Fri 28 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today: Progress made!

Friday 28th August 2015


0045hrs: Gave up trying to sleep cause I was waking every few minutes anyway – me mind racing and me body aching from the usual complaints and the results of yesterdays Dizzy-spell Whoopsiedangleplop. Huh!

Lay for a few minutes thinking and assessing me knocks and bruises.

BJ coming later so we can move the stuff left to bring to the flat from the house. After I managed in a rather slow cumbersome and embarrassing fashion to get missen up off the floor, I visited the porcelain, then hobbled into the kitchen and made a big cuppa.

Got the laptop on and finished yesterdays diary, then started this one and did some graphics.

Coughing as well now, and had another dizzy when I went to make another cuppa cause the first one went cold. Not a bad one though.

Sat a while and pondered on me hopes that the plans made yesterday with Steve from Age UK will come to fruition soon, and I can get the old house out of my mind and concentrate on this flat and getting it sorted.

Went for a heavy duty action in the bathroom and thought to myself how calm the duodenal ulcer is, the haemorrhoids were not bleeding hardly at all, the reflux valve was calm, even the skin cancer wound had stopped itching. Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were only fairly bad – so overall medically speaking, apart from me newly acquired knocks from yesterday, I was in good form! And I’d found both me hearing-aids and wrist-alarm on me first effort to find them! With the fresh hopes of getting things moving on the house selling front, it seemed all systems go.

This little musing session cheered missen up a bit it did.

Me second cup of tea had also gone cold, so I made a third one – with grim determination to drink this one.

Did some graphicationalisationing in Coreldraw.

Bath and change of togs – Cuppa and a pot of porridge.

BJ rang he’ll be here in an hour or so.

IMG_0135Met him outside and he ran me to the Audio Clinic to get some hearing-aid batteries, then to the old house. Where we set about sorting the last of the things needed for the flat – it filled his car.

Dusty tired and sweating we got back to the flat and unloaded the stuff, stuff to IMG_0134the lift, stuff and us in the lift, stuff up to the 12th floor, stuff and us out of the lift, stuff and us to the flat door, stuff and us into the flat and bedroom to join the other bags and boxes awaiting attention and sorting.

Here is BJ carrying possibly the last bag of stuff from the flea-pit into the flat – and the heaviest of all the bags today.

A much longed for action, that without BJ and Duncan would not have been possible.

Of course I still have to get in touch with Steve from Age UK on Tuesday – and that challenge has been known to fail a few times over the last few weeks…. Oh dear! To arrange for him to collect the keys.

IMG_0136I popped into the front room, (well there is no back or side room, just the front and the bedroom) and observed the many bags and bo’s awaiting sorting in there too.

But it didn’t phase me this time, knowing that hopefully things will get moving next Tuesday, and soon I can forget all about the old place… I pray!

IT suddenly awned on me – today is Friday, flipping ‘eck, the clinic!

BJ ran me down into Sherwood where I could catch a bus to the City Hospital and the GUM clinic – I thanked him for all his help, slipped him some petrol money and shook his hand.

While at the bus-stop I got a missed unknown call on me mobile – and noticed the reminder for the Clinic was not showing like it usually does? I checked and found it is for next Friday not this one. Oh I did feel a fool – but at least I didn’t arrive there and look a clot this time – Tsk!

Got back to the flat and got some nosh on, started this new laptop and it indicted it was loading with the circle of dots going round… for half an hour!

I thought I’d have to take it back to the  liars conmen and nasties at PC World nd didn’t like that idea. I started the old laptop to punch in a queries about the new one not loading and got an idea and forced closed the new laptop and restarted it… Phew it worked, this time anyway. Risked putting in sleep mode while I had me nosh.

IMG_0137Enjoyed it, but for ome reason couldn’t finish it all.

Eyes to big again.

Chips, beans, tomatoes, onion rings, last of me veggie bacon and bread thins. Rated it 8.2/10.

Washed me pots and pans as the sunshine came out.

Restarted the laptop (okay) and updated this diary. Did some graphics.

Kentucky Angel Angie has 7 days to go to her moving apartments and is so excited. I hope it all works out for her and she really is comfy and content in the new place.

Me knee and feet were bad, but the other ailments under control like.

Head down really early even for me!

I’ve had one of me easiest day for ages, but feel so drained?

TTFN all.

Thu 27 Aug 15: Inchcock Today: Struggling!

Thursday 27th August 2015


0245hrs: I just knew as soon as I woke up that I’d been dreaming and nightmaring away – but I could not remember a single detail or bit about the actual dreams, only a sense that they weren’t good.

Thought about meeting Steve from UK later today at the old house and hoped some progress could be made.

For some reason I thought the clock read 0445hrs and wondered why I felt so tired after sleeping in late for me? Made a cuppa and took me medications, started the laptop and realised when it loaded the time was actually now 0254hrs? So I must remember I’ve already taken me morning medications!

I checked that I’d put me hearing-aids in the right place, the centre drawer in me wonderful 1967 G-Plan cabinet – and found me wrist-alarm. Things were looking up this morning. Hehe.

