Inchcockski – Monday 12th August 2019: Medical Globdangerations, today!

2019 Aug 12

2019 Aug 12

Monday 12th August 2019

Welsh: Dydd Llun 12fed Awst 2019

02:10hrs: I woke, and had to free my horrendously ever-growing ever more significantly-sized wobbly-body from the £300, second-hand, none-working-at-the-moment, painfully off-putting beige-coloured, c1968, rickety recliner, for a wee-wee. Gained my balance, grabbed the stick and to the good old (empty) EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-Wee Bucket).

WD 0.0.128A The wee-wee style was of the IDKWIB (I-don’t-know-why-I-bothered) mode. Never has so little been evacuated, resulting in such effort, patience, and pain! Urgh! Argh! And ten minutes later, a two-second dribble! Huh!

1Mon01aI must crack on today, the Doctors appointment at 08:50hrs, and Health Centre at 11:00hrs and some bread and tomatoes to be bought while I’m out.

The view from the kitchen window was a good one this morning.

The BP machine and thermometer were not having it again! I took the medications and made a brew.

I got the handwashing done and hung to dry. Then the summoning from the innards to attend the Porcelain Throne arrived. A messy evacuation, but not so painful. Washed the hands, the none-quivering hands, I might add. (Oh, yes, Smugmess Mode Adopted!)

1Mon02WD 0.0.128A The whole body looked extremely anaemic and cadaverous, it fair shocked me. Especially as I was feeling a lot stabler healthwise, in myself this morning?

Still, the pot marks and papsules seemed to be clearing up? Even the spider-veins were not showing up as much as vividly as they usually do. But that might be due to the current anaemicalness. I must mention this and show this picture to the Doctor this morning.

As I was just about to start updating yesterday’s blog, I had to hasten to the wet room for a sudden wee-wee. What a difference with this one! An unexpected, catching me unawares, LPSS (Long-Powerfull-Stinging-Splashingback) version! Another mess to clean-up! Humph! It was a good job I didn’t use the bucket this time, else it may well have been blasted out of my hand! Hehehe!

Back to the computer and got the finalisationing done to Sunday’s diary. Posted it off. Then went on the WordPress Reader. Made a start on this blog.

An hour or so later: I got the ablutions done.

WDP 01b leftWD 0.0.128A But at a cost! Tsk! Not exactly a good session, injury-wise, today. Oy Yay!

  • A tiny cut, but on the facial mole, and it took me ages to encourage it to stop bleeding.
  • Loss my balance while operating the death-defyingly dangerous, green hard metal sock glide.
  • Recovered and then lost a diddy chunk off of a finger on the suicidal-sock-grabber clip!
  • A final toe-stubbing on the seat-raiser metal leg finished the run of Accifauxas.

1Mon04Readied things for the hobble to the surgery. It was too early to take the waste bags to the chute.

WD 0.0.128A I set off out, down the elevator and out on to Chestnut Way. A worrying sight outside Winchester Court had me fretting a bit. As I drew level, ambulancemen came out, with a meat-trolley, but thankfully, no one was on it. Fingers crossed.

1Mon05The dang white Mercedes van was still there in the same place, parked up on the Winchester Street Hill pavement. I had to go out onto the road again to get around it. Tsk!

The walk down the incline was most pleasant weather-wise. Not too windy, sunny or any rain affected the hobble into Carrington.

On Mansfield Road, it seemed like a Nottinghamian’s Pavement Cyclists Heaven today. I’ve put photographs together, to show the naughty people all in one place.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1Mon9I arrived with plenty of time to spare and logged in with the receptionist. I had a bash at the crossword book. Got some in on puzzled I keep going back to. Swank-Mode-Engaged!

Dr Vindla came into the waiting area and summoned me to her surgery. She asked me what the problem was. I told her that Nurse Ann had made the appointment about my NCH medical results from last week. “Ah, yes!” When did you last have a fall? ‘Over a week ago, I’m doing better now!’ Well, that’s hardly encouraging, is it? ‘Well, no!’ – she had a check of the lungs, and I mentioned the whiteness of the body this morning. Writing on the computer. You’ll need more blood tests, make an appointment when you leave! ‘Okay, thanks’. That’s it! ‘Thank you’. I departed and made the appointment with the receptionist. Who, knowing me, wrote the date and time down for me,  (Tuesday 20th August 07:30hrs) and told me not to lose it! I gave her1Mon10 some nibbles and made my way to the Lidl store, as I had plenty of time before the Sherwood Health Clinic appointment.

I left the store with some Scarlet Tomatoes, Mayonaise and some chicken drumsticks. I caught the bus back to Sherwood. Where the pavement cyclist almost hit me as I got off of the bus. Swine! 

1Mon14aI crossed over at the Pelican lights and made my way to the Sherwood Health Centre.

Where a different young lady this time, took the note from me, and gave me a sympathetic look, as she explained that the appointment is for September, not August! She kindly did not sneer or look at, nor deal with me in a demeaning way at all! Bless her!

WD 0.0.128A I asked if I could book an appointment with the paediatrician. Which made her laugh out loud, as she said; “I take it you mean the Podiatrist, my dear?” Even I had a sneaky smile when I realised what I had said, well, when she told me what I said! Hehehe! She phoned them for me, and she’d soon got me weighed up, as she wrote the much in the distance time and date on the doctor’s appointment card for me. Wednesday, 11th September! Blimey, my toes need cutting now! I thanked her and departed, to leave her to tell others of my faux pas, no doubt. Haha! I know I would have!

1Mon14I hobbled back into Sherwood and called in the Wilko shop. I got a bottle of liquid soap-flakes and a bottle of bleach.

Then made my way up the hill, over the crest and down into the Woodthorpe Grange Park. Where I had a long, slow walk through up the hill.

1Mon15While frequently stopping to view and admire the greenery, trees, and watch the many dogs taking their owners for a walk. Haha! I haven’t felt so contended in a long time. Just watching the pets and frondescence, plants, magnificent old trees, shrubbery, flowers, brambles, petiole, and shin-tangles, was a pleasure for me. Even the Pavement Cyclist didn’t get to me this time.

1Mon18I was in no rush, I was happy. When I got to the top and turned right onto the gravel hill path, and Winwood Heights came into view, I wondered and hoped that no resident had taken poor;y earlier, or worse.

I painstakingly made my way down the footpath. The three-wheel trolley-guide does not like going downhill at all. Controlling the thing can get a bit dodgy at time. But not today, I got to the bottom without any mishaps at all. Even the idiot who drove her little black car at such speed to the end garages area did not get to me either! I was getting a bit worried about all this contentment, it’s not natural for me!

I got in and up to the flat without seeing a soul. But that is not unusual. I got in and put the bits I’d bought while out away. Got on the computer and added the new appointments to the Google calendar.

WD 0.0.128A I started updating this blog and went to make a brew. Suddenly and serendipitously, just out of the blue, my general outlook on life returned. The doubts, fears, worries, and fretting about everything stormed into my mind! Nothing was sacred! I even wondered if I’d bought the mayonnaise in error and should have got something else to go on Josie’s fish? I couldn’t get it clear in my head. So much so, I called at Josie’s to ask her if it was Mayonaise that she said went well with her Tuna fish. It was, thankfully, the right stuff. We had a little natter, and I felt a fool for having to ask. I thanked her.

Back to doing the blogging. Time to get the fodder cooking. I got some chips in the oven; I’ll add the beef pie later.

1Mon20The EQ warned be that I must take care and concentrate? No other tips, though. The mind was still in a state of nervousness and worry.

While doing the cooking, I took and enjoyed perusing this nephelognosyer’s delight, photograph. I got the medications taken while waiting for the chips and beef pie to cook.

