Inchcock Today Monday 15th August 2022 – With Ode

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Independence Day for India & Pakistan 1947

Up all night again! Rose from the c1968 recliner went to the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee-Bucket). Then realised I didn’t need to be there. This was the first time in years that I had not wanted to pass water on waking! Oddly-most?
I knocked nearly everything off of the small ottoman!
This snap was taken after I returned the things onto the top and tray. Turned away and knocked off the two bottles with the walking stick. It could happen to anyone…

I then spent over four hours completing the template for this blog and updating Sundays. Finally got Sunday’s poor effort completed. I posted but had to do so in shorthand. Everything was taking so long to do; time was running out. I’d lost the memory notepad anyway, so even if I had the time, I’d forgotten what had taken place. Good job; there were a few photos on the camera to assist.
Even making the WordPress comments took me well over an hour. And there are only three of them to do. I’m beginning to struggle to see now. Making tons of errors.

I utilised
the blue & white Boot’s Sphygmomanometer, manufactured by ZDEAC (Zhongshan Daguan Electrical Appliance Company Ltd) in Guangdong, China, to take the blood pressure.
SYS 150, DIA 76 and Pulse 75.
My Chinese (Hong Kong) made by Shenzhen Relee Electronic & Technology Co. Ltd™ contactless thermometer was used. With another near-perfect figure showing up. 34.8°f.
The NHS score came up as: ‘
Your blood pressure reading of 150/76 is high. You should check your blood pressure at a GP practice or pharmacy within the next week. I can’t say why, but I thought this reading would be nearer to the amber. Hey, Ho!

A short mechanical concerto from the flat above. A slow build-up using a drill mayhaps finishing with a clattering, then a shuddering clung. Almost musical.

Arrived a little later than usual. The poor lad had been working for over 14 hours. He was yawning a lot, poor lad. But gave me time to listen to my tale of the diabetes farce day at Bulwell.

 I had a stand-up ablutionalisationing session. Some discomfort was involved, but nothing serious compared to the last agony of the Porcelain Throne activity!
❶ Teeth cleaning, these may become my latest ailments, I fear. So tender, teeth breaking up.
❷ The shaving had the usual view nicks, again nowt worrying about.
The cleaning and medicating of rear-end stingers was not too bad,
Both the cleaning and ointmenting of this touchy area were extremely painful. But they are each time.
& combined to give me any shaking, but I avoided toe-stubbing, falls, or banging into anything… 🌟   🌟

The Porcelain Throne was needed as I washed nonchalantly, drying myself off. I was two paces away from me at the time, and I increased my cocky to Grade One. 🌟   🌟
Did I need to have rushed? No! Most painfully, I was still sitting there with what felt like a bazooka-sized shell, half-in and half-out! This caused to bleed profusely and necessitated more sanitising and ointmentasioning! – Treble ! Of course, it didn’t bother me.

Coming out into the hallway, the standoffish, smarmy slob from above gave me a short mechanical blast of noises as if to mock my pain. Has he put a CCTV in my flat? Hehehe!

I got back to the computer and started this blog going. Damned hard work with Doreen and Cataract Kathy both determined that I would not be able to cope with so many errors and cock-ups.
Indeed, they were successful in their mission, For after a few hours, my body and mind were drained. I bet I’ve missed no end of mistakes. Billum pointed some out from the other day. That one involved Arithmaphobic errors. I am struggling. Very frustrated. Would I be able to live without this blog? Ideally, I could leave it alone until after the cataract has been sorted, but… I don’t know.

I stopped and went to make the first brew of the day. Ah, a bag of seaweed crisps with the tea, and just sit and think things through. I intend to have a biscuit, no better not, something less stomach bulging…

Got the kettle on and got side-tracked by noises coming from outside,
I got the Canon and had a look to see if I could find what was making the now stopped din,
Of course, I couldn’t, so I went my get my long-range spectacles,
Could I find them?
No! Dementia Doreen again!
So, I returned to the kitchenette to make the tea. I’d not turned the kettle on.

Put a Quatermass DVD on. Grrreat! More blogging, but only for an hour or so, felt slightly rough, and I sat down in the recliner.
Woke up with the right foot slightly swollen and the right leg more prominent than the left (water retention).  I idly rewound the DVD. and watched some more of the movie. After six rewinds and nodding offs, I gave up and responded to the innards’ rumblings – off to the wet room.  
This session was painful and bloody, just like yesterday’s – but, Hey-Ho!, less of both! 🌟   🌟

As I got back into the front room, I espied signs of Nibbling in my Sleep! Empty, and a partially-full packet of Leicester Cheese flavoured Mini-Cheddars, and a few crumbs. Some suspected of being from the Shiitake mushrooms and Seaweed crisps, but there were no signs of any empty bags.

Hello, Mr Snotty has started on a series of tap-tapping, mostly followed by a thud. Musical Genius, he is!

Got the computer on to update today’s blog, then started on the next News Snippets blog. Oh, look at the time! Where did it all go?

An unintentional little lie lays there above. I got a bout of ditheringisations, pondering and divagating… and changed my mind; (Doreen Dementia allows me to at times). And I ended up working on a new file of Ode words with different endings. For hours! Though I do enjoy it.

Some silly-time in the morning now, going to get some even more belated nosh now.

I poddled off to the fridge to see what choices were in there for a nosh… I think I may have a live-in, or burglar, helping themselves to the fodder. Where’s it all gone? Most likely, Doreen confusing me again.

Surely I’ve not eaten all that stuff? Or did I? All those sliced potatoes, I can only remember eating one of them?
As I opened the freezer, the memory triggered. A rare thing, you know! I take it all back! I gave some to the Carers, and one was out of date.
Got some nosh sorted and two new mushroom steaks, each eaten in a brown cob, with the last of the salad and some BBQ sauce.
The mushroom steaks were not a scratch on the No-Bull burgers. Which Iceland have replaced with these horrible tasteless turds.

Samantha arrived and gave me the medications. Didn’t want a treat; she was busy, bless her. Sarah took the waste bags to the bin on her way out for me.

I tried to watch the Widowmaker film on the telly. Fell asleep so many times it was farcical. So off with the TV, and I was soon in a deep sleep. A weird dream was enjoyed.

Inchcock Today – Monday 23rd July 2018: Prescriptions Wrong Again this Month. The Momzers!


Monday 23rd July 2018

 Yiddish: מאָנטיק 23 יולי 2018

0500hrs: Once again, a brain and body awoke in the £300 second-hand recliner; so dissimilar and remodelling compared to the one that went to bed last night. I’m finding it hard to recognise myself in the mornings lately. Hehe!

Anne Gyna, Duodenal Donald and Reflux Roger were both AWOL. More surprisingly, so was Belinda Blotches (Almost cleared up now), No bother (pain) from Hernia Harry or Hippy Hilda.

1Mon001Whoosie3W01A: The Whoopsie derived bruises, acquired last night from my walking naked, apart from my socks, into a left-opened door of the fast decomposing, disintegrating hardwood 1964 G-Plan cabinet, were still a bit tender.

Tne moment I moved to detach my lumbering body-mass from the recliner, I realised that my old friends Haemorrhoid Harold and Inchies fungal lesion were not being so kind to me. A hasty hobbling to the wet-room was needed post haste. Little Inchie had been bleeding, and it had dried (Ouch! Haha!), and Harold 1Mon01had and was bleeding, and Diahorrea Donald was in total control of the evacuation process. Tsk!

Cleaned up, I made my way to the kitchen to get the Health Checks done, and medications were taken.

The hemadynamometer worked first time again.


Got the results recorded and into the front room to update last weeks Excel sheets to take with me to the Doctors. Then realised I was going to the hospital this week, cause the 1Mon01asurgery have not made me an appointment again. Fancy that! Azoy gait es!

Got next weeks dosage pots made up, which reminded me, I must get to the chemist today. I’ll go after FootLady Sue has done my tootsies I Think.

Back to the computer and started this blog going up to here. Then finished off yesterdays diary and sent it off.

0735hrs: Herbert above is tap-tapping a bit. But of course, I am not complaining, just mentioning it. No point in my risking Nottingham City Homes upset for moaning about their favourite tenant making a noise. As the Management, told me; He is doing nothing wrong, just following his hobby of model making. “You’ll have to put up with it!” I don’t want to lose my home. I’d better cross it out.

I’d better get the ablutions done now so I can have everything ready, just in case FootLady Sue arrives early.

Teggies done, shaved, extremities cleaned, then a long shower. Followed with some rather harrowing medicationalisationing of the lesion. Creamed Harold’s Haemorrhoids. Sprayed the torso and legs with antiperspirant. 

To the kitchen to sort the bags out. Heck of a loud, long grinding noise emanated from somewhere. No idea, where, though. Sounded very close.

Whoosie3W01A: Got three black bags made and tied-up. Before they reduced the size of the rubbish chute entry point, it would have taken one bag. Took these out along with a recycling bag. Dropped the black ones down the waster funnel and took the Orange bag down and to the caretaker’s door, where some others had left their filled recycle-bags, and some naughty pensioners had dumped other household items and loose rubbish.

1Mon02All ready for Sue to arrive now. I did a bit more work on the TFZer graphics.

I took the bags down and nipped out to take this picture of Chestnut Walk, outside the foyer doors.

Through the maze of barriers and to the left, you will find the Caretaker’s door.

Didn’t see anyone that I could talk to.

Back up to the apartment and on the computer to update this load of tosh.

1Mon03Ah! One of the smaller hoists came up by the window. I think this might be what the noise was earlier.

The intercom chimed up: it was FootLady Sue arriving.

