Inchcock Today – Wednesday 1st August 2018: Marathon hobble, Arboretum visited, fell asleep on bus going home, wonderful nosh!



Wednesday 1st August 2018

Dutch: Woensdag 1 Augustus 2018

0425hrs: Woke up, but wasn’t entirely sure if I had woken up or was I still dreaming. I’d had a bad night, couldn’t get to sleep at first, then when I did drop-off, I had persistent nightmares and dreams.

In one of them, the only one I can recall anything concrete from the memory banks about, I was on stage doing a stand-up comedy routine. The laughter from the auditorium seemed long and loud, and I was delighted at this. When they started to throw eggs and Molotov cocktails at me, then started shooting at me, I found myself suddenly in a dark confined space. I realised where it was, as I was shot-out of the torpedo tube! Not sure what happened next, but I ended up on a beach, unable to move with holidaymakers amazed and studying me like they would a beached whale?

For some reason, the scribbled notes that I can’t remember writing on the notepad were mostly legible for once.

 It came to me; that I have to get to the hospital for the blood tests today. This prompted me to get my body-mass out of the £300 second-hand recliner and go to the Porcelain Throne and do the ablutions.

3Wed03WDP001B As I settled on the Throne, to find that things had gone all soft and runny again (Tsk!), it dawned on me; I do not have a blood test this week!

I cleaned up after the uncomfortably messy evacuation, washed my hands and went to the kitchen to get the Health Checks done.

The results looked alright.


Apart from the weight that had shot up. Humph!

3Wed04Took the medications, with a Dia-Limit capsule.

Started to make up a black waste bag, and found a few (around ten) of the black iron-clad biting beetles were in the bin I’d taken the bag out of.

The nippy little buggers dispersed at high speed, and I could only get to catch one of them. I sprayed the bins with antiseptic disinfectant. By gum, they are quick movers!

3Wed01It felt so cold this morning suddenly.

I got on with finishing off yesterday’s post.

With a lack of happening on Tuesday and the rain keeping me indoors, there was not much time needed to do the job of finalising and getting the diary posted off to the WordPress site.

3Wed04aThen I began to make up this blog page.

Went to make a brew of tea.

As I did so, the innards began to rumble a bit?

The skyline looked a tad threatening, so I had a look at the weather forecast for Nottingham on Google.


Not much chance of any precipitation until this evening according to this graph.

WDP001B Suddenly the innards started to brew, and I had to hasten back to the Porcelain Throne again. Another messy evacuation. Huh! Still, it gave me time to consider whether I should have a walk into town or not. For Dizzy Dennis was starting to get at me now, and I couldn’t see why, or if he will let up later, as he usually does.

Decisions, decisions! In psychology, decision-making is regarded as the cognitive process resulting in the selection of a belief or a course of action among several alternative possibilities, often misread or incalculable. At least that what found as I looked it up on the web when trying to find a cause of my hesitancy, irresoluteness, and pendulous shilly-shallying. I tentatively decided I would go out, and have a good long walk to help counter my increasing weight, and feed the mallards in the Nottingham Arboretum.

I went onto the WordPress Reader.

Then got myself ready and took the black bags to the chute on the way out.

WDP001B I went back to the flat to put my hearing aids in. Schlemiel!

3Wed06Out and onto Chestnut Walk.

Another fear-making take-your-life-in-your-hands job getting along the now pavementless road. The builders were very busy again.

The plates-of-meat soon started aching and hurting, before I even got half the way down Winchester Street. But this was expected with my not getting much activity in lately.

3Wed07I plodded on resolutely.

And was so amazed at the progress I was making.

And, not a single Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist on the two-mile hike as far as the Rock Cemetry. Where, I thought about going in to view my Architectural hero’s grave, that of Fothergill Watson. By the time I got to the gate, 3Wed08I had realised I could not remember where it was located. Klutz!

I Carrington I called on the Sherrington Park Medical Practice to ask if the doctor could add some haemorrhoid cream to my prescription.

But she was not there.

I left and went further down Mansfield Road and 3Wed09crossed over to go to the Carrington Chemist shop.

The pharmacist spotted me going up to counter,  and hid. Hehe! I asked the young lady about there being no haemorrhoid cream in last months prescriptions. She said, after looking into the computer, the Doctor had stopped prescribing them now, and I would have to buy some over the counter. Part of the Governments cut-backs to save the NHS money. I was Gobsmacked!

3Wed10I departed and crossed the road and continued my, by now hobbling progress toward the Arboretum.

Near the Clarendon College, I spotted this BigBoy Waste bin as I passed a bus stop. Blimey, the stink coming from it! Haha!

Up the hill and noticed the time on the bus shelter display3Wed11.

