Inchcock Today – Wednesday 24th January 2018: Confused mind, Whoopsiedangleplops, Accifauxpas, Soaked in the rain, Wind moved fence and hit me on the head, Fire Alarm problems… lots of photos!

Wednesday 24th January 2018

 Hungarian: 2018. Január 24., Szerda

0100hrs: I woke and awaited the brain to join me. The ramblings, musings and confused thoughts arrived with a smattering of common sense mixed in there somewhere; hidden in with the bewilderingly chaotic fusion of almost psychedelic-like ideas, ranging from the poignant and epigrammatical to the intimidating and formidable uncontrollable irrational worries. I think there was a hint of lyssophobia in there somewhere too. These insights and anxieties seemed to melt into the ether quite quickly, and were replaced with just this one – I must get to the Porcelain Throne post- haste! Tsk! Which I did.

Oh, what a performance. Extracting my lumbering-body out of the £300 second-hand recliner was relatively pain-free, and completely accifauxpa free. Getting to the wet room was swiftly achieved without any toe stubbing or Dizzy Dennis’s. Whipping down the Protection Pants in haste to get seated and the evacuation process going. I pulled the pad from where Little Inchies lesion had bled in the night and then dried hard. This caused the blood to flow and splatter over my legs, the floor, the WC bowl and the accoutrements on the floor cabinet (Kitchen towels, toilet rolls, medical creams etc.) and sprayed over the opened pack of Protection Pants! This was not a good start, I thought to myself.

I got seated, and the Trotsky Terence affected evacuation followed. More mess to clean up! By the time I’d got things freshened sorted and cleaned up, it was 0130hrs!

Off to the kitchen to get the sphygmomanometer, thermometer, Enoxaparin hypodermic, creams, lotions and medications out to do the Health Checks and take the tablets.

Made a brew using an Olde English Extra Strong tea bag.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications. The pulse seems to be getting a little higher this week. I don’t think that is a bad thing, it proves that the battery in the aorta valve is still working at least. Hehe!

0155hrs: I set about updating yesterday’s diary.

0420hrs: Got the Tuesday post finished and posted off, at last. By gum, that tool along time to get done.

Got this one started and got up to here on it at 0520hrs!

Sorted the nibble bags out for hopefully, Nurse Nichole and the staff for when I have the blood test later today.

Went to make another brew. The winds were howling a little outside. I opened the window to have a peep out and take a photograph.

            A mistake that!

The flipping high winds blew it as I began to open the window and flung stuff all over the kitchen!

Thank heavens, the ‘Healing Time’ paintings that Patti from Orlando did for me when I was in the hospital getting the new mechanical ticker had only blown down onto the counter and not into the sink that was full of hot water and soap suds at the time! Kitchen towels, foil trays and instruction leaflets also got spread around too. Humph, what a clot I am!

0545hrs: The winds were really howling loud. I bet there are not many residents still asleep now.

I mustn’t forget to tend to the ablutions, no later than 0700hrs, or there will not be time to sort things out and get to the doctors on time for the blood test. I allow myself an hour for the walk there but usually manage it with a few minutes to spare. But this mornings wind and rain may delay me a bit. So an earlier start will be needed methinks.

An hour or so now, before showering time. I used it on Facebooking catch-up.

0640hrs: Had to leave Facebook and get the ablutions sorted. It’ll take longer today with having to tend to the you-know-what bleeding.

All went well with the purifications and decontaminationing. Hehe! Got the bag and paperwork sorted, and set off with the brolly, well wrapped up and the fur-lined hat that I bought last month that has ear covers. Of course, I won’t be able to hear anything, but it should be warm and keep the terrible wind out.

Rubbish bags to the chute on the way out. I was surprised at how well the hearing aids worked with the hat on. And although not waterproof, the thing is lovely and warm, also does keep out the wind I found. Got it from Primark for £4.99 if anyone is interested.

Set off out on the hobble to the Doctors surgery.

By gum, the wind was cruel! Some patches of the road and pavement still have bits of frost on it, despite it not being cold other than the wind. There’s a reason for this I know, but I don’t see it. Hehehe!

The rain started to belt down even fiercer now. I got to the end of Chestnut Walk and turned right down Winchester Street Hill. And it was heartbreaking when I noticed two small birds, one either side of the netting on the roadside. They were chirping loudly and trying to get to each other I think. They must have been blown out of the trees with their nest. Poor little darlings. They could or at least did not fly when I approached them, but they ran away very quickly into the grass and bushes. This put me on a downer.

Further down the hill, I crossed the road while there was a gap in the traffic.

As I crossed Hood Street on the left on the way to cut through Mansfield Street and onto Mansfield Road; As I looked left for any traffic approaching, this sight greeted me. For some reason it made me laugh? Haha!

Some thin white material, obviously blown by the high winds, had got itself entangled in a tree. I took three shots of it to give a better depiction. I wondered what the clothing was and where it had been carried from.

I kept limping along and got onto Mansfield Road and turned left to walk over the hill and down into Carrington.

Just beyond the railings on the left, I got my first dowsing from a bus that went through a puddle as it was level with me. The rain grew even more powerful.

I’d just over the crest of the hill and thought the view would make a half-decent moody-photo, perhaps. If I had taken it a few seconds later, I would have caught the estate type car hitting the back of the mini! Dang, just missed it. Never mind though.

When I got into Carrington proper, I saw this Nottingham Pavement Cyclist coming my way, and the traffic slowed down. I tried for another moody-photo effort. Which I’m sorry I did now.

For I got a massive drenching from a bus, that filled my bag with rainwater and soaked the trousers, shoes and socks! Tsk, Huh and Botherations!

I have to mention at this point, that Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis and Duodenal Donald were all being sympathetic, benevolent and kind to me. I was doing well medically speaking. Only the plates-of-meat were really giving me any real bother. My EQ told me, this would not last for long.

Just a few hundred yards further on, the panel fencing on the old cricket ground was loose and blowing about in the wind. I saw this and was aware of it. But my just passing a massive puddle in the gutter, I turned and looked back to make sure that no buses were coming along… and panel blew out and hit me on the side of the head! I can now inform you, that the silly Primark hat with the ear-flaps offers pretty good protection again wayward planks of wood, too! Haha!

Got to the surgery and logged in with a new receptionist, who greeted me with a smile and asked my name. Gerald Chambers, I replied. She said; “Shingles? To see the specialist nurse? Your appointment isn’t until 1500hrs this afternoon Mr Charnley!” Int life confusing?  After I confirmed my name all was sorted, and I sat down and got the crossword book out – the now very wet crossword book, thanks to the puddles and buses en route to the medical practice. I put it back in the bag with hopes of drying it out later.

Seconds later, a new to me nurse came to collect me to take my blood. Where was Nurse Nichole? She was a cute little thing, and very helpful. She told me she’ll see me early as I’d arrived now, then I can go on my way and get home quicker. A lovely thought, but it would not work because I can’t use my bus pass until 0930hrs, but still, it was kind of her. She took the blood and afterwards there was no leaking at all. She kindly warned me that the rain was like a storm now, as I left.

I gave the bag of nibbles to the receptionist and went to leave the premises.

Well, the nurse was right, it was belting it down, and the winds continued without any lessening. I got the soaking brolly out of the rainwater filled bag, and bravely ventured out and hobbled to the Lidl shop.

The Fool!

As soon as I turned left on Mansfield Road, it happened again!

The bus you see in the distance had just given me another soaking.

