Inchcock Today – Thursday 6th September 2018: Laundry Room Tribulations


Thursday 6th September 2018

Kurdish (Kurmanji): Pêncşemê 6ê îlona 20108

4Thu0010038hrs: I awoke, and automaton-like, I went for a wee-wee. Nae bothers, getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner. No signs of any Evil ironclad boll Weevil black biting beetles in the wet room.

Took the washing down to the laundry room and got it going.

None of the other three machines was in use.

4Thu001aI nipped outside to take a shot of the metal-maze outside the foyer door.

Back up to the mini-apartment, and got the Health Checks done.

The sphygmomanometer took three attempts before it worked. I wonder if it’s getting time to buy a new one?



Sys and Dia were down a bit, which I thought was a beneficial thing, pulse up a tad and the weight the same as yesterday… which was still too high. (Shame Mode Adopted).

Took the medications with some spring water, and set about making a small mug of tea.

Got the Computer on…

Liberty GlobD

4Thu050150hrs: Down to move clothes from was washing machine to the dryer.

WDP001Ba Gnash! Some scoundrel had been down and used both dryers and no washer! The naughty person, using both dryers and no washer and seeing that I had stuff in the washing machine, and knew that they should not do this!

This meant I had 40 minutes to wait to get one myself! Nipped up to add this comment to the diary, then went down to await the guilty culprit to remove their togs so I could dry my gear. Grr!

4Thu06The lady appeared, all calm and not bothered about what she’d done to me. Ah-well!

Got the dryer going, had a natter with her and gently mentioned about her transgression of the house rules. I don’t think it will make any difference.

She collected her bits from the second dryer that I had taken out and folded for her.

Back up to the flat again, and set the timer to remind me to retrieve the washing later when the machine had done its job.

4Thu07aTime to go down again and collect the clothing.

I’m sure that the dressing gown is getting bigger each time I wash it? Hehe!

WDP001Ba One of the long-sleeved shirts I bought from the Sports Direct shop and worn for the first time, now has a hole in the middle of the front of it, that looks like it has been frayed? I dumped it in the bin.

4Thu01I mentioned about someone using the waste chute at 0625hrs the other morning, although it didn’t bother me cause I was up and on the computer, but, the rules are not to drop anything down until 0800hrs.

Well, as I suggested might have been the case, a tenant was woken up by the noise and had written a note for the offender on the notice board. Good for them!

Home again, I put the clothing away and made a mug of tea. Then on to the computer, now working, but slowly, again.

Caught up to here on this blog, and then updated yesterday’s waffle. Trying to post the notification off on Google Email, and guess what?

Liberty GlobD

4Thu08Back on again.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mike Fries, Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman of Liberty Global, the largest international TV and broadband company in the world. Who has to survive on a pittance of only a  $111.9 million salary. And still cannot manage to supply those who pay his company more and more for a crap, pathetic service. Cheers mate! May you fester with carbuncles and catch the Coxsackie Virus.

Went on CorelDraw to do some graphics for diary page tops.

Tended to the ablutionalisational activities next.

0800hrs: Then I took the six black bags of rubbish to the waste chute.

Sorted out the nibbles and prizes for the Social Hour – Yes, its back on again now!

Back on CorelDraw, until the food delivery arrives.

The fodder arrived, got it stored away and put some with the raffle prizes and nibble box.

Took a bag for the recycling collection on the way out. Half-way along Chestnut Way, and realised I had not got my camera with me. Huh!

The door into the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ. Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents hut near the door was closed off for the Willmott-Dixon sub-contractors to be able to carry on digging for the electricity supply cable. No photo, of course, Grumph!

I went in through the far end door. A lot of folks in there early today. Having missed a couple of meetings due to circumstances beyond our control, the clan seemed to be really enjoying it this morning.

I was so pleased to hand Jenny a  loaf and some Lemon Cream Cakes for her and Frank, and thank Jen for the Scottish Shorties biscuits she got for me.

Put the raffle prizes on the trolley. BJ was there, helping out with the raffle distribution. Cyndy and Margaret were in good form. I walked around rather than sat down, cause I could tell the fungal lesion was haemorrhaging.

Handed round the nibble-box, and had the odd chinwag.

Cyndy gave Jenny some chocolates and flowers in thanks for all her efforts on our behalf.

Then, I felt the PPs filling up, and had to leave early to get back to sort things out.

As it turned out, the bleeding was not too severe, but with it repeatedly leaking, some congealment meant, when I got in the apartment, I had a difficult time cleaning things up and medicating again.

I got caught up to here on this blog and decided to go to the chemist to see if I could buy some alternative to the Daktacort cream.

4Thu09As I checked the taps were off, oven off, crock-pot off, no lights left on and so on, I spotted the first of the Evil ironclad boll Weevil black biting beetles of the day, on the kitchen floor.

WDP001Ba I thought every one of the weevils was dead, and wet my finger to pick them up and threw them in the small washing bowl which was in the sink, full of hot water and caustic soda. The dang varmint 4Thu10critters started swimming!

I had a few laughs with Mo and another lady. As I got out of the lobby, I saw this helmet left on a bollard, and thought, by gum, the Willmott-Dixon lads are working so hard they’ve shrunk! Haha!

Back in a bit folks. TTFN.

4Thu11I hobbled along Chestnut Walk, though the life-threatening conglomeration of barriers, no footpaths and plant vehicles and cars intimidatingly lurking about.

