Inchcock Today – Saturday 14th July 2018: A great trip out despite Accifauxpa – Humph!


Saturday 14th July 2018

Croatian: Nedjelja, 15. Srpnja 2018

0340hrs: WDPBL02a I woke with stinging, stabbing pains around the right external auditory meatus (Ear Hole). A touch of the Collywobbles (I blame the horrible meal I made, and half-ate last night for this). But Belinda’s Blotches were itching less and not so inflamed.

6Sat02As the body slowly joined the brain in imitation semi-activity, I noticed signs of noctambulous noshing activity having taken place.

The waste bin laying at the side of the £300 second-hand recliner revealed this, in the form of a Cheesy Curl nibbling session. Naughty Me!

The rumbling and grumbling innards continued.

Out of the recliner with ease this morning, and off to do the health Checks and take the medications.


As I made up the log of readings, I spotted that the sys had been coming down regularly lately. 152 – 145 – 144 -146 – 144 – 145, this time 128. I think that is a good thing, though? Although the pulse had shot up a tad. Probably the shock to the system from putting that horrendous beef into the stomach last night. Haha!

6Sat03The temperature in the room was currently at 31°c – 87.8°c, which was a little lower and welcome.

I’d just put the kettle on the boil, and the grey-cells activated a panic-alarm for me – and I hastily stopped everything I was doing and shot off to the Porcelain throne with all haste available to me! En-route I was sure that the innards last few days reluctances to allow the evacuations was over and a messy, runny session was due. So, I was wrong, again!

WDPBL02a I got on the Porcelain Throne, and I anticipated immediate movement. But oh, no. Nothing but pain as the exciting material came half-way and got stuck. Boy, the agony! I thought things would start to split, so long did it take, all the painful forcing, I could feel the piles bleeding… A Frightful Session. Still, I read a few pages of the book, quite a few pages… Haha!

WDPBL02a After I’d cleaned and medicated things, my rear-end felt so sore. Tsk!

I went to the kitchen to take a Senna tablet and an extra Codeine. I was not sure if I should have been taking the Senna or not, but after going through that evacuation, I thought I better had.

So, Constipation Conrad had returned. Earache Eric and Colly-wobbles attack now, too! On the bright side, Bartholomew Bladder, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna, Duodenal Duncan, Hernia Henry, Reflux Roger, Belinda Blotches, Shaking Shaun and Dizzy Dennis, were all being kind to me this morning. Haemorrhoid Harry and Little Inchies lesions were both bleeding and bothersome, mind. Overall, things could be worse. It’s been a long-standing fear that all of the ailments one day, will come on at the same time, as the metal ticker. Ooh! Haha!

6Sat06Writing the above paragraph, I realised I had not put the Wrist Health Panic Alarm back on, after cleaning myself up. Without hesitation, I fetched it from the wet room and adorned my wrist with it. Schlemiel!

The view from the new windows with the outer plastic covering, seemed to have lost a lot of the mud splatters, but gained a few insects?

If I don’t live long enough to see the results of the upgrading, I shall return and haunt Herbert, and certain other people. Don’t know why I said that, I don’t believe in ghosts or spirits. Hehe!

6Sat07I got side-tracked when I was about to take the Senna tablet, and started to get the meal prepped.

I put the small potatoes in the crock-pot with water, onions salt and some balsamic and distilled vinegar as seasoning. And shelled the garden peas into a saucepan and added some brown demerara sugar. Both now ready to be heated up later, and possibly to be eaten with some Frikadellens… maybe, conceivably, possibly, perhaps, maybe, percase.

Back to the computer and got on with updating yesterday’s post and got it sent off.

I had a look at what the weather forecast was for the coming week.


It looks like it will get a little cooler and a chance of some rain at the following weekend. Funny how one misses the rain when it is missing, and curse it when it pours down and one get soaked to the skin by buses driving through the water and showering you wet rainwater. Hehe!

0500hrs: Began to collate this page.

08.50hrs: Got this far, and then went on the WordPress Reader section.

Went onto the TFZers Facebook.

1140hrs: Got a phone call from Big John, I’d forgotten about the Papplewick Pumping Station visit! Argh! Had to shut everything down sharpishly to get the ablutions done in time for when the lads pick me up – Oh dearie me! Back in a bit.

1600hrs: I’m back. I’ll do catch-up from when I got the ablutions done.

6Sat08Got dressed and some nibbles and a small bottle of spring water in the bag, and set out in plenty of time to wait downstairs for BJ and Dave to arrive.

