Inchcock – Sunday 21st May 2017: Stuck indoors again!


Sunday 21st May 2017

Lao: ວັນອາທິດ 21 ພຶດສະພາ 2017

Woke with a start around 0240hrs. Got the pencil and scribbled notes about the dream I had been having. Had a bad headache Rare for me, and Duodenal Donald was giving me much grief, very bad. Worrying over the computer the cause, perhaps?

Got out of the £300 second-hand recliner and took a Codeine Phosphate and an Omeprazole capsule then had a wee-wee. Noticed I was getting low on stocks of medications and thought it must be time to fetch the next prescriptions?

Back in the rickety recliner and read the notes about the dreams. Similar to one the night before. Nighttime, on a train with other people I knew, but could not put a name to? We were making plans to carry out something involving secrecy… finance and shredding tiddlywinks? We kept getting visitors to the carriage and interviewing them for some reason… The train crashed and none of us in the carriage were hurt… We ended up searching the bodies and wounded for tiddlywink markers, and giving the wounded an Extra Strong Mint each? Lots more took place I felt, but I couldn’t recall any more details.

Settled back and amazingly I dropped off to sleep again, until 0630hrs. Up and to the Porcelain Throne, Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding badly, but Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis and Reflux Roger were okay and no signs of any bother from Diahorrea Derek. Looking good, but I could not fully appreciate this as I was still fretting over the Goggle Chrome problems.

7Sun01aLooked nice outside when I went to make a mug of tea.

Did the Health checks, the weight had gone back down a bit from yesterday.

Got the internet on and tried out the email to see if any ongoing problems still.

After half an hour, Google Chrome had not gone unresponsive – but it took a while to start yesterday and never stopped all day, so I’m not getting any hopes up yet.

Finished off the Saturday Diary, back to the Porcelain Throne, not problems. Notice some mail had been delivered. Two letters. One from The Pensions Service, who had put the wrong Postcode on the address when I moved here in July 2016, and I had to contact them three times over two months to get them to change the Postcode so I could use the form for my ID with the bank. Telling me that I had ‘A Change in my Account Details’. No rush!

7Sun01The other from the Cancer Screening Programme telling me no further action required.

Sorted next weeks medication pots out.

The stomach keeps on rumbling and stinging a bit again. Might just be Duodenal Donald offering me a variety in his attack? Hehe!

6Sat12aHello… the damned going unresponsive Google Chrome has started again!

Selected Wait option, a few minutes later it came back on.

We’ll see.

Well, would you believe it?

7Sun02aI think you might. Bloody Virgin Media Internet has gone down now!!!

Sunday again, it always goes down on a Sunday!

Luckily by the time I’d done the graphic on the left, it was back on.

Getting the picture onto WordPress, and guess what happened this time?

Yes, Google Chrome went into Unresponsive 6Sat12aMode yet again, when I opened Gmail!

How Microsoft, Google and Virgin can get away with not showing any help, shame, ignominy, or self-denunciation with their obvious con-job of pretending their services work correctly, is enough to shame Tony Blair and Stalin!

They are all first-rate con-merchants, crooks, swindlers, bilkers, cheaters, deceivers, fleecers, 2017-05-21 08.04.19flimflammers, fraudsters, sharks, philargyrists, ingordigious, acquisitive, venal, money-grubbing, rapacious, and quomodocunquising!

They ruin people’s lives financially, emotionally and cruelly with offering hopes within their lies of perfection, and charge the earth for a service of the greatest uncaring, unconcerned nature!

2017-05-21 07.53.17Hitler and Stalin would have closed them down and Tony Blair would have bought them out!

Now, I just may sound a little bit pee’d off with Google Chrome, Microsoft, PC World, not being able to get on Facebook’s TFZ page and my own failure to get the computer sorted out?

This is because I am pee’d off with Google Chrome, Microsoft, PC World, not being able to 1Mon001get on Facebook’s TFZ page and my own failure to get the computer sorted out? It had to be said! Grumph!

Plan to have mixed mushrooms with a lamb hotpot for fodder today, with some potato farls, before they go out of date too far, and because I have no bread in stock, due to having to stay in just in case the Computer Tech Man Sam calls.

