Inchcock Fri 23 Nov 2018: Porcelain Throne altercation. Chinwags enjoyed. More shopping… Sad innit?


Friday 23rd November 2018

Macedonian: Петок 23 Ноември 2018

After repeatedly waking and nodding off again, I gave up any thoughts of further sleep at 01:00hrs, and to my surprise found the ailments in a good mood (Apart from Back-Pain-Brenda) and extracted my repugnantly obese wobbly stomach and body from the £300 second-hand recliner, and made my way to the Porcelain Throne.

2Tue03 The evacuation was like I imagine Intrusive Magma would be inside a volcano! Dense and hot! I’ll have to get to the doctors, I’ll Email them for an urgent appointment. I’ll do it now. Back in a bit. Done it. That was not a pleasant experience, bleeding too. Ah-well!

Got the hands and surfaces antisepticated and into the kitchen to make a brew and do the Health Checks.


5Fri001The results, again, apart from the weight, all looked good to me.

Took the medications and went on an Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles (EIBWBBBs) seek & destroy mission. The results were hopeful this time. Spare Room: only three dead ones. Wet Room: six dead, one live one. The Kitchen: just four dead carcasses. Am I winning at last? Fingers crossed.

5Fri002The view from the kitchen window was its usual self. But with the moon unseeable today. Perhaps more mist and fog is due?

I’ll have a look on the Google Weather thingamabob later.

Made a brew of Yorkshire Tea and to the 1963 G-Plan cabinet and got the computer going.

5Fri003Had a gander at the Nottingham Weather forecast. No mention of mist or fog on it.

Had another SSWW.

Went on the WordPress Reader, again some good stuff on there.

Got the photographs prepped on CorelDraw and got the min the Wednesday blog, and updated it. Long busy day yesterday, it took me until 0500hrs to get it all done and posted off to WordPress.

Had another SSWW. Made another brew, then began to create this post.

The rear-end is still stinging a bit. Humph!

I thought about getting out for a bit of a hobble, I’ve not had one for days now.

On to CorelDraw to work on the page top graphics.

Tended to the ablutions. Feeling a lot better in myself now.

I got things ready and set out to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Cat-walk model Wardens Temporary HQ. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. 5Fri003aWhere things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin.

On my way, I spotted Willmott Dixon’s Ian Incharge, and took this zoomed-in photo.

Some tenants joined me there and in the bus queue later. Cyndy, Mary, May, Doreen, Ray, Welsh William, and other neighbours. Caroline from the care-home joined us. Much nattering listened to, and a few laughs enjoyed.

More chinwagging on the bus to Arnold, Welsh William and Caroline both going all the way with me. I could have put that better… Hehehe!

5Fri004Dropped off in Arnold called in two shops to try and get some foot spray. Boyes and the Saver Store. But neither had any in stock.

I walk up to the Asda Walmart store, and came out with more stuff than I went in for! Two jam filled mini-croissants (One for me, the other for the nibble-box), a bottle of orange squash to be added to the spring water, I got another pack of two of the Limoncello desserts definitely for me, Hehe! Potato scones, rum truffles for raffle prizes, a turnip, chestnuts, potato slices and a bag of jelly babies.

2Tue03 I went to pay at the self-serve checkouts. I had fifteen minutes before the bus arrived, so I thought there was no rush… How wrong I was, I’d forgotten about the till’s red light flashing! I was trying to find the button to press for the turnip at the time. There was only one assistant on the self-serve till area, and it was a good ten minutes before she could work her way through the multitude of red flashing lights to get to me. I felt a bit sorry for the gal, so I kept patient. As her experienced fingers flashed through the procedure of rectifying whatever the problem was, she said: “I don’t know why it did that!”, and she rushed off to assist another frustrated customer. Poor gal!

5Fri006I finished off the tilling, paid up, and by then I had missed the bus. So, I took a walk up Front Street.

I popped into the Fulton Food Store and had a potter around. I came out with beef chunks, a bottle of sterilised milk and sliced gherkins. The bag was pretty heavy by now.

I walked along to investigate what was going on 5Fri08down the road, I could see an emergency ambulance up on the pavement.

I saw these children, with their nursery or school cares walking them along. 

I thought the idea of their having cork rings attached to the end of strong cords and letting each child hold a ring, was a good idea.

5Fri08aRides, stalls and mobile takeaways were setting up.

They seem to have blocked off the road to traffic. This will do a lot to help the retailers already struggling!

This is the area in which two young men on a scooter chased after another youth at 1530hrs on Wednesday 22nd November, brandishing a knife. 16-year-old arrested

5Fri09I made my way to the L9 bus stop on High Street.

It was getting really cold now, with the odd spot of rain spitting in the air.

Arrived back at the flats, and with a quick natter with folks getting on the bus, I made my way back to Woodthorpe Court and an SSWW.

Did the health Checks, then thought about preparing the meal.

2Tue03 But discovered the small potatoes I’d left cooking in the crock-pot, were on low and not auto. So, they were still hard! Shmegegge! So, I transferred the potatoes into a saucepan and got them boiling and simmered for a while. Added some balsamic vinegar and garden peas to it later.

5Fri10Prepped the plate with the cold food, slice of pork pie, gherkins, tomatoes, sliced apple and shredded beetroot and ham offcuts. Added the potatoes and peas when cooked.

A Lemincello dessert and some of the drink-mix I’ve coming to enjoy. I use the old fresh orange juice bottles and wash them after using them. Spring water with an added splash of orange concentrate or cordial. The potatoes were not very good, but that’s not surprising after my messing about with them. A Flavour Rating of 8.8/10, it would have been higher but for the potato cock-up. Hehe!

I did the last Health Checks and took the medications earlier than usual, for my EQ told me I was going to no-off quickly? And, I did!


Inchcock Today. Tuesday 29th November 2016: Cold and lonely day, late Whoopsiedangleplop. Tsk!


Tuesday 29th November 2016

In Finnish: Tiistai 29 Marraskuu 2016

0345hrs: Woke late, not surprising with the marathon hobble I had yesterday. Recalled bits of dreams, I was in a cellar (Again), and being beaten with hot rods and made to read Hitler’s false diaries while hanging on the wall chains. That’s all I remember.

I extricated myself from the £300 second-hand recliner chair, coming across a melted chocolate cashew nut on me jammies, knocked the headphones I’d not noticed onto the carpet and off for a WRHD session of great pain, but not 2tue001amuch bleeding this time. Returned and cleaned up a bit.

