Inchcock Today: Monday 28th March 2022

MONDAY 28th MARCH 2022

In Brief & Ode

Problems a few, well, really quite a load…
Accifauxpas, bleeding, no real Smug-Mode…
Noisy Herbert, getting on my goad…
Memory blanks, mistakes made? A shitload!
I had to look up my own postcode!
The Thought-Storms constantly flowed…
Wee-weeing? The bucket nearly overflowed!
Stabbed myself with a toothbrush up my nose,
Will it get worse, discommode? Nobody knows…
What evils and stupidity Satan may bestow?
I’ll have a mug of tea and a marshmallow!

Haveth a great day!

05:30hrs, the usual jumping awake, with a verbal “Uhrge!” arrived. I pondered a few seconds to check on the time, day and need to activate the brain to join the body into some form of starting.

My hazy and befuddled brain sorted itself out in a fashion, and I decided to get the sphygmomanometerisationing done first thing. The grey plastic was half-filled before I started this slash. By the time I’d escaped the c1966 recliner, the need for a wee-wee had developed. And the urine flowed and splashed at a rate and pace never known before! How I held onto the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee-Bucket), I don’t know. But obviously, I had been wee-weeing throughout the night.

I still can’t work out how someone in my condition can free themselves from the recliner, take the few paces to the bucket, pass water (ferociously!) and get back down again… even once, and yet, not know he’s done it; when he wakes up? Someone must understand this. A psychologist or somebody? Which followed nearly every one of the wee-wees that followed today, and there were dozens of them! No wonder I can feel the dampness in the protection pants of the damned PMAD (Post-Micturition-After Dribbling).

There was much handling of things in washing and cleaning; poor Little Inchies’ fungal lesion started bleeding again later on. Humph!

I finally got around to taking the Blood Pressure. A fine set of figures they were too! SIA 144, DIA 48 and Pulse at 72… No, hang on. The DIA’s a good bit low… I’ll check it out.

No, that’s not too bad, only just in the red area anyway. For some reason, the low DIA brought it up overall a smidgeon. I’ve had it a lot worse than that. Last week one day, it was Sys 171, so I’m not fretting.

I used my Chinese (Hong Kong) made by Shenzhen Relee Electronic & Technology Co. Ltd™, contactless thermometer. The result was a bit higher this time, almost on the target figure of 35!

All went well, apart from the teeth cleaning, which was bloody. Thanks to ailment number eleven, Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley. As it did two days ago when she made me drop the mug of Glengettie, her timing was cruelly well-timed. I was about to put the brush in my mouth, and she struck! Despite it being the brush end than entered my nasal channel, it was so fierce that it brought blood. However, it could have been worse, and I soon dried it up. A bit sore now, though, Hehehe!

I started updating yesterday’s blog, and Carer Richard arrived. The poor lad didn’t look too good; he was obviously weary, worn out, tired at the end of his shift. I brought him around a smidgeon with some nattering and a laugh or two, as much as was possible. I think his blood count was low. He said on leaving, he’s going to take his own medicines and get his head down as soon as he gets home. He still had a chinwag, though; I appreciated that from the man. Bade him good luck and health as he left, taking the taste bags with him for me to the chute.

I then spent hours trying to get the Card Reader to work to get the photos on the computer. I was at the limit of my patience and know-how of what else I could try… and wallah! The card suddenly returned to working mode? Although there have been odd, weird times when it tells me the reader is not recognised. So frustrating, I lost hours on the day messing about, turning everything off and back on, the card in and out of the slot… swearing, and at one point, I almost cried!

Eventually, I got the blog finished and posted it off to WordPress. Thank heavens for that!

Time for a mug of Glengettie!

I took these photographs of the view from the kitchenette window. The first one to the left (South), the second down almost straight ahead (East), finally one to the right (North)

I pressed on with starting this blog going. It was concentrating mind…

My sociable, kind, understanding, compassionate, snotty-nosed neighbour above started his clunking, banging noises with some venom. I think he’s realised he was not so bad yesterday and is making up for it?

I stopped to make a brew of Glengettie, wrapping the tea bag up and placing it in the small waste bag; this is what I saw (on the right here). My initial reaction was… Argh! Another Boll Weevil! Oh dearie me! Out came the sprays, and the kitchen got a good covering in all corners and every hidey-hole or corner that I could get at!

I got what I thought was the offending animal out of the bag – but I could not see if it was a weevil or something else, thanks to Cataracts Kathleen, Glaucoma Gladys and Saccades Sandra.

Well, well, well! Another cock-up made yesterday, discovered! Tsk! I looked at the watch, then the clock. A difference in time showing? I’d forgotten to put the clock forwards with all the others, but a true Masterstroke-Whoopsiedangleplop with the new square, easier-to-see wristwatch! I’d put that backwards instead of forwards!!! Humph! It took me a while to work out what time it was now! So, I now have no idea when I got up this morning.

The sky turned into a bright blue; I’m glad I caught it with the Canon cause minutes later, it had turned back into a bright pale blue shade. It turned out to be a decent effort, I thought for once.

I took a photograph of the Chestnut Way end car park. It appears that the Red Van Man has not used his vehicle since yesterday. Hope he’s not poorly. Time to get some fodder organised.

The evening carer arrived and soon had the medicationalisationing sorted out. Took the waste bag with her to the chute for me on her way out.

I took an easy option tonight. Cooked some mushrooms with balsamic vinegar, squid sauce and chillies powder. (Not as ad as it sounds as it turned out, Hehe!) I sliced some lovely yellow tomatoes and forced myself to cut up some of the sickeningly bitter, foul-tasting Moroccan red tomatoes. Added the last of the ‘Batter bits’, a small apple and a banana. A Lemon and Lime M&S yoghourt that needed a mortgage to buy. And tucked into the feast… Oh, and of course, with the two hot dogs with BBQ sauce added. Flavour rating 7.2/10.

I went to Washed the pots, then me, Putting the trousers back on afterwards by mistake for the jammie bottoms! Tsk! Then settled to watch my favourite TV show, ‘Heartbeat’.

I couldn’t enjoy the programme properly, cause Colin Cramps visited my left hand and fingers. Never known him to be so painful and persistent!

Unbelievably, Colin Cramps stopped tormenting me the very moment that the end credits rolled for ‘Heartbeat’. Ah, well!

I rose for a wee-wee, and boy, had I taken some over the day! On the bright side, Little Inchies lesion was not bleeding. Check the taps (faucets) and electrics, and I got down in the £300, second-hand, decrepit, Haemorrhoid Harold-testing, sleep deterring, nauseatingly beige-coloured, not-working recliner.

The Thought-Storms kicked off straight away. They dragged things from over sixty-plus years ago; my errors, bad choices, failures… on and on, they kept coming! Some I had actually forgotten about altogether… they had to be mused over. I’ve no idea why; it only made me more depressed.

Out of desperation for sleep and to escape the storming, I turned the TV back on. Which worked… but at the same time, Colin Cramps attacked again in the same hand!

I think it was gone midnight again before I managed to nod off. Well, that’s not exactly right. I realised I’d not taken the Hemp capsule again! I nodded off many times, but only for a minute, then I’d shoot awake again.

At least the Thought Storms had given up on me, only to be replaced with Self-Hating-Harvey. I suppose that Dementia Doreen is at the route of things…

Inchcock Today: Wed 2nd Jan 2019: Stuck indoors again. no natters or chinwags, Wee-weeing like a champion, Dizzies… normal sort of day for 2019, then! Hehe!


Jan02 2019

Wednesday 2nd January 2019

Welsh: Dydd Mercher 2 Ionawr 2019

22:15hrs. WD128.0.0 Shot awake after about four hours, and everything else, bar getting to the ‘Emergency LHBLWW (Long Hosepipe-Blasting like Wee-wee) Bucket!’ was put on hold.

As I struggled to contain the long-lasting blast and avoid the splashback, a picture came into my mind, that later I put to artwork, and used it for the Thought of the Day, above.  Haha!

After the torturous, hurricane-like evacuation, (No doubt about it, this Furosemide is taking effect now!) I washed the hands and checked the £300 second-hand recliner area that I had scrambled out of in such a panic. No indications of any Nocturnal nibbling having taken place. Smug-Mode Adopted!

Made a brew and got the computer on while it boiled (the kettle, not the computer).

WD128.0.0 A high-priority call to the Porcelain Throne was responded to immediately. A look around the wet room during the evacuation process revealed not a single EIBWBBB (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle) Amazing! Almost as amazing as the scent I’d left behind me on my recent movements. Cor Blimey… Stinky-Phoo!

