Inchcock Today – Friday 29th June 2018: Early morning Sanity investigation – Not a lot found. Hehehe!


Friday 29th June 2018

Haitian Creole: Vendredi 29th Jen 2018

0615hrs: I awoke in a never before experienced, ultra-calm mood. This is most likely because the brain was still asleep. Childlike fantasies floated around, engaging control of the grey-cells was not happening.

For few happy moments,  a chilling unreality of contentment and tranquillity reigned. The head was entirely free of concerns, maladies, worries, anxieties, and wariness. Whether my having just enjoyed the record long uninterrupted sleep of over seven hours duration, had affected my encephalon’s capacity or was I still asleep and dreaming? I didn’t know.

Almost reluctantly, the brain came into action. Seeing the empty Cheese Curl packets, chocolate almonds melted into my wobbling stomach entangled with the hairs and decorating the Protection Pants, the empty bottle of spring water wedged between the bulging flobby torso and the £300 second-hand recliner; and reality returned, sadly!

The worries, fear, and concerns all flooded back, and I was most miffed and disgruntled as real-life took its ruthless tormenting grip on me once again.

WCplasterA The tormenting brain soon established its credentials, as I nearly fell out of the recliner getting up, then had a visit from Dizzy Dennis, then I trod on a pen on the floor, crushing it and cutting the foot. Of course, it had to be the best one of my pens, my Linc Safron Max Gel that I stepped on, didn’t it!

At this point, what I would not give to have gone back to the ecstaticness of the peaceful unbothered semi-dreamlike state I was in when I first woke up. Tsk!

5Fri002I tidied up a little. Then off to the kitchen and did the Health Checks and medication taking.

It was such a change for me to go into the kitchen first thing to find the view outside to be light and not the usual darkness.


The Sys and Dia took a dive in the readings. But not too worryingly.

Made a brew, and had to visit the porcelain throne. Not a bad session at all. No bleeding came from Harold’s Haemorrhoids. The little inchies fungal lesion had been bleeding, but that is nothing unusual, I’ll tend to the medicationalisationing in that department later. Later, I say, it’s nearly eight-o’clock now. This getting up late lark does not suit me at all, my internal clock is in mayhem. Hehe! Made worse with the surgery doing my blood test on a Thursday again this week.

At least I do not have to worry about getting Lyssophobia to add to my worries. I am sure I have already gone bonkers.

Made another brew of tea, to replace the one that went cold while I was in the wet room, and went to get the computer on. I found it had been left on, as was the TV. What a Shlimazel!

Made a start on this diary up to here, then went to finalise the Thursday post.

WCplasterA Checking Emails an one from the doctor’s surgery had arrived with the results of my last blood test. Well, it didn’t give the results again, just the new dosages of Warfarin. As you can see below.

They are aware of me need for an early appointment, and they made one for 1505hrs next Thursday. They could not fit me in last Wednesday at all. So made it for Thursday, during my Social Hour. So I missed that bit of pleasure. I’d hoped they would have gone back to a Wednesday, but no. I felt most aggrieved and irritated. Here is my Email answer.


I await a reply, but not with much hope.

Went on the WordPress Reader and then checked for any comments.

No drilling on the outside wall today, well, yet. Nice break.

Got as far as here with the blog, then went off to get the ablutions and medicalisationing tended to. Back in a while (I hope, hehe).

All cleaned up, I took the bag to the waste chute on the way out, and a box of recycling things with me to drop off near the caretaker’s room. Feeling little irked and down now.

Frank got in the elevator on the 9th floor. Nice chap is Jennie’s other half. He kindly asked how I was and took the box with him to deposit for me. Grand chap, thanks Frank, this cheered me up no end.

As I poddled along the road towards Winchester Street, I felt indeed contented. Sunshine, a warm wind, all on my own apart from one lady sat on the bench waiting for the bus. Who I greeted with smiling “Good morning, hope all is well.”

5Fri005aTurned down the hill, and a couple of hundred yards further down, I saw the blackberry bushes were forcing their way through in the thick tall bramble bushes.

Isn’t nature amazing? 

No bees about at all; perhaps they will be along later when the fruit begins to ripen.

5Fri006A few hundred yards along, a piece of Nottingham Street Art that wasn’t there yesterday was spotted.

We humans have so many idle, ignoramuses, detritus distributors amongst us. It does not bode well for the future of mankind. Humph!

As I ambled unhurriedly along, my mind turned to muse over the blood-test fiasco.

WCplasterA I walked straight into some overhanging tree branches What a shlemiel! Still, no bother, it surprised me, but did not hurt; and it gave the two workmen in the car park such a laugh, it almost made me join in with them! When I got to pass by them, one said “You’ll have to take care me old fruit, yer could have decapitated yersen midduck! They both burst into more laughter. Nottingham slang at its best. Hahaha! Best of all, it took me off of feeling sorry for myself and avoided me going into a self-pity mode. Which, was a good thing.

5Fri006aI got onto Mansfield Road, crossed over at the traffic lights, and called in a couple of charity shops in search of a narrow-lipped mug and or a saucepan with a lid that had not been broken like mine is. Tsk! No luck. I popped into a local food store and Post Office shop.

Coming out after paying for my bits, I noticed the up-to-date window cleaner working away. I still can’t get accustomed to seeing window 5Fri007cleaners without bucket or ladders. Haha!

A lot of flesh was being bared today. I reckon a lot of gals will be getting a little sunburnt soon. Not that I am complaining of course.

I went into Wilko to see if they had a narrow-lipped mug and or a saucepan with a lid that had not been broken like mine is. Tsk! No luck again.

5Fri008As I was making my way up to the bus stop, this Nottingham Pavement Cyclist shot by as he swayed between the pedestrians at speed. 

I have to admit to thinking an idiotic thought, with significant precipitation and vacuity. I mused to myself; “It’s about time these ignorant, dangerous cyclists were pulled up by a policeman and told off!” What an Eizel I am! I ask you; when not one single resident can say they have seen a policeman for three weeks (that was only in response to one of them having something valuable stolen). I haven’t seen one for much longer; Not counting the odd one flashing by in an ARV (Armed Response Vehicle – I’ve seen plenty of them recently) now and then. Most of our mostly elderly tenants have forgotten what a policeman looks like. Hahaha!

2017-10-20 11.01.21Got to the bus stop and a few of my family of oldies were in the shelter. The bus arrived, and as we got on, poor Mary was on the bus, looking well-drained, with her shopping trolley and a full bag of fodder. But still perkily chatting away. Bless her.

As we got off the bus, I asked her if she would let me carry the bag for her, but she didn’t. We chatted, and I did my best to try and cheer her up a bit.

Got into the flat, no wee-wee needed (Odd, that!).

5Fri009I checked on the potatoes and podded peas in the crock-pot and put the oven on to warm up ready for the pork to go in later.

Checking out the seasoning and sauce ingredients ready to make them up, and I caught my reflection (Nasty, I know!), in the mirror. I’d got a little bruise on the bonce, presumably from the walking into the tree branches. Hehe!

I took off the trousers and jumper. It is again hot today. And got on with updating this blog to this stage.

Herbert was banging about a bit again. But of course, I am not complaining, just mentioning it. No point in my risking Nottingham City Homes getting upset for my moaning about their favourite tenant making a noise. As the Management, told me; He is doing nothing wrong, just following his hobby of model making. I’ll have to just put up with it. I don’t want to lose my home. Oh, I’d forgotten about me being told off for mentioning anything said between me and any employee, representative or agent of Nottingham City Homes on my blog. I’ll cross it out, sorry about that.

Soon be time to get the pork in the oven, so I had a bash on Facebook while I had the time.


Made a mess getting the nosh prepared and served up. Leaving much cleaning up and unsticking of fingers, surfaces, etc. to do. Hehe”

A Taste-Score of 8.8/10, given for this one.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

By gum, it is so hot now.

I put the dishes to soak in the washing-up bowl and got into the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some TV. Constant nodding-offs of a few minutes or even seconds duration.

5Fri38WCplasterA Sat sitting there with the feet up, after one of the many awakenings, I noticed how the old legs had metamorphosised again.

It’s the other way around now. The left leg had started to retain fluid again, but the right one had lost its fluid?

As I took this photograph, I realised that it was still so light. During the estimated 100 nod-offs, I thought many hours must have passed, but no, only about one hour had elapsed?

So annoying not to be able to get off to sleep correctly, especially after having no bother last night.

Ah well, these things are sent to try us.

TTFN each, don’t let the sun burn you!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 25th April 2018

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 25th April 2018

Dutch: Woensdag 25 April 2018

0350hrs: I woke and immediately became a touch dispirited when I realised that the ailments were back! Duodenal Donald, Reflux Roger, Arthur Itis and Little Inchies Fungal lesion had been bleeding. However, thanks to the PPs, this did not ruin another pair of jammie-bottoms. Although the leaking must have been on and off, cause there was a good mixture of fresh and congealed ichor that needed softening to remove. Tsk-Tsk!

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner without too much hassle, and off to the wet room to sort things out. Not a pleasant job, but it had to be done.

A degree of disconcertment, fretfulness, self-criticism and unwarranted (as far as I could see, anyway) nervousness lingered.

I confirmed the time of the blood-test, 1145hrs. Shame that cause afterwards it being so late for me, I won’t have time or energy to get owt else done.

3Wed03To the kitchen to get the Health Checks done.

This reminded me of the plates on the tray in the front room. So I collected them and got the washing up done first.

I turned the light off and took this picture; I have no idea why I did this… ah, I might have been trying to get a ‘Moody Photo’ using the light from the chaps above front room light.

Reflux Roger joined with Duodenal Donald in giving me a fair bit of hassle. My having been almost free of anguish from these two ailments for a few days now, seemed to make their return worse than they may have been.

Made a brew and got the HC’s done. Sys and pulse seem to be reluctant to stop falling?


Got the nibbles sorted and into the bag for the nurses. Then remembered to put the Haematology DVT Record in the jacket pocket, to avoid those frightening blood-curdling stares of contempt I get from them when I forget to fill it in and take it with me to the surgery. Hehehe!

The computer started, Virgin Internet was working (No, no, honestly, it was! Haha!), and I began to finalise yesterday’s Inchcock Today. With a few interruptions for a wee-wee.

3Wed05Started on creating this blog up to here, and went to have a wee-wee, then made a brew of tea and back to the computer:


I was placing the mug of tea on the pad next to the computer when I had a visit from Shaking Shaun! Just at the wrong moment.

What a mess I made.

3Wed04Panic Mode adopted. The telephone and keyboard had suffered most. The worst was the stains the tea made to the cabinet top wood.

The notepads got drenched, I’ll see if they can dry out any, and try to retrieve the passwords and reminder notes on it.

The time spent trying to sort it out, seemed to go by quickly?

