Inchcock Today – Monday 2nd April 2018: Another death in the building, something else stolen from a flat, the Odd-Sock Syndrome returns, Rain, snow then rain again, Virgin Internet kept going down, and Crampy Craig attacks. Just a normal day at the Winwood Apartments. Hehehe!


Monday 2nd April 2018

Esperanto: Lundo 2an de aprilo 2018

00550hrs: Up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner within minutes of waking. Some form of rare-determination and will-power had overtaken my usually tepid yet obedient to psychosis and wandering off of on its own accord vacillating route and path of my mind.

1Mon05I collected the ready to go laundry bag with togs and accoutrements and was off and down the lift by 0112hrs.

Into the laundry room and got the machine going in a couple of minutes. Then back up in the lift to the apartment and straight on the computer to start creating this post off.

The time flew, 1Mon01aand it was soon time to go back down and move the laundry into the dryer.

A belated note about another of our clan of residents passing away. We’re dropping like flies this year!

Back up to the flat again, had a wee-wee and made a brew.

Odd that no Porcelain Throne demands had been made yet from the innards?

I got the Health Checks tended to. Made up the graph for the nurse on Wednesday’s blood test.


1Mon07aAs I was taking the medications, I wondered whether I should still be swallowing so many of the pink Trental Pentoxifylline tablets. I was prescribed them before the heart operation years ago.

I looked them up. The first site said; “These medications work by improving blood flow in the arms and legs. Pentoxifylline is used to treat chronic circulation disorders of the arms and legs, such as intermittent claudication (peripheral arterial disease) or trophic ulcers due to a poor blood supply.” I dug further, did a search with the name and heart, and got: “For patients with chronic occlusive peripheral vascular disorders of the extremities.” The last page indicated; Side Effects


The information possibly goes a way to explaining things. I might ask Dr Vindla about this later. They had mentioned possibilities relating to current ailments: Duodenal Donald, Reflux Roger, Anne Gyna and Dizzy Dennis?

1Mon01bDown to collect the laundry from the dryer.

Noticed another new sign on the notice board this time, a plea from the owner of a Glade Air Freshener spray, who lives in flat 21, for it to be returned by whoever nicked it!

Add this to the things stolen from the Obergruppenfurher Wardens Temporary Shed and Social Hut, and I think we may have to call in Columbo, Frost or Sherlock Holmes in to sort them out. Hehe!

1Mon08Extracted the clothing and got it folded and into the bag. Cleaned the filter and drum and found yet another odd sock!

Up to the apartment with the bag, and got it stored away.

It was 0320hrs when I had finished all the laundry room duties. Good going eh?

I did take a photograph of the electronic signboard near the lifts, but that too disappeared into the ether! I’m getting fed-up with this happening!

Just like yesterday morning, I heard that loud noise as if something was falling and landing on something hard? But there was no way could I identify where it was originating from. Most annoying.

1Mon01I then updated this blog to here. Then, finished off the Sunday diary.

Went to make a small mug of tea. Waiting for the kettle to boil, I went in the spare room to have a search for the odd brown sock. No luck!

But I did take this photo from the window. Bit of a ‘Moody’ one, do you think?

Back to my beloved computer to Check the Emails. Can you believe it!


Luckily it returned in a few minutes. But going so slow now. Took me ages to get the email postings done.

WDPBL The flat has turned cold suddenly. My legs felt so cold too. I went around to check the windows and door were all shut and closed-to. The door was closed and locked. Spare room window, the wind was coming in through the two areas awaiting filling-in. The Kitchen window frames not letting anything in, but where the vast regions are also pending filling-in were, not only wind but rain was coming in! The front room, where the deeper holes around the outer frame, where I can see the pebble-like stones that fill the outer wall, it was moving the curtains with the incoming wind!

Back to the kitchen and made a mug of tea – and had to leave it to get cold, due to the startlingly accelerated need to use the Porcelain Throne! Another multi-coloured evacuation today, but far less messy with it, and no blood from Harold’s Haemorrhoids. So glad I invested in the Germaloid cream, now! The fungal lesion was a different story though, fresh and dried blood everywhere. Still, it is a quotidian event recently, so no surprise to me.

The tea was still just about warm enough to drink, so back to the computer.

I made the WP comments, then went to the WordPress Reader section. Next, back onto CorelDraw to create the header graphics for seven days, and save them to drafts. It took me over three hours, but I was pleased I’d got them done.

During these three-and-a-bit hours, boy did the weather change!


Did the Health Checks. Then back to the WordPress Reader then Comments.

I wish I could send some of the rain to Alburquerque for my cyber-friend Tim to have. There’s a bit of a shortage of precipitation in New Mexico. Thinking of this reminded me that Tim made a comment on Saturdays post, which made me larf!

“From Tim Saturday: Ace Inspector Inchcock comes in on the scene of a murder. “What do you think Ace Inspector?” asks one of the officers on the scene. “I think I have to wee-wee.” Replies Ace Inspector Inchcock. While standing at the urinal waiting for his prostate and bladder to reach an agreement, he looks up at the ceiling and reads “What are you looking up here for? The joke’s in your hand!” After a few chuckles, Ace Inspector Inchcock says “That’s it!” “What’s it?” the officer asked as he walked into the wet room. “The Joker!” Replied Ace Inspector Inchcock. “The Joker did it.” And the brilliant Ace Inspector Inchcock solved another murder.

Hehehe! It tickled me.


Made a mug of tea again, and did the third Health Checks. Tidied the wet room up.

Noise from BBJ above. Got the oven warming up, ready for the meal.

Feeling drained as well, now.

2Tue02abGot the meal served up.

An Asda-Walmart Cumberland Pie with extra cheese on top, half a mini-minced-beef puff pastry pie, tomatoes, mashed potatoes with cheese and some seaweed.

Followed by a lemon mousse and a mug of fresh orange juice.

Ate it all up, then tried the internet.

Computer back on again.

2Tue02adWDPBL Not that I could do much on it, as Craig Cramps came on in the left hand and fingers. I couldn’t have picked my nose let alone type accurately.

Went for a wee-wee, that was interesting with the fingers all bent, painful and uncontrollable. Hehe!

I turned off the computer, too tired mentally to concentrate, anyway.

Another wee-wee and I settled down for an extended period of nods-off-waking-ups.


Inchcock Today – Friday 23rd March 2018

Friday 23rd March 2018

Maltese: Il-Ġimgħa 23 ta ‘Marzu 2018

0155hrs: Woke-up, stomach feeling bloated. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner without any problems, and off for a wee-wee. The lesion was bleeding badly. No doubt the low INR warfarin reading having something to do with it. Decided to get caught up with the laundry duties. I’ll get a quick wash going, and put the things in the dryer when done. 5Fri001Then and start another quick wash and when that one is completed, add that to the others in the dryer. I can get caught up that way. With all the recent Nottingham City Homes jobs done and the extra medical appointments, I have enough dirty clobber to fill the machine twice. Messy, but must be done. Out with the first bag and into the lift.

5Fri001bDown and getting out of the lift by 0208hrs!

No messy-about this morning, I seemed to have been gifted vitality, vigour and verve? Hippy Hilda and Arthur Itis no bother at all. Duodenal Donald and the innards were the only things giving me any hassle, and this was slight. Yet again, a different pensioner waked up than the one yesterday!

5Fri005Got the machine going and nipped outside to take a photo of Chestnut Way.

Back up to the flat and got the weekly tablet dosage pots sorted out.

In a flash, I was going back down with the second bag of washing. Got the just cleaned stuff into the drier, and restarted another quick cycle with the clothes I’d taken down this time.

5Fri007And boy did that washing machine shake, rattle and nearly roll off of its plinth.

The noise must have been heard on the floor above. When I put my hand on the top of it, it dimmed the sound a bit, and I stayed holding it until the spin cycle had stopped.

I kept on shaking for a while though. Hehe!

5Fri002Back up again to the apartment.

Made a brew of Olde English Tea in the little cup, and when I got the milk out of the fridge, saw the two remaining Morrison’s vegetable Moussaka meals. The one I tried last night, tasted okay. But there was far too much courgettes and aubergines in it. Don’t get me wrong, I love these veggies, but they are on my barred list of foods from the Haematology and Anticoagulation Clinic. Had there been just a little of them, it would have been fine. But there was an awful lot. So, I dare not risk eating anymore. I shall seek a vegetarian 5Fri006living in the flats, or see if Jenny would like to have them.

Back down to the laundry room again and got the second load from the washer and added it to the others in the dryer.

Popped out of the foyer and took this semi-moody photograph of the rain covered Chestnut Way.

5Fri003Up once again in the lift to the flat.

Had a wee-wee, and as I was taking this photograph. It dawned on that I had received no interest from the innards regarding a Porcelain Throne requirement?

I refilled the laundry bag with air spray, topped 5Fri004up the crystals and soap capsules tub ready for the next laundry session. I took it into the spare room and spotted this pigeon on the hoist supports, with its head down, bless. How his eyes opened so quickly when I took the picture, to enable me to catch them open surprised me. The camera did flash, though.

Where will they sleep when the scaffolding comes down? Plenty of droppings piling up on the bars. Hehe!

5Fri008I made another brew, had a wee-wee, washed the pots from last night and started the computer and did some prep work.

