Inchcock Today – Tues 18 Dec 2018: Long busy day, the brain deciding not to help me much!



Tuesday 18th December 2018

Lithuanian: Antradienis, 2018 m. Gruodžio 18 d

WD 51.0.0 00:16hrs. I stirred into simulated life, and I seemed to delve into a discussion between the brain and mind for a while.  It went something like:

  • Why are we so bloody tired this morning?
  • Dunno, but I feel shattered!
  • What time is it?
  • Couldn’t care less, let’s go back to sleep!
  • Good idea, mate!

Minutes pass by…

  • I can’t get back to sleep now! 
  • Nor me!
  • Bugger-it! We’ll have to gerrup then!
  • No, damn life, let’s get caught up wiv the kip!
  • Could be dodgy that, staying in the recliner!
  • Why?
  • We need to use the Porcelain Throne!

WD 51.0.0 00:30hrs. The mind and brain now linked up to enable me to get my ever-growing stomach and torso from the chair, and fumble my way to the Porcelain Throne, and arriving only just in time to avoid an embarrassing situation! This session 2Tue02fwas back to being of the messy liquified type. So glad I got there when I did and not ten seconds later. Phew! Antisepticating things and I spotted the advance raiding party of EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) on the flooring!

The swines had fooled me again after all my defences and spraying sessions. Still, they come! 2Tue03Most had perished in the residue of the Santex bug spray, but a couple got away scot-free!

Bigger looking ones, this time compared to yesterday. I used up a can and a half of bug killer. They were all near to the shower drain like the other tenant found in his apartment. It appears these drains might be the ingress and egress routes they are using get about from flat to flat. Maybe, perhaps?

WD 51.0.0 I returned to the £300 second-hand rusty recliner, to ashamedly find signs of nocturnal-nibbling having taken place! A guilty-looking single jelly baby lay in the creases of the recliner cover, and an orange flavoured Smartie or two were nearby on the floor! I put on my slippers, and found more Jelly Babies! Mind-boggling, innit? How can I not know, or remember what I did during my so-called period of sleep? Am I developing habromania, or just going psychopathologically unstable? I can get overwrought, you know. Haha!

I got the Health Checks done. Pity there is not a machine like a hemadynamometer to test for habrobaniacal reading!


2Tue04Well well, all the readings were down compared to yesterday morning. I don’t think I’ve had the Sys and Dia so low before?

If I remember, I’ll mention it to the nurse at my ridiculously late Warfarin INR blood test later on.

Oh, wrong again, Klutz! I just noticed that the Temp is higher, though.

Got the computer on and added some liquid refreshment (For Jane and Pete, not me, I’m no longer an alcoholic like wot they are! But, things can change, Haha!) and minced lamb to the order for Thursday.

Then got on with updating the Monday diary. Posted it off, and went on the WP Reader.

As I was starting this blog page, another summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. So off to the wet room.

WD 51.0.0 How or why the change I have no idea, but this session was back to the rock-hard mini-rugby balls? A bit of bleeding with this one. Just how, can things change so radically within an hour or so? Still, no chance of getting bored at least.

Went on TFZer Facebooking.

Oh, dearie me, off to the Porcelain Throne again! Back to the messy type session again. I hope this settles before I have to go to the doctors. Fingers crossed!

2Tue08A sudden desire for food suddenly overcame over me! I just had to make something to eat?

I put some sausages in the oven and ate them with some bread and tomatoes. And really enjoyed them too!

2Tue07Went to wash the tray. 

WD 51.0.0 To find I had left the oven one! Still, it helped me make a ‘Moody-Photographical-Shot’!

I usually, but not regularly will have a few Scottish Shortie biscuits and maybe a yoghourt some mornings. But this meal caught me out, and my eating all of it did, as well?

Ablutions, showering and the door chime played its tune (Dusty Springfield – ♫ I only wanna be with you ♫). I covered up my unmentionables with a towel, and when I got to the door whoever it was had gone.

Ablutions all sorted out, nibbles made up and hearing aids in. Waste bag to the chute on the way out. In the lobby was Sturmscharführeress Warden Deana. It was she who had ‘rung my bell’ (Hehe!) earlier. She wanted to know if I had made a battery-check with the monitoring station this month. I wasn’t sure but thought I had… I told her I’d make one when I got back to be on the safe side. Fingers crossed on the memory stakes! I poddled on passing the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Warden’s Temporary HQ. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get 2Tue09stolen from, Rumourmongering Clinic, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin.

Walked down Winchester Street Hill and it felt odd and unnatural walking down there so late in the day to go to the surgery. Thanks to the receptionists not making me an appointment in the first place, thus, my having to get one for so late in the day. 1145hrs, not good for me, but it 2Tue10can’t be helped. I begin to fade every day around 0100>0200hrs with my odd sleeping habits.

On Mansfield Road, I turned right, across the road and walked right up to Mini-market, where Abdhul stocks my favourite biscuits, Highland Shorties, and bought a few packets, to last me over the no-bus, depressing chinwagless holidays.

2Tue10aThen down towards Carrington on the same side of the road. 

Where I comforted myself as I took this picture of the Funeral Parlour that I have paid in advance either burn or bury my overweight body. Not that it matters which to me, of course. Last week I think it was, that Sister Jane, was asking what tune or music I would like playing when I get burnt or buried.

As I plodded on my way, this seemed to take on some importance for me, and I considered my choices. Rattling the brain, perhaps:

  • ‘Unforgettable’ from Nat King Cole? But that had nothing to relate to me, other than I loved the song and admired the man for his smart way of handling the racists who managed him.
  • Dean Martin’s ‘The man with the Mandolino’. That has some connection with my failures in life, perhaps?
  • Billy Fury’s ‘In Thoughts of You’. Just cause I loved the song with the bloke bashing hell out of the piano keys in it. Hehe!
  • Ah… In the maze of my mind and memory, I found the one for Mr Bagulay to use! ‘They’re Coming To Take Me Away Ha-Haa” (1966)’ The perfect song for my funeral, Title-wise an excellent choice, I thought. Singer-songwriter Jerry Samuels became an unlikely one-hit wonder with this tale of descent into madness about being carted off to a mental institution. In the 1960s the song went to #3 on the pop singles chart. However, its treatment of mental illness led to the song being banned on many radio stations and music rights organisation BMI removing certification of the song. Today “They’re Coming to Take Me Away Ha-Haa” remains one of the most unusual humorous hit songs ever. So, Jane, please ask them for this for me? Thanks, petal.

2Tue11WD 51.0.0 Well-pleased with myself for getting this sorted in my mind, I realised I’d walk by the surgery, and had to walk back up the hill to get to it. Hehehe!

WD 51.0.0 As I approached the entrance to the surgery, a dreaded bike, in the entranceway! One I think, I have seen a Pavement Cyclist using previously!

