Inchcock Today: Sunday 5th May 2019


Sunday 5th May 2019

Welsh: Dydd Sul 5ed Mai 2019

WD 166.3.85 04:15hrs. Woke up, which I was well pleased with doing (Haha!), after getting to sleep late and suffering panic attacks as I realised I was laying where the Stroke took place and felt a little bilious. Of course, during the stroke, every orifice emptied out, I mean every one of them, and I threw-up first thing. Somehow it frit me, and I began to be scared of going to sleeping? Silly old thing. I felt right fermished!

Got a shower and shave straight away in case the morning carer bloke comes early.

Caught up with blogs at last.

7Sun03The Carer man arrived, and he was a different one again. Which meant I had to try and remember how the Foot-Retainer straps have to be fitted. Farcical really. The three carers who I’ve had so far, have all got it on in a different way.

Now, because it wasn’t fitted correctly, I have a danger of the ankle going over and am not confident when walking. Not that it matters too 7Sun07much, I have no intention of going out today.

But you can fall down anywhere when the ankle goes while the Axonotmesis nerve shakes are on!

My mind scares me at times. Hehe!

Did his best, but the printed guide is not very clear for using.

WD 166.3.85 The grip has to be washed and dried using no heat every two days… How am I supposed to find the time to take off the device (then I am in danger of going over) and wash it to get it dried in time for his visit at 0700hrs the following morning? Had I had a spare one, all would be okay. Nice chap though, he helped me search for the hearing aids that I’d misplaced. Surely they know how panicky I feel as it is, trying to remember the whens, whats and times for doing things that I need, that I have already forgotten about… that came out wrong, yet it is right? I think.

I made a list of things to ask about and wrote them on the notepad. Said cheerio to the chap, who said it would be another carer again tomorrow. That could mean more fun with learning about the straps. Hehe!

Then I went on Facebook, while the brain was not too bad. Then, I made a start on this blog.

7Sun10Went to make a brew of tea and put the oven on to warm up ready for the baking of the giant potato. Seeing the Teddy Bear someone (Marie?) sent me, I’m naming him Cuddles! And the beautiful Koala Katie that was sent to me when I was ill earlier cheered me up exponentially. 

Oh, is that the right word? I’ll check on it… Yes, exponentially! Hehehe!

WD 166.3.85 But, the shakes started when I got the kettle on, which prompted the legs to join in. Tsk! Then the brain went on strike again. Still, I made the brew and remembered to put the oven on. Smug Mode engaged!

WD 166.3.85 Then I realised I had not taken the medications, so did so. But I could not find any cheese for the spud, so decided to have the out of date polish ham and some instant mash with a boiled egg.

7Sun11But this didn’t happen. I was so tired I just had some bread thins with the Polish Ham and some sliced lightly salted tomato slices. Then a pot of mandarins in juice.

However,  I misjudged my appetite. I managed two of the sandwiches and most of the tomatoes, and only a few of the mandarins, but I did drink all the juice. I didn’t have anything else to eat at all, but I just was not hungry in the slightest. Not like me at all!

Did some work on this blog.

Gave up, as concentration was poor. So I made up two black bags and took them to the waste chute. I used the stick but found that the ankle-support was not working and it was hard work walking. When I returned to the flat, my next door neighbour Doris was calling me through my flat door asking if I was alright. A warm glow of appreciation came over me, and I adopted Appreciation Mode!

She came in, and we had a little chinwag. .She offered to make me something to eat and a mug of tea. I declined. Partly because didn’t want to be a nuisance and the fact that was just not hungry at all. She departed, bless her, saying she would check-up on me later. How kind was that?

WD 166.3.85 I wasn’t feeling too bad, just not hungry and a little weary. I thought I’d watch a DVD episode of Primeval. Fell asleep in minutes of it starting.

7Sun12When I woke up, I didn’t know if Doris had been in to make her check on me.

So I took of the foot-retainer and got it washed using some liquid soapflakes.  I hung it up to dry above the sink, but I’m not sure if it will be dry in time.

Then I did a few pots.

I called on Doris and explained I did not know if she had called on me as I’d nodded off, and was about to get a shower and shave. She was very kind and told me to take care. She pointed out that tomorrow is a Bank Holiday, and questioned if the Carer will be working or not? I bade her the same good wishes, thanked her and a good night.

Going back in the flat to the wet room, and the ankle gave way – No support on you see. And they tell me not to walk without it on… How? When only one, that requires washing every two days; and drying without heat, has been supplied? I can’t win here! I added this problem to the notepad, to tell the Social Services lady when she comes.

I had an excellent refreshing shave and shower. Taking care in case the ankle went over again, it didn’t though.  The sock glide was used with a degree of ease, but it still took me fifteen minutes to do both socks. I changed into my nightwear, (No photo, there is a limit to my people-shocking, Hehe!), and checked on the Ankle support I’d hung on the coat hanger in the hopes that it will dry enough to be used in the morning. Naturally, it was still wet.

7Sun11aI decided to finish some more of this diary, then go on Facebook and the TFZer pages for a while.

I took this photographicalisation of the sky through the unwanted, light and view-blocking new kitchen window, of the ominous looking evening sky.

I made a mug of tea. It dawned on me, how little tea I was drinking since getting home? Only my third cup all day, although I had drunk some bottled spring water. Ah, it might be because of all the warm watery milk, masquerading as tea, that I’d been getting in hospital and the care-home? Haha!

Went on the WordPress Reader. Then on TFZer Facebooking.

Before I realised it, it was gone eleven o’clock!

Got settled in the recliner, and it took a while to drop off to sleep, but it was restful when it did come.

