Inchcock Diary, Tuesday 24th May 2022 – With Ode to Life

TUESDAY 24th MAY 2022

Ode To Life – Part 33rds

I’d have loved to have written my verse cleverly…
Be intelligent, superior, educated, and academically!
Blend words in rhyme that folk view as appreciatory,
But Doreen’s Dementia makes me do it clumsily…
Not that the comments sound exactly derogatory…
My viewers’ total is abysmal, or worse, evidently,

I try not to write this blog grouchily…
Make it fun, folks, to read it happily…
I may, at times, add things that sound grumpy,
That’ll be of Doreen and Peripheral Neuropathy,
Though sometimes, to me, the reality is illusory…
And I’ve never ever won the lottery!

Like now, my plots and thoughts have gone hazy?
This can happen for days at a time, not momentarily,
Semi-logic can return, within a few days, ordinarily,
But of course, please remember this is not obligatory,
During my brain’s down-times, there’s still diversity…
Trying to control it brings much lachrymosity!

I often dream of acquiring omnipotency…
Of course, I can’t, so carry in my impecuniosity…
It’s not just money & wealth, of which I have a scarcity!
But also suasion, wisdom, rationality, logicality…
Folks tell me, I have endless inconsequentiality?
I think this is similar to insignificance or banality?
No doubt, I need help mentally… and exigently!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


04:35: Rose for a wee-wee. Kettle on, sorted waste bags. Had a rinse, got partly dressed, and got the kettle on.

Getting dressed, I thought it looked like the right leg’s foot was darker than the left leg? But mustn’t complain, cause the rest of the leg and ankle looked far better than yesterday!

Took off the pad from yesterday’s INR Warfarin blood test and could not help bus picture my beautiful, precious, and pretty beloved Haematology nurse Hristina in my mind! ♥

Sphygmomanometerisationing was done next. The SYS was up 26 points to 140, DIA up by 2 to 63, and the Pulse had fallen somewhat to 77. Checked on the NHS site; The Ideal is between 60 and 100 beats per minute (bpm). That means it must have been high spot on, indeed perfect, for several weeks. The body temperature was well down again, low for several days; according to the NHS, 35°c is the optimum?

I got on the computer, and my brain froze. What I was doing, I had no idea, really. This has happened now and then since the stroke. It can often last for a few hours, like waking up, but with no memory of the period of blankness. I named them Mind-Blanks. Then you worry about what you’ve been getting up to! It only lasted about an hour or so, I think. It seemed that I had started another blog template and been working on the wrong one. I really got annoyed when I discovered this! I swore at myself, and I wanted to give up!

Richard the Carer arrived, and it helped pull me around. Not that I wasn’t still a little miffed ant the Mind-Blank happening. Even though it hasn’t happened for a week or two. I think? Rich’ got the Alert Alarm battery checked and gave me my medications. As we had a much-missed chinwagging session, I went to put the mini-hoover back on its charger and…

As I was bent down to reach the socket, Neuropathy Pete instructed his neurotransmitters to give me a flailing leg dance! I dropped the mini-hoover (I hope I’ve not broken anything), and I clung dearly to the electric shelf. It was all over within a few minutes, and no rumblings or injuries. That was due to Carer Richard’s quick response in getting to me in time. I’m pretty sure (although it was a short affair, it was brutal while it lasted) that it would have had me over had I been on my own.

Two cameras, a remote, and the SDH card reader have given up on me in the last few days. Mind-Blanks, Leg Dances, Dizzies, Falls and tumbles are getting more frequent. Doreen’s Dementia, Cataracts Kathleen, and Glaucoma Gladys have all been having a go at me!  Best if I say no more on the subject, methinks!

Took this snap of the rain, made a brew, and pressed on, trying to get the mess I’d made on WordPress understood and corrected; it was hard work that needed concentration. But, it went well for about two hours, progress-wise, and then Esther came bundling in to get the laundry. That shot my attention to pieces.

I began to make progress again. Esther returned with the laundry. Boy, can she talk? Hehe! Unfortunately, she does it when walking away from me and in the other room. Not the foggiest of what she’s saying half the time.

Well, I’ve got to get a rest. I’ll make some canned tomatoes and soya and use the old bread. After that, I can envisage myself just falling asleep until the evening carer wakes me up… there are about four hours in which I can make, eat the meal and some precious sleep… if that is possible.

Extra-chopped tomatoes with pieces of soya. And some slices of milk roll bread… well, half the loaf! Gobbled it up at my leisure slowly and enjoyed it. The Flavour rating for this one was 7.5/10! Washed the pots and was soon in the land of nod. Dream filled, though. No details are recalled, yet I still know that I had dreams?

An hour or so later, Evening Care Valerie arrived, and the shock of the chime bursting out and waking me shook me a bit… at first, I thought I was still in my dream. Hehehe! As I stirred and Valerie came, I realised that although I had got my jammie bottoms on, I was topless this time. Still, she didn’t mind my bulbous, adipose, abdominous, podgy paunch that bounced around in front of me when I stood up. Humph! Val got me sorted out, and I handed her some nibbles in thanks, and off she trotted, kindly taking the waste bag from the door with her for me.

I considered staying up to get on with this blog, but with all the cock-ups and mistakes I’d made earlier in the day, I decided to get back down in the c1968 second-hand recliner and get back to whatever the dream was about. And I did!

Ten minutes later, ♫Oh, Susana♫ rang from the door chime again. I whipped a jacket on quickly and went to open the door – It was Valerie back again.

She had gone back to the Meridian Office and found a letter from the DVT Anticoagulation Clinic changing the Warfarin dosages. Bless her, she realised she’d just given me the wrong dosage earlier and returned to give me more to agree with the new dosage roster. This should have been provided by whoever was in charge (surely?) to the night carer? But it had been left on the desk. Fortunately, the new dosages had increased, and Valerie gave me the extra tablet to put things right for me.

The thought was that had Val not found this new rota or the doses had gone down, not up, it would have been too late, and it meant I could be in a pickle medically if I had a bleed and an increased risk of a heart attack, blood-clot, and or stroke. Methinks Meridian, who has just put their prices up, has made a mistake. Be interesting to see if I get an apology this time. Valerie saved the day, anyway!

EMBARRASSMENT! As I was taking the Warfarin tablet, it dawned on me – I did not have my jammie bottoms on! I red-facedly thanked Val, and she shot off, Bless her cotton socks!

Back in the recliner…

Inchcock Today: Thur 25 Aug 2016 A mixed day


Thursday 25th August 2016

Awoke around o400hrs. The ailments apart from the Duodenal Ulcer were being so kind to me. Even the £300 second-hand recliner let me out to go for a WRHD without too much shuddering. Was I dreaming I thought?

01cI even remembered the Asda (Walmart) delivery was due twixt 0600 > 0800hrs. You know the one, that should have been delivered yesterday had I not forgotten and gone shopping at Asda – Humph, what a 11b. Remembering this was probably helped by the great dirty sign I wrote on a large envelope and stuck it in front of the laptop screen?

So, out of the chair for the WRHD, even that was easier than usual? No bleeding from Little Inchy either. I was getting very nervous now with all this good fortune this morning you know!

01dGot my ablutions done early, no shower, though, it was too soon for that, all the noise it makes would have disturbed my neighbours. So a stand-up wash and shave – and I didn’t cut myself shaving?

