A volgivagant life brings on mental strife!

A volgivagant life brings on mental strife!


Formulated by Inchcock, while he was medicationalising Little Inchies Fungal Lesion


Thought of the Day

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No animal life was harmed in the production of these odes.

Allergies: They do contain a nut, & can cause laughter (Maybe)

These thoughts have been veganistically prepared.

The contents of this blog discourage suicidal tendencies.

Remainers & Leavers are encouraged to enjoy.


Inchcock Today – Tuesday 17th April 2018: Incorporating pictures of the most elegant buildings in Nottingham. (I think)


Tuesday 17th April 2018

Scottish Gaelic: Dimàirt 17mh Giblean 2018

0235hrs: Woke up, pandiculated gently, awaited the brain to join the physical body puhtceared a while (Plenty of worries fears and hassles to reflect on). Duodenal Donald reminded me of his presence.

Whoosie3W01 The need for a wee-wee encouraged me to disentangle my overweight bulbous body from the £300 second-hand recliner and make my way to the wet-room. En route, I could feel the dried blood from the Fungal Lesion cracking and a sensation of fresh liquid running down my leg – Oh, Heck! Much cleaning and medicating needed following the completion of the painful wee-wee.

All sorted now, I went to do the Health Checks first.


I got on with sorting the Monday Diary out then. A big job with me having taken so many photos on my little trip out, and not having done any work on it when I got home either. It took me until around 0700hrs to complete the job and get it posted.

Made a brew of tea and took two pictures of outside from the kitchen window. One straight ahead and one upwards to the right. I must get out for a hobble through the beloved Tree Copse. Decent looking morning, mind.


Cloudy, but much warmer forecast for today. Which is good news with the cladding installing being a long way off yet?

Had a look at the comments. Didn’t take long, only two on today. More will follow, I’m sure.

Then, onto the WordPress Reader. Plenty on there today to enjoy.

Have to stop now, time for the ablutionalisationing session. Turned off the computer.

Whoosie3W01 Oh, Cruds, The Dreaded Blue Screen came on!


Not the foggiest what it means.

Got the ablutions sorted and took the bags to the rubbish chute – put the cleaned empty jars in the carrier to drop off at the recycling bin on the way out.

Off to the Obergruppenführeress Wardens Hut, via the glass bin.

Welsh William, Roy and two ladies in there when I arrived. Soon to be joined by Cyndy, Penny, Ruth and others. We all seemed to have a good gossip and laugh. On the bus, I sat behind Cyndy, Margaret and Penny, and the nattering continued with the lady bus driver, but I could not join in, I couldn’t hear what was going on. Hehehe!

2Tue03I got off in town and made my way to the Aldi store to get some more of the red coloured Bun Thins.

The old Palais De Danse ballroom looked in a sad state.

I got to the store and found that they had not got any of the red thins in stock, so I bought a packet of white ones to try out. Went a bit 2Tue04bonkers with the buying of fodder again, also bought strong crunchy cheddar, mini-potatoes, caramel nibbles for the nibble-box, Viennese rolls for raffle prizes, Light-fry butter spray, tomatoes, frikadellens and free-range chicken thighs, lemon yoghourt and sugar snap peas.

A step nearer bankruptcy now, I exited the Aldi shop to go to Tesco.

2Tue05The Nottingham City Victoria Centre flats loomed over the horizon.

I got to Tesco and ended up buying nothing, they had no scones or Pork Knuckles in stock.

So I wandered out of the store, to be followed by two security men.

As I stopped and looked back at them, they just stared at me? Then shadowed me to the doors. Most peculiar!

I hobbled along to and down Clumber Street. I’ve never seen so few people on it.


I meandered down High Street, onto South Parade, the Poultry and Pecks Lane, St Peter’s Gate and Albert Street. Slipped the Big Issue seller some dosh and into the M&S store down to the food hall. Where I spent madly again. Chunky chips, triple-coated chips and french fries, Breakfast tea bags and butter biscuits.

2Tue11I used their self-serve till, and a slightly desirous sturdily built young lady did the job for me.

I went up the escalator and out into the fresh air, and it was starting to blow a bit now.

As I was stood on the steps, right old Dizzy Dennis paid me a visit. So I stood there a few minutes to regain my balance. I think I must again, have looked white as two ladies asked 2Tue12ame if I was feeling alright and did I need an ambulance calling.

I thanked them and said I was okay. Which by then I was. The equilibrium returned, and I set off to the Poundland store, on Wheeler Gate. I’m not sure, but it seemed to me that these two officers did not move at all for ages, as if they were statues? I felt more clearer-headed as I hobbled along, though. I got diverted into the Sainsbury local store, to see if they had any of the seaweed sheets in stock. I came out with Quavers, Marmite rice cakes and seaweed added to the weight of the bags.

To the Poundland shop, and had a wander around there. Ending up with Choc biscuits, Pork Farm pies and nibbles for the social in the bag. I was so glad to see some of the Pork Farm pies on sale, they have not had any for months now. I got an extra one for Penny. I remembered talking to her about these last week, and her saying she loved them too.

2Tue14I wondered to the Slab Square and Little John up in his dome on top of the Council House, indicated I had 25 minutes before the L9 bus was due to arrive.

I strolled, albeit limpingly around the slab square for a while.

The wind was kept blowing with strong gusts and then dying down again?

The Nottinghamians wandering around with their mobile phones and pots of coffee, all 2Tue15aseemed a little morose to me.

I took a photo of some of the Fothergill Watson designed buildings on Long Row.

So much of his best work has already been demolished all around Nottingham now.

Without a doubt, the most sadly missed will be his Black Boy Hotel, on Long Row.


Those still remaining, are worth viewing, just for their elegance and handsome designs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2Tue16As I arrived at the bus stop on Queen Street, the sun disappeared momentarily, giving me the chance to take a ‘moody’ shot of the Council House dome. With the tops of more Fothergill Watson buildings on the left.

I again, as the only person to get on the bus when it arrived late.

I was overjoyed when a crowd got on at the first stop, and Penny was amongst the passengers that got on. Bless her, she sat next to me too. This gave me the opportunity to hand her the Pork Pie treat. Over the moon when she thanked me and said she would love it.

Along with the lady on the seat in front, we had a jolly good chinwag en route.

Off the bus, we walked to the flats and up in the lift. Said our farewells as Penny got out, and I returned to the apartment. She said she was going to Derby tomorrow and would have a look at the disabled shop in the market, to see what ‘Pick-up sticks they had in stock for me. Bless her!

Did the health checks first, in case I forgot later. (I’m learning, Hehe!).

2Tue17Then I unloaded the bags and sorted and I stored-away the purchases.

Had a wee-wee. Took the medications. Back for another wee-wee (Hello?)

Too drained to do any work on the computer. But with the dreaded blue screen coming on when I closed down earlier, I did start it to see that it worked, and it did start up.

2Tue18Got the meal prepared.

My eyes were too big for the head, again!

But, what I ate of it, went down well.

Rated this one as a 9/10.

I soon fell asleep after I’d washed the pots settled down. Quickly as a matter of fact. Very early.

I woke up around 2200hrs, got up, had a wee-wee and made a start on this diary.



Inchcock Today – Wednesday 21st February 2018

Wednesday 21st February 2018

Haitian Creole: Mèkredi 21 Fevriye 2018

0145hrs: I woke up irritated with myself, for not being able to recall any details of the dream-filled night. Just feelings of them all being of frustrations and humiliations?

As lay there on the £300 second-hand recliner, pondering on whether I should get up or not, the rumbling and grumbling from the innards encouraged me to exit the chair immediately and make my way to the Porcelain Throne post haste.

Getting out of the recliner, I trod on a cheese curl, from the nocturnal nibbling, making a jolly right mess to clean up.

In a rush to get to the wet room, I stubbed my toe on the Ottoman.

I got in, panicky, thinking I might not make it in time, I whipped off the Protection Pants, and the blood sprayed all over the place from my breaking the dried blood from Inchies Lesion. The floor, my jammies and feet, the sink, the bowl, the toilet rolls and medications, the wall, all got sprayed. Oh, I was in a right pickle!