Inchcock – Fri 30th Nov 2015: Bad start to the day. Virgin Media so slow! Sister Jane phoned,& my mate Michael paid me a visit that made my day!



Friday 30th November 2015

Slovenian: Petek, 30. november 2015

00:00hrs: Again, a different Inchcock wakes up. This time an anguished, got-himself-into a dither, distressed old man with a mind-full of fears and concerns. Tsk!

I fought to remove my pot-bellied portly paunched body from the £300 second-hand recliner with surprising ease this morning. And off for an SSWW (Short-sharp-Wee-wee) Spotting a couple of dead EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) as I did do. Had a spray around with the cough-inducing Sanmex bug-killer spray, then washed and antisepticised the hands and contact points.

To the kitchen to do the Health Checks, take the medications and brew-up.


WDP I had a bit of exasperation in trying to get the flipping sphygmomanometer to work. It took a few tries before it operated for me. This may account for the high Sys and Dia and pulse results? Perhaps, mayhap, perchance, conceivably, or not.

Back to the wet room for the Porcelain Throne duties. All good, apart from a little bleeding again from the fungal lesion. Ailments, including Back-Ache-Brenda, once more being kind to me. These good starts to the day worry me… they never last long! Oy-Vey!

I got on to updating yesterday’s blog, straight away because I knew it was going to cost me a lot of time, with the photographs and a lot of things happening on Thursday.

Apart from the odd SSWW and making brews of tea that I allowed to get cold repeatedly, it took me until around 05:00hrs to get it finished and posted off, Ah-well!

I had a bash on the WordPress Reader, once again some great stuff on there.

I got the mushrooms and cut some turnip slices and added them with the fungus in the crock-pot.

Updated the Facebook albums, and went on the TFZ site.

WDP Then made a start on this blog. This is when the Virgin Internet again went dead slow, in an insulting sort of way. I’m sure I heard the mocking voice of the Chairman of the company, Mr Fries, the man who is on (Note, I didn’t say earns!) a $111.9 million salary, laughing at me! I’d call him an incapable con-man, but seeing his photo, I think he must be connected to the Mob! Lucky for him I’m impecunious coward struggling to his ever-increasing charges, so cannot get over to have it out with him. I haven’t got a passport anyway. Hehe!


5Fri003aI made a Morrison order for next Thursday twixt 1200 > 1300hrs.

I made another mug of tea and stood out on the new balcony to view the scenery and make sure I drank this one. There was a lot of activity below. Maybe the men were here to repair the Fire Alarm for us? They all looked to be electrical logos on the vans down there.

I had a bit of bother opening the window, and more in closing it. Trapped another finger this time. Tsk!

Checked on the mushroom and turnips in the slow-cooker.

Nodded off at the computer for a few minutes, luckily I didn’t fall out of the chair.

Health Checks and medications sorted out.

Sister Jane rang. Nice chinwag about this and that. Nice of her to phone.

Set about sorting the nosh. Just laying out the plate, when my old mate Michael rang the intercom from in the lobby. Shame about the food, but this was nothing compared to having a chinwag with Mike and hearing what he’s been up to. Bless him, for calling to see me.

WDP After Michael left, I meant to take his photograph out of the balcony window. But as I pulled back the spring clip holding the window shut, somehow in my usual ‘Cock-it-up’ fashion, it sprang back, and the edge stuck under my fingernail, making me jump, drop the camera and clouted my head against the frame. Eizel! By the time I recovered and got up off of the wooden slats and looked out… He had gone!

5Fri004When I’d recovered later, I took this picture of the spot that Michael had parked. The Wilmott Dixon lads now occupied it. I presume that Plonk-Brewer and Plant Perambulator Paulius and Ian Incharge were down there somewhere. 

Then I had fun trying to close the window again. Tsk!

As I was about to get the food sorted again, the sun came out strongly, so I got the camera and tried to do a panoramic shot of the view.


WDP I ended up with a lot of reflective twinkles from the sun coming from behind and hitting the windows I imagine. Shame about that, it could have been a good photographicalisation, too. Tsk!

5Fri006I did the last of the Health Checks, and the medicationalisationing was done. I took an extra Codeine tonight, as the head was still aching from my side-headbutting the new balcony window frame. Hehehe!

I got the nosh sorted at last. Apart from the chips which I’d left in the oven on a low light, the turnips and mushrooms were stone cold. But, believe it or not, they went down well, and I enjoyed them all the same. Might be because I was in better spirits after Jane phoning and Michael had paid me a visit.

 I checked the programmes on the TV, and there were some I wanted to watch. (He says, knowing full well this was not going to happen!) I put the tray with the well-emptied plate and things on the chair. Thought I’d watch the first of the programmes (A US Bizzare Murders) then get the washing up done.

Fell asleep as the programme started and didn’t actually see any of it! Humph!

Inchcock Today: Monday 6th March 2017


Monday 5th March 2017

Mongolian: Даваа 5-р сарын 2017

0300hrs or there about’s, I woke and lay pondering on the odd even for me, dreams I’d just had. A mixture of jobs I’ve had over the years all mixed up together. The mine clearance in Wales accident, chasing after the girls at Tesco, getting lost in the warehouse, being shot on security assignment, Rempston College nightmares, being made redundant and when I fell into a grave when on duty at Carlton Cemetary.

I’m sure there was much more but these I could recognise and remembered. Then it felt like I had snuffed it and in a queue in an underground railway station with thousands of other people all fighting to be the ones to jump on the line when a train passed by? I even thought in the dream; “Why am doing this when I’ve already crocked-out?” I gave up trying to win and went into a public toilet that changed into a casino when I went through the door. Surprising, ’cause I do not gamble or even like gambling, but the bank manager, Olive and cyber buddy Lynton Cox were all there of the roulette table and they got me making sandwiches and cups of tea and coffee for them… unsure what took place for a while then. But I found myself back on a wooden boat on the canal with it leaking and the fast flowing water, bubbling again… really oddly, I felt comforted and at home here having dreamt so often of similar scenarios over the years? Hey-ho!