I did espy some markings and a bruise on the throat/chest mind. But no pain or itching with them? Overall, I seem to be doing well medically today.

Made a brew and took the medications, then finalised the Wednesday post and started this one off.

0655hr, the Asda delivery man, rang, I could not tell what he wanted, but he spoke with me. I rang off and went down to see him, thinking he might be coming up the other lift as I go down. He was stood with the boxes in the foyer. A new to the job man, obviously. We both went back up to the flat, and he handed me the carrier bags and an amazingly large amount of unpackaged food through the door. I signed for them and started to carry them into the kitchen, this left bits all over the hallway carpet.

01fSo I hoovered it up and got onto sorting the delivery out. I’ve now got a full fridge, freezer and overflowing cupboards and floor!

A jar of Bigos I ordered came alright. Bigos, also known in English as hunter’s stew, is a Polish dish of finely chopped meat of various kinds boiled with sauerkraut and shredded fresh cabbage (Saurkraut). Might be tasty, methinks.

I decided after sorting it all out as best I could, to make a cup of tea before I got back on the laptop to update things further.

11b Well well, I dropped the mug, and it spilt all over the floor. Got some of the Blitz paper towels and down onto the floor, to dry up the mess. Astonishingly, I got back up without too much of a struggle? I began to worry now really… Hehe!

I then got the nibbles ready for the nurses and the Winwood Social Hour Meeting. Although, I won’t be attending today, because, the only appointment the surgery could give me for my INR blood level test, clashed with the Social Hour… Again! When I remembered this, and the Whoopsidangleplop with the dropping of the mug of char, things were starting to get back to normal for me.

A WRWW session then made another cup of tea and back on the laptop. Graphicationalisationing and doing the diary. Then to the challenge of trying to do Facebooking. If it allows me, I must make sure I do not spend too much time on the session, or else I might be late for the surgery. Must leave no later than 1000hrs to walk there in time for the appointment.

That went well, no hiatus whatsoever? I just ran out of time, though, Huh!

0914hrs: Got the things ready for the surgery, and called at the Community Hut with the nibbles. Hoped to see Warden Deana, but she was not in today they told me. Left some raffle prizes and informed the few tenants there ready for the meeting that I couldn’t make it, then departed on my hobble to the surgery in Carrington. Met BJ as he was going to the meeting and had a little chinwag.

Onwards to the nurse, taking it nice and steady cause I was in plenty of time. Only the feet gave me any trouble going there, and even more coming back. Arrived with time to spare and logged in and started doing some cross-wording.

The nurse (the one I saw yesterday in Asda), tapped me on the shoulder and made me jump. (That’ll stop me laughing at her like I did in the shop) She told me took her over two hours to get her photographs done. She looked at the bruising and marks on me chest and told me to book an appointment with the Doctor Vindla if they had not cleared up after two days.

Then she took the blood for the INR level test, and I gave her some nibbles.

I was soon out and walking (limping) down 09Mansfield Road in Carrington to the Lidl store.

I got some potato chunks, a tin of garden peas, cheese twists and a can of Spanish Piquillo Peppers with stockfish filling in tomato sauce, as a treat for Sister Jane when she visits me on Sunday. Got prawns in it? Might be nice for them?

At the checkout I dropped a packet of cheese twists and a lady kindly picked them up for me, bless her.

To the bus stop and caught one within minutes into Sherwood. As I dropped off the bus, there was BJ’s car in a layby, couldn’t see him anywhere. I know he likes to go in one of the cafes for breakfast sometimes… well, every day. It saves his other half cooking when she gets back from work. Got a TV paper for next week.

Crossed the road to see if a bus was due that would get me back up the hill to the flats – but no. So I shuffled on up and over the hill to go up again through Woodthorpe Park, and down the gravel path to the apartments.

01hAs I started off from the bus stop, I saw a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist coming down the hill at me. Happily freewheeling it down and not moving for any pedestrians, we moved out of his way! Luckily there were very few of us in his way today.

No sunshine, even the odd spot of rain was getting through now, but the park looked so beautiful to me. I decided not to walk down the gravel path but went into the copse instead. No one else about, I really enjoyed this diversion.

01iUntil I stubbed my already hurting toe on a tree branch coming out above the ground.

But I didn’t mind at all in fact.

Because with this happening, I lost my fear of things going right for me, like they had been doing earlier in the day if you see worra mean like. Hehehe!

Out if the bottom end, across the field and down the last bit of the gravel path to the flats. Up to 72 and a WRWW, again, just in time.

Put the bits away, cleared the pots up, cuppa and medications took then laptop on to update this.

Tried again to do some Facebooking. Started perfect, the had a glitch for a few minutes, then came back alright?

0001Got the food going, roasting vegetables, (parsnips, carrots, red onions and potatoes) to have along beside a frozen something or other I had in the freezer without a box.

It will be, I think, either pork ribs or lamb in sauce/gravy. I’ll find out when it’s done, and I dish it up. Tsk!

Turned out it was Chinese Pork Ribs. The carrots were not good, but everything else was okay, though. Made a right mess of myself eating it. Huh!

Called to see Olive, but she was out.

Looked at the TV magazine and found stuff to put on and fall asleep. Nodded off so many times for a few minutes, I got confused as to what day or time it was each time I woke?

Tonight was not to be a night for sleep methinks!

Inchcock Today, Wed 17 Aug 16: The ladies day, Morrison Delivery, INR Blood Test and British Gas get it wrong again!


Wednesday 17th August 2016

0415hrs: Almost jumped awake – the dream, of me in shorts and ladies in attendance, we were on a stage with glittering lights and the girls queuing up to come on platform one at a time and each one telling me something in a whisper, despite the blaring music in the background… no idea what they were telling me but I was giving each one of them a kiss and cuddle… Then I desperately tried to get back to sleep and re-enter the dream… But not a chance, as an urgent desire and need of a WRWW, arrived that had to be tended to. Tsk!

01aNice looking morning today.

No WRHD yet. Made a brew and took the morning medications. Got the laptop going, found the internet still on, although expecting as the letter from Virgin Media said, it will go off for all of today, and started this diary going.

The Morrison Delivery and cleaning girls day today, then a walk to the GP surgery for the INR Warfarin Blood Test.

The Internet was down, so I’m writing this on Thursday morning now it’s back on again. Isn’t life confusing at times?

The Morrison delivery arrived, the flowers for Olive were looking beautiful. The two mini beef pies were two gigantic meat pies!

The cherry and helpful M&C cleaning ladies arrived late, so I had to give them a key for when they leave, said they would drop it off at Olive’s. Also, I’d managed to lose the key they stated that they’d left sticking in the balcony door lock? Really got to me this did! I didn’t think I’d touched the door or key? 11b.

They said they would have a look for it later.

I went to take Olive her Roses, she told me off for this, but she had a lovely smile on her face when she did so! I little cuddle and I departed happily.

01bSet off on me walk to Carrington and the surgery.

Not many folks about this morning.

Got to the surgery and had my blood taken by the lovely nurse. Left them their nibbles and out onto Mansfield Road and caught the bus into town. The only reason I was going there was to call at the Nut stall on the Market and get some chocolate and yoghourt covered cashew nuts.