I was already feeling a little tired, I logged in the with the receptionist, and sat down and got the crossword book out. A dismal failure, my efforts this morning. I don’t think in the ten minutes or so of trying, I got more than three clues answered! Ah-well!

An unknown or seen before the nurse came out to collect me. She was helpful and patient with me as I struggled to get the shirt sleeve rolled up.

WD 51.0.0 As she was trying to stop the bleeding afterwards, she realised that she had used the wrong container to put the blood in from the needle. Her face showed how embarrassed she was about this, and she had to retake the blood. I did not blame her in the slightest, though. For I had been waffling on while she was taking it, and no doubt this contributed to the faux pas. I tried to make the lady feel better afterwards by telling her this, and gave her a giant bar of chocolate for Christmas and thanked her as I left. Nice lady. As I went from the surgery, I dropped a bag of nibbles off for the receptionist, despite their making things so difficult for me by not booking me an appointment. But, I thought back to the mistakes I have made over the years at work, and there were many I can tell you, none intended, but they had repercussions for others at the time, all the same. So, my failings back then, helped me to cope and empathise with others failings now!

2Tue11aAs I left through the car park on to Mansfield Road, the view was so indicative of something, but I could not find of what! So I took this photo of it.

I tried to work out what it was that appealed to me about snap. The dreary cold weather, the biting wind, the sadly bare trees, or the fact that it had started raining, perhaps?

WD 51.0.0 I plodded on to the Lidl Store to get some cheesy cobs and have a look around. Being the time of year it was, the store was the busiest I’ve ever seen it. Cram packed with square-jawed determined Nottinghamian shoppers intent on getting their vittles bought. And not to interested in who’s toes they tread on as they barge persons out of their way (Me, of course!) I came out, after paying at the self-serve checkouts, with: A pork pie for Christmas morning, snack tomatoes, Sopocka, sugar-snap peas, two cheesy rolls and a very naughty large tray of De-Luxe Lemon desserts. Guilt Mode temporarily adopted!

2Tue11cThe very-fine drizzle was still coming down, as I departed the shop onto the gloomy weather.

I did notice a lack of people about, yet the shop was cram-packed with megalomaniac, possibly SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) sufferers and kleptomaniacal Nottinghamians? Haha!

I caught a bus back into Sherwood.

2Tue12I got to the L9 bus stop in Sherwood, and Frank was there having a natter with a chap in the shelter.

Others joined us (Afraid I can’t remember the man and woman’s name, Tsk!) We had a chinwag and laugh en route home. Frank seems to have disappeared, he did not get on the bus.

I didn’t feel up to going to the Willmott Dixon party, I think the extra blood taking might not have helped and maybe made me even more worn-out a little. But I was feeling so done-on when I got inside the flat.

2Tue12aWhere I surprised myself with making another meal. Habit perhaps?  A large plateful, as well. Sopocka sarnie, cheesy cobs, cheddar, tomatoes, chestnuts, pickled eggs, roast onions and potato sticks. Although I didn’t eat anywhere near all of it, I did consume the two pieces of the De Luxe Lemon Dessert. Sumptuous! But naughty?

I went to the kitchen and disposed of the uneaten fodder in the bin, (Tsk!) washed the pots and off to the wet room for an SSWW.

2Tue12b Back to the kitchen to top up the bottle of spring water with some orange barley. 

WD 51.0.0 I spotted just one rather large, but dead (Possibly one of the Weevil armies equivalent to a Tiger Tank!) EIBWBBB (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle).

It would help if I had the skills of Dr Dolittle. Then I could start a dialogue for peace with them? Mind you, look at the Brexit Talks! Humph! There are no signs of Weevil-Exit movements! Hehehe!

Washed changed and got settled in the £300 second-hand recliner and put a DVD in to watch. But fatigue won the day, and I kept nodding and waking for an hour or so, then I drifted off into a much needed deep sleep.

WD 51.0.0 An hour or so later, I was woken by the landline phone light flashing! I assumed because of the timing, it must be the Chukky-chicken chap again, so I tried to ignore it. No one I know would ring me at this time, I’ve tried to inform everyone about my early to bed and early to rise sleeping habit.

WD 51.0.0 As I was trying to get back to sleep, the mobile phone rang, by the time I’d struggled to get to it, the ringing stopped. Perhaps it was the surgery, but surely not, they would not have had the results of the blood test yet? And hopefully, if it was them, they know about my hearing problems and would use the Email, and I could read this in the morning?

I was so niggly with myself now, especially as I could not get back to sleep for ages! Grumblegluts and annoyances!

I put the TV on, and that worked, I was soon off into slumberland!

Humph, worra day!

Inchcock Today – Monday 13th November 2017: Hectic day!

Monday 13th November 2017

Basque: Astelehena, Azaroaren 13a 2017

0035hrs: Almost reluctantly, my body then brain stirred into life. The grey-cells full of ambiguousness, pondering on so many things at the same time. Ambivalent conclusions, fears and worries floated around at will. Not my intention, of course. Depression, Dizzy Dennis, this world full of hate, violence, INR Blood Test to remember, putting on weight, memory lapses, the starving children, toothache… on and on the thoughts mingled together for a while. I seemed to be listening to a radio programme rather than myself. But this doesn’t make any sense?

For once, I welcomed the call to the Porcelain Throne. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner without too much effort and no toe-stubbing on the way to the wet room. Trotsky Terence was back. Splurt, splatter followed by cleaning things up. A messy session! There was no bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold. Anne Gyna was in a good mood too.

Took the medications with an ADRC capsule.

Made a mug of the Twinings Extra Strong English Breakfast tea. A tasty blend of African and Indian tea this, I like it a lot. Expensive though.

Did the health checks for the day.

On the computer and updated the week’s readings in Excel. I must remember to take a print of it with me to the surgery later when I go for the INR Wafarinblood test with the nurse. Hopefully, Nurse Nichole this week.

Had a wee-wee, then I got the nibbles readied in the bag to take with me to the doctors.

0250hrs: Got the Sunday post finished and started this one off.

Did a graphic for page tops later, and thought I’d better get the laundry done while I have the time.

0320hrs: Down to get the washing going.

Very cold down there in the lift, foyer and laundry room. Brr!

I spotted two extra notes on the board as I passed on my way back up after getting the washer going.

The first one about bad apples confused me somewhat.

The second about noisy tenants was obvious enough now, and someone had written a further message on it.

Apparently, someone has been using the flat washing machines late at night. The git guilty of hammering Sunday morning is probably the bloke above my flat.

Back up and made a cuppa and updated this tosh. I’ll try to remember to take a look at the notice behind the handwritten one (Top one), to see if I can glean some understanding of it when I go down again.

Had a wee-wee. Pleased to report the overactive mind was getting back to its usual blank filled state. Haha!

I’ll try to get a photograph of the flats outside the foyer door too. Hope it comes out a ‘moody’ one. But it is quite clear weather out there.

