Inchcock – Tue 26 Feb 19: A muddlesome day of mysteries. Misleading meanderings, machinations and masochistic, mind-bending and muttered merriments.


2019 Feb 24a

Tuesday 26th February 2019

German: Dienstag, 26. Februar 2019

00:10hrs. I woke from the night’s Colin Cramp affected kip, but felt so drained and tired still, I drifted back to sleep. A rarity that is.

01:45hrs. On this awakening, the need for a wee-wee forced me to detach my overly-stomached body from the £300 second-hand, ci 1968 recliner and make use of the Furesomide Inspired Emergency Grey Plastic Bucket. It was of the SWWW (Short-weak-wee-wee) variety.

I tried to work out why I felt so tired-out. Colin’s Cramps was as painful as its ever been last night, so that must be part of the reason? Why this should happen, I don’t know. The fingers warped and hurt, the ankle and toes as well? But no signs of any bother at the moment. The dodgy knee that let me down yesterday felt fine now? A confused old reprobate hobbled carefully to the kitchen to do his Health Checks.


2Tue04The sphygmomanometer worked the first time.  Well, well, what a change this time!

WD 0.31.0 SYS well down, DIA well up, and the pulse belted up to 97! Bad enough, but the old Sony camera is now capturing things that were not there.

Note, the whatever it is to the right of the Start button? Beats me!

2Tue05I made a brew and had to divert to the Porcelain Throne. Another lightning quick Trotsky Terence affair.

I investigate the pins situation. Both the knee and wound thing were looking much better this morning.

The body looked peaky, sickly, drained, ghostly, anaemic; like death warmed up pale.

Medically, things ain’t too good at the moment. I bet the phone call last night that I missed was from the surgery, clinic, hospital or health centre. Humph!

On the way back to the kitchen, I felt movement from the right knee and was not liking this at all. A smidge of nervousness kicked in.

I took the medications with the mug of tea; it was well cold enough to be safe to take the tablets with. Washed the pots from last night. Had another utilisation of the Furesomide Inspired Emergency Grey Plastic Bucket, and made a start on this blog as far as to here.

Then finished off the Monday post.

0500hrs: Posted some pictures to the albums on Facebook.

Brekkers sorted out – Corn flakes.

Hello, that headache coming back again. Tsk! I took an extra codeine tablet with the early lunchtime medications. 

WD 0.31.0 Went to get the ablutions done. Did the teggies. Cleaned and medicated the two lower regions in need. Had a shave, and got under the shower… Dam & Blast it! The two red lights came on again after a few seconds! I turned off the shower at the power. Gave it a minute or so and tried again. Put the power back on, turned on the shower… Same Again! Within a few seconds later, the lights came back on! I left it for a while and pottered about in the kitchen. Ten minutes later, I tried again. Just the same! So, I had to have a stand-up wash, yet again, instead.  Humph!

WD 0.31.0 Then, after medicating Little Inchy and spraying on the Brute, I found I was not able to get the socks on! The legs had stiffened, and mainly the right one’s knee was too painful to pull up to get to the feet too high enough for me to get the hosiery on. This is not good! Fingers-crossed that things ease up for tomorrow morning. Just as well I get enough exercise just pushing my luck, in thinking things might improve!  

Moroseness-Mode-Engaged. However, a faint trace of yesterday’s absurdly over-optimistic moment of looking on the bright side through rose-tinted spectacles had lingered. And I was again determined not to get into a depressed, self-pitying, sorry-for-myself situation. The last thing I want is to become is an anhedonia sufferer (Lose my capacity to experience pleasure).

So, I forced myself to get the black bags sorted and off with them to the waste-chute. I noticed we had both lifts working this morning. Are things looking up? (Careful Inchcock, you’ll be believing in flying pink elephants, next. Hehe!)

Not really feeling up to going for a walk at the moment, so I decided to go outside and do a few photographicalistions of the Winwood complex.

I got appropriately dressed, well, all bar having no socks on. So I wore the new pair of slippers to keep my sockless tootsies warm.

WD 0.31.0 I got into the lift and went down to Jenny’s floor to drop off her pressie. But she was not available.

WD 0.31.0 So, when I got to the lift lobby on her level, I realised I had not taken the hearing aids down with me. So, back to the 12th-floor and picked them up. To the elevator and down to the ground floor.