I was beginning to get depressed. Hehehe!

I went to the store and intentionally took my time perusing around, in the hope that when I finished, the bus-pass would be valid to use. This proved expensive. Me, wandering around a food store is always likely to be a money-spending event. Tsk! I came out having spent £11.98 on things unwanted, unneeded and a wet bag to carry them home in. Twit! A tin of BBW mackerel to join the several tina already in the cupboard. Chocolate nibbles, more yoghourts. Potatoes. Anchovies. Bacon and air-spray.

On top of all this, I was still too early for me to use the bus-pass!

Having forgotten to take my mobile phone with me, and not owning a watch made things awkward. I stood under the brolly keeping an eye on the time of the electric bus sign.

Still a good while to wait. As I did so two fire tenders, an ambulance went by, and the police helicopter hovered above.

Eventually, 0930hrs arrived, and I moved to the bus shelter.

A bus came along, I stuck out my arm, and it passed me by. Not having a perfect day today, you know. I suppose the coach might have been full, though.

The next one stopped and climbed onboard to find only the raised seats free. Comical this, cause with me just going a few stops, by the time I got myself up and seated, it was time to get out of the seat to get off.

The timing meant I’d just missed an L9 bus.

to get back up to the flats. Curse! So, I started to walk over the hill and up through the Woodthorpe Park route home.

En route, I met Jenny with two ladies who were related to dear old Eddie. I assumed they had come over for Eddie’s funeral and to sort things out. So kind and typical of Jenny to assist and help out. She told me she had arranged for someone to come and look at my Strobe and Pillow fire alarms when she was at a Council meeting, for me. When it went off all those times, the Alert Centre had received no activation signals. I thanked her, and the three ladies shot off ahead of me to avoid getting any wetter, bless them.

Eventually, I got to the flats. Got in and put the utterly superfluous fodder I’d bought away, and got the large potato cleaned and in the oven baking.

I pondered on why I did not ask about Nurse Nichole. Fool I am! I hope she is not poorly. Ah, but it is not a Tuesday is it? (See how quick I was there? Hehe!)

I made a super-strong large mug of tea, using a Yorkshire and /extra /string English Breakfast tea bags. Took the mediations and did the Health Checks. All okay.

Then I got on with refreshing this post as far as here. The updating, took about three hours to get done.

Then I went to the WordPress Reader. Did the Comment reading and replying, then remembered the baking spud – went to check it out.

Overcooked a bit, but this made the mixing in the bowl, less hassle. I used tomato puree, just a bit, salt even less and cheddar cheese, no butter, to bash up with the removed potato flesh. Then back into the husks and replaced in the oven to brown it off for half-an-hour. Going to have tomatoes and mini pork & pickle pie with them I reckon.

Can’t believe the mess I made mixing them. Still, all cleaned up now. Had a bash on Facebook updating while waiting with baited breath for them to cooked and browned off.

The cheesy-baked potatoes were ready, as I went to get them out of the oven, the intercom phone chirped into life. It was the chap who initially installed the Fire Alarm strobe and Pillow.

Fantastic help, care and work from Jenny! Who as I said earlier, had arranged this support for me.

After asking some relevant questions, he spent some time analysing things on his laptop, contacted the Alarm Response centre. Set it off a couple of times and dealt with control when he set it off. The chap pointed out that when an alarm strobe or otherwise goes off, it should go through to Control who should contact me about it via the central alarm console, but all the times it has activated in the flat, this did not happen.

He pressed on with his investigating things and told me that he thought someone in the block was using a system on the same frequency. So he’d changed it. In the event of any alarms in the future that are not responded to by control, I am to contact him immediately and inform him or them.

I thanked him and off he went. Afterwards, as I was getting out the now-gone-cold cheesy potatoes from the oven, I realised I did not have his telephone number. Tsk!

Got the nosh sorted.

I looked delicious. It smelled marvellous.

I’ve not the foggiest what I did wrong or what was a matter with me, but apart from the cheesy baked potatoes, I did not enjoy anything else?


Cold coming on from getting another soaking in the rain?

Inchcock – Monday 12th June 2017: Hospital DVT test, Doctors INR Blood Test, Warfarin Panic… Now I have to do it all again… Tsk! You’ve got to laugh!


Monday 12th June 2017

 מאנטאג יוני 12, 2 Yiddish

0415hrs: I woke up in a confused state, a cracking headache. Rubbish, crumbs, wrappers, pen & pad, mobile phone, remote controls, the empty biscuit box, a woolly hat, TV magazine, the Clarkson On Cars book and last night untaken evening medication pot around the floor (Humph!), the £300 second-hand recliner and me! Felt confused, tired and listless. The eyelids felt so heavy as well.

The notepad I keep handy to forget to take notes of any dreams on had some scribble on it, but it might have been hieroglyphics because I could decipher nothing of it. Tsk!

Pondered on what the day boded. Must remember the INR blood test at 1007hrs (What an odd time to give me?). I’d like to get a good walk into town done, take some photographs perhaps.

Off to the Porcelain Throne, only the slightest amount of bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold, feeling light-headed? Dizzy Dennis and Roger Reflux both started off at the same time. At least Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis were being gentle with me.

Made a brew and it tasted horrible – now I know something is wrong with me. Haha!

Did the Health Checks. Then printed off last weeks to take to the nurse later.


Took the morning medications and back in the wetroom for a wee-wee again.

Computer started and finished off and posted the Sunday diary and started this one off.

Put the nibbles in the bag for the nurses and the Anticoagulation Record Card too.

Checked the Emails and did some WordPressing for a few hours.

Got the ablutions done. An extra long session this morning. Cleaning the teggies and caused a bit of bleeding, but pleased with how quickly it stopped considering.

Got three bin bags filled and tied, one of recyclable stuff and took them to the refuse chute. Put four jars and one bottle in the bag to drop off at the recycling bin on Chestnut Walk.

Back to the flat and checked I had everything needed in the bag. Corroborated that the lights, heaters, cooker, taps and windows were okay and that I had the bus-pass, camera and mobile phone. Set off to the surgery.

Not a soul in sight on the way down to and in the foyer. Some workmen were hard at it outside as I walked straight passed the recycling bins (Tsk!) to the end of Chestnut Walk.

Spotted these beautiful bush flowers on the side of the road. This, cheered me up a lot, with the getting out for a hobble as well.


1Mon11Down Winchester Street Hill in the sunshine and got the camera out of the bag and into my pocket so I could take photographs of the abandoned retail units from Winchester Street to the library.

Not a long distance as you can see from the map here!

So sad, all those folks gone bankrupt, broke or forced to sell-up.

Here are the actual photographicalisations that I took of the rather sad looking so-called retail shopping area of Sherwood, over a five-minute hobble along Mansfield Road.


Oh, dear, I’ve made a Whoopsiedangleplop here, sorry. The bottom left one I took from the bus on the way back from Arnold. Fancy me, making a mistake… Ahem!

Pressed on up the hill and down to the surgery in Carrington. Arriving with 30 minutes to spare the lady told me as I logged in with the receptionist. Sat down, about to get the crossword book out and got called in to see the nurse! No messing about this morning!

She got the blood taken straight away and reminded me about the DVT appointment I had for two hours later. Kind of her, that was. Chinwagged while she did me. Gave her some nibbles, thanked her and departed and limped down to the chemists to ask for advice on my medications, feeling rather proud of remembering to do this. He was not in. Humph!