Not until after I had made some notes on my pad to use to write this later, did I start to fret and worry about the bank situation, Duodenal Daniel and Anne Gyna were giving me the odd, uncomfortable moment again this morning.

Around 0400hrs, the £300 second-hand recliner worked perfectly to allow me out and to the wetroom to tend to the porcelain duties and have a good shave and shower. Little Inchy was not bleeding. But was damned sore for some reason. Haemorrhoid Harold leaked a little.

1mon03I had a great scrub up in the shower.

Did the first health checks, all looked okay to me?

Then made a nice strong mug of tea and had my breakfast.

Got WordPress going, and realised that I had lost the Premium Service. Contacted their helpline. Felt a right fool again, it was the


Grammarly, not WordPress. Is it time I was serviced and MOT’d? Or refurbished, or just put out to stud? Hehe!

Sent an email pleading for help with the Stones & Pounds format in the Health Checks page in Excel, to Tim Price. I’m not sure if I’m getting accurate readings for the weight averages using the form I am doing with only one decimal place?


I wonder which imbroglio I’ll get jargogled with next? Humph! It’s a good job I don’t suffer from Kakorrhaphiophobia innit.

drmaybeThen I did some diary work on these WordPress journals? Onto Facebook afterwards, still trying to keep busy and not have time to dwell on the problems.

Finalised the latest TFZer graphicalisation. Quite proud of this effort, I must say.

Waited from 0700hrs to 1315hrs for the call from the Bank Manager, no luck yet?

Did some more word finding storing them on Word in the Drop-Box. f

Going to call on Olive in a while, to ask her for some advice, because I have received an email from the TSB, welcoming me to the bank?f

Yet they told Olive Friday that they would phone me today in respect of the ID problem with the Council Tax?


This is what they said.

I’m really frustrated, more confused and depressed again now, Grumph!

Then I looked for the Introductory Pack I got from the bank last week and couldn’t find it!

Morose, I got the meal and settled down to stew away in deep pointless, lugubrious and pessimistic ponderings on life. Will I ever get my eunoia and or confidence back?

Inchcock – Sunday 5th March 2017: Abysmal depression


Sunday 5th March 2017

Danish: Søndag 5 Marts 2017

After a night of dreadful dreams again, a mixed bag this night, but all unwanted and not nice. Well, that’s not strictly right, I recall one of them a bit. I was sat high up in a tree in a wood of some sort and animals were climbing up to me one at a time and somehow I taught them to speak and recognise the English language? They, in turn, decided if they wanted to keep these skill or not, and the next one would arrive. Seem to remember birds, a cat and a snake?

At 0130hrs I had to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner and make for the porcelain – as soon as I stood up I realised that either Little Inchy or Haemorrhoid Harry had been bleeding. I felt down enough as it was, without this. Struggled to evacuate the tummy innards as I found that both of the little bleeders had bled. Tsk! Put the clothes in a bucket of soapy disinfected water and hobbled (Yes, Arthur Itis was bothersome along with the same as yesterday, Anne Gyna and Duodenal Daniel joined in) to the kitchen to make myself a mug of tea and do the first Health Checks.

7sun04aPut two potatoes with some basil and sea salt into the pan on a low heat (Far too early I realised later). Too late to turn them off without spoiling them, I left them on and I’ll mash them and add the cheese and leave it until later to put them in the oven to roast.

Recognised that I’d missed doing the weighing on the checks so stripped off revealing my magnificent body (All right, enough of that laughing… hehe!) and did so. 

7sun06I’ve now completed twp weeks of records on the new spreadsheet. The weekly averages in red showed little change – until I realised I’d put today’s weight in the wrong format. Changed it now and it reads average 14.76 instead of.. oh I’ve made a mess of this altogether. I’m not sure if I can get it in Stones and Pounds? I’ll ask Tim in America if I remember to. If anyone can help, he’s the man.

7sun04As I went through to make another mug of tea, the view outside was nice. Shadows of the hill and flats with a dark sky with the sunshine sneaking through from behind. Which has now gone (The Sun)

Took the medications and applied the creams lotions and ear oil.

I find myself wanting to be doing something all the while in an effort to avoid thinking of the bank problems and if I stop, the ailment pains seem more noticeable?

7sun05 Sorted out the second draw of medications where I keep the daily doses when set-up, and some creams, ulcer medicine (Even though not very effective) and the BP machine.

I opened the window to clean the edge and was surprised at how cold it was. The internal thermometer was reading 60°f – 16°c. That’ll teach me to leave things alone – I knocked the flask off of the shelf as I shut the window. Needless to say, it broke!

Depressed even further now.

Back on the computer and did the diary posts to date. Had a dizzy a while ago, but it was not bad at all and only lasted a minute or so.

7sun02aDid some graphicalisationing on Corel Draw & Corel Paint.

This was the last one of three I got finished off.

Took a good while, during which the door chime rang out!

Nervous but excited I opened the door, naturally expecting a busty female in need of compassion, or Olive calling, or BJ or Sister calling or maybe even I’d won something?

No, it was a neighbour wanting some 20p pieces so he could use the launderette.

Had some nice comments received on the WordPress blog.

Went on Facebook, but without my usual zest. Worried about the bank situation too much and what will happen tomorrow.

1mon02Sliced the boiled red spuds up and into the oven for an hour. Garden peas in the saucepan. Beetroots, sliced apple, silverskin pickled onions and pork & mushroom pate all onto the plate ready.