She set about sorting the tootsies out for me. Nice chinwag.

I made up an Iceland order and then set off on a hobble to the chemists for my prescriptions.

1Mon04Set out to the Chemists. Met some residents in the foyer, Mo, Jenny and Frank. 

Walked to the bus stop with them and I joined a few others already there, and some very welcome laughter and no-pressure chinwagging took place.

The place had come alive now, and with we pensioners, all agreed, that we want to stay alive and uninjured, the three of us should take extra care manoeuvering on the car park or road to get to the bus. Already!

1Mon05Caught the bus down Winchester Street Hill to Mansfield Road.

Went to the bus stop near the old bus depot, and found it had been decorated with some classic Nottingham Street Art.

I became aware that this is the bus stop that some youth was stabbed in, and last year an 88-year-old woman was attacked at 1000hrs in the morning on this spot!

I was soon in Carrington and made my way to the chemist and collected the prescriptions. Then 1Mon06made my way to the Lidl store to be insulted, sneered at and looked down upon.

Whoosie3W01A: They changed tactics today and caught me out.

Instead of the curled lips and looking at me as if I was dog-poo on their shoes, they just ignored me entirely. Cunning move on their part. Haha!

I paid the £9.16 for the tomatoes, still lemon & lime water, mint chocolate ice-cream cones, mini-Cumberland sausages, two bread mini-rolls and a packet of battered, seasoned potato slices. Caught the bus back into Sherwood and got to the bus stop at the top of the hill.

1Mon07A couple of Woodthorpe residents were waiting there.

One, the lovely lady sat here in this picture with her white sun-bonnet on her head. She lives on the first floor and seems to be a pleasant natured lady. But she was telling me of her medical problems – they put my pathetic ailments to shame. Bless her!

She is the lady who shared her views and thoughts on the new kitchen windows with me the other week. We are both so soundly disappointed in losing the light and perspective, as well as having so many extra windows to clean when the new balconies are fitted.

Ended up with Roy, Dot and lady in the hat and me, walking together from the bus to the Woodthorpe Court, myself. They were a little 1Mon07ctoo nippy for me to hear what they were saying to each other in front of me, but the good thing is they were laughing. The bags with the weight of the shopping and prescriptions had weighed me down I think.

Up and back in the flat, the overbearing heat of late did not hit like it did yesterday when I opened the door. But it felt far hotter out and about this morning. Indeed the thermometer showed the heat had dropped a good bit.

1Mon07bI got the bag from the chemist out on the counter.

And without dropping any as well. (Smug mode Adopted here! Hahaha!).

I got them out of the flimsy paper bag and spread them out so I could determine if any were missing this month, like last month and the month before. That Chemist is going off me I think? Hehe!

I was utterly unmiffed or surprised when I realised that one of the products was missing, not there and absent.

Whoosie3W01A: There was no Anusol Cream for my Harold Haemorrhoid problem.

I thought at first that I had shown great stoicism at this happening befalling me.

Then I wondered if stoicism was the right word – I’ll have to look it up later. Tsk!

I packed the boxes and bottles into there allotted places.

This means another trip has to be made to the damned chemist to make things right – just like last month and the one before – Another Durkhfal!

Whoosie3W01A: I trapped my finger in the drawer as I closed it shut after storing away the medications. I think I may have said something along the lines of “Well fancy that!” at the time.

I was determined not to allow myself to become tristifical over this being let down again for the third time, by the pharmacist.

Put the fodder away and made a start on updating this post.

Got the nosh started, seasoned sliced potatoes in the oven. Sliced the tomatoes on the plastic plate.

Did the health checks and took the evening medications.

1Mon23Considering that I had used the buses today and not got a decent hobble in at all, I was feeling well-tired-out.

I got the nosh sorted and served up.

A much-improved effort this time. A deserved 8/10 for Flavour Rating. The mini Cumberland sausages were tasty. Only the tomatoes let the meal down, they were a bit bland. The onion salt was used to spice them up a little. The mature cheddar cheese, excellent! The sliced seasoned potatoes were alright.

I planned the TV viewing, cause I felt confident that the sleep that has resisted me for several nights now would play-up again. The now customary nodding-off and waking-up again continued, with me being confused a few times and thinking it was time to get up. Humph!

Inchcock Today – Sunday 29th April 2018


Sunday 29th April 2018

Maynar (Burmese) တနင်္ဂနွေ 29 ဧပြီ 2018

0325hrs: Stirred in a confused over the dreams I’d been having. Not the faintest idea what they were about, and no sense of if they were good, sad, scary, worrying or whatever. No scribble on the pad – the nocturnal nibbling crumb-covered pad!

Whoosie3W01 The dirty plate and cutlery lay on the side chair, amidst further indications of nocturnal nibbling! I had no recollections of eating anything? But, the cheese curl crumbs told me I must have. Tsk!

Whoosie3W01 Dismounting the £300 second-hand recliner, Harry Hernia reminded me of his presence. The spectacles lay on the carpet near the Ottoman, and Dizzy Dennis visited as I rose up and hobbled to the kitchen.

Whoosie3W01 Dangnations and Botherations! I’d left the flaming hot water tap running again! I was so lucky that I had not left the plug in the sink.

7Sun03No hot water, of course.

I got the best camera and took several pictures of the moon, as it kept disappearing and reappearing so quickly. This shot is the one that came out best; the other four, Shaking Shaun had ruined.

Although the brain was not running off of its own accord this morning, many blanks remained. The most puzzling was I could not recall what I had for nosh last night. I’d used the bowl/dish, but everything had been eaten. I looked at the camera, I was confident that as usual, I’d taken a photo of the meal, but it was not to be found anywhere?

I questioned my logicality and sanity, I seem to be turning into an enigmatographist?

Got the Health Check equipment ready, made a small mug of tea and the sphygmomanometer operated first-time.


7Sun01The Sys, Dia and pulse were all up a bit at last. Maybe this is due to my getting into a lather about the tap farce and the disappearing into the ether photo of the nosh, before doing these checks?

Whoosie3W01 I had to nip off for a wee-wee, and what a time this took! Like I’d fully turning on a hosepipe, seconds later, it was a painful dribble, that went on for an aeon. The flow, well, trickle stopped as suddenly as it arrived, a long time later? And, the fungal lesion had been bleeding again. Humph!
Cleaned things up and back to collect the small mug of tea, but it had gone well-cold by then. I decided it might be an idea not to have a drink after all.

7Sun05Back to the computer and had a search around on all the SD cards for the food photo from yesterday. I couldn’t find it but did discover this photo of when I used the lid-opener successfully last night to open the gherkin jar. Then I recalled what I had for the nosh. The label said it was Krakus Pickled Dill Cucumber, but to me they were gherkins. I’d made two sourdough bread sandwiches of Pork Knuckle, and had tomatoes, the gherkin, and seasoned sliced potatoes as well. Memory man, I’m not!

7Sun4bOff for another trickle-with-pain wee-wee. Tsk!

Washed-up, wiped the surfaces and door handles with the antiseptic spray, and then I decided to risk a small mug of Breakfast tea.

The was a lovely 0530hr blue-hue outside. I got the big camera and took a shot of it, upwards to my left, trying to show the old balcony supports.

Whoosie3W01 I’d left the SD card in the computer! So I retrieved it and tried again. I got a  vision of Norway when I first viewed the picture on the camera screen. Why? No idea, I’ve never been very far in my life, and never to Norway?

0600hrs: I’d got this diary started as far as here, then realised I had not finished yesterdays yet. So I got on with doing that. It took me a long time, with many uncomfortable trickling wee-wees in between. I’m running out of antiseptic disinfectant now. Hehe!

Pottered about getting the Woodthorpe photographs off of the computer files and SD cards. Took me ages to get it done, until 0800hrs. But, Cathy wanted have some to use. They are all now on the 16mb SD, on a folder I’ve named Woodthorpe. 280 photos. I must remember to tell her. I could let her have the disc-card so she can choose what she wants to utilise. If you read this Cathy, remind me when you see me next please, petal.

Started to update yesterdays post. Didn’t get this done until 1000hrs. Many wee-wees, short and painful ones in between. Tsk!

Then made a small mug of tea and did the midday medications and Health Checks.

Whoosie3W01 Struggleblunderthunder!


7Sun06cI’ve never had the Sys so low, or the Dia so high! And the pulse has gone down a fair bit too?

I meant to ask the nurse Last Wednesday what the optimum readings would be for me, but I forgot all about doing it. What a Schlemiel!

Around 1030hrs, I got up to here on this dairy.

7Sun07The shakes returned, so I was not going to medicate the lower regions yet, too risky!

Back to the other room, and took this picture through the balcony window and bird crap. Which reminded me, Cath said they were going to try and get it cleaned off for me. Nowt happened yet.

Sounds like Herbert is bashing away at his steam modelling. But there is nothing more I can about it, other than move. I don’t want to go through all that hassle again. Made myself poorly last time. And it wasn’t too bad, didn’t last long. No complaints from me about this.

I know my place and sway with the management – nilch, zero, none! Bit of a nuisance. So. I’ll say nowt, or they might throw me out. Hehe!

Around 1100hrs, I managed to get on the WordPress Reader for a perusal. Then did the comments.

1210hrs: Got the oven warming up for the shepherd’s pie later.

7Sun33bHad a go on Facebooking. But could not stick at it too long, it was holding and freezing a bit. Drove me mad.

Did the last Health Checks early, to see what the reading was. Sys down, Dia up, pulse still low on 75. It’s just one of those days. I’ve had them before with the readings up and down. I bt tomorrow things will settle back again.

