Mon 18.5.15: Inchcock Today – Not good, but I’m sure it’ll get worse…

Monday 18th May 2015

Woke up with a jump and racing mind: Got nurse coming in for last ( I hope) Anoxaparin injection – then must go to GP ask about is it safe to take St Peters Wort with other medications? (Which I forgot to do) – Look at BP readings on me record list (Which I forgot to do) – find out last INR reading from Friday, get new dosage, have new INR test – try to get some packing done – Contact BJ re asking for help with moving stuff… the mind spins.

Bleeding from little Inch lesion not so bad this morning. Feeling nervous about everything I think of – what’s a matter with me I asked myself – again, no answer came the reply. Tsk!

Did me tests: Sys 149, Dia 85, Pulse 72, Temp 32.1

WC’d, no blood from the rear end. Stomach churning a tad.

IMG_0253Went to start laptop and found I’d left it on. Huh!

Took photo from window – raining heavily.

Checked emails for anything from hospital, doctors, housing or authorities – nowt there.

The tummy calmed down a bit now.

Put water heater on and Facebooked a while waiting for it to heat up. Then titivated myself and went down to make a cuppa and wait the arrival of the District Nurse.

Bent down to pick up some stuff from one of the many piles of ‘notyetsorted’ rubbish and started the back off again… I’m getting frustrated now, and querulous with life.

District nurses twice a day, INR tests, Clinic visits, sorting out not getting done, bleeding from front and rear end, Anne Gyna not happy… me mind racing confusedly on its own accord… not a confident or happy chappie at the moment. Hey-ho!

Sorted a few things out into bags.

Made a cuppa and pot of porridge, and continued waiting for the arrival of the nurse – daring not to move in case I miss her, again nowt much got done in the packing and sorting department of the hovel, but I managed a couple of black bags.

IMG_0261The District Nurse arrived and soon had me injected.

I collected me notes of what to ask the medical person about when I arrived at the Sherringham Medical Practise Surgery, and set off on my poddle to the surgery.

Feeding a few pigeons that came IMG_0254down to have their breakfast on the road outside.

It was a bit gloomy and drizzly this morning, and I still felt so unnaturally tired it bothered me a bit.

Down and into the surgery the receptionist gave me the INR results and new dosages – the level had improved from 1.3 to 1.9 but they said I still have to continue with the Enoxaparin injections.

And gave me a prescription to have filled in at the Pharmacy for 10 filled syringes, which means five more days worth at least, and there is still two left in the box from the last sessions.

Also I had to make an appointment with the surgery nurse to have INR level test done on the 18th May – I pointed out that it is the 18th today – she made me an appointment with the nurse for 1315hrs today. Busy again!

IMG_0262Out into the rain and had a walk down to the Chemist to have me prescription filled.

As usual they did not have sufficient stock to hand and gave me seven syringes telling me to return tomorrow afternoon for the other three. (No rest fer the wicked eh?)

I called into the launderette next door and spoke with Mandy asking her how much it would cost to have a service wash done tomorrow, if I could get in touch with BJ to ask him if he could get the wash there and collect it afterwards?

IMG_0263She took a photo of me flabby-belly for me.

It’s amazing how quickly the marks (on the right in the photo but actually on me left) from yesterday had died-down so quickly.

I plodded back to the flea-pit and was still amazed at how tired I felt. Must be a side effect of the drug mixing with me regular ones surely?

I had another dizzy-spell when I got up off the stool to see what nosh I had in the freezer to have tonight for me nosh and crashed down back on it starting me blind-boil hurting again! Tsk, Huh and Gobbledinnash!

Still, I have an American pulled-pork and potatoes ready-meal in there I might have tonight. If I ever feel hungry.

I tried to do some clearing up, no sooner had I bent down a couple of times the angina started again, bad.

So there I was just beginning to feel a tad sorry for missen and I had a call to the porcelain – Crickey the blood! The lesion on me little Inch was pouring, took me ages to get it down to a leak and not flow – so I’m sat here now covered in paper towels with crossed fingers – if it don’t stop soon I’ll have to ring for help.

It seems to have stopped I hope, but it took ages to do so.

I do feel sorry for missen now! Huh!

Set the alarm in the event that I can nod-off for a bit and make sure I’m up for when the District Nurse calls between 1900 and 2200 hrs.

A chap from Age UK rang to say he’s call on Wednesday to see me about assistance with moving. (IF I get the flat).

Can’t eat or sleep it seems now – might as well try reading me book.

Got me laundry things half ready for tomorrow. Hoping that BJ will call.

I went down and made a cup of tea and waited for the nurse to arrive.

IMG_0265Three hours later she came – a Scottish gal, very patient and kind and did me medicationalisationing on me left side tonight for me.

We had a char and she said she’d send in a report telling them I needed help bless her cotton socks.

Late now, still not hungry, tired mind, but can I drop off? No! Double Tsk!

Thr 14.5.15: Inchcock Today: Enoxaparin into ticker – by lovely nurse!

Thursday 14th May 2015

DaveBeen dreaming of me medications last night, it seems I was using them in a meal of seaweed and sausages? But I couldn’t find the vinegar and was very miffed with this and was stopping people in the street searching them for me bottle of vinegar – why I was cooking over a candle or in the street I don’t know. That’s all I can remember.

