Inchcock – Wednesday 1st March 2017: Losing the Lethargy lately


Wednesday 29th February 2017

Bosnian: Srijeda 29. februar, 2017


Bright-eyed and bushy tailed, psyched up and feeling uncommonly alert was how I sprang awake at 0300hrs, from the last of the nod-offs I’d been through. For some reason, I could not get to sleep last night until gone midnight again? Then spent many periods of sleep with a duration of minutes and am sure I dreamt each time. However, not like the one’s I have been having, not so bad this time. I even reckon some romance was in there, but disappointingly cannot recall much actual detail, other than I was in Australia during one dream and rolling down a road with a lady in the car by my side… oh yes! Hehe! Better not mention what happened, it might get me too excited and Anne Gyna is already giving me grief from the moment I woke up – I think the dreams were to blame? Hahaha!

I dismounted the working well this morning £300 second-hand recliner chair and made my way to the porcelain room. No bleeding from anywhere, a nice change that and very welcome.

Carried out the first Health Checks without any hiatus.

Worrying this. A certain ambivalence mingled with my thoughts on life, as I made a mug of nice strong Thompson’s tea and took the medications.

The depression seemed to have eased a little this morning as I got some emails and comments of a kind and supportive nature. I’m certainly not feeling insouciant, but definitely better than of late, no doubt. I just hope to avoid the blackness returning via accidents, Whoopsidangleplops or cruel words.

Computer activated and finalised and posted yesterday’s diary off. A quick return to the porcelain was demanded, and this concerned me just a little… I wish the innards would pick either the Trots or Blockage route to take and make it’s mind up and stick with one or the other! Hehehe!

Started this page and then did some Facebooking.

Hopefully, next week I can get back to attending the Windwood Tenants Centre Social Hour on Thursdays again. Everything seems to have prevented me these last few weeks.

  1. Week one: The clinic changed my appointment to the Thursday
  2. Week Two: Nottingham City Homes arranged a Tenant’s interview for the Thursday
  3. Week Three: Nottingham City Homes Maintenance arranged to call on the Thursday between 0800>1200hrs so I could not go again. The actually arrived at midnight, woke me up and said they would return twixt on Friday 0800hrs > 1200hrs, but didn’t, still no one has called or attended.
  4. Week Four: Things were all at ‘Go Mode’ for this meeting: Until the Bank Manager arranged a meeting with me for… Yes, You’ve guessed it, Thursday, and at 1000hrs (The time the Winwood meeting should start) and the meeting will take he said about Two and a half hours! Humph!

I realise that I cannot be considered a lucky person – but this is getting ridiculous! I’ll take some raffle prizes and nibbles down for them on my way to the bank and drop them off. Wonder if they remember me? Haha!

The Morrison’s food delivery is due anytime now.

3wed04I had a go at cleaning the cooker hobs. Took me over an hour, trying different scourers and cleaners and I was most unsatisfied with the results, although they might have ended up just a bit cleaner than when I started. Tsk!

Not very good at all. I suppose I’ll have to get a professional in to clean them and the oven?

The food’s arrived, one substitute, all there okay.

Next back to the computing and wait for the pretend lady cleaners to arrive.

They came and pretended, but we had a good natter and laugh.

Phoned Olive to say I’ll call again after she’s had lunch to ask if I can visit her.

Visited Olive. She was in a reasonable condition considering her upcoming operations, a wonderfully coping woman. She even gave me some questions to ask the bank man in the morning, bless her. We chatted about her younger days and after a kiss, I departed to attend the porcelain back at number 72, feeling uplifted at Olive’s spirit and beauty.

The porcelain session revealed no blood from anywhere, further uplifting news for the Nottingham Pensioner.

I emailed Sister Jane about Friday when we arranged for me to meet her in town, and I agreed to see her at her bus stop at 1445hrs. Doesn’t give us much time other than a quick hug and my handing over the pressies and nibbles and say out farewells, before I have to catch the last L9 bus back home 15 minutes later, but it’ll be nice to see her.

3wed02I got the meal going and read a bit of the Top Gear book.

The fodder was a bit of a mixed bag success and taste-wise. The tomatoes were bitter and could not be eaten, the pea-rice was okay, the apples too. The vegetarian sausages were nice and the Lasagne disappointing.

Best I can give this effort is 7/10, shame.

Got the goggle-box on and ate what I could of this poor effort. Washed the things up.

Stayed awake to watch two hours or so of Law & Order, before drifting off into slumber.

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 28th February 2017: Got out and about, but Anne Gyna didn’t like it, Tsk!


Tuesday 28th February 2017

Swahili: Jumanne Februari 28, 2017

Having got through the night of horrendous dreams, rooftop chases, falling in the canal, underground caves, being chased in sewers, decapitated by Roman soldiers… I’m sure there were many more events that took place in my slumbers, but these ones I can recall. I think I woke up feeling wearier than I went to sleep.

0300hrs: The £300 second-hand recliner chair grumblingly and jerkily allowed me out of it to get to the porcelain. Where the news was good. No bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold or Little Inchy. Reflux Roger was not too good, but Duodenal Daniel, Anne Gyna and Harry Hernia no bother much at all. Arthur Itis his usual self with the knees and ankles, just a bit annoyed with the hands and fingers. Overall, a great start to the day! Fingers crossed (Painfully thanks to Arthur. [Hehehe!]) Carried out the first of the health checks, all looked good.

