Inchcock Today – Wednesday 3rd January 2018: Computer problems – Got dates mixed-up – Noise – Mobile Problems… Tsk!

Wednesday 3rd January 2018

0129hrs: I think yesterdays turmoil and computer hassle must have affected me more than I thought, cause I woke up in a right state. Surrounded with signs of nocturnal nibbling, an empty pop bottle in the middle of the room, the notepad wholly filled with unreadable scribble, the room light on, a waste bin on the chair next to the £300 second-hand recliner that I laid askew on, and feeling terribly confused.

However, by the time I had detached myself from the recliner, I realised that many of the ailments were to keep me company this day. Hippy Hilda, Duodenal Donald, Arthur Itis, Reflux Roger, Dizzy Dennis, and Haemorrhoid Harold, all seemed to be having a go at the same time. Then, as I was absorbing this, Trotsky Terrence started, and a rush to the Porcelain Throne was required.

A messy session. Little Inchy was bleeding too. Cleaned things up and in the kitchen to take the medications and do the Health Checks.

I wasn’t surprised at the change in readings. My whole person and body is struggling to cope and seems disoriented, with chaotic thoughts rumble in the head, while the stomach rumbled inside.

So disappointed that I will not be able to visit Sister Jane for her Birthday, but I dare not risk going anywhere today in this state. Still, it’s something to look forward to later, even if belated. I can make the photo collage and sent it to her with a message. Oh dear, back to the Porcelain Throne…

Tsk, bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold and Little inchy now. Noticed as I returned to the computer, the howling winds outside had now been joined by the rain. I opened the window to take a photo and closed it post haste as the wind blew in.

I feel as if it should be the end of the day, weary and a feeling of self-loathing grew. None of the ailments is particularly bad, they seem to be sharing the responsibility of depressing me between them now – good teamwork! Hehehe!

I got yesterdays post finished off. Made another brew, and got on with making Jane’s graphic. Got them done and emailed it off to her.

Not feeling up to much yet. Went on Facebook. Not much in the comments, hangover attacks to blame methinks? Haha!

Went on WordPress Reader. Whoops, back to the Porcelain Throne. Not so messy this time.

Got a message telling me that my Norton supply needed paying and with new details. Got me in a right pickle trying to work through the downloading and setting up. Lost more hours of the day. I was on Google Chrome. Opened Firefox and the option to install Norton came up, but Firefox prevented this? Peed off again now! Computer playing up, nothing working right on the screen. Toolbars going up and down that should stay at the top. Must get some help from someone in the know, fear everything is going to go to pot!

Moved into Depression Mode! Restarted the computer again. Almost scared to touch anything now!

Got back to updating this post. Hoping the toolbars don’t start moving again.

WordPress not saving on Chrome now! Moved back to Firefox, then tried out CorelDraw to see whatever it is has affected it.

Had to open an auto-saved file and save it in the name of the old one and kept the earlier work?

Tried out some functions on it. Seems okay.

The hassle of yesterday and today, I blame for my feeling too tired and irritable. I’m going to sit down and hope to get some sleep.

Back in a bit.

0825hrs: Herbert is drilling and knocking away again upstairs. I heard him this time without the hearing aids in.

Had a look out through the window, then opened it and took a shot of below.


Off to do the ablutions, then it should be late enough for me to phone Sister Jane.

Got the ablution tended to. Noises very similar to the ones made by the workmen installing the heaters, drilling and banging etc. was coming from somewhere nearby? Then, the radio gave out Amber Warnings for winds 60 > 100 mph. Oh, dear! Far less bleeding this time from Little Inchy.

Tried ringing Sister Jane four times, each time I got ‘unavailable’. Tsk!

Got things ready and off, down in the lift and out into the wind.

I called at the Obergruppenfureress Warden’s Hut. Not many about, Deana who had to go out on her duties, Tenant John fast asleep and me. Tenant Glenda (I think) came in as I was going out to the bus stop. Where I found five residents and was soon joined by five others.

Little chinwags started, and Welsh Bill’s tales were about the problems he’s had with his installed heaters. First, they were too cold for the programmed heat. His electricity bill doubled. He complained to Nottingham City Homes, the Building company and the Manufacturers of the heaters. Eventually, they replaced his heaters last week with new ones. This was programmed at 21°. Yesterday he used it for the first time and woke up with it at 31°. Not bad, considering the instructions tell him the highest it can get up to is 29°s? He is off to complain again to the head office.