I ambled around the back of the flats and took this picture. It shows Woodthorpe Court in the front, the new build Extra Care block and then Winchester Courts in the distance. All three, 6Sat09when built, will be known as Winwood. Confusing innit? Hehe!

WDPBL02a .Then, after I slipped down the incline into the fencing and swearing a bit, Schlump! I went along the front on Chestnut Walk and took this photograph of the progress on the new build area.

I could see that both the doors were open in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Stabsgefreiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisational Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room hut. So I made my way to it. Jenny and a few others were in there. I was in the middle of having a good chinwag with Jenny, and my mobile rang. It was BJ, who told me to go back to the flats and wait there as he was with David now, and was picking up another David, a tenant as well. So I did.

BJ arrived shortly with Big Young David in the car and lifted Tenant Dave and me up.

We were soon parking up in the car park opposite the Papplewick Pumping station gates.

 BJ had words with the volunteer car park assistant, about his not being able to park in the disabled badge holder space. He asked Dave, the other Dave, and me to get out before he had to reverse in.

WDPBL02 Big Young David accidentally caught my back as I was manoeuvring out of the door. This made me move quicker, and I stretched my legs more than I had planned, landing a little awkwardly, Hippy Hilda didn’t like this, and Little Inchies Lesion started bleeding at the same time, then as I caught my balance, Arthur Itis started the right knee off. I was not in a very good condition for a moment or two. But I was determined to enjoy the trip out and pressed on.

Honda Gullwing three-wheelerAs I waited, I spotted a Honda GullWing three-wheeler motorbike. As luck would have it, the owner, an entertainer at the Steaming Day, returned to the bike to collect something or other.

So I got a good picture of the bike with its ‘boot open’. A cleverly designed bike I thought.

I was still a tad disorientated and am not sure what occurred on the way in, but recall everything after limping down the step as I left the entrance house.


A different person now, there was no stopping me going on an admittedly painful walk around the periphery of the site and look for photography opportunities.

The first one I took was after I had limped around the lake, and arrived near the mini-steam train tracks. I cut through some trees, to try and get a ‘moody shot’.


After a wander through the old orchard area, I went to look at the amusement area and selling stalls.

There were a couple of trad-jazz bands and lady singers I stopped here and there to listen to.

Plenty of people on old period clothing, and enjoying themselves I’m glad to report.

The selling stalls, I tried to make a panoramic shot. Not very successfully. Hehe!

Papplewick Pumping in steam


I spotted the vintage Alvis Sportscar parked up. 

It looked to be in very good knick and cared-for.

This is the first time I’ve looked at carefully at one of these vehicles in real life.

You might be able to see in the top close-up picture, how close to each other the handbrake and gear-level are. 

The car’s layout reminded me of the arrangement of the same equipment on the original Mechanical Horse three-wheeler British Railway articulated lorries made by Scammell.

Many people were in vintage clothing and had taken great care with their appearance.

WDPBL02a At this time, I just had to get to the WC, for Little Inchies Fungal Lesion was bleeding again. Fortunately, I had a disinfected black bag, spare PP’s, Daktacort cream, midday medications and Codeines in my pocket ready yesterday. Great fortune at the new WC facilities laid on. No one around when I got there. So, I did the necessary medicationalisationing.

Dressed up folks

Feeling a little fatigued and down in the mouth, I searched for somewhere to get a sit-down.

As I made my way to a spot under some trees that I could usually find a bench free, I was further amazed at appearance some folks who had indeed worked at looking the part in their period attire and accoutrements, hats sticks for the men, and boob displays of the some of the


Buxom ladies. I got the bottle of mineral water and took a codeine tablet. Hehehe!

BJ found me and asked how I was. I must have looked a bit rough; I was a touch pale I thought when I caught my reflection in the toilet mirror earlier.

WDPBL02a Hippy Hilda was not easing off at all, but Arthur Itis had, bless him. But all


The hobbling around had made the plates-of-meat sting something awful! I am fated to suffer today.

Near the Steam House, this lady looked perfect in her clothing set-up. Shame, about the mobile phone. Haha!

No seats at the top end, so I hobbled across to the lake in search of somewhere to rest my bottom. I didn’t find any free sitting places, but I was glad I did search there now because a chap was just launching an electrically controlled floating Dalek!

It even shot out a strong jet of water when he wanted it to! I did laugh at this home-made novelty! Haha!