01c As I stood opposite Clinton Street, I thought what a typical view of Nottinghamians confronted me on the other side of the road at the lights.

The difference to standard was no beggars about and no one crossing the lights on red.

I thought afterwards, it looked like they were all posing in the hot sunshine for the photograph? Hehe.

01eInto the market and got the nuts. Then a walk into the city centre.

Where I got this photo of the high-in-the-sky riders next to the Council House top dome with Little John’s bell within it.

I got a dizzy after taking it.

01dNearly got hit by one of the oh, so numerous, dangerous and totally unconcerned about others Nottingham Pavement Cyclists on Upper Parliament Street as I made my way to the L9 bus-stop. The lady on the left was calling after the ignorant imbecile after he nearly clouted her!

Maybe all the heavy traffic on the road that you see in the picture scared the little mite onto the pavement? Sarcasm is intended!

Caught the bus and fellow tenant and Social Hour Gossiper Bill got on the bus. We had a chinwag, which was good because it stopped me nodding off and missing the flats bus-stop!

Called in to see Olive, but no reply.

01fFeeling mighty weary for some reason now. I called in to see Olive, but no answer. To the flat and had to decide what to have for the meal of the day.

There was no room in the freezer to put the large beef pies in, due to the earlier Morrisons delivery, so I decided to have one of them now. 

Not a good idea really, though. I couldn’t consume all of it and left the bottom pastry. I bet the scales in the morning will be tested?

Off to see Olive again, bit still no answer. Bet I got it mixed up again about her going to be in?

01iGot a phone call from British Gas, an Asian-accented gentleman who I had the most difficulty in understanding, I think he got a bit annoyed with my asking him to repeat things so often. I think, this is roughly what took place:

He confirmed who I was, said he wanted to discuss things about the meter (the non-existent one?) – I replied that Deana Walker was my agent in all matters concerned with British Gas, told him they had been informed of this and my hearing difficulties on several occasions – Being as British Gas refused to allow Deana to talk directly with anyone from your complaints department, I’m refusing to speak with you! I gave him Deana’s phone number, telling him this had been given to a BG representative each of the at least eight occasions she has contacted you… I spoke without raising my voice too!  I felt better after that!

Got settled to watch an old film on the gogglebox and the door bell rang – I struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the door, it was Olive bless her! So, there I stood suddenly realising I was in me jammie bottoms and nowt else talking to Olive! Red-faced or what? She gave me the key to the house and told me the balcony door key is now back in the door lock. The girls searched the house and had found it in a drawer? I thanked her, gave her a kiss and ascertained if she will be in tomorrow. I can visit her before I go to the Tenants Social Hour at the Community Shed.

Back to the recliner and started a nine-hour session of nodding off and springing awake, interspersed with struggles to have many a WRWW visit. Tsk!

Inchcock Today Tue 9 Aug 16: Nowt much to get excited about… Tsk! But I did see Olive for a good natter!


Tuesday 9th August 2016

Woke a few times for a WRWW during the night, finally roused and moved my bloodied flobby-body around 0550hrs for another WRWW.

The memories of yesterday’s and last nights Whoopsiedangleplops still heavy on my mind, the bleeding from Haem Aroid, Little Inchy and the two wounds on the right legs shin, the pain from stubbing my already blackened left foot toe on the scales (I’ve now moved them) didn’t bother me much. I was too depressed and pitifully saddened. I felt I was not connivent with reality somehow.

Made a cuppa and got the medications taken, laptop on and updated Monday’s sad tale of woes. One of the worst days for the amount of Whoopsiedangleplops ever I think. Humph!

10bWent to make another cup of tea, and oh dear, I felt so bad with myself again when I saw the Fresh Cream French Horn in the fridge – with the mayhem of last night’s meal on the floor Whoopsiedangleplop and altercation, I’d forgotten to eat it!

Too late now, it was dried up, so into the bin, sadly. But I am so glad I got the other one to Olive earlier.

Got some graphics done, and finalised Monday’s real farce and got it posted off.

Did some Facebooking, too much Facebooking again. I was nearly late for going to the surgery in time to get there for the INR Warfarin blood test!Rushed about and had a shave and shower, changed into clean togs and set off in a bit of a panic on my journey.

MC001It was brightish weather, with the threat of rain in the air, as I legged it as fast as I could manage to Carrington and the surgery nurse. And, what’s more, and further as well as, I made it in a record time of 39 minutes!

This despite the new injuries joining in with the regular ailments today. I amazed myself in getting there just in time for the appointment. The feet were aching something rotten, but no other hiatus. (Should that be hiatuses?)

The nurse soon had me in her room and taking the blood. I asked her if she would take a look at the black toe on me left foot and the two scars on me right shin for me, which, she did. She could not help bursting into laughter when I told her how they had occurred. She said to take the new plasters she’s put on them off tonight and dab with lesions with antiseptic cream or TCP, then leave the plasters off so they could dry naturally.

I thanked her, gave her the nibbles and walked down into Carrington proper and called in Lidl to get some fruit and veg. Apples, bananas, yellow and red peppers, some nibbles for the nurses later and a pack of four cheese covered cobs. I thought perhaps tonight I might have two bacon cobs, with tomatoes beetroots and gherkins maybe? Oh, and I got some Magnesium tablets at an excellent price too. Since Sandra Lentz recommended them to me, the night cramps have got a lot less often and severe. (Thanks, Sandie my flower XXX)

The lady on the checkout didn’t sneer at me or overcharge me either (I checked) a new employee obviously, mind you she has got the knack of throwing the goods at me all off pat.

Out to the bus stop, I must have looked knackered or something, because a lady offered me her seat in the shelter? With the state of my piles, I thanked her and declined the kind offer.

The bus came, and I rode into Sherwood. There I alighted and went to the Pelican light to cross the road and hope a bus to the flats would be coming soon. It wasn’t, I’d missed it by three minutes, the next one due in 57 minutes, Tsk!

So, I hobbled, and I was hobbling now, the haemorrhoids and feet were giving me grief, up over the hill and into Woodthorpe Grange Park, as a few drops of rain tried to force their way down.

MC01The park was free of Pathway Cyclists, and many dogs were enjoying taking their owners for a walk and ball games. I loved seeing the wagging tails. (On the dogs like, not the owners).

Up towards the end of the footpath, there were groups of young lads in twos with their mobiles out – I think they might have been looking for the, erm… what’s it called, the new thing where they chase after an icon figure? Sorry, I mentioned it now I can’t remember the name of it, a game of some sort? A new craze, I saw it on the news the other night. Never mind!

On the way down the gravel hill to the flats, an old chap was walking up with what might have been his grandson, and he spoke to me as I hobble passed him: “Where’s yer skateboard, that’d make it easier?” I replied, quick as a flash: “I’ve been bungee jumping and left it on the platform!” Well, they both laughed out loud at that! I’m doing well at making folks laugh today up to now. Hehehe!

Got in the flat and put the fodder away, WRWW and made a cuppa.

I got the Appointment letter from the Treatment Centre at the Queens Medical out of the ‘Medical File’ and put it in the jacket pocket ready for tomorrow afternoon. Felt a bit proud that I had not lost it really. 

Had a pork loin cheesy cob. Feeling a bit better now. Took the dressing off the arm and I got the laptop on and updated this tosh. Did some graphicationalisationing.