So, out, down the road and waited for City Hospital bus. I said earlier, no messing about today, didn’t I? Well, it proved this point again when I arrived at the DVT department. As I was there an hour earlier than the appointment time, and they had me in the treatment room within five minutes of my signing in!

Not the foggiest idea what they did. As the Nurse who spoke to me, had an accent and quiet voice and I could not read her lips. Two people came into the cubicle, one smiled and stuck a needle in my throat and arm. That was it I was gone in seconds into a semi-sleepy state. No hassle no pain, just felt them bringing me round later and putting me on a trolly for a few minute and giving me a cup of tea. All done! The chest and throat area was only a bit sore, and that cleared up with ten minutes.

The doctor arrived and told me the test looked visually alright to him, things were no different or worse than last time, and they would contact me after the analysis was complete. I felt great and asked a nurse if I could go now. “If you’re sure you feel up to it, why not Mr Chambers” In a lovely rich Irish accent. So off I wented! Hehe!

Out and up the hill, across the road to the bus stop, the bus arrived in seconds, and within half-an-hour, I was catching a 58 bus in town and on my way to Arnold.

I’ve said it before, but; ‘No Messing About Today!’

Dropped off near the Asda store and popped in get some Irish Batch bread, and came out with the aforesaid loaf… plus: New potatoes, fresh pod peas, mini pickle pork pies, flatbread, Walkers Marmite crisps (three packs of six little packets for £3 – Tsk!), Raffle prizes for the tenants hour, lemon and orange yoghourts, Irish potato farls, butter and £17 quid lighter! Plonker! Then hobbled, (the feet were bad now) in to visit the clothing department to see if they had any of the loose fitting undies in stock. Could not find any and asked an assistant, who informed me they no longer sell them. Marvellous, I thought!

1Mon06On my way out, I noticed they had ladies bras on sale for two whole aisles!

Even a choice of over fifty different types of, what they labelled ‘T-Shirt Bras” with about 100 of them on the shelves!

Not fair that!

Sexism it is! Hehehe!

Had a hobble over the road to the Fulton Food Store to see if they had any of those lemon curd cones in again. But no. I did get some citrus lollies, though.


Paid the Oberfruppenfurher on the till and out and made my way to the bus stop on High Street behind the no long longer stocking men’s undies – but selling hundred of ladies bras and panties – Asda (Walmart) Hyperstore. Hahaha!

At the bus stop, I spotted this amazing little wildflower forcing its way through the tarmac somehow into life? How do they do this?

Got the bus back eventually, taking the photo mentioned earlier en route.

1Mon08As we went through Sherwood on Mansfield Road, I took a picture of possibly the best smelling of all the shops.

Back at the flats and had a wee-wee. Put the kettle on and took the midday medications and did the Health Checks.

All right methinks.

1Mon10Put the purchases on the counter and then stored them away.

After pondering on what to have for fodder later, it will have to be a late one, because I had to sort out the pictures from the camera and update this diary first.

I decided on the last two small portions minced lamb stew with some of the Irish batch bread! Podded a few peas and got them on the boil, well, simmering.

Tried to catch up with the Facebooking while the lamb hotpot cooked. Didn’t get much done, Huh!

1Mon12The din-din time now.


Washed the pots.

Feeling a bit drained now, so settled down to watch some Law & Order on the Gogglebox, feet up.


Really into the TV and the landline chirped into life.

Stubbed my toe getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner as quickly as I could to get to the phone.

It was the DVT Centre from the 4th floor at the QMC.


It appears that my Warfarin INR blood level is now below 1.4 – What? So that is Monday 6.1 Wednesday 4.2 Friday 4.1 and now Monday 1.4?

I have to go into the QMC Hospital in the morning for Two Enoxaparin injections and another blood test, and have to arrange for another DVT Test as today’s earlier checks would be unreliable due the INR level being so high. (Apparently, the district nurse visits to homes to give injections has been cut back as part of the cost saving exercises).

I have to take 4 Warfarin tonight. So, at least there is far less chance of me bleeding to death, but a real possibility of a blood clot or Heart Attack. I can’t win can I? Hehe!

So I took the evening medications making sure I had the four tablets. Did the Health Checks.


Got the Computer on to update this and put things into the calendar. Printed a reminder and left it on the TV screen for the morning.

Got my head down ag1Mon18ain, and watched some TV proggies, without any nodding off for ages?

No dizzies tonight.

Up to visit the Porcelain Throne, all good. Even Haemorrhoid Harold wasn’t bleeding at all, in the slightest, whatsoever.

The first time for weeks!

Long time getting off again.

TTFN each.

Inchcock – Monday 10th April 2017: Hectic, wore myself out. Hehe!


Monday 10th April 2017

Maltese: It-tnejn April 10, 2017

Struggle as I might have, I could just not get to sleep last night! Gone 0300hrs before I got off – then I woke up at 0540hrs, realising that the food delivery was due twixt 0600>0700hrs, and I was in need of the utilisation of the porcelain throne urgently!

Getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner I knocked over the part-drank mug of orange juice, swore and made my way to the wetroom. Haemorrhoid Harold bled a lot, and it was a painful effort, considered as to whether or not to take a Senna?

Doing the ablutions, the delivery arrived. Tsk! Only a small one, this time, put the stuff away and got the computer going and finished yesterday’s diary off.

1Mon03Made a cuppa that went cold and did the graphics for this header, then checked the emails.

The different coloured sky this morning as the moon faded, was nice.

Started this post going, and realised I’d not taken the morning medications or done the health checks yet.

So I took them and a Senna too. (Now watch me get caught out when I hobble out to do the jobs… Oh Dear? Hehe!)

1Mon057Sun02bChecked the Google Diary for the things that needed doing today.

Humph! Don’t think I’ll get all of these done?

Wrote the list down on paper and put it in my pocket so as not to forget them when I do get out.

At least I can forget the prescription collecting, cause I did that on Saturday morning.

So I made a mug of tea and got the checks carried out.


I think they look okay now. A few odd day rises, and the weight is a bit concerning, especially as the fluid retention seems to have gone done a bit in the legs and a lot in the feet, the weight hasn’t? Otherwise, all looks good?


The weather forecast for today was so much colder than yesterday.

I’ll make sure I put my jumper and a warm hat on methinks.

Got some more emails come in: The Clinic has changed the appointment this week and gave me the operation date, 0730hrs Wed 13th July at the clinic, not in the hospital. Told me what to eat and not eat and to take in with me (Medications, paperwork), estimated to take only two hours, four hours observation then all being well I would be going home. Letter to follow. Excellent! No name on the email itself it must be a standard print-out.

Did some WordPressing and then some Facebooking. Posted the latest TFZer graphic.


Readied myself for the trip out to the bank first I think, then get Norman’s things. Now I have fewer tasks to carry out!

Rang Olive to see if it was alright for me to call on her on my way out, it was, so I did.

We had a jolly good chinwag for a good while. Kissed and I departed.

1Mon09Walked down to Chestnut Walk and Winchester Hill, where I took this shot of some plants on the roadside. To the bank first. Because I had not taken the bank pin number with me, they could not tell me if the account had been activated?

To the bank first. Because I had not taken the bank pin number with me, they could not tell me if the account had been activated?

Depressed, I left and went to the Continental Food Store. Got a loaf, jar of mushrooms and some cooked belly pork with herbs.

Hobbled into Carrington and filled a prescription form in at the doctor’s surgery for someCodeine Phosphate tablets.

Then to the shop to get Norman’s bits of fodder.