Made a brew, WRWW again and took the morning medications.

And boy, is it cold this morning!

Outside 24°f (-3.2°c) and in the kitchen 54°f (12°c).

2tue01Brrr! Got the new thick socks on, that helped a bit. Can’t complain at £1 a pair, can I?

Although, knowing my luck, the first time I wash them they’ll shrink to a glove-fitting size. Humph!

St Andrews day tomorrow, so I got on with doing graphics to celebrate it for Suzieann Smith and Duncan Robertson, two wonderfully caring people and cyber friends. I’ll use it on tomorrow diary. Then updated the journals.

2tue032tue01aPopped onto the scales.

Very pleased, when I compared them to last months one on the left. Although, after yesterday’s marathon, and I did strip off today when I weighed myself and the time before, I had some clothes on. Maybe not so pleased after all? But better than going up I reckon.

2tue04Started the Crock-Pot vegetables off. Carrots, leeks, onions, tomatoes and parsnips.

I wasn’t sure if I could cook using sauces in the Crock-Pot, but I gave it a go. Black bean sauce, vinegar, oregano, Bisto vegetable flavouring, some Marmite and sea salt added. Must remember to keep stirring up the concoction.

2tue06Did some more Facebooking and graphics, etc.

I went into the kitchen to stir the Crock-Pot and make another mug of tea, and noticed outside, this lady on the right giving lessons about dog control I think to the others. As soon she left with her dog, the other two ha da devil of a job getting theirs to come back to them. Hehe!

Carried on graphicationalisationing and Facebooking until 1055hrs, when I started my ablutions. Used the scented Dettol soap today.

Ambled hopefully to see Olive, but she was out. Might be her Scrabble day? Disappointed.

2tue07Stirred the Crock-pot. Then I returned and took the empty jars to the bottle bank.

Took a photograph of the bins, but once again the red spots appeared? Spoilt the whole picture. I wonder what it is I’m doing wrong?

Then again, I often wonder this on and over many situations and occurrences. Tsk!

Stood a while looking at the beautiful but dastardly cold view around the apartments. Shivered, broke the wind and returned indoors back up to the flat for another WRHD session.

2tue08Stirred the vegetables and gravy in the Stock-Pot, tried a piece of parsnip and it was still rock hard. This was after nearly four hours in the slow-cooker? I imagined that dong the fodder in gravy as opposed to the usually salted water might be having an effect here?

Turned up the setting to high, kept stirring the stew of sorts, often in between working on the computer, Graphicationalisationing mostly.

Finalising and preparing the fodder.

2tue09Moved the seasoned Crock-Pot vegetables into the saucepan and added some tinned stewed steak in gravy to it. Did the washing of the slow cooker bowl in between stirring the mixture up.

Made a right sticky mess of the porcelain and it took ages to get it cleaned, managed (Whoopsiedangleplop) to cut the right thumb on the concrete like bits of food sticking to the bowl, in the process. Ended up with a stew of sorts, that was enjoyed with some Sourdough bread and a lemon yoghourt.

The TV viewing choices were selected, something was on from 1755hrs through until 2300hrs for me to watch. Of course, I realised the expectancy of getting to the end was not high. Eventually settled and watched Heartbeat that was due to finish at 1900hrs, but nodded-off at the second set of commercial breaks – waking up at 0000hrs!

Inchcock Today Wednesday 16th November 2016: A bleeding awful day, and I’m not using bad language! Hehe!


Wednesday 16th November 2016

In Maori Wenerei 16 Whiringa 2016

0145hrs: Wide awake with a jump: I had a dream, one of my regular ones about being chased, up mountains, over rope bridges and in ditches?

3wed02Out and to the wetroom to have a WRHD session and check on Little Inchy, who I could tell had been bleeding without looking first. The spirits lowered as I cleaned up my bleeding areas, and there were three of them this morning. Cracked lips, Haem Aroids and Little Inchy. I was baffled as to why he’d started off leaking again after so long?

However, moments later it all became clear… I think?

I went in the hallway to get a wooly hat and noticed the INR Blood level return had been delivered, picked it up and then made a brew and took the medications.

3wed03I opened and perused the Anticoagulant Therapy Record log, to find the INR was well over the recommended level at 4.8. The new dosages had been reduced.

This may indicate why Little Inchy is bleeding again so badly?

Fair enough, I might bleed to death today, but on the bright side, the chances of me snuffing it from DVT (deep vein thrombosis) a blood clot, are minimal? Hehehe! I want to go out smiling, please.

I think the human body (Even mine, haha) is amazing really. Apart from Anne Gyna, all my other ailments are being kind to me today. It’s as if they know what needs the most attention on the day?

Got the computer on and updated the diaries.

Checked the emails, many had arrived, including two from the surgery, one advising me of my next INR Blood Test for Monday 21st @ 1120hrs. And one cancelling the haematology appointment for next week. To be rebooked later.

Did a Morrison order to be delivered tomorrow between eight and nine AM.

I could feel Little Inchy getting sorer and sorer as the day went on. Must email for an appointment later at the GP, to get me checked and back on the GUM clinic routine. Humph!

Rubbish being thrown down the waste chute at 0555hrs – Tsk! Doesn’t bother my mind, with me getting up so soon. But I do feel for the others being woken up by the inconsiderate urchin who is doing this.


To be further titivated with little extras before I post this on the TFZers page of Facebook

Facebooking and graphicalisationing got a few more of the TFZer funny ones done.

Well, nearly 0800hrs now, so I’ll shut down and get the ablutions done.

Not looking forward to sorting Little Inchy out, though, but still, got to be done.

I’ll call at the surgery again later on my way out, or in. See if I can get booked in with the GUM clinic again.

Went to see Olive, and she was in good form happiness-wise, but her health was a concern, she was obviously in pain with the hip this time. We had a good chinwag and a cuddle, the hygiene ladies were there, and they joined in the nattering and with Olive in telling me off for various happenings. Hehe!

Back to the flat, things ready and out for a walk to the surgery. The weather was not too cold, other than in the gusts of heavy winds that resided with us all day and night. A few odd spots of rain.

3wed04The GP made a gap to examine Little Inchy (an embarrassing and disconcerting few minutes), she sent off a request for an appointment for me at the GUM clinic, and said I would get a letter or email informing me of the date and time. Thanked her and out to catch a bus into Arnold. Why I caught a bus into Arnold remains a mystery, as I intended to get one to Bulwell?