It was soon time for me to go down to the laundry room again, to collect the clothing and clean the machines and filter.

5Fri009There were two new information signs up on the notice board in the lift foyer area. They sort of shouted out the messages. I got a headache reading them! Hahaha!

A tenant arrived in the laundry room as I was emptying the dryer of clothes and things.

She is one who has a washing machine in their flats and just needs to facilitate the dryers in our laundry room.

We chatted (Me mostly) and had a laugh or two. When the lady checked the filter on the other dryer next to the one I was using. You should have seen the fluff in it! I’ve never seen it so full. We said our farewells, and off she went back up to her flat. I noticed after she had gone, a sign on the dryer she was using read: ‘Fault, please close the filter door’. Good job I was there because otherwise, she would have come down again in an hour to find her washing still wet. I was so glad to able to do something to help someone at last and be there at the time. I pressed the door too until it clicked, and the machine started working again on its own.

5Fri010I got the things folded, then into my laundry bag.

Guess what… Another odd sock! Damnations!

I cleaned the drums, sink and surfaces, and set off to the elevator.

5Fri0110419hrs, and 6°c – 42.8°f indicated on the electronic information board. I thought I’d done well to get it all finished by now.

But, of course, there were still many jobs I would have done by now, had I not done the laundry, that still needed doing, so my chirpiness wained a little. Hehe!

Got in the apartment, and stored the washing away. Had a wee-wee.

Got the Health Checks done. Sys, Dia and pulse all down a bit, after being high for a few days.


P1270944Took the medications with a cup of milk. WH01b As I grabbed the carton of liquid, it gave way, and the milk shot put all over the fridge, floor and me. Got it cleaned up with just one difficulty involved. Getting back up after I’d wiped the stuff off of the floor tiles.


5Fri013Back to the computer. Updated this post.

I feared the worst when the Porcelain Throne was at last needed. For there have been no rumbling or grumblings from the stomach at all. Just a feeling that things were distended. I need not have worried. Solid and heavy, yes, but no bleeding or straining whatsoever. Out of the ordinary maybe, but a welcome change in the evacuationalistical department. Phew!

Started the ablutions early again today. Cause the bloke says, he is calling at 0900hrs to do the panelling under the balcony doors. We’ll see.

No idea when the holes and plastering repairs will be done.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5Fri014Got the ablutions tended to. The medicationalisationing went well too.

Got the Moussaka meals and poddled to the Temporary Oberbruppenfureress Wardens Offices and Social Shed. Where, much to my delights, Jenny was setting up the things for the sale later today. She looked grand but was having trouble with her back again. We had a nattering session, and she took the Moussaka meals off my hands for me.

5Fri015The rain had stopped, but more was forecast on the radio when I was shaving, and tonight they said to expect down to -4°c (24.8°f). Brr! And all those holes in the wall and windows as well! Grumph!

The Willmott-Brown lads were up on the hoist again, dangerous work.

Up to the apartment, had a wee-wee and continued to update this post.

0925hrs: Big John upstairs was clattering about noisily again. And, the work chap who promised he’d be here for 0900hrs, still had not arrived!

I visited the WordPress comments and replied to them. Then on to the WordPress Reader.

Tried to go on Facebooking. It let me post some photos to the albums, but so slowly. I tried TFZing, but the thing just crawled almost to a stop. I’ve asked a bloke to have a look. He might see me on Wednesday PM.

The work bloke arrived around 1015hrs and set to work. Obergruppenfhureress Warden Julie paid a visit just before he said he had to finish, and had to shoot off quickly and was sorry for the mess he had to leave. He did rehang the curtains for me, though.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I got the mushroom in the saucepan simmering with balsamic vinegar and a pinch of onion salt. Then got the chips int the oven cooking.

Carried on with updating this post.

P1270957Then when the fodder was ready, I got it served up.

Mixed results came from this meal. The potato croquettes were bland and tasteless 2/10, The skinless sausages bitter 0/10 (Not eaten), the tomatoes fair at 6/10, apple slices 6/10, the mushrooms good at 8.8/10. The canned pork knuckle gets a 9.25/10, excellent!

Did the Health Checks etc..

The regular fatigue hit me, I put the plate down, turned on the TV and fell asleep.

WH01b I woke to the accompaniment of what appeared to be klaxons sounding. I just caught hearing the end of them. I was confused somewhat, never having listened to this sound before. I had no idea of course, what it was or where it came from. I forced myself out of the £300 second-hand recliner and took the food tray with me into the kitchen and dropped them in the washing-up bowl and took a look out of the window to see if any emergency vehicles were on site that may have been the reason for this klaxon sounding. But the new layout of the window meant I could not see the ground below at all. I went to check the front door, no sounds were emanating from out there. I began to think I might have heard the alarm in a dream. I nipped into the wet room for a wee-wee. Back to the recliner and had a super-painful toe-stub against the cracked plaster on the frame. I never discovered if the noise was real or dreamt.

Head down again, sleep dawned and off into blissful rest.

WH01b Not for long. Woke again and the warm-wet sensation from the lower regions indicated that I needed to change the PPs. Reluctantly I escaped from the recliner… and trod on a small lump of concrete or cement whatever from the window workings! This made me jump and sod-me – I stubbed the same flipping toe against the Ottoman!

It’s not been a particularly good day. Hehe!


Inchcock Today – Friday 16th March 2018

Friday 16th March 2018

Catalan: Divendres 16 de març de 2018

0200hrs: Woke and regained a modicum of logicality and concentration. As I lay there getting up enough steam to tackle the sorting out of what needed doing, it dawned on me that the laundry had not been done yet. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner with ease, almost. Gathered the prepared bag of clothes and accoutrements and off down to the laundry room. No tea making, wee-wees or stubbing of toes – I surprised myself with my determination. Noegenesis seeking, I pressed on.

Into the lift # two.

A search and inspection revealed no beetles lurking anywhere within the confines of the cage.

The lift rattled a bit, as it descended down to the ground floor.

The automatic notice board sign was out of action when I got out.

I perused the notice boards, but could not see any new signs for us.

For a moment a bit of a panic set-in when I nipped out to take a photo of the foyer area. I thought I had left the door-fob up in the flat. The stomach went cold as I searched not expecting to find the item, but it it was in my pocket after all. Phew!

It felt warm outside this morning, I could hear the birds chirping and singing away to their heart’s content.

A little early in the day I thought?

Off to the laundry room and cleaned the washer drum, then got the wash-cycle started.

Surprised me some of the things I see in the laundry room waste bin sometimes.

This morning it had sections of polystyrene strips, take-away food remnants with plastic cutlery and nub-ends.

The input trays had to be cleaned up and old soap powder removed. Wiped around the casings.

Off back up to the apartment in lift number one this time. Had a visit from Dizzy Dennis on the way up. Only a short one, though.

The automatic-information sign near the elevator doors was now working again.

Up and in the flat. Had a wee-wee.

Started to finish off the Thursday diary.

Down again to move the things from the washer to dryer.

 I had to clean out the filter, cause whoever used it last forgot to do it.

As I did so, it moved and trapped my finger in the gap as the plastic sprang back into position. Tsk!

I think I might have said at the time, ‘Well fancy that!’


Don’t know why I’m laughing.

Got the clothes out and folded them up – but:  The magic missing sock syndrome returned!

Oh, I was annoyed with myself. I checked the drums on the washer and dryer in case I’d missed it earlier. No odd sock found! I pressed on and got the folded clobber into the big blue bag.

Cleaned the filter and casings and as I turned to leave, there was the offending sock right in the corner behind the door! A real mystery to me, how it got there. But I was so pleased to have found it.

To the lift.

All done and finished by 0405hrs.

I thought I’d done well, then I realised I’d not taken the jammies, dressing gown or towels down with the other things to launder!

Up to number 72 and got the Thursday diary finished and posted off. Sorted the pictures ready for using later.

Checked the emails next, and I’d had one from the surgery re the blood test. They had booked it for Wednesday 21st at 0905hrs, with Nurse Ann.

(I shivered).

Got on with starting this diary of next, got as far as here. Then went to the WordPress reader, then comments.

Had a wee-wee.

Went into the kitchen, and was startled when I saw the fog and it was raining so heavy as well. When I got back to the computer, I had a look at the weather forecast for this weekend – Amber warning for snow and flooding!

Seems that today rain that might be followed with some snowfalls.

Sunday the most significant threat with snow showers forecast.

Makes it worse with the freezing temperatures overnight. Oh, ‘Ecky-thump!

Went onto Facebook to see if things would allow me this time. Slowed down often, but I got most things done.

Off to do the ablutions now. A good session, apart from the medicationalisationing procedures.

 Got things ready, and left the flat. Got the door locked and took the black bags to the rubbish chute, to the lift and realised I had not got my hearing aids in. Returned to get them.

Departed again, locked the door, and well well, fancy that. I had not got my hat on! Back in again and collected it.

The best of this series of Whoopsiedangleplops this one: Out once more, and realised I had my slippers on! Back in and changed into the shoes.

Got to the lift, and remembered I had forgotten to take the Chips, to give to anyone who liked them. This being part of my running down of naughty-foods, in my effort to lose weight. I still have all those ready meals in the fridge, but am not going to throw or give them away. Back to pick the box up. Tsk!

Outside on Chestnut Walk, the place was busy with workers again.