Got the laundry stuff collected and down to the laundry room. Got the washer going and back up to the flat. Computer turned on and finished yesterday’s diary and posted it off.

Did the top photo and made a start on this one. Time to go down to move the laundry into the dryer. (0330ish) This I did, then back to the computer and worked on this diary and updated the Excel Health Check Sheet.

A final trip down to the laundry room to collect the gear and clean it up. On the way down and throughout these activities, I found myself mentally having a self-critical panegyrical discussion. Boy did I perorate with myself, no summing up or conclusions were arrived at, though. In those few minutes going down in the lift, I think I analysed and repeatedly refuted my rights to sanity? Weird that?

2tue05I retrieved the dried clothes into the bag, washed the filter and wiped around.

All done around 0415hrs or so, and back up to the flat.

Put the clobber away and made another cuppa and took the medications and creamed the areas of my masculine, the flaccid body that needed the attentions of the creams and lotions. Haha!

Back on the computer.

Decided to go out later and get some fodder in after I go to the clinic. Must make a list of things to take with me, I’ll do it now… Done it.

Ablutions were done I wrapped up well and set off for the Clinic. I forgot to take the request for new pads with me, but at least it was only one thing I forgot to take with me today… I hoped, Hehe!

I rang Warden Dean to see if I could talk with her about the meeting with the bank on Thursday, but could not get through – Try again later it said. Maybe I dialled the wrong number?

Caught the 40 bus straight to the clinic and was in and out in half an hour. A Dr Dragomir Vladimirescu, (I think) along with a nurse and several students, did the checks in no time and declared that surgery should not be expected now as things were healing so well, but to anticipate the odd bleeding sessions in times of stress? Stress, I thought, what does that mean? I asked him. Nighttime erections he said? (Oh?)

2tue04As I came out of the building to get the bus, both hearing aids bleeped to indicate they needed changing. So, bus back to the flat and changed them, luckily it timed well with the L9 to City Bound bus’s arrival, and I caught that into the Slab Square. Chinwag with a few tenants appreciated.

I had a walk around the City Centre (And I mean walk, not hobble, as Arthur Itis was being kind to me today, bless him) and ended up at M&S’s Foodhall, feeling a bit of sorrow for the Big Issue selling bloke at the entrance and handed him a bit of cash.

2tue07Spent far too much, I blame Marks & Spencers for selling Sour Dough bread, Best Beef Steak Lasagnes, leeks, swedes, Lemon Swiss Rolls and Lamb Moussaka. Never had this before, but it looks similar to Lasagne, so I should like it I hope.

I noticed when packing the things I’d bought, into the bags at the check-out, that this, as well as the lasagne, had three red warnings on the content label thingamajig on the box label. Oh, dear? Plenty of life on them all, well, four days.

I caught a bus, (oh I do love my free pensioner’s bus pass) into Arnold and called in to get some roast cooked belly pork slices. Popped into Fulton Food Stores and got four small jars of Silverskin Onions in pickled vinegar for only £1, bargain there I thought!

Went to catch the L9 bus back to the flats, but it did not arrive? Whilst waiting at the bus stop, Anne Gyna started off giving me bother, rather badly bless her. I caught a bus into the City Centre, then the L9 from Queen Street back to the flats. Got in and took some extra Codeine Phosphate. The Morphine Sulphate would have been a lot better, Anne Gyna seemed to be persisting so they have taken me off of this, in preparation for the operation later, so I’m not complaining… or am I? Hehehe!

2tue05Anne Gyna seemed to be persisting. I could not concentrate to read the book, so got the fodder done earlier than usual.

I had this vegetarian meal with a roast cooked belly pork sandwich. Naughtily did some oven chips, too many perhaps, but I ate it all.

My Dad used to call me a ‘Gannet! He was right.(All very good, including the Silverskin onions in pickling vinegar with peppers!)

 Sudden tiredness overcame me as I was watching the TV, but still, I could not get to sleep until well gone midnight again, thanks to Anne Gyna.

Up at 0300hrs and wide awake?

Inchcock Today: Tue 21st Feb 2017: Terrible day, terrible dreams!

What a day this was. Not a good one at all.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair, on its last legs creaking and struggling to move, (exactly how I felt and was [Hehe]) and to the porcelain, the innards rumbling, knees, ankles, elbows, hip and fingers all being attacked with venom by Arthur Itis, with Anne Gyna letting me know that she was not pleased with going to and on the wheel001Nottingham Eye Wheel yesterday. The effects of Walking to the Doctors and the climb into and out of the Wheel/Eye had taken its toll and Anne Gyna was not happy with me at all.

I perched there, on the porcelain, battling with the tireless strenuous eventual movements of the morning, no bleeding from Little Inchy and only a few specks from Haemorrhoid Harry; The mind turned to depression, self-loathing and self-pity. Many many minutes of moroseness filled thoughts, filled the brain all unascertainable, unanswerable and without any validity or clarity… not pin-downable? My own personal imbroglio. Despair, dejection and despondency irresistibly overcame me. These feelings gave me little elbow-room or latitude for any common sense or logicality to be adopted or acquired.

Eventually, I dismounted the porcelain, without any solutions to my dilemma of sudden depression, or any idea how to solve it. Tried to perform the regular activities. I did the blood-pressure, pulse, temperature, weighed myself, took the medication and applied the creams and lotions – but like an automaton, no drive, interest, get-up-and-go or enthusiasm at all. This worries me.

wheel19I decided next to get the photographs I’d taken while on the Nottingham Wheel/Eye thingy yesterday, posted off to my Facebook page and put some on the TFZ pages. (Troll Free Zone).