Did some crossword efforts en route, and dropped off on Front Street, opposite the Fulton Food Store, where I went in and had a wander around looking for bargains, and, I found some too! I got the last four packs of the same brand of PeaRice snacks as Tesco sell ay £1.75 or 2 for £2, selling at 75p each! Then the real gem of a find, Mushroom Risotto in a pot, Uncle Ben’s at £1 each, they only had three left on the shelves, so I got them all. Apparently, to tip the lot into a saucepan of water, boil it then simmer for three-minute. Looking forward to trying these, but I’ll have to be patient cause I have some ready meals coming in the morning with the Morrison delivery and they will have much shorter use-by-dates and need consuming first.

Over the road to have a look in Asda-Walmart to get a TV paper and have a look around, and oh dear… a warm wet sensation from the rear quarters. So I left and went to the toilets in the store to have a look. It was Haem Aroid leaking blood. Cleaned me up best as I could and decided to make for home ASAP. Got to the bus stop and realised I had a 20-minute wait in the bus 3wed05shelter, so I had a walk around the car park, pondering on why all this leaking of blood was occurring.

I noticed the recycling bins had got some plants flowering at the bottom of the blue one. How, this time of year and what they were amazed me? And they were green-leaved?

I presumed the bleeding was so bad due to the high level of INR?

Feeling a little uncomfortable, I made my way back to the bus stop behind the bins in this picture above. The L9 was late, and I was lucky so many other folks wanted it as this caught my attention from foolishly doing a crossword. Tsk!

3wed06I did the crossword again en route.

The fast-moving clouds, now that the wind had got up even stronger suddenly turned white then back to the greyish blue repeatedly.

I was feeling uncomfortable still and was glad when I got back to the flats and into the apartment, where a WRHD session and a good clean up took and change of clothes took place.

An odd feeling of apanthropinization overcame me as I tended to Little Inchy and got the cream applied. I was turning into an obsequious mood, and interest in life dwindled? Horrible feeling!

3wed07Got the meal cooking, not interested in what it was somehow, just got the easiest to prepare, a beef pie, added some mushrooms and sausages and as nice as it looked, it didn’t appeal to me. But I ate most of it.

Settled, TV on and dropped-off.

I woke in what turned out to be about ten minutes and felt a different person? Gone were the self-pity and the recently rampant nullifidian like mood had gone!

An inexplicable, unintelligible mild contentment blessed me.

Life can be very confusing, can’t it?

Inchcock Today Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st September 2016

Tuesday 20th September 2016

Mardi 20 Septembre 2016

After a night of being chased dreams, I woke around 0600hrs and climbed out of the non-working £300 second-hand recliner chair and off for a WRHD session. Not an easy one, maybe the cheese I had with the quiche last night?

Laptop on and made a right mess of my idea for a funny post and gave up. Got yesterday’s Dairy finished off and published.

Made a brew and took the medications, had a WRWW and Arthur Itis was giving the knees some jip! All the walking in the rain yesterday, perhaps?

Checked emails then went on Facebook and CorelDraw, for too many hours.

Got the mixed vegetables on the boil. Anya potatoes in the saucepans and peas and mushrooms cooking in the Crock-Pot.

Did some email checking and decided to get the ablutions done, then sort out the clothes for the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop.

Had a carbolicalisationing session in the shower, only cut my chin twice shaving (Getting flabby around the gills now yer know, hehe), forgot to clean me teggies so went back in and did so. Popped on the scales, but let’s not go into that. Ahem!

Had a walk into Sherwood and forgot to take the camera with me. Tsk! Took the walking stick, but when I got close to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop, the right leg was terribly painful. I waited at the bus stop and returned to the flats.

When I was waiting, I noticed that I’d taken the wrong bag with me anyway! 11b

Two other tenants were there, and they didn’t hold the lift for me as I lagged behind a little. Humph, swines! Fair enough really, they might well have been in desperate need after their time out shopping, and wanting to use the Porcelain themselves. Hehe!

Turned the potatoes up a bit, and Crock-Pot on high. Had a WRWW session, laptop on and updated this hogwash.

2tue03Called on Olive, she was in great form and twinkling! A talk laugh and cuddle and I returned to number 72 and added some lamb gravy granules to the vegetables.

Feeling a bit down suddenly, no rhyme or reason for this as far as I could tell?

I hate it when this happens.

For some reason, I had a search around for the brown missing new belt and the brown umbrella. No luck.

Got some graphics collated to work on later.

2tue04Got the fodder served up in the bowl and tucked into it.

Got the seasoning right this time and the lamb flavour came through nicely too.

I did nibble some nuts later. That sounded healthy, didn’t it? I have to admit they were chocolate covered nuts. Shame mode adopted!

I chose some TV to watch, but the nodding off sessions became rampant, and I gave up to get off to sleep properly… Of course, I couldn’t. Tsk!


Wednesday 21st September 2016

Mercoledì 21 Settembre 2016

0525hrs: Woke, and lay there thinking about the dreams I’d had. Not a lot of detail, but the trend and mood of them seemed clear. In a factory, being chased again, school being bullied, using the old STfm computer and running for election as World President demanding freedom for tea bags and we must all use wooden spoons to stir the brew or something like that?

0600hrs: Instant notification from the bowels that I need a WRHD visit. The £300 Second-Hand recliner worked perfectly to release me, and the session did not go well. Took a good while and it a painful. No blood, though, thankfully this time.

Took an extra Senna with the medications and made a cuppa. Got on with the CorelDraw (Which unfortunately froze and I lost no end of work) to make some graphics for later use.

Did an order for Morrisons adding some Quiches.

Updated the diary, nowt much on Monday’s so I’ll do a double with today’s combined.

Had a good carbolicalisationing shower. Changed and out to the bus stop. No one else in site.

Arrived in Arnold uneventfully and went into Asda (Walmart) and got the Tenants camera photo’s done. Then did a bit of shopping while they were processed. I meant to get some Lemon frizzles, but foolishly selected Lemon Cheesecakes by mistake Huh! Got a TV paper, Irish Batch bread and some cashews.

Collected the photographs. Here is a couple of them:

p1110753 p1090017

Out of the Asda shop and a wonder through the Fulton’s Store. Got some small tins of chicken meat sausages, and a pack of four battered fish cakes.

Hobbled up to the High Street bus stop, to wait for the L9 bus near the car park.

3wed2 3wed3

I noticed how neatly someone had parked the Asda shopping trolley? Haha!

Back at the flats, I called on Olive, but she was not in. Sob!

