Inchcockski – Fri 4 Sept 2020: Our hero Inchy, escapes from isolation! But it cost him dearly! Humph!

TFZer In his Cool-It-Cabin?



Friday 4th September 2020

Latin: September 4th Veneris MMXX

00:10hrs:  After a reasonable, appreciated four hours of Sweet Morpheus, I stirred into imitation life, in need of a wee-wee. (Nothing out of the ordinary there, then, Hehehe!) 

I struggled a bit to rid myself of the STF (Slow-Trickling-Forever) wee-wee, followed by an even longer spell of frustrating AMD (After-Micturition-Dribbling). I had to wait for it to finish before I dared move on. Humph!

I hobbled to the kitchenette, clouting my left ankle with Metal Mickey, the four-pronged walking stick, and nearly went over. Luckily, the door frame was handy for support. “Blooming good start, mush!” I said to myself.

Carefully, I got the kettle on, and the sphygmomanometer and stick thermometer from the medicine drawer. Aha, at long last, the low temperature had gone up! To 35.3°c. A lot better this was. But there was no getting too excited until the BP was discovered. That brought me down to earth again. The SYS was up to 167, ever-changing that is. The Dia and Pulse looked okay to me, but I’ll check on the web for what they should be later. Or if I can find where I wrote the numbers down. Tsk!

A had the pleasure of making a brew of Extra Strong Assam tea. I say pleasure because Toothache Terence was not so bad this morning. I still let the brew cool down a bit before indulging. That Sainsbury’s Jersey full-cream milk, expensive, but it tastes so wonderful. Naughty, mind!

I took the morning medications with another good gulp of the ineffective, defeasible, Peptac Antacid medicine because RLR (Rogers Laryngopharyngeal Reflux) was giving me some breathing difficulties this dark, dank, fine morning.

I’ve got the Optician appointment at 09:40hrs this morning, so I must have another early ablution session. I considered going to town afterward to the Poundland shop. Still, to be truthful, I’m a smidge nervous of going out after so long, even walking to the ophthalmologist, never mind catching buses to town. Mmm? I’ll decide when I get out of the examination room.

I pressed on with getting yesterday’s blog updated and finished. It took me five hours! Tsk! I posted it off, emailed the link, Pinterested some snaps, and onto Facebooking. They seem to have mended whatever was stopping me uploading to my albums, os I had two days worth to catch up on. Visited the TFZers and added a couple of graphics, then went on the WordPress Reader section.

The time now to get the ablutions tackled.


 Session overall rating 7/10. Good!

  • No calls to use the Porcelain Throne this time.
  • Had to be a stand-up session due to the early hour.
  • Toothache Terence was not pleased with my hurried teeth-cleaning! Drops of blood from the gums and much pain.
  • Shaving produced a few nicks and cuts; neck, behind the right earhole. A silly one last off, the left index finger, from dropsies of the razor and my swift, but stupid grabbing the Bic quickly as it fell. What a plonker!
  • The rear-end washing and medicationalisationing afterward went so well, I could hardly believe it. No bleeding from the furuncles or haemorrhoids!
  • The medicating itself was almost a pleasure today?
  • As I was ready to do the body spraying and after-shaving lotioning, etc., I observed how Arthur Itis’s patella was still bulging with the cartilage below showing through clearly now.
  • The old ankle-ulcer scar had spread out a bit, but it was still getting fainter. Almost artistic, as it moves up and towards the shin more and more? (Tate Gallery material?)
  • The body was still looking somewhat chalky-white, anaemic and cadaverous. But the Clopidogrel lumps, welts, and papules looked calmer.

The getting into the new PPs was easy as well, by the way, I forgot to mention that.

Off to the kitchen and put some potatoes in the crock-pot, and salted them with some of the sea-salt crystals, and set the low setting, so they could be cooking gently while I was out at the opticians.

It felt really strange putting shoes and socks on for the first time in yonks. Transfering the flat keys and card, bus pass, etc. to the oversized coat, it all seemed wrong, out of sync, somehow?

I’d decided I’d along Chestnut Way, then right, and walk down Winchester Street, to Mansfield Road and Sherwood. And catch a bus back up the hill. Got the collapsable walking stick in the three-wheeler trolly-guide.

I added some carrier bags to the trolley, as I planned to go in Wilko first. Down and out onto Chestnut Walk. Not many people were out and about, it was still early, around 0830hrs I reckon it was.  

I took a photo of Winchester and Winwood Courts. I didn’t notice at first, but the paramedics were on site again, which one, I didn’t know. By gum, we’re dropping like flies lately! Tsk! Despite my sadness in seeing the emergency ambulance, I pressed on casually.

I poddled along at a really steady pace, and took a picture of the obviously garden-designer corner of between Winwood and Winchester Courts, in front of the link passage between the building. No longer in use at the moment, due to Corona-19.

On to the end of the road, and turned right to go down Winchester Street. I was so annoyed to see a car parked right on the kerb. It blocked access for anyone with a disabled scooter, or Trolley-Guide from passing without having to go onto Winchester Street to get by, including me, of course. And I had to go blindly out because the view of any oncoming traffic was blocked!

All the memories of previous times this had happened flooded back to my mind! Pickleglobknobs! Boulderclumps! Brunglebogs! and Grrr!

Then as I stumbled my way beyond this car, there was some who had parked behind, and left no room at all to pedestrians to walk on the pavement! I hobbled down a bit and turned back to take this photo. Unbelievable! Cragknackles!

Then, doing me bestest not to get all rangled, or hot and bothered, I continued down Winchester Street, only to find at the end of the Muggers-Cut-through, so much rubbish! Bottles, condoms, fag-ends and packets, crisp bags, carriers and broken bits of toys, etc. scattered about.

But I also saw some white (weed?) flowers, that were seen in the middle of all the human detritus, crap, and litter. They cheered me up, they were so beautiful, delicate, and clinging to life. I wish I knew their name. ♥ Gorgeous!

*When I got into Sherwood, and onto Mansfield Road, I took a picture of towards, and away from the City Centre. I know I did, I’m sure I did! Details to come a little later in the diary.

I slowly had an amble up the road and ended up in the Wilko store. I did a search for some liquid funnels, but could not find any. However, being a controlled person I am, I did come out with £10.90 worth of unwanted, unneeded items. After getting to the counter, dropping my £20 note, then the bottle of scent crystals hit the floor, and the lady kindly coming round from the till, and packing them for me into the trolley. Fertummelt! Thank you, Madam ♥.

Up the hill a bit to the opticians! We have to ring the bell at the side of the door to gain entry. A good idea, it stops anyone without a mask on getting in! I was let in before I could ring it today.

Although I’d put in the last two hearing aid batteries, and got them in the lug-holes, hearing what people were saying was difficult with the mask on. A bit of guess-work and watch the speaker’s reaction techniqueing had to be adopted. Try saying that when you’ve had a few, Hehehe! I was seated, and the lady told me to have a rest for a while. Maybe the walk down the hill took more out of me than I thought – then I wondered how she knew with me wearing the mask? Mmm!

The paperwork was brought to me and we went through everything. Then I was moved into the other side of the shop-divider and was seated again. The ladies kept coming to me and saying something, I missed a lot of what was said, but they seem content with me. Then I went into the test room, and a young lady dealt with me in no uncertain fashion, not for her a sense of humour or a chinwag!

But no doubt she was under pressure, and to give her credit, she did a good job. She knew of my cataracts, cloudy vision and floaters already. I told of the changes since the last visit, which were; being diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy, then the stroke, saccades, and diabetes. She was not impressed enough to make a joke or comment.

The eye test was done, all via computer and machines now. I had the first of the puffer tests; when I had a bit of bother with Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters and Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley at the same time, and my right arm shot out, and I knocked over her tray of test lenses! Oh, dear, that didn’t impress the lady either! I’ve had a few Tuts’ thrown at me, but that one was the loudest ever. Oh, dearie me! More eye examining, and a second puffer session.