IanH03Started today’s diary off. Then got carried away again with an idea for a graphic for the Beetroot Protection League in Burnley.

Cost me few hours to get it right mind.

But being as I had time this morning I used it doing graphics instead of getting the flat sorted out… Guilt ridden I tell you, I am…

Going to meet Age Concern’s Steve at last for help with the house sorting and selling – I bet I’m no further advanced after our meeting? Lack of confidence in someone who talks well but does little – still it’s not costing me money, just frustrations.

Finished me graphicalisationing, did emails, Facebooking and when I stood up to go and get a wash shave and you know what – Arthur Itis complained rather nastily – might take me stick with me today – but maybe not, I’m bound to lose if I do. Tsk!

By gum how time flies.

I should have time to do a bit of WordPressing after me bath and shave… I hope.

Back in a bit…

Had a bash on t’internet and after a while BJ rang, he is on his way in 15 minutes.

Got down to meet him in front of the flats, bless his cotton socks I’d be lost without him completely.

We went to the house and I walked to the chemist – where I found my prescriptions were not ready until the Friday after next? Made a minor Whoopsiedangleplop there didn’t I?

On the way back to the house I met my old neighbour and had a chat with her. She had been trying to sell her house for a while but has now rented it to a friend of hers. Not encouraging that news.

Got back to the house and BJ had made a start sorting for me already – no stopping him is there. Hehe.

We spent a good two hours or more sorting and I was not in a good state by then. The knees and feet were very painful and I felt drained – then Steve from Age UK arrived and I must admit I told him straight about the lack of help and movement in getting things sorted. Give the man credit he accepted my criticism and came back and promised me that I could sell the house after clearing it of my stuff needed, without cleaning it up, for a lot less naturally – but said he would sort it all out for me.

On Tuesday I have to phone him to tell him all the stuff I need at the new flat had been cleared from the house and (He says) the only time I would be needed at the house after that is a few occasions to sign paperwork!

That sounded really good to me, but his record in answering my phone calls and text messages in the past have been lamentable.

I live in hope. I think BJ was surprised at my forwardness (I was!) on this occasion. But I was so frustrated, tired and worried about the money running out – all I want to do is get this place off my mind so I can concentrate on the tons of work and sorting still needed at the new place, so I can enjoy it a bit before I croak out. As I told them earlier.

Now I mustn’t get too hopeful knowing my luck.

I went into the kitchen to finish packing some stuff and the same thing that happened the other day, did again – just as I was bending I got a dizzy come on and went over backwards this time. Yet again I was lucky someone was there, they hauled me up and I am now the owner of newly bruised ribs and left wrist. Tsk!

BJ departed saying he will call me in the morrow and lift me and collect the things stacked ready to move that I require at the flat, and have another check around to see if I’ve missed owt. So one, maybe two more efforts will be needed and hopefully I will never have to go there to work again.

Steve went up with me to sort if I needed owt from the attic and carried some down for me. We came across some old photos that was glad about finding.

Steve left when I did and I thanked him.

As I walked to the bus-stop I realised that along with me ribs and wrist, my big right toe was giving me some gip – When will it all end! Hehehe!

01topa2Caught a bus into Sherwood, too late to catch an L8 or L9 bus up the hill, so I waked up and through Woodthorpe Park and down to the flats. I was actually singing to myself despite the rain starting – I mustn’t get too excited eh?

I called into the Co-op and got a pack bread thins en route, cause I forgot I got one yesterday – Humpf!

Weary and aching so I got back to the flat and made me monster salad for later.

01topa2aPut the bread thins in the freezer, made a cuppa and perused my bruises and blue big toe.

Laptop on and updated this diary like.

I thought how lucky I am really, having BJ and Dunc helping me out.

And hopefully close to getting the old place sorted, even if I get a lot less than market value for it – it will be a blessing to get rid of the hassle and worry… if it all works out of course.

Now, after being lifted by events of the day, I find I’m back to worrying about how it will go – Wotaplonker!

Can’t wait for next Tuesday to see how it goes, it’s a start anyway. Crossed fingers, even if Arthur Itis didn’t like me doing that.

Well drained but surprisingly hopeful I got the quilt and me aching limbs down on the floor, read me book a while, mused over tomorrows jobs to be done, and got off to sleep very quickly. Although I kept waking up, I could understand why with new pains every-time I moved, coughed or passed wind, along with fretting about things.

Hey-ho – I hope things are now in Defcon 2 and a go! You know?

Sat 18 July 2015: Inchcock Today – Huh!

Saturday 18th July 2015


Went to kip late last night and soon nodded off into a deep sleep for two hours – after that I was waking every half hour it seemed, filled with dread and apprehension in response to dreams?

I can’t recall a lot about them just bits here and there. Being chased again, underwater and helping a surgeon remove me fingers who kept squirting WD40 onto them?

Bolt awake late around 0640hrs. WC’d and found the fresh cream cakes I’d had delivered with last nights Tesco visit lying on the heater in the hall – Huh!

