Inchcock – Wednesday 10th October 2018: Wonderfully Woeful Whoopsiedangleplop Day. Tsk!



Wednesday 10th October 2018

Swedish: Onsdagen den 10 Oktober 2018

2350 hrs: I woke up with a bit of a start, the head in a spin and struggling to grasp what needed doing today. I remembered the Asda fodder was to arrive, (but I had to look-up later at what time, 0700>0800hrs) and the hospital visit… then, the mind had to concentrate on getting me to the Porcelain Throne on time! Passing the empty orange juice bottles, cheese curl packets, and the crumbs on the £300 second-hand recliner and carpet near to the Ottoman. Schlemiel!

WD 51.2.51 The evacuation was slightly cringe-making, uneasy and messy. Prevented my gaining any degree of serenity of the mind. Still, I got a few pages of the ‘Catastrophy’ book read. As if the brain wasn’t already vagarious enough, struggling to cope, now I input more knowledge I don’t need for the grey-cells to get confused and mystified over! Idiot!

Little Inchies lesion had been bleeding a lot while I was asleep. Not comfortable cleaning things up when they had congealed, but I managed with the odd ‘Ooh’ and ‘Ohohoh’ being muttered. At one stage, I think an ‘Argh!’ slipped out. It is vital that I clear all signs of any sanguineous from the fungal lesion, to try to avoid the medics halting the procedure later on. Changed the PP’s and applied some Daktacort cream. Harold’s Haemorrhoids were not bleeding at all. Just on the day that I’m going in to have them strangulated, this happens! I don’t know if it is a good or bad thing, though?

Apart from Inchies Fungal Lesion, physically, I was feeling good. Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Hernia Harold, Dizzy Dennis, Shaking Shaun, Duodenal Donald, Back-Pain-Brenda, Metal-Ticker-Thomas, the Plates-of-meat, and DVT Theresa were all being so kind to me, I found it hard to believe, but appreciated the situation all the same. If only the mind would be as sympathetic to me. Bonkersness approacheth? Hehehe!

I set about doing the Health Checks.


3Wed01Well, well, well, fancy that. The Sys and Dia have come down well this morning, and also the temperature.

Good timing that!

And, as well as and besides that, the sphygmomanometer worked the first time! If only the mind would do the same. Haha!

Made a brew and took the medications. Remembering not to eat anything as instructed.

I updated and finished the Tuesday Diary then got it posted off. Went on the WordPress Reader section.

When I went to make another brew of tea, I noticed that the flat was looking a little tatty and unkempt. I hope to have a bash at cleaning it up a bit when I get the procedure sorted.

Back to the computer and I heard a noise coming from somewhere in the flat. I jumped up (well, alright, struggled out of the chair) and went to investigate.

WD 51.2.51 In the kitchen I found stuff had fallen off of the sink side; things that should not have been there if I’d kept the place tidy as normal. Klutz! There was a bottle of bleach, a washing-up liquid bottle and a bowl that had fallen off and landed around the bag of hospital things I have to take with me later. Luckily, there was no leakage.

WD 51.2.51 However, when I checked out the bag, the shaving foam had been releasing some of its foam and soaked a towel. So, I swapped the towel for another one. Tsk! Good job I noticed really.

I started this blog going up to here. Then had an idea for a Political Funny graphic as a diary header, and went on CorelDraw to make a start of designing it while the idea was fresh in the head.

Ablutions were carried out without any shaving cuts. The medicalisationing of the fungal lesion, although not exactly a success, was not too painful this time.

I collated the black bags to go down the chute, gathered the recycling bag and hospital bag, and departed. Took the black waste to the chute. Got to the lift, it arrived, and I realised I had not heard the ‘Ping’.

WD 51.2.51 Back to the flat to get the hearing aids. Humph! Back to the lift. Not feeling so bad really, as I was feeling a mite holier-than-though, about getting all the things needed for the procedure, and remembering the timing, etc. Also, I had time to meet Cissy in town, and Paul was to arrive to pick us up to lift me to the hospital. All was going well, I thought.

I plodded down and put the bag for there cycling near the caretakers door, and off to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like china and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, shed.
I was first in the room this morning, and it soon filled up with many others, and chinwags of mammoth proportions followed.

3Wed05The bus arrived, and I got the crossword book out and had a reasonably successful go at it en route.

In town, I got off at the terminus on King Street, and took this photograph, thinking it might come out a ‘Moody’ one.

Walked down and met Cissy in the slab square.

WD 51.2.51 This is where the start of my Mega Whoopsiedangleplop began to take fruit! Cissy heard my mobile ringing and informed me. I got it out and answered it in time, but could not make out what the lady was saying, so again Cis took charge and spoke for me.

As I watched her turn the call off minutes later, her confoundedly serious Tut-Tutting began. She explained: That was the hospital confirming the appointment is still on for the procedure. FOR NEXT WEDNESDAY at 0830hrs! As she said this, shame and utter self-disapproval flowed out as I now remembered the time and date being changed last week!

3Wed05aWD 51.2.51 I think she felt sorry for me a bit. Paul arrived and laughed his head-off almost, but Cissy was a little annoyed with me as well. They departed, and I was in a right state mentally after they had left. I’m not sure where I went until I was aware that I was on the Poundland store, filling up the shopping basket. But I found this photo later that I could not recall taking?

Resigned to my failure, well, almost, I carried on shopping and think I got some bargains. Christmas chocolates (Liqueurs) for the other tenants. Social Hour Prizes and nibble box biscuits.  Zoflora Citrus disinfectant, ham off-cuts, cheeselets, bird food for the ducks, and a Pork Farm pork pie.

I popped along to the Marks & Spencers Food Hall. Spent on more unneeded fodder. I think the cock-up I’d made affected my minds balance? Haha! Anyway, I got a sliced Sourdough Stonebake loaf. Shortie biscuits, shelled peas and sliced mushrooms.

3Wed06I do remember taking this photo of the Little John Tower Dome, and thinking how cloudless the sky was.

I looked this up late on the Cosmopolitan page on the web, it said: From early October, stargazers will be treated to a spectacular display of shooting stars as Halley’s Comet returns to Earth. Just thought I’d mention it.

3Wed07I caught the L9 bus and Elizabeth, and Cindy got on. After telling them earlier about my procedure being today, I proceeded to make myself look a right fool, by explaining cock-up with the dates. I felt a right Plonker!

Still, they were kind really, as they told me I was a nitwit or something like that! Hehehe!

3Wed08The sky remained clear of any clouds, and despite the sun, I sensed it was going to get cold tonight.

WD 51.2.51 A little after taking this picture, I nodded off for a minute or two, as I woke up I thought I heard the driver talking to us, but missed what he was saying. I asked the ever-patient Cindy what he said. He was checking if anyone wanted to get off at a stop on the hill down to the flats.

Got off the bus, say hello to those tenants getting onto the vehicle, and the three of us (Cindy, Elizabeth, and yours-truly)  hobbled to the flats. We met Ian Incharge on the way along Chestnut Walk. I gave him with Cindies prompting (She is kind) a box of the Brandy Liqueurs as a treat. We had a laugh in the lift, and I made my way to the flat and a much-needed wee-wee and medicalisationing of the lesion.

Got the things put away and got the mushrooms and peas simmering with demerara sugar and lemon. Hope it tastes alright?

Got updating this blog to here, and the weariness and tiredness loomed.