Took some apples and bacon and went to visit Olive. It was super-good to find her in better spirits and welcoming me with her wonderful smile. We had a great chinwag and reminiscing session which I enjoyed so much. Kiss and a cuddle, and back to the flat to make use of the throne.

10Decided to have bacon cobs for my meal tonight.

Kept it smaller than usual, having had the pork loin cob earlier.

Two bacon (That I cooked in the oven) cheesy cobs, Gherkins, yellow tomatoes, a rice cake and beetroot. Followed by a banana and lemon flavoured yoghourt.

I placed the tray after eating it on the chair next to the £300 second-hand recliner, put the TV on, and faded fast! Eyes drooped, and I spent hours nodding off, waking to see what was on the goggle-box and nodding off again. Amazingly I had no calls to the water closet at all?

Around midnight I think it was, I gave up and turned the TV set off, and drifted into sleep, Sweet Morpheus!

Inchcock Today – Tue 12 July 16: Hectic, rainy, Whoopsiedangleplop ridden day. Worn me out well!


Tuesday 12th July 2016


Good Morning!

0400hrs: Reluctantly I woke and lay thinking of things needing doing today. Got to see Deana about the British Gas repeated overcharge at 0830hrs, Clinic and INR blood test appointments, pick up the prescriptions from the chemist and so on.

The £300 second-hand recliner chair shuddered in response to me pressing the button to for it to be lowered so I could get out of it for a WRWW+HD visit. All okay on this first visit.


Breakfast today

Kettle on and took the medications, titivated the kitchen and back for yet another bothersome WRWW (Wet-Room Wee-wee).

Ablutions carried out.

Laptop on and finished the Monday post.

Another quick WRWW (Had a few of these today) and I started this one off.

Checked the emails and then got myself sorted out for the walk to see Deana at the community shed. While doing this, I remembered a bit of a dream I’d had I was again being chased, then found myself drowning in a gravy dish and was quite happy about it, eating a giant sausage as I departed life?


Deana sorts out the mysterious second meter charge from the French-owned British Gas for me. Many Thanks Deana! X

Deana, one again contacted the French-owned British Gas con artists and liars for me. in an effort to sort out why I keep getting charged for the electricity from a meter that does not exist!

Only took her around 30 minutes this tie, before they told her they would close the account (Like they told her on June 7th).

I thanked her and nipped back to the flats, wondering how long it would be before I get another demand for the £245 to be paid from this imaginary meter?

The Fresh Fish van was outside of the building, and Olive was getting some, so I joined her and got some smoked mackerel fillets. Walked her back to her flat and had a gossip.

To the flat and updated this twaddle.

It was soon time for the walk to Carrington and the Doctors for the INR blood test, then I must get the prescriptions from the chemist, then to the clinic, and try to get some yellow tomatoes from somewhere.

Dropped the rubbish bags down the chute, then down the lift to the lobby, buy was it raining!


Under umbrella shot – Chestnut Walk

Walked own to the bottle bank with me four empty pickle jars and wind-proof umbrella up.

Took this photograph from under the brolly from the end of Chestnut Walk outside the flats.

The road looked more like a canal! Hehe!

Carrying the bag and balancing the brolly was difficult – in fact it ensured that my back was soaking by the time I’d got to the surgery! I still managed it in around 38 minutes though.

The nurse soon did me blood test and we had a chinwag too. Gave her the nibbles and set off to the Chemists to get my prescriptions.

Then to Lidl where I got some very naughty jars of cured pork, dried onions, Bananas and tomatoes and a can of Citrus Air-Spray. (Not the yellow ones, they were from Spain and I knew they would taste bitter). The gal on the check-out dropped the can of spray and the plastic top broke. She told me to fetch another can form the shelves… but a young chap in the queue behind shot off an got it for me. Thanked him, good of him that!

Then got even wetter, as I had to carry two bags now, and the brolly was too much for me to handle and cope with.


Cor Blimey it rained!

Caught a bus on Hucknall Road to the Clinic, a further soaking as I walked to the building. I entered to find from the grumpy receptionist bloke, that my appointment was for next week, not this! Whoopsiedangleplop and embarrassment again!

Caught the bus back into Carrington and another one on Mansfield Road back into Sherwood. Got wet once more as I walked up the hill and over the pelican crossing to the bus stop in the hope that a bus to the flats would be coming soon.

Luckily one was due in five minutes… then, Whoopsiedangleplop number two occurred as it arrived. I made my way forward and the right ankle gave way, but very luckily I say… as I went over backwards, a lady behind me caught me and stopped me hitting the deck. Thanked her profusely and got onto the bus, red-faced and wet!

Another soaking yet, when I got off the bus and walked to the flat’s foyer. The rain was vicious now.

On the lift up to the flats, a bloke carrying a little dog, got on with his missus and another woman. The other woman did not like dogs coming into the complex at all, she told them dogs are barred other than guide dogs, and generally let her feelings be known about it – quiet an exciting altercation and lift journey really. I thought about it after they had all got off on a lower floor and I continued up to the twelfth. If someone had had to give up their pet dog to come into these flats, it would surely be a benefit to them to see the dog occasionally? Then I thought, what-about other people who gave up their dog and then see someone else’s? I didn’t mind, it was a friendly little thing well under control?


The chemist parcel dwarfs the other stuff.

Onward, well, upward to the flat and WRWW session.

Put the things I’d bought away.

The bag of medications dwarfed the fodder I’d bought. Hehe!

As I put on the kettle to make a cuppa and take the midday medications, the rain stopped suddenly completely?

Thoughts turned to what I was going to have for my meal. The cured pork with a salad tempted me. Then I remembered the unwanted smoked mackerel I’d accidentally bought earlier that has to be used up. Then I thought no, I fancy some of the cured pork, then I thought, should I be using up this fish before it goes out of date, then I looked at the fish and there was no date on it? Then I decided to make my mind up when it comes to making the repast. A long word came to mind, ‘Procrastination’ that should be my middle name! Haha!

Updated this diary. Then went on Facebook and checked the emails.


Cabinet ready for sorting

Olive’s grandson has just arrived with the second wet-room storage box all made up for me and put it in place. Super that, thanked him and asked if I could give him some money in appreciation, but he wouldn’t take any.

I can get in touch with the caretaker, if he’s off his mobile and I can find him, to hire him to do the painting of the bare wood for me now. Then I an sort out what is to go where and make use of the cabinets that Roger has so kindly done for me.


View from sweet Olive’s bedroom.

Went to visit Olive. A lovely chinwag and bonding session… lovely sojourn in happiness and bliss. Despite my feeling a bit drained with the days activities. A hug and cuddle and I had to depart back to number 72 flat.

Took the evening medications.

Got the fodder on the go straight away, while I was still awake, reckon I did a bit too much today. Still, the dizzies stayed off.


Fish nosh tonight

Had smoked mackerel, fish sticks, fishcake, last of the pod peas, pickled egg, roast onions, onion rings, apple, the horrible tomatoes from Lidl and the last dessert.

Half way through I got a phone call on the landline. By the time I struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner, the caller rang off.

Settled back into the grinding chair, and back to the meal. The mobile rang. It was the doctors surgery. The results from this mornings INR Blood Test were back. Far too high at 5.9, and they needed to tell me not to take any Warfarin tonight, and gave me the dosages for the rest of the week.