Which got even worse, when I didn’t make it in time! Feeling frustrated, irritated and embarrassed. The evacuation was Trotsky affected too.

By the time I had cleaned everything up, it was 0240hrs! Antisepticated, all areas, mopped up, cleaned the wall, floor, me and new PPs adorned. In a way, I was glad that these Whoopsies had occurred close to each other and early in the day, and foolishly thought things would undoubtedly improve. What a plonka!

To the main room, and cleared up the crushed cheesy curl mess.

Well pleased with myself, with my getting things sorted and cleaned up. I took this photo of me in the front room waving to you all in the reflection of the window, with the outside view, scaffolding, lights etcetera as a backdrop; before going to the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications.

The sphygmomanometer again refused to work several times before it did so.

A slight rise in febrility and the Sys was still just a little low. But none of the readings perplexed me.

All the time lost with the cleaning up from the Whoopsiedangleplops bothered me though. This meant less time to get these diaries, WordPress Reading and Facebooking done before I had to get to the surgery for the Harold Haemorrhoids examination and Warfarin blood test done. Then I realised the appointments started at 1020hrs, not the usual 0800hrs, so panic over.

I made a grand tasting drink of Extra Strong English Breakfast tea, in the new second-hand mug.

I love this mug, cause it is cumbersome but heavy, so less chance of knocking it over when I get the shakes, the handle is easy to use, and I think it keeps the brew hotter for longer.

Took it with me to the computer, and started to update the Tuesday post and get it finished and posted on on WordPress.

Checked the emails and comments via Gmail. Then made a start on this diary.

Went to the WordPress Reader. Of course, this meant closing Firefox and opening Chrome, cause Firefox will not let me access the reader on WordPress for some reason, and then back to Firefox, because Chrome will not let me save any work on WordPress! I blame Bill Gates! Hehe!

Went on to Facebooking next.

Had to get the ablutions and medicationalisationing done them. Got them done with time to spare. So I sorted the three bags of waste out and took them to the refuse chute on the way out.

Got in the lift and was greeted with dried mud on the floor. I hadn’t noticed that yesterday.

I poddled to the Obergruppenfurhresses Cabin. Meeting Mary from the 6th floor en route and we had a little natter as we plodded along.

I popped into the hut to inform either Warden Julie and or Deana that I had put their Thursday nibbles (Sourdough bread and bottle of water) in the fridge for them yesterday, earlier than usual. But neither was present or available. There were some blokes from the heater makers getting ready to lie to anyone who attended and tell them how reliable and cheap to run they were. Tsk! Welsh William, Roy and two unknown to me tenants as well.

I departed and set off on my hobble into Sherwood, then Carrington to the surgery for my blood test and Harold Haemorrhoid examination.

Only a little walk for me today. The red line is where I caught the bus back into Sherwood. The blue lines indicate the walk from the flats to Sherwood, then to Carrington for the medicationalisationing. Hehehe!

Another gloomy day looked to be in the offing as I got part way down the Winchester Street Hill.

I appreciated how it seemed so quiet. When a dirty-great lorry passed, and the driver jammed his vehicles anchors on, and I didn’t hear him.

I’d forgot to put the Hearing Aids in again! Sad really!

A little further down the hill, I saw the gates that I think come out at the end of the secret pathway from opposite the apartments. I wish I could find out for sure somehow.

I have inquired of the other tenants who had lived there longer than me, but they didn’t know the path existed at all.

Got onto Mansfield Road and turned left up to the incline.

Had a nosey come window shopping at a few stores en route.

Up to the crest and over the hill. The plates of meat were stinging.

Where amazingly, I remembered to look for the flowers in a garden that I promised Orbb, a friend on the internet, I’d take a photo of them if they were out.

But they were not in bloom. Although, buds were forming on the bush already.

The ailments were all being kind to me.

Onwards and down to the surgery. Where I made an unfortunate discovery. Nurse Nicole will no longer be working anymore at this surgery! My mood changed to one of instant depression!

I booked myself in and sat down, got the crossword book out, but could not concentrate properly. The appointment time came and went. Then the nurse consulted the reception staff, who had to call me several times before I heard them. The new nurse was not in a happy mood at all, her running behind and me forgetting the hearing aids was terrible enough. When she heard I’d also forgotten the Anticoagulation Clinic form that I should fill in each week as well… I was given the “You old prat’ sneer and treatment and was told off several times. She reminded me not to forget things next week, in no uncertain terms. Oh, dearie me! I felt like I’d been given a threnody. Tsk!

I departed and joined the waiting area for Harold’s problems to be sorted. Then found out it was not this week. I did feel a right fool again!

Feeling elegiac, and dejectedly melancholy, I left the nibbles on the desk for the receptionists and departed.

I was feeling so low that it didn’t bother me; this car being parked on the pavement. I crossed the road and caught a bus back into Sherwood. Dolorous, and annoyed with my self.

Off the bus and morosely over the crossing and limped up over the hill and down to the Woodthorpe Grange Park gates.

Up the footpath. Hardly any dogs or people about today. I hobbled, still depressed with how things had gone, and to the top and turned right where the Tree Copse was.

The Copse cheered me a little, as I noticed some greenery coming through.

I pressed on and down the muddy gravel pathway, to the entrance to the flats.

I didn’t see a soul anywhere. No workers, no wardens, no residents.

Got in the apartment and took a wee-wee. Did the Health Checks, took the medicines and pain gelled the tender areas.

I cheered a bit more when I remembered I had the beef ready meal and some chips to have for the nosh later.

Got the computer going and updated this rubbish to here.

Then did the Morrison order for next Thursday, St David’s Day.

Health Checks and medical needs tended to.

Not the best of days for me.

But I did enjoy the Asda ready made Minced Beef Hotpot. Despite the meal being so unhealthy, according to the intake listing showing three in red! The annoying thing about it was they were on offer at 3 for £6.

Which means I have to eat all three before they go out of date!

But, the taste was delicious. I’ll have to eat more healthy noshes in between having these I suppose? Tsk!

I had a rinse and removed the plaster that the frightening surgery nurse had applied after taking the blood from the arm. I’ve never had such a bruise after a blood test before!

Still, no pain with it at all.

I washed the pots and got settled to watch some more ‘New Tricks’ DVD episodes. Stayed awake for both of them, then turned to the TV to watch ‘Law & Order’. First set of commercials and I was off into the land of nod!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 14th February 2018: Morning botherations

Wednesday 14th February 2018

Catalan: Dimecres 14 de Febrer de 2018

0155hrs: Woke in need of attention to the Porcelain Throne duties.

Noticed the sign I’d left to remind me about the blood test at 1020hrs.

The urgency of the need for evacuation grew more urgent, as I fumbled and struggled to get my short, plump wobbling body out of the £300 second-hand recliner.

But, I managed it with seconds to spare.

 But things went from bad to worse. Blood from Harold’s Haemorrhoids and dried-blood Little Inchies Lesion between them ensured that after the Trotskies affected session, that I had a right mess to clean up! The floor, the cabinet, the bowl, the lid, the splashes and splatterings, and me! Not a good start to the day. I felt uncomfortable and embarrassed. Not to mention that all the bending to wash and scrub things ended with my clouting my elbow against the sink, and starting Hippy Hilda off as well!

Not a very good start to the day. I was left feeling rebarbative, embarrassed and botherated!

While I thought of it, I put the anticoagulation card in the coat pocket for later and made up a nibble bag for the surgery folks.

Into the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications.

Got the kettle on first and took this photograhicalisation out of the window. Good job I put the hold-strap on the wrist, cause I got the shakes and the camera parted company with the fingers and hand. Without using the strap, I’d have lost the camera and likely broken whatever it landed on twelve floors below. Tsk!

Nippy out there at the moment. A good covering of ice or frost was on the cars and the windscreens.

Got the sphygmomanometer and thermometer utilised.

The computer on and I set about updating and finalising the Tuesday diary. This took a while. After getting it done and posted off, the machine played up something awful! I had to try to make the comments on Chrome, which usually works but didn’t today. I could not access the WordPress Reader on either Firefox or Chrome, and I was getting agitated.