3Wed29aSo I stopped and got the nosh sorted out.

I really enjoyed this meal. The sourdough bread was excellent, the salt & vinegar potato thins very tasty, the extra Strong cheddar was good, tomatoes and apples were okay. The most costly item on the plate, the shelled Kenyan Pod Peas from Marks & Spencers, that I boiled long and slow with lemon juice and demerara sugar, tasted delightful. A 9.45/10 Taste-Rating!

So, there’s a tip I’ve discovered for anyone else to try. Cindy, Jenny, Elizabeth, Mary, Penny, Lynne, Susie, Margaret, Deana, Julie… or maybe not. Hehe! But I loved em!

I got the TV on, to watch the A-Team double-episodes. I didn’t make it to the first set of advertisements… Zzzz!

Mon 14 Sept 15: Inchcock Today: Medical Mayhem – Lovely Cuddly Nurses though!

Monday 14th September 2015

Up around 0600hrs straight to the WC despite me knees not liking it.

Had a bit of cramp last night, first bad attack for ages.

Think I dreamt about being executed in a barber’s shop by guillotine while a nurse was shaving me legs?

Cleared up and got me bags ready for the rubbish chute on me way out later to the medical appointments due today.

INR Warfarin blood level tests first at the GP surgery this time. Then the GUM clinic, then the Audio centre to get some more batteries for me hearing aids.

Kettle and laptop on.

Finished yesterdays diary off, Facebooked a bit then started this diary off.

Nearly forgot me medications, made a cuppa and took them very late but still.

to sleep last night – but when I did nod off, I stayed off – No WC visits until I woke up a good seven hours later!

No memory of any dreams this morning? Rare that.

01topWC’d made a cuppa and took me medications.

Finished the graphic for Marissa’s birthday and posted it to her Facebook page. “Have a great day Marissa!” X

Did me ablutions and took the rubbish bags to the chute. Met the lady who found e hearing aid last week and had a little natter.

Getting  bit close to leaving time if I was to get to the surgery on time for me appointment – so set off on the traipse down Winchester Street and on to Mansfield Road and along into Carrington.

Sun01The drizzle started to come down

Over the hill and down to the GP surgery, timed it well, I had ten minutes to spare when I booked myself in.

I asked for the prescription for the cream and painkillers, it took the new gal some time, but she eventually found it had been forwarded to the chemists.

I took a seat expecting to wait a few minutes – twenty-five minutes later I was called.

The nurse was very nice again, she took me blood and I left in good spirits and walked down to the chemist to collect me extra medications.

I called in the paper-shop en route and got some Lottery tickets. (Well?)

To the chemists and got me prescriptions filled, then to Lidl to get some cheese topped cobs – I’d decided I was going to have battered fish-cakes and fish-finger cobs for me nosh later.

Caught a bus to the City Hospital and got to the GUM Clinic in plenty of time for me appointment there – but had to wait an hour-an-a-half to get seen to. It was the young lady who had to call for advice from her colleagues on my last visit. The usual questions then we moved to a treatment room.

Laid me out, pants down, microscope with spotlight turned on (Dead embarrassing that yer know! Tsk!) and prodding pulling and poking commenced.

She was pleased with how the new cream was working and would arrange for some more to be made-up and let me know when it was ready.

Then I thanked her and left the Clinic and walked up to the E19 building (Haemorrhoid Specialists apparently).

Whoopsiedangleplop! My appointment was not this Monday, but next Monday – luckily I noticed just before the queue reached the counter and i read the forms I’d got out ready.

Not sure how I managed to make that error? I walked through the compound to the place I should have been (Dep’t of Gastroenterologyfor them to have a check on me haemorrhoids.

Lots of waiting between departments before when I returned from the x-ray (Very attractive mature nurse with tree-trunks legs and a nice nature there today) I was informed an appointment would be made for me and they would send me a letter and given a tube of cream to use in place of the one currently that I’m using.

Getting on now, the day had gone effectively for me, I felt drained.

Caught the bus back into Sherwood, and popped in the Co-op store just to annoy the Female Obergruppenfurher on the till – but she was not on duty. Bought a pot of sour-cream to try out.

Sat06A chap Pavement Cyclist passed by with a kid on a seat behind him – bouncing about something rotten she was.

I checked the timetable on the bus-stop post, but I’d just missed the L9 bus, so started walking up and over the hill to the entrance to Woodthorpe park.

Sat02Where I tried to take a photograph of a cute little dog – but missed him, I did get his owner here on the right though. (Ahem!)

Well, it’s a new camera I’m using?

As I started to walk up the hill on the footpath, I couldn’t help but appreciate Sat05the view under the trees. I feel so lucky to be able to walk here daily. So, so glad to have moved from the flea-pit now. (Although still worried about getting the house sold).

On up to the thicket and right down the grave path, couldn’t see any squirrels to photograph. However when I got to the Sat01bottom there were a few on the concrete slabs near the flats? It felt like they had come out to welcome me back home!

Got in the flat, put me medications away, WC’d and made me nosh.

Popped back in the bathroom for a quick freshen-up, after which I sprayed myself with deodorant – or rather I meant to spray missen with deodorant… I accidentally used shaving foam – what a mess! On the porcelain, mirror, bath, wall, door, clothes, well all over the place! It’s amazing how far it can travel yer know!

Sat04 pigGot me nosh and enjoyed it despite being so weary suddenly.

Fish-cakes and battered fish-fingers beetroot, mushrooms and cheese topped cobs.

Different, but nice. Rated this one at 8.1/10.

Laptop on and updated this tosh. It took a while, me fingers are stiffening and giving me some gip now. Huh!

Checked me emails and Facebooked a bit.

Took me evening medications and watcheda bit of TV… fell asleep in the chair…

Fri 24 July 2015: A Day of Rest – Well that was the plan like…

Friday 24th July 2015


The must used bus-stop near the flats by Inchcock today

0540hrs: Woke and usual start and dashed to the porcelain yet again.

Where I remembered some of me dreams and wrote them on the handy toilet paper before they drifted into the ether:

On a gigantic scaffolding in the sky – Trying to build higher, ladders.

Ran out of poles – panic, couldn’t get in touch with anyone on the phone to bring or send more up to me.

An Angel appeared, I think I knew her but she kept changing her facial features into other people, some I knew, some not? Floating in the clouds next to me on the planks… Talking to me for yonks, can’t remember what she said – suddenly she turned into a raging flying shark and gobbled me up – Inside the shark was a beautiful apartment, sunshine coming into the room through patio windows, beautiful aroma of lavender and lemon?

I was happy that she’s eaten me, but confused that I couldn’t find any teeth marks on me body as somehow I found myself in a luxurious bath soaking in bubbles… and me body was firm and slim again like when I was in me teens?

The face of a man appeared at the side of the tub, semi-transparent like and spoke to me through a pink megaphone? – I had been chosen to be installed as new angel advisor and had to go and see Captain Kirk to get my instructions… a bit vague here, but I ended up in an old dilapidated dusty office everything had gone mono in colour and I was wearing Dickensian style clothes sat at a high desk and smoking me old pipe, writing with a quill? In burst a beautiful buxom woman and she started to throw lemons at me out of her basket… That’s all I recall?

Any dream analyser who might read this – can you help? Hehe!