I was now exasperated and irked by this happening. Selfish-thoughts ran through my mind; Why should it be me who gets these shakes? Why should I always get them at the most inappropriate times? etc…. Then, as if life was trying to mock me, I felt the blood flowing from the lesion! I assumed this was caused by my bending down to clean up the cabinet after the spillage, so, it should have been expected; and began feeling guilty about being momentarily sorry for myself. Even when Anne Gyna started to kick-off!

Off to the wet room and cleaned up and medicated things. Nebach!

Back to the computer again. Flipping heck, I’m sneezing away like a good un now. Humph!

I’m not feeling at all well now. Haha!

I went to the WordPress Reader page. Then the comments section.

Went to make another mug of tea. Then got the ablutions tended to. Black bags, I sorted and took to the waste chute.

3Wed06Off out on the hobble to Carrington and the blood test.

Blimey, it was windy when I reached the end of Chestnut Walk.

All the same, I noticed how lovely the sky looked and turned to take a shot of the complex with the Warden/Social shed showing on the left.

Walking down Winchester Road hill, the wind seemed to get worse.

3Wed07As I reached the bottom and moved onto Mansfield Road, the heavens opened up and down came the rain. With the wind, it nearly blew my umbrella inside out.

As sudden as the rain started, it then stopped about two minutes later?

I pressed on up the slow incline with Anne Gyna being troublesome for the first time in days, now.

3Wed08When I got over the crest of the hill, the sunshine came out, and the winds seemed to slacken off.

This little Nikon camera is not as good as the Lumix that has broken down on me, and it is too small to get a good grip on to take decent steady shots. Never mind!

I hobbled down to the Sherrington Surgery, got in and reported to the Obergruppenfurheress Receptionist, who mentioned that I was later than usual. I explained that this was the time given me in the email, and I was not 3Wed10too pleased with it either, the day for me will over and done in a couple of hours now. She seemed genuinely concerned and said she would leave a note for the others to remind them that I prefer an early-as-possible appointment. I thanked her and sat down to get the crossword book out. Had a bit of success with it this time, and actually got a couple of them finished. There are many crosswords part-finished in the book where I got stuck, and I give these another attempt regularly, it was two of these that needed only two more answers each that I did. (Smug-Mode adopted. Hehe!)

Nurse Nichole came out to collect me. My heart warmed when I realised it was she who was seeing to me. We had problems with stopping the bleeding afterwards, more than we have ever had. This indicated to me that the Warfarin level will be well-high when I get the results later in the morning.

We managed to have a laugh and tell a tale or two all the same. Nurse Nichole had to put on a lot of plaster on the arm afterwards. Gave her the nibbles, a sad farewell and I dropped the bites off for the receptionists on the way out.

I departed and walked down to the Lidl Concentration Camp to get some tomatoes. I spotted they had some ready meals, Sweet & Sour Pork in Sauce with egg fried rice, and bought one, thinking they will make a nice change. I flicked through the flavours on offer to get one with the most extended date on it. Along with a Melton Mowbray pork pie, I made my way to the self-serve tills. Where, instead of being ignored and sneered at as I usually am, a young assistant approached me and offered to put the things through for me! This action didn’t exactly make me frailech, but it shook me up a bit. Obviously, a new starter with Lidl. I imagine that in a week or so, he will have learnt and would be using the regular Lidl staffs, nose-in-the-air attitude, scowling, sneering and ignoring customers to his heart’s content. It can’t last. But a shrewd move, cause I just have to go back again soon, to see if he’ll offer customer service to me next time. For the regular staff at this shop: Customer service is the process of helping people find what they want during the entire transaction cycle. Making customers feel valued. Customer service is the degree to which a product fails to meet, meets or exceeds customer’s expectations. It defines the customer’s perception of the service and interaction within the company. It is evident that Lidl does not explain this, I wonder if they even mention it?

Out and caught a bus back to Sherwood. At the L9 bus stop, I met Margaret from Winchester Court. Her hubby was not so well today, a grand chap too. IF he can get to the Social Hour tomorrow, I’ll try to give him a bit of extra chatter and nibbles, which he gives to his grandkids. They have cancelled their holidays and struggling to get a fair refund. We nattered away en route to the flats.

3Wed113Wed00b1 I got in the apartment and did the Health Checks.

The rain cameth down again.

And I then realised that somehow or other, I had not taken the morning doses of the medications! (Possibly due to the return of the morning ailments?) Oy Vey! This cock-up, caused me some concern, as it forced me to make a decision. Haha! What medications are safe to take, what must not be considered? Luckily it did not involve any Warfarin, the yare only taken with the (third) evenings dosages.

The  Trental tablets are in all three, daily. And invaluable they are in helping the blood flow to the extremities. When they increased the dosages of this pink tablet, I seemed to get about on my walks with less bother. I looked up about these: Pentoxifylline can decrease the muscle aching/pains/cramps during exercise, including walking; They were spot on there, with me at least. I’m waffling again aren’t I, sorry. After thinking about it, I just took one of each of the following; naproxen, Bisoprolol Fumarate, Codeine 30g and an Omeprazole. No idea if I did right or wrong. Fingers crossed.

3Wed15I noticed on the record card log notes that the doctors considered a different beta-blocker for me some years ago. No name is given to it that I could find. Anyway, this prompted me to look up the side-effects of Bisoprolol Fumarate. Tiredness, drowsiness, slow heartbeat, lightheadedness, dizziness, spinning sensation, dry mouth, stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, increased urination, runny or stuffy nose, ringing in your ears, weakness, sleep problems (insomnia), depression, anxiety, restless feeling, joint or muscle pain, itching or skin rash, loss of interest in sex, nausea or vomiting.

The last two on the list, are the only side effects I know I have not got. Most likely I have all the others. Well, that could explain a few of my ailments and odd variable Health Check readings from the sphygmomanometer! Hahaha! Hello, I’m off prevaricating again! Tsk! 

3Wed143Wed00b1 I then decided to have a can of the bean and pork stew with the sweet and sour meal. I got the meal in the oven and tipped the casserole into the saucepan… then! It dawned on this feeble-brained Schmo, the ready-meal I’d bought was not sweet and sour pork, but black beans sauce and beef! Had to dish the original meal.

Ended up making a pan of bean stew, added 3Wed12asome pork and did some chips to go with it. Sorry about this photo, but the shakes came on.

3Wed00b1 I took off the covering that the Nurse put on the arm. Not a pretty sight.

I thought I could hear gurgling noises coming from somewhere, but where they were emanating from beat me.

I took me a long while to discover the source of the odd sound.

3Wed00b1Eventually, I realised I’d left the power on to the shower, and it was trying to force down water that was not there. Humph! Turned it off.

3Wed16Got the nosh served up. After all the Whoopsies in the process of making this dinner, I ended up with Polish Pork Knuckle in a bean stew with s few chips.

Absolutely gorgeous sweet and sour sauce added!

Rated this one a 9.4/10.

Washed the pots and settled in the £300 second-hand recliner, feeling certain I would soon nod-off. But Morpheus did not come. So I put on the TV, and still no kip!

In fact, I watched the moronic TV programmes for about three hours before I drifted off into slumber. How I wish I could do this when I wanted to!

Evening all, please, have a great day.

Inchcock Today – Friday 20th April 2018: Busy Whoopsiedangleplop Day!

Friday 20th April 2018

Lao: ວັນສຸກທີ່ 20 ເມສາ 2018

0335hrs: I woke up, initially full of apanthropinisation, a reversal of the brain’s general confusion, worrying and fearing everything whatever came into it. As a rule, I’d lay there fretting about whatever and searching for something to puzzle over, speculate about, weigh up or be scared of. Often resulting in dysania. But not this morning. At least not for long, the inner panic and sense of failure would soon return. Not yet though, for I unceremoniously arose, with the stomach grumbling away and Duodenal Donald giving me gip and found myself in the kitchen doing the Health Checks with no memory of my getting there.

5Fri001WDP001A As I was putting the kettle on, I caught my frightful reflection in the window. The face had the Spotty-Muldoon blotches again, like yesterday morning, although not so aggressively this time?

I wondered if it might be the tiny insects nibbling at me, as they flood into the flat through the holes and cracks in the walls that had not been plastered yet? Or was it something to do with nerves? Either way, the panicky, fearful-of-life mode returned, and anything to fret over came into my poor tortured brain again. The visitation from the apanthropinisation had ended. I enjoyed those few minutes of freedom from concerns.

5Fri001bBack to my regular ‘Getting worked up, get in a fluster, get overwrought, be on tenterhooks’ modus operandi and philosophyHumph!

Off for a wee-wee.

WDP001A Then, when I went to attach the sphygmomanometer, I found the Nurse Ann donated blood-taking scar on the arm, had turned into a right looking mess. Next time  I see her, this will be my fault of course. I made a brew and did the Health Checks.


5Fri002The sys was up a tad, the pulse gone down a bit, but the calefaction remains somewhat high, but physically I felt alright in myself. I’d best not mention the mental aspects of how I feel. Hehe!

Off for a wee-wee.

Got the computer going, it started alright today. Sorted the photographs to use. Started off this diary.

Then went to finalise the Thursday post. Got it sent off. Did some WordPress Reading, then a few comments to reply to and make.

Changed all the things from the heavy coat to the sleeveless multi-pocketed one. I expect to get sarcastic comments about still wearing such a lot of clothing mind.

5Fri005Got the ablutionalisationing and medicationalisationing tended to. Surprise, no bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold at all, and only the tiniest bit from the lesion. Hurray and yippee!

Set off on my mission to get some Liquid Paraffin, for the plates-of-meat and picker-upper. Out through the maze and along Chestnut Walk to the cabin to await the bus.

I took this rather picturesque shot of the flats with the new build in the centre. Coming 5Fri005aon in leaps and bounds now, the Extra Care block is.

Warm out there. But I have to wear long sleeves and keep a hat on in the sunshine. Else the skin cancer gets worse, and it affects the Warfarin level a lot.

Got in the hut, and it was soon filled with tenants. I had a smile, laugh and chattering session or two, with the others.

5Fri006WDP001A I did, ask expected, receive a sarcastic, “Ain’t yo warm in all that bloody gear?” I calmly pointed out that the skin cancer affects me badly in this weather, I have to keep the sun off of myself – Why does this bother you then?” He wasn’t bothered and just said “Oh!” sneered at me giving the up & down stare and left. I departed to join the smoker-residents outside when the bus arrived. I had a go at the crossword book, and did reasonably well on it, en route.

I got off and poddled to the Wilko store and had a look around for some Liquid Paraffin (At least I think that is the name of it.) I came out worse off financially, but no paraffin available. It appears the yar going to stop selling their own label softener and granules. Shame! I love the scent of these products. However, I thought the sign said they had reduced them down £1 a pot, so I got three while I could. I also purchased a packet of sweet almonds, citrus aerosol sprays and some small Milky Bars for the nibble-box.