My spirits seemed to raise a little while I was doing this and creating some graphics on CorelDraw and Paint and commented on the TFZer Site.

If you like, more photographicalisations are to be found here: Nottingham Eye/Wheel Pics


1mon09A sudden hunger arrived, and I got the nosh so early today.

The self-loathing depression had eased, but the lethargy, hebetude and apathy remained.

Yesterday’s planned jobs to do today did not materialise at all, and I was withing an hour of washing the pots – back into the depths of self-indulgent dwelling on one’s own sorrows or misfortunes. Pathetic! 

I literally settled and watched TV for hours, not even aware if what I was watching? No efforts to get up and do anything were possible, I was in the pits.

Not surprisingly, as I had done very little constructive thinking or any actual work done, when it came to bedtime, I couldn’t even nod off at all.

I got up and tried to read a book, but for some reason, it had lost its appeal to me. I put the TV on, that normally ensure I nod off, no, that failed, so I got the computer on again and fluffed about with Facebooking. Eventually, I got the head down very late.

I woke around 0245hrs and lay there in the £300 second-hand recliner, depressed, full of self-loathing, confused and considered the dreams, or rather nightmares, that were still largely in my brain, spinning around and fading fast. I had the pen and pad at the side of the chair, (unused for months of having dreams and not being able to recall any that I’d had).

Events from my youth came distortedly into the dream, happenings I’m ashamed of, but none of the few successes or happy times… Getting thrown into the Canal when I was about five was so real to me, although the timing of the incident was way out of sync with the reality, I woke up ringing with sweat.

Had to have a shower, so I shaved at the same time. Feeling a little foolish that the dream had got to me, I had a glass of spring water and got back down into the chair – I was off in seconds and the nightmares returned – I’m not even sure now that I didn’t dream having a shower and shave, but could smell the Lemon shower gel and was in some other pyjamas, having put the others in the laundry bag, so I must have?

The past times, some even pleasurable started in the dream. Many incidents from my Security Guard days where mused over I’m sure, my first romance and being bullied by the yobboes in Carrington mingles with so many odd bits interposing and all mixed up together from the long gone days, I even tried to shoot myself but could not find the 303 clip and bullets and recall I searched for them in this flat, the house I lived in 1949, the Bed Breakfast and Evening meal boarding house 1964, Nairobi in a blood wagon and other places I cannot recall clearly? Lynton Cox, befriended on Facebook, who came to visit me a couple of years ago and saved my sanity, was chasing me waving a yellow duster?

Not a good day.

Inchies November Whoopsiedangleplop selection.


Tuesday 1st November 2016:

Bewilderment, befuddlement and bemusement Whoopsiedangleplop day!

I dropped the pot of tablets, bent down to retrieve,

Knock off the antacid bottle, it smashed made a mess,

And it took me two hours to clean up, can you believe,

This was 0400hrs, just the start of the day’s stress!


Wednesday 2nd November

Not a successful day!

Needed lip-salve, extra pain killers and panty liner,

Harold Haemorrhoid bleeding badly,

Aggravation from Duo Denal and Anne Gyna,

Little Inches’ lesion was bleeding too, sadly!


Thursday 3rd November

PC World Fiasco

Called at PC World to ask about the being mended laptop,

Asked an assistant, a 6’4” vacant looking ankle-snapper,

Got told more lies and misled, will PC World ever stop?

And it felt like dozens of visits to the crapper!


Friday 4th November

Nosh Whoopsiedangleplop

Sourdough bread with the Frikadelles & mushroom,

Added to the Pasta tomato sauce with herbs, looking tasty!

Eating it, and had to rush to the wet-room,

Dropped the lot on the floor with being so hasty!


Saturday 5th November

Wet-room Whoopsiedangleplop

Painful, bloody, every single WRHD session,

The bowels offered only pain and suppression,

Depression was looming,

Well, that was my Impression!


Sunday 6th November

A slow, slow day

Rumbling Innards, dizzies and yet,

Hunger pangs emanated from the gullet,

Had a bean stew, black, red and flageolet,

Spend an hour or so on the toilet,


Monday 7th November

Storage Heater stopped working

I informed Obergruppenfurheress Deana,

She wasn’t happy, judging by her demeanor,

She had a look and informed the works department,

Told me they would send me a heater,

They would repair on 30th a long time to wait,

So, I had to order myself an oil-filled heater,

From Amazon, that turned out a self-defeater!


Thursday 10th November

When I started the computer, a black screen with the message “H/9485.455UW26 Out of range” came up? I turned it off and on again, and things seemed alright? Oh dear!


Friday 11th November

No heater yet

Had to use the static heater in the living room,

The loan heater was not going to arrive I assume,

Bent down to turn this on for the first time it would seem,

I treated the bruised head with Germolene.

Saturday 12th November

Fell off the stool!

Working on the internet, I managed to fall asleep,

Tumble to the floor, it was rather steep,

I leant back you see, forgetting I wasn’t in a chair,

I think I said at the time Bleep bleep bleep! 

Amazon delivered the heater, to the wrong complex,

I had to fetch and carry it, I was feeling very vexed!


Sunday 16th November

A bleeding awful day!