Got into number 72, put the bread in the freezer and tins away in the cupboard and took the medications and updated this diary.

3wed5Got the fodder ready:

Battered fish cakes, Anya potatoes, blue cheese, pickle salad, beetroots, pickled eggs, gherkin, and red and yellow tomatoes.

Had the Surimi Royale, delectably sweet and tasty it was too!

No bread. Followed with a banana and apple along with the mini pot of Lemon Cheesecake.

A slight involuntary emission of the wind from the rear end when I was clearing up in the kitchen and… Phwoar! I think the ends of the kitchen rolls turned up! Hehe!

 Planned the TV viewing, and no falling asleep or nodding off at all. In fact, I had a hell of a job sleeping at all, it must have been well into the early hours before I drifted off.

Inchcock Today Thu 30 June 16: Winwood Community shed Tenants Social Hour Today

30 June 1950 – Inchcock


Inspired by last night’s dream… or nightmare?

Thursday 30th June 2016

I stirred around 0300hrs, presumably due to a dream I was having, as I jumped awake with memories of it musing around my brain. T’was about my younger years, the house seemed very lifelike and details I recalled about the kitchen were amazing – unless I’d crated them in my dream? The gas stove with the Iron irons heating up on the rings were level with my head. I struggled to get them down to use to iron Dad’s uniform on the table, cleared of what bit of food and utensils there were on it, and a blanket put on top to iron over.

I had to stand on one of Dad’s cobbling tool boxes to reach the irons. Every time I tried, the red hot irons would go cold the instant I touched them? I went into the front room and got a dustpan of burning coal from the fire and put in in the sink? Put the irons on top of it and thought I’d done well, but the irons melted and ran down the plug hole? Dad came in and took off and utilised his belt on me, using the buckle end on me… this started all over again and nothing changed?

The reason I can remember so much detail, is cause I got up at that ridiculous hour and wrote it all down, then went back to kip hoping the dream would not reappear. It didn’t.

I woke again around 0430hrs, and was soon on the porcelain throne, no bleeding at all anywhere, that was good!

Made a brew and got the laptop on and wrote about the odd dream, and was inspired to make the graphic above.

Thought of the thinks needing to be done today, glad that no medical appointments were due. I’ve to sort the rubbish bins out. I’ll go to see the gorgeous Olive to have a massage with the pain-gel. Get the thing ready for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour and attend it. Hopefully if I get any photographs I’ll go to Asda (Walmart) in Arnold and get the photographs printed off. Must remember not to get any of those lamb shanks again after the disappointment of last lot.

Had a quick bash on Facebook.

Called in on the way out to see Olive, who considerately massaged some pain-gel into my shoulders.

Off to the Tenants Social Hour at the Community Hut. Very few folks there today, but all seemed to enjoy it all the same.

P1110236 P1110237

To the flat and got things for the trip to Arnold. Wee-wee’d.

Down to the lobby and chin-wagged with some residents also waiting for the bus. I was soon in Arnold and  getting the few photographs printed.

Got some stuff from Asda (Walmart), TV paper, prepared swede and carrots, Marmite crisps and some Orange chocolate digestive biscuits.

Walked over to the Futon Store and had a wander around. They had a lot of the Lamb Shanks in the fridge, no wonder if others had bought some like the last lot I bought. I bought more stuff there, some Bisto Vegetable granules at what I thought was an amazing price at 39p a pot… found out later they were well out of date. Tsk! And, some more biscuits.

P1110239Got to the bus stop, passing the famous disappearing decaying bench, now less one more slat.


The rain started as I travelled back to the flats, but not heavily.

Had a dizzy as I sat there and although I was wedged in the seat with a bag at my feet and one on my knees, I thought I was going to fall out of the seat? Then fought off the urge to fall asleep, managed it though and did not miss the bis-stop for Woodthorpe Court flats.

Walked through the rain and back to the flat. Got in, letter delivered with the INR blood test results from the QMC Anticoagulant Therapy department. Good news, it was almost spot-on target. Next date given for me to make an appointment with the surgery.

AndyEmailed a request to the doctor.

I added this graphicalisation wot I dun of the two Doctors.

Just for a bit of fun like.

Dr Mona Vindler

MBBS, MRCGP, DRCOG, DOccMed London 1988

Dr Andrew Flewitt MBBS BSc (First Hons), DRCOG, DOccMed London 1983.

A pair of good doctors. Mona Vindla is my caring, straight forward and humorous friendly General Practitioner doctor.

They are located at Sherringham Park Surgery on Mansfield Road in Carrington.

I got the nosh on and had a call from gawd knows who. Asian sounding woman who I just could not understand a word she was saying. I apologised and explained in the hope that she would understand me and rang off. An hour or so later, she rang again, same procedure.

P1110240 Got the nosh cooked and I’m glad to say it was much better than Wednesdays disaster. (Lamb shank)

Beetroot, BBQ pork sausage, those Rooster chips that Martin Shuttlecock recommended (Very nice too), and potato cakes. Plain yoghourt with added honey.

Had an apple, banana and some biscuits later. Feeling rough like I did, I was surprised I ate so much. Rated this a 9.4/10.

Washed the pots and settled to watch some Law & Order UK episodes on the DVD. It was a losing battle, nodding off all the time, so I put on the Poland vs Portugal match, but still kept drifting off to the land of nod, until I gave up.

Kept waking up throughout the night?

Inchcock Today 4 Apr 16: Forced myself out and about – then it poured down!

G Dec

Nottingham’s Most Barmiest Sad Pensioner’s Diary of Woe

Monday 4th April 2016

I stirred into semi-life around 0315hrs and hobbled to the bathroom without any problems from the ailments, apart from the sore haemorrhoids, but they were not bleeding, just tender. 

Stubbing me toe on the way to the kitchen, I noticed the glorious view from the window and decided to take a photograph of it – I decided not to after all when I couldn’t find the camera. Humph, still looking!

Took the medications and found last night’s pot of pills I’d missed taking! Oh P1050891dear, so sad and anger making! I took the morning tub of tablets along with just one night time Warfarin.

Started the laptop and back to the WC to doctor my bits with the creams, painkillers, and lotions. Stubbing my toe on the same raised door stop as I had earlier! At least, Little Inchy was not bleeding this morning, I still applied the cortisone cream, though.

As I burnt my finger making the next cup of tea, that I knocked off the counter when I caught myself on the hot kettle and had to bend to clean up causing the back to go: This might not be going to be a good day I thought to myself?