7Sun02bDecided to turn off and read the Emotions book for while.

After I’d taken a peep at the TV magazine and chosen some good programmes to watch later.

Fed-up with struggling on the computer.

And Arthur Itis, although being kind to my knees and ankles, decided to have ago at the hands and fingers. At least he moves around a bit. Hehe!

6Sat14Got the meal prepared and consumed. Lamb hotpot with some extra gravy. Nice!

Soon fell sleep and woke a few hours later.

Tried to watch the Gogglebox with some success this time, managed a good two hours before nodding off.

Woke around 0020hrs, stomach rumbling badly, but nothing on the Throne but the wind?

Back to the £300 second-hand recliner, took an extra painkiller and got off without much bother again.

Inchcock: Saturday 8th April 2017


Saturday 8th April 2017

Tamil: சனிக்கிழமை 8 ஏப்ரல் 2017

Not a lot of sleep again. Woke at 0310hrs annoyed at not recalling anything about the dreams this time at all, but knew I’d been having them?

As I extracted myself from the wobbly £300 second-hand recliner, there were no dizzies, the water retention seemed to be going down, but the swollen stomach was still wobbling about with increased weight and mass as I made my way to the porcelain room for a heavy duty session? It came freely, very freely. I was wondering when it would stop, Tsk!

Did the health checks and the weight, despite the fluid retention seemingly going down, was a record high for this year!


The other readings seemed to be okay though.6Sat01

Sorted the medication pots for the coming week.

Nearly out of 30g Codeine Phosphates, but looking at the Google Calendar, I noticed I have to collect the prescriptions from the Chemist in Carrington on Monday.


Or, I might go down later today if the legs are okay to retrieve them, as Monday appears to be going to be a helluva busy day for me, according to the reminders!

I can get some bread at the same time from the Continental Food Store perhaps.

Got the computer going and finished the Friday diary off and got it posted.

Did some WordPressing.

IcesThen onto Facebooking.

Then made a start on a new graphic. Patricia Kropf and Meritt Hutton with their new business venture? Hehe!

Next, I carried out the ablutions, jolly good scrub-up and ready to go out on the hobble to the chemist.

Took the black bags with me and dropped them down the chute, into the lift for a shuddery ride down to the foyer. Met a gal from the 13th floor and had a chinwag. She told me the lift had been reported.

On the limp up Chestnut Walk, I counted 66 markings on the road, pavements and grass. Civil engineers code?


They were in red, blue, white and yellow, sprayed on. Looks like we have a bit of digging to contend me before the workers start doing the upgrade to the flats? Wonder what they mean?

Down Winchester Street and onto Mansfield Road and left, up the hill towards Carrington.

Called into the Continental Food Store and got a loaf and some of their Rolled cooked belly pork with herbs and garlic. The larger lady was serving today, she is less severe than the smaller one, and I like her.

6Sat05Near the top of the hill, before going over it and down into Carrington, I stopped and turned to take a picture of where I’d walked along the road so far. And caught this naughty Pavement Cyclist who came onto the road at the pelican lights when they were on red and nearly hit lady crossing (Out of picture), then he turned right and up the hill on the road.

Plodded on over the hill and down into Carrington proper and crossed the pelican lights there near to the Co-op.

Where I came across this piece of Nottingham Pavement Art:

6Sat06It was outside the chip shop, called Pancho’s Fish Restuarant – Burgers, Pizzas & Kebabs.N

I was not surprised in the slightest!N

It reminded me of the few times I’d used this eatery in years gone by when I lived nearby. Something to complain about every time I used it. Mind you, his sausages in batter were alway okay, just the chips, chicken, fish and peas that 6Sat10awere horrible! Hehe! Looks like not much has changed?

Walked down to the chemist shop and got the prescriptions.