The Health Checks were completed, and medications, taken.


3Wed001aThe sphygmomanometer worked at the first try.

Having missed last night’s medications, Humph, Klutz! I took just two of the missed tablets, those I thought it would be safe enough to have with the morning ones.

I made yet another brew of tea! My thirst this morning is concerning, or instead why I keep drinking is bothering me. Maybe a side-effect of the Furosemide?

WD128.0.0 As I settled at the computer, I started sneezing, and the dizzies returned. As I absorbed this, I had to dash off for another LHBLWW. It was a good job I didn’t use the bucket,  because I passed enough fluid, in a jet-like fashion, to have filled it twice over! Oh dearie me, another flipping day stuck indoors, I dare not risk going out. If this lasts another day, I’ll ring the Doctor, or 111 to ask for advice. The Protection Pants are good at catching the blood from Harold’s Haemorrhoids and the Fungal Lesion. But I doubt they would contain the torrent of a full-blown LHBLWW, and if any bleeding were going on at the time, they would positively not cope. It’s a good job I anticipated something like this, and I placed an order from Asda for Thursday, no no worry about fodder anyway.

I was feeling the cold, despite the high temperature in the room. The fluid retention in the legs and ankles are far less acute, but the back-pain has returned. Dizzy Dennis is annoying me regularly. (Mind you, the note in the Furosemide box, did put these in their list of possible side-effects) Good gerrin’ owd, yer know!

I got the Tuesday Diary finished off and posted it. Went on the WordPress Reader, the then comment section.

WD128.0.0 During these actions, I made two mugs of tea, and took3Wed01a four LHBLWWs!

An acute pain developed in my left lower arm/wrist. No swelling, no bruising or discolourations, mind? But just above the wrist, there was some hardening?

2019? Worra Life! Hehe!

I will try to ring Sister Jane later, but she is not an early riser, so I shall not risk her ‘Wrath’ by calling too early.

Another LHBLWW, getting fed-up with this. It’s affecting the concentration, and I am making so many errors… No, maybe not, I’ve always done that. Hehehe!

3Wed05I went to sort some breakfast out, and watch YouTube clips, while I eat it.

Minted peas, few chips (Fries), chestnuts and a mini pork pie.

Another LHBLWW while making the breakfast. Fancy that!

3Wed05a1aI used the bucket twice without emptying and disinfectantising it. Two wee-wees and I could hardly lift the bucket, it was over half-full! I took a photo of the container to let you see how big it is.

Shame there is no value to urine, I could be rich selling it! Hahaha!

3Wed05a2Got the brekkie all eaten up.

WD128.0.0 The legs were inspected, to find they had blown-up again! And I think there was an extra pot-mark spot or two developed as well. Oy Vey!

At least Dizzy Dennis was not visiting so frequent now. 

I went to make a brew of tea, the day had lightened up well now, a bit of sunshine behind the tree copse in the distance. Very pretty, so much so, I took a photographicalisation of the view to the left and right. In the right scene, the sun is coming from behind the flats, to give the panorama aspect of the picture effect.


I had another LHBLWW (Long Hosepipe-Blasting like Wee-wee), treated myself to one in the wet room this time. I think it was a little less volumatic, too.

Went on to CorelDraw to create some Inchcock Today draughts, no, drafts!

A lot of banging about from Herbert upstairs this morning?

After a further three and a half hours, I got the drafts all done! I’m well drained now but can report that while creating the posts, I only needed three LHBLWWs.

For some odd unknown to me reason, the left leg is much more fluid-filled than the right, and the left lower arm is more painful and stiff than the right one. Just thought I’d mention it, like.

Oh, and the surgery called while I was creating. They gave me the new Warfarin doses and initially gave me an appointment for the next blood test for, 14:30hrs next Monday. I begged for an earlier appointment, and she told me there was none available.  She is aware of my odd sleeping patterns, and I asked if there was one on Tuesday available. She had a look, and returned to me a few minutes later… she could fit me in at 0720hrs on Tuesday 8th, bless her. That should fit in with my City Hospital appointment and give me plenty of time to make the hobble to the clinic. I hope it isn’t raining or snowing then, I think someone told me on Monday, snow was due?

Got some nosh prepared, drained entirely now, but pleased the dizzies have stayed off.

Oh, I must take some Warfarin out of the pots I have already done, now the dosages have been reduced a bit.  I’ll do it now while I think of it.

3Wed29I had a lamb burger sandwich using bread thins. I also tired a new dessert style. A pot of Asda Walmart raspberry ripple mousse, and sprayed some of the Wriggly cream (the low-fat one, haha!) on top of it. By the time I got around to eating it, the Wriggly had dissolved, but by gum, it tasted so good!

Took the evening medications and got the Health Checks done.

There were so many programmes on the telly that interested me, including the A-Team. Farcical of course, I can’t believe I wasted my time writing down a schedule to watch…


Inchcock – Mon 26 Nov 2018: Much betterer day! Weevils and Whoopsiedangeplops as usual of course. But chinwags and a marathon hobble I did enjoy. I fank you!



Monday 26th November 2018

Mongolian: 2018 оны 11-р сарын 26-ны Даваа гарагт

02:30hrs: I awoke with a start. The third day in a row that I could recall bits of a dream I’d been having. Although far less than the previous two. This one involved me with a lamb chop on a plate, carrying it as I ran around a bombed-out building… but that’s all I remember. No idea what or why I was doing this. A good job I don’t suffer from oneirophobia. Hey-Ho!

Despite very little sleep again, I felt pretty alert and was soon hauling my portly, pudgy, rotund, stout, hog-like stomach and torso free of the second-hand recliner. Physically, things seemed remarkably easy as I did this. However, an uncomfortable feeling of insecurity, uncertainty perhaps dejection, unnerved and baulked me as I got to my feet. This sentiment came on quickly and seemed to have dug in? Depression on the way, again? Please not!

As I plodded on auto-pilot to the kitchen to do the Health Checks, take the medications and make a brew of tea, the anapeiratic pain in the fingers was far worse than usual. Too much typing on the keyboard, I suppose.

I did the checks and updated the record on Excel.


1Mon01aaWD 0.51.0 I got a summoning from the innards to the Porcelain Throne, arrived. I responded.

I could see only one EIBWBBB (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle) in the wet room.

Once again, the evacuation was hefty and solid. No haemorrhaging, though.

1Mon01aBy the time I’d finished the Porcelain Throne duties, several more of the  EIBWBBBs had appeared!

After a good spraying of each room with the bug killer, and a bit of a coughing session, and an antiseptic washing of the hands, I got around to making the brew of tea.

Back to the computer and got the depressing Sunday Inchcock today completed. But it was damned hard work!


What with the farcical Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet going a snails-pace, and the fingers and hands suffering from the Colin Cramps, my evincibleness and Milksop-mode over whether I should stop and get the ablutions done early and hope that the service improves by the time I get back, I was all confused and vacillant. But if I have an early shower, the noise would be too much and disturb my neighbours. What to do?

I pressed on and got the post finished and posted off.

Made a start on this blog, got up to here, and decided (Yes, a decision was made, hard to believe for me too. Hehehe!). I will get the teggies, shave, etc. done, then when 08:00hrs I will take a shower… or should I? Single-mindedness, doggedness, strength-of-mind, firmness of purpose and making decisions, is not my forte, is it? Sad!

Off to the wet room anyway, to do the ablutions. Feeling refreshed now, I made up three bags of rubbish and took them to the waste chute. One big bag of recyclables to go down with me when I go out.

Shaking Shaun now departed of his own accord. Hearing aids in, the correct glasses were on my nose, all wrapped up with gloves on and the brolly in the bag with the other stuff, off to the lift I went.

1Mon06WD 0.51.0 The memory was uncertain of whether or not I had left the taps running or stove on, so back to the apartment to check. All okay, off again and down in the lift. Out and took the recycling down in the caretaker’s room and put it in a big bin.

On Chestnut Walk, I took this picture of the New Extra Care Unit for new tenants and the Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Wardens Deana and Julie, on the left. Winchester Court on the right of the photo. The 1Mon07Willmott-Dixon crew seem to be catching up quickly on the upgrading for us on this block.

I turned back and took this shadowed shot of my beloved Woodthorpe Court flats building.

Onward I plodded, in the decent weather, in fact, great weather for November in this once Great Britain… Oh, I can’t say that now can I? This chicken-livered multi-cultural, given away our fishing rights. That once had a police force… sorry, now having a tiny understaffed Police Service, Ex-European Associated but still under their control, country!