I told them I’d just taken tonight’s doses, she said start by not taking any tomorrow then. I manipulated myself out of the £300 second-hand recliner and wrote them down.

She then made my next INR appointment for 0920hrs Tuesday 19th July, then reminded me I had the cardiac appointment at 1010hrs on Wednesday 20th July.

Thanked her and mounted the now not operating £300 second-hand mechanical recliner chair.

Started to watch a DVD, James Bond’s Octopussy, but didn’t get to see the ending, even after several nod-offs and rewinds.

Sleep came easily tonight.

Inchcock Today Mon 14 Dec 15: Not feeling well, the rumbling innards are back – Humph!

Show me a man with both feet firmly on the ground and…

I’ll show you a man who can’t get his pants or socks off!

Monday 14th December 2015

Up with a start again at 0250 hrs – Laid feeling sorry for missen with me rumbling stomach back again, aching legs, bleeding sore ‘Little Inchy’ that needed medicating and cleaning up… yet not unhappy really?

The trip yesterday is responsible for me weariness and most of the aches and pains – yet I even enjoyed that in a way.

The first time for ages that I awoke and felt like staying there… Forced to get up though for a porcelain visit and to tend to ‘Little Inchy’.

No coughing yet, but me nose was blocked and eyes running a bit. Oh dear!

Cuppa and took me medications, laptop on to finish off yesterdays diary.

Feeling a bit drained already, poor old thing!

Cracking headache now, not had one like this for years. Tsk!

Started this diary off.

Had a bath and attended the porcelain again.

Got missen ready for me walk to the doctors for me INR Warfarin level blood test. Took me rubbish bags to the chute on the way out.

P1020664Met Deana and some residents and had a quick natter, and out on me walk down the hill to Sherwood, then up Mansfield Road into Carrington and the surgery to see the nurse.

On me way I spotted some Roadside artwork near the garages.

The knees were bad after yesterdays performance.

P1020665On Mansfield Road I noticed the solicitors window and the sign in it.

Quality Solicitors Yate & Co it said, above the rotting window ledge.


The rumbling started again and I made as much speed as I could manage to get to the doctors ASAP before I had an accident! Desperately trying not to pass any wind from the rear quarters like.

Hobbled into the surgery and straight to the WC.

Back to reception and booked missen in with the receptionist.

Had a go at me crossword book while waiting for the nurse to call me in, which she did ten minutes later.

She took me blood, I gave her some nibbles and we had a natter.

Back out to the reception I asked what was occurring with the ‘Little Inchy’ problem and had they had an answer from the clinic yet. She looked on her computer and said no reply yet. “I asked if I should just keep on bleeding every day then?”

No answer, so I left.

I went down into Lidl and bought a loaf and some Frikadellens – not a good idea the Frikadellens really considering the state of me innards. Tsk!

Caught the bus back to Sherwood desperately struggling not to have a accident with/from me bubbling innards and rear quarters. Luckily as I got off the bus and crossed the road and an L8 bus arrived as I approached the bus-stop.

Up to the flats and just made it again to the porcelain in time. (Getting risky this is!)

A letter had been delivered while I was out – from British Gas with the electricity bill – £258 to be paid.

I went to the Community shed and found both the organisers there, Deana and Obergruppenfurher Julie. Gave em some nibbles and asked Deana if she could call BT for me and set-up a direct Payment Plan with them for me?

This she did happily. Now set-up for me to pay £58 a month starting January 1st. She also got them to take £258 I owed them. I thanked her muchly.

Had to make use of their WC. Huh!

Back to the flat and put the paperwork in the BT folder. (I’m getting organised now eh?)

WC’d again! (Fancy that!).

Put some sausages in the oven to have sausage sarnies for an early nosh. (Not sure if that was a good idea or not under the circumstances like?)

WC’d again, and got the laptop going to update this twoddle.


Head told me I wanted to eat this – the rumbling stomach told me I didn’t… The stomach won.

Foolishly got me nosh ready and it looked good to me, but I didn’t eat it… well I did eat hot dog sausages in bread, but dare not risk owt else with me innards playing up.

From then on it was into the  bathroom, session of wind producing on the thrown repeatedly for hours! Eventually managed to evacuate some of the rumbling bubbling innards contents and felt drained afterwards.

Genuinely worried about this now. However the rumbling eased a lot but the urge and feeling that I needed to visit the Thrown remained all night on and off. Tsk!

I eventually nodded off around 0300 hrs and didn’t get the call to the porcelain again until when I woke around 0600 hrs.

As I said earlier… Oh dear…

Inchcock Today, Sneezing Away! Mon 23 Nov 2015

Monday 23rd November 2015

Woke around 0315 hrs, sneezed myself awake and shivering! I didn’t think you could sneeze in yer sleep – I do now?

Feel so drained, but had to gerrup to go to the bathroom, in which I recalled some of the dreams I’d had, of course no pen in the bathroom so by the time I got, me business done and painfully cleaned up the dried clotted mess little Inchy was in, most of the recollections of the dream had gone into the ether. Remember a bit though.

Dream: I was back in the skyscraper buildings with battles going on all around as far as the eye could see, propeller driven fighter bombers similar to a De Havilland bombing, but with unknown markings, artillery fire, tanks soldiers... I don’t think I’ve had repeat dreams before, similar yes. In the bomb damaged and ravaged room I was in, I think Artillery sighting from, was part of an underground train?

Overall I was feeling a bit better this morning, not good, but better. I thought about what I had on today as I made a cuppa. Must have a bath this morning and good shave, cause last night I didn’t have either, I was so tired again.

Doctors 1000hrs for me INR Warfarin blood level tests, put the record card in me coat pocket and checked the bus-pass was there too while I thought of it. Seems an age since I’ve been out of the flat. Clinic at 1215hrs, and wondered as I now had some bread that has gone stale due to me not eating, if I could manage (weather permitting) to get to feed the ducks on the canal later? Oh, must get some bread as well.

The shakes seem to have gone, that’s another good thing this morning.

Laptop on and finished yesterdays diary.

Made another cuppa and took me medications.

Got me thick cardigan and ear-flap hat ready so as to wrap up nice and warm on me trip out. Thermal jumper, then a fleece, then me multi-pocketed sleeveless jacket, then me waterproof coat on top, and me ear-flapped hat of course.

Started this diary off and did the graphics, hard to concentrate again for some reason.

Flippin’ ‘eck, I just sneezed and I think I might have woke up me neighbours from several floors up and down! Hehe! Nearly fell out of me chair!

Started doing graphic in Coreldraw and got in a pickle with it. For some reason it had stopped me exporting and the layers moved on their own?

Gave up!

Did find a funny that appealed to me though, hope you like it folks:


Got the big bag and put me laundry into it ready for the morning when BJ lifts me to launderette. Did this now in case I fell asleep later when I got in like. Tsk!

Had a bath but didn’t get a good soak, too risky. Cleaned and medicated the needy parts of me anatomy: Knees, hands, rear-end and Little Inchy.

The odd sneeze, but they were getting less frequent now. Took the rubbish to the chute and got well clobbered up, ventured out to set off on me way into town and the clinic and possibly the canal if I have time to feed the ducks.