I went onto CorelDraw, to get some TFZer fun graphics done, next. Got some ideas together, and realised I had had a wee-wee call for a while.

7Sun33cSo I risked making another small mug of tea.

Waiting for the kettle to boil, I had a look out of the window and saw that someone else was interested in the Nottingham Street Art that was still there down in the car park. I grabbed the new camera and threaded it out of the window, and took this somewhat decent, although I say it myself, photographicalisation.

Made the brew and added the picture to this blog.

Back to CorelDrawing. I managed to get two done and posted on Facebook.



Then I added these to the Facebook albums for each TFZer.

Got the fodder on the cook in the oven.

Made on starting the next TFZer graphics while I waited for the Shepherds pie to cook.

7Sun34aI  took a photo out and upwards through the kitchen window, took it blind, and it wasn’t too bad. I caught the reflection of the clouds in the glass and the actual nebulousness in the background. Good job I do not have Illyngophobia!

Apart from just knowing I was going to have trouble sleeping, I felt so tired.

7Sun34Nosh ready, got it laid out on the metal blue tin plate. The chips were terrible, good colour but savourless. The  Shepherds pie even blander. Tomatoes were okay. Sliced apple okay. As for the lemon mousse, I woke up later with it in my dressing gown pocket unopened?

Ate the meal and began the routine of dozing off for a few minutes and waking for ten minutes repeatedly.

On one awakening, I had to detach myself from the £300 second-hand recliner and go for a wee-wee. This evacuation turned out to be a most interesting little event! The fungal lesion had been bleeding a bit. Lasted a few seconds and tingled somewhat. I got there and back without stubbing any toes. Here’s a thought. How come, it’s only when I have no shoes on that these stubbings take place? Hehe!

Whoosie3W01 And then, I found the sealed pot of lemon meringue and the spoon in my dressing gown pocket! I removed them to throw away, and the container burst open. Took me a while to find all of the scattered splashes, they were in the bowl, in the WC, on my legs, on the floor and some had even managed to get onto the heater on the wall? Hehe!

Back to the recliner and the same pattern of dropping-off and waking started again.

Whoosie3W01 I then found some of the lemon desserts on my bald head. I thought at first when I felt it, that I was bleeding. So, I had to get up again and check things out once more. Hehe!


Inchcock Today – Saturday 24th March 2018: An Anodyne day of the Shpilkes!

Saturday 24th March 2018

 Yiddish:  שבת 24 מאַרץ 2018

0245hrs: Oh, dear. I’ll not mention the ailments giving me bother, it would take too long. Far easier to tell you which are not giving me discomfort. Hippy Hilda, Hernia Harry and Roger Reflux. Hehe!

No time to gather my thoughts this morning. Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner with some difficulty, thanks to Arthur Itis, and off to the wet room and the Porcelain Throne. The toe I stubbed twice last night was still painful. It looks like Trotsky Terence is making a comeback. Messy. But Harold’s Haemorrhoids were not bleeding at all. Seems that the Germoloid cream is working. Mind you, as Corin pointed out, with the low INR reading, the bleeding should be less. Little Inchies fungal lesion had been leaking, though. Washed up and changed the PPs.

Tended to the Health Checks and medicine and tablet taking.


6Sat03The pulse seems to be dropping over the last few days. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing?

Back to the wet room for a wee-wee. The lesion was bleeding again. Huh!

I returned to the kitchen and took the medications.

6Sat001I had another brew to replace the one that went cold and looked out at the row of street lights depicting the location of Winchester Street hill.

The mind went off on its own course, feelings ranging from loneliness, jealousy, self-hating, fear for mankind’s future and surprise at my standing thinking like this?

Anne Gyna started to kick off. Another astonishment. This happening, while I was stood quietly with my little mug of tea in my hand looking out of the kitchen window, and in a relatively meditative, calm state of mind. Anne rarely if ever gives me any pain or hassle unless I am moving, walking (Especially uphill), bending, lifting or pushing something. When Duodenal Donald joined in, I was in trouble. So, off to the medical drawer and had another big swig of the medicine, an extra Codeine, Ramipril and an Omeprazole capsule. I don’t like having to take additional medications. But I was in real pain this time. Why this should suddenly happen, I don’t know. I felt right uncomfortable.

I went to get the mobile phone, I’d left it, as I often do, in the jacket pocket hanging up in the hall. A double-sided information leaflet from Nottingham City Homes and Willmott-Brown had been put through the door. (When I have no idea) The dreaded anticipation of the mess and hassle of the new Sprinkler system was mentioned. This is going to be another two-day job. With pre-visits to discuss areas needing to be cleared to enable the works to be carried out. Like with the heaters, windows and balcony work. These were enough to get me and many others all wound-up: with the changes made to appointments, days changes, late arrivals, the mess left behind. Having to rearrange medical appointments and people promising to come at a specific time, after I explained things to them and still being late! Which in turn has so far, made me late for the blood tests, dentist and the clinic. In fact, I missed an appointment at the GUM clinic at the City Hospital. Making me very unpopular within the NHS!


So now, I have the physical pains joined by anguish and dread for the upcoming mayhem. I do not intend to do any cleaning at all, now! Sod-it! It’s only going to get messed up again with the sprinkler, communications system and new alarm fitting. And the plastering of the holes in the windows and doors has to be done yet. More mayhem and hodgepodge to look forward to! If I’m still alive when this all gets done, then I’ve got to get new curtains, pay someone to fill in the holes left in the floor and wall when the heaters were installed too close that I could not open my drawers so had to be moved! And the panels cracked along the bottom of the walls will need replacing.

I’m shuddering at the thought of all the work and expense I’ll have when it is all eventually finished. And the chances are I’ll be a few years U04older by then. Hehe!

Another thing, why do they put metal screws into the white panelling without white plastic caps on them?

I wonder if I can buy some to click-on myself from somewhere?

Then, there are the new balconies to be fitted. I reckon these will mean my having at least eight more windows to clean every week.

I’m waffling and moaning again, aren’t I. Sorry. I blame Duodenal Donald and the mess I find all around me. The coping with it mission is impossible to deal with and as for the cleaning up after… Still, as Jenny said: Just turn-off and go with the flow! Jenny knows best!

Duodenal Donald was getting a bit more intense, worst he’s been for a long time. Tsk!
Ruined the day for me that has. Big Bad John will no doubt start his banging about shortly, as it is the weekend after all.

2Tue08eWDP001A Got the computer on and began finalising yesterday’s post. I was doing well, and working between two sites, when the Internet went down, only for a short time, but enough for me to lose some graphics work I was making. Humph!

Eventually, I got the post finished. On to WordPress Reader, then comments. Made a start on this one.

Had a glass of milk, hoping it would appease Duodenal Donald, and tried to go on Facebook. It was okay for a few minutes. When I went to the TFZer site and slow, slower… Humph!

Ablutions carried out.

6Sat091000hrs: Dressed and I set off to call at the Social Shed on the way to catch at the first bus up to Mapperley.

Noticed the electronic sign as I got out of the elevator. Light rain and a decently high 5°c indicated on display.

A man and woman and Jenny in there when I arrived. Had a gossiping session. Jenny told me 6Sat10she had given the Moussaka meals to a lady resident who is not very well, and she appreciated the muchly as she could not get out to shop. Jenny doing this made my day, it is lovely to be able to help others, especially those in need. Thanks, Jenny!

The couple were also going to Aldi to do some shopping. I went up on the bus to the top of Mapperley with them. By gum, they moved quickly. Soon as they were off the bus, I was in their wake as like Olympians (compared to me anyway, hehe) they shot off to the Aldi store for some nibbles. Lovely couple.

6Sat11 (2)I ambled around and got £17.60 worth of fodder. No sign of the couple from the flats, I had a look from the checkouts, but couldn’t see them. We were going to catch the bus back together.

Had a little Dizzy-Dennis session, so I waited a while before leaving. Cleared up in a couple of minutes.


6Sat11 (2)Yellow lines= Hobbling, red lines= on the bus.

Coming out of the store, I picked my way through the compost from the split bags that were on display in front of the shop.

I set off on a mini-hobble along Mapperley top and right down Winchester Street.

6Sat12aI saw the Belle Vue Lodge Home as I turned the corner.

I read on the web, on the NHS site: “Belle Vue Lodge is a modern nursing home, equipped and staffed for specialist nursing needs, including dementia care for which all care staff are expertly trained. All of the home’s 59 bedrooms are single en-suite and have walk-in shower facilities to suit those with mobility issues, having been purpose-built to welcome a wide range of complex care needs. Relaxing lounges with thoughtful decor and views are a feature. Modern care technology, resident internet connection, TV in each room, including nurse call systems, function alongside homely comforts to make for a relaxing day-to-day lifestyle. I loved that bit: homely comforts to make for a relaxing day-to-day lifestyle. Relaxing, blimey would many of my fellow Woodthorpe Court tenants and I love and long for relaxing!

The downer is; that the charges for old and disabled folk in this place, start at only £689 a week. If you have special needs, you’ll pay more of course. I couldn’t find the top-end charges. Hehe!

6Sat15As I carefully made my way down Winchester Street hill and the apartment building in which I dwell came into view, I took this picture of the flats. Not a soul in sight.