I told Mary I’d take the DVD sets for on tomorrow and checked she’d be in.

One the bus, I rang Jane’s hubby Pete, and he answered. Seems that Jane’s mobile is playing up. I can’t get to see them tomorrow for Jane’s birthday, so I asked if they would be in on Friday and if so, could I have permission to visit them in the gales and rain. They kindly granted me a verbal-visa to do so. Hehehe!

3Wed01Dropped off in the drizzly windy City and made my way into Victoria Centre and went into Boots and up to opticians. I planned to ask them if they had any spectacles with large lenses and to make an appointment to get some. I perused those on display, but could not find any substantial enough. So, I joined the queue at the service desk.

My mind mused over while I patiently stood there with no movement in the line of hopeful spectacle wearers. By the time I’d worked out how to solve Brexit, sang the National Anthem all the way through and finished a crossword puzzle, I realised I was not going to get seen at the Boots Opticians today. So I left and went to the Next shop, where my luck was a little better.

Apart from the look of amazement at seeing an old man in the store wanting to buy Gift Voucher, she did serve me with one, and off I poddled to the Tesco Store.

3Wed02I only got two pork knuckles and went to the young lady on the checkout, who didn’t speak much, as she undercharged me by 10p.

As I exited the mall, the rain had ceased, and I think the wind had dropped a bit too. But most of the populace looked rather glum as they went about their duties.

Even some Taximen were having an argument with each other.

3Wed04I crossed the road and up into Trinity Square, where I took a photographicalisation of some expensive Bibelots in a jewellery shop window.

I intend to use on the TFZer site at a much later date.

Down Kings Walk over the road and down King Street into the City Centre. Where the money grabbing holiday season stall were packing up.

3Wed11Some fascinating Nottingham Street Art was spotted near the Market Place.

I popped into the bookshop as there was some time before the L9 bus was due.

Nothing of interest was found.

So I had a hobble around the slab Square.

3Wed12No smiling face, laughter or enjoyment burst forth from any of the well-wrapped-up Nottinghamian’s I passed by.

I made my back up Queen Street, where a couple of regular Christian’s were singing forth with “The Lord, is in my soul”. The bloke had got a guitar today, and the woman a tambourine.

One lady and myself waiting for the bus, which arrived on time, with the driver who always looks depressed yet talks nicely to us.

3Wed14As the vehicle passed Sneinton, I took a picture of the Nottingham City Homes flats that had been modernised last year.

 I mentioned them some time ago, you might remember. These flats are the ones that were taken off of Night Storage heating and had some magical new ones that you just turn off and on when you want to! Not like ours being done now, which are still using night storage!

Their ones that turned out 30% cheaper to run as opposed my ones that are costing twice as much to run for many of our tenants who have already been converted! Humph! Hehe!

I got sidetracked there, sorry.

Got back to the flat, entered and was greeted with the noise of whoever it is flat having their radiators installed. I’ve no problem with this activity. Well, not the sound, it has to be done. Just the stories I’ve heard about some of the radiators costing twice as much to run, some not working, some working wrongly… Oh, shut up Gerry!

3Wed15I put the meat in the fridge, the card for Jane on the bookcase.

I’m giving one of the pork knuckles to Jane and Pete (If I can get to see them that is on Friday) and one for the Obergrupperfureresses.

Took the midday medications and did the Health Checks.

Went for a wee-wee.

3Wed17Then added the reminders to the Google and written calendars. Bit of an embarrassment found. I’d just told Jane and Pete I’d be up to see them Friday, and now doing the calendar transfer I find that the Willmott-Brown people are calling to shut off the heaters on that day!

Globdangerations! I’ll try to find out tomorrow if I need to be here or can go out. Tsk!


Updated this twaddle then. Still having problems with the computer.

Did the night Health Checks and took the medications.

Got the curried beans in the pan to have with a pork knuckle.

The noise, as is to be expected, horrendous from the fitting of the radiators. When they get around to doing mine, I’ll hibernate in the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens hut I think.

Had a look if owt worth watching is on the box, and there is.

3Wed22Then got the fooder served up. A reet treat. A whole mini-pork-knuckle and curried baked beans, Scottish Plain Bread Not so good cause I took it out of the freezer, plain yoghourt with Golden Syrup and a large mug of Clementine Juice.