I called into the community shed and Deana and Obergruppenfurher Julie were both in. Told them about the temperature only being 55º F, and asked if someone could possibly call and explain properly how these storage heaters work for me please. Deana called someone then told me that someone was calling on Wednesday so make sure I was in all day.

01W01This meant I was a tad late setting off so I decided I’d need to catch a bus instead of walking all the way to the GP for me INR Warfarin level test.

Unfortunately, I stopped en route to take a photograph of the Allotments down the hill.

Walked on down Winchester Street hill 01W01amanaging to just miss the bus.

Plodded on up the hill.

On the way another of the infamous Nottingham Pavement Cyclists belted passed me from behind making me jump a bit.

I had me camera in me had from earlier 01W01bso managed to catch the little varmint on film.

It’s not as if it was busy with traffic was it?

If they are too scared to use the road, they shouldn’t be on a bike should they?

01W01cOver the hill and down into Carrington and into the GP surgery. Booked in and got me crossword book out.

The nurse called me and soon had me blood taken.

Out and waited for the specialist nurse to call me to have a look at me rear-end situation. After much prodding poking and digging she said things are the same and she was going to give it another few weeks before deciding if the strangulation procedure was needed. I left some nibbles for the gals when I gave them me request for some extra Codeine Phosphates.

0101acOut and aught the bus into town dropping off at Victoria Centre shopping mall, where some of the new buildings were now revealed ready to open later.

This one a new American noshery it seems, called Coast to Coast.

Possibly it’ll be another one where 0101abyou’ll need a mortgage to get a cup of coffee from?

Walked into the slab square where the Christmas stalls and rides were now trading, the Ice Rink was nearly ready to open.

As I walked down King Street a crowd of folk had gathered with what looked 0101alike stewards watching over them, then I spotted the Fire tender beyond them when I took the photo.

Transpired there had been a Fire Alarm somewhere in the Council House, where a wedding was taking place.

As I made me way to the clinic the Groom was returning to the registry 0101agoffice carrying his new bride with him!

Up to Angel Row and into the waiting area.

Presented me card and was ushered straight in? Never had that before!

This time I had new faces investigating me lesion on Little Inchy.

Much later when all the “Oohs and arghs” and hidden giggles suffered they said continue with the same cream. I told them I had none left – the tall woman said “Oh, we haven’t either… we’ll order some, it must be kept in the fridge you know this one? Told me to all back Friday when it should have arrived.

Feeling a bit sore from the prodding pulling and poking, I walked back to the slab-square. Decided the ducks will have to wait for their treats, due to me discomfort in me lower regions.

0101ad 0101ae

0101afThe stalls, food outlets and rides were all up and running now, but not many of the folk were showing much interest yet.

My knees were doing well today. Just as well, cause Little Inchy was giving me some stick after being examined in-depth. Hehe!.

I was soon on the L9 bus, timing was right for once to catch it.

Again somehow although I nodded of three or four times on the journey back, I woke in time to get off at the right bus-stop – but felt drained.

The rest of the day was wasted – nodding off, Cuppa, medications, WC, nodding off, WC, bite to eat, nodding off… you get the idea, I was kaput! Humph!

Sun 16 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today

Sunday 16th August 2015


0144hrs: Woke, with feelings of uncertainty and uneasiness?

Me back twinging away at me, the angina playing up, bleeding ‘Little inch’, bleeding haemorrhoids, coughing and sneezing, stomach rumbling and felt so cold! Still, the reflux valve and ticker seemed calm.

Put me dressing gown on and looked at all the mess around me that needs sorting… guilt-ridden at me lack of abilities, money and help to get owt done, being conned by United Carpets… then the self-pity came over me and I felt rotten!

I took me readings BP etc.

Sys 146 – Dia 73 – Pulse 70 – Temp 34.2 I’m none the wiser till, but it seems like me usual readings or there abouts. Me problem is I keep forgetting to do these every day and the nurse ain’t happy when I go in without the readings.

Put some Betamethasone cream on the Little Inch, Phorpain gel on me knees and back where I could reach anyway.

Depressed beyond understanding I hobbled into the kitchen (The arthritis in the knees bad as well this morning, but the hands seemed okay… but later events soon changed this!).

Made a cuppa and took photo of the opening screen when I started the laptop, and tried to make use of the WC but the innards wouldn’t let me?

After I went on WordPress and got yesterdays diary finished off and posted, I went on Facebook. This cheered me up a bit I’m glad to report – so many messages and comments from me Cyber-Friends. Despite Anne Gyna letting me know she was not happy.

0104aMade another cuppa and took me morning medications early but still.

So much to try and get sorted today. Tons more paperwork to sort and that takes ages, I don’t want to rush it and shred owt I’ll need.

Still too early to start making noise with the shredder.

Sun01Answered me emails and blog comments, then I did some preparatory graphicalisationing on Coreldraw and Corel Paint X7 for a while.

Guilt at getting nothing done rose its ugly head and I tried to get the overspill paint off one of the four doors that he’d left some on for me.

Failed miserably with me cleaner spray and marked the wood – don’t know what to try next?

Still feeling guilt ridden, I decided to try to use Sun03the mechanism on the kitchen window to to turn it 180° ready for me to clean them – not easy as I have to get me arthritic hand between the button thing and the wall and hold it open all the time while turning the great window with me other arthritic hand!

A real struggle that, now I have red bruises on me knuckles.

Bits of the decaying window frame fell off all over the place and floor when I got it turned – eventually.

Tried Asda window cleaner – not much good, then tried kitchen cleaner with bleach on it, a bit better but it took ages and was so painful stretching up. The framework was filthy and took extra effort and patience to get something like clean. Chips in the glass inside and out.

When I eventually got to closing it to clean the inside I still had to keep the button thingy pulled out all the time or it would not move at all again – well pee’d off and annoyed with that I was.

Then of course I could see marks I’d missed off on the outside – Huh! No way I was going through all that pain again, they could stay there until I can get someone to help me next time – which might be forever!

Cleaned the narrow static window at the bottom. Then had to clear and clean the ledge and floor of droppings when I had opened the window – sod this for a lark – but who can I ask for help? Yes… nobody.

Hard to type now ’cause of the pain in me knuckles – yer can’t win can yer? Tsk.

Sun02Took me first picture through the window at 0620hrs.

I could hear noises again that I could not recognise – this seems to happen every day here lately?

Couldn’t even tell where they were coming from?

WC’d with great difficulty for some reason – the haemorrhoids bled profusely avote02aagain as did ‘Little Inchy’. I really must mention this to the GP on me next visit, it’s getting a tad worrying, especially with the Warfarin INR level having just returned to something like normal last week.

Updated this diary, then returned to me graphicalisationing on Coreldraw.

Got a good bath and changed – ‘Little Inchy’ not bleeding so much now. Haemorrhoids still bad though. Tsk!

Set off on a walk into Woodthorpe Park, determined to find the Tropical House to have a viewing of and take some photographs of it.

IMG_0043I walked up the back and to the top of the hill at the back of the Park.

It took me while because there were no signs for it to be found.

When I did find it, it was closed!

Hey-ho, never mind, at least I know where it is now.

Tomorrow it’s closed all day – but I’ve got to go to the Queens Medical Centre anyway, for me Warfarin INR deep blood tests.