Made a cuppa titivated the kitchen and returned to the WC. Mmm?

Laptop on and got yesterdays diary done and posted. Much stuff to respond to on Facebook. So I went on there for a good while then started a post for the LOMM site.

Despite the sunshine it’s cold this morning. I’m not opening the window, I can see the trees swaying violently in the wind – that is also coming into the kitchen via the hole in the wall – Tsk!

0702WC’d. Had a good scrub up and shave, got me togs on, got the washing ready in the bag – remembering to take the softener and soap capsule with me and set off down the laundry room.

Met me next flat neighbour as we both opened our door together. Had a little chin-wag, then to the lift and down.

No one in the laundry room so I got the machine going. Went out into the foyer to read me book, the plan was to have a little walk and take some photographs while the drier was on, cause that takes an hour.

I’d forgot to take me book down with me. So went back up and got it, brought it back down and sat in one of the high easy hairs to read it. I kept nodding off, and each time someone came in or out, the Tannoy blasted out “There is CCTV in operation in this building” to wake me and I got funny looks from whoever came in or out. Hehe! Did more kipping than reading I think.

0703Got me togs put away and despite the vicious looking wind I went out for a walk up to the park.

I took this photo of the stubby grass being blown in the wind to show how hard the wind was a-blowing.

Decided not to go too far.

0706On the way up the hill from the back of the flats the hillside has so many daisies bravely blossoming in the grass defying the cruel winds.

Up to the top and passing the kids play area – even with the wind (mind you I had me new hearing aid-batteries in wot I installed earlier) I could hear and lip-read the language being thrown about verbally by the parents and kids themselves… very crude!

0705Over the other side of the hill was some Pitch and Putt players enjoying a game.

I was a bit nervous in case a stray sliced shot came in my direction like?

I turned and took a photo of Woodthorpe an Winchester Court from a different angle, to ones I did earlier.

0704It was getting more windy than ever – I bet the pitch and putters were cursing it when they had to putt?

Then I wandered to the left and the gravel path that leads down to the flats, the one the local dog owners use daily for their dogs to relieve themselves and took one from the front side of the flats.

0703aI noticed that the three flats immediately above mine each had some balcony furniture in use.

I only got two hairs in the flat yet. Tsk!

I returned wind-battered to the flats and visited the WC and made a cuppa.

Then I found two letters on the floor that had been delivered. More Bills! One for me and one for Margaret the previous tenant, both from Severn-Trent.

I cleaned out me hearing-aid accoutrements bag that had got wet and dirty when I moved them in. I took a photo of them on the kitchen window and noticed the Emergency Alarm wrist band button there – and thought, hang-on, if I’m paying for this service as I am… why should the monitoring station phone up yesterday to tell me the battery power was showing too low and have me test it through their line, then tell me they would inform Nottingham City Homes and when i mentioned this to those in charge at the Community shed, they just said I’ll come and have a look Monday or Tuesday? Not on that! Swines!

0701I mentioned the trouble I’ve been having with maintenance people to a bloke yesterday, the lock being fitted and not working, the giant hole in the wall no one seemed interested in etc. and he said:”Tell me about it, yer can’t get owt done properly here!” and he tutted, shook his head mumbled summat and went off to this flat. Don’t bode well does it?

DSCF0150Made me nosh. cheesey beans, bacon and beetroot.

I enjoyed this too.

Hell of a job to get the pans clean afterwards. Huh!

Did a bit of Facebooking and took me medications.

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today: Monday 29th December 2014

Monday 29th December 2014

Up at 0015hrs.


When I kept waking up before I actually got up – I recall telling myself several times to remember the dreams, but didn’t write anything down on me pad. So nothing at all is left of the dreams in my mind this morning.


Went down and made a cuppa then returned to get the laptop going to do me posts for ‘The League of Mental Men’ and start this diary.

01M02After a few hours when I was creating the Letter to LOMM post – the damned vacillating, fly-by-night, untrustworthy conning BT Internet went down again – lost the lot and had to redo it all.

May BT rot in hell and their top boss Chief executive Gavin Patterson who will be able to earn a maximum of £7m a year in the top job under a revamped pay policy at the telecoms company die a slow painful death with customers present and having a bloody good cheer and laugh! – Nothing personal like, just venting my frustration you see. I wouldn’t like to see the pompous silver-spoon fed chap die slowly over two days really… over five days perhaps! Bitter? Me? Gits!

Up and down resetting the hub repeatedly, closing internet down and opening, turning off and resetting the laptop for a second time seemed to get it back on. Grrrr!

01M02aMade another cuppa and created some very pretty tea stain patterns on the stair carpet and me dressing gown on me way back up em. My fingers were sticking a bit this morning, damnable Arthur Itis again.

Biggest fret bothering me now is if I’ll be able to get to the bus stop safely to get into town (Where I hope the ice on the pavements will have been treated) to get me glasses from the opticians and bus to the hospital for me INR Warfarin level tests.