WD 0.51.0 Now, what was it I was going to say… erm… Oh yes, I hobbled down Winchester Street Hill to Mansfield Road, and turned right and called in the Continental Food Store to try and get a small sliced loaf, but they had no white or brown in stock, so I got the only option, one of them with the seeds on and in it, a Granary is it? Paid the extortionate £1.49 and departed.

1Mon07aUp the road and over the hill down towards Carrington and the Sherrington Park Medical Practise, and entered, reporting to the receptionist.

WD 0.51.0 I explained that I had sent an email requesting an appointment for my Warfrin Blood Test for the 4th December as early as possible. I’d called in today, while I was passing to find out what time it has been made for. There was a  delay while both receptionists searched for my details and that of the appointment. The lady told me that the date had been made for tomorrow, the 27th November. I showed her the Anticoagulation Card I’d received with the 4th December on it. Another break while they whispered to each other. The outcome was I now had an appointment for Tuesday 4th December at… wait for it… 07:22hrs. Nothing like being precise! Hehehe! I thanked her and left some nibbles and was off out again.

1Mon07bWD 0.51.0 As I was passing the Grosvenor, a well-built arrogant young git of a Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist came at me going in the opposite direction.

I was about to take a picture of the old Grosvenor, so I still had the camera in my hand, so I whipped around and snapped his photograph of the unthinking, scared to ride on the road yobbo, in his fur-lined hoodie. While muttering a few oaths and curses under my breath.

1Mon07cUp to the traffic lights and down Mansfield Road, on this occasion, I veered left down Huntingdon Street.

At this stage, I got a bit of a shock. I thought I saw a Nottingham policeman walking on the opposite side of the street… but no panic, I spotted that it was only a Traffic Warden. In fact, I didn’t see one throughout the day, but nothing unusual in that nowadays.

1Mon08I think he nipped into the launderette, they serve hot drinks in there.

I slowed down around here, by gum, the plates-of-meat were starting to sting something awful now.

Such almost beautiful weather still, no wind, or precipitation. Although it had apparently been raining earlier.

Apart from the pained feet, I was enjoying this hobble. Got to the Aldi store and went in and had a plod around. I came out with little potatoes, cream doughnuts for the Wardens Monday treat to welcome them back to work. Some Wiltshire Ham and Ham trimmings. And, a pack of four toilet rolls.

1Mon09Paid my dues, thanked the lady and out and over the road to the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall).

I took this photographicalisation of the Nottingham City Homes apartments that are above the building. I bet they get a tremendously good view from their flat windows. I’d have a photographers orgasm if I lived there. Hahaha!

1Mon10As I arrived at the back entrance to the mall, on Glasshouse Street, the sun came out facing me, I tried a shot hoping it might come out like a ‘Moody’ one. Not too bad, was it?

WD 0.51.0 I went in and made my way to the VHS store, determined to find out if they had any DVD copies of either The Negotiator or John Q in stock. Every time I neared a member of staff, they seemed to rush off and evade me?

WD 0.51.0 I gave up, left and called at the Tesco Metro in search of some Polish Pork Knuckle for Christmas. I asked an assistant if they had any as I could not find them if they did. My heart sank, as she gave me uncaring sneer and told me they could not get any more now! I managed to avoid bursting into tears!

Anyone with the intentions of lambasting Tesco over any issues or complaints they have, I can supply you with artwork or graphics to use free of charge! Haha!

I paid for my Sopocka Pork Loin, Jersey full cream milk, Anchor Spreadable butter and balsamic vinegar.

1Mon11Out of the centre and along Milton Street and over Upper Parliament Street and down and though Clumber Street.

I took this photograph on Milton Street. I thought it showed the mix of life in Nottingham: A bus driver waiting to change or start his shift. Coffee Addicts with there £4 Specials. The fallen leaves to show the time of year. An unstolen pushbike. Street sleepers, and scrounging beggars. A lady having bought her Christmas presents. Sorry, there are no policemen in it, but this says a lot. Hehe!

1Mon12I crossed over to Milton Street, but not like so many other Nottinghamians, I waited for the green walk sign to illuminate first.

I’m afraid most of the citizens had frazzled and drawn expressions on their faces as I hobbled down and through the crowds, and on to Long Row.

1Mon14A few more folks on this stretch of road.

Some of the stalls set up to rob us this year were selling the same bob-caps (Well, they looked like they were to me) that the Poundland shop sells for a quid, at, as the poster says, “Only £5!”

Some of these stalls were just right for Jenny to 1Mon14ahave a rummage around, I think. Posh trinkets, out of the ordinary stuff.

Over on the Slab Square, the traders were not doing very well. But, then again, they had many more hours for the Nottinghamians to drag themselves out of bed, or from collecting their benefits to spend. Hahaha! Only joking folks!

1Mon17The hobble was a decent one, and I was pleased with how it had gone overall. 

I made my way to Queen Street to catch the L9 bus home. I was delighted when first Cyndy, then Shirley followed by Caroline joined me at the bus stop. Muchly nattering a laughing and gossiping to cheer me up, and it did, too!

Back at the flats, I nipped in to donate the Monday cream cakes. A natter, well not much of one, but they all help. Haha!

Gossip with some of the gals in the foyer, Angela and Roy, Mo, Brenda. Up to the flat and got the fodder stored away. Did the Health Checks and medications were taken.

Got the computer on to update this blog. Seasoned some baked beans, checked the mushrooms in the crockpot.

Got on with this post again. Three hours later I’d got up to here with it.

Went on the TFZ Facebooking to catch up. I kept checking on the beans and mushrooms regularly. Spent 90 minutes on it.

Health Checks again.

1Mon18Got the nosh sorted. Seasoned baked beans (demerara sugar, mustard, BBQ seasoning, curry powder and balsamic vinegar), which came out superb flavour-wise. The crock-pot cooked mushrooms. Some of the off-cuts of ham, all consumed with some of the fresh bread. Followed by a Limoncello dessert. Which despite its ingredients: Lemon Coulis (21%) [Lemon Juice (36%), Sugar, Water, Candied Lemon Zest (10%) [Lemon Zest, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Sugar, Lemon Juice], Cornflour, Gelling Agent (Pectin), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Flavourings, Lemon Juice from Concentrate, Safflower Extract] , Glucose Syrup , Water , Sponge Biscuits (12%) [Pasteurised Free Range Whole Egg, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Dextrose, Emulsifier (Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids), Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Raising Agents (Diphosphates, Sodium Carbonates)] , Whipping Cream (from Milk) (9.1%) , Limoncello Liqueur (8.5%) , Mascarpone Cheese (from Milk) (5.3%) , Skimmed Milk Powder, Coconut Oil, Sugar, Marsala Wine, Pasteurised Free Range Egg Yolk, Citrus Fibre, Thickener (Carrageenan), Emulsifier (Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids), Flavourings, Colour (Carotenes), It tastes great! And an apple.  I degusted this meal. A Flavour-Rating of 9.25/10 for this phagomaniac-satisfying effort.

Went to wash the pots up, and the view from the window was worth recording I thought.


1Mon20I took another zoomed in shot of the skyline.

Natures beauty. If any aliens do arrive, you can’t blame them for wanting to stay, can you? Well, apart from the existence of the tellurian mendaciloquence proffering humankind of course. I think our particular traits would be unacceptable to any alien race. Humans inhumanity, self-indulgence, aggressiveness, grasping, murderous, cupidinous, materialistic, self-centred, nihilism, violent actions, mercenary and predatory characteristics show that any visitors would not be welcomed with open-arms exactly. The Governments would probably hide them away somewhere in the hopes of making themselves some money out of… I’m getting carried away again here. Sorry folks.

Got settled later than normal, and turned the TV on.


Inchcock Today – Sat 29th Sept 2018: Lost the day to six-hours of graphicationalisationing and a blank-spell. Another lonely see nobody day, indoors. Ah-Well!


Saturday 29th September 2018

Dutch: Zaterdag 29 September 2018

0100hrs: Woke up, the mind almost alert straight away, but uninterested in anything at that time, other than to get the two graphics I started yesterday finished off? No meandering off on complex subjects or galimatias this morning.

Getting my heavy but wobbly body free of the £300 second-hand recliner seemed to take little effort. Off to the kitchen, and got the Health Checks done.


Started the computer, to finish off the two outstanding graphics for the diary headers…


Come to think of it, their CEO, Michael T Fries, does look like a Mafia Boss, doesn’t he?

I did the last two graphics updated on CorelDraw.

