Imp Inchy – Sunday 21st February 2021

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Sunday 21st February 2021

Spanish: Domingo 21 de Febrero de 2021

05:40hrs: I woke up wondering what day it was, the time it was etc., confusion reigned. By the time I’d realised that I’d been sleeping for over fifteen hours, things didn’t seem to matter anymore? I had to battle the puddled mind to get a semi-grasp on reality. The first thing that came to me was that the prescriptions had arrived and needed sorting out into weekly pots.

I got in a muddle sorting them, and made a mistake after error, and have no idea if I’ve got them right or not. It took me hours.

I got the kettle on, and the summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Off to the wet room.

I got down hastily on the raised plastic seat, and a most other-type evacuation began. The escaping product was black and red, looked like nuggets moulded together in a line? It hurt as well but at least didn’t last too long, which is just as well because Harold’s Haemorrhoids have never been more painful! It took a couple of hand-filled tank flushes to clear things away. Not a good experience, which I partly put down to the vaccine, mayhaps?

I cleaned up and got the Health Checks done. The pulse was up a smidge at 99bpm. The SYS and DIA were in range.

The body temperature at 37.0°c looked okay.

I cracked on with updating the Saturday blog. Got it finished and emailed the link. Pinterested a photo or two. Went on Facebooking catch-up. Then I went on the WordPress reader section.

I did the 2nd Health Checks a little sooner than planned. Looked okay to me.

I made a brew of Glengettie Gold and made some brekkers.

I took the fodder to the computer and ate my breakfast from the drawer as I started this blog going.

I got the ablutions sorted out, so I had plenty of time to get Josies Sunday meal cooked. The session went marvellously well!

Only one cut shaving, and a total of only about four dropsies! The showering was uneventful, but I did manage to misjudge the spacial-awareness coming out afterwards, but no damage to the door frame. I managed to clout the arm right where the vaccinations spot was. Hehe!

I mage up some waste bags and got them in the box on top of the three-wheeled walker in the hallway. I’ll take them down later, but not yet; there will be more mess made making Josie’s meal that will need sorting first.

I decided to get everything prepped as much as was possible beforehand.

I got the nosh together and all ready for doing up later and got on with handwashing my thin long-sleeve t-shirts.

All was done, wrung and hung, above the sink.

I got on with serving up the Sunday nosh, taking care with presenting it, as any Sunday chef would do. The BBQ sauced mackerel smelt lovely, and extra cheese and butter sneaked into the potatoes again; I wish I could have eaten it. Hehehehe!.

Delivered a couple of minutes before the instructed time of 12:00hrs, Josie seemed content with it.

I got on the computer to update this diary and was unsure how I felt in myself, not really. With the phenomenal amount of sleep I think I’d had, I felt I should have been perkier than I was.  I was almost irritable at any and everything that was happening, suddenly? I began to question whether I had had so much sleep… But it makes sense, so why do I begin to feel tired again, so early in the day? Mayhaps just the effects of the vaccination yesterday?

I made my way out of the flat door, stubbing my toe en route, and carefully made my way to the Waste-Chute room. Not a soul about. the usual Sunday misery.

I arrived, and dropped the various waste bags down the chute, and had a farcical series of dizzy spells. Odd, because each time it came on repeatedly, I was in a perfect position to grab hold of something for support. Amazing!

I got back and was not in any position to do owt constructive. Indeed fatigue and weariness ruled.

Didn’t feel up to eating or drinking at all. Got down and was soon in the land of nod; it was horrible. Forever jumping awake, specific concerns to the fore, a minute or two sleeping and back awake, remembering bits of dreams… well, nightmares.

Inchcock Today – Friday 24th November 2017: The day started Poorly – ended up Farcically. Tsk!

Friday 24th November 2017

Africaans: Vrydag 24 November 2017

0020hrs: Awoke and waited a few moments for the brain to join me. Now united again, I moved the limbs and as if in unison, the Incisor Suzie, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna and Duodenal Donald; all let me know it was not going to be a good day, as I struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner. (They were right – Vey is mir!)

Made a mug of tea and off to the Porcelain Throne. Sanguineous results, a yucky, messy affair this morning. The cleaning up afterwards took a long time.