Cuppa and took me medications. Angina not bad at all, piles hurting but not bleeding, Arthritis hands and knees I must say are not good, ulcer no bother and the turmoil for me innards seems to be easing nicely.

Got myself abluted – struggled a bit with taking the socks off and clean ones on, always thinking about the ice that I’ve got to walk on later.

WC’d. Stomach rumbling a bit…

Set out very gingerly into the Arctic looking street and perambulated my worn knees and overweight body along with the bags down to the end of the street. As I turned right that bit of road and pavement was worse than the one I’d just come off of!

Felt a right fool creeping along nervously trying to avoid the worst of the ice – took me yonks to get to the cut-through to Mansfield Road, and that was a bit dodgy as well.

Even Mansfield Road’s pavements were still dangerous to walk on for an old twit like wot I am.

I got to the bus-stop and as one pulled up I suddenly realised it might not be 0930hrs yet for me to use me bus-pass? The kind driver told me and the lady behind me were a little early, but we can take a seat if we swipe our bus-passes as we get off the bus. That was nice of him. Thank you Sir!

So we did.

Swiped the bus-pass and got off and went into Tesco in Victoria Centre… my weakness for their fresh cream French Horns had taken me over again. Tsk! Of course I got a four cake box mix for the nurses at the Haematology department and told myself that was why I went into Tesco.

Hardly any snow in the City Centre.

01M02bThen popped into the cheapo shop and got 4 more Lion bars at 4 for a quid. (Another weakness but hey-ho!).

Then off to catch the Y36 bus to the Queens Medical Centre for my INR blood tests. Another good chappy driver, a rarity for that bus company, very smooth ride. Thank him too!

01M04When I got to the entrance of the hospital the ice again became a problem that needed careful thought and manoeuvring like. Not many people about.

I got in and took me ticket and joined the waiting queue.

Got me Operation Sea-Lion book out and read some of it.

As my number came closer to being called I thought I’d get me Anticoagulation form out and fill it in… but could I find it? I’d got me Opticians letter…

My number was called and I went in and told the nurse that I could not find me form but was sure I picked it up… A loud (probably the loudest I’ve ever heard) Tut, and I could see the look on her face meant she was not going to phone them up on the 4th floor for me – so I tended ‘I’ll go up the Anticoagulation and get a copy shall I?’ ‘You’d better!’

I gave them their nibbles and treats to make the bag lighter on me way up to get a copy of me record.

The lifts had massive queues so I walked up the stairs to the clinic (Painfully).

I think the lady on reception is getting used to my forgetting or losing me record card. She gave me a look of resignation along with her well perfected ‘Silly old sod’ stare and got me a copy straight away bless her.

I limped down back to the haematology and they took me blood and I was off back outside. In the hour and a half I was in the hospital, the snow had actually started to thaw… just a tad mind.

 Caught a bus back into town and made me way to the opticians. Got me googles fitted and walked up to the NHS Audiology Centre on the Ropewalk for me hearing-aid batteries – it was closed.

So I walked down to Specsavers (All this walking carrying me bags should be getting me fit… or something) where I got some for £2.99 a pack two years ago when the same thing happened and the NHS clinic was closed. They are now £4.99 a pack!

I thought it best if I got some bread in to freeze in case the weather stops me awandering like. I called at the Pound shop but they didn’t have any in, well they did but it only had one day left on its sell-by date.

01M05Then I walked through the slab suare on me way to Poundland to look for bread.

There’s a take-away stall I’d not noticed before next to the ice-rink. Busy it was too, and the chips customers were eating smelt and looked nice too. Having a will of steel like wot I have (Lie mode engaged) I was not tempted in the least to get any cause me GP told me not to eat em. 

01M06I got to the Poundland shop and they didn’t have any bread in at all.

As I came to the crossing near the Victoria centre mall again the pedestrians were not in the least bit interested in whatever the crossing lights were indicating. There’s been a few accidents if that’s the word on this corner in the past, I’ve seen two and the pedestrians were at fault each time, yet still they plod over the road using their mobile phones or ipods whatever against the lights. Tsk!

Luckily I only saw a few mobility scooters around today – perhaps the maniac drivers are still sozzled from Christmas?

I decided not to get any bread in town, but call at the Co-op in Carrington on the way back to the dump.

01M03As I turned the corner towards the bus-stop, I thought how nice it was that they had kept the old Victoria train station clock and tower when they built the shopping centre.

They are making many hanges to modernise it now – I hope the clock and tower don’t get pulled down.

Got the bus and dropped off on Mansfield road, the pavements were not as bad as earlier, but not good either yet. I called in the Co-op and they had no bread.

Carefully once more to obviate any accidents I took me time nervously manoeuvring over the ice and got to the flea-pit – WC’d.

As I emptied the bag I found the INR record sheet that I’d used as a page marker in me book! Well blow me down with a feather duster, fancy me doing that!

Tsk! Nothing from the mail-man.

Made me sandwiches ready for later and did a bit of facebooking.