Cracked lips, Haem Aroids, even Little Inchy,

Bleeding away, and the lower regions itchy,

Even the face came up swollen and blotchy!


Monday 21st November

Tumble and being conned again!

Fell out of the recliner, falling on the floor,

Via the now broken Ottoman & feeling rather sore,

Email from Amazon, a ten-pound voucher I saw,

But to use it, I must purchase more,

The customer service was very poor,

Won’t use them again for sure!

Visited the surgery for INR test, all was well,

Then called at the clinic, wrong date, oh hell!

To PC world to be conned again as well,

Got all uptight with them and a nasty dizzy spell!


Wednesday 23rd November


Walked into the electricity box on the wall,

Slowly I think I crumbled to the floor in the hall,

Broke me left hearing aid and glasses in the fall,

Olive’s Malcolm arrived, couldn’t have timed it better at all,

Came around with me in the chair feeling despair,

Malcolm had kindly put me there,

He’d bought, and built me an office chair!


Thursday 24th November

Busy day

Checked the list of tasks-to-do, and decided in this order: 1030hrs L9 bus to town – Sourdough bread from Tesco – To the opticians to get glasses mended – Audio clinic for batteries and tubing (so I can repair the hearing aid I broke walking into the hallway electricity cupboard) and bus to the GUM clinic. then fetch the Betamethasone Corticoid Cream.



Sunday 27th November

Another tumble

Had a hobble up to Mapperley and the Aldi store,

Coped very well until on the way back, near Holly Tor,

Crossing the road, I tripped, tumbling to the floor!


Monday 28th November

Marathon Hobble

I had a marathon hobble today, 4 miles and more,

To the City Hospital, then to Bulwell and the food store,

Felt so proud of myself, feeling I could have done even more,

Afterwards, there was not a part of my body that wasn’t sore!


Wednesday day 30th November


The Nottingham City Homes repairman came,

To investigate and the heater and repair,

Took off the cover, spreading dust over everywhere,

Moments later he said, all done so there,

It had tripped out and I’ve reset it again

He asked for the loan heater so he could take it back,

I said; It never arrived, it never even came!

The storage radiator never did work again!

The zip on my trousers broke too!


I contacted Deana two days later when the radiator still wasn’t working and she said the NCH Repair team would be with me in four hours to sort it.

They never arrived!

United Carpets

British Gas

PC World

And now, Nottingham City Homes are all worthy of my contempt.


Inchcock Today. Thursday 24th November 2016: Tenants Meeting missed again – Whoopsiededangleplop Avoidance Mode Engaged!


Thursday 24th November 2016

In Albanian: E Enjte 24 nëntor, 2016

0240hrs: Woke fretting over all the tasks that lay ahead today. No way can I get them all done. Pondered on the optimum order to attempt them. Tenants Social Hour (May have to just nip in and drop off the prizes and nibbles), Then a bus into to town and get to the opticians to have the spectacles repaired. Next up to Angel Row Audio Clinic and get some tubes for the hearing aids. Get some bread while in town, bus back to Carrington call at the Chemists for the prescriptions. To the surgery. Out and to Hucknall Road and get a bus into Bulwell, get pea snacks, bus back to City Hospital and to the GUM Clinic. A bus to… no, I’ll never cope with all this in one day. Something, will have to not get done?

Yet again, I could remember nothing of the dreams I’d had at all.

I liberated myself from the struggling to operate £300 second-hand recliner chair in response to a call to have a WRHD session. As I cleaned the blood away that had leaked from Haemorrhoid Harold, I pondered on the medical conditions. Anne Gyna was being very kind this morning, as was Hernia Harry too. Arthur Itis naturally was giving me a bit of hassle, but less than yesterday. The swollen knees were easier. The pains behind the eyes had relented somewhat. The head where I hit it falling onto the floor yesterday was persistent but not too much to cope with. No dizzies yet at all. Little Inchy’s lesion was leaking blood, but not as bad as it has been. Even the back pain had abated a little.This scenario above

The medical sit-rep above was pleasingly comforting. Because last night I felt in a right pickle and state and feared in capacities for today. I swore to have a Whoopsiedangleplop free day if possible.

Made a mug of tea, took the medications and did the graphic at the top of this page. Then got on with the diaries.

0511hrs: Had a go on Facebooking. Then did Graphics until 0825hrs.

Warden Deana rang the bell. She had been to see Olive who told her how poorly I was. Gave her the raffle prizes for the Social Hour and asked her to drop them off, which she did.

Ablutions completed – carbolicalisational session today.

Checked the list of tasks-to-do, and decided in this order: 1030hrs L9 bus to town – Sourdough bread from Tesco – To the opticians to get glasses mended – Audio clinic for batteries and tubing (so I can repair the hearing aid I broke walking into the hallway electricity cupboard) and bus to the GUM clinic. then bus back to the flat. Betamethasone Corticoid Cream. Leaving the Doctors for tomorrow

Leaving the collection of the Betamethasone Corticoid Cream from the chemist and calling to see the doctor for an appointment until Friday. I’m not sure if I can fit all these tasks in any way, but I’ll try.

4thr02Readied the things again and wrapped up well, then set off to the bus-stop to catch an L9 into town.

Met Olive and one of her daughters near the lift on their way out, grabbed a little cuddle and kiss. Much to the amazement of her daughter.

The weather was windy and cold this morning. My mind was all over the place considering which of the jobs I could get done and which to leave.