Very fair. 7.9/10 rating.

Settled in time to fall asleep watching Law & Order.


Inchcock Today Thu 30 June 16: Winwood Community shed Tenants Social Hour Today

30 June 1950 – Inchcock


Inspired by last night’s dream… or nightmare?

Thursday 30th June 2016

I stirred around 0300hrs, presumably due to a dream I was having, as I jumped awake with memories of it musing around my brain. T’was about my younger years, the house seemed very lifelike and details I recalled about the kitchen were amazing – unless I’d crated them in my dream? The gas stove with the Iron irons heating up on the rings were level with my head. I struggled to get them down to use to iron Dad’s uniform on the table, cleared of what bit of food and utensils there were on it, and a blanket put on top to iron over.

I had to stand on one of Dad’s cobbling tool boxes to reach the irons. Every time I tried, the red hot irons would go cold the instant I touched them? I went into the front room and got a dustpan of burning coal from the fire and put in in the sink? Put the irons on top of it and thought I’d done well, but the irons melted and ran down the plug hole? Dad came in and took off and utilised his belt on me, using the buckle end on me… this started all over again and nothing changed?

The reason I can remember so much detail, is cause I got up at that ridiculous hour and wrote it all down, then went back to kip hoping the dream would not reappear. It didn’t.

I woke again around 0430hrs, and was soon on the porcelain throne, no bleeding at all anywhere, that was good!

Made a brew and got the laptop on and wrote about the odd dream, and was inspired to make the graphic above.

Thought of the thinks needing to be done today, glad that no medical appointments were due. I’ve to sort the rubbish bins out. I’ll go to see the gorgeous Olive to have a massage with the pain-gel. Get the thing ready for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour and attend it. Hopefully if I get any photographs I’ll go to Asda (Walmart) in Arnold and get the photographs printed off. Must remember not to get any of those lamb shanks again after the disappointment of last lot.

Had a quick bash on Facebook.

Called in on the way out to see Olive, who considerately massaged some pain-gel into my shoulders.

Off to the Tenants Social Hour at the Community Hut. Very few folks there today, but all seemed to enjoy it all the same.

P1110236 P1110237

To the flat and got things for the trip to Arnold. Wee-wee’d.

Down to the lobby and chin-wagged with some residents also waiting for the bus. I was soon in Arnold and  getting the few photographs printed.

Got some stuff from Asda (Walmart), TV paper, prepared swede and carrots, Marmite crisps and some Orange chocolate digestive biscuits.

Walked over to the Futon Store and had a wander around. They had a lot of the Lamb Shanks in the fridge, no wonder if others had bought some like the last lot I bought. I bought more stuff there, some Bisto Vegetable granules at what I thought was an amazing price at 39p a pot… found out later they were well out of date. Tsk! And, some more biscuits.

P1110239Got to the bus stop, passing the famous disappearing decaying bench, now less one more slat.


The rain started as I travelled back to the flats, but not heavily.

Had a dizzy as I sat there and although I was wedged in the seat with a bag at my feet and one on my knees, I thought I was going to fall out of the seat? Then fought off the urge to fall asleep, managed it though and did not miss the bis-stop for Woodthorpe Court flats.

Walked through the rain and back to the flat. Got in, letter delivered with the INR blood test results from the QMC Anticoagulant Therapy department. Good news, it was almost spot-on target. Next date given for me to make an appointment with the surgery.

AndyEmailed a request to the doctor.

I added this graphicalisation wot I dun of the two Doctors.

Just for a bit of fun like.

Dr Mona Vindler

MBBS, MRCGP, DRCOG, DOccMed London 1988

Dr Andrew Flewitt MBBS BSc (First Hons), DRCOG, DOccMed London 1983.

A pair of good doctors. Mona Vindla is my caring, straight forward and humorous friendly General Practitioner doctor.

They are located at Sherringham Park Surgery on Mansfield Road in Carrington.

I got the nosh on and had a call from gawd knows who. Asian sounding woman who I just could not understand a word she was saying. I apologised and explained in the hope that she would understand me and rang off. An hour or so later, she rang again, same procedure.

P1110240 Got the nosh cooked and I’m glad to say it was much better than Wednesdays disaster. (Lamb shank)

Beetroot, BBQ pork sausage, those Rooster chips that Martin Shuttlecock recommended (Very nice too), and potato cakes. Plain yoghourt with added honey.