0337hrs: Back to the ground floor to move the things into the dryer.

Cleaned the washing machine. But, oh dear! Some naughty pensioner had not cleaned the filter on the drying box!

Got the clothes going and went outside to take the photographs of the frontage of the flats. ‘Moody’ ones attained today, I think.

Bit of an obstacle course again, but at least a changed layout for us. Hehe!

It looked like they had got it all ready for the removal come renovation of the balconies. They have warned us of the noise and dust to expect.

I think they will start this week with the actual work on them.

A bit nippy out there, I’ll make sure I wrap up well when I go out. A warm hat, gloves, thick jumper etc.

I nipped back in to peruse the Notice Board. I now understand the meaning of the Letters, Letters “Why?” handwritten notice. I think?

This is why, when they had a vote on stopping the coin machines and making an overall charge, I voted not to change. This and the fact that anyone here on Tax Credits or under 65 and unemployed get the service free. Jealousy? Hehe!

I also spotted that some mobile phones were being offered for sale. Not that it interested me in any way. Caught up with sorting the pictures and updated this.

0440hrs: Off to collect the laundry.

As I cleaned the other machines, I found a pair of ladies long-johns and an odd sock in one of the drums. Bless them. I folded the knickers and put them with the hose on the draining board. Hope she will realise.

Back up in the lift and got the clobber stored in the airing cupboard. Made a Yorkshire Tea brew and updated this diary.

WordPress comment responses and then to the Reader section.

Facebooking next. Fingers crossed it does not freeze on me again.  It did.

Some time spent on the TFZer site, then had to get the ablutions sorted so I would not be late for the blood test. The appointment, being for 0930hrs meant I would not be able to use the shower this early. Well, not in fairness to the neighbours. So, it was off into the shower room, and ‘Ablutionisationing Plan Number 3’ was adopted successfully, which is:

  • Fill the washing up bowl with warm water, washing up liquid and Dettol antiseptic disinfectant and stand in the mixture wriggling the toes and treading water, while I did the teeth, and cleaned out the nostrils.
  • Wipe and remove the bowl.
  • Have a shave.
  • Apply after-shave to stop the cuts bleeding.
  • Scrub torso, arms and legs, then dry the same.
  • Bang elbow against the sink doing the above.
  • Apply pain gel to the joints and medicate Haemorrhoid Harold’s area.
  • Oil the ear canals.
  • Apply more pain gel to the stubbed toes; I got on the mop bucket.
  • Take extra Codeine Phosphate.

Life can difficult when you get a touch senile and old. Hehehe!

Got dressed warmly and took the sorted black bags to the rubbish chute and deposited them down it. Then pressed the call button for a lift, and waited, and waited, then waited some more. At first, I didn’t panic, because I could hear the noises (As promised in the letter from the building company) coming from above, below and outside. It was apparent the lads were up to the neck in it. But after ten-minutes waiting, I had a walk the twelve floors down the stairs.

As I got out of the doors, it became evident that the men were bringing in the radiators for fitting, and of course, they have to take the old ones away, and elevators being the only way to do this. I understood why I could not get a ride down this morning. I did hope that there would not be a fire while this was going on, though.

Outside and poddled along Chestnut Walk.

By gum, it was bitter cold out there!

All of the vehicles parked up had iced-up windscreens, headlights and mirrors as well.

At the end of the compound, I espied that the crew were getting on with building the new block in the centre. A busy time for the Obergruppenfurheress and Obergefrieteress Wardens, and Jenny I imagine.

On I plodded down the hill into Sherwood, up Mansfield Road over the crest and down into Carrington and the Sherrington Park Medical Centre.

Where to my delight, Nurse Nichole was on duty.

A real pleasure to have this beautiful, understanding, lovely and magnificent nurse take my blood.

Handed her the nibbles and took my leave. Out and down to the pharmacist to collect the Codeine Phosphates. I gave a bag of chocolate coins to owner Deepak and told him this would help the staff with their busfares – He did laugh!

Said my farewells and off down the road to the Lidl store. A good wander around, but could not find any chocolate nougats. I ended up getting a tin of mushy peas, walnuts, pecan nuts, small francs and two tiny tins of anchovies in olive oil. I’ve never tried these before. When I do get around to using them, I can use the fish sauce on them?

I used the self-serve tills without any problems for once.

Out to the bus stop and soon caught a 58 back into Sherwood. Over the road and into the Wilko store. As was my intention, two their Fabric Softeners and Fragrance Boosters in the scent that I like so. Ylan and Fressia. A bottle of bleach. A packet of Bic disposable razors.

And I tried some Surf liquid soap powder, something else I’d not tried before. The label on it claims this little bottle will do 26 washes? Measured with container cap and poured straight into the drum with the washing?

We’ll see.

Coming out of the shop after paying the £12.40 I owed, I met two gals from the flats. We had good chinwag at the bus shelter. Handed out the nibbles. I annoy myself when I can’t remember names.

We caught the L9 back up to the flats, and I gave the driveress a nibble bar. Handed out the last of the chocolate coins to folk on the bus. I love it when I can make people laugh and smile.

Off the bus and hobbled (For the feet were terrible now) down to the building. Where the workman who I saw earlier, was still transporting the large heaters into the complex.

A struggle for him and his mate. He told me later that the weight of them, and the small space in the lifts, meant two large or one large and two small was the maximum that could be taken in one go.

This is why the lifts were not available to me earlier on. They have to get them in and out, and this is not a quick job, especially if they are delivering where those that had been removed had to be taken out as well. The worker, looking a little frustrated, allowed Irene (I think) and me to go up first. She dropped on her eighth floor, and I carried on to the twelfth and sent the cage back down for the lad.

Got in had a wee-wee.

Put the gear away.

Made a brew and got the computer going to update this page.

No hassle from Anne Gyna today, excellent.

I was getting reasonably well-sorting things out, when, it suddenly went dark and heard a deep whining noise. Hehe! It was the flat cage outside passing the window on its way down. Ah, the men’s dinner break time?

I hastened, fumbling to get the camera to take a photo before they descended out of view. But I’d got the camera card in the computer in use – so before I got it sorted out, the platform was a few storeys below me. I hung out of the window and took these shots.

I got the nosh on the go. Frankfurters in the pan on low. I’ll add the part-cooked cobs later in the oven after I’ve got and had the multi-coloured-chips cooking. Sounds interesting, does it? Hehe, all will be revealed soon.

Got on with updating this blog again.

Then updated the Facebook page.

Got the carrot, parsnip and beetroot fries in the oven, added the cobs later.

Regrettably, and as good as the meal looked on the plastic plate, this was one of the worst noshes I’d had for a long time.