IMG_0044It was lovely walking back through the gardens part, they were unkempt but that didn’t stop me enjoying them and for a while at least, forget me other worries.

I walked down into the thickets of wood and came across a tree stump that had some amazing looking fungi-growth at the base of it.

IMG_0045The wonderful two different fungi is on the right bottom of this photograph.

There was an orange and white ticket nailed to the stump, wondered what it was for?

Anyone know please?

Hobbled on and down the field back to the flats in a bit of a rush – The WC porcelain was summoning me attentions like.

Got in just in time – soddit, ‘Little Inchy’ was bleeding again – I really must mention this to the nurses tomorrow.

I met me lady neighbour when I was taking out some rubbish to the chute – and asked her if she’s like the bottle of Clementine juice that was too sweet for me.01topa

I asked her in to show her the mess United Carpets had made of installing them – that’s UNITED CARPETS!

Just thought I ought to warn any other prospective mugs like, yer know.

Did even more prep work on Coreldraw.

IMG_0046Hunger pangs matured and I got me nosh on.

The coughing started to return and the odd sneeze emitted.

I must say I really enjoyed me nosh tonight.

Chips (Fries for me hoards of fans in America Hehe!), garden peas, roasted peppers, lettuce and cabbage and some bread thins. I’d tried these chips before and they were a bit tasteless – so cunningly coated them with a pot of herbs and spices, that did the trick. Rated it 8.3/10.

The usual sudden fatigue overcame me and I retired for the night.

TTFN all.

Mon 3 Aug 2015: Inchcock Today:

Monday 3rd August 2015


0202hrs: Up and at em…

Little Inch was sore as soon as I moved the blood flowed again. Took me a while to get it to stop.

Laptop on, WC’d a few times, made a cuppa and finished off yesterdays diary.

Had a dizzy while doing it. Frit me at first, a bad un – but soon cleared itself.

INR test at 1230hrs today, got to see if prescriptions are ready too, getting low now due to having to take extra Omeprazole. I’ll see if I can call at the old place and fetch what I can carry while I’m in the area at the GP surgery.

Started this diary, made a cuppa again and then did a LOMM post.

GCjanet2Did an ode and then some graphics for the TFZ site:

Pretty pleased with this one of Janet Arran and missen.

Got the LOMM stuff posted afterwards, then got missen spruced up – Little Inch medicated, and tidied up the kitchen a bit.

Not much, just a bit like.

I tried ringing Steve of Age UK again, but still no answer, only voice-message thingy, so I left yet another one – but I think I have more chance of hitting it off with Hayley Mills than getting any help from Steve nowadays.

Got me things and set off on me walk to Dr Vindla’s surgery for the nurse to do me INR Warfarin level blood tests at 1230hrs.

Set off on me walk into Carrington, along Chestnut way, down the dreaded (but only dreaded in ice or going up the hill) Winchester Street, left and plodded up Mansfield Road over the hill and to the old house, were I got a few things filled into the bags for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop, and took out some more rubbish to the bins, only to find the next door neighbour had filled my bin with IMG_0018their rubbish – which now lays on the floor at the side of their bins!

Up to this point I had been feeling pretty fair, but the angst began again now.

Got me bags and poddled out and to the GP surgery and got there far too early – so luckily I’d got me crossword book, and failing to find any answers without cheating kept me busy for half an hour until the nice nurse called me in to have me INR Warfarin blood level test done.

Out and too the bus-stop to catch bus into Sherwood and the Nottingham Hospice donation, using me free pensioners bus-pass of course.

Dropped me bag off at the Hospice, feeling a bit tired already now?

IMG_0019Utilised me free bus-pass again and caught bus into Nottingham City centre.

At the bus-stop in Sherwood I fell in love with the gear that this chap was wearing. Very natty!

In town I caught the tram into Bulwell, it was packed with animals sitting in the disabled seats with people with walking sticks struggling keep their balance.

I struggled out of me seat to let one of the disabled ladies sit-down.

A group of three young Neanderthals who were noisily nattering between themselves as they prevented the other ladies from sitting down, gave me no choice other than to talk to them about their behaviour and occupation of the disabled seating – that did a lot of good – I really thought I was going to get a pasting as they laughed, told me to’Go away’ using other words, questioned me parentage, then mocked me with a few V-signs as they got off the tram at the next stop! After all that the animals only went three stops!

No one said anything, most of them had what looked like mobile phones with wires leading to their ear-holes and looked very intent at whatever it was they were doing?

So much for the ‘You are on CCTV’ sign on a poster next to the disabled seats. Very effective that was!

Got the dizzies after they had left and I sat down again in a seat vacated by the scum-balls. Tsk!

Such is life nowadays no one spoke about what had just happened – apart from two of the disabled ladies who thanked me for trying get them a seat and asked if I was alright.

IMG_0021Leaving Bulwell station walking onto the main road I espied some flowers fighting each other for the sunlight- to try and get some seasoned oven chips. Town.

At the end of this plot of flowers was just one yellow flower that for some reason, took away my fear and IMG_0022apprehensions of what happened on the tram for a few seconds as I looked at its beauty and took a close up photograph of it.

Can anyone tell me what kind it was please – I’d like to Post this photo on the Birds and Flowers Photography Facebook page? I would sound more knowledgeable if I could tell them the name of this beautiful flower at the same time?

Went in all the freezer shops – no that’s a lie, I forgot all about the Farmfoods shop -which is annoying because I couldn’t find any seasoned chips in any of the other shops at all? No seasoned chips anywhere? I bet Farmfoods would have had some for me to buy… Huh!

After me failed mission to get the chips I caught a bus into town – I had to go all the way to town because that is where the only bus to the flats runs from.

IMG_0020The place was busy, especially the Nottingham beach.

Pottered around a few minutes until it was close to the time for the L9 bus to arrive.

I’ve been caught out before with these L9’s departing early yer know.

IMG_0023I got back to the flats, feeling a bit under the weather suddenly.

The ulcer starting to play-up, the stomach queasy, fighting to hold back me urine, and had another dizzy-spell in the lift.

Add to these, the warm wet feeling in me pants…

Got in and sorted out the bleeding – another pair of pants goes into the bowl to get antiseptic disinfectant soaked before wringing out and adding to those already in the laundry bag. Flipping ‘eck it was only on Sunday that I did me laundry, I’ve already got four pairs of undies in there. Tsk! Good job i’ve got a good stock of em in. Hehehe! Why I’m laughing I’m not sure like…

IMG_0024Despite feeling under the weather and all the hassle I’d had – that didn’t stop me having a feast of a meal!

Roast parsnips – Bread thins – Baked beans with sultanas – Roast potatoes -Potato crush x2.

The Bannisters Potato Crush things were very tasty indeed:

IMG_0026New potatoes semi crushed with Onion, Extra Virgin olive-oil, sunflower oil, salt, parsley and back pepper – I added some vinegar after they were cooked.

They were that good I retrieved the packet from me recycling bag to show anyone who’s interested what it looks like – ’cause it’s worth trying em, they were that good tasting!

Of course I can’t remember where I got them from – Huh!

One of me best meals since being in the flat. Rated it 8.6/10.

Glad to have stopped the bleeding Inch, the stomach calming down a lot, I got me head down – then the horrendous incapacitating cramps started!