5Fri007Paid the lady on the till and went out to search for the paraffin and picker-upper.

The Nottinghamians were out in force today. Presumably to get the sunshine while it lasts.

The beggars, street musician, Big Issue sellers and even a few of the imitation Police Officers were spotted. With their hands in their pockets or chatting away with members of the opposite sex mostly! Hehe!

I noticed amongst the shopper, many of the old folk were dressed like I was.

5Fri009Then I called in the Poundland Store, to see if they had any of the things I was looking for. Of course, they had not, but I did come out having spent a bit there too. They had some large bottles of the Zoflora Citrus disinfectant at £2. Which is cheaper than those at Morrisons (£2.69) and Asda (£2.59). So I bought one. And another two citrus air sprays, 2 for a quid.

I made my way towards the slab square.

5Fri008Calling in three different shops in search of a new picker-upper to replace the broken one I fell on having my last nasty dizzy spell last week.

I had no luck at all. I’ll have to get to see Penny and ask her when she is going to Derby, I’d like to go with her. Then I can have the pleasure of her company and have a look in the disabled shop in the Eagle shopping mall for the picker-upper.

5Fri010I cut through Climber Street into the slab square.

The corner where a gang of mock-musicians usually locate themselves in a closed down shop doorway, a young man was playing the keyboard. (Well, I think that’s what it’s called anyway). As I approached, I spotted several mugs of takeaway coffee behind one of his speakers and thought, well, at least he can’t be doing too bad then. On my turning the corner, there were three other blokes. One with an upturned Industrial Cleaner tub. And two more toying with… well, I don’t know it was. But they had more speakers, and I think what a bass-booster, attached to the instruments. They were sharing what to me, looked like a suspiciously long and thick roll-up. Haha!

Eventually, I got to the City Centre Square. And, I took a few photographs of the Nottingham students, unemployed, shop-lifters, alcoholics, potential muggers, two-imitation police officers, takeaway food delivery pavement cyclists, the stink from the eight coffee shops in sight, TWOC convicted metal thieves, addicts. Going bankrupt shop staff having a fag and selling products from the shop to the students (Cheaply, mind), and pick-pockets enjoying the sunshine. (Hehe, only joking… I think!)


Up Queen Street to the bus stop. Some more Nottingham Street Art on the bench.

The L9 arrived, and I got on along with one other bloke. At the first stop along, where regularly, I would expect several of the flats tenants to get on the bus, there was only one gal, Norma I think.

We couldn’t have a gossip, cause she at far away on the side-saddle seats with her deadly four-wheeled shopping trolley. Hehe.

We got off at the flats and had a jolly-good chinwag and laugh as we made our way back to the beautiful uncladded, filthy windowed, draughty, holes-in-the-walls, noisy, messy, in-a-right-state, full of agitated people, Woodthorpe Court apartments.

Norma got out of the lift on the 4th floor, said our farewells, and I got to my little assaulted by Willmott-Dixon attackers, dwelling.

WDP001A When I got in the flat, took a wee-wee, got the kettle on and realised I’d forgotten to put the crock-pot on when I left. So, the potatoes will not be ready for hours!  Huh!

WDP001A Then I checked the receipt for the things I’d bought. The Wilko one showed £15.80 spent! The fragrance granules were £2.50 each, not £1 as I had thought. What a Shlimazel! And, the bottom item showed up as being for: Wilko Functional Food 30p – not the foggiest idea what that was?

The banging, then drilling, then back to grinding and banging noises welcomed me home. But thankfully not for too long. No idea where they were emanating from, except they were coming from somewhere above. The hot weather for the Willmott-Dixon lads must be about as welcome as it is to me. The poor souls will out in the blazing sunshine sweating pints when they have to work outside up on the hoists. They must be busier than ever with the new build as well.

Got updating this diary. Took me four hours to get up to here. I’m getting tired again, the concentration was not high now.

I went to do the Health Checks and checked on the potatoes. The spuds were done, so I put some grated cheese on the potato cakes and got them in the oven.

Set the timer and went back to turn off the computer. The view with the bird poo on the glass, is not bothering me as much tonight?

The alarm reminded me, and off I went to get the meal sorted. These victuals went down nicely indeed. A worthy 8.4/10 rating. The bland taste of the Morrisons Extra Mature cheddar was a disappointment, though.

I got the pots washed and had a wee-wee. Did a bit of medicating here and there.

Last Health checks were belatedly done. Medications were taken.

5Fri014Got another mug of fresh orange juice and took this photo of the skyline through the kitchen window. I don’t understand why, but the Clint Eastwood film, ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ came to mind.

Off for yet another wee-wee. I must remember to mention this to the quack, Dr Vindla.

It seemed to be getting warmer in the flat, and I rolled up the jammie bottoms and got down settled to watch some TV.

5Fri016 I noticed that the legs had started to go wonky again. One bigger (More retained water) than the other.

WDP001A After taking this shot of my limbs, as I was returning the camera to the Ottoman, it slipped, and I had to grab it quickly to prevent it falling and getting damaged. In doing so, I knocked over the mug of orange juice, the tray with the pen and notepad and the tube of Phorpain gel… and the camera still fell to the floor along with the other things! Fool! I got things cleaned and sorted-out, it took me a long while to get done. Mainly, because of the struggle to get back up from the floor each time that I bent down! Hehe!

After what seems a day or two, I finished the pottering and got down again to watch the ‘Hustle’ episode on the TV. Just in time to see the closing credits rolling. Humph!

Inchcock Today – Saturday 14th April 2018: Regretfully, a bad day.


Saturday 14th April 2018

Polish: Sobota 14 Kwietnia 2018

0149hrs: I gently gleaned and gelled with my surroundings. The brain engaged, albeit in a muddled apathetic fashion. There was no fretting and worrying this morning (Not yet anyway), but an indifferent and a rare apatheticness lingered.

It seemed my exit from the £300 second-hand recliner and trip to the kitchen was done in automaton mode. I found myself getting out the sphygmomanometer and doing the Health Checks, still in part-robot-style. No recollection of getting there to do this? The inconcinnity endured, and it took a while for my usual concerns, fears and worries to return to their usual place – at the forefront of the mind. I enjoyed these few minutes of freedom from hassling thoughts and matters – it may have confused me, (It scared me too) yet I was disappointed when this lack of haranguing ideas started to wear off. (I wonder if a psychologist could help me with this? Hehe!)

As I was doing the health checks and taking the medications, all the mind-troubling hassle and worries came back and off went the grey cells, on their mission of illogicality, stewing together of my fretting, concerns, fears and the nervous chagrining had reinstalled themselves in the Inchcock brain.

6Sat001Made a brew and finished the Health Checking procedure.

Took the medications and made my way to the computer. Sys was still low compared to the usual readings, and the oscillation was down even further. I’ll have to look it up, but I think it is within range?

Started off the finalisationing of the Friday diary on WordPress. Getting it sorted and posted around 0400hrs!

Not feeling too well now. Queezy and lack of concentration, stomach started rumbling. Splitting headache came on, even a bit of a dizzy spell. Bit concerned about this.

I went to the windows to take shots of the different views.



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Read and replied to the two comments on WP. Then had a perusal of the WordPress Reader section.

5Fri17 0800hrs: The noisy neighbour upstairs has started banging about.

On to CorelDraw, creating some page top graphics for future use.

5Fri17 0930hrs: The noisy neighbour upstairs is still, banging about. I might have just to move, at least then I’ll be free of the upgrading hassle. But then again, this will not guarantee me any peace on the weekends, for I know not what any new neighbours will be like, do I?

I like the people, apart from that noisy Herbert up above. I’ll take a walk to the Guinness Home tomorrow and have a chat with them I think. Oh, no, Sunday tomorrow. Very disappointed in response to my the last complaint made making no difference. In fact, he is worse today than he has ever been! Possibly my feeling unwell makes it seem worse.

I did some more Graphic work, but concentration was hard with Herbert’s noises.

I put the oven on to warm up ready to use later, to do the cheesy potato.

5Fri17 Christ! It sounds like he’s dragging something metallic and heavy around the room above now. Driving me potty. None stop noise at the moment! And, I can hear them without my hearing aids in!

I’m afraid I just shouted out at the top of my voice for him to go forth and multiply, using two words! I feel ashamed of myself now.

5Fri17 1230hrs: The noise continues, and I am getting depressed with it, now. I can’t concentrate at all, turned off the computer. I’ll continue to monitor the noises on my notepad to add here later.

6Sat08The day brightened up a bit.

I got the Health Checks done and the meal prepared. Pork Knuckle, cheesy mash, tomatoes, bread, seaweed and sliced apple.

Very nice, despite the damned noise continuing from up above.

I was concerned that I could have made an error, and the noise was from the giant crane outside that was removing the Orange Mobile Communications mast from the top of the roof. I might have enjoyed looking at the works if it were not for the noise coming from above and my feeling uptight, and now, Duodenal Donald is giving some stick. I did take some photographs though, I’ve put them all here for you peruse.




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6Sat09I managed to trap my hand in the narrow gap in the windows when I was getting the camera back inside.

The ulcer was getting worse, so I did the Health Checks, and a took a few swigs of the ineffective Antacid medicine. Took an extra Omeprazole capsule too.

5Fri17 I knew things were not so good when I got down in the £300 second-hand recliner, and there were no signs of sleep whatsoever. I was all twisted-up inside with the noise coming from above. Duodenal Donald was terrible, and Dizzy Dennis visited me a few times. This is not good. I’m dreading tomorrow and more noise from the Git upstairs. Feeling so drained and weak. I can’t handle another noisy day like today. I pray that it will not be as bad on Sunday.

5Fri17 The noises continued on and off until around 1700hrs or so. Although, they may not have, for I had the headphones on while waiting for sleep and listened to the TV, but had the volume loud which meant I could not understand most of what was being said, and this might have drowned out any noises? Of course, there was no chance of me hearing any alarms that might have gone off. I’m in a right mixed-up depressed state at the moment.

Not sure when I managed to get to sleep, but it was hours latr than normal.

Sorry the day was dismal. If odd-knob upstairs is not noisy tomorrow, I’ll cheer up again.


Inchcock Today – Friday 13th April 2018: Day of the Dizzies!

Friday 13th April 2018

Maori: Rāmere 13 Paengawhāwhā 2018

1230hrs: I woke with an unnatural for me, firm determination and purpose, to rise and get the laundry done! I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner with no bother from Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna or Duodenal Donald. (I know, it surprised me as well!).

5Fri001The seemingly aeviternal damp wetness from the bleeding lesion was still with me, though.

By 1237hrs, I was on my way down in the lift to the laundry room.