IMG_0095Making me cup of tea to take me medications I kept seeing movement out the corner of me eye. It was pigeons and crows flying by the window. I had a closer look and they were flying to and fro the balcony on the flat one above to the right of mine.

I took  photo, not a good one but I was having to lean into the window to get in the birds – of course seconds before I took the shot most of the pigeons flew away being pursued by the hungry crows – Do crows eat pigeons?

It appears that the resident in that flat has removed their bird netting, I could see it hanging down, or could I, perhaps that is the netting from the flat below?

Had a good spit and polish and decided that I had time to go to the old place and get some stuff brought back to the flat – also to check see if it’d been burgled yet.

I was really lucky when I left the flat, the bus was in and pulled off immediately after I got on it. So I didn’t have to walk down the hill to get to Mansfield Road, dropped of at the bottom of Winchester Street and walked into Carrington.

Plenty of Nottingham Pavement Cyclists around en-route. But I’m forgotten to take me camera with me.

At the dump I got in and sorted some bits out to carry bag in the two bags I’d got. Clothes, computer peripherals, cleaning stuff and me flat Doughnut cushion to ease me haemorrhoid suffering. The two bags chock-full I struggled to the bus-stop in Carrington. A bus arrived in a few minutes and I rode into Sherwood. There I went over to the bus stop to see when the next L8 or 9 was due – as I got to the bus-stop and L8 arrived! All this having luck if foreign to me, it worries me! Hehe!

Back up to the flats, dropped off just outside – good stuff this today, Gawd Bless and help me keep me free bus-pass. I felt almost fresh when I got back in the flat… well the feet were stinging a bit like, but Arthur Itis, the angina, reflux valve etc were being kind to me – Yahoooo!

CaptureTwo letters arrived – one for Margaret one for me. Mine was from the Nottingham City Homes to tell me the pull-cord on the kitchen heater would be replaced on Thursday 30th July – long with the Bricking-up of me gigantic hole in the kitchen wall.

So up to now, next week looks a bit easier appointment-wise? But we’ll see.

I took down the pull-cord from the bathroom light switch and soaked it in bleach and washing-up liquid. Then rinsed it and hung it up on a clothes peg in the hallway to dry. Bet I’ll have fun when I try to re-thread it?

The flat cushion over was terribly dirty so I washed that out in the bowl afterwards and will clean it again in me next laundry session, tomorrow perhaps. I wish they would make them in a dark colour instead of blooming white. Huh!

IMG_0097Realised I’d not done me baked bean special marinating. So I tried it with: Tomato purée, English mustard, vinegar, BBQ seasoning, sultanas, unrefined brown sugar and dried roast onions.

I’ll put the onions in last like when I have heated em up. Worraya think? I’ll let yer know later.

Close to expected 1400hrs call from the Skin Cancer place ran by private company ‘Circle’ for the NHS.

I’m hoping, after informing the NHS Dentist, NHS Anticoagulation Team, the NHS GUM Clinic NHS City Cardiac Unit and the NHS GP surgery of me new address and telephone number that they will have it so as to ring me here and not the old place… any bets on it?

Still the mobile number is the same, so they might use that – said he hopefully!

1405hrs – no call yet – whoops bite me tongue, here it is coming in now.

This second lot is Basal Cell Carcinoma type, far less dangerous.

They asked me to feel the healed wound and tell them if it was flaky or  wet. This I couldn’t do because Arthur Itis prevents me like, and there is no one living here with me. I said I would ask the staff if one could have a peep to let me know. There is no need to inform the hospital if the wound is dry or flaky, only if it is wet.

I went down and to the community shed but no one was in. So I returned and emailed Deana asking her if either of them could do this for me – but I fear it now getting on time-wise they will have gorn home like. Hey-ho!

IMG_0098Returned to the flat and made a cuppa, took me medications and updated this diary.

Put me beans int pan to slowly warm em through and watched an episode of London’s Burning on YouTube while the seasonings slowly warmed through for me to digest.

They tasted nice, perhaps a little too much sugar though. But I still rated it 8/10.

When I WC’s I found that little Inch had been bleeding profusely from the lesion. I’ll have to see the GUM again about this – but time and appointments are hectic already. Tsk!

Washed the pots and got down on the quilt on the floor next to the fridge in the kitchen and read me book then got me head down to the now familiar Click -shudder – whirr, clunk, drone… shudder – whirr, clunk, drone… Click of the musical fridge-freezer wot I bought from Currys. I’ll miss this when I get sorted and the bed in.

TTFN all.

Frid 17th July 2015: Inchcock Today: Another Long Day… Tsk!

Friday 17th July 2015


Sprang awake at 0255hrs – got up urgently to respond to the need for the WC usage.

Repair men coming today to mend the Air-vent in the Kitchen.

Made a cuppa, pondered on how there seems to be extra things doing, sorting, investigating, arranging and worrying about all the time. Things seem to be going wrong lately, extra Whoopsiedangleplops… not going right or as expected – I’d hoped this would have changed in the new flat, but it’s brought more to fret over, complications and now me duodenal ulcer has started playing up for the first time in over two years.

Yet still I’m finding something extra here – so nice to talk to people when I see them instead of fearing them like in the old flea-pit. And having someone to talk to sometimes, Deana when I see her always makes time for a little natter – mind you with all the repairs and there going wrong it is her job to help me sort them. And the mix-ups medically are frustrating.

Yesterday, last night and this morning I have been scratching at itches under and inside the top of my arms and this is causing much bruising but cannot be resisted. I must make an appointment to see Dr Vindla about this, and the bleeding Inch too.

So much to fret over its seems lately – and yet I find so much to live for now?

To the WC again.

When I returned I read what I’d written above – boy was I waffling or what? Hehe.

Meeting cyber-friends Lynton and then Duncan made me cheer-up beyond belief. Patti Berkert’s, Ian’s, Angels, Tessa’s, Rachel, Marissa and the TFZ gals and others support makes me feel humble and grateful for their friendship. Lovely people.

Made another cuppa took the photo to doctor for the top of this diary. Paperwork yesterday got to silly proportions – but they need doing. Tsk!

The one that came yesterday from the QMC Dermatology who are treating me skin cancer confuses me a tad. It read:

A telephone follow up appointment has been arranged as follows:

DSCF0132Date: Friday 24 July 2015

Time: 1400

Speciality: Dermatology

Clinician: Miss Lucy Skelton or one of their team

You do not need to attend the Treatment Centre for this appointment.

I assume this means they are going to ring me – which is interesting as they do not have me new mobile or land-line number?

Well, it is a French owned company (Circle) that got the contract from the NHS.

Had a go on Facebook for a while.

Too early yet to have a bath – the noise of the running water might bother me neighbours this early in the morning.

Did an order for nosh to be delivered later today.

Moved the microwave away from the area where the air-vent needs repairing when the City Homes gentlemen arrive to do it for me.

Had a superb bath and shave, plenty of hot water. Luxurious… even if the Tesco bath foam didn’t foam!

Cleaned up the bathroom and put one towel in’t airing cupboard and t’other in the laundry bag.

Maintenance men should be here between 0930hrs and 1400hrs. Tesco delivery I ordered for a lot later than usual, twixt 1900 and 2000hrs, ’cause it was cheaper for delivery that hour like.

0104bRepair man arrived 1010hrs – screwed back in the Air-vent cover – said he can feel the draughts coming in and had a look at it.