Fell asleep for a while, but woke in time and got the nosh served up with a lemon yoghourt.

I’d not done much other than fret and computer work all day, so it was no surprise that I could not get to sleep, even watching the TV didn’t send me off into the land of nod.

Well gone midnight before I drifted into the hellish dreams again.

Inchcock Today. A busy one, Social Hour, and I got out into the cold for a bit. Thursday 10th November 2016

Thursday 10th November 2016

In Russian: Четверг 10 ноября 2016

Shot awake at 0129hrs: Unable to recall much of the dreams again, other than I was at one stage, in a submarine with Les Dawson?

4thr01Dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner chair and took a photograph of above the electric fire that doesn’t work on my way to visit the porcelain for a WRHD session.

Why I took a photograph escapes me now. But it might come back to me?

Sad innit?

The session was not too bad, apart from some bleeding again from the rear.

4thr03Then afterwards, going into the kitchen carrying the camera, I somehow unintentionally took this photograph.

I didn’t delete it, cause I thought I might think of a suitable caption for it later?

Or, maybe not.

Took the medications and made a mug of tea.

When I started the computer, a black screen with the message “H/9485.455UW26 Out of range” came up? I turned it off and on again, and things seemed alright? Oh dear!

Got on with finishing yesterday’s diary off and posted it.

Several WRWW’s followed of course.

Made a start on this one, then went to make another cuppa. I prepared the vegetables for later, mushrooms and parsnips only, in the Crock-pot. I can add a tin of peas later perhaps.

I thought I’d like to get out today, despite the unwelcoming, cold weather and rain. Had a look out through the window although it was still dark of course, no frost, nowhere near as cold as yesterday morning, just a few spots of rain on the cars below.

Got the raffle prizes and nibbles in the bag ready for the Winwood Social Hour at the community Shed at 1000hrs.

0315hrs: Back to the computer. I felt a warm sensation from the rear end, so visited the wetroom to investigate. Bleeding from Harry Haemorrhoid. Not to fret, I’ve had worse.

4thr02As I was washing after medicating my rear-end, I realised my sight was not good. Looked in the mirror and found that there was bruising internally underneath my eye and odd marks above on the eyelid.

Thought this might be bits of dirt from somewhere, so carbolicalised the area, but it was not dirt. Started to be painful a bit afterwards, and the sight has been affected since. Good job I’ve got the large screen on the new computer.

I’ve got an INR blood test this coming Monday, so I’ll ask the nurse to have a look at this if it hasn’t cleared up by then.

4thr03aStarted the coughing again as I came out of the warm wetroom and into the unheated front room. I must remember to ask Deana if she is at the meeting if she has informed the works department of my storage heater conking out.

Looking at the radiator, it’s not surprising that it has problems, cause all around you can see where they have taken off covers, etc. and they have not gone back on correctly. The outer casing has chips, scratches and is bent out of shape. I hope, if they do ever come, they can mend it, cause it ain’t doing my health any good. I understand they will not replace it with a new one because soon they will start the modernisationing of the flats anyway.

Back again on the computer.

The ablutions carried out and off to the Social Hour, calling in on Olive on the way. She was a little better; she even told me off for getting the wrong phone (Obviously, the cleaners had told her), and when Olive heard that the NCH could not tend to the broken storage heater, she asked me to go and buy a portable heater today! A cuddle and I departed to the Community Shed.

Where I was summoned into the office by Gruppenfurher Deana and Obergefreiter Julie. I must not take photographs of tenants anymore as they had received complaints. Dean suggested I asked if it was alright in future, each time I take a photo. But it is easier for me just to stop photoing them. Sad, but easier.

She had forgotten about the radiator not working and failed to ring the works department. So she did. They said it would be November 30th before they can visit to repair it. Too much time in these freezing nights, she told them. So they are going to arrange for an old mobile radiator on loan to be delivered, but don’t know when.

The meeting went okay, BJ came, and we managed a few sarcastic laughs and digs at each other. I gave a donation for the collection for Kath and Ian, to Frank for him to hand it on to Jenny.

Back to number 72 for a freshen up and WRWW. Down to the bus stop, Deana was passing and informed that the On Call Emergency had gone down, and gave me a number to ring if needed.

Bus to town and caught a tram to Asda-Walmart on Hyson Green in search of some Nordic Bacon. They didn’t have any, though. I got some bread cobs, sliced mushrooms, potato cakes and swede. Oh, and a deepish bowl so I might make less mess eating my gravy. Hehe!

4thr04Tram back into town.

Took this shot on the tram after the students had got off and made a bit of room.

It looks like the passengers are all posing and staring at me?

Got off at the Theatre Royal and made my way to the bus terminus just in time as well! The rain started pouring down just as the bus arrived.

4thr05As we passed Clinton Street, I took this one through the bus window.

Not a good one, but it shows the state of the weather.

The fellow tenants got on the bus further along, and we had a decent chinwag.

By the time we were half way to the apartments, the rain had stopped, and a rainbow came out. I got an excellent photograph of it. Showed it to the chap, and deleted it in error! Oh, a fool I am! An incompetent, uneducated algophilic nit-wit!

4thr09Back at the flat, I found a note telling me that the Personal alarms and some others had gone down, but was being worked on to be corrected.

That’s nice to know.

Bearing in mind that the Nottingham City Homes must have  thousands of old fogies with alarms, this is the first time the system has failed in the year and a bit I’ve been here.

WRHD session, medications taken and I got the din-dins cooking.

Crock-Pot mushrooms, parsnips with an added tin o4thr08f garden peas, pork sausages, potato cakes and ciabatta cobs. A lemon curd yoghourt to follow and a packet of vinegar flavoured Peasnaps afterwards.