Then further down the road and onto Hucknall Road to catch a bus into Bulwell. I’d forgotten it was the weekend and the next bus was not due for 55 minutes. So I changed the plans and called into the Lidl store (When will I ever learn!) I spent a long time wandering around and ended up getting some treats. Extra Strong Danish Blue Cheese, Mushroom Tortelloni, Matured for six months Manchego Cheese (Never heard of it before?) It is sheep’s cheese, hope I like it, a block of West Country Vintage Cheddar and some Greek Style plain yoghourt I can add honey or lemon curd to later.

6Sat04With the big bag of medications and the other things, I was struggling a bit when I left the store, so caught a bus back into Sherwood.

Got off and limped up the road and across the pelican lights to the other side, really had to fight with the legs to get up to the bus top.

Where a bit of luck (Yes, it can happen to me, Hehe!) and as got to it, a 40 bus arrived that took me up Winchester Street. So glad it did, because the next one was an hour later and I’d have been forced into walking all the way up back to the flats.


Back at the apartments, I noticed there must have been hundreds of the surveyor’s signs all over.

Tinkled into the porcelain got the kettle on and unloaded the purchases.

The biggest one, the medications I sorted first into their dedicated drawer.

Then distributed the fodder in various 6Sat07alocations.

Looking forward to trying out the new cheeses with some boiled then roasted seasoned potatoes.

I got one of the antacid bottles out to have a swig…

Whoopsiedangleplop number two of the day occurred Humph!: I dropped the bottle, made of glass of course. Heck of a job cleaning it all up. Still, the legs were not as bad as yesterday, so the bending to get the broken glass was not too bad, and I didn’t cut myself anywhere. Getting the spilt medicine off the floor, sink and my trousers were the hardest tasks! The sink is till smeared with it and the trousers will have to go in the washer! Tsk!

Made another brew and got the computer on to update this tosh.

6Sat11Got the nosh sorted and served up.

At this stage, I feel, in the cause of the advancement of taste-buds and folk who enjoy their food, a particular obligationalistical duty. To offer a warning of perhaps, the most tasteless, cardboard textured imitation plastic cheese that I was foolish enough to be tempted to buy and try to eat when I got home.

6Sat12From the Lidl store in Carrington.

Mature Manchego Cheese – not the wording, Mature!

Bland is too weak a word to describe this crap cheese!

It is now in the bin, but I fear for any rats that might nibble at it in the refuse bins. They might as well nibble on newspapers if they want any flavour or taste!

Washed up and settled to watch three films that followed each other on the TV.

Fell asleep within ten minutes of the first one starting. Woke up half an hour into the next one, lasted until the adverts came on. Then the Lethal Weapon 3 came on, I didn’t get beyond the opening sequence.


Mon 15.6.15: Inchcock Today

Monday 15th June 2015

IMG_0144Got some kip in last night at last – broken up with waking in pain everytime I twisted wrongly or moved – Tsk!

A strange band of cloudless sky on the horizon this morning?

Made a cuppa.

IMG_0145Laptop on and set about doing me posts for the League of Mental Men on Wodpress.

Took me medications.

After a few hours I’d got them done and dusted like.

Then some progress with me trying to learn how to get out of the Windows page on the new laptop! I found a page on Google search that informed me: Press Windows icon + D to exit – it works! Hurrah!

Finished yesterday’s Diary and got that posted.

Did some Facebooking and enjoyed that.

Decided to marinate me beans for later. Tried a slightly different recipe this time:

Nature Camping & Hiking - Postcard - Large

I hope it comes out alright. I plan to have some bacon and sausage with it – and wholemeal bread of course.

I think the shoulder is starting to get better, as the urge to scratch it is getting harder to resist.

The sore throats getting no better, but the voice is.

Started doing this diary up.

Got a good wash and scrub-up, and left for the surgery, feeding the pigeons en-route.

I arrived and booked missen in with the receptionist lassie.

The nurse came and collected me – she has always reminded me of a Nazi concentration camp leader yer know. (Only joking – honestly)

By the time we’d walked to her surgery, about 20 seconds – she had made me aware that: She is only allowed seven minutes with each patient – I was to hurry and get me things off for her to do me INR test and I must not keep on gaining weight! (Didn’t know I had?)

She talked her way through the procedure and told me to hold the cotton wool on the vein she’d just used to extract a bit of blood from.

