Inchcock Today – Friday 1st December 2017: Acidea overcame me

Friday 1st December 2017

Dutch: Vrijdag 1 December 2017

Woke up around 0005hrs, with a craving for something to nibble. Had a feel around the tray on the side Ottoman and thought I had found a soft nougat sweet to have. It turns out it was a chocolate covered brazil nut. As I bit into it, trying to recall some dreams, I knew that I’d had but couldn’t – Snap! Out came the loose incisor! I very nearly swallowed it.

Later I took this photograph of it with what looked like a metal strip protruding from the bottom of the tooth. Could this be part of the filling I had a few months ago? And, why did it go all brown and green within minutes of it coming out?

I arose out of the £300 second-hand recliner in response to the need for the utilisation of the Porcelain Throne. A lot better session this morning.

Got the Health Checks done and medications taken.

The computer on and yesterday’s dairy updated and finished off.

Started this one going.

Then did WordPress Reading and comment replies. A chap from New Mexico mentioned oil filled radiators to use as an alternative to the electric fire when they take away the storage heaters to fit new ones – this triggered the grey-matter, and I got out the one I bought from Amazon last year and had forgotten out. Sad!

Had a peep on Facebook. Oh, dear, it’s sticking again! Turned everything off and restarted, seems a bit quicker now.

Spent hours on Coreldraw trying to get some more TFZer Food themed graphic done.

Got the ablutions tended to and changed into warm togs ready to go out.

Sorted the bin bags and took them to the rubbish chute.

Then it dawned on me; I can’t go out today, Susie the Foot Lady, Chiropodist, podiatrist, or otorhinolaryngologist,  is calling around 1230hrs to overcharge and give me pain. Hehehe!

Got the glass jars and bottles ready for the recycling bin, took them down. A lady sat in the foyer asked if wanted to buy some raffle tickets at £2 each. I explained that I had no money with me, cause I only nipped down to put the glass in the bin. The look of dissatisfaction and displeasure with my answer brought a feeling of opprobriousness to me.

Back up and had a Porcelain Throne session. Then spent another three hours on Corel drawing, accompanied by the noise outside and the cold in the flat. I put the extra oil filled radiator. But it was still too cold for me. After Sue had been, I can get the warm jammies and dressing gown on, that’ll help a bit.

Thought about what to have today for fodder. I was very disappointed in not being able to eat all the Chinese chicken, mangetout and etc. on the plastic plate. Why I was hungry, I don’t know. I was when I was cooking it?

Foot Lady Sue arrived and did me tootsies for me.

Got nosh on.

Seasoned baked beans, Scottish bread and Frikadellens. Lemon yoghourt.

Ate it all up apart from two slices of the bread. Then crossed my fingers that the baked beans would not make Trotsky Terence annoyed and inflamed.

Watched some ‘Boon’ DVD episodes and settled down in the recliner.

I noticed some pain coming from the side of the right foot when I moved, and that the fluid was building up in the legs again.

Inchcock – Friday 19th May 2017: Incorporating The Nuclear Shaving Wound Accifauxpa. Hehe!


Friday 19th May 2017

Japanese: 金曜日2017年5月19日

0350hrs: Up and feeling lively. Might be cheered at the faith and appreciation of help being given me by a complete stranger with the Google Chrome problem coming tonight I hope.

Got the washing ready and down to the laundry room with it.

Back up the lift and onto the Porcelain Throne. Only a bit of bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold. Took the medications and started the computer, fingers crossed. At least I’ve found a way to get the diaries onto Facebook, via the email, that works.

Finished yesterday’s diary and posted it.

Down to move the clothes to the dryer and back up to the twelfth floor to start this one off. Made a graphic for the top of the page. Had an idea to make a funny post, something like Inchcock Party Manifesto? Hopefully, if I can get Chrome sorted and working, I’ll be able to on with it this weekend?

5Fri020538hrs: Down to see if the drying had finished in the Laundry Room.

Twas raining outside, and I felt so sorry for the soaking wet milkman.

Checked the dryer machine and the clothes in it were all dried sufficiently.

Cleaned the filter and machine, folded the 5Fri02aattire and stacked them in little piles to enable me to put them in the bag so that they need to come out.

Clever or what? Hehe!

Swept the room and back up to the apartment and took a wee-wee as an urgent need.

Kettle on and stored the togs away.

5Fri04Making a brew afterwards and the sky caught my eye, it looked a bit threatening to me.

When I got back on the computer, I added the last three photos and updated the wording, then had a look at the weather forecast for Nottingham today.

It looks like they were right about it being a wet start to the day.


Remembered I’d not carried out the Health Check List, so I did it. All looked okay to me.

Did some WordPress reading, as soon as I went on the Google email, then Chrome started playing up and not letting me proceed. Humph!

On CorelDraw 2017 and started creating the political party funny graphic. Lost everything I’d done for WordPress when Chrome went unresponsive again.

5Fri12jClosed down the computer and got on with the ablutions. During which I suffered two Whoopsiedangleplop and Accifauxpa incidents.

Made several cuts with the new razor while shaving.