The internet stuttering eased off, and I pressed on with finalising the Friday post and got it sent off to WordPress.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Once again a messy affair. Tsk!

Not so many Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles around at the moment. Good!

6Sat03Got my first mug of tea of the day, and started this post off.

Took this photo from the kitchen window.

Then, concentrated on getting the drafts made up.

Five an a bit hours later… I got them finished! Phew!

6Sat06Prepped some bags for the chute, and made up a large recycling bag to go down with me when I leave. (But I never did leave)

Got mushrooms sliced and in the crock-pot on a low setting.

Back on the computer.

6Sat04After 0630hrs, I leant out of the kitchen window to take these photographic efforts.

The one on the left here was taken blind, upwards to show the new balcony pods with their multiple thick bars that block out the light and view.

6Sat05Then on the right, another blind shot down towards Chestnut Way below.

The reason they were both handicapped in being taken? The new windows with the sticking out ledge means I cannot see below, as the opening in the window is much higher than the old one. Which were heaven for any budding photographer.

One heck of session of at least six hours or more was spent on the Diary-Top-Graphic creating. So glad I got it done, but the concentration seemed to take a lot out of me.

Did the Health Checks and had a sit-down in the £300 second-hand recliner, and had an iced lolly and took the medications.

6Sat24As for what occurred then, I think I must have slept a lot, for few memories remain until I was eating a right odd mess of a meal?

It felt like I was in a dream or something. Or, fell asleep?

I suppose I could have had a blank period.

Not much of the meal was eaten. I consumed half of the pork pie contents, a few slices of mushroom, two tomatoes and a third of the rye bread slice. I threw the rest away. I was just not hungry. My having nibbled during a memory-blank or not, I don’t know.

When I took the things into the kitchen, I did find the biscuit container with suspiciously, few bikkies in it? Haha!

Got settled to watch some TV, and the nodding-offs and waking ups started repetitively.

Inchcock Today – Mon 24th Sept 2018: Old Central Market Pictures today!


Monday 24th September 2018

Greek: Δευτέρα 24 Σεπτεμβρίου 2018

0004hrs: WD0.51.102 1Mon001Woke up, in need of a wee-wee. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and felt the crunching under my feet. Klutz! I was treading on and crushing some biscuits, my favourites too, Scottish Shorties, fall had fallen out of the biscuit pot with the lid off, that had apparently tumbled off of the chair. Nocturnal Nibbling Again? Tsk!

I couldn’t vacuum them up this early, or late, whichever way you look at it.

Another cold night. I got the woolly hat and slippers on.

Off for the wee-wee eventually, with the biscuits Accifauxpa delaying me, I only just got there in time. Phew!

In the wet room, I collected eight dead Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles and chased three very live ones that were too fast for me.

I washed up and went into Action-Man-Mode, on a search and destroy mission after the evil weevils in the kitchen and spare room. The kitchen produced two live ones captured, and around fifteen dead bodies collected. The spare room provided a lot of dead carcases, and just one live beetle.

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The Raid Kill Spray did a good job this time. I resprayed in all areas, washed my dandies and got on with the Health Checks. Hopefully, the effects of the ‘Raid’ killer spray does not give me pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Hehe!


WD0.51.102 Blimus! The weight had shot up to a new record high? The pulse was a bit fast, too. Depressed meself now. Humph!

Took the medications and off to the Porcelain Throne. Another messy affair. Huh!

Computer switched on and started this diary off. Then went to update yesterday’s log. Four hours later, I got the Sunday post finished off and posted. I didn’t mean for this tale of woe to be so long, but I got carried away elucidating on things. Sorry folks.

I visited the WordPress Reader section and looked at a comment or two.

Back to the wet room, and a decent session on the Porcelain Throne. During which I started to read the ‘Catastrophe’ book, but the brain went all vagarious on me. Just about all things that I deliberated over, feared, loathed and was frustrated about came to mind. Somehow, I felt drained afterwards? Most strange! Of course, no solutions or plans of action were adopted.

7Sun25aWashed the hands and face, and off to the kitchen.

WD0.51.102  A tip here for you folks, bit of advice, like: When squashing an unusually large looking Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle as it foolishly runs by close to you on the counter… make sure that it is actually an Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle before 1Mon03crushing it with your finger against the hard worktop.

I don’t know what it was, but this picture from the internet is the closest to what the thing looked like. Lummox!

Back to the tale; after pressing hard and lifting my finger, the blooming thing just carried on his way, but at a faster rate of knots, toward the holes in the plasterwork in the window corner. But he’s much too big to get through, so where did he or she go? I hope these Panzer-built-like things haven’t decided to illegally immigrate as the Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles have? Oh dearie me!

1Mon04Getting ready to go to get the ablutions done, I think I realised at least part of the cause of my sudden increase in weight.

WD0.51.102 The water retention in the legs has returned! I’d gone from chicken-legs back to the stumpy-legs overnight. And I seem to have more blood in the left leg than the right one? Distemperature of some sort? Ooher! And leaky toes? Hehehe!

Dang, it! The Oedema has been no bother for weeks, now its back. Phwert!

The ablutions went well, apart from Little Inchies Fungal lesion still bleeding a bit. But nothing that the PPs can’t handle.

1Mon05Got things ready and set off out. With two black bags of rubbish, rinsed empty jars for the recycle bin and a bag of recyclable gear.

I manoeuvred my way from the foyer door, through the maze of scaffolding and deposited the bags of rubbish, and put the recycle bag and empty jars in the receptacles.

Next I gingerly negotiated my way around a delivery lorry back onto the roadway (There is no footpath available), and navigated my way around the parked cars and confusion of fences and barriers along Chestnut Walk to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptsturmführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, telling Inchcock off Zone, things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, shed.

I got the crossword book out. The hut soon filled up with residents, and a chat and laugh or two were had. Out to the bus stop, where many more folks were waiting for the buses to arrive. I could remember some of the names, too. Cindy, Dora, Penny, Newkie, Paul, Bill and Welsh William. The other fifteen I could not recall the names of. Sad, innit?

We filled the City Bound bus up, and Penny allowed me to sit next to her. A good chinwag and laugh on the journey to town.

1Mon06I got off on Upper Parliament Street and crossed over the pedestrian lights and up Glasshouse Street.

A sorrowful sight this road is nowadays. An abandoned part of the City of Nottingham. A muggers delight. All the closed down shops… a wretched heart-breaking scenario.

The times when the old Central Market, with its fish stalls, floral stalls and everything in between offered at reasonable prices. And those little cafes, the record shops, the hardware stalls, fruit and veg on offer… Such a missed market by all who remember it.

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I stood a while with the memories flooding back. I used to buy records from the market. Ricky Nelson, Adam Faith, Billy Fury, Elvis, Anthony Newley, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, Craig Douglas, Gene Pitney, Roy Orbison, Cliff Richard, Shadows, John Leyton, Bobby Vee, Frankie Vaughan, Jess Conrad, Frankie Avalon, Connie Francis, Paul Anka, Brenda Lee, Del Shannon, Ray Charles, The Shirelles, Frank Ifield, Helen Shapiro, Four Seasons, Acker Bilk, Ken Coyler, Bix Biderbecke… Ah, the memories flooded back!

WD0.51.102 So much so, as I shook myself out of my daydreaming reverie, I nearly walked into a car as it was turning into the side street.

I hobbled to the Aldi store on Huntingdon Street and spent some dosh. I came out with Some nibbles for the box, a pork pie, a yoghourt, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, brown sandwich thins, lemon flapjacks and for the first time, I tried some German Rye Bread to make my pork and tomato sandwiches of.

1Mon07aSo, £9.66 lighter off, I made my way over the road and through the Victoria Centre on to Milton Street. Where the shadows and sunshine created an excellent chance to try to take a ‘Moody’ photograph.

Using the old Sony Cybershot again today, I had no idea what it would come out like (or of course any pictures I took today), as there is not a viewfinder on this model of camera.

1Mon07bI had a limp around the slab square taking two photographs that just didn’t come out at all, just a splodge of colours?

I got to the bus stop and took a shot of the Council House from the shelter on Queen Street. Made a right non-success of this one, too! Ah-well.

1Mon08Cindy got on the bus en route.

 I’d just got out the camera to take a shot of what I saw ahead at the Co-op filling station because I anticipated there being a kerfuffle or something like that going on. So, I caught her as she came on the L9.

1Mon07cAs we drew level with the Co-op shop and filling station, there was no bother or accident, just some chaps fitting a new sign above the petrol pumps, I think.