I got the urge come inspiration to do a funny WordPress post in bad rhyming about advice for Pensioners on Waking up in the morning. This took a few hours to get done. During which, another call to the porcelain came, and I was so careful not to stub my toe on the raised door stop this time!

Then I got the Monday diary finished and started this one – and as I did so, got the fearful feeling I might have forgotten the INR blood tests today – oh, and I’ve got to call the clinic to grovel for another appointment too! I checked the Google calendar and confirmed it was for Tuesday 1145hrs at Dr Vindla’s surgery with the nurse.

I got some kind messages on the email, heartwarming that.

Turned everything off electrically speaking and got a jolly good scrub-up. Got the Phorpain gel on my joints and cleaned Little Inchy and Daktacorted him once again.

Wrapped me up well and set off in a hurry to the bus stop. Met coordinator Dean in the lift, and a few words.

Out and met two tenants waiting for the same bus, man, and wife I think and I had another little gossip.

P1060008The bus arrived in the City Centre and I dropped off and walked to the bus stop for the number 17 to Bulwell.

The cloudy sky was looking rather threatening as I crossed over the road to hobble to the bus stop. 

Pavement cyclists were darting around as well, too quick for me today.

G Dec2I observed as got close to the bus stop, that the naughty little Nottingham pedestrians were not too keen on keeping to the Walk – Don’t Walk signs on Upper Parliament Street!

The little Scally-Wags!

There were two people at the bus stop when I joined the queue. A ten-minute wait and by the time the bus arrived, there were about twenty in the queue. They all rushed forward with steely determination and I was semi-trampled on and around the twentieth to get on the bus! Humph!

In Bulwell, I made my way to the cheapo shop and got a three pack of the Blitz towels. Then walked around to the Shoe Zone store and got three pairs of shoes, one brown pair included (Not the foggiest idea why?).

Next door to the Fulton’s Food store and got a pack of battered fish fingers and one box of same battered fishcakes. They had some short-dated dark chocolate orange nibble discs, so I bought two for 50p.

P1060010Over the Market Place to the river Leen, and fed some pigeons there with the seeds I had in my shopping bag.

Over to the tram station and had a repeat of the what took place at the bus stop earlier. I was the first there on the platform, but about the twentieth again to get on the bloody thing. Only one side seat left available, and I had a heck of a job hanging on to it with and the two shopping bags at the same time. Tsk! Swines were nicking me OAP seats!

On the journey, it was dry when I got on, absolutely pelting down half way and dry when I eventually dropped off.

I even had a battle, to get off the tram in time at the Theatre Royal stop I needed, it was so crammed full of folk who didn’t want to respond to me requests for them to make way so I could get out! Huh!

I walked over to the L9 bus stop, the bus already being there and I joined just one other passenger on the bus. Later the bus had to wait as it went through a housing estate for a builders lorry to offload some materials. The driver was not happy!

We got to the flats and I had yet another little natter with a woman as we entered and rode up in the lift. We both agreed a cup of tea would go down nicely.

G Dec3In the flat and put the things I’d purchased away.

I noticed that the last pair I bought exactly like the £12.99 pair – AUS £24.38 – USD $18.59 – CAD £24.95, were then a few months ago, selling at £9.99. AUS £18.75 – USD $14.29 – CAD £18.63. Thought I’d get three pairs of shoes before they all went up even more!

Mind you, they all start leaking after a while. Hurrumph!

G Dec4The weather then started to pour rain heavily; Over the next couple of hours, it changed from rain to bright sunshine, so frequently.

Some mail had been delivered.

One Election Poll Card for Thursday 5th May, and a letter for Margaret, the previous tenant.

I got the laptop on and updated this diary of Woe.

DSC00174While preparing to get the fodder cooking and deciding to have fish lumps and fishcakes with beetroot, I thought I’d let you all know, that I no longer have any bags BBQ disc crisps, or beef flavoured potato chip sticks in the place! Not a single bag anywhere!

Honestly folks! Not one bag left! 

G Dec2



P1060012The fodder came out alright this time, and what a feast it was too!

Had to give this one a high rating score of a worthy 9.22/10.f

The Caramelised Balsamic Onion Chutney really complimented the fish dish so well.

Took the evening medications, having missed the midday ones. Huh!

Checked the TV magazine and found that there was so much on the box that I would have liked to view, all at the same times.

Channel hopped, fell asleep, woke, channel hopped, fell asleep… on and on and on this went. I imagine there are plenty of, what shall I say? Aged people in this position at nights?

BJ rang to say he’s checked the old house and all looks okay. That’s a relief!

Nodded of eventually…

Wed 26 Aug 15: Inchcock Today – Scoffing away eating like… well I don’t know, but he’s eating far too much Tsk!

Wednesday 26th August 2015


The field this morning in the rain

0345hrs: Woke gently for once. Lay there a few seconds and made some notes of the dreams I could remember having, then the urgent and sudden demands of the bladder beckoned and I struggled up and hobbled to the bathroom – which is where I realised that the new jammy-bottoms did not have a hole in the front if yer know worra mean! Huh!

Cuppa and medications taken.

Laptop on, finished yesterdays diary posted it.

Noticed the notes about the dreams I scribbled – but my writing was hard to decipher. It seems I was with several folk and we were dancing in a fashion, somewhere on the deck of a boat… a lot of activity of an intimate nature was being enjoyed by all – then damn it I moved into a different scenario. I was being pummelled from above by folk one at a time who were queuing to hit me with various articles thrown down through a man-hole above, and a voice would shout out a score each time they clobbered me, accompanied with a trumpet fanfare and falling twinkling broken Christmas baubles?

Went on Facebook to cheer myself up as I felt a depression coming on after I’d thought of how things were not moving with sorting the old place out.

Back to the bathroom – the haemorrhoids were not so bad and bled a lot less this morning. The worst are Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis. The reflux valve that can cause bother quickly from nowhere is nice and calm at the moment. I said the worst is Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis, but I think I was wrong – sudden depression is the worst.

I started the graphics for a blog for LOMM about Dunc and my efforts at erecting the clothe-racks, as Dunc suggested.

Took me a few hours to get the graphics done on Coreldraw X7 before starting the actual writing of the blog, and I didn’t know why I was doing them really in the state me mind was in. Foolish childish escapism perhaps? (Sounds about right to me).

LyzXmasSpent three hours doing one graphic, but it was a hard one and it came out fairish, so I was sort of pleased with it, and I do enjoy doing them.