A little drizzle was in the air.

It wasn’t cold at all, and the rain soon gave up falling.

4Thu13I limped down the Winchester Street Hill.

A bit of a vehicular kerfuffle at the junction lights with Mansfield Road, caused by a dodgily parked lorry.

Turned left to Boots to see if they had anything like Daktocort Cream over the counter. Nope! So then I asked them if they could take the used hypodermic needles from me and dispense them safely for me.

WDP001Ba The look I got back; that said to me: “Are you an idiot, how dare you, Dummkopf!” Followed with: “No! You must take them to your Doctor!” I left like giving a Nazi salute and saying “Ja, Mein Obergruppenführer!” and clicking my heels together! Tsk! I left feeling apathetic rather than insulted or annoyed.

Got to the Continental Food Store and searched for some of the lemon flavoured soft pastry slices with cream. Luckily they had some, so I got two packets, along with a turnip, Worcester apples, a tomato and a small loaf of bread.

Then ambled up the hill and called in the Wilko Store. Got some of their Yim-Lang (or whatever it is) scented fabric softener. Flipping thing had gone up in price.

4Thu13aaWent to the Co-op store for a look around, as I had plenty of time before the number 40 bus was due. Didn’t buy anything.

Got up to the bus stop.

Hen and Penny were in the shelter. Lovely gals, I enjoyed listening to them talking between themselves and having a right good laugh.

4Thu15Up the hill for two stops, and we all alighted and walked to the flats.

AS we turned the corner onto Chestnut Way, I spotted that Woodthorpe Court was having its new sign erected.

Well, partially anyway. The window lads came down on their hoist.

4Thu12I zoomed in to take a closer look.

Hen and Penny had shot off ahead by the time I got the camera put away in my pocket.

They stopped to natter to a fellow tenant. Thus, I was able to catch up with the pair of treasures.

For a moment, the raindrops fell then stopped within seconds of starting.

4Thu14We got in the lift, Penny got off first. Hen and I bade her well and cheerio.

Up to my floor and I alighted, bidding Hen farewell and good luck.

A short-sharp wee-wee, first job.

Got the kettle on to make a brew, and turned the oven up, ready for the seasoned potato slices to go in later.

Computer woke-up, and updated this page.

4Thu16Nosh finished cooking and got served-up.

The Worcest apple’s flesh turned brown the moment I sliced them. But the bitterish-sharp taste of this variety made a nice change.

The potatoes I overcooked to perfection. (if that makes sense, this is how I love them, slightly burnt!)

The tomatoes were just a tad bitter, but acceptable to me. The pickled cucumber slices were hotter than I expected. I must remember to eat fewer in future noshes.

The continental bread Turkey meat bacon sandwiches were fabulous and wonderfully tasty! Overall, a 9.2/10 rating was given for this effort.

4Thu17To the kitchen to get the Health Checks done,  and do the pots.

It was raining a bit, and I saw that the wonderfully artistic display of modern art that had accrued on the outside of the plastic covering, had lost even more pieces of mud, sand and bird-poo etc.


Into the £300 second-hand rickety recliner, where the regular concatenation of evening events did not materialise, (i.e. nodding-off-waking-nodding-off). Instead, thoughts, mostly from Memory Lane’s interminable catalogue of failures, frustrations and embarrassments, exasperated me by marauding around in the grey-cells box for hours and hours. Leaving me with precious little memories of .what I was pretending to watch on the Goggle-box!

It was almost outré, laying there with the brain doing what it wanted to, and that was wallowing in my inadequacies, failures and might-have-beens. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 17th May 2018: Social Hour Whoopsiedangleplop

The TFZer Clan

Thursday 17th May 2018

Dutch: Donderdag 17 mei 2018

0300hrs: My expergefaction was short and sweet this morning. No sooner had the brain activated, an ideé fixe lodged itself in my mind, and I just knew I had to get the laundry done, and felt an urgency and essentiality about it!

4Thu001Had a wee-wee. Got the day clothes and shoes on. Collated and collected the bag of soiled clothing, camera in my pocket and down to the laundry room.

Filled and started the washing machine going.

Noticed the state of the room, being slightly messy. I’ll take a hoover down with me later, to try and clean it up a bit.

Up to the flat. Got the Health Checks done and took the medications.


4Thu01The Sys Dia and Pulse was up a little compared to yesterdays. I thought this was a good sign. Then I realised I’d done the HC’s later than usual and had exerted a little effort, and this is why the readings had raised a tad?

The body and ailments seemed to be doing well this morning. Duodenal Donald is not bothering me at all! Arthur Itis only a few twinges. Reflux Roger, again, just the littlest of enforced deep breaths. Hippy Hilda, well, it felt like I had no hassle whatsoever, but she did start lambasting me physically later in the day. (Can’t expect all the ailments to be tickety-boo all the time.) One must presume asynchronous changes in degree daily. Harry Hernia being kind too. Anne Gyna is only just beginning to offer her stabbing pains here, there and all over the chest and neck area; but this is nothing compared to how she can play me up some days.

Overall, I feel a little lucky with how things are. (Fingers crossed that I won’t regret saying this, Hehe!)

4Thu04Back down to move the laundry from washer to the dryer. I forgot to take the hoover down with me. Dumkopf!