1Mon21I stripped down to the PPs. I made some buttered wholemeal flatbreads and served up the nosh. It looked good, it smelt grand, and I was really enjoying it and watching Rumpole of the Bailey, as…

WD 0.0.128A The door chimes rang out as I was eating! I put a seat cover around me, got the stick and answered the door. It was another Nottingham City Homes plumber! This chap had come to replace something on the cold water tank, that the chap came to replace yesterday, but a different part.

WD 0.0.128A He spent ten-minutes examining things, and he asked me if I had a pair of step ladders he could use. I went out to look on the balcony for them – passing the steps on the way! He spotted them, and once more, I felt a right fool today! Hehe!

WDP 01b leftWD 0.0.128A wd 0.0.128 A cracking, possibly the most painful ever toe-stubbing against the swivel chair legs. Oh, the pain! It forced me into using a little unsavoury language, I’m afraid!

I tried to eat the rest of the meal, but things were cold and soggy by now. Humph! Threw it in the bin!

The gentleman got the job done. I thanked him, and off he trudged.

wd 0.0.128 I found the stubbed-toe was the middle digit. Toes either side catching against the injury, meant I could not even wear my slippers. I was getting all fretfull again. And it soon started to turn black or blue on the second photograph.


Lucky; is perhaps not the best of words to describe me. Globdangerations!

It’s no wonder no one wants to come and visit me, it’s obviously the fear of catching and being affected by my infections, infirmities, maladies, contaminations, miasmas, issues, madness, contagions, disorders, afflictions, tribulations, ill-luck, contaminations, miasmas, septicity, anxiety disorder, timorousness, apprehensions, fears, septicity, and insecureness! And, I can’t blame them, either! Hehehe!

A harangued, pissed-off and had-enough Inchcock, then sat there doing nothing but mentally battling against the incoming Surface-to-Inchcock’s-Brain missiles, bringing forth sanity attacking worries, fears and a cruel demoralising acceptance of failure and distemperature, as the norm!

If anyone is training for a Doctorate (PhD or PsyD), who would like a challenging case to study, no charges either way! Can they please Email me. Haha!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 25th June 2019: Worran odd day!

2019 25 June

2019 June 24

Tuesday 25th June 2019

Africaans: Dinsdag 25 Junie 2019

wd 0.0.30 04:10hrs. I have to admit it, I woke in a foul, niggly almost execrable mood! I had been dreaming a lot, but cannot recall anything of them, I just knew I’d been suffering nightmare-like dreams. The mind was rampant with fears, nervous worries and near panic. Why? I know not!

I removed with some ease for me, my overburdened, roly-poly body from the c1968, £300 second-hand rickety-recliner. I walked unaided to make use of the EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-Wee bucket), by taking a lamentable and long and surprisingly wearying LSPDOWWs (Long-Slow-Painfull-Drawn-Out-Wee-Wee). By the time I had finished this, the niggliness had departed the grey-cells. (?) Another bit of fortuitousness, I had the forethought to grab the walking stick, before making my way to the kitchen.

wd 0.0.30 I’m so glad I did. As I hobbled into the room, all hell let loose with the shaking and damaged axonotmesis-neurotmesis influenced dancing right shoulder and leg! Yet I really wished that a CCTV had been working in the kitchen! I would dare anyone, and that would include me, not to have laughed at the limbs antics! I must have looked like a cross between a tiller-girl and some old git trying his best to do the hokey-cokey, without any coordination whatsoever! Hehehe! I somehow kept my balance, but it was a close call. The getting away without going over,2Tue01 cheered me up a bit, I think.

I took a photograph of the morning view from the unwanted, unliked new kitchen window. Those with the unreachable extra panes that need cleaning, block out the light & view and need the potentially deadly to me, stepladders to be used in the event of wanting check quickly for emergency vehicles in the event of a fire alarm, which I can’t hear anyway.

2Tue02I got on with the morning’s hand washing. Only a t-shirt and the long bamboo socks rinsed them, wrang them out as best I could, and got them on the stand-up airer in the hallway.

I made up the next two medication pots for the day. Then I had to visit the Porcelain Throne then. An amazingly easy session. No bleeding from anywhere, very little pain and no messy things to clean up afterwards!

Things seemed to be getting so much easier as the morning went on. But the EQ was not going to let me get overconfident, and a warning sensation came over me.

I got the Health Checks and today’s morning medications taken. The results were: Sys 135, Dia 69, Pulse 89 and the Temperature came out as 35°c, all looked good to me.

I got on the computer to do the updating of the Monday blog. Which did take an extraordinarily long time, with all the pictures to download, get into CorelDraw and resize, then put on the post.

wd 0.0.30 To make things worse and more difficult, after an hour or two, the electric-like fingers, hands arm and shoulder started dancing again, and stayed that way for what seemed like an aeon! Tsk! Many and repeated mistakes had to be corrected, which was annoying, irritating and exasperating in the extreme! Damnations and execrations!

2Tue03wd 0.0.30 I got the blog finished an posted off at last! I decided to have a break and make a mug of tea. But could I find a walking stick? No! After walking by passing it several times, I found it in the hallway, hidden in clear view! A new mood-mode was created for how I felt at this moment: BPAFM Beyond-Pathetic-and-Feeble-Minded Mode Engaged! How sad!

2Tue03awd 0.0.30 It got even worse, I’m afraid. As I was carrying the mug of tea back to the computer desk, the damned dancing started again! The freshly poured out tea spilt over and scalded the left index finger!

After a lot of openly voiced loud cursing (Sorry neighbours!), I returned to the kitchen’s first-aid drawer and applied some cream on it! The cream bubbled when I put it on. I had to smile at this, despite my feeling well-wee’d-off at the same time!

I was almost back to the niggly outlook when I got back on the computer, as the hand finger and shoulder dancing continued for ages!

I started prepping things to start off this post going, and the doorbells rang out. As I approached the hallway, I heard the door open. It was Obersturmbannführeress Warden and Pole-dancer Deana. She’d come to test the health wrist alarm and fire alarm batteries with the control room. Both were okay.

I inquired about the appointment she was going to make for me with the intercom-fitting and installation people yesterday. She came right out with it, she has been that busy she had forgotten about it. I liked her straight honesty! She called them there and then for me, bless her cotton socks. She made a booking for next Friday 5th Julie, twixt 08:30 and 10:30hrs, which was good for me, and I thanked her. She had to shoot off, so much to do, so little time. I wonder, who was the first person who said that? Hehe!

2Tue21Dusty Springfield’s ‘I only want to be with you’ rang out from the doorbells again.

It was the mailman, with two letters and a parcel to sign for. The big envelope was the Age UK contract for the house insurance, the small one the INR Warfarin test results and the box, was another set of support-strapping from the Orthotics at the City Hospital. I was so glad it had arrived.

wd 0.0.30 I took another break from the frustrating dancing-finger controlled typing, and wet to move the washing on the airer. The Fire Alarm sounded, I would not have heard it anywhere else in the flat. I checked outside. Not using the deadly kitchen windows, but the far less harmful balcony window, but could not see any emergency vehicles below. I thought the fire-alarm testing was to be done on a Thursday.

2Tue10I started to do some TFZer Facebooking. After ten minutes, my EQ told me to check outside again from the balcony.

Aha! The fire brigade had arrived on site. I could tell by the casual and steady pace of the officers approached the foyer door, the alarm might well be another false one. They did not look happy people as they departed after yet one more false alarm from the old fogies high rise dwellings. And rightly so!


I returned to the computer and checked on the Google, no, BBC weather for today at 1400hrs. The Nottingham forecast looked a bit rain-soaked to me. But it was only spotting with rain outside.