And applied Betamethasone ointment instead of antiseptic cream to the wounds. Twit!

Had to use after-shave in the end to stop the flow.

Then, while taking a good shower, I dropped the Dettol soap and banged my eye on the corner wire trays.

I now have a decent black eye and some more bleeding. Along with Haemorrhoid Harold’s loss of blood on the Porcelain Throne, I don’t think I have much left in me now (Blood). Hehehe!

Part of the scratch looks a little Nuclearish in the photo above to me? As for what shiny thing in the ear-hole is, I’ve no idea! Probably from the flash on the camera? The black bits are the skin cancer, so no fretting about what they are at least.

Made a brew, took the midday medications and updated this old tosh.

I had an email from Duncan. Offering some advice I could follow of what to try with the Google Chrome problem. I’ll give it a go if need be in the morning. Thank’s Dunc.

Did a bit of flat clearing and cleaning.

Put the meal segments into one saucepan to heat up later after the help Chap Sam, calls. Potatoes, turnip chunks, fresh pod peas in the seasoned veg water. Might have some vegetarian sausages or a piece of cod with them I think.

Read some more of the Emotions book.

Did some work to start on another graphic on CorelDraw 2017. Hard work with the browser freezing. Gave up and read the Emotions book.

Did the evening ablutions and Jenny called me, she is bringing up Sam the Tech-Man to take a look at the computer. She introduced the young man, Sam and left.

I explained the problems I was having and showed him the advice that Duncan had sent me asking if he could do this procedure for me. Good idea he said, adding that my mate Duncan was sagacious in his suggestions. The next half hour or so I was totally amazed at what Sam did in cleaning the system. All so fast, he tried to explain what and why he was doing the things. He, as Dunc recommended, went through what I did and didn’t need and got rid of many things. He added CC Cleaner and UBlock and another programme that shows if the channel or page you are on is safe.

He then set-up the laptop for me, loaded CorelDraw onto it and got the internet access sorted and Chrome with the same layout and options onto it as the computer has.

He was very patient with me as I sometimes struggled to understand what was what. Gave me an email address to contact him if any more bother. Thanked and paid the man gladly. Off he went leaving a more hopeful Inchy behind.

Feeling so tired now.

5Fri10Put a bit of fish and a few potato thingies in the oven to add to the well-cooked-by-now turnips, pod peas and potatoes.

When the fish and vegetables were done, I added them to beetroot, surimi and mushrooms and other vegetables on the plate. 

A pot of lemon fool for afters. 

Although I really felt drained, I did feel a warm glow of hope that things will go alright on the computer when I investigate the changes in the morning. Too weary to try now.

Did the health checks, took the medications and visited the Porcelain Throne.

As I checked the place, I adopted the Prospectively Harmful Whoopsiedangleplop Overnight Avoidance Routine (PHWOAR) Hehe!

I must try to5Fri09 remember to do this every night from here on in.

Checked the door was locked, lights off, shower power off, not taps running in wetroom or kitchen, nothing left on the cooker, fridge door not open, windows checked and took out any plugs not needed.

The view outside was still looking eerie. As I was taking the photographicalisation, the rain began to splatter on the window.

After eating most of the meal, I got the TV on to watch some selected programmes, didn’t see any of them, but the sleep was welcome indeed.

TTFN folks.

Inchcock Today: Wednesday 23rd November 2016: Whoopsiedangleplop ridden day again – painful.


England due to get a bit wet? Hehe!

Wednesday 23rd November 2016

In Tamil: புதன் 22 நவம்பர் 2016

0125hrs: Another early rising for (Currently) Nottingham’s Grumpiest Pensioner.

I knew I’d been dreaming, but yet again no memories of any real details (I hate that!).


And checked out the nose and eye 2tue09ailments once again. It was still painful wearing the spectacles, though.

Computer turned on and made this funny addition to the photo I took, of my poor sad looking face yesterday.

I noted that the new ailments had caused Anne Gyna, Roger Reflux, Haemorrhoid Harold, Harry Hernia and Duodenal Donald to give me rest while I copped with the nose and eye hassle? Arthur Itis was not being so kind, though. Along with the back and bruised knee, Arthur continued to give me grief. The stabbing pains behind and above the left eye didn’t seem as bad as yesterday. No dizzies yet either.

Took the medications and made a brew.

Pleased to report I had not left the heater in the wetroom on, nor any taps were running either.

3wed02Updated the diaries on WordPress up to here.

The tea had gone cold, so I made another cup and took this photo through the kitchen window.

Sorted the number for a brown office chair so I can give it to Olive, to give to her Malcolm who is kindly going to fetch it and erect it for me.

The pain behind the eye is getting worse now.

0459hrs: Did some Facebooking and graphicationalisationing.

0830hrs: Started the ablutions.

Cleaning ladies arrived and pretended to clean the place. Nice chinwagging. Gave them some nibbles. They were soon gone, and I had to clean the wetroom after they had done so leaving bits of black on the floor?

I called to see Olive with the order number for the chair and the cash, that her son Malcolm is going to fetch and fit up for me. Kindness in the extreme.