Prayed for Frankie in America who has had massive surgery. A grand chap and battler.

Patti Bekert a friend of both me and Frankie is not too well herself and she’s had surgery recently, but she is supporting Frankie… two great cyber pals.

Tried to watch a DVD but could not concentrate.

Inchcock Today: Tuesday 18th November 2014

Tuesday 18th November 2014

Awoke around 0500hrs, feeling no warmth or wetness from the lower regions, just tenderness?

Only a few dribbles of blood when I washed and Cortisone creamed him.


New Street-Furniture in Carrington

Made a cuppa, and sorted out the laundry things ready for my mammoth washing trip.

Read a bit of me book with a cuppa and took me medications.

Set off for the launderette got as far as the new street furniture (See photo) and realised I had not got me hearing aids in as soon I nearly walked in front of a car, so returned to get them – but where were they?

I searched all over but could not find them getting annoyed with myself now.

I decided to have another look for them after I’d finished the washing.


Commuters on their way to the City this morning

Set off again to the launderette.

The traffic into town had seemed to come to a stop outside the launderette as I arrived to ogle and desire the launderette lady… I mean do the washing.

I got the two machines going and had a walk back to the flea-pit and had another search for the hearing aids. After much frustration I found them on top of the radio? Immediately I spotted them I remembered putting them there… oh dear, the mind doing its own thing again?

I returned to the launderette.

The missing hearing-aids on my mind I forgot to put the freshener into the machine, then forgot to put me balls in the drier.

02T04Sad innit?

Big John arrived at the launderette – he’s got a stinking cold and warned everyone to keep their distance. Poor old John.

Took a photo of him as he did his washing, I’ll send it to him later to cheer him up.

Poddled back to the prison, and got things ready to go out shopping to Bulwell for some bread. I’m still on cold food until I can get some help fetching a new microwave.

02T05I put some stale bread and bird-seed in me bag and had a bit of a walk to the tram stop on the Forest and caught the Tram into Bulwell.

I spotted two squirrels on the top of some dirty bins and scrambled to get me camera to take a shot of them – but they were off too quickly for me.

When I got off and walked over the 02T07bridge, there was a large count of 02T06mallards I (my favourite ducks) in the river Lean underneath.

So I fed them the bread, and the pigeons arrived on the bank who I also fed. As I gave the bird seed to the pigeons some mallards climbed out and actually ate the seed?

I walked to Iceland and got some bread.

Then to Fulton’s foods and got some lollies.

Then to Herons and got more lollies.

Hobbled to the bus and I caught one back to the hoppit.

As I got back and put me bits away – fatigue overcame me and all I could do was get me head down, and the sleep came easily… perhaps too easily?

I slept through until 2300hrs – missing my evening medications. Some, like the Warfarin must not be taken if over 2 hours late. So I just took the statins, trental and painkillers late.

Not having washed earlier or tended to the ‘Inch’ I did so.

02T08Bleeding not too bad with little ‘Inch’.

Laptop on and updated this tosh.

Angina started playing up again. Tsk!

WC – and oh boy did ‘Inch’ come alive – blood in abundance!

Double Tsk!

Inchcock Today: Monday 27th October 2014



Monday 27th October 2014

I woke at around 0230hrs, read a bit of me book and managed to nod off again while doing so. Unusual that!

Sprang awake again at 0315hrs and remembered it is my day for posting to the League of Mental Men site.


So I had to gerrup smartish to get em done and posted because I really must get to the Queens Medical hospital for me tests early as I can to avoid the crush and rush of last Monday when I went latish.

Laptop seemed to working okay this morning, slow but working and after a bit of kerfuffle Coreldraw let me in. So I did my weekly diary first cause that is the longest.

Got carried away with it and realised I was late go out early for the bus to town as it was drizzling.

I ran (Ran, did I say ran? Slight exaggeration there methinks) up to do me prettifying and tend to the bleeding ‘Inch’.

Made sure I’d got the stuff for the Hospice shop, bus-pass camera etc.

Limped rapidly, (that’s more the wording!) to the bus stop. Felt such a fool when I tried to get on and use me bus-pass Tsk! The driver pointed out that I was too early to use it!

Confused a mite I got off the bus somewhat red-faced.

I then realised I had in fact yesterday not put me wall clock that fell off the wall back an hour! Hey-ho.

0102Limped rapidly as I could into town and caught a bus to the Queens Medical Centre where I noticed they had hoisted a new English and NHS flag at the entrance to the premises from the Derby Road entrance. and a bloke must have been suicidal as he looked at more than the traffic?

I wonder just what the inimitable 0103arapacious predatory David Cameron would have to say about that folks.

I hobbled into the waiting area, well full it were, took a ticket and waited me turn like a good little boy should.

When I got in there was a trainee nurse who asked if she could do me. Well, the answers that came to mind had to stopped from coming out in me voice like if yer know worra mean. I said “Yes please” but she was so nervous she didn’t catch me innuendo.

0102aShe decided to take the scenic route into me vein bless her.