I cut through to South Sherwood Street

An area inundated with student residences, ladies of the night and drug gangs.

It doesn’t matter what time of day it is when I walk down this street, I’m always on alert for muggers, pickpockets, druggies, alcoholics etc. None today, though. Phew!

3Wed11aAs I entered the grounds and walked under the MPB (Muggers Paradise Bridge), it was apparent that some kids play organisation had taken over the bottom area of Arboretum.

Much to the chagrin of some of the organisers, I took some photographs of how far they had got with play areas, bouncy castles, playground games for the kids.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

No one else about apart from the veggie-folk and me. I image the show will start later on today. Bet the kids who go enjoy themselves.

3Wed19I got to the pond. Only one or two Nottinghamians were about there too.

Only the pigeons showed any interest in the mealworm pellets and sunflower hearts I was dishing out, at first.

Later my favourite mallards came over and joined in the feast. But not many of them, and they all appeared so young?

I love the way that the pigeons and mallards seem to get on with each other.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I came out with a good bit of weight in the bags and only £8.03 lighter in the pockets. With; Choc bars for the Social Hour nibble box, 1×6 500g spring water, a drink of fresh orange juice, 2 rolls of black refuse sacks, balsamic vinegar (At only 57p a bottle!), oven bottom muffins and some cocktail sausages.

3Wed20Paid the bloke, packed the bags to even the weight balance and out and back over the road to go through the Victoria Mall again.

I spotted this bit of Nottinghamian Street Art on the way. Hehe!

As I came out onto Milton Street. Now this is true, not a made-up photographicalisation, the real deal, genuine and honestly I took this snap 3Wed21in the front of the mall door.

Yes, two, I say two imitation police officeresses, making their way into the Victoria Centre, as the giggled together.

The uniforms looked bright and new?

So, that is three pretend officers of the law I’ve seen in town in the last six weeks now. Things are looking up. Humph!

3Wed22I made my weary way through Trinity Square, down Trinity Walk onto Upper Parliament Street and down King Street into the slab square, to have a look around the Nottingham Beach.

Not many people on the beach though. But today there were three kids having fun in the paddling pool, mind.

3Wed23On the ‘broad-walk’, a Nottingham PAvement Cyclist was riding through the few folks there were.

His head swaggered ass he stopped to chat-up some young Nottingham girls.

Naturally, I was not jealous, at all. Haha!

I made my way up Queen Street to the L9 bus stop and found Mary sat at the shelter. (I think that is her name anyway).

We had a little natter en route back to the flats. I’d nodded off by the time the bus arrived at the Winwood building site. I was a bit surprised that Mary did not wake me up, a complete stranger lady did, though. I gave her thanks. What a plonka!

3Wed24Our getting back to Woodthorpe Court from the bus stop was bit hazzardous again.

Deliveries coming into the Willmott-Dixon lads, forklifts, tractors, and general traffic had to be navigated through.

Got in the lift and gave Mary a nibble. That’s sounds bad, dunnnit? Haha!

3Wed25We said out cheerios, and I carried on up in the lift and got to the flat.

Had a much needed wee-wee.

Put the fodder away and put the oven on to warm up for the seasoned chops to cook later.

Got the computer on and made up a map of this mornings hobble.

Cor blimey, the plates-of-meat were giving me some Michael Caine after the mini-marathon trek I’d taken.

Cost me three hours to update this blog.

Then I went on TFZer Facebook to add some of these photos for the clan.

Put some picture in the albums, too.

Got the meal, such as it is cooking. Well, the seasoned potato slices in the oven.

3Wed29aWDP001B Unfortunately, I forgot about the beans simmering in the saucepan, and when I went to check the potatoes progress, I found a semi-burnt tough congealed mass of leathery almost black baked beans!

Cunningly, I removed the pan from the heat, and stirred in some tomato and basil cooking sauce, and remained in the kitchen stirring it, while the potatoes cooked.

As it happens, apart from the cleaning up of the burnt saucepan afterwards, the beans tasted marvellous! In fact, everything on the plate tasted good. A taste Rating of 9.45/10!

The washing up took a record amount of time, though. Tsk!

While putting the pots away, I missed a phone call. Too slow to get to the other room. Humph!

When I got settled down, I put the TV on after planning what to watch tonight. There was an old film on I fancied seeing. But I nodded off and woke up when the credits were rolling on the screen. Hehe! At least I got some kip in for a change. Add this to the falling asleep on the bus, I did rather well. Even had a kind lady to wake me up at the bus stop.

Some exercise got in, saw and fed the mallards, saw police persons in town… Not a sad day for me!

Inchcock Today – Friday 27th July 2018: Early morning Whoopsiedangleplops, decent day, then evening agony. Tsk!


