man and his dog caught my attention.
Well, it was the wildly wagging tail of the dog
mainly. Boy, that dog loved the snow!

During the day, I had the attention of Carer Josef,
Carer Adele, also & I think Carer Carolynne.
But since the arrival of
any name could well be the wrong one.
Sorry about that!

The snow gave us another covering.

Throne visit six attended. Every one of the
previous sessions were a watery-gurgling mess.
This one was the complete opposite..
lost out to the new King
of the Throne’s return – !
followed the evacuation.

Then, I walked into the door frame on my way out...
And pulled the  tubing
that was stuck in Little Inchie. Naturally, this left poor
Undaunted by this mini-series of acci-whoopS,
I made a refreshing mug of Thompson’s Punjana tea…
Taking the first drink of it at the computer,
gave me a nudge,
and the mug and tea dropped from my grasp!
Of course, I took this in my usual casual, calm,
devil-may-care-but-not-me nonchalance.
I was close to crying with frustration!

I made the meal of the day…
I’d forgotten about the potatoes in the slow cooker. Not that
I needed them; I’d gone a smidge.OTT without them.
The plant butter on the bread rolls tasted wonderful.

Did a bit on this blog, mostly getting things wrong, lost
all concentration as my eyes failed, and my head
drooped. I gave up!

Would you believe it? Another visit!

INCHIE TODAY: Friday 17th February 2023

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Foreboding: What does that really mean?
I’ll look it up; just a moment, please…
Ah, yes, hats the word.
Today has been a get nothing done, but, been a busy all-day scenario.
A new medical appointment at the Woodthorpe Hospital arrived via a long complicated difficult-to-hear telephone call from the Doctors surgery.

For an Initial Prostate investigation. I think it was called a TURP procedure, so I looked it up to know what’s what to expect.
“Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP)”
Further investigationings came up with:
In transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), a combined visual and surgical instrument (resectoscope) is inserted through the urethra, where it’s surrounded by prostate tissue. An electrical loop cuts away excess prostate tissue to improve urine flow. Oh, good!
I made nine phone calls today: Easy-Link to try and book a lift to and from the Woodthorpe Hospital for the procedure – No chance, told to ring back on Monday morning. I’m hoping that I remember to!

The last five procedures I’ve had all came on a Friday afternoon or evening. Easy (Easy? Haha!) link finish early Fridays, do not have anyone on Saturdays and Sundays. But I’m not complaining about them, they are a charity with wonderful kind volunteers.

I had eight phone calls come in today, and every single one came when I was either in the wet room or kitchen. Thus did not hear them or heard late and missed them… well, five of them. I also made nine calls out. Five being to get through to Easy-Link, which didn’t work out, did it?

A most frustrating day. Thinking about it; nothing went right at all that I can remember. I just got more and more frustrated as the day wore on, grinding me into a Dracula depression.

It all started when I woke up!
I could at least stand up a little easier this morning. But hobbling, more than walking nowadays, was dodgy as the swelling of the ankles and toes was throwing what bit of balance I’d got out of sync.

I took the above abysmally bad photo of the right foot… Dropped the Fuji camera, and the batteries fell out. Could I find them all? No! I found them all, bar one. Where it went is still a mystery as I type this. So, no photos for the blog. Although, many hours (18:00hrs) later, I trod on the escaped battery that had rolled under an overlapping chair cover and found it as I ended up on the floor – luckily right next to the Inchy-Elephant-Lifting-Aid, the recliner, os I got back up actually thinking… Aha, I can use the camera now.
No idea why, but it let me take one shot of the sky clouds and refused to be turned on after that at all. I shall have a look for the spare batteries again later. Maybe if I can find them, they will save the day? Prevent me from topping myself with frustration? Only joking!

Carer Kara came, I do like her. But she looked a little tense today, hope she’s alright. Managed to get a laugh from her before she departed.

The one and only Porcelain Throne Session went okay. Yes!

Liberty-Global -Virgin Internet went done for a short while. Well, would you believe that? Amazing, it hadn’t gone down since yesterday!

Carer Sam arrived. Had a mini-natter, and she looked well.

Went to make a brew of Glengettie, and the mobile rang, which of course, I can’t hear when in the kitchen. I caught the last few rings as I got to the phone too late. The receptionist rang me back minutes later, but it was impossible to hear what she was saying as things kept breaking up.
She tried again on the landline. Not perfect, but easier to hear more of what she was saying about the appointment at the hospital.
Then ~I tried ringing Easy-Link. After several failed attempts over the next hour or so, I got through. But there was no one in; they had just closed down for the week. The lady said to ring back on Monday.

Bit of a Panic: Doreen’s fault!