WD0.51.102 For the rest of the journey back to the flats, I’m afraid I had another of the ‘Blank Spells’. For the life of me I cannot recall anything of the bus ride from Mapperley Top to Chestnut Way or getting off of the bus. Now, I will definitely inform the doctor on my next visit.

1Mon10I was walking along Chestnut Way when things came back to normal.

I see Cindy in this photograph ahead of me, but cannot recall the event at all, or taking the photo. I hate it when this happens!

LAter in the morning when I started this update, I found another photograph I knew nothing about, but have a distant inkling that I 1Mon09was talking to Cindy when I took it?

But what it was that fascinated or caused me to take this picture on the left, in the first place, I don’t know.

I had a short-sharp wee-wee, and a rinse and things came fully back into focus again, brain-wise.

I thought that just maybe Cindy can advise me if anything happened untoward while I was off on my short escape from reality? Hope I didn’t do or say anything wrong!

Got the Health Checks done and medications take, then realised I had not taken the midday doses. Ah-well too late now.

2Tue001There a good few Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle corpses in the kitchen, I cleared them up and resprayed with the ‘Raid’ bug killer. 

Then, did the wet room, about ten dead in there, no live ones, though.

To the spare room, and found plenty, masses of dead baby weevils and two much bigger ones that were alive. The blighter got away!

Cleaned my self up and washed.

1Mon12Then I got the meal ready, an all-cold affair tonight. So no hassle in preparing it.

I made as planned, a black rye bread sarnie with pork and tomato content. Sugar snap peas, half a pork-pie, chip sticks, gherkin slices, tomatoes and apple. Followed by a lemon yoghourt and a lemon flapjack.

This is the first time I’ve tried flapjacks – and it will be the last. As for the German black Rye Bread, it was not easy to eat, as it crumbled so readily when I picked them up. And I am still undecided about the taste of it, very crumbly texture that I found a bit bland and unstimulating, yet enjoyed it. (Is that an oxymoron?)

Anyroad up, I ate it all, bar the yoghourt. I’d put it to one side while I gobbled the fodder and forgot all about it. Nebekh!

Did the Health Checks. Then washed the pots. Looked at the TV programmes and spent half an hour picking out what to watch.

Into the £300 second-hand rickety recliner.

Turned on the TV, and fell asleep within minutes.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 8th September 2018: Graphicational progress and the Ironclads return!


Saturday 8th September 2018

Swedish: Lördag 8 September 2018

0305hrs: I bestirred, yet again as a different person from yesterday morning. This time the ailments were not being so kind to me. I lay musing over various things, but pathetically my mind refused to accept anything as being compelling or in earnest. For a few minutes, I thought the brain had reverted to adolescence mode, as concentration had gone AWOL. Without any doubt, for several minutes oneirataxia reined and ruled my brain’s thought patterns.

As the aberrations weakened and reality attempted to return and retake charge, it was assisted in regaining control, when the urgent need to utilise the Porcelain Throne arrived.

Whoopsies7Sun01 And what a kerfuffle I made of getting to the wet room!6Sat06

First: Detaching my fearsomely flobby figure from the £300 second-hand rickety shaking recliner, I knocked the bottle of clementine juice off of the Ottoman as I operated the remote thingamabob.

Second: I got my foot entangled in a little rip in the quilt that had fallen off during my sleep, making it a massive tear. An attempt to regain my balance failed. Over I went and cracked my knee again the corner of the large Ottoman as I fell on it, and my head on the waste bin on the way down.

Thirdly: I took my time and was as careful as I could be (Bearing in mind the need to use the Throne was becoming more imperative as the seconds passed by!) in my battle to get back up on my feet. I trod on a packet of cheese curls that were on the small Ottoman but got displaced in my tumble. The bag burst open. And thoughts that I would have to return and try to clean up all the damned curls and crumbs after visiting the wet room, I proceeded limpingly, but hurriedly to the Throne.

A threateningly large looking evil Ironclad boll weevil biting beetle was near the shower floor drain. But other needs took priority to my liquidating the varmint.

I mounted the Throne, and things were a little reluctant this morning. A rarity!

6Sat05However, I got a few pages of the book read.

While I did so, the evil Ironclad boll weevil biting beetle, actually came over and had a bite of my sock, climbed on top of it, nosed around, and then climbed down the other side, and did a patrol of the perimeter wall of the wet room? Guard Duty?

Harolds Haemorrhoids were not bleeding at all, although they were a tad sore.

6Sat02Whoopsies I cleaned myself up.

Then, I licked a finger to get the Ironclad boll weevil from the floor, and flicked the beetle, intending for it to land in the WC bowl; but made a hash of it and it landed upside down, on his back, in the sink with the soaking face cloths.

As I took this photo, he righted himself and 6Sat03swam to the side and desperately tried to climb out. How brave and resilient these beasts are! Being a big overweight softie, I freed him.

Weighed the body bulk in the spare room. Please note: The weight had gone down. Yes, Down! Smug Mode Adopted.

Back to the battleground. Did my best with cleaning up the result of the exploded bag of cheese curls temporarily. Don’t want to use the hoover this early in the day.

To the kitchen to do the Health Checks.


Took the medications and made a note for myself to remind me to apply the last of the Daktacort later in the day, to make it last longer. The bleeding from Inchies Fungal Lesion had congealed, but I am not going to do anything about it yet until it is late enough not to disturb the neighbours with the noise of the shower and my screaming when I medicate the area later! Hahaha!

Wax2Got the computer on.

Yet again, the Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet kept going down for a few seconds and minutes as I worked on starting this blog.

Thank You to Mike Fries, Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman of Liberty Global, the largest international TV and broadband company in the world, with operations in 10 European countries and 51 million broadband, video, voice, and mobile subscribers.


But, I struggled on and got this update done to here.

Then went to finalise the Saturday Inchcock blog. Got it finished and posted off to WordPress.

Went on the WordPress reader page. Then did the comment reading and replies.

I thought I’d better get the Facebooking done, while Liberty-Global Virgin Media is working, slowly, but it is back on now.

Between 0620 > 0800hrs, the chute was used on eight occasions. I imagine a lot of poor tenants would have been woken up by the noise, regrettably.

Did the next Health Checks a lot earlier than normal, so I could get on with creating some Inchcock Today headers, and hopefully getting the templates done for them.

On to CorelDraw. Part-way through creating the graphic tops, Sister Jane rang me. Glad she did, cause I was so deep into graphicalisationing, the break did me good.

We had a good natter, and she burnt her tomato sauce!

I made a cuppa when she’d gone, and let it get cold while I spent another two hours doing the templates. But, I enjoy doing them, and now, at last, I am currently, now in front with them.

But it did drain me a little, mentally.

So I got some chopped tomatoes and passata on a low light and warmed the oven ready for the Frikadellens to go into later.

The tiredness came later on in the day today. I think it was because I was so involved, determined and intent on getting the graphics and templates done?

But this meant I’d not got the late WordPressing reader done or comments looked at. So I had a go at them.

Extremely weary now, folks. Got the Health Checks done, and the Frikadellens in the oven.

6Sat23Whoopsies The Aldi Frikadellens were fatty and greasy, making them almost uneatable. I did consume one of them.

The tomatoes were utterly tasteless.

The bread thins had gone hard around the edges.

The apple was dry and bitter.

The soft Lemon cream cakes were terrific.

A rating of 3/10 was given for Flavour-Rating.

Last Health Checks were done, medications were taken, and down into the £300 second-hand recliner, so I could fall asleep trying to watch the TV.

Woke with a stomach ache an hour or so later. I blamed the terrible tasting Aldi Frikadellens. I’ll never by them again!

Inchcock Today – Friday 7th September 2018: Marathonesque hobble today! Oh, my poor feet now!


Friday 7th September

Icelandic: Föstudagur 7 September

0125hrs: The instant I woke, I felt fit and active in brain and body? (Worrying innit?)

Needing a wee-wee (Too much fresh clementine juice last night?), I hastened to the wet room. No Accifauxpa or Whoopsiedangleplops on the way either. ( Haughty, pompous mode adopted!)

Whoopsies A somewhat strained, uncomfortable evacuation later, I went and got the Health Checks completed. What a change again! Every reading was up on yesterday!


Got the kettle on for a mug of tea, just got it poured out, and the Porcelain Throne summoned my attention. Back to the wet room. No time for reading the book today either, another wind-splurt and done routine. Had a wash and a search for any of the Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad biting beetles. Only one spotted?

Back to the kitchen. Again, only one weevil spotted in there too? This lack of Ironclads has left me a little ferdrayt.

