Inchcock Saturday 6th Aug 2020: Diary


05:00hrs: I woke, feeling drained before I’d even moved. Checked the time and went through a Thought-Storming session for ages. Jumping from one subject to another, fretting, fearing, blaming and self-condemning. There were decisions, plans, and ideas; the thoughts cleared, amazingly, and I dropped off back into sleep…
This was the same as yesterday! Each and every one of the following wee-wees had after-leakage that, at times, was more than the original wee was! 06:05hrs: I stirred again, in need of a wee-wee.
I hope I will not need to see Dr Nallamothu, Urinary Tract Infections, again. I recall how unlistening and snotty she was with me on my last visit. This is why I’m hanging on, hoping this infection will clear on its own. The NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee Bucket) was filled within four trips, well, not filled, but it had too much in it to use it safely. I’m getting experienced in emptying and sanitising things nowadays. I wonder if the NHS just might have a job for a qualified Guzunder emptier at the hospital? Hehe!

This Canon photograph is of the morning’s great sky.
They used to stay, ‘Red Sky in the morning, Shepherd’s Warning’. Of rain… but there is nothing on the weather forecast about rain. According to the local news, the reservoirs have been at the lowest since records began. This is not good! Which we could do well with having.

Time to let the sphygmomanometerisationing flow. So I did. The body temperature at 34.1°f was pleasing again. Much better than last month.
The Blood Pressure readings, I thought, were excellent. But not the NHS recording site?
The attachment today was as written beneath the picture on the left here.
Which surprised me. The ‘it should be below 120/80 was a bit hopeful. I’ve never had a reading as low as SYS 120 in donkey’s years. This one was in the amber, as well?

Off to the Throne room, taking the crossword book with me, as I anticipated another session like yesterday morning, of solid resistance. But Constipation Konrad had lost control of the innards to Trotsky Terence now? How can things change in such a short time?

I made a brew of Thompson’s Punjana and raided the packet of pod peas for a nibble.

♫ Oh, Susana ♫ chimed loudly from the doorbell. It was Samantha. Got the medications sorted, listened to my waffling, picked her thank-you treats and was off like a shot. Taking the waste bag with her to the rubbish chute on her way for me.

At long last, I made a start on updating the Friday blog. Not a lot to do on it, but finding so many mistakes and correcting them, took me at least two hours. Humph!

Both kicked off together as I moved on to get this template started. This put a temporary end to the keyboard activity.

I decided to get the ablutions done while incapacitated from typing. Miss was a mistake! Of course, I know this now! As I approached the door, just for devilment, I’m sure, but an involuntary kicked off, and I felt myself going backwards… But I knew the door behind me was pulled to; I always close it behind me, you see, then in the event of a fall or tumble, I can slide down the softer than the floor door! Clever stuff, eh?

But, unbeknownst to me, the door was wide open, and I ended up flat on my back, clouting the back of my head a decent wallop on the way down! So much for making plans!
I got back into the main room on my hands and knees; that wasn’t easy with SSS shaking me about. I used the c1968 recliner to get myself back up on my feet. I was a little shook up but by no means incapacitated or proper poorly.
Found a couple of minor scratches on my arm, the back and head aching, but not severely. SSS gave me rest; at last, Anne Gyna was still stabbing across my chest, which was the worst of the ailments and injuries. Hehehe! I think my feeling a fool was embarrassing too.

I sat for a while to recover, a bit of shock, knowing you would hit the door and don’t, but instead, the floor! Thinking it through, I reckon Esther had left the door open when showing the lady who’s covering for her holiday where things were. No blame whatsoever; it’s my fault for not noticing the door was open… Ah, I’ll settle for blaming Cataract Cathy, then! Hehe! Oh, Back-Pain-Brenda has started now! It could have been a lot worse; I think they would call this ‘Good-Luck?’

Sister Jane rang, and we had a good long natter and gossip.

She’s struggling with her Doctor as well, and her eyes have not been looked at again yet.

Gave me a concert of clattering, but it was a small one. It could have been the 1812 overture! Hahaha!

I will get my feet up to eat the meal and hopefully fall asleep. Well, I hope so, at least. Got the potatoes in the oven and chilli in the pan.

Not very good; I got the subjects cut off. Still shaking a bit from the tumble.
I may take an extra Codeine to help counter Back-Pain-Brenda. Even so, I’ve got away lightly in that Accifauxpa!.
I got an email from Sainsbury’s. So it looks like the code through the post was genuine… at least I hope it was.

Took the Codeine, so I take it while eating, which might be more effective.
Sliced p[otatoes and veg-chilli out of a can this time. But still tasty; in fact, the chilli was a little hot for my tastes, but the more I ate of it, the less hot it seemed to get? Flavour rating: 6.5/10.
Arrived, she was chirpier this evening. Hard to fear what she was saying cause she has a habit, like Esther, of talking to me and facing in the opposite direction. But Val does not do it from another room. Hehe!
I got on the computer, and although hard work, mistakes, and correcting-ridden, I pressed on with this blog.

I went to make a brew of Thompsons Punjana, and the sunset was worth photographing.
I got the meal on my knee on the tray, then put the TV on, not that there was anything worth watching. I’ve got about 150 channels on complimentary view and not a sausage worth viewing that I could find. Noticed the lighting had changed as it came through the thin moth-eaten curtains! And went back to the kitchen window to take another shot, the bottom one of the two. Bootiful!. I think there were only ten minutes between the snaps being taken.
Then I got the blog finished and posted it to WordPress. Gone midnight now! No rest for the wicked! But I want to make a start on the following Snippets blog…

Inchcock Today: Friday 26th May 2017


Friday 26th May 2017

Maori: Rāmere 26 Haratua 2017

Woke around 0400hrs: Dream about my being on a horse, in a medieval village that had traffic signs, and spaceships in the sky lingered for a few moments, then faded.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne. Good job I put on the protection pants last night – Haemorrhoid Harold had been leaking badly. Saved a lot of washing they did. Tended to a clean-up session then into the kitchen to take the medications and do the Health Checks. Pulse up to 91 and the weight down to 14.66 so not all bad.

Other ailments seemed kind this morning, well, apart from Duodenal Donald that is.

