Inchcock – Mon 10 Dec 2018: Up and down sort of day. Nattered to the Mallards and fed ’em. With the worst meal of the century ensuring a bad ending to Monday


The staff that Willmott Dixon takes on? Hehe!


Monday 10th December 2018

Ukrainian: Понеділок, 10 грудня 2018 р

1Mon05a00:55hrs: Awoke with great reluctance to stay awake, let alone consider the possibility of dragging my body with its volumingargantuan stomach, out of the £300 second-hand rusty recliner! After a few minutes of argy-bargy with my will-power, and having the brain point out to me that I am almost out of clean clothes and need to get the laundry done; With recalcitrantness, I forced myself into sloth-like activity and got up.

WD 51.0.0 As I was doing so, first I spotted a Weevil on the watch strap, got the camera to take a picture of the damned thing, then saw another one climbing up my leg!

I made these pictures on the left of the spotty Muldoon left hand, showing how I think, the red blobs are now getting lighter and fewer over the last three days?

I went straight to the spare room and gathered the bag of laundry and required appurtenances, had an SSWW. Got dressed and down to the laundry room.

WD 51.0.0 Where I found that both spin dryers were in use. Neither washing machine was in use or even felt warm or wet inside the drums. This, of course, meant if I did my short wash, they might not be finished before I needed them. Frustrated, I swore under my breath and returned to the flat in a right niggly mood!

Took the outer clothes off, I may well have been tempted to kick the cat if I had one. Joking! Hehe!

Still, on the bright side, Shaking Shaun and Dizzy Dennis had both departed from yesterday’s attacks and was leaving me alone.

1Mon01I set about carrying out the Health Checks.

When I got around to creating this post, I was tickle-pink with how accidentally I’d got the lens and camera in the reflection on the top part of the sphygmomanometer.

Which needed three tries, for it to work for me.


This morning’s reading s were far better than the weekend’s first tests. I made a brew, took the medications and got the computer going and updated lasts weeks and today’s Health Checklists on Excel.

No demands for the Porcelain Throne yet today? There were many cases of SSWW visits, though.

I set about updating the terrible tribulation troubles of the Sunday diary. Got it finished off and posted to WordPress. Went on the Reader Section, and read a comment, I’d have more, but only the one came in. Haha!

I considered going back down to see if the laundry machines were free, but felt too idle, lazy and irritated to bother.

An SSWW was taken, made another brew and got on with beginning this post.

WD 51.0.0 The summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived (better late than never!), and off I trundled. Just one EIBWBBB (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle) spotted in there. I’d love to know what their attack plans are, cause they keep catching me out every day almost!). The evacuation was a mix of coal-7Sun35anuggets and sloppy content. But, the after-aroma was mephitic and nauseating, to put it mildly, even to me! Cor Blimey!

I reckon I can blame last night’s seasoned home-made beans for the putrescent smell? I might leave out the garlic next time I try to make anything like this again.

1Mon07aAnother SSWW, I must get a spare bucket!

I checked the weather to see if it looked like rain for my planned mini-hobble.

WD 51.0.0 The rain dripped in along the bottom of the unwanted new light and view-blocking window frame as I opened it to take a picture of the Nottingham lights. I had to dry the electric night storage heater, the window ledge, the floor and myself. It looked a little cloudy, and they seemed to be moving quickly. I checked on Google for today’s forecast. 46º Fahrenheit, 10% chance of precipitation, humidity 89%, wind 6mph. So I reckon I can get out to take some photographs, feed the Mallards and have a decent little hobble later.

Got the ablutions tended to. Just one Weevil seen in the wet room, but he/she was dead. Things were looking up, Weevil-War-wise?

After a good shave, teggies were done, showering, ear-hole-freeing-of-wax, and medicationalisationalistic duties were all performed, I felt a lot better in myself.

Sorted three black bags of waste and one large white bag of recyclable materials and wrapped them up. Took the small bags to the rubbish chute and deposited them. Back to the flat, and started ferreting about making sure I had left nothing that should be off, and mutatis mutandis, thing off, that should be on. I think? Hehe! All looked good, taps, stove, lights doors etc. checked.

Got the shopping bag with the Mallard food, pigeon fodder, hearing aid batteries, umbrella, nibbles and Christmas pressies to hand out, crossword book, notepad, and spare glasses in it. The pockets held the bus-pass, bank card, pens, camera, mobile phone, and £32,150.00 in spending money… Only jesting!

1Mon07cLocked up and down to the lobby. No one was about.

As I departed, Some more of the Willmott Dixon fencing had been removed. They must be getting close to finishing the outside of Woodthorpe Court, now.

I took this shot of the frontage of the 45 flatted new Winwood Extra Care block and Stabsfeldwebeless Wardens Nuclear Fallout Shelter and Stun-Gun safe, and Holding Cells, block. Hahaha! They seem to be making decent progress on it now.

I greeted a few of the Willmott Dixon lads as I passed on my way to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Warden’s Temporary HQ.  Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, Rumourmongering Clinic, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin. 

Angel Gould, Olympic Arbitration Champion, financial advisor to Angelina Jolie and Nottingham City Homes Obergruppenführeress Patch Commander was passing in her Rolls Royce and stopped to talk to me. She would talk to me later in the hut.

I got inside the Portakabin. I made my way to see Generalleutnantess Warden Deana and
Generaloberstess Warden Julie. We spoke about…
Ah, I remembered, I am barred by the Nottingham City Homes Management, from mentioning anything taking place between Nottingham City Homes agents, representatives or employees and myself.

Many tenants arrived, and I managed to get a few laughs and little chinwags.

Angel Gould, Catwalk Model, Trainer for the Olympic bob slay team, and Nottingham City Homes Obergruppenführeress Patch Commander came in, and we spoke. But I won’t mention that she has kindly requested an NCHs Pest Control chap to call and see me later about the EIBWBBBs

I joined the gang at the bus stop as both buses arrived. Everyone got off in Sherwood, apart from Doreen and myself. I dropped in Daybrook and made my way to the Arnot Hill Municipal Park, and went to have a natter with and feed the Mallards and pigeons. Here are the photos I took of the birds.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m out of food for them again now. Must get some more if time tomorrow after, or before, the blood test. Which has been set for 10:20hrs, most annoying.