Got to the Temporary Wardens hut, and both Deana and Julie were in their office. I popped in to explain about my not getting anything information wise from the Fire meeting yesterday.

Seems that many other tenants were the same. She didn’t seem bothered by this, that assuaged my guilt.

Mary, Cindie and Welsh Bill were all in the big room. They all looked and sounded in good form. We had a decent nattering session.

The buses arrived, and we went out to join the mass of residents waiting. On the City bound one, and got the crossword book activated.

Dropped off the bus and I went to Tesco. With the aim of seeing what vegetables they had on offer, and get some potato cakes. The choice of veg was dismal, tatty, with some out of date. I wandered to the bread section, and things were the same. Out of date loaves, and their potato cakes had doubled in price and only had one day’s shelf life left on them. I put back the basket and went.

Walking through Trinity Square, and Dizzy Dennis paid me a visit. He stayed a while, and that was not appreciated. Eventually, he cleared off. I decided to have a walk around town, to kill time and get some fresh air until the next bus home could be caught. Not feeling very good, and Anne Gyna kicked off.

Hobbling down Market Street, I noticed a Nottingham Cyclist going on the wrong side of the road going down the hill.

Seconds after taking this photo, he veered onto the footway. How he missed hitting the sign on the footway, I don’t know.

But it was a testimony to his cycling skills, all done at speed as well. Good job there were no pedestrians around. In fact, the place looked like a ghost town.

It brought to my mind, a picture of the few Nottinghamian residents, having survived a cataclysm and apocalypse, were wandering around, not knowing what to do. Their mobiles and iPads don’t work, no one around worth mugging, nowt on the TV! (Deep that, won’t it, even surprised me!)

Down to the Slab Square.

Bleak, depressing, dark, dank, sad and dismal were the words that came to mind.


I think I might use this photo to make a funny as a page top for later.

I walked along passing the Jehovah’s Witnesses, a drunken beggar, the street-sleeper on Long Row, the newspaper vendor, the youths sat on the wall drinking cans of lager, the Nottingham Pavement Cyclists, two delivering Pizzas according to the box on their backs.

There were no Big Issue sellers to be seen this morning in the centre.

I took a final picture of the Little John clock and tower and made my way up past the man with his guitar singing the Praises of the Lord, at the junction of Queen and King Street.

The depressive atmosphere prevailed even at the bus stop. People around in numbers, but no one talking? Got onto the bus when it arrived.

Entered the flat, up the lift and ran into my neighbour and Obergruppenfureress Warden Deana as they were getting into the elevator. Words of greeting were exchanged.

At the flat, I was somewhat perplexed to find the door unlocked. Had I failed to do this earlier when I had to keep returning to collect things I’d forgotten to take with me? I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten to lock this door before? Had someone been in, somebody who had called to see me and found the door open! Mmm?

Thee thoughts soon left my brain, as I had to go to the wet-room to clean things up and change PPs. A little bleeding had taken place while I was out and about.

Went to the kitchen and did the Health Checks. I notice Deana walking at rapid speed along Chestnut Walk.

Got the camera and zoomed in to take a shot of the busy gal.

My mind turned to the attention of the comestibles. It is not easy to comether myself not to eat my usual foodstuffs. I still have three ready-made meals in the fridge that I do not want to throw out and love the taste of them. I must eat them, but with far less other foods… This is not easy.

I decided in the end, to have sliced potatoes with grated cheese sprinkled on then, and tomatoes sliced on top. But, I let me get carried away with the side-stuff again. Felt somewhat guilty after I’d eaten it. But, I did so enjoy it. Tsk!

At least I have ordered some vegetarian Cumberland Pie on next weeks food order. Tsk, again!

Got the ablutions done. Afterwards, as I was putting the new PPs on, I tripped and cracked my forehead against the side of the sink. It was a cracking-good belt it was too, cause when I put my hand out to soften the blow, it got entangled in the PPs I was struggling to get on. So I was too late to lessen the blow. The truly amazing thing was that pain subsided within minutes, and I cannot see any bruising whatsoever on the head. Nothing at all, not even a bit of red colouring?

I was determined to watch some ‘Hustle’ on the box tonight and got down earlier than my usual. Hoping to nod-off, thus making it possible for me to watch some of the programme when I woke again. But no, I nodded off and stayed that way. Humph!

Inchcock Today – Friday 9th March 2018

Friday 9th March 2018

Italian: Venerdì 9 Marzo 2018

0230hrs: Stirred into life, mind and body seemed to be in some sort of cohesion for a change. I reckon I managed five-hours sleep; although dream-filled. Not that I can recall anything about them, but I know they made me wake-up feeling nervous about something or other. Tsk! The laundry room duties came to mind, and I decided to get this done first thing.

0240hrs: Out of the £300 second-hand recliner, almost with ease. ( Okay, I thought, what’s going on with all the ailments? Reflux Roger, Hippy Hilda, Duodenal Donald, Harry Hernia, Shaking Shaun, even Dizzy Dennis were notable for their absence?) Only Inchies Fungal Lesion, Trotsky Terence and Haemorrhoid Harold were giving any bother. Very rare and worrying! Hehe! Had a wee-wee.

Down the lift to the laundry room. Nipped out of the foyer doors to take this photographicalisation of the morning view. It was not cold at all out their. And in the laundry room, it was positively warm, and no machines were running either. Got the washer filled and back to the flat.

The electronic information board informed me that it was 02:58hrs, 5°c with Heavy Rain.

Up to the apartment, had a wee-wee.

Into the kitchen with the intentions of getting the Health Checks done.

But had to nip back for another wee-wee. (Hello, the third leak of the morning. What’s going on here?)

I’m not sure how or why I did this, but I took two readings on the Sphygmomanometer. One after the other? Seem to be losing-it early today.

Time to go down to move the laundry to the drier. I noticed the poster still in the lift, and reminded myself that I was going to look up the word (On the blue logo) Secondelement the other day and forgot to. What odds of me remembering later.

Back up to the apartment. Took a selfie, (Not a pretty sight, I know) Took a photo of the poster in this lift. More to get confused over?

Inside 72 and had a wee-wee. (Oh dearie me!) Went to make a fresh brew. It was incredibly warm in there. Temperature reading at 60°f. IT has not been this warm in there for ages. Well, I fib there, don’t I? When I left the oven on for the whole of the other night, it was slightly warm. Tsk! Getting older with dignity is impossible! Haha!

To the Porcelain Throne. The oddest session indeed. Little Inchies fungal lesion had been bleeding drying and bleeding again. But this seems to be the pattern recently. I hope the appointment with the chap at the GUM clinic arrives soon. The evacuation was worrying, Trotsky Terence was still in attendance, and Harolds Haemorrhoids were very tender, bleeding and messy.

Then got the computer on to start this diary off. Ten minutes later, I was back on the Throne! Repeat performance, but it took me a long while to stop the lesion bleeding. So long that by the time I’d finished and cleaned up again, it was collection time for the laundry. Down once again.

I opened the drawer to choose one of the six or so toothbrushes we keep there for cleaning the filter out, and there was only the one? Enough to do the job I know. But what happened to the others?

Clothes out and folded, filter, drum and casing cleaned.

Then back up and had a wee-wee.

Got the togs stored away and refilled the washing pots ready for the next laundry room visit.

Then, I took a photograph from the kitchen window to the left, just because I liked the view. For once, the colouring came out exactly like it looked.

As I was taking it, I spotted the lights of a plane passing on its way presumably to the East Midlands Airport.

I zoomed in to take it.

It didn’t come out anything like the eye view. But it did remind me of the claims from the UFO 50s and 60s claimants.

Being the amateur artigrapher that I am, I got back to updating this diary and got a far as here, by 0635hrs. Long job! Then went to finalise the Thursday post.

0740hrs: Got the Thursday Diary finished and posted off.

Looked at the Emails to see if I’d had anything about the blood test or next appointment from the Doctors surgery yet. Nothing!

Checked and replied to comments on WordPress. It didn’t take long.

On to the WordPress Reader page, next.

Herbert above is very continuously noisy this morning. The first time I’ve let it bother me. Then again, maybe he has the workers in doing something?

All the heaters bar the one in the kitchen stopped working, and it got a bit colder in the flat. An hour or so later, they came back on. Very puzzling?

The door chimes rang out, and two ambulance ladies let themselves in. Looking for a tenant ladies whose name I didn’t know. We had a little chinwag, and I sent them to the Obergruppenfurheresses Hut to ask there.

I rechecked the Emails and found one from the Sherrington Park Medical Centre.

They had moved me to a Wednesday, which was much appreciated.

I went to book it on the calendar and found it clashed with the Dentist appointment! Humph!

Found the DVT results had been delivered. The reading very high at 4.9 now.

Less possibility of a heart Attack or Blood Clot, but I have to take care, cause any bleeding might be excessive. Fantastic news that, what with the Haemorrhoids and Inchies Fungal Lesion both bleeding all the time. Hey-ho! More protection pants needed! Tsk!

I got the ablutions done, Health Checks and set off to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Temporary Shed, to see if either of them was in, and to ask them if they could call the Dentist for me to move my appointment for me.

When I got outside, I took this photo from below Woodthorpe Court.

I could hear the workers drilling and knocking-away high above.