I cleaned up some pots I’d missed last night and got the computer on – full of hope and anticipation… fingers crossed! First turn-on, it did not load at all, just the working ring going around on the black screen? Left it for a few minutes but no change occurred, so turned off at the plugs and tried again.

A bit of success here: CorelDraw 2017 had come back online! Supposedly, my changing the payment details had worked? Just hope next time I start the thing, CorelDraw will continue to work for me! Not only that, but I’ve been online now for over an hour without any freezing or becoming unresponsive. But this had happened before, so I’m not getting too excited yet.

WordPress worked now too! So I got the diaries caught up with, making one for two days, Wednesday & Thursday, posting it off.

Started this one off.

0815 hrs: Took these pictures from the kitchen window by hanging out of it to avoid the glass reflection.


The first one I chose Sunset mode, the second Scenery mode? Thought the shadows from behind looked beautiful. The colouring was a lot different. The beloved Copse, the gravel pathway up the hill into the park look so different in each photograph, and the colouring of the houses too, I thought.

0827hrs: Decided to get the ablutions tended to. I crossed my fingers that Chrome and WordPress and CorelDraw come on working when I start the computer again later.

No, it’s no good, I’ll reboot now to find out.

All okay and working, but we’ll see later eh? Maybe my removing the translation programme helped? Dare not try Facebook yet, it might ruin the rest of the things currently working for the first time in ages?

See yers later, going to do the ablutions and go to Arnold to see the ducks and get some fodder in. TTFN.

When I got to the lift to go down, I noticed a 2½ inch long beetle on the carpet.  Had to take several photos of it to get this one below. Tomorrow morning I got on the web and looked up details about the creature. Seems it is a Cockchafer Beetle. Never seen one before.


Lovely chinwag at the bus stop with some other tenants.

5Fri04Got into Arnold and dropped off at the Sainsbury store.

Came out with a beef pie another packet of Surimi and some lemon curd yoghourts. Spent £7.50 in all.

I had a right nasty attack from Dizzy Dennis on the walk to Front Street and the market place then the Fulton Food Store.

A little worrying this one was, left me feeling a bit wobbly although I don’t think I was actually wobbling if you know what I mean?

5Fri05Called at the open market and found a greengrocery stall selling fresh garden peas at less (£1.50 a lb) than at the Victoria Centre (£1.98 a lb) who tried to con me the day before and sell me old stock. The chap thankfully took the stock from what were on show, and they looked gorgeously fresh to me. (Why I got these at the cost of £3, I’m not sure because I already had some in the fridge at the flat?)

It was a beautiful day with so few pavement cyclists around too.

Had another dizzy on the way to the Fulton Food Store, only a minor one this time, all over in seconds. Nothing of interest to me in Fulton’s, they, like their Bulwell Store yesterday, had not got any blackcurrant ice cream lollies, sterilised milk or tinned chestnuts in stock, so I departed without any purchases and limped over to Asda (Walmart) for a look around. That was a mistake! I spent £14.74 here, and none of the products I bought was really needed! Fool!

As I came out intent on visiting the mallard ducks in the park, another dizzy convinced me not to, and get the L9 bus back to the flat sharpish. Luckily one was due in 15 minutes. Met a lady tenant at the bus-stop and had a gossiping session.

Back at the flats, yet another Dizzy Dennis episode. My next flat neighbour held the door open for the rest of us to enter the foyer. Thanked her profusely. I hung back from getting on the lift with the other tenants to regain some composure. Got the lift up and I arrived on floor twelve, before the other lift. Because there were so many folks dropping off of it to other levels. The lady was surprised to see me holding the door open to the flats for her, telling her one good favour deserves another. Hehe!

Got into the apartment and yet another little Dizzy Dennis visitation. I took the medications with an extra Omeprazole and got the fodder stored away. Visited the porcelain throne and had to change and clean things because of Haemorrhoid Harold had been ‘leaking’ somewhat.

Tiredness came suddenly, and I felt so weary. Not poorly or ill or anything, just weary. I got the meal ready earlier than usual, in case I did feel worse later. I enjoyed the beef pie 5Fri09so much yesterday, I had a similar meal to that one, but simpler.

The pie with caramelised gravy and tonnes of the fresh pod peas, two little potato waffles, some tasty tomatoes and a lemon drizzle dessert.

I ate the lot of it and swiftly fell asleep. Luckily, after I had placed the used tray with the dirty dish and cutlery on the next chair.

Woke an hour os so later, and off to the Porcelain Throne again, so tired?

But no more Dizzy Dennis bother at all. Reflux Roger replaced Dennis then. Hehe!

Did the Health Checks while I was up and about, washed the dishes and settled to watch some TV.

Nodded off at the first set of advertisements that came on and slept all the way through to 0430hrs in the morning!

Inchcock – Monday 15th May 2017: Got soaked in the rain going for the INR Blood Test, Tsk!


Monday 15 May 2017

Icelandic: Mánudagur 15 Maí 2017

0215hrs: Rose out of the rickety £300 second-hand recliner. Had a visit from Dizzy Dennis on the way to the Porcelain Throne. A long, long session this first one today. Got some of the ‘Emotions’ book reread. The movement was far less than of late, but resistant to my needs, although still Pebbledash quality. Cleaned things and me up and into the kitchen to make a cuppa.

Got the washing ready and down to the laundry room and got them machine going. Back up to the home.

Took the morning medications, not realising it was so early.

1Mon02Down and moved the things into the dryer.

The view from outside the foyer door was photographicalised.

Onto the computer and finished off the last diary for yesterday.

Google Chrome keeps going unresponsive, and I have to close it and all other programmes and restart – then it does it again! Grumph! Does it each and every time I try to go on Facebook!

Then I did the Health Check Print-Out for last week.

I think things looked okay.


Noticed the, er… aroma shall I call it, from the Porcelain Throne room seemed to have permeated into the rest of the flat’s rooms. Foul and followed me all over, even when I went down twelve floors to the laundry room! Nose blocked today, maybe that has something to do with it. Seem to be endlessly spraying air freshener over everywhere, without any success?.

1Mon04Down to retrieve the clothing.

Why or how I had not noticed before beats me, but I realised how few clothes I’d actually taken down to be washed?


I’d unaccountably started two laundry bags and taken only one down! Nincompoop, idiot and simpleton spring immediately to mind as a description of me?