Iceland’s triple chips of beetroot, parsnips and carrots came out all tasting the same – crap! After trying a couple of each, they were assigned to the waste bin. The pork pies were so greasy, one bite and they joined the chips. The Scotch Eggs tasted like cardboard. The Kipling’s ‘Nation’s Favourite Bramley Apple Pie’ seemed like all lard and sugar. The franks, cobs and mousse saved the meal from complete disaster. Tsk!

There were some great old time programmes to watch, though. Londons Burning, Pie in the Sky, Hetty Wainthrope Investigates, then an old Steven Seagal film.

I started to watch Londons Burning and woke to the Hetty Wainthrope closing credits and tune. The film started, and at the first commercial break I nodded off until 0150hrs when I had to struggle out of the recliner to utilise the Porcelain Throne… Ah-well!

Inchcock – Tuesday 2nd May 2017: Marathon hobble, and tram rides today! Late attack of the Runs!


Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Czech: Úterý 02.05.2017

Woke and up 0330hrs, the dreams I’d think I was having lingered for a moment before drifting off into the ether Tsk! No notes found on the pad either.

2Tue001aNoticed the scribbled note I’d left on the computer scene to remind me of the INR Blood Test with the Surgery nurse later today.

Alighting the £300 second-hand recliner Dizzy Dennis paid me a visit, getting to my feet I found a collection of items on the floor… torch, remote control, pencil, notepad, a squashed tube of Betamethasone cream and a spoon scattered about?

I wondered what I must have been dreaming about that might have caused this mess… Hehehe!

Had a pot of the high protein Porridge for the first time. Very filling, but no better taste than the usual cheapo ones.

Had a search for the INR record card and bus pass without any luck. Humph! Then did the Health Checks.  2Tue04 The body temperature had gone up again.

Found the bus-pass.

2Tue03It was cold this morning, a bit of mist lingering in the air.

Another thing, the twisting outwards of the right ankle was far less pronounced?

What’s going on today?

Arthur Itis in a good mood, Duodenal Donald far easier, Anne Gyna being kind to me, Water retention had gone, Roger Reflux was calm, and when I visited the throne, there was no bleeding again from Haemorrhoid Harold. I’m worried! May they be planning for an Accifauxpa or Whoopsiedangleplop attack? Haha!

I put on the alarm for 0850hrs to remind me to get ready, ablutions, etc. to go to the INR blood test in Carrington in time.

Took the medications and weighed me – it was down again!

2Tue05Found a scrawled note on a used envelope near the recliner.

Wondered what the heck I was trying to write? Got the dairies updated.

2Tue001aThen did some WordPress reading for an hour or two, then went onto Facebook for a while before having to close down and get ready for the surgery visit, and weather permitting, a nice steady long hobble into town to catch the tram into Hucknall.

Felt I needed the exercise.

Into the wetroom to do the ablutions, and observed that not only were the legs seemingly even whiter than yesterday, the right one was far thinner than the left one?

The brain seemed to be racing away on its own for a while, palpitations for a second or two and then whatever it was I was thinking of, fearing or considering, vanished from the brain altogether.

Dressed took the bin bags to the refuse chute and set off on the walk to the surgery.

2Tue06Going down Winchester Street hill, those with flower things that seem so intricate and beautiful were still radiant.

Down and left into Hood Street, right down Marshall Street, then left onto Mansfield Road and up the gradient in the direction of Carrington and the GP surgery.

Not much traffic around, but there was the 2Tue07usual Nottingham Pavement Cyclists of course.

This Herbert on the left, I turned around to take his photograph – he very nearly had over.

But, I don’t think he was aware of it as I saw he had earphone thingies on his head as he passed by so closely at a high rate of knots. Bless him.

Up over the hill and down to the surgery. Logged in, sat down and got the crossword book out.

The nurse fetched me in and got the INR blood test done. When I told her of my going to Hucknall, she pointed out a cheapo shop for me to try, near Tesco. I was soon out and hobbling through Carrington on my way into town.


2Tue08Near the Lidl store on the opposite side of the road, I turned and took a photographicalisation of the lack of traffic and people this morning.

Hehe! I might have guessed it was the EQ that told me to seize this photograph, as seconds later another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist overtook me from behind, not leaving much of a gap twixt I and him.

2Tue09aOnward, the weather just right for walking, not hot, not cold and a gentle breeze. Feeling good (For a while?).

Near the college bus-stop, I just missed making it three Pavement Cyclist in a row, and the one I wanted to photograph turned left into some flats before I could take the shot. However, I realised I’d caught a nice one of Nottingham Street Art?

2Tue10The man-hole covers protected by the plastic erections were Gas Repairs. I thought as I passed, in the old days when I was alive, any works like this from the then, British Gas Works would have stunk something awful!


Passed the traffic island junction and up the hill by the Rock Cemetery, over the lights and down 2Tue11on the last leg of the hobble into town.

Still so few people and traffic.

As I passed a pub, it brought back memories of when as a teenager I was in digs that were ar the back of this pub at the time.

It was so long ago, but the landlady and one of her daughters, Audry I think, came back to 2Tue12mind and I nearly walked into this dustbin!

I wondered if something catastrophic had happened?

Pressed on down the hill, still a bit confused as to where everyone was? I knew I had the time right. Otherwise, the surgery would not have been open?

2Tue14In the City, Milton Street, still not much happening people-wise. Did I wonder if the Bank Holiday Monday had tempted folks to take some sickies? Or where they hungover?

You never know?

To the end and crossed over Upper Parliament Street, nearing what is traditionally Nottingham’s busiest pedestrian street, Clinton 2Tue15Street, I found a good few Nottinghomians there.

Limped through them and made my way to the tram stop.

Wish I had knowledge of how to use the video on the camera now. For I could have possibly done one for YouTube and this young lady in a what was obviously by her speed, must have 2Tue16been an 8 mph version, possibly one of the imported 12 mph disabled scooter was scattering the crowd with a determined sort of Jame Hunt ‘out-of-my-way’ sneer on her face!

Must remember to keep an eye out for a red and yellow scooter in town in future. Hehe!

Caught the tram on South Parade near the Council House and it was easy to find a seat too.

2Tue17At the Hucknall terminus we all dismounted and I walked to the shopping parade the nurse had told me about and had a wander around.

The store she suggested was called ‘Home Bargains’, a big one. I just paid a visit to the food part of it and got some sunflower hearts and black sunflower seeds for when I get to visit the Mallards again.

2Tue20Walked over to the Tesco store and went upstairs to see if they had any brown shoes that use a velcro fastener, or soft brown shoes. They had neither in stock, so I came down again and into the food section.

Spent a bit here: Fish Sticks, fresh pod peas, belly pork, Lemon cheesecake, lemon curd yoghourts and sourdough bread.