WD 0.31.02Tue06 Where I embarrassingly became aware that I had also left behind the mobile phone. So, back up and collected it. Once again into the lift and down and outside.

As I left the lift, I spotted signs of the usual yearly year Ladybird invasion. I got the camera and took a shot of it. There were many more outside as well.

2019 Feb 26aAs I stuck the old camera lens through the fencing to take this picture, I had a terrible feeling that I might have left the SD card in the computer. But, all was well, it was in my Sony.

Even if I did get red-eye in the resulting picture. Tsk!

The sunshine shone, little wind and all in all a decent day out there.

I crossed over the road away from the complex and attempted a panasonic shot. No, that’s not right, is it? Panorama shot, that’s it!


Left to right, Woodthorpe Court, Winwood Extra-Care Court (As will be), Warden’s Holding Cells and Winchester Court.

*Below is the same picture after I’d worked on it in Coreldraw for a bit of fun. Hahaha!


When I arrived at the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Warden’s Temporary HQ. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, Rumourmongering Clinic, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin, Oberschützeress Housing Patch Manager/Catwalk Model, Angela Gould, Obergruppenführeress Warden/International Gymnast Deana, and Obersturmbannführeress Warden/National Champion Breast-Swimmer Julie were in there with a few tenants.

2Tue09We had a little chinwag, and the Warden/Guards were kind enough to stop working for a moment, to pose for me to take their likeness. Good innit! I told Deana about the shower.

I said my farewells and off I went to take even more photographicalisations of the this peaceful, romantic, pleasurable hive-of-love known as Winwood Heights!

2Tue10I observed that Winchester Court had now had all the fallen-off letters on its nameplate on the end of the building replaced.

I began to form my ideas for the doctoring of the panoramic shot above.

I think I like the new Art Deco colouring of the apartments now.

2Tue10aMost apparent on the new Winwood Court and Wardens and facilities offices block, in between the old two blocks of flats.

I twisted my left ankle as I mounted the temporary footpath (Of sorts), against the forty-foot drop down to the allotments, via the moist soil, grass and trees. (Note that last week, I said it was a thirty-foot drop – but I’m feeling in a more dramatic mood today. Hehehe!)

2Tue11Across Chestnut Walk, I espied several busy workmen hard at it outside the Winwood Court, near to where the bus roundabout will be located. It could be of course, that they are digging for missing residents?

This made me think back to my working days. Which was not a good idea, not with my history of failures and having being made redundant three times!

2Tue11aWhen I got to the part of the fall-off on the verge, I took this photograph downwards. I had a plan on what to use it for later and to doctor it for a funny on CorelDraw.

But blown if I can remember now, what it was I’d formulated for the humorous graphic.

Sad, innit?

2Tue12aI ambled along and walked behind the flats.

WD 0.31.0 Where the mound one would have to walk over to get all the way behind, I found too challenging and painful to climb up.

WD 0.31.0 Another drifting off into deep thought. Mostly feeling a tad sad, at my bodies and minds catabolic decline. This pain in the heel, the knee giving way and my memory lapses are the most bothersome at the moment. Waiting for the kidney checks and the results of the swab test on the leg wound and examination, are equal second on the list. Haha! Mind you, by the time I get to go to have either looked at, they’ll have cleared up, or I will have croaked it. You’ve got to laugh! Well, I have to! I don’t want to obnubilate the situation.

I got in the flat, and Sister Jane rang. From the library where I think she said she and Pete were going for a talk on Suffragette history. She was concerned because I had not sent the usual email with the diary link. I checked on Google, and I had done. Pete might have missed it with me getting up so late (for me), and posting it off so much later than usual. She had to go when she knew I was still alive and kicking. But I managed a couple of minutes nattering, to annoy her. Haha! Pete found the Email. Nice of them to worry about me, really. Bless em!

I did the midday Health Checks.

*I got on with sorting the photographs I’d taken, ready to go on this diary. Then started to do the updating. (Spent hours on the computer)

Then, the door chime burst into life. It was Hauptsturmführeress Warden Deana, she left me a letter, did the alarm checks with control and had a look at and tried the shower for me. The red lights came on, and the shower stopped! We tried again, the same result. She called the maintenance and advised them for me. They are going to try and get someone out before 1800hrs to look at it if they can.