Friday 27th July 2018

Azerbaijani: Cümə 27 Iyul 2018

0430hrs: Woke up and waited for the brain to join my activated torso and limbs. It took a while longer to engage this morning, but some clarity showed its face when things gelled. Well, I say transparency, perhaps a more appertain phrase would have been an opaque translucency, which confused the grey cells at first.

I got up out of the £300 second-hand recliner and made my way for a wee-wee, which turned out to be almost a life-saver.

WH02: As I was getting to the wet room door, things started to evacuate of their own accord from the rear end – Again, how I got on the Porcelain Throne in time, I don’t know, but I managed it.

WH02: Unfortunately stubbing my toe and banging the left kneecap on the porcelain bowl in my panic, and then cut the back of the same knee on the sharp corner that the plastic corner-protector I’d knocked off on my hurridly getting myself down on the seat, had been located. Nebekh!

Cleaned up and went off to put a Dia-Limit capsule to take with the morning medications. Only two left now, I must get out and purchase some later on.

Got the Health Checks done.


5Fri001All the reading had gone up a tad.

Perhaps the kerfuffle with the Porcelain Throne evacuation and knocks and bangs just encountered were the reasons for these increases. Possibly a good sign?

WH02: Oh, heck! I went to take the medications and discovered I had missed taking yesterdays morning doses. They were still in the Thursday section of the weekly dosage tray. Schlemiel! At least with offered up a possible reason for the (At the time, confusing) dizzies and shakes I suffered last night? Tsk!

5Fri002I’d let the tea get cold, so made another brew.

Then, I got the pod peas podded into the crock-pot basin, covered with water and added some demerara sugar to them.

Back for another wee-wee. (Beginning to wear at me all this urinalisationing you know. Haha!)

The forecast I looked up on the web, is for some thunder and lightning. Found this site giving advice on What to Expect, for the proletariat scum, shoplifters, muggers, druggies and the more senile, older ones of us.


Well, such expert advice is much appreciated. Humph!

Better get with this blogging updating before the Virgin Internet goes down and the lights start flashing, like last time we had a storm here. (Long time ago now!)

Must get to the opticians with the frames, buy some liquid-soap flakes and Dia-limit capsules too. Before the storm forecasted starting time. I suppose living up here in the sky closer to the lightning might mean more chance of being hit, or should that be less?

Bet the lads won’t be up on the hoists working outside today. Well, it the storm is as bad as predicted, I hope they will not be working high-up.

WH02 0510hrs: Turned on the computer, to find that Liberty-Virgin internet was down again! Fancy That, what chance of it working when the storm arrives… come to think of it, if it is as bad as they think it will be, I’ll turn off and unplug everything methinks?

After the failed rigmarole, folderol and ado of getting the Virgin Internet service (Hahaha! ‘Service’ I said – Hehehe…) back on, I think it just returned of its own accord, I got on with updating this post.

Then to finish off the Thursday blog.

Made this TFZer graphic for the folks on site. Please let ’em like it!


I can hear and see that the workers are out on their platforms. 

Getting late now, I’ll go and get the ablutions tended to, then go out to get… I’ve forgotten what I was going out for now… A good job I wrote it down earlier to look at, innit. Tsk! Liquid soap flakes and Dia-limit capsules. I’ll write that down on my notepad and put it in my pocket now, while I remember to.


Back in a while.

WH02 Bertie, the Ironclad Mini-biting Beetle, kept me company while I did the ablutions, bless him. By Gawd, he’s quick!

Sorted and took the rubbish bags to the waste chute as I left for the bus down to Sherwood to get to the dentists and get Dia-Limit capsules, Spring Water and get the spectacles repaired.

No signs of any rain or storms as I got out of the lobby on to Chestnut Walk.

I espied the caretaker, leaning on a barrier. I bade him good morning (when will I learn not to bother). His being in his standard position on his mobile phone was the most likely 5Fri006breason I got no response.

The lads were making the best of the sunshine while imbibing their cans of extra-strong lager and roll-up cigarettes were there again on the bench. Jealous? Me? Well, maybe a little bit. Hehe!


I took a photograph of the upgrading work taking place on the new Extra-Care unit being built, to block out the view and light from the old flats either side of the new unit being erected.

Sunny and warm again, I made my way towards the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights,  Obersturmbannführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast, and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like porcelain and pottery get to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, hut.

I had a chinwag with some of my fellow and fellowess tenant while waiting for the bus. I enjoyed them.


On the ride down into Sherwood, we had a few laughs between us.

Still no signs of any coming thunderstorm yet.

I went to the Wilko store, where I forgot to get some liquid-soapflakes! Humph, Nebekh! But I did get the Dia-Limit capsules, extra strong Bacofoil, and some spring water. Paid the lady and departed £15 lighter.