I enquired of the young lady on the checkout if I could use contactless payment with my card, because I can’t remember my new number, as soon as she had stopped talking to another member of staff. “Swipe there at the top” she listlessly instructed me. So I did, and nothing happened. The machine would not accept the swipe for the contactless payment. “That happens sometimes.” she said adding “Just put your number in then!” I pointed out that I’d already told her about my not remembering the code, this is why I’m trying to use the contactless payment… “Pay in cash then” was her response.

A good job they were not busy (I wonder why?) as I knew I’d had not enough money left after spending at the other shop, so searched all through my bag and pockets in the hope of remembering the number or if I had written it in the code somewhere. As the gal sat there lifting her eyes to the ceiling occasionally and non-verbally issuing non-covert “Silly old fart” signs to the other staff, and my not finding it, I had one go at putting it in, fearing I might lose the use if I got it wrong… Blimey! It took it!

I shall not be visiting here again in a hurry.

2Tue18Back to the tram terminus and I was soon on my way back into Nottingham. Got the crossword book out and had a bash.

By the time we got to Bulwell, the tram had filled up. The seats on the tram were so small. I put away the book and started nibbling at the fresh pod peas. By the time I neared the Nottingham stop, over half of them had been eaten!

At Hyson Green the tram actually filled up, a chap had to squash in, and I did my best to make room for him. When it came to getting up for the stop, the knees and ankles had stiffened so much, this chap helped me to get out of the seat – I did feel a fool!

Hobbled limpingly to the L9 bus stop and met fellow tenant and Social Hour friend Bill (William on Sundays) and he seemed confused. He said he’d been to the Post Office and didn’t know about the take a ticket routine and was now late for the doctor’s appointment. Poor old Bill. He went down the road and caught a number 40 bus that was going out, but there is a fair walk from the bus stop it drops off at, and crossing the road is very dangerous there on the bends. The L9 was due in five minutes as well… then I realised if he were going to his doctors from town, the 40 route would be better for him.

I was fighting falling asleep on the bus. But as luck would have it, some lady tenants got on en route, and they made sure I did wake up in time. Hehehe!

2Tue19Back in the flat, to the wetroom for a wee-wee, got the kettle on, took the medications, did the health checks and got the meal prepared. 

Decided to have potatoes curried beans, Wieska three small slices of sourdough bread and two mini pork pies.

A Greek-style plain yoghourt with Maple Syrup mixed into it, followed.

I think I left 75% of it. Eyes too big for the thingy again, and I got the seasoning wrong for the beans too? And of course eating the porridge earlier might have had an effect?


After my failed attempt to at the fodder, I washed the pots then settled to watch a Frost DVD.

Fell asleep almost immediately, woke up and rewound, then repeated the nodding off again.

Woke, gave up and put the TV on to watch Top Gear and went to fetch a drink of orange juice from the fridge…


I’d left the hot water tap running again! Stone cold now.

I didn’t fair any better with my TV viewing either, so gave up, turned everything off and drifted off quickly.

Then I awoke with the stomach rumbling and many trips to the Porcelain Throne followed throughout the night… Oh dear!


Inchcock Today: Monday 20th March 2017


Monday 20th March 2017

Persian: 20 دوشنبه مارس 2017

0325hrs: Stirred in the £300 second-hand worryingly wobbly recliner, in need of using the porcelain rather urgently. Got there in time and found it was a reasonable session, Little Inchy although sore, was not bleeding and Haemorrhoid Harold was much better than of late, bleeding-wise.

Got the washing garments and accoutrements sorted, and down to the laundry room and got washer going then back up. Computer turned on and started to do the diary.

Half an hour later, down again to move the things to the dryer. A lady tenant from the 8th floor was getting her washing into a machine, and she asked me which dryer I was going to use, I told her whichever she liked, she wanted the end one, so I got my stuff into the next one. Had a chinwag. Then back up to the flat and got on with the diary work.

7Sun05Don’t know how I managed the following, but here’s the story:

I wanted to rub some pain gel in the knees, opened the drawer where I keep it and couldn’t see any. Went into the wetroom and got the one out of there and used it. When I did the health checks next, there in the drawer as plain as your face was the pain gel next to the BP machine I didn’t see last time I looked for it?

Worrying innit?

1Mon03Back down to the washing room and retrieved the clothes. Cleaned the filter, washed the inside of the machine. As I exited, the wonderfully coloured sky outside caught me attention, so having the camera in my pocket, I nipped out and took a photo of it. Took several actually, but this is the only one that came out anywhere near as to what it really looked like out there.

The drizzle was still with us. The trees on the left are the Copse I like so much, gradually thickening out as Spring dawns.

Up to the flat and put the clothes away, made a brew, took the medications and finished the Sunday diary and started this one off.

Had a go on Facebook. I lost the graphic I did for Marie and Mary mid-way through the session?

WallaStarted a graphic for the TFZ site, not much time available to get it finished, cause I’ve got the INR blood test, and Doctor’s appointment to go to later this morning. However, I did finish the one for TFZ’s Sandie

Did the ablutions, shaving, teggies, then a damned good energetic (For me) showering using the lemon scented soap from Morrison’s. Dried off well and applied the creams lotions and potions to the required areas and limbs, and used the citrus deodorant. I must have smelt like an orange or lemon, Hehe!

Dressed, took the pound-shop brolly with me, and went down to the foyer. Had a nice chinwag and laugh with some of the tenants who had gathered to catch the bus, and decided to get the L8 with some of them down into Sherwood to avoid some of the now heavy winds and rain.

1Mon09Dropped off near Mansfield Road, walked down and left up through Sherwood and up the gradually inclining, Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna annoying hill and down the other side into Carrington and the surgery.

The brolly blew inside out, and I retrieved it and deposited it in a roadside bin, cursing a bit as got wetterer and wetterer on my way to see the nurse. Humph!

I arrived with plenty of time to spare and took off the coat, sat and started on the crossword book. A chap pointed out that the zip on my flies was wide open… Oh dear, the Whoopsiedangleplops have begun!

The surgery nurse called me in, and she did the blood test for me. I gave her some nibbles for her and some for the others. The rain seemed to be coming down even harder as I left, after waiting a while in the forlorn hope that the rain might ease.

I wadded down through to the Carrington shops and into the Lidl store. Spent a good bit toady, bacon, cheese, two potatoes, unicorn carrots, roasted almonds, furniture polish, lemon curd yoghourts, a fruit fool and two fresh cream jam doughnuts.

By the time I exited the nasty staffed shop, the rain had reduced to a bit of drizzle, thankfully. I caught a bus back into Sherwood and called into Holland & Barratt and got a pot of Vitamin B Complex and some Cod liver oil capsules to replace the ones I was running short of.

Out and across the road, with ten minutes to go before the L8 bus was due. Penny, Frank and the nasty woman with the vicious intimidating son (I just acted as if she was not there) were waiting in the shelter. Norman was passing by, and he stopped for a chinwag with us.

Up back to the flats, got in, used the WC, fried myself off best I could then I put the slippers on, put the fodder away, made a cuppa and got the computer on to update this page.