2Tue06At long last, I made a start on this blog! Well gone, midday!

wd 0.0.30 And the curtains all fell off of the hooks holding them in place! What? Eh? Flipping ‘eck!

I got up on the stepladder and hooked a few rings back on.

2Tue08A make-do, for now, a temporary job, of course. What had caused this almost a phenomenon, beats me!

I had another of the frequent today, wee-wees, and made a brew of tea.

I checked if any and which Ladies Football matches might be on TV today.

2Tue20Tired out again now. I’ll get the nosh sorted and ready for watching the football later.

Mushy peas with vinegar, fish cakes and battered pollock.

Must remember the Audio clinic in the morning. The timing is fair enough, anyway. I can catch either the 09:30 or at a push the 10:30 bus. I made a reminder note and hung it on the computer screen!

2Tue17The drizzle lasted all afternoon and evening on and off, but as Paul Daniels used to say: ‘Not a lot!’

Well, what a soccer match I watched.

Italy v China. A look at the match statistics on the right, tells a tale for me!

 I felt the need to visit the Porcelain Throne, so I did so. Hehe!

wd 0.0.30 What a farcical event, ridiculous in the extreme, hardly believable. Bonkers and brought on a lot of self-doubts.

I settled on the throne, and mid-struggle to get the evacuation started… I fell asleep!

I woke up an hour or so later, perplexed, wondering where I was, and why? The shakes started as I rose up top ‘clean things’, and the aroma was a little putrid. It took a minute or two to get myself together and sorted out mentally.

Half in a strange daze, I cleaned up and made my way back to the £300 second-hand, c1968 recliner, and think I fell asleep almost immediately.

Worran odd day!

Inchcock – Wed 23 Jan 2019: Whoopsiedangleplops, Accifauxpas and Natterless, Wee-weeing like a jet, day! Tsk!


Wednesday 23rd January 2019

Basque: Asteazkena, 2019ko Urtarrilaren 23a

2345hrs: Woke up, in need of the Porcelain Throne. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner. Not an easy task when one has to move so much excess body weight and get the mass into a semi-perpendicular position ready for actually walking.  But I coped well-enough.

The evacuation was one of the easier and less messy ones for once. During which the brain engaged with the body, and the stampede of harrowing miscellaneous unwanted thoughts and fears began to reign into the mental picture. Slowly they faded, leaving me a nihility that refilled with ponderations of a weak-willed, wimpish compliant mode. I cleaned up and off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks.

2tue06I could not resist taking a shot I’ve done many times before, from the view and light-blocking, unwanted, thick-rimmed, needing more glass area and panes to be cleaned, thick-ledged preventing downward photos from being taken, new windows. Because the view was so beautiful. The evening street lighting helped of course.

I took the dishes and mug from last night to wash and put them in the sink. I had a terrible thirst on me this morning (I still had hours and hours later?), so I decided to make a brew first… which proved to be little heart-breaking!

2tue05WD0.0.128 I got the new China (Well it was made in China, Hehe!) mug, and as the kettle heated up, as any right-thinking sinensophile or tea-lover would, I poured very-hot water from the tap to heat-up the new china mug before making the brew… Oh dear! I let it slip from my grasp, and it dropped onto the older China mug soaking in the bowl! Causing, two chips in the loved old mug! I nearly cried! The receptacle must now be thrown away! Too dangerous to risk using it now. Any cuts in the lip, they bleed much more than other areas, and my being on the Warfarin, I dare not risk it. I’m all discouraged and pitiably sorry for myself, now! Poor old schlemiel! Oy Vey!

I got on with doing the Health Checks, miserably! Tsk!


3wed001aThe Pulse had gone from yesterdays first checks, to being low again now. Mind you, it’s been less, so I don’t know why I mentioned this?

WD0.0.128 Looking closely at this photo, I might have read 161 for 167? Can’t tell for sure. Tsk!

The point worth mentioning is the ultra-slow and little, but definite decrease in the weight over the last three days!

WD0.0.128 Off for a wee-wee again. They have turned back into the SNCWW (Short-No-Sensation-Wee-wee) mode now. Which, as on this occasion, can cause problems, as you might understand. Humph! Had a cleanup!

1mon33Made the brew (carefully), and thought about breakfast later, and decided to have some Marmite sarnies, using the sliced Polish bread. Plenty of it left from the gigantic loaf to use up.

But first things first I said to myself. I must get the Tuesday post updated and sent off. Which turned out be a more extended session than I would have liked, with all the photographs and complicated things that took place, I was right 3wed001in thinking this.

Then, I had to return for another Porcelain Throne session. Another no-bother session.

I checked the pins while in there. Some pretty almost decorous red spots blotches and blemishes had appeared. The fluid containers had altered a little from yesterdays too. I didn’t want to, but maybe a half a Furesomide might be needed as the swelling looked to me to be increasing again. Oh, I don’t know, I’ll leave and see how things go. Or should I? I did!

With interruptions for the odd SNCWW, and my need for drinking, I eventually got the Tuesday diary finished and sent off, but not until gone 07:00hrs! Blimey was I piddling about or what? Had I nodded off and woke up without realising it? Going bonkers here I think, losing it!

Got an Email from the Doctors surgery about my request for an earlier appointment than 11:00hrs for my next blood appointment. I sent a reply, asking for an earlier appointment, please.

I began starting this Wednesday diary.

WD0.0.128 On the first break for about the ninth wee-wee, things changed again! I am now classyiying this and all those that followed as SHLNCWW (Short-Hosepipe-like-No-Sensation-Wee-wees) The unfelt dribble was now a hosepipe like style! Oy-Yoy-Yoy!

3wed03I went to make yet another mug of tea, and the moon was still showing in the sky!

When I opened the light-blocking, unwanted, thick-rimmed, needing more glass area and panes to be cleaned, thick-ledged preventing downward photos from being taken, new unwanted window, there was ice all over the outside of the black chipped new frame.

3wed05a1It’s not a good photograph, but this is best three I tried taking. Amazing, here I am now 09:00hrs, and the moon still battling to come through. Which told me, it must be below freezing out there. I put the thermometer as far as I could get it to go without losing a grip on it. It showed -3°c. Brrr! Glad it is as snug as a bug in the apartment!

I noted the frost and or snow was covering the 3wed05bottom field now. Not many birds about, apart from the nasty seagulls.

 I took this photo as best I could, with the sticking out too far window ledge would let me. I had to zoom in the take the picture blind, but this one came out alright.

The frost clearing shows frost on the cars and their windscreens.

3wed05a1aI got the Marmite jar out for use later on.

Then I noticed the bottom of the new mug, It claims it is ‘Fine Bone China’. If so, it is was a bargain at £2,  I think. The tea tastes as good as in the old one.

Another SHLNCWW, being prepared for the hose-pip element, I was more cautious this time. It’s not so easy when one cannot get any feedback from the senses when Wee-weeing. Humph, but Hehe as well!

Back to the updating of this post for a while.

3wed05a2Then the desire for my super-breakfast of Polish sliced bread with Marmite got too strong for me to resist any longer. I made up the sarnies, watch a YouTube while I ate it up!

I might not need a meal again today.

I set about checking the Page Top graphics and made a few more up on CorelDraw.

Got an email back from the surgery about my request for an earlier appointment than 11:00hrs for the next blood test. All they have available is 10:05hrs! Not good is it, Grumph! Depressed once again now!

I fell asleep in the computer chair! Woke up just as I was falling over and off of it! Miracle I didn’t cripple myself!

I did the Health Checks and took my medications.


Titivated this graphic I did months ago

WD0.0.128 I spent more hours on the computer, before falling asleep (it turned out to be a fretfull fiesta full of waking ups and worries) as I was watching Law & Order on the telly.