I popped up the hill to the Opticians and asked the lady if I could leave my broken spectacles with her for repair. The gal said she would take a look at them straight away. Bless her cotton socks.

She returned ten minutes later, with the spectacles all mended and cleaned up again. She checked on the new glasses ordered and being waited for, telling me they should have been here by now, and she’ll check with them later. I thanked her.

I strolled further up the hill, and the moment I arrived near the bus stop, a number 40 pulled up. What good fortune. Now I don’t have to walk all the way back up the hill, and I got on to ride the few stops to the top of Winchester Street.

Caroline, the lady from the Private Care Home on Chestnut Walk, we got off at the same time. We had an amble up together chinwagging away merrily. Bade her farewell as she went to her own home, and made my way along to the flats. My having to use the road to hobble on, of course, the pavement was still blocked off.

5Fri009Got inside and to the lift.

The electronic sign on the wall was still not indicating any weather information.

When the lift arrived, and the doors opened, the squealing noises caught me out and made me jump a bit.

Got up to the flat and had a wee-wee, also took a Dia-Limit capsule.

5Fri011Put the bits away that I’d bought. Some bargains amongst that lot I thought.

And, as well as and besides, I got the glasses mended for free!

Did the Health Checks and a bottle of spring water from the fridge, to drink while on the computer updating this blog.

5Fri0191445hrs: Got the nosh prepared.

Part boiled the potato cubes, added some bacon bits and garlic, olive oil, rosemary and black pepper. Put some potato waffle letters in the tray with the potatoes, placing TFZ on top. Hehe! Added some Peri-Peri BBQ marinade sauce. And got it in the oven. The peas are simmering now.

Made a Morrison order for next Thursday.

Took a picture when I looked out at the weather, no sign of any storm or rain yet? I could not help but to go on CorelDraw and make a ghostly Dalek and added it.

Hahaha! Any suggested titles for it, please?


5Fri35Got the meal served up on the tin-plate. The TFZ in the potato letters might tickle the funny bone of members of the Troll Free Zone, I hope.

It took a lot of hassle to get this one done, and amazingly it came out alright.

A Flavour-Score of 9.55 was given it after I gobbled it all up. Must have been good, for this is the first meal I’ve fully eaten for about a week now. The Peri-Peri BBQ marinade was costly and only a small amount in the bottle, but I might try this again later if the ticker keeps going. Hehe!

6Sat02Put the used tray on the other armchair, and got up to do the pots, but I took a picture through the air blocking and view limiting bird-poo covered new unwanted balcony inner window.

Not that I don’t appreciate the cost, thought and work that is going into upgrading the flats and building the new extra-care block that removes the views and light from so many apartment windows.

Took the medications and did the Health Checks.

No storm or rain has arrived, perhaps it will come later in the night or morning.

WH02 The nerves and fretting started suddenly out of the blue, for no reason that I could see or find.

This meant sleep was out of the question, as the mind went off worrying and failing to create any of the wanted answers to so many of my problems, it even started Duodenal Donald off.

I had a few swigs of the weak ineffective and impotent antacid medicine. I need not have bothered. I took an extra painkiller. All, to no effect pain-wise.

WH02 As for the grey-cells, they were in turmoil. I have no idea what rubbish I had on the TV, but for some reason, I kept it on until well gone midnight. I kept fetching bottles of spring water and cans of pop from the fridge.

Not one of my best nights. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 26th July 2018: A good start for the day – horrible ending. Int, life confusing? Hehe!


Thursday 26th July 2018

Basque: 2018 ko Uztailaren 26an, Osteguna

0430hrs: Stirred into semi-life, in need of the Porcelain Throne. Dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner with relative ease and got to the Throne, again just in time. I did see signs of the nocturnal nibbling as I got up, Tsk!

Took the medications and did the Health Checks.


Started to finalise the Wednesday Diary and got it posted off.

4Thu02The intercom chirped into life, the Morrison delivery had arrived. The driver was Kevin again, pleasant chap.

I think I may have overdone the ordering again.

I’d ordered two different types of milk and three loaves of bread?


I managed to get the fridge and freezer cram-packed once more. Klutz!

I then made a brew and went on Facebooking for a while. A second call to the Porcelain Throne arrived, dramatically suddenly! Not sure how I got there in time, well, I didn’t really. What a mess to sort out!

4Thu001I decided to do the ablutions after cleaning up, while I was in the wet room.

Noticed that the bruises were clearing up well on the left thigh, where I walked into the corner of an open cupboard on the ramshackle 1964 G-Plan cabinet.

Shaved, teeth cleaned, scrubbed-up and deodorised, I observed some of the mini-ironclad biting beetles were on the floor near to the back cabinet? They were far too quick for me to catch any.