Then she told me she wanted to put some Mydriacyl, Minims Tropicamide eye drops in both eyes. This would help her to see behind the pupils easier to find any faults and asked me in sort of Herman Goering fashion if that was alright with me if she did the eye drop test. Was I going to say no? No chance! I’d annoyed her with not hearing what she was saying, knocked over her lenses, and couldn’t hold mu head steady enough when she was testing them, I was too scared stiff to even think of saying no!

After I’d agreed, she told me of the possible side effects: Blurred vision, feeling dizzy or faint, this may last several hours after using the eye drops. Do not drive and do not use tools or machines until your vision is clear again, and your reactions are normal. Headache, and feeling sick, but these should soon pass, but if you do not feel well, call the emergency services straight away. Well, that cheered up no-end! Hahaha! She put in the drops and told me to wait for them to work.

I was seated outside of the test room, and another young lady, very patient with me, came and told me I needed new prescriptions, and would I be using the old frames. No, I said. I told her it didn’t matter what the frames looked-like on me, as long as they were cheap and comfortable. She chose tow frames and got the paperwork done. £300 quid! I didn’t question anything, just meekly agreed. (I noticed later, there was +£52, for extras?) She may well have told me about this and I didn’t hear her.

The eyes were stinging, the blurred vision arrived, then the Sturmscharführeress lady got me back in the darkroom, and carried out her examination. ‘Everything is fine, behind the eyes!’ Thank you!

Out and got the paperwork and bill from the other woman. The right eye had got a little worse this time. Which I knew already, the peripheral neuropathy, the nerve problems and the stroke making things deteriorate more rapidly, I wasn’t surprised or worried, it was what I expected. I thanked them and they released me from the shop.

*I poddled to the bus stop up the hill and had a look on the SD card on the camera to see the photo’s I’d taken. A picture I took on the bottom corner of Hall Street, and both of the Mansfield Road photos, were not to be found! How? Why? What?

Had the mysterious wonders of Woodthorpe Court: The Ghosts, Hobgoblins, Boll-Weevils, Aliens, Gremlins, Karakia-cursing entities, Hallucinations. Materialisations, Poltergeist, Lemures, Wairuas, Kehuas, Manifestations that permeate, pass through the pores and interstices of space, through the time-continuum. Usually, without rupture or displacement within the building. To cause havoc, fear and frustration, as they dislodge time itself, in their aspirations and skulduggery, to complete their given by Satan mission; ‘To annoy and scare the bejesus, and scare the pants off of me, now spread so they can get at me when I’m not in the flat? Scary!

The bus arrived, and I maneuvered the trolley onto the vehicle relatively quickly, a faint trace of a Smug-Mode was felt coming on, just as I was swiping my bus pass. Talk about the most inopportune time for it, but Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley burst into life, and the bus pass flew out of my hand, hit the driver, and bounced up and touched the roof of the bus, and fell behind the open door!

But it got even better, I turned to have a try at retrieving the card, and knocked the bag of shopping off of the trolley top! Argh!

A chap behind me, getting on the bus, shot to my assistance, and got the card back for me. (Bent and cracked a little now, hope it still works) Bless his cotton socks!

I felt, what’s the word, erm… muted on the trip back to the flats. The dizziness and cloudiness were starting, from the drops I’d just had, I think. I took the slowest ever walk from the bus-stop to Woodthorpe Court. I wasn’t ill or feeling poorly, I reckon it was with embarrassment.

I got inside and, for some reason, felt a bit betterer in myself? I got the magical disappearing photos camera out and took two shots with it.

Not that I expected them to come out on the card.

I was amazed to see when I got in the flat, to see how early it still was. With all of the farcical events, it felt like had been out for so much longer. 

Then I realised the wristwatch was had stopped working!

I knew some or many things were going to go wrong this morning, but I didn’t realise how severely they would be.

The INR Warfarin Anticoagulation and Deep Vein Thrombosis Clinic blood test results arrived.  The new INR level was 4.1, a smidge high, but nowt to fret over. I was surprised at the high dosages given for me. But, it is best if, “He who thinks but isn’t sure, no longer capable of logicality, and is uneducated, and probably in a muddle brain-wise, is advised not to waffle-on about the unknown and confusing aspects of life or death!” So, I’ll shut up. Hehehe!

I made brew of Thompsons Punjana, dropped it, cleaned it up. Got a drink of orange juice, and on the computer to update the day’s catastrophic tale of my escape from isolating. I felt a little down!

It took me hours to get this done up to here, and I had to stop, I was feeling proper-tired out now. I’ll get something to eat, it’s already gone my head-down time. Humph!

I got the meal prepared and served up, washed the dishes, etc. and settled down in the £300, second-hand, c1968 rickety recliner, and dined. Flavour rating: 7/10.

I took another wee-wee, and got the plate and tray in the sink to soak, and shot back to the chair, in search of sleep.


Inchcock’s Great Escape! Photographing pavement cyclists, chinwags, and nit-picking, to his heart’s content!


Fanmarveloustic! Chinwags, From a Socially acceptable distance, of course! And great weather!

Well, Jenny, bless her, delivered the lemon bleach and yoghourts she’s ordered for me good and early. Left them near the doorstep. Thus, I had time to rush about, (this may be a slightly excessive description) and get ready for my much longed for, my first trip out on the bus into town, for months! Excitement flooded the brain!

I made a complete hash of getting ready. It’d been so long since I went out, many things confused my poor old stale, addled brain:

  • I had to leave the socks off, cause they were too painful to wear!
  • Thus, I had agony with the feet and toes. But no matter, I was in my seventh heaven, about to escape into the outside world again!
  • Where were the unused for nine weeks flat keys? Found them quickly
  • Where was the bus-pass card, unused for nine weeks? This took yonks to find!
  • Where was the cash card? This took an aeon to find!
  • Time was getting on, so I put on the coat I last went out in. The heavy one!
  • Going to be interesting fun this, no hearing aid batteries!

I got the three-wheeled walker-guide, made sure some spare shopping bags were in it. And a few pressies in case I encounter any of the regular kind shop staff. And off I set!

Picture based record of the best day out for months. Well, it the first one!

Down in the elevator.


Checked on the electronic notice board, no rush after all. 12-minutes before the bus was due! A hobble down Chestnut Walk


Met several tenants, and had a chinwag or two, en route to the bus stop.

At the stop, people were mostly being sensible and keeping to the social distancing rules. I had a natter with Margaret, Christine and Steve. The bus arrived, and Christine seemed to be aware of my nervousness getting on the bus.  On the short trip down the hill, she made me feel comfortable as we chinwagged.

I followed others who had got off the bus, down to the bus stop for a ride to town. Oh, dear, I was a tad confused getting on, but someone put me right. Each second side-saddle seat had been taped off and not in use. But there were not any available. Now there I was with my trolley, and in a pickle as to what to do. But a gentleman saw me in a ponder, and got up from a side-saddle, and moved to another seat, freeing it for me. Bless him!

We all got off at Victoria Centre, Christine had to remind I needed this stop. Haha! I chatted with her for a while, and she told me of the L9 bus being on a two hour Saturday timetable, and that I needed to get the bus back at 11:05hrs.

I felt so cared about, it was lovely.


I hobbled, (and the feet were giving my terrible gip) along Milton Street, and called into the old Poundstretcher shop. They, like the other shops, had set a new layout, and the in-door had been blocked off. I had a hunt around the grocery shelves, in search of some Pakistani potato cakes. But could not find any. But I still got to the checkout with; A can of Bonners BBQ sauce, Italian lemon cookies (Froletti Al Limone), Largeish bottle of Light Soy Sauce at £1.49. You’ll like this, a small packet of… ready for it; Asolo Dolce, Alla Marmellata di Arance! Which was Strudel with orange jam! Haha! And, All’Arancia Limone cookies. Finally, a face-mask, for a quid! I didn’t find out until I got home and could use the magnifying glass, it was made in Turkey.