4thr11A call came through on the mobile phone that stopped before I could get to it. 01767319860, I’ll put in on Google Chrome to see who it was.

I wonder if it was PC World?

R & R Services?

The view from the kitchen window was amazing tonight!

4thr06Feeling tired and a bit down now. No alarms, no heating in the front room, no photographicalisationing permitted at the Social Hour, and not knowing when the loan radiator was due. I bet it’ll come while I’m at the clinic, hospital, shopping or surgery?

I’m considering getting the sleeping bag out and kipping on the kitchen floor using pillows and cushions to prevent me going on my back. At least there is some heat in there.

Got wrapped up well again, cause I know it’s going to be another cold night without the radiator working. Wolly hat on, underpants on, thick jammy bottoms, bedsocks, fingerless gloves and a dressing gown, and covered my widening girth with a throw.


Inchcock Today Wednesday 9th November 2016: Another day stuck indoors, Tsk!


Wednesday 9th November 2016

In Punjabi: ਬੁੱਧਵਾਰ 9 ਨਵੰਬਰ 2016

Awful stomach ache when I woke around 0200hrs this morning. I chunted away to myself, tried to recall the dreams without any luck, passed wind then dismounted the £300 shuddering second-hand recliner and to the porcelain for a WRHD session. Nothing happened. all wind?

3wed02Got the clothes in the  washing bag and plodded down to the laundry room. (Got dressed first like… Hehe!).

Someone had beaten me to it today, their wash had about 7 minutes left on the cycle. I got the washing going and returned up to the apartment and started work on yesterdays diary.

Down to move the things into the dryer, but whoever had used the washer had utilised the best of the dryers. So I used the dodgy one.

Noticed a new sign on the message board near the lifts; A bloke had got into the flats and was trying to sell cigarettes at £100 a pack of 200 to a resident, who told him he had no money, and the bloke said he’s go with him to the cash dispenser to get some! Dodgy!

Back up to the computer and started this diary off.

WRHD session again, success this time. The innards started twinging again after the session.

0345hrs: Down to collect the laundry.


I took a photographicalisation of the notice on the wall. Since I noticed this an hour or so ago, someone has added some writing to the bottom of the page. I think is says; Wheres the disabled badge ??? gone to! Not the best of grammar. Any idea what the word I cannot decipher is please?

Up to 72 again, put the clothes away, I now have an odd sock again? Tsk!

cabh2 Funny ode here.

The Gammarly add-0n is not working again.

CorelDraw to do a graphicalisation to post later.

G0t it done and posted. then did a poem and graphics of a humourous nature.

Facebooked a while.

Carried out the ablutions.

3wed06Acedia brought on by the miserable weather, a bit of snow that cleared then rain with a freezing fog and amber warnings to drivers and old folk on the radio!

Floods anticipated and ice tonight to follow. Oh ‘eck!

Waiting now for the Hygeine Operative to arrive. Hope they are not late, then I can get out and to Asda-Walmart to get some Polish bacon Block, if they have any in. But with the weather forecast being so bad, I’ll top up with essentials I think.

Updated this, and noticed the grumbling innards had eased off. Nice!

MC cleaners arrived, had to titivate the kitchen after they had cleaned it! Still the htree of us had a laugh.

I got an HP update, HP BIOS Recovery Update  and it took over an hour and a half to download and install, with me having to (nervously) make choices on the way. The computer restarted and I still have no idea what I’d allowed HP to make changes to?

Moments later, Windows Updates came in, I opted for Update and restart, moments later the restart took place. The configuring took about an hour, the installing another hour.

3wed07 Facebooking done despite my being so tired by now. some lovely comments tonoght.

The nosh was got ready. Stewed steak (tin) Gigantic slow boiled potato, Crock-Pot vegetables and some bread to soak up the gravy.

Lemon yoghourt and a packet of the Pea Rice 3wed09vinegar flavoured thingamobobs to follow.

Though not in that order.

Medications taken, creams applied and the last of the Amoxiparin injections injected.

Started coughing a bit. I’ll be glad when they come to get the heating going again, I hope Deana remembered to call them for me?

The cut, swelling or whatever it is on the top and the internal bleeding on the bottom of my eyelid started stinging again. Arkward place to apply cream on, so I just tried to dab it with clear warm water.

Viewing the Goggle-Box was not easy with the eye problem, couldn’t read, and computer work is difficult, seems to get a lot worse as I tire?

Soon nodded off.

Inchcock Today – Fri 14 Jul 16: Anne Gyna not happy with me today, and letting me know it. Tsk!


Friday 15th July 2016

Vendredi 15 Juillet 2016

0425hrs: Woke in the £300 second-hand recliner chair, stomach churning again and Anne Gyna giving me some stick. Pondered over the dream I’d been suffering: Many things from the past came into it, not good things, and it seemed to go on for yonks! A feeling of failure and rejection lingered in the ether of my befuddled brain?

Climbed out of the now working again, £300 second-hand recliner chair and made my way to the Wetroom Throne. Carried out my mission there, and to the kitchen to put the kettle on and take the medications.

Made a pot of porridge and turned on the laptop. I proceeded, not knowing what I was doing, toying, fiddling, turn off and on, resettings and praying, along with the accompaniment of various well-chosen words I thought might help. Did this for over three and half hours, to get CorelDraw8 to open and work for me. Around 0900hrs it came on and opened, I still have no idea what I did right to get it to work?

Got a landline call, a chap with a strong Asian voice said: I am calling from Microsoft about your Windows, okay… At this point, I said ‘No’ and rang off. I think I was being attacked by a, what’s the name… Hacker? Con-Man?

I noticed medications I had failed to take earlier, so I took them, made another cuppa and finished the Thursday Diary off and made a start on this one.