The sky looked beautiful, and it was not too cold either.

But then, I did have the new extra warm coat on and my hat and gloves. A little further down Chestnut Walk, I took a picture of the progress on the new build flats. The site seemed so busy this morning. Crews were working on all three buildings and looked so busy. A bit of light drizzle coming down on and off.

I arrived at the shed and entered. Kath was busy at a table on her computer. Three tenants were sat around. I offered them all a cheery ‘Good Morning’. Asking Kath, if any of the Wardens were about. She said no, they had just gone out on their morning visiting rounds.

I explained about the clash with the dentist and the INR blood test. She kindly offered to ring them for me, to change the appointment. Bless her cotton-socks! She’d soon got it arranged for me, and wrote it in my paper diary for me. We had a chinwag, and as other residents arrived, the gossiping-circle was widened and enjoyed by me.

Farewells offered, and I left to return to the flats.

Approached the foyer of Woodthorpe Court, I snapped this builders machine as it backed out of the end compound.

I got a right-rum look from the driver.

Up and to the apartment, and took a wee-wee.

I updated the Google calendar with the written diaries new info.

Got the oven on, warming up ready for the ready-made Cumberland pie with its extra cheese, and the potato-cakes with their sliced tomatoes to be put in later.

Made a good mug of Assam tea, Put the comestibles in the oven and set about updating this post.

Crampy Craig kicked-off, and I stopped, turned off the computer and went for a wee-wee.

Got the potato cakes and Cumberland pie from the oven, onto the tray and added a lemon mousse and a sliced apple.

At last, a tasty meal I ate all of and really did enjoy! These Morrisons Cumberland Pies, I can recommend to anyone who likes lamb. I’dd added extra cheese on top, mind.

Gobbled it all up slowly, savouring each forkful. The feeling was slightly spoilt by the noises from the flat above. The drilling and banging from outside had stopped, as the workmen and ladies had packed up for the week now.

Once again, the TV programmes on offer had plenty that I would have liked to watch. Of course, I kept nodding off. The Hustle episodes were on too late for me to stand the slightest chance of my staying awake. Tsk, always moaning me! Hehe!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 22nd February 2018

Thursday 22nd February 2018

Kazakh: Бейсенбі, 22 ақпан, 2018

1125hrs: Woke up, feeling tremendously upbeat. A few seconds for the brain to join the body, and the laundry needed doing came forth from the depths of the grey-cells. I extracted the body mass from the £300 second-hand recliner.

Fought back the acidulous thoughts about life, and got the washing bag and accoutrements collated and down to the Laundry Room.

The bleakness of the ground floor lobby seemed to bring down my earlier feelings of contentment.

Got the washer loaded and started and returned up to the flat.

Got the Health Checks done, made a brew then took the medications.

All looked fine on the results from the sphygmomanometer. Which incidentally, once again took three goes before it recorded, just showed up as a fault? It had new batteries in, as well.

Time to go down and move the clothing from the washer to dryer.

Got the dryer going, then I cleaned the drum and door of the washer.

Back up to the apartment and refilled the pot with capsules and freshener ready for the next visit to the laundry room.

Got the computer on to start this post off. The machine was going slow again this morning, and I had a heck of a job uploading these photographs. Tsk!

Time to go and retrieve the hopefully dried washing.

Into the elevator, where I noticed just one of the beetles beetling about on the lift floor. If these insects are going to be regular visitors, I’ll have to think of a name for them. Hehe!

I had a closer look at the notice about the water being turned off in March for Monday and Tuesday 12th and 13th.

I spotted the word ‘Secondlement’.

I looked it up on the web later. And the only thing that came up was this?

To the laundry room and emptied the dryer of clothing and folded them up and cleaned the filter and drum.

I’m pleased to report that no odd socks found this time. As Jenny said, if I throw away the odd one, sure as heck I’ll discover the missing one, then! Haha!

Got the gear in the bag and went back to the lifts. Where the electronic information sign indicated, it was ‘Sunny’ outside. I nipped out of the foyer door to take this picture of the sunshine. Hehehe!

Into the flat and put the clobber away.

Made a fresh brew and continued to update this up to here. Then began finalising yesterday’s post and got it sent off.

Computer problems started. Sticking, jumpy. Not allowing me to post photos on Facebook or email now. Did a disc cleanup and now I’ve lost all my passwords! Not the foggiest idea how to solve the issues, and expect to lose computer and or internet anytime. I’m fed-up and sorry for myself in the extreme now! I need help, but who from?

I tried posting on Facebook again on Chrome, but that was not letting me even write, let alone post photos. Back to FireFox to work there still. No, not allowing me to post again.

Tried YouTube to see if that is working. I had to sign in again, but luckily remembered the password for this.

Finished a TFZer fun graphic. IT went on FB twice but wouldn’t let me add it to the other stuff. Tried to load it on here.

I had to try several times, but eventually, I managed to get it to on. Phew! But it took far too long.

Dispirited, I turned everything off and got the ablutions tended to. The medicationalisationing of the lower regions gave me a bit of bother. Huh!

I got the nibble box and raffle prizes in the bag. Sorted the black bags out and took them with me, dropping them in the chute en route.

As I left the foyer, I got this photo of one of the lifts in use. It looked like it was picking up some ready-built wall panels or whatever. The day was not too cold or windy and no rain about. But the forecast on the radio when I was shaving, informed me that it was going to go down to -4°c – 24.8°f, and that did nothing to cheer me up.

I crossed over the road and espied a little ganglet of inestimable residents just beyond the Obergruppenfurheress’s temporary shed, at the bus stop further along.

I got in and had a quick word with the Wardens in their office. Then into the Social Hour room.

Jenny was there, looking after the others, making tea or coffee for them, and handing out cakes. Not many people yet. It soon filled up a bit more, though.

Put the raffle prizes on the trolley and had a nice nattering session with Jenny. She warned me not to use the path between the trees, that lead down to Winchester Street. Her other half, Frank, was mugged using it a couple of years ago. I thanked her for the advice.

Did some crosswording. I had planned to catch a bus at 1030hrs to town to fetch some batteries, but the innards started gurgling, and Hippy Hilda played up a bit. So I decided against going out.

Frank, Cindy, Bill (William on Sundays), BJ and John sat close to me.

I departed, full of worry about the computer mostly.

Back to the flat and had a wee-wee. Rubbed some gel into Hippy Hilda, checked the PPs and made a mug of tea. The computer on to update this post.

Nosh: Cheesy mashed potatoes, tomatoes, BBQ nibbles and pork sausages

Not feeling ill as such, just in low spirits and out of sorts.

I just sat with the TV on, tray still on the other chair and drifted off, but woke so often and fretted over anything, fall asleep and suffer terrible dreams, then the whole thing repeated all night. Tsk!


Inchcock Today – Monday 12th February 2018: Nightmare journey on the tram. Hehe!

Monday 12th February 2018

Somali: Isniinta 12 Febraayo 2018

0115hrs: The expergefaction was calm and steady this morning. There was no jumping into life with sudden panics over nothing and everything. Within seconds the brain joined the body, and instructed me to get the laundry duties done immediately! As the Daleks used to say “I Will Obey!” (They still might, are they on Dr Who nowadays?)

Detached my almost pain-free body from the £300 second-hand recliner, feeling uncomfortable with the lack of any ailment hassle. Not normal this?

Took the medications. Had a wee-wee, and gathered the washing bag, put the camera in my pocket and down to the laundry room.

Only one lift was working at the moment. Number two stuck on the third floor.

Got the machine filled and going.

Then popped outside (Luckily I’d remembered to take the foyer-door swipe with me).

A touch of frost on the car windows, but the forecast snow was nowhere to be seen. (Not complaining mind, oh no!)

No rumbling or grumbling from the innards at this moment. Something else to worry about, Hehehe!

Back up to the apartment.

Did the Health checks for this Monday morning, then I took the medications.

The Porcelain Throne beckoned my attention, so off I went to the wet room to tend to this essential duty.

I was getting a bit concerned now. Not only were the ailments giving me a break, but now, during the Throne session, I find no bleeding from the rear and the evacuation was far less messy than recently. Unnatural for me!

Time to go down and move the washing from one machine to the dryer.

The electronic sign near the elevators showed it was just on freezing outside. The second lift still stuck on the third floor. It also informed us that we could be an Equalities Panel Member.

I spotted a poster from Jenny on the notice board. No Social Hour this week, then. I hope this is not through Jenny being poorly.

Perhaps one of the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens is off on holiday, or standing in somewhere else to cover sickness or leave for another Warden? That would be a better reason than Jenny or Frank being poorly.

Up to the flat again. I set about getting last weeks Health Checks log updated and started this morning.

Down to the laundry room. Got the togs out of the dryer and folded and into the blue bag. Then realised I’d put the cleaning gear in the bag as well.

So got it out and started to try and clean the intake drawers of the concrete-like deposits of soap powder in them and around the area.

I couldn’t get it all off, cause I forgot to take the sander and drill down with me. Hehehe! Cleaned it a bit and sprayed antiseptic freshener around.

I got into the lift and espied two large beetles, well, I think they were beetles, on the floor apparently dining on something that had been spilt under the folded-up seat.

In a flash, they had disappeared. Where to is another unsolved Woodthorpe Court mystery?