Had an apple, banana and some biscuits later. Feeling rough like I did, I was surprised I ate so much. Rated this a 9.4/10.

Washed the pots and settled to watch some Law & Order UK episodes on the DVD. It was a losing battle, nodding off all the time, so I put on the Poland vs Portugal match, but still kept drifting off to the land of nod, until I gave up.

Kept waking up throughout the night?

Inchcock Today Tue 28 June 16: Mega-Whoopsiedangleplop Discovered! Well, two really.


Tuesday 28th June 2016

Woke at 0440hrs with the £300 second-hand recliner chair firmly refusing to lower itself – I climbed out feeling depressed with things: The Grammarly not working again and no idea how to sort it, CorelDraw8 playing up something rotten, England making a fool and embarrassing themselves against a deserving winning Iceland, Olive finding another skin cancer spot on my back when she pain-gelled me, the wet-room bare woods needing painting… all in all, I am in low spirits. Tsk!

To the porcelain throne, no hiatus there. Worried about how I’m going to find time to get the painting done, I’ve got the brushes, paint and cleaners all ready to go. Getting up the ladder and down on the floor into the corners might be interesting. INR blood test today and Chiropodist tomorrow, must get some fresh veg and fruit in today somehow as well. Seem to be fretting away over everything again this morning.

Made a cuppa and got the laptop on. Grammarly not working, so I tried a Restart – and the laptop froze midway? Force closed and started again, it opened but still no Grammarly apt?

Then CorelDraw8 froze on me! Tried to use the old CorelDraw7 and had to input passwords to access it? Did the graphic at the top of this page and tried loading CorelDraw8 again. Very very slowly it opened, with it seeming reluctant to do so?

Finished the Monday post, and started this off. Made another cuppa, with all the hassle the first one went cold, then realised I’d not taken the morning medications. Huh, fool! So I took them around 0715hrs.

Feeling rather melancholy, gloomy, dejected, sad and miserable now, I can’t help it. Made even worse when I read what the swearing on the pitch, gambling mad, overrated, High Class Hooker user Rooney said after the defeat on the BBC News site:

  1. Going into the last 16 facing Iceland we were confident we could win the game. It’s disappointing but we have to move on. Have you no shame to go with your excessive salary, hooker visits and gambling addictions?
  2. “It’s tough. There are always upsets in football – it’s not tactics, it’s just unfortunate. We know we’re a good team. You know your a good team? So did Iceland mate!
  3. “I can’t stand here and say exactly why it’s happened. Roy Hodgson will look back and think what he could have done differently. Well fancy that, blaming Roy for everything, I am surprised!

Rant over… I think?

Checked with the Google Calendar for the timings of the next few days appointments: 1040hrs today INR blood test, tomorrow 1030hrs Chiropodist to have my toes and feet done, must remember as it is the first visit, I have to get there early so I can give them a list of the medications I’m on and fill in medical forms. Thursday I hope to get to the Winwood Tenants Social Hour and take some photographs and then get to Asda (Walmart) for fodder and get the photographs printed.

Looks like I might get to tackle the cleaning and painting in the wet-room on Saturday? He says, hoping he’ll be a bit less down then and no ailments playing up like.


The new umbrella, that claims to be ‘Unblowoutable’

According to the weather forecast, I’ll need me brolly today. Taking the new ‘Can’t Blow Inside-Out one with me. We’ll see about that. Hehe!

0746hrs now, and the second cup of tea has also gone cold.

Posted yesterdays diary and did a bit of Facebooking and some more graphicationalisating for the TFZers Girls in long dresses series. Taking ages this one.

Time had shot by, so I got the ablutions done, a quick shower, changed into me togs, things in the bag, and off at 0955hrs I was off on a walk to the surgery in Carrington, taking the rubbish bags to the chute on my way down.

Walked  easily, nice and steady down Winchester Street hill and left up and down Mansfield Road into Carrington and arrived at  the Sherrington Surgery and sat doing the crossword for half an hour or so. Even getting one finished with only having to cheat looking at the answer  for one clue!

The nurse asked me how I was, and quickly got the Warfarin INR blood taken. I was soon out and walking down into Carrington.


Mandy and BJ at the launderette

As I passed the launderette I noticed BJ’s car was outside, I nipped in for a chinwag.

Took a photographicalisation of Mandy and BJ. Promising to get a print of the photo done on Thursday and let the each have a copy.