I did some more updating of this blog. I stayed awake much longer than usual, cause the maintenance electrician might possibly, perhaps, maybe, be calling sometime up to 18:00hrs, or not, whatever. Not easy for me to stay away so late. I’ve been up for about 16 hours now, and tiredness is dawning.

I’ve left the door unlocked in case I do not hear the chap… if he comes. I’ll get some sarnies done-up I think. I can watch a DVD with subtitles, then I will not need the headphones and should hear him… if he arrives.

2Tue24Did the Health Checks and medication taking, and got the bread in the oven, to make the nosh.

Part-baked baguettes, one large sourdough, two small white. Buttered and filled with sliced tomatoes. Two pieces of pathetically plastic tasting chicken breasts.

Taste ratings: Chicken 2/10, tomato baguettes 8.5/10.

The electrician didn’t make it. Quite understandable, taking into account the late in the day request. In a way, I hope the shower does not work in the morning, cause it may make me look a fool if it does when (if) the plumber arrives to look at it. Nemo Mortalium Omnibus Horis Sapit!

So, at 1810hrs, I got the headphones on and watched Heartbeat on the TV. Well, that’s not true. I started to watch Heartbeat, fell asleep within a couple of minutes, woke up to watch the start of Police Interceptors and nodded off again.

At least the cramps were far less severe.



Inchcock – Friday 12th October 2018: Odd Day


Friday 12th October 2018

Dutch: Vrijdag 12 Oktober 2018

23.45hrs: I awoke and lay there on the £300 second-hand recliner, awaiting the brain to join me in my semi-consciousness state. The nihility and nebulosity slowly found a route to semi-apprehension and limited but blurry understanding of my surroundings, transforming my galimatias-like thoughts into a rudimentary comprehensible form.

I could see no signs of nocturnal-nibbling having taken place… yet anyway.

WD181.9.9 I manipulated my plentiful flesh from the recliner, and after knocking the spring water bottle off of the Ottoman, gave myself one heck of painful toe stub against the computer chair leg. I’d not suffered any toe-stubbings for ages, but I made up for it with this one. Gorblimey it stung! Hehehe!

Getting into the kitchen, I immediately noted the Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles and their flying artillery in the form of the damned Lady Bugs, had come out to fight. Checked the wet room, hallway, and spare room, they were in all of the rooms!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s getting a bit frustrating this infestation is now! I used up another of the ‘Raid’ bug killer sprays, as I counter attacked in each room, making myself cough a bit. Haha!

I keep killing no end of the buggers twice-daily, but back they come every time! Some of the Weevils looked like they were growing wings, the ones in the spare room did, anyway. There were a far higher proportion of live ones this morning as well. Oh, I’m fed up with them!

Just how are the Lady Bugs getting in through the new unwanted, just fitted, light and view-destroying new windows? Perhaps when I was out, the bugs landed on my clothing, and I gave them a lift into the apartment?


6Sat06 I’ve spent such a long time weevil and beetle battling I feel tired out now. Every time (And there were many dozens of them) I had to bend to pick the things off the floor, Hippy Hilda and the Belinda Back-Pain let me know their displeasure! Humph!

I got around to doing the Health Checks and taking the medications eventually. Hours after getting up.

I got the computer on, only to find that things were very slow with it.


I struggled through going on the WordPress Reader section and found some good stuff on it again. Then, the signal came good again? The lights on the router thingy keep flashing, no, flickering a lot, though?

It was a bit of a slog, but I got the Thursday Diary updated and posted off. Gawd-Strewth, it’s 0500hrs gone already!

I made an order for a fodder delivery for next Thursday.

Then made a start on this blog. As I had a Giddy Dizzy Dennis spell. I put this down to all the bending and getting up I had to do to sort the damned Weevil-beetles and Lady Bugs attack earlier. It didn’t last long, all over in ten minutes or so.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. A messy pongy evacuation yet again, but I expected it and took a Dia-Limit capsule earlier with the standard medications. Even so, I swallowed another one, as things were ultra liquified.

Good news though, oh yes! Harold’s Haemorrhoids hardly bled at all! I wish I could say the same for Inchies fungal lesion. Tsk!