By my arrival back in the kitchen, the tea had gone cold.

Did the Health Checks.

Made another mug of tea and got the medications imbibed. I realised the pot of last nights doses had not been taken, so I belatedly took just the Warfarin and Pentoxifylline Blood-release Trental with the morning dosages. When I thought of it later, bearing in mind the lousy Throne session, an ADRC capsule.

Started this diary off up to here, then finished off yesterdays. Checked emails.

0440hrs: Onto Facebooking. 0629hrs: Off of Facebook.

WordPress Reading next. Then Emails.

Sister Jane sent one, with this picture of the local newspaper showing her at the Friary meeting. Apparently, giving a lecture at the lectern? Hehehe!

Had a quick go on CorelDraw and the next graphic preparing.

I did a desperate search to find the liquid Morphine. I know the medics have stopped me taking it until the Haemorrhoids Strangulation operation, but I am confident I had a drop left to use in an emergency. But no. None found at all. I suppose this is due to me memory problems, like the phone yesterday I thought… and that reminded me, and I did a search for that. Humph!

Gave up and did the ablutions.

Sorted the rubbish bins and took them out with me dropping them off down the chute and continuing out into the sunny but oh, so cold day.

Passing the Obergruppenfurheresses shed, Jenny popped out the door and said she was sorry about my not hearing of the day change for the Social Hour, bless her.

Walke down to the Dentists and explained the problems I’m having in getting a provable Warfarin INR level reading in time for me to get to see you in time, to try and get an appointment to get the teeth done. Also about the GP surgery letting me down by not Emailing me the results as they said they would. The pain is getting worse, and I wondered if they could do anything to help me now it has been two months of waiting. A quick click-click on her computer and she explained why they can do nothing about this, but I have an appointment in January. I could have saved my self a lot of time in the first place, by just saying to her; “Ug mjamanda eeck Zorrow, waglabond ug, peed-off!”

Back up to the flats in time to catch the L9 bus. Gave a few nibbles out and had a chinwag or two. The lovely girl from the end care-home arrived, and I listened to how she was going on. She’s got her weight up and the holiday to the Mediterranean was still on for her.

On to the bus, well-packed one to town today. I wanted to get some Pea Snacks from the Chinese shop on Goosegate.

When I alighted from the bus, something about the view across the road, I found attractive and photographable.

Te scene belayed how cold it was, though.

The bright blue sky, the towering crane where the Hockley Woolworths used to be, and now a building site for them to erect even more Students Living Accommodation flats.

It looks as if they are going to high ones again.

Up Goosegate, over the traffic lights and to the Chinese Shop. I got a little annoyed with myself when I realised they do not open for hours yet. I did this months ago and should have remembered indeed.

I abandoned the plans to get the nibbles and had a walk around deciding to get some photographs as I did so. A bit further up the road, I spotted this shop, now with the upstairs apparently converted into living quarters. I took this one because it took me back to the 1960s when I worked there at Tesco, which was behind where I stood to get this shot.

On the very short walk further up, I’d countered four hairdressers and six eateries that were not there a few months ago.

At the Broad Street junction, .two things caught my eye.

The plastic Cow had still not been stolen. Although on closer inspection, it had apparently been damaged and repaired a few times.

And another new eatery. The name above the windows? Sexy Mamma Love Spaghetti? Hehe!

Over the and down the hill into the Slab Square and the Festive market stalls and rides. It looked like the Ice Rink was about to open very soon. I noticed they were putting the finishing touches on the cabin where people pay before skating.

Then, I left the square and wondered over to Lister Gate and the Pound World outlet, to see if they had any chocolate nougat, Misshaped chocolate brazils, or Screw-top containers in stock yet.

Came out with a small thin but high mug, some misshape brazils, a tin of nought with fruit & nuts and a kitchen sieve. Paid at the Self-Serve tills.

When I departed from the store, there was a lady Big issue Seller outside. She looked so cold, my heart went out and gave her a fiver.

Walked to the bus stop through Slab Square. The way they do these temporary retail huts up in decorations and false snow is lovely.

The shops, even the eateries were not doing much trade today, mind.

At the top of Queen Street, I took this photograph of some of the Nottingham buses so I can post it to TFZer creator Sandie in America.