1Mon11The rain started to come heavily again, as I made another mug of tea to replace the one that had gone cold.


I rang Olive to see when or if I could call to see her.

She told me to call around 1400hrs.

I got CorelDraw going and started the next graphic off.


Finally got it finished. Not sure what to name or comment on it, though, yet?

5fri04a1400hrs: Over to visit Olive. Her daughter called for a paramedic yesterday, and she was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The poor thing has now caught an infection that has left her legs with blotches that are painful when touched against. She cannot wear anything on her lower legs. They have put her on antibiotics. These may affect her Chrones and may delay her planned hospital procedure. So damned annoying, just when she is getting so close to her hip operation date. I felt so bad for her.

She made out she was coping with the disappointment, but I knew. Differently, she didn’t tell me off once! So I knew she was well under the weather. I stayed as long as she would allow, we chatted, and she told me some of her younger life, and we managed a smile or two between us. Gave he a smacker, wished her all the best and arranged to visit her on Wednesday with her permission. I left a little despondent and annoyed that life should do this to the girl. Bless her.

Got back to the flat and checked out my bleeding areas, to find both of them were okay and blood free! Did the last Health Check and the weight had increased a tad yet again! Huh!

1Mon12Did some work on the graphics.

The evening sky looked so, er, what’s the word?

Dynamic? Tumultuous? The different effects on the skyline varied from black to bright white and all combinations in between… I didn’t explain that very well, did I?

Good job I took a photographicalisation of it. Hehehe!

1Mon11Got the meal prepared, an easy job today, a salad of sorts, without any bread. (The weight increasing you know!)

Pork & Mushroom pate. A portion of soft cheese and strong cheddar, two potato waffles, mushrooms, beetroot, pickled silverskin onions and some sage and onion slices… oh, and the cheesy twist light puff-pastry thing.

Settled in the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some of the Boon DVD, which I stayed awake for without any bother (No commercial breaks you see?). Turned over to the TV to watch some Law & Order and, off I went, into a dream filled sleep…

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today – Tue 29 Mar 16: Whoopsiedangleplop ending to the day, Tsk!


Apart from not being able to get a free washing machine in the laundry room! Hehehe!

Tuesday 29 March 2016

Woke up after an hours kip at around 0335hrs, mind racing.

Recalled bits of a dream, but nothing like I remembered yesterday’s dream. Odd that how I can remember only vague themes and pieces, then on the rare mornings like yesterday, I remember such a lot?

To the porcelain, but the kettle on and took the medications.


0340hrs – All is well!

This photograph on the left, I took as I entered the kitchen. First

turning off the flash to avoid reflections.

Then could I remember how to turn it back on – huh! Still it came back to me when I realised which camera I was using. Hehe!

Both have different controls and I do get confused with them you know. Hehehe!

P1050929I must remember to tell the nurse about my new bruises today at the INR blood test session. I’ve got a new one since taking this photograph. A mystery to me these are.

Oh, and the black patch near my right ear-hole too. I’m sure that is another spot of skin cancer, it looks just like the last ones did.

And, as well as and besides that, I must remember I’ve got the dentist tomorrow for the two fillings and two canal procedures. I’m still not sure what canal procedures are, but someone did tell me ‘Painfull’ when I asked them if they knew. Oh dearie me!

I heard a loud noise coming from somewhere inside the flats I thought, went to investigate and noticed a sign informing us of another tenant passing away. Cheered me up that did. Tsk! No signs of anything untoward, no idea what the noise was?

Did a bit of Facebooking and checked the emails. Then finished Monday’s diary off and posted it.

I received a reply from my request to ‘Grammarly’ asking for how to set the default checker to Casual Style.


This feature is not available, and I will have to continue changing the style everytime I do a check.

DuncBatGCI got an email from my mate Duncan from Birmingham.

He kindly sent me a new photograpicalisation of his Grand-Daughter Seren.

She is all wrapped up well for going out.

The sweetest looking gorgeous gal. I fell in love with her just seeing her pictures. Those eyes, are going to set a few hearts going later?

P1050951Got a quick wash and shaved ready for the Morrisons delivery of fodder.


Red sky in the morning – Shepherds Warning! It was a little dank looking, but at least, it isn’t raining for my hobble to the Surgery for the INR blood test.

Awaited the arrival of Mr Morrison. He was nearly an hour late but never mind.

Put the nosh away, and stored the Easter Eggs for the Social Hour, in the bedroom.

I rang BJ to see if he enjoyed Sunday’s outing, and ask him if he can call sometime to pick out the photographs he wants so I can get them printed off.

He said he would come later after I’d done the clinic and INR blood test.

Made a cuppa, updated this and sorted the photo’s onto a stick in readiness for when (If) BJ arrives. 

Carried out my ablutions and sorted then took the rubbish bags to the chute.

P1050952Set off for the Clinic and surgery. A third of the way there and the rain pelted down and the wind blew as I hobbled up Mansfield Road.

I stopped to let a van put onto the main road, I thought I’d take a photograph from underneath the umbrella.

A bus came past and soaked me jeans and shoes, thus legs and feet as it careered through the running puddle running down the gutter. Tsk!

Onward to the surgery booked in and had a good read of my ‘damp-in-parts’, Sniper book.

The nurse fetched me in and did the blood test, had a look at the bruises and told me to book an appointment with the doctor.

Gave her the nibbles and departed for a walk into Carrington and called at the chemist and got my extra prescription for the cream.

Then to Lidl, where I bought some bits.

P1050953As I left and waited for the bus, the sky looked a bit nasty again.

Caught the bus to Sherwood and I walked through Woodthorpe Grange Park, back to the flats.

There were a good few dogs for me to watch, they were walking their owners and refusing to return the balls thrown by them. Hehe!

P1050955Another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist shot by me and weaved between the other pedestrians.

But if course it didn’t bother me!


The scumball sadistic nasty piece of imitation human slob!

P1050954At the top of the hill, I took a photo of the old trees I fell in love with last month again.

There something admirable about how they continue to fight each year against the elements and Nottingham vandals.

Down the slippery gravel and mud footpath and into the flat.

P1050956It was close to 1430hrs and BJ’s ETA. Mind you he did say about 1430hrs, with BJ you can give an allowance a day or two either way. Haha! Some mail had been delivered.So I got the purchases put away

So I got the purchases put away and tackled the mail.

Only one for me, from the Nottingham City Council – The Council Tax Bill, informing me I owed the £1180.72, it had gone up by 3.7%. Bless them. The others were for the previous tenant.

Cup of tea and got the laptop on to update this.

BJ rang 1450hrs, he’ll be here in ABOUT 15 minutes.

01W01 Hehe!

Checked the emails and did a little Facebooking.

BLJ4BJ arrived at 1510hrs.

He was looking healthy and fit. I made two strong cups of tea and we had a chinwag about this and that.