The only seats I could find were benches made of aged and incredibly unforgiving hard, sturdy wood. But at that moment, Hippy Hilda and the feet were the biggest of my pain-giving areas. Tsk!

I settled gently down and got the crossword book out. I’d been there for what seemed like ages, when BJ walked by, then returned, telling me I looked “Bloody awful mate!” We chatted a couple of minutes, and I decided to stand up and get to the top of the grass verge hill, to have a look for a more comfortable seat to change to.

WDPBL02a Well, although in pain from Hilda and the plates-of-meat, with Haemorrhoid Harold now complaining about my stay on the hardwood bench, BJ and I both had to laugh as neither of us could get back up the grass verge. Hehe! We had to walk around to find a little leveller bit to clamber up. He got up before me and had gone over to the shaded area and asked a lady sat there if it was alright if I joined her on the bench at the other end before I caught up with him. Bless BJ: he was looking after me! He said he knew from my appearance how bad I must have been.

I felt such a lot better within around ten minutes.

WDPBL02a I took the evening medications… well, almost. I was using the last of the spring water to have them with, and the final tablet slipped out of my hand onto the floor,


as the almost empty PET bottle collapsed as I drank from it. The lady kindly retrieved the Vimstatin tablet for me. I thanked her politely, and this started us off having a little natter. We spoke of the old days, the price of bread nowadays and she told me her Mothers sayings in her younger years. My health and outlook brightened considerably.

BJ arrived later after the lady had gone off with her family who came to collect her too, hehe!

Our party of four made our way out of the gates and out over to BJ’s car. Where I fell asleep without any problem or intent to. Klutz!

BJ soon had Resident Dave and me back at the flats. I thanked him, bade my farewells to BJ and Young David, and Resident David and I, made our way up in the lift. The resident Dave, who I had met before (I think?) was a man who spoke proper English and had no sense of humour but was not dull, and I got on well with him. He lives on the first floor.

Oh, Boy, was I glad to get indoors! Well past my head-down time already. I stripped down to the PP’s, disposed of the ones I’d changed at Papplewick in another disinfectant bag. Rubbed some cream on the feet – not a lot though, cause I could not get down to do it properly with Hippy Hilda still playing up on me. Had a wash and a wee-wee. Got the potatoes and peas cooking. Took an extra Trental tablet, already having imbibed the evening ones while out. See, I can remember stuff sometimes. Hahaha!

Then I got the computer on and made up a post with the photographs I’d taken at Papplewick.

I had a most enjoyable four hours out, despite the ailment playing up. And I appreciated BJ making it possible. The pains would have been around if I had not gone out, so I made the right decision in going I think.

Then, somehow, I stayed awake to update this blog to here and then sorted the meal out, too tired to do anything other.

What an absolute Eizel!

WDPBL02a I’d not put the heat on under the potatoes!

So, threw them away and got some chips in the oven to replace them.

Set the new timer and went on Facebook to catch up.

The alarm ringeth.

WDPBL02a Went to take the chips out and add them to the plate that has been laid out with the other ingredients for an hour now, getting all dry!

Argh! I’d not switched the oven on! – A nahr bleibt a nahr!

Turned the oven on, set the timer again and updated this blog a bit more.

If I muck about any more, it’ll be time to get up, never mind get my head down! Will I ever get anything right? – Klotz kasheh, Sorry!

All the excitement of the trip out, Hippy Hilda, Haemorrhoid Harold and the Funny Turn might be to blame… but most likely my inability to survive in life is at fault. Tsk!

6Sat25Got the nosh done at last!

T’was a right disappointment of a meal, again. I suppose having it so late in the night for me, and feeling so drained didn’t help the tast rating of 4.2/10 that I gave it.

The only things on the plate enjoyable, was the garden peas.

I did the Health Checks and got the washing up done.

Settled in the £300 second-hand recliner and put the TV on while I ate an iced sucker.

Can’t recall anything after this, but I must have nodded-off, cause I woke up in the morning. Hehe!



Inchcock Today – Thursday 1st March 2018: Got rather soaked in the snow and slush, today

Thursday 1st March 2018

0100hrs: I woke full of insuisiance, and lay there for a few moments in almost bliss, in unconcerned heaven… then the brain stirred and joined the physical body. A battle ensued with all the concerns, fears and worries fighting for dominance.

Without hesitation, I disentangled the blubber and limbs from the £300 second-hand recliner.

Off to the kitchen despite a little Dizzy Dennis visit, and checked on the weather, in which I had to venture out in later, to get to the blood test at the surgery.