Limped back into Sherwood and caught the bus up back to the flats.

Chinwag on the bus with other tenants.

1Mon10Dropped the fish fingers and bread off at Norman’s flat. He thanked me and said he’s got the cleaners coming today, so no need for me to do any cleaning for him. He was in fine form, and this cheered me up.

To my apartment and found a book had been delivered. It was from the TFZ’s Andy in Canada, and much appreciated.

CorelDraw opened and started the next graphicationalisticalisation. (A cough!)


Hours later, I’d got it finished.

Got some oven chips heating up on the stove. Did the evening ablutions.

A fabulous selection of programmes I wanted to watch on the goggle-box picked out.

2Tue001aMade the herb pork sandwiches.

Got the oven chips out… and put some antiseptic cream on the newly burnt to the pattern of an oven rack shaped scar on the back of the right hand!

Hehehe! Tsk!

Served the meal up.

2Tue03The oven chips, pork sarnies, seasoned baked beans and a pot of Greek Style yoghourt with added honey.

Excellent tasting fodder for this Monday night!

Rating it 9.43/10.

Got the pots into the sink in soak and nipped to the porcelain, somehow staying awake! One again, suddenly so tired.

Law & Order watched on the box, with the promise of the Underground Documentary, The Interceptors and another Interceptor programme on a different channel to watch and relish.

Only got as far as the first section of Law & Order and nodded off at the first set of commercials came on.

Spent hours waking and watching a few minutes of unknown programmes and repeating it again and again. Gave up around 2200hrs. Turned the box off and nodded into a dream filled kip that lasted until gone 0400hrs! Bliss!

Inchcock Today, Wednesday 30th November 2016: Got to see Olive at last – Joy! Amidst the hassle.


Scottish Gaelic: Là Naomh Aindrea

Wednesday 30th November 2016

Greek: Τετάρτη 30 Νοέμ, 2016

0000hrs: Woke up on the stroke of midnight. Off for a WRWW, made a cuppa and took the medications far too early without realising it was so early.

The Nottingham City Homes repair people should be arriving today to look at the storage radiator. The Morrison delivery should be arriving twixt 0730 > 0830hrs. I had thought the podiatrist was calling but realised this was next week after I checked the diary.

Yesterday I got the INR results with the next date to return, this being next Monday 5th December. I sent a request to the surgery for an appointment – still waiting for an answer. Nothing in the inbox from them.

Checked the Facebook and spent a while on it. A good while.

0625hrs: Got the ablutions carried out, a carbolicalisationing session this one. A WRHD that decided me to take a Senna tablet. Little Inchies wound was not bleeding, flared up a bit, but not bleeding, so that was good. Put on the new trousers I bought a few weeks ago and guess what? – Whoopsiedangleplop! The zip on the flies broke! And I cannot remember where I bought them from. Humph!

Got the laundry ready for collection. Got the bags of rubbish assembled to take to the waste chute after 0800hrs.

Made a drink and noticed the ice on the rooftops below. The kitchen thermometer read 57°f and the wind blew in through the cracks in the window. I thought I’d open it and take some photographs of the cold looking dwellings outside.

3wed023wed033wed04Opening and closing the damned window involved going into the narrow gap to pull out the plug to release it.

I started the cut on the thumb bleeding again. Tsk!

The doorbell played it’s Dusty Springfield melody ♫I only want to be with you♫as the Morrison delivery driver rang it. He told me that one item was unavailable and one was substituted. He offered to take the stuff through to the kitchen for me, but I was feeling good health-wise so thanked him and declined the offer.

The missing item was, of course, the Sourdough Bread! Gnash!

The substitute was for the pack of six Morrison’s kitchen towels, the substitute a two pack of the same. After thinking how annoying this was that the Sourdough bread had to be only thing unavailable, I realised it wasn’t annoying really. Cause I’ve been eating far too much bread again this last week or so.

Put the fodder away. I had to throw away some stuff from the freezer to make room for the frozen food delivered. I’d made two errors with this order (Fancy that?) The sliced mushroom I’d ordered in the belief that thewy were fresh, were frozen and a much bigger bag. The 500g bag of chips Albert Bartlett Homestyle Chips (Those that Martin Shuttlecock recommended me to try, and taste super), was in actuality 1.5 kilogramme. Had I not cocked-up the ordering everything should have fitted into the freezer. So, once again I can blame my senility.

The noise started from above the flat, drilling. I think the chap there is having a wet-room fitted. If this takes as long as mine did. I’ll have 14 days of this noise to put with. Can’t be helped.

One the computer again, emails, Facebooking and graphicationalisationing.

They just gave out the temperature in Nottingham on the radio. -1°c/ 29°f. Brr!

Nottingham City Homes man arrived to look at the radiator. Said it had tripped out, but not sure why. Reset it, told me it should be working for the morning.

Obergruppenfurheress Dean called, she had been to Olive and was concerned about me not seeing her. Explained that I had called three times but there was no answer and was beginning to worry about Olive. I asked her if she could tell Olive about my staying in for the repair man, and I am still waiting for the laundry man. She then explained that the notice on the board downstairs about not using washing machines in the early hours of the morning was for people using their devices in their flats. Not the laundry room!

Told Deana about the British Gas communication and another email from 38° Degree about moving to another electricity supplier. She said it’s better to stay where I am because moving will be a lot of hassle. She will ask Susan to talk to me again.

1240hrs: Still waiting for the morning collection of my laundry as promised – Tsk!

At around 1615hrs, I went to visit Olive and asked her if she could please ring the launderette to ascertain if they are coming today or not to collect the service wash. They weren’t, so I cancelled the whole thing with them. Had a chinwag and cuddle with Olive, then returned home and got the nosh on.3wed05

The frozen mushrooms I’d done in the Crock-Pot were like little pieces of leather, the beetroots were as hard as bullets. The bacon & egg twist I’d overcooked, the Sourdough bread tasted nothing like sourdough bread, but the apple, tomatoes and the mushroom pate were all excellent.

Not one of my better efforts. 6/10.

3wed06Went to do the washing up and the sky was lovely.

WRHD session of serious struggling and pain with a little bit of bleeding. Took another Senna with the evening medications.

Took another Senna with the night medications, and added a Senna to the morning pill box so I wouldn’t forget to take it. (Planning ahead now, I’m getting worried about myself! Hehehe!)

Sorted out the TV viewing plans: 1650hr Ch10 Heartbeat, 1900hrs Ch4 News, 2000hrs Ch17 History, 2100hrs. Ch31 Police, 2200hrs Law & Order SV and settled into the £300 second-hand recliner. Where I promptly fell asleep within minutes.

I probably have the TV on at night as much as anyone else does, but actually watching the TV? Possibly Brother-in-Law Pete understands this more than I do, so he is not bothering to help me pick out a new television, cause he realises it would be a pointless exercise. Well spotted Pete! Hehe!

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today. Tuesday 29th November 2016: Cold and lonely day, late Whoopsiedangleplop. Tsk!


Tuesday 29th November 2016

In Finnish: Tiistai 29 Marraskuu 2016

0345hrs: Woke late, not surprising with the marathon hobble I had yesterday. Recalled bits of dreams, I was in a cellar (Again), and being beaten with hot rods and made to read Hitler’s false diaries while hanging on the wall chains. That’s all I remember.

I extricated myself from the £300 second-hand recliner chair, coming across a melted chocolate cashew nut on me jammies, knocked the headphones I’d not noticed onto the carpet and off for a WRHD session of great pain, but not 2tue001amuch bleeding this time. Returned and cleaned up a bit.