He chose the photographs he wanted to have printed.

I made a list and placed it in my jacket pocket so as not to lose it, and know I’d have it on me when I could get to Asda to have them printed.

After BJ had departed, saying he might attend this week’s Social Hour with me, I set about getting the meal ready.

P1050957Having bought the Frikadellens I could not resist having some.

Cottage bread, seasoned chopped tomatoes, Frikadellens and BBQ pork sausages.

Followed by a pot of mandarins in jelly.

So tasty it was. Rated this as an 8.94/10.

I felt a bit cheered by his visit and began to perk up a little: This was when I realised I’d not attended the Clinic Appointment!  Whoopsie

I soon lost my bit of confidence and turned back into a miserable blob of fretting and nervousness.

I must ring them in the morning to apologise… Again!

Sleep was hard to acquire, and Gawd knows what time I nodded off.


Mon 21 Sept 15: Inchcock Today: Depressed!

Monday 21st September 2015

Woke up in the chair 0305 hrs, ‘Little Inchy’ bleeding, stomach still churning and feeling guilt-ridden and pathetic.

Made a cuppa and got the laptop started.

Had a supportive email from ‘Ratty’ about me sorting problems – thanks Ratty.

To WC and tended to bleeding ‘Little Inchy’.

Still feeling  but down, I thought of the days demands. I must get diaries done, check me emails, keep up with Facebooking, then get a bath and shave and ready the things for the INR Warfarin Blood level tests at 1230hrs at the GP surgery.

Then I try to call Steve from Age UK to see what he plans to do about selling the old place. No answer.

According to whether I get through to him and an answer, and what he plans, I’ll see if I can get time to sort a bag or two out.

Started this diary.

An unwanted and unexpected feeling of utter depression built as the day went on.

My lower legs blew up hard like balloons, the bleeding, the toothache, the angina and more bothersome than ever was the reflux valve. Yet none of these were the reason for my depression – I think.


Photo taken from under a bus shelter to avoid gerrin me camera wet!

Again, all I did was graphics and internet until I got ready for me walk to the GP surgery.

It was pouring with rain, I put me big coat on and set out on me poddle to the surgery.

Called in the Winwood Community shed, no one there.

Got thoroughly soaked by the time I got to the surgery.

Made appointment for me flu jab, the nurse did me blood tests.

Went to Lidl and got some bits. Bus back to Sherwood, walkd through the park back to flat.

P1020061Made me nosh and didn’t even wash-up after it.

Odd that feeling like I do at the moment I continued to nibble biscuits, curls and iced lollies for the rest of me waking hours?

Collapsed in an odd sort of maze and did nothing in the work or sorting departments.

Watched some TV for ages, but my mind was not on it.

Didn’t even put the laptop on!

A deep melancholy took over. But somehow, as soon as I got me head down I nodded off as if my life depended upon it?

Woke up when BJ rang to say he’s pick me up in the morning twixt o800 > 0830hrs and lift me to the launderette bless him.

Woke a few times, can’t remember the dreams but I knew I’d had them.

Then on one occasion the toothache was bad so I went to get some painkillers and Whoopsiedangleplop! – the reflux valve stuck and i really thought “This is it” – amazing how although struggling to breath, I seemed so calm about it. Lasted a couple of minutes, then cleared, I could feel the selling going down and being replaced with a pain I’d not had before. Ah-well.

Sorry this diary might seem a tad morose, but that’s how the day was.

No doubt I’ll spring back – like Arnie! Hehe.

TTFN all.

Tue 21 July: 2015 Inchcock Today: BJ to the rescue… again!

Tuesday 21st July 2015


0540hrs: Woke and dashed to the porcelain.

Horrible memory of horrible dreams. I ran out of money and was evicted from the flat! This dream was the only one I’ve ever had that scared me!

01topa2Made a cuppa took me medications.

The cupboard in the kitchen was usable now the repair chappy had sorted me out.

I think I’d overdone it in the cleaning supplies department though… don’t you?

Took these photographs with me other Sony camera to get used to it. Still not working out what all the options are or how to turn the on or off. Sad innit?

Got a bath and shave, me togs on ready to go to the doctors for me INR level blood tests.

Caught the bus to the bottom of the hill and walked into Carrington.

Called to see BJ in the launderette. He said go to the GP and let him know what time the appointment was for – I’d got a bit mixed up and got 1100hrs on me diary and 1045hrs on me written note?

Walked to the surgery and found out it was for 1115hrs?

Walked back and told him. He thought we had time to get to Asda and back by then and gave me a lift to the store.

Thanked him.

IMG_0076I got me bits, potatoes, cooked meats and bread and waited patiently as he came through the checkout after me.

I thought we’d be late by then for me appointment. Had a nasty dizzy spell.

BJ proved me wrong as we arrived dead on time and he waited for me. the it

The nurse took me blood and I told her about the itching under me arms and she gave me some baby-cream – don’t laugh… oh go on then!

BJ ran me back to the flats. Hobbled in, up in the lift and hastily tended to the porcelain.

Made a cuppa and sent a funny-mode email to Deana Walker – head honcho in the flats:

Dearest warm-hearted desperately adorable Deana (that should get me in yer good books?),

  1. I can report the nice gentleman from maintenance came and did me window – condemned it actually.
  2. He also screwed some screws into the living room panelling that had come loose it ain’t loose no more.
  3. I had a call to see if anyone had called to see me about the wrist-alarm battery that was no dying a death. (I told them that I had reported this. to Deana as she was getting into her Daimler to go to visit her AA advisor and she was going to call to see me as soon as possible – Only joking!) She asked me to keep her informed bless her.
  4. Many letters here for Margaret I’m afraid gal.

I need or will do shortly, a reliable trustworthy man and a van to hire as soon as I have the carpets fitted, to move stuff from the old dump to the flat. Can you recommend anyone please?

I have to sort this out soon as possible after getting the carpets fitted cause I’m paying two of everything and am running a bit low on funds. Must sell the dump to pay me rent soon. Tsk!

Thanking you

Gramercy seeking Gerry.

Hope she see’s the funny side?

Got some potatoes on a low light and updated this diary on the old computer, well laptop.

Email back from Deana just in – no answer to me van and man plea, but she’s waiting for more wristbands to arrive to replace the one I’ve got.

IMG_0078Got me nosh ready.

A veritable feast. Even if I don’t have a table to eat it off.

Potatoes (salt and black peppered), tomatoes, beetroot, smoked ham, bread and real butter, South African apple, two Viennese whirls and a lemon mousse.

Later I had an iced lolly, later still a bag of Marmite crisps too!


Laptop on and finished this Diary as I took me medications very late cause I fell asleep on the chair nearly falling out of it and waking up with a  start!