I left the nurses their nibbles said me farewells and went off to catch a bus back to town – not as easy as it sounds as it turned out.

When the first one arrived, i picked me bags up and the handle on one parted company with the rest of the bag. By the time I’d sorted it out the bus was long gone.

The next one which I didn’t want pulled up, and the one that came behind that one, which I did want drove straight passed it.

The third one pulled up a little far down the road, and I only just limped to it in time!

0103It dropped us off at Broad Marsh Centre, where I had hopped to get a couple of ready meals, but Heron had nowt in I fancied, but I foolishly bought some iced suckers, that by the time I got home was liquid. (Wotta clot I am).

Then I meandered on me limping way through the Centre and espied a DVD shop lurking in the mall. (Fatal for me bank account that!).

I had a look and found the new New Tricks DVD was in so decided to treat missen again – when I reached into me back pocket for the £20 note, which is what the DVD cost to pay em – I realised I’d left that £2o note in the bathroom when I changed trousers. Good job I’d got me cash card with me… or was it?

0104I was about to take a photo of some pigeons in the slab square and a female community officer came into view and she was staggering about a bit – drunk, drugged or in trouble I thought – better go and ask her if she’s alright… but another CPO arrived before I could get to her. So I left em to it like.

Plodded on a bit more towards the bus stop in the City centre and failed to resist going in the pound Shop to get a few extra bits for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop to add to the bits in me bag.

0105As I got to the top of Kings Street the traffic was at a standstill, with a Private Hire car parked right across the pedestrian crossing. I didn’t say, the driver had a beard a scowling expression on his face and looked like a big un to me.

Being a natural born coward I walked on and caught the bus to Sherwood.

0106Dropped off and left me stuff for em.

As I was walking back to Carrington (painfully) I spotted the alcoholic mobility scooter driver belting over road at the traffic light.

By the time I’d got me camera out they had long gone on their journey to  the pub, bless em.

Jealous? Me?

Poddled back to the crumbling shack, urgent visit to the WC. Laptop started, cuppa made, medications taken, ‘Inch’ tended to and updated this non-fascinating load of… oh someone at the door.

No hearing aids in, I think they were Jehovah Witnesses. I see plenty of them lately all around town in groups waving their pamphlets.

JaneyoAh well, I’ll post this then have a quick flurry on the web, facebook check me emails and get summat to eat.

Oh I forgot, Sister Jane got in touch, she’s got to have some x-rays, I emailed her and said if it was not on Monday or Tuesday I can go with her like, keep her pecker up a bit. She’s not keen on hospitals bless her cotton socks.

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today: Sat 20th Sept 14

Saturday 20th September 2014


What a state I was in this morning when I woke up at 0430hrs – double suffering!


The legs were in agony – perhaps I’d been having cramps in the night? Applied some pain gel.

And as for me Inch – it was so painful, sore and swollen. I washed the little mite and put some cream on it. Mind you, with the swelling it had grown considerably, unfortunately so had the pain. It reminded me of a very tender mini Olympic torch.

0529hrs: Came down without ablutionising and started laptop, made a cuppa and took medications.

Found a message on me mobile from EE informing me I was near the end of my allowance – I can thank the money grabbing BT for that with all the time I spent waiting on the line for their so called advisor’s. Huh!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANoticed some cones and a wheelie bin in the road opposite the flea-pit. Vandals or work to take place today?

Windows downloads arrived; I hope they do not stop me saving graphics in colour in Coreldraw9 later?

I’ll make a start on drafting this and doing graphics for it, then get missen 0707satready for a walk (hobble) into town to have a look at the War Life display in the slab square. Oh… and have a look for a hearing aid suitable phone.

Pain Report Update:

My Inch is easing a bit now, not so tender or bleeding. But of course I’m bound to catch it, knock it, squash it or bang it when I dress or bend…

Angina starting to get a bit bothersome, knees (Especially the  left one) giving me gip still. Had a shave, strip wash, applied me gels, creams and deodorants then changed into me walking togs.

As I was carefully coming down the stairs safely, I could not remember if I’d turned off the taps properly, so hobbled back up and checked. I had. But on me second trip down the stairs I had a little dizzy, and closed my legs sharpishly as I held onto the banister rail – I felt the blood running down me legs. And I said; “Well fancy that!” Or something similar.

Waited a while into the spell had cleared and went back up to change the bandage.

I very gently made my way back the stairs afterwards, and got me things ready for me hobble into town.

Remembering for once, just what I had to do on my ‘outing’.

Call at the BBC War display in town – Go to the Chinese shop to see if they had any plain seaweed – Call into the hearing shop to see if they had an assisted hearing telephone then go to Broad Marsh Centre to see if they had any cheapo DVDs I might like, cause then I could give em to the Nottingham Hospice shop on Monday.

Rather pleased with myself for remembering all this, I wrote a list to remind meself later. Good stuff this yer know.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI set off, fed a few pigeons on the green belt of Carrington (A patch of weeds near Mugger’s walk through to Mansfield Road).