I still found it hard to believe how few people were about. Milton Street, apparently the busiest in Nottingham City Centre, had six Nottinghamians, and so many closed stores!


As I crossed over Lower Parliament Street to get to the Poundland store, four cyclists came along the pavement, more or less at the same time. I struggled to get the camera out, by then there were only the two in the above picture left in view.

Into the shop, and they too had changed things around. I got a bit puddled trying to find the disinfectants, and I asked a lady assistant where they were; I followed her non-verbal finger that pointed towards the shop door, thanked her, and went to find them. The maze of aisles was challenging to manoeuvre around, with so many being blocked by the shelf fillers. Not that I blame them, they’ve got a job to do. With hopes high, I approached the fresh food fridge, almost tasting Pork Farms pie as got there. But, no, they didn’t have any. Which is a good thing really, I shouldn’t eat them anyway. But I did spot the tasty Frankfurters were in stock. I can’t work out why, but this brand, despite having less meat in than others are so filling and flavoursome. That’s tonight’s nosh sorted! Potatoes, peas, mushrooms, tomatoes and franks!

I did overspend, though!

WDPBaWD 150.0.0 02 I got to the checkout. As I was struggling anyway to put the basket on the counter, guess what? Without any warning or twitches, Peripheral Pete’s right-legs did a Neuropathic Schuhplattler dance routine, and to make things more embarrassing, Shuddering Shoulder Shirley had a bash at me! The basket tipped off the counter, and I made things worse by grabbing at it and spilling everything out onto the floor! Grobognangles! A lady arrived to help me, I moved out of her way, and she calmly gathered the goods and put them back in the basket and onto the counter for me. I mumbled my apologies, and the Tut-tutting from those behind me grew louder! To make those waiting angrier and even more likely to belt me one in the kisser, I’d bought a bottle of disinfectant, that was two for the same price as one, a quid. The kind lady pointed this out to me and called for someone to get another bottle for me. This was not making me very popular at all!

Yet the understanding of the serving lady was so much appreciated. The leg was still twitching a bit, and I feared it might ‘Dance-off’ again. So I paid the lady, thanked her, and hobbled to the door. I swear a heard a ginormous ‘Sigh’ from behind me!


Getting out back on the pavement, I took a shot of Parliament Street traffic; or lack of it. It was a sad sight. Made worse by so many obstreperous, leary, ignorant, dangerous, uncaring pavement cyclists. Notably, the scruffy-haired, tattooed neck and ear tab young delinquent who almost ran into me while I was taking the photo above, from behind! While I had the camera out, I turned to my left and took a shot of the end of Milton Street, then got in one of the closed-down shops’ doorways and sorted the weight distribution of the things in the trolley-basket and two carrier bags.


I’d bought a bottle of Aquafresh mouthwash, the two disinfectants for a pound, Frankfurters, Cheeslets, cashew nuts, a concentrated Lemon & mint, and Lemon disinfectants, and a (Not joking) Lemon & Sherbert freshener!


As I was passing the end of Milton Street, I was nearly assaulted by two pavement cyclists, from either direction! I caught a snap of the younger of the two illegal, contemptible, parasitic, moronic,  spit-worthy urchins in this picture above.


Now here’s a rare sight, Milton Street with no moving traffic on it!


I got along to, and down King Street. The whole thing seemed so, almost hallucinatory. All I could see down the hill were two people! Weird!


As I got towards the bottom of the road on my way to the Slab Square, it got crowded, (Hahaha!) The spunk-bubbling, repugnant, detestable, unlikeable, arrogant pavement cyclist put on a display here. Unfortunately, I only caught this one parasite coming up the hill with my trusty Canon lens.


A little further down, and sod me, another sycophantic, tellurian organism of a pavement cyclist appeared. But I contained my hatred, fear and desire to knock the froward, mordant, noxiously pestiferously whippersnapper-bugger off of his bike… mainly cause he’d only belt the hell out if afterwards. Hahaha!


A handful of Nottinghamians in the Slab-Square, the quietness was eerie, and Nottingham’s Fothergill Watson designed building opposite, showing a sharp contrast the newer erections in the background, and was a touch saddening.


I turned to make my way to the bus stop, and a smidge of concern suddenly came over me. “What happens if the Coronvirus makes a comeback? And how come, it hasn’t seen off many pavement cyclists? Makes you think, dunnit?


Ah, another PC (Pavement Cyclist) made an appearance, as I turned up Queen Street towards the L9 bus stop.

The mind wandered as I limped slowly up the hill, Brian Clough’s statue on my right, The old Prudential Buildings, more pavement cyclists, not a sign of a policeman all day, how come I’ve gone for nearly two days without needing the porcelain throne?


The sheer magnificence of Fothergill Watson’s architectural designs. How come, I’ve gone so long without wanting a wee-wee? I was really into the mind-straying and changing routine, as I got to the top of the hill. But it came to a sudden end.

WD 150.0.0 02 When I caught my foot on the wheel of the trolley as I secured it, in the middle of the pelican crossing refuge, to take this photo of Parliament Street, in all its bleakness. The burning, throbbing pains from the toes and souls of the feet were excruciating, and that’s no exaggeration. It ended my day out, in a despicably nauseating style. But it wasn’t quite finished yet.


I waited for and caught the L9 bus. Having to sit with the trolley in front of me was a bit awkward and difficult. The brakes on the three-wheeler would not apply? Which meant I had to sit leant forward, holding onto the trolley, to stop it rolling away for the whole journey. This stopped my blood flow, and Shuddering Shirley and Colin Cramps accompanied me. However, once Christine got on the bus, I concentrated on her amusing and witty tales. We had a laugh or a few en route home. She kindly didn’t run off, but walked at my steady pace and chatted as we walked the length of Chestnut Walk back to our beloved Woodthorpe Court. We waited for the lift, and Chrissie went up as we said our farewells to each other. It felt like I’d been out for hours and hours, and the fatigue was dawning. But, when I took a snap of the electronic notice board, as I did when I departed, showed me that I’d only been out from 09:20 to 11:41hrs.


I got the lift, and with there still being no call for a wee-wee or the Porcelain Throne, I put the purchasers away and made a super-duper mug of Thompsons Punjana.


3.7 hours out in the fresh air,

I have to say the weather was fair,

Pavements Cyclist apart,

And the toe-stubbing on the cart,

It made the day for this worrywart,

I’m so glad to be back in my lair!

GC June 14e
Cheers, folks!

Inchcock Today – Friday 21st June 2019: The Canon Camera conked – battery dead! A bit like me, then! Hehe!

2019 21 June


Friday 21st June 2019

Hausa: Jumma’a 21 Yuni 2019 

04:40hrs: I woke again requiring a wee-wee. Extracted the Falstaffian shaped body from the clutches of the almost antique, £300, second-hand, grotty beige coloured, c1968, rickety recliner, got my balance and walking stick, and limped to the EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee Bucket), and partook in a SSWW (Swift-Short-Sharp-Wee-wee).

5Fri001The masticated and well-stubbed big right toe was looking a little less tender, but it was still painful all the same.

Made a brew, then got on with updating the Thursday blog. Not so many photographs.

And the absence, or should say, only occasional peripheral neurosis dancing hand and fingers, helped a lot.

5Fri004WD 250.70.5 I tore off the wrapper of some foil cooking trays and got the tiniest, teensy-weensy, piffling, cut on the end of the right index finger. I could not understand why it hurt so much. Then it dawned, obviously the Axonotmesis, and Peripheral neuropathy dying nerves were not too happy with my accifauxpas. Tsk!

I got on the computer to continue with the updating of the post. The jumping fingers and little cut were both being bothersome again. Blow it!

I finished off and posted the blog to WordPress, then took the medications, did the health checks, and made a brew of Glengettie.