Nice little hobble today

A little natter and BJ was off to Asda (Walmart) and I went to the Lidl store to get overcharged. But it was a new assistant that served me and didn’t get overcharged or sneered at. Nice change that at Lidl. Got some cobs, jacket potatoes, nibbles for the nurses and Tenant Social hour on Thursday and some apples and bananas.

Then out and walked back to Sherwood, hoping to catch a bus up the hill to the flats, but I’d just missed one, so had to walk back as well.

Called in Wilko and got a spray bottle to use me shower curtain cleaner with.

Shame I didn’t get a chance to try-out the new umbrella.

Still, it made a nice little walk for me.

Noticing the laundry room was empty as I got it the foyer, I made my way up to 72, and put away the shopping, then got the laundry ready, cash and cleaners and went down to the wash-room – Got the washing into the machine and went back up to the flat to update this tosh.

Back down to move the washing into the dryer and Obergruppenfurher Julie told me the big dryer was out of action and would I make an ‘Out of Order’ notice and stick it on the machine. This did with the pen and paper from my inside pocket. While doing this, I realised I’d made a Whoopsiedangleplop at some time earlier – for there on the sink was someone’s washing that had been dried… after examining the clothing I realised it was mine! The washing I took down this morning was still in the washer? By the time I’d done the sign, it was finished and I put the togs into the only dryer working. Felt a bit of a clot at this stage! This was not helping with depression! Hehe!

Back up to the apartment again, updated this to here, made a brew, took the midday medications, wee-wee’d and back down to collect today’s washing from the dryer.


Odd socks drying… Humph!

As I packed the togs into the bag, I realised I’d got two odd socks.

Checked the washer and found then other two still in there!

1355hrs: Back up and put the two wet items on the heater in the kitchen with the two dry ones above them so as not to forget where I put them later on.


Worried about myself now!

Definitely fretting about myself now!

How did I leave and forget about the washing in the dryer?

How did I pass the memory test at the Doctors?

Put the second lot of washing away.

Made a cup of tea and updated this again. Realised the promised rain had not matured yet.

Got CorelDraw8 going and tired to do some graphic manipulation with it, one object at a time, in the hope that it would not freeze on me again this time. I got many done, but it did freeze again. So I posted those I’d done on the TFZers site, felt sorry for myself, got some nosh on the cook, sobbed and got me head down, it being so late and me getting carried away with the art working and now feeling completely shattered.

Got some fodder, took the medications and had a few hours nodding off for a few minutes, watching TV for few minutes, nodding off for a few minutes, watching TV for few minutes, nodding off for a few minutes, watching TV for few minutes… Hehe!

Inchcock Today Mon 27 June 16: A lovely massage from Olive, then the England debacle!

Monday 27th June 2016

Faith and Hope was not high on my agenda this morning. I stirred around 0400hrs, well sprang almost into life, full of ready-made worries and fretting, nearly panicking about everything, even some things I think I’d invented. Had I been having a bad dream? I felt so low and depressed, the stomach had started rumbling again too.

In a bit of a daze of sorts, I climbed out of the recliner and visited the porcelain… then found myself in the kitchen making a cuppa? I could not clearly recall events in the WC, so sent back in to check I’d not left taps running, lights on or left a mess. All was okay though.

Concentrating was difficult. It still is as I write this. Something else to mention to the nurse tomorrow at the INR blood test session.

Got the laptop going and did some Word-pressing. Hard going consolidating my thoughts.

It had been raining during the night and the view outside was of dankeness and grey clouds.

I tried to do some work on the TFZer graphicalisation. Got into it a bit deeply and lost hours and hours, but I was enjoying it, though. Until it came to closing it down again – Message, telling me “I had to exit the Bitmap Editor or the programme will not close!” I had already exited the bitmap editor??? Had to force close the laptop. Hope it works later when I get back from the clinic. Oh dear!

Went to see Olive and thank her for her help and friendship, and she massaged some pain-gel into my shoulders where I could not reach, bless her. Felt much better then, got the bags and letter I’d had delivered for someone else and down in the lift and out to post it in the letter box.

P1110220The wind caught me off guard a bit, and I nearly went over!

The thicket I took a photo of was blowing all over in the blustery mornings winds.

On the way back to the bus-stop, the clouds in the sky were being blown into amazing shapes.

P1110221So beautiful.