Got the togs into the dryer and began to clean the other machine.

I came across a rusty screw when I wiped inside the rubber covering at the bottom of the drum. This is the third one of these I have found this year?

I wonder how long it will last before it collapses? Hahaha!

Back up to the flat and got on with updating the Wednesday Diary.

Still no Porcelain Throne visit? Unlike my innards this situation is. Regularly daily, within the first ten minutes of rising out of the £300 second-hand recliner, I find myself on the Throne. But not today.

Updating the diary again, the time seemed to flash by, and the alarm rang to remind me about the laundry. So, back down again – once more forgetting to take the hoover with me. Tsk!

4Thu05Got the clobber sorted, folded and into the bag.

When I looked at the socks, all turned in themselves, the lighter grey pair reminded me of someone who used a glove puppet that looked similar to the socks. He or she was on TV I think?

I just can’t remember the person, yet I can recall the glove-puppet, although neither name.

To try and clean up the laundry room, I utilised the spiffy, à la mode, semi-automatic, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment with the cobwebs hanging on them, behind the door.


4Thu11Done my best! Huh!

Back up with the clean clothing and got it stored away.

Refilled the accoutrements pots ready for the nest washing session.

Got on with updating the Wednesday post while awaiting the arrival of the Morrison 4Thu07Home Delivery.

The chap arrived around 0625hrs. It seems I had a lot more stuff than usual today, certainly more carrier bags than usual. Yet, I’d spent a little less?

I got the stuff stored away. Unfortunately, I had to throw some frozen stuff away to make room for the new fodder. Schlemiel!

The noises from the lads preparing the out wall ready to have the insulation fitted, before the cladding could be done; seemed to be getting closer and closer with some speed.

4Thu12 I got the veg stew cooking on the crock-pot. I used a bay leave today, fingers crossed it tastes okay.

Still, no Porcelain Throne demands were made of me, yet?

Got the nibble box filled, gifts and raffle prizes in the bag ready for the Social Hour.

Back on the computer and finished the Wednesday Inchcock and posted it off. Then made a start on this blog.

4Thu10There was a sudden dull thud-like noise emanated from the kitchen that made me jump, so I went to investigate.

There were blood and feathers, floating down from above the flat window.

At first, I thought a bird had flown into a wall or window, but the blood was still coming down?

4Thu08 I put the small camera out of the window and took a blind shot off above the frame.

I think that a bird of prey had been for his breakfast pidgeon.

I forgot about making a brew and returned to the computer and carried on with creating this page.

The Virgin Internet or the computer kept going very slow and stuttery.

This depressed and worried me much. So I turned everything off and back on again, giving it a few minutes before starting it all up again.

Seems to have rectified the problem. (He says with high hopes and blind faith!)

The chaps doing the prep work outside arrived at my floor. I think they were putting anchors of some kind in the walls.


Checked and stirred the crock-pot.

4Thu21WDP02A Ablutions tackled. Unfortunately,  I managed to cut the mole on my right cheek while shaving, and it took me yonks to get it to stop bleeding.

Not cataclysmic, I know. Lamentably, this glitch came at the most inopportune moment.

Ruefully, it meant I was very late for the Social Hour.

WDP02A Out to the Winwood Social Hour meeting. By the time I’d got down and to the ‘Temporary Obergruppenfurheress Wardens HQ, Building Workers Rest Room, Social Hut, Target for Thieves, and Telling Inchcock Off shed’; There were only about eight or nine residents left in there. I felt a right Alter Kocker!

Jenny, Frank, Cyndy, Mo and others. A chat with Jenny, and got the nibbles and cakes handed out. By then most were getting ready to leave. I did feel a fool! Said my goodbyes and departed feeling a little stupid.

4Thu20On the way back to the flat, there was a bit of a nip in the air out there. Although the sky looked beautiful.

No one about, I came all the way down Chestnut Walk, through the lobby and lift area, up to the 12th floor and into the apartment without seeing anyone. Oh, no I fib! I did pass the caretaker going the other way and shared greetings with him.

Still no signs of any need for the Porcelain Throne?

 Made a cuppa and got on with updating this bloke for an hour or so. Then went onto creating some diary-top graphics on CorelDraw and CorelPaint.

Three hours later, and feeling a little drained, I got some of the graphics done and saved.

Had a check to see if any comments had come in on WordPress. Got one.

Checked the casserole, stew whatever it should be called. Coming on nicely now. The contents are Tomatoes, swede, parsnips, garden peas, carrots, mushrooms and red onions. The flavourings: Caremalised gravy granules, balsamic vinegar, onion salt, a bay 4Thu19leaf, clear vinegar, BBQ powder and tomato puree.

How it will turn-out, I don’t know, but I’ve just had a spoonful of the liquid, it wasn’t great tasting but seemed okay, well, passable.

Got it served up and enjoyed it! Enjoyment-Flavour Rated as 8.8/10.

WDP02A The tray still on my overgrown wobbly stomach, I nodded off!

I seemed to launch into dreamland immediately, and what an odd dream it was. I was in a desert at night, and wanting for some reason, to sing. Each time I got a few words out, someone would shoot me? I tried and tried again, I have no idea what it was I attempting to sing. But a vulture, sat on a cactus, kept looking at me and winking in my direction? In the morning, I made this graphic, but it is nothing like in the dream, just an idea of what occurred in my not unpleasant, but a frustrating nocturnal nightmare, Hehe!)
I seemed to die and wake up alive in another dessert and still desperate to sing, it started all over again?