Made a start on this blog. Then finished off the Sunday one. Posted it and went on comment responding.

Had to on to Chrome again for it to allow me to go to the WordPress reader. Tsk!

Got the ablutions tended to.

Sorted the black bags and took them to the rubbish chute.

Got my torso all wrapped up warmly, collected the bag and shopping list, and off out.

The site was looking very busy this morning. Lorries were coming and going, unloading, men going back and forth as they took heaters and equipment to the other block, Winchester Court.

It was much colder than it looked as I made my way up to Chestnut Walk through the car parking row and to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens hut.

Three or four folk in there, and we were soon joined by others, and a good laugh, insult throwing, sarcasm ridden session was enjoyed.

More gossiping at the bus stop.

Bus into town.

The Nottinghanian folks did not look a happy bunch at all, bless em.

Went into the Slab Square to catch a tram to Bulwell. Noticing, as I approached the end of King Street, something I have not seen for months now. Police Officers on duty.

They looked very keen as they stood around with hands in their pockets, in a little huddle, having a chinwag. Most likely unaware of anything going on around them. Like the street beggar on the corner, or the pavement cyclist who passed them by.

Well, it was cold. Hehe!

The tram arrived the same time as I did on the platform. Nice that! Swiped my bus pass on the recorder and got on, finding a seat free, too.

Finding the optimum words to describe the atmosphere on the transport is not easy. I felt as if something violent was about to explode, uneasy, on tenter-hooks, weary. I got the crossword book out, to take my mind off the feelings. But gave up trying as the ride was most uncomfortable on these tiny hard seats, and as the tram filled-up with Nottinghamians who tended to not see me and bumped into me nearly knocking me off the chair as they moved on and off.

At the Bulwell station, I allowed the mob to alight first and clear the platform before I moved. I thought this advisable so as not to get knocked over, hit or trodden-on in the stampede of the Bulwellhamian passengers exiting and competing with each other to be the first one to do so.

The tram departed, and I made my way alone, across the line into the car park and up into Main Street.

I visited the Fulton Foods, nothing of interest found there. The B&M store, nothing of interest found.

Then to Herons Foods, got a bottle of sterilised milk.
Farmfoods lastly, where much money was parted with in return for:

Caramel nibbles on offer price, for the Social Meeting which has been cancelled. Tsk! Gastro Chips X2 at an offer price of 2 saving 98p. Tinned peas and biscuits (For the nocturnal feasting perhaps? Hehe!). Potatoe Fritters, two bags, very tasty! Battered onion rings, a big bag, and a big jar of black-bean sauce at £1.

Made my way to the bridge over the river Lean, to feed the pigeons and Mallard Ducks.

To the station and caught the tram back into town.

It proved to be an arduous, miserable journey. I was squashed on a side-saddle seat with the two bags of comestibles underneath and trying to keep them from falling over. There must have been over 200 passengers with all those standing. Teenage girls having a fight. Got knocked about at each stop by incoming and exiting Nottinghamians. A young Asian lad opposite me, just sat there giving me the evil eye all the way. Why I know not. Got my poor plates trodden on several times.

When it came to getting off, I only just got to the doors in time after wading my way through the crowd, struggling with the heavy bags.

Glad to out of the tram, I made my way to Queen Street and luckily, had only a few minutes to wait for the L9 bus.

No one on the bus that I knew. Had a go at the crosswords, but didn’t do very well at all. Getting late you see, the fatigue was moving in. Haha!

Arriving home, the first thing I did, was to get the oven on to heat the potato fritters.

Put the fodder away – a full freezer again now.

Had a wee-wee. Did the Health Checks.

Got the fritters into the now heated oven. Took the medications.

I had long fruitless search for the Hearing Aid Clinic Record Card again.

Got the meal served up. It was so lovely to have found some potato fritters on sale again. Tomatoes, sugar-snap peas, the last potato and the last of the sliced apples. I’ll have to nip out in the morning and get some replacements in.

Herbert upstairs was making a bit of noise again. But it did not bother me, I’m getting used to expecting this now.

Washed the dishes and was so weary, I got down in the recliner and watched some ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ DVD episodes.

Fell asleep and it was dark when I woke up.

Had a wee-wee.

Back down in the chair, put the TV on and was in the land of Nod in no time. I think I dreamt of being chased in an abandoned office block again.

Woken up by the Strobe and Pillow Shaker fire alarms activating. It wasn’t sent to the signal receiving station. But I just had to go through all the usual checks again. Will I ever catch-up on my sleep? To the door, check for any heat on the handle with the back of the hand, (No heat). So, open the door and do a visual check for any smoke, listen if any fire alarms activating (None), go to the kitchen window, open it and look down to see if any emergency vehicles were in attendance (No).

My rest and sleep once again pessundated, by things of exogenous and are out of my control. Tsk, Humph and Grogglecrapness!

Inchcock Today – Sunday 4th February 2018

Sunday 4th February 2018

Spanish: Domingo 4 de Febrero de 2018

2335hrs: Woke, and mentally pandiculated; the body and ailments would not permit me to stretch and yawn. Felt yonderly and awaited the brain to join my blubbery bleeding and wobbly body in achieving some sort of semi-activity.

The first thing noticed was the warm wet sensation from the Little inchies area, then once again, two mornings on the trot now; the signs of nocturnal-nibbling.

I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner (With relative ease, as well) and off to the wet room. A wee-wee and the bloodied lesion tended to and medicated. Hell of a job to stop the haemoglobin leaking. A proper clean-up and back to investigate and sort out the mess I’d left from the night time feasting.

Broken-off blocks of chocolate with hazelnuts scattered on the Ottoman. Crumbs and an empty Cheese Curl nibble bag, and a pot of chocolate covered nuts with the lid off. I cleared them away, and into the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications. All results looked copacetic.

During which, I made a rather temerarious decision to cut the gauze this morning, with a knife, instead of the usual scissors. This, being prompted by my not being able to find the scissors.

Medicated plaster applied. Tsk!

Bits of a memory of the dream I’d had earlier suddenly came into my mind: I was solivagant strolling along on a canal pathway, the herbage and foliage around me so beautiful. A fish with an unrecognised human type head popped up from under the water and spoke to me… “Bring back Hanging!” I think I had a conversation with a sparrow later as well, but no details recalled. I’m sure I felt very comfortable in this ignis fatuus phantasm.

Got the computer on and started this post off up to here.

Got the washing sorted and down to the laundry room.

I got an odd feeling when I got out of the lift on the ground floor. I sensed that someone was close to me and smiling?

I must have looked a right twit when I kept turning around and nobody there of course?

I am still confident that some entity was there.

To the laundry room. Got the washer going and back up to the apartment.

0135hrs: Updated this post and then started on finishing off yesterdays diary.

0200hrs: Down again to move the gear into the dryer and wash the machine.

No signs were seen of anything of the spirit world down there this time. Perhaps it was one of the recently passed away tenants? They might be taking a look at their old apartment… or maybe not.

I noticed on the end notice board, and offer of Relaxation Sessions – To help us cope with the hustle and bustle of all the upgrading work going on. It says for anyone interested to “Pop their name and contact number on the attached sheet” But someone had nicked the sheet, or it was not put up? Haha! Unfortunately, this got the grey-cells musing, and I got myself feeling a little low about it. We (Tenants) have had the hassle of the radiators being fitted and refitted, soon we will have more significant fuss with the balconies being installed, then we have to cope with the windows being done… and then we will have to get on with the Fire Alarm Sprinklers being put in after all this! The very thought of this upset and bother I find intimidating, daunting, unnerving, apprehensive and discouragingly nervous-making. As for any interest in trying to keep the flat clean, well, interest in doing any housework is at a premium! The one radiator in the kitchen had been fitted blocking access to the drawer and cupboard, had to be moved and the result as you can see means I now have to sort and pay for a new floor and wall repairs and painting. The Fire Alarm Strobe took four visits to get right.

And, what’s been done would not have without the help of Jenny, bless her. The windows can’t be cleaned, not that I have any heart nor interest in doing so anyway. The hoists on the outside of the building are up and down regularly with the nice worker people doing the new external cladding. Oh, dear, I am sorry, I got into a bit of self-pity come waffling mode there. Sorry.

Jenny had been arranging more of her meals for us.

I wish I could go to more of them myself. But, with the medical appointments changing so often and the ‘Blank Spells’, I cannot risk going out with others and causing bother if I did sign it, you know, bleeding or dizzies and the like. The embarrassment would be too much for me to risk.

Back to the flat. Made a brew and visited the Porcelain Throne. Bleeding from the front and rear a little. Another messy session that needed cleaning up after. Health Checks and medications were done.

Updated this post and sorted photographs to use later on.

Down the last time to the laundry room, to collect the wear and titivate up the place.

I nipped out of the foyer door to take this shot of the mornings wet weather. Fancy that, raining in Nottingham.

Hehehe! I’m not too concerned though. What with it being a Sunday and no buses available, I do not plan on going out anywhere, like going Ice-skating, doing a bungee-jump or going to the theatre.

Got the clothing out of the dryer and folded up. Then into the big blue bag.

Had a visit from Dizzy Dennis after I’d bent down to put the two towels in the laundry bag. Only lasted a few seconds, first for a while.

Wiped the machine surfaces, sink and drums out. Then utilised the brush and dustpan as best I could manage. Old fashioned they might be, but no need for bending too much with these.