3Wed30Went to the kitchen to make another mug of tea.

Some more of the tiny iron-clad beetles had occupied the window ledge. One of them apparently on guard duty on the top of the kitchen towel.

I went to pick up the kitchen roll he was on, he came straight at my finger, bit me; and shot off, not to be seen again! I wondered if this indicated a possible nest somewhere?

Forgot all about making a brew, and got the nibble-box filled, raffle prizes and put the Sourdough loaf I had over-ordered, to see if anyone would like it, into the bag.

WDPBL02a: Went on the WordPress Reader section. Virgin Internet went down again. I turned everything off and left it.

Soon time to get ready for the Social Hour meeting.

I took these photographs on my wander around the site and on the way to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room, for the Social Hour.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See the X on one of the photos? They have now blocked off the footpath altogether. So, the only option is to use the road on Chestnut Walk. No pavement access left at all now. Dangerous or what? Tsuris, is undoubtedly imminent here? Tsk!

Many residents attended the meeting this morning. The usual girls were in fine singing form. I wanted to make a suggestion that they form a singing group. Raffle Prizes put on the tray. Saturday cakes were handed to Jenny. Raffle tickets bought and handed out. Sat with John, BJ, and Bill (Willaim on Sundays) and we had a good laugh and bash at doing the crosswords.

July 26 2018 - 01hTook the nibble box around and got some little chinwags in on the way.

I nipped out to take this photograph of Complex from near the bus stop.

The workers were like bees around a honey-pot.

As I returned to the shed and the social, I got the sensation that Little Inchies Lesion was now bleeding, I could feel it. So I bade my cheerios to all.

July 26 2018 - 01iStill found time to take this last shot, of the busy workers at the next gated compound along towards Woodthorpe Court.

Then I hot-footed it (Well, limped a bit faster) into the foyer and up to the apartment. Into the wet room.

WDPBL02a: Spent a long time sorting things out with the bleeding lesion.

Had a wee-wee and did the midday Health Checks and medication.

Then started to update this blog.

Then went on CorelDraw to try and get some more TFZer graphicalisationing done. Got two finished and posted to the TFZ site.


A new invention? Hehe!


Took me ages to get done, I hope they like it.

Got the nosh on, chips in the oven, spread the bread to have with the Pork Pie that Jenny so kindly gave me.

4Thu21Got the meal served up.

And, very tasty it was!

Apart from the tomatoes which brought down the flavour rating to 7.5/10, a lovely-jubbly nosh!

I didn’t manage to eat it all but did most of it.

Did the Health Checks and got the TV on. Accompanied by the odd bang, crunch, and tap-tapping from Herbert upstairs, I watched two episodes of Police programmes.

I fell asleep and was having a wonderfully satisfying and believable dream of my living in a large house with a pet dog and having such fun and fussing with him or her, Alsatian it was, reminded me of ‘Ross’, a dog I handled when I was in security work, but not  as big, and it wasn’t him. My old cat Cyril was playing with us. Why I can recall this detail is unknown to me. But I was having an absolutely grand time… then I woke up. Talk about feeling disappointed!

I did notice some empty cheesy curl packets on the Ottoman. (Guilt Mode Adopted!)

As I tried to get into the land of Nod, Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Shaun both had a go at me, a persistent one at that!

Hours of discomfort and concern followed. I’ve never had so much attacks for so long in one go before.

They must have eased off eventually, cause I did drop off.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 21st July 2018: Got a long hobble in today


Saturday 21st July 2018

Maori: Rāhoroi 21 o Hōngongoi 2018

0455hrs: Woke up, feeling sure I had just had a night filled with so many dreams and nightmares. One of them, or a bit of one, I found scribbled on my nocturnal-notepad.

6Sat05It took me a long time to decipher the handwriting. Then a bit of memory clicked-in. I was in a supermarket looking in the freezer section, and a large packet of roast potatoes started to sing to me. Hehe! ♫ All of me, why not bake all of me… ♫ Not the foggiest what it was all about.

6Sat02I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner, almost nimbly and without any pain whatsoever! Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna… in fact none of the usual ailment were bothering me. Apprehension and confusion at this ease of movement replaced the typical matutinal physical pains.

Even Belinda’s Blotched were not itching anything like they have been doing, and the marks were far less prominent. 

Yes, another person with my name had woke up again! 

5Fri17: I almost skipped (Well, hobbled more easily) to the Porcelain Throne. Where the evacuation was uncomfortable, gooey, messy and sticky! I must remember to get some more toilet rolls on Monday. Tsk!

My EQ told me something was going to go wrong, or happen to me soon, to take me out of this unexpected and rare, yet pleasing mood of contentment. I hate it when this happens, for it is seldom wrong.