After waking up and scribbling notes about this land-of-Nod tale, I could not get back to sleep. Well, I did, but not until hours later. Humph!

Inchcock Today – Saturday/Sunday 5th/6th May 2018; A disaffectionate couple of days, Tsk!

Saturday, 5th May 2018

Turkish: 5 Mayıs 2018, Cumartesi

0120hrs: A terrible night for not being able to get to sleep. Gave-up and got-up. Had a wee-wee. Then collated the second bag of washing and accoutrements, and down to the laundry room.

6Sat001Set the washer going and back up to the apartment.

Made a small mug of tea and started to do the Health Checks. For some unknown to me reason, the sphygmomanometer took me four attempts at starting it before it gave the readings. Kept coming up EE for error. I knew the batteries were not old?


6Sat02Blimus! The readings had changed this morning! But, thinking about it, I had been up and down a bit with doing the laundry. So this may have affected them.

Another wee-wee.

0158hrs: Down to swap the clothing from the washer to the dryer. The filter had not been cleaned.

6Sat05Up again to the flat, set the timer to remind me about the laundry drying being done and got on with sorting the photographs for the diaries.

Made a start, up to here in this diary, then I went on to finalise yesterday’s blog.

But ran out of time, as the alarm reminder chirped into life to tell me the drying clothes should be ready for collection.

So, another wee-wee and down in the lift again, and collected the laundry from the dryer.

6Sat06I pooped… Hahaha! I left this typo-error in, what a comical one!: I popped outside to see how the weather was and found it war with no wind, rain or mist. We are are going to have a spell of hot weather methinks, for the holiday weekend. I checked on the web later. It said the hottest Bank Holiday Monday for donkey’s years is on its way.

Not that I will be going far with no bus service for the flats for two days.

Got back in the apartment, and stored the cleaned togs away. Had a wee-wee and made another small mug of tea, as the last one, I let go cold. Tsk!

Then I finally got around to updating the Friday post.

Onto CorelDraw/Paint to get some urgently needed diary top graphics done.

Six hours later now, and only three done, but they are decent ones, I think.

Made a brew, had a wee-wee and went on the WordPress Reader.

Got the potatoes in the oven.

Did the Health Checks.

Feeling tired now, and a bit low, I don’t like holiday weekends and having no buses servicing the flats for two days.

I sat listening to Herbert’s clattering about, while I waited for the potatoes to be baked.

Removed the spuds from the oven, cut them in halves and took out the flesh from the husks, into a bowl and mashed them up with some extra-strong cheddar cheese and onion salt with vinegar. Flesh replaced into the skins, and forked the top of them, to help get a crispy burnt top. Mmm! Back in the oven and set the timer.

Back to the recliner and boy, did the mind ramble and fret, then. I allowed myself to get feeling pitiably sorry for myself, angry at injustices, hatred for the way the world was losing any sense of morality and my being stuck indoors for three days.

Whoopsie O1 A message came through, asking for help. No idea what with, but I knew the names and rang the number given. Luckily it was okay and not a con. The person is coming to see me on Tuesday, with hopes from him and me, that I can give some aid with his problem.

6Sat02 This delay meant the moment I rang off off the phone, I could smell the burning potatoes.

As it turned out, they were burnt spot-on how I like them. Phew! A great flavoured, 9.45/10 rated meal! With the cheesy roast spuds being relished as I gobbled them up. Ate the lot, everything. Not a crumb left on the plate.

I felt very content inside as I went off to utilise the Porcelain Throne. Whoopsie O1 As I was leaving the wet room after washing up, Dizzy Dennis paid me a violent visit. This proved to be one of worst he has ever affected me. I didn’t go over, but this was I think, due to the fact, that I sat down and stayed down and did the breathing thing.

This was the end of my active day. I remained in that chair, the mind in a muddle all night long, getting some sleep in hours later, but only about three hours worth.

Sunday, 6th May 2018

Better day of the two, by far!


Spiritualistic Dream? Hehe!

Around 0330hrs, I woke with a start, with bits of a dream apparently in my head. I immediately scribbled some notes on the pad to use later, while the recollections were obtainable before they evaporated into the ether.

The brain eventually interfaced grudgingly with the body (in a fashion), with a certain inertia.

1Mon01 As I positioned myself for escaping from the £300 second-hand recliner, I prayed that the adiaphorous Dizzy Dennis would not return again, this morning. Getting to my feet, I was temporarily gladdened to find no indications of dizziness as I carefully (Obviously not careful enough) walked into the kitchen to do the Health Checks. Unfortunately, I stubbed a toe on the shelving units on the way there. Huh!

I must try to get out today for a hobble: I might go to the Woodthorpe Grange Tropical House. This may help the blood flow and make the chances of another attack from Dizzy Dennis less likely?

Got the kettle on, and sorted the Health Check paraphernalia out. The hemadynamometer took three tries to get it to work.


7Sun01The resultant readings seemed well within range again today.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. No drama, hassle, bleeding or pain was involved in this evacuation.

Washed the pots from last nights nosh.

Got the computer on to update this diary.

I consulted the notes I’d made for last nights dream as I made the top graphic.