Turned everything off and restarted the programmes. Then as I started this post, it would not let me import any of my photos! Just came up with ‘HTTP Fault’ but didn’t give any numbers. Grr!

I rebooted from scratch with crossed fingers after several attempts on Chrome and Firefox had failed to work. Opened Firefox first, and it is now allowing me to work (But oh so slowly)? I fear that everything is going to be lost soon, and I’ll be off the internet.

Updated this diary to here. Then tried again to get to the WordPress reader. Nope! It won’t let me in again! So I closed down Firefox and tried on Chrome. This gave access to the reader, but would not let me save any work done on the blog.

Back to Firefox and carried on here. Desperately frustrated now!

Had a break from the hassle I was having and tried to watch YouTube for a while. At least it let me on there. I enjoyed them.

Made apathetic and somewhat limp and half-hearted attempt at dividing the paperwork that will need sorting out, eventually.

Ablutions tended to next and painful treating and medicating of the lower regions. Sorted the black bags and took them to the rubbish chute.

I took a last picture from the kitchen window.

Although obviously looking cold out there, the scene was beautiful. Just a shame the hands were a bit shaky.

I set off down into the lift lobby and had a peep at the display update thingamajig on the wall. Which informed me it was 0900hrs and -1°c outside.


I made my way out onto Chestnut Walk and nearly did a Whoopsie on the first puddle I came across. It was frozen solid.

Met Warden Deana on the way down the road. Exchanged greetings and off she flew.

Got to the Obrgruppenfureress Wardens Temporary Hut. Only Welsh Bill and one lady tenant in there. I expressed my cheeriest of good mornings to them both. Got a muttered unsmiling reply in return. Which was fair enough with me; as they were deep in conversation. They continued to natter. I got the crossword book out and sat at the far end. Warden Obergefrieteress Julie came and asked me how I was. I said; “Fine thanks!” I don’t think she believed me. Hehe!

One or two more arrived and the lady and Bill went out to the bus stop for a fag. It was icy out there, enough for them to return minutes later. We all left and joined the non-speaking much residents out there. This lack of chatter concerned me. Had I missed something? Haha!

On the bus, and I dropped off at the bottom of Winchester street. The Newcastle lady, sorry I’m so sad with names, got off at the same time and we chinwagged as we went up Mansfield Road until she went into a shop. Lovely lady.

A few ambulances came by with their blues and twos going.

Up the hill, over the crest and down into Carrington.

The Nottingham Pavement Cyclist gave me a rum look as I took his picture, it’s not as if the roads were busy at that time of day.

If the gentleman is too scared to use the roads, should he be on a bike at all, I thought to myself. But of course, being an inbred and fearful coward, I said nothing.


I plodded on down the slope and got to the surgery with plenty of time to spare.

Got in and a receptionist told me to take a seat. (As if I’d nick anything? Hahaha!).

Got the crossword book out and indulged myself for ten minutes or so, before the new nurse came out to fetch me in to have the blood taken.

No nurse Nichole again. My heart sank.

This nurse did me, and sank the needle in a bit too far, just like she did last week. Then again, seemed concerned when the bleeding took ten minutes to stop afterwards. Still, nothing antisocial or curt about the gal. I gave her some nibbles and dropped some off for the receptionist on my way through and out. There were no receptionists on the desk at that time, so I dropped the bag on the counter for them.

Hobbled back the way I arrived up Mansfield Road and down into Sherwood.

I called in the Continental Shop on the way and bought a large potato, three tins of the pork in bean stew. I liked the one I got last week so much. Two slices of the pork and herb cooked meat as well.

I called in a charity shop for a poke around. I can’t believe myself sometime. I bought another mug! Still, I can hand some of those I already have at home that I don’t need with the other stuff later. Humph! I just fell in love with this workshop made pottery.

I poddled slowly along up the Sherwood end on Mansfield Road and popped into the Co-op to get some cheesy curls. But they didn’t have any. But I met a tenant from the Winchester Flats in there, and we had a good laugh or two between us.

A right genuine character she is, too.

Now, the next part of this tale might be hard for you to believe (Which is understandable cause it is a complete lie an told only for a bit of fun, Hehe!) I came out of the Co-op without buying anything. (This bit is, right) And as I was passing the cream cake shop… well this lady ran out and begged me to buy some of her cakes. She feared there might be some left over and was worried in case her boss found out! Well, I felt so sorry for her, I bought two so she wouldn’t have to worry. Ahem!

Then a slow walk up the hill and called in the Nottingham Hospice shop for a look around. Nothing of interest found. Left and to the bus stop.

Where another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist annoying pedestrians was spotted and photographed.

The naughty uncaring boy!

Pete from the 15th floor joined me at the bus shelter. I fear he didn’t look very well. Not his usual witty self at all. I tried to get to know if he was in need of any help without asking directly, he’s a very decent chap.

We caught the bus up to the flats, and we walked to the court together.

I got in and put the purchases away. The cream cakes in the fridge, potato in the veg tray and the cans of stew in the cupboard.

I washed the mug out thoroughly and made a brew. Why it shud have tasted so much better than in a standard cup, I don’t know. But it did, and it seemed to keep warmer longer?

I got on with sorting the updating of this blog up to here. Got the curried baked beans with balsamic vinegar on a low light, and the chips in the preheated oven for half an hour.

Visited by Shaking Steven as I had a wee-wee. The resulting errant trickle meant more cleaning up again and adding items to the laundry bag. I wonder if I can get antiseptic disinfectant and wipes on the NHS? Hehe!

Nosh served up. Despite this looking and tasting rather good, I could not eat anywhere near all of it. That horrible not feeling poorly but not being in control of things came over me. I didn’t eat the fresh cream cakes, just had a bite of each one?

Did the Health Checks and tablets. Weariness as usual increased. Washed the pots and I got myself settled in the £300 second-hand recliner. I but on a DVD and promptly drifted off to sleep.

Woken again by the Strobe-Pillow Fire Alarm activation. This time I didn’t even bother with doing any checks, as I saw that the notification had not gone through to the alarm centre, cause they would have called if it had. (I think?)

Took a while to nod-off again, then any chance of rest was disturbed by the terrible omnium-gatherum filled dreams. No links to the different topics it took me, and every one frustrating and worrying. I sort of dreamed of dreaming and wanted to investigate why. That doesn’t make any sense, does it? Ah-well.

Inchcock Today: Friday 9th February 2018

Friday 9th February 2018

Sethoso: Labohlano la 9 February 2018

0045hrs: Woke up, awaited the same of the brain and observed my woolly-hat on the bigfoot Ottoman. The cover from the same on the carpet. An empty flavoured mineral water bottle on the floor in the corner of the room. I could see one slipper on the swivel chair, I had the other one on the wrong foot. An unopened tub of nibbles on the small Ottoman. Cheese curl crumbs scattered over me and the chair cover.

Then as moments past by and I thought about tackling the job of getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner, realised I was in a twisted, bent position that it would be impossible for me to get into if I was awake. As I painstakingly and sorely untangled myself, I came across the remote control for the TV between my legs!

My ponderings and confusion on how all this had taken place without my knowledge, soon ended. They were replaced with the warm wet sensation from the lower regions to fret over.

Off to the wet room. Taking off the protection pants needed care. For both front and back were blood smeared. I was awake sufficient enough to realise the rear Haemorrhoid Harold area haemoglobin was from the intrusive examination, so I didn’t worry about this, it was to be expected. Little Inchies lesion and the rear-end were cleaned up and medicated. I had a clean around afterwards with the antiseptic wipes. Felt a lot more comfortable now. Back and cleaned up the room. The cause of all this untidiness and nocturnal rearranging of the items in the room was unfathomable to me. But could I recall having any dreams at all?

To the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications.

Nothing to fret about with these readings methinks. Gobbled the medications with water and made an excellent tasty mug of tea.

I was clearing up afterwards and came across another aberration committed sometime during the night. At least I think it took place then.

The mystery of why I should have placed a new Bic disposable razor next to the vegetable tray in the kitchen?