Up one last time to the flat. The first thing needed to be was to visit the Porcelain Throne… what a phoo too! Hehe! More disinfectant splashing and fresh-air spraying ensued!

Must remember today is the INR Blood Test at the City Hospital. I’ll try a walk there again like last week, a slow, steady walk. Put the nibbles in the bag while I thought of it, and the Anticoagulation form in the jacket pocket.

6Sat01aWhile searching got the things, I came across the leaflet about Tuesday being available for us to go and talk to someone in the Community Shed about out preferences for the new colour scheme for the flats.

I don’t mind what colour they are, but will vote for the dark brown I think, because I can’t see others opting for it. That is of course if I remember to go.

Started this off, in between Google Chrome crashing and having to rest everything – getting miffed with this. I must try to find someone who can come to the flat and fix it for me if possible?

Then is dawned on me. Will I manage to get to the hospital without any Accifauxpa in the emissions department? Fingers crossed and safety pants on I think.

To the Porcelain Throne once more, much wind and rumbling but little action. Although much stinky-poos I’m afraid. While I sat there, a mental picture of the dream, I had earlier adumbrated into my mind for few seconds. I was in the back of a lorry, had a uniform on and playing cards with some other soldiers, each one from a different army and time period…? Was this from a dream? Or did the pain of the Throne session warp the mind? Hehehe!

Got ready and did the ablutions – spent ages trying to get to every crevice to feel cleansed. Creams, medications and deodorants applied afterwards, but the smell still seemed to have lingered.

1Mon07Got dressed up well, I still can’t find the umbrella. Naturally, it was raining as I left the foyer.

Up by the magnificent looking Copse along the gravel path, taking my time and enjoying the wildlife and fauna as I poddled along.

Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis and even Duodenal Donald were being gentle with me, bless em!


I was under some trees looking up at the branches trying to locate a bird singing away but could not.

But I got a shot of this young lady as she cycled along the footpath with her child in a chair on the crossbars.

Some friendly dogs around that let me fuss them a bit, enjoyed that.

1Mon09Out and up the hill, and this gentleman came by from behind and gave me a start.

Over the crest and down to the traffic lights to cross over and onwards down to Valley Road.

The rain started to come a lot harder.

But no signs of interest from Diarrhea Derek bothering me, that was another good sign.

1Mon10Down the hill and looked back as this Herbert rode a little close to me for my liking. I’m pleased to report that the motorist turning into the side road gave the Pavement Cyclist a toot on his horn and made him wobble… and I just caught him in mid-wobble!

Turned left and crossed the two-stage Pelican Lights over to the other side of the dual carriageway.

1Mon12The wildflowers and weeds on the verges looked so fresh in the new rain.

I came across these Daisies that were bigger and larger than any I have ever seen, Bootiful they were.

I reckon the bigger ones were up 4 inches wide?

1Mon16I spotted this Pavement Cyclist (No problem with him at all, and the traffic was very heavy on the road), so saw him coming towards me and moved out of his way.

By gum, he was moving.

Realised the rain had almost stopped as I took this photographicalisation.

A few hundred yards further on the drizzle turned back into torrential rains – not that it bothered me too much mind – I was that wet anyway it would have been hard to get 1Mon11wetter without throwing myself into the stream further on, nearby.

I leant over the bridge and looked down into the stream or Brook whatever it was.

There were not many tings that had not been deposited in it along this stretch. Railings, shopping trolley and baskets, fag packets, Coke cans, Condoms, someone’s jacket, etc. A bit sad really.

As I approached the GUM clinic entrance, the rain increased, even more, it belted down! They could not help with my request for a date for the op but would let me know ASAP and reminded me I am still on the Standby List and do I still want to be on it? I said yes and thanked them.

Out into the wet rain and hobbled as fast as I could manage to the Phlebotomy Department, took the ticket and had a go at the Crosswords. The nurses were back in the proper Bay Area now, so it did not take them long to clear the queue, and I was in and being done in less than fifteen minutes! The nurse had a job stopping the vein bleeding again, but it didn’t bother her. Gave the nurses nibbles to her, thanked her and asked which way if there is one, can I go to get out at the other end of the site using inside corridors to avoid the rain? She explained to me, and I was off.

I was soon lost.


I eventually got to Edwards Lane and back up into Sherwood, through the Park and back down to the flats. Soaked through I was! Hehe!

Met Jenny and Frank, then Olive in the foyer and had a chinwag.

Then up to the flat and amazingly, did not need a visit to the Porcelain Throne! Watch it now, I’ll probably get Constipation next… Tsk, Hehe!

An hour updating this diary, and then I did have to visit the Throne, not a bad session at all.

Bravely I tried Facebooking, fully expectant of the Computer freezing or just becoming unresponsive.

Which it did, and I gave up.


 Got some fodder ready and did my best to eat it all.

The recent return of hunger had gone again now?

However, afterwards, in between nodding off sessions and I failed to view the DVD (Last of the Summer Wine Christmas Specials), I did nibble on some naughty snacks. Crisps Marmite, chocolate bar and rice peas.

Dizzy Dennis paid me a few visits.

Did the ablutions, took the medications and got the head down to sleep… which within about five hours I achieved! Humph!

TTFN each.

Inchcock Today Thursday 17th November 2016: Social Hour turned out to be 15 minutes.


Thursday 17th November 2016

In Ukrainian: Четвер 17 листопада 2016

Woke at 0210hrs: The warm wet sensation from my nether regions prompted me to visit the wet-room and investigate Haem Aroid and Little Inchies conditions. Big clean-up job required, Inchy had bled a bit and needed cleansing and medicating with the Betamethasone corticosteroid cream, Haem Aroid situation messy, never lost so much blood before from this area in one go. Cleaned up and creamed. Jammies in the washing basket. (More washing to do again, Tsk!) Clean jammies on and washed up and sprayed myself with Brut!

I reckon the extra high INR level is not helping with the blood being so thin, feeling the cold more too this morning. Although, when I went to make a cuppa and take the medications, the temperature in the kitchen was 59°f, and outside it was 40°f I found out on Google later.

Got the things ready for the Tenant’s Social Hour.

Computer turned on and did some diary work and posted yesterday’s off. Then some graphic creating.

Brother-in-law Pete rang, nice to hear from him. Things seem okay their end.

Morrison order arrived.