I wonder if they are going to redo this laundry room or move it? Mary said she thought they were building a new one in the new-build block between the currents apartments for all three to use? I’ve not heard of that.

Collected the bag and accoutrements and to the lift. The electronic sign in the lift lobby indicated that today there would be a little rain, thick cloud and 2°c. Oh, and that I’d finished my laundry duties at 0304hrs. Haha!

Got in the flat and stored the clobber away. Refilled the pots and sprays with freshener and detergent capsules ready for the next visit to do the laundry.

Made another mug of tea, and decided while waiting for the kettle to boil, it would be a good idea to do the waste bin bag sorting. Ready to take to and deposit down the rubbish chute after 0800hrs. There is a rule that we do not use the waste-chute between 2000 and 0800hrs, so as not to disturb other tenants on the lower floors with the noise of the descending bags in the metal channel.

As I was spinning the black bag with the general waste in it, the flipping thing split open! Spread all over the kitchen floor was used tea bags, empty yoghourt pots, food containers, apple cores, used tissues and sundries. Tsk! More cleaning up!

Updated this post to here.

0520hrs: Went to WordPress Reading. Then did the comments.

Facebooking next.

Several hours on CorelDraw doing TFZer Transport graphic updates. I got some done, but CorelDraw started playing up. Not sure if its the computer of the programme… or most likely me! Humph! Posted them off, those that I’d done, anyway.

More hours lost, fumbling in the dark through lack of knowledge about computer workings, trying without any success to get things to work correctly again. Tsk!

1515hrs: Started the meal, having failed to improve anything with the computer. Huh!

Checks and med’s sorted.

A large meal tonight, even for me. I got through about 75% of it, slowly.

‘Herbert’ above was in his knocking tapping and banging about mode. Weekend again!

I stayed awake through two episodes of Dr Who on the DVD, ‘Herberts’ clanging about, and two minutes of TV watching.

Woke with a start, and an overpowering feeling of cingulomania. I just needed someone to hold and listen to, to be part of my life, somebody to care for. I assumed this had been brought on by a dream. But was concerned that it came on at all. Off for a wee-wee. Getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner was achieved so very quickly for some reason?

I wondered afterwards, whether this happened or was it part of a dream?

Inchcock Today – Friday 26th January 2018: Lost my grip on things today – danged feverish and Mega Whoopsideangleplop! Huh!

Friday 26th January 2018

Igbo: Friday 26 Jenụwarị 2018

2330hrs: I awaited the brain coming to life, and deep thoughts permeated the usual unimportant, inane mind wanderings. Had a wee-wee. The grey cell’s wanderings had become more inconcinnity-like. Concentration had a degree of raptness about it, but this did not concern me overmuch, I was just happy that I was feeling so much better than earlier, physically. However mentally? Thoughts, conclusions and logicality were not so bright.

I rose painfully out of the £300 second-hand recliner. Got the laundry bag, which was all ready, and set off out to the launderette on the ground floor. Loaded the machine and up to the apartment and had a wee-wee.

Got the computer going and started this twaddle off.

0001hrs: Down again, to move things to the dryer. Bits of fluff from the filter was scattered inside the drum and sink? New notices spotted on the board this morning.

0110hrs: Someone had left us all a messaged in the lift, I observed. Hehe!

Up to the twelfth floor and, had a wee-wee. I carried on with the updating of this blog. Cleaned up the photographs on CorelDraw.

Had a wee-wee. Oh, dearie me, getting a little frequent this morning methinks.

The instant stomach rumbling forced me off to the Porcelain Throne. And what a session this was. I believe it affected my brain, a feeling of nullibicity came and stayed with me for a few minutes as I sat there waiting for ages. Knowing (Or sensing) that a lot of content needed to evacuate, but nothing moved in the slightest, not even any wind escaped. Not good, this.

0055hrs: Down to collect the washing.

Cleaned the filter, inside and out of the machines, sink, draining board and doors inside and out.

The floor was not swept, as there was only a small brush and pan available.

Packed the bag with the folded clothing and on leaving the laundry room, to take a photograph of the rain trodden front of the building outside, I espied that someone had been kicking the wall? I’ve not seen this before, I wondered if it might have been one of the new tenants? By saying that isn’t fair. The naughty pensioner!

I took a photo to the right outside, to try and catch the moody-like garages at the dead-end of Chestnut Walk.

It was drizzling just a bit now, after the earlier heavy rain. A gentle breeze and warm with it.

I sneaked a selfie while going back up in the elevator. Good job the Council have put the mirror in the lifts. Or not. Hehe!

5′ 2″ of impecunious, cuddly pensioner with dimples and hearing aids… I can’t understand how I have not been snapped up by some senior jaguaress by now? Hahaha!

As I exited the lift into the twelfth-floor lobby, the beauty and intricate care that was taken in making this an appealing, attractive, pleasant homely atmosphere to live out our last few months in, nearly brought tears to my eyes.

Is my wit rampant this morning? Hehehe!

0120hrs: Back up in the flat and all the clothing stored away.

I foolishly opened the window to take a morning view photographicalisation, and the stored rainwater ran down the frame gulley and spilt right on the new radiator and the floor! Oh, I was annoyed!

 Had a wee-wee. Made a brew and got the hearing aid maintenance done.

Back to the Porcelain Throne. Success, this time. Slow evacuation, but a painful push and gigantic elongated plonk solved the issue. Haha!

Got to finish off yesterdays diary and got it posted.

Had a wee-wee. Tsk!

Visited the WordPress Reader next. During which; I got the dreaded blue screen come up when I was on WordPressing – Message ‘Thread Stuck in…’ but it went off before I could read any more. Tsk! Restarted and going again, but very slow.

Keep feeling a bit shivery then seem to be sweating? I’ll nip out later to the chemist and see if they can recommend summat or other for me to take. Not been feeling too bad earlier, got the laundry done and updated the posts. Then, the Flu (I assume) started to make me feel wobbly. Poor old thing. Hahaha!

Tried Facebook to see how things went. Working at the moment.

Created a  graphic for the TFZers Visit Nottingham album, posted it to the TFZ page and Facebook album. Pattie, Lona and Mary in the middle TFZer gals.

Then TFZer Patricia made my day by calling at the flats to see me!.

Then, I met Sandie and Joycie in the City Centre near the Pizza place.

These for gals arrived in the foyer on a visit. I think they got sidetracked en route, mind.

Got the ablutions tended to next. Waste bags were taken to the chute.

Off out. Down Chestnut Walk and to the hut.

Gossip with some other folks, then out to the bus stop. Bus into town.

Called in the Poundland store. Got pork pies, chocolate Almonds and nibbles.

Out and down to the City Centre.

Walked to Chapel Bar and into the Pound Shop there. Got some containers and DVDs, used the self-serve till, cause there was no on the checkouts.

Out and to Sainsbury’s, got some Wholemeal bread thins for 89p.

The rain started coming down.


Hobbled back to the Slab Square.

Had a walk around looking for opportunities to take some moody photos.

I was feeling in good spirits, and the coughing seemed to ease off a lot.

I made my way to the front of the Council House.

Took this reasonable effort t ouse later.

The rain was getting worse now, so I hybernated temporarily under the shop fronts on Long Row East.

From where I took these two pictures that came out alright, I thought.

Up Queen Street to the bus stop and engaged in a chinwag with a lady waiting. And we continued on the bus until she got off on Gordon Street.

To the apartments and in the flat. Had a wee-wee and started to get the nosh out to put it way… What a Pratt! I’d left all the stuff I bought at the self-service till in the Poundland shop at the side of the self-serve till! I remember having problems getting the things through and changing the bags around, I reckon that’s when I had a Dennis Dizzy at the same time, so assume now, this is what happened.

Nosh put in the oven. Feeling well pissed off at myself. Did the HC’s and medications.

Did the Nosh.

Had the ready meal and added some sausages. I surprised myself considering how rotten I felt with the dizzies and shakes, but I ate the lot of it! Accompanied by some banging, tapping and drilling from the flat above.

Washed the pots and as I settled down in the £300 second-hand recliner a mood of deep unhappiness with things are going came over me. The pathetic self-pity overcame me. I tried to think logically (An impossibility) and weighed up the was causing this, analyse them and ponder on what I could do to pull myself up and free of the current feelings of sadness, despair and futility. The odd sneeze and coughing bouts accompanied this.

The causes were apparent even to me; The increasing ailments, a sense of being isolated despite many people around me, I can go days without talking to anyone. Dispiritedness, self-loathing, confusion and on and on; But the worst is the increasing dysthymia (I think that’s the word).

The sure knowledge that this computer is on the verge of packing up and taking away my only contact with the world, my love and hobby from me. And I just don’t know what to do to put things right. I understand that my situations are beyond any resarciate success.

I’d thought in the past, that going senile would be something one would not be aware of mentally, and did not concern myself overly with the thought. Of course, now it is arriving and taking up residence in my grey cells, I realise that one is aware of it. Some of the time and this makes it very hard and problematical to accept as you know full well anything, event or happening will find its way into ones labyrinthine brain of confusion, some never to be seen or heard of again, others to torment you eternally.