01M001 Painfully plied me legs with PhorPain gel. I think it eased it cause the agony got less within ten minutes or so.

Another frustrating day. Tsk!

Tue 7 July 2015: Worn missen out again! Tsk!

Tuesday 7th July 2015


Up at 0505hrs – I slept on the floor in the kitchen on a duvet with a throw to cover me last night – and managed to get some sleep in, partly due to sheer weariness and tiredness I expect.

Not so many cramps either. But plenty of fretting and worrying about things I’ve got to do etc. So much to do and so little getting done.

No hot water again – so I put on the immersion heater hoping it will work so I can have a wash and shave before Painter man arrives and I set off to the GP surgery for me INR Warfarin level tests, Meet BJ at the launderette so as to go to Asda to see if I can get some drawers, bin and bits.

Hoping the things (Cooker and fridge) arrive while I’m out. Fretting something awful now.

Laptop on – Made a cuppa and took me medications, started this diary off.

Water getting hotter now, so immersion seems to work in the mornings? But it is an exspensive way to do things – and I’m spending far too much as it is… Worry fretting panic setting in again – Tsk!)

Got missen spruced up and into the few clean clothes I’ve got left. I really must try to get to the laundry room today and find out how things work there.

Had a good wash and shave and then made another cuppa.

Made list of things to do to take with me when I go to the GP nurse.

0202The pull-start string on the heater on the kitchen wall came off when I pulled it – Tsk! Some things never change.

The painter Paul is late coming, he said he’d be here for 0800hrs so I could have time to walk to the GP appointment and someone would be here just in case the fridge and cooker arrived early.

If he doesn’t get here soon – what do I do?

Missing the INR blood tests is not on really.. ah he’s here…

Got me things ready and left on me 40 minute walk to the doctor’s surgery.

Got there and waited a while and got called in around 0915hrs.

I realised I’d taken the wrong Anticoagulation Record Card with me and told the surgery Nurse – but it was the nice one and she said not to worry?

She had a look at me damaged wrist and said to come back if the blue swelling had not gone down in three day.

I thanked her and made me way to the launderette to meet BJ.

One of the infamous Nottingham Pavement Cyclists nearly had me as I left through the gate – Swine!

Hobbled down and across to the launderette.

Had a chin-wag with Mandy, had her in tucks and all I was telling her was what had happened to me – It must be the way I tell em! Hehe!

BJ came in and his laundry was ready to be taken out of the driers.

We were soon off to Asda. Where I got a call from the Curry’s delivery drivers, they could not get into the flat – no answer to their call!

panic set in then… I called Steve from Age UK and asked him to ring Paul he painter to tell him they were outside.

BJ said a few moments later, ring Steve back and confirm they got in or I’ll run yo back sharpish. I rang him and they had got in – Phew!

Knowing this, I got some butter, sausages, sausages and sausages from Asda. But forgot the milk – hope the one I got yesterday has not gone off. Then got two of the 3 drawer storage thingies.

We made out way back to BJ’s house for him to show me the storage cabinet he’s got from Ikea to see if similar would be suitable for me to get. They were practical, but expensive.

Then he ran be back to the flats and dropped me off outside, thanked him and he shot off.

Got up to twelfth and as I got out of the lift – a pile of shredded foam was all over the area floor! Currys to thank for that. Decided to get it cleaned up ASAP or risk getting a bad name with the other residents.

In the flat I greeted in the kitchen by the fridge all looking nice in the corner near the window, and the new Cooker, unfortunately still in all its wrappings – Foam, plastics, wood slats etc.

Paul painter said they told him not to start the fridge-freezer for three hours? The place was a mess with bits of wrappings all over and Paul’s mementos of spots of paint. Oh dear, just when I was getting to feel drained too!

I struggled but got the cooker wrappings off and broke them down and carried some down and out to the caretakers refuse door – and it was open, so I popped in and found the lad Robert – who had apparently asked the Curry’s men if they had taken away their rubbish and they assured him they had – Naughty! they had not! I told him about the cooker and my ringing the Council City Homes to see if they provided a cooker installation service and they did not.

He (Robert) said he would come up in a bit to see what’s what.

I went back up and started to clean up the mess the Currys lads had left near the lift – no easy task as the giant air-vents either end of the landing were letting in the wind and it was very gusty too! Huh! Took me ages to corner the bits of foam. Hehe, must have been a funny sight!

Then I had a look at the cooker and there were not connection wires as I could see to attach it to the electricity supply box?

I started to clean the place up again and Robert arrived to have a look. He tried to sort out the problem with the hot water – but we got nowhere with it – he did explain about the night storage heaters – they were expensive!

Then he looked at the cooker and said indeed the cables were missing to link it up? He would return on Thursday to have another look and will try to sort some out for me. Thanked him an off he poddled.

I went down to the community shed leaned and spoke with one of the two ladies there – not the Frau Obergruppenfurher Camp Kommandant one, I just smiled in her direction but kept out of any verbal communication.

The lady said see how it goes, she’ll ask someone to come and see me. (Loud Tut from the Frau Kommandant on the next table at this stage).

The wind was now the worst I’ve ever encountered locally.

Back to the flat and painter Paul was clearing his thing ready to go – so I paid him his money and off he went.

I relaxed a bit now I was on me own again checked the kitchen out and started to appreciate all the mementos he’s left for me in the kitchen:

Paint splashed on the sink, draining board, laptop, door, cupboards, floor, windows, draining tray every exposed bottle, tin, crockery, the chair, the chair cushion (which incidentally had one broken tie when I left the house earlier and now had four broken ties?) and even the kettle was speckled in magnolia paint!

Took me ages to clean em, in fact I ain’t done em all yet. Tsk!

Just had a peep in the front room – the new Virgin modem, telephone and the windows will need specks removing too.

I’m too nervous to check the other rooms

IMG_0052Then I got the fridge turned on – the cooker in position then made a cuppa.

The cooker looks like it has an expression on its face don’t you think?

Tonight methinks beans and sausage.

Cleaned the sink area but not all the bottles, jugs, sprays etc, just too tired and wanted to get this diary finished off while me memories were semi-fresh.

IMG_0051The bare looking fridge was photographicalised for posterity.

If that’s the right word?

Must try to get some frozen nosh in tomorrow – maybe-not though, I forgot the cooker ain’t working yet – I’m easily confused yer know.Tsk!

Oh that reminds, nurse Nicole made an appointment for me cardiac blood test 0945hrs on Mon 27 July.

Hang on, I’ll put that in me Google calendar now…

Done it, thanks fer yer patients… no I mean patience folks!

IMG_0053The two three drawer storage units I’ve put in the kitchen for now. They are plastic and I thought a good idea for storing stuff in the bathroom?

What do you think?

I just got me first incoming phone call on me land-line – wrong number. Huh!


Got me nosh ready to go into the microwave. I’d IMG_0054stuck with the idea of beans and sausage. Mini cocktail sausages.

Had no time to prepare Patti Berkert’s curried bean recipe so had them straight as if to speak.

The milk had not turned or gone off so enjoyed a good strong cuppa with them – (and some un-mangled from being squashed on delivery along with the broken clock) Tesco mini-rolls for afters.

I think Glendora from Age UK is calling tomorrow. Hope she’s been told about me appointment at the clinic.

Tired again now.