The delivery chap carried the fodder into the kitchen for me. I set about sorting the stuff away. Rather overdid it today, cupboards, fridge, freezer, shelves all overloaded a bit. Still, plenty of ready meals in stock to use in case the GUM clinic treatment is anything like last time. The concentration was wickedly bad last year after being treated. So I  won’t be doing any proper cooking for a while until I know how I am reacting.

Popped in to see Olive for a nice chinwag, but she was not in.

Got ready and taking the bags with me I went to the social hour. I was going to catch the 40 bus into town, so couldn’t stay long. Handed in the raffle prizes and dished out the nibbles. BJ arrived as I was about to leave to go to the GUM clinic. Quick natter and off I went.

At the clinic, I handed in the card I’d received and waited in a room with some other chaps to be called in by a young female doctor minutes later. The same embarrassing procedure as last time had to got through. Into an examination room, other specialists called in and consulted. In the end, as I expected, the same treatment as last time was decided upon, and that took months to clear up the problem. Oh dear! The man doctor told me the name of the infection on the lesion, something like ‘Balenoposis’?

 At least they gave me a tube of Betamethasone cream, so that saved me going to the chemist with a prescription.

Bus into town and straight to PC World to see if the hacked laptop data retrieval had been done. Well, would you believe it, it had been done, but they had not cleaned the actual laptop? Another £60 had to be paid, and they told me it would be done by tomorrow morning after 0900hrs? This, after they telling me last month that the laptop cannot be cleaned safely cause of the infection. I was getting answers from the PC world folk I wanted to hear from the GUM clinic! Hehehe!

Confused now. They had some TV’s on display, but I could not understand what all the description meant. I’ll ask Pete to have a look again for me, perhaps next time he’s in town. (Bet I forget to ask him)

It started to rain, and with the high winds, it was hard going even in town to get around. I called into the PoundWorld shop and got more than I had planned. They had some of the fingerless gloves I use now in stock, so I got some as spares so I can keep a pair in my pocket and a pair in the bag, also I’m holding a pair near the £300 second-hand recliner to have on when sleeping while the radiators are still not working. Also, I was pleased to see they had some Lavender soap, so I got a couple, one for me and one for Sister Jane.

4thr03The lower region accoutrements were beginning to sting badly now, so I made my way to catch a bus home to check on things. Walked through the Victoria Centre and noticed the American, California Tortilla Food place was not doing very well this afternoon.

As I got to the slab square, the building being erected that I thought 4thr03alooked like a Western Cowboy Saloon was nearly finished.

Apparently, an eatery of some kind, take away I think it will be. Coffee, Doughnuts, Pancakes all advertised on the hoarding above.

The Little Inchy problem needed investigating, but Arthur Itis, Roger Reflux, even Anne Gyna were going easy on me. (Big gob me, shouldn’t have said this!)

4thr04The rain poured, but only once I was safe on the bus, and it stopped just before we arrived at the flats. Nice. Th winds did not abate, though, howling it was. Still wailing away and I could hear it easily when I got into the flat. This must be very annoying for the residents who have good hearing. Poor things.

Once inside, I had a check on Little Inchy. Not bleeding much at all, but oh so tender to touch, or even if I walk or sit wrongly sometimes. Which can me problematical with me already seated in a particular position to accommodate Harry Haemorrhoid… and I must not cross my legs either! Humph!

4thr08 4thr06Ready meal prepared, Morrison’s Beef in Black Bean sauce, all I did was add some Sharwoods Black Bean Sauce from a jar to it. Oh, and a baked potato.

I settled down after the meal, turned on the TV and drifted off into oblivion.

Inchcock Today Thursday 20th October 2016: First post on the new laptop.


Thursday 20th October 2016

Or, in Esperanto: Ĵaŭdo 20a Oktobro 2016 I think?

0200hrs: Awake and out of the recliner to a WRHD session. Bits of bleeding from the rear, otherwise no hiatus.

Dreams beyond recall, but I know they were many, and not nice.

Took the medications. Tried the laptop and it started, so I risked finishing yesterday’s, and starting this one off.

Sometime today I think the new computer and printer are being delivered and set-up, I hope. This means I’ll have to stay in until they arrive if I recall right (Certainly not assured, mind. Hehe) Around midday?

p1120171The laptop still will not load Facebook?

This is as far as it gets?

Has it been got at by the hacker?

Fed up again now already!

Tried again later, and it did load, but I had to wait ten minutes (No joking!), then when I clicked on photos, it was another five minutes before they loaded on screen! Clicked on an album to put pictures into it, and an hour later it still hadn’t loaded. Gave up trying and turned the whole thing off!

The webs other sites seem to be okay?

More fed-upperer than ever now.

Turned off and decided to do some laundry.

5fri01a0435hrs: Sorted the unclean thingies in the bag, accoutrements added, 20p’s in my pocket and down to the laundry room. It looked very clean this morning in there, and I checked on the filter on the dryer, and that had been cleaned too?

0448hrs: Set the machine on ‘Quick wash’, (30 minutes) and back up to the flat and then updated this blog.

I tried to load Facebook again, but it was in slow motion mode again?

Down at 515hrs, moved the clobber from the washer to dryer, wiped the washer down and read the notice board as I got to the lifts to go back up to the comfy little flatlet I call home. All done for 0530hrs, the dryer indicating it would take 45 minutes – where usually it shows 60 minutes?

Back up the lift. Got the powders and things ready for when needed for the next wash. Did some graphicationalisationing then at 0615hrs, back down again.

0639hrs: Laundry all done and stored away!

Did the ablutions and took the rubbish bags to the chute. Went to the Community Hut and told them what had occurred and I would not be at the Tenant’s Social Hour. Left them some raffle prizes, though.

The PC man called to say he’d be here in twenty minutes, that’s 10.50 hrs. So, down the foyer to wait for him.

Nice chinwag with some lady tenants as they came through. The man arrived at 1215hrs?

Still, he did sort me out despite his boss calling him repeatedly, and I appreciated him setting up the printer for me too. Gave him a tin of Roses Chocolates in appreciation, cause he was here an hour or more. He took away the infected laptop, to send to their specialists who will try to remove files for me that will be guaranteed ‘Bug-Free’ he says. This cost me £90, Humph!