I’d got it mixed up a little, and I thought for a moment that the appointment was for next Monday, so can they supply a lift with such short notice, I thought. Minutes later, it clicked into place, and I realised the Prostate was being inspected on the 27th, not the 20th. Panic-Over!

Care Jozeph, or is it Josef, arrived, and I asked him to see if he could let someone know to remind me on Monday to call Easy-Link. I’m not sure he’ll be in, though, on Monday. I’ll ask the others too.

Hello, Hello, Hello!
I went to wash my tea mug and spilt some water with citric acid in it, and some went into the drawer – I hastily grabbed some kitchen towel and pulled open the drawer…
It was at this precise moment that I remembered where I’d put the Amazon double-A batteries. The moment I saw them lying there in the drawer!

I got them into the Fuji and, with a certain disappointment, realised that there was no sunset to see tonight! But took this shot. I had some wonderful shots these last three nights as well.

Then to make sure things were working Fuji-wise, I
took this shot of the main room.
Getting on now.

I pressed on with the blogging duties.
Sad that there were not many photographs.
And I thought I’ll make it up to my
many followers and fans and put some of my
favourite sunset pictures of the week on.
I hope they both like them.
Here they are:

And the week before:

That’s yer lot.

I’ll get something to eat now…
Oh, no, I won’t.

Carer Sarah arrived to put the night pouch on to
No time for a chat; the gal was busy.

Now I’ll get some sarnies made. Vegan ham,
on oven-baked rolls with BBQ sauce.
Sounds okay to me; better just make sure
I’ve got some plasters before I start to slice
the pretend meat or burn my fingers
in the oven. Hehehe!

Vegan ham, fresh Kenyan peas, two rolls with Marmite
and cheese, dunked with the ham into some BBQ sauce (Of course). A pot of cheap strawberry jam cheesecake, and eaten along with a bag (Or two) of the delicious, irresistible Marmite crisps!

It was well gone midnight again before I got settled into the aged, grotty-looking c1966 made, charity-shop-bought, horribly beige-coloured, £300, Harold’s Haemorrhoid-testing, non-operational, acne-giving, virus-breeding, rickety, easy-to-fall-out-of recliner.

But Sweet Morpheus soon had me… Zzzing!

Inchcock: Wednesday 16th November 2022

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00:25hrs: I gave up trying to sleep. Two reasons, first, I kept jumping awake every few minutes, and second, with the surgery visit today, I wanted to get up to date with the blogging cause with another day out tomorrow, things are going to be a struggle to get done.
Carer Richard was on my mind as well; I so hope he’s feeling better; his ticker was racing yesterday. Fingers crossed, he’s okay.

I poddled into the kitchenette, not to put the kettle on but to do the checks. Nothing calamitous was found in there; taps (faucets), fridge and cooker were all as they ought to be.

was giving me much wind, noisy belches and squeaking again.

I thought I’d try to get some shops of the 0100hrs view with al the lights on. Took a shot straight ahead. Then to the left, and then to the right.
None of them came out very good, but on the other hand, I’ve taken many that were a lot worserer. Hehehe!

The last effort was down to the Citrus Walk car park – I’ve done it again, called it Citrus Walk! I keep doing that lately. It’s Chestnut Way. I don’t think that she in control, whim I Christened as being likes Chestnuts. Haha!

However, at least the Chestnut Way car park picture came out better than the other more distant shots did. In fact, I think it was one of my better tries. I gave it an emotion of eeriness?

I thought I’d get the Health Checks done, as it appears that when I do them in the mornings, the results from the NHS analyser seem slightly better. Or have I got it wrong again?

I think this worked again this morning.
The pulse had dropped a lot.

The SYS 44, DIA 76, were both in the Amber.

I am a fool, they were all in the Amber individually.
But the results came out as in the Red Hypertension – 1 on the grid?.
But only just in it, so another good result, methinks.

Not bad at all. . I concentrated on getting the Tuesday blog finished off and eventually got it posted to WordPress.
Again; .
Ailments-wise, I was also doing well; strange but welcome. and and were the only things over-bothering me. just when I start to feel physically much better, poor get poorlier. I hope he’s improved a bit since yesterday and will be well enough to get to work.

I did the Pinteresting. Emailed the link, had a wee-wee and started sorting the photographicalisations for this blog. Went on CorelDraw to get the Ode made for this blog, then had another wee-wee.
All the wee’s (and those that followed) were of the WSSAO (Weakly -Sprinkly-Spraying-All-Over) variety.

Tea GlengettieOff to the kitchenette to make the first brew of tea, Glengettie. The finger I burnt last night, I ceremoniously stuck in the mug of freshly brewed tea. dipping the tea bag to get the full strength out of it. Tsk!
is still active.

Came in. He was terribly pasty looking and nowhere near his usual self, poor lad. No yawning and not much gossiping today.