The hole covered by the air -vent is twice the size of the vent opening in the wall!

The bloke said he felt it when he walked into the kitchen!


Oh blow-it! I’ve just dropped the new clock down between the cooker and the cupboard! Got it back using me grabber-stick, reassembled it and its working for now anyway.

Actually got some time now, so weather permitting I’m going to get ready and have a walk around the Woodthorpe Park park.

Well well well, would you believe it as soon as I finished writing the sentence above, the phone rang. It was a lady from the Health Monitoring Alarm place – the battery on me Alarm Pendant was showing low, (I only had it delivered three days ago – Tsk!) She asked me to ring off and press the alarm. So I did.

I could hardly make out what she was saying when she spoke to me through the link system box – but it seems I might not be going out to have a walk and take some pictures after all – I’ve got to wait in for the ‘Warden’ to come and check me battery. Hey-ho – do all these things happen to others as well? I suppose it must?

Hello, it’s started raining now – perhaps a good thing I didn’t get out fer me walk?

Now it’s stopped.

I went down to the community shed with the letters for the previous tenant, and to tell them about the massive hole in the wall. She said yes she know they all have em, some tenants screw up an old coat and cram it in the hole! She’ll come over when she gets time, maybe Monday or Tuesday. Oh I thought?

I gave her old lock that worked that the workman removed when he installed the new one that didn’t work along with the old keys to the flat. I could tell she appreciated my efforts by the way she threw them in cutlery draw. She wasn’t too happy about me giving her more letters for Margaret (The previous tenant now living in Derby) either.

I walked back to the flat and the postman had delivered some more letters. Three for Margaret and two for me. One was the insurance papers from Age UK and the other a letter pleading for me to make a donation to Age UK.

I set out and walked back to the shed and handed them to a not happy lady.

On the way back I tried to take a photo of the flats from behind, but the camera wouldn’t have it when I tried to turn it on. Just charged the batteries earlier today as well.DSCF0133

As I got in and into the lift I opened the camera and realised I’d but the batteries in the wrong way around!

Put some chips in the oven and made a ham sarnie – I’d decided to have a bit of nosh and then go to town on the bus to check on the city-card they’d sent me and its functions. Also to take some photographs to post. (I forgot about the City-Card – Tsk!).

I went down and caught the L9 into town. Called in the pound shop and got some oven trays, cleaning mitt, Marmite crisps and a strainer.

DSCF0134Had a walk down into the slab-square and a poddle around.

Past the Council House and took a photo of Little John’s casing on top of the Council House.

The dome of the Council House contains ‘Little John’, the striking bell which is reputed to be the deepest toned bell in the country; it weighs two and a half tons, nothing compared to the 10 ton one in York.

DSCF0137They were beginning to erect the base for the Nottingham Beach coming soon.

There were several temporary food stalls open.

The Caribbean Catering and Cuisine take-away was moderately busy.

DSCF0136The ice-cream van was doing alright too.

At £2.30 for an iced sucker I was surprised he was doing so well.

I couldn’t see any other prices on display.

Nearby were two other hot food stalls DSCF0139competing for the hard shoplifted and mugged Benefit cash of the Nottingham Citizens.

On the left a German Smoke House offering Steak pattis at £3.99 each!

Merkel would be proud of them… mind you, he didn’t have any customers while I was there.

DSCF0138On the edge of the centre stands stood a stand selling French Pancakes.

No one went near that one let alone actually bought owt from it – I blame General De Gaul and Tony Blair yer know… Hehe!

The folks sat around consisted of young people mostly, Pavement Cyclists, Kids in the fountains and skateboarders.

I made sure I was in plenty of time to catch the L9 back to the flats as it was the last one of the day.

Got back to the flat.

Made a cuppa and got laptop on to update this gem of superior-boredom diary.

The land-line phone rang – another wrong number. Oh dear.

Really warm and sunny now, windy with it mind.

0501Looks like it might be the last day of decent sunshine for a week. I blame John ‘Silver-spoon fed’ Osborne yer know!

Having a bash on Facebook now – back in a while…

I sorted some more of the paperwork out into wallets for each topic and searched to find the meter readings I took yesterday from the old place. Found them eventually.

Tired and weary again now, waiting for the Tesco delivery to come.

It arrived, without the credit or cash being knocked off for the broken clock and crushed cakes they delivered earlier.

That’s Tesco finished for me! Swines!

Put away the nosh and got me head down – not feeling 100%.

Take care all – TTFN.

Tue 21.4.15: Inchcock Today – Confused actions implemented…

Tuesday 21st April 2015

Did me tests: BP Sys 167 Dia 97 Pulse 70.2 Temp 30.2

Athritis okay, Angina middling, Ulcer okay, Skin growths tingling, Hernia nothing, haemorrhoids no bleeding, Depression Bad.

Made a cuppa and started this bit of the diary, then posted yesterdays.

Not feeling very bright – low.

Had a bath and shave in readiness for me hospital visits.

Got the paperwork, bus-pass, nure nibbles etc and set off and caught the bus into town.

0201I was very nice today, the weather I mean.

I hobbled to the Y28 bus stop and caught one out to the Queens Medical Centre.

Of the 11 other people on the ride at setting off time, two of us were not using mobile phones.

En-route I had a look at the paperwork for the treatment centre appointment and caught a glance at the INR Warfarin level appointment log – and realised the appointment was for next Tuesday not today! They had given me a fortnight instead of the usual weekly appointment – how I managed to miss this I do not know – yes I do… I’m losing it!

0203aStill it meant the nurses could have an unexpected surprise bag of nibbles at the haematology dep’t and I still had plenty of time to walk to the Treatment Centre at the back of the site.

So I called in to give em their treats and had a little natter with them.

0203As I was walking around the compound on me way to the Treatment Centre I noticed some vehicles parked rather naughtily on the double yellow lines at the crossing.

I saw later that some of them had been ticketed. Visitors or workers must hate having to go to work in their cars there.

I got to the centre and up the stairs to A Section and joined the queue at the reception desk.

Got to talk to a girl of the female species at the desk, handed her me paperwork and answered the usual questions – name date of birth address etc.

She handed me a bleeper and told me to sit down and someone will buzz me when ready. I thanked her sat down and waited for someone to buzz me.

When I was buzzed I went to the nurse and got the usual questions and she took me to sit in a corridor outside room 10 to wait for Dr Spyridon Schoinash.

A crossword or two later he came out and called me in.

Usual questions answered as well as deeper interrogation of me medical history – that took a while!

He then took a look at the growths on me back for a few minutes and declared they were a common form of skin cancer but must be removed.

Would it be alright if students attended my treatment as it is rare to have the chance of them learning from the removal and diagnosis of 7 spots at the same time?

‘Fine, no problem’ I said.

He filled in many forms and then handed me a few to give the receptionist on me way out, and one or two for me to keep after I signed them, anaesthetic and agreement to investigate and treat forms, Pre-operative information.

I thanked him and went out and joined the queue for the receptionist.

Gave her the paperwork and she gave me a form to fill in as much as I could – ‘Take a seat and return this to me when you’ve finished filling it in’

‘Yes’ I said and took a seat and filled in the form.

Then I joined the queue for the receptionist and returned it.

‘Take a seat while I make an appointment for you’.

‘Thank you’ I said.

She called me over to the reception desk after half an hour or so, and gave me more paperwork and told me to ‘Take a seat and someone will come to see you’.