1Mon16Said cheerios to the Mallards, which tickle the people nearby me. Hehe! And have a hobble into Arnold.

I thought their version and idea of a Christmas tree was, well… Crap!

I looked in the Chambers’ butchers to see if they had any of their home-made roast belly pork slices. It was evident to me that the stuff on show was from yesterday, and fatty too. So I carried on and called into the Boyes store to see if they had any of foot spray on the shelves. Nope! So I pressed on and called in the Iceland store. I came out with a jar of red onion caramelised chutney and a pack of smoked ham offcuts.

1Mon17 I hobbled along to the Asda Walmart store.

Where I did get carried away a bit. Tsk! I came out much later with Cheapo strawberry jelly and custard desserts. Fire & Smoke Texan Hot Dogs with Chilli coriander and pimento. Expensive but tasty in the extreme, and they had a good use by date of 02.03.2019! Seasoned potato slices. Ready-sliced mushrooms. Finally, some cheesy topped rolls. Which I plan to have 1Mon20(the cheesy rolls) with the offcuts of smoked ham, tomatoes, gherkins and a boiled egg perhaps. But, of course, it is a long way off yet, so things can change.

A bit like Brexit! Humph!

The cheesy topped roll looked appealing and felt nice and soft into the bargain.

1Mon18I paid at normal serviced check out, and hobbled with the two bags up to the bus stop.

By the time the bus arrived there was a decent crowd that had joined me.

When the L9 arrived, and we all got on, the weather kept changing from bright to gloomy on the route back to the flats.

1Mon19I took this picture through the bus window, just before we arrived in Sherwood.

Angela and Roy, Shirley and Bob got on the bus there.

We were all soon back at the ever-changing Winwood Heights complex. Typically, many folks would make their way to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Warden’s Temporary HQ.  Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Reprimanding Inchcock Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, Rumourmongering Clinic, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin. Where a patient queue would form to utilise the services of the WC.  But not today. They were advised that the workmen will be digging up the ground outside all day, to find the cause of the leak. I had to smile at this, sorry.

I walked to the apartments with Angela and Roy, inside a lovely natter was had twixt us with Mo and Olive joining in. Handed out some nibbles, then I made my way up to the flat.

Nosh put away and got on updating this blog, until…


1Mon21Fed-up, I gave up and got the meal ready.

WD 51.0.0 Oh, dear and what a shame. The plate of fodder looked good and smelt good. But flavourwise, it was a bit of a calamity for my gustatory organs.

The tomatoes were bitter, the beetroots had the taste and texture of what I imagine ball bearings would have, and the cheesy cobs were unstimulatingly insipid. Only the smoked ham offcuts were really eatable with any modicum of enjoyment. Thus, a Flavour-Rating of 3.5/10 for this much left on the plate, effort. Grumph!


The skies still continued to go from dark to light. The photographicalisations above were taken about five minutes between each other.

The weariness dawned on me, concentration shot to pieces. However, I did remember to do an EIBWBBB patrol and spraying session.

Now this, I found amazing. I did not come across a single Weevil dead or alive anywhere! Had they been told of Opera singer, Oberführeress Angela’s plan to organise and despatch a Nottingham City Homes Pest Control Operative to the flat? Hehehe! Mayhap they are in the process of moving to a safer environment in another apartment? Or, is it another of their cunning schemes to fool me? Mmm?

1Mon25I went to get a drink of the spring water and lemon cordial, and the sky was now looking beautiful.

Red Sky at Night – Shepherds Delight!

I settled down with a handfull of jelly babies and the drink, on the £300 second-hand recliner. I perused what was on the box, and found a couple of programmes I really fancied watching… Huh! Zzzz!

Inchcock – Wed 5th Dec 2018: Dodgy start to the day. Great hobble out in the rain again… I got the bus back, mind.


These Willmott Dixon apprentices ain’t like the ones when I was younger. Hehe!


Wednesday 5th December 2018

Swahili: Jumatano Tarehe 5 Desemba 2018

23:45hrs: I woke, wide-awake and focused, concentrated on one sole purpose… Getting to the Porcelain Throne pretty damn quickly. No time for any mind-wandering this morning!

WD 0.31.0 However, the journey to the wet room proved to be a little frustrating and frenzied. As I wrestled with my ever more-abdominous torso to free it from the £300 second-hand recliner, things got messy.

The TV remote, a jelly-baby, and the pen and notepad dropped from the convenient pocket the stomach fat-folds, and man breasts had formed as a container for them. I knocked over the bottle of water and the last evening’s medications I’d failed to take.

WD 0.31.0 As I arose from the carpet, still intent on beating my bladder and containing rectum to the Throne, I dragged the Ottoman cover with my foot and ended up on the floor. Nursing my painful stubbed-toe and banged elbow! Klutz! I continued on my mission!

The evacuation was a solid affair, and things not being too keen on passing, allowed me the time to read a full chapter and a bit of the Clarkson biography book.

After cleaning and medicating things, I assessed the ailments situation. I was doing well, indeed. No Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Reflux Roger, Duodenal Donald, Shaking Shaun, Dizzy Dennis, Hernia Harry, Back-Pain Brenda… in fact, it was only the poor stubbed right foot big toe that was giving me any real pain. Acutely too. Humph! 

3Wed001aAfter my getting the cleaning up and the medicationalisationing done, I spotted… wait for it…

More of the damned EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) than I have seen for a couple of days now. Am I to be bedevilled by these alien invaders again?

3Wed001Into the kitchen and spare room, where I found around nine fully grown EIBWBBB’s, two alive, and so many baby ones I could not count them. Grumblebugs and Grumph!

Another counterattack! Oy Vey!