Wax2I made a start on updating the Thursday Diary… and… Bet you guessed it?

The dang internet went down again! Argh!

I pottered about, sorting a cupboard out for a while.

When I returned to try again, the net was working, but oh, so slowly. Grumph!

Got the post finished at a struggle. Then went on TFZer Facebooking. But had to give up, when things started to stick and go funny on me.

Made another brew and made a start on this blog. Incidentally, I am now typing glob in error for a blog. Just thought I’d mention it, like.

Got up to here on it, and decided I’d get the teeth and shaving done, then back to the computer. And at 0800hrs, I could use the shower without disturbing the neighbours.

5Fri002Back in a bit, I hope.

Collated the rubbish bags and tied them up to take them to the chute on the way down to the foyer on my way out.

Whoopsies What was it was saying about the Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad biting beetles… Only one spotted? Tsk!

Showered and got all ready and done.

5Fri003Out into the street, and hobbled along Chestnut Way.

It looked at first like a bit of the kerfuffle at the end of the road. But it wasn’t, a lorry was being unloaded, or loaded up. I imagine they are doing it early in the day before it gets busy and the buses start running?

Whoopsies The plates-of-meat 5Fri014and Hippy Hilda were soon in a bad mood with me. Especially the poor feet and toes. Blimey, I’d only gone a few hundred yards.

Ah-well, a good walk is needed!

I ambled along, no need for any rushing about, nothing today is timed or pre-arranged, and it is early yet.

As I turned down Winchester Street, Caroline from the Care Home was coming up. We had a natter, and I gave her a choice of nibbles from the bag.

She is losing weight, and the Doctors need her to gain it – I am the opposite. We had a good laugh anyway, between us.

5Fri004The suddenly came out strongly as I plodded down the hill. I turned to take this photograph on the right. In hopes that it might turn out to be a moody picture.

Looking at now, I realise it didn’t come out as I had hoped it would. Another unsuccessful effort. I’m getting gooderer at doing these lately. Haha!

I found myself in pain with the plates, yet walking faster than I can usually hobble? And, there was no rush? It was inexplicable to me too.


Up the hill and down into Carrington.

As I had just took this picture of the traffic on Mansfield Road, and the white car ran into the back of the van.

Arrived at the Sherrington Park Medical Practice, and bravely approached the receptionist. Another new one!

I asked to confirm my appointment for the Warfarin blood test this week. She wrote it down for me; Tuesday 11th September at… 10.07hrs. A bit precise I thought?

Whoopsies I then told her of my trouble in getting the used Enoxaparin needles disposed of safely. I explained that I’d called Carrington Chemist and the lady told they do not accept them. So then called at Boots in Bulwell, and they said they don’t do this service, I was to try the branch in Sherwood. Which I did, and was told they don’t so this service either, I must take them to my Doctors surgery. I then called at Lloyds Chemist and was apprised that they don’t accept them either. I visited the other chemist in Sherwood and got a negative from them too, they also told me to return them to my Doctors. So, here I am… “Just a moment…” she consulted with the other receptionist a minute, returned to me and said, “No, we don’t take them!” Nonplussed again!

I unwillingly thanked them for their help and left to call into the Carrington Chemist, to once more to see if they would take my used Enoxaparin needles and dispose of them correctly and safely for me. This resulted in the staff and pharmacist having a heads-together powwow. I didn’t need my EQ to know that they were not keen on the idea. In the end, the girl returned and said… ‘Yes!” Bring them in when you collect your prescription!” Well, that was no bother! Hahaha!

5Fri07Outside and continued my marathonesque hobble towards town.

A Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist was not keen on my photographing him. Well, I was not to keen on being hit by a cyclist on the pedestrian footpath! Git! (At least he didn’t hit me with his bike or knuckles) Fair enough, the traffic was busy.

5Fri08But that does not warrant his belting by, close to people.

By Gawd, the plates-of-meat were getting bad now, and this slowed me down no end, not that going slow is any problem for me. Haha!

The sky suddenly went dark. I don’t know why cause it brightened up seconds later?

5Fri09As I approached the traffic island junction, near the college, the old brain started to reminisce about days long gone. I mused over the night lessons I went to at the college in the 1960’s, to take the Grocers Institute Exams for Elementary, Primary, then Advanced courses. We had to demonstrate we could, bone and slice bacon. Identify various cheesed without tasting them, even tell cooking fat from lard. Package teas, dried fruits, sugar, flour, biscuits etc. Cut tub butter and pack properly, know the origin of certain teas… all that sort of stuff, that is so useless to me now! Hehehe!

Got a bit of a shock when I got to the traffic island.


I saw a police car! Honestly! But, during the whole day out, I didn’t see any actual policemen at all in town or on the way there or back!

5Fri11I got up passed the Rock Cemetary, down the other side and veered off into Huntingdon Street and limped down, feet now in almost agony.

Then, the Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist in this photograph, came within inches of hitting me, coming from the back, he swerved in front of me as he avoided the chap in front, and was off in a flash.  But, of course, it didn’t bother me!

. And blow & bother they had some of the hoisin pork ribs on sale! Unfortunately, I had enough fodder in stock, so resisted getting any. I got some biscuits for the nibble box, a pint of milk, some small potatoes, to oven bake rolls and Frikadellens. I didn’t really need them either, I am a fool!

I paid the chap on the till and made my way across Huntingdon Street and through the Victoria Centre and around to the Regent Street (I think it was) Clinic.

There is not a lot I don’t mind telling about (Too much some people tell me), but I prefer not go into detail over what took place at the examination. Suffice to say I came out feeling relieved it was over, after the quisquose procedure, feeling a tad embarrassed. But, it had to be done. I should hear the results in about a week they said.

I had a wander around the streets of the City Centre, knowing I had plenty of time before the L9 bus was due.

5Fri016Whoopsies I’m afraid I spent too much time window-shopping and got to Queen Street too late for the L9 bus.

So, I got on the 40 route bus. Which was pretty brave of me, actually. Cause I know it is uncomfortable in the extreme, and always busy, packed with Nottinghamians. Haha!

It was too. Had to use a side-saddle seat. And 5Fri013the bloke in the disabled seating next to it trod on my right toes… Twice!

Eventually, I made it back to the flats in one piece.

Mayhem abounded with the traffic and the same lorry, I think it was as there this morning? No, I’m wrong again, this is another lorry. Sorry.

5Fri015Had a laugh with the lad in shorts as I passed him by, mounted the non-existent sidewalk, around the back of the lorry. I’ve nicknamed him ‘DelBoy’. Hahaha!

Got in and had a wee-wee.

Put the nibbles in the box ready, and purchases away.

Did the Health Checks and got on with updating this blog.

Three hours later, I got the meal sorted out, which took about 45 minutes overall.

5Fri35Got the meal served up at last.

A reet-feast of meat tonight. The pork ribs (Frozen ones I bought from Iceland) this time was tasty. I had to use the bacon up, cause it was a couple of days past its sell-by date. (Honestly!)

A 9.42/10 Flavour Rating for this one.

Then, did the Health Checks and into the £300 second-hand rickety noisy recliner. This time, although the TV was one, I drifted off within minutes. Ah, nice!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 5th September 2018: Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet botherations. Humph!


Wednesday 5th September 2018

Scots Gaelic: Diciadain 5 Sultain 2018

0305hrs: At least there was no signs of somnambulationalisationing, or nocturnal nibbling having taken place last night.

WDPA4Aa No time to study my ailments or mindset, though. Little Inchies fungal lesion was bleeding, the wet and warmth emanating from the PPs let me know that. Humph!

While having the usual morning scrimmage to free myself from the £300 second-hand rickety recliner, I comprehended the need for the Porcelain Throne was fast approaching. Just as well I was on my way to the wet room, then. The evacuation logically had first demand. Sloppy, smelly and all over in seconds. Disappointing! Cleansed certain quarters, then began to bathe the lesion and get it medicated. I can tell that a bit of teeth-gritting, was called for! Humph!

As the pain and brain cleared, I discovered, much to my delight, I could not see a single Evil ironclad boll Weevil black biting beetle, anywhere in the wet room! I was staggered! A close-up inspection revealed the WC, sink with the cloths soaking overnight, and the floor was all bug-free!


P1020945I was non-plussed by the weevils absence. It was a very quisquose turn up for the books and eye-opener for me.

I went to weigh myself in the spare room. I lost my balance getting onto the scale, it weighed less on the second try. Haha!

Only two or three Evil ironclad boll Weevil black biting beetles in there, and I had searched to find them?