I spent some time toying and trying to get the computer synchronised. The keyboard is so different to the laptop. It is minuscule and the arrow keys in a different layout, a touch screen too. Making no end of errors, Tsk!

What are sticky-Keys please?

The scene seems so large to me, take some getting used to this will. Powerful though I reckon. 

HP Envy 27-p059na 27" Touchscreen All-in-One PCProduct Features:

  • Style: Premium design with powerful processing
  • Windows 10
  • Intel® Core™ i5-6400T Processor
  • RAM: 16 GB / Storage: 2 TB HDD & 128 GB SSD
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon R7 A365

I’m not certain what each thing means, but it cost a lot. Hehe!

Facebook still playing up, and I’m so frustrated about not being able to do any graphics. If the technician can rescue the CorelDraw passwords for me, I might have to get more help on this, cause I’ll have to contact CorelDraw to get it downloaded again. Huh!

Called on Olive. She was in excellent spirits and looking gorgeous!

Searched for a CD drive in the laptop, but couldn’t find one?

The computer will have to wait until tomorrow for me get it sorted, too tired now.Got on with doing the meal. 

5fri3Got on with doing the meal.

Very nice, cheesy potatoes, vegetables, beetroot. ham. egg and sliced an apple with it.

Took the medications and drifted off as soon as I put the TV on.


Inchcock Today Tuesday 11th October 2016: Photograph Booth at Asda-Walmart go part-time!


Tuesday 11th October 2016

0430hrs: Woke up, it was cold here this morning. No recollections of dreams beyond those I recorded in yesterday’s post. Tsk! I was soon out of the £300 second-hand recliner in response to a demand for a WRHH session. Haem Aroids were bleeding again, but otherwise no hiatus.

Arthur Itis was gentle and calm at this stage, even Anne Gyna had relented and was being kind to me.

Into the kitchen and cleaned the pots that I’d left soaking in the bowl in the sink.

Took the medications and made a cuppa. Onto the laptop to complete yesterday’s diary and start this one off.

I’d like to get the photographs done later at Asda (Walmart) that I took at last weeks Tenants Social Hour. Get some milk and Deofab if I remember too.

Did some graphicalisationing for later, and did Facebooking for a short while.

2tue02Had a couple… well, alright then, six chocolate biscuits.

Then got the ablutioning done.

Popped on the scales, but we needn’t go into that in any detail, do we now?


Sorted the waste bags and took them to the chute. Got the shopping bags and went down to get the L9 bus into Arnold. Handed the Tenants at the stop, some chocolate coin nibbles and today they chattered with me.

I was soon dropping off the bus in Arnold. I ambled gently along to the Saver Store where I’m glad to report; they had some of the Deobab sprays in stock, and I got a couple. They also had some more chocolate coins at half price, Listerine and some Dettol Soap Tablets on offer.

2tue03Paid the lady and out and onwards to the Asda-Walmart Store. Passing this window display en route:

The retro stuffed animals, radios and music centres looked impressive, if yer like that sort of thing.

Arrived at the Asda shop – Where again the photography booth was closed?

I investigate to find out that it is closed Mondays and Tuesdays and is opening later and closing earlier on Wednesday to Fridays from now on? Tsk!

Did some shopping, bought too much again, huh! Distilled malt vinegar, a jar of pickled eggs, baby beetroots, Vegetable gravy powder, lemon frazzles, cheese-twists, vine tomatoes, Cheesy topped rolls, Anchor butter (Smallest pack), Apples and some prepared peas and carrots.

2tue04Paid the gal at the checkout, and for some reason struggled with carrying the bags out and up the hill to the bus stop? Felt winded, and Arthur Itis was complaining about it. Hehe!

Had to stop half way up the little hill. I didn’t like that, never had to do so before.


2tue05 I had a good while to wait for the bus.

Noticed a new poster had been put in the shelter. One for KFC. ‘Weh one fillet, just won’t – Fill it. New Stacker?

I was feeling too weary to try and work out what it wanted to tell me to do or buy, or whatever.

A good while later, the bus sign informed me that the L9 was due in 9 minutes – then 13 minutes and later 12 minutes? It did arrive in 2tue06eight minutes.

A lady who got on the bus before the L9 arrived, cheered me up a bit bless her pickled walnuts – she, or someone, had sewn some teddy bear heads onto her jeans!

I had to smile, as the lady was about 55-60 years old too! Good for her!

2tue07When the bus got to the ring road island, there was no traffic whatsoever about!

There was just one Nottingham Pavement Cyclist all on his own, though.

I found out later from Pat in Canada that I’d missed the cyclist off altogether, he was too quick for me. Oh, I do feel a fool! Hehehe!

We got to the flats in no time, but there were so many buses about, we could not get to the bus stop for ages.

2tue08What had happened apparently: It was time for swap-over for the bus drivers, and one of the buses had conked out!

With not being able to get to the kerbside, the driver of the bus would not risk me getting off with the bus being so high from the ground.

Another person to be blessed for caring today!

Called at Olive’s on the way up, no answer.

2tue09Got in and tended to a WRWW, then sorted the purchases out and stored them in their appropriate places. Got the vegetables in the saucepan and simmering away, laptop on for a bash on Facebook, then updated this

Found myself inaniloquently talking to myself on and off, more on than off?

2tue10Did some CorelDraw X8 graphicalisationing, then got the  fodder ready to consummation.

Spuds dotted with Vegemite, Surimi sticks, peeled Red Winsor apple, tomato, pickled egg, beetroot and vegetables. Two buttered cheesy cobs, and it all went down very nicely with thankfulness to Duo Denal for not spoiling the taste tonight. In fact, it was another great effort, rated this one 9.44/10 for taste.

Unhappily, I got bits of sticky vegemite all over the place eating it. The dressing gown, my chin, fingers and the £300 second-hand recliner cover, etc. Had to have a cleaning up session after eating it, Tsk!

2tue11The sky from the kitchen window looked so beautiful, as the evening descended. I say descended, is that the right word?

It dawned on me that we have not had much rain lately, and like magic, demands for a WRWW arrived via the bladder if ill repute! This gave me an idea for a funny rhyme post. I’ll work on that one in the morning.

Settled down, nibbles and tomato juice to hand to watch the Englan v Slovenia match, full of hopes and expectancies of an England victory. (Humph!)