I’d been pondering on this for ages without any signs of resolution, or even understanding appearing in my foggy brain. And the Fire Alarm strobe and pillow shaker activated. More frustration! Nothing in my life is getting in order, arranged or successful. So, I had to go through the usual rigmarole again; Dismount the recliner, find and fit the hearing aids, go to the door and check the handle with the back of my had for any heat – None. (But there were the INR Test Results in the letterbox), so I open the door to listen for any alarms, there were none sounding, then go to the kitchen and open the window and look down to see if any emergency vehicles were there, none were. I have to go through this everytime a false activation occurs, and this is many times a week. It does my getting any sleep no-good at all. It is just another thing to assist my unwanted and feared passage into further mental derangement.

I must let Jenny know about this activation on Monday. Bless her. No point in doing anything now, it being a Saturday as I write this, and no one can respond anyway, as the Nottingham City Homes only monitor, not repair alarms on weekends. Not that this alarm went through to the Response Centre anyway, otherwise I would have got a call from them to check on things, and I didn’t get one.

Settled back in the chair and was soon off into the land of Nod again, despite the unremitting, nagging thoughts wandering through the brain at random.

A few hours later, it happened again. I had to go through the whole up and check palaver once more! Once more the activation did not get through to the Control Room. Just as well, but had it been an actual activation?

This time sleep did not come quickly. I lay there worrying and fretting over world issues, going bonkers, the bleeding from Inchies lesion, the hole in my trousers, the INR results… You name the concerns, and there is a chance it was in the brain-box somewhere tonight. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Monday 22nd January 2018

Monday 22nd January 2018

Hindi: सोमवार 22 जनवरी 2018

0015hrs: I gave up lying there in the recliner, trying to get some sleep. I emancipated my tired, weary wobbly body from the £300 second-hand recliner.

Made a brew and took the medications.

Got the computer on to update diaries.

0050hrs: Remembered, I had the laundry to sort out, so stopped the writing and collected the things and went down to the laundry room.

Spotted a new poster on the elevator corridor wall, and made a note of the date, to add to the calenders later.

Might be worth talking to them perhaps. Save a bit of money?

Hobbled to the washing room and got the things into the washer. Back up in the lift to the apartment and had a wee-wee. Then made another cup of tea to replace the one that had gone cold.

Apart from feeling phenomenally tired, the ailments were not severe.

Topped-up the soap capsule and freshener pots ready for the next visit. I did not wash the dressing gown or towels so they will need doing soon.

Did the Health Checks for this morning and collated last weeks one for the nurse.

0125hrs: Time to go down and move the gear into the dryer. The filter on the dryer had not been cleaned again, but I was too tired to get miffed over this infraction of Stalag Woodthorpe Rules. Hehe! Got this done and back up and added the things to the calendars, book and internet.

I found a note that had been shoved through the door yesterday that had floated in the breeze coming in from the gaps on the door, windows, and air-vents, landing behind the new heater in the hallway.

Got the Sunday post almost finished.

Then off to the Porcelain Throne. The left ear was found to be bleeding behind the tab-hole? Harold’s Haemorrhoids were bleeding extensively, but not a patch on how Little Inchies fungus lesion was profusely bleeding. Once more, I was glad I was wearing the protection pants. I cleaned up all but Little Inchy, I’ll do that later when I have the shower. Far easier to do it then, no less painful, but definitely less bothersome.

0218hrs: Off down to collect the washing.

Took this photograph through the lobby doors. Drizzling with rain again, but there was no snow at least. And it didn’t feel too cold out there.

Into the laundry room.

Got the things out and folded up.

Then got them into the bag.

Cleaned the filter and wiped the casings of the machines.

Back up to the twelfth floor.

Made a mug of tea, put the clothes away and had a wee-wee.

Finished off the Sunday diary and got it posted off, at last.

The dreaded wet and warm sensation came from the lower regions. Oh dear!

Harolds Haemorrhoids were leaking again. Cleaned up, applied the cream and change into another new set of protection pants. Blooming good job I’ve had Michael’s help and plenty of them in hand! (As if to put it!)

I was getting a little frazzled with life and things. Possibly through feeling so stonkered and all the new appointments, bleeding, and lack of sleep confusing me. And getting out of my control? Anyway, I was in an edgy mood as I closed the drawer after replacing the hydrocortisone tube after use, I managed to trap my finger in it! What a Plonka! Huh!

Made a start on this load of falderal. 0500hrs: Getting up to here, then went to the WordPress Reader page. Followed by a visit to the comments section.

Then, on to Facebooking.

Ablutions and medicationalisationing tended to. Not a pleasant task, sorting the fungal lesion out.

Took the rubbish bags to the chute on the way out. Where I realised I had not got my hearing aids in.

So I nipped back to the Batchelor-Pad and quickly collected them, and off out to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens shed on Chestnut Walk. Had a natter with some residents in the foyer on the way.

The morning was looking a tad gloomy. Got in the shed and asked Lynne about the Heater lessons and Robin Hood dates and times, to confirm them. Not easy this task, as both hearing aid batteries had run out?

Out to the bus stop and another good chinwag with other residents there. I found that four of our apartment block clan have died this year so far – None of them was pleased with their new radiators or increased costs of running them. Yet, a smile and laugh emitted from most of them. A few are well known to be affected by geliophobia, bless them.

I had an enjoyable natter with the lovely lady on the bus from the 13th floor. I only got three answers in the crossword en route, and (I’m ashamed to say, I do not know the ladies name… well, can’t remember it, Tsk!) she gave me one of those answers. I had a feeling of cingulomania for a moment but controlled myself. Hehe! I found two batteries in the bottom of the bag and fitted them in the hearing aids.

I dropped off the bus at the terminus on Queen Street and took this attempted moody photograph as I walked down into the Slab Square, with the warmless sun facing me. A little pleased with how it came out. (Smug Mode Temporarily Adopted).

I thought about calling at the centre to get some new hearing aid batteries but remembered that they are closed on Mondays.

The shops looked a bit depressing in the City Centre, so many closed down nowadays.

Sad I know, but those in charge of things, the hierarchy doesn’t seem to be too concerned about this state of affairs. Or at least if they are, they’re not letting on.

I plodded to the Poundland World on Wheeler Gate. Where I got some two packets of suet pellets for the mallards on the canal, two more screw-top containers and spotted they had some Pork Farms pork pies in stock with an extended date, so got two of them as well.

Paid the lady on the till and had a Dizzy Dennis. This was a bad one, so I decided to make my way home instead of going to feed the mallards.

I made my way slowly toward the bus stop. Passing on Long Row a so-called Street Sleepers den in front of yet another closed down business.

I caught the bus back to the flats, no fellow-tenants got on en route today.

Once in the flat, I put away the purchases and did the Health Checks and imbibed the medications.

Got the fodder sorted, a bit of big one this time. (Too big, I left a lot of it, Tsk!)

A mixed rating gave for this dollop of nosh. From 1.5/10 to 9.7/10. Don’t know what that makes the average for the meal though. Let me use the calculator for this… Average 7.09/10 I think.

I wanted to watch some TV, thinking this will surely send me to sleep for a bit. For some reason the Freeview programmes, well 2/3rds of them would not show, just a black silent screen? So I reloaded them. While sorting out and deleting the many channels I did not want on the list, I accidentally hit the delete button on channel-801, which is the CCTV camera outside the foyer entrance. So I started over again.

This time it appears, I chose the West Midlands option over the East Midland one and got the wrong area on my listing. Getting annoyed with me now!

Herbert upstairs continued his occasional tapping and banging, while I reset the blooming thing for the third time! Guess what…

Even I found it hard to believe, but I got it wrong again! What a Plonka Grade One! .This time, I’d got it all right I thought and went to remove the unwanted channels, all seemed well… not sure what I did wrong or missed doing, but, when I got it all done, the previous screen still came up with West Midlands channels again!

Many years ago my old boss at the Co-op store I was working at, told me: “You are an Accident-Disaster-Prone-Kunzite!” I’d just stabbed myself while boning out some shoulder bacon. If only he knew how right this was going to prove to be all these years later! Hehe!

Peed off with meself now. I got the last Health Checks and medications taken? Then returned to the TV with renewed confidence and determination to get it right this time. I lied there!

I wet through the updating bit, then slowly and gingerly deleted the channels not required – then even more carefully, the last screen where I select the options. Made sure I chose the East Midlands… and… Wallah! Got it right! Hurrah!

Of course, by then the programmes I wanted to watch had been long gone. Tsk! Very late for me to be still awake, yet I turned on the DVD to watch some Torchwood Episodes. Selected the first episode I wanted to view and fell to sleep. I woke several hours later and turned off the DVD.

I believe I am getting far too lackadaisical, forgetful, Laodicean and incapable of living on my own without some sort of help, assistance or care. Still, never mind I thought and made a mug of tea, dropped it, cleaned it up and bent the mop handle!

Written by Nottingham’s most frustrated Pensioner. Hehe!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 10th January 2018: Busy day

Wednesday 10th January 2018

0145hrs: Seemed to shoot awake and found myself looking around the room for an old lady who had been in my dream, and blimey, it felt so real.

The lady floated down through the ceiling and hovered above me, then sank down and stood in front of me – I got the sensation that I knew her, but was aware even at the time, that I didn’t? I thought, this can’t be a dream because she has a shadow, so she can’t be a ghost either. The whole thing only lasted a few seconds; well, it felt like it to me. She spoke with the most beautiful Welsh accent: “You must not donate, they will come for more, and you will fatally give more… Remember this, my love…” and she faded away while blowing me a kiss?