It’s time for me to do my best to convince the Doctor that these things are happening and more often lately. She seems to think it is normal and is unconcerned when I tell her of these occurrences. Then again, maybe it is only me who discloses such things? Hehe!

An instant burst of bubbling, growling and agitations from the rear-end arrived.

In my haste to get to the Porcelain Throne in time, I stubbed my toe on the door frame. Oh, blow it! I said. The evacuation was one of the best for months, far less messy. But, more bloody. You can’t win them all. Cleaned up, changed the PPs again.

Onto the computer. It’s running a little slow and sticking now and then. I got the Thursday diary finished off and posted. Made a start on this one.

Went to perused the WordPress Reader. But it would not let me open it? I turned off the tab and opened WordPress again, but still no access? Closed everything down and restarted and tried again. Nope, that didn’t work!

Turned everything off and rebooted. Another failure! Tried running on Chrome instead of Firefox. Nope, no joy there either.

Opened the new WordPress on Chrome, and got into the Reader! Hurrah! But it would not let me work on this post. So I went back to Firefox to try there again. I fear I might lose everything soon.

Tried to make the comments on WordPress. It allowed me to.

0355hrs: Went on CorelDraw to start making the Day Headers in advance.

0645.hrs: Only got four done. Got carried away designing them.

A knock at the door, t’was the postman. I had received a box of nougat and lovely note and card from a Cyber-friend. That was so kind of Tracey. ♥♥♥ Made an Email of thanks and appreciation for the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious extraordinarily caring thought.

Ablutions tended to next. All good.

Readied things and set off to the Obergruppenfurhress Wardens Temporary Shed.

A ganglet of other residents passed me, leaving me standing on their way to the bus stop. Shopping trolleys in hand, on their way into Sherwood.

I took this picture through the centre building compound gates. I bet the lucky jammy tenants who move into these new flats will enjoy themselves.

I pondered (I do that a lot you know, Hehe), on how Wardens Deana and Julie, Jenny and the caretakers will manage with the 40-odd new flats and 60 or 70 extra residents to cope with after they move in? They seem rushed and busy already.

Called in the cabin to keep warm and dry before the bus arrives. Three other tenants in there, we had a laugh. Minutes later there were nine of us oldies in there. The sarcasm, insults, moans and fun followed for the few minutes before we made our way out to the bus stop. We joined about six other residents, the smokers, at the stop, and was joined by five or six more. I wonder how we’ll cope when we get the lucky new folks in situ.

Caught the bus into Daybrook and got off at the Sainsbury store. I had planned to walk into Arnold and look at the trousers and go to Asda. However, Dizzy Dennis hit me a few times as I hobbled around the store. So I decided to get a bus back ASAP. I got some lovely sourdough bread, and the lady sliced it for me. Cheesy Curls, Apache potatoes, sugar-snap peas, sea salt, lemon curd tarts, fresh tomatoes and lemon slices.

Paid the lady who was polite-to-me at the checkout and out, over the road and caught the L9 bus back to where I came from, Woodthorpe Court. Conveniently the rain that poured down when I got on the bus, stopped as I got off of the bus on Chestnut Walk 30-minutes later.

Dizzy Dennis had another go at me as I walked to the Court. But Anne Gyna, Duodenal Donald and Arthur Itis were very good to me.

Had a wee-wee when I got in and changed PPs again after cleaning things up.

Staggeringly to me, the fatigue and weariness came on earlier than it had ever done.

I made some buttered ham and sliced tomato sandwiches with the Sourdough bread. (Beautiful!) Added a few sugar-snap peas (Nice), sliced apple (Okay). A Marmite flavoured cheese chunk (Fair), potato chips (Tangy) and a pot of lemon curd yoghourt (Very morish). Settled down with it on the tray on my knee and feasted away merrily. Pestered by the dizzies even then though.

I fell asleep with the emptied-of-food tray on my lap. Woke an hour or so later, the platter still balancing precariously on my knee. I freed my pathetically wobbly body from the £300 second-hand recliner and went to wash the things up in the kitchen.

I have now solved the issue of whether to use the green or white milk jug. RIP the green milk jug. Still, dropping and breaking the thing had saved me having to wash it up I suppose. Hehe!

I’m afraid a Memory Lapse occurred then. Blank spots of what took place following this incident are patchy for a few hours. When things seemed to fall into place again, and I recall falling back asleep trying to watch a film about the White House being attacked.

A funny thing, the memory!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 6th February 2018

Tuesday 6th February 2018

Samoan: Aso Lua 6 Fepuari 2018

0230hrs: Woke with the brain in a right fertummelt. Whatever it was that I’d been dreaming of, I sensed it contained frustrations and past failures within the theme. But nothing concrete memory-wise. I spent a good while trying to recall details, without any success.

As I began the process of detaching my lumbering wobbly compact body from the £300 second-hand recliner, I became aware that there were no signs of nocturnal-nibbling. However, there was an empty bottle of flavoured springwater and another with just a drop left in it. I must have had a thirst on last night.

Why had I got a kitchen knife, a pair of new Protection Pants and a full-packet of Bisoprolol Beta-blockers laying neatly-spaced out on the Ottoman? An enigmatical question.

I put the things away and went to make a mug of tea. During which, the innards burst into life, rumbling away. I made my way to the wet room and onto the Porcelain Throne.

A terribly saturnine Porcelain Throne session ensued.

  Leaving a rare-for-me, appetency, desirous of being freed from my ailments. But I soon lost attention on that thought, as I stood up from the throne and stubbed my toe against floor cupboard. No bad language, not even in my mind, just a deferential, submissive, self-effacing, unassertive acceptance of my spiritlessness, inabilities, futilities and liabilities. Huh!

Feeling just a little down now, I carried out the Health Checks.

Made a big mug of tea. I put this jar of black bean sauce next to it, to remind me to ask a question when I got around to putting it on the blog. “How am I supposed to use it with my pork shoulder steaks, which I intend to cook in the Crock-Pot”. Do I cook the meat in the sauce, or part-water and the sauce, or do I prepare the steak, as usual, drain it and then put it in a saucepan cover it with sauce to warm the sauce up? Any help would be appreciated by someone in the know. Might be best if I do it in the oven today, after all. Fank you!

Took the medications and took these photographs of the rain-free morning outside. Looked like a touch of frost was in the air.

Computer started, and this post began, then on to finishing off the Monday effort. This took a coup;e of hours

Went to make another brew, and how the scene outside had changed!

0545hrs: Put some TFZer graphics on my Pinterest pages. Gerald’s Pinterest Pages.

These are they:

WordPress comments replied-to. Visited the WordPress Reader.

0800hrs: Oh, dearie

Off back to the kitchen for another brew,

And blimey what a different view,

So I took these piccies to show to you,

I guess they said, the snow was due,

Through the clouds, the sky was red and blue,

From inside, the view cheered me, that was long overdue!

But going out in it? Too much of a hullabaloo!

Herbert is making a lot of noise this morning. Does he think it is a Sunday and not Monday? Oh, it’s Tuesday innit?

The workers of drilling away on the outside of the building. Can’t be too helpful for them out there in this weather.

0840hrs: I stopped updating this page and went on CorelDraw, to try and catch up with doing the last of the TFZer Transport Fun Graphics. If it will let me, of course. Back in a bit.

1420hrs: Shattered now, got the last of the TFZer series done.

A few of these I am proud of (Smug Mode Adopted).

Got the nosh prepared and served up.

The shoulder pork, I’d done in the oven. Tasted a little bland. So I hope to use the other two pieces done in the crock-pot and seasoned with some Black Bean Sauce. The curried beans were grand, tasty and morish in the extreme!

‘Herbert’ above was I think, working on some heavier modelling than usual. The clunks of whatever it is he keeps dropping sounded louder, more thuddish. This was no bother, as the workers were drilling and banging away outside and one just plodded on, hoping that in eight months or so, this noise (Not Herbert’s of course) will cease. Then I can hire workmen to put right the kitchen floor, holes in the wall, redecorate… I’m getting in a panic again! Haha!

Remembered to do a Wristlet Alarm Battery Check with the Nottingham City Homes team. All good.