Number two elevator was working, but the one that was noisy yesterday was not. I think when I was chatting to Cyndy at the social hour yesterday, I joked about the noise being like Heavy Metal Music; She said she had reported this. She got some action, bless her.

New notices, one in the lift, the other on the notice board.


5Fri002The electronic information sign indicated 0045hrs: 5°c outside and drizzle. Drizzle, well fancy that. Hehe!

Into the laundry room, and noticed that someone had apparently left their washing in the machine. It had been dumped by someone on the draining board. I think a lot of us old uns have done this, forgetting about the laundry. But thought whoever moved it out to get theirs in, might have folded the clothes instead of just bundling them on the drainer.

5Fri003Got the washer going, and back up in the elevator.

I got the photographs prepped for using in yesterdays diary updating.

Got the Health checks done.

Had a wee-wee.


5Fri005Went for a wee-wee. Had to cleanse around the lower regions and cream applied after cleaning off the dried and fresh blood.

Back down again, to move the clobber from washer to the dryer.

The filter had not been appropriately cleaned, bits of grit and fluff had spilt into the drum. So I cleaned that up and around the door area.

Before going back up, I popped outside to take a photo to the left then right of the foyer doors.


1Mon001In the flat, I got the computer on and began to update the Thursday diary.

What a performance! It took me ages to get the stuff done on the graphics. But it did improve later.

5Fri007Got the diary finished and posted off, then made a start on this one, but within a couple of minutes it was time to go down to retrieve the laundry.

I hadn’t noticed this sign on the foyer outer-doors before. A bit late to put up now after eight months? Maybe something had taken place that is being kept from us again?

5Fri006I emptied the dryer and got the clothing folded, cleaned the filter and casing. Got the things in the bag.

Then, cleaned the drum and door.

No odd socks! Haha!

Made my way up to the twelfth floor, and noticed that the new windows in the recess 5Fri008areas where they had replaced the wooden slats, had now been covered by a board?

Into the apartment and got the washing stored away.

WDP01 Made a brew. It was terrible, bitter, sour. I checked the milk after throwing the drink away. That seemed okay. Another of the many mysteries of the chiropterophilous, cold-uncladded Woodthorpe Court!

I pressed on with this diary up to here. Then visited the WordPress Reader.

April18Made a TFZer Graphic and posted it off.

Got ablutions tended to.

Doing the medicationalisationing after the shave, teggies and shower, I tried out the new ‘Care’ haemorrhoid cream. It had a slightly more gellish texture than the other creams. But not so effective at all. Still, I’ve bought the two tubes now, so I’m not going to let them go to waste. The piles were less bothersome than they have been this morning. So I think this ‘Care’ brand will be okay but will have to use the Germoloid one when things are more painful. Not that much relief, mind, but better than nothing.

5Fri010Sorted the three black bags and tied them up, and took them to the waste chute.

I opened the blinds, to reveal a bird covered window glass on the new balcony entrance windows! Grumph! If it keeps getting poo’d on like this, with the new balcony not being fitted for three weeks yet! And then I might be one of the last ones to be done and able to open the doors to clean it up, it might take a pneumatic drill to get all the droppings off of it! Hehe!

I’ll mention it to Cathy when I talk to her.

The view will soon be obliterated!

I set off for the lift to go down. It took a long 5Fri011while because as I mentioned earlier, there is only the one lift in action today.

The weather was a little bleak, but no cold with it.

Every workman or official of Willmot-Dixon I saw on the way to the hut, had a look of gloom and unhappiness on their faces. I’m not surprised really. What with the bats delaying things and pushing their timetable all-to-cock.

Set off to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens HQ and social shed. I remembered to take the Hyacinth Bucket DVDs to loan Cathy, who was not in the hut. Warden Deana and Julie were the only occupants. Had a chinwag with them.

5Fri012I sat in the room and was soon joined my two gals I often have a natter with but don’t know their names, Margaret, Welsh William, Mary and Roy. The bus arrived, and I had a ride three bus stops down Winchester Street.

I was feeling somewhat okay physically, apart from pains from the soles of my feet?

I wandered to the Continental Shop and got a loaf of bread and some tinned cooked pork. (The last thing I needed – Bonkers I am!)

Hobbled up to the greengrocers. Got a leek, large potato and leek. Called in the Co-op and bought a TV magazine for next week.

WDP01 I was walking up the hill to catch a bus into town and was thinking how silly I was to buy the food, just to carry it with me! The most horrible Dennis Dizzy Spell came over me. I took three paces towards the wall and used this as a support. Although it only lasted a couple of minutes and then it abated, it shook me up badly. I was sure I was going to go over.

5Fri013A lady asked me if I was alright, so I must have looked poorly? I thanked her and said I was fine now. Which I was, just weary of it happening again.

I decided to make my way back to the flats. Walked up Winchester Street Hill. Anne Gyna as I expected, gave me some bother on the road.

I thought about catching the bus up a few stops, but as you can see, I just missed it. Tsk!

5Fri014I considered taking the shortcut through the backs of the houses, but the state of the pathway put me off.

About a third of the way up the hill, where the wooden fences line the pavement, I stopped to admire the growth of the plants and weeds.

They had forced their way through the fencing and somehow sprouted sticky limbs to cling to the wood!

I took three photos and tried to line them up to show how they had shown such determination to cling to life.

Nature at its finest!

5Fri015It was if the funny turn had not happened, I was back to my self again.

5Fri016Got up onto Chestnut Walk. The instant I got on the level ground, Anne Gyna eased off.

Called into the shed, and Cathy was there. So I could hand her the DVDs. We had a chinwag I mentioned the dirty windows. She took my flat number, she’ll see if they can be cleaned from outside. Apparently, many other residents have the same problem.

I thanked the gal, Cathy, and made my way back to the apartment, put the fodder away.

Got the kettle on and did the Health Checks. Sys had shot up, but the pulse had dropped? Took the midday medications along with an extra Methyclothiazide tablet and a Beta-blocker 30g.

Started to update this diary.

The landline burst forth with its ringing tone. It was my old mate Michael. He was on his way to see me. I went down to meet him, and he had brought me some medical stuff, PPs loads of them. This was a fantastic gesture, and I appreciated it so much. He could not stay long but had a mini-natter, and off he had to go. Saying he will try to get to visit next week and stay longer. I thanked the lad and off he went. A true pal. Each time I see him, he raised my spirits, Bless Him.

5Fri017Got the meal prepared. I’m no gastrosopher, but I demolished this little lot off, and so enjoyed it. The battered onion rings and Morrison Pork Pie with some gelatine inside were both worthy of a mention in despatches tastewise. The peas were terrible, as was the egg. The beetroot was okay and the apples tasty for once. The highlight was the fresh continental sliced loaf and Anchor butter. I’ve not had any bread for a while, and this went down so well. Rated at a 9.2/10 overall.

I did the washing up and checked on the TV magazine to see what was on. This was when I realised that I had bought two TV magazines for the same week. My having forgotten that  I purchased the first one. (What a Shlub!) Still, I can leave it on the table in the reception, and someone might take it.

As for watching any TV, yet again, once more I fell to sleep at the first set of advertisements came on. Tsk!

Could I please make a request for each of my favourite TV Freeview channels to show the following to finish before 1700hrs each day. Hustle, New Tricks, Open All Hous. Last of the Summer Wine, Hetty Wainthroppe Investigates, Red Dwarf, Dads Army, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, The Blue Planet, All animal documentaries, Pie in the sky, The Good Life, The A-Team, Star Trek original, Keeping up appearances, Jonathan Creek, Frost, Heartbeat, and any Steven Seagal, Clint Eastwood, Denzil Washington, Bruce Willis, and Norman Wisdom films, please.

Also, can you put sub-titles on them as well if you don’t mind? Thank You.


Inchcock Today – Saturday 7th April 2018

Saturday 7th April 2018

Filipino: Sabado 7 Abril 2018

0305hrs: For hours, I kept waking after scratching at both of my wrists (Lower arms). Nodding off and repeating the process. Somewhere in there, I even had a dream that I was tearing off my own hands while undertaking a transmogrification of some sort. When I woke, I found the wrists sore, red, curiously painful to touch and irritatingly itchy. I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner like a five-year-old. No twinges or hassle whatsoever Apart from the wrist/arms of course), even Hippy Hilda. This in itself was a baffling-to-me achievement.

To the medical drawer in the kitchen, and got the kettle on, and applied some Germolene to the lower arms. This stung a bit at first, but they calmed down in seconds as I rubbed the ointment in well. The flared-red patches on the wrists soon became lighter. Some disappeared, all became less itchy. Confounded me!

6Sat02I made a brew of the English Breakfast tea in the small China mug and took the medications.

The sphygmomanometer took three attempts to get it to work. New batteries in it too.

The pulse was still low, compared to what it usually is. The sys was up again.

I suddenly felt shiveringly cold. I expect this was due to either the ghost who steals my odd socks and memory or the Alien who hides things from me. Hehe!


Off to the Porcelain Throne. Another messy evacuation. Tsk!

I started this post of as far as here, then updated the HORRENDOUS Friday Diary. Got it finished by 0535hrs.

Back to updating this one and went on to the WordPress Reader section. Then the comments.

Went on CorelDraw to do some work on the page-top header graphics.

6Sat06I tied taking a photographicalisation of the skyline, zoomed in. But it did not come out well.

So I then made one of the fronts of the flats below. With Mr Clipboard taking the mistakenly left-in keys, I could not open the window more than a few inches. I could only get my hands outside for a little distance and had to take this photo blind as if to speak.


It came out reasonably good considering, well, I thought it did. If you are one the thousands of Inchcock Today readers, I’m sure that either of you (Hehe!) would spot the difference in this one, compared to all my other pictures of this parking area?

Yes, you’ve got it. The car at the right end had reversed into his space! That’s a first for this place.

Then, Guess What:

Still, why should they not join in with Willmott-Brown, Nottingham City Homes, the Chemist, The Doctor, The plasterer, Noisy BBJ up in the flat above, Duodenal Donald, Whoopsiedangleplops, the Bank and the others in making my life a misery? Grumph!

It came back on, but the signal was feeble and would not let me work on CorelDraw.

I had close down the new version of WordPress and went on the old editor to get the photos on the blog. Then go back to the new one, to use the full alignment option.

Selected some words to use later, this took over an hour. Got the computer back on and:

Thankfully, it returned after a short while this time. At around the speed of a two-hundred-year-old three-toed Venezuelan Sloth with a broken leg.

Went for a wee-wee. As I was washing afterwards, it dawned on me that the wrists and phalanges, as well as the arms, were free of the red marks and the terrible itching. A bit of a problem and poser as to what caused them in the first place? Not fleas I hope!