Had to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner to go for a wee-wee. It came out as an LHBLWWs (Long Hosepipe-Blasting like Wee-wee)!


Inchcock – Wed 24th October 2018: Mixed sort of day, good and bad, highs and lows…


Wednesday 24th October 2018

German: Mittwoch 24 Oktober 2018

2320hrs: Early wake-up time, I know. But I had a funny turn yesterday and fell asleep really early. Yet on waking-up, Dizzy Dennis, Shaking Shaun, and Duodenal Donald had all stopped giving me hassle! (Fair enough, Duodenal Donald returned with his stabbing pain an hour or so later, Humph!) The brain seemed to become active sooner as well, no blague nonsense rumbling around in there either. (I wasn’t sure if I should be happy about this or not?)

As I tackled the exiting of my torso with the tremendously bulbous stomach attached, from the £300 second-hand recliner, I spotted signs of my having committed some nocturnal nibbling! The contents of the pot of potato thins and cheeselets had decreased dramatically! Eizel! The summoning from the innards to use the Porcelain Throne arrive.

The evacuation was a decent one.

3Wed001 I spotted around ten dead Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles, one alive, a big un as well! So got the can of spray and squirted the wet room, emptied the spray, so I got another to investigate the spare room. About fifteen Weevils on the unwanted light and view-blocking new window ledge, all around the little holes in the sealant, all dead. Into the kitchen. Only about ten Weevil bodies found in there, none alive and no LadyBugs today.

Did the Health Checks and tool the medications. Results were not good, mind.


I set about creating a post with all the sky pictures from yesterday and adding writing pose and some humorous drivel.

3Wed001 A second call to the Throne arrived. Longer session t his one, I got a couple of pages of the book read.

Back to the computer, and concentrated on the Picture/funny Poem blog.

3Wed001 Two hours or so later, a third demand for the Porcelain Throne arrived. Evacuation same as the last one.

Back to the blog making. Eventually, I got it finished and posted off. Phew, a long job that one was!

Then I had to update and finish yesterday’s blog.

Made a brew and then… 3Wed001 Back to the Porcelain Throne for the fourth time! Getting worried about this, now. Where is it coming from? Hehe!

Went on the WordPress Reader section, then finished off the diary and posted it off.

Next, on to the TFZer Facebook to add photographs to the albums.

I went on the YouTube thingy while I waited for it to be late enough to use the noisy shower to do my ablutions.

Had a spray around with the ‘Sanmex Bug Killer. Then went to get the ablutions sorted out.

3Wed001 Dang and botherations! I needed a fifth session on the throne! Oh dearie me! Not runny either?

Several Weevils had appeared again, so I collected to bodies up.

Teggies and shaving were done, I was about to get into the shower and what came over the air-waves on the Radio Nottingham News…

3Wed001 There had been stabbings and attempted murder! All with a short distance of the Nottingham Arboretum!

  • Police in Nottingham are investigating after two separate stabbings in the city in the space of fewer than six hours.
    Detectives investigating the first stabbing in Nottingham yesterday have found a black car believed to have been used in the attack. Suspected attempted murder.
  • A man in his twenties suffered life-threatening injuries behind flats near North Sherwood Street at about 14:00.
    Two arrests have been made in connection with the second stabbing in nearby Burns Street, Arboretum, at around 7.30pm.
    Residents living in the Arboretum area have been left terrified and on edge after two stabbings in a matter of hours.

Blimey, that is close to where I was hobbling around on Monday, too! Oy Gevalt!

Visitors and tourists are all welcomed to Nottingham.

I took two black bags to the waste chute on the way out.

I took two black bags to the waste chute on the way out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3Wed03I had a quick natter with Pint-Puller and Perambulator Paulius and another chap. I forgot to ask his name. 

Took a shot of Winchester Court and part of the New Build. The lads were up on the hoists grafting away.

I got to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Generaloberstesses Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationalistic Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents porta-cabin.

I had a natter with Oberfeldwebeless Deana and Stabsfeldwebeless Julie and Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Lynne. Ah, I nearly forgot, I am barred by the Nottingham City Homes Management, from mentioning anything taking place between Nottingham City Homes agents, representatives or employees and myself. Suffice to say we spoke.

3Wed04aA new bit of Nottinghamian Street Art was spotted, towards the end of Chestnut Walk.

3Wed001 Apparently, the inspection pit and had been destroyed by vehicles, most likely wagons or lorries parking up on the grass verge.

Not that poor devils have much choice in the matter, like!

3Wed001 Still, it’ll come in use, as somewhere for folks to throw their half-eaten fooder and bottles down into. At least somebody has put a damaged piece of barrier over it for us old fogies. So, we can trip 3Wed05over it, as opposed to falling down the hole. Which I think is prospectively the better choice, injury-wise? I thank you!

I pressed on down Winchester Street Hill.

Pleased to report that part of the footpath was accessible this morning, mind you, some of the workers, merchants, and tradespeople had not yet arrived on site. Those that had parked had left me with up to 3Wed05a - Copythree foot of pavement width to walk on, as opposed to Monday’s three-inches, so things were improving.

The expressions the Sherwoodite’s faces depicted that a mood of Dysphoria was being shared around by all and sundry.

I went into the shop and grabbed two of the orange and vanilla croissants. They had no lemon that I could see. But being on offer, I still bought two. I want to be able to treat Frank when he gets back off of holiday, I’d already got a treat in the spare room for 3Wed05aJenny. Oh, and Pennies Birthday present too. I got a sliced loaf, some Sopocka and a tin of beef and peas as well.

I hobbled back to Winchester Street. As I turned the corner, with the feet aching like crazy, I noticed that I had just missed two buses, the L9 and the 40. As they both past me by, it dawned on me that it didn’t matter really, for two reasons.

  • One: It was too early for me to use my free pensioner pass anyway!
  • Two: I was quite happy to suffer Anne Gyna, the accompanying shortage of breath and Arthur Itis giving me stick as I struggled up the hill. Cause the exercise would be good for the metal-ticker and Hippy Hilda. Bloody painful, but therapeutic. Hehehe!

3Wed07As I got about half-way up the hill, I had to stop to catch my breath. Anne Gyna was giving me bother.

But, it was not all gloom. For the sunshine got through straight ahead of me before the first bend in the road. I didn’t think that the photo on the left would come out good at all, but as you see, it wasn’t too bad an effort.

3Wed001 I then turned to my left, to take a long distance snap, of the top of both blocks of flats, up Cavendish Vale. But the picture did not show up on the viewer? I’m confused about what I did wrong here?

3Wed06So, I took this shot of Winchester Street instead.

I tackled the last stretch up the hill, and within a minute of getting on the flat on Chestnut Walk, Anne Gyna eased off. Even Hippy Hilda was not so bad now.

I only saw one resident on the walk along to the flats. I think the workers might have been on their lunch break.

Up the elevator to the flat, and had a wee-wee. As I did, I thought I felt a little gurgling from the lower regions, surely not a sixth Porcelain Throne session brewing up, I thought. What’s going on here?

3Wed08I got the fodder from the bag, put the Sopocka cooked pork in the fridge. Sarnies and sliced potatoes with tomatoes methinks later on.

I want to stay awake and get some graphics prep work done if I can. It will depend on when the sudden Weariness and tiredness dawns on me. Humph!

Made a brew and did the Health Checks and took the medications… then…

3Wed001 It arrived. Incredible! The sixth visit to the Porcelain Throne! Not loose or anything, getting fed-up with this though.

Washed up well, and back to the computer to update this blog as far as here!

Then added some photographs to the TFZer Facebook.

3Wed29Got the nosh sorted and served. And very nice it was too!