Health Checks and medications were sorted.

I put on a DVD of Dr Who, got the headphones on and settled to watch it… two minutes later, disentangled myself from the cables and recliner then off to the Porcelain Throne. I’m getting fed-up with Little Inchies lesion bleeding. Or rather, having to clean up and medicate things down there. Painful and embarrassing job. I must ask the Doctor, (Not Dr Who, Doctor Vindla. Hehe!) if she can rush the appointment with the GUM clinic for me.

Back to the recliner, turned off the goggle-box and lay there for hours. Just fretting over everything and stewing in self-loathing and pity. I Drifted off eventually.

I woke as my bum hit the floor as I had somehow managed to slip out of the £300 second-hand recliner. I lay there back against the recliner, bum on the floor and legs up on the Ottoman. I did feel a right twit! Good job there are no CCTV cameras in the flat! I effected a nifty getting up again session, without too much trouble at all, surprised myself at how well I coped, and without any pain worth mentioning.

Had I been dreaming, a nightmare or what?

As I stood and turned to look for any clues on the chair, I trod on the TV remote control! Hope it still works later.

Confused, but no sooner had I returned my obese, short wobbly body onto the recliner, I drifted off into the land of Nod.

Oddities, mysteries, panics, fears and failures I need not,

But I get them regularly, so that’s my unlucky lot,

It’s no wonder I’m a nervous senile silly old clot!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 30th January 2018

Tuesday 30th January 2018

Irish: Dé Máirt 30 Eanáir 2018

0205hrs: Woke up and found scribble on the notepad about a dream I had earlier. Seems a bit disorientated but this writing is all I had to go on: Dead, not unhappy… searching for someone to talk to. Found hundreds in a long queue… none would speak to me, all feeling sad and missing friends and family – felt sorry for them… Started playing hopscotch in the hope they would join in and cheer up; they lifted me and threw me down a builder’s rubbish funnel… I landed on the recliner in the flat, minus a leg, but had a wooden stump painted in red white and blue? Odd!

The ailments this morning were mostly very kind to me. Only the Inchies Lesion and Harry Hernia were any bothers. I sat there pondering, clutching for something I knew that needed attention today, but the grey-cells must have been still asleep. Irritating this is.

Eventually, I removed the unwilling bulbous body from the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications etc. I noticed that the pulse was slowly getting lower? 100 – 92 – 84, now 81. I hope the battery isn’t running out inside the ticker? Hehe!

Made a brew and quaffed the medications.

I had used one of the Assam tea bags this time and left it to stew and brew for three minutes before drinking any of it. Very nice! But I had to let it go cold, as the innards abruptly started churning and rumbling, and off on an urgent mission to the Porcelain Throne room!

A terribly tricky and long messy affair. Haemorrhoid Harold and Inchies Lesion both bleeding, compounded the tortuous, yucky, disagreeable situation even more. By the time I’d sorted and cleaned everything after the evacuation, and got back to the kitchen, the mug of tea was stone-cold!

I brewed another mug of tea. The Twinings Extra Strong Old English this time. Another great tasting one.

Got the computer on and finished off the Monday Diary, then started this one going.

I got as far as here and then had a perusal of the WordPress Reader. Some great posts on here, today.

Moved on to comment responding next.

0510hrs: Made another brew and went on Facebook, a lot of catching up to do on it required to be done.

Had to finish a little prematurely, to get the ablutions tended to. The shave and doing the teggies went alright, but it was a wretched medicalisationing session. The shower was grand.

I took the black bags to the chute on the way out.

I doddered down to the Obergruppenfurheresses Hut, the feet we soon hurting, but the ailments were all, each and every one of them being kind to me! The EQ was worried and, apprehensiveness about this incredible event. Hehe!

In the shed were about eight tenants, all keeping warm while they awaited the arrival of the bus. Outside, stood six smoker-residents at the stop.

Those residents inside were given the story of my farce with the jacket zip from yesterday. Nice to see them laughing. I listened to the gossip of the day, and we all went to the request stop together. I must say, I’ve never seen so many folks at the flats get on a bus before.

I, along with three others, got off the bus at the bottom of Winchester Street Hill. Turned left on Mansfield Road down the incline and visited the Continental Food Shop. Made my way straight to the cooked meat counter and bought three slices of Polish roasted pork. Then to the bread section and got a small slice loaf. They are expensive at £1.59 for 400g, but they do taste wonderfully satisfying. I had a walk around the shelves and purchased a can of beef and vegetable stew. Paid the man and departed up the hill and to the Wilko Store.

Where I have to admit, I got carried away repurchasing things. I spent a long time pottering around but got some things that they were out of last week, while they had them in stock. Washing Fabric Softener and Two Fragrance Enhancers, both scented with Freesia & Y-Lang, which I find very pleasant when used in the laundry. A Lemon scented floor cleaner liquid. Anti-bacterial Lemon-impregnated floor cleaner sheets. Ginko tablets on offer at £1.20. Three of the small Citrus men’s deodorant sprays, and three packets of nuts. Nearly £20 gone. Overspent again! Tsk!

I got a call on the mobile while walking up the hill. Nottingham City Homes to tell me they are calling on Thursday to have another look at the Strobe and Pillow Alarm.

I called in at the Dentist Stalag Surgery to confirm my next appointment date and time. But came out after seeing the length of the queue of fellow patients at the desk. This was the reason for my withdrawal; combined with the coughing and sneezing from the people and the intimidating scowls from the receptionists that indicated to me they would be happier if I sodded-off. So, I did!

Up to the Sherwood bus stop. The board indicated it was 20 minutes past the hour. The L9 bus being due at 27 minutes gone the hour, I thought I’d catch it. But no, of course not!

I waited until 38 minutes past, then started to walk it back to the flats. A touch confused at this.

I took the route over the hill, down to the gate and up through Woodthorpe Grange Park.

Apart from the heavy weight of the bag and its contents, plus the feet hurting and stinging most uncomfortably (Agony almost, well, maybe not, but positively painful, Hehe!), I did enjoy the hobble back through the greenery and seeing the dogs taking their owner for a walk.

And the sun came out, giving me an opportunity to try and take a moody photo at the top of the footpath. It came out not too bad as it happened.

I turned right and saw the poor Tree Copse in front of me, looking all bare, abandoned and somewhat forlorn.

I reckoned it would be a good idea if I walked down the hill through the Copse and took some photographs as I walked down and came out at the bottom field.

I got to the entry of the path through the trees and nearly had a Whoopsidangleplop or Accifauxpa as I slipped and very-nearly slipped  over on the muddy surface

So I rerouted and used the gravel footpath, instead!

I got some flaring on the photo I took half-way down to the flats.

A little disappointed with this I was. Humph!

A bit tricky at the bottom of the path, with mud and what looked like oil across the trail?

I got indoors and up to the apartment, and put the unwanted, unnecessary and unneeded purchases away.

Got the computer on, and two hours later I’d updated this load of blather up to here.

Got the Health Checks and medications taken. Updated the Diaries, written and Google.

Then I tended to the nosh and got the chips in the oven cooking.

Had a go at Facebooking while I waited.

Delicious pork and tomato sandwiches. Stilton cheese, potato & bacon balls and chips, sliced apple and beetroot.

Lemon Curd yoghourts for dessert.

I ate the lot of it! With a certain relish as well!

Rang Brother-in-law Pete, it’s his 70th today. Had a good gossip, cut short by the wet warm sensation from my lower regions.

More bleeding, I’m getting bleeding fed-up with this!

‘Herbert’ banging away merrily up above.

Weariness and fatigue come again.

I settled down to watch some TV and waited for the Strobe Pillow Alarm to activate. Either it didn’t, or I was too tired and deep in sleep to feel it. For I was in the land of Nod very soon.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 28th January 2018:

Sunday 28th January 2018

Italiano: Domenica 28 Gennaio 2018

0025hrs: Awake thanks to the earlier Strobe & Pillow Alarm Activations, and feeling excessively concerned about my state of health, physical and mental. From last nights early settling down, the memories are, to say the least vague. If it were not for the notes I’d scribbled on the pad, I would not recall anything at all?