GP surgery this morning to make appointment for my extra INR Warfarin level test and sort the message I got from them out.

Then will be doing only clearing out and up until I’m too fatigued or run out of room to store stuff ready to go.

Did me checks: Sys 148, Dia 79, Pulse 76, Temp 35.2c

They all look alright to me. Took me dedications.

No WC visit yet! Mmm?

0735hrs: Going to get ready for GP now, I’ll get back to yers after I’ve done some cleaning. TTFN.

IMG_02081055hrs: Well I’m back – but had to struggle back with the bag of bags of stuff for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop, because of an unplanned change of plans like at the GPs.

Oh me poor feet – hehe.

I poddled down to the surgery IMG_0205(Arrived with me bags at 0825hrs) and asked for an appointment for tomorrow (Fri) like to have me Warfarin test done as their emails instructed me to – one receptionist said they don’t do them on a Friday, the other said they did. After consultations with the GP they gave me an appointment for tomorrow at 0930 hrs.

Then they told me the doctor has only just got the details of the hospitals request for me to have the Enoxaparin jabs. And she needs to sort out what levels I was supposed to be having.

The rather gorgeous GP called me in and we went through some details. Then she asked me to wait in the waiting room while she saw some other patients then she’d find out where to ring to attain the dosage level for me and call me back in.

I got me crossword book out and spent a while having a go at them – ajnd the GP appeared asking me for me Anticoagulation Alert Card for the details, she returned to her surgery, and I got back to me crosswords.

Later the receptionist gave me back me Alert Card.

The GP called me back into the surgery and she explained that she had arranged for a district nurse to call twice today to give me the 80mg shots of the medication around midday and then again later. So I must get myself to the chemist for the syringes to be dispensed from the prescription she gave me and then home and stay there for the rest of the day so as not to miss the nurse, and after she had been to remain near a phone in case of allergic any reactions.

IMG_0207So off to the chemists and got me prescription filled for the 7 Enoxaparin filled Syringes.

Got another pack of St Johns Wort essence, being as I could see they only had one pack left on display.

Rang me brother in law while waiting to see how he and sister Jane were doing, they have both been feeling poorly.

They’re both feeling a bit better, so that cheered me up a bit. Disappointed in not getting rid of some bags of stuff to the Hospice though – everything seems to be stopping me getting on with sorting things out at the flea-pit lately. Tsk!

IMG_0206Walked back through the twitchell and the pigeons came down for their breakfast as I got to the dump.

Scared to go up to the WC in case I missed the nurse – Mmm!

Tried to access Gmail but the laptop wouldn’t let me for some reason?

Did a bit of sorting, not a lot only the tiniest bit – I’ll have another go after the nurse has paid her first visit methinks – that is if I feel up to it and none of the possible side effects the GP spoke of affects me – all go and get nowt done here innit?

I’ve just looked up possible side effects:

What lotta of em! The ones I’ve already got from the other medications have got an * asterix next to em. The onlt reason I copied them here is the number of them surprised me – afterwards I looked up some side effects if some of me other medications and realised this list is not so long after all. Puzzling int it? Hehehe!

  • coughing up blood

  • Bleeding Gums

  • difficulty with breathing or swallowing

  • * dizziness

  • headache

  • increased menstrual flow or vaginal bleeding?

  • nosebleeds

  • paralysis

  • prolonged bleeding from cuts

  • red or black, tarry stools

  • red or dark brown urine

  • shortness of breath

Less common

  • * Bruising

  • chest discomfort

  • * collection of blood under the skin

  • * confusion

  • continuing bleeding or oozing from the nose and/or mouth, or surgical wound

  • convulsions (seizures)

  • fever

  • * irritability

  • * lightheadedness

  • * lower back pain

  • * pain or burning while urinating

  • * swelling of the hands or feet

  • tightness in the chest

  • uncontrolled bleeding at the site of injection

  • vomiting of blood or material that looks like coffee grounds

  • wheezing


  • * Back pain

  • burning, pricking, tickling, or tingling sensation

  • * chest pain

  • chills

  • cough

  • decreased urine output

  • dilated neck veins

  • * dizziness or lightheadedness when getting up suddenly from a lying or sitting position

  • * extreme fatigue

  • fainting

  • fast or irregular heartbeat

  • * general feeling of discomfort or illness

  • * irregular breathing

  • leg weakness

  • * problems with bowel or bladder function

  • skin rash or hives

  • * sneezing

  • sore throat

  • sudden fainting

  • * Becoming good looking and appealing to women (Joke, sorry)

  • swelling of the face, fingers, feet, genitals, mouth, or tongue

  • thickening of the bronchial secretions

  • * troubled breathing

  • weight gain

Incidence not known

  • Abdominal or stomach pain

  • deep, dark purple bruise

  • hives or welts

  • irregular heartbeat

  • itching, pain, redness, or swelling

  • large, flat, blue, or purplish patches in the skin

  • nausea or vomiting

  • * nervousness

  • * numbness or tingling in the hands, feet, or lips

  • puffiness or swelling of the eyelids or around the eyes, face, lips, or tongue

  • redness of the skin

  • * skin rash

  • * unusual tiredness or weakness

  • * weakness or heaviness of the legs

Some of the side effects that can occur with Enoxaparin may not need medical attention. As your body adjusts to the medicine during treatment these side effects may go away. Your health care professional may also be able to tell you about ways to reduce or prevent some of these side effects. If any of the following side effects continue, are bothersome or if you have any questions about them, check with your health care professional.