Buttered fresh bread, tomatoes, sliced seasoned potatoes, pickled gherkins, smoked mackerel in veg sauce, a few potato thins and a lemon mousse to follow.

Gave this effort a 9.2/10 Flavour-Rating.

Did the last Health Checks and took the medications.

The emptied plate and tray on the chair and I drifted off with the TV on, within minutes!

Inchcock – Sunday 21st October 2018: Much graphicationalisationing achieved. Then the ailments attacked. Tsk!


Sunday 21st October 2018

Italiano: Domenica 21 Ottobre 2018

0030hrs: Woke, with no signs of the bedevilled mood of last night. In fact, I was mentally feeling somewhat spontaneously perky, chirpy and kinetic. No damp, wet feelings from Little Inchies fungal lesion area and Harold’s Haemorrhoids were only itching, no pain, no bleeding.

I even found I was humming and singing to myself before I’d tackled the usually painful and challenging job of removing my flobby-stomach-dominated torso from the £300 second-hand recliner. Which I did, without any Accifauxpa, Whoopsiedangleplop or toe-stubbing! Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Shaun both kept off, as well. Hippy Hilda let me be, as well!

This mental qui vive, I found incredible, unnatural and synthetic to my lifestyle. If I could understand why I felt like this, to realise the reason, then maybe I could relax more. My high EQ warned me that things would soon deteriorate! Yet, I ignored it for once, carried on singing and got myself up.

I decided to go on my morning parasiticide mission, with a can of both ‘Raid’ and ‘Sanmex’ killer sprays at hand!

7Sun15The results: Kitchen: 1 live Weevil – three dead. Wet Room: 21 dead Weevils – two live ones. Spare Room: 30 or so dead Weevils – two live! Add to this, in the wetroom I felt sure the one live beast was of a different race or type. But he disappeared down the hole in the floor covering corner sealant before I could get a better look. Tsk!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Washed the hands and returned to the kitchen to do the Health Checks.


Took the medications with some spring water. Made a brew of tea, and the need for a visit to the Porcelain Throne arrived. By gum, it was good one too! No bleeding at all! Far less liquidified, I even managed to read a couple of pages of Jeremy Clarkson unofficial biography.

BikeGot the computer on, while crossing my fingers that the $111.9 million salaried CEO of Liberty-Global Virgin Media, Mr Fries, might have got the connection working correctly again. All seemed to be working. It comes to something when one has to mention this so often.

I set about finishing off the Saturday post. Took me around two hours.

Then I went on TFZer Facebooking. Got some graphics I’d done posted as well.

BikeI added these to the Facebook album for each TFZer gal, and the Facebook gallery of TFZer Transport album, and put them on the TFZer site as well.

On to WordPress comments, there were tons of them to reply to.

But I soon got them both done. Hehe!

7Sun16Made a start on this blog as far as here.

Then as I went to make another brew of tea, the view outside looked grand, some I fetched the camera to take some shots across from left to right.

Things seemed to be going well as I hung out of the window to take the photographicalisation.

For some reason, the close up of the moon did not turn out much like it actually looked to the naked eye? I took several pictures of the yellow moon above the horizon of the buildings, but none of them proved to be a good one.

This is the best of the bunch. The last two were, I think the only ones that came out alright.

On the last one at the bottom, shows the new unwanted light and view-blocking balcony.

Of course, you can’t see the warped wooden flooring, bird-poo covered glass, or the whatever it is crumbling from the ceiling, which is the old underpart of the balcony above. But, the bird’s feathers, fleas, LadyBugs and nuts and bolts give it a bit of character, though.

Really though, we tenants are being treated to a £2M upgrade. Fair enough it’s about 19 months now and still a long way to go, much more to come. My fear is the fitting of the Fire Sprinklers. Well, not the fitting, but the mess that will be left behind. Mostly from the electricians and any plasterers. Let’s face it with the plasterer ruining my carpets, they will need replacing, curtains and blinds buying for all the windows and a mass of cleaning up and sorting out to do when it is finally finished. I’d better stop thinking about it now, I’m upsetting myself. Hehehe!

When it came to my closing the new window, after completing the photographicalisationing, things got a tad embarrassing.

7Sun18WD74.1.1 The intelligent design of the new unwanted window handles are.

  • In the down position, the window is closed.
  • Half-way, the window opens downwards.
  • Pointed upwards, they open sideways.

Clever stuff, eh! That is until a Klutz like me uses them.

For the life of me, I could not get the handle to go down, to close it after use. Much grunting and selecting words of a dubious nature, did not help. Eventually, I worked it out. If you catch and move the key in the lock, even an eighth of an inch from centre, the mechanism will not shut. Ah, well, now I know! Hehe!

Back on to CorelDraw to work on some graphics. Got a lot done from the photographs I took from Gaynor’s flat window. ♥ I faded weary-wise quickly as I finished doctoring these graphics. Here they are… The Willmott-Dixon lads and contractors! I’ll use some later as Inchcock Today page headers as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Making the meal, I had an attack from Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Shaun, only short ones, but they left me with sudden dysbulia and weariness. My life and will-power batteries had abruptly run out.

I felt so tired and incapable of mental rationale.


It was very odd, but I only ate one bit of the bread and a couple of spoonfuls of the beef and bean stew, before just giving up, taking the tray into the kitchen and disposing of the fodder. After all that effort to make the dish in the first place, and get it right, too! Ay-yay-yay! 

Then I sat down and had hours of nodding-offs, for times varying from a minute to five-minutes and almost jumping awake again repeatedly. The brain showed no interest, subservient to my condition of being befuddled at my own acceptiveness of the situation.

Inchcock Today – Sat 22nd 2018:


Saturday 22nd September 2018

Welsh: Dydd Sadwrn 22 Medi 2018

6Sat02WD 1.1.43 0048hrs: I woke and laid there, as the mind autonomously started (or maybe continued from a dream?) pondering on life, and its incomprehensibilities, surprises, and the Snollygosters we voted into Parliament, rife cruelty, the lack of decency, compassion, honesty and care in hodiernal Britain.

The brain moved on to considering more extramundane matters and issues. Was the Universe a mistake? An error, committed by someone or thing, foolishly thinking they were making the idyl, Arcadia or Shangri-La for future life-forms to dwell on?

Listening to my own thoughts reveal themselves, I felt like I was listening to a ‘Beyond Our Ken’ or Monte Python sketch at times.

Why does anthropocentrism exist on Earth? Why do the world leaders not see they are ending the existence of the planet at a faster rate all the time. The so-called better-off proletariat common tellurians concentrate on mobile phones, take-away meals, shoplifting and murdering fellow inhabitants of this foul dying terraqueous earth?

Why are the most cossetted and cherished things Financial Profit/gain? Evidently, without money wealth and greed, there would have been far fewer wars, suffering, and loss of life.

When the brain got to this stage, it realised two things. One: Without the wars, the earth would have produced billions of more babies, how would it have coped? Two: That it could not deal with its own convoluted, labyrinthine, nebulous thoughts anymore, became confused and drifted back into its routinely submissive, passive and gobemouche mode.

I shook off the wild deliberations and began the job of extricating my overweight body-mass from the £300 beyond its sell-by-date, second-hand recliner, to get to the Porcelain Throne.

6Sat03WD 1.1.43 I managed to knock off some things on the Ottoman, and sent stuff from the nocturnal-nibbling tray sprawling onto the carpet! Klutz!

The camera went with them, but I had to pick it up to take this photo. Tsk!

I was lucky I suppose because the bottles both had their caps on them.

WD 1.1.43 Into the wet room. Oh, ‘ecky thump! The fungal lesion had been bleeding again overnight. I had a painful cleaning and medicating session. Changed PPs had a wash and eventually got onto the Porcelain Throne. Four pages of the book later, the evacuation was done. Not too messy this time.