Another excruciatingly painful match to watch. Thank heavens the goalie Hart doing something right for a change. A tweet in the Guardian summed it up I think: “A clean sheet keeps England’s unbeaten run in qualifying matches going and makes sure they remain top of Group F. But Slovenia was the better team tonight and had the chances to win. They let themselves down with some shoddy finishing, however, while England was indebted to some fabulous saves from Joe Hart. After that performance, it’s safe to say that Wayne Rooney wasn’t the only problem.”

Depressed I got my head down.

Inchcock Today Wednesday 5th October 2016: Late Whoopsiedangleplop


Wednesday 5th October 2016

Approx: 0520hrs: Woke up in need of a WRHD session again. No bleeding, good that!

In hopes that the scales from last night were wrong when they indicated I was at my heaviest weight ever, and not working correctly, I mounted them… but let’s not talk about that, to avoid depression.

Took the medications, made a strong cuppa and laptop on to do WordPressing and graphicalisationing. The onto Facebook. Checked emails.

Spent many hours on the laptop.

Did the ablutionising using lemon soap and citrus spray.


The Lovely Olive, this morning

Got the things ready and called to see Olive.

She was looking radiant this morning and in fine fettle.

She told me off for taking her photo from the wrong angle. So I took it from a different perspective. (No objections from me, I’m not brave enough! Hehe!)

She told me off for carrying too much stuff in my bag.

I collected some empty jars from her, to take to the glass recycling bin with mine, on my way out.

Chinwag and a cuddle, then I was off on my walk to the clinic, dropping off the glass jars en route.

3wed2As I climbed the gravel footpath hill passing the tree copse, I noticed on the right, the grass had what looked like straw spread over it.

Not being a countryside lad, I wondered why?  

To the top of the hill and left down to Mansfield Road. As I got on the pavement, the leaves blowing about 3wed3indicated the change of season to me.

I plodded on steadily and got to the surgery in Carrington (The third walk there in three days – Tsk!).

The unknown nurse a (Stand-in? perhaps),  gave me the Enoxaparin injections and told me I’d get notification of what happens next through the mail. I thanked her, gave her the nibbles and limped back into Sherwood.

The feet were stinging now, and the need for a WRWW was becoming urgent, so I stopped at the bus stop for an L9 or L8 bus, whichever came first, back to the flats.

3wed4Waiting at the bus stop also, were three lady tenants.

I gave them each some chocolate coins and told them it was towards their bus fare. Hehe!

Two other tenants joined us, Mad Frank, and 93-year-old Eddy. By gum, the Eddy is so nimble and quick.

Back up to the flat and another close call time-wise getting to the WRWW, Phew!

Got the new potatoes back in the saucepan. Peas in their own pan, and the chicken steaks out of the fridge ready to eat cold, with it all later.

3wed5Went into the kitchen to have the midday medications. In the distance down below were three men, apparently in difficulty with some kind of agricultural or gardening machine.

Anyone know what machine this please?

Decided to do an order with Morrisons. Got it done.

Feeling well drained now for some reason?

3wed6Getting the meal early today.

Expensive BBQ chicken breast, boiled potatoes, beetroot, garden peas, chestnuts and a Cox’s apple. Followed by a banana and a Strawberry dessert.

It was an absolute disaster, tastewise!

The apple and Marmite dabbed boiled potatoes were alright, mind. Tsk! Still, I ate most of it. The chicken was awful!

The body and mind felt drained again, and I nodded off watching a Primaeval DVD. Dreamt of my being forcefully thrown out of each office I tried to get into along a corridor of hundreds of doors, unkempt place, dust, mice, rats, cracked walls… somehow I knew that I had to get it one of these offices and safety from the zombie like pursuers after me, but there were more of them in each office I attempted to enter, and they kicked me about and ejected me back into the long corridor?

Woke from the nightmare in need of a WRWW, went into the kitchen afterwards to get a drink of orange juice and… Whoopsiedangleplop! Found I’d left the hot tap running again!

Tired and peed off with me now.

Inchcock Today Sunday 2nd October 2016: Made many brews and stewed with the blues!


Sunday 2nd October 2016

I’d been dreaming of Sister Jane and my being chased by a gaggle of green coloured geese along a plush maroon carpeted corridors? Can’t recall anything else.

0300hrs: Woke in almost a panic, had to clamber out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair without waiting for it to operate as I had the most compelling and urgent need of a WRHD and WRWW session. Knocked over the stuff on the ottoman and hit me knee in the process of getting to the porcelain.

Talk about close shave – I almost, but somehow managed to avoid a rather messy Whoopsiedanagleplop with seconds to spare! Phoo, I mean Phew? Hehe!

When I got back to the chair, I found I’d tipped over the remainder of the fresh orange juice, the pen and pad, the mobile phone and the Twiglet box. oh dear! Cleaned up the mess, a stain on the carpet will need some attention later – Huh!

Picked up the bits then struggled to get back up from being on my knees and vacuumed with the little machine so as not to disturb my neighbours with the noise from using the big one. Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna showed their disapproval of me morning exercises. And the bending caused the Little Inchy lesion to start bleeding, badly this time. I suppose with this problem, I should be glad to have a miniature appendage, if I’d got a normal one, it would have got squashed and bled even more?.

Cleaned up the lesion, and applied the Hydrocortisone cream. Rubbed some 10% Phorpain Gel on the knees and elbows. Found that Haem Aroids were bleeding now too, Humph! Applied some of the Hemorrhoidal cream generously.


What a start to the day! I could get depressed you know… Hehe!

img_0020aI was aching all over, not like Johnny and the Pirates, Shaking all over. ♫ When you move in right up close to me – That’s when I get the shakes all over me – Quivers down my backbone – I’ve got the shakes down the kneebone
Yeah havin’ the tremors in the thighbone – Shakin’ all over ♫

Did the BP test while I was doing the medicationalisationing with an extra pain-killer. Then took the morning medications, and had another WRWW.

Made another strong brew, and got the laptop on and did the Inchcock Today thingies.


Did some CorelDraw 8 graphicalising.


Checked the emails and went on Facebook.

Got the cheesy potatoes prepared and into the oven.

Carried out the ablutions and went to see Olive. She was not in a good mood, and I felt I was intruding. Olive told me how to clean the windows using vinegar. Left after ten minutes chinwag and returned dispirited to flat 72.