Ang01Got a good cleaning up session done. Found some more of the ironclad biting beetles in the wet room.

All black ones this morning, none of those oddly tinged red ones like yesterday. The reddish ones tend to nip a little harder, but their shells are softer than the black ones. I wonder if they are black ones metamorphosing black ironclads or are they another species? They are longer and more significant, but there are not many of them compared to the black ironclad buggers with their shells so strong it is hard to crush them, and the darker ones are much quicker but have a far less painful bite.

Off to the kitchen, made a brew and took the medications. Then did the Health Checks. The results looked fine to me. Even the weight had stayed down, mind you, I had just passed what must have been a couple of pounds of waste product to the Porcelain Throne, hadn’t I?


6Sat03Returned to the computer room and noticed the Nottingham City Homes Monitoring thingy was still showing 31°c – 88°f. The temperature has been in the red zone since they provided this machine. When I mentioned this to someone the other day, I was told it is the same for everyone! So, why did they offer them in the first place, if they are going to ignore the readings anyway? Smoke & Mirrors?

I pondered a while on things to be done. Monday FootLady Sue 1000hrs, then collect prescriptions from Chemist. Wednesday afternoon Opticians (Remember to take the broken glasses with me), and the INR DVT blood test at the City Hospital. Thursday Morrison Delivery 0630hrs then Social Hour. A ficulnean idea, making plans so early.

On the computer and began to finalise the Friday post and sent it off. Had a bash on the WordPress Reader.

Made a start on this blog.

Went on Facebooking to add photographs and check on the TFZer site.

Oh, dear, it sounds as if Herbert above is getting his equipment ready for drilling, knocking, tapping, clattering and buzzing making his engines again. But of course, I am not complaining, just mentioning it. No point in my risking Nottingham City Homes upset for moaning about their favourite mollycoddled tenant making a noise. As the Management, told me; He is doing nothing wrong, just following his hobby of model making. “You’ll have to put up with it!” I don’t want to lose my home. Oh heck, I forgot there that I was told not to put any conversations I have with any Nottingham City Homes Management, employees, representative or agent on my blog. Sorry about that, I’ll cross it off.

I decided to catch a bus into Arnold, and walk all the way back, to get some decent exercise in.

So, I’ll stop here and get the ablutions done, so I don’t miss the bus out.

0840hrs: Back in a while.

1230hrs: I’m back now folks. Now for the tale of trip out.

6Sat06I took the bin bags to the chute and the empty jars to the recycling bin on the way to the bus stop.

Willmott-Dixon who are not working, Saturday you know. Had left some massive metal sheets of iron, over the gaps left from digging to put the cables and pipes in, to lead to the New Build Block, making sure none of us old dears could fall down the hole. Interestingly, they had left one if the yellow sections of barrier out of the line. So, if any of our residents come home pickled (And that is well possible, we have more than our share of alcoholics, Hehe!) and want to throw themselves down the hole, they can. Or one of the sight impaired tenants. How caring if them.

Limped on to the bus stop, where a mass of residents bodies were waiting for the bus and grew in number as I remained with them. Some laughs and chinwags were enjoyed, especially with Cyndy and Roy, a pair of characters indeed.

The route taken on the bus, and then on my tootsies hobbling home, here.


I dropped off the L9 at the Sainsbury Store and spent some money on Lucozade, potatoes, oven-bottom-muffins, onion salt, Hisin & five spice sauce, surimi fish sticks, shortbread and shorties biscuits and some apples. I cunningly decided not to get the spring water (heavy to carry) or ice-cream cones (would soon melt) and decided to buy them nearer to the flats. Because I was still determined to walk home and get some exercise in, cause I 6Sat10still feeling perky, the state as I woke up in.

Finished the shopping and paid the lady at the checkout.

I hope she gets her teeth or throat seen to soon, she didn’t seem able to speak or smile, Poor thing!.

Out and started my walk back home.

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6Sat09What a shock I got when I got into Daybrook!

You may think that this picture is from somewhere else or doctored. But, no, it’s the genuine article.

I saw two Nottingham Policemen in an unmarked police car who had stopped a cyclist who was sat on the wall of the Vale pub. Their body language indicated they were not happy with him, whatever he’s done of had happened. I plodded on.

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6Sat16I called in the small Tesco store and got some spring water and ice-cream cones. By gum, the bags were heavy now, and I was struggling a bit with them.