6Sat09This insect got me thinking, and I looked up on the web to see if any insects live in concrete or cement. There was one possibility that showed up; The Jumping Springtailed Entomobrya unostrigata. Very tiny and they like the wet. In 1952 a study was done, with this statement given by Dr M Martin. Cited from Bryk, F. (1955:1824) Springtailed Entomobrya-unostrigata. Bites: “Very discomforting mosquito-like skin irritations attributable to collembolans of the genus Entomobrya attempting to bite.” Whatever did we do before the arrival of the internet? Well, if you have Virgin Media supply it… Oh, Stop moaning Inchcock!
With all the opened-up walls around the windows and balconies, holes are revealing the concrete and cement innards at the moment. And with all the rain we have had, you never know. I must remember to ask the other residents if they have suffered anything similar to my itching blotches.

6Sat09I made a mug of tea again and took a look out of the balcony windows. Even more crap on the outside of them now. If what Doris says is right, that the balconies will not be fitted for another eight months yet. We’ll need to hire an industrial cleaning service to blast them with high-powered steamers with bleach to get them clean! I bet we will not be able to see out them at all, soon. Just a thought.

I revisited the WordPress Reader.

WDP03a  I went into the drawer in the desk under the 6Sat11 (2)computer, to search for a pencil sharpener.

It was most pleasing to find the small steak knife that I misplaced a week or two ago. How or why I put it in that drawer will go in the file with the other mysteries. The Aliens, the Ghosts again perhaps? Anyway, I made another cuppa and wiped off the blood and put a little plaster on the cut hand. What a Shmendrik!

WDP03a  As I was putting away the medical plasters, I 6Sat10turned as saw what must have been dozens of little insects coming down out of the broken plaster awaited being made right on the sides of the window. By the time I’d got the camera, all bar just one of these created had or were making their way back up and disappearing into the cracks and holes. This one must have been like me, suicidal. Hehehe! Because he or she ran towards me. Looked like tiny beetles of some sort to me.

Moments later a dirty great meat fly was buzzing around the glass in the window. This fly was a bit of a Houdini, and despite my best efforts, he avoided being caught and squashed.

Getting late now, and I still had not got any page-top graphics done, and I was getting tired. However, I had another shot at this task on CorelDraw/Photopaint.

Only two done. Not feeling so good.

Health checks were done.

5Fri016Got the nosh cooked and prepared.

I’m afraid I overdid the sliced potatoes with cheese on top of them.

But I still ate them all, ultra crispy is the kindest word to use to describe them. Hehe! I even rated this effort as an 8.9/10. About time I made a decent nosh.

Washed up and settled down in the £300 second-hand recliner. The TV had nothing on I fancied watching to send me to sleep. So I put a DVD on, Law & Order UK. Not as effective in sleep-tempting as the TV with its advertisements, but they usually do the trick.

It did!

TTFN each.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 5th April 2018: Mayhem ridden busy day!

Thursday 5th April 2018

Maltese: Il-Ħamis 5 ta ‘April 2018

Around midnight, I sprang awake, right in the middle of a dream. I wrote down some notes on the pad to use later, and drifted back into the land of Nod, hoping to continue the dream I’d been enjoying.

0256hrs: Woke up, and remembered bits of the dream, saw the notepad scribble and decided to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner, which I did, to the complaints of my doing so coming from Hippy Hilda. Tsk! I wanted to do a graphic of it while it was fresh in my muddled brain. Got the computer on and created this representation of the nocturnal hallucinations.

4Thu001In my sleep: I had emerged from a grave, Andy Cap hat still on my head, and gone to a tree to have a wee-wee, the tree spoke, through a knot in the trunk that appeared to have lips, thanking me for wetting its trunk. He added something like; “Great drug content in your urine old man, I don’t need the blood though bruv. See you tomorrow!” I think I might have given the bark a hug?

But I had got lost returning to my grave and was wandering around hunting desperately to find it again. I could not recall what was written on the headstone. But, I knew that it was covered in splashes of plaster! I think I enjoyed this dream.

UGTue3Apr01iJust when I thought the anguish of the dreaded Willmott-Brown contractor plasterer’s visit to scatter curtain rings around, and plaster all of the carpets, windows, radiator, kitchen sink, WC bowl, front door, a chair and polished wooden furniture, was easing too. It isn’t. Have I lost it or what, please? Double-Tsk! He also left the curtain on top of the working radiator.

The problem is trying not to class the other excellent workmen in the same category as this inept, uncaring imitation human being who has destroyed my home and willpower.

I’ll talk with Cath today at the Social Hour meeting about this. Show her the photographs. See what she says and thinks about it. I’m not expecting too much understanding in return though.

0330hrs: Off to do the Health Checks and take the medications.


4Thu01Went to get the clean togs out of the spare room. Took this photo of outside. Eerie?

Had a wee-wee.

Got the ablutions tended to and had a Porcelain Throne session. Messy once again. But at least the evacuated product was of fewer colours today. There was no bleeding whatsoever from Harolds Haemorrhoids either. Little Inchies Fungal Lesion made up for that, what a congealed leakage I had to sort out. Humph!

Then, I got on with finishing the Wednesday Diary off.

4Thu030445hrs: Then made a start on this one. Got up to here.

0545hrs: The Morrison delivery is due between 0600 > 0700hrs. I stuck the camera out through the narrow gap permitted in the unwanted new kitchen windows. I was amazed to see two free parking spaces. Admittedly, one of them was for disabled drivers.

Had a look at the WordPress Reader section. Then did some commenting.

4Thu040654hrs: The Morrison man arrived.

Not so many bags and they cost £10 less than last weeks. Goes a little way to recouping the £30 I’ve been forced into spending on Carpet Cleaning accoutrements!

Got the things out, and there seems a lot of them for the money spent, this time.


The sugar-snap peas looked a bit fresher than the last lot. But the Thoroughbread loaf only had one days life on it. Goodness gracious me!

Got the fodder stored away. Put the bread for the Obergruppenfhureress Wardens, in the bag of nibbles and raffle prizes with the crispy snack mini-slices for Jenny.

Got on with WordPressing again, until 0825hrs. When the door tone to Dusty Springfield’s ‘I only wanna be with you’ rang-out. It was the Willmott -Brown trouble-shooter bloke. (Clipboard) You know of him, he’s the one who said he would be at the flat at 0800hrs two Thursdays ago so I could get to the Doctors on time – and he was late! Ahem! This time he was made welcome after he said that Jenny had told him of my problems with the aftermath of the plasterer’s onslaught on my flat, carpets and furniture.

The Gentleman was patient as I pointed out the worst areas (80% of the apartment) affected. He took some photographs and did apologise, saying it was unacceptable.

God Bless and thanks to Jenny. My Angel. (Well, hubby Franks Angel really, sorry Frank). She is my Wonderwoman.

He departed, saying he would catch me later to get things sorted out.

The place was at times, a maze (that’s not the word is it?) of noise from the works taking place all around. The earlier sounds before the workmen started, was from right old Big Bad John.

I got the photographs I’d taken yesterday of the Derby Stonewall tops and readied them for working on later. I hope to get them looking like mountains and add people and things to the pictures.

Set off to the Social Hour at the Temporary Shed that is also some workmen’s breakfasting room, the Obergruppenfurheresses HQ, Meeting Room and Social Hut.

All set, (I thought) I set off to the Meeting. I got as far as just outside the foyer doors and realised I was wearing the wrong glasses on my head. Back up in the lift and swapped spectacles.

Down as far as I got last time, and Oh Vey! I had not got my hearing aids in! Up again and collected them.

 This time I did get a few paces further up Chestnut Walk before I noticed I had not got the mobile phone with me. I felt obliged to go back for it, in case the surgery rang with the INR Warfarin doses and appointment while I was out.

4Thu06Out and through the obstacle course outside the flats yet again. I’d lost count of how many times I’d tried to get to the meeting. Huh!

The rain had stopped altogether, and the unwarm sunshine kept popping through the clouds.

I’d gone but a few paced, and the plasterer who did such good job of demolishing my flat for me the other day, passed me going the other way. To be honest, I did not recognise him. Let’s face it, I only met him for a few seconds as I was on my way out and he asked if he could do the job then. I’d left him on his own and off I poddled. I came back when he had been long gone, to find the filthy state of the carpets etc. Fair do’s though, he apologised and said he had tried to clean up the mats, but could not get it (the plaster) off of them. He thought the carpets might have been too thin, (I nearly apologised for this, myself to him!) cause he’s never had problems cleaning any others. Sacre Bluer!

4Thu07I took this photographicalisation, showing both old ramshackle blocks that are being upgraded and killing off a few elderly residents at the same time with worry, and the new extra-care care and the Obergruppenhureress Warden’s HQ in between them.

I pressed on to the Social hut. There were only fourteen people in there today. And just nine of them were residents.

I thanked Jenny for the assistance with getting the flat looked at. I handed everyone a little easter egg, luckily I just had enough of them with me. I put the raffle prized on the trolly, then went around with the box of nibbles.

I put the Sourdough loaf in the fridge for the Warden Obergefreiteresses.

Frank came over after I had sat down with Bill (William on Sundays) and Pete, I think that is his name, him who won the nine prizes in last weeks raffle. Frank sold me some raffle tickets. I handed them to two ladies who sat in the corner. Doris, one of the ladies, won a prize with one of the numbers. That cheered me up. And after they had drawn the raffle, the bloke and Bill had not won anything! Trust kind Cyndy to give him one of hers, bless her cotton socks! ♥

I gave Jenny the packet of small square crispbreads. I thought they might come in for her Saturday Morning Coffee sessions. When she said they would, it made my day. (The chest swelled up – it’s just that no one would notice with my belly wobbling out in front – Haha).

The lads tried to help me with the crosswords. But the ones we did try to do stumped us all. So I had to cheat and look at six answers in the back of the book. I’ve never had to do that before. Usually, there might be one or two I have to succumb to looking at, but six! The mind was just not functioning correctly.

4Thu08A lot of folks left early. By the time I departed and said my farewells, there were only three or four left in the shed.

As I left, the sun blossomed out. I took the opportunity to try to take a ‘Moody’ picture of the Winchester Court block. But I made a mess of it.

Back in the apartment, I met Doris and showed her the carpets in the flat. She was Godsmacked at the condition of them.

I made up a Morrison order. During which, I got a telephone call from the surgery, very complicated and mind-boggling affair it was too!

New receptionist I think. She gave me the INR dosages: Th 2 – Fri 1.5 – Sat 2 – Sun 1.5 – Mon 2 – Tue 1.5 – Wed 2. But, she forgot to make an appointment for me. Gorblimey! So I had to ask for one for Wednesday 11th April. I was informed there are none available. But she could fit me in on Thursday. I told her about the problems with having it done on a Thursday that I suffered last time it had to be on that day. (Not getting informed of any results or the next appointment until the Monday or Tuesday, then it was too late to fit me in, and I ended up going to the hospital for the blood test and getting told-off!) She said she could fit me in on Thursday. (I was losing the will to live by then!) I said if they can’t fit me in on the 11th, I’ll go to the hospital for it. The reply: Oh yes, I can fit you in on the 11th. I mentioned that the eleventh was Wednesday, not Thursday. Oh, yes, but I cannot get you in until later! I asked when. 1030 is the earliest available. My head was now spinning, and I accepted the appointment. She did not inform me of what the INR level actually was! However, I knew it had to be low because the dosages had increased exponentially.