This cheered me up a bit.

Must phone Steve from Age UK, the missing man who doesn’t reply when I phone him – I think I’ll do a text message instead – begging him for help with getting the house sorted and putting it on the market.

Here goes, I love wasting me time…

Had a good soak in’t bath. Got missen looking half decent and set off to take the letters to the Flats Community Shed – got as far as the lift, then returned to the flat to pick up me camera making sure I’d got me DSIM card this time.

Off to the shed, and had a natter with the gals there, forgot to drop off the letters – hey-ho.

Had a walk through the park into Sherwood and called at Sue Ryder shop, they had no beds in, but did have some of the large Ottermans in, but only two and I wanted four to finish of the bedroom – all bar having no bed that is like.

Caught the bus into Arnold and had a wander around there.


Dark skies and closed down shops in Arnold

Even more shops had closed-down now.

It’s not fair on the shoplifters yer know!

The fag and Alcoholics cheapo shop had closed too!

It’s not fair on the unemployed yer know!

Walked to Fultons to see if they had any of the cheapo-but-nice blackcurrant lollies in, no luck.

Walked out to Sainsburys with a view to catching the last L9 bus back to the flats after shopping, cause there is a stop outside their garage, well filling station.

In the middle of me shopping, Steve from Age UK rang, he’ll meet me tomorrow at 1400hrs at the old house to have a look at what needs doing next in the plan to sell the house when I get it ready like! We’ll see if there isn’t a meeting that runs late that prevents this happening.


Outside Sainsburys waiting fer bus

I over spent again, nothing new there then: Got some of the beautiful Anya potatoes to boil, bread thins, tomatoes, lemon cheesecakes and… oh dear, and this as dear too – Cornish Clotted Cream! The shame of having a weak will-power will be my undoing yer know!

Got to the bus stop and waited in plenty of time for the bus to arrive, I thought I was about 5 minutes early for it, got there at 10 past it was due 15 past.


I stayed awake on the bus – Yes!

No sign of the bus after what must have been ten minutes, so I looked up the times on the time-table in me pocket… then checked the time on me mobile – it was 14 minutes past – how I made such a cock-up I don’t know. but I got it alright and enjoyed the ride through the housing estates of Nottingham en-route back to the flats.


Naughty Cornish Clotted Cream for afters – guilt ridden I am now, guilt ridden!

Back on the main roads again and I was soon back in the flat getting me spuds on the boil and me Fisherman’s Pie in’t oven.

Had some of the nobbly long special nutty flavoured potatoes boiled, the fish pie, sprinkled with cheese and singed a bit on purpose, beetroot and apple – followed naughtily by lemon cheescake and some of the Cornish Clotted Cream! Marvellous, but the pie let me down, very much lacking in taste! Humpf!

Still I give it 8/10 just fer the potatoes.

Devoured it and got the laptop on to update this diary.

Took me medications.

Read some of me book and actually ate some of the fancy potatoes I’d done extra to have tomorrow? Why am I eating so much lately – I’m like a pig lately?

I must try to remember to ask Patti Berkert for some more photo’s of her art-work so I can make another graphicalisation for her talents. These are the two I’ve done with photo’s of her actual art pieces. Brilliant aren’t they, I’m so proud of the gal – oh, second thoughts, I’ll not ask her yet, cause she’ll be busy arranging her trip to Brazil. 

ArtG2 ArtG

AngBThis is one wot I dun is of Angie, the Kentucky Angel.

She is a treasure too. Copes with so many ailments and problems but still finds enough energy to plan of building a giant canoe so she can come and visit little me. (I’m planning on building a kayak for a return visit). Angies and Patti’s senses of humour are so precious to me.

The arthritis and angina are back again after giving me a break earlier, so I’m going to get me head down early methinks.

That’s the plan anyway, hehehe!

TTFN I hope!

Wed 10.6.2015: Inchcock Today

Wednesday 10th June 2015


Woke at 0530hrs, Porcelain visitation a lot easier this morning.

In the dreams I’d had, one about Patti Berkert I could remember bits of: Patti, Lynton and I were in a giant teepee – Patti wearing exotic native Indian head-wear telling me off for something or other, Lynton kept hitting me with a purple coloured bamboo cane whenever I spoke… inside with us were a giant typewriter, an artists easel and a Monopoly game? That’s all I can recollect. But it gave an the idea for a graphic for Patti. Which I managed to get done later and posted this off to Facebook and Patti. 

Down, laptop on, made a cuppa, fed the pigeons and took me morning medications and changed me dressing, managing with ultimate ease to bang missen on the head on the corner of the cupboard door Whoopsie2 – I believe I might have swore! Oh poetry!

Started this diary off and did header in Coreldraw x7.

Indian3Then I worked on something I’ve been planning for ages now – a graphicalisation of Patti Bekert in Native Indian clobber. This took three hours, up to now, but I really wanted to do it and hope cross-fingered that Patti likes it.

I’ve put Lynton on this version being as he had the nerve to come into me dreams… Tsk!

As I was finishing off the graphic making new pains shot across me chests – I don’t think it’s the angina this time. Whoopsie2 My reflux valve that is normally protruding has disappeared from view and feel as well, no lumpy extrusion? Just a sight or feel of any raised bits?

Today I must go to the GP surgery to book me INR Warfarin blood level test with the surgery nurse, and take some nibbles to the Launderette gal. Thursday going to the hospital with Pete to have his skin cancer cut out and tested again. Friday it’s my turn to have the same at the same place. Friday I must also go to the City Homes and Guinness Homes in search of sheltered housing at a price I  can afford.

0302I’d better get myself ready now, and get off. Spit and polish time then…

It’s the first time I’ve passed the St Johns graveyard during the day and found no dogs in it – thought I’d mention it like.

Plodded on to the GP surgery where I asked the receptionist for an 0303appointment early on Tuesday so I could keep me appointment with Steve from Age UK Concern about viewing the flats available.

After much ado, I settled for one on the Monday Whoopsie2 (A day early like)

Nipped to the launderette and gave the gal her nibbles.

Then, off to the bus-stop to go to town…

Whoopsie2 Oh dear oh dear oh dear! No bus-pass in me pocket and the zip on the pocket was down!

0304A quickish hobble back to the dump and search for it was fruitless!

So, I walk into town was called for in an effort to see if it has been handed into the City Transport Travel centre, where I got it from in the first place.

So off down Mansfield Road and through the City Centre and to South Parade where the centre is.