While we were chinwagging, the cleaner girls returned, one of them had left her coat in my hallway. Gave Olive a kiss and cuddle and returned with them so she could get her coat from the flat.

3wed04Got the din-din going, much earlier than usual.

The legs and back were still playing up.

On my next visit to the doctor, I might ask for some anxiolytic medication of some sort, cause I’m not only in pain with the physical stuff, but getting myself in a state mentally here. Can’t make decisions and fretting over nothing lately.

Settled to read a book and the door bell rang. It was Malcolm with a large box containing the chair. As I stood to one side to let him in after greeting him, I clouted the left side of my head against the electrical box, conveniently at such a height that it allowed my shoulder to go under the box and my head to make contact with the box.


Took these photographs Thursday morning, showing the location and how I managed to Whoopsiedangleplop my way through life once again! Hehehe!

Felt the resulting dizzy coming on and down I went. Malcolm helped me up and got me sat in the chair in the front room. Where after a while I felt a lot better and investigated, finding that I’d cracked a hearing aid, broke the glasses (Bent out of shape and sync), and had acquired a nice bruise on the head. This did not help the legs and back either. An ensuing headache, with the pain behind the eyes, was testing my metal now.

3wed05Malcolm set to erecting the chair for me, he looked an expert at it. This didn’t take him long.

I thanked him profusely for his help, and he even took away the empty boxes for me.

Bless his cotton socks.

I took a photograph of the new chair in position next to my computer, then faded fast and could only sit down and feel sorry for myself as the headaches and dizzies started, joining the legs back, eyes, nose and neck in the medley of pain! Hehehe!

Sounded good that, don’t you think? Almost poetical? Or not?

I’m not sure about the next few hours, a few WRWWs and trying to watch some TV I think. Nodded off.

Woke later finding a note on the ottoman: Prizes to meeting – Chemist prescription, GP appointment, opticians glasses to mend, clinic 1430hrs.

Inchcock Today Monday 24th October 2016


Monday 24th October 2016

In Bengali সোমবার 24th অক্টোবর 2016

Up, out of the £300 second-hand recliner and on the porcelain by 0300hrs. No bleeding whatsoever.

Took the medications, made a cuppa, then filled a bucket, the saucepans, kettle, and bowl with water; in readiness for the water supply being cut off today twixt 0930hrs > 1730hrs. I must remember to remind Olive later.

I spent three hours or so, in between nipping off for the occasional WRWW, looking at the problems on the computer, but too scared to do anything about them in case I make it worse!

Got an incredible offer of help with the computer setting up from Duncan in Birmingham, he’s coming up to see me next Sunday. All being well, bless his cotton socks.

I tried to get the art packages to work again, humph!

WordPress was letting me get on with things, though, updated and got the Sunday post done, then started this one. With no CorelDraw X8 to use, it is depressing.

Sent an email to Sister Jane yesterday, cause she has a copy of the CorelDraw codes and details I need to get it back on. Hope she can find them.

Rang Jane but she could not remember me asking her to save the digits for me. The only reason I was confident that I did so, was BJ recalled being here at the time I asked her. Down in the dumps again now.

Had a good ablutionising session, then topped up the water in the bowls.

Off to remind Olive about the water being cut-off, but she beat me to it and reminded me first! A gem that woman is, precious and radiant with it as well! A chinwag and cuddle and off I went back to the flat.

Got the hearing aids in and wrapped up warmly with my brolly and collapsable walking stick in my bag. Then off to the bus stop, and listened to one of the tenants giving it some verbal about her refusing to have the upgrade and telling the rest of us about the mess they got in at the Sneinton blocks of flats when they had theirs done. Oh dear! And the ones there took a year; ours is forecast to take three years.

Dropped off the bus and went into the Boots store to get the nasal spray and St Peters Wort tablets, gave the lady a tenner without thinking and she had to tell me they came to £16.98! Blimus I thought. Had to watch what I spent after that, cause I’m still waiting for the replacement card from the bank.

Onwards to Tesco and got a Sour Dough sliced loaf.

1mon03Out and through Trinity Square, on the way this lady got a bit annoyed as the ignorant Nottingham Pavement Cyclist skirted around her a bit close like.

1mon03aSpotted this American Jewellery Set on sale in a shop window, and thought of the TFZ Glitz loving gals. When I took the photo I missed off the price; it had it showing in American dollars? So I might ask the gals if they would like to have a guess how much it was.

Made my way to the bus stop and caught a bus into Carrington.,

Where I called in the Lidl store and watching the spending, got some bits. Goats cheese twists, cheap vanilla desserts and a BBQ Chicken Half reduced due to its short date.

Called in the chemists to confirm when the next load of medications would be ready. Next Monday 31st October.

Then on to the Sherringham Surgery for me blood tests. Soon done, thanks them gave them their nibbles and started the hobble to Sherwood. Where I hoped to be on time tp catch the 40 minutes beyond the hour L9 bus up the hill to the apartments.

1mon05Nearly there, the sky darkened suddenly. The wind got up, and it felt a bit cold.