I started off in the old control room where I last worked, with the foyer for the flats on the monitor. The fact that it was many years after I was in the Control Room before being made superfluous before I knew of these flats, everything seemed to me to be normal. Seeing the ghost or spirit on the screen, I put my hand through the monitor to try and grab it? – Next thing, I was in my apartment looking at the TV and the old control office? – Then, this ghost appeared in the room, an old lady who spoke! She told me that embroidery (Or needlework, something like this) is very relaxing? – Next, I was back in the old control room, and it was full of ghosts milling about, but no one else could see them… Very odd!

7Sun03Went to make another small mug of tea, and off went the grey-cell holding box, fretting, fearing, worrying, anticipating and predicting.

The need for a wee-wee helped me to reign in its meanderings.

Especially when things needing cleaning up and the anti-bleed Daktacort cream applying.

0415hrs: Back to the computer and made a start on this Sunday bit of the post.

7Sun07Off for another wee-wee. Huh!

0630hrs: I took this photo with the old small Nokia from the kitchen window. It shows the Nottingham City Hospital in the background.

I loaded it into CorelDraw and saved it as 32bit instead of 24bit format, and it came out a lot clearer than usual.

The stomach, has started grumbling and rumbling a bit?

Went on to the WordPress Reader page. No comments had come in, so none to reply too (See how quick I worked that one out? Hehe!).

Off to the ablutionisationing session. All went well, no cuts shaving, Harold’s Haemorrhoids not bleeding, and Inchies lesion easier to clean and medicate this time. The shower head needs looking at, blocking up a little.

Got the waste bags sorted and took them with me and dropped them off at the chute, as I left.

The usual grubbing about to make sure I’d got everything needed before I left the flat, and checked things were not left on or off that shouldn’t be; like lights, power sockets, cooker and taps. And off I trundled.

I hobbled around the back of the apartment buildings and took two photographs of the current condition they are in. I shot the second one so you could see the new buildings progress, for the 44 Extra Care flats and the Wehrmacht Wardens offices and HQ. Oh, and the rooftop seating.


Coming along slowly, but it all looks like they know what they are doing. These workers are very skilled (Particularly in ruining the carpets in flat 72 with wet plaster), And they are to return to finish off the job on the gaps and holes in the window frames, and broken pelmets soon. But they generously told me they would come and take a look at the state of the carpets for me. That was three weeks ago, but I am still hopeful they will get around to me. Should I have mentioned this? Or is it ‘Not Done or acceptable?’

The weather was sunshine with little wind. But of course I could not take advantage of the sun, and wisely I kept the skin covered up. Still enjoyed the walk, though. My neighbour was playing football with one of his grandkids at the dead end of Chestnut Walk, near the cut-through onto Woodthorpe Grange Park. We exchanged greetings, and I made my way up the beaten path and into the field.

7Sun10I found myself treading with care to avoid standing on the most glorious to me, new Spring flowers in the sunshine.

As I made the way up the hill, I decided to walk there and back under the trees and through to the topiary growth area, via the paths available. To afford me some little protection from the full blare of the sunshine.

7Sun11It really was a most pleasant limp-along. I could just hear some shouting, and it took me a while to locate where it was coming from.

I was surprised that I could hear it, for it was emanating from way-away at the top over the footpath on the football pitch. A ladies football team train and play on this ground, and whoever the bloke with the voluminous voice, he was giving some vocals. Hehe!

I pressed on savouring the peace, enjoying seeing the others enjoying themselves and I felt a little elated for some reason?

As I walked through the last bit of tended garden area before the entrance to the Garden Shop and Tropical Garden, I thought I could smell Bdellium in the air? Now there is something! I could remember the smell, but not the name, I had to look that up. Many years ago when I was at night school, training for my Grocers Institute Award, some Bdellium was brought into the meeting hall as part of the course, and I have never it seems, forgotten the beautiful aroma from it. I think it used to be used in making soap products and fresheners? Again, as I recall, the tutor said it came from Myyrh trees. I didn’t know these grew in this country, do they? Whatever it was, it reminded me strongly of smell, then, 7Sun12anyway. I don’t know why I bothered saying all that – it’s not earth-shattering, essential or imperative news, is it? Hahaha!

I went around the flower oval, up the hill and into the Garden Centre. There were many thousands of seedlings if that is the word?) all over, in any free space they had, including the front of the Tropical House, as well as the many large glasshouses all being in use for this job.


7Sun16I notice some delicate white flowered little plants and fell in love with them straight away. They were Commelinaceae, of course. The proper name of Tradescantia  Fluminensis, from South America, everyone knows this. Even I did as soon as I read the card stuck in the soil. Hehehe! No idea why I took a shine to these in particular?

Two ladies and a young boy were the only 7Sun15other visitors with me in there.

The lad nearly fell into the goldfish pond! Bless him! He was not in the least fazed by this, but his Mother was!

I tried to take a photo of the fish that included a brown carp, but it didn’t come out too well I’m afraid.

7Sun17Then I saw these red-flowered plants that were growing alongside the edge of the pond. Unfortunately, there was no interpretive sign near them to identify them with. Rare but beautiful!

The heat in there forced me to leave before I’d had a proper look around. Not that I minded, for it leaves me with the option of a return visit when there are no buses available again later 7Sun13in the month.