As I noticed the hoist supports and cranes around the battered flats, I put down the heavy bag of shopping to ease Arthur Itis for a few moments. As I stood there, feeling sorry for myself, my thoughts wandered. The mess from the windows, the mess from the balcony, the holes left in the wall and floor from the heaters being fitted. New curtains will be needed. A new floor in the kitchen required. A dread of the new sprinkler system being fitted and the further upheaval this will bring. Same with the upcoming new alarm fitting and communication system will precipitate failed appointments from the workers, dust, grit, gravel… Force me to change medical appointments again. Am I doomed to live what life I have left in a lugubriousness mode? The new balconies to be fitted, with their eight or nine more windows that will need cleaning. Will Little Inchies bleeding lesion ever get healed? Will Hippy Hilda slip out again? Damned Duodenal Donald needs some different medication that is effective. Can they ever get the Warfarin INR level right? Will the computer play-up once more today? How many wrong number calls will I get this weekend? Will Big Bad John be making noises again? No forget that one, it’s the only unfaltering bit of things in life that is, he will be making loud sounds again! Did I leave the tap running in the sink?

The shpilkes suddenly concentrated on that last thought. Picked up the bag and hobbled at the best speed I could manage, back to the flat to see if I had left the tap running.

The distress of not knowing was appeased when I got in the apartment to find the taps had not been left running. Sad innit?

6Sat16Got the purchases out and put away. Well, not the cottage pie. I got the oven warming up while I added a ton or two of grated cheese and sliced tomatoes on top of the meal in readiness for when the oven heated up sufficiently.

Got the hemadynamometer and did the Health Checks and medicationalisationing.

The noise began from Big Bad John up above.

WDP001A Putting the tray and pie in the oven, I singed a couple of finger ends. Smelt a little bit like burnt sausages? Tsk!
Applied a little Germolen cream.

6Sat17 Got the nosh prepared on the blue tin plate.

I added two slices of the great tasting Scottish Plain bread and dribbled some soy and balsamic vinegar mixture on top of them.

It looked jolly appetising. But, it was like a promise from a politician, disappointing!

The pie was only average, the red onions had gone off, and the chips were unexpectedly tasteless, flavourless and insipid. The bread was good, mind.

Nodded off soon after eating this meal. Woke and got the last Health Checks done. Tended to the medicalisationing needed, and got down to watch a DVD of Steve Coogan.

Couldn’t stay awake and nodded off again, but not for long, thanks to Big Bad John. Hell of a bang from his flat woke me, then another one arrived, this is how I worked out it must have been him in the first place waking me up.

Then, I had trouble getting bad into the land of Nod. So I turned on the TV.

That did the trick! Off I nodded.

Inchcock Today – Friday 16th March 2018

Friday 16th March 2018

Catalan: Divendres 16 de març de 2018

0200hrs: Woke and regained a modicum of logicality and concentration. As I lay there getting up enough steam to tackle the sorting out of what needed doing, it dawned on me that the laundry had not been done yet. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner with ease, almost. Gathered the prepared bag of clothes and accoutrements and off down to the laundry room. No tea making, wee-wees or stubbing of toes – I surprised myself with my determination. Noegenesis seeking, I pressed on.

Into the lift # two.

A search and inspection revealed no beetles lurking anywhere within the confines of the cage.

The lift rattled a bit, as it descended down to the ground floor.

The automatic notice board sign was out of action when I got out.

I perused the notice boards, but could not see any new signs for us.

For a moment a bit of a panic set-in when I nipped out to take a photo of the foyer area. I thought I had left the door-fob up in the flat. The stomach went cold as I searched not expecting to find the item, but it it was in my pocket after all. Phew!

It felt warm outside this morning, I could hear the birds chirping and singing away to their heart’s content.

A little early in the day I thought?

Off to the laundry room and cleaned the washer drum, then got the wash-cycle started.

Surprised me some of the things I see in the laundry room waste bin sometimes.

This morning it had sections of polystyrene strips, take-away food remnants with plastic cutlery and nub-ends.

The input trays had to be cleaned up and old soap powder removed. Wiped around the casings.

Off back up to the apartment in lift number one this time. Had a visit from Dizzy Dennis on the way up. Only a short one, though.

The automatic-information sign near the elevator doors was now working again.

Up and in the flat. Had a wee-wee.

Started to finish off the Thursday diary.

Down again to move the things from the washer to dryer.

 I had to clean out the filter, cause whoever used it last forgot to do it.

As I did so, it moved and trapped my finger in the gap as the plastic sprang back into position. Tsk!

I think I might have said at the time, ‘Well fancy that!’


Don’t know why I’m laughing.

Got the clothes out and folded them up – but:  The magic missing sock syndrome returned!

Oh, I was annoyed with myself. I checked the drums on the washer and dryer in case I’d missed it earlier. No odd sock found! I pressed on and got the folded clobber into the big blue bag.

Cleaned the filter and casings and as I turned to leave, there was the offending sock right in the corner behind the door! A real mystery to me, how it got there. But I was so pleased to have found it.

To the lift.

All done and finished by 0405hrs.

I thought I’d done well, then I realised I’d not taken the jammies, dressing gown or towels down with the other things to launder!

Up to number 72 and got the Thursday diary finished and posted off. Sorted the pictures ready for using later.

Checked the emails next, and I’d had one from the surgery re the blood test. They had booked it for Wednesday 21st at 0905hrs, with Nurse Ann.

(I shivered).

Got on with starting this diary of next, got as far as here. Then went to the WordPress reader, then comments.

Had a wee-wee.

Went into the kitchen, and was startled when I saw the fog and it was raining so heavy as well. When I got back to the computer, I had a look at the weather forecast for this weekend – Amber warning for snow and flooding!

Seems that today rain that might be followed with some snowfalls.

Sunday the most significant threat with snow showers forecast.

Makes it worse with the freezing temperatures overnight. Oh, ‘Ecky-thump!

Went onto Facebook to see if things would allow me this time. Slowed down often, but I got most things done.

Off to do the ablutions now. A good session, apart from the medicationalisationing procedures.

 Got things ready, and left the flat. Got the door locked and took the black bags to the rubbish chute, to the lift and realised I had not got my hearing aids in. Returned to get them.

Departed again, locked the door, and well well, fancy that. I had not got my hat on! Back in again and collected it.

The best of this series of Whoopsiedangleplops this one: Out once more, and realised I had my slippers on! Back in and changed into the shoes.

Got to the lift, and remembered I had forgotten to take the Chips, to give to anyone who liked them. This being part of my running down of naughty-foods, in my effort to lose weight. I still have all those ready meals in the fridge, but am not going to throw or give them away. Back to pick the box up. Tsk!

Outside on Chestnut Walk, the place was busy with workers again.

Got to the Temporary Wardens hut, and both Deana and Julie were in their office. I popped in to explain about my not getting anything information wise from the Fire meeting yesterday.

Seems that many other tenants were the same. She didn’t seem bothered by this, that assuaged my guilt.

Mary, Cindie and Welsh Bill were all in the big room. They all looked and sounded in good form. We had a decent nattering session.

The buses arrived, and we went out to join the mass of residents waiting. On the City bound one, and got the crossword book activated.

Dropped off the bus and I went to Tesco. With the aim of seeing what vegetables they had on offer, and get some potato cakes. The choice of veg was dismal, tatty, with some out of date. I wandered to the bread section, and things were the same. Out of date loaves, and their potato cakes had doubled in price and only had one day’s shelf life left on them. I put back the basket and went.

Walking through Trinity Square, and Dizzy Dennis paid me a visit. He stayed a while, and that was not appreciated. Eventually, he cleared off. I decided to have a walk around town, to kill time and get some fresh air until the next bus home could be caught. Not feeling very good, and Anne Gyna kicked off.

Hobbling down Market Street, I noticed a Nottingham Cyclist going on the wrong side of the road going down the hill.

Seconds after taking this photo, he veered onto the footway. How he missed hitting the sign on the footway, I don’t know.

But it was a testimony to his cycling skills, all done at speed as well. Good job there were no pedestrians around. In fact, the place looked like a ghost town.

It brought to my mind, a picture of the few Nottinghamian residents, having survived a cataclysm and apocalypse, were wandering around, not knowing what to do. Their mobiles and iPads don’t work, no one around worth mugging, nowt on the TV! (Deep that, won’t it, even surprised me!)

Down to the Slab Square.

Bleak, depressing, dark, dank, sad and dismal were the words that came to mind.


I think I might use this photo to make a funny as a page top for later.

I walked along passing the Jehovah’s Witnesses, a drunken beggar, the street-sleeper on Long Row, the newspaper vendor, the youths sat on the wall drinking cans of lager, the Nottingham Pavement Cyclists, two delivering Pizzas according to the box on their backs.

There were no Big Issue sellers to be seen this morning in the centre.

I took a final picture of the Little John clock and tower and made my way up past the man with his guitar singing the Praises of the Lord, at the junction of Queen and King Street.

The depressive atmosphere prevailed even at the bus stop. People around in numbers, but no one talking? Got onto the bus when it arrived.

Entered the flat, up the lift and ran into my neighbour and Obergruppenfureress Warden Deana as they were getting into the elevator. Words of greeting were exchanged.

At the flat, I was somewhat perplexed to find the door unlocked. Had I failed to do this earlier when I had to keep returning to collect things I’d forgotten to take with me? I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten to lock this door before? Had someone been in, somebody who had called to see me and found the door open! Mmm?

Thee thoughts soon left my brain, as I had to go to the wet-room to clean things up and change PPs. A little bleeding had taken place while I was out and about.

Went to the kitchen and did the Health Checks. I notice Deana walking at rapid speed along Chestnut Walk.

Got the camera and zoomed in to take a shot of the busy gal.

My mind turned to the attention of the comestibles. It is not easy to comether myself not to eat my usual foodstuffs. I still have three ready-made meals in the fridge that I do not want to throw out and love the taste of them. I must eat them, but with far less other foods… This is not easy.