As I took the photo, I slipped off the kerb, felt a fool.

Especially when I pulled myself together and turned around to be greeted by several of the apartments all in the bus shelter, sheltering from the wind.

P1110222Their laughter made me smile too! One of the women said I’d made her day!

A lady got helping me with the crossword book. When our bus came, the L9 to the City, all the others had gone. She helped me on the bus too, and we finished a crossword from start to finish en route!

First time I’ve done that… mind you, come think of it – I hadn’t, we did!

I dropped off, outside the Chiropodist I’m going to on Wednesday and walked to the Wilko Store. Where I got a tin their ‘One Coat Gloss’ paint, some brushes and turps. Also got another bottle of the Lavender Dettol while it was still on sale at the offer price. Paid up, and struggled out with both bags rather heavier now. Hehe!

P1110223Took a photo while on the walkover tunnel, of a Watson Fothergill designed building.

He really was an amazing architect.

I walked through the Victoria Centre Mall and down to the Tesco store.

I purchased some bread, potato cakes, Anchor butter and, do you know those pesky Fresh Cream Horns jumped right into my basket again! (Ahem!)

P1110225Walked through Climber Street, nowhere as busy as usual today, and into the Slab Square.

Got some snuff, for Frank on the 14th floor, and wandered around for a while until the L9 bus was due.

Caught it on Queen Street, and by the time we’d got to St Anns Well Road (About quarter of a mile), I’d nodded off! Luckily the heavy bags on my knees prevented me falling off the seat. Then nearly didn’t wake in time for the Winwood Flat bus stop again!

Up to the flat, and found the pair of binocular on the floor outside the door. Coopers of Stortford had sent as a replacement, for the ones missing on the order last week.

Got some chips in the oven, cut up some polish ham, beetroots, onions and capsicums on the plastic plate ready, and started the laptop off.

After much work done, CorelDraw8 would not let me close again, had to force close the damned thing again! Doing the laptop no good this.

Grammarly not working again?

04Watched the sad for us Brit’s Iceland v England game on the box, oh the shame!

But all respect and best wishes to Iceland and their supporters, and most deserved humiliation of Rooney and his gang of so called footballers.

I’m not sure that the penalty England got was a penalty anyway?

Sorrowed myself to sleep…

Inchcock Today – Easter Sunday 26 March 2016:

I heard that my Solicitors had gone bankrupt.

Well, I already knew they were only Morally Bankrupt!

* * * * * *

Easter Sunday 27 March 2016

01W03Woke around 0520hrs, but it was really 0530hrs. No medical hiatus’s prevented me from hobbling around and resetting the clocks. In fact, I was physically in good shape, even ‘Little Inchy’ has stopped his bleeding.

It was my mental state I was worried about.

I got the kettle on to make a cup of tea and take the medications.

Then, onto the laptop and got carried away somewhat with finishing posts, doing a humorous graphic post and starting this one off.

By 1045hrs, I’d got the graphicalisation finished and sent off.

01W03aWent to put the kettle on again, and had to clear up three or four dead meat-flies on the window ledge?

Back to the laptop for a while, back to the kitchen and found another meat-fly on the ledge?

Mad Magpies were amassing in the trees, and meat-flies were appearing from where?

01W04And not anyone animal could be seen anywhere.

Out of curiosity, I got the binoculars and scanned around; no signs of life at all?

No traffic was moving, no smoke from the chimneys and no lights to be seen?

Had the world ended? Dang dang, dang dang Hehehe!

Did some more graphicalisationing with CorelDraw 8 and CorelPaint.

I’m having problems with changing my default style on ‘Grammarly’. At the moment, I’m having to change it manually each and every time I do a paragraph – driving me potty, but I just cannot find out how to change it to Blog casual as default?

Frank16dI did a graphic of Caroline, Frankie, Lynton, and Shuttlecock for a bit of fun.

I’ll post it as a caption competition on Facebook methinks.

Then I spent another two and a half hours Facebooking, Tsk!

Suddenly the day had passed so quickly, and here was me, not even had a bath and shave yet, Tsk!

P1050946Got the fodder going.

Gammon chunks, cheesy potatoes, beetroot and, a bit of batch bread followed by a low-calorie lemon dessert.

When I run out of these desserts, I’m going to stick with pots of jelly afterwards, cut back on the dairy stuff a bit. Sandra, Margaret and Janet from the TFZ Facebook site kindly advised me to, bless em all.