The usual ailments, (Apart from later finding Little Inchies lesion bleeding profusely and painfully), had taken a back seat, very odd this. A headache, rumbling innards, ear-ache, tight chest and the occasional shivering/shaking had replaced the usual infirmities (I could have just said a cold, couldn’t I? Hehe!). I dread to think how I’d feel if Duodenal Donald, Hippy Hilda, Reflux Roger, Hernia Harry or Anne Gyna kicked off now, as well. I wonder if I can claim Man-Flu? Haha!

I blew my nose and nearly lacerated the skin on the hands. The stubble on the chin was so thick! I had not done any ablutions last night with the falling asleep – waking-up routine that was imposed on me. Tsk!

Unbelievable how easy I found it getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner and into an upright stance. I began to think that maybe I was dreaming it all?

Into the kitchen, and as I opened the door, Gawd, it was cold in there! Made me shiver for a second or two.

I got the kettle on, nipped to the wet room for a wee-wee. Oh, heck! Little Inchies lesion had been and was pouring thick blood. Cleaned things up best I could. I’ve never known such pain before from this injury. Took a while, but I think I’ve stopped the flow. The swelling was worse, and the colouration had changed to deep purple/amethyst. Swapped Protection Pants and began to feel sorry for me again. Tsk!

The flat is generally getting messy, untidy and needs a good clean up. It’s in this state cause I keep falling asleep (In between noise from Herbert above, the workers and the Strobe Fire Alarms) so effortlessly and irresistibly lately.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Got the computer going (Very slow, I fear the worst!). To start this post off.

I’m finding concentrating the mind on any one subject or topic is difficult. I did see in the notes I’d made in the night, a reminder to Email the surgery for a blood test. The shakes and slow computer are making typing a task. I requested the appointment and one with the Doctor to arrange to have the Lesion looked at again, properly. Sent Email to mate Mike.

I seemed to lose track of things, cause I wondered off to the kitchen to make up next weeks medical pots?

During which, I felt the warm damp sensation down below in the PPs (Protection Pants) Little Inchies lesion was bleeding again. Finished the tubs off, and trotted to the wet room to medicalise and cleanse things again.

Not as bad as the last session, but still not pleasant. I nearly had a bad Accifauxpa, though, but just stopped myself.

After cleaning Inchy up, I reached for the Daktarin cream and picked up the toothpaste in mistake. You’ll see in this photograph, on top of the WC, the cream and toothpaste next to each other to the right of the carbolic soap. Different sizes, colouring and thickness. How I nearly used the toothpaste on the lesion, I don’t know. Just glad I noticed in time. Tsk!

Made another cuppa and back on the computer. Updated this load of tosh, then did a Morrison order for Thursday next week.

0425hrs: Snapped this photo as I refilled the tea mug and went to the WordPress Reader. Then a few comments responded to.

Opened CorelDraw and did some Inchcock Today top photo’s in advance. Suddenly realised I had not finished the Sunday post yet – Fool! – so I tended to it.

Back on CorelDraw to do a few page tops again. Didn’t want to spend too much time doing this, cause I wanted to have a hobble (No buses on Sundays) up to Mapperley Top and get some chips and lemon curd yoghourts. I don’t want to show them yet, as it might spoil it for when they get used in the diary.

And I am aware that recently I have been flagging earlier each day.

Ablutions tended to, black bags to the chute on the way out.I noticed the state of the carpeting outside the lift doors in the foyer on our floor. Huh!

Down in the shuddering elevator, and out and along Chestnut Walk, at a steady come slow pace.

As I got to the end of the Walk, I thought this photographicalisation, might come out in a bit of a ‘Moody’ Style.

But it didn’t.

Shame. But this made me more determined to get at least one ‘Moody’ taken today.

I moved onto Winchester Street Hill at the top.

By Jimminee, Anne Gyna started as soon as I got on the steeper part. So I slowed right down and tool smaller steps, and I got to the top with only a couple of pauses and recovery stops. Hehe!

At last!

I got a decent ‘Moody’ picture taken as got to the crest of the hill.

I might try to make this with a trial Sepia conversion later?

Then again, will I find the time and stay awake long enough? Tsk!

I was a little early arriving at the store, so I wandered on further along Woodborough Road and turned left down Porchester Road, a few hundred yards down and took this cracking ‘Moody’ effort. I was pleased with this one.

Started to walk back towards the Aldi store.

This young Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly had me over as he sped by close to my struggling body mass.

Got in the store and had a wander around for a good while. Got five items of fodder and paid the chap on the check-out, who was a fantastic multi-tasker as it turned out. The lad could talk to someone stacking shelves at the same time as ignoring this pensioner and undercharging me by 35p.

I departed and made my way back to the flats.

Part-way down Winchester Street Hill, I took this photo showing the housing estates in the background, with the wet road and cars struggling up the last steep bit of the hill.

It wasn’t too cold or windy, and the heatless sun persisted for a while.

I came across this bit of Nottingham Street Art on the pavement, I’d missed on my way up the road earlier. “Smoking increases the risk of blindness” is a new warning on the cigarette packets I’ve not seen before?

As I turned into Chestnut Walk and the flats came into view, the sun had another visit.

The feet were aching a little as I made my way in and up the lift to the apartment.

Where on entering, I noticed a letter stuck under the radiator opposite the door.

I put the bits away and opened the mail. It was from the Nottingham City Council Mobility Centre and had been forwarded from the old address. Glad I paid for this service now. My bus-pass needed to be renewed, and the location of the office had moved into the Victoria Centre Car Park White Zone. I got the computer on to try and get the siting of it, so I could call tomorrow and update my beloved pensioner’s freebie pass. But could not find the exact location anywhere. So, in the AM, I’ll have a hunt around and inquire. I need various things it tells me; Recent utility bill, bank statement and the eight digit number from my Senior Smartcard. I’ll sort it in the morning. (Little did I know what a challenge and hassle this was going to be!)

Off for a wee-wee. The lesion was bleeding again. More medicationalisationing and antisepticising. Tsk!

Got the meal done, and again lost the photo in the ether from the camera – then realised later, I did not have the SD card in the thing when I took the picture. Huh!

The usual fatigue dawned, even earlier than usual.

Incapable and inadequate to do anything else, I washed the pots, took the medications early and settled into the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some episodes of Dr No before expecting to nod-off. Oh, that should have been Dr Who, sorry. To the accompaniment of Herbert’s banging about above. But it didn’t last for long.

No Alarm Strobe or Pillow Shaker activations tonight. But I think I kept waking up waiting for them? Hehe!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 23rd January 2018: Lost control of my actions, decisions and limbs, today. Tsk!

Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Hmong: Tuesday 23 Lub Ib Hlis Ntuj Tim 20, 2018

0100hrs: I woke, and it took a while for the dream that I’d had to clear away. I was in the most comfortable and well-equipped coffin and had been going through the act of vivisepulture; in this sarcophagus in the middle of a field of cauliflowers; with those in attendance singing “Come, all ye faithful!” up above. A Royal Blue coloured telephone was stuck on the lid of the coffin. I was thinking, marvellous! Now I don’t need my sleep, nobody rings, then I heard a knocking outside of the casing? I can only recall up to here of the dream but feel sure it developed much further.

0110hrs: Out of the £300 second-hand recliner, with unexpectedly remarkable efficiency and minimal nocive effects. I’m sure it is a different person wakes up in this recliner every morning. Hehe!

Fully extricated from the chair, and off to the Porcelain Throne. Oh, dearie me! This session was Trotsky affected, kerplunk-push-gush-cling like glue, affair. Messy in the extreme and left a sanguinary splattered Inchcock and wet room. Haemorrhoid Harold and the fungal lesion all bleeding. The cleaning up and medicationalising treatments took me fifteen minutes. Adopted a new pair of Protection pants. These episodes changed my previously perky-outlook on things.

Had a visit from Dizzy Dennis as I made my way to the kitchen, and got the Health Checks sorted. All the readings looked fair to me.

Made a brew and took the medications.

On the computer and started this load of hogwash going.