Got in, WRWW and got on with cleaning the kitchen window. Managed to get it opened and turned 360° a little easier than usual. They came up a lot better than when I’d use the bottled window cleaner, with the benefit of with having the cheesy potatoes in the oven and smelling nice, the place felt like a fish and chip shop. Hehe!

Cleaned the window surrounds and ledge. Too painful to do the floor, as Anne Gyna was visiting me again.


Took the potatoes out and bashed them up with cheese, a knob of butter, oregano, vinegar, salt and cheese granules. Flesh back in the skins forked the top and back in the oven

Watched a bit of another Man from Uncle film from the DVD, kept nipping in to see if they had browned enough.


7sun02Potatoes ready, I served up my Sunday dinner.

Krakowska meat, roast onions, skinned apple, chestnuts, tomatoes, crispy, cheesy seaweed and beetroots.

Banana and lemon drizzle to follow.

This went down very well, the potatoes were gorgeous.


Must not forget the INR Warfarin blood test on Monday and laundry visit and flu jab at the surgery on Tuesday.

Took the evening medications.

Back to the DVD, feeling well tired, and soon drifted off.

Inchcock Today Saturday 1st October 2016: Shoppaholic Inchcock


Saturday 1st October 2016

0300hrs: Up for another WRWW and stayed up, the sleep was not good. For some reason, the brain was rambling and confused this morning. But I remembered to say the White Rabbits like.

Thinking back about the dreams I’d had, one involving some activity with Grizelda from 1960, and the knowledge dawned that these wonderful experiences will never take place again, didn’t do me a lot of good. Hehehe!

Went into the kitchen and turned on the light… Whoopsiedangleplop time again! – I’d left the tap running in the sink when I put the pots in the bowl to soak last night! No hot water again! Worra plonker with bar. Tsk!

Sorted the week’s medication pots out. Another WRWW.

Laptop on and checked the emails, Google Calendar (Nowt on for today) and o01finalised and posted the Friday Diary.

Took a photo from the kitchen window with the reflection from the doorway on it, so made this graphicalisation for a bit of fun.

I might try later on, to do a TFZer Caption Competition with it?

What do you think?

Carried out the daily ablutions and took the rubbish bags to the waste chute.

6sat03Wrapped up warm and set off down to the bus stop. Lots of tenants there waiting for buses, but none for the one I wanted. So no gossiping on the way to Arnold, today.

Got a decent ‘Moody Photograph’ at the bus stop, facing North behind the apartment blocks.

For some reason, it came out darker than it actually was? Perhaps cause the sun was shining through a gap in the clouds?

6sat04This young Mother had her daughter lose on the handlebars of her bike as cycled along on the pavement.

Dropped off at Sainsburys had a bit of luck there. I found the Surimi seafood I wanted and forgot where I got it from. Along with some Marmite cheese bites and a packet of cooked chestnut.

6sat05Sauntered gently and slowly along the road to the Arnold Market Place, only a few stalls, a terrible fruit and veg one, a bric-a-brac one, and one selling old DVDs.

I might nip back to have a decker there when I get my shopping done: if there is time before the bus arrives to get me back to the porcelain at the flat. Hehe!

Hobbled to Boyes Store in search of some foot and shoe spray they often have in stock at £1 a can. They had some, so I got one of each.

Limped to the Saver Shop next door and searched for the Neutradol Fabric Freshener Spray, in luck again, so I got a couple of them too. Along with a toilet block cleaner and some razors.

Then along to the Fulton Food Store and got just a Special Priced short-dated pack of Oxo Beef Onion & Rosemary gravy cubes. 67p marked down from £1-69 it said.

The bags were getting heavier now, I struggled over the road and into the Asda (Walmart) store to get some fresh stuff. Got some vine tomatoes, the last pack of four Cox’s apples, a bag of King Prawn imitation seafood things (Nice) and a pack of two lemon frizzles.

The bus was not due for a while yet, so I went to the photography printing machine and ordered some photographs that I took last Thursday of some tenants at the Social Hour. I ordered them to be ready in two days, so I must remember to collect them on Monday or Tuesday. Crossing my fingers on this one! Paid for them, very cheap when you order and give them time, only cost 25p a print this way.

6sat06Grappling with the now heavy bags I made my way to the bus stop. The bus, as they all seemed to be late arriving.

Caught the L9 bus, as we waited in the queue of traffic I noticed the Arnold Fish Bar.

This is the one that got such good reviews on the web.

A shame, it is so far from home, or I could try it out.

Then again, there are no shops or takeaways near the flats at all. The nearest being in Sherwood: and a sad selection to pick from too. So by the time I got to fetch any eat-out food, it would be well cold by the time I get it back to the a6sat07partment.

At the mini-Island near the Sainsbury store, we had a long wait in the traffic jam.

I did get some entertainment there, though. The right hearing aid picked up some static and the odd word from someone communicating with a control room? That’s the second time this has happened to me, despite the Audio Team telling me this cannot occur!

Back to the flats and hastily lugged the bags up and got a much needed WRWW, just in time too.

Made a cuppa and got the Triple-Fried oven chips cooking, and made up the plate for my home-made Fish Supper of sorts.

Laptop on to update this a bit.

5fri08Got the fodder served up, battered fish cake, Surimi, two false prawns, strong cheese cubes, tomatoes, beetroot, shrimps, mushrooms and the terrible tasting never to be tried triple fried chips again!

Apart from the chips, everything else went down well enough. The Surimi is especially tasty.

6sat05aCleaned the dishes and settled to watch the first of the Man from Uncle films from the DVD I’d purchased from the Arnold Market.

I’d forgotten how badly they were made and produced!

By gum, it took me back, though. Robert Vaughn as Napoleon Solo, David McCallum as Illya Kuryacin, and Leo G Caroll as Mr Waverley.

Despite the pathetic script they all played it dead seriously too.

Loved it. I even stayed awake all through it!

Took me back to the days when I had my own heart, hair, hope and I didn’t look like a hylaeosaurus. Hehe!

5fri09Put the TV on and soon started to nod off. Sprung awake, an hour or two later, desperate for a WRWW.

A thirst had developed, would that have been through eating the fish meal?

Took this close up from the window of some ‘Moody’ looking dwellings.