Got into town on the L9, dropped off and walked straight through the Slab 4thr03Square and up Friar Lane to the optician’s shop. Where the highly desirous lady set to repairing the glasses straight away for me and was very nice and kind in doing so, flashing her Cytherean smile at me, making goosebumps come up and kindling feelings of such passion arise within as she looked straight into my eyes as she checked if the glasses fitted correctly… Sorry, got carried away a bit there.

Clinging to the memories of her twinkling warm smile, I thanked her and departed. Across the pelican lights and up Granby Street … oh, they call it Maid Marion Way nowadays. Up to the top and left, up the staggeringly steep Park Row and right onto the Ropewalk and into the Audio Clinic, to find it closed? Could not see any signs about why?

Looked through the window in the door and everything looked normal in the waiting area. Someone came walking nearby from another department and she said the hours have changed for the walk-in side of the clinic, but 4thr05someone had stolen the sign they had put up, I can call on Mon Tue or Wed between 0930 > 1400hrs for any non-appointment reason. I thanked the chap, who had kindly taken his time to explain things to me, and departed back down the hill into the City Centre once again, to catch the L9 bus back home.

Everyone seemed like I was, well wrapped up in the cold and wind that prevailed.

Met one of the lady tenants at the L9 bus stop and had a chinwag with their there and on the journey back to the warmth of the Woodthorpe Court flats. She was a Geordie lass and she’d lived for four years in Australia and five years in America and had worked in Las Vegas, Nevada. She told me she didn’t like it on Australia and was glad to come back to England from America. She lived all over the place in England too. Cornwall, Hereford, East Anglia (Which she really hated!) and Wales. A well-travelled lady indeed.

Met Olive in her chair with her daughter as I got in the lift and we shared it, with me grabbing another snog and chinwag en route.

To the flat to collect the Clinic Card I’m forgotten to take earlier, and out straight away and caught the 40 bus on Winchester Street Hill to the City Hospital and the GUM clinic. Booked in and waited in the corner room along with about twelve other make patients. A right United Nations looking lot we were too. Me the only white person, brown and black youths, who, I could sense were thinking “What was that old git up to, to have to come here?” (The G.U.M. clinic). Then another patient arrived to join us, a sort of cross between a hippie and a rocker he was. I wish I could have sneaked out my camera to take a photo of him, a right dodgy looking character he was. Hehe! He’d be about 45-50, very tall and thin. Long straggly greasy black hair with balding on top and a ponytail that was brown. Most of the lads were on their mobile phones, it would have made a good photograph with me sat in the corner with my  crossword book.

I was called in, ahead of many of those who were there before I arrived, and got odd looks from some of them when I went into the treatment room, avoiding the usual visit to the assessment office. Down went the trousers, on the bench thingy, out came the lighted magnifying glass, Little Inchy covered with paper towelling and I was told to wait for the doctor and not to move.

A male doctor a female doctor and a nurse came in after a while. They each had a look and then they consulted with each other. They asked if I was using the Betamethasone cream, (I didn’t tell them I’d forgotten to collect it from the chemist). The nurse applied some to the lesionThey decided to try another different treatment cream this time, but I’d have to wait until they had consulted with my Doctor to assess if it would be safe to use this one, with me being on Warfarin. They would be in contact, but I must return for another check-up and they would make an appointment and let me know of that as well.

As I walked out through the corridor where the treatment rooms were, I heard a howling? I wondered if this was the Beatnik-Rocker chap? Hehehe!

Caught the 40 bus back to Sherwood, then the L8 that took me up Winchester Hill to the apartments, didn’t see anyone I knew, and of course ‘Little Inchy’ was stinging a bit.

In the flat and a WRHD session, with Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding fairly badly.

4thr06Physically shattered now, all I could do was get the fodder ready, simple that tonight.

Ready meal Yorkshire Pudding with sausages. mashed potatoes inside it with a bit of gravy. I added some more sausages and when it was cooked some crispy bacon strips.

Some mini rolls and bread thins along with a sundae dessert completed the meal. However, I only ate a few of the mini rolls and didn’t eat the sundae. I tried a spoonful and it tasted off?

Did the washing up and settled to watch a Jonathan Creek DVD, the one I’d been trying to watch for several nights but could not due to my falling asleep.

Same again tonight.

Oh, just realised, the Whoopsiedangleplop Avoidance Plan for today worked! Hurrah!

Inchcock Today: Wednesday 23rd November 2016: Whoopsiedangleplop ridden day again – painful.


England due to get a bit wet? Hehe!

Wednesday 23rd November 2016

In Tamil: புதன் 22 நவம்பர் 2016

0125hrs: Another early rising for (Currently) Nottingham’s Grumpiest Pensioner.

I knew I’d been dreaming, but yet again no memories of any real details (I hate that!).


And checked out the nose and eye 2tue09ailments once again. It was still painful wearing the spectacles, though.

Computer turned on and made this funny addition to the photo I took, of my poor sad looking face yesterday.

I noted that the new ailments had caused Anne Gyna, Roger Reflux, Haemorrhoid Harold, Harry Hernia and Duodenal Donald to give me rest while I copped with the nose and eye hassle? Arthur Itis was not being so kind, though. Along with the back and bruised knee, Arthur continued to give me grief. The stabbing pains behind and above the left eye didn’t seem as bad as yesterday. No dizzies yet either.

Took the medications and made a brew.