I feel a bit less down today, despite me best laid plans being sent to pot again?

Knuckled down to do some paperwork sorting for three hours.

Obvious now the nurse isn’t calling at lunchtime then? She’s probably up to her neck in it. Maybe she can get the evening visit in. I can’t nip to the surgery to have the nurse there do me injection into me ticker cause I might miss the nurse coming to do the injection into me ticker… mouthful that!

Did me tablet box’s up, took about an hour this time – and realised because of taking all the extra Warfarins I was getting a bit short on em like, I wont run out but will if they increase me dosages tomorrow. I think me monthly medications should be ready about now – and I foolishly forgot to ask when I was in there earlier getting the Enoxaparin syringes… Tsk and Huh!

Getting weary now.

Started the laptop – on third try! No windows on first two attempts (Oh I hate the Bill Gates!) Windows updates came in when I closed down earlier? I got a message when in eventually loaded telling that my windows updater was out of date and offering to upgrade it if I clicked here? No identification of who the message was coming from? I declined, being unsure like. Anyone else had this message please?

Started to update the diary.

Well I still can’t move out to get me medications or go to the doctors for me injection cause the nurse hasn’t made it to me yet – and I am suffering cause I dare not go up to use the porcelain throne for fear of missing her… or him. It’s understandable because she/he will have her/his regulars to tend to.

The Nurses came, two bonnie beauties with a good understanding attitude.

The gave me a jab in the ticker and left me with one syringe for the GP surgery nurse Obergruppenführer Herr Goebbels to use in the morning when I go for me INR level tests.

They interrogated me mildly and gently with many questions and then did a tour of the house to assess how I was coping… or not coping.

They even left me contact numbers for them and said that one of them would be round tomorrow about 1530hrs if needed, to give me another injection, bless them.

I shot off to the chemist to get  some Liver oil capsules and find out when me medications would be ready for this month.

Back soon folks!

IMG_0209Got to chemists and bought me capsules and they said the medications would be ready tomorrow afternoon. On impulse on the way back I noticed the Chinese take-away was open and nipped in and got a nosh.

Got back to the bomb-site and demolished the sweet and sour pork and chips meal. Gorgeous!

Then onto the porcelain – and there I stayed for an hour! A side effect of the medication or the meal? Painful and slow evacuation achieved.

Started to finish this diary… Fell asleep with the laptop still on… finihed and posted it in the morning.


Inchcock Today 31/3/15: Feeling a tad perantique today

Tuesday 31th March 2015

Woke up and failed to remember me dreams… remembered BJ was coming though, so got up (forced missen like) and got the laundry stuff ready, nibbles for the gals.

Surprising myself I also remembered I had to go to the GP to make an appointment – And – to go to the chemist to see when me medications needed collecting.

Made a note of these and put it in me pocket.

0201skyIt was very windy, the rain was falling, the morning dank – I passed wind that stan… never mind…

BJ arrived and lifted me to the launderette bless him. He seemed okay this morning glad to say.

Mandie was on duty at the launderette, always does me good to see her – mind you I don’t think it does a lot for her seeing me, but hey-ho!

Got the machine going and thought I’d nip to the chemist then to the GP to book me appointment then to the newspaper shop to see if I’d won the lottery… Note: Extreme Optimism Mode Adopted & Engaged here!

0203chemistSo off to the Chemist who informed me the next carrier bags full of medications is due in a two weeks time – Tuesday after next.

So off up the hill to the GP surgery to book an appointment as the rain joined the wind in making it an unpleasant day all in all.

0202rainI approached the surgery entrance way and realised as it was closed and locked as soon as I read the opening times on the door like (I’m quick yer know!) that it didn’t open until 0840hrs.

As I left the rain persisted down with a vengeance and I rushed (Well I say rushed… hobbled a bit more rapidly would be a better description) to the bus-shelter and stayed beneath the awnings until the rain abated.

0830hrs came, then went in and booked me appointment – that being next Tuesday at 1330hrs with the locum.

Out again, the rain had eased but not the wind and then to the newspaper shop. No winning on the lottery, Ah-well!

0204AsdaAll done, BJ ran us to Asda, where I got some bits including a large tray of small seasoned potatoes to try for nosh tonight.

The giant Gnomes were still on sale at Asda’s entrance.

We soon got finished and BJ offered to run me to the disability shop in Sherwood as I’m mentioned I was looking for a cushion that would protect me coccyx and help me ease the pain of me piles – polo mint shaped like.

Bit of a surprise finding they had a choice of them in stock – a bigger one when I saw the prices £20 – £23 and £30 each.

I took the £20 one cause it was the best looking and most suitable design for me personally like… FibMode

0206cushThe Pressure Relief Cushion that cost me more than the first bed and clothing I ever bought!

Fair enough that was a few years ago, I use the word ‘few’ in it’s loosest sense of course.

 BJ ran me back to the hoppit and dropped me off.

0207noshWC’d then started to cook the gorgeous looking potatoes to have with some beetroot and franks, along with the cheese & onion cobs that I’d treated myself to from Asda.

They were horrendous, appalling, rancid, and fowl!

They may have looked nice but once 0205Asdacooked… eurgh! Spit!