Concentration was now at a minimum, and mental-anarchy and inner maelstrom almost made me dizzy trying to keep it all together. I had to get these dates down in the written diary and Google calendar straight away, in case I got it wrong or forgot.

Then Sister Jane rang me. I’m afraid that I must have sounded a bit vague as I struggled to analyse what was being discussed. Hope I didn’t miss anything significant or urgent that Jane said. (Oh I did feel a right incompetent Meshugener!)

I got the dates in the two records. Then realised that the Wednesday Blood Test Appointment clashed with Foot Lady Sue coming to cut the toenails! Gnash! I had to ring the surgery to change the hard fought for an earlier appointment. She turned it to 1145hrs for me. This is going to be fun: I might well fall asleep on my way home from the blood test.

Phew! I hope they are right.

Made a start on updating this post again.

The doorbell chimed. This time I didn’t mind at all. It was Cyndy. The girl meant to go to Malcolm’s flat with some leaflets from Blind4you, who she got her new blinds from.

I asked her in, to show her the mess. She was astounded at how bad a condition that the carpets had been left in. I wrote down the name of the company (Blinds4you) in my memo book. When all the building and upgrading work is completed, I will use this company to get them from.

Back to the computer and updating this blog, again.

No, I take that back!

Willmott-Brown’s stalwart Jay, knocked on the door, with a spray bottle and scrubbing brush in his hands. Bearing in mind how late (For me) it was, I greeted the lad with good spirit.

He set about answering his phone – and found it difficult to see the scars left on the carpet. But set about doing his best with the tools supplied to him, to clean up the carpets. A good hour or so later, he had done all he could. But I knew there was still marks all over the hallway carpet and some in the living room, too. Naturally, the gifted charming good-looking young could not see them; with his not understanding how good they were before the plastering disaster job. I managed to force myself into telling the bloke that it was just nothing like it was before the plastering as done. In the end, I showed him the carpet in the spare room, telling him that this was how the other carpets should look. Eventually, and it took some time and discussions, I think he realised that I was right. He pointed out that people have been trekking through the hallway carpet. I told him I had had no more than eight visitors in nine months. And five of them were workmen. We did have a joke or two and could understand his reluctance to accept that the carpets looked fine before the onslaught from the plasterer. He spiritedly gave it another go. Gave-up, and told me he would report things to his Obersturmbahnführer, and inform him of the situation. I pointed out that tomorrow, I have the chemist, clinic and bank to visit, so would not be available, suggesting that Monday would be better. He said his farewells, and off he trotted. Nice geezer.


I started yet once more to update this blog. I got as far as to here, and fatigue overcame me. (It’s getting on and late now for yours-truly) Still much to get done and prepared for tomorrow, but I was incapable of any further concentration.

I got the nosh ready. Had a cold one tonight, so I could save time cooking and get some sleep in… Please,!

No sooner had I thought this, and BBJ started banging about up above. I was too tired to cry. Haha! Sob!

4Thu11 The fodder was a disaster; I have to report. The ‘Extra Strong REd Cheddar sliced from Aldi, might as well have been made of cardboard. The tomatoes were equally as bland tasting. The Lancashire Thoroughbread was tough and dry. The sliced apples bruised. The Baxter’s Beetroot rock hard. The chicken sticks were alright, but nothing special. The beef chunks were chewy and insipid. The sugar snap peas had to have the mouldy ones picked out before risking eating the others, but they did taste good. The seaweed was okay. The lemon mousse was delicious. Overall I can only rate this one at 5/10. A pitifully anticlimactical meal!

4Thu10Later, the following morning, I found this picture I had missed earlier.

I took this one as that handsome Del Boy like the beast from Willmott-Brown, Jay, was doing his save the day activities cleaning up the mess for me. He’s just finished in the room here, and in celebration, the sun tried to come out a  bit.

I must remember the things I need to try and get done tomorrow. Bank about the codes. Chemist, for the prescriptions. GUM clinic to see Dr Petrauskas. New picking-up sticks to replace the one that mysteriously no longer worked after plastering session, and the one I fell over while using it and broke it! I realise that all these things cannot physically get done on one day. And my days are getting shorter the less sleep I’m getting. The lack of buses situation on the weekends. My inability to work with any effect after around 1600hrs each day. With all the late visits by the contractors, telephone calls, etc. I got lost a bit there, sorry.

I washed the pots and got down in the recliner, and listened to the noise above and wondered if I would be able to get to sleep… then, in what seemed like second to me, I drifted off into heaven! Ahh!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 4th April 2018: A Strange Day

Wednesday 4th April 2018

Yiddish: 2018 מיטוואך 4 אפריל

0400hrs:  Up much later than usual, thanks to the Nottingham City Homes paying Willmott-Brown to do the upgrading work, and their sub-contractor plasterer bloke; Who left my flat in a terrible mess with dry and semi-made plaster over every carpet, cabinets, the windows and even on my furniture and walls. His kindly putting and leaving the curtains on top of the heater was not appreciated either. Nor was his wet plaster that had run down the inside and dried, stuck to it! – I’m still feeling uptight and discombobulated.

Jumping Jehoshaphat! Grenfell, to be repeated! Talk about showing contempt and disrespect! And this work, is taking place at a significant cost to make the flats a safer place to live in? It’s indeed given me much pain from Anne Gyna and Duodenal Donald. Not to mention the hassle, worry and dirtying the flat!

Sorry about that. But I’m still stewing inside at being treated so awfully like an old senile nobody who does not matter… Which is probably true anyway. (No, stop it, Inchcock! Things will not be put right with your whining and griping on…) Desist, you fool!

Only Duodenal Donald, with a bit of hassle from Hippy Hilda, was bothering me at this moment.

Once I had detached my klutzy body from the £300 second-hand recliner, I seemed to settle down a bit and felt a tad more in-line, nearly standard, and a smidge of optimism lingered. Not for much, mind. Hehe!

I got the Health Checks done. There is a bit of a change in the readings this time. Sys has dipped again, and the pulse had shot up to 94. I’m not sure if that is good or bad. But I felt okay physically. (Mentally is my problem – Thank you Nottingham City Homes, Willmot-Dixon and their plasterers of questionable quality… [Stop it”]).


3Wed02I’m on the last bottle of the ineffective Antacid Medicine. But, the prescriptions will be ready to collect on Friday, I should last out.

I made a brew and took the medications.

Then on the computer to begin finishing off the horrendous Tuesday diary. Thanks to Nottingham City Homes, Willmott-Dixon… (Stop it!)

Made sure of the appointment for the blood test. Made up the nibbles for the staff, got them in the bag. I remembered about getting the AA batteries, Carpet cleaner and Magnesium tablets made a note about this and put it in my pocket. By Jimminee, I’m almost getting organised here… better be careful. Haha!

Back to the WordPressing. Had to stop, or I would not be able to get the ablutions done in time to get to the doctors in time for the blood test. So, I went off for a scrub-up. Guess what I found? Plaster in the WC bowl and on the floor! (Thanks to Nottingham City Homes, Willmott-Brown and the plasterer… Whoops, Sorry!)

Collated everything needed and got to the door to go out.


I could have started crying when I spotted the state of the carpeting, even after all my best efforts and injuries obtained while applying them to try an clean it up. And failing.

3Wed04I forced myself to ignore this, as best I could. Went out into the flats entrance hall, and turned back to lock the door.

Feh! I even spotted some bits of plaster that had been splashed on the outer door! Hamana hamana! What next?

I went down in the lift. I could hear workmen drilling on the 8th and 4th floor I think.

3Wed05When I exited the elevator, the electronic information sign indicated it was 0756hrs, the 4th April 2018, 5°c and drizzling outside.

Oh, and we should all pay our rent first.

I pondered for a few seconds on this point, regarding the unwanted changes being done over the past seven months, with many more months of work yet to come. The Nottingham City Homes and contractors Willmott-Brown, have cost me a lot of hassle, money and pain.

  • The wrongly positions Kitchen heater, having to be moved so I could open the drawer and cupboard will cost me getting someone in to redo or repair the holes left in floor and plaster the holes in the wall underneath the windows.
  • Getting someone to clean or even buying new carpets that have been extirpated by the plasterer yesterday!
  • The hassle of Willmott-Brown changing every single appointment for work they have done cost me medical dates and periods of ill-health, and Whoopsiedangleplops.
  • New curtains to replace the ones left on top of the radiator yesterday.
  • The electricity bill, nearly doubling since the installation of the new radiators!
  • The dust and grit got into the computer, stove and… I’ll stop here, I regret having gotten carried away again – Apologies for waffling still!

3Wed06Out into the drizzle, and wound my way through the maze of barriers and scaffolding to the Glass Recycling Bin.

Which was overfilled and boxes of bottles and jars laid beside it. Deposited my bottles of empty Antacid medicine and Balsamic vinegar amongst them Dry Gin, London Gin, various Wines, Guinness, Port, Champagne, Brandy, Vodka, Whisky, Tequila, Rum, Cognac, Lager, Cider and even an Absinthe one! Pretty good for a five-day period? Alcofrolics of the world, eat your hearts out! Hehehe!

3Wed07I was already limping a bit with the plates-of-meat, and Hippy Hilda began to play up a bit. Got to the Obergruppenfhuress Warden HQ, all locked up of course at this time.

I took this photograph, looking back at the flats and showing the hut on the left.

The drizzle was very light.

3Wed08A little further on Chestnut Walk, I heard the cooing and spotted this chap on top of the trees. He was giving out his Wood Pigeon warble, that said loud and clearly: Come on girls, I’m free! Hehe!

Onwards I hobbled to the end of the road and turned right down Winchester Street Hill. As I said earlier, carefully.

3Wed09Not far down, I took this picture. A rare and precious one, too. It is not often if ever, I have walked down this hill and seen only one car on the roadway!

I gently carefully and slowly made my way down  Winchester Steet, left into Mansfield Street, right into Marshall Street and left onto Mansfield Road going up the hill towards Carrington.

Near the butcher’s shop and Chinese Takeaway, two pieces of Nottingham Street Art presented themselves on my path, that needed circumventing, for obvious reasons. Haha!


I continued up the incline, but I stopped a few times to let Anne Gyna and Hippy Hilda have a breather. Over the crest and down to the Sherrington Park Medical Centre easily enough, downhill is far more comfortable for us old ones, you know. Hehe!

3Wed10aIt started to rain as I was going through the outer entrance door.