I thanked her and tool a seat.

Later a lady came over – she looked a little flustered so I assumed she had been calling my name but I didn’t hear her?

I answered the usual questions.

She gave me a letter for an appointment on Friday 12th June at 1110hrs.

She also gave me a feedback form to fill in.

When I got back to the flea-pit I found a Clinical Pathology bag with a label with me details on with the paperwork – wonder if I was supposed to have this?

0205As I left the Treatment Centre I took a photo of er… a hand – not sure what it represented and thought it was vulgar if was supposed to be art – not that I know owt about art mind!

I was poddling back to the front of the hospital when a git of a pavement cyclist came passed from behind making me jump – then he pedalled over the crossing an up the other 0206pavement.

The little rascal him!

Well, he was a big rascal really.

I thought it would be a good idea to got through the inside of the hospital and out of the main entrance instead of risking me limbs on the pavement.

I felt confident I could remember the way through… Ahem!

Went in through the Nose and Throat to the lifts, up to B floor and turn left when getting out… then the fun started… but eventually I got there.

Glad I did really because a ruckus taking place outside the main doors was not to be missed it was so funny – well to me like not the two blokes involved. I’d swear blind they were talking and shouting at each other in different languages. I assume they were both multi-lingual (Can’t touch em for that) but it sounded comical.

I caught a bus into town0207.

Called in the newspaper shop in Trinity Square and got a sausage and egg cob, then slipped the pigeons some seeds.

Took a photo of some ‘bling’ for the TFZ gals.

Caught the bus home to Carrington – the twitchell was occupied with several unsavoury looking yobs so I walked the long way around – where I was nearly knocked over by a gang of apprentice yobboes on bikes.

0208Made me nosh – the sausage and egg butty, french fries and tomatoes. Not a lot, but I’m not feeling hungry at all now – too down to bother.

Shaking a bit now Tsk!

Made a cuppa took me medications and got this diary started.

Feeling apprehensive still – can’t settle or concentrate like I want to.

Hey-ho. TTFN.

Fri 10/4/15 – Inchcock Today

Friday 10th April 2015

I woke up around 0730hrs IMG_0053WC’d and made a cuppa, consumed me breakfast.

While nibbling away I remembered remembering “Well I’m bound to remember that dream” earlier. But could not remember it – so galling innit!

Medicationalised missen then on the laptop and at the ‘When will Coreldraw9 freeze today’ stage.

No solutions to this problem in sight – Tsk!

Meeting brother-in-law Pete at 1230hrs in town at his bus-stop, then going to the NHS Treatment Centre with him to have his mole removed.

IMG_0054Spit and polished I set off to the bus-stop, feeding Fatima and Fred on the way, and took a photo of the traffic when I arrived at the stop.

The weather was nice and warm.

For some reason it was ages before a bus arrived – when it did it was like getting into a tin of  sardines!

I had to stand in the narrow bit near the luggage thingy – and at every stop there was someone getting on and off – and every one had to squash by me, thus causing the boil-on-me-bum great pain! Tsk!

Got into town and met Pete, who seemed a tad preoccupied. We caught the bus out to the Queens Medical Centre and walked through to the rear and the Treatment Centre.

IMG_0055Very hygienic cold and clinical it looked to.

To the ‘G’ station top floor and Pete logged in and we had a farcical chin-wag (Us both being hard of hearing like).

Pete was called in and I got me book out to read and waited until he was released.

He seemed happy with how it went – said a Chinese chappy had done the cutting out of his mole and seemed to think it went well – also Pete mentioned the red patches that were appearing on this face and the Doc gave him a prescription to have filled on site.

Good that I thought.

We walked to the Chemists place and put in Pete’s prescription. While we were waiting a lady with a child handed in a prescription and the lady asked if she had any allergies… It took the woman ages to list them off, she must have told of about 8 at least… poor thing.

Pete gave me a look at his back and the plaster was already falling off of the wound where they had removed his mole. I pressed it back on best I could.

IMG_0057Pete’s prescription had some of the same things in it that were in my G.U.M. cream.

We poddled (Still chin-wagging of course) to the bus-stop and it was ages and ages until one came.

Took a posed photograph of Pete as he was getting a bit irked at not being able to get back to Jane as soon as he would have liked to. I think he forced a smile. 

IMG_0058Pete was taking a photograph of me at the stop.

Me looking  in my usual cheery ebullient happy-go-lucky upbeat self.

Then it rained for all of 30 seconds and stopped.

We caught the Airport bus back into Nottingham and dropped-off in Friar Lane.

Said farewells to Pete who wanted to rush back off to Jane and left me as I crossed over to and through the Slab Square.

IMG_0059I lot of folk about so I hobbled through the square, noticing that the fountains were well used by the young kids enjoying themselves under the water and getting thoroughly soaked and loving it.

I thought best not to take a photo of these kids, because someone might get the wrong end of the stick like… yer know?

IMG_0060In front of the Council House on the pedestrianised area were apprentice yobs doing wheelies on their bikes – the CPO’s doing nothing about it – yet last week when I sheltered from the rain they moved me back into the rain on so I didn’t block the entrance for the wedding guests… Didn’t bother me mind… I had a word with them…

IMG_0061Having realised how late it was and seeing  the size of the queues at the bus-stops I decided to walk it back to Carrington.

Walked up through Trinity Square onto Mansfield Road and further examples of the Nottingham (Sod the pedestrians) Cyclists were discovered.

But they don’t bovver me like…

Onto Mansfield Road and up the hill out of IMG_0062town to the Cemetery.

Although I felt tired, I was in fine form as I hastily hobbled up the road.

I reckon Arthur Itis was giving me a nice break today.

Anne Gyna too!

Half way up the hill and the roadworks had caused the usual chaos with the traffic.

IMG_0063The usual collection of wino’s and alcoholics that would be gathering outside the 24 hour store that sell the high content lager were conspicuous by their absence –  odd that?

On this stretch of Mansfield Road one can get a variety of pongs that are maybe not available elsewhere yer know… The different brewery smells, the pizza, beefburger, Turkish foods, Chinese foods, wonderful smells from the ‘Tings Caribbean’ store, The Plava Laguna aromas, the Umar Kayyam restaurants smell of IMG_0064grease, Chez Cors noshery, Jalisco Eatery, Daylan Turkish Cuisine, The Uni Take-away, The Lobster Pot etc.

Another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist threatening on the way up the hill. Tsk!

Totally oblivious he rides along hand on hips.

I walked up and over the brow of the hill and down towards Gregory Boulevard.

IMG_0067Another Pavement Cyclist who belted passed me making me jump and then carried on to do it again to pedestrians lower down the hill.

IMG_0065Yet another damned Pavement Cyclist on Mansfield Road threatening!

Further on, a mere few hundred yards and what do I find?

Yes, yet another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist.

This timeIMG_0066 even more dangerous perhaps?

As he gets his head down and doesn’t even look where he’s racing to?

I did try shouting at this Herbert, but it made no difference he plodded on – I rather hoped he’s slip off the kerb and get crushed by the bus – but then felt rather guilty.


As I walked limpingly now through Carrington to the twitchel – I espied the Chinese Takeaway was open – so I treated missen to a Vegetables in bean sauce and a bag of chips – then hastened back to the flea-pit made a cuppa and enjoyed eating this delightful concoction with relish and me medications.