I decided in the end, to have sliced potatoes with grated cheese sprinkled on then, and tomatoes sliced on top. But, I let me get carried away with the side-stuff again. Felt somewhat guilty after I’d eaten it. But, I did so enjoy it. Tsk!

At least I have ordered some vegetarian Cumberland Pie on next weeks food order. Tsk, again!

Got the ablutions done. Afterwards, as I was putting the new PPs on, I tripped and cracked my forehead against the side of the sink. It was a cracking-good belt it was too, cause when I put my hand out to soften the blow, it got entangled in the PPs I was struggling to get on. So I was too late to lessen the blow. The truly amazing thing was that pain subsided within minutes, and I cannot see any bruising whatsoever on the head. Nothing at all, not even a bit of red colouring?

I was determined to watch some ‘Hustle’ on the box tonight and got down earlier than my usual. Hoping to nod-off, thus making it possible for me to watch some of the programme when I woke again. But no, I nodded off and stayed that way. Humph!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 8th March 2018

Thursday 8th March 2018

Albania: E enjte 8 mars 2018

0105hrs: After a terrible night of nodding off, jumping awake and nodding back off again, this time I decided to give up trying and get up. By gum, it was warm in the flat this morning. The thoughts turned to things I needed to do today. A busy day indeed loomed. Morrison delivery twixt 0700 > 0800hrs. Take the nibbles to the Social shed and explain why I cannot attend again. Walk into Carrington, for the Warfarin blood test. Explain again to the receptionists about Thursdays not being suitable for my blood test as it clashed with the only social event of the week for me. An appointment at 1030hrs to see the Doctor about the funny and dizzy spells. Check with the Chemist when the next prescriptions are due… can’t recall the others at this moment, but I’ll check the calendar later. All this logicalisationing of the brain so early was a rare thing, I felt quite proud of myself. (And should have known better, Humph!)

As I focused on the material things around me, the fodder-tray and plate lay on the side chair with most of the food still on it, some half-masticated and looking rather revolting. Signs of nocturnal nibbling were discovered as I rose out of the £300 second-hand recliner, with relative ease I might add. Off to the kitchen to make a brew and do the Health Checks… and:

The instant I opened the door, the heat hit me – no wonder it was so warm in the flat. I’d left the damned oven on all night! A right recumbentibus to my spirits!

A sad mess to get sorted out here later. Humph! Made the potent brew of tea and got the hemadynamometer out to do the Health Checks. Took the meds, and felt so much hatred for my failings!

I must remember, if I do get to see the Doctor today, to advise her of the Sys going up so much.

Back in the front room and got the computer booted and got yesterdays post finished off and posted.

Made a start on this blog. Then onto the WordPress Reader. Made some comments.

I noticed that the Alert Box had a yellow light flashing on it.

Thought perhaps the voices I heard in the night, had emanated from this unit? No one has ever told me what these lights mean or what to do about them if they flash or sound.

I know the battery is alright, cause I did a check with them yesterday, or Tuesday.

Went on Facebook in hopes of being able to post and to comment correctly this time.

So slow and jumpy on Facebook for some reason. I did manage to get a Birthday Graphic done and sent off. Have a great time, Shirley! ♥ Heck, I’m a day late! I was twenty days too early on one last week. I am definitely getting weed off with myself for making so many errors lately.

Went on CorelDraw to do some headers. Change of plans then I went on YouTube.

Ablutions tended to, during which I squeezed the Germoloids (Haemorrhoid) cream tube a little too hard. At least now I know I should be free of any haemorrhoids around my belly button and right patella. Hehehe!

Got the Morrisons order done for next Thursday 0630 > 0720hrs delivery.

The Morrison man arrived and carried the good into the kitchen for me. Three items substituted today. Very unlike them.

  1. They had replaced a 1-pint bottle of milk with a 2-pint one – fair enough.
  2. They had replaced the lemon & Lime mineral water with raspberry & blackberry. I explained I could not eat raspberries cause they are on my list of foods to avoid from the hospital. He took them back, no problem.
  3. The Bold 2 Lavender & Chamomile washing capsules were substituted with a Bold 2 Lotus flower & Water Lilly. I accepted them.

Plenty of nosh in now. The Cumberland Pies at 3 for £6 looked nice, I hope they are when I try one later. The sourdough bread arrived for the Wardens, I put it in the bag. Along with a Freebie, a can of new energy drink, Carabao Green Apple, the usual price would have been £1.18, so a double bargain for Deana (Obergruppenfurheress Warden). I put that in the bag too. I’ll add some grated extra-strong cheese to it when I have it, methinks.

Got myself all ready, placing the mobile and camera in my pocket, I caught the wrist alert alarm – the lady doing the monitoring was very patient with me about it when I humbly apologised, telling her I didn’t realise I’d caught the button.

As I was going out of the door, I remembered I had not put the Deep Vein Thrombosis card in the bag, so nipped back and put it in. Unfortunately, I only thought I had – the Whoopsidngleplop will be revealed later. Tsk!

Out into the unwelcoming drizzly morning, and along to the road to the Obergruppenfurheresses Wardens Office, a shelter for bus catchers and temporary Social Hut.

As I poddled along, it appeared that the new block of flats in the centre of the two 1964 built ones seems to be having another floor/storey built on to it yet?

Arrived at the shed, and it was well frequented this morning. Jenny, Kath, Cindy, John, Roy Welsh William and one other tenant in there, with both Wardens in their office. I popped in and gave them their treats.

Out to the big room and chatted with Jenny, who was looking well this morning. Welsh Bill was looking so much better now. His insults, put-downs and jibes were quick, sharp, cutting and incisive; so I could tell he was feeling better too. Cindy was also in good form. A general little chinwag and we all went out to catch one of the buses.

I dropped off at the bottom of Winchester Street Hill along with Welsh William, a final insult thrown my way as we parted. The rain came on a bit more substantial as I made my way along the almost deserted Sherwood stretch of Mansfield Road.

Up the incline, passing the library and passing the closed down Police Station, and avoiding the deep puddles of rain that had started appearing in the area.

Hobbling over the brow of the hill down towards Carrington and the surgery, and the place still seemed deserted.

No Nottingham Pavement Cyclists, jay-walkers or ankle-snappers were spotted either even and besides!

Down and into the Sherrington Park Medical Centre.

Where I logged in with Obersturmführeress receptionist. Took a seat and got the crossword book out.

Shortly after which, the new Surgery Nurse called my name, and I limped with her to the treatment room.

The first thing she commanded me, was to know if I had remembered the DVT card this week.

Of course, me thinking I had, replied with a swagger of the head; “Oh yes indeed!”

Looked in the bag with the aim of retrieving it and presenting to the Obergefreiteress nurse… Globangerations!

I then realised, instead of the placing DVT form into the bag back at the flat when I returned to collect it, I’d but the Morrison Grocery receipt in the pocket in error, and had handed it to the most annoyed and irritated Nurse! It had to happen to the Nurse with the most excellently performed put-down sneer of them all! Oh-dearie-me!

The arm took a long while to stop bleeding again. This only seems to happen when this nurse does me. Anyway, she seemed to settle down, and I gave her an Easter Egg. I left and went to the reception and asked if I could have a word with one of them.

Brave or what! Eh? I explained all about the Thursday appointments causing me problems and my having to miss the one Social Hour a week at the flats. She listened without interrupting me, bless her. She replied, “When you get the email advising you about the results and dosages, send one back asking for a different day, and we will do our best to accommodate you!” I thanked her and departed, after handing her a bag of nibbles.

We’ll see. As of 0645hrs Friday 9th March – no email received!

Over the road and into the Lidl Store to get myself sneered at and insulted. But no, not today! I got the shopping done: Lemon and Lime mineral water, Bread thins, two cheesy cobs, tomatoes, a Melton Pork Pie and some mini-weiners, went through the self-serve checkout, without making any mistakes or needing help from their snotty-staff! The chest swelled, the head swaggered, as I departed off to the bus stop! A super mega supply of fodder now! Haha!

The seats were few and far between, and I ended up on one of the side-saddles pull down ones. Not that it mattered much, I was only going for a few a stops.

Had the camera in hand ready to try and take a photograph of any residents who might have been at the bus stop.

But getting up when I approached the Sherwood shelter, Hippy Hilda dislodged. I was not sure how I got off the bus, but I think a bloke helped me.

But Hilda slid back in with ease once I was out and stood upright correctly, bless her.

Can’t remember taking this photo either. Made in error? Humph!

As I walked up the hill to the pelican lights to cross over to the L9 bus stop, it was sad seeing so many shops closed down.

Got to the bus shelter and had about ten minutes to wait for the expected L9. A lady from Winchester Court got off another bus and joined us.

Roy arrived with his deadly four-wheeled shopper trolley. We tried to have a chinwag, but the lady resident was talking and moaning in such a loud voice. Roy and I gave each other a knowing look and gave up. On the bus, we managed a few words, and we both agreed; “Gawd, we were so glad we didn’t live in the next flat to this lady!” And we both wear hearing aids!

The drizzle got worse after I’d dropped off of the bus back at the flats.

This was terrible luck for the workers on the hoist-platforms doing the windows and cladding, I thought. As I got closer, I could see the lads were still working up there in the rain! Brave blokes!

All alone, I made my way up to the flat, and had a much-needed wee-wee!

Plans for the nosh later were formulated. I checked the use-by dates on the products and decided it would be Pork Pie, the last of the fresh pork knuckle, sugar-snap-peas, the two cheesy cobs and tomatoes for tonight’s feast. The ready meals had a few more days left to use them.