Washed the hands and to the kitchen to make another mug of tea.

On the window ledge, I spotted another Lady Bug. She had deposited herself under some paper towelling, and to me, it looked like she had laid some eggs? Do ladybirds lay eggs? I’ll look that up…

I found this out: Ladybirds lay eggs one or more times a year (species vary), in batches of up to 40. They are black, turning to yellow or orange and will hatch within 4-10 days. Oh, dearie me!

I felt a bit peckish, so I had a few (honestly only a few) of the pork scratchings and some Scottish shorties. Then went on YouTube.

Got the ablutions done and sorted. Took the rubbish bags to the chute, then readied things and went down and out into the damp, windy weather, to take some external shots of the flats for the extra post to make later about the upgrading progress for WordPress. I took a recycling bag down with me.

Gaynor came out after me, and we had a little chinwag. She confirmed that next week I can use her flat, to get pictures from a different perspective, bless her.

I put all these pictures on the new post: Pictorial Progress Report

Then I called into the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Oberstgruppenführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room and had a chat with Lynne and Julie.

Then back inside and up to Jenny and Franks flat. I felt a bit like I was imposing, but they were very kind and got sorted, using their bedroom and kitchen windows. Here are a few of the pictures that I took.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Progressing slowly, but surely, now.

I thanked them and got down to the flat… no, up to the flat. And got the pork shoulder steaks (After the regulation hourly short-sharp wee-wee, of course, Hehe!) in the oven, the mini-potatoes were already in the crockpot.

Then made up the Upgrading blog and posted it off. (Six-hour job)

5Fri33Health Checks were done. 

Updated this Friday post to here, then went on a catch-up mission on Facebook.

Visited the WordPress Reader section. When I got to reading the posts, about furries Dougie and Andy, it suddenly came over all dark and foreboding.

5Fri34Got the nosh sorted and served up.

WD181.9.9 Just as I had got the plate laid out, I turned to put the pans in the sink to soak in washing up liquid, and I kicked over a bucket of water I’d forgotten that I had left on the floor earlier. By the time I had cleaned it up, the nosh was barely warm.

Still, I ate most of it.

WD181.9.9 Fell asleep with the tray on my knee. Woke up later with it on the floor.


Inchcock – Thursday 11th October 2018: Social Hour, Dysphoria moment, City Centre visit and Lady Bird & Weevils attack!


Thursday 11th October 2018

Maori: Rāpare 11 Whiringa-ā-Nuku 2018

0035hrs: WDPac I woke still feeling a little embarrassed about yesterdays mega Whoppsiedangleplop over the hospital cock-up I made. I sat still for a while, spitting self-recrimination at myself. The brain soon fogged over as other concerns, fears and worries joined in with the self-hate forces, to create a morass of mostly muddled melancholy moods, as they floated around each trying to gain my attention.

Which I’m gratified, (is that the right word? I’ll check later) that thankfully this situation didn’t last long. I gleaned a modicum of self-assertiveness and pulled myself together. Somehow finding the sagaciousness to understand that things I had done could not be changed, now, and I need to blot-out the mistakes and go forward, for my own health and sanity sake.

Feeling smug, self-satisfied, almost conceited, with my surprising change of attitude, I began to extract my baby rhinoceros-shaped but flabby torso from the £300 second-hand rickety recliner.

WDPac A couple of signs of nocturnal-nibbling were spotted as I gain an upright position. How? Why? Could I really have got up, gone to the cupboard and returned with a pot of cheese biscuits and one of some chip-sticks… and not remember anything about doing so!

I don’t know how, but I kept my nerve and new resolution not to get myself ‘agitated and ‘going’ and all self-critical again! Smug Mode Adopted here! Which was very short-lived!

WDPac I went into the kitchen to make a brew and do the Health Checks. 4Thu10

The danged Evil ironclad Boll-Weevils black biting beetles had summoned up their reserve armour and air-force!

Yes, the Lady-Bugs were all over the kitchen. It looked like the Weevil Officers were giving instructions to one of the bugs!

Just when I was beginning to think I was getting the upper hand with the invaders as well!

Doing the Health Checks had to take a back-seat now. I just had to investigate the other rooms to assess the new military reserves the weevils had brought in as support. Hehe!