A change then, now I am having RWPSWWs (Reluctant-Weak-Painful-Spraying-Wee-Wees). Changing all the time today?

To the Porcelain Throne. Messy and a lot of evacuation material was evacuated. (Hehe!)5Fri005

I made another brew and risked leaning out of the unwanted light & View blocking, multi-glass-panes needing cleaning that I can’t even reach. With a wide outside ledge that needs the use of the stepladders (Risky in my state of health and physical condition!) And blocks the view of Chestnut Way below. That the old windows allowed, so we can look for emergency vehicles coming on site – to make up for some of us not being able to hear the fire alarm when it goes off.

Time to get the a5Fri007blutions done and get ready to go out. Which only produced one minuscule shaving cut (hardly worth mentioning really), and the slightest of toe-stubbing against the shower-seat metal leg, that made me jump a bit. A few more spots and papsules were showing up.

WD 250.70.5  Overall, the most copacetic and agreeable scrub-up session for a while. Despite the tummy being a tad more firm and 5Fri006swollen, with the heart op scars showing vividly. To me, anyway?

Oh, and a lot of itching on the stomach too?

Well pleased with things so far today. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that, perhaps, don’t you think? Hmm!

WD 250.70.5 Looking at this photo much later in the day, and think I might be developing a third chin! Haha! while I was taking it, the battery-critical message kept coming up, I had to try several times before it took the picture. How or why this happened, I don’t know. I’m pretty sure I topped up the battery just a few days ago. Canon batteries, Does anyone have a similar short-life problem with theirs? Mind you, I have been taking a good few shots lately… Oh, I don’t know! There was not time to charge it now!

I was faffling about so much, making up the black bags for the chute, getting things in the pockets and bag, I soon found I had to hurry things along a bit, to avoid being late for the bus. As I left the flat, with four bags on top of the three-wheeled trolly-guide, Josie exited her flat. I asked if 13:00hrs tomorrow would be alright for her dinner to be delivered, but the poor gal was in a bit of a state, she seemed to be a little panicky. I didn’t get an answer, Josie just told me she has to go, she had an emergency going. This concerned me, and I asked if there was anything I could do to help, but she shot-off as the lift arrived. I hope things are alright for her. I’ll try to see her again later when I get back.

I dropped the sacks down the waste chute, and went down and got outside on Chestnut Walk, on my way to the bus stop. It was here that I realised I had not got a camera with me! Not that it was so bad, with the battery dying on me anyway. Oy-Yoy-Yoy!

At the bus stop was a line of nine folks in a row, some sat others stood. As I walked along to the end of the orderly passengers’ queue, I greeted each one with a cheery ‘Good morning!’ I got two replies, and one was a grunt! I listened as best I could to the conversations that were milling about, and eventually Cyndy said good morning to me, as the bus arrived. Bless her! Penny ask how I was! One lady Doreen did not look very well and was a little quiet. I hope she will be okay. Most people got off in Sherwood, I bade each farewell as I sat with the trolley on a side-saddle seat. I got two replies and one customary grunt. Haha!

Penny, Doreen, and Mary stayed on until Arnold with me. A chinwag ensued. 

I got off the bus last and went, and went into Asda (Walmart) in search of some Quorn Hot Dog Sausages on offer. But they did not have any. I soon had more than enough things to fill the shoulder bag and trolley bag too. I got some snack packs, sliced mushrooms, a milk roll bread, iced-lollies, mini-swiss rolls. On offer, some battered fishcakes, Asa clearance price battered fish and fish fingers. I paid at the self-serve checkouts. Only £10.75. As I am not having any food delivered next week. Paid and left, with the bus not due for twenty minutes, I went into the Fulton Foods shop to look for any bargains. Hehehe! I came out with some Drip-Drop mints, I can use for nibbles, and some more battered fishcakes at 6 for a pound!

The clouds kept going dark, but no rain fell. Penny and Margaret got on, but they wisely sat far away from me, and the conversation was awkward, not that we didn’t try. Hahaha! Doreen and Sheila got on in Sherwood. 

I got off of the bus last again, and Penny kindly gave Doreen a hand, and we walked back to the flats together.

In the flat, a wee-wee of the UWTWW (Unwilling-Weak-Trickle-Wee-Wee) variety, many of them followed, and go the nosh away. 

On the computer to update this blog. Easier today, with not having taken any pictures while I was out. Humph!

Mail had been delivered. Age UK Insurance, I called the 345 number to renew the policy, and a recorded voice got me all confused with its explanations and descriptions, and it took ages to get through to a human being (I think?). Eventually, they took the order and said it will be seven working days, and I should receive a copy of the contract and I must go through the details on it, to make sure every item is correct. Hey-ho! A least I heard most of what was said, a good line.

5Fri24Got all caught up with the post, and got the dinner going. A right dollop of delight and I ate it all, plus some cheesy nibbles afterwards!

Potato Gratins with Leicestershire red cheese added on top, pod peas, mushrooms, tomatoes, pollack in batter, and a few Choisin crisps.

A Limoncello dessert, and spring water as well! Gannet!

Josie called, she is going to go out on stately-home visit on Saturday with some relatives, so I will not need to make and deliver her cheesy-potato meal, until Sunday.

I did the pots, had a wash, stripped for the kip, and flaked out and fell asleep while looking if anything worth watching was on the box.





Inchcock Today – Tuesday 13th March 2018: Whoopsiedangleplops: Bus missed. Hehe!

Tuesday 13th March 2018

 Chinese Simplified: 2018年3月13日星期二

0110hrs: I stirred into a pseudonymous form of life, I felt instantly annoyed over my not being able to recall any details of what I had been dreaming about seconds earlier.

I had a bit of a kerfuffle with Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna, in extracting my ever-more-bulbous frame from the £300 second-hand recliner. Signs of nocturnal nibbling were spotted as I did this. Tsk!

Off to the Porcelain Throne, for once a less messy evacuation session.

Got the Health Checks done.

Got the kettle on the boil, took a photograph out of the window; It had been raining again in the night! Fancy that. Hehe!

The resident’s vehicles all looked exceptionally well and tidily parked up.

It didn’t feel too cold at all.

Made a brew, then took the morning medications. No creams potions or lotions used yet, they will be tended to during my ablution session later. Got the computer on and started this post from scratch, up to here. Then began the mammoth task of finalising yesterdays rainy diary. A lot of photos and notes to reference.

Started to do some page headers on CorelDraw, and made up the draughts. Time for the ablutions to be tended to by the time I’d got them done.

Left a note on the computer screen to remind me of tomorrow mornings INR blood Test.

The noise from the building work was terrible, for they were drilling on the walls and balconies nearby and in Thom’s flat across from mine. He is having his windows installed. I decided to get out a bit today, to avoid the worst of this cacophonic, grinding headache giving racket.

The fungal lesion bled, Harold’s Haemorrhoids bled, I even managed to cut myself shaving, and it bled! Hehe! Still, no raining at the moment.

Got the black bags to the waste-chute, and off out to the Social and Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Temporary Hut. Taking this picture of the centre build en route along Chestnut Walk.

Got to the hut, and Welsh William and the alcoholic chap, already in there.

I’m glad to report that William is looking and sounding even better this morning, after his Morphine Poisoning session. His tongue was quick, sarcastic, but not cruel, but his was a good thing to me. It showed he is getting back to his usual state, and feeling much better. Others joined us, and few laughs and gossips were enjoyed, before going out to catch the bus.

I had a little nattering with Cindie and Carol, who got off the bus in Sherwood. I stayed on into Arnold. Where I went straight to the Asda Walmart store. Consulted my shopping list as I rushed as best I could to gather the items and get out in time to catch the L9 bus back to the flats. Spent a bit more than planned on the list, though. Again, Tsk! Sugar snap peas, potato cakes, TV magazine, curried baked beans, a tray of Mediterranean style vegetables to oven cook, cheesy curls, pork pie and some lightly battered potato slices. Oh, and a ready-made Lasagne meal.