Got the computer on and updated this diary to here.

Sorted the nosh, while listening to the noise from above and trying to work out what Herbert was doing.

Did the Health Checks. Took the medications, then I had to suffer the pain of medicationalisationing the bleeding lesion and Harold’s Haemorrhoids.

The tray looked so appealing after I’d laid it out.

But what a disappointment it was. The Lidl cheesy cobs were only half cooked in the centre, the pork pie crust had gone all soft and floppy, the mini hash-browns refused to crisp up, the sugar-snap peas had bits of mould on some of them. Even the pork-knuckle tasted bland. Perhaps it was something wrong with me, I don’t know. But the tomatoes were flavoursome enough. I’ll try the Cumberland Pie ready-made meal tomorrow and see if that satisfies my apparently fussy taste buds. Hopefully, it will prove to be a better aliment for me.

Off for a wee-wee.

Chose some programmes from the listing, and settled down to watch some TV. Looking back, if a added up all the actual viewing I did compare to the time nodding off, I’d think it would be 70-30% in favour of the nodding-off! Hehehe!

I gave up viewing after failing to get through the first two minutes of the Hustle episodes.

Inchcock Today – Monday 26th February 2018: Snow good today. Hehehe!

Monday 26th February 2018

Frisian: Tiisdei 27 Febrewaris 2018

0230hrs: Woke up coughing, and gave off a sneeze that Mount Vesuvius would have been proud of. Hehehe! I lay a while, Harold’s Hemorrhoids, the Fungal Lesion and Duodenal Donald all giving me some hassle. I bet they get worse when it comes to my moving. Tsk! On the bright side, Hippy Hilda, Reflux Roger. Hernia Harry and Anne Gyna were taking a break.

As I extricated my limbs from the £300 second-hand recliner and the could feel the blood flowing from both front and rear problem areas the moment I moved my ambulocetus-like wobbly body. Straight to the Porcelain Throne room to investigate.

Gawed, it was dang cold in there, shivering and shaking, I’ll be glad when the windows get put in the flat, to block the draughts and the cladding is put up. I put the wall heater on (At least this will please the power company) and removed the jammies and Protection Pants. Utilised the Throne. The session was not bad. The bleeding from Little Inchy and Harold’s Haemorrhoids was not as free-flowing as I had feared, and was relatively easy to clean up. The sharp stinging pains from the piles were the primary ailment to worry about.

No HT cream left! I imagined with me doing an excessive amount of sitting down and not getting outside for exercise over the weekend, is the cause of this dilemma. My sore throat seemed less so as well.

Cleaned everything up.

Another ‘catching me off guard’ sneeze as I left the wet room, must have been heard many floors away, it certainly brought on a headache and started the piles hurting! Oh dear! If I wore false teeth, I’m sure they would have flown out! Haha! I went to the kitchen.

Got the kettle on, and did the Health Checks and got the medications taken. The sys was the lowest its ever been?

I pondered at this stage; Should I go out or not today?

The forecast is showers of rain and sleet possible, a max of 1°c forecast. Am I up to it yet, with this cold and unwell? I decided that I would go out.

I felt that if I didn’t, after days of enforced imprisonment (Hehe!), I need to get out and take some photographicalisations. Anyway, I need to get some HT cream and TCP, to counter Haemorrhoid Harold and the sore throat. Maybe a little walk into Sherwood? I was undecided where to go, but sure (As I could be, not saying a lot I know) that I must get out. The new coat is snug-as-a-bug, and the imitation fur hat could be used. Got the brolly. I hoped I had not made the wrong decision. After all, I do feel a bit easier this morning, the throat has eased off a bit? I know I’m known for my dilly-dallying, tentativeness, ambivalence and indecisiveness. Oh, and lack of confidence in making choices.

Got Excel opened and made last weeks Health Check listing.

Made a start on this diary, then updated yesterdays and got it finished and sent off.

Found a few pictures to use in making graphics for header tops. Had several wee-wees during this work. Oh dearie me!

Made a mug of tea, and had a little while on YouTube.

0715hrs: Herbert started his knocking about early today. Took the hearing aids out, hope there isn’t any alarms sounding.

The ablutions were tended to. After which I made sure that I was well wrapped-up to counter the icy looking snow outside.

I met Olive as I was taking the sorted black bags to the refuse chute. So lovely to see her looking so well and carrying her usual attractive air of being in charge, superior and radiant. Not many lasses would dress so well to do their laundry. Apart from perhaps Jenny, who also manages to look radiant always, whatever she is doing. So does Cindy. I’m sorry I mentioned this.

Dropped the bags off and returned to the flat to do a check that I’d got everything needed, and not left anything on or off that are necessary to be the opposite. Lost that a bit there, sorry. Lights, stove, windows, taps (faucets), hearing aids, mobile and camera in the jacket pocket, fridge and freezer doors closed… I would have consulted my list I made for this task but could not find it.

Imitation Finland-like hat on, (Very warm! – not big enough, but it’ll do for me in this weather) Fingerless gloves. Times like this that I feel lucky to be wearing the Protection Pants, they do keep one warm, Ha-ha!

I was surprised to see the snow had fallen, but from inside it looked terrific.

I took a photo of the car park below and one of the houses opposite.

Well wrapped up and out into the icy-cold to the Warden’s shed.

No taking of any pictures on the route, because manoeuvring along the snow and ice made hobbling-safely my main aim to concentrate on. Got into the hut without any Whoopsiedangleplops of any kind.

This gave Welsh Bill the opportunity to show his sarcasm and wit.

A rather dryly spoken; “Hello Russia!” from Bill followed with a loud roar that made the others laugh, the instant he saw my stupid looking but, oh so warm hat. I like William’s humour. He looked even better than he did on Friday, so his recovery seemed to be ongoing, I’m glad to say. We were joined by a few others, all coming in to shelter against the bitter cold. The smokers braved the weather outside so they could have a drag. Bill went out to join them but came back in seconds later, shivering and saying it was too cold to go out there just for a puff.

The buses, City and Bestwood bound ones arrived, and I joined the others at the end of the queue. I had a little natter with Cindy, she was going on a visit to see her son. As she got off, I wished her a happy time.

The first thing that caught my ‘camera-eye’ was the pigeons on the ledges and tops of the Victoria Centre (Mall). Reminiscent of Hitchcock’s ‘The birds’, I thought Hehe!

I took this shot and then popped into the Wilko store in search of the medications to counter my persistent sore throat.

By the time I’d gone potty shopping and had got to the checkout and faced a bill for £27.80, I wondered what the heck I had done! Looking at the receipt I realised amongst the washing accoutrement stuff, I’d bought Ginkgo tablets £1.20, Germoloids, a tiny little tube for £3.50, Nasal decongestant £1.50, TCP liquid £3.50, blood cleaner £4.89 and realised why the cost was so high! Tsk! Shopaholic or what! I need help! Haha!

I called in the Poundland store to see if they had any pork pies in, knowing they would not have.

Came out and saw the new gigantic sign across the road.

There was no missing it.

Walked down Clumber Street, taking this picture of the affable, breezy, devil-may-care, easygoing, laid-back, polite, caring, gentle Nottinghamians as they cheerily made their way to the next store to shoplift from, or in search of their next mugging victim or to trip over a rough sleeper begging.

The kids would be playing the new game popular nowadays; Spot-a-Policeman.

I carried on to High Street and walked through the Council House Shopping Arcade. You can see all the mass of shoppers and closed units how popular it is. This delightful old area is not used much by Nottinghamians now. Good job the shops have doors on the outside too.

I exited and made my way through the Slab Square, and foolishly to the other pound shop to see if they had any Pork Farms pies in stock. But no, their fridges, like the ones at the other store, have been filled with bottles of pop for sale. The thought of the end of Pork Farms Pork Pies brought down my spirits. Also, I spend more than intended there as well. I got some wholemeal rolls, chocolate brazils, chocolate almonds and caramelised biscuits in a pack containing seven packets of two.

For some reason, although I had not walked much, the plate-of-meat started to sing. I decided to make my way back as the snow began to fall again.

To Queen Street via the slab square once more, not a police officer in sight, there were a few street sleepers in the doorways of closed retail premises, some people with pit bulls and tattoos and a Big Issue seller who deserved the hand out I gave him for his persistence in the bad weather.

At this stage, it being tomorrow morning while I’m updating this twollop, Virgin went down again! Grrr, Third Time!

Walking up Queen Street to the L9 bus stop and popped my head and camera over the railings so I could offer you this picture of some Nottingham Street Art.

The Council claim that Nottingham is the Queen of the Midlands, you know. It makes one wonder.

As I arrived at the shelter, the snow got severe, but only for a couple of minutes. Luckily I took the opportunity to make these shots. In the last one, the L9 bus was arriving, and I had to rush a bit to catch it. Tsk!

As the bus made its way along Upper Parliament Street, I wedged the camera against the window and took some shots as we progressed along.

Cindy from the flats got on at a later stop.

Glad to report that she’d had a grand time visiting her family, and offered me a tale about her 2-year-old granddaughter that made me laugh out loud.

This cheered me up a bit again.

Back at the flats and I took a picture of the sky as the bus turned right into Chestnut Walk.

I thought it came out rather good considering.

Oh, dear, problems with Branson’s Virgin Internet yet again.

Getting fed-up with this now!


This is photographicalisation from the bus window. To the stop and off of the bus and to the apartments in haste, due to the requirements for a wee-wee becoming urgent!

Made it, cleaned up, but a little late. Changed PPs and did the Health Checks.

Went to get the noshing sorted and cooking.