As I limped through the gates, this kindest young lady stopped me and asked me if I was going all the way up the hill, and could she carry one of the bags up the path for me. I felt humbled and cared for in a second. Thank you a 6Sat18amillion times for that grand gesture and offer, young Lady! I did have to decline, because I had weighted the two bags to be more or less even, and this was taking pressure off of Hippy Hilda. Who was showing signs of not being too pleased with me? Restored my faith in humankind this did. Worryingly, the EQ was still sure that something not pleasant, was and is always going to happen today. Already!

As I made my way up the tortuous to my feet tarmac footpath, watching the many dogs taking their owners for a walk and a game of ball, and enjoying it; An altercation suddenly blew up between four dogs! I think the animals were only playing with each other, but it took a couple of owners a while to separate some of the woof-woofs. Hehe!

At the top I turned right and into view came the Copse and the flats.


6Sat23Worryingly, I spotted several bees that looked to be in distress, apathetic some of them had lost their colouring and were melting; if that is the right word for it. (I know its not the correct wording, but as I sit here typing this, I am feeling suddenly worse and concentration has gone kaput!)

 I put the bags down outside the foyer, partly to give me a rest and to view the scenery. Dizzy Dennis overcame me for a minute or so, but I recovered well and went inside to the lift.

6Sat155Fri17: Then back out to collect the bags. Shmendrik!

Got up and into the flat, now with a vagueness that came from nowhere. Still, I got the fodder put away and decided on garden peas, potatoes, and chicken for the nosh. Got the potatoes in the saucepan (Thinking I’d put the peas in the slow-cooker before leaving earlier – I hadn’t, but didn’t realise it yet).

Got the computer on to update this post thus far.

Oh dear, Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Steven having a go at me now.

Did the Health Checks, and took the medications.

6Sat27I’ll get the meal served up early, and take a calm sit down… well that’s the plan. Hehe!

Chicken thigh, potatoes and two tomatoes filled oven-bottom-muffins with onion salt, and an apple. Enjoyed this one, gave it an 8.8/10 taste rating.

Shaking Shaun and Dizzy Dennis were not helping me to get to sleep. They both persisted to the point that I considered pressing my wrist alarm. But I’m glad I didn’t.

There were two films on that I fancied watching. As a rule, I would not consider viewing anything on this late. But the dizzies and unsteadiness would, I thought, might be more comfortable if I was concentrating on something else. So I attempted to watch the first film, Claude Vann Damme’s ‘The Order’ – farcical, constantly nodding off for a few minutes and waking again. Missed most of the film and the ending. Woke and decided, I should be able to get to kip, as the dizzies were few and far between now. But no, sleep did not come. I repeated the same pattern in watching Steven Seagal’s ‘Belly of the  Beast’. Missed even more of this film and the ending… and many bits in between. Grumph!

Inchcock Today – Friday 20th July 2018: Eyes tested – Cataracts found in the left one. No wonder I’ve been struggling to read the subtitles on the TV. Hey-Ho!


Friday 20th July 2018

Samoan: Aso Faraile 20 Iulai 2018

0435hrs: Woke up in yet again a different mode and mood. Anxious stressed and not sure why. Recalled I have the Opticians visit, the Chemist for the prescriptions, and a feeling there was something else, but uncertain what it is. Nothing new there!

The ailments seemed in a good mood though, and that helped me partially attain such an outlook.

I was soon out of the £300 second-hand recliner and doing the Health Checks.

5Fri001bI made a small mug of the PG Assam tea. A decent brew when made in a tiny cup, the bags are not strong enough to produce any strong malty flavour in an adequately sized mug. But this one was tasty enough.

The sphygmomanometer worked the first time.

The readings looked okay.


The innards summoned me to attend the Porcelain Throne. Surprising that, as I’d already had that ‘extra’ session of mammoth proportions last night? No bleeding from Harold’s Haemorrhoids whatsoever, they were just a touch sore, though.

Cleaning up afterwards, I spied a few of the iron-clad uncrushable biting mini-beetles running about on the floor and sink.


WCplasterA: One of them was not the usual jet-black like the others. It was a tiny bit bigger, more aggressive, with a redder colouration (probably through my blood the beetle has been dining on? Hehe!) I got the camera and returned, by then all the other black ones had disappeared from sight. But this more significant, slightly unconventional looking one was still there. I got a piece of toilet roll and tried to squash the little thing. The result was, it bit me, I nipped him between my fingers, and dropped him into the sink, and seemingly unharmed, he ran away so fast, trying to get to catch him I knocked my knuckles on the tap (faucet). A tough, nasty one this varmint! I hope he hasn’t got any illegal immigrant family members with him.5Fri003

I had a quick rinse and spotted that Belinda’s Blotches were now diminishing faster than my memory. Haha!

I got the computer on and started this diary going.

I shall not mention the Wee-wees again, they are so frequent; take it that one every half-hour or so took place. Tsk! Hehe!