He told me he rang his surgery to get an appointment, and the auto-answer machine told him he was 58th in the queue!
He’s a full diabetic and was not in good shape at all. I fear for his health, but he will not call for an ambulance, as he did for me last month.
I tried to lighten his load. I slipped him a can of pink gin; I know he likes them. And gave him the two beef slices that I missed giving him yesterday. He did have a minute or two chinwags as he was leaving, taking the bin bag with him for me. I still feel uncomfortable for him.

The lift should be arriving at 14:15hrs to get me to the Doctor’s surgery for the ECG & DVT vein bleed sampling.
I must make sure I remember this and get the ablutioning done, leaving me plenty of time to get down to the lobby.

Sister Jane rang, and a mutual moaning and yet a laughing session ensued. We share many problems. Haha!

The noise restarted again.
I wasn’t up to retaliate. Not feeling so good myself now.

Made some food, as I will or may be out late today.
I espied in the bin near the computer, evidence that I had been at the nocturnal-nibbling again.
Yet I was still feeling hungry?
But still made a meal; of sorts.

Rostis & chips. And very nice too. Even if it was a Plain-Jane affair.

Then got the ablutions done and dressed.
Spent ages getting things sorted to take with me to the Doctors for the EDG. Or even ECG.

Got down in the foyer with the crossword book and got some solutions in while sitting awaiting the lift. He arrived early, and I was soon being dropped off at the Sherrington Park Surgery.
Logged in, and ten minutes later, had the pleasure if Nurse Nicole coming out to collect me.
Into her room for the ECG. The DVT vein drain was not on for today as I thought it was, but they will let me know when.
It was grand chatting with Nurse Nicole. While in there, it felt like Doreen Dementia had given me a break, and I had a clearish mind for half an hour. I didn’t last, of course, but was appreciated. All done, and my mind fogged over almost the second I left the rooms. Back to reality.

I left the building and walked down to the Lidl store.
Once inside, things were back in control of .
I wandered around, having no idea what I’d gone into the shop for. I think I must have been in there for an hour or so, meandering around almost aimlessly. It got worse at the self-serve checkouts.

I joined the queue, and dropped, I can’t remember what it was now, something, and the chap behind picked it up for me.
Blanks A lady helped me out with getting the things put through.
Bless her.
I regained a degree of understanding after leaving the store and got to the bus stop okay. It was there that I realised I had a carrier bag of stuff on the handlebar of the walker-guide and things in the trolley bag too?
I let a bus that I wanted to catch back into Sherwood go by because I couldn’t make out what number it was in time to stop it.

The next bus that came, I asked a young lady at the stop what number it was; I got looked at up and down, with a frown; and a curt “A 69!” in return. Shot my hand out, got on the bus, and got to the seat in time before the driver moved off, only because he waited for me to get seated first.

I must say Thanks: to the gentleman who picked the things up for me – The lady at the Lidl checkout and the patient bus driver.

Dropped off in Sherwood, and I realised the connecting bus up to the flats was due in two minutes. I got across the Pelican lights and up to the bus stop as quickly as I could but did not make it in time… However, there was a gang of Winwood Heights tenants still at the bus stop. One chap told me the 40 bus had not arrived yet. We had to wait for the next one.

When we got back to the flats, my spirits rose again as I had a natter with someone as we entered the Winchester Court lobby, walked through the passage and into Winwood Court.

I’ve no idea why, but I started yodelling? I was suddenly in a happy mood? I espied in the Winwood lobby, that the ILCs (Independent Living Coordinators) Holding Room Office door was ajar, and at that moment remembered I needed to ask, Oberstgrüppenfuhreress, and Primo Ballerina, Warden Deana if she could check over the paperwork for the Nuthall Hospital visit and arrange transport for the day. (Not sure now if I did or not, though?) Sad, innit?
NCH (Nottingham City Homes) Generalfeldmarshalless & Desk-Top Dancer Angela, and Obersturmbannfuhreress, Ice skating champion florist and Warden Julie were also there. I’m not certain what we spoke about, but we laughed a lot, I think.

When I got back up to the flat and started emptying the food from the bags, it was almost like Christmas as a kid.

I genuinely could not remember what I’d purchased and soon found out.

Gin, tomatoes, BBQ sauce, Frikadellens, bread rolls, Marshmallows, Snack pies, and two bars of chocolate.

By gum, I live well!

I was feeling hungry again now, seeing all this fodder.  may have another meal later on?

Arrived. Medications were given, we had a natter. Treats, and Carolynne took the waste bag with her as she departed.

I had a nibble, with some much-buttered bread rolls, yellow & red tomatoes and some vegan pie pieces, with extra onion pickle. And BBQ sauce dip.

I ate about half of it. But think I shouldn’t have. Too much eating today?
Got off to sleep with no bother.