The local populace disappeared indoors it seemed in this photographicalisation. Up to the top of the hill and the L9 bus stop. Where I noted on the timetable, that the L9 I thought would arrive at 40 minutes past the hour, had been and gone at 20 past the hour. The next one was not due for nearly two hours now. Hey-ho, I limped on over the hill and walked through the park back home, making sure I walked through my favourite Tree Copse en route.

1mon06As I got over the hill and started down towards the Woodthorpe Grange Park gates, another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist was making his way up the hill towards me.

When he got to me, he said:

“I thought it was illegal for you to do that, and needed someone’s permission before you took a photograph of them Grandad!” More a statement than a question like.

I replied, “If you were not doing an illegal act in cycling on the pavement I wouldn’t have took the photograph mate!”

I think the frustrations with the computer and printer over the last few days had made me brave for a minute. Hehehe!

As soon as I turned the corner after watching the dogs walking their owners for a bit, mind you, there were a few of them out in the wind: I 1mon07noticed how thinned out the copse had become.

A sad time of year in some ways. But it still looked beautiful to me in there.

A bit sad, though, I collected some empty lager cans, empty fag packets and bottle of wine and took them to the bin.

1mon08While checking around to see if any other unwanted items had been left behind, I came across this… er… whatever it is, photographed on the left here?

Back inside number 72, I got the slippers on, took the midday medications, and had a WRHD session.

Computer turned on, fumbled around for over three hours and managed to find the codes needed for the CorelDraw X8 Download! No idea how I got to this stage, but, Hurrah!

Of course, there had to be something wrong with it didn’t there? It is not displaying the cdr graphics before importing or opening. I’ll ask Duncan if he can assist next Sunday. Hey-ho, maybe Facebook will let me work again too?

I did some setting up of the CorelDraw X8 desktop, and this took so long. By the time I’d lost steam and was rather tired. Poor old thing, I know. Hehe!

Not up to cooking proper tonight, so, going to have some sausages and tinned tomatoes with the Sour Dough bread. A vanilla dessert and an apple too.

I hope and pray things will work on Facebook in the morning, looking forward to catching up, the CorelDraw.

Got the quick nosh done, picked out some Gogglebox programmes to fall asleep watching.

Inchcock Today: Sunday 23rd October 2016: Flipping frustrating day


The Sun goes down, captured from the kitchen window, even this failed to cheer me up in the least. Depressed again! Huh, Tsk and Humph!

Sunday 23rd October 2016

Norwegian: Søndag 23 Oktober 2016

Suddenly wide awake at 0400hrs, with creaking knees, I dismounted the creaking unstable £300 second-hand recliner and off for a WRHD session. Gave the wetroom a good spraying of Lemon scented fresh-air spray afterwards.

Took the medications with orange juice and made a mug of strong tea. Then mused and fretted over the computer problems. Started it and I’d got an email telling me my Microsoft Account had been frozen? I do need help here. I’ll ask around if I see anyone to ask them if they know of someone who computer savvy, and doesn’t charge a lot to come and sort me out.

I’m getting more and more confused with it all.

23-10aTried Gimp online, telling me it can’t load files?

Now the damned computer is not letting me load any photographs into anything other than Gmail and WordPress?!?!?


Tried downloading Inkscape, but that would not let me open or upload anything, so I removed the programme?

No point in me downloading Gimp to try that yet then is there? Have I been hacked again? I’m at a loss here. Lost all heart.

Scared to go on Facebook at the moment, it acts so oddly?

Ablutions all completed and visited Olive. She was radiant and rubbed some pain-gel in for me.

Off up the hill to Mapperley Aldi store with my bag. Returned withp1130020 potatoes, tomatoes, bread and three bananas.

Feeling frustrated still.

The fodder was not bad.

Baked cheesy potatoes, chestnuts, ham sandwiches, strong cheese minis and potato dumplings with Marmite.

Tried watching the goggle-box, but could not concentrate and felt too peed off to do anything else other than dozens of dropping off sessions – waking, changing over to another channel to find something else to drop off to sleep watching again.

Inchcock Today Friday 21 October 2016: Computer hassle all day!


Friday 21 October 2016

In Czech: Pátek 21.října 2016

Woke with a start and out of the £300 second-hand recliner and onto the porcelain by 0200hrs, wide awake. The session was not a good one, so I took a Senna with the morning medications and cleaned up the blood.

I’d been dreaming but could remember nothing of them, other than they were not nice. Made a cuppa. The WRWW’s were rampant all through the morning, so much so, I took the advice of one of the TFZer girl, and used a dedicated plastic jug! 

Straight on the laptop. Decided to ring the PC World helpline that I’m paying monthly for, to ask them if there should be a CD or DVD drive on the computer (If so, I can’t find it?).

Rang the 0800 number, had to make at least six option choices, then I got a message: “We are extremely busy at the moment, and your call will have to wait in the queue for at least 30 minutes!” Busy? At 0355hrs? Rang off, dissatisfied, disgruntled, displeased and frustrated!

Struggling with this tiny keyboard a bit.

Spent hours finding free art packages to use, downloaded one called Sumo Paint, but, after I installed it and opened a piccy in it, doctored it, which took ages, then saved it, supposedly in jpeg, it wouldn’t load in WordPress! Well moody now, I opened the MS Paint and tried that one. No end of problems using that, but managed, in the end, to get one done! And that was no good, but I had to use it.