Made a brew, WRWW again and took the morning medications.

And boy, is it cold this morning!

Outside 24°f (-3.2°c) and in the kitchen 54°f (12°c).

2tue01Brrr! Got the new thick socks on, that helped a bit. Can’t complain at £1 a pair, can I?

Although, knowing my luck, the first time I wash them they’ll shrink to a glove-fitting size. Humph!

St Andrews day tomorrow, so I got on with doing graphics to celebrate it for Suzieann Smith and Duncan Robertson, two wonderfully caring people and cyber friends. I’ll use it on tomorrow diary. Then updated the journals.

2tue032tue01aPopped onto the scales.

Very pleased, when I compared them to last months one on the left. Although, after yesterday’s marathon, and I did strip off today when I weighed myself and the time before, I had some clothes on. Maybe not so pleased after all? But better than going up I reckon.

2tue04Started the Crock-Pot vegetables off. Carrots, leeks, onions, tomatoes and parsnips.

I wasn’t sure if I could cook using sauces in the Crock-Pot, but I gave it a go. Black bean sauce, vinegar, oregano, Bisto vegetable flavouring, some Marmite and sea salt added. Must remember to keep stirring up the concoction.

2tue06Did some more Facebooking and graphics, etc.

I went into the kitchen to stir the Crock-Pot and make another mug of tea, and noticed outside, this lady on the right giving lessons about dog control I think to the others. As soon she left with her dog, the other two ha da devil of a job getting theirs to come back to them. Hehe!

Carried on graphicationalisationing and Facebooking until 1055hrs, when I started my ablutions. Used the scented Dettol soap today.

Ambled hopefully to see Olive, but she was out. Might be her Scrabble day? Disappointed.

2tue07Stirred the Crock-pot. Then I returned and took the empty jars to the bottle bank.

Took a photograph of the bins, but once again the red spots appeared? Spoilt the whole picture. I wonder what it is I’m doing wrong?

Then again, I often wonder this on and over many situations and occurrences. Tsk!

Stood a while looking at the beautiful but dastardly cold view around the apartments. Shivered, broke the wind and returned indoors back up to the flat for another WRHD session.

2tue08Stirred the vegetables and gravy in the Stock-Pot, tried a piece of parsnip and it was still rock hard. This was after nearly four hours in the slow-cooker? I imagined that dong the fodder in gravy as opposed to the usually salted water might be having an effect here?

Turned up the setting to high, kept stirring the stew of sorts, often in between working on the computer, Graphicationalisationing mostly.

Finalising and preparing the fodder.

2tue09Moved the seasoned Crock-Pot vegetables into the saucepan and added some tinned stewed steak in gravy to it. Did the washing of the slow cooker bowl in between stirring the mixture up.

Made a right sticky mess of the porcelain and it took ages to get it cleaned, managed (Whoopsiedangleplop) to cut the right thumb on the concrete like bits of food sticking to the bowl, in the process. Ended up with a stew of sorts, that was enjoyed with some Sourdough bread and a lemon yoghourt.

The TV viewing choices were selected, something was on from 1755hrs through until 2300hrs for me to watch. Of course, I realised the expectancy of getting to the end was not high. Eventually settled and watched Heartbeat that was due to finish at 1900hrs, but nodded-off at the second set of commercial breaks – waking up at 0000hrs!

Inchcock Today Wednesday 16th November 2016: A bleeding awful day, and I’m not using bad language! Hehe!


Wednesday 16th November 2016

In Maori Wenerei 16 Whiringa 2016

0145hrs: Wide awake with a jump: I had a dream, one of my regular ones about being chased, up mountains, over rope bridges and in ditches?

3wed02Out and to the wetroom to have a WRHD session and check on Little Inchy, who I could tell had been bleeding without looking first. The spirits lowered as I cleaned up my bleeding areas, and there were three of them this morning. Cracked lips, Haem Aroids and Little Inchy. I was baffled as to why he’d started off leaking again after so long?

However, moments later it all became clear… I think?

I went in the hallway to get a wooly hat and noticed the INR Blood level return had been delivered, picked it up and then made a brew and took the medications.

3wed03I opened and perused the Anticoagulant Therapy Record log, to find the INR was well over the recommended level at 4.8. The new dosages had been reduced.

This may indicate why Little Inchy is bleeding again so badly?

Fair enough, I might bleed to death today, but on the bright side, the chances of me snuffing it from DVT (deep vein thrombosis) a blood clot, are minimal? Hehehe! I want to go out smiling, please.

I think the human body (Even mine, haha) is amazing really. Apart from Anne Gyna, all my other ailments are being kind to me today. It’s as if they know what needs the most attention on the day?

Got the computer on and updated the diaries.

Checked the emails, many had arrived, including two from the surgery, one advising me of my next INR Blood Test for Monday 21st @ 1120hrs. And one cancelling the haematology appointment for next week. To be rebooked later.

Did a Morrison order to be delivered tomorrow between eight and nine AM.

I could feel Little Inchy getting sorer and sorer as the day went on. Must email for an appointment later at the GP, to get me checked and back on the GUM clinic routine. Humph!

Rubbish being thrown down the waste chute at 0555hrs – Tsk! Doesn’t bother my mind, with me getting up so soon. But I do feel for the others being woken up by the inconsiderate urchin who is doing this.


To be further titivated with little extras before I post this on the TFZers page of Facebook

Facebooking and graphicalisationing got a few more of the TFZer funny ones done.

Well, nearly 0800hrs now, so I’ll shut down and get the ablutions done.

Not looking forward to sorting Little Inchy out, though, but still, got to be done.

I’ll call at the surgery again later on my way out, or in. See if I can get booked in with the GUM clinic again.

Went to see Olive, and she was in good form happiness-wise, but her health was a concern, she was obviously in pain with the hip this time. We had a good chinwag and a cuddle, the hygiene ladies were there, and they joined in the nattering and with Olive in telling me off for various happenings. Hehe!

Back to the flat, things ready and out for a walk to the surgery. The weather was not too cold, other than in the gusts of heavy winds that resided with us all day and night. A few odd spots of rain.

3wed04The GP made a gap to examine Little Inchy (an embarrassing and disconcerting few minutes), she sent off a request for an appointment for me at the GUM clinic, and said I would get a letter or email informing me of the date and time. Thanked her and out to catch a bus into Arnold. Why I caught a bus into Arnold remains a mystery, as I intended to get one to Bulwell?

Did some crossword efforts en route, and dropped off on Front Street, opposite the Fulton Food Store, where I went in and had a wander around looking for bargains, and, I found some too! I got the last four packs of the same brand of PeaRice snacks as Tesco sell ay £1.75 or 2 for £2, selling at 75p each! Then the real gem of a find, Mushroom Risotto in a pot, Uncle Ben’s at £1 each, they only had three left on the shelves, so I got them all. Apparently, to tip the lot into a saucepan of water, boil it then simmer for three-minute. Looking forward to trying these, but I’ll have to be patient cause I have some ready meals coming in the morning with the Morrison delivery and they will have much shorter use-by-dates and need consuming first.

Over the road to have a look in Asda-Walmart to get a TV paper and have a look around, and oh dear… a warm wet sensation from the rear quarters. So I left and went to the toilets in the store to have a look. It was Haem Aroid leaking blood. Cleaned me up best as I could and decided to make for home ASAP. Got to the bus stop and realised I had a 20-minute wait in the bus 3wed05shelter, so I had a walk around the car park, pondering on why all this leaking of blood was occurring.