Got the Health Checks tended to. The old Sys was up again, although I forget if this is good or bad.


Got the medications taken, along with an extra Dia-Limit capsule. I also cut down on the painkillers as I was feeling reasonably good about the ailments giving me a good rest, just like yesterday? Hope I don’t regret this later.

Made a brew of tea and got on the computer. Not that I stood on it like, Hehehe!


VirginWDPA4Aa What a farce. The signal was so weak and intermittent, with many few-seconds worth of freezing. Talk about hard work! I reckon it must have taken me three hours to get the Tuesday diary updated and finished.

I went on CorelDraw while Virgin Media was down. I got to update a graphic I did of Duncan 3Wed04aRobertson that I’ve been hoping to get around to, I swapped the original picture and used it as a page header for today. Hope he likes it.

The Liberty Global Media internet was still running so slowly.

I made another mug of tea.

Noticing that temperature and humidity were P1020946both high on the monitoring thingamabob.

I took the tea then had a chat with Koala Katie.

I always thing of her Mother (Marie) in Australia, who donated her to me. A most wonderful gesture that made fall in love with her. ♥

The same with American Lyzzi each time I eat of off the plates she sent to me. ♥

I suddenly cheered up, knowing folk so far away care for me. The damned Virgin Media Internet, I am not going to allow to get me down! I’m determined!

Aug 14eGot a phone call from Hauptsturmführeress Warden Julie. She gave me an email address to send photographs of the Evil ironclad boll Weevil black biting beetles to, to get them identified for sure. That was good.

I think they are Perapion punctinasum Weevils.

Eventually, the internet service (Service? The things I come out with!), became stronger, but still slow. So I made a start on this blog.

WDPA4Aa I went to take a photo, and could I find my SD card? No! I did find it eventually, after losing even more time searching… it was in the Lumix camera all the time?

Virgin What an absolutely disheartening thing. Just on the day when I have no medical appointments as well, so theoretically should be able to get a lot of computer work catching up done. But, no, am I unlucky or what!

3Wed05I pressed on with the blog anyway, getting more and more agitated as I did.

I spent an hour or two trying to get the personal dictionary added to. Time-consuming and best not done when trying to rush!

Back to updating this post. Time I was getting my nosh sorted really, or else I’ll soon be nodding of in the chair. Humph!

I got the last of the 99% bone Chinese style spare ribs in the oven. Vegetarian sausages and baked beans in the saucepan, and flavoured then with little Soysin sauce.

Shattered mentally now!

3Wed29aGot the nosh prepared.

WDPA4Aa The ribs were tasteless, what few shreds of meat there were left on them, were gristle and fat!

On the bright side, the oven baked cobs and potatoes were okay.

Flavour Rating of 2.5/10 given. Eurgh!

Did the washing-up, Health Checks, had a wee-wee and flaked out on the £300 second-hand rickety recliner.

For some reason it took me ages to drop-off to sleep. Still, I did in the end.

TTFN each.


Inchcock Today – Monday 3rd September 2018: Nattering sessions, Pension Scare, Super nosh and Evil Boll Weevils…


Monday 3rd September 2018

Welsh: Dydd Llun 3 Medi 2018

0305hrs: I stirred and pondered a short while, mostly about irrelevant, impertinent hog-wash. I even considered “Is it rude for a deaf person to talk (sign) with their mouth full of food?” The few minutes of weak contemplation was riddled with various negative thoughts and fears, like Why did I do that? What’s the use? “Let it wait,” and then one thought assumed control over the brain completely “God strewth, I can feel Little inchies fungal lesion was ensanguining into the protection pants, and the area felt tender, sore and sensitive.

WDPolive All else, thoughts, dreams, and plans immediately lost their importance. Mission Medicationalisationing took over, and somehow I got out of the second-hand £300 recliner, with ease and was quickly in the wet room. The dried blood had to be soaked fastidiously, to avoid opening up the congealed sanguineous areas. And, I needed to use the Porcelain Throne, too.

WDPolive It was apparent that it had been little and often leaking during the sleep. Which is better than having a mass loss of blood, that would mean me having to go to the hospital, straight away. The job of cleaning then medicating would need a word meaning more than painful, but agony is too intense a term to use.

1Mon05WDPolive After a good cleansing session, I spotted an Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetle, casually swimming in the sink, where I had put a used cloth in to soak with bleach, antiseptic disinfectant and the last of the caustic soda!

I took the used PP’s from the bin, disinfected them along with the paper towels used, and got them into a dispensing bag.

Not a brilliant start to this Monday. But my spirits were not too low, now I had managed to patch up the lesion with the Hydrocortisone steroid cream, but I must remember to ask the Doctor for another prescription, the tube is nearly empty now.

WDPolive Finally, I got to use the Porcelain Throne. What a messy, ten-second evacuation. An elongated splurt, a few splats, and it was over!

The process had started Little Inchies fungal lesion bleeding again, but only a tiny bit. 1Mon01Another cleaning up session, the bowl and myself!

The swimming in the sink Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetle had disappeared.

I decided to go and weigh myself and do an Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetles investigative search and destroy mission.

1Mon01aThe CritterKill card had nabbed a few more of the danged weevil/beetles.

There was a few more of the Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetles around compared to yesterday morning.

But I only nabbed a couple of them, as the others scampered hastily away to I know not where. Tsk!

Into the kitchen, and completed the Health Checks for last week and this morning.


Sys, Dia and Pulse were up above recent weeks averages still.

WDPolive Made a brew of the strong Assam tea, dropping the spoon as I did so.  As I bent down to retrieve the cutlery, I felt the blood flow on the fungal lesion. Back to the wet room. Now I could be in trouble, with only having a spec of Daktacort left!

An in-depth search around in the medicine drawers proved to be my saviour – I found half a tube of Betamethasone Cream.

I used this a while ago, but it was not very useful and stung like hell! So the Doctor moved me on to the Daktacort. But this cream is far better than nothing! Cleaned things up and painfully applied this cream. I assume that my Warfarin INR blood level must be a little on the high-side, else I would have had more trouble in getting the lesion to stop bleeding than I did.

WDPolive Got on to the computer to start on this blog. After a short while, I realised the Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet was working very slowly! Grumph! It did get a little better later, but still far below expectations! Fancy that!

0620hrs: Some naughty tenant above used the waste chute. Far too early. I was okay, apart from getting a shock with the noise. But I imagine some poor devil or devil’s who were asleep, must have got a rude awakening! Of course, I live in the nearest flat on the floor to the chute! Hehe! Good job too, actually, cause I am usually awake at this time.

I had a quick bash on the WordPress Reader. Then got this post done up to here, then checked for any comments.

2017-01-20 09.52.431Mon02WDPolive I’d forgot to finish yesterdays Inchcock and post it!

What a Luftmensh I am!

As I was changing to do the Sunday post, I spotted that I’d had a lot of views, only three likes mind, yesterday. From all over the globe?

This is a vast increase in my usual views I get?

I wonder why this was?

Mexico, Morocco, Ireland, India, South Africa etc.

Do you think it might be the fact that I used Alcatraz in a blog title? Hehe!

I got the Sunday post finalised and posted off.

Made a brew (which went cold) and checked out the new comments.

Then on to TFZer Facebooking. That took a while.

Better get the Health Checks done, then the ablutions tended to before I take a little hobble down into Sherwood and the shops.

Shaved, showered and all spruced up, I took the four bags of rubbish to the waste chute.

I set out, going down to visit Jenny and Frank first. Both were in, and I received an effective telling-off from Jenny, and a suspicious look from Frank. Hehehe! We had a bit of the chinwag, and I continued down to the lobby.

Two gals in the foyer gave them a nibble from the bag, and a bit of a laugh. Farewells bode, off I set out on the mini-hobble down to Sherwood, in search of the lemon-cream biscuits that I’d fallen in love with.

Going down Winchester Street, and the weather was perfect with a view I thought was worth photographicalisationing. I tried the shot in panoramic, but this was the best I could produce.


At first, I was surprised that there was no vehicles and only pedestrians it view, and no  Pavement Cyclists in sight whatsoever. Then I realised that here I was, going out in the afternoon, something I rarely do. Also, anticipation stirred, of the for sure upcoming falling asleep. Hehe!

1Mon13As I limped to the Continental Food Store, I noticed even more retail units had closed down.

Yet, a few brave hopefuls had opened new businesses, every one offering the same services as the stores that had gone bankrupt and closed?