As she was inputting things on the computer I bravely told her about the receptionist cancelling me CHD checks and making it for the next day along with me stitches to be taken out appointment.

She gleefully changed all the appointment around and made one pro-tem one for me.

Thursday 18 June – Wound dressings to be checked and changed..

Monday 22 June – Pro-Tem INR checks according to todays results when they come back.

Thursday 18 June – Wound dressing to be checked and redone.

Friday 19 June – Clinic to see if the new cortisone injections are working.

Wednesday 24 June – Wound stitches to come out. Oh joy!

Thursday 2 July – CDH starvation-health checks to be done.

A stiff lecture about not doing anything too physical and I was bundled out of the door. Leaving them a bag of nibbles on me way out.

IMG_0147Wandered down to Lidl and had a look around. Got two lemon cheesecakes, a tin of potatoes and a lemon curd yoghurt.

As I left to walk back, I observed a group of four yobboes lurking near the cut-through again, so I took the long route avoiding contact with them.

Better safe than sorry I thought.

Got in and stirred me marinading beans, WC’d and made a cuppa.

Then got totally lost trying find out why the laptop had started asking for passwords when it started? And also failed to find a way of stopping it doing so. Another two hours wasted. Huh!

Took some stuff out to the bins and regretted doing so when the wound played up.

IMG_0148Put the medical appointment on me Google diary, so they should show up on me windows mobile?

Made me nosh and devoured it!

Sat up to avoid catching me wound to read me book and….

The cramps came on suddenly – Ooooh, argh…. eeck! followed by an elongated earrrrggghhh! when I twisted withpain and caught be wound… ah-well.

Did a bit of Facebooking.

TTFN all.

Inchcock’s: It’s Been a Funny Old Life – Part 2

Inchcock’s: It’s Been a Funny Old Life – Part 2


Each morning there was the fire grate to clean out and renew,

Get Dad’s breakfast, he’s eat owt, porridge eggs or stew,

Then get some cash from him for groceries, not easy to do,

Boil some water for Dad to wash and shave in too,

No internet, Google, Facebook, WordPress or Yahoo,

Had to do me morning paper round while Dad ate his stew,

Back an hour later Dads time for work was due,

Off he’d go, I’d clean his pots – getting to school the next issue,

Knowing I’d get bullied and learn nowt – it’s true,

Lunch with Echo margarine or lard sarnies, Eurgh!

Out of school and rush to the paper shop, more work to do,

Back to the house to lay the fire I flew,

Dad would arrive between six and ten demanding a brew,

Light the fire make his nosh, mine is overdue,

Entertainment from the light radio, no radio Two,

Raise a laugh, The Archers and The Navy Lark too,

His language was not usually bad or blue,

But he often said: ‘You useless article you!

Inchcock and the Internet


Inchcock and the Internet

I’d be well and truly lost without the Internet,

Mind you, understanding it can get me in a sweat,

On getting a good reliable service I was determined and set,

That was destroyed by my using BT Internet.


Others tell me their providers are crap as well,

All I know is about the high cost of the BT Death Knell,

WordPress goes wonky very often, and becomes unwell,

Facebook is the same, disappearing sticking text for many clientèle,

  Google seems more stable, easier to use as well.


Just when you begin to master some or other task,

Updates come in, and I need my pocket flask,

No one here for me advice I can ask,

So I search the internet, for solutions to unmask,

Clever answers found, I’m just outclassed!


It’s hard when you’ve not never had a decent education,

What do these things stand for or mean in abbreviation?

ACK, AFAIUI, Y3, & RADBNC, not of my generation!

But communicating with others satisfies me aspiration,

To help create a friendly Cyber-Nation.


Despite the Internet’s problems I must say,

I like the opportunity for laughter to cyber-spray,

Friendship and fun is what I seek for and pray,

Not nastiness, anger or insults, oh nay!

Although satire, humour and fun are good today,

Just please don’t upset anyone on your way!

* No Outer Mongolian Pregnant Kangaroos were harmed in the production of this piffle.