If these beasts had an ounce of confelicity, they would abandon my home now and go into someone else’s flat, to give them what they have given me: Spending over £100 so far, for Rentokil, Raid and Sanmex bug sprays. Applying in every room three times a day, get back-ache Brenda, Arthur Itis, Duodenal Donal, Reflux Roger and various other pains bending down, and getting down and up to collect the little devils. And leaving me with a possibly fatal cough! Is anyone interested?

3Wed01aNo, but Nottingham City Homes have opened a pub in an old people‘s home for the residents. Hehehe! Actually, I love this idea that they have done to help people with dementia.

This safe-link below tells us all about it, and how good they have been to the residents. So, thanks to Nottingham City Homes and their staff for all the time and effort they have put into it.

The Oaks Home gets its own Pub! Marvellous! But for heaven’s sake don’t tell the alcoholics at Winwood Heights about it! Hahaha!

I’d love to go visit. I thought of asking Nottingham City Homes’s Gymnast and Obergruppenführeress Housing Patch Manager (HPM), Angela Gould if I could take some photographs of the folk and staff in their new bar. But, thinking about it further, this may not be a good idea. A stranger calling to take pictures? Perhaps not a well thought out plan, after all. 

I took the morning, and some critical selected missed night medications together. Then did the Health Checks.


I started updating yesterday’s much jollier diary. Finished it and posted it off (with many breaks for SSWW’s)

3Wed04aWent on the WordPress Reader, and answered comments. Thanks, Lynton and Tim.

Took a photo when I visited the kitchen window to see what the weather was like, wet! I can’t see owt through the balcony window for rain pouring in, and condensation.

Oh dear, off for another Porcelain Throne session. Much easier this one. Apart from finding Little inchies fungal lesion bleeding again, well, it was the cleansing and medicating that caused the ‘Ooh Arghs’.

05:00hrs: Made a mug of tea and had some of my favourite Scottish Shorties dunked in the brew. Naturally, followed by an SSWW. Added words to the personal thesaurus on Excel for a while.

3Wed0506:45hrs: Ablutions tended to. I got readied for my hobble into Arnold for the Mallard chinwag and feeding and set off out into the rain about 07:50hrs.

Out of the lobby doors and dropped the beetroot and pickled gherkin jars in the Alcomafrolics glass recycling bin. Haha!

3Wed05a1 Crossed over the road and started to walk up the gravel footpath up into Woodthorpe Grange Park, but stopped when I heard what I thought was a bird calling, the squark sounded very deep. So I stood a while to try and locate where it was coming from.

3Wed12bUnfortunately, I could not find or see any bird at all.

But it sounded so close to me, and this annoyed me a little.

I perused the branches of the trees and the shrubbery at ground level for several minutes, all to no avail.

There was little movement in the bushes on the ground, but that surely would not be a bird?

I did my best to take a decent photographicalisation of the area the calling from coming from. In the hopes that when I got the picture onto CorelDraw later, this might reveal what creature it was.

WD 0.31.0 But, as you can see in the picture above, it didn’t. Tsk!

But, I was still in good spirits as I tackled the hill. Not such good spirits when I got to the top. Ane Gyna was not happy. A bit confusing, because 3Wed05a1ayesterday on the marathon hobble into town, she was pleased all the way?

At the top of the pathway, I had to tackle the mass of wet leaves or walk on the mud to reach the footpath. I chose the leaves.

However, I got through without the slightest sign of a slip or tumble. Smug Mode Engaged!

The rain came on heavier 3Wed05a2Neighbour as I plodded down to the Mansfield Road exit.

Seeing a new Christmas decoration near the railing, I went over for a closer look.

WD 0.31.0 With having to take the picture from under the umbrella while holding the bag with one hand, and trying to operate the camera using the other, the photo came out a mite blurred.

Still, I think now, that it gave it some life? That did it, I was singing ‘Rudolph the red nosed reindeer’ for a few hundred yards after that. H3Wed06aha!

WD 0.31.0 This picture of the traffic and the lights, was meant to contain a Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist… but where he got to, is a mystery to me?

It’s been a mysterious morning up to now for me. The return of the EIBWBBB Army in the flat. How I managed to tangle myself up with the Ottoman cover and have the Accifauxpa? The loud but hidden bird singing? How did I not slip over on the wet 3Wed06aleaves? And now, the disappearing cyclist? Ah, well! I pressed on as the rain kept relenting and returning again, and the toe giving me some gip!

WD 0.31.0 It got even weirder when I got into Daybrook and approaching the Vale traffic lights. (I believe this  happened once before in this spot when I was on the same route) A very tall cyclist belted by me, and he also disappeared from view by the time I’d got the camera out?

I plodded on again, through Daybrook and into 3Wed09the Arnot Hill Park, and arrived at the lake with not a sole in site.

The ducks soon made a bee-line for me and seemed to patiently wait for me to get the food out. Being early in the day, no pigeons to challenge them for the food!

Others came over when I started to feed and have a chinwag with them.

3Wed08I finished up the food stocks and said some words of farewell, I can’t remember exactly what, though.

WD 0.31.0 And as I turned to depart, a lady and her little daughter were right behind me. She was giving me a look that said; “Hello, I’ve got a right one here!”

Embarrassed, I muttered Good Morning, and the woman grabbed her daughter and rushed away, nearly tipping her pushchair over. Oh, heck!

3Wed10As I walked towards Arnold, the rain came on heavier.

I took yet another photo of the traffic. I’m not sure why I keep making these shots? I suppose the colour contrast? When they come out alright anyway.

3Wed11I got into the shopping but it was still before 0900hrs, and some of the shops were not yet opened up.

WD 0.31.0 Another little mystery. How the heck, did I get there so quickly?