WC’d no bleeding.

Fell asleep… ahh!

Sun 5/4/15 Inchcock Today: Giant Jewel Found!

Sunday 5th April 2015

Didn’t get to sleep until around 0300hrs – waking up around 0715hrs to use the WC and brother-in-law Pete rang me.

Sister Jane is coping a bit better with waiting to hear the results of her tests about her cancer.

I feel worse and more uncomfortable for her than when I was diagnosed with it and the heart operation – I will spend more time talking to her and trying to comfort her. Pete has his own problems but is coping well fairly well.

A worrying time this, having others suffer is harder than suffering myself.


Sky this morning

Went down and made a nice cuppa – those flipping stairs don’t get any easier to manipulate (If that’s the right word?).

Took a photo of the sky from window on me way down. It look brighter than it seemed to me eye.

Laptop on and took me medications.

Posted off yesterdays diddy-diary.

Did some Facebooking then got up and readied missen for a walk into town – might go via the Arboretum today, take some meal-worms for the ducks? No… I’ll feed t’pigeons in town instead.


Fatima and Frederick breakfasting

Got missen scrubbed up.

As I left the crumbling abode Fatima and Frederick came down for their breakfast and I duly obliged them.

Set off down through the yobbo-free twitchell and onto Mansfield Road and started me slog into Nottingham City Centre.

As I passed by the Junction with Hucknall Road, for some reason looking at the old Grosvenor Eatery/pub I was overcome with sentimental memories and nostalgia.


The Grosvenor – many happy memories from my younger, fitter, healthier, richer, youthful, happier, contented, alcoholic, social and womanising days…

I pondered on the memories as I walked on.

Faces of young ladies came into me mind and the incidents of embarrassment that I suffered in me stumbling attempts at romance back in the days of hope, expectations and determination.


I missed the first two pavement cyclists and glad to report they missed me. Grrr!


The third Pavement Cyclist of the day

On towards the hill and yet another pavement Cyclist attacked me – saw him coming this one so had time to get me camera out.

On past the college traffic islands and up the (Ever getting steeper) hill, through the traffice light junction and down the hill into town.

As I approached the Woodborough Road junction I thought I’d pop in the Victoria Shopping Centre and get some ‘Bling’ photo’s for the TFZ gals.


Fourth and fifth Pavement Cyclists of the day here…

Another two Pavement Cyclist went passed me here.


I walked through the bus station to the entrance to the mall – they were locked and the centre closed-down.

Realised then it was Easter like yer know?

What a sill boy I am!

I poddled back down towards the frontage and Mansfield Road, as I crossed the off road to the Car Park entrance entrance – there lying on the floor in the gutter was a piece of jewellery twinkling away!


A piece of heavy ‘Bling’ found in the gutter by Inchcock – photo’d and taken to the Police Station!

I photographed in in me arthritic hand.

It was very heavy and solid, much heavier that I expected it to be.

Were they real diamonds? They looked it to me, but then again, I’ve never seen a real diamond in me life.

And what was the ruby-like ball in the centre? centre?

I made me way to the Central Police station and handed it in at the desk, just in case it a genuine gem that some poor devil had lost.


The not filled in Property Found Form

The body language of the assistantess who took it was not good – I felt guilty disturbing her really.

She filled in a report between yawns.

No signature appended or dates written on it.

She muttered “Come back in a month or so to see if it’s been claimed then…”


Victoria Mall – All closed for the fitting of a new escalator and Easter Day

I thanked her weakly with an Inchcock sneer of contempt on me face and then walked back towards the Vic Centre and entered through the Mansfield Road opening.

All closed up of course.

I hobbled through and out the back and down around to Upper parliament Street.

I spotted in one of the Victoria Centre posh shops window a display of good that I thought were rather pathetic – and yet they seem to be popular with the kids today?


Crap display here?

The shop has only been opened a few months and on my passing there always seems to be plenty of young shoplifters in the place – oh I meant young shoppers.

I think?

I ambled over to Trinity Square where I thought I might get some ‘Bling’ photographs for the TFZ gals – but of course the shops were closed for Easter Sunday.


All closed today

When I noticed the time. I realised how slow I had been hobbling along today.

I’ll time myself tomorrow on me walk to the hospital for me INR Warfarin tests to see how I’m doing in the hobbling staked I think.

My record set 15 months of so ago, is one hour 25 minutes for the walk from Carrington to the QMC haematology dept.

Last time I timed missen it was one hour 55 minutes.

I caught a bus back to Carrington, walked through the yobbo-free twitchell, IMG_0048taking a photo of the sky that had amazingly brightened up – but seconds later it returned to a gloomy nature?

I fed the pigeons as I progressed to the hoppit.

Got in and made use of the porcelain. A long job, had to wait a while and encourage the movement as I read my book for quite a while before any painful activity activated (Hehe).

Decided to have a beef slice, microwave IMG_0050seasoned new potatoes, garden peas and bread thin, followed by a small tub of ice-cream for me nosh.

And by gum I enjoyed it too!

Watched another DVD ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ episode.

Then the inevitable I suppose – I fell asleep.

Woke up a couple or so hours later – disorientated.

Took me evening medications a little late but still.

Laptop on and did this diary.

Still feeling tired and aching limbs, haemorrhoids painful, angina and arthritis not too bad at all though – reflux valve a bit naughty.

Yer know, with so many things to bother you, it’s good in a way, because it stops you getting bored with yer ailments dunnit? Hehehe.

I rang Sister Jane to see how she and Pete were. She seemed okay, but I could tell she was still worried! We agreed that after Wednesday, her visit for the test results we’d get together and have a proper chin-wag.

Did some Facebooking but fatigue and lack of concentration stopped me doing any graphics that I had intended – Coreldraw9 would probably have crashed anyway. 

Mobile rang as I was nodding off – it was Big John. He’s going to the Papplewick Pumping Station tomorrow and wondered if I’d like to go with them – very nice thought that. But I told him it was me hospital day for the INR Warfarin level testing… BJ pointed out that it was Easter Monday and they do not make appointments surely? – I went down and checked me Anticoagulation Record Card – he was right, the appointment was for Wednesday this week! Whatta plonker I is! So I’m off out tomorrow afternoon now, Yippee!

Good job BJ rang else I’d have hobbled all the way there to find they were closed!

Made a cuppa while I was down – poured it, spilt it, burnt me ankle, swore, cleaned it up and returned to the laptop… Dear oh dear…

28.3.15 Inchcock Today – The Nottingham Kitty Cafe opened today

Going with Pete to the Hospital & the Kitty Cafe

Saturday 28th March 2015

So many dreams, but back to not being able to remember them – Tsk!

WC’d, haemorrhoids still bad, and I must have tossed and turned or something in the night because the torn intercostal muscle ain’t half giving me some gip this morning! Huh!


Nasty looking sky this morning…

While I was making me cuppa to take me medications when brother-in-law Pete rang to confirm I was meeting him in town at his bus-stop to go with him on his hospital visit as a bit of support like – bless him, he’s a good lad.

Packed up the nibbles for the nurses and Janet and Pete then I got yesterdays diary finished and posted off, then got myself ready for me walk into town to meet Pete. Realised I was a bit late due to the extra attention required to me nether-regions so caught the bus instead of walking.

0607aGot the bus to town dropped off and the rain started again. Tsk!

Met Pete and we caught a bus to the hospital.