Pleased to report I had not left the heater in the wetroom on, nor any taps were running either.

3wed02Updated the diaries on WordPress up to here.

The tea had gone cold, so I made another cup and took this photo through the kitchen window.

Sorted the number for a brown office chair so I can give it to Olive, to give to her Malcolm who is kindly going to fetch it and erect it for me.

The pain behind the eye is getting worse now.

0459hrs: Did some Facebooking and graphicationalisationing.

0830hrs: Started the ablutions.

Cleaning ladies arrived and pretended to clean the place. Nice chinwagging. Gave them some nibbles. They were soon gone, and I had to clean the wetroom after they had done so leaving bits of black on the floor?

I called to see Olive with the order number for the chair and the cash, that her son Malcolm is going to fetch and fit up for me. Kindness in the extreme.

While we were chinwagging, the cleaner girls returned, one of them had left her coat in my hallway. Gave Olive a kiss and cuddle and returned with them so she could get her coat from the flat.

3wed04Got the din-din going, much earlier than usual.

The legs and back were still playing up.

On my next visit to the doctor, I might ask for some anxiolytic medication of some sort, cause I’m not only in pain with the physical stuff, but getting myself in a state mentally here. Can’t make decisions and fretting over nothing lately.

Settled to read a book and the door bell rang. It was Malcolm with a large box containing the chair. As I stood to one side to let him in after greeting him, I clouted the left side of my head against the electrical box, conveniently at such a height that it allowed my shoulder to go under the box and my head to make contact with the box.


Took these photographs Thursday morning, showing the location and how I managed to Whoopsiedangleplop my way through life once again! Hehehe!

Felt the resulting dizzy coming on and down I went. Malcolm helped me up and got me sat in the chair in the front room. Where after a while I felt a lot better and investigated, finding that I’d cracked a hearing aid, broke the glasses (Bent out of shape and sync), and had acquired a nice bruise on the head. This did not help the legs and back either. An ensuing headache, with the pain behind the eyes, was testing my metal now.

3wed05Malcolm set to erecting the chair for me, he looked an expert at it. This didn’t take him long.

I thanked him profusely for his help, and he even took away the empty boxes for me.

Bless his cotton socks.

I took a photograph of the new chair in position next to my computer, then faded fast and could only sit down and feel sorry for myself as the headaches and dizzies started, joining the legs back, eyes, nose and neck in the medley of pain! Hehehe!

Sounded good that, don’t you think? Almost poetical? Or not?

I’m not sure about the next few hours, a few WRWWs and trying to watch some TV I think. Nodded off.

Woke later finding a note on the ottoman: Prizes to meeting – Chemist prescription, GP appointment, opticians glasses to mend, clinic 1430hrs.

Inchcock Today Tuesday 22nd November 2016: Depressed, new ailments arrive and sorry for myself – Humph!


Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Spanish: Martes 22 de Noviembre de 2016

0230hrs: Once again woke up with the £300 second-hand recliner in the down position, and could not recall any dreams whatsoever.

Decided to get the laundry done first thing. Got some clothes on and collected the bag already prepared with the accoutrements needed. Down and got the machine going.

Back up to the flat, made a brew, took the medications and by then it was time to go down again. Changed the gear from the washer to dryer and went back up to 72.

Made a start on finishing yesterday’s diary and got it posted. Did some graphics to use later.

Down to collect the washing: and for the first time, I noticed on the wall boards near the lift doors on the ground floor, some new (Or that I had not observed before) signs as I exited the elevator.

2tue04Well the notices: Top left, no point in me going because, in the past, I’ve not been able to hear what anyone is saying at these meeting?

Top right, I cannot be a Responsible Tenant Award winner, thanks to British Gas mucking me about and lying to me, has put me in behind with my payments.

Bottom left, I agree with this one, but many tenants are still doing this. Although, me being an early riser, I’m not bothered about it.

Bottom Right: A new one this! That puts an end to me using the facilities here. No way can any tenants get their washing done in the day; cause residents are using two machines at the same time, and it is mission impossible! This is why folk do use the launderette at this ridiculous hour. However, I didn’t realise it was bothering folk. So, I’ll have to use the launderette in future. Means either a 45-minute walk there and back to Carrington, or catching two buses each way. Humph!

What with these instructions and being told I cannot photograph people at the Social Hour. Having to wait 30 days to hav2tue05e the heating radiator mended. The mess made when they supposedly sealed the draught in the kitchen and left the foam all over the wall, and it ran down over the electricity outlet and turned solid, and the wind still blows in so I have to put cardboard taped over the hole in the wall still!

I informed and showed the mess to those in charge here, and nothing was done, and complete uninterest in my problem was demonstrated by them…

All this makes me feel far less sanguine than I should be here in my new home.

Now we have (I’m told), three years of building and modernisation to contend with. How many more new moans will there be when that starts?

Can’t get your washing done, can’t take photographs… oh, I’m getting dispirited and pessimistic about the future here now.

Well, that’s that little kvetch over and done with. I don’t feel any better for it, though. Humph!

0635hrs: Got myself feeling down now.

Made another cuppa, of course, because of the complaints received it is too early to use the shower yet, or take the rubbish to the chute, or listen to the radio without the headphones on – which is how I listen to the radio and TV anyway – which in itself brings the problem of my not hearing the fire alarm, landline or mobile ringing while using the headphones.

The sensation of being tristifical and crestfallen has now joined my overall depression all of a sudden. Am I turning into a petulant old grouch?