As I turned right, I noticed the plastic box with the flowers in, and Carrington moulded on the side, had been cleaned up. Gone were the condoms, crushed empty beer cans and babies rattle from yesterday.

I was going to call in the launderette to see the gal there, but it was really busy, so I 0702satdidn’t call in the launderette to see the gal there.

Near the Forest ground i noted they had painted the wooden goose that advertises Nottingham’s upcoming Goose fair.


Photo of last years Goose Fair

They reckon that last year was the lowest for donkey’s years for arresting pick-pockets according to Radio Nottingham.

They didn’t mention the three stabbings, three muggings or the firearm incident on the Boulevard though.

I considered for a fleeting moment if I should attend it this year, as it might be me last chance like. But at my age I couldn’t get a mortgage to afford it.

I pressed painfully on, stopping a while to watch two alcoholics having an argument outside the shop that sells the high alcohol content ales of some sort… at ten in the morning like?

0703satOnward and into the City Centre to see the BBC display, but it had not opened yet.

So, avoiding an erratically driven disability scooter rather niftily for me I thought, I made my way to the Chinese food shop. But unfortunately they didn’t have the seaweed I wanted in stock. Shame.

Up Friar Lane and to the Hearing Centre shop – it was closed. Tsk!

I poddled through the narrow back streets and came out at the doors of Broad Marsh shopping centre.

I had a good wander through the cheapo DVD shop, ending up getting six DVDs for £10. (3 for a fiver like) Then I went to the 99p shop, where I got a neck cushion and some plates suitable for the microwave.

Out of the centre, down Bridlesmith Gate and down to the BBC War display thingy.

I was very disappointed with that, very much so.

0704satEverything was being run from monitors and the sound so echo like, I couldn’t hear much at all.

Took a few photos, and got away quickly.

As I walked up King Street, two blokes dressed as chefs on blooming great stilts passed me going down the street. 0706sat

By the time I got me cam0705satera out, they were way down the hill.

Got to bus stop, and caught one back to the flea-pit.

Dropped off at the Co-op to get some bread-thins, ‘cause I knew they had them on offer price.

Noticed a skip had been placed opposite the dump where the cones and bin were earlier. Took a photo (Higher up on page). Much to the displeasure of the bloke working there

I did some blogging, then opened the draw in the freezer, and it collapsed in me hand.

Hell of a job collecting the sausages, out of date microwave chips and dozens of ice lollies that dispersed themselves all over the floor and in every nook and cranny!

Gave up trying to mend front cover assembly from the drawer, and just crammed them all back into the freezer.

Well tired out now… kip beckoning…

Inchcock Today: Fri 19th Sept 14

Friday 19th September 2014

Up at 0130hrs Confused with why I’d got up at 0130hrs!

BT fibre connection coming on line today. I’ve got me new modem ready with instructions on how to set it up when they have connected it. Just hope it works.

Started the laptop, made a cuppa.

0145hrs: When I tried to get into Google everything froze.

Pressed and held start button and rebooted.

Got into to Google, selected email – and everything froze again.

Pressed and held start button and rebooted.

Got into to Google, selected email – and everything froze again.

Pressed and held start button and rebooted in safe mode with web.

Selected ‘System Restore option.

0245hrs: Got laptop going, didn’t go into Google first, but updated this diary in case I lost everything again when I try the web.

Then I tried Google… it was very very slow (everything on the laptop).

When I tried to open Coreldraw9, a message came up telling me that certain filed for Coreldraw8 were not on the system? I could not gain access at all.


So, I had to remove Coreldraw9 from the laptop, and reinstall it again!

By now it is 0505hrs, and still nowt done, and I’ve got the problem of the new modem to contend with later today – cor blimey am I uptight.

06Fri03I’m now going to try and open Coreldraw9 again…

It took three minutes, but it’s opened.

I fear I may lose the laptop soon, she’s lasted well…

Now to try Google…

Slow, but it opened and let me get into Inchcock to finalise and post this load of tosh.

And it only took me around four hours of hassle! (Good job I did get up early innit?).

Took me medications in celebration!

 Oh, by the way, some good news – Coreldraw9 working (slowly) again, and letting me post in colour! For now anyway…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI hope to get to town today to take some photo’s of the war memorial displays – on the other hand, I might leave it until tomorrow, give me more time to try and sort out the BT modem and get i05Th02t working, else I’d be lost without it.

Coreldraw9 kindly locked up whilst I was in the middle of making a graphic, I’ll try again later, perhaps.

I got the new BT Home Hub 5 ready, and gingerly hoped I’d got all the plugs and connections in the right place, and plugged it in cross fingeredly. (If that a word? It should be)

Sure enough, it didn’t work despite my turning it off and on a few times, and reading through the minuscule manual provided.

06Fri01aI tried the inbuilt help for the old Hub, but 06Fri01it didn’t work despite it coming on, on its 06Fri02own.

Frustration rampant now, and as usual I began to panic a tad.