Even the cheddar with cheese cobs were pretty uneatable – bland, no taste insipid!

The beetroot was nice…

I’ll have a bag of Marmite crisps later to get the none-taste of these out of me mouth! Hehehe!

Did this diary after forcing myself to nearly eat the meal, then some Facebooking.

Took me medications with some water – and they had more taste than the crap potatoes and cobs.

Feeling well tired and depressed again now and had a bit of a dizzy but nowt bad… hello, the eyelids are getting heavy again… Sweet dreams!

Inchcock Today: Wed 14th January 2015

Up at 0235hrs – WC.

No memories of me dreams although I can feel them in a way – if that makes sense?

0301rollI was taking the card out of the camera and whallop the light bulb blew and died – I thought I might have croaked as well at first and I accidentally took a photo.

My first task was to replace that. Got the spare bulb then step-ladder and painfully mounted them and managed to changed the bulb without to much kerfuffle… pain yes.

The new style bulb is not very strong, must get a stronger one when I’m out later today in Derby.

Made a cuppa and got the laptop started.

Worked on graphics for later and did some facebooking again.

WC (Another close call).

Thought about the things I’ve to do today: Get light bulbs, call to see about camera, get me hearing-aid batteries, take me library book back, go to Derby to feed the mallards… there’s summat else I’m sure about… oh yes, collect me prescription from the GP… still summat else though…


Titivated missen and set out on my walk to the doctors GP surgery, took some nibbles for the GP reception gals and the chemist gals but… whatta-shocka. I didn’t realise just how severe the frost had been last night. Many area that had not had the sun reach them were treacherous to walk on.

I nearly did a ‘Whoopsidangleflop’ at the first corner.

Arrived okay with care and got my prescription from the gals and set off for the Chemists to get it filled, it was only some extra Phorpain gel and Codeine Phosphate 30g. But I was so glad to get them in now in case the weather does another nasty. The girls appreciated their nibbles. (I could have worded that better?)

0302iceI left and crossed the road to walk down to the Chemist and as I was passing the large Peugeot dealership every single car on show, and there must be at least 200 of them was well and truly frosted over… a job there for someone I thought. (Secretly trying to contain the smug thought that it wouldn’t be me nowadays… Hehehe!)

I got to the Chemist and they soon sorted me out with medications and accepted with glee the nibbles I gave them in thanks. (That’s better wording?)

0301franceI did notice some shaving foam and gels in the tiniest aerosols I’ve ever seen on a display in the chemists.

On closer inspection while I waiting for me prescription to be filled I found that the asking price for these miniature aerosols from France was £3.95 ($6.03)  A tad high I thought!

Off out and up along Mansfield Road to the City Centre.

0304artOn nearing the Cemetery, the same spot where I’ve noticed many pieces of Nottingham Street Art over the last couple of weeks including drunks regurgitated curries, the vandalised electricity box and the decoratively placed empty beer and wine bottles and – blow me down with a feather duster – there was another!

This time it was of the Nottingham Canine owners variety. Prettily arranged along the pavement and no paw marks on the frost either. But it was still freshly steaming!

I plodded on to the bus station completely forgetting to call into the hardware store for me bulbs. Tsk!

Never mind said I to myself – I’ll get them in Derby.

Got to the bus station and was on a bus to Derby and travelling within a couple of minutes – although the Red Arrow service uses motorway buses that annoy Arthur Itis, as you have to climb several steep steps to mount the bus. An elderly couple in front of me struggled too and I made a funny, something about “They don’t think about us old un’s struggling do they?” with a cheery smile – The look of contempt accompanied by an obviously well practised sneer worthy of HRH herself that I received back ensured I said no more to them during the 38 minute journey.

I made sure no contact was made with the Grumpies as I alighted from the bus in Derby.

0305PigeonI went straight to the riverside and fed the pigeons. Again for some reason the Mallards were absent? Hundreds of seagulls, a few Canada geese and  few hundred pigeons – but no mallards?

I assume the white snail-like object in the photo was a white pigeon or seagull landing? It looks like it has the same colour feet as the other pigeons. Perhaps an alien slug landing? Any ideas please? I didn’t notice it when I took the picture.

Then as I started to walk to the Eagle Centre to see if they had any cooked pork – the heavens opened.

In the market there were even more stalls empty today. So sad.

I remembered to call at one and get me bulb replacement. The chap sold me some that were the equivalent to the old 150 watt bulbs. (He says) £3.75 ($5.71) each. The last bulb I bought cost 50p (76c)! It was a while ago mind.

I plodded up to the butcher that sells the cooked joints and a nice looking piece of pork for £3.

On the way back through the market to the bus station I had look at some caps on a stall, but none of them were priced – so I moved on.

I espied some crossword books on sale at 2 for £1.50 – had a peruse and found they were my sort (Not too hard at all) so bought a couple.

Again as soon as I got on the bus it was off. I settled in and had a look at the first crossword in me book and spent half an hour on it – only got about a third of the the answers. Huh! I’ll keep it in me bag so it’s handy on bus trips. Mind you I still lost me last one somehow.

0304aShopsAs we neared Wollaton on the bus I took a photo of some shops near the traffic island.

The ones on the left and right were closed down. Not many vehicles in the car park, another sad photo for the records.

When I got into town it wor a bit of a job and painful getting down the steps of the bus.