Dreamt of Sister Janet earlier, we were in Welbeck School Yard, and she chased off some lads having a go at me. Bless her!

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today Wednesday 14th September 2016: Emergency Plumber Summoned – Oh dear…


Wednesday 14th September 2016

0255hrs: Sprang awake in need of a WRWW, as I detached myself from the now working once again £300 send-hand recliner and made my way to the wetroom, I pondered on the dream about a building and canal I’d been having, I knew it was not nice, but details again evaded me.

Got back and nodded off again (Rare this is), only to spring awake again at 0355hrs in a desperate demand for a WRHD, back to the porcelain and had an extraordinarily and painful, blood fetching passing session. Took ages and a bit of oohing and aahing. So relieved and pleased when it was finally over and finished with. The haemorrhoids bled profusely.

I cleaned myself and the porcelain up and decided to take a senna tablet with the morning medications and medicines. I reckon if anyone broke into the flat, the most valuable items to steal would be the drugs? Hehe!

Despite the uncomfortableness of and the burning sensation coming from my rear-quarters, I began to feel a bit better later. Took the medications with water then made a strong mug of tea and got the laptop on to update the diaries.


Whoopsiedangleplop under the sink!

Went to make another brew and… Whoopsiedangleplop!

Water all over the floor in the kitchen!

I got down to investigate with relative ease, to find the takeaway pipe to through the back wall was hanging loose, and the connector pipe to the sink plughole had become detached from the sink!

Getting paper towels to clean up meant me getting up and down again to sort things a bit, but I could do nothing about the problem than to wipe up the water.

I’ll have to beg Olive to phone up about it to the maintenance people for me later, far too early to call on her yet (0625hrs). The cleaner gals are due today as well.

After doing what I could, getting up again started the Angina and Arthritis off. Feeling pretty fed up now.

Did some graphicationalisationing then I did some Facebooking to try and get my attention off of the situation?

Went to Olive, she had the cleaners in who were coming to me next. She looked ultra radiant today. She willingly called the maintenance department for me and told them of the failure I had had, with the sink and water. Got a promise from them that someone would be here within four hours to sort it. Gave Olive my thanks, a kiss and a cuddle and returned to the flat.Met Warden 

Met Warden Deans on te way, she needs to see me urgently, and told me to call to see her Thursday (Tomorrow) before the tenants social hour? 

The cleaning ladies arrived an hour or so later and set to work, but didn’t do the kitchen cause it might only get messed up then when the plumber called. We had a laugh while they did their job, I paid them and off they went.

wed02Another hour or so and the plumber arrived. He looked at the situation and went down to his van to get another of the black pipe units and returned.

He soon it all done, thanked him and off he went.

The new sink plug was of thin plastic and had no chain on it to allow me to pull it out in hot water? I got a stick-on hook and stuck it on the savoury nibbles box next to the sink, to the hope of keeping it from disappearing later, I hope? He replaced the overflow hole/outlet with a metal cover instead of the plastic one, and he’d replaced the black plastic tubing that had fell off of the other pipework under the sink, it should have been attached to apparently.

tue05I cleaned up the area. Then back on the laptop and did a Birthday graphic for Marissa Bergen. Took me many hours to get it something like I wanted it to.

Seen here on the left after finalisationing was completed.

I hope Marissa has a cracking day.

Did a bit more working on a graphicalisationing for future use.

Then I tried to concentrate and sort out the Google calendar for next week.

Don’t want to miss owt off.

Got the results of the last INR test and the date for the next one, that being Monday 19th. Sent an email asking for that day to the surgery. No reply yet apparently.

Updated this diary and planned the day’s nosh. I’m having the can of Pimientos peppers with pork and veal filling in tomato sauce, oven chips and mushrooms heated in water with tomato puree added.

Email back from surgery:

wed03Shame that means getting a bus and tram to get there, and the same to get back. Hey-ho! Oh no, it doesn’t! It’s at the City Hospital, innit? So I can walk there and catch a bus back almost to the flats! Great that. Providing I’m in a decent state regarding Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis and the weather is okay, it’ll not be too bad at all hobbling there. Most of the route is downhill going as well.

Great that. Providing I’m in a decent state regarding Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis and the weather is okay, it’ll not be too bad at all hobbling there. Most of the route will be downhill going there, as well.

wed04I reckon if I leave the flats for about 0700hrs, or maybe a little earlier, say 0630hrs to be safe, I should get there for around 0800hrs, the opening time for the Phlebotomy Dept.

I wondered what Warden Deana needs to talk to me about tomorrow? Fretting a bit about that now.

wed05Got the meal prepared and on the plate.

The taste buds have still not returned to full functioning yet, but I ate it all up.

The contents of the peppers taste through, very delicate flavour, but nice. Got the chips cooked a lot better as well. Or maybe it’s the returning sensitivity of my gustatory cells? I looked that one up, hehe!

Sandra from the TFZer site suggested that I try having Pizzas. I tried one in 1982 and didn’t like it. I’ll have a look at them, see what flavours I can find to try when I get out shopping again. I think you can buy Pizza bases and add your own food to them and cook them in the oven? Must have a look on the web for ideas later.

Settled down after many many attempts over a fifteen minute period, got into the £300 second-hand recliner chair ready to consume the meal, and realised I’d not took the medications – up, out to the kitchen and got them. Down in the chair again, left the mobile phone in my jacket in the hallway, up and fetched it, settled again and realised I’d got the wrong glasses on for watching the TV nosh, up and swapped them with the middle distance spectacles and down again, then a sudden requirement for a WRWW arrived, up and to the porcelain then back again to settle once more to eat, the now cold meal! And believe it or not, it being coldish didn’t stop me enjoying it at all. Odd that?

Soon started nodding off and it seemed like every time I did I had a dream, but cannot recall them in detail, one was something about my being unable to get into or open a giant envelope using a giant BIC razor?

Woke around midnight and extracted me from the recliner and to the wetroom for a most painful WRHD session, that caused bleeding that needed cleaning up afterwards, and enabled me to stub my toe, twice, during the visit. Hehe, never mind it woke me up this did. So, I had a bag of cheesy curls, fell asleep, and when I woke a few minutes later, I had to get the hand-held hoover to clean up the crumbs that were all over me, on the carpet and the chair cover. What the heck I was doing while asleep, to get into this state, I didn’t know?