Got to the checkout and was delayed as a lady in front of the queue was buying for more than one person, bless her cotton socks. I got served and hobbled out ASAP as best I could manage and to the bus stop.

Alas, the bus had gone. So I wandered back down into Front Street.

Sadly noticing even more retailers had gone out of business leaving the sad sight of abandoned shops. I went into the Fulton Foods shop but didn’t buy anything. Then to the Saver Shop, convinced they would have some Haemorrhoid cream on sale, but no.

To Boyds Store to get some. But they had none either. But I did get some shaving foam and Zoflora Citrus from there.

Suddenly I realised I needed to get to back along Front Street and up to High Street sharpishly, to avoid missing another bus.

I was walking along fairly-well, and arriving on High Street when my left foot caught in a pot-hole, and I twisted the ankle, and Hippy Hilda kicked off at the same time. This Whoopsiedangleplop pulled me up, and I waited for a second or two, but everything apart from Hilda, seemed to be okay. A lady who’d seen my incident generously came over to me and asked if I was alright. I thanked her warmly and assured her all was well.

Then I had the job of catching up to get to the request stop in time. Hippy Hilda had eased off as I limped along, and by the time I arrived at the bus shelter, she was hardly any bother at all.

I was pondering on whether or not I had missed the bus, and should I go down to catch a City bus and an L9 back from town. The L9 bus was so late in arriving, either that or it had gone early. I was glad to see it come when it did so, late or not! Hehe!

As the bus went through to Mansfield Road, in Daybrook, the weather suddenly went all dark and threatening. But this lasted only a minute or so. I took a photo through the bus window of this, and moments later the sunshine was out, and all the dark clouds seemed to disappear, and the bright blue skies returned?

When we got back to Chestnut Walk, I thanked the driver and slipped her a bar of Tunnocks chocolate caramel. Greeted some of the tenants who were getting on the bus. And as I hobbled along, I appreciated how lucky I had been with the twisted ankle, for it was no bother at all now?

Got in and had a wee-wee. Got the sliced potatoes cooking in the oven and did the Health Checks.

I got the fodder served up. A nice different one this time.

The lightly battered potato slices, baked beans with mustard, curry powder, sultanas and mini tomatoes halves, and a small pork pie. Orange juice and a lemon mousse to finish it all off with.

The noise coming from work taking place was so loud now.

But, it had to be done and did not bother me too much then.

I think they were working on the floor above, cause the hoists kept going up and down in view.

Some mail was received. One from Nottingham City Homes about the Fire Information Session and advice on the new Fire Sprinklers.

Seems, that this Thursday 15th March, between 1230 > 1730 hours, there will be: A Q&A session on the new Tannoys, sprinkler system and intercoms they will fit in the flats later. Showing us how they work, Telling us when the fitting/installation will start and what this will involve. Testing all fire alarms in all blocks.

Plus Annual Tenancy visits will take place.

They included a ‘Fire Safety Event Refreshment Voucher’?

It is going to be a busy Thursday this week.

Did the last Health Checks and took the medications.

I felt the general collapse of inspiration, will-power, and so tired and drained suddenly.

Went to make a brew and do the washing up – but there was no water available from the taps (Faucets).

Then, of course, I remembered the signs up in the lift.

All that warning they gave me, and still, I go and forget about it. Tsk!

But, with all the things that are going on, I’m not surprised: Meetings to attend from Nottingham City Homes, the heater installation not working correctly and costing twice as much to run than the old ones, Sprinkler installation, Tannoy installations, the Fire Strobe not working correctly yet. New intercoms are to be fitted soon, and all of these to be learnt how to use. The upset and noise of the upgrade working, (Can’t be avoided of course, but it is still there). The upcoming fitting of three windows and the new balcony with the accompanying mess to sort out afterwards. Meetings to learn new procedures. The flat fires last week that no one told officially told us of. Dentist appointments. INR blood Tests. GUM Clinic appointments. Whoopsiedangleplops and Memory Blanks. Noise from Herbert above.

And the ailments: Duodenal Donald, Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis, Dizzy Dennis, Reflux Roger, Hernia Harry, Diarhorrea Duncan, Shaking Shaun, Haemorrhoid Harold’s and Little Inchies fungal lesion. Anne Gyna, Trotsky Terence,  the hearing aids not working correctly: no wonder I’m struggling with life. Still, not to complain eh? Hehehe!

Settled to watch some DVD episodes of ‘Jonathan Creek’, falling asleep regularly throughout and rewinding often. Put the gogglebox on to watch ‘Hustle’, but nodded off, before it even started.

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 20th February 2018

Tuesday 20th February 2018

Africaans: Woensdag 21 Februarie 2018

0220hrs: I stirred a few times, just like yesterday morning, with no desire, urge or interest in actually getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner. I think it was on the fourth attempt I managed to coax the brain to accept my commands and got out of the chair and went to the Porcelain Throne session. Not too bad this one; a little less messy.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

0330hrs: Then got the computer on to finish off yesterday’s post and start creating the advance drafts for the next few days.

Got them finished at 0730hrs, as the Morrison man delivered the food. Got them stored away.

Did the ablutions, during which I used the Morrison’s soft quilted, Aloe Vera toilet rolls. What a farce. Get them anywhere near water, antiseptic cream or shaving foam and they disintegrate, leaving tiny little bits of twisted paper everywhere! Even when used for the purpose they were designed for, they then cause you with a messy, painful retrieval job to tackle! Tsk and Humph! Be Warned folks!

Started this off to here, and got the nibbles and off to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Temporary Porta-Cabin, on the way to catch the bus into Arnold and the Audio Clinic there.

Took this photographicalisation of the middle block build. I think the lads have done well on Monday and Tuesday, it appears they have started another floor going.

There were no wardens in the hut. Just one bloke. I put the nibbles for the Obegruppenfurheresses in their fridge. Only the usual Sourdough bread and a freebie bottle of Sports Water from Morrisons. Got it today cause of the GUM clinic visit on what is the typical day, Thursday. I sat myself down and got the crossword book out.

Welsh Bill, know-it-all and two other lady tenants joined us later.

Had a chat for a few minutes. Bill is not feeling any better, but no worse.

We went out to catch the bus. A surprising amount of us old seniles got on this morning. But, only I was left on the bus, as all of the others dropped off, three stops later in Sherwood.

I dropped off in Arnold.

Went to see if Chambers Butchers had any of their home-cooked belly pork slices in that were not too fatty.

They did, so I got some. Looked lean, looked good and smelled wonderful!

It kept brightening up and going a bit dark. It was much colder than yesterday.

Limped to the Medical Centre to make up for going to the City Centre one a week last on Monday and finding out they do not open on Mondays now.

I went in and to the audio department counter. All locked-up! I inquired of the receptionist with the well practised ‘I’ll-put-you-in-your-place’ stare; if they had perhaps moved? No, they only open on a Tuesday and Friday; between 1400hrs to 1700hrs, now! Ah-well!

So I wandered down to Front Street and, and went into the Iceland Store. Came out without buying anything.

Then to the Fulton Food Store, came out without buying anything.

Then to the Asda Shop. A different store here. I got three beef stew and potato ready meals for £6, vine tomatoes, Viennese Whirls, Cox’s apples, a TV magazine for next week, Cheese Curls and a box of four Lemon Curd Sundae Cakes. I was going to get some more of the cans of Curried Beans, but they were no longer on Offer Price. Boo!

Struggled with the bag out and up by the car park, to the bus stop.

Passing the charity collection bins, some people were talking about the stink coming from the clothing one.

I couldn’t smell anything, though.

Got to the bus shelter and waited for only five or six minutes and the L9 arrived.

I was soon back at the complex and getting off the bus.

I called in the Obergruppenfurheresses Wardens Temporary Shed, to advise that I’d put the two bits in their fridge earlier. But no signs of either of them. They must be busy elsewhere.