After I left the centre and started to walk back the way I came, I got myself underneath a blossom tree of some sort (I think) and took this picturesque shot of leaves and old warped branches. At times, I can understand people talking to trees. In fact, I had a one-sided gossip with this one. (Haha!)

7Sun18As I hobbled through the unkempt park of the layout, which incidentally is my favourite bit of the park, I could hear the barking voice again.

It came from the football pitch in the distance. Off course, I couldn’t make out what the chap was shouting, but was amazed I could hear the man’s voice from so far away.

A few yards further down the hill, and,  got that 7Sun19smell of the Bdellium in my nostrils again.

I got underneath an ancient warped, deformed tree, thinking this was where the scent came from, but no, it wasn’t. I never smelt it again anywhere on the walk home. I took out the hearing aids, and the stroll seemed more peaceful than ever.

I took a belated zoomed-in shot of the old 7Sun20Manor House, now Nottingham City Council’s offices.

About 2/3rds of the way back when and Sister Jane rang on the mobile. Amazingly it was clear to listen to, and I only had to asked her what she said about four times.

We had an excellent nattering session all the way back, down the hill into the building and into the lift…

1Mon01 I got in the lift and was listening to Jane telling me off about something or other, oh, no, I tell a fib, she was saying how she and Pete went out the other night into town, wining and dining I think. Anyway, I stood there in the elevator harkening to her, and it dawned on me, this lift is taking a long time… then the door opened, and a lady got in. I realised then, it was still on the ground floor and I had not pressed the button for the 12th floor! What a shlemiel. Hehe!

Said our cheerios, and got in the flat, straight to the wet room for a wee-wee.

Got the oven warming to use later for the chips. I’d decided on oven chips, canned pork knuckle and tomatoes for the nosh.

Computer turned on and spent three hours updating this diary up to here.

Went to make another small mug of tea, and noticed a young couple taking advantage of the excellent weather, just below the bottom of the tree copse. Right on the mowed footway. Ah, memories!


I used the Lumix and tried a really zoomed-in shot after taking the normal one. I think there is a way of setting it up to use the macro, (Not sure what this means, but I believe it is for close-up shots) which may or not, have produced a better zoomed shot? But, this fact is irrelevant, cause I can’t work out how to find the option to use it anyway. What a sad Schlump I be!

6Sat25Had a go on the WordPress Reader section.

I was feeling well stonkered and exhausted suddenly. So sorted the nosh and tucked into it, an excellent one it was, too.

Bit of clanging about from Herbert up above, but it was only for a short time.

Again sleep was reluctant to come, so I put on the Heartbeat DVD. Got a few minutes into the episode, and had to get off to the wet room to tend to the fungal lesion that had started to leak blood. I got it stopped with surprising ease this time.

Back to get the head down again. Eventually achieving the blissful state of sleep mode!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 3rd May 2018: We old-timers Social Hour Day


Jean-Claude, has a Spock infatuation, perhaps? Hehe!

Thursday 3rd May 2018

Swahili: Alhamisi 3 Mei 2018

0200hrs: I stirred into a semi-life mode. The shakes/shivers that woke along with me soon dissipated. I laid there in the £300 second-hand recliner, and reigned-in my wandering worries, fears, anxiousness, apprehensiveness and disquietude and going off on its own chosen path. I thought perhaps I was lucky not to be feeling poorly after getting back from the blood test yesterday; bedraggled, after getting soaked through in the rain and splashes from the passing traffic getting to the surgery and back.

Off to the wet room for a wee-wee. I decided to get some of the washing done, and I was soon going down in the lift to the laundry room with the bag of clothing.

Back up and got the Health Checks.


4Thu01The readings all looked good to me.

I cleaned up the washing in the sink.

Then off for another wee-wee.

I make a reminder note for later, telling myself of the Morrison order coming later than usual, twixt 0800 > 0900hrs, so I need to start the ablutions and medicationalisational activities at 0700hrs.

4Thu0010300hrs: Time to return down to move the washing into the dryer.

I nipped out through the foyer doors, to see what the weather was like.

Amazingly, it had been raining. Sarcastic Mode Adopted Here. Hehe! But none at the moment.

Move the togs into the other machine and cleaned the washer drum inside.

Back to the apartment. Had a wee-wee, and got the computer on to update and finalise yesterdays post.

As I was posting it off, it was time to go down again to collect the laundry.

4Thu04Got the gear out and folded ready to go into the bag, cleaned the filter and washed the inner drum.

You can tell I used the old little Nokia for this photograph, can’t you? It is so tiny and hard to hold steady, even when I am not suffering from the Colin Cramps or Shaking Shauns.

I was doing well avoiding any Whoopsiedangleplops up to now. (He foolishly says, and is sure he will regret it later!)

3Wed25Got the washing stored away. Then onto the computer to make a start on this post. While sorting the photographs out to use, I found the picture of last nights nosh!?!?! A delightful effort that I really did enjoy and gave a 9.3/10 rating to. The crock-pot cooked pork shoulder slices with red onions tasted just grand!

Got the wet Wednesday dairy sent off.

But and however, the real mystery is that I could not find this picture on any SD card earlier. I remember going through every card in search of it. Now, I see it on the first card I searched? What do you think; Aliens, senility, spirits, dementia, psychosis, an aberration or insanity?

4Thu05I stopped to make a small mug of tea, after taking a wee-wee.