Not a bad meal, 7.9/10 rating.

I got carried way watching the goggle-box, and soon it was too late for me to have a bath, cause of the noise disturbing my neighbour.

So a dirty me nodded off.


Inchcock Today Wed 27 Jan 16: An eventful day, I must say!

Wednesday 27th January 2016

Woke up around 0300hrs with the headphones still on and I was hanging halfway out of the chair.

Struggled to get myself repositioned to get up on my feet, and a sudden urge to use the porcelain throne overcame me.

The bodily action performance was a lot easier. Perhaps the Senna medication was working now.

But the blood from the haemorrhoids was scary to say the least. Oh, dearie me yes!

I attempted to get back to kip, without much luck, managed about a two-minute spell.

Although I did have a dream in the few seconds, I did manage. Amazing how in such a short time, such a long dream could be had? The details did not stay with me, something where I was a teenager, and then in battle, then buried. Then I was swimming in blood; that wasn’t a good idea as I can’t swim in real life, but found this exhilarating for some reason.

I laughed out loud, then struggled to get to my feet again, cleared up the mess, then make another cuppa.

Then Anne Gina started to give me some grief.

The laptop on, I finished off Tuesday’s dairy and started this one off.

Checked the emails. Reminder from Morrisons that the order will be here twixt 8-9 o’clock today – Doctors Surgery confirming tomorrow’s appointment, Nine circular type can-I-sell-you something emails, a funny from Cyber-mate Andy but no reply from Steve Age UK about his coming to sort the problem out with the Solicitor and plumber for me.

I’m getting uptight about the non-action in this House selling department again.

01W02Oh, I got my weekly Grammarly Summary too.


It would help if I understood some of the terms used?

Squinting Modifier? 

Gerund? To name just two.  Oh, and passive ending to a sentence and unclear antecedent?

I look them up, and I can’t understand the descriptions. Thick pillock with bar, that’s me!

English was the only subject I got on with at school too. But it was given to my class by the Arts teacher Mr Simons. (Blimey, I can remember the names of some of the teachers now, but not the number of the bus I need to catch to get to the City Hospital?)

The main thing to learn at my school was physical survival. The interest of the teachers matched the interest of the pupils I’m afraid – Uninterested!

I nipped in the bathroom to have a wash, but no shave. I don’t want to use the razors while the INR level is so high and I’m already leaking blood from Little Inch and the haemorrhoids so much, I won’t risk cutting myself. This, of course, entailed me purchasing the electric shaver yesterday – the electric shaver that did not come with an adaptor so I could plug in it to use or charge it! Humph!

After the Morrisons shop gets delivered, I’ll have a hobble down into Sherwood and see if I can get one from Wilkinsons.

I was having a wash when the Morrisons chappie-fellow arrived dead on the dot at 0800hrs.

He was in a rush but found time to cram the stuff on my mobile trolley for me, before shooting off.

I finished my ablutions (No shave obviously). Put away the fodder that had been delivered.

Then I split the Village loaf of bread into three equal bags and put two in my shopping bag to take with me and drop off at the Winwood Community Shed for the coordinators.

Deerhat1Took the rubbish bags to the chute, and set off to the centre. Left the bread treats and set off up the footpath and up the hill into Woodthorpe Grange Park. Half way up, the howling winds were belting away, so I took a photograph trying to catch the trees in a bent position in the wind. But, the wind was swirling the trees too quickly.

Half way up, the howling winds were belting away, so I took a photograph trying to catch the trees in a bent position in the wind. But, the wind was swirling the trees too quickly.

Deerhat2The wind was not a cold one this morning, but the sun refused to come out at all.

Into the park and down to Mansfield Road, left up the hill into Sherwood, where the traffic was heavy, and I just missed being able to photograph some Sherwood Pavement Cyclist, they were too quick for me too!

GC (01c)I got into Wilkinsons shop and searched for the shaver adapters.

Again proving my worth as a shopaholic by purchasing more than I had planned to get.

Still, at least, I did get the adaptor.

I must stop doing this!

Walked down the hill because I could smell the aroma from the takeaway food outlet. They had some ready cooked shepherds pie I couldn’t resist, so I got one to warm up later back at the flat.

GC (3)On the way back up the hill, I called in the Dentist, as I was not sure of the date of my next appointment and had not received any letter informing me.