Got on Facebooking until 0920hrs, then hurriedly carried out the ablutions and got ready to go to collect my prescription. (Which I forgot to do, humph!).

As I left the flat, Olive was on her way down to catch a taxi. Had a quick gossip and I aided her into the cab that arrived as we reached the foyer doors. Said my farewells and to the bus-stop.

The knees and back were still painful from the tumble I took on Sunday. But Anne Gyna was in a good mood with me.

On the bus into Arnold, I realised I’d forgotten to take the camera with me – of course, many things of interest occurred that I would have liked to have photographicalised. Huh! The car that hit a parked car, the pair, both using their phones who walked into a glass door… hey-ho.

Went to Sainsbury’s store. Got some excellent bread, Surimi fish tails nd some sliced mushrooms.The legs and back were getting worse, so I decided to get back to the flat and take some extra painkillers and apply the pain gel.

The legs and back were getting worse, so I decided to get back to the apartment and take some extra painkillers and rubbed in some pain gel. To the bus-stop and the L9 arrived minutes later, then the pains suddenly started that seemed to be coming from the back top of the left eye. Took the spectacles off, and realised I had new growth of whatever on the left bridge of the nose, where the glasses rest.

2tue08Got back to the apartment and checked out the nose. Put some cream on the nose infection whatever it is. Painful wearing the glasses at all now.

I then noticed a bit of bleeding on the bridge side, and under the eye internally and new growth on the top of the eyelid? Tsk!

I thought I was feeling a bit down earlier in the day, now I know that I am! These new ailments are seeming to go on for an aeviternity lately.

Telling signs of declining health as one ages, but I’m still glad to be here. Hehehe!

2tue06Got the fodder prepared. I wasn’t up to doing anything from scratch, so I had the Surimi, tomatoes, sliced apple, mushrooms, cheese sticks and some bread and butter.

I was convinced I’d eat some more nibbles later, but it didn’t happen, maybe this w2tue07ill please the scales in the morning? Haha!

Looked at the front room, remembered that the Hygiene ladies will be coming tomorrow.

I’ll ask them if they would kindly polish my 1967 G-plan cabinet I think.

The orangeish throw on the ottoman is the one that Olive gave me to use until I get the heater mended… if I ever do get it mended.

Took the medications with an extra 5mg of diamorphine.

The legs and back, along with the eye problem, made resting difficult, but as soon as I got a Jonathan Creek DVD playing, I nodded off…

Friday 18th November 2016 – Inchcock Today: Indoors day, Little Inchy problems.


Friday 18th November 2016

In Basque: 18an, Ostirala, 2016ko Azaroak

Woke first at 1240hrs, glanced down at the dirty dish from last night’s 5fri03meal. By gum, I enjoyed that!

No memories of any dreams at all, I lay there wondering why I had not had any demand for a WRHD session, moved a bit and boy did ‘Little Inchy’ throb painfully away… Ooh! Thought about getting up to clean the dish and things, but somehow managed to fall asleep again, a rarity this!

0240hrs: Shot awake in desperate need of the WRHD session, the struggle out of the £300 second-hand recliner caused irritation to ‘Little Inchy’. I once again stubbed my toe on the way to the wet-room, and after cleaning my lower appendage, I nearly put Colgate Gel toothpaste on Little Inchy instead of the Betamethasone cream! Then I did something that I wished could have been recorded for posterity; – it would have been a cert to get on You’ve Been Framed! The downside is that Harry Haemaroid bled a bit more than he has been doing of late. Tsk!

As I washed with the Dettol soap tablet, it shot out of my hands, knocked the mirror off of the sink, bounced back, and bounced off my left shoulder and dropped right into the WC without touching the sides, causing the water to splash over my lower region. I instinctively grabbed at the area where the cold water hit me, and catching Little Inchy and started him bleeding all over again, thus having to re-medicate and clean things up again! A flipping good job I’m well stocked up with kitchen towels.

I got the feeling this was going to be a rather malagrugrous day!

dsc00240Out and got the washing ready to take down to the laundry room. Felt a right nullifidian with all the Whoopsidangleplops up to now.

0305hrs: Got the washing machine going and returned up to the flat.

Computer turned on and started to catch up with the diaries.

0405hrs: Down again and transferred the clobber from the washer to the dryer. Back to the apartment and began sorting the photographs out to use, and posted one of the diaries off.

0510hrs: Down to find that the dryer had left the clothes a bit wet, had to put them back in again, using a quick mode. Huh! Up again!

Carried on doing the diaries. 0540hrs: Down a final time, getting fed-up with this now! The clobber had dried alright this time. But the mystery was, there was no fluff in the filter to clean out?  Felt right jargogled. Returned up to 72 and got the kettle on, checked on Little Inchy and got some mushrooms in the Crock-Pot to add to the mushroom risotto later when I cook that.

Took the morning medications and started this dairy off.

5fri04Getting bright and light now. Made another mug of tea and took this photographicalisation from the kitchen window.

The Copse, it is thinning more every day, told me that the winds had dropped a lot.

Checked the thermometer on the window frame, 58°f (13°c), so it must be frigid outside?

tomschChecked on the emails. Oh, 77 more than yesterday? Investigated. Mostly unwanted ones.

Finished the latest TFZ gals graphic off and got it posted off to the site.

Did some more Facebooking, and put some diaries and pictures on. 