I made my way to the Asda (Walmart) store, where I started a large shopping session. By the time I got to the self-serve area, I had in the overloaded basket: Pressies and nibble consisting of, Rum Truffles, croissants, cakes, DVDs, chocolates and cheese wiggles. Also, vine tomatoes, pickled eggs, beetroots, desserts (Custard and jelly, naughty), and potato cakes. After few cock-ups that needed 3Wed12assistance from the bloke on duty, I paid the £43.37 and departed out into the rain.

There was some time before the bus was due, so I waddled over the road to a charity shop and had a nosey around.

Ended up buying another DVD. As if I needed it. Oy Vey!

3Wed12aI arrived at the bus stop in plenty of time.

WD 0.31.0 I got underneath the shelter to await the arrival of the L9. Only to find out that the roof was leaking, and I got rain dripping down through the cracks onto my neck and back! Ah-Well!

3Wed12aaOn the bus and was back at the flats in forty minutes.

The weather was getting dar kand murky again en route.

Amazingly,  when we arrived at the flats, there were no tenants waiting to get on the bus. A first for me that is!

Not a soul in sight as I made my way back to the apartment. Got in, tended to an SSWW, washed my hands and into the kitchen. Got the fodder put away and the pressies and nibbles in the spare room.

Did the health Checks.

On the computer to update this blog, which cost me three hours to get up to here with it.

Updated the Facebook photo albums again.

Got a lot on tomorrow. Dentist, Social Hour, Clinic, Morrison delivery… Hey-ho!

3Wed28Got the nosh sorted.

I scored this one only a 7.4/10 for Taste Rating.

Because the chips were insipid, and the beetroots reminiscent of the ball bearings I used to catapult when I was a nipper, but a little harder! Hehehe!

Did the last Health Checks and made a sign and hung it over the TV screen. To remind me of the jobs to do tomorrow, especially the greedy, vicious, superior-minded, nasty, money-mad, antisocial with me, dentist.


Inchcock Today – Tuesday 20th November 2018: Weevils counter attack! Warfarin blood test – out shopping. Had many chinwags today, which I liked.


Tuesday 20th November 2018

Japanese: 2018年11月20日火曜日

2350hrs: I woke aware of the continuity of my minds utter confusion. It’s vain attempts to disentangle, organise or even comprehend what the stampeding, macaronic imbroglio of regular, with the odd inopinate thoughts of fears, needs, desires, misunderstanding, jealousies and self-loathing that were once again permeating my poor tortured brain. Blimey, did I type that?

Slowly the mind returned to its regular lackadaisical, gutless, listless beyond-caring mode. Phew! I don’t know what happens during my so-called hours of sleep, but I’m sure that there is little real rest attained. I think I might have been fitted with an Energizer Ultimate Lithium+ ticker battery at the hospital in mistake for one Asda’s own label. Hehehe!

I freed my body with is saggy,  flaccid, gone to seed stomach from the £300 second-hand recliner, and made my way to the wet room. Onto the Porcelain Throne, the evacuations was a big one this morning, but still a bit messy. I managed to read a couple of pages of the Clarkson bio book.

2Tue06WD128.0.0 I spotted the odd Evil Ironclad boll weevil biting beetle on the flooring of the wet room. All dead.

I keep a can of the Bug Killer Spray in each room, so I distributed the contents over the floor, coughed a bit, and set off on a reconnoitre, giving each room the once-over.

2Tue04In the spare room, I could only find a few baby evil Ironclad boll weevil biting beetles. Worryingly, though tiny, they were live ones.

The spray was used again. But my attack was a failure as it blew away a few of the beasts, the rest disappeared in the cracks in the sealing on the new window frames and shelf. One up to the Weevils this time! Haha!

2Tue05To the kitchen, I only found three weevils in there. One a live one.

More deadly bug spray was distributed.

WD128.0.0 They are so very smart and cunning these damned Evil Ironclad boll weevil biting beetles, you know. They keep fooling me into believing they are on the wain, retreating or dead. Then they appear again with reinforcements and counter attack! I have learnt to keep spraying several times a day, of course, the bug killer may kill me before it does for them. Tsk! If I live, the Bank Manager will be after me for the fortune I’m spending on Rentokil, Raid and Sanmex bug killer sprays.

After I had stopped coughing, I went back to the wet room for a hand-washing session.

Did the Health Checks, and I took the medications.


2Tue02fThe note I’d left on the TV screen reminded me about the early morning appointment I requested for my blood test appointment, was for 0700hrs!

I wish they could do this regularly, or even everytime. It suits me down to the ground, although if there is snow on the ground, then it would not be suitable. Hehe!

2Tue03Got the computer going and updated the Excel Warfarin blood test page.

The got the photographs from the camera to use on updating yesterdays Inchcock Today.

Took me a few hours to get done and posted off.

By which time I had to get a move on and start this one off, as the time was rushing by and I need to have everything done for 0500hrs, so I can out for my walk to the surgery at 0600hrs to allow myself time to arrive in time. Not knowing how the ailments will be with me on the hobble has to be taken into consideration. Did you see that? I was making plans and thinking. Amazing! Hehehe!

Off to the wet room to get the ablutions sorted and had an SSWW.

2Tue09Dropped two black bags down the waste chute on the way out.

The early morning (o6oohrs) was damp, dank and with a fantastic colouration and hue.

I poddled along Chestnut Walk, it was silent, without seeing a soul or animal. I realised I could not hear any birds singing.

WD128.0.0 I had not got the hearing aids either! Schlemiel!

The scenery as I walked down Winchester Street, was absolutely beautiful.

Not too cold or windy.

A few people were walking up the hill.

The walk up the hill along Mansfield Road and down into Carrington produced some wonderful photos.

Arrived at the Sherrington Park Surgery at 0650hrs for the 0700hrs appointment.

The inner door was still locked, so I got the crossword book out.

0713hrs, the door was opened. I carried on with the crosswords inside.

Pleasingly, Nurse Nichole fetched me and took the blood. We managed a little chinwag and laugh, cause it took a while for the blood to stop flowing today. Thanked her and handed over the nibbles. Left some for the other staff on reception as I departed.