And Cyndy and Eric I learned yesterday, had an invasion of midges covering their balcony? Oh, dearie me!

After photographing the evidence to send to the European Court of human rights (Haha!), the need for the Porcelain Throne then overtook precedence of the Weevil/Bug patrol. Off to the wet room.

WDPac  I had to rush to get to the Throne in time, and what a messy liquidified evacuation it was! Little Inchies Lesion had been pouring blood, and it had dried on the flesh of my bulbous body and the PP’s! Heck of a painful job cleaning things and medicating afterwards.

4Thu05WDPac Then, I found that the Weevils and Bugs were in the wet room now! I got the Killer Spray and used up what was left of it. (Another £3.59 in costs!) I got another can of the ‘Raid’ cockroach and ant killer and gave that a spray around in the corners of the wet room.

An expensive visit to the Throne this morning. I 4Thu08used up the last of the Anusol Cream, had to start the last tube of Daktacort and the last of the ‘Pure’ citrus air spray (The aroma from the wet evacuation was not tolerable without this spray being used copiously, Hehe!)

WDPac Into the spare room, to find to find dozens of the Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles on the unwanted light and view-blocking new window ledge. Most of them alive this time, and a little larger in size than of late! But no Lady Bugs in there yet, at least as far as I could tell.

4Thu07I nearly allowed myself to get all uptight at this stage, but I held it back and felt proud of my resisting getting in a panic mode.

To the kitchen and made a tasty, rich mug of Assam tea. It was this strong, due to my putting in two tea bags in the small cup without realising it.

Perhaps the panic-mode was returning after all?

Finally, I got the Health Checks completed.


The readings were all well up on yesterdays. Not surprising though, all the hassle taking place today. Grumph!

I got the computer on and went on the WordPress Reader first, to take a look at the new stuff.

WDPac As I started to update the Wednesday blog, I had to return with as much alacrity as I could manage. Cor blimey, I think that Trotsky Terence is back with me again. More medicating and a change of PP’s (Thanks to Michael, mate!). The fresh-air spray utilised again.

WDPac4Thu06 The ‘Panic-Mode’ I sensed was on the way back. For I found many more of the Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles running about again! I sprayed them and gathered the corpses.

My stability, cohesion, and soundness of mind were being challenged now. Tsk!

I thought I’d better take a Dia-Limit capsule.

4Thu09WDPac Then realised I had not taken the morning medications yet.

I made the tea and left it to brew fully in the mug.

Back to the computer and finished the Wednesday blog off and got it posted the WordPress.

4Thu06aI’d forgotten about the tea, so went to collect it from the kitchen.

WDPac Only to find two Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles, that I don’t think where there on my last visit, in an oven tray on top of the hob. One of them looked almost transparent, ghost-like? The other one was fully alive and seemed to be attacking the first one?

Back to the computer to start updating this diary, at last. But the best intentions don’t always get done immediately. For a third time this morning, I had to hurry to the Porcelain Throne.

 WDPac Another messy, time-consuming and costly session. The lesion had been bleeding so another pair of PP’s had to be adorned, more Daktacort cream, more Gemoloid cream and the last of the ‘Pure’ citrus scented air-spray used up. Oh, heck!

Now, my mood was right mixed one. Discouraged, anxious, nervous and yet discouraged, anxious, nervous and again vivified at how I seem to have coped with the morning’s challenges?

I pressed on with updating as far as to here.

Then I got the nibble box sorted and raffle prizes ready for today’s Winwood Social Hour.

Email from Jenny, I can call on Friday after 1000hrs to take photographs of the new build from her kitchen window. So nice of her.


The day cometh.

Got the ablutions tended to. All went well. Of course, another change of PP’s, use of Daktacort cream and almost the last of the Germoloid was required. Listening to the radio in the shower, and they mentioned areas of Nottingham having invasions from black midges and the Ladybirds! They did not say Sherwood, though.

WDPac I found more Evil ironclad Boll-Weevils black biting beetles in the wet room again. Humph!

Must get the washing done in the morning. Just thought I’d mention it like. Did the midday medications and Health Checks early.

Made up the waste bags to drop in the chute on the way out.

I met a few of my friend tenants on the walk to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Stabsgefreiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationalistic Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents porta-cabin. Mo pointed out to me that the electronic sign on the side of our block of flats that was there two days ago had now been removed?