5Fri005aSister Jane emailed me a picture of one of her Hedgehogs in her garden last night, which she caught on her CCTV cameras.

She also pointed out error (She’s very good at this, Hehe!) in telling me she has not yet had the operation for her wandering misaligned toe, with an up to date picture of her tootsies.

Went to finish the Thursday diary.

Started doing the Facebooking, when the Willmott-Dixon lads are getting nearer to my floor with the drilling and banging. Glad I’ve got to go out now.

WCplasterA: Must rush and get the ablutions done, just noticed the time, Oh dearie me!

The ablutions were done in a rush.

WCplasterA: Plenty of the dang iron-clad biting beetles in the wet room, in the sink, bowl and floor. Got a few of them and after putting them in a cup of bleach, then crushing them, some of them actually died, a couple ran off! Wholy moly!

Ang01Got the glasses out with the phone and camera to take with me, got the hearing aid in the ear-holes and set off out.

Very busy on Chestnut Walk, machinery and plant all over the place. Having to take care, no pavement to walk on one side, and not much room on the left.

I got to the bus stop as the bus arrived. Plenty of us old uns got on. Had a bit of a chinwag with Roy on the short trip into Sherwood. Alighted the bus and walked over the crossing and to the Optician’s place.

Ang01aAs I approached the pelican lights, a party from the Child Care place looked well organised. The children were behaving themselves, waking in twos hand in hand. Just to think, in a few years they will be shoplifting, drug-taking, swearing, smoking and most likely broke when Brexit takes a grip!

Got to the optometrist’s shop and went in and introduced myself. Signed a form or two, and sat down, getting the crossword book out.


A lady technician appeared and took my spectacles to measure them, and returned them. Then the ophthalmologist called me in and set about giving the eyes a proper examination. There is nothing he can do to help the left eye, as it has cataracts developing, but he can adjust the lenses in the right eye that might help. I said: “Oh, I see! Well, not very well, though. Hahaha!” He had to smile although I could see he didn’t want to.

Thorough test, then I went to see the technician lady. Who sorted out an explained the options for me, spectacle-wise. I opted for two different pairs so I could not get confused between the varifocals and the reading glasses.


Total cost to be, well, the quotation was for £272.00 to pay. Not overly shocking. Lovely staff in the business, who would not stand a chance-in-hell of working for Lidl. No sneers, insults, innuendos, dirty-looks or superior tut-tutting and putting the customer down at all. And; they did not ask for payment straight away!

Ang01bAs I thanked them and left the store, I walked a few hundred yards up the hill to the bus stop. I couldn’t have timed it better. The second I got to the shelter an L9 bus arrived. Luck! Did you notice that? I had some Luck! Yee-Haa!

A few bus-stops further on, and I was back on Chestnut Walk.

Mayem all over the place. The Willmot-Dixon Ang01clads were hectically managing delivery and workings of plant and materials, guiding lorries and tractors in and out of the various small gates on the site.

Holes and trenches covered with massive steel sheets had appeared since I had left the place earlier.

Traffic got worse than I’ve ever known it.

Ang01dBut credit to the Willmott-Dixon company, they had arranged for men at each gate to monitor the incoming vehicles.

With there being no footpath on one side, and parked traffic on the other walkway, it made hobbling safely, cautiously and imperative for the old residents.

How some of the drivers manoeuvred without Ang01ehitting someone or something, is deserving of a little praise, I think.

They had fenced off two car parking spaced so they could have somewhere to park their trench-digger plant.

I bet this cheers the residents with cars up no end!

I got up to the flat after this little photographic session, and I had a wee-wee. Let’s just take it that this activity took place from here on, about every half-hour.

I wrote the date of the glasses to be collected in the Google Calendar. Noting as I did, that Foot-Lady Sue is due on Monday 1000hrs.

Made an extra-strong mug of English Breakfast tea and got on with updating this blog.

Then on Facebooking.

5Fri35Got the lamb and chips in the oven cooking. Peas and potatoes already in the crock-pot.

WCplasterA: I made a right cock-up of this meal. Had to leave the chips and lamb in the oven longer, cause the potatoes in the crock-pot were cooked through! I had to transfer them to a saucepan to boil them more quickly and turned the oven down while they boiled. Oddly resulting with chips undercooked, and the lamb overdone. The potatoes, tomatoes and garden peas came out fine and dandy, though.

Despite all this, I gave it a Taste-Rating of 6.5/10 for this sad effort.

I looked at the TV schedule. There was a Steven Seagal film, Belly of the Beast on TV, but not until 2100hrs.

Somehow, I managed to stay awake until it started. I even got through a set of commercials, before I fell asleep. Tsk! Being on Freeview. I expect it will come on again, so I can fall asleep watching it once more. Hehe!