The Whoopsidangleplop file, where I kept the diary photos had disappeared altogether from the drive?

Just had another look for it, no success. I’ve lost tonnes of work there. Was it there yesterday? Yes, I used it in doing the diary! Had to download straight from the camera, so no writing on or touching them up. And I’m so Fed-up again!

I tried to find some Dutch and Swiss fonts, TTF to upload, but it seems you have to pay and can’t find any free ones?

Did a search for any other free art packages that might work.

Spent hours making a mess of exporting my Gmail contacts to Outlook, I’ve lost no end altogether now!

Have to go out in a bit, fodder and clinic, so I’ll have to leave the mess I’m in and sort it another day, and can’t get on Facebook again to let the TFZers know I might have lost their email addresses, Tsk!

Ablutionised myself and got ready to go out, must rush or I’ll miss the bus, Sorry.

A grand scrub-up, and called to see Olive. Radiant as ever, bless her.

To the flat and put my hearing aids in, nibbles into my pocket in case I saw any of the tenants, and I’m glad to report a jolly good laugh, and fun taking was shared twixt a good few at the bus stop and on the bus into town.

In town, I ambled to the nut stall in the market and got some black chocolate covered cashew nuts. Taking these photographs on the way.

dscn0006 dscn0008 

Called into Tesco and got Cox’s apples and a sour bread loaf.

Then out and over the road to the PC world shop. Complained about no DVD reader on the new laptop and was told they don’t do them nowadays to make them thinner and more appealing, Huh! So I had to buy a stand alone one, another £24.99 spent.

As I walked to the bus stop, having time to spare like, I called into the Little Waitrose store. £10.98 spent. But I got two ready meals at a reduced price. A Sweet & Sour chicken with sauce, Ham Hock nosh and some Surimi fish.

At the bus stop, some more tenants were waiting for the L9, and we all had another laugh and gossip all the way back to the flats.

Where, I got in had a WRHD session and got the DVD writer going, only to realise that I had not got the authorisation code to load the Serif package! Oh, woe is me!

Got the meal cooking.

Then I got messages about the HP Drop Box being free, and so I eventually got it loaded and going, after hours of resetting and installing.


The Sweet & Sour chicken with crispy bacon went down alright.

Medications were taken, WRHD tended to, then I washed up and settled down in the wobbly unnerving £300 second-hand recliner, to watch another Star Trek movie. Non-offs were rampant.

BJ rang to remind he that he’d be calling for me tomorrow around twelve o’clock.Sleep came.

Head down again.Sleep came.

The phone went again, I was sure that BJ was not ringing back and thought it might be the ‘Hacker’ again? Then I considered that he might have changed his plans, so had to answer the phone. It was the ‘Hacker’ again!

Rang off.

Back to getting the head down.

The phone rang again. Ignored it, but pulled out the phone plug.

Back to getting the head down.

The Alert Line box loudly informed me “Your phone line id disconnected” repeatedly! I’d not thought about that when I removed the plug, so I put it back in. Tsk!

Back to getting the head down

Sleep came. Eventually.

Inchcock Today Thursday 20th October 2016: First post on the new laptop.


Thursday 20th October 2016

Or, in Esperanto: Ĵaŭdo 20a Oktobro 2016 I think?

0200hrs: Awake and out of the recliner to a WRHD session. Bits of bleeding from the rear, otherwise no hiatus.

Dreams beyond recall, but I know they were many, and not nice.

Took the medications. Tried the laptop and it started, so I risked finishing yesterday’s, and starting this one off.

Sometime today I think the new computer and printer are being delivered and set-up, I hope. This means I’ll have to stay in until they arrive if I recall right (Certainly not assured, mind. Hehe) Around midday?

p1120171The laptop still will not load Facebook?

This is as far as it gets?

Has it been got at by the hacker?

Fed up again now already!

Tried again later, and it did load, but I had to wait ten minutes (No joking!), then when I clicked on photos, it was another five minutes before they loaded on screen! Clicked on an album to put pictures into it, and an hour later it still hadn’t loaded. Gave up trying and turned the whole thing off!

The webs other sites seem to be okay?

More fed-upperer than ever now.

Turned off and decided to do some laundry.

5fri01a0435hrs: Sorted the unclean thingies in the bag, accoutrements added, 20p’s in my pocket and down to the laundry room. It looked very clean this morning in there, and I checked on the filter on the dryer, and that had been cleaned too?

0448hrs: Set the machine on ‘Quick wash’, (30 minutes) and back up to the flat and then updated this blog.

I tried to load Facebook again, but it was in slow motion mode again?

Down at 515hrs, moved the clobber from the washer to dryer, wiped the washer down and read the notice board as I got to the lifts to go back up to the comfy little flatlet I call home. All done for 0530hrs, the dryer indicating it would take 45 minutes – where usually it shows 60 minutes?

Back up the lift. Got the powders and things ready for when needed for the next wash. Did some graphicationalisationing then at 0615hrs, back down again.