This time from the kitchen window to the right, showing my balcony base at the bottom with Noisy Herberts above. The light mist on the horizon didn’t show up well.

Back to doing the updating for a while.

Thought I’d take a look at the WordPress reader.

Then the comments.


Time to get the ablutions tended to. Back soon.

Just got the cleaning, cleansing and medicating finished, and the Morrison Delivery arrived. There didn’t seem to be much delivered for £46.

5Fri17 One of the ready meals had split open in transit. Luckily it was in a bag with the other meal and nothing else. Huh!

Still, it took some fitting into the cupboards and fridge, all the same.

Sorted and took the black bags to the waste chute.

Then back to verify that I had not left anything one that should be off and vise-versa.

Then decided to cut up the pork shoulder into small pieces and in4Thu07to the slow-cooker. Adding some BBQ cooking sauce to the water. Put it on the low setting and turned it on.

I mistakenly took the old mini-Nikon camera out with me in the pocket. Tsk!

Got in the lift to find a new sign up on the wall. They are now keeping some ear-plugs at the Obergruppenfurheresses HQ and Social Hut, for anyone who thinks they need them while the under-cladding is being applied to the external walls. Bless their cotton socks!

4Thu08The weather was free of precipitation and not cold at all, as I meandered along Chestnut Walk. (Cursing the yesterday’s rain and my getting soaked through, the shoes filled up with water, and now the feet are giving me some gip!)

Oddly, the noise from the lads drilling in the underpads did not bother me inside or out. This type of noise, when one can identify what is causing it, and know it is not necessary to get the upgrading done, is easy to cope with for me.

I got to the shed and entered. Went in the Gefrieteressess room and mentioned the plasteri… Oh, no, I can’t mention anything spoke of between the Gruppenfurheress Wardens and myself. I nearly forgot then! Suffice to say we spoke.

There were only about thirteen folks in attendance. I put the raffle prizes on the trolley, then took the nibble box around. A nice chinwag and laugh with Jenny and Cyndy, Bill (William on Sundays), May, Nora and a few others were enjoyed. Furheress Patch Manageress Angela was there today. I told her I had some… Oh, no, I’m barred from saying anything about this on my blog! I almost forgot again! We spoke.

Handed out my raffle tickets to two different tenants this week. BJ arrived.

Owing to a warm wet sensation down below, and my need for a wee-wee, I left early (Suspected bleeding from the Lesion) after giving my farewells.

4Thu09I could see the Willmott Dixon lads working away up on the hoist outside Woodthorpe Court flats as I made my way back home.

Straight into the wet room to discover I was right about the bleeding down under. A stressful few minutes cleaning and medicating followed.

All better now, I succeeded in stopping it in no time.

4Thu10Checked the crock-pot, a quick stir, it had to be quick so as not to allow too much heats to escape and ruin it and increased the setting to Auto. Made a really strong bigger mug of tea, using the Graham’s Gold Smooth Milk I’d ordered for a change. Really good drink! I used the new to me Lumix (But old fashioned) camera to take the photo.

Got the computer back on and did the Morrison order for delivery next week, Thursday 10 May – 0600hrs to 0700hrs.

Started to update this diary next. Took a while, with a few interspersed wee-wees along the way.

Took a break and being as the weather was absolutely gorgeous, I had a go at doing a panoramic shot through the window. I can only say, I thought it was a fair effort.


I decided to try again to get caught up on Facebook.

Oh, dear, dead slow again! Grumbleburgers! I’ll never get caught up with this! I wonder if it is a Facebook problem, or Virgin Media slowing me down? Mind you, this WordPress is going at its average speed? Hard work, this!

Went on CorelDrawing.

It then it dawned on me, I had not received an email or phone call from the Sherrington Park Medical Practice. I have no idea what my INR level is, what my dosages should be for this week or even when or if they have made an appointment for me? I’m losing faith in this place. I thought it odd on Wednesday when I visited and had to wait so long to get my blood test seen to. And the new receptionists who seemed like they did know what they were doing. I shall just ignore this, and if I do not get a communication from them, I’ll go to the Nottingham City Hospital for the test next week – that is when or if I do get a DVT letter with the results and date for the next test; it should arrive tomorrow.

I suppose I should really try to move and sign on with another surgery. But with all my ailments, they will not be too keen to sign me on, I think. If I could get in with the local doctor’s clinic nearby, I’ll miss getting soaked walking a mile to get to the Sherrington surgery each time, that’s another plus. Dr Vindla is a great straight talking lady who I appreciate a lot having as my doctor, but with the changes in receptionists, they are no longer up to the job and let me down so often with failing to keep me advised and booking appointments. I’m too namby-pamby in decision making. I need to know what dosages of Warfarin I should be taking! If the level is high or low, I might still be making it worse by taking the wrong amounts?

I’m a bit perplexed over this issue! I wonder if I should complain? I could do with someone going along with me to force some spunk and determination into. I’ll take a look at the leaflets next time I go (If I do go again, Humph!), I think I saw some about how to make complaints on the counter.

4Thu12Got the meal prepared.

It was the ready-made meal of potatoes veg and minced pork. I added the pork shoulder from the slow-cooker that had been done in BBQ seasoning sauce. Most enjoyable indeed.

Gave this a 9.04/10 rating.

No problems with nodding off tonight.


Inchcock Today – Friday 13th April 2018: Day of the Dizzies!