The hobble into Sherwood produce some more, not so colourful as the day dawned, pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2Tue12I got some bits from the shop, Croissants, bread, cooked Polish meats, and a few potatoes.

As I turned into Winchester Street Hill, the skyline was unquestionably one of the most stunning I’ve seen in a long time, here or elsewhere, I thought.

WD128.0.0 Back-Pain Brenda started to play up as I hobbled up the incline.

A little farther up the hill I crossed the road and took another shot of it, zoomed in more and tried a panorama shot, thus losing three-quarters of a car. Hehe!


Back in the flat, I put away the fodder and got on with updating this.

Out to catch the bus. Most pleasant nattering sessions in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Generaloberstesses Wardens Temporary HQ. WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationalistic Area. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Crockery and pottery to be stolen from location, and residents porta-cabin.

A big crowd of Winwood Heights residents at the bus stop. More chinwags. Mary, Caroline, Angela, etc. Nattered with Mary on the bus to Arnold. Where I dropped off and went to talk to and feed the Mallard Ducks and pigeons in Arnot Hill Park.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Walked into Arnold and called into the Wilko store. Got some cashew nuts, jelly babies and cleaners. When I came out, it was drizzling a bit. Walked to the Chambers cooked meat shop to investigate if they had any of their home-made roast belly pork on display. They did, but it was far too fatty.

The rain stopped as I hobbled along to the Asda (Walmart) superstore. I bought some more cooked chestnuts, they only had four packs left on the shelves, so I took them all. There was a decent use by date on them. Two lemon yoghourts. Potatoe slices. Bits, for the nibble box. Wholemeal flatbreads for the freezer. Fresh tomatoes. Best of all, they had some of the Lemoncello Desserts in stock again. They really are irresistible to me!

WD128.0.0 Paid at the self-serve checkouts, well, after a bit of a farce or two, I did! I kept doing something wrong, and the red light came on. I’d put the full basket on the wrong side of the machine. So I moved to the next free till, as there was no sign of any assistance arriving. Cocked that one up too! Don’t know what I did wrong, though. Two assistants at the far end stood chinwagging and showing no interest in all the red lights I’d set off… So I moved to a third till! Ah, this one worked!

2Tue15cRushed as best I could, out into the rain and got to the bus stop shelter. The L9 was due in two minutes, according to the electronic signboard. So I only just made it in time. The L9 arrived fifteen minutes later.

Mary was on the bus, so I sat next to her for a gossiping session all the way back to the flats.

When we arrived in Sherwood, the rain had 2Tue15dstopped again, and Roy from the flats got on, and I took this cunningly clandestine snap of him as he did so. Haha!

Walked with Mary back to Woodthorpe Court. Mary is moving in a couple of days, up to a single flat on the fifteenth top floor. She says its beautiful, and already carpeted as well. Pleased for her I am.

Into the flat, and I had an SSWW (Short Sharp Wee-Wee). Put the fodder purchase away and did the Health Checks, then took the medications.

2Tue15eI put some seasoned sliced potatoes in the oven.

Made some Sopoka pork loin sandwiches, added sliced mini tomatoes, pickled gherkins, chestnuts and roast dried onions to the plate.

Lemon and lime flavoured spring water and a pot of the Lemoncello Dessert (Ingredients: Water , Glucose Syrup , Sponge Biscuits (12%) [Pasteurised Free Range Whole Egg, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Dextrose, Emulsifier (Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids), Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Raising Agents (Diphosphates, Sodium Carbonates)] , Whipping Cream (Milk) (9.1%) , Limoncello Liqueur (8.5%) [Water, Glucose Syrup, Alcohol, Flavourings] , Sugar , Lemon Juice (7.6%) , Mascarpone Cheese (Milk) (5.4%) , Skimmed Milk Powder , Coconut Oil , Candied Lemon Zest (2.1%) [Lemon Zest, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Sugar, Lemon Juice] , Marsala Wine , Pasteurised Free Range Egg Yolk , Cornflour , Citrus Fibre , Thickener (Carrageenan) , Emulsifier (Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids) , Gelling Agents (Pectins) , Flavourings , Preservative (Potassium Sorbate) , Colour (Carotenes) , Lemon Concentrate , Safflower Extract. But the still taste just grand, to me! Hehe!

Washed the pots and did the last Health Checks. Had an SSWW.

Got the TV on, I think ten minutes into the programme, I nodded off. Had a dream about me drowning, fell out of a boat on a canal.

Sprang awake with a start! Passed wind from the rear end. This alone encouraged me to get up… realised as I emancipated my corpulent, overweight body from the £300 second-hand recliner, it was only 21:30hrs!

I stayed up. Tsk!


Inchcock – Tue 13 Nov 2018:


Lona receives her pressies from Gerry. ♥


Tuesday 13th November 2018

Welsh: Dydd Mawrth 13 Tachwedd 2018

2245hrs: I woke with the mind full of a confused, farraginous mixture of unrelated things, thoughts, and fears. As these annoying worries permeated the brain, somehow or other the jumble cleared.

WD54.39.1 To be replaced with the sudden recollection that I had not taken last nights medications!

So, to be sure of this, I disentangled my worryingly ischemia looking torso with its humungous belly attached, from the £300 second-hand recliner. I made a toe-stubbing and Dizzy Spell free hobble to the kitchen and inspected the dosage pots.

WD54.39.1 Had to have a wee-wee en route. Noting, that the damned Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles were back again!

WD54.39.1 Off to the kitchen, finding that the brain was right; I had not taken last nights medications. I then took last night’s as well as this morning, at the same time, together… Hehe! Taking care, not to duplicate the Trental blood release tablets, Codeine, and Beta-blockers of course.

2Tue06WD54.39.1 Then, on to an Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle patrol. The results were disappointing, to say the least. Apparently, a Counter Attack had been in progress!

The wet room revealed so many of the little, minuscule baby-weevils, it was impossible to count them all. Grumph! They were spread thinly over most of the floor, with a few that had somehow got up to the sink and had fallen in, or gone for a swim… Hehehe!, in the caustic soda water where the medical cloths were soaking. I finished off one of the Sanmex Bug Killer Sprays.