I must remember to go the the other bus station at Broad Marsh bus station next time – it’s a fair further walk to get to it and the bus takes over twice as long as the Red Arrow to get to Derby because it takes the scenic route through the villages – but as long as I’m not in a rush I’ll catch that next time to please Arthur Itis.

Caught a bus back to Carrington and went in the co-op to get the bread I forgot to get earlier.

0305StJSome apprentice yobs were again lurking drinking and sat on the bench in the cut-through, so I took the longer route passed St Johns Churchyard.

And again, there were no persons letting their dogs crap in the graveyard again! Good that! Because it is a lovely place and looked after well.

Got in the flea-pit, WC’d, made a flask of tea and started the laptop – many of the keys seem to be sticking?

Well, I got the light bulbs, got me prescription from the GP, filled it at the chemists, forgot about the camera, forgot about me hearing-aid batteries, forgot to take me library book back, went to feed the mallards but they weren’t there… how did I know this? When I emptied me bag I found the reminder list I’d made but forgot I’d taken with me… Tsk!

Had  big nosh of sliced pork loin instant potatoes with cheese and bread thins.

Tried to read me book but kept nodding off despite enjoying the book so gave up and snuggled down.

Then took several hours to actually get to sleep!

Inchcock’s Christmas Speech to the Nation

My Lords and Members of the House of Commons and Nottingham Big Issue Sellers, Shoplifters, Muggers, Burglars, Benefit Cheats, Alcoholics, Nottingham City Council Members, and Anti-Social Trainee Criminals.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas.

I feel sure the Government I didn’t vote for will strengthen the economy and provide stability and security, and ministers will continue to reduce the country’s deficit, helping to ensure that mortgage and interest rates remain low.

Q02This past year has been one of great celebration for many of my enemies.

May they receive their just rewards when they pass onto the Fiddling Liars Parliament in the great Sky.

I’m sure the politician’s God does appreciate the good works and their conscientious contributions on his behalf over the year of 2014.


I’d like to thank especially the Nottingham City Homes people for refusing to permit me a sheltered housing dwelling when I was mugged for the second time this year. And may you rot painfully slowly and publicly in hot stale urine and strong bleach.

To the spoilt apprentice muggers who have hounded and threatened me earlier this year I wish all the best in health, luck and death.

Q01And the best of ill-fate for the three mobility scooter drivers who have ran into me this year.

The one who produced the two finger salute to me as he shot off after running into the back of me outside Victoria Centre a special card.

The Snotty one who also came at me from behind on Mansfield Road, and the woman who didn’t even know she’d knocked me over in Derby near the bus-station.

I hope this will be a horrible Christmas for you all.

To the wonderful deaf and arrogant Indian and French speaking people at BT Internet, I have to admire how close you have come to being as reliable and trustworthy as Britain’s politicians. Well done you temerate nerds!

Q03To the Asda Customer Service counter assistants. I hope you get your hearing back soon.

To the staff at the G.U.M. clinic, a big thank you for taking only 16 weeks to clear up the bleeding lesion on my ‘Little Inch’.

To the staff at the Cooperative Bank… I’m sorry, but I offer you a heartfelt thank you and I appreciate all your help.

And for the folk who never get off their mobiles and speak at the same decibels as a formula one car taking a corner GC Jamas01at speed – shaddup!

To my GP, Dr Vindla my appreciation of your skills in keeping my body going for yet another year.

I realise that my mind is beyond help and that the short term memory refuses to work at times, a bit like one’s laptop – it freezers regularly.

Many thanks to the many cyclists on the pavement who come belting passed me and scaring me half to death. If you are too scared to cycle on the road, you shouldn’t be on a bike in the first place. Scum-balls!

Q03And for the Nottingham Constabulary, a card I’m sending to the Leicester Constabulary in appreciation of the Leicester Constabulary actually trying to do something about the cyclists riding on the pavements of Leicester as opposed to the Nottingham Constabulary who do nothing about the cyclists of Nottingham riding on the pavements.

Mind you, there has been a 40% reduction in real Police Officers on the beat in Nottingham, I cannot say about Leicester.

One also hopes that the coming year of 2015 and the future hold forth hopes of reinstatement of human kindness, understanding, compassion and community spirit. Huh!

Inchcock Today: Monday 1st December 2014

Monday 1st December 2014

I gorrup late fer me… about 0555hrs.


01M01I tended little ‘Inchy’, only a few spots of blood this time. Having to spare the Betamethasone corticosteroid cream, because it’s running out like.

Made a cuppa, WC’d and took me medications, a little late but still.

Spent a little while reading me book.

No laptop this morning as time was getting late and I had to go get me things ready for me trip to the GP for me prescription extras, then the chemists to get it filled, then the to the QMC haematology for Warfin INR level tests. If I’m still able and not too weary after them, I’ll go to the G.U.M. clinic to try and get some more cream for little ‘Inchy’.

Made up the nibble for the GP receptionists, Chemists staff and QMC nurses.

01M02Titivated meself and set off on me walk to the GP. Picked up prescriptions’gave em their nibbles and poddled off to the chemists. They sorted me and took the nibbles, now the walk into town.

Plenty of traffic about this morning – mucho sounding of horns I noted.

As I got to the same spot as usual, I took a photo of a block of four abandoned shops on 01M03the main Mansfield Road again.