Walked to the flat and put the food away. The fridge is now really cram-packed. Hehe!

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Got the oven warming up, took a picture from the kitchen window.

It was really bright out there now, but cold with it today.

The computer started, and I got on with updating this diary for an hour or two.

Nosh served up.

Gorgeously palatable effort tonight. An excellent rating of 9.44/10 given.

Made a reminder note to me, about the Warfarin Blood Test at 1020hrs in the morning. Stuck in over the Computer screen

Did the last Health Checks and medications were taken.

Into the £300 second-hand recliner and got a ‘New Tricks’ DVD on to watch. Fell asleep. Woke with my attention drawn to the carnosity of flesh around the midriff area, and the dull aching from within. No idea what caused this.

Then the mind wandered to thoughts of other cyber-friends having troubles with their Bill Gates computers. Tim and Doug in America, Mike and Suzie in the UK… there were no direct specific ideas floating about in the brain. Just vagueness and semi-assimilation of the frustrations and agony suffered by millions of ordinary proletariats at the hands of this highly despised multi-millionaire.

Dropped off to sleep again, and I knew that the dreams that followed had been confusing, even scary at times. But as for the content of them, I could recall nothing.

TTFN all.

A Photographic Visit to see Old pussies Fooey, Albert, Sister Jane and Hubby Pete (Jane’s hubby, not mine! Hehe!)

Fooey consuming his fodder

Fooey having consumed his nosh!

Fooey with that “Anymore please” look. Bless him!

Jane and Pete trying to get Fooey to pose!

Jane, looking good, picking her figs, drink in hand!

Albert, unimpressed with being a photographic model!


Albert threatening the birds – and Humans! Hehe!

Wish someone had told me the hen was a fake. Hehe!

The old pensioner caught Tree-Hugging again!

Inchcock Today Tuesday 11th October 2016: Photograph Booth at Asda-Walmart go part-time!


Tuesday 11th October 2016

0430hrs: Woke up, it was cold here this morning. No recollections of dreams beyond those I recorded in yesterday’s post. Tsk! I was soon out of the £300 second-hand recliner in response to a demand for a WRHH session. Haem Aroids were bleeding again, but otherwise no hiatus.

Arthur Itis was gentle and calm at this stage, even Anne Gyna had relented and was being kind to me.

Into the kitchen and cleaned the pots that I’d left soaking in the bowl in the sink.

Took the medications and made a cuppa. Onto the laptop to complete yesterday’s diary and start this one off.

I’d like to get the photographs done later at Asda (Walmart) that I took at last weeks Tenants Social Hour. Get some milk and Deofab if I remember too.

Did some graphicalisationing for later, and did Facebooking for a short while.

2tue02Had a couple… well, alright then, six chocolate biscuits.

Then got the ablutioning done.

Popped on the scales, but we needn’t go into that in any detail, do we now?


Sorted the waste bags and took them to the chute. Got the shopping bags and went down to get the L9 bus into Arnold. Handed the Tenants at the stop, some chocolate coin nibbles and today they chattered with me.

I was soon dropping off the bus in Arnold. I ambled gently along to the Saver Store where I’m glad to report; they had some of the Deobab sprays in stock, and I got a couple. They also had some more chocolate coins at half price, Listerine and some Dettol Soap Tablets on offer.

2tue03Paid the lady and out and onwards to the Asda-Walmart Store. Passing this window display en route:

The retro stuffed animals, radios and music centres looked impressive, if yer like that sort of thing.

Arrived at the Asda shop – Where again the photography booth was closed?

I investigate to find out that it is closed Mondays and Tuesdays and is opening later and closing earlier on Wednesday to Fridays from now on? Tsk!

Did some shopping, bought too much again, huh! Distilled malt vinegar, a jar of pickled eggs, baby beetroots, Vegetable gravy powder, lemon frazzles, cheese-twists, vine tomatoes, Cheesy topped rolls, Anchor butter (Smallest pack), Apples and some prepared peas and carrots.

2tue04Paid the gal at the checkout, and for some reason struggled with carrying the bags out and up the hill to the bus stop? Felt winded, and Arthur Itis was complaining about it. Hehe!

Had to stop half way up the little hill. I didn’t like that, never had to do so before.


2tue05 I had a good while to wait for the bus.

Noticed a new poster had been put in the shelter. One for KFC. ‘Weh one fillet, just won’t – Fill it. New Stacker?

I was feeling too weary to try and work out what it wanted to tell me to do or buy, or whatever.

A good while later, the bus sign informed me that the L9 was due in 9 minutes – then 13 minutes and later 12 minutes? It did arrive in 2tue06eight minutes.

A lady who got on the bus before the L9 arrived, cheered me up a bit bless her pickled walnuts – she, or someone, had sewn some teddy bear heads onto her jeans!

I had to smile, as the lady was about 55-60 years old too! Good for her!

2tue07When the bus got to the ring road island, there was no traffic whatsoever about!

There was just one Nottingham Pavement Cyclist all on his own, though.

I found out later from Pat in Canada that I’d missed the cyclist off altogether, he was too quick for me. Oh, I do feel a fool! Hehehe!

We got to the flats in no time, but there were so many buses about, we could not get to the bus stop for ages.

2tue08What had happened apparently: It was time for swap-over for the bus drivers, and one of the buses had conked out!

With not being able to get to the kerbside, the driver of the bus would not risk me getting off with the bus being so high from the ground.

Another person to be blessed for caring today!

Called at Olive’s on the way up, no answer.

2tue09Got in and tended to a WRWW, then sorted the purchases out and stored them in their appropriate places. Got the vegetables in the saucepan and simmering away, laptop on for a bash on Facebook, then updated this

Found myself inaniloquently talking to myself on and off, more on than off?

2tue10Did some CorelDraw X8 graphicalisationing, then got the  fodder ready to consummation.

Spuds dotted with Vegemite, Surimi sticks, peeled Red Winsor apple, tomato, pickled egg, beetroot and vegetables. Two buttered cheesy cobs, and it all went down very nicely with thankfulness to Duo Denal for not spoiling the taste tonight. In fact, it was another great effort, rated this one 9.44/10 for taste.

Unhappily, I got bits of sticky vegemite all over the place eating it. The dressing gown, my chin, fingers and the £300 second-hand recliner cover, etc. Had to have a cleaning up session after eating it, Tsk!

2tue11The sky from the kitchen window looked so beautiful, as the evening descended. I say descended, is that the right word?

It dawned on me that we have not had much rain lately, and like magic, demands for a WRWW arrived via the bladder if ill repute! This gave me an idea for a funny rhyme post. I’ll work on that one in the morning.

Settled down, nibbles and tomato juice to hand to watch the Englan v Slovenia match, full of hopes and expectancies of an England victory. (Humph!)


Another excruciatingly painful match to watch. Thank heavens the goalie Hart doing something right for a change. A tweet in the Guardian summed it up I think: “A clean sheet keeps England’s unbeaten run in qualifying matches going and makes sure they remain top of Group F. But Slovenia was the better team tonight and had the chances to win. They let themselves down with some shoddy finishing, however, while England was indebted to some fabulous saves from Joe Hart. After that performance, it’s safe to say that Wayne Rooney wasn’t the only problem.”

Depressed I got my head down.

Inchcock Today Saturday 24th September 2016: Olive in good form!

Saturday 24th September 2016


Stirred around 0300hrs and sat pondering the dream I’d been having. Not that I could remember all that much. Something about being in the dessert, trying to dig a hole with my hands… then I was lost in a factory being chased, and another with me talking about the need for world peace with Albert Einstein, we were both apparently speaking in an unknown tongue but understood each other? The smell of his pipe I recall, was making me so jealous and I wanted to start smoking mine again, but it was made of liquorice?