2Tue02fWD54.39.1 Then off to inspect the spare room. Well, what a revelation there, too! There were adults and tiny young Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles, actually inside an unopened pack of three kitchen towels! All dead I thought, they must be… But no! When I part opened the package, many of them scattered. I adopted my “Brutal-Killer-Mode!” Out came the can of ‘Raid Bug Killer’ and I used it all up, then fetched another Sanmex spray from my arsenal draw in the front room, and used up half of that on the illegal immigrant, alien Weevils! I was soon coughing with the spray use, myself!

2Tue03WD54.39.1 I moved on to check the unwanted light and view-limiting new window ledge, where I usually find a few dead ones from my previous bug-spraying mission.

I had about ten or so near the right holes in the newly installed ledge, this time I found just the one live one. I’ve Christened this Weevil, Usain Bolt, because of the speed with which he shot away! I’ll get him one day. Haha! The kitchen Weevil-2Tue08aReconnoitre showed up only dead baby Curculionoidea, around ten or twelve of them.

By the time I’d finished countering the resurgent Weevil attack, and coughing a lot, I’d used up two what were full cans of spray. On Sanmex and one Rentokil!

I guess anyone could tell which was my recycling bag? Hehe!

Wiped the overspray areas that I knew of, then I washed the hands and got on with the belated Health Checks.


A bit concerning to me, the Sys and Dia on the way back up again. I’ll mention this to the nurse later at the INR Warfarin blood test.

I got on with completing yesterdays diary. This took me ages, as my falling asleep so soon on Monday prevented me doing any work on it then. All done, I posted it off to WordPress and then went on their Reader section. Some good stuff on there this visit.

I went on Facebooking to add to my picture albums. Visited the TFZer site. Hours later I finished on TFZing.

2Tue09Mug of tea and a few (Honestly, only a few) Scottish Shorties biscuits.

Off for a short-sharp-wee-wee.

WD54.39.1 More damned Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles found on the cloth that was drying! Oy GevaltWill I survive the bug spray overspill long enough for me to see an end to them?

2Tue10The morning skies hue had changed dramatically, and I just had to photographicalise the view from the window. Gorgeous!

Ablutions were tended to, and the medicationalisationings were also done.

I took the black bags to the waste chute.

2Tue10aReadied the nurse’s nibbles and paperwork, and off out into the cold sunshine. Taking this shot from the end of Chestnut Walk as I limped along. Bit of a moody one, I thought?

To the end of the road and a right down Winchester Street hill.

Passing the Mystery Boots, still in the bin?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2Tue12WD54.39.1 Further down the hill, another of the thoughtless, imbecilic nasty Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclists shot by me! How he did not knock me, I don’t know he was so close! Git! Flipping psychopathic Pavement Cyclists! I’m losing faith in Christianity. One thing in years I ask for, just one thing; and he ignores me! I suppose wishing for someone to fall off his bike and end up under the bus’s wheels, was asking a lot and slightly naughty? I 2Tue12aassume I’ll be right up-the-creek now for getting through St Peter’s Gate as well. Tsk!

A few hundred yards up Mansfield Road, yet another Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist did the same thing, only this one from the front. I turned to snap a photograph, but he’d disappeared?

2Tue12bUp the hill with a certain gusto this morning. Well, I say Gusto… perhaps ‘I hobbled a little less slowly’ would be more suitable. Haha!

The traffic was starting building for the rush hour jams, as usual. The sun was breaking through more often as well, but there was no heat in it much.

2Tue12cApproaching the Sherrington Medical Practice premises… By the way, they gave it that new name some years ago, because they serve Sherwood & Carrington so used a mix of both locations. Just thought I’d mention it! Now, what was I going to type… No, it’s gone, now! My memory is h’arev!

Anyway, I got in and to the reception desk, and booked in with the lovely lady, in plenty of time 0835hrs. Got the crossword book out, and very glad I had it with me. It was about 0920hrs by the time I was summoned for my blood test.

WD54.39.1 It was not Nurse Nichole on duty! (I hid the tears and put on a brave face!) Nurse Ann said she was sorry I was kept waiting, they had just had a meeting? She got the blood taken without telling me off about anything at all. Worrying that, it’s unnatural! I gave her, her nibbles and thanked her. Dropped some fodder-nibbles off for the receptionists on the way out.

AS I got on Mansfield Road, I decided to call as Lidl, to see if they had any of the cooked chestnuts in stock again. They hadn’t of course. I still came out with fodder though. Crispy fried onions, Airwick air freshener, Almond Macaroons for the nibble box and some Cox’s apples, minus £6.25, Hehe! Humph! This annoyed me, and I decided to cheer myself up, by catching the bus to Bulwell to search for some chestnuts, and feed and gossip with the Mallards.

2Tue12dCaught the bus, and was dropping off in Bulwell within an hour. Calling in the Tesco Extra store near the bus stop, confident that I would get some cooked chestnuts and pork knuckle, this cheered me up! I came out with chickpeas and cheese baps.

I left disappointed and walked into Bulwell from the opposite end to what I would normally.

I called in the Fulton Food stores and got some pork with stuffing slices.

2Tue12eThen through the Market Place, a sad sight.

I called into the Poundland shop and foolishly decided to stock up and get some food for the ducks. Coming out with more Sanmex Bug Killer sprays and suet pellets. £9 worse off now. Tsk!

The pleasurable bit of the day next, I went over the road to the river Leen, and had a great time talking to the Mallards Much to the amusement of people watching, and fed them and the pigeons. Both lots of birds being harassed by the seagulls occasionally.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2Tue15cI caught a tram back to Nottingham City Centre.

Took this interesting picture, at least I thought it might be for anyone not familiar with Bulwell. IT is the new station bridge, with Saint Mary the Virgin & All Souls Church in the background.