We walked around the side to the department we required at the back of the building and I gave Pete me brolly, he insisted on sharing it.

0605aWe got to the hospital.

Pete took a photo of me as I was taking one of him.

Seconds later he was in and being seen to – and out in about ten minutes – he’s going to have the wart removed and he has to go for a photograph to be taken of it first. Later he called me and arranged for me to go with him on Monday when I go for me INR tests, time to have a natter perhaps.

We couldn’t really today, because we were concerned about Sister Jane having tests today as well about her innards and Pete wanted to get back to her.

0606aWe caught the bus back into Nottingham and passed the newly opened Kitty Café.

Pete took the wide photograph I’ve used on the header with his mobile phone and emailed it to me later. Nice.

0605It appears you have to book a slot to go there?

The rain persisted down and Pete shot off to get a bus back to Jane – hope she’s going to be alright.

I poddled down to the slab square and thought I’d get under the shelter up the steps to the Council House building.

As I got me camera out I was approached by a lady-female PCO who asked me:

“Are you going into the building Sir?”

“No” I says “I’m just going to take a photo of the rain from under cover…”

“No your not… people need access to get into the wedding without hindrance!”


“Off you go then…”

So I went: taking a photo from the bottom step and getting awfully wet in the process.

06040607I limped up Clinton Street and over into Trinity Square where I slipped the poor wet pigeons some nosh like.

Took a photo of some ‘Bling’ fer the TFZ gals and waked down to catch a bus back to the flea-pit.

As I was waiting in the queue I noticed how the old Express newspaper building frontage looked grand in its surroundings – next to it on the ground floor is now a Tesco Express.

0608Considering there is a Tesco Metro three minutes (Well eight minutes for me like) walk away in the Victoria Centre, it was amazingly busy.

The ornateness of the brickwork is something you don’t see much of nowadays.

The march/protest came around the corner as I sat on the bus waiting for it to set off.

I cancelled when Pete got his appointment at the QMC.

It has little support and passed by in a couple of minutes – perhaps the rain put folk off?

I took a photo through the bus window but the grime and rain made it worthless – mind you it might have passed off as a bit of Modern Nottingham Art – sorry I deleted it now.

0602I just found out I missed off the photo that Pete took as I hobbed towards the centre earlier.

Now, the reason I look so old, ill, struggling and depressed is that I am old, ill, struggling and depressed.

That’s cleared that up then.

In the background is the works for the new tram service that will eventually go into the hospital grounds and on out to Toton.

The wind and rain still persisted and I just missed a heavier downpour as I got in the dump.


Has sausage sandwiches then started laptop – Coreldraw9 crashed – fancy that. Tried SerifDraw6 – that froze – getting fed up now.

The piles are still tender but the torn muscle is a lot easier now.

Fatigue and flatulence have arrived though… Huh!

TTFN all.

Monday 16th March 2015 – Inchcock Today: Medicationalisationing tasks again, Tsk!

Monday 16th March 2015

Inchcock’s off to Hospital Again… It’s the nurses yer know, they get him all excited like…

Got up had a very rare situational situation for me this morning – I wanted to, but could not carry out my desires activities on the porcelain! The opposite of diarrhea this time, a definite circumscription in me movements – or lack of movements – oh dear… just when they’ve sent my self-test Cancer screening kit as well.

I feel so guilty for being so lucky yer know. (Hehehe)

Had a wash shave and scrub-up so I’m smell nice for me nurses at the Queens Medical Centre and gals at the clinic this morning.

Might not have time to do me contributions to the League of Mental Men today, I got up too late and I’ve got so much on to get done medicationalistically  speaking. I’ll do me best to get back in time and then stay awake.

Got the nibbles ready for the nurses and made sure I’d got me record card, bus-pass, camera, mobile etc in me jacket pocket. (I think)

Started the laptop and realised I’d not taken me medications – hang on I’ll take em now cause I’ve just made a cuppa…

That’s them taken, I’ll have a hobble into town now and catch a bus out to the QMC.

0835hrs: See you later… I hope!

0101carDreary sky as I set off on walk into town.

On Mansfield Road I noticed several buildings up for sale or rent that indicated things are not too good hereabouts – mind you child minder/nursery seems to be doing well enough – many of the Nottingham folk might be professionally out of work but they are still producing their apprentice yobbo teeny-bopper ankle-biters in great number to ensure their full benefits from the Government.

As I pressed on an uncaring Nottingham 0102Cyclistpavement cyclist came passed me at speed from me rear, then cycled across the pedestrian crossing and into the NCN college across the road – I imagine he must be a tutor or teacher there – he’s a Git who’s too scared to cycle on the road because of the dangerous traffic, but has no compunction about putting elderly folk at risk from his illegal cycling on the pavement anyway. Huh!

0103MRUp and over the hill down towards the City Centre I heard several sirens/klaxons and got me camera out, but the vehicles, three police cars and a paramedic had already passed going out of town by the time I did get it out, I did catch a forth police car though, shame cause it would have looked good and I could have used the photo later in a post if I had caught them all at the same time.

Onward down into town and caught a bus out to the Queens Medical Centre for me INR Warfarin level tests.

0104QMC1The weather was still murky but not cold with it.

The usual mayhem in the hospital car parks with heated exchanges with the security men and those desperate to find somewhere to park their vehicle.

Good job I took me new second hand book with me, because I found the 0105QMC2waiting area – that on my last appointment Thursday was devoid of folk – was crammed to the rafters so to speak.

The longest wait I’ve ever had there.

By the time my number was close to being called, I realised I was not going to make it to the clinic appointment in time so as not to be late.

When I got into the blood room I explained this to the nurse and she rang someone with the details and they rang the clinic – then passed back another appointment date for me – now that was nice of them because they were so very busy.

Bit of job after taking the sample stopping the bleeding today. Handed them their nibbles and those for the clinic staff too that I would not need now today – tickled her pink that did.

0107dressI caught the  first bus into town and wandered up to Trinity Square where I fed the pigeons and spotted  new shop on the Walk – I must say I liked the dresses in the window – very nostalgic, reminded me of the girls from my youth. (Don’t laugh – oh go on then!) .

I’ve just noticed the reflections from the 0106TrinPigglass in the window – more signs for closed-down retail businesses to let. Sad.

As I moved to the bus-stop I fed the pigeons again.

As I descended down Trinity Walk towards Upper Parliament Street .I espied that one of the retail units that had been empty for months had opened as a sort of Art gallery.

In the window was some… er, Art dedicated to and of Marilyn Monroe.

0108MM Very pricey though.

Of course nobody was in the shop/gallery apart from the two staff.

I don’t think Nottingham is a City of Culture really.

Mugging, shoplifters, antisocial scrotes, drunks, Big Issue sellers yes… .but not cultural types much.

Got the bus back to the hoppit.

A poor chap on the bus (passenger) kept swearing out very loud and this obviously upset some of the passengers. I imagine the bloke had tourette syndrome or schizophrenia. I sometimes see him in Sherwood walking along and booming out ‘F-off’ curse words with such venom and so loud, I felt sorry for the chap, but some passengers were getting angry with him – not that he was aware of this.

Again tried to use the porcelain without any success.

Had a microwaveable steak in onion gravy with curried beans and some bread with a cuppa to take me medications with.