If the snow and ice do not suddenly clear, I could not imagine any buses would be available later. And the snow was still falling gently and thinly as I took these photos.

The gravel footpath up the hill could not be seen. So that seemed to bar my walking that way. The roadway below looked lethal for walking on, but it did seem the lesser of the dangers to me. I’ll have to go that way, drop the nibbles off at the Obergruppenfureress Wardens shed for the Social that I’ll miss again. Drop off the sourdough bread and continue to the end of Chestnut Walk and right down the Winchester Street Hill in Sherwood, then up and down the hills into Carrington and to the surgery.

Another point, will the Morrison Van be able to get up the hill to deliver the comestibles? See how easy it is for the old brain to get concerned, confused and fretting away! Hehe!

I did the Health Checks. Nowt to fret about methinks. Took the medications.

No treating of Harold’s Haemorrhoids or Little Inches fungal lesion done, I’ll tend to this when I get the ablutions done later.

Virgin Media Down Again! Did a status check – Guess what came up. No indication of the internet was not working, and, the fix estimate seems a bit long. 28 March?

Faffled about ending up resetting Virgin box, back on but another hour lost and it is very slow again.

Got as far as this, and went to update the yesterday diary.

The Morrison man had battled through the weather and arrived.

 Whatta Plonka! Guess what this idiot ordered (Lamb Hot Pot) and not what he got. Not easily spotted at first. I didn’t notice until I was actually reaching to put it in the cupboard. It’s flipping Dog Food!!! I’ve placed in the bag to take for someone with a dog. The nurse or receptionists are bound to have one, surely. Tsk!

I thought at £2.20 a tin, it must be the best, that’s why I bought it. Expected it to be prepared in some country barn somewhere with love and secret ingredients and spices of Olde England.

What an absolute pillock! Class 1 Grade A with Honours!

I got waste bags ready to take to the disposal chute. The now was now getting much worse. The flakes seemed to be going up and down at the same time. The edging on the windows had also been invaded as the white chips build up. I’m not looking forward to going out at all!

But, out I must go. I’ll take the black bags now.

Boy, what a state the lift area was in. As I opened the door, ice and snow along with a bitterly cold wind were pouring in from the holes left by the workers in the vents and outer walls!

Got the ablutions and ailment treating done. Then got wrapped up well and made sure all the things were in the bag.

I left the apartment earlier than ever, cause it ain’t gonna be pleasant and may take a long time to get through the weather into Sherwood then Carrington. This proved the case when I got outside. Haha!

My feet disappeared into the snow, and I had to remove them and try to shake off as much of the white stuff that I could, to try and not get too wet. But, it was already too late!

I was unsure whether to walk on the hard bits, that offered the threat of my slipping over, or try to find some shallow snow to hobble over.

No workmen in sight this morning, and who can blame them. Saw no lorries coming in or going out either.

I cautiously made my way to the Obergruppenfureress Wardens Social Hut. I was pleased to see Jenny there. We had a chinwag, and kindly took charge of my box of nibbles, and I put the chips in their freezer and told Warden Julie. Welsh Bill was feeling better for sure, he was moaning away. Haha!

I said my cheery farewells, and without any fear or concern, I gallantly set off out on the walk to the surgery. (Okay, shaking like a leaf then!)

I’d only gone about 30 yards or so. When it happened, a near Accifauxpa. I was in the deeper snow and soon found out there was ice underneath it! Although I didn’t go over, although I still don’t know how I didn’t. This caused Hernia Harold to kick off giving me grief for hours. Humph! Undaunted (Scared Stiff is perhaps a better way to describe it), I pressed on.

Luckily, this part of Winchester Street pavement had been little walked on, so was more comfortable to manoeuvre through. I felt a little sorry for the owners of these vehicles. A smattering of window clearing would be needed later when they are necessitated to use their transport.

Further down the footpath, it was more exposed to the bitter winds. There was a lot of traffic up and down the hill, and I got the camera out to take a shot of it… and suddenly there was no cars, lorries, buses or any vehicles whatever? Put the camera away, and back they came!

Getting onto Mansfield Road, turning left up to the incline towards Carrington, and the risks changed. Here is all mud or snow with ice below.

Not many folks around here either.

I pressed on.

I called in the Continental Food Store and treated myself to four slices of their rolled cooked belly pork with garlic and herbs added when made. No customers in the store at all, apart from me. This weather is doing nowt for their trade either! Paid the lady, and out into the snow and slush.

Up and over the crest of the hill.