A feeling of self-worthlessness lingered, and around 0330hrs, I got out of the shuddering £300 second-hand recliner and tackled my first WRHD of the day. Not an easy session again, but no worse than yesterday’s at least, little bleeding from Haem Aroids. As I went to wash my hands, I stubbed the same toe as I did last night on the same part of the same trolley. Tsk!

Into the kitchen and took a photograph of the morning’s dim view – without the camera card in it as it turned out, so, no photo. Humph!

Made a brew took the medications and a Senna tablet. Got the laptop going and sat there wondering why I felt so depressed in spirits this morning. Perhaps the run of Whoopsidangleplops I’d been having? Or, not seeing Olive yesterday? Sister Jane called me last night, she was at the vets with her beloved Queenie cat, expecting the worst poor gal, so sorry for her. She said she’d let me know how it goes, but I can understand her not wanting to if the worst happens to Queenie.

I just don’t know why I feel so melancholy, but the unwelcome forlornness and self-pity seems rampant? I reflected and mused on this for so long the mug of tea went cold. Made another, and updated this diary.

Had a look on Facebook, checked emails.

Olive has her daughter and son in law visiting and staying this weekend, I’ll pop in to see her later.

Carried out the ablutions and changed the batteries in the hearing aids.

6sat02Getting into the lift, found the floor was in a right state.

Out to catch the L9 into town to get the cheque in the bank. The L9 was late, so not knowing if it was coming or not (As they often fail to turn up on Saturdays), I got on the L8 to go to Sherwood and catch another bus on Mansfield Road. The L9 passed us going the other way as we went down Winchester Hill. Caught a bus in Sherwood and was soon in town.

6sat03Walked straight down through the slab square to the bank.

Done the business with the bank and went into Marks & Spencers to see if they had any small quiches with a difference on sale.

I’ve taken to these quiches yer know.

Got a Quiche Lorraine at a ridiculously high price, convinced it must taste superior to the Morrison and Asda (Walmart) ones. Also purchased little pork pies with pickle, drumsticks and a honey BBQ snack.

Then I took an aimless wander around the city centre and the many street entertainments and endless temporary retail stalls.6sat04

The first one being an ex Routemaster Bus in the middle of the Slab Square that had been converted into a bar/pub with chairs outside. Not many folks there when I took the first photo above, but an hour or so later the alcoholics had gathered. Hehe!

6sat05There was a converted VW Camper Coffee Shop as well. Clever and original idea I thought, that was.

No customers, though.

Not surprised at the prices they were changing. I mean, almost £6 (US $7.79 AUD $10.18 or CAD $10.35 a coffee is a bit much?

6sat07There was a stall, the one on the left here: Mrs Bishops Doggy Deli that brought a smile to me face, I have to say.

I wondered if they were selling Poodle burgers, Corgi cones or Great Dane Chops?

Hehehe! Not a lot of interest was shown by the Nottinghamian shoplifters, though.

6sat06I wandered around the side streets and wondered what the Morris type dancing was in celebration of?

As the wind began to get up badly, I decided to make my way back towards the centre and catch the last L9 bus back to the excellent Nottingham City Homes Independent Living Woodthorpe Court flats, in other words, home! Haha!

6sat08The wind was blowing the trees about in the Slab Square as I took this shot of the Council House and Little John’s clock dome.

I did notice, from taking this photograph and walking to Queen Street to the bus stop, there were very few people who were not on their phones, drinking (Coffee I assumed) from large plastic cups.

The bus soon has me back at the flats, and I called into my apartment to pick up the Cox’s apples I’d bought for Olive and visited her at hers. Her son and daughter in law were there, and we all had a natter and laugh. Olive seemed pleased with these tangy flavoured apples cause they (Cox’s Pippins) are her favourite variety too.

Back to number 72, WRHD, shoes off, slippers on, medications were taken, laptop on and updated this tosh.

I asked Google for Celebration Days for today and got this list.

6sat09I’ve never heard of most of them? National Punctuation Day was there, not my strongest point.

I’ll try to remember to do one for tomorrow’s diary and see what it brings.

Got the nosh, but lost the photograph I took of it? It might be in my Lumix TZ70 camera’s memory, but I can’t work out how to get into it. Anyroad, the Quiche was disappointing, but the rest was all good.

Planned to settle down and watch some TV, but soon nodded off.

Inchcock Today Monday 19th September 2016: INR blood test – Laundry – Shopping and Sweet Olive joy!

Monday 19th September 2016


Didn’t stir until 0630hrs this morning – fought with the £300 second-hand recliner and escaped for a WRHD session. The event went without any hiatus, but I did notice the water level in the WC was a few inches lower than normal?

Rushed around and got things ready for the walk to the Nottingham City Hospital for the INR Blood level check.

1mon02I was soon setting out and up the gravel hill and into Woodthorpe Grange Park and left down the path onto Mansfield Road.

The rain was so fresh and so thin that I didn’t actually notice it as I wobbled along.

Not until I stopped at the gate to take a photo of the waste bin.

1mon03The contents crammed in so much that stuff had been left on top and at the side of it.

Somebody had been having fun it seemed, judging by the empty alcohol bottles and inside: Half-eaten pies, cakes and pizzas.

They, must have been dining in the rain?

1mon04Left over the hill and started off down Edwards Lane to the traffic island.

Where I came across another roadside waste bin.

With an interloper showing interest in the debris on top of the bin as mentioned earlier.

He/she wasn’t too interested in my camera work, though.

The rain stopped for a while as went on over the road and carried on down Edwards Lane, 1mon081mon05then left along Valley Road, the ring road.

On to the Traffic Island, over the pelican lights and left up to Hucknall Road to the hospital grounds. Passing the oft-frequented GUM clinic as I entered, nad made my way to the blood taking Hall.

Passing the oft-frequented GUM clinic as I entered the grounds, and made my way through the maze of buildings and to the blood receiving hall. Took a ticket and settled to read my Keep Calm and Carry book, with the anecdotes and true stories from ordinary people of their experiences during the war.

I was summoned to go in and soon had the blood took. The nurse had a bit of bother stopping the bleeding, well, a bit more than usual, like.

1mon06As I departed, the rain came down a bit heavier.

When I got to the crossing on Valley Road, a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly had me, as he belted by.

I pressed on as the rain got a little lighter.

Took a photographicalisation near the 1mon07next traffic island. From under the umbrella. I have to say, I’m well pleased with this brolly, nay bother from the wind with it at all. Mind you, it wasn’t very windy, come think of it.

Over the road, limped on and right up Edwards Lane.

The only bother I had on both the going and coming trips, was this part, going back up this hill, Anne Gyna let me know she was rather unhappy about this. Hehe!

I didn’t time myself on either journey, but I seemed to get back to the apartments in pronto-time.

As I went in, I noticed that both machines were free at the time. So I nipped up and got the washing ready. Where does it all come from, hehe! Back down and got it going. Back up again and got the laptop on to finalise yesterday’s and get it posted.

Back down and move the stuff into the dryer. Then up to the flat and got awfully carried away doing graphics and starting this diary off. Realised a couple of hours later I’d not collected the washing yet! 11b

Down and gathered the laundry and cleaned up the filter and counter surfaces. Someone had put the clothes on the draining board for me to retrieve. Oh, I do feel a clot!

2tue02I got the bags and bus-pass and made my way to the bus stop and off to Arnold to get some fresh veg. Had a nice chinwag with one or two on the bus.

Dropped off at the Sainsbury store in Arnold.

The bus shelter had been vandalised again. Fancy that! 

Gawd did I spend well today! Cream cake, cheeses, Danish Blue, Stilton, Marmite cheese, cheddar cubes, Aya potatoes, carrot, parsnip, turnip, leek, Wiejska, Higgidi onion & cheese quiche, Chicken drumsticks, Marmite rice cakes, Surimi, a jelly and cherry vine tomatoes! Over £30 worth altogether. Tsk, Huh and Humph!

Caught the bus back and had a chinwag with a lady tenant.