Another new receptionist was on the desk, both this lady and the other one at the back were on the phones. I waited patiently, after all, I was very early arriving.

Gave the lady my name and told her I was in for a blood test. She said she couldn’t find me on the computer system. That’s nice. She asked my date of birth, which I gave her. After a minute or so, she found me and asked what I had come in for. I repeated what I told her on entering the place; A Blood Test. She looked little severe and said, You are early (As if it was a crime!), take a seat, please. So, I did.

Had some difficulty getting into the low chair, what with Hippy Hilda doing her best to escape from her retaining acetabulum every time I try to bend down. Bless her!

I got the crossword book out, but it was a miserable session, with few clues getting answers from me. Five minutes later, I got a gentle yet authoritative poke on my shoulder, from Nurse Ann! Apparently, she had been calling me from the other end of the room, and I did not hear her. So she came over to let me know. The expression on her face forced through a false semi-smile, and she rushed me, still with the rare little-practised smile on her face (Very unnerving!) into her treatment room. This, along with the mayhem and debasement I am suffering. At the hands of those doing the upgrading works reminded me of part of Joseph Goebbels speech given on Hitler’s 56th Birthday. “All forces of hate and destruction have been gathered once again, perhaps for the final time, in the west, the east, the southeast, and the south, seeking to break through our front.” Hahaha!

She reminded me that she only had 8 minutes per patient to get the blood taken, so had no time for gossiping. (Had I been of a braver disposition, I’d have mentioned to her, that it was still ten minutes before the appointment for this blood session begins! But, my being a chicken-hearted, gutless, namby-pamby, invertebrate, I said nothing. She took the blood and found time to smile at me again and to say a few words. I gave her the Easter Egg and departed. Handing in the nibbles for the other staff at the reception. Said my farewells and set off on the walk back into Sherwood.

3Wed11The bush in the posh house on Mansfield Road in Carrington was now beginning to bloom. And the beautiful pinkish flowers were radiant.

I pressed on ASAP up the hill and down then up again along Mansfield Road into Sherwood.

I called in the Wilko store to have a look for some Magnesium tablets. A lad kindly asked me what I was searching the shelves to find. I informed him, and he went to ask his Supervisor She returned to tell me they do not do them anymore, no one was buying them. I pointed out that I had been purchasing three tubs a month. This statement was not answered. She informed me that I could get Magnesium with vitamin B6 added to them. (I think this was the same as what I was told yesterday in their Broad Marsh, store) The old confusion kicked in here when Dizzy Dennis visited me. I ended up buying some. But don’t think I should use them after all until I get the all-clear from the nurse or Doctor. Tsk! I then went off a mammoth spending spree, thanks to Willmott-Brown and… Sorry. I spent a fortune on stuff to get the carpets cleaned. Vanish Gold, Dettol spray disinfectant, a scrubbing brush, the tablets, some AA batteries, cistern blocks… £41.75. But with the Special Offers, it came down to £32. Savings being made, on the Dettol spray, Vanish Foam and the AA batteries.

3Wed12I struggled with the weight of the bags, out onto Mansfield Road. The rain had stopped altogether.

I took a photograph of the now busier traffic. Much to the disapproval of the Herbert in the red hat?

I wandered up the road, with about fifteen minutes before the L9 bus was due. At the bus stop, was a lady from Woodthorpe Court. She was reading a ladies magazine and did not want to have a chinwag. Roy joined the queue and got on a direct City bound bus.

On the L9  managed a bit of gossip with the gal and some other passengers, for the few stops we travelled before arriving at Chestnut Walk.

We got to the apartments and up the lift. The lady getting off on the fourth floor.

When I saw all the stains on the carpets, all the misery returned.

I did the Health Checks, then put the gear away and had a wee-wee.

5Fri001I looked at the Magnesium with Vitamin B+ tablets.

Blimus! They were big! Much more massive than the Trental ones, and sometimes take on getting down. I could not decide whether to take them or not. Next time I go out, I’ll have a look to see if Boots or Holland & Barrets sell the plain ones. I might have to risk these if none of the straight magnesium ones is available.

They do help keep the night cramps down a bit, I think. Sandie Lentz recommended me using these, and they do work. Thanks, Sandie ♥.

1300hrs: I got the computer on to update this blog.

3Wed12a1545hrs: Got it done up to here, and got the meal in the oven. I hope I can eat more than yesterday.

At least, BBJ’s noise from above stopped me falling to sleep and letting the fodder burn.

The ready meal was an Asda-Walmart Lasagne Al Forno. Never heard of these, but the picture on the outer wrapping looked good. IT said on the back of the sleeve, it was finished with Pecorino cheese. Never heard of that either. I looked it up on the web; “Pecorino is a family of hard Italian cheeses made from ewe’s milk. The word derives from Italian Pecora meaning sheep”.

I made some stuffing to go with it, but it didn’t turn out well and only ate a small bit of that. Last of the beef chunks were alright. The Chinese seaweed was okay, too, as were the sliced tomatoes and extra cheddar cheese I put on top of the meal. Overall, an 8/10 for content. Hehe!

A little late again in getting the head down, and surprisingly I struggled to get to sleep. I put on the Munich film to watch, and was soon off in the land of Nod, the dream-filled world of respite from reality.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 28th March 2018

Wednesday 28th March 2018

Finnish: Keskiviikko 28 maaliskuuta 2018

0505hrs: Oh, what a terrible night. Nightmares and nice dream-ridden, waking so often and fretting, fearing and planning; The drain was in turmoil. The Doctors at 0905hrs, meaning I have to start the ablutions and medicating no later than 0705hrs and hope there are no ailments that need extra attention. Did I do a Morrison order or not? Little Inchies Lesion is a bit painful. The flat needs cleaning, but will I have the puissance or desire to do it; with all the mayhem, dust and noise. The promises of so much more to come as well. I assumed I had got up so late because it took me so long to get to sleep last night.

How will I find time to get these diaries done?

Chuffing heck! It’s already gone 0500hrs. Such a lot to get done. The mind was semi-concentrated and forced into a mock-cogent state when the demand for the use of the Porcelain Throne presented itself.

After yesterdays dirigible-shaped evacuations and multi-coloured content, now I have football shaped ones. But, minimal bleeding from Harold’s Haemorrhoids. The stomach started rumbling and grumbling afterwards? Washed and to the front room to turn on the computer before going to do the Health Checks.

3-2Wed 01WDPAb I caught the view outside, and thought, ‘What a nice scene, I’ll photograph this! (Below left).

And promptly walked into the centre Ottoman on my way to get the camera! I believe I might just have used a naughty word.

By Jiminy, those shins of mine have taken a good battering over the years. Hehe!

3-2Wed 01aApplied some Germolene cream and got the photographicalisation done.

The unstoppable wild thoughts returned to my feeble mind again. Rampaging through some kinder emotions, was the terrible, desperate tones of depression and confusion. Making any sensible ideas dissipate from the equation of sanity.

I poddled to the kitchen and made a brew and did the Health Checks.

3-2Wed 01b

3-2Wed 01cWDPAb To the wet-room to do the sample, and the flipping lid cracked when I was closing it. Cleaned things up again. More time lost!

Took the medications and made sure that the INR DVT record card was in the jacket pocket.

I became aware that the laundry needed doing soon.

Checked to see if I had got a Morrison order placed. I had done one, for Thursday 0630>0730hrs.

Started this post going.

Nearly 0700hrs already, and so much more needed doing. Cleaning-up, this and yesterdays diaries doing, GUM Clinic to ring, INR blood test, black bags to sort out, get some Germoloid cream… but, I had to get the ablutions done first.

Ablutions all done. Got the black bags sorted and took them to the rubbish chute.

Got the glass bottles and jars in the bag. Then realised I’d missed the little bin bag, so added that in the carrier too. Took the new brolly with me.

3-2Wed 01dSet off, with plenty of time to spare.

As I left the foyer entrance. I had to thread my way through, fencing and scaffolding to get to the glass recycling bin. Almost full it was. I think my Medicine bottle, Mushroom jar,  Soy sauce and Vinegar bottle were the only ones that had not had alcoholic contents. ‘Touch of jealousy, here? Hehe!’

3-2Wed 01eTook a photo of the new build and Winchester Court as I limped along to the end of Chestnut Walk, and right down Winchester Hill.

No rain yet as forecast. The weather was good, dry and not windy either.

Also, the body was working well this morning. Apart from the plates-of-meat that were somewhat stinging. Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna, Reflux Roger, Duodenal Donald, Hippy Hilda, Dizzy Dennis, Hernia Harry, Haemorrhoid Harold and Colin Cramps all giving me a breather. Good!

3-2Wed 01fAs I passed by some house entrances half-way down the hill, I felt glad I didn’t live in some of them.

These ones (And many more of them), had six deep steps to manoeuvre to get into or out of their house.

On plodded on down and cut through the side streets onto Mansfield Road. Left up the hill 3-2Wed 01gtowards Carrington.

Apart from the feet, there was still no bother from any of the ailments. I often wonder why it is that I wake up in different states of health so often.

But I’m not complaining about it this day, mind you.

3-2Wed 01hOver the brow of the hill and into Carrington and the Mapperley Hall Drive – Mansfield Road junction nearly produce an RTA for me to photograph. It often does this, for it is a nasty crossroad intersection for the drivers. It is used as part of a ‘Rat-Run’.

I limped on down to the surgery and entered the reception, and I was greeted with smiles and hellos this time.

3-2Wed 01gbThere were about twenty-five minutes to spare before the appointment. Blimey, I made it there in good time.

Having logged in, I got seated and worked on the crossword book.

Five minutes later the nurse came out and called my name. It was not Nice-Nurse Nichole or Arbeitsleiter Ann, but the new k Nurse. Who is as yet, to be granted a nickname by the old man, Inchcock. She seemed in a good mood this time, and made a little gossip of her own accord? I think Tim Price may be right, and I’ll take to her later.

There was little if any bleeding after she took the samples. This made me think that the INR DVT Warfarin level will come back as being rather low again. Not too small that I need the Enoxaparin injections, I hope.

All sorted out, I gave the nurse her nibbles and gave my farewells. Then realised that the small bag of rubbish, I had put in the bag to drop off at the chute with the others, was still in my carrier bag. I was so appreciative and surprised when the nurse took the bag and told me she would deposit in their bin for me. We seemed to be hitting it off now!

To the reception desk and I inquired about how I go about asking for the Doctor to add some Haemorrhoid Cream to my prescription list, without actually bothering with an appointment. Then I explained to the ladies, about the Germolene cream was such a relief for me to use. But with the cost so high.

The receptionist gave me a form to fill in. During which, my Doctor Vindla came into the reception area and out again. Donating a look to me, that spoke volumes, as she went by.