The innards started to rumble and grumbled, then hurt, followed with another visit to the Porcelain Throne.

Same as the previous session. Fewer evacuations though, and far less bleeding, thankfully, so the cleaning up was much easier to do.

Back to the computer and checked the calendar for today’s reminders. Morrison delivery due 0630 > 0730hrs. And twixt 1400 > 1600hrs Robin Hood (Nottingham City Council) Electricity supply change application for suitability meeting. Must email Mate Mike.

Went to make another brew for the other that I let go cold.

A foreboding looking sky outside as I waited for the kettle to boil.

0315hrs: Then I moved on to finishing yesterdays post. This took a long while.

0700hrs: Got it finished.

The Morrison man arrived, grand chap.

Got the stuff into the kitchen and eventually sorted and stored away.

The fridge now loaded a bit more.

I had the struggle to get the fresh fodder into the fridge.

It didn’t seem such a load this time.

That was because the bulk cost was the new saucepans.

Which came with instructions that could have easily baffled and bemused Albert Einstein!

Hand Wash Thoroughly. – Precondition the non-stick surfaces, wipe on the cookware with vegetable oil, heat gently, cool thoroughly and wipe clean.

A List of where not to use them, avoid scorching and hot heating? Conditions to use them in. Do not scratch surfaces. The cooker hobs may be damaged? Many more instructions on using them. Then a monologue of how to clean them. Storage methods. A list of Cautions etc…

Sorry I bought them now!

By the time I’d got them out, being too scared to use them, it was time for the ablutions so I can to the meeting in time. I’m fed-up already now!

Had a good scrub-up. Medicationalised the areas needed to be done. Took the black bags to the chute on the way out.

Lifted the saucepans empty box and filled it with recyclable stuff and took it down with me as I left to go to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Shed, to find out the time of the Robin Hood electrical suppliers meeting.

I dropped off the box near the recycling bin.

I noticed this wood pigeon on the opposite side of Chestnut Grove on the back verge and took this photo of the little beauty.


As I made me along the road, taking care not to have an Accifauxpa on the wet leaves, I also avoided the deep puddled.

So much traffic and so little space for it.

I got to the hut, and Obergerfreiteress Julie and two other Nottingham City Homes employees were having a cuppa and nibble. One of them was the caretaker, I didn’t know the other bloke, but he didn’t smile or answer my cheery greetings.

Two tenants joined me as the three agreed that they will have to go and get something done. Hehehe! We had a laugh and nattering session.

I left, out to the bus stop where a few other residents were waiting. I was only going a few stops up the hill. Barry’s better half, such a friendly gal sat next to me and had a few words and a smile. I dropped off three stops later at the top of the road and made my way to the Aldi store. Where two more bags of shopping and £20 lighter in the pocket. I’d paid the lady and was on the way back to the bus stop.

I waited and waited.

Ten minutes after the bus arrival time, I walked down the hill two bus stops. Still no appearance of the vehicle.

I could see the flats in the distance, and decided to walk it anyway. Slowly.

It doesn’t show clearly in this photo, but at the bottom of the road, as I neared the right turn onto Chestnut Walk, the pavement was sheer wet, compacted leaves. I had a choice of walking on the street and getting knocked over or hobbling on the leaves and slipping over. I must have looked aright old dodderer gingerly making my way on the dodgy pavement.

The sun came out when I got close to the flats. It lasted a good two minutes, then withdrew; its days work finished. Haha!

I got the fodder away, and then suddenly decided to go to Asda instead of the electricity meeting. I’ve no idea why I made this choice. I think the brain kept it a secret from me.

Did the midday checks and medical thingamabobs.

Caught the bus to Arnold, the 15th-floor lady was also on her way out again, here she is in a deep-pink coat. A few tenants on the bus and we were somewhat raucous with our jokes and insults to each other, much laughter until they all got off the bus in Sherwood. Apart from me, who stayed on into Arnold; wondering why the heck I was making this long trip, just to get some Potato nibbles and Sourdough Bread? Especially at this late time of day? Had I finally lost it?

I alighted the bus, and straight into the Asda store, directly to the nibble shelves and got some Beefy Potato Sticks and Cheesy Curls and paid for them and was out and standing at the bus stop all within fifteen minutes.

I got the Dennis Dizzies while waiting for in the bus-shelter. Fool!

Back at the complex, tired and well weary now. I noticed some of the make tenants stood in the drizzle and looking almost what appeared to be longingly at the workers in the centre compound. I wondered if they were having withdrawal symptoms from their working days?

I see this often. No expressions on their faces, it seems they had accessed their memories and were replaying them. Were they perhaps builders of some kind in their younger days or what? Both of these two appeared to be in a trance as they stared at the workers?

I pressed on down to the Woodthorpe Court apartments and went up to the flat, in an almost completely-fatigued mode.

To the Porcelain Throne, where only wind and stomach pains resulted from my best evacuational efforts. The better side of this visit was that Little Inchy had bled just the tiniest bit. Haemorrhoid Harold had made much use of the Protection Pants, though. Haha!

Change togs and carried out the Health Checks, took the medications and got the nosh sorted. The gadding about must have increased my appetite. I ate all of this food tonight. Took me a while to get through it, but Herbert upstairs accompanied me with a little tapping and knocking, bless him. Everything on the plate seemed to taste fantastic, even the Sourdough bread went down so well. Why I had three pots of desserts, I can’t understand. But they were a delight to consume.

I managed to get the pots in the bowl to soak and back to the £300 second-hand recliner, got a DVD on and was in the land-of-Nod in seconds!

Inchcock Today – Monday 30th October 0217: Accifauxpa, Blood Test with Nurse Nichole ♥, Shopping, Tree Copse Walk ♥, Memory Blanks, Elevator down, Bleeding… A Mixed Day!

Monday 30th October 0217

Woke and up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner at 0130hrs.

Health Checks, medications were taken and off to the Porcelain Throne. Settled and got the book to read, but no time this morning. The evacuation was a lightning fast sanguinary discharge. The blood splatter was widespread and needed a lot of cleaning up. During which, a little Accifauxpa, as I bent down to clean the floor, the head came into contact with the corner of the cabinet, and the porcelain. Above the nose and on top of the dome. Haemorrhoid Harold was in full-flow, bless him.

I think I said “Oh, fancy that!” or something close. Hehe! 

Good job this happened before I got myself dressed.

The head aching a bit, and the innards now growling and rumbling, I felt a little poorly and off-colour, suddenly. Then Roger Reflux started sticking and causing me some bother too. Oh dear, something coming I’m not going to like, I can tell!

I got the computer on and got the average readings for the Health Checks calculated on Excel for last week. Apart from the weight, I think it looks alright.

I checked that I had altered all of the clocks belatedly last night, to make sure I’d done them correctly and missed any. Travel clocks in Wet Room, Kitchen and next to the computer (Keep it there to use as an alarm), and the big Pound Shop one on top of the electric fire that I cannot afford to use. Hehehe!

Checked that the Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) International Normalized Ratio (INR) Warfarin (Coumadin) Blood Test, (A mouthful innit, when you use the complete name), the appointment was for 100hrs today. Got the nibbles ready in the bag and made sure I had the Record Card in the coat pocket to take with me.

Agoraphobia overcomes me at times. (Not a fear of heights but, the abnormal fear of expecting or experiencing an awkward or embarrassing situation from which I cannot find an escape). The mess I’m in. With trying to get the INR level in range, get proof and take it to the dentist. Who will not do anything with the teeth, unless they have this evidence of the reading? And this has to be provided within 48hrs of the said INR test being taken. Then I have to get to the dentist and beg them to fit me in! Total failure on this for eight weeks nearly now and the toothache is not getting any better. The Doctor is not letting me know the results in time… Oh I’m fed-up!

Off for a wee-wee, and spotted some blood I’d missed that had splattered onto the shower curtain. How the haemoglobin travelled that far I’ve not got the slightest idea? Cleaned it up and antisepticised it. Checked the rear end for any further leakages, only the tiniest few spots were found. Good that! Cleansed everything and applied some fresh ‘H’ Cream.