WD 1.1.43 Went into the room opposite as I left the wet room, into the spare room and used the scales. I noted many dead weevils on the unwanted light and view-blocking new window ledge. No lives ones at all.

To the kitchen to make a brew and do the Health Checks and take my medications.


6Sat04The Sys was going back up again after a couple of days of near normality. (I like that word for some reason?)

I was able to leave off one of the painkillers this morning. Things were not in their usual detrimental mode for me this morning. Well, apart from the tender lesion condition.

WD 1.1.43 A few of the Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles were found together near the window. Possibly a recon’ Patrol. They were about twelve in number. Three alive, who shot off and evaded my attack, The Mohammed Farah of the Weevil-World? Humph! The others were all croaked-out! I sprayed some ‘Raid’ in all three rooms.

I felt that warm-wet sensation I fear so from the PP area. Back to the wet room.  I’ve lost more blood than I would have liked. Why do things like this always happen to me at the weekends?

I considered pressing the wristlet Health Alarm button. I mused over if I should or not as I cleaned things up again. But, my aboulia and rather yonderly nature, along with my dippydro problem, meant I decided to see how it goes and check back in an hour or so. On the bright side, I’ll never hang myself. Hehe!

I think looking back at it, my fear of great discomfiture at having to display the problem area and explain things all over again to a new medic, also put me off pressing the alarm. I’ll see how it goes. After all, this lesion is the only one of many afflictions giving me any real hassle today.

Opened WordPress (With no go-slow from my ever increasing in-cost Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet), and set-to updating the Friday Diary and got it posted.

Made a start on this blog page.

Popped to the wet room for an examination of the Fungal Lesion situation. Phew! The phlebotomising had reduced barely to a trickle. Applying the cortisone cream was traumatic as the area had now swollen and looking raw, red-raw! Hehe! So, no need to bother anyone.

On to Facebook to update the photo albums and visit the TFZer site.

I went for a wee-wee and took a fresh pot to collect any dead Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles corpses from the spare room, wet room and the kitchen.

6Sat05Cor Blimey!

A good few were about, even after my clearing them and spraying earlier.

Made a fresh brew of tea then I went on CorelDraw to make up some more diary header graphics. But I got carried away doing different graphics and after three hours or so, had only done two for the page top headers. Huh!

Did the Health Checks and went for a wee-wee.

The fatigue and weariness arrived. Closed the computer down and didn’t even bother making a meal, I felt so drained suddenly. I gathered three tomatoes, two mini-pork pies and three potatoes from those I’d cooked in the crock-pot expecting to make a nosh with, and ate them while I fell asleep watching some film on the TV.

TTFN each.

Inchcock Today – Wed 19 Sept 2018: Porcelain Throne record attendance, and Blank Spots as I seemed to lose track of what was happening. Tsk!


Wednesday 19th September 2018

Finnish: Keskiviikko 19 Syyskuuta 2018

0135hrs: On waking up, a repetition of yesterday mornings agrypnotic activities followed: Realisation that the Porcelain Throne was crucially required.

3Wed05a Off to the wet room (Although, this morning there was no Accifauxpas or Whoopsiedangleplops en route) and a swift evacuation in almost liquid form, but a mite less messy than on Tuesday.

Seeing a few Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles, far more than of late, around the wet room floor, I decided an attack was required. Cleaned up, and armed myself with the ‘Raid’ Beetle Killer spray, the camera and little pots to keep any captured weevils in to photograph them all after my, hopefully, surprise raid is successful.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There seemed to be many more of the adult beasts today. I reckon they have been doing manoeuvres and attack training, that’s why I have seen so much less of them for the last two days? Hehe!

Everywhere got a good long blast of the ‘Raid’ Killer Spray – the can is now low in content. I must get some more when I can get out. Cough, cough, choke!

I might mention this to Nottingham City Homes, Come Dancing contestant and Cat Walk Model, Manager Oberschützeress Angela.

I added an anti-Trotsky capsule to the medication pot and took them.

I updated the Tuesday Diary and got it finished and posted off. Despite the interruptions of Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet having many blank moments. Oy gevalt!


3Wed06 No sooner had I done this, it was hurriedly back to the Porcelain Throne! The evacuation was another liquified affair, but far less of it. The tummy started to grind away after the session again. Cleaning up took a long time.

Back to the kitchen and did the Health Checks.


3Wed10 Hello, the hiccups have started now, and this has spurred Reflux Roger to join in. Humph!

Went on to Facebooking for ages.

3Wed07 Cleaned-up, a lot better session.

3Wed10 Howling high winds coming from outside, really noisy. The new balconies seem to be making it worse? The news said: Winds of up to 80 mph could put lives at risk and disrupt travel and power supplies across parts of the the UK as Storm Ali sweeps in. “Two people have died after Storm Ali swept across parts of the British Isles, bringing winds of up to 100mph.”

Did the Health Checks.

Then on CorelDraw to make up some diary page header graphics in advance.

I seem to have gone into one of my rare, but unsettling ‘Out-of-it’ modes.

3Wed10 I came back to semi-awareness hours later. I was sat in the chair, the TV on, computer off, the small hoover and the Raid Weevil Killer spray both on my lap. Why? No idea!

3Wed08 The urgency of needing the Porcelain Throne added to my confusion, I was in a right Shemozzle. The evacuation was a little less watery at least. The brain taking its time to get a grasp on what had happened and was going on. I’d lost hours, memory-wise. Both my shoulders were hurting, well, rather, aching badly?

The winds were howling more than ever outside. I got the Health Checks done and medictions taken. Realising that the midday does pot was empty, so I must have taken them, but cannot recall doing so.

3Wed29aI think I must have been ‘out of it’ for a long time.

I had made some notes on the pad as well. Much of them unreadable.

Made a nosh of sorts, not a lot. And left most of it. Eating, was not high on my agenda it seemed.

Some blanks in my memory remained, although some things were clearly stored in the grey-cell box?

I got settled in the £300 second-hand recliner, to clear my mind, or rather to kick-start it. Hehehe!

The nodding off started straight away, minutes sleeping, springing awake, then minutes later dropping off again. Disconcerting, to say the least, especially as I had apparently had a long sleep earlier. Or did I?

3Wed09 Half-asleep, I got free from the recliner with consumate ease considering, off to the Porcelain Throne. A much better session this one, almost solid.

I honestly can’t remember getting back to the chair, but I found myself half-on, half-off of it at 0100hrs, when I sprang awake. So I got up.

It’s an odd life, sometimes.


Inchcock Today – Tuesday 24th April 2018: Profound philosophical, cogitative meanderings brooded on and agonised over on waking up? Tsk!


Tuesday 24th April 2018

Africaans: Dinsdag 24 April 2018

0325hrs: Woke up, after some gentle pandiculating, the brain caught up with the body and semi-activated into a weak mirroring of life mode. There followed a period of uhtceare, during which many things were fretted-over, reviewed, contemplated about, gauged, prioritised and then neglected.

Whoosie3W01 Why the brain bothers with these itinerant, migratory, peripatetic, confusing inner-ramblings, I don’t know. I wish it would pack in these on waking-up unproductive, mind-2Tue03meandering sessions. Nothing positive ever comes out of them anyway. They just leave me with more things I’d forgotten I was worrying over coming-back-to-me incidents into my mind, to join the new day’s enigmas and start fretting about them all over again! Old alter kockerI am!

I often think I don’t fit-in. Perhaps, I was an alien who committed awful crimes, and as a punishment, I was born again on earth?

2Tue02adOut of the £300 second-hand recliner, the body being so kind to me this morning. No trouble or hassle from Hippy Hilda, Harry Hernia, or Anne Gyna. Duodenal Donald was the ailment offering any bother, and that was not too bad, either.