That is, of course, if I remember too. I think the possibility of my forgetting may well be highly possible. Haha!

On the bus and got a lot of crosswording done en route to the apartments and home. Met Welsh Bill and Knowall Nigel (No idea what his name really is) on the way from the bus stop.

I was so tired and weary when I got in the flat. A wee-wee, washed the new little cup to try it. Not a success at all. Fair enough, it did keep the tea warmer longer, but as TFZer Shirley (Or was it Mary?) said, it was highly dribble-able when in use. I had more tea on my chin and shirt than what got down the throat. Haha!

Took a photo of the beloved tree Copse outside, so sad with the leaves dwindling.

The drilling outside and inside at the flat next door was horrendous.

Medications taken, Health Checks were done while I heated the tomatoes and franks slowly in the saucepan. A miserable meal in many ways, this was. I got it all on the tray, as usual, I took a photo. (That this morning I cannot find on the camera card?) The tomatoes were not very good, the franks too terribly painful for the teeth and I ate little of it. The two slices of the Scottish Bread were tasty.

Put the tray down on the other chair, turned on the TV and fell asleep. Woke a couple of hours later when the phone burst into life. Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner to get to the handset before whoever it was ringing, rang off, much to Hippy Hilda’s annoyance. It was Jenny. Asking about some raffle prize chocolates I got and asked if I could order some for her and Frank on the next order. T’was my pleasure. After she rang off, I got the computer on straight away and added them to my request for next Thursday. Jenny is in for a pleasant surprise, they are now on Special Offer and half the price they were before!

But don’t tell her yet. Hehehe! I like being able to help someone, it doesn’t happen often. I made a brew and took these pictures of the outside view. Top one from the living room, and bottom from the kitchen window.

Then I glanced down and saw these two vans in front of the foyer.

My EQ told me they were up to something not right. They looked like hire vans so it may be the people who were here this morning clearing out a deceased resident’s flat? Or, not of course. Could be someone moving in?

I didn’t like them for using loads of orange recycling bags to take some stuff out when I only get five or six a fortnight and use one a day! Not that it bothers me seeing folks doing their shopping in with them, when I have to buy white bags to use, but it doesn’t bother me, oh no! Spit! Makes it worse me having a defective memory and forgetting to ask for some every time I see the Obergruppenfurheress or Untergefrieteress. But I don’t mind!

Found a letter stuck in the box. Jobs coming up with the flat upgrade. Wed 13th Dec- Survey – Fri 5th January; Isolate Heaters (That’ll be nice in January, Hehe!) I can use the electric fire and portable radiator though… why not go into liquidation this way?  Mon 8th January Heaters to install.

Feeling all out-of-order now. The nodding off and getting up and starting to do stuff again, threw my internal clock out of sync and I just cannot get to sleep.

Peeped at the TV paper, the England Ladies Football Match, against Bosnia and Herzegovina was showing again. So I watched it. All the way through and enjoyed it and did not nod-off once! Put a DVD on and watched an episode of Rumpole of the Bailey, all the way through again. Put the TV on and that did it, first set of commercials and I was off to sleep.

Only to be woken at what ungodly hour I do not know, by the flaming Fire Alarm Strobe and pillow shaker going off! Of course, I had to get up out of the recliner, put the hearing aids in and go to investigate. Looked out of the window to see if any Fire Service vehicles were there, none were. Checked the door handle with the back of my hand for any heat, it was cold, very cold actually. Opened the door to listen out for any alarms going, heard none. This is now about six times this has happened with no main-alarm going off, in the two weeks since it was fitted for me by the Nottingham City Homes. Each time, I tell myself to communicate this to Warden Obergruppenfurheress Deana, and every time I forget to. Being the weekend again (I hate weekends) there is no one available to report it to, thus giving me a more extended period to forget to. Haha!

The much needed, desired and therapeutic sleep was hard to obtain. The mind did its own thing. Lost its limited aquity. Ambivalence reigned within my grey cells containment box. Perplexing, blurring and confounding thoughts buzzed around without logicality nor understanding.

Sleep eventually arrived, but after perhaps an hour, I was up and on the flipping Porcelain Throne!

Forgive me while I cry! Hehehe!