The tram arrived in minutes. I did not enjoy the scramble to get a seat, amidst the rush. But I got one. 2Tue15dThen at the next stop, 50% of the passengers alighted? Spotting various bits of Nottinghamian Artwork on the seats, floors and near the doors.

This pear is the only one I could take clandestinely enough so as not to upset the seat standing on and swearing threateningly other passengers.

I got off in town and thought I’d try one more time to get some cooked chestnuts and pork knuckle, from the Tesco Metro this time in Victoria Centre. I got there with hopes high again. Only for them to be shattered again. They had none of either! I must try to get to Asda and try them soon. I came out with potato cakes, bread thins for the freezer and pork slices.

2Tue15eWalked through the mall and out onto Parliament Street.

Took this snap of Clumber Street East, with a few early Christmas shoppers, pickpockets, muggers, alcoholics and druggies, no doubt. Plainly, there were no police officers seen again.

Then I decided to try the City Poundland store, 2Tue15fjust in case they had any chestnuts on sale. They hadn’t, but I came out with a pork pie, Ritz crackers and some nibbles for the social hour box. I was struggling now with all the weight I had in the two bags.

I made my way to the Queen Street bus stop, where I spotted this jogger using the middle of the road?

2Tue15gThey just don’t care these Nottinghamian citizens, do they?

Etiquette, good manners, empathy, acceptable behaviour, decency, courtesy, politeness, civility, conformity, politesse, morality, ethics, and couthness, have all but died a death now, sadly!

I blame Brexit you know. Hehehe!

Caught the bus and the second spell of contentment and joy began at the next bus stop; Penny and Margaret with her hubby got on the bus. I fear the conversations were a little one-sided. Most of the time I kept asking Penny, sat behind me, what it was that Margaret had said! The hearing aid batteries were dying. Humph! But from what Penny told me, and bits I picked-up, I think it was a humorous and fun chinwagging session.

Back at the flats, we parted, and Jenny and I limped back to Woodthorpe Court, having a little natter which I enjoyed with Jenny.

Into the flat and I took a long-sharp-wee-wee this time. Hehehe!

2Tue15hDid the Health Checks and got the fodder unloaded and put away.

Then got some mushrooms in the saucepan with balsamic vinegar and herbs in the water and on the simmer.

The updating of this post was draining, but I enjoyed doing it. I stopped and made a blog up of the Mallard visit, a pictorial one.

2Tue16Took this picture of twelve floors down outside, of the workers, working!

Late now, but I wanted to update this blog before settling for a meal. Although it will mean my waking so much later. By the time I got the update done, it was two hours beyond my usual falling asleep time.

2Tue17So I did the last Health Checks, made sure I took the evening medication too, then got the nosh prepared. Taking this photograph of the fantastic evening sky.

The meal, I served in one of the divided plastic plates. Or I should say, to be correct; The terrible meal, I served in one of the divided plastic plates.

2useThe tomatoes, pork and pickled egg were alright, the rest for some reason did not?

A flavour rating of 4.3/10 awarded. I suspect this might have been due to my overtiredness, feeling fatigued and unaccountable irritability with myself.

I threw away most of the nosh. Got the pots washed. Had a short-sharp-wee-wee and got settled in the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some TV.

I was soon asleep.

Inchcocks Trip to the River Leen in Bulwell – Photographicalisations of his beloved Mallards and Pigeons as he fed and gossiped with them!


Inchcock went off again, to visit his Mallards (Anas platyrhynchos Anatidae Anseriformes Aves). Today he went to Bulwell’s river Leen Mallard population. A slightly more aggressive band of ducks. But then again, they have to put up with thousands of pigeons stealing their food, and being attacked and mugged by the seagulls. He does love them. Bless em!







‘Nemo Mortalium Omnibus Horis Sapit’

Inchcock – Fri 9 Nov 2018: Whoopsiedangleplops on waking. Weevil War continues. Had a good hobble out. Pavement Cyclist Threats. Some great nattering session, too!


TFZers Joycie and Keith living it up – Lucky Keith!

Friday 9th November 2018

German: Freitag, 9 November 2018

2240hrs: I sprang into semi-life, proffering I think, an involuntary and audible muttering of “Hurrerbglobwot” which was my expergefactor for today.

The brain, although a little wayward, seemed to seemed to have activated at the same time as my physical activity began… which was trying to catch the TV remote control as it slid off of my superfluous and over my generously-sized wobbly abdominal region.

5Fri006WD0.0.128 The farcicalness began…

  • The right leg slipped off of the Ottoman, and my heel clouted against the metal workings of the £300 second-hand recliner.
  • I slid (Well, rolled in a blubbery fashion) down towards the floor, put my hand out to limit any possible upcoming damage, and I missed the Ottoman, hence giving myself a little painful, but what turned out to be a very pretty, fetching purple-like coloured wherret on the right chin.
  • Getting back up, I banged my left knee on the recliner arm.

However, all was not as bad as it at first seemed. Despite the Accifauxpas, none of the ailments appeared to have been set off. Not even, Arthur Itis, Back-Pain-Brenda or Hippy Hilda? No complaints from me!

I hobbled delicately to the wet room for a wee-wee. Then to the kitchen, to take the medications, do the Health Checks and take a photograph of my newly acquired welt. Hehe!


The weight had gone up a smidge again. I decided to have a decently distanced hobble later today. Although, the weather forecast made me think twice about this. I got the computer on and took a look at the forecast for Nottingham.


5Fri08High winds, but the rain is not due until 1900hrs, so it should be safe for me to have a hobble, might try to have a chinwag and feed the ducks again.

I got the Thursday Diary updated and sent off to WordPress.

Had a wee-wee, and noticed the absence of Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles, well, not free of them, but there were only three juvenile weevil bodies in the whole wet room! Cheered by this, I decided it still needed to have a reconnoitering reconnaissance, perlustration… So I did, with Bug Killer Sprays to hand! Just as well!