Off into the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications.


2Tue01The haematometer operated first try.

The Sys was down again, and the pulse dropped to its lowest-ever at 79 being recorded. Still, I feel alright in myself. (Obviously, I do not include my contorted mind in this assessment), Hehe!

Before I could take the medications, the need for the immediate and somewhat urgent 2Tue04utilisation of the Porcelain Throne arrived.

Another messy evacuation, however, so no complaints again.

The knock the kind lady on the bus gave me yesterday on my left shin with her lethal four-wheeled shopping trolley has turned a shade of purple/pink now. Hehe!

2Tue02fBack to the kitchen and took the medications with water, then made a mug of tea.

I took a photo out of the small gap in the kitchen window with the tiny old Nikon camera. It came out looking rather seraphic to me. I was pretty impressed with the resulting effort.

Then I took a photo of each camera with the other camera of course. To show the difference in there sizes initially.


I’m afraid it also showed up the difference in their finished photography. The old little Nikon camera is also so small in size compared to the other one, it is hard to hold steady to take a shot sometimes. However, 2Tue08aunless I invest in a new camera, I’ll have to use the old one when I am out and about for the time being. Why do you ask (Or probably you didn’t Hehehe!).

The new one is too large for me to feel comfortable with photographing in town. I remember the old Sony one, it was about the same size, and I had some youths try to steal it from me one morning on Lincoln Street of 1Mon10Clinton Street West in Nottingham City Centre.

This view of the front of the flats came out alrightish on the little camera.

0430hrs: I set about updating yesterday’s diary. This took me until gone 0800hrs. This being due to the extraordinary amount of photographs that needed sorting, and Brother-in-law Pete had emailed me those he’d taken at the St George’s Parade as well; they all had to resized converted before being made into a Carousel for displaying.

Then I emailed the shots I’d managed to take back to Pete. Next job, I got on with making this post up. I got sidetracked a while when I read the sad, disheartening news about the Canadian massacre.

Went to Facebooking. Put on some photos on to the galleries and made a few comments.

On CorelDraw to make up some draughts. Cost a few hours, but created a good few to go with the couple done the other day. Got them stored for later use.

2Tue08aBefore I uploaded them, I went to make another brew.

The weather had turned to rain. Not had any for three days, I’d missed this precipitation. Of course, it will most likely settle-in for tomorrow as well. Bound to really, I’ve got to walk into Carrington to get to the surgery for the blood test, haven’t I. Humph!

2Tue11A klog iz mir! Then the rain seemed to lighten up a little.

So I went into the spare room to see how it looked out there, but it wasn’t too encouraging, I must say.

Back on the computer with the brew and…Oh, Marvellous!


I Thought I was Doing Too Well Today!

It returned after a lot of abusive and insulting words were quietly-muttered underneath my breath.

Getting on now. I opened a tin of tomatoes.. what am I saying? I meant potatoes, seasoned them with vinegar and onion salt and put them on low in a saucepan. Heated the oven ready for the Kristadellens later.

2Tue14I got back to getting the draught graphics done up. Two hours late I got them completed. Phew!

The rain had started falling again, filling the cleaning out the holes in the balcony support ledges.

Got on with getting the meal sorted. Too tired for words now. (Poor Orehman and losing logic and sanity a bit quicker. Humph!)

2Tue15aThe meal was so enjoyable tonight (Well, late afternoon).

Did the health checks, got a mug of orange juice and settled into the £300 second-hand recliner and worried fretted and failed to make any decisions about anything, then nodded off.

Whoosie3W01 Woke up in a lather about something or other, and lay there trying to sort out what it was.

2Tue16Had a wee-wee, and looked out of the window at the lights.

Everyone betokening another tellurian life form, with their own problems. I thought, if these fears and worries were visible, they would cover the skies and most likely choke us all to death. Then I wondered why I thought this in the first place?

I tried putting the TV on in the hope that this would do its usual job and send me off to sleep. But, tonight it was not working, and I stayed awake with the headphones on for hours, half-watching some real rubbish on the box, without the will-power to press one little button on the remote to free myself from this banality.

Whoosie3W01 I eventually nodded off. Only to shoot awake later, headphones off of the head, signs of nocturnal nibbling (Crumbs) laying suspiciously and guiltily on my bulging flabby stomach and unreadable scribbling on the notepad.

Whoosie3W01 I got up for a wee-wee, went into the kitchen, moving in almost robot style, and went to wash the pots that I thought I’d left soaking in the bowl, but they were not there. Back to the front room, and the tray with the empty plate and cutlery was on the chair next to the recliner.


Inchcock Today – Tuesday 20th March 2018: What a stonkingly-shitty, sclerotic, stinking, and shlimazel-ridden, stressfull day! Grumph!

Tuesday 20th March 2018

Uzbek: 2018 yil 20 Mart Seshanba Kuni

0315hrs: I woke with the brain engaged and fretting over what needed doing today for the coming visit from the Building Team. I went through the details in my befuddled mind: They are coming in the PM. Time for me to get all three room sorted? Got the laundry to do, not today or tomorrow though… ah, tomorrow, Wednesday the workers are coming in the morning, and I will not be here cause I’ve got the blood test at 0905hrs at the surgery with Nurse Ann. I’ll have to sort out what to do about that later, go to see someone and ask advice on it. I can’t move the chairs in the front room, have to tell them this when they arrive this afternoon, must remember this…

The most amazing thing just happened. There I was typing away and concentrating, and a massive sudden sneeze shook me to the core. After I finished blowing and wiping myself with the paper towel, the computer screen looked like it had exploded. Text highlighted, corner markers on the top photo and a message asking me if I wanted to do something I could not understand, with some sort of code numbers and letters showing? I declined the offer that I could not understand. Then after a while, I followed what had happened, or rather what had caused these things to happen. When the sneeze came, bodily fluids shot out and hit the screen! I wiped off the escaped nasal content carefully and gently. This computer has a touch screen thingy, and I don’t know how to turn in off. Anyway, all seems back to normal now. I sensed that today was not going to be a good one!

I’d lost any connection with what I was thinking that needed concentrating on now. Besides, my attention turned to the more urgent needs of getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner and making my way to the Porcelain Throne, post haste. A similar session to yesterday, rich dark blood and a lot of it from Harold’s Haemorrhoids (I hope, hehe). Got cleaned up.

Made a brew and did the health checks.

Took the medications and pondered further on what needed doing today.

I mysteriously found some will-power and semi-determination, to get on and sort the three-rooms out straight away!I made a start in the spare room.

With a rare resolution, to get the job done in one blast of enthusiasm!


I did a lot of moving stuff out of the way, the stack I put some of them on, collapsed and that had to be sorted out. The things I could not move, because they were either too stubborn to let me or too heavy, I left where they were.

I’ll ask for some help from the working lads when they arrive. It did not look any different to when I started. Huh!


Now the messy room was started work on. Sorted the paperwork first, and got it into the appropriate folders and case.

Tried to move the recliner and easy-chair, but both presented too much effort, and it was beyond my physical capabilities.

The old armchair was one of its cube-shaped legs, that has come loose. It is a 1962 E-plan piece of furniture: it was just too heavy for me to handle. Tsk! I managed to move the writing desk that Duncan Robertson bought me when I first moved into the flat, Bless Him, and the small chair to the back of the room. Along with the folder case. Moved some DVDs and got carried away soring them on their shelves, getting it all wrong chronologically and theme-wise. I’m sorry I started this, I’ll never find the one I want to watch next time now. Hehe! Dare not touch the electrics. It did not look much different from when I started. Huh!

KITCHEN. Ah, the kitchen. One heck of a job this one. Cleared the window ledge, but had difficulty in finding where to put the stuff I removed.