0639hrs: Laundry all done and stored away!

Did the ablutions and took the rubbish bags to the chute. Went to the Community Hut and told them what had occurred and I would not be at the Tenant’s Social Hour. Left them some raffle prizes, though.

The PC man called to say he’d be here in twenty minutes, that’s 10.50 hrs. So, down the foyer to wait for him.

Nice chinwag with some lady tenants as they came through. The man arrived at 1215hrs?

Still, he did sort me out despite his boss calling him repeatedly, and I appreciated him setting up the printer for me too. Gave him a tin of Roses Chocolates in appreciation, cause he was here an hour or more. He took away the infected laptop, to send to their specialists who will try to remove files for me that will be guaranteed ‘Bug-Free’ he says. This cost me £90, Humph!

I spent some time toying and trying to get the computer synchronised. The keyboard is so different to the laptop. It is minuscule and the arrow keys in a different layout, a touch screen too. Making no end of errors, Tsk!

What are sticky-Keys please?

The scene seems so large to me, take some getting used to this will. Powerful though I reckon. 

HP Envy 27-p059na 27" Touchscreen All-in-One PCProduct Features:

  • Style: Premium design with powerful processing
  • Windows 10
  • Intel® Core™ i5-6400T Processor
  • RAM: 16 GB / Storage: 2 TB HDD & 128 GB SSD
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon R7 A365

I’m not certain what each thing means, but it cost a lot. Hehe!

Facebook still playing up, and I’m so frustrated about not being able to do any graphics. If the technician can rescue the CorelDraw passwords for me, I might have to get more help on this, cause I’ll have to contact CorelDraw to get it downloaded again. Huh!

Called on Olive. She was in excellent spirits and looking gorgeous!

Searched for a CD drive in the laptop, but couldn’t find one?

The computer will have to wait until tomorrow for me get it sorted, too tired now.Got on with doing the meal. 

5fri3Got on with doing the meal.

Very nice, cheesy potatoes, vegetables, beetroot. ham. egg and sliced an apple with it.

Took the medications and drifted off as soon as I put the TV on.


Inchcock Today Wednesday 19th October 2016: Calamity!


Wednesday 19th October 2016

Trečiadienis 19 Spalis 2016

The lackadaisicalness and weariness from last night had disseminated into the ether, and at 0320hrs I disentangled myself from the £300 second-hand recliner at the third attempt to get it to work and made my way for a WRHD session. All went well, the tiniest bit of blood, but nay bother at all! No need for any Senna this morning.

3wed2Took the medications and made a strong mug of ‘Thompson’s’ tea. Then set about and got the Crock-pot vegetables simmering away, had carrots, peas, mushrooms, red onions and parsnips in it today, seasoned with Bisto vegetable and Oregano seasoning.

I’ve got the Polish potato dumplings to try, not sure how to do them, might drop them in the Crock-pot? Yes, I will: I’ve put nine pieces in with the vegetables, just hope they don’t all break-up and spoil everything?

3wed3Started the laptop up.

I was a little apprehensive about this, after yesterday’s near disaster when I thought I’d lost the use of my precious laptop.

Although she is running a tad slow still, everything is responding as requested.

3wed4Checked the dumplings in the Crock-Pot with the veggies.

They have all floated to the top, not breaking up yet.

Fingers crossed!

WRWW then got on with doing the Diaries updating and got yesterday’s posted.

Checked the contents of the Polish Potato Dumplings: Restored potatoes from potato flakes 74% – Wheat flour – potato starch 10% – salt – potassium sorbate – citric acid – carotenes. May contain Milk, Soya, Barley, Sulphites, Celery, Seaweed, Rye. Does that sound healthy to you, please?

canal1Then I did a graphic to cheer up Sister Jane and sent it off via email.

I enjoy doing the likes of these. And am so happy that I can still do them, despite the time it takes.

Good job I’m retired innit?


Started this one off then. Did the graphics and sorted the photographs from the camera.

Checked the Crock-Pot – Not god news. The dumplings had all crumbled as I feared they might. Plucked what of them I could out of the Crock-Pot and out some sliced tomatoes in instead, and a bit of tomato puree. Shame!

What now? Can’t access Facebook at all!

Disaster, the laptop froze and I had to force close – Got a phone call from an Asian sounding bloke saying he was from TalkTalk, and when I mentioned I was not with them he said they and Virgin are combining to fight virus attacks?

He talked me through doing things on the computer to stabilise it? Asked too many questions or my liking. I was struggling to understand his accent – after three hours on the phone and he remotely changing things on it would not load again. Ask a neighbour to hear for me, but he had to go, as it was taking too long. So, no laptop working! He said he would send a technician to see me. Sending a text first that I must click on Yes on to verify who I was?  He took bank card details the asked me for the amount of money in the account?

I put the phone down and he called again three times.

No text came of course.

I could not find Deana or Julie, olive later told me Deana was off site. Went to look for Julie, but she was busy with getting the meeting  with the builders sorted and I couldn’t get her. I’d wanted her to phone the Bank for me about the possible hack.

3wed7Had to get the bus to town.

Very busy in the City Centre.