2tue03Called in to see Olive. She was in fine form again, still telling me off for things. She did not want one of the cream horns. Very kindly Olive rang the Chiropodist that was advertising home visits to see if she could fit me in. Olive said she charges the same as the Foot First who I was not very pleased with on my last visit on Saturday. But of course, a home call to tend to me is a distinct advantage. The woman is to call Olive back later, and I am to call at Olive’s tomorrow at either 0900hrs or after 1600hrs to find out if she can take me on. The nails will need clipping again in four to five weeks. She’s so good to me, bless her cotton socks X

I returned to the flat after giving Olive a kiss and cuddle in thanks. Well, I like it!

2tue01aBack on the laptop to update things and do some more work on graphicalisationing for a few hours. The time shot by, and soon it was time to get the meal ready.

I popped on the scales as I went into the spare room to get me jammies ready – flipping things are playing up again! Hehehe!

1mon09Balsamic Onion  and Cheese Quiche, red and yellow tomatoes, beetroot, gherkins, pickled egg, extra blue cheese slices on the top & cheddar cheese cubes… I believe there might have been two fresh cream horns and a pot of mandarins in jelly lurking in the vicinity too?

So tasty it was. I’d planned to eat half of it and save the other half to have cold tomorrow, but it was too nice not to eat all of it!

Phoned Sister Jane and told her about me trying the very first quiche of my life.

Soon started nodding off when I got the telly on, and it was not long before I was in the land of nod.

Inchcock Today Saturday 17th September 2016:

Saturday 17th September 2016


I stirred around 0229hrs, and in need of an urgent WRWW, operated the £300 second-hand recliner chair and was nearly shaken out of the thing as it shuddered and shook. No recollections of any dream details.

To the kitchen and took the medications with water, then got the washing things ready to go down to the laundry room.

0238hrs: Down with the bags and got the things into the washer number two. Back up to the apartment for a WRHD session, bloody and painful this time.

Went back up again and got the laptop going. Took the photograph above from the kitchen window.

0335hrs: Down and moved the things into the dryer. Did a bit of graphicationalisationing and it was soon time

Once again, back up to the flat. Must remember today by 1230hrs I have to catch the L9 bus to get to the Feet First Chiropodist. Gives me time to have an amble around before the 1400hrs appointment. Hope it doesn’t take too long, then I can catch the last L9 bus back to the flat at 1505hrs. Made sure the Pensioners Free Bus pass was in my jacket pocket.

sat02Did I did some more of the graphicationalisationing and started this update. The time went so quickly, and it was soon time to go down again to collect the clothes.

I must say the colour coded socks made life easier.

Cleaned the filter out and wiped down the machines that I’d used.

Back up in the lift yet again to number 72 and another WRHD, oh dear.

Put away the washing and made up a bag with the accoutrements needed for the next visit. Accoutrements, I wonder if that’s the right word? I’ll look it up, hang on, please. Ah, it says “gear, outfit, tackle, paraphernalia, rigging” so I think that’s right. I meant, the soap capsules and powder, fabric softener and the inwash freshener crystals?

Made another cuppa and got on with the diaries and graphic making.

Did some WordPress viewing. Got carried away with the new funny-ode page and got it finished and posted off at last. I hope it gets received well because it took me weeks to get it right. Every time I planned to get some more done, a new appointment would arrive from the hospital clinic or doctors.


There are only four of them there buses on a Saturday, and I have to catch the 1130hrs one, to ensure I get to the clinic in time for the appointment.

Still, it’s better than Sundays, there none then. Hehe!

I hope to get it all done in time to catch the last bus back to the apartment from town at 1505hrs.

Did my ablutions, lemon soap, citrus body spray were used this morning. Applied the creams lotions and potions. Hehe!

All finished, I got my myself looking half decent and set out, calling at Olive’s on the way, but she was not available. Bet she’s having a lie-in, and I don’t blame her either.

At the bus stop, I was joined by Frank and two other tenants and we enjoyed an excellent blether about everything and nothing. The bus was well late arriving, and the driver seemed a bit tense. As we pulled up at the next stop near the Winchester Court flats, Frank realised he’s left his bag a the bus stop behind. Well, when he told the driver and asked him to wait while he retrieved it, the bloke went bonkers, told Frank to stay on the bus, and he drove around back to the bus stop so Frank could get his bag – cursing and mumbling about his being 12 minutes behind schedule already! Poor old Frank, I felt so sorry for him. I got some of the other passengers laughing about it and telling them it could have been any one of us. This did not help the drivers mood! Hehe!

sat06In town, I got off on Queen Street and fought my way dangerously through the crowds down through the City Centre and onto Exchange Walk.

What I had not realised was, with the bus being so late, when I arrived at the Bank it was closed! It was a bit scary making my hobbling on my way to the bank. Crowds or what! Phew!

sat04 sat05

So I made my way stutteringly, due to having to stop very often to prevent someone walking into me, back up to Clumber Street to get to the Victoria Centre Market to get a belt and me cashew nuts. I decided to bar myself from the City Centre on Saturdays in future, far too risky for anyone dodgy on their feet!

Got a belt £6.99 and the dark chocolate covered cashew nut, 200grm for £3.38. Had a hobble around and got shoulder charged by a bloke who I thought ought to be playing American football or Rugby. Recovered and a couple asked if I was okay, which I was, cause I didn’t go over, although it was close. Packed solid with shoppers and shoplifters it was today.

I took a longer, but less populated route out and to the Chiropodists in plenty of time for my appointment. This visit was reminiscent of my going to the sat09Dentist – with Japanese trained concentration camp guards in place of the usual staff! Humph!

A woman shouted at me, calling out my name and getting all upset because I didn’t hear her her the first time.

She marched me to the treatment room and barked: “You take off your shoes and socks, put feet into the bowl, and wait for me, yes?”

I was so scared, I wasn’t going to argue with her, I meekly replied “Yes”.

I took this photograph of a new sign that had appeared on the wall, I was going to take another one of the new price lists. Thought I heard the Obergruppenfurher woman returning, being a little nervous, I put away the camera.

She did my feet in about three minutes, and told me, well, commanded me: “You put on shoes and socks, meet me in reception, yes?” More a threat than a question!

I was inwardly a jibbering wreck after I paid them, re-booked and left the place, out into the crowds again to make me way to the L9 bus stop.

sat07 sat08Wearily, I got through the crowds.

Got to bus stop and awaited the arrival of the last L9 bus. It arrived on time and I was soon on the way back to the apartment.

I called in to see Olive first, she was a bit better today and as radiant as ever. A jolly good gossip and laugh. She recommended that I stop going to the Feet First place and said she’d phone a home visit chiropodist and find out how much they charge, and if they could add me to their list. Wonderfully caring is Olive, and she is excellent on the phone. She will call them next week for me.

A kiss and  cuddle, and I was on my way back to number 72. Where an overdue call for a WRHD (Wet Room Heavy Duty) session, was performed first thing. I put some pain gel on the arm and shoulder where the bloke barged into me, cream on the slightly bloodied rear end, and took an extra painkiller with the medications.

sat10Got the meal prepared in no time. Beef slices, a tiny tin of garden peas, pickled eggs and beetroot.

A banana and lemon curd yoghourt to follow.

I enjoyed this meal and am rather pleased with how I am managing to resist eating bread with my meals so often nowadays.

It had been a good day healthwise today, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis and Duo Denal all been kind to me. Hernia Harry, got a bit bothersome after the Man-Ape shopper had tackled me in Victoria Centre, though. Hey-ho!

I’ll ask olive tomorrow if she wouldn’t mind rubbing some Phorpain gel over my shoulder back for me.

Chose some TV to watch, Pie in the Sky, and then a film. Fell asleep several time during Pie in the Sky, got to the start of the film, first set of adverts and off I went, until 0400hrs when I stirred in desperate need of a WRWW.

TTFN folks.