I hobbled up the handily placed mountainous steps into the surgery, and as I approached the reception desk there was a large sign saying: “We no longer send out appointment reminders” Take Note! Failure to attend appointments will mean a £60 Fine.

The next sign to the right of it read; “We no longer supply NHS Cosmetic needs, they are now Private. Minimum Charge £6o.”

I was looking for the Arbeit Macht Free sign, but couldn’t see it? Hehe!

The lady receptionist told me to wait, as she finished something on her monitor, so I waited. (Well, I assume she was one) Told me to wait, as she finished something on her monitor, so I waited. I decided I needed to nice to this one, the cold eyes or was it the twisted sneer on her lips? I wasn’t sure, but he scared the hell out of me just looking at me! 

As she finished whatever it was she was doing, her strong, steady voice barked out simply “Yes?”

I mumbled that I would like to check my next appointment date please – I forced a smile onto my trembling lips.

She spoke again; “Yes, wait!”

I waited.

The voice rang out again; “I print out for you… Yes!”

“Yes please, thank you…” I nervously replied.

She handed me an A4 print-out with a crisp stabbing arm.

I thanked her again and beat a hasty retreat. Not knowing if she’d issued any late demands or orders to me. But hoping she hadn’t.

I nearly fell the steps as I left the building, such was my desire to put as great a distance between me and the Obergruppenfurher receptionist as I could.

And just to think, I’ve got to go back for treatment on Tuesday 8th March at 1015hrs. Doesn’t bother me, though. Fib2

Back up to the bus-stop in the hope that an L9 or 40 bus just might be due shortly to take me back up the hill to the flats – but no of course not. I’d missed the L9 by a few minutes, and the next one was due in over an hour.

I’d missed the L9 by a few minutes, and the next one was due in over an hour.

GC (01a)At the time, this irked me a bit, but when I carried on up and over the hill and into the Woodthorpe Park, I was glad a bus was not due. I met an old greyhound with his pet owner going up the footpath, another dog I fell in love with.

He was not a puss-pot but responded and wagged his tail when I made a fuss of him. His pet kindly allowed me to take a photo of them both. His name was either Yogi or Yoki. Amazing how my memory can fail in such a short time innit? Huh!

GC (2)I pressed on and got back through the winds and into the flat again. The howling winds seem ever present today.

The first thing I noticed was the state of the bedroom, or rather things that need doing storage room. Haha!

As soon as the INR blood level gets back to normal, I might find time to get the four sets of four drawer storage cabinets out of their boxes and made use of? Maybe not, I expect the solicitor, the clinic or something else will me demanding my time again.

GC (01d)I put the bits away I’d purchased and got the new shaver charging as last.

It says on the micro printed 2 x 3.5-inch leaflet that came with the shaver, it’ll tale eight hours to charge.

I anticipate I’ll be asleep by then? But maybe not, knowing the trouble I’ve been having getting to nod off lately at night?

CG poorly2Twas then I spotted an intruder in the kitchen!

This ‘appearance of the flies’ often happens in the kitchen for some reason.

Occasionally it is one odd meat-fly, often a few of them.

BJ reckons it is when one of the other tenants snuffs it and know one notices until all the nearby flats get the meat flies? He’s always trying to cheer me up is my mate BJ.

P1020931The weather turned threatening – and the rain started a few minute after I took this photograph.

Got the laptop going and updated this diary.

Got the nosh going – Shepherds pie in the oven with some chips and a beef pastry adding some potato cakes later if I remember to. Tsk!

Did some cleaning in the bathroom.

P1020930Got the marvellous fodder ready, and demolished it in short time.

Then had a mini pot of ice cream. Rated this meal as 9.64/10

Steve Age UK rang the intercom button and came up with two bills for me to pay. That was kind of him. Hehe!

£60 for the plumber who had turned off the water in the central heating at the old house, and one from the Plumber who came to mend the boiler but couldn’t? Call out fee I suppose that one was.

We had a natter and a cuppa, and he was off.

Two letters had been delivered, one a questionnaire from Nottingham City Homes the other the last INR Warfarin blood level results. Gone up to 5.9 now? Going in tomorrow for another test at 1115hrs at the surgery.

Checked the battery on charge in the new shaver, not ready yet.

Laptop on to update this diary.

Did some Facebooking.

Had a horrible time trying to get to sleep, Tsk!