Consensus between the four residents, Mo or Gaynor, I think it was, I could be wrong, I often am… got carried away there, sorry… said it was due to some electrical fault.

We got to the Winwood Social meeting, and a jolly noisy one it was. But I got a few chinwags in with many of the Winwood residents clan, so I was happy enough. BJ was there as well. Got the raffle prizes on the trolley, got and handed out some raffle tickets and then went round with the nibble box.

Gaynor offered for me to use her windows, I thanked her and asked if I could sort a time and day with her next week. Gaynor, Cyndy and Margaret were all in good form.

Jenny confirmed I would be calling in the morning to take some photos from her kitchen.

I left early, to catch the L9 bus into town, with the sole purpose of my getting some more of those Ritz Potato Thins.

I’ve taken to these nibbles, even though they are light and crispy and up to now, I have not managed to eat any without having dropped crumbs to clear up afterwards! Hehe!

4Thu13I bade my farewells and went out to the bus stop. Where many tenants were awaiting the bus.

A delivery lorry had parked where the bus stop was, but the driver had no choice in the matter.

The city bus arrived, and only me and Barry got on that one. But we had a good natter en route. Barry has done such a lot in his life, it’s a pleasure to listen to him.

4Thu14In town, Barry called in the bookies, and I went across the slab square, taking this photographicalisation of the Nottingham Council House from the centre of the square.

The different clouds in the background came up alright.

The place will soon be filled up with food stalls and money grabbing stalls for the Christmas Fayre I expect. I wonder if they will be putting on the ice-rink again?

4Thu13aaOn this photographical effort on the left, I caught the loss-making Tram pulling out from South Parade. Not surprising really, every day they have fare-dodgers.

The two tax-dodging over-charging Coffee Shops at the end of Wheeler Gate, where my destination, the Poundland shop was located.

Once inside the store, I did get carried away a 4Thu17tad. Guilty!

I got some Christmas pressies (Chocolate-based), My highly rated Ritz Potato Thins (Good!). Listerine, and some thick 50L black bags.

WDPac I found out later, rather embarrassingly, that I had overcharged myself at the self-service check-out! What an Eizel!

As I made my way back to the number 40 bus stop on Queen Street, crossing the Slab Square, I had a few moments of dysphoria. I suddenly felt there was no point anymore, the memory was fading, the body eroding and my failures ever-increasing… A really unexpected and dismal feeling! This unwelcome frame of mind continued until I was on the bus travelling home. My saviour turned out to be a little girl in a pushchair who got on the bus with her mother. She was crying. She was situated opposite me, I gave her a smile which did not help her cease crying. So I pulled faces and pretended to fall asleep and wake up, and the little Angel stopped crying and eventually gave me a smile! This made me feel so good. Mother wouldn’t have known about it, she was using her mobile-phone all the time.

Now I was back to my normal vacant, inane, hopefull, semi-cheerfull mode again.

Dropped off the bus on the hill bend on Winchester Street. Got across the road with relative ease and made my way back to the flats.

I didn’t see any builder workers or residents on the walk back to the apartment.

4Thu15I got inside and had a short-sharp wee-wee.

Got into the kitchen and took this shot of a chap and his dog near the bottom of the tree copse.

I don’t know for sure why I took it, they were both seemingly resting, but a flash of jealousy came over me, seeing a man and his dog in harmony and so peaceful.

WDPac Then, I noticed the Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles were out in force on the kitchen floor. Tsk! A couple of Ladybirds were amongst them?

4Thu16I took a photograph out of the kitchen window, which revealed ladybirds and weevils on the outside of the frame!

I put away the pressies and fodder and got some seasoned potatoes into the oven. Spread some sourdough bread with butter, sliced some tomatoes, washed and placed sugar-snap peas, extra strong grated cheese and pork pie meat with gelatine on the plate all ready for when the potatoes were cooked/

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

4Thu17Got the nosh prepared and served up.

Not a bad tasting fodder-plate tonight. Well, this afternoon.

8.9/10 Flavour Rating.

The plan was, eat the meal, wash the pots, clean up the front room carpet, get the TV on and watch some A-Team on the TV…

I fell asleep! Humph!