Anne Gyna was increasing her attacks then, and concentration was involved. Then some drilling noises started from a nearby flat, no problem with that, these things have to be done – it was just the identifying the sound in the first place was difficult. I took out my hearing aids.

Did a bit of work on my latest funny blog, then got a  good shower and changed ready for a walk through Woodthorpe Grange Park for a bit of exercise and fresh air, and take the stuff to the Nottingham Hospice Shop.

10e2I took a route up the gravel hill and noticed a Wet Paint sign on a bit of cardboard on the bench halfway up the hill.

They had painted them black now.

Then right over the grass and into the trees to try and get a shot pf nature like.

I waited patiently in the murk under the trees and was rewarded (I thought at the time) with a couple of piccies of squirrels up in the branches.In the trees.

10kI hobbled down the footpath towards Mansfield Road and found it devoid of people, never seen that before?

It was a most beautiful site!

It was here that I realised I’d left the catch loose on the camera card cover, and the nature photographs that I thought had been taken earlier had not been taken at all! Humph!

Pressed on down and into Sherwood.

Where I called in the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop to drop off the clothes and bag of donations… that I’d left back at the flat! Double Humph!

Then down the hill to Wilko to get a bottle of Dettol Lavender. They had none in stock.

Doing well, wasn’t I?

Further down towards Winchester Street Hill and into the Hot Food shop, to get some cooked roast potatoes to have with my pork loin – they hadn’t cooked any today! Treble Humph!

10eOut of the shop and left up Winchester Hill, I ould see in the distance a bus parked up, but knew I would not be able to make it to it in time. When I got to the bus stop, it was 21 minutes to the next bus. So I pressed on (painfully) up the hill.

As I got to the top to turn left to the flats, I noticed some blackberries, no that’s blackcurrants coming through. I thought I’d go into the bushes and get a close-up photograph of some.


After getting pricked and stung in the overgrowth, I tripped over… I gave up. Quadruple Humph, no… quintuple actually innit? No again, it’s sextuple Humphs?

Scratching at the stinging hands, I plodded on back to the flat, saw a lady tenant outside and waved hello to her… got a scowl back in return.

Actually, not one of my better days today methinks.

Got the laptop on and carried on with the ‘Open letter to Theresa May’ funny post. Blimey, it took me hours to get finished. Reckon it took me ten hours in total to do.


Really tired out now. So late now, too.

Got the din-dins in the oven. Parsnips, carrots and some frozen roast potatoes. Going to have tomatoes and pork loin with them, that’s the plan anyway.

Titivated this dairy then did a bit of Facebooking.

P1110340The fodder ready, I served it up and got stuck into it.

As part of my dietary plan, note I took this picture, then put on the rest of the roast potatoes on the plate. Guilt? Hehe.

It was all good especially the roast vegetables and beetroots.

Very late in the day for me now, and despite the plans to watch some TV, I drifted off at the first commercial break… 

Inchcock Today Mon 30 May 2016:


Monday 30th May 2016

GCslippers Good Morning Folks!

Woke up at 0500hrs, hated not being able to remember any of the dreams, just a sensation that they were frustrating in nature.

Sat pondering and fretting over everything and nothing for a while.

The £300 second-hand broken recliner allowed me to lower it and to extract myself so I could visit the porcelain. It did it a bit noisily, but at least it worked this morning. Blood from Haem Aroids was a lot less too.

I noticed the full evening-pot of tablets at the side of the chair, indicating that I’d not taken them me evening medications last night. Humph! So I made a cuppa and added one Warfarin to the morning medications and took them.

Laptop on and finished and posted the Sunday diary, then started this one and did some graphics.

Carried out the ablutions and dug out the bus-pass, camera, mobile and made sure they were in the coat pocket to take with me to Arnold to get the photographs printed, and pressie for Sister Jane and Pete arranged. Took some mail that had been delivered for Margaret, the previous tenant. With the aim of dropping them off at the Community Hut.

Down the lift, and thought it odd that there was no one else waiting to catch the bus?

Walked to the hut and found it all locked up.

It was really cold this morning, so I walked back to Woodthorpe Court to go up and put a big coat on. As I entered the lobby, Jenny was there doing her washing in the laundry room. I gave her a nibble and she pointed out kindly, but with a look of “You Idiot!” on her face, that it was Bank Holiday and there were no buses to or from the flats today, but other areas had a skeleton service running.

I nipped up to the flat to get a coat on, and took some of the Old Nottingham books for Jenny to have a read of.

P1090039Then I set out on a walk into Arnold.

As I left the Park and turned right, the sparsity of traffic hit me, but… I did see a bus coming from Arnold and this gave me confidence that I would easily be able to catch one back into Sherwood later.

(Which turned out to be hogwash, rubbish, a dream! I was lucky enough however to get one part way back later.)P1090040

Half a mile or so later, I espied some flowers that I’d never seen before at the edge of a car park next to the road.

They looked spectacular to me, and seemed to be growing from weeds?

I’d love to know what they were called.

P1090043I plodded on slowly and limpingly now, the feet and right knees giving me some hassle. I got into Arnold eventually and called in Arno Hill Park to feed the ducks and birds some worms, seeds and earthworms.

I didn’t see any of the mandarin ducks today.

The Grebe families (I think that’s P1090045what they are called) were out showing off their new babies.

The Canada Geese were still bullying the other fowls, but not so much my favourites, the Mallards. Although smaller they gave as much back to the gigantic Canada attackers as they got.

Bless em! 

P1090044I was glad I’d took the seeds for the pigeons but was amazed at the size of the earthworm pellets they ate.

I moved on and walked into the Arnold Centre and popped into Asda and went to the photograph printing machine first.