Swept the floor, which prompted me to give it a mopping, then. I needed the floor cleaner bottle, but I’d blocked getting into the cupboard for it with the gear taken off of the window ledge. So, I Moved the items back onto the window ledge and got the mopping up done.

Got the mop and bucket, did the floor cleaning and emptied the window shelf once again.

Around 0530hrs, I’d got it all finished in a fashion.

Feeling a little self-satisfied, but disappointed because it did not look much different from 2Tue05when I started. Huh! As the photos indicate, the top one was taken before I started on the room, bottom one after I’d say supposedly finished. I’m shattered now, and Dizzy Dennis has started hassling me.

I made a brew to celebrate, nearly dropped it and lost some content, which went over my hand, the counter, and the newly mopped floor!

Leaving oddly coloured purple marks on the fingers, which, when they had some antiseptic cream rubbed on them, changed to a faint blue colour. Work that one out if you can?

I got on the computer to start this post off.

2Tue08aThe view outside when I made another cuppa was grand.

Got this post done up to here, and went on to finish off yesterdays blog. I found an old blog that had not been completed, and the photos had disappeared. But I posted it anyway for a laugh.

Went to the WordPress Reading page. Then on comments.

Then2Tue08c got on with the ablutionisationing session. I’m feeling tired-out already today. Hehe!

There I was, having done the teggies, Little Inchies Lesion treating. Showered and shaving. About to treat Harold’s Haemorrhoids and the door chime rang out! Wrapped a towel around me, opened the door and gave the Willmott-Brown bloke with the clipboard one hell of a shock! Hahaha!

He asked if they could fit my windows today. ‘No problem’ I replied, off he popped, saying they would be with me when they have finished the flats above windows.

Finished the drying off and made a brew of the Assam tea, and got on with updating this post. Later, I realised I had not medicated the haemorrhoids when the agony reminded me. Hehe!

While I was awaiting the crew, team or whatever the workmen are known as I went on CorelDraw to do some more advance page-top funny graphics.

A chap arrived, and we had a natter he then shut me in the front room to reduce the noise and dust pollution for me. No food or drink for me then.

Back on CorelDrawing.

Blimey, it soon got proper-cold in here. What it must be like for the blokes doing the job, I dread to think. A good job they get paid well. Decent sounding type of lad. Back to CorelDraw.

I escaped my imprisonment to get a woolly hat out of the airing cupboard and took these pictures of the sticky-film the lad had put down, to protect the carpet I assume.

I also turned up the heater in the main room.

T’was the Willmott-Brown bloke with the clipboard. The balcony doors were being delivered later on. And he wanted to get them fitted in the morning instead of the afternoon. I told him about my appointment with the nurse for the blood test and my having to leave at 0800hrs to get there in time. He’s to get here at 0800hrs, and I can give him a key, or let them in and shoot off. It’s all go here innit? Hehehe!

Not only cold, but I’m now getting hungry, tired and weary as well. Brrr! Can’t get into the kitchen make a mug of tea either. Humph!

Concentration (As is usual at this time), was shot to pieces.

I went on YouTube to watch some motoring accident clips.

They are now taking off the outer-concrete, or whatever it is called from the balcony above. Which calls for a lot of drilling it seems. I’m gonna be a nervous wreck at this rate today. Tired, irritable, cold and hungry! Chilled to the bone. I can hear the removed chunks of whatever it is they are taking off falling onto my balcony, some big lumps of it flying about.

The chap on the hoist appears everytime the drilling stops to collect and bag up some of it. Better him, out there than me, doing the job. Haha!

But I must admit to liking the smell of the sealant they are using on the windows in the other two rooms.

I’m going to have to put the oil-filled heater on as well, now. Double-Brrr!

Oh, what an excellent day I’m having, they are now starting to drill on my balcony, and the spectacles have broken. The nose bit had fallen off. Can I find it? No!

Great Balls of Fire, what next! I bent down to get the plug to put the heater on, and Anne Gyna was not happy with me at all. Her being aggrieved and disgruntled, of course, meant more discomfort for me…

Oh, Gawd, I’ve missed the medications and health checks! I’m fed-up and disgruntled myself now!

I did a Health Check and made a cuppa (No sign of the workers and the kitchen had been swept). They may have said cheerio, but with me taking the hearing aids out, because of the noise, I might not have heard them. Took the medications and did another Health Check on the sphygmomanometer to catch up on the record log.

The lads outside were packing up, I caught them as they went down in the hoist.

Catching a view of the new window.

All locked up so I can’t mess with it and ruin anything for them.

Apparently, even to a mechanical and handyman moron like myself, they could not do the replastering around the edges yet until it had settled.

The left side didn’t have too many holes in it, but the right one was well knocked about.

Also, there were plenty of meat flies around the windows and kitchen.

I counted eleven. I reckon most were coming out from the right-hand side.

When I took a photo of that area, I realised that I could see many of them in the picture and on the window glass.

Proof that the Onergruooenfurheresses were wrong in laughing at me, and giving me sideways looks, many weeks ago when I told them that meat flies appeared in the kitchen.

Humph! Hehe!

Two openings in the new window, with a sideways motion. I hope that I can still hang out enough to take some down shots when they get opened end for use. Mary said, she had to wait a week for her plastering to get done on her windows and longer for the balcony ones to be done.

I think it might be awkward and too high for me to get out to photograph through them.

But, soon, I hope, the balcony will be done so I can use that to get the lower shots?

The lock wires I assume will be removed later.

Bits of plaster and dust were found everywhere, in the sink the cutlery, the cooker, food pots etc. But it is to be expected, so no bother to me.

Getting all the things back in place can wait. For the balcony, windows will be being done tomorrow, and more mess and hassle created made.

Later, sometime after that, the balcony itself will be positioned, not to be used then naturally, until the rendering has been done and dried. Did you see that? I’m getting into the terminology too now! Hehe!

2Tue14I visited the spare room to take a look at the new window in there.

Dead the same as the one in the kitchen.

They should be easier to clean than the old ones form one point of view; They will now need turning around with the finger trapping mechanism of the old ones. But; I’ll need the steps to reach to the top… hang on though, I’ll have another look, back in a second or two.

I’m back. Aha, the new windows do open inwards, so should be more accessible for cleaning after all! I can get to them with the step ladders without any bother. He says with high confidence and hope!

Things seemed a little brighter, doubly so, cause the sun came out, and it was beautiful to look at. I photographed it, but of course, I had to do it through the uncleanable none opening windows, but it was almost breathtaking to me. Of course, it is nothing compared to what they get elsewhere, especially in the likes of Australia, Canada or Albuquerque, but I liked it.

It dawned on me that I still have the Fire Sprinklers, new communication devices and Tannoy system to be fitted. And these windows and balcony upgrades will not be finished and ready for use for a while yet. My doubly brighter outlook soon dimmed. But that is because I’m so tired, and hungry, and concerned about tomorrows work on the balcony doors being done and my INR blood test appointment being with Nurse Ann thus, I will miss seeing Nurse Nichole. Its all a plot you know! Hehe!

I got the oven warming up and updated this diary.

The meal was welcomed and tastily too. (Can’t find the photo I took of it?)

Put the tray on the other easy chair and fell asleep; for ten minutes. The landline rang forth! It was another take-away delivery person telling me he’s outside the house with my pizza delivery. I said a few choice words and rang out, putting the phone down gently.

After that, sleep did not return for ages. I assumed I was overtired and feeling niggly with things. Eventually, I nodded off and got three hours kip. I had to force myself to get up with all the things going on today. Humph!

What a stonkingly-shitty, sclerotic, stinking, and shlimazel-ridden, stressfull day! Grumph!