It was like a ghost road. It was eerie making and sparse of life. Giving a sense of ethereality.

Over the brow and just voided another Whoopsiesangleplop.

Crossing this side-road, twice I early slipped over, but I regained my balance. This would be the balance of the body, of course. I lost the balance of my brain thanks to Virgin Media, several days ago.

Heroically, I continued on the hobble and arrived at the surgery.

Where I found only two patients inside. Now, this had never been known before. Usually, there are packed out, often no seats available, and everyone is uptight and under pressure. Today, as I so early, I expected a decent wait, but no. The Obergruppenfurhreress Nurse Ann told me to take a seat, I was spoilt for choice. Hehe! I got out the crossword book, and two minutes later she came to fetch me in! No commands to ‘Sit!’ either? I was worried about this change in approach. Her being almost, on the verge of being sociable, encouraged me to ask if she had a dog. And she did. So I gave her the £2.20 tin of dog food, I’d bought in error. This cheered her further. Apparently, about eighty cancellations of appointments had been received this morning between the two doctors and nurses on duty, and she was impressed with my efforts to get there. Oh, yes!

I dropped the bag of nibbles on the reception desk as I left. One patient in there, no receptionists, mind. Haha!

Out over the road and I called at the Lidl shop on the way to the bus stop. Where I was sensible and bought only two cobs and a packet of sugar snap peas. They had some Nougat with pistachio nuts on sale, and I did weaken and get one. Remembering afterwards I have a package of ones with cherry that Tracey (Bless Her) had treated me to in the fridge as well. My mind and memory! Tsk!

Paid my dues and out to catch a bus back to Sherwood and catch an L9 one up to the flats.

Getting off in Sherwood, the snow was already mushy and dirty. As I went over the road to get a fresh cream cake, the snow started falling again.

Roy was getting on a City-bound bus, and he informed me that the L9 was not running today, due to the weather. Oh, dear! The 40 bus was, though, as Welsh Bill told me when he arrived at the shelter. A man and woman from the flats got on along with Bill and me. Getting off on Winchester Street, we four started to walk up towards Chestnut Walk. They all left me as if I was standing, I could not keep up with their rate if knots at all.

The snowing had stopped, but there was plenty still laying on the floor that needs careful attention as I hobble, all lonely on my way to the flats. Hehehe!

Where the other tenants I came up with on the 40 bus were, I knew not. By gum, they were quick and fit!

As I got in the foyer door, I could hear an odd droning-like noise. I never did work out what it was. Obviously there were no workers on the hoists, or anywhere for that matter. I imagine the poor souls had either not turned up of had been sent home. There were a few yardmen in the compound.

The lift was in a right state when I got in it. All no doubt due to folk in that same position as I was; Soaking wet!

Got up an indoors, had a wee-wee. Got the Health Checks done. Put the oven on to heat up ready for the massive Beef Hot-Pot meal I had delivered earlier.

Changed my clothes into the night attire selection.

Got the computer on and updated this blog. This took a couple of hours or so.

Got the hot-pot in the oven.

Medications and last health Checks

Checked if anything was worth watching later on the TV. Again there was an excellent choice of my favourite oldies to choose from, A-Team, Minder, Heartbeat and to end with, two episodes of Hustle

Got the Morrison-Made Mammoth meal sorted. I hardly dented the hot-pot, for it was tasteless, bland and watery. The apple slices were okay. As was the cream cake.

The snow had reduced to the odd spots occasionally.

Had a wee-wee and got myself settled down early in the £300 second-hand recliner, and got the goggle-box on. Fell asleep in seconds of leaning back. Woke half-an-hour or so later.

Off for a wee-wee.

Went into the kitchen to get a mug of Clementine Juice, and Oh, dearie me! Somehow I’d left the two hobs turned on, thank heavens on a low setting. I now have another of the new saucepans burnt beyond salvation. Annoyed with my stupidity, I grumblingly cleaned the stove best I could and dished the pan.

Cold from getting soaked, shivering a bit for some reason, I returned to the recliner in low spirits. I watched the end of Minder and started to watch Heartbeat; all in between mini-seconds-long nod-offs. I remember thinking that a damn sore throat is returning again, not surprising indeed. Sneezing and that was all, the bliss of sleep came quickly. Meaning I missed both of the Hustle episodes altogether.

Anyone out there wants to buy a TV set?

Inchcock Today – Saturday 16th September 2017: Not the best of days. Tsk!