0305A little further on, and this young git of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist actually caught my left arm/shoulder as he belted by me!

Whoopsie2 They keep coming don’t they! Tsk!

I don’t think he even knew he’s done it as he just carried on threatening the other pedestrians as he disappeared into the distance.

0306Down and across into Clinton Street and bravely through the milling crowds I continued on me quest.

Down and around the back of the Nottingham Council House, and right onto South Parade and down to the City Transport offices to see if me bus-pass had been handed in and how to get a new one if not.

0307It’s near the tram stop and Betfred bookies, just passed the pub.

I went in and explained the situation to the lady, who took me details and checked to see if it had been handed in.

It hadn’t – and I asked her if I should try the Transport Centre in Broadmarsh. She said “No point, they usually get handed in here, and we can do nothing about re-issuing you with one until 48 hours has passed from your losing it!” I explained that it was over 24 hours now – but she didn’t seem too interested and told me call back in a day.

0308So I poddled down to Broadmarsh anyway, being stubborn and worried like.

En route there was a five man street entertainment band giving out some jazz near Marks & Spencers.

Had things not been so hectic and me worried about me bus-pass I might have donated a bit and stopped to listen to them.

0309I got to Broadmarsh bus-station and into the Transport centre there.

I explained things to the lady there – and she said there would be a £10 replacement charge if I needed one, and took me details and went to check.

She has lovely smile on her face when she returned – with the Bus-Pass!

Someone had handed it in – boy was I glad! Good job I didn’t take the advice from the other woman on South parade innit?

Me feet and knees were hurting badly now – but somehow I didn’t mind.

0310I limped back through to the City Centre slab square and waited for a tram so I could go to Bulwell to see if they had any cheapo microwave sausages in stock yet.

I was going to take photo of a family playing in the fountains.

But being as another Nottingham 0311Pavement Cyclist came into view, I took her instead.

Swiped me treasured Bus-pass on the machine and waited the arrival of the tram.

Not never seen owt like it when it arrived – I nearly got mangled in the flood of aggressive passengers storming it to get on! Cor blimey, talk about risky business!

0312I got into Bulwell and visited some shops that might have had the sausages in stock that I wanted, but no.

I took a Bling photo for the folk on TFZ.

Then back to the bus station and caught the bus home to Carrington.

A few yobs lurking now the better weather is here. Tsk!

WC’d made a cuppa, and marinated me baked beans with Patti’s curried bean additions ready for me nosh of beans and bacon later.

Updated me Google diary with the appointments I’d made during the day.

Then updated this ‘ere diary.

Aching legs and feet, but so happy to and grateful to whoever handed in me bus-pass.

IMG_0097Got up to make a cuppa and boy did I have a dizzy spell – alright now, but I must inform the nurse on Monday about the increase in severity and frequency of these.

By gum I enjoyed me nosh tonight!

Varied the ingredients in the curried beans a bit this time:

1 pinch curry powder – Worcestershire sauce – half teaspoon Unrefined brown sugar – black pepper – BBQ Tomato ketchup – sultanas – basil and caramelised red onion relish. Not bad at all. Rated it: 8/10. Mind you, the bacon was Gammon misshapes this time.

Whoopsie2 Going upstairs had a dizzy at the top and I went over. All okay though, banged me elbow that’s all. I’m hoping there will be no more Whoopsiedangleplops for a while now.


TTFN all.

Sat 30.5.15: Inchcock Today –

Saturday 30th May 2015 

Up at 0400hrs – due to falling asleep so soon last night because I was so well shattered.

Cuppa and took me medications.

Spent far too long on the laptop/notebook! Tried to find out how to set the export function to default RGB 24 bit, as the 32 bit colours come out differently on screen when posted – Huh! I still have to do it manually for each graphic.

I searched the web to try and find out how to do it but found nowt to help me.

Then I had a go at searching the Windows 8 helpline thingy to change the screen from high to medium viewing. Like a shot I found in an hour later.

Getting on by then, so to appease the guilt a little I did some shredding of me old documents.

IMG_0113Spur of the moment thing, I decided to go to Bulwell in the vain hope of getting some Curried Beans and or Microwave Sausages.

The sky brightened up while I was at the bus-stop. The little speck in the centre of the picture is the police helicopter.

Caught the number 17 into Bulwell.

IMG_0114As I got off the bus a fight was taking place near the Taxi/Cab place, so I walked the other way to avoid any hassle to the Market Place.

Many pavement cyclist (too many to even think of photographing).

Mobility scooter haven Bulwell is as we.

Went to the cheapo shop, but they had no Curried Beans or Microwave sausages in.

Called in Heron Foods shop – but they had no Curried Beans or Microwave sausages in.

Went to the Iceland store – but they had no Curried Beans or Microwave sausages in.

Then finally into Fultons Foods – but they had no Curried Beans or Microwave sausages in either.

However they did have some Torunska sausage and Blackcurrant and vanilla ice cream lollies, so IIMG_0115 got some.

As I came out of the store I noticed the kiddies ride outside the shop was doing a roaring trade – and they were selling (Or trying to sell) Candy-Floss at £1.50 each!) Bit pricey that I thought?

The only ankle-snapper on the Tea-cup ride seemed utterley disinterested to say the least.

I hastened (Well hobbled as fast as I could manage) to the bus-station so me IMG_0116Iced lollies didn’t melt before I got em in the fridge – but couldn’t resist taking a photo of some beautiful rings I noticed in the jewellers store window, for the TFZ gals.

Limped on and joined the queue for the bus, just missed one so had to wait a good while. Tsk!

IMG_0117Glad I remembered to take me book with me to read on the bus like. It’s stories and tales from the soldiers who were there at Dunkirk.

Soon back in Carrington and taking the long route to the dump, as a ganglet of youths were loitering at my end of the street.

IMG_0118Got in and no demand for the porcelain presented itself? Odd that.

Felt peckish earlier today – so decided to make baked potatoes and beef curry. Bit adventurous fer me I know.

Flippinng heck it hot! Too hot for me I’m afraid, I thought with it saying it was Chinese style it would me mild – Tsk!

Two hours later and me mouth and throat are still hot!

Oh dear, I just belched – cor blimey!

26.5.15: Inchcock Today – What a Palava!

Tuesday 26th May 2015

Up at 0525hrs. Down and started laptop

IMG_0057Back up to the porcelain. Back down and kettle on (realising I’d forgot to get me milk yesterday – Tsk!) and took me medications.

Photo’d the sky on the way down.