I noticed the recycling bins had got some plants flowering at the bottom of the blue one. How, this time of year and what they were amazed me? And they were green-leaved?

I presumed the bleeding was so bad due to the high level of INR?

Feeling a little uncomfortable, I made my way back to the bus stop behind the bins in this picture above. The L9 was late, and I was lucky so many other folks wanted it as this caught my attention from foolishly doing a crossword. Tsk!

3wed06I did the crossword again en route.

The fast-moving clouds, now that the wind had got up even stronger suddenly turned white then back to the greyish blue repeatedly.

I was feeling uncomfortable still and was glad when I got back to the flats and into the apartment, where a WRHD session and a good clean up took and change of clothes took place.

An odd feeling of apanthropinization overcame me as I tended to Little Inchy and got the cream applied. I was turning into an obsequious mood, and interest in life dwindled? Horrible feeling!

3wed07Got the meal cooking, not interested in what it was somehow, just got the easiest to prepare, a beef pie, added some mushrooms and sausages and as nice as it looked, it didn’t appeal to me. But I ate most of it.

Settled, TV on and dropped-off.

I woke in what turned out to be about ten minutes and felt a different person? Gone were the self-pity and the recently rampant nullifidian like mood had gone!

An inexplicable, unintelligible mild contentment blessed me.

Life can be very confusing, can’t it?

Inchcock Today Fri 7 Oct 16: Hobble to Goose Fair to get some photographicalisationing done – Mistake that turned out to be, Humph!


Friday 7th October 2016

Laid there for a while, trying to recollect the details of the dreams, but only rough outlines were there. Nothing concrete. 0400hrs: Rose out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair and out or a WRHD.

To the kitchen to make a cuppa and take the medications.

Updated the dairies, popped on the scales, realised I needed to get some exercise in, so decided to go to have the walk around the Nottingham Goose Fair later today. Take some piccies for my TFZer cyber pals.

Opened the curtains to find it was raining and very windy outside. This raised the question, should I go out hobbling in this weather?

At 0545hrs, some bad person from the twelfth floor dropped something down the rubbish chute – Tsk! It didn’t bother me, partly due to me partial deafness and me being up anyway, but I thought it was not nice for anyone still sleeping to be woken up at this time in the morning!

Finished the diaries and started this one off. Did a bit more work on the new Graphics for TFZers.

Did the ablutions and carbolicalisationing of my nether regions.

Popped in to see Olive. She was in excellent, good nick again today. After several telling offs, (Well two), she gave me her rubbish bags to drop into the chute and kissed me goodbye. This brought an old song to my mind…

♫ “Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye
Cheerio, here I go, on my way
Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye
Not a tear, but a cheer, make it gay
Give me a smile I can keep all the while
In my heart, while I’m away
‘Till we meet once again, you and I
Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye” ♫

This is, the rather tiring and painful route I then took, to get to the Nottingham Goose Fair, calling into the GP surgery en route.

5fri01a5fri02Set out along Chestnut Walk to the end and right down onto Winchester Hill.

It was threatening to rain again, but the wind was not high as had been forecast. As yet.

As I walked down the hill, a young lady passed me, and I noticed her hair colouring.

5fri03I spied the roof on the National Laundry buildings on the hill. Now V

A bit dodgy looking I thoughts, and this took me back to thinking about the problems with the roof on the old house, and difficulties I had with Cowboy Builders trying to get it sorted out.

I felt so happy suddenly, knowing all 5fri04that is behind me now at last.

As I sang aloud Frank Ifield’s “She Taught Me How to Yodel”.

A young lady overtook me on the pavement and smile at me, then burst out laughing as she carried on!

I have to say; I liked her hair colouring a lot.

I pressed on to Sherwood, then Carrington and called in the surgery to confirm the date and time for my next INR blood test. She verified Tuesday 11th October for my Pneumonia Jab, Tuesday 18th for a for the Reflux Tests, Wednesday 19th for the Trental blood checks and Monday 24th for the next INR test. Glad I went in and asked now! Hehe!

Carried on through Carrington and 5fri06right into Gregory Boulevard passed the island with the Giant Goose on it as is usual and over the zebra crossing.

Along the Boulevard towards the actual Goose Fair Site

Still early yet, not many folks about at 5fri05all.

Spotted this part full bottle of full-fat milk on a tree stump at the side of the road.

As I took a look at it, a Pavement Cyclist nearly had me over; the git brushed against my left arm making me jump a bit. Humph! He was too quick to me photographed, and I’d just 5fri07put the camera away from taking the milk shot.

As I neared the fair, I took this zoomed photographicalisation of it.

Almost barren of visitors?

I turned left at the junction and walked up into the grounds.


5fri08aTook some photographs of food stalls to put on the TFZ site later.

On the way out of the grounds, another Pavement Cyclist almost had me over – got him this time cause I had my camera in my hand taking the food retailers shots.

The git!

5fri09The feet and knees were pretty bad as I climbed the hill and down, the up again into the City Centre.

Noticed this Murder of Crows nearby, and as I could see as I got close to them, it became apparent why they had gathered. One of them had stolen some pitta bread, and they all now wanted a piece.

5fri10I got into town and called at the Poundland Shop and had a look for bargains, as I had a while before the L9 bus was due.

Found some Thermal Socks at two pairs for a quid.

Had a stroll, well, a rather painful limp really, around.

6sat08I noticed that Clinton Street was in its usual cram-packed with shoplifter…, no, I am shoppers condition.

Made my way back to the L9 bus terminus and awaited its arrival.

Thought it might rain for a moment, but it passed.

Caught the bus and when we had gone about 3 miles, the roads were all soaked, so somewhere had the rain then.

Met some tenants at the bus stop when I arrived home, only time the littlest gossip as I was in need of a desperate WRWW and to get into me slippers! Hehe!

Which I did ASAP after getting in. Got the vegetables warming and potatoes simmering. The lamb hotpot ready to go in the oven later.

Sorted the photographs I’d taken and got them on the laptop. Updated this for an hour or so, then got the lamb into the oven.

Anne Gyna was easing off a bit now. Had some tomato juice with the medications then onto Facebook for a while.

Started doing Facebooking and the fire alarm went off. So I’m off to investigate.

Nothing found anywhere, no Emergency services arrived. Am I going potty and hearing things? (More than usual that is, hehe!)

The aches and pains were making me suffer for me marathon hobble. Tsk!

p1120043Took the medications.

Got the fodder served up.

A tasty effort tonight. The last lamb hotpot, Crock-pot vegetables, mushrooms, carrots, swede, garden peas and leeks, two boiled potatoes.

Followed by a lemon drizzle, a banana and an apple. Perfect!

Almost fell asleep eating it, I was so worn out and aching all over. But I’d had a good days exercise and enjoyed doing the photographs.

Tried to watch some TV, but it was a ridiculous attempt, nodded off so many times I got confused as to what time and day it was when kept waking up. Hehehe!

Inchcock Today Wed 29 June 16: First visit to Chiropodist today!

10b Wednesday 29th June 2016

Woke around 0155hrs, desperate to get back to sleep and continue the dream I’d been having! I failed, but did scribble some notes down on the pad for later it seems, as I found them after I’d managed to nod off again and woke at 0445hrs. Of course, I could remember nothing of the dreams, but the notes informed me that I was young again, and doing what kids do, with a particular group of females. Amongst the words on the paper were: Dancing, snogging and Skoda Estelle?