Afterwards, I thought, perhaps she got the wrong address? Hehe!

Not the most interesting of dreams to remember, but I felt so much like it was actually happening.

I had to pull back my mind from this and make an effort to rise out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. This session could best be described with two words: Messy and Yellow! We’ll say no more. Cleaned up and off to the kitchen.

Did the health Checks and took the medications. Made a brew and got the computer on to finish yesterday’s post and sent it off.

0240hrs: Remembered that I needed to go down to the Laundry room and get the clobber cleaned, so I did. Collated the equipment and washing, down to the foyer on the way to the cleaning room.

Three new posters from Jenny, on the wall. The saddest sign of the year greeted me on the board facing the doors as I got out of the elevator. Dear old Eddie has passed away. An amazing man, who everyone liked or loved, a treasure lost. This photo I took is of Eddie enjoying his tipple on 16th December 2016 in the Social Hut. Cheers mate! Of course, now I am banned from making any snapshots of the residents nowadays.

Another poster was on the wall, from Jenny. (Busy gal!) informs us of a possible sneak thief in our midst!

I’d have thought a CCTV camera would have been installed in such an establishment as this. Not only or primarily to catch or identify naughty people, but to monitor the health condition of the Senior Citizens. Even those stealing from other pensioners! Just a thought.

Last of the posters, might seem inconsequential compared to the other two. But, it is kind of Jenny to remind us of this availability on a Saturday, and for opening it up for our use if wanted. Personally with the buses on a Saturday being only every two hours, and a total of four, if I go out on a Saturday, I tend to get confused and often miss the bus back.

I don’t know why I mentioned that, cause I get confused most days. Hehehe!

Got the washing in the machine and back up to the apartment.

Started to do this post, then back down to move the washing to the dryer. Oh, dear, the dryer filter looked like it had not been fluffed-out for several washes. And the sink was disgusting! Looked like someone had been plastering a wall and cleaning the tools in it! I’ll take some spray down with me on the last trip.

Up to the flat. Took this photograph out through the window.

No frost or ice this morning.

I started this post updating. Time flashed by and back down to the launderette to collect the clobber and titivate the room a bit.

Got the clothes folded and packed into the bag. Cleaned the filter and wiped the casings.

Then tackled the sink that someone had left in a right state. I reckon it might be one of the new tenants because this has never occurred before.

Naughty Tenants!

The grime took a long while to get cleaned off; it had an alabaster-like texture to it.

I opened the washers to freshen the insides a little, and in the first drum, I found more alabaster-like patches stuck on it?

So I cleaned them off, but they were easy to remove, not like those marks in the sink.

Then, as I was opening the door to leave the room, Hernia Harry started giving me grief suddenly? This might have been caused by the bending down or scrubbing away at the sink. Either way, he was not welcome! Hehe!

0435hrs: All the clothing stored away, accoutrements placed in the laundry bag ready for use on the next wash. Kettle on and made a brew. As I sat down to continue with the updating of this post, Hernia Harry again let me know he was active.

Did the graphic above of the dream and put it at the top of this post.

Made a graphic for the TFZers:

Nearly time for the ablutionisationing. Quick bash on Facebook and WordPress reader, them off to scrub-up.

Teggies done, then shaved. A Jolly nice shower was taken. Medicated the areas in need and got the rubbish bags to the and down the waste chute. Tried to make sure I had everything needed.

Took this photo just before leaving. The mist cleared, but the rain did not.

And guess what I forgot to take with me. My hat! I realised when I got out into the rain, Well, I would wouldn’t I? Haha!) Too late to go back up now to fetch it, I thought if I did, I’d miss the bus. I’ll see if I can buy a cheap one while I’m in Arnold.

Got to the Obergruppenfureresses Hut and had a quick chinwag and laugh with some other residents. Then caught the bus into Arnold. Nice chit-chat with a lady passenger. Made her laugh a bit, and that cheered me up.

Out in the rain and into another shop. Every one also too large. I popped into the Poundstretcher and got some black waste bags and a fabric refresher.

Called in the butcher and got some shop-cooked belly pork. Then in the big store and checked out their hats on sale. Every cap was too small, apart from one that was far too large.

Walked, getting wetter as I plodded on, to Asda (Walmart). First I went into their clothing section, and believe it or not, every hat they had was too small for me!

Spent a good while nosing around the food shelves and ended up getting: Four more tins of the curried baked beans, pork steaks, tomatoes, mushrooms, nibbles, a parsnip, a turnip, green beans, sliced red onions, sugar-snaps, Cox’s apples, orange yoghourts, and a TV Magazine.

Paid the nice gentleman on the till what I owed and made my way to the bus stop. Where I met fellow tenant Roy from the fourteenth floor. Good chinwag. Welsh Bill and four other residents got on the bus in Sherwood. Welsh Bill said he had now sorted his radiators out, he hoped. The Company that manufactured them told him to reset to factory standard. Which he did, and all seems well now, but he has not had a monthly bill yet, so he’s see what happens then.

All off the bus and they all went into the Social Hut. Roy caught me up before I got to the flats and I told him about Polish Eddie, pointing out the notice Jenny had put up about it. His only concern was the stealing of the Bone China cups. The other fellow with us, kind chap (I hope he is not the noisy Herbert from above me – He wasn’t, he got out of the lift on the 11th storey) Said our farewells, and I got into the apartment and had a wee-wee.

I was about to get the fodder unloaded as one of the Willmott-Brown external platforms came up passing the kitchen window. Although I didn’t catch them by the time I got the camera out, there were three women workers on it. That could be awkward if they found any bloke stripping off in his bedroom? Hehe!

I had a terrible thirst on me. Guzzled no end of orange juice from the fridge.

Unloaded and checked the items bought with the receipts. No overcharging today. Although some git gave me a five-Peseta coin in with my change! Humph!

Got two of the pork thingies, Shoulder Steaks, that’s them, and trimmed some parsnips and turnips, plopped them all in the slow-cooker with some pork gravy granules and a drop of Maggi in the water. The sugar-peas and green beans I can cook separately later in a saucepan afterwards.

Took the hearing aids out and noticed they needed a little TLC.

Got the tools out and de-waxed them, poked the tubes out and washed them. Then changed the batteries.

I was pleasantly surprised at how the fingers let me get the task done. No freezing or twinges. Then I realised that apart from the still stinging poor old feet and Little Inchy bleeding, the other ailments seemed to be giving me a break today? Good Stuff!

Putting the things back in the medical drawer and shook it a bit, and the Enoxaparin needle fell off of the top and shattered. As I recall now, I might have muttered something like “Well, fancy that!” at the time.

Poured out another giant mug of orange juice and got the computer on to update this diary.

Half an hour or so later, I went to check on the crock-pot and remove some fat that had floated to the top. And refilled the mug with orange juice. Why this thirst? Is it due to the radiators? Can the Aliens take the blame? Have I got a cold coming on?

The tiredness dawned. And I decided to set the alarm clock to remind me to check the pork and get my head down for a bit. One last check on the crock-pot before I got my head down, and to my surprise, the pork was well cooked and ready. No head down for me yet. I turned down the slow cooker and got the vegetables cooking. Sugar peas and beans in one saucepan and mushrooms with Soy sauce in the other and prepared them quickly. Got two part-baked cobs in the oven.

Can you see the face in the pork steak?

Picked out the turnips and parsnips from the cooker, then the pork onto the plate. Put things in the sink to soak as I went along. Added the veg and sliced tomatoes. Added the chips, two cobs and lemon mousse to the plate and got settled to dine rather well, I thought. Another mug of orange juice.

I purposely ate slowly. Savoured this much-better-than-of-late feast. Rated this as a 9.4/10 effort. I think cooking the parsnips and turnips in with the seasoned pork turned out to be a good idea. I slowly voraciously devoured and decimated all in front of me. (Not the cutlery or tray, you understand? Hehe!)

I put the dish down and drifted off into slumber. Woke-up shortly afterwards in desperate (I thought) need of the Porcelain Throne. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner with relative ease and lack of pain and got myself seated on the Throne… wind and nothing else evacuated. Read a bit of new book while waiting. I was well-awake of course by the time I gave up, still have the sensation that I needed to ‘go’.

Took this photo of the rather beautiful sky.

I washed the pots up, feeling in a sort of haze of thoughts, everything and everything seemed to come into my mind for pointless considerations. Terrorism, Brexit, the radiators in the flat, Hippy Hilda, which tea-bags were the best, Poor old Eddie, Fooey, Dad, the lack of buses, hearing aid problems and I felt sorry for Teresa May having to cope with the mess that the coward Cameron had run away from, sorry for my not getting a proper education. Oh yes, the mind did its own thing, wandering off on tangents and I just let it go.

Which was not a good idea as it turned out. Cause I got the pointed end of the steak knife stuck down a fingernail while drying the pots! Still, it brought the mind back to reality. Haha! It also made me realise I had not done the Health Checks nor taken the medications, so I belatedly did so.

Once again I got settled down. I think the mind must have felt guilty at letting me stab myself and gave me a rest so I could nod-off quickly, which I did.