Thought through the days designs.

I’ll skip the launderette today, because yesterday being a Bank Holiday I couldn’t get an appointment at the GP to have me INR Warfarin level checks done, so will have to go to the Queens Medical Centre haematology department today to have it done.

I wanted to set up the shredder and get sorting some paperwork out today, also to get some stuff off to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop.

Missed call from BJ on mobile last night – but with me collapsing and falling asleep? I’ll call him back later at a reasonable time. He was probably calling to see if I was still going to the launderette?

 I rang BJ back and explained thing and he said he could not get to take any bags for me until Thursday, and then not for certain. Told him I appreciate his circumstances and thanked him for his help.

I tried to learn about adding deleting fonts on W8… huh! gave up and loaded IMG_0058my old MS Office onto the new laptop – what a performance, I lost two hours getting it on right… damned new technology!

Set off on me walk into town with me bus-pass and list of things to do and get.

I called in the launderette and had a natter with BJ as he did his washing.

Then set off on me walk into Nottingham City Centre.

IMG_0059I’d not gone more than just over the side road in this picture above and one of the famous Pavement Cyclists made an appearance – with one in the distance too!

I plodded on, feeling a bit better thinking it’s about time I had a decent walk.

As I started down the hill the traffic lights at the junction of Mansfield Road and Huntingdon Street were IMG_0060blocked, traffic at a standstill.

Soon as I got me camera out they started to move a bit.

I called in the Victoria bus-station and got a time-table for the 141 service to Mansfield – hoping I can find time to use it soon.

IMG_0061Went into Tesco and got some bread but forgot to look for me curried beans.

As I came out of the centre the two old Post-boxes caught me eye and I wondered how long it would be before they are replaced.

A bit of Olde England there I thought.

I caught a bus to the Queens Medical Centre, the Y36 ran by a private company. They have bought all Mercedes Benz buses.

IMG_0063I was a tad concerned when I saw the drivers left leg shaking like wot teenagers and druggies do like.

IMG_0064We were soon at the Queens Medical Centre.

There was a good sized queue for the haematology department, so I took a ticket and sat down and got me IMG_0062Dunkirk book out to read. Then changed to reading the free Metro newspaper, where I came across an interesting article about City Cycling… It seems they are to spend £6m on widening the cycling lanes and introducing more of them!

Seems to me the Pavement Cyclists of Nottingham would prefer to use the side-walks and pedestrian areas as it is! IMG_0065The dangerous gits!.

Got seen to by the nice new nurse in the blood room and gave her their nibbles and said me cheerios – no time for a natter as they were busy.

Caught a bus to Bulwell in search of me curried beans.

IMG_0071Amazingly and unintentionally as I took a photo en route – I caught yet another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist through the bus window on the left!

Got into Bulwell and called at the Fulton’s store, but they had no curried beans or microwave sausages either Huh!

So I caught a bus to Arnold… well Arnold eventually that was. It went all over the place – not that it mattered apart from I was not going to get me shredding done later, but it was a nice ride.

IMG_0067Spotted more Nottingham Pavement Cyclist en route. Tsk!

Got to Arnold and went in the Fultons Store there.

They didn’t have any curried beans or microwave sausages either.

I got some milk and cheese though – but after standing at the checkout for ages with no staff appearing I dropped the basket where I as and left.

I went over to Iceland and guess what?… They didn’t have any curried beans or microwave sausages either.

I did get a couple of bits, milk, tomatoes and Bertolli Original Olive oil spread – but no curried beans or microwave sausages.

IMG_0068IMG_0072Caught a bus back to town, believe it or not when I saw it I thought ‘Hello, this bus is in a state. When it moved off the engine didn’t sound very good to me, and it was loaded with Nottinghamians with mobiles and ankle-snappers.

First time on that bus for me – What a route it took as well: Arnold, Oxclose Lane through the Bestwood Estate, Chippenham across to Beckhampton through Rise Park to the shopping centre – and that’s where it IMG_0073happened… the smoke from the engine accompanied by the fumes and the driver had us abandoned the bus and wait for the next one in 15 minutes.

The woman next to me got my sympathy cause it was a cold wind blowing and we were at the top of a hill while we waited for the bus to arrive.

From there we piled onto the new bus and it continued on it’s circuitous route into the City IMG_0074Centre.

We passed the shop I used to manage for the NCS years ago, sadly all closed up and for sale now (Right).

My mind went back to the good and bad times I had there.

IMG_0075Then we travelled up Alfreton Road into town and we passed what was the first ever Marsdens shop I worked at – more memories evoked.

There I was, a 14 year old ankle-snapper full of hopes aspirations and good intentions starting off on me chosen career… and I loved the job as well!

Into town and down Derby Road, I dropped off at the top of Friar lane and walked down and IMG_0076across the Slab Square. 

Odd, but I felt I didn’t belong or fit-in the photograph I took?

Funny that.

The blue blow-up things you can see in the slab square are mini-tennis areas using soft balls.

IMG_0077On the left were mini-tennis courts set-up, and very popular they were too!

I knew they were not using proper tennis balls as soon as I put me camera back in me pocket and one of the balls clouted me on the back of me head. Hehehe, could this only happen to me?

IMG_0066Waiting for the bus to Carrington to arrive (Gawd I love my pensioners free bus-pass to bits!) I had a read of the Post Light.

The letters page had this on the right in it.

So glad to see others want the death penalty bringing back for Pavement Cycling!

Only joking!

Arrived in Carrington and nipped into the Co-op to find that they didn’t have any curried beans or microwave sausages either.

IMG_0078Out and through the twitchell, and got a shock as this twit of a Pavement Cyclist came passed me from behind making jump – the Gerplonkergit him!

Fed the pigeons en route to back to the asylum.

WC’s and cleaned up my bleeding Inch and rear-end piles.

Had  wash and put me shopping such as it was away IMG_0079and got me nosh prepared for later.

Found a letter ont floor – the clinic were not happy with missing last weeks visit – I sent them an email apologising and explaining the reason I missed the  appointment.

I feel such a fool now!

Not that I wasn’t one before like…

IMG_0080The loaded cheese and onion tattie-skins were nice, the English tomatoes very nice.

Used up the last of me Polish belly-pork with garden peas along with some of the tomatoes and gorgeous caramelised red onion relish with some bread thins.

Oh and me last Cox’s apple too. 

I’m getting leg cramps now. Tsk!

Well tired but I did some Facebooking before I tried to get me head down – could I sleep?