10aTo the throne, made a cuppa and got the laptop on. Did some graphicalisationing, Facebook, WordPress and emails. Then went on Google Maps to see where the Feet First Chiropodist was on Upper Parliament Street.

Very handily placed with the L9 bus-stop just a few yards away.


Around 0830hrs, I had to force myself off the laptop and get the ablutions done in readiness for my departure out into the heavy rain and winds! A chance to test the new umbrella out.

I nipped to see Olive on the way out, give her a box of liqueurs and asked if it is alright for me to call tomorrow and get a pain-gel massage. She agreed, and she was looking well this morning.

Down to the lobby, where three Lady tenants and two male had gathered to wait for the bus to arrive. Nice chinwag, joke and I gave them some nibbles. Well, not one man, he is known amongst the old tenants as Mr Grumps, for good reason.

Got the bus, it was late, but at least it came today.

The rain continued to pour down, and I tried out the new umbrella as I walked to the Wilko store, it was fine and coped with the wind (The weather’s wind, not mine. Hehehe!). I got the citrus scented arm spray, and nipped to the Poundland Store, in hopes they may have some of the Deo-fabric-spray P1110234back in stock, they hadn’t, but they did have some After Eight Mints, so I got a box for Olive.

Naughty Nottingham Pavement cyclists were rampant all around yet again.

I nipped down to the Feet First Chiropodist and gave the lady on reception my list of medications. She gave me an A4 New Patient form to fill in. After ten minutes she’d spotted me still going, as I tried to get all the medications listed in the box provided, copying them from the three prescription lists. She offered to photocopy them for me. Then found the printer had ran out of ink. Again she helped by copying them for me onto another A4 sheet by hand.

I was shortly called into a treatment room, and the lady got me plates into a bowl of bubbling water, then got her shears out and cut me toe nails, even filed them afterwards – and… she put my socks back on for me, cause she saw how I struggled to get them off earlier. Bless her cotton socks!

I made another appointment with the receptionist for Friday 12th August at 1115hrs, paid me £25 and out into the  rain. This brolly is a good un up to know anyway.

P1110233I went up and over the walk-over and took a photograph of the weather-beaten Nottinghamians below.

Three alcoholics had settled in the corner and were making some threatening noises in my direction as I took this photograph on the left, through the glass.

I asked them if they wanted their photo taken – I think they said something like “Go forth and multiply”, but in other words like.

I limped along through the Victoria Centre (Mall) and had a walk through the market. Very sad so many empty stalls and bad food on show. I went all the way through, window shopping. At the other end was a Pound World shop, so I nipped in there to look for  any fabric freshener but they didn’t have any either. I did get some caramelised biscuits and a box of 160 Brooke bond D tea-bags, though. Not had them for a while.

The trusty new brolly protected most of me on the walk to the bus stop to catch the L9 bus back to the flats. Stirling Moss was driving it today, I recognise him now, after risking life and limb on his bus before.

Stayed awake. (Mostly thanks to driver Stirling’s and battling to stay in the seat at every corner and when he braked one had to take care you didn’t hit you head or chin on the seat in front)

Off the bus, Mr Grumpy was on the bus, but he ignored my greeting when he got on. Nipped up and wee-wee’d post haste, put the kettle on, the nibbles away, got the lamb hock boiling and got updating this post and did some graphics.

P1110235Checked the emails and Facebooked a while.

The nosh turned out a bit of a disaster I’m afraid.

The potato waffles were tasteless, the lamb all bone, the bread dried, the apple super-tasteless… the dessert too sweet, but the banana was nice!

I could only rate this one at 3/10!

Picked up TV mag to see what was on, and the programmes I chose did not show, other programmes came on? I checked with the built in TV guide and that was different again? I thought I was going bonkers?

Found a letter delivered from Virgin, informing me that the TV and internet would not be available on 21st July from 0700hrs to 17oohrs while they upgrade the service? But the phone line will not be affected.

Well, the Virgin internet connection certainly needs something doing to it, it is worse than what BT were, and that’s saying something.

I got the nibbles sorted and into the bag ready for the Social Hour tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to that.

Sleep came easier tonight (at last), despite the left foot big toe stinging a bit. I think the filing, or maybe they cut the nail down a bit too far done at the chiropodist might be the reason?

Inchcock Today Thur 9 June 2016: A frustrating, hard, long day & now no access to the WC! Huh!


A Nottingham tenant in a toiletless apartment in an Old Peoples Flats Complex is protesting at the local Ice Cream Van, the noisy jingles, the van obstructing the free bus-pass services access, blocking his wheelchair and above all the children as they noisily queue for their ices. The man Juan Inchcock, told the Marissa Bergen, the Drummers Weekly reporter: “I don’t mind about all this really, it just annoys me that the chap has sold out of all his 99’s to the ankle snapper before I can get out of the flat, a lift down 13 floors, get the lobby doors to open and hobble to the van to knock them out of the way with me walking stick! It’s just not fair!


Thursday 9th June 2016

Stirred around 0525hrs, the second hand £300 recliner chair operated without any hiatus and let me out of it to pass water and use the throne. Much blood from the rear, a tiny bit from ‘Little Inchy’s lesion.

I’d dreamt something about my being in outer-space in a powered shopping trolley, wearing a leather hat and trying to catch butterflies with two saucepan lids with Acker Bilks ‘In a Persian Market’ playing in the background? I can remember all these facts, but nowt else about it. Tsk!

Took the medications with a cuppa and pot of porridge, then tackled the job of getting all the stand-up bath materials and paraphernalia and got myself cleaned up, the best I could. Made substantial use of the underarm spray and after-shave. Although, once again I managed to spill the bowl of soapy water I’d soaked me feet in while stood at the sink washing.

P1110026I didn’t know if the flooring workers were coming and if so at what time? But knew I had to go out to the INR blood test, clinic and to take sister Jane her pressies. (Having done that now, I can show you picture of them).

Two cushions with photographs I’d took of Mr Fooey on the left, and Tabitha, who passed away a good while ago, as she jumped up on the counter and looks for all intents and purposes as if she was checking out my pension paperwork for me. My two favourites of her cats, but I like them all mind.

I went on Facebook, checked the emails and did some graphic work for ages and ages. I thought the workmen might come the same time as all the others did, o800 to 0830 hrs, but none had shown by 0930 hrs, and I did not know if they would be coming or not. So I got the nibbles and meandered to the Tenants Social Hour at the hut. To my pleasant surprise, I saw BJ arriving and going in as I approached the shed. Julie was in the office and I explained about my concerns about leaving before the maintenance men arrived. Being as I did not know where the men were coming from, she said there is nothing she can do.

So I went back in the meeting and had a chinwag with BJ, Toni, Bill and Eddy for a while.

BJ said he’d lift me to the doctors and suggested I go back to the flat and see if they have arrived yet. So I did, then returned. BJ said to put a note on the door – ‘ Floor men – for access please ring…’ and add Julie and Deana’s phone numbers. I should have thought of that myself really. William kindly got and wrote down the numbers for me. Back to the flat and put the note on the door. BJ lifted me with my two bags to the surgery, dead on time. Thank you BJ.

P1110063The nurse soon saw to me but refused to let me take her photo today because she didn’t like the last one I took.

I took her likeness as she turned away. She had to laugh.

I thanked her, gave her some nibbles and departed out to the bus stop on Mansfield Road.