Dead weevils in the kitchen doorway again, not too many. But I still gave a dollop of spray all around. Off to the spare room, where one live weevil and several deceased were located on the new unwanted, cosmetically now ruined by the bug spraying windows shelf. More spraying and coughing took place. Hehe!

5Fri001Back to the kitchen to make a brew of tea.

I found just one more Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle, that was not there ten minutes earlier? It was on the way to Weevil-Heaven, so the spraying must have taken effect quickly enough.

I then notice a few tiny weevils as well, all on the top of the stove.

5Fri08aWent on the TFZ Facebooking site.

Got the ablutions sorted, and changed ready to go on my hobble to see the Mallards (Anas platyrhynchos Anatidae Anseriformes Aves).

I decided to buy some extra food while I was out, for the Mallards, as I hope to get to visit them over the holiday period, wither at Arnot Hill Park, or the Nottingham Arboretum.

Got the bags ready, checked I had everything, and went to collect the hearing aids from the front room…

WD0.0.128 I tripped on the carpet and visited the floor. The unfortunate bit about it was my landing on the Picker-Upper stick, and breaking it!

What a schlemiel! 

So I added a new Picker-Upper tool on the shopping list!

5Fri09Set off down to go on the Mallard mission. I met a couple of resident gals, and had a chinwag for a while, before setting out form the foyer and taking this parting shot of all three courts. Woodthorpe, the New Extra Care Unit and Winchester Cathedral… no, I mean Court. Hahaha!

A smidge overcast5Fri10, but the weather was not too cold.

I set off on my Marathon Hobble, up the gravel path hill, and into Woodthorpe Grange Park.

Anne Gyna kicked off but soon left me when I got on the level ground at the top. Where I spotted two squirrels, seemingly playing on and around a tree. Bootiful!

Not the best of photographs, but I had to take them quickly as soon as they stopped jumping about. Bless them.


5Fri014This cheered me up.

I got onto Mansfield Road and turned right towards Daybrook.

And found myself singing away as I ambled along.

But not for long.

5Fri015This Herbert of a Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist all but hit me as he went by from behind at I estimate, as 20 mph!

I shouted out to the uncaring villain. But his speed was so great there was no chance of his hearing my voice. I had to zoom in to get a shot of him. The Kvetch!

5Fri016Ten minutes further along the road, and another Herbert came cycling towards me from the other direction on the footpath.

As he got level with me and about three feet away, I just said to him; “Thanks for that, mate!”. In reply, he questioned my parentage with one word! Oh, dear!

The ailments continued to be kind to me, and I got a bit of a pace going.

Unfortunately, I was not quick enough to get a photograph of the next Nottinghamiam PAvement Cyclist who came from behind in a few hundred yards further along the road. He was riding a three-wheeled yellow painted bike, or I should say tricycle, and pulling a trailer behind, also painted yellow. He magically disappeared, too; I know not where!

Eventually, I arrived at the Arnot Hill Park Pond. Where I enjoyed a natter and feeding the Mallards and other types of ducks I’d not seen there before. Temporary immigrant ducks, perhaps? I took these photographs of them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I walked into Arnold, I had 50-minutes before the next bus home arrives. 

5Fri019aSo I had a shop around to find the best bird food to stock up on. I called in the Wilko store and got some plain and Niger seeds for the birds, and £6 lighter in the pocket.

Then to the Saver shop, but they still had not got any of the cheapo Haemorrhoid Cream, Lemon Sprays or Strong black bags in stock. Tsk!

Then on to Asda, where I took a leisurely walk around, being tempted to things I could do without well-enough! Schlemiel! I bought mint sauce, vinegar, pickled eggs, a turnip, chestnuts, more bird seed, a packet of Scottish Shorties, a lemon dessert, two bread rolls and some beetroot. I used the self-service tills, but on this occasion needed assistance twice from the lady supervising. Tsk!

It was still too early for the bus home, so I limped to the Fulton Food Store. I came out with some Social Hour raffle prize nibbles, and some beef chunks. Only £4.29 spent in there.

5Fri20Then I remembered the  Picker-Upperer. So I called at the Seacroft Mobility shop. I bought a Revo Reacher 32″. £15 spent on it.

I went to the bus stop and waited for the L9 bus. Got on with the heavy bags, and took out the Crossword book. Cyndy got on later, and I put the crossword book away. I wonderful nattering session and laugh later, we arrived back at the flats. Cyndy offered to carry one of the bags for me. bless her cotton socks. More laughter and gossip as we made our way to the lift. Said my farewells and thanked her, to the apartment and a much-needed wee-wee was taken. Haha!

I put the purchases away. Then checked without opening the lid, on the carrots and peas I’d left on in the slow cooker, looked alright. Got the oven warming and then got on with updating this blog. Put the lamb loin in an oven dish ready to go in the oven later.

Did the Health Checks and medications were taken. Returned to the updating of this post.

For some reason, Duodenal Donald kicked-off.

5Fri34Got the nosh served up.

Lamb Chump Steaks with lemon and mint. Carrots, peas, pickled gherkins, caramelised beetroot, red and yellow tomatoes. (I added a little extra mint to the lamb and peas).

Two small crusty rolls with some Light Lurpak butter.

And something new to me, a Limoncello Dessert. I enjoyed the meal and the sweet. The lamb was excellent, if expensive. A Flavour Rating of a deserved 9.56/10 given!

6Sat10Having eaten it all up, not a crumb left on the plate, I went to wash the pots, and read the ingredients of the Limoncello!

Just take a look at the contents listing here, please.

Had I read this beforehand, I might not have bought it. All the same, it did go down well! Even if the largest ingredient was water! Hehehe!

I put on a Jean-Claude Van Damme DVD film that I bought years ago and have not got around to watching. Titled, Double-Team. I still haven’t watched it… I kept dropping off and rewinding. Not that it wasn’t a good film. The odd bits I saw were entertaining and fun. I was just too drained and weary. I gave up, turned everything off and was in the land of Nod in minutes! Ahh, nice!