I don’t want to say what I was ordering, cause they are for early Christmas present for Sister Jane and Pete. Had some bother getting the instructions into the machine, but the lady guided me through the procedure. She said the  photos might come out a little pixelated on the… whoops nearly said what it was then. If they are too bad when I collect then, she said I could get my money back? We’ll see next week then.

I did a bit of shopping. As I came out of the store, no buses were at the bus stops, so I decided to walk it back as well. (Fool!)

Insanely, I called into Sainsburys as I passed by. More money spent! Huh!

Now struggling with two bags full of fodder, I crossed the road and as luck would have it, a number 58 bus arrived as I was near to the bus stop. So I got on it, and very grateful for it too! Oh the pain me plates were giving me!)

P1090041I got off the bus and walked down to the park o hobble through that back to the flats, I noticed a most pretty flower coming up bravely, through the tarmac.

It looked a bit Tulip-like to me.

Another one I don’t think I’ve come across before. at least I don’t think I have?

P1090047On and up through Woodthorpe Grange Park on the footpath.

Not many folks about, a few passed by with their hounds with wagging tails.

The feet were getting so bad now, burning, tingling and painful.

Poor old devil. I blame myself for going on long walks yer know. Hehe!

Going down the  hill back to the flats, I resisted the temptation to walk through the copse, I thought the uneven ground might make my feet and knees worse.

P1090048Got in the flat and made it in time to the toilet… just!

Emptied the bags of the unnecessary fodder I’d bought.

Put the apples in the fridge so as they might keep longer. The banana won’t last long, so I nibbled one. Hehe! The bread thins were wholemeal as part of me diet schemes. Vegetable granules. A pack of Casserole veg consisting of: Carrots, swede, leeks. onions and potato cubes. A pack of crisp-bake thingies, some more bird seed and earthworm pellets. The last two not being for my consumption you understand?

Got the veg in the oven.

Laptop on.

P1090049Got the meal ready.

Enjoyed this feast without any bread once again.

Got some stuff out of the bathroom in readiness for tomorrow’s visit from the Nottingham City Homes demolition gang.

A lot left to do, but that will be in the morning after I’ve had my last bath before the shower is ready in about four days. Might have to go to Sister janes for a shower while it is being sorted?

Unsure about getting diaries sorted over the next few days?

Watched some TV and Pie in the Sky DVD, nodded off.


Inchcock Today Wed 21 Oct 15: Laundry – heavy rain so no walk in the park

Wednesday 21st October 2015


Up at 0520hrs, TV blazing away again, headphones on me lap in the chair I’d nodded off in yet again.

Thoughts of me dreams I’d had were not very clear or many. Not much idea what I’d dreamt of at all. but I wish I knew, cause little Inchy was in a right state. The dried congealed blood and pain told me I’d been dreaming of something erotic perhaps?


Spent hours catching up on Facebook and WordPress from the time I had been made Internetless by Virgin Media, who are crap… did I mention this earlier?

Got me things ready for the Laundry room and had a wash of sorts.

Took some nibbles down with me for any tenants I might meet, me camera and pen and crossword book.

Got down in the room and realised I’d forgot to take me coins down with me for the machines. Huh!

Back up to collect some and down again.

DSCN0042One or two tenants were amassing in the reception area and I gave em a nibble and had a chin-wag with some after I’d got the washers going.

There is one old dear who often goes to catch the first bus, thin drawn, stern looking, who doesn’t get involved with the chin-wags with the others and tends to get ignored a bit, she was there this morning. I always go out of me way to try and cheer her up. She never seems to start any discussions, or reply to anything said to her with more than a single word like, Yes, No, Mmm or a shake or nod of the head. I have given myself a mission to make her smile. My EQ tells me she is unhappy and I want to bring a little cheer to her. My next stage next time I see her is to ask her some questions to try and  get her opening up a tad, you know, questions like “Where were you brought up?”, “What do you think of…” type of open questions that seek a mutli-worded reply. She needs to know that someone cares I’m sure of this, bless her. At least this morning she took a nibble from me bag of goodies at the second prompting.

They went off to catch the bus and I got me crossword book out.

Found myself singing away to missen again this morning.

Eventually the machine was done, and I had to wait a while for a naughty resident who was drying only came down earlier and started the one free drier Tsk!

Moved the togs into the drier and got it going, thought I might have a walk into Sherwood while waiting, but the heavy rain put me off like.

Back to the crossword book.

Arthur Itis let me know his displeasure at yesterdays marathon walk as I limped back up to the flat with me fresh smelling clothes.

Whoopsie When I put the togs away, I hung the dressing gown on me proudly ‘Self Erected’ Ikea clothes rack – as I turned to struggle back out through all the mass of stuff that still needs sorting – the clothes rack collapsed. Oh dear I thought.

Tried again to get some of the paint off the door edges that Paul the Painter had left for me. No good!

Got me potatoes in the oven and prepared me nosh. I remembered to add me battered fish-cakes to the tray an hour later in an attempt to get them both cooked right at the same time.

Then I jumped in the bath… (Jumped? Me? What a misused word). I took me night attire from the airing cupboard with me into the bathroom, ran the bath while I had a shave teggies etc – then struggled dangerously, nervously and bravely into the bath.

Getting out was more taxing but I managed it… although again painfully.

‘Little Inchy’ had very little bleeding I was glad to find.

Wiped around and the nosh was ready for serving.

DSCN0043Oiled Roast potatoes, bread thins, sliced peppers, baked beans, battered fish-cake, cheesed cob followed by an ice-cream cheesecake with extra cream from me aerosol thingy… oh, and of course me can of Roasted Kippers in vegetables.