Bought a new computer and printer, they are being delivered tomorrow (I hope). Had to get this first, before I went to the bank, as i might not have a card to buy one with for a while.

The bank next to inform of the problem, have to wait 3-4 days for a new card.

To the Police Station to inform them, it was closed down, not a single officer on the streets to ask for the location of the new station.

Came back home, feeling knackered emotionally and physically.

Olive called to see how things went with the bank.

Tried the laptop again and it started?!?! Messages flashing, though, too quick to read them. I’ll ask the man to take it away and check it out? Turned it off to be safe, oh, and Fa3wed5cebook would not open again?

Got the meal done, used the Kiddies Plate.

So tired now.

A WRHD  and then did the washing up of the crockery, saucepans and crock-pot.

3wed6The evening skyline looked rather nice.

Hope things go well tomorrow, I’ll have to cancel the Tenants Meeting, though, with the laptop and printer being delivered.

Sad that.

Hope I can sort the signing into programmes and sorting out the laptop without too much hassle.


Inchcock Today Monday 17th October 2016


Monday 17th October 2016

Måndag 17 Oktober 2016

Woke around 0350hrs, Desperately trying to recall the many dreams I thought I’d had in the night. In a park or field, rolling giant cheese balls into holes, a bit like a cross between a bowling green and a snooker table? Many others were with me playing… we had to keep stopping to go on a bus, I was the conductor on it, and all the passengers were Lynton Cox in different uniforms? Back at the bowling and a cheese ball had gotten stuck in one of the holes, the fire brigade arrived, and the men started eating the cheeseball chopping it with an axe?

Eventually, I had to dismount the very shaky £300 second-hand recliner chair and go for a WRHD. Not an easy one, so I took yet another Senna tablet with the regular medications. 


Sweet old Fooey on my last visit to Sister Jane’s Magnificent Mansion

Laptop on and updated these diaries. Checked emails, Sister Jane tells me I am permitted to visit them this morning. Looking forward to it, I wondered where Fooey had found for a new “Get-Fooey’s-Head-Down-Spot” that was in the way, he hehe! Last time I went, Pete was trimming the bathroom carpet around the WC, and dear old Fooey decided that would be his new  “Get-Fooey’s-Head-Down-Spot.”

Got some nibbles and gifts for them, including some of that wet cat food that suits old pussies, they love it.

Got the Facebooking done.

Marie called from America on Facebook messenger – she spoke with a lovely accent. Caught me off guard and I waffled a bit I think. Made my day!

Tended to my ablutions, a carbolicalisationing session under the shower this morning.

Called to see Olive, she was suffering but still cheerful bless her cotton socks. She explained that would be best if I get the instant Yorkshire puddings, and put me wise to how she does the poached eggs. A kiss and a cuddle later, I was off on my way to visit Sister Jane, Pete and the three remaining pussies, all of us pensioners you know.

A nice chinwag with some of the tenants at the bus-stop was enjoyed. Got into town and to the West Bridgford bus stop, I nearly got injured in the mob of Nottinghamians rushing to board the thing!

The ailments, apart from Duo Denal that is, were all treating me kindly today.

Arrived at the Mansion, Pete greeted me the door, and there right in front of the door was Fooey in his new chosen “Get-Fooey’s-Head-Down-Spot.”

1mon02Near the radiator at the front door! As I took these photographs above, Pete said he thought it was selected by Fooey for the underground hot water pipes. Ah, Fooey, the grumpy-looking but so sweet old thing.

1mon06Into the kitchen-diner area and chinwagging commenced. Gave them both their gifts and nibbles and the cats some of the liquid food that they love, Jane limiting me to half a pouch each. (For the cats, not Jane and Pete like.) 

Jane gave me a Tea bag.

We managed to get Pete’s problem sorted on his laptop with his movie making from his video cameras taken when on his electric bike as he rode along the canalside.

Pete told me to let him have the size of my TV screen, and he’ll have a look a some later to pick out one that would be suitable for me, that is not too complicated and has larger sub-titling on it.

1mon03Fooey, had some nibbles and returned to his new “Get-Fooey’s-Head-Down-Spot” and had an after lunch wash. His tail looks like an extra leg? Hehe!

Jane showed me their lunches all prepared. Very posh and unBritish, Haha! Here’s worrit consisted of; Torn Mazzarella with tomato and basil with drizzled Herb Oil, Ciabatta bread and three bottles of wine. (I’m joking abut the three bottles of wine, of course, it was only 2½, Hehe)

1mon04Fond farewells and off to catch a bus into town.

As we crossed over the canal bridge, I took this photographicalisation on the right.

Didn’t come out too bad considering the bus was moving at a fair pace.

A bit sad, all those ex-British Waterways buildings that were so busy, back when I was an ankle-snapper. Posh nightclubs and other failing businesses now.

Popped into Tesco and got a pack of Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire Puddings for tonight’s culinary effort at £1.59, about 26p each.

Caught the L9 bus back to Woodthorpe Court. The journey went without any hassle or hiatus… until I fell asleep just before the flats! Whoopsiedangleplop! I had to ask the driver to let me off after we’d . Apparently, he told me, they had stopped at the right stop and two folks had got off, with me still in the land of nod like. Tsk! I did feel a fool again!