One arrived and in fifteen minutes I was dropping off in town and walked through Victoria Centre (Mall) and up the new escalator to the first floor.

IT came out between two fast food eat-ins. This car was part of one of them.

05As I walk the length of the centre, I noticed this chap on the ground floor giving a piano some hammer and singing! There was writing on the side of the handsome white pianissimo, inviting anyone to give other shoppers a song? Thought it was a great idea!

Hobbled along and out into the walk-over. Where three young girls were smoking something very odd smelling with guilty looks on their faces, one of them was wafting her hand around as I approached. I noticed through the window, a youth who it appears, had just got down for a kip on the pavement outside the Boots store?

07I took two photographs, one wide and a close-up of the youth and made this up.

Lovely weather today. I went over and down then around and to the West Bridgford bus stop, where a number 7 was just loading up.

Alighted on Central Avenue in West Bridgford and being a tad early for Jane’s, I called in the Iceland store. Got a bag of eight little wholemeal cobs, some chicken thighs and desert treats for Jane and Pete.

Hobbled to the Mansion where Janet and Pete live, it only took about 12 minutes to get there.

They seemed in good spirits. I nipped into their front room and placed the cushions on their settee for them to see later. I should have taken a photo shouldn’t I?

First attention was given to Mr Fooey of course. I gave him some and Arthur some nibbles, and they both loved them.

08I got myself down (nearly) to Fooey as he was relishing his little treat.

My getting back up, was some amusement for Sue and Pete at least. Hehe!

09I had a go at sorting the picture out on Pete’s laptop, and we worked out how to get his homemade videos onto his display programme. I love it when I can help, be of use like.

Then I invited them to go into their front room to see their pressies… Thank heavens they loved them.

We had a visit from the PCO, they are having bother with a horrible neighbour.

I gave them half the cobs and the trifles and departed, unsure if I would be in time to catch the last L9 bus from town, I decided not to rush, and I could grab a number 40 and walk missing having to climb the big hill at least.

P1110076  P1110077At the stop, a female Pavement Cyclist all but hit me she belted by, naughty girl! Then as the bus was arriving, a bloke Pavement Cyclist was on the other sideway! Tsk!

It turned out when I got in town, once again like the other day, for some reason the 39 bus did not leave on time, and again I made it in time due to his leaving late and got the bus back to the flats. Hell of a job staying awake, I think I must have nodded off around four or five times en route, but was awake when we arrived at the flats.

Eagerly and apprehensively I made it to the apartment to see if anyone had been to tend to the shower floor… The door was unlocked, no one about, but I knew someone had been in due to the dust and bits on the hallway carpet. Gingerly I opened the WC doorP1110079… Dang dang dang…

The shower room floor had been laid! I dare not go in because they had warned me ages ago that it will need two/three days to settle before the shower could be used and it was safe to do so. And, I don’t know if it is finished or not yet, there might be a waterproofing layer to go?

I popped down to the Community Hut, and luckily Deana was in.

She had told the workmen to ring her when they had finished, and she could come and secure the flat. They didn’t, so she didn’t. So, we don’t know if they have to come back tomorrow or not? The farce continues!

Deana asked me to send her a copy of the photograph of her I took when she helped me out again with sorting the ‘double’ electricity bills I’d had yesterday, that I’d doctored.

10Back to the flat none the wiser as to if I had to stay in or not again! Humph!

I sent the doctored graphic via email to Deana.

When it came to me updating this Inchcock Today – I found I’d lost all the content! Gnash! No idea how I managed that. So I started from scratch again. Took me flaming hours!

P1110081Decided to treat me, this time, Chicken thigh, chips, garden peas, onions, peppers and beetroot… oh and two little wholemeal cobs.

Very late for me by the time I’d got the updating done it was hours passed my bedtime.

How I was going to manage without using the throne, I didn’t know. But no one knew really, if I could go into, or when I could stop on the shower room floor to get to the loo?

Friday, as long as I don’t go out, I can use the Community Shed toilet. Between 0830 and 1600 hrs at least. But the shed is not open at the weekend as there will be no staff on the complex? What then?

I’ll have to see and bother Deana again in the morning to see if she can find out if I can go into the shower room, without using the shower of course?

Fed-up, tired, feeling a nonentity, learning new sufferings as I am forced to try new ways of holding back the urge to use the porcelain, feel a nuisance to all and sundry and a sense that I’m suffering occulcation.

I’ll see what tomorrow brings – respite and conclusion, and being able to use the throne would help! Hehe!

Inchcock flicks through the Nottingham Post Newspaper… To Cheer himself up perhaps?


On my way into town this morning, Sister Jane rang me and told me there was an article in the Nottingham Post about my GP surgery. So I thought I’d P1070179get one as I arrived in town, and have a flick through it like.

The seventies return with violence from football fans?

Disappointing news. And the paper had gotten a bit soggy in the persistent rain we were having this morning. Huh!

P1070178Next page was no less depressing mind.

“Man, 21, Stabbed in his car outside off-licence” was the headline.

More violence occurring in Nottingham yet again seems like every day now.

I hadn’t cheered myself up yet.

P1070180Then “Carer used pensioner’s card to withdraw cash”!

30-year-old Carer woman robs  Clifton 84-year-old lady of £2,200.

Joan Lynch, the victim, was an Alzheimer sufferer and was hounded to get the pin number by her Carer. She has since passed away.


A bus station bombs hoax threat.

65-year-old Widower David Dean suffers burglar breaking into his home and taking amongst other things, his recently departed wife’s wedding ring.

This quick flick through the newspaper is getting me down just a bit now.

P1070183Next up: “2,600 properties hit by a power cut.”

This affected properties in seven postcode areas.

On e poor chap had been working on his laptop for over four hours, and the black-out cost him everything he had been working on. Poor man!

P1070184A serial burglar got in through a window that had been left open.

He blamed his own drug use as the cause of this burglary, and the previous 38 he had been prosecuted for. His counsel pleaded for leniency now he was on a methadone drug reduction plan.

They didn’t mention how long he got.


Now it got interesting on the Comments Page. M Dybala sent a letter in about Nottingham Pavement Cyclists.

As you might know, a subject close to me heart.

I just had to send them an email in support of the letter.

And I did. Whether it will get printed I don’t know of course, but here it is:

I would like to support M Dybala’s comments in yesterday’s Nottingham Post about the Pavement Cyclists so rampant in Nottingham.

I wrote to the Police about the problem and got an email back from a PCO. He explained that if the roads are busy they can understand these antisocial cyclists using the pavement. If the roads are not busy, he assured me they will pull up the offenders and have a word.

I have since photographed many of these offenders, one or two with a police car or person nearby, who did nothing of course.

The problem is, they do not appreciate the difficulties this causes to the elderly, infirm, deaf and visually impaired pedestrians (I, unfortunately, qualify for all these descriptions) when they fly past and on more than one occasion I have been ‘caught’ by them. This causes bruising due to my being on Warfarin. They regularly weave at speed through and around people, and I have to admit to being a little nervous when in town particularly.

I think this should be looked into and the problems appreciated more.

Thank You.

I added a few photographicalisation of them that I’d took.


It seems the surgery has been awarded an Outstanding rating in Care Quality!

My Doctor, Lona Vindla, is wearing a turquoise jumper, and on her left as you look at the photo, is another one I love to bits, the nurse who looks after my Warfarin blood tests and they are both lovely with it.

Now this did cheer me up!