WDPolive Sadly, the Continental shop had sold out of the lemon-biscuits, and they do not know if they will be stocking them again. Sob! Depressed now, I had a good look around and ended up getting a large jar of pickled slice cucumber, another one of Gherkins, tins of beans, bread, cakes fro the restarting Thursday Social Hour, and Gawd knows what else.

I paid the appeallingly stocky, tall, well-built young lady at the checkout. I’m pretty sure she overcharged me, Fifteen pounds for what I had in my bag didn’t sound right to me.

1Mon14But then again, she did not give me a receipt so I could not check the charge. Maybe she charged me for ogling her magnificent body? Hahaha!

I gave her a smile that was not reciprocated (naturally, and perfectly understood of course), and pointlessly disenchanted, I exited the store.

Realising that if I wanted a bus ride back up 1Mon15Winchester Street hill, I had a forty minute wait.

So, without fuss, ado or hesitation, I began the painful limp up the sparsely populated Winchester Street hill to the flats, with determination.

It was hard going, getting up the hill with the weight of the bag. It felt sort of eerie to me, the lack of vehicular activity?

The1Mon14are were a few stops en route up the hill, where I needed a break, and to ease the plates-of-meat and fingers from carrying the bag.

Anne Gyna and Duodenal Donald were both so kind to me, only the slightest bit of bother, and they were easily coped with, hardly worth mentioning really, compared to how they would usually have given me agony.

Most unnatural, taking into account the steepness of the road?

I made it up the Chestnut walk. I chinwagged with two ladies say in the sunshine on the bus stop bench. 

Then I called in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, shed. Another marvellous nattering and laughing session with the three gals and Warden Julie in there.

1Mon16Farewell exchanged, I left the hut, to find that some sort of pathway was marked out with barriers for us pedestrians, Lego-like, on the right-hand side. This was because the workers had been forced to block the entire left-hand footpath off so they could gain access to dig-out the cemetery. Hahaha! Of course, it could be a paddling pool for us? Or, to lay the pipes to get to the new Management building and Extra 1Mon18Care flats being built?

You can see their problem in this photograph I took on the left here.

In the distance, my destination, looking rather posh now, Woodthorpe Court. Where I planned to get something to eat and settle down doing nowt but watch the telly and fall blissfully asleep. I felt so drained suddenly, no idea why, though.

I got inside the flat, had a wee-wee, another short-sharp-painful one, got the kettle on and did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Went to check that I had locked the door, and found a letter sticking through the flap.

WDPolive Oh dear! This worried me a little. It was from the Pension Company who had bought out my Co-op pension a few years ago. They explained that if I did not fill in the form details and return it to them straight away, I might lose my payment?

Angst and fretfulness overcame me. So I filled it in right away, and put it in the envelope and went out to the mailbox to post it.

1Mon20The box is located at the far end of the complex, close to Winchester and the new Extra Care Courts.

I took the opportunity to shoot a zoomed-in picture of some of the worker lads on a hoist, they were on the New Build top floor.

Came out okay this photo, I reckon.

1Mon19Limped down to the postbox and posted the worrying letter.

On my hobble back to the flats, I noticed someone had a visit from the Community Road Safety Police?

Int it horrible, when you don’t know what is going on? Hahaha!

1Mon21Back up to the apartment, well-weary, now. I got the fodder prepared and served up.

Vegetables in tomato passata, crispy streaky smoked bacon, sliced well-cooked seasoned potato slices and some of the best tasting continental sliced bread available.

At times I nearly fell asleep eating it, but it was so tasty. I couldn’t eat it all, a case of the eyes-being-bigger than the stomach, methinks. Still, a worthy 9.45/10 Flavour-Rating was given for it.

Washed the pots. 

Within minutes of getting down in the £300 second-hand recliner, I was off asleep!

1Mon22WDPolive I woke up thinking it was morning! What a Nebbish! I dismounted the recliner and noticed how much warmer it felt this morning. 

Got the light on and checked the monitor.

Noticed the clock – What a nitwit! 2210hrs!

Back in the recliner and was soon off into the land of Nod again.


Inchcock Today – Sunday 2nd September 2018: Early battle with the Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetles… they won!


Sunday 2nd September 2018

Scots Gaelic: Didòmhnaich 2 Sultain 2018

WDPac 0210hrs: My somandric ailments where almost non-existent when I woke up. Even Duodenal Donald was no bother? I lay and wallowed in the lack of pain. It was good! However, this unheard-of-for-years scenario, still made me dubious and suspicious.

Then the mind went off on one is its meandering self-questioning sessions. “Am I  still asleep and dreaming?” “Have Aliens abducted me?” “Am I dead?”. “How can this be happening?” “Have I gone all Alice-in-Wonderlandish?” “Is this heaven?” I decided I was just bonkers after all, that seemed the most sensible and easy thing to accept.

No sooner had I semi-automatically detached my almost spherical, but wobbly body from the £300 second-hand rickety recliner, the need for the Porcelain Throne arrived.

7Sun01WDPac The session was a book-readably long one again. Messy, too!

I went to clean things up and found that the Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetles were out in force in the wetroom this morning.

WDPac It seemed an advanced attack patrol were checking out the sink. Huh!

7Sun02A somewhat larger one had positioned himself high up on the shower curtain. (He would probably have an RT to warm his colleagues of my approach? Hehe!)

I thought to myself, I’ll have him! A slap on the curtaining to bring him down, failed? How do they cling on like that?) I shook the plastic sheeting, and as soon as he hit the deck, he shot off and down the shower drain. Gawd, he was Quick! I would imagine the drop from seven feet, would be like a human falling about two and a half miles, and landing on concrete. And yet the Ironclad seemed nonplussed. I ask again, how do they do that? Also, another question came to mind; What are they 7Sun07aliving on in the wet room?

I cleaned up and went on a search for Ironclads in the spare room as I went in to weigh myself.

There were plenty of Critter Kill prisoners on the cards, but none were to be seen alive anywhere.

The result of my scale standing on activity was 7Sun07very pleasing.

Still not been any ailment attacks yet. (It’s most concerning you know!) Even Little Inchies fungal lesion and Harold’s Haemorrhoids were not bleeding?!?

If the ailments don’t start to harass me soon, I think I might go all psychopathicalistical? Hehehe!

7Sun03To the kitchen to get the Health Checks done.

WDPac I found a large Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetle in the washing up bowl.

I tipped him out of the empty bowl into the sink and crushed him with my finger against the alloy. He just scrambled away and down the sinkhole? They are tough, these Ironclads!

Eventually, I got around to doing the Health Checks.


The readings were still a little high, I thought.

Took the medications and made a brew. Got the computer started and went on the WordPress Reader first. Then made a start on this blog up to here. Next, I went to finish the Saturday Inchcock off.

0705hrs: Hello, sounds like something being dragged coming from above, or else the waste chute. Can’t tell which with no hearing aids in.

I went on CorelDraw to start creating graphics for the TFZer site.



I got two finished, I hope they like them.

Then made a start on the nest funny WordPress blog. It took me two hours just to select the suitable photographs from many files.

Had a wee-wee and made a mug of tea.

Then started to create the blog, a funny about me being a prisoner and wanting to be adopted. Hehe!

Heath Checks were done.

7Sun12Computer off, and spent ages checking and adjusting flavourings, making sure things cook together at the  same time, in this minced pork, onions, cubed and BBQ’d small whole potatoes, tomatoes, caramelised onions, diced carrots, pork gravy, rosemary, sea salt, caramelised chutney, BBQ sauced, and two oven-baked cobs concoction I made.

Smug Mode Adopted – mind you, it didn’t last for long!

Didn’t it look good? It smelt marvellous too.

WDPac Apart from making far too much, I still ate it all. But the gravy was too weak, the caramelised onions too strong and the BBQ seasoning was overdone. The cobs were baked hard on the outside and undercooked, on the inside and the tomatoes were tasteless! Still, I gave it a flavour Rating of 7.1/10.

Otherwise it was perfect. Hehehe!

7Sun13 I tried using the Hoover to pick up the weevils, as recommended by Cyndy, I think.

Many of the clingy beasts just would not be picked up!

WDPac I put the hoover down and Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetle, and was amazed as I stood there watching the beast trying to bite into my skin on the finger. 

Where did he come from?

He couldn’t, but he definitely had a desire to do so!

I took the last medications and settled down to watch a film. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – However, have I not seen this one before? Brilliant escapism and the good guys win. Excellent enjoyment. Of course I’ve not rea lea what happened or what the full plot was, with my nodding off so often, but still, its bound to be on Freeview again, I hope when I’m indoors and not sleeping.