The potatoes and kippers were nice, all the other ingredients disappointed a bit. So only a 6.5/10 rating.

So weary again now, although I hadn’t done much today, yesterdays marathon hobble had got to me I think.

Fell asleep.

Woke up, cleaned the pots and kitchen, returned to see if owt was on the goggle-box worth watching… fell asleep… each time I woke either the knees or the reflux valve was giving me some gip.

Sat 19 Sept 15: Inchcock Today: Knuckling down to get some sorting done – At last!

Saturday 19th September 2015


The Sun-set last night

Woke up in the chair 0620hrs: WC, ‘Little Inchy’ bleeding, stomach churning and feeling so guilty for not getting any sorting done this week.

I decided enough was enough of me making excuses for not doing me sorting, and I must spend less time on the internet (Which I love of course) and get sorting attended to at least a start on the paperwork.

So me diaries might be a bit shorter than of late. (Thank heavens you say? Hehe!)

Cleaned up ‘Little Inchy’, made cuppa, took medications, finished off yesterdays diary and started this one.

Checked me emails and Facebooked a while. Got a reply to me email to the police moaning about the Nottingham Pavement Cyclists:

Dear Mr Chambers

I am writing in response to the email you sent to the police concerning cycling on the pavement in and around the City Centre and Mansfield Road.

My colleague who copied and I in are only responsible for Mansfield Road from the junction of Hucknall Road to the Junction of Valley Road with the rest of Mansfield Road heading into the city being covered by other beat teams so can only speak for what we do.

I can confirm that Dan and I do regularly stop and challenge people cycling on the pavement, especially on Mansfield Road, to give advice and guidance and we also report the worst offenders for potential fines or even a summons to court by issuing what we call a Traffic Offence Report (TOR)

The power itself is a discretionary power and I have confirmed with Nottinghamshire Police Law Clerks that a number of factors have to be taken into account with this offence, such as traffic flow (especially at rush hour), how many people are on the pavement, manner and speed of cycling and the age of the alleged offender. The minimum aged person we can serve a TOR to is 16 years, we can and will still stop and speak to the people under the age of 16 to give advice but further enforcement would not be possible by way of a TOR, however we will instead look at things like youth intervention/education.

I hope this answer helps to allay any fears you may have had and rest assured we will continue to challenge cyclists.

Kind Regards

CPO 9916 Craig Moralee


Community Protection

Not that it did allay any of my fears mind! No reply to my  noticing none of the bikes had any horns/bells on them. Or they come from behind, ride too close etc. Or the fact that one my photo’s of the offenders shows a policeman nearby while the burke on the bike road along with one hand, no lights or horn on the vehicle and he was texting as he rode on the pavement?

At least I got an acknowledgement from this pretend policeman. (See further down form on me walk into Sherwood today).

Sandra01dDid a graphic for the TFZers, then forced myself to make a start on the paperwork… what a job, but it must be done!

Stomach still churning.

Set about sorting the paperwork for a few hours.

Had a bath, but also a Whoopsiedangleplop suffered: I slipped getting out. Banged the side of me head and started the tooth I had done Thursday aching away! Took an extra Codeine. Then another one.

Swore and cursed a bit, then set off on me walk into Sherwood via Woodthorpe Park to get some Beetroot and apple bread and large potatoes and strong cheese to make into Baked cheesey potatoes.

IMG_0043On me way up the hill to the park I took a photo of me shadow on the gravel path.

Why I took a photograpicalisation of me shadow I don’t know.

When I got into Sherwood I called in the paper shop and got a copy of the cheapest TV paper. Then to the Co-op and got me Beetroot loaf, tomatoes, mature cheddar and somehow, a cream cake fell into me basket?

IMG_0047 IMG_0046

I took photographs of two Nottingham Pavement Cyclists when I came out of the shop.

I thought about sending these by email along with some others to the PCO who replied to my email.

We, I’m sure he’d appreciate knowing how ineffective the police are in preventing this criminal activity in Nottingham.

But that would just be me being sarcastic wouldn’t it… hehehe!

As I walked back through Woodthorpe Park, two blokes with their dogs caught my attention on the football pitch:

01topaThey seemed to be playing their own devised game with the dogs catching the balls in mid-air. They seemed so happy it cheered me up a bit.

I think the dogs won 3-0. Hehe!

Made me way back and got me spuds in the oven and updated this diary.

When I got up to check the spuds progress a dizzy-spell overcame me, but I kept upright this time. I assume this was caused by me earlier Whoopsiedangleplop?

01topDid some graphicationalising for later, in thanks for me supporting card and message wot-I-got.

Then took the spuds out and halved them, mashed the flesh with the cheese, vinegar, oil, butter, salt and black pepper, refilled the skins and back in the over to brown em off. (Couldn’t resist nibbling a bit that was left over in the bowl like).

No meat today, just cheesy-baked potatoes, tomatoes and half of me Beetroot bread.

When I’d got them back in t’oven, I cleaned what I could: the new masher that worked a treat, trays, knives, fork, basin etc just in case I fell asleep after eating it, then I’ve only got the eating tray, outer tray and cutlery to wash afterwards. I’ve just reread this sentence… hope you can understand it folks?

P1020048Plain good grub nosh today then… enjoyed it so much I gave it 8.9/10!

Did the washing up and then tended to ‘Little Inchy’ again.


Got the washing up done and cleared IMG_0048up.

Well, toothache and a rumbling tummy to contend with, and feeling rather tired again for some reason, I settled down with a cuppa and an ice-lolly to watch the TV, an old Colombo film.

Got as far as the first advertisement break… Zzzz.

Unfortunately I kept waking every few minutes it seemed and gave up at 0300hrs got up, WC’d and finished this diary off.