Saturday 16th September 2017

0430hrs: Stirred rather grudgingly into life. Reluctantly, because I knew the incisor would give me pain, trouble and grief as soon as the tongue touched it. It did not let me down! Huh! Argh! However, I was well pleased with the much-needed essential sleep I did get in, despite a few wakenings overnight, when I must have caught the tooth with my tongue, and the resulting twinge of pain woke me up. I decided there, and then, soup might be the best option for my fodder today and tomorrow, or until I can get to see the dentist?

As I dismounted the £300 second-hand (But not shuddering this morning?) recliner, I sneezed, and the whole head was affected with the resulting pain from the tooth area. Tsk!

All of my regular attendee pains twinges and ailments seemed to be with me. Arthur Itis, Duodenal Donald, Hilda Hips, Roger Reflux, Anne Gyna, Trotsky Terence, even Hernia Harold was giving me some gip this morning. The winners today as of now were Incisor Suzie (The painful tooth – Christened last night, Hehe!) and Hilda Hip. Between them, I think they actually helped the situation. One can only concentrate on so many pains at one time. Haha!

As I hobbled to the Porcelain Throne, Dizzy Dennis joined in the attack. And as for Trotsky Terence, I think he’d done a runner. In fact, there was no evacuation at all, apart from a lot of extreme wind. It all confuses me?


Incisor Suzie: Not a pleasant sight!

I came out of the wet room and into the kitchen to sort the Health Checks.

But had to get back to the Throne as quickly as I could when things started to move.

At least, I thought they did.

Again, a ‘Nothing happening’ session on the seat. Other than the escaping gases.

Back to the kitchen and started the Health Checks. Put the kettle on to make a mug of tea.

Sys 162, Dia 71, Pulse 84, Temp 35.8, Weight 14.91. A few more sneezes? No other signs of any cold, though?

6Sat04I made the brew and intentionally left it to cool while I got the medications ready.

Did the graphics prep work for this post, then update yesterday’s and got it posted. Making aright Whoopsiedangleplop of it by putting the wrong dates on it. Humph!

Had to re-edit it twice. What a clot!

Took these photographs of outside. Th first one of my beloved Tree Copse to the right. The second one, I got the camera strap around my wrist and hung out of the open window to take it and catch the balcony for a keepsake, cause they will soon be gone in the upgrading work. That’s the plan, but of course, there is nothing happening building-wise at the moment, and a lingering doubt lingers. Hehe!) Came back in and banged my head on the window frame.


While in the kitchen, I decided to get the fodder ready for later. Incisor Suzie’s delicate situation, forcing me to have something I can eat that has the least chance of catching the painful Incisor Suzie. So, I got some mushrooms in Soy Sauce in the Croc-Pot, to be sliced into tiny pieces when cooked, and a tin of Mulligatawny Soup in the saucepan and added some sliced mini tomatoes, and tomato passata mixed into it. Then, hopefully, when I eat it, I can soak the bread making it as soft as possible to dip in it, thus not bothering or even touching the tooth as much as I can.


Checked the Emails, and made the replies and likes, on WordPress.

Started this diary properly.

Made another mug of tea. While waiting for the water to boil, I thought I’d have a go at removing the plastic top off of the Soy Sauce bottle with the other waiting to go to the recycling bin bottles and jars.


Using a knife to get it off, cause it would not screw off… and well, as you see, another Accifauxpa! Tsk!


1000hrs: Began the creation of a graphic on CorelDraw, for another humorous post, one about the current ailments.

I finally got it completed at 1225hrs!

Did much Facebooking, then Dizzy Dennis called on me again. So I’ve cancelled the walk in the park for today. Huh!

Got the nosh, well, soup ready. Not very successful noshing, though.

The mushrooms had to be thrown away, too tough and I kept catching Incisor Suzie. I didn’t like that at all. Hehe!

The bread, even soaked in the soup was also too much to handle. The banana was ripe enough to almost suck, so that went down, as did the Lemon Curd Mousse.

At least the weight should have gone down by the morning’s Health Checks. And I did not have any nocturnal nibbles, naturally.

I drank a lot of orange juice, repeatedly hobbling into the kitchen to top up the large mug I’d emptied?

This picture I took while doing the  topping-up.

Got a DVD on to watch, and managed evera episodes of ‘Hustle’ before another Porelain Throne session was needed.

Resettled again, I proceeded to let loose an amighty sneeze, hurt the tooth, ricked the neck, startd the boil on the bum off, swore and passd wind.

This said everything, really. Haha!