3-2Wed 01iLike, “Huh, you again!” “What is he doing stood behind the reception desk?” and “Jumping Jehoshaphat, he’s still alive!” I can read her like-a-book, but she is straightforward and tells things how they are.

I love her to bits!

Handed the receptionists their nibble bag, and made my way out and started the long walk along Mansfield Road in the opposite direction this time, back to the flats.

3-2Wed 01jUp the hill and down into Sherwood. Turned right up Winchester Street Hill and Anne Gyna gave me some bother, a lot of problems. But, this is normal when I hobble up the hills, especially one as steep as this one.

As I stooped a few times to let Anne calm down, I realised how well I had done today, and this is the first time any real-hassle has been experienced on the walk. And, besides, as-well-as, what’s more, and also; I had not lost the umbrella! Haha!

The last burst of hard fought for energy got me up to the top and along Chestnut Walk to the Obergruppenfureress Wardens Temporary Shed and Winwood Social Meeting place. What a mouthful! Inside waiting for the first bus, were the beautiful Cindy. Maria and two male tenants. We had a little nattering session, I like Cindy, she has a sense of humour too. I offered my farewells and departed, continuing the last lap of on my way home to the apartment.

It had been only a short walk to and back from the surgery, compared to some I make now and then. Well sometimes. Er, occasionally. Alright, once a month or so! Haha!


3-2Wed 01lUp to the flat, got in and had a wee-wee. Did the Health Checks and made a small mug of the Olde English Breakfast tea. I think they are on a par as my favourite ones along with Yorkshire tea bags.

Big Bad John made a crashing noise upstairs. I hope he’s alright.

Then the drilling sounds from outside, I assume the Willmott-Brown lads are doing either some windows or cladding work.

I got the computer on and carried on updating this post. (I must remember I have not finished yesterday’s yet, and do it afterwards!) I spotted a lady outside in the lower field, and my heart warmed. She had two dogs and boy, were they enjoying themselves. Another dog had left his or her own in the top field and came over to investigate the other dogs as the toyed with the lady as she threw the balls for them. You can see below, how nippy the little white dog was, the ball is coming down above his head, and he has a bead on it already. Seeing such fun and happiness rubbed off on me. I found myself going to make another mug of tea and singing to myself as I did so.


It was eellogofusciouhippokunurious watching them. Link here to get advice on the word, Hehe! eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious

Got back on the computer, and started to update the Tuesday post. Finished this eventually, then returned to updating this one.

Got carried away with the email checking and reading. Put the oven on to warm up.

Went to the WordPress reader next.

Very late now, so I closed down and got the dinner prepared.

3Wed31It felt a little odd, eating so early in the day, for me.

Not the best of meals I’ve ever prepared or eaten. Well, I didn’t eat anywhere near all of it. The main reason for this being that I overcooked the potato cakes with cheese on top. These reminded me of when Dad used to cut the leather for when he was mending his boots, belts and shoes. The frikadellen were alright, and the sugar-snap peas and mushrooms too. Everything else seemed to all have a repulsive taste? The stomach started ailing and grumbling when I was half-way through eating what bit I did.

I knew I was in for some Duodenal Donald confrontations soon, all the usual signs and pains indicated this. Huh!

3Wed32Went to do the washing up, and the cloud formations and layout was astounding. I don’t relay ever seeing the clouds so layered if that’s the word. In fact, this reminded of when I had the mechanical ticker installed and came round in the Side CC ward, everything I looked at for a day or three, seemed layered similarly.

I suppose there will be some meteorological explanation for this.

There was a programme on the Goggle-box, about the Grenfell disaster, that I wanted to watch, but it was on at 2100hrs, well past my head-down time. But, I stayed awake to watch the preceding ‘Hustle’ episode, in about 60 to 190-minute parts! When the apartment fire survivors came on, I stubbornly continued to fall asleep and wake all the way through it. I hope it is shown again later, but earlier in the day.

I nodded off within seconds of the documentary ends.

Woke up later, with the innards in turmoil. I took some of the barely adequate antacid medicine and an extra painkiller. Despite the pain, I fell asleep again, and slept from then, for another three hours.

My EQ tells me I am going to suffer more physical and emotional pain tomorrow. I sometimes wish this curse of at the time of the test; having the highest EQ ever recorded in the UK, but lowest IQ, could be reversed.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 25th March 2018

Sunday 25th March 2018

Maori: Rātapu 25 o Maehe 2018

0150hrs: After several waking-up, passing wind and nodding off sessions, I managed to force my reluctant body-mass out of the £300 second-hand recliner. The brain joined us a short while later, and off to the Porcelain Throne.

Harold’s Haemorrhoids had bled only the tiniest bit. But, Little Inchies lesion had been flowing and congealing then flowing again repeatedly, judging by the mess in the PPs. A most problematic and embarrassing cleaning up session ensued. The Daktacort cream had done me no good last night, then. Washed up and to the kitchen.

7Sun05Went to get the slippers on in the hallway, and blow-me-down, more gumph had been delivered.

A guide for residents. A letter with the leaflet from Luke Johnson, the Nottingham City Homes’ Dedicated Project Manager for the scheme. He will be working at Winchester and Woodthorpe for the duration of the scheme. (Although the ‘scheme’ has been pestering, annoying, ignoring, making residents poorly, deafening, dirtying the flats, making them so cold, installing heaters that cost twice as much to run as the old ones, cocking up medical appointments, leaving holes in walls and floors in single flats [Mine anyway], blowing our minds with masses of advice and details of the works progress and future activities. Held meetings where anyone with hearing aids find it impossible to hear over the multitude of voices. And, successfully making tenants into nervous wrecks; for months now.) Hehe!

More details about the additional safety works will follow.

7Sun07At the bottom of the letter, it said: We also have information on our website. This site includes some short ‘myth-busting’ films about the sprinkler systems that we’ll be installing. I thought this is nice and thoughtful of them. Later, I looked at the page indicated. Which was But found no myth busting films on it. I searched the page for; sprinkler system and got No Results. I went back to Google and did a search on there, and found the site with the film on it at:

Interesting mini-films, mind.

Sprinkler Systems This site also informs us that: It will take two days to fit a sprinkler system in your flat, and your décor will not be damaged. I doubt that very much, judging from past work done of which my apartment still carries the scars!

Tannoys Make it possible for us or the Emergency Services to broadcast announcements, instructions or messages in communal areas. This, adds an additional level of security and safety.

Intercoms Are linked to front door access to provide a standard front door intercom, but they’re also connected to our control centre so that we can contact you in your home to let you know about disruption to services, lifts issues, or what to do in the event of an emergency. They will also be programmed for direct access to the repairs helpline and your local housing office. The system also allows us to contact you, by text message to your intercom, and to broadcast to you in emergencies or at times when services are being disrupted. We will need access to your home for around two hours to install your new intercom.

All slippered-up, I went to the kitchen. The Health Checks, sphygmomanometering, and medications were tended too.


I made a brew. The tummy started to swell and gurgle a bit.

The computer switched on, and I got on with completing the Friday post. It took a while.

Then I took a picture out of the new kitchen window of the scene below.

WDP02A I shan’t be doing this very often in future, though. The 7Sun06cmain reasons being the bruised knuckle, the strained back and my head in hitting the handle on the window as got up on my already painful toes to reach forward to place the camera in the optimum position for the photograph to be taken.

I started this blog off.

The innards got worse, and I had to abandon the computer work and get to the Porcelain Throne with as much expedition as I could muster. It was close-call, but I got there just in time! A little ululation was released as the once again, Trotsky Terence affected evacuation progressed – slowly once the movement began, I might add. Cleaned up yet again, back to the computer. Leaving behind a strong stench that could strangle anyone who enters again in the next hour or two. Cor blimey!

7Sun33Brother-in-law Pete sent me a photograph he’s taken in Nottingham City Slab Square the other night. Pete thought it was rather good.

I think it was brilliant!

He’s got the latest mobile G5 phone. He used that to take this picture.

WDP02A Off I went to make another brew. As I left the room, I spotted yet another of the thousands of bits of concrete and plaster still awaiting clearing up on the floor. Bent down to gather it up, and boing! Hit the head in the same spot as I had earlier on the window handle, this time on the corner of the writing bureau. A nice little blue bruise coming up now. It may turn out to be a pretty pattern methinks. Haha!

Came across some photographs of the latest upgrade work now finished at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Inn. The oldest pub in England and still trading, too! Thought some of my Australian, American and Canadian TFZer friends might like to see them. Especially as I can’t do a lot on their Facebook page. But a bloke is coming to look at things on the computer for me sometime next week.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On to CorelDraw to do some page top graphics.

Big Bad John is banging about again.

7Sun33aWDP02A Had a break to get the potatoes in the slow-cooker. A few seconds then ‘Bang!” (Not as loud as them from Big Bad Jonn earlier, but loud enough to hear it without the aids in the lug-holes). No idea why or what had happened, but I unplugged it straight away. Got the new spare crock-pot out of the Junk-Room, and washed it, then used that to do the potatoes. Tsk!

Made a brew of Assam tea and got back to doing the header graphics! I’ve only done the one in over two-hours. I got carried away with it, cause I thought it might be a decent one. Not so sure now I’ve finished it.

The head is still stinging a bit.

The next one I did, I don’t want to reveal the graphic until it is used, was a mock book cover entitled; “The thorniest, perplexing, unexcogitable, inexplicable, and dishonest lying nepotistic groups of esurient, ingordigious expense-fiddling, slime-balls in the UK”.

Got one more done. The potatoes were nearly ready in the crock-pot. Got the onions and beef in the oven after a while.

So I got the drafts done and saved.

BBJ (Big Bad John) upstairs is at it again, banging about. Tsk!

Going to get the nosh served up now. Back in a bit folks.

7Sun33bFrikadellens, potatoes, mushrooms and battered onion rings onto the plate with a lemon mouse.

Ate and enjoyed the nosh.

Got the washing-up done and settled to watch some ‘Goodnight Sweetheart’ DVD episodes. A two-part pleasure this was. The viewing was appreciated and having the headphones on, meant I could not hear BBJs (Big Bad John’s) noises for a while.

I watched through two episodes of the DVD before drifting off into the land of Nod.

WDP02A Sprang awake an hour or so later, and had to tend to the fungal lesions bleeding. Washed, dried, Daktacort applied and changed PPs.

As I got back into the recliner, I scribbled on the notepad to remind me to change the clocks in the morning. Another hour lost. Hehe!

WDP02A The phone light flashed as I lay there in blissful sleep, amazingly I heard the ringer. It was Brother-in-Law Pete. I was deeply confused and half-awake. I think we spoke a lot but can’t recall what I said. The whole thing was dreamlike.

Reckon they are calling to see the new windows and balcony, on Friday next possibly. I’ll check with them tomorrow to confirm it was not a dream.

Head down again, and off in seconds.