Got an email back from Deana. She is awaiting supply of wrist alarms to be delivered – let’s hope me mechanical ticker, reflux valve or the angina don’t get me first and I can’t call for help through the system installed and I pay extra for every week! – Just thought I’ mention this!

I’ve eaten a lot of extras tonight?

TTFN all.

Mon 13 July 2015: Inchcock Today: No hot water – INR blood-test – Prescriptions – Moved some stuff from old place – Bus ride to Arnold to get what I couldn’t get cause they had none in!

cropped-main3.jpgMonday 13 July 2015

DraughtsUp at 0110hrs: At least I got some sleep in.

Not so cold this morning, but I could feel the draughts coming in via the corner in the kitchen when I got up – Brrr!

Cleared me sleeping togs and made a cup of tea. No hot water again.

Mind racing again trying to remember what I had to do, INR blood tests at the GP surgery, visit from City Homes 1300hrs. Must try to get some bits from the old place and call at the chemists to see about prescriptions.

Had to stop missen taking me medications too early – must remember to take them later though.

Laptop on and finished off yesterdays diary.

DuSepiaDid a bit of Facebooking, then did some graphicationalisationing on Coreldraw x7 and Corelpaint. Thought this one of Duncan came out good.

I was pleased with the outcome for once.

It was from a photo I took of him yesterday and I tried to make it look aged and sepia like.

Another cuppa (I must cut back on these) and took me medications around 0500hrs.

Got in a bit of a pickle when saving some of the worked on photo’s – as I’d saved them in CPT (Corel PhotoPaint) format and of course they were not acceptable for loading on here. Had to reload and save them again in the other programme in Jpeg.

Got a letter for the previous tenant Margaret and on me way out for a walk to the GP surgery fer me INR tests I dropped it off to my heroine Deana at the community shed, and mentioned me email I’d sent about no hot water. She’s going see if they can have a decker at it.

Walked to the end of Chestnut Way and down to the bottom of Winchester Street and along Mansfield Road into Carrington to the surgery, 24 minutes.

Several infamous Nottingham Pavement Cyclists en-route. Tsk… gits!

Got in the surgery and the nurse called me in after ten minutes or so. I like this nurse, she’s patient with us old fogies. She had a look at the healing skin cancer wound for me – all looking good. Then she checked appointments –  apart from the INR tests that will come in, no appointments at the moment until the 27th July.

Then she checked that I had changed me address on the computer and it was in alright – but the INR test results from the hospital keep getting sent to the old address.

Took me blood samples and showed concern over me bruising on the wrist still not clearing – but said this happens when your INR level is too high – which I didn’t know for sure cause I wasn’t getting the results and doses through the post.

DSCF0107I thanked her and set off a a little walk to the chemists. Where me nonthly prescription were ready to be picked up.

Then nervously made me way, keeping to the middle of the road and avoiding any of the alleyways I made me way to the old flea-pit.

I couldn’t help but be so glad I’ve moved when I saw the view of the road when I DSCF0104turned the corner into it.

Although there was nobody around, I could hear the music blasting away from the house opposite.

At least it had not been broken into in me absence.

I had a good hunt around and found some paperwork I might need and be of use for Glendora if she comes on Wednesday. Then had a hunt round and got some bits, books, pliers, socks and sundry I would need, but the two bags along with the stack of medications limited how much I could carry back to the flat. Still, a bit of progress of sorts achieved?

 Got me bus-pass, locked-up and struggled to the bus-stop with me two bags. Dropped off in Sherwood, and went in the Dentist to alter me address there. The receptionist there was an Obergruppenfurher type as well. I came out a bag of nerves! Hehe!

Then a bit of luck for once – I was going to walk down and up the Winchester Street Hill back to the flats – but I checked at the bus-stop and an N9 inbound bus was due in 1 minute! Great! Especially as it was beginning to rain a bit.

Got off outside the block and made me way up to the flat -saw nobody on the way, which surprised me a tad as there are 200 flats in the block, and 146 of them are doubles.

Got in and put me bags in front room for sorting later, made a cuppa, WC’d for the fifth time today. Put the medications on the window ledge in the kitchen. And got the laptop on.

Put the JR radio station on the internet and listened to some Jazz ballads while doing this diary.

I actually heard a noise, and i was in he kitchen with the door closed -It was the Mail being delivered. Five for Margaret the previous tenant and one for me – from Nottingham City Homes informing me they were coming to change the flat door lock to a Suited Lock on 16th July twixt 1230 and 1630hrs. The idea being that when I pop me clogs or lay bleeding to death like, they (The City Homes folk) can get into the flat, cause they will have keys.

Added this appointment to the others on me Google diary.

Awaiting Deana (I think she said she was calling around 1300hrs – but…) and Iceland delivery. If both happen in time, I’d like to catch the bus into Arnold and back. See if I can get any bargains at the Fulton food store.

Still waiting for either or both…

IMG_0068It’s trying to rain again, overcast.

Still waiting for either or both…

Didn’t fancy going out on the balcony today – the rain made it look a bit slippery to me!

Still waiting for either or both…

Iceland arrived and I put away the nosh post haste and go missen ready to go on the Outbound L9 bus (Bless that free bus-pass) at 36 minutes past the hour that arrives in Arnold at 11 minutes past the hour, this gives me 19 minutes to do me shopping and catch the 30 minutes past the hour (Same bus on way back) into the flats. I think I’ve got it worked out right.

I only wanted three things and thought I’d get them all at Fultons Foods. Lemons, lamb shanks and microwave sausages.

Got into Arnold, nipped through onto Front Street and came out opposite Fultons.

They had none of any of em in stock! So I got some blackcurrant ice-cream lollies instead.

So I legged it back to the bus stop the other side of where I dropped off and caught the bus, it was three minutes early – luckily I was too!

DSCF0110If I’d missed it, there were no more direct buses and I’d have had to bus to town, bus out to Sherwood and have that long drag walking up the hill to the flats. Hey-ho.

It was drizzly and getting dark as I dropped off at the flats.

The driver saying “That was nippy shopping fella!”.

DSCF0112Made me nosh, chips in t’oven, peas and sausages I had left in fridge in microwave fifteen minutes later, and sliced a tomato – had some bread thins with it – I had them delivered earlier from Iceland along with some vinegar at last to have wi me chips.

I need not have worried about the oven smoking and setting off the smoke alarm – none at all – BUT! the microwave poured smoke out when I opened it – scared me to death in case it set it off. Opened the window shut the door and wafted away – pity cause that made the meal less than warm enough once I got to eating it! Tsk!

The chips were okay, the sausages fine, the garden peas nice but not very hot – but the Polish tomato was bitter as heck! Had an apple, me medications and an iced lolly afterwards.

No message from Deana – so I assume I got the day wrong for her calling.

Still no hot water. I struggled having to boil

kettle fer a wash and shave earlier. However the immersion water heater lit up this time and I left it on for an hour – costs a lot to use those do.

Long day.