Inchcock Today: Fri 19th Sept 14

Friday 19th September 2014

Up at 0130hrs Confused with why I’d got up at 0130hrs!

BT fibre connection coming on line today. I’ve got me new modem ready with instructions on how to set it up when they have connected it. Just hope it works.

Started the laptop, made a cuppa.

0145hrs: When I tried to get into Google everything froze.

Pressed and held start button and rebooted.

Got into to Google, selected email – and everything froze again.

Pressed and held start button and rebooted.

Got into to Google, selected email – and everything froze again.

Pressed and held start button and rebooted in safe mode with web.

Selected ‘System Restore option.

0245hrs: Got laptop going, didn’t go into Google first, but updated this diary in case I lost everything again when I try the web.

Then I tried Google… it was very very slow (everything on the laptop).

When I tried to open Coreldraw9, a message came up telling me that certain filed for Coreldraw8 were not on the system? I could not gain access at all.


So, I had to remove Coreldraw9 from the laptop, and reinstall it again!

By now it is 0505hrs, and still nowt done, and I’ve got the problem of the new modem to contend with later today – cor blimey am I uptight.

06Fri03I’m now going to try and open Coreldraw9 again…

It took three minutes, but it’s opened.

I fear I may lose the laptop soon, she’s lasted well…

Now to try Google…

Slow, but it opened and let me get into Inchcock to finalise and post this load of tosh.

And it only took me around four hours of hassle! (Good job I did get up early innit?).

Took me medications in celebration!

 Oh, by the way, some good news – Coreldraw9 working (slowly) again, and letting me post in colour! For now anyway…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI hope to get to town today to take some photo’s of the war memorial displays – on the other hand, I might leave it until tomorrow, give me more time to try and sort out the BT modem and get i05Th02t working, else I’d be lost without it.

Coreldraw9 kindly locked up whilst I was in the middle of making a graphic, I’ll try again later, perhaps.

I got the new BT Home Hub 5 ready, and gingerly hoped I’d got all the plugs and connections in the right place, and plugged it in cross fingeredly. (If that a word? It should be)

Sure enough, it didn’t work despite my turning it off and on a few times, and reading through the minuscule manual provided.

06Fri01aI tried the inbuilt help for the old Hub, but 06Fri01it didn’t work despite it coming on, on its 06Fri02own.

Frustration rampant now, and as usual I began to panic a tad.

So I thought I’d try to phone em for help, this I did on me mobile because the landline has too much background noise for me hearing aids to be of use. 081114567 I rang… whilst I was waiting for an answer I made a cup of tea, went to the WC and tried the online old hub help again.

I got an answer eventually (After only twenty-five m inutes) an automatic answer where I had to pick options, and each time I made one (not certain if I heard then correctly), a different voice, often so low I could not hear it came on with another set of options. When I eventually got a real voice, her foreign accent and low voice made it very hard to converse both ways. Then she told me if I called 03301324567 it would be cheaper for me as I was using a mobile.

So I called it, and got an answer in ten minutes, but this gal was a whisperer with a Eastern accent. Eventually she told me I had called the wrong number! She said (I think) she would put me through the correct number 081114567!!!

While waiting for an answer again, the inbuilt helpline came to life and told me I was successfully connected to BT Infinity?

So I told the gal, and she said did I hear my landline ringing as she had just called me – I said no. I picked up the phone, and there was no dialling tone! (Cry, sob spit…) I said no. And gave up with her.


06Fri04When I got back to the computer, I had several pages open about my internet connection. Too confusing for words. I closed em, and signed into me BT home page in search of assistance on the web.

I still can’t get the Wifi to work on the hub, but was more concerned with me landline, had it packed up, or was it BT’s fault?

I eventually found a page where I could test me landline, so I did, it opened a blank page?

Further searching found another page where I could test it from – and ti informed me everything was alright their end.

I gave up, at least with the lead in i can use the internet.

Very tired now, and the angina is playing up again!

I hope tomorrow, to get into ton to see the war memorabilia display – and get a new phone. I’ll try the Hearing shop on Friar Lane, they might sell some which have a bass and sound button on them… more expense!