Up to the flat, WRWW and WRHD performed. No bleeding this time at all.

2tue01a-2Set about planning and getting the meal of the day prepared.

Ended up with, minced beef, onions, garden peas, potatoes, and a Frikadellen. Made some lovely thick beef and onion gravy and drenched all of the ingredients with it. Actually soaked the gravy up with three of the small wholemeal cobs.

This got a rating of 9.57/10, the highest ever given. Made a bit of a mess eating it mind, Hehe!

Settled after medications and another WRWW, to watch another Star Trek Movie, after maybe 15 attempts I gave up.

Head down and off in a flash.

Inchcock Today Sunday 16th October 2016: Got a mini-hobble in


Sunday 16th October 2016

זונטיק אקטאבער 16, 2016

7sun02Woke late, for me, at 0330hrs, then I dropped off again.

445hrs: Up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off for a WRHD. Not an easy session at all. Good job I should have the senna tablets coming later with the Morrison order.

To the kitchen to make a cuppa and take the medications. As I pulled the front room curtains open, the view was pretty, so I got the Lumix and opened the balcony door and took the photographicalisation above left. I’m afraid it didn’t come out as it looked, though.

Laptop on ready, and did my ablutions. The Morrison Lady arrived with the delivery for me, dead on 0630hrs, bless her.

7sun04The Egg Poacher and six eggs were there. Placed the poacher on top of the stove, awaiting my discovering of how to use it? Well, I know water goes inside, eggs in the little black pots… but do I put the lid on when they are cooking? And, how long for?

I’ll have a look on the web or ask Olive if I can get to see her later today. What’s the odds I forget?

Hehe! Olive was not in when I called later, sob!

7sun05Took one of the Senna tablets that had arrived with the Morrison order.

I put away the other stuff and got preparing the Crock-Pot vegetables. Parsnips, carrots, fresh peas, red onions, orange peppers, sliced prepared mushrooms and into the pot. As for what to have with it, I’m spoilt for choice. Fish sticks and tomatoes with potatoes? Ready to cook Lamb Hotpot and vegetables? Or chips?

Mind you, I’m not sure if BJ will ring later to ask if I want to go to the Papplewick Pumping Station 1940’s Remberance show? Hope he does, but not confident of how I’ll manage if he calls late in the day and I have to stay out into the night – the body doesn’t like it when I have to do that.

Back on the laptop and got the WordPress stuff posted and started this one off. Then did some Facebooking as the rain began to pour down outside.

nccwalk04Finished the graphic for the Mystery Photo.

Used part of it as the header.

Couldn’t get hold of BJ, so I went on the PPS site and found out the 1940’s show is on next weekend, not this.

Got the ablutions tended to with a nice carbolicalisational freshen up under the shower.

Called to see Olive, no reply. Sad now!

7sun127sun06Back to the apartment for a WRWW, then set off on a mini hobble to Sherwood.

Up the gravel hill path into the park, left and down to Mansfield Road.

Now the rain had stopped out, the view over Woodthorpe Grange Park to the north, looked beautiful!

Out of the park, sadly leaving the many dogs walking their humans, and left up and over the hill down into Sherwood proper.

First call, to Wilko’s. Where bought a 4-up Yorkshire pudding tray for £2.20, and a Dettol lavender antiseptic disinfectant.

Then down to the Co-op store and got some Yorkshire Pudding Batter mix, 26p.

7sun07On leaving after paying, I noticed a display with a sign above saying ‘Haloween Horrors’.

Why use the word Horrors, I just couldn’t fathom out?

Pumpkins, sweets, chocolates?


I’m missing something here. Other than the horror of some nasty brats trick or treating perhaps?

7sun08Out and wandered down to Winchester Street and up the hill back to the flats.

The incline didn’t cause me too much hassle… until I reached the laundry, ¾ of the way up.

The ankles were starting singing then, but not badly actually.

7sun09Hobbled along Chestnut Walk and took this photo on the right, of the Woodthorpe flats.

I still find it hard sometimes to realise I actually am living up there in the sky, in a tiny cold apartment, where I dare not open the windows in summer, spring and Autumn, cause the place get infested with flies and insects.

I can’t hear the Fire Alarm when it goes off. Four buses to town Monday to Friday, two in a Saturday and none on a Sunday.

But, did you know… I love it here!

Into the block, up the lift and into number 72 and a WRWW.

Kettle on. Read the instructions on the packet of pudding mix, needs an egg and it just needs an egg and water adding. I’ll give it a go later in the week when I get some beef to go with them.

Hoping things go well, and I can get to visit Sister Jane, Pete and the pussies tomorrow.

7sun10Got the meal on the go. I used two of the divided plates, one inside another for strength, that I got from Morrisons.

A bit like a baby’s feeding tray? Just the ticket! I made a lot less mess than normal.


Tried to watch the second Star Trek movie, but the nod-offs started almost immediately. Managed an interrupted with WRWW hour or so, before giving up and drifting off into a dream filled kip!