I was surprised at there was more snow in the City Centre than up here on the hill. I’d have expected things to be the opposite way around?

It had nearly all cleared at the flats, but the ice was forming on the windows already, enough to make me worry about tomorrow.

I heated the beef and potato hot-pot and added a beef pastie slice to the tray ten minutes later, hoping they would both be cooked at the same time.

Not too bad a result. Very tasty, not perfect by any means, but a worthy 8/10 rating was given to this effort.

Got the last Health Checks done and medications taken. The Germoloid cream made me jump a bit. Hehehe!

Changed into night attire and settled down to watch some New Tricks on DVD. I soon drifted off, though, very early on.

I suppose I must have needed it.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 15th February 2018: Tenants Social Hour Cancelled

Thursday 15th February 2018

Chinese Traditional: 2018年2月15日星期四

0100hrs: Woke with the mind full of arbitrary, salmagundi meanderings, fears and sevidical self-recrimination. Boy, whatever I’d been dreaming about, positively got to me this time.

However, as I moved in an attempt to remove my mass from the £300 second-hand recliner, I appreciated the lack of interference from Hippy Hilda, Anne Gyna, Hernia Harry and Reflux Roger.  Only stinging from Harold Haemorrhoid and Anne Gyna were active at this time. Very good! Unfortunately, as I got to my feet gingerly, Duodenal Donald started to kick off.

The brain still hadn’t joined with the body in full consciousness yet, but it soon joined in when I stubbed my toe on the Ottoman.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Oh, dearie me. Another embarrassing session. Fresh and dried blood from the fungal lesion made things messier and took an awful lot of cleaning up after the Trotsky affected evacuation; that also required extra cleaning up. I’m getting so I dread using the Throne nowadays.

To the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications. I realised getting the pots out, I’d missed taking last nights doses. So I just took the Warfarin, Simvastatin and magnesium hydroxide with the morning dosages. Taking an extra Omeprazole to counter Duodenal Donald, who was giving me a good bit of stick now.

Took a photograph of the car parking down below. All looking neat, and, a free space too and as well! Hehe! I couldn’t help but think if this was due to the death of another tenant last week. We seem to be toppling-over at a fair rate of knots recently. I’m not in a hurry, mind. Hehe!

I imagine all these old folks complexes make life easier for the Grim Reaper nowadays. Then again, does the Grim Reaper need a life? Without it, there would be no death, and he would be in a right pickle then, wouldn’t he? I had to terminate my peregrinating thoughts on this one.

Made a mug of tea, on to the computer and updated and finished the Wednesday blog.

The ulcer was not easing off any. I think I might be in for a bad day with it. When I finished the brew, I had a mug of milk, anything to try and help ease the increasing pain. Tsk!

When I went into the kitchen to wash the mug, I realised that the food tray I use was nowhere to be seen? Another mystery! I’d cleaned the pots last night, so the thing must have been taken into the kitchen along with the dishes etc. surely? I looked in anywhere that was capable of my placing the tray into. Bonkersness began to creep into my thoughts, but I could not find that itinerant stray-tray! I gave up searching and returned to the computer with the milk.

Email in from the surgery with INR result, still a little high, but not critical methinks.

Dosages for the next seven days and the next appointment. I send an acknowledging reply, thanking them. Then, made sure I added the appointment-time and date to the Google Calendar and the written diary.

Duodenal Donald was still not getting any more comfortable, so I took few big mouthfuls of the antacid medicine.

I spent about two hours on creating this post, then went into the kitchen to take yet another Omeprazole capsule. But, had the sense not to, having already imbibed one extra earlier in the morning.

 However, I did on this occasion see the crushed fresh cream cake box in the bin, from last night. This got the grey-cells working, and reminded me that after washing the pots from the meal, I took this box with the cakes on the tray to nibble in the chair and catch the crumbs! Back into the computer room but could not see the salva anywhere to start with. When I moved the recliner away from the comfortable chair… There was the tray! Quite how it got down there, I don’t know. But it offered me some exercise, as I had to move the chairs further apart to get to clean up the fallen crumbs from the carpet and chair cover, that I used the tray for in the first place to avoid! Tsk!

I had to go on Chrome to do the WordPress Reading because Firefox will not let me.

Then back to Firefox, because Chrome will not let me save any work in WordPress?

Getting fed-up with this palava! Humph!

0500hrs: Too early for a shower (Noisy for my neighbours), and I have the Morrison delivery arriving twixt 0630 > 0730hrs. So I had a stand-up wash, teggies cleaned, ears oiled, Little Inchies lesion cleaned and medicated, Rear-end-haemorrhoids the same. Pain gelled the shoulders, wrists, fingers, Hippy Hilda, and the knees. Cleaned the glasses and shaved. The medicationalisationing of the tender areas was not enjoyed. (Oooh! Hehehe!)

Duodenal Donald started to ease-up for me. Spur of the moment job in celebration, I decided to mop the wet room and kitchen.

0548hrs: Back on the computer here, and went on to Facebook to catch-up.

0644hrs: Made a brew and watched some YouTube fun while waiting for the fodder delivery from Morrisons.

The ordered goods arrived, and I was glad for once that I had overdone some of the ordering. Like, extra toilet rolls and kitchen towels. Especially now that Trotsky Terence is back with me, and all the extra cleaning and medicating needed for the lesion and Haemorrhoid Harold).

Got them all stored away, and spent a bit more time watching the police video clips.

I went out to the Obergruppenfureresses Warden’s Shed. I like to give them a Polish Sourdough loaf when I can get one from Morrisons, cause they love the bread and it is a little thank you from me.

The information panel in the lobby near the elevators showed 08:45hrs and a warm for February, 5°c.

I felt positively warm as I poddled along Chestnut Walk.

And the sunshine was radiating some heat today

When I got in the shed, both Wardens were busy in their office. So I just handed the bag with the bread over and gave them a ‘Good Morning’ and departed back to the flat.

Taking this photograph of the progress of the centre build new flats.

Not one of my best efforts, but it did come out a little moody, I think.

Back on the twelfth-floor, I came across a pack of 12 Andrex toilet rolls in the hallway. I’d missed them when I put the purchases away. So, with the nine-pack of Morrisons, I’d also bought, that makes 21 toilet rolls to fight the effects of the Trotskies! HaHa!

Had a wee-wee, then made a cuppa.

Updated this post and then went on to CorelDraw to do some TFZer graphicalisationing. Cobblesticks & Humph! After hours of working away happily, Computer problems and I lost everything I’d done! I could have cried or pulled Bill Gates’ head off.

Gave up and got the dinner started!

No idea what I did wrong with the cheesy baked potatoes; but bland and tasteless they were.

And here’s me, once proud of my efforts in making these treats.

Now, a broken man! Hehehe!

Still, the husks, clementine juice and tomatoes were excellent.

I washed the pots and settled down waiting for the Strobe Fire Alarm activation before I got to sleep. But it fooled me tonight and didn’t go off.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 10th February 2018:

Saturday 10th February 2018

Ukrainian: Субота, 10 лютого 2018 р

0156hrs: Woke with rumbling innards, a headache and once again, knowing I’d had some emotional dreams, but actual recollections of any details. I hate it when this happens!

I flung back the throw on the £300 second-hand recliner and observed two things immediately. The first being that after telling the nurse on Wednesday that the bruises, spots and blemishes had stopped appearing on the legs and arms, they were back again. Tsk and Humph!

The second, very welcome and cheering detection, was no blood showing on the PPs! Well, if there had been any bleeding it would be minimal because it hadn’t come through to the outside.

Started sneezing, the stabbing and rumbling from the innards increased in severity and I felt suddenly tired and weary, and I’d not got up yet? Plus, I’d only just had a decent five-hour sleep? This did not augur well. A most unwelcome degringoladé.

I escaped out of the £300 second-hand recliner, again with no hassle or stubbing of toes. Off to the kitchen and did the Health Checks.

The temperature on the window ledge thermometer indicated 1°c inside. It looked a great deal less outside. But I resisted opening the window to take the morning photographicalisation. Too cold! Hehe!

Before I could take the medications, a rumble from the innards turned into an explosion almost, and I poddled straight to the Porcelain Throne. An easy evacuation this morning, no extra cleaning-up duties required. I was tickled-pink at Little Inchies lesion barley bleeding at all. But gorgonised when I realised the back of the PPs was deep red. Harolds Hammorhoids counteracted the joy of the fungal lesion not suffering much. Tsk!

Adorned new PPs, washed and back to the kitchen to make a brew of tea. Took the medications.

On the computer, that was very slow today.I needed to get the top page funnies done for the advance diary drafts, then the drafts themselves done.

Also. The paperwork had mounted up enough to worry me a little. Endless letters, bills etcetera in need of reviewing and then filing away.

And the builder’s notices relating to heaters, cladding, windows, balconies, times and ETAs, Nottingham City Homes about rent, social events, the Fire Alarm Strobe, training days, Sprinkler installations, New Communication System set-up… All too much for me to tackle, comprehend or understand, at this moment.

The blog demands needed catching up with first; I thought.

0100hrs: Made a start on this diary, then at 0435hrs, started to finish off yesterday’s post.

0558hrs: Got it completed. Phew!

0609hrs: Made a brew. Then on CorelDraw to get the page tops all sorted for the advanced drafting.

0915hrs: I’ve still not got the top graphics all done. The concentration is still not right. Errors and mistakes.

I put the kettle on and sorted the waste bin bags out. Took three of them to the refuse chute, and returned to make a mug of Assam tea.

Back to the computer, and Herbert upstairs started knocking and tapping again. The weekend once more, innit. I’d love to know what it is he’s making.