Did this diary – laptop battery dying fast. I must get to the computer shop tomorrow after the laundry and shopping at Asda to get it sorted out – else I’ll lose me internet and that will make me a sad laddy.

BJ (Big John) called, he is going to pick me up in the morning to carry me washing bags to the launderette for me bless his cotton socks, then going to take me shopping with him to carry the stuff home to help avoid irritating me pulled muscle. A gent that BJ!

Did some Face-booking and faded fast into nodding off mode… still no movements… oh dear! 

Inchcock Today: 11/03/15 – Incorporating the graphicalised marathon walk to the QMC

Wednesday 11th March 2015

0301CarringNot a good night again, dream, wake, dream, wake, WC, dream, wake, etc.

I did manage some kip around 0400hrs to 0520hrs, when I sprang awake – I could not remember any of the dreams again. Tut!

Went down and made a flask of tea, during which sadly I had a couple of dizzy spells – (just when I thought it was safe to boil the water – hehe!). I ran the scolded fingers under the tap for a minute or so and applied some cream.

0302MR1The interscostal muscle was I think a little less painful though, and Arthur Itis was good – Anne Gyna was a bit persistent again, the ulcer no bother though – damned dizzies might be set it for a while – just a feeling – I hope not, I hate having them. That feeling of impotency and inability to do anything to stop them is frustrating.

Got to go to the QMC today for me INR Warfarin level tests – it’s raining outside at the moment, so I’ll do an anti-rain dance in a bit (Only joking!).

0303GBWC’d – during which I got a sense of what one of the dreams last night was about, but by the time I’d discovered the bleeding piles and tended to them I’d forgotten again. It’s odd that to me – I can remember remembering but could not remember what I’d remembered? Does this happen to others?

I potted about and got the nurses nibbles in the bag ready for later – made sure me INR record card was in me pocket with the bus-pass and me Emergency Card was in me jacket. Put me camera in the bag too.

0304GBLaptop on to start this diary.

I must try to get back from the hospital and try to get some graphics done for the TFZers, hopefully the fatigue that overcame me yesterday will not prevent me and Coreldraw9 will not crash – I’ve given up on Serif Draw x6, that seems to crash too regularly.

I decided that as I was feeling a bit better today – I’d walk it all the way to the QMC for me INR Warfarin level tests so as to catch up on me walks I’ve missed while feeling poorly. (I get these impulses every now and 0305GBthen – I think it’s something to do with being thrown in the canal when I five years old?).

I had a good scrub-up and got the things ready for the outing.

Determinedly, and foolishly full of confidence I set off nice and early.

The graphicalised tale of the journey to the hospital is in the graphics on the right hand side of the post.

0305StPI thought you might like to scroll down and read me comments wot I printed on the photographs to get the best out of them like? Please let me know if this idea was not a good one – I’m used to failure and promise not to sulk if it didn’t work.

The entire journey took me 1 hour & 57 minutes.

Well above me record time, even me average time for this journey.

0306StPBut then again I was not racing or rushing missen, and I did stop many times to take the photographs like.

The weather was kind throughout.

Worth repeating was that at every traffic lights there was somebody wearing a plastic or cardboard billboard advertising Pizza Hut collect only: Any size Pizza at £6.99.

Every one of the poor lost soles walking around looked absolutely pee’d off and depressed.

0307ArtI wonder how much they get paid for standing around on street corners looking twits?

Poor devils…

On Triumph Road – now taking over by college students establishments – long gone are all the business that used to dominate this road – no Player’s factories now, Transport depots, Coopers etc. the new college buildings especially the multi-coloured big one shaped like a wedge or something out of Thunderbirds and some of the students looked a bit like puppet character ‘Virgil’ from the 0308Pizzaprogramme as they passed me by.


The ‘wedge’ building on the University of Nottingham Jubille campus there seems to be having work of some sort done on the exterior ever since it’s been built in June 2009 I think – surely the architects must be a little embarrassed by their claim that: ‘The three new landmark buildings and a striking new piece of public art create a gateway and a strong new identity for the campus, emphasising the university’s modernity and 0309Cl1sustainability’.


I see the first part of Triumph Road is now being got ready for being built on by the University.

This area was occupied the old Gasometers from the gas works – they closed I think about 1980? I’m not sure and cannot find an actual date on the web either.

0310Cl1The land is still not considered safe enough to build on top of apparently.

I had a burk-on-a-bike come flashing passed me from behind as I went underneath the walk-over in one of the new buildings.

I hate it when some unthinking pratt of a pavement cyclist does that to me – 0311Cl1in fact these dung inhabitants are possibly my most hated species of turd after politicians and paedophiles.

Yes, they are my most hated species of turd after politicians and paedophiles!

As I walked along Derby road on me journey into the unknown and stopped to cross the pelican lights – another 0312Derbyrat-bag on a bike came from behind between the pedestrian and crossed part way making us (the poor pedestrians) move out of his way.

I didn’t know I could hate this much.

I completed the journey and arrived in the bright sunshine at the entrance to the QMC.

I made my way to the haematology dep’t and much to my surprise found only a handful of people waiting to go in – then I realised that I’d set out really early and so found it a delight to have my number called out 0313qmcwithin minutes.

There was a new nurse who took me samples and we had a nice chin-wag.

After she professionally dealt with me, I left them their nibbles and cheerily left walking out into the sunshine again and over the road to catch a bus into town.

0314qmcWhen one came, I was told by the driver I was too early to use me free pensioners bus pass.

I did feel a fool – did it again!

I got off and had a look at me mobile to get the time and it was 0925hrs – so only five minutes before I could use it.

0315busSo I had a walk for a few bus stops.

I caught a bus at the Olde Lenton Lodge bus stop into the City. (The Lenton Lodge is now a storeplace for Mercedes – so sad!)

The bus was nearly full (I imagine with the gaggle of us old folk using our bus-passes, Hehe)

I got off the bus off early anf walked down to the library, where I another dizzy. Sat down and read a bit of a book by Harry Secombe’s brother Fred Secombe (Anglican Priest in the Church of Wales) entitled ‘ How Green was my Curate’.

It was so humorous I got carried away with it, two and a half hours later I left the library.

I poddled to Tesco in the Victoria centre and got some bits.

Bread Tins, Fresh Cream Apple turnovers, Cornish Pastiesm Bacon/Cheese Burgers and some fine Frank’s.

Oh and a nasal spray to help clear me clogged nose.

0315noshWalked towards the bus stop, dropping some seeds and meal-worms for the pigeons en-route to Trinity Square.

Took some ‘Bling’ photographs for the TFZ gals.

Caught the bus okay and dropped off at the co-op and walked back to the dump – feeding Fatima and Fred on the way.

WC’d. No blood.

Made a cuppa and had it with one of the apple turnovers but was not impressed with it, all sugar and hard bits of apple – I may write to David Cameron about this…

Started (usual message about incorrect power pack) laptop and did a graphic for the header – halfway through Coreldraw9 froze – Huh!

Tried again and it let me – slowly!

I later looked for me INR record sheet but could not find it. I sat puzzling what I could have done with it – aha thunk I – bet I used it as a book mark at the library when I had to call at their porcelain…? I’ll call in tomorrow and ask them – although if it is there, the address is on it an they might send it on to me – I’ll call in tomorrow.

Tonight perhaps Cornish pasty and potatoes? Franks and beans?… er… Burger and beans? Spoilt fer choice ain’t I?