Inchcock Today – Saturday 23rd September 2017: Toot-peg bother, but I got out of the flat

Saturday 23rd September 2017

0335hrs: Woke up feeling depressed and a right nullifidian, lonely and self-loathing as I laid there in the rickety £300 second-hand recliner for a few minutes of self-cogitation.

I decided that these feelings must have been precipitated by a dream or nightmare. But could not remember having either? Although I had, I am sure, dreamt of Sister Jane in hospital after surgery on her hammer toe, and finding she now had six toes on her foot, all perfect. Brother-in-Law Pete was trying to get compensation and arguing with, and I don’t know why it was with a Traffic Warden, about being compensated?

Wobbled to the Porcelain Throne for a messy session, I think Trotsky Terence might be trying to return. Did the Health Checks and took the medications, then I put the kettle on the boil.

Hung out of the window and face right, to the North and took this photographicalisation. The lower lights came from outside the tenant’s garages. The ones at the distant top would be from Arnold and Bestwood, I think.

Computer turned on, and I took a look at an old list of words I’d compiled some time ago. I sorted through which I thought I might use later. Put them in my MS Word dictionary on my hard drive. But the programme would not allow me to add them to the editing diary. Took me ages to sort out how to get this word dictionary started. After much help-seeking on the web, I got it started. A couple of hours lost there!

Went for a wee-wee, sneezed and the Incisor Suzies started aching like mad! Took another extra pain-killer. It feels to me like the pain is coming from three or four teeth now?

Did some graphics for the diaries and got yesterday’s completed. Made a start on this one, in between having many mugs of tea. A sudden thirst?

Carried out the ablutions and readied me to go out to Arnold to get some more instant potato mixes.

Took the waste bags with me and dropped them down the chute as I departed. Every time I used the lifts, it was the one without the Alien Blob in it that arrived? Hehe!

I started walking down the road with some other tenants, but they left me in their wake.

But when I caught up with them at the bus stop and other joined us, an exceptionally enjoyable bout of mickey-taking, sarcasm and complaining were in the air! Haha!

The lovely lady from the at-risk home arrived and was as usual ignored by the others, and I made a point of having a chinwag with her and sat near her on the bus into Arnold..

The bench was unoccupied. Hehehe!

Got off the bus at the same time as Welsh Bill and nattered a while.

I went into the Wilko store and got one of my favourite air sprays, Air Wick Citrus, that was on offer at half-price.

Then walked along the Front Street to the Saver Shop and got some Neutrodol Cloth Spray, cleaner pads, citrus mouthwash and cleaner pads.

To the Asda (Walmart) store and had a wander around. Got some lemon dessert, surimi fish sticks and bits. Had a bit of a farce at the Serve-Yourself counter. No one to help, but I struggled through it.

Out and up to the bus stop, where, as the bus arrived, Welsh Bill came and joined me. I also realised then that the thing I had gone to purchase, the instant potato mix, I had forgotten to buy! Humph! We had a gossip on the way to Sherwood, but Bill is not easy to lip read and the old hearing aids were playing up again. I’ll be so glad when the new ones are ready, another three weeks or so yet, though.

We alighted the bus and were lucky enough that the number 40 bus arrived in minutes and took us up the hill.

Roy’s wife was on the bus when it arrived, and she was so kind and walked a little slower with me to the flats from the bus stop so I could keep up with her. She really is one of the best natured and lovely ladies in all the complex. And, she is easy to lip read too.

Up in the lift with her and chinwagged all the way.

Into the flat, took an extra painkiller with the medications, had a wee-wee and got on with the fodder preparation. Of which there was little to do. I’d decided to have the Lamb and Rosti ready meal. Not advisable I know, with all the hard bits in it, but the thought of it going to waste prompted me to have it anyway foolishly. The first photo is of it out of the oven and ready to eat – the second is what I had to leave. Tsk! This was just too painful a meal, to try and eat with the teeth so bad! Humph!

Still, the desserts and soft banana were easy, almost painless to eat.

Washed up the things and had a wee-wee, then settled to watch some DVD of the ‘Heartbeat’ series.

I don’t recall much else, I think I must have drifted off quickly, cause I woke up in the same ‘TV watching position’ on the £300 second-hand recliner around 0200hrs, thinking it was much later and got up.