I feel sad when I pass these premises and wonder what the plans are for the area? The locale is packed with thousands of student flats so do not offer much incentive for retailers locally to start trading?

I plodded on into town and caught a bus out to the hospital.

01M04I took me ticket and waited me turn – didn’t wait long soon and sorted.

The only problem was trying to stop the bleeding afterwards. It took yonks to stop it.

Came out and caught bus to town, where I poddled around the slab square taking some piccies of the stalls and rides.

01M05The ice rink had a machine being driven around on the ice.

Caught a bus back to Carrington and crossed-fingerly started the laptop.


Made a cuppa and returned to the laptop.

All working! Internet, Coreldraw and Word.

01M07Good stuff laptop-wise today.

Around 1700hrs took medications.

Finished me posts to the League of Mental Men.

Then made some nosh.

Remembered I should have gone to the 01M06G.U.M. clinic for me cream!


I’ll have to go tomorrow after I’ve done my launderette visit then.

Inchcock Today: Thursday 27th November 2014


Thursday 27th November 2014

Stirred into life hastily around 0500hrs – later than normal, but than I did not nod-off last night until 1230hrs gone.


Little Inchy tended to, only the slightest specks of blood.

Made cuppa and took medications.

Searched for hearing aids for a while before I found them next to the kettle?

Beats me as well that does.

04th02Arose and beautified missen, got dressed up nice and warm.

Got the stuff ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop, made sure I’d got the banks letter, bus-pass and set off on me walk to Sherwood.

I called at the GP surgery en-route and requested some extra Phorpain gel and 04th02apainkillers. As I left I took a photo of the traffic with their lights on, and this was about 1015hrs, still murky.

I took another photo as I walked into Sherwood, still dark and danke.

I caught a bus into town and limped into the City Centre and called at the Bank.

04th01I have to return when the new pin no. arrives.

The Nottinghan Tourist shop had a Monopoly with a Nottingham theme in the window. I took a picture of it – I wonder if the players in this Monopoly lose their jobs, go shoplifting, mugging, ride cycles on pavements, attack elderly pedestrians on mobility scooters, root through other peoples bins, get sizzled each day, are members of Gamblers Anonymous, fiddle their benefits, 04th03ecarry guns and knives, use drugs of all sorts, burglarise their locality, smoke Lithuanian cigarettes and have to take a Big Issue Sellers card instead of Community chest card?

Had a wander around the City Centre taking photo’s of the rides at the Winter Wonderland Fayre.

The horses ride only had two people on it.

04th03fThe kids vehicle ride only had one on it.

The Ice Skating Rink was not open yet.

I took a couple of shots of food stalls, they were doing a little better trade with the Nottingham folk – it still amazes me how a family say 3 kids and hubby and wife can afford to eat at these places – I can’t. (Jealousy… was all over my jjjealousy… ♫)

04th03cI know the weather was a bit murky, but what can we expect at this time of year – but the faces of most folk showed they were not a happy bunch of Nottinghamians.

I could not resist taking a photo of the stall selling the ladies headwear and scarves again. I love these accessories for the ladies, but no one can tell me what they are called… apart from hats of course.

04th03dI hobbled up into the Victoria centre and had a limp though the market and at a ladies accessory shop I took a photo of part of the display to post on the Troll Free Zone site to tickle the lady TFZers fancy.

04th03bI continued to the end of the mall and called in a shop to buy some Picnic bars that I have recently took a fancy to – why I don’t understand because in my younger years I didn’t like em at all?

Then into Tesco and that’s where I spend far too much bearing in mind I cannot get at me money until the card comes through. (Tsk twit!)

My guilty purchases’?: Fresh Cream Horns, Cheesey seaweed, Lemon and Lime marshmallows and some Sapoka. Ah well!

04th04I walked through and passed the Trinity Square mega costly food court on my way to the bus-stop – took a photo of crowds demanding being fed at outrageous prices. There were three people I think.

Caught the bus back to Carrington and called in the Co-op to get some ice lollies.

Got in the Cream horns didn’t last five minutes before I’d demolished them.


Made a cuppa and laptop working okay now so did some graphics and facebooking.

Took medications at 1700hrs.

Treated little ‘Inchy’ – no blood, looking good.

I made some Sapoka sandwiches and instant potato with cheese to have with a drop of BBQ sauce and pickled beetroot.

Another riveting day comes to a close…

Inchcock Today: Monday 27th October 2014



Monday 27th October 2014

I woke at around 0230hrs, read a bit of me book and managed to nod off again while doing so. Unusual that!

Sprang awake again at 0315hrs and remembered it is my day for posting to the League of Mental Men site.


So I had to gerrup smartish to get em done and posted because I really must get to the Queens Medical hospital for me tests early as I can to avoid the crush and rush of last Monday when I went latish.

Laptop seemed to working okay this morning, slow but working and after a bit of kerfuffle Coreldraw let me in. So I did my weekly diary first cause that is the longest.

Got carried away with it and realised I was late go out early for the bus to town as it was drizzling.

I ran (Ran, did I say ran? Slight exaggeration there methinks) up to do me prettifying and tend to the bleeding ‘Inch’.

Made sure I’d got the stuff for the Hospice shop, bus-pass camera etc.

Limped rapidly, (that’s more the wording!) to the bus stop. Felt such a fool when I tried to get on and use me bus-pass Tsk! The driver pointed out that I was too early to use it!