Started the new TFZ graphicalisationing off.

novshirleyDid a new one of Shirley and me in the desert!

1103hrs: Started to do some cleaning up, some overdo, cleaning up and polishing.

Got the kitchen windows and floor cleaned.

Tidied up a bit in the living room and vacuumed around. I stopped when I had a dizzy. Made a mug of tea.

Facebooked for too long and then I went to visit Olive. We only spoke at her door. She seemed to be struggling a bit. Small chinwag, a peck on the lips and I departed.

5fri04Got the dinner cooking.

Mushroom Risotto. Baby tomatoes and some cheesy crispy seaweed snacks.

A strawberry sundae to follow.

Took the medications.

Put on the TV.

Fell asleep.

Inchcock Today Thursday 17th November 2016: Social Hour turned out to be 15 minutes.


Thursday 17th November 2016

In Ukrainian: Четвер 17 листопада 2016

Woke at 0210hrs: The warm wet sensation from my nether regions prompted me to visit the wet-room and investigate Haem Aroid and Little Inchies conditions. Big clean-up job required, Inchy had bled a bit and needed cleansing and medicating with the Betamethasone corticosteroid cream, Haem Aroid situation messy, never lost so much blood before from this area in one go. Cleaned up and creamed. Jammies in the washing basket. (More washing to do again, Tsk!) Clean jammies on and washed up and sprayed myself with Brut!

I reckon the extra high INR level is not helping with the blood being so thin, feeling the cold more too this morning. Although, when I went to make a cuppa and take the medications, the temperature in the kitchen was 59°f, and outside it was 40°f I found out on Google later.

Got the things ready for the Tenant’s Social Hour.

Computer turned on and did some diary work and posted yesterday’s off. Then some graphic creating.

Brother-in-law Pete rang, nice to hear from him. Things seem okay their end.

Morrison order arrived.


The delivery chap carried the fodder into the kitchen for me. I set about sorting the stuff away. Rather overdid it today, cupboards, fridge, freezer, shelves all overloaded a bit. Still, plenty of ready meals in stock to use in case the GUM clinic treatment is anything like last time. The concentration was wickedly bad last year after being treated. So I  won’t be doing any proper cooking for a while until I know how I am reacting.

Popped in to see Olive for a nice chinwag, but she was not in.

Got ready and taking the bags with me I went to the social hour. I was going to catch the 40 bus into town, so couldn’t stay long. Handed in the raffle prizes and dished out the nibbles. BJ arrived as I was about to leave to go to the GUM clinic. Quick natter and off I went.

At the clinic, I handed in the card I’d received and waited in a room with some other chaps to be called in by a young female doctor minutes later. The same embarrassing procedure as last time had to got through. Into an examination room, other specialists called in and consulted. In the end, as I expected, the same treatment as last time was decided upon, and that took months to clear up the problem. Oh dear! The man doctor told me the name of the infection on the lesion, something like ‘Balenoposis’?

 At least they gave me a tube of Betamethasone cream, so that saved me going to the chemist with a prescription.

Bus into town and straight to PC World to see if the hacked laptop data retrieval had been done. Well, would you believe it, it had been done, but they had not cleaned the actual laptop? Another £60 had to be paid, and they told me it would be done by tomorrow morning after 0900hrs? This, after they telling me last month that the laptop cannot be cleaned safely cause of the infection. I was getting answers from the PC world folk I wanted to hear from the GUM clinic! Hehehe!

Confused now. They had some TV’s on display, but I could not understand what all the description meant. I’ll ask Pete to have a look again for me, perhaps next time he’s in town. (Bet I forget to ask him)

It started to rain, and with the high winds, it was hard going even in town to get around. I called into the PoundWorld shop and got more than I had planned. They had some of the fingerless gloves I use now in stock, so I got some as spares so I can keep a pair in my pocket and a pair in the bag, also I’m holding a pair near the £300 second-hand recliner to have on when sleeping while the radiators are still not working. Also, I was pleased to see they had some Lavender soap, so I got a couple, one for me and one for Sister Jane.

4thr03The lower region accoutrements were beginning to sting badly now, so I made my way to catch a bus home to check on things. Walked through the Victoria Centre and noticed the American, California Tortilla Food place was not doing very well this afternoon.

As I got to the slab square, the building being erected that I thought 4thr03alooked like a Western Cowboy Saloon was nearly finished.

Apparently, an eatery of some kind, take away I think it will be. Coffee, Doughnuts, Pancakes all advertised on the hoarding above.

The Little Inchy problem needed investigating, but Arthur Itis, Roger Reflux, even Anne Gyna were going easy on me. (Big gob me, shouldn’t have said this!)

4thr04The rain poured, but only once I was safe on the bus, and it stopped just before we arrived at the flats. Nice. Th winds did not abate, though, howling it was. Still wailing away and I could hear it easily when I got into the flat. This must be very annoying for the residents who have good hearing. Poor things.

Once inside, I had a check on Little Inchy. Not bleeding much at all, but oh so tender to touch, or even if I walk or sit wrongly sometimes. Which can me problematical with me already seated in a particular position to accommodate Harry Haemorrhoid… and I must not cross my legs either! Humph!

4thr08 4thr06Ready meal prepared, Morrison’s Beef in Black Bean sauce, all I did was add some Sharwoods Black Bean Sauce from a jar to it. Oh, and a baked potato.

I settled down after the meal, turned on the TV and drifted off into oblivion.