So I thought I’d try to phone em for help, this I did on me mobile because the landline has too much background noise for me hearing aids to be of use. 081114567 I rang… whilst I was waiting for an answer I made a cup of tea, went to the WC and tried the online old hub help again.

I got an answer eventually (After only twenty-five m inutes) an automatic answer where I had to pick options, and each time I made one (not certain if I heard then correctly), a different voice, often so low I could not hear it came on with another set of options. When I eventually got a real voice, her foreign accent and low voice made it very hard to converse both ways. Then she told me if I called 03301324567 it would be cheaper for me as I was using a mobile.

So I called it, and got an answer in ten minutes, but this gal was a whisperer with a Eastern accent. Eventually she told me I had called the wrong number! She said (I think) she would put me through the correct number 081114567!!!

While waiting for an answer again, the inbuilt helpline came to life and told me I was successfully connected to BT Infinity?

So I told the gal, and she said did I hear my landline ringing as she had just called me – I said no. I picked up the phone, and there was no dialling tone! (Cry, sob spit…) I said no. And gave up with her.


06Fri04When I got back to the computer, I had several pages open about my internet connection. Too confusing for words. I closed em, and signed into me BT home page in search of assistance on the web.

I still can’t get the Wifi to work on the hub, but was more concerned with me landline, had it packed up, or was it BT’s fault?

I eventually found a page where I could test me landline, so I did, it opened a blank page?

Further searching found another page where I could test it from – and ti informed me everything was alright their end.

I gave up, at least with the lead in i can use the internet.

Very tired now, and the angina is playing up again!

I hope tomorrow, to get into ton to see the war memorabilia display – and get a new phone. I’ll try the Hearing shop on Friar Lane, they might sell some which have a bass and sound button on them… more expense!

Inchcock Diary 01


Friday 29th August 2014

18 8 01Late night for me last night – didn’t wake up until 0630hrs, feeling groggy and shaky.

Had a good rinse, dried off and sprayed my manlyless flabby body with Fly-spray by mistake for Antiperspirant.

This is not the first time that I have done something like this… proof I suppose, that an Inchock never learns!

More worry followed: The laptop took a good 12 minutes to load from booting… oh dear; soon I may disappear from the ether I fear.

Angina bad today, bad as it’s ever been really.

This totally knocks me concentration off course, and I decided it was best not to go out today. Then I changed me mind.

I had a walk/limp into Sherwood and took some stuff to the Nottingham Hospice charity shop.

Called in Wilko and got a 4litre weedkiller. How I was stupid enough to buy it then, knowing I’d have to carry it around with me on me walk I don’t know – but I regretted it later.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACaught the bus into town. Then caught but out to Lidl on Ilkeston Road, to see if they had any of the onions in that me Sister Jane wanted, and Lidl in Carrington had ran out of. But no.

Foolishly, I decided to walk all the way home. (Brave Fool!)

Got to where the Aldi shop was, and 19 8 001acalled in to see if they had the onions in. No.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI noticed how many folk walk along the centre of the roads nowadays, and cyclist ride on the pavements?

Hobbled on (Feet and knees bad now – Tut!) and called in Asian supermarket for a look around. Got some bits, just to add to the weight I was already struggling to carry in me bags like. (Twit!)

Last stretch into Carrington was agony – everything seemed to start then. Angina off again, knees and feet painful, piles performing, stomach ulcer even joined in giving me gip then. (Tsk!)

Got in and collapsed metaphorically speaking.

Saturday 30th August 2014

Up at 0500hrs – knackered and in pain again.

Had to sort out me Inch that had been bleeding in the night.

Not happy at all, depression crept in a bit. (Tut)

Did nowt but feel sorry fer missen, getting me blogs ready, reading me book, watching DVD, and visiting the WC.

Sunday 31st August 2014

Hell of a job to get up this morning, the back wasn’t too interested in letting me. Had to sort bleeding out agen. (Tsk!)

Feeling so low once more.

13 8 medsManaged to get up, and realised then that I’d missed me evening medications when I found the full pot… what a clot! (The poetry comes free folks – hehehe)

By the time I’d got the laptop going, a cuppa and me porridge ready, the angina returned and was giving me some gip too. I even had a dizzy spell, but that might be due to me missing last night’s meds?

18 8 01aStruggling to get me posts formulated, making silly errors, hope I can spot em before posting.

Tired today.

* Sorry this ain’t as funny as usual folks, when I feel a bit better, I’ll be back to form. TTFN

My mate big John rang, to see if I wanted to go to the Steaming display at Wollaton today. “Yes please” I responded. “Be ready for one o’clock he says.

BJ and his better half picked me up at 1400hrs, and off we drove to the Steaming Fair.

It were grand there, I really enjoyed it speaking to real people with a similar interest in steam and old transport.

Bought a book of old trolleybus’s while I was there, I love em.

They ran me back to the hovel, I thanked them and reminded BJ to bring his memory stick to the launderette Tuesday, so I could put piccies onto it. Off they went.

Gloom returned.