Confused a mite I got off the bus somewhat red-faced.

I then realised I had in fact yesterday not put me wall clock that fell off the wall back an hour! Hey-ho.

0102Limped rapidly as I could into town and caught a bus to the Queens Medical Centre where I noticed they had hoisted a new English and NHS flag at the entrance to the premises from the Derby Road entrance. and a bloke must have been suicidal as he looked at more than the traffic?

I wonder just what the inimitable 0103arapacious predatory David Cameron would have to say about that folks.

I hobbled into the waiting area, well full it were, took a ticket and waited me turn like a good little boy should.

When I got in there was a trainee nurse who asked if she could do me. Well, the answers that came to mind had to stopped from coming out in me voice like if yer know worra mean. I said “Yes please” but she was so nervous she didn’t catch me innuendo.

0102aShe decided to take the scenic route into me vein bless her.

I left the nurses their nibbles said me farewells and went off to catch a bus back to town – not as easy as it sounds as it turned out.

When the first one arrived, i picked me bags up and the handle on one parted company with the rest of the bag. By the time I’d sorted it out the bus was long gone.

The next one which I didn’t want pulled up, and the one that came behind that one, which I did want drove straight passed it.

The third one pulled up a little far down the road, and I only just limped to it in time!

0103It dropped us off at Broad Marsh Centre, where I had hopped to get a couple of ready meals, but Heron had nowt in I fancied, but I foolishly bought some iced suckers, that by the time I got home was liquid. (Wotta clot I am).

Then I meandered on me limping way through the Centre and espied a DVD shop lurking in the mall. (Fatal for me bank account that!).

I had a look and found the new New Tricks DVD was in so decided to treat missen again – when I reached into me back pocket for the £20 note, which is what the DVD cost to pay em – I realised I’d left that £2o note in the bathroom when I changed trousers. Good job I’d got me cash card with me… or was it?

0104I was about to take a photo of some pigeons in the slab square and a female community officer came into view and she was staggering about a bit – drunk, drugged or in trouble I thought – better go and ask her if she’s alright… but another CPO arrived before I could get to her. So I left em to it like.

Plodded on a bit more towards the bus stop in the City centre and failed to resist going in the pound Shop to get a few extra bits for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop to add to the bits in me bag.

0105As I got to the top of Kings Street the traffic was at a standstill, with a Private Hire car parked right across the pedestrian crossing. I didn’t say, the driver had a beard a scowling expression on his face and looked like a big un to me.

Being a natural born coward I walked on and caught the bus to Sherwood.

0106Dropped off and left me stuff for em.

As I was walking back to Carrington (painfully) I spotted the alcoholic mobility scooter driver belting over road at the traffic light.

By the time I’d got me camera out they had long gone on their journey to  the pub, bless em.

Jealous? Me?

Poddled back to the crumbling shack, urgent visit to the WC. Laptop started, cuppa made, medications taken, ‘Inch’ tended to and updated this non-fascinating load of… oh someone at the door.

No hearing aids in, I think they were Jehovah Witnesses. I see plenty of them lately all around town in groups waving their pamphlets.

JaneyoAh well, I’ll post this then have a quick flurry on the web, facebook check me emails and get summat to eat.

Oh I forgot, Sister Jane got in touch, she’s got to have some x-rays, I emailed her and said if it was not on Monday or Tuesday I can go with her like, keep her pecker up a bit. She’s not keen on hospitals bless her cotton socks.

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today: Monday 13th October 2014

 So, the little mite has new medical problems… Well fancy that!


Inchcock Today: Monday 13th October 2014

Up at 0415hrs tending the ‘Inch’ yet again.

01M04I’ve got to go see Dr Vindla this morning for it to be checked along with me blood pressure. Must remember to tell her about it leaking so much again and the raw tender swelling.

Down and made a cuppa – bit worried about me not wanting to eat in a morning nowadays? Took medications.

Hurried me LOMM posts and got em posted in about three hours. I hope they are alright, what with me concentration not being too good at the moment.

Dank dark and drizzly outside this morning – a bit like inside really! Hehehe

Awaiting Asda delivery. Hope it isn’t late or I might miss me Doctors appointment. Supposed to be here twixt 0700 and 0900 hrs?

Asda arrived with five substitutions on me order. Never mind, but I’ll have to give the substitute for me deodorant spray to Dr Vindla or the nurses because it is for women and the scent is a bit sweet like.

01M03Got myself sorted out latrine-wise, and set off to the surgery.

Heavy rain now.

Dr Vindla now concerned about me ‘Inch’ and told me to ring a number she gave for an appointment along with a letter, for the G.U.M. City Hospital Clinic. BP okay.

I’ll look up G.U.M. hang on a sec…

I’m back, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger, well…

Apparently G.U.M. stands for Genito-Urinary Medicine? Mmmm? Std? Not me, no chance surely?

Got back to the flea-pit and tried ringing them a few times but was put on hold every time with canned music, and a bloke telling me he is sorry to keep me waiting – please hold. Getting expensive this lark again.

I decided to go to the City hospital and take the letter and try to get an appointment in person. What’s the chances eh?

I think I can catch a bus from the City Hospital afterwards to the QMC Hospital straight through for my Warfarin level tests?