Opened a tin of tomatoes into a saucepan. Added a drop of balsamic vinegar and white wine vinegar and vinegarette to them. Chopped some fresh tomatoes up and combined them with some tomato puree and basil. Crossed fingers, it will taste alright. I’ve got some streaky smoked bacon to go in the oven later, and I’ll add these to the saucepan after they are cooked through properly.

0944hrs: Back on to CorelDraw and designed the last graphics needed. Then started on WordPress to get the drafts done.

1054hrs: Got all of the page headers and finished off. At last!

Made another mug of tea did the WordPress reading. But WordPress would not let me, the page did not open. Tried on Google and got in, so I replied to the comments while on there, cause Firefox will not allow me to. But Chrome will not let me edit, well, it will, but it will not save?!?!?!

I fear a calamity is due here.

Had a go on Facebooking, fingers crossed. Computer slow again.

Had a dizzy. Too long on the computer perhaps. Turned everything off and got the nosh going.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

The skies threatened heavy rain, but it didn’t arrive. Just a few spots here and there.

Noises from above again, no idea where from really, though.

Felt very vague and airy-fairy suddenly. Took a while for this sensation to leave.

Checked the bacon in the oven, the tray bottom had a quarter-of-an-inch of water in it. How much water do they put in bacon nowadays? It needed longer to try and crisp it up.

Turning the rashes over, I found out how hot the water was. Huh!

Everything tasted great, I thought I might have overdone the seasoning in the tomatoes, but it was alright. The bacon wasn’t crispy enough, but still enjoyable. The expensive sourdough bread I’d bought from Sainsbury’s was terrific and flavoursome.

Rated this one at 9.4/10.

Washing the pots and I thought I heard screaming from outside, which confused me cause twelve-floors up, there is no way I should have been able to hear it?

I had a look out of the window but could see nothing untoward. Well, apart from the hilarious parking of the resident’s vehicles blocking safe access for any emergency fire brigade vehicles.

I could concentrate on nothing much now, fatigue and weariness dawned. So I did the Health Checks and took the tablets. Then, got down in the recliner. Put the TV on, assured that this would help me fall asleep, which it did.

Regrettably, after I’d sank into slumber and was in the middle of a dream involving Nurse Nichole; The flipping Strobe and Pillow shaker fire alarms activated! Humph! Of course, this meant struggling out of the £300 second-hand recliner, stubbing my toe en route to the door of the flat, checking the handle with the back of my hand for any heat, opening it, and listening for any activation alarms. Then going to the kitchen window and opening it and looking for signs of any Fire Engines attending below, then trapping my finger in the frame as I closed the window. One more final stubbing of the same toe as I went in the wet room for a wee-wee. The alarm had not gone through to the monitoring station anyway.

Getting back to sleep proved impossible. The mind had been disturbed and gone into one of its “Fretting, worrying, fearing about everything and nothing modes. Grr!

I think I watched more TV in one go than I have since I bought the TV set three years or so ago. It was all puerile hogwash being shown, yet I just lay there hoping that some slumber might be on the way for me.

I decided after I don’t know how long, to get a drink of Clementine juice from the fridge. Bad decision. Another toe-stubbing suffered! Yet again the left big toe! Of course, this was throbbing away now, so nodding off took me ages and ages…

Humph and Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 30th January 2018

Tuesday 30th January 2018

Irish: Dé Máirt 30 Eanáir 2018

0205hrs: Woke up and found scribble on the notepad about a dream I had earlier. Seems a bit disorientated but this writing is all I had to go on: Dead, not unhappy… searching for someone to talk to. Found hundreds in a long queue… none would speak to me, all feeling sad and missing friends and family – felt sorry for them… Started playing hopscotch in the hope they would join in and cheer up; they lifted me and threw me down a builder’s rubbish funnel… I landed on the recliner in the flat, minus a leg, but had a wooden stump painted in red white and blue? Odd!

The ailments this morning were mostly very kind to me. Only the Inchies Lesion and Harry Hernia were any bothers. I sat there pondering, clutching for something I knew that needed attention today, but the grey-cells must have been still asleep. Irritating this is.

Eventually, I removed the unwilling bulbous body from the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications etc. I noticed that the pulse was slowly getting lower? 100 – 92 – 84, now 81. I hope the battery isn’t running out inside the ticker? Hehe!

Made a brew and quaffed the medications.

I had used one of the Assam tea bags this time and left it to stew and brew for three minutes before drinking any of it. Very nice! But I had to let it go cold, as the innards abruptly started churning and rumbling, and off on an urgent mission to the Porcelain Throne room!

A terribly tricky and long messy affair. Haemorrhoid Harold and Inchies Lesion both bleeding, compounded the tortuous, yucky, disagreeable situation even more. By the time I’d sorted and cleaned everything after the evacuation, and got back to the kitchen, the mug of tea was stone-cold!

I brewed another mug of tea. The Twinings Extra Strong Old English this time. Another great tasting one.

Got the computer on and finished off the Monday Diary, then started this one going.

I got as far as here and then had a perusal of the WordPress Reader. Some great posts on here, today.

Moved on to comment responding next.

0510hrs: Made another brew and went on Facebook, a lot of catching up to do on it required to be done.

Had to finish a little prematurely, to get the ablutions tended to. The shave and doing the teggies went alright, but it was a wretched medicalisationing session. The shower was grand.

I took the black bags to the chute on the way out.

I doddered down to the Obergruppenfurheresses Hut, the feet we soon hurting, but the ailments were all, each and every one of them being kind to me! The EQ was worried and, apprehensiveness about this incredible event. Hehe!

In the shed were about eight tenants, all keeping warm while they awaited the arrival of the bus. Outside, stood six smoker-residents at the stop.

Those residents inside were given the story of my farce with the jacket zip from yesterday. Nice to see them laughing. I listened to the gossip of the day, and we all went to the request stop together. I must say, I’ve never seen so many folks at the flats get on a bus before.

I, along with three others, got off the bus at the bottom of Winchester Street Hill. Turned left on Mansfield Road down the incline and visited the Continental Food Shop. Made my way straight to the cooked meat counter and bought three slices of Polish roasted pork. Then to the bread section and got a small slice loaf. They are expensive at £1.59 for 400g, but they do taste wonderfully satisfying. I had a walk around the shelves and purchased a can of beef and vegetable stew. Paid the man and departed up the hill and to the Wilko Store.

Where I have to admit, I got carried away repurchasing things. I spent a long time pottering around but got some things that they were out of last week, while they had them in stock. Washing Fabric Softener and Two Fragrance Enhancers, both scented with Freesia & Y-Lang, which I find very pleasant when used in the laundry. A Lemon scented floor cleaner liquid. Anti-bacterial Lemon-impregnated floor cleaner sheets. Ginko tablets on offer at £1.20. Three of the small Citrus men’s deodorant sprays, and three packets of nuts. Nearly £20 gone. Overspent again! Tsk!

I got a call on the mobile while walking up the hill. Nottingham City Homes to tell me they are calling on Thursday to have another look at the Strobe and Pillow Alarm.

I called in at the Dentist Stalag Surgery to confirm my next appointment date and time. But came out after seeing the length of the queue of fellow patients at the desk. This was the reason for my withdrawal; combined with the coughing and sneezing from the people and the intimidating scowls from the receptionists that indicated to me they would be happier if I sodded-off. So, I did!

Up to the Sherwood bus stop. The board indicated it was 20 minutes past the hour. The L9 bus being due at 27 minutes gone the hour, I thought I’d catch it. But no, of course not!

I waited until 38 minutes past, then started to walk it back to the flats. A touch confused at this.

I took the route over the hill, down to the gate and up through Woodthorpe Grange Park.

Apart from the heavy weight of the bag and its contents, plus the feet hurting and stinging most uncomfortably (Agony almost, well, maybe not, but positively painful, Hehe!), I did enjoy the hobble back through the greenery and seeing the dogs taking their owner for a walk.

And the sun came out, giving me an opportunity to try and take a moody photo at the top of the footpath. It came out not too bad as it happened.

I turned right and saw the poor Tree Copse in front of me, looking all bare, abandoned and somewhat forlorn.

I reckoned it would be a good idea if I walked down the hill through the Copse and took some photographs as I walked down and came out at the bottom field.

I got to the entry of the path through the trees and nearly had a Whoopsidangleplop or Accifauxpa as I slipped and very-nearly slipped  over on the muddy surface

So I rerouted and used the gravel footpath, instead!

I got some flaring on the photo I took half-way down to the flats.

A little disappointed with this I was. Humph!

A bit tricky at the bottom of the path, with mud and what looked like oil across the trail?

I got indoors and up to the apartment, and put the unwanted, unnecessary and unneeded purchases away.

Got the computer on, and two hours later I’d updated this load of blather up to here.

Got the Health Checks and medications taken. Updated the Diaries, written and Google.

Then I tended to the nosh and got the chips in the oven cooking.

Had a go at Facebooking while I waited.

Delicious pork and tomato sandwiches. Stilton cheese, potato & bacon balls and chips, sliced apple and beetroot.

Lemon Curd yoghourts for dessert.

I ate the lot of it! With a certain relish as well!

Rang Brother-in-law Pete, it’s his 70th today. Had a good gossip, cut short by the wet warm sensation from my lower regions.

More bleeding, I’m getting bleeding fed-up with this!

‘Herbert’ banging away merrily up above.

Weariness and fatigue come again.

I settled down to watch some TV and waited for the Strobe Pillow Alarm to activate. Either it didn’t, or I was too tired and deep in sleep to feel it. For I was in the land of Nod very soon.