My lack of confidence was becoming lacker! Hehehe!

Finished off yesterday’s sad diary and got it posted.

Did some WordPress reading and comment replies.

Went for a wee-wee. Made another mug of tea and checked up on Haemorrhoid Harold’s condition; All fine, no bleeding at all now, sore mind.

Went on CorelDraw. Did a political funny about MPs and Hell’s Gates, to use on a later diary and posted it to my Pinterest Political Funnies Gallery.

Went onto Facebook.

Ablutions tended to. A jolly good session had. Shaved meticulously with only two cuts. Back-brush and loofa utilised. Freshened up with Brute and citrus deodorant. (I fully anticipate being lunged after by the ladies desperate for my body when I get out [Surprisingly this did not happen? Hehe!])

Sorted-out and took the refuse sacks to the chute.

I got everything needed. Well, I thought I had. Out and down the lift, met a new tenant lady and thought how quietly spoken she was. Then realised I had gone out without putting in the hearing aids. Tsk! So back up in the lift and collected them, and down again. As I got out of the elevator, Deana was talking to the new lady. I told her I had some nibbles for her and Obergefreiteress Julie and would lave them in the fridge in the hut for them.

Hobbled out and down to the hut with Daisy. Who didn’t look too good to me? Made a few funnies to try and cheer her up. Into the shed and left the fish and nibbles for the Wardens.

A quick chat with Doreen and Thundergob as I went out of the end door.

Welsh Bill, Daisy and a few others were at the bus stop as I passed them. Quick laugh, and onwards I trudged.

Down Winchester Street Hill and through the sideroads to Mansfield Road.

Some Nottingham Street Art on the pavement. Looked almost new some of the gear?

Left up Mansfield Road towards Carrington and the surgery. Over the crest and down. Do you know, I didn’t see a single Nottingham Pavement Cyclist? Never been known before! Hehe!

Got to the surgery car park, and had to wait a while for a motorist going in and a car going out had to manoeuvre a bit. Still, no rush, the appointment was for 1000hrs I thought. When I got in and reported to the Oberleutnant Receptionist, and sat down, getting the crossword book out.

I got really disconcerted when the lady came to me and told me my appointment was for 1050hrs. (How I made that cock-up, I didn’t know). She informed me the clocks should have gone back at the weekend by an hour. Anyway, she was very nice about it, and I told her I’d wait. She said the nurse might see me earlier if she gets the time. I thanked her and got on with a mammoth session on the crosswords, and even did rather well at them for once.

Half-an-hour or so later, a beautiful thing happened, a wondrous thing! A voice from the nurse, close my left ear-hole spoke to call me in – It was Nurse Nichole. I could have cried with joy. At last, I got to see her.

There was something, quoted by Photographer and Wordsmith Tim Price that I intended to tell her, but the brain and excitement of seeing her blocked it out, and I could not remember. Huh and Tsk!

She soon had the blood taken and was patient with me telling her about the ‘Blanks’ I’d been having. Told whatever I do if this happens again, I must see the Doctor. I also told her of my not being given the INR results in time for me to get to the dentist to beg for an appointment. I gave the nibbles for her and the others and departed.

Leaving the car park, I had to wait for an old couple to get into their taxi, and held the door for the lady, closing it when she was safely in and buckled her up.

Hobbled down to the Insult Store… sorry, Lidl Store and had a walk around.

Got one of the two things I’d gone in for (I forgot the milk, Humph!), and twelve items I didn’t need. Found some Balsamic Sauce. Some Texan and Hickory Maple Syrup Cooking Sauce and other not needed fodder.

Caught a bus into Sherwood. As I got off, I saw the L9 bus across the road pulling away. I thought at the time, and guilty so; If I hadn’t stopped to help the old couple in the car park at the surgery, I could’ve caught that bus up to the flats instead of having to walk up! Naughty Inchcock!

I crossed over the road and up over and down the hill to the Woodthorpe Grange Park entrance. I’m so glad I did now.

Not many dogs were walking their owners this afternoon. But the lady with the two astonishingly friendly old whippets turned up as I was photographing the poor trees near the Pitch & Putt course. They seemed to recognise from the last time and appeared glad to see me as I was them. A bit of fuss for a minute or so, that made me feel good and happy. Funny innit?

Cheered me so much, I decided to have a walk down the gravel hill and through m beloved Tree Copse while there was still some greenery on the sparsely leaved trees.

The Pictorial Record of the Hobble Down Through the Copse.

I had to take care not to slip on the leaves or trip on the branches coming up through the ground, but did okay, coming out at the Meadow at the bottom, near the flats, and in amazingly high spirits too.

I’d seen and conversed with Nurse Nichole, actually been of use in helping others, hobbled without any Whoopsiedangleplops or Accifauxpas, met the glorious whippets and had a fuss with them, and taken a slow, careful stumble through perhaps, to me anyway, the most beautiful Copse in Nottingham. Life seemed good suddenly. But it was not to last, I’m afraid.

Up out of the Meadow I went, and back down to the apartments.

I dawned on me that I had not seen any birds of any type since entering the thicket. This I was a sure sign… no idea what sign.


As I neared the building, I could sense (The EQ you know) that something was going to knock me back into depression again.

No workmen in the protective tent at the moment.

Got to the lifts (Elevators for my American friends), Number One was again out of action. The other one was on the twelfth floor as I pressed the call button. (Where it stayed for what seemed a lifetime to me) The need for a wee-wee growing ever more urgent as I waited for the cage.

And waited, and waited. Not sure how long it was before it started to come down, but I was on the verge of having to walk up the stairs, and the holding of the water was doing me and my innards no favours.

When it did arrive, Jenny and Frank were struggling out with a dirty great fridge freezer. They were taking it to the other block of flats. Bless the Jenny and Frank, always helping others. In my condition, I could not help them and felt incompetent at this. But the warm wet feeling was already showing itself from the lower regions, and the embarrassment was total!

I got to the wet room in the flat as soon as I physically could, feeling confident I had involuntarily passed some wee. I soo found out that I hadn’t, but had moved some blood. Yes, the damned fungal-lesion had opened again! Got things cleaned and the Betamethasone Corticosteroid Cream applied.

I’d spotted some American medication for people on Warfarin on the net earlier. Sounds just the ticket for me.

I must remember to ask Nurse Nichole or Doctor Vindla if anything similar is available on the NHS for me try out.

Things appeared okay after half an hour or so, but I shall be ever watchful.

The noise from the workmen, drilling and knocking was driving me mad, hours and hours it went on. Of course, it can’t be helped, the jobs have to be done.

Got the nosh cooking, then updated this diary.

Baked beans, Vegetarian and battered Chip-Shop Sausages and the horrid Anya Potatoes for din-dins. Lemon Dessert to follow. I left most of it. Not that it was any worse than my meals of late, it’s just that the appetite seemed to disappear as I ate?

The loose and painful incisor teeth suffered.

Put the pots in to soak in the bowl and had a wee-wee, then checked out Little Inchies lesion, no bleeding. Added a blob more of the cream.

A headache began, but I was confident it had been the earlier droning, drilling and knocking noises from the builder lads that had caused it. So I wasn’t worried. Dare not take any extra pain-killers with whatever drugs are in the various creams I’m using.

Talk about beautiful, after the fantastic walk in the Copse, now the evening sky cheered me up a bit as well.

I took a few more similar photographs of this scene and saved them to use later in the TFZer graphicalisations.

Today had definitely been one of the ups and downs, extremes. Highlights and lowlights.

Got the TV on and settled into the £300 second-hand recliner. Fell asleep and dreamt of being in a vast artist studio with ubiquitous clay models easels, paintings spread all around. I was not the artist, I sensed that much. Spike Milligan’s head was on the wall, he was whistling while I was being told off in no uncertain terms by two ladies wearing Victorian-like clothing? That’s all I found on my scribbled note about this dream.

Stayed awake to watch a bit of TV in between nod-offs, for a good while. Pointless of course.

The last thing I recall was Reflux Roger giving me some gip, and I took a swig of the medicine on the side Ottoman and spilt some down my dressing gown.

Been a funny day.