Ah well, out into the rain again…

I walked to the bus stop, arthritis in the knees not too bad this morning, but the ‘Inch’ is stinging somewhat and the hands are a bit bothersome with sticking and not wanting to do as I request of ‘em.

Well soaked in the rain, I boarded a bus and dropped off on Hucknall Road, and walked to the nearest of the five entrances to the site. Found a location site board and entered to have a gander at it to find the G.U.M. building.

01M04aaThe sign told me (It didn’t speak like, it was wot I read on it you understand like) I should be at entrance number 2 – so I walked back to look at the sign number at the entrance I’d just come through yer see.

It was number two, so I turned back to read the sign in more depth and  blow me down – the first building on front of me was the one I wanted… is me luck changing I thought?

I wearily entered and approached the chappie on reception. I explained it all to him and he made me an appointment for tomorrow morning at 1030hrs bless him.

01M04aI ask him where I could catch the Medi-link bus and he told me. So I caught it to the Queens Medical Centre. Got some more of me Operation Sea Lion book read en route.

Took another photo of the front of the 01M05premises to try and catch a bird that was unknown to me… but it shot off too soon.

Went in and got me INR blood level checks done.

They were not too busy, so I told them me tale and gave em a laugh and had a little natter with em… oh and gave em there nibbles.

01M05aI enjoyed that and felt a lot better in myself when I departed their company with a wave and good wishes.

Trundled along the being mended road and caught a bus back to town.

Still raining a bit.

The bus was very full and I was lucky to get a seat thank heavens.

The bus passengers sounded a sickly bunch, so many of the poor devils sneezing and coughing.


I got some good reading in on the way, and ate a pack of seaweed and a packet of savoury nibbles too. So maybe me appetite is returning?

I had a wander around town for a bit and wrote down me appointment for tomorrow and set me alarm to remind me on the mobile phone. When I was doing this a young chap next to me said: “You don’t see many of them models nowadays do you, how long have you had it – it still works does it?”

I replied: “Yes it still works for an old un just like me… just!” He laughed out loud. 

I love giving folk a laugh, or even just to make them smile.

Now in amazingly good spirits considering me current situation, I stood up to walk to the bus stop to catch one to Carrington… and how the idiot on a Mobility scooter missed clobbering me I don’t know! Tsk Tsk and Tsk!

Got home (If that is the right word for it?) made a cuppa, took me medications, set about updating this, then had a look at blogs and Facebook for a bit.

Tonight it should be Minced Beef Hotpot, followed by a mini pork pie then iced lollies. If all goes to plan of course.

GC blue f03TTFN all.

Inchcock Today: Monday 6th October 2014


The clever photo of the inside of the bus header on top of this page was taken by my Brother-in-law Pete – Good innit? – His a clever lad he is yer know

Inchcock Today: Monday 6th October 2014

Up at 0435hr: Only a little blood from the ‘Inch’ this morning.

Cuppa and medications consumed.

Managed to get three posts done with graphics and posted before I had to get ready for the visit to the doctor and hospital for me INR tests.

I had to call the surgery to find out what time the appointment was for – Tsk!( Old age eh?)

I managed to get a couple of posts fininshed and onto LOMM (League of Mental Men) site, as Monday is my day to post on there.

Tried to get on the City Homes website: “There appears to be a problem with our connection – please try later” Fancy that.

I remembered to ring Dr Vinla’s surgery to find out what time my appointment is for -1030hrs.

Turned off the laptop nipped up and checked me ‘Inch’ put some more cream on. Had good wash and shave, did me teggies and creamed me various parts that needed them.

01M01Went out into the rain and wind (Taking a photo of the end of the road to compare with the earlier ones last week) and hobbled to the surgery for 1020hrs. Forgetting to take me camera with me.

Dr Vindla had a look at the ‘Inch’ declaring the lesion much improved.

She heard the wind coming up from me, and had a look down my throat saying that the Reflux valve was sticking again.

I told her about my haemorrhoids’ bleeding badly again.

She said “We’ve only just started to stop your lesion (Inch) bleeding badly, and now you start bleeding from the other end” and cracked a smiled. I like her for a doctor, she’s a good sense of humour.

Then she took me BP stating it was better than last week.

She prescribed me some Fluclaxacillin tablets to take for a week (Just what I needed more medications hehe), and some extra 30mg Codeine Phosphates.

She asked me to let her know if the Warfarin IRN level was above 4.0 again when I get the results from the QMC later.

She then told me to book in to see her next Monday.

So I did.

Out I went into the rain and wind again. Down to the chemist to get me Penicillin capsule.

Then caught a bus into town.

Then another bus to the Queens Medical Centre haematology for me blood tests. They were not busy and I was soon out into the wind and not so much rain now, catching a bus back into town.

Had a hobble into Tesco and got some wheatmeal bread thins, cooked chicken pieces and a pack of two cream cakes… hehehe!

Caught bus back to Carrington and saw from the bus some regular yobboes lurking near the bus stop I should have alighted from. So I went on to the next stop to get off and walked the long route back to the flea-pit.

01M02Got in and WC’d sharpishly and checked the ‘Inch’. Okay!

Put me things worra got from town away and took a Penicillin capsule (four a day) along with me late midday medications.

Made cuppa-rosie-lee and updated this tosh again.

Feeling a bit weary, but not as bad as I have been… Yahoooo!

On getting ready for me kip – the ‘Inch’ started bleeding again!