Friday 13th April 2018

Maori: Rāmere 13 Paengawhāwhā 2018

1230hrs: I woke with an unnatural for me, firm determination and purpose, to rise and get the laundry done! I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner with no bother from Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna or Duodenal Donald. (I know, it surprised me as well!).

5Fri001The seemingly aeviternal damp wetness from the bleeding lesion was still with me, though.

By 1237hrs, I was on my way down in the lift to the laundry room.

Number two elevator was working, but the one that was noisy yesterday was not. I think when I was chatting to Cyndy at the social hour yesterday, I joked about the noise being like Heavy Metal Music; She said she had reported this. She got some action, bless her.

New notices, one in the lift, the other on the notice board.


5Fri002The electronic information sign indicated 0045hrs: 5°c outside and drizzle. Drizzle, well fancy that. Hehe!

Into the laundry room, and noticed that someone had apparently left their washing in the machine. It had been dumped by someone on the draining board. I think a lot of us old uns have done this, forgetting about the laundry. But thought whoever moved it out to get theirs in, might have folded the clothes instead of just bundling them on the drainer.

5Fri003Got the washer going, and back up in the elevator.

I got the photographs prepped for using in yesterdays diary updating.

Got the Health checks done.

Had a wee-wee.


5Fri005Went for a wee-wee. Had to cleanse around the lower regions and cream applied after cleaning off the dried and fresh blood.

Back down again, to move the clobber from washer to the dryer.

The filter had not been appropriately cleaned, bits of grit and fluff had spilt into the drum. So I cleaned that up and around the door area.

Before going back up, I popped outside to take a photo to the left then right of the foyer doors.


1Mon001In the flat, I got the computer on and began to update the Thursday diary.

What a performance! It took me ages to get the stuff done on the graphics. But it did improve later.

5Fri007Got the diary finished and posted off, then made a start on this one, but within a couple of minutes it was time to go down to retrieve the laundry.

I hadn’t noticed this sign on the foyer outer-doors before. A bit late to put up now after eight months? Maybe something had taken place that is being kept from us again?

5Fri006I emptied the dryer and got the clothing folded, cleaned the filter and casing. Got the things in the bag.

Then, cleaned the drum and door.

No odd socks! Haha!

Made my way up to the twelfth floor, and noticed that the new windows in the recess 5Fri008areas where they had replaced the wooden slats, had now been covered by a board?

Into the apartment and got the washing stored away.

WDP01 Made a brew. It was terrible, bitter, sour. I checked the milk after throwing the drink away. That seemed okay. Another of the many mysteries of the chiropterophilous, cold-uncladded Woodthorpe Court!

I pressed on with this diary up to here. Then visited the WordPress Reader.

April18Made a TFZer Graphic and posted it off.

Got ablutions tended to.

Doing the medicationalisationing after the shave, teggies and shower, I tried out the new ‘Care’ haemorrhoid cream. It had a slightly more gellish texture than the other creams. But not so effective at all. Still, I’ve bought the two tubes now, so I’m not going to let them go to waste. The piles were less bothersome than they have been this morning. So I think this ‘Care’ brand will be okay but will have to use the Germoloid one when things are more painful. Not that much relief, mind, but better than nothing.

5Fri010Sorted the three black bags and tied them up, and took them to the waste chute.

I opened the blinds, to reveal a bird covered window glass on the new balcony entrance windows! Grumph! If it keeps getting poo’d on like this, with the new balcony not being fitted for three weeks yet! And then I might be one of the last ones to be done and able to open the doors to clean it up, it might take a pneumatic drill to get all the droppings off of it! Hehe!

I’ll mention it to Cathy when I talk to her.

The view will soon be obliterated!

I set off for the lift to go down. It took a long 5Fri011while because as I mentioned earlier, there is only the one lift in action today.

The weather was a little bleak, but no cold with it.

Every workman or official of Willmot-Dixon I saw on the way to the hut, had a look of gloom and unhappiness on their faces. I’m not surprised really. What with the bats delaying things and pushing their timetable all-to-cock.

Set off to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens HQ and social shed. I remembered to take the Hyacinth Bucket DVDs to loan Cathy, who was not in the hut. Warden Deana and Julie were the only occupants. Had a chinwag with them.

5Fri012I sat in the room and was soon joined my two gals I often have a natter with but don’t know their names, Margaret, Welsh William, Mary and Roy. The bus arrived, and I had a ride three bus stops down Winchester Street.

I was feeling somewhat okay physically, apart from pains from the soles of my feet?

I wandered to the Continental Shop and got a loaf of bread and some tinned cooked pork. (The last thing I needed – Bonkers I am!)

Hobbled up to the greengrocers. Got a leek, large potato and leek. Called in the Co-op and bought a TV magazine for next week.

WDP01 I was walking up the hill to catch a bus into town and was thinking how silly I was to buy the food, just to carry it with me! The most horrible Dennis Dizzy Spell came over me. I took three paces towards the wall and used this as a support. Although it only lasted a couple of minutes and then it abated, it shook me up badly. I was sure I was going to go over.

5Fri013A lady asked me if I was alright, so I must have looked poorly? I thanked her and said I was fine now. Which I was, just weary of it happening again.

I decided to make my way back to the flats. Walked up Winchester Street Hill. Anne Gyna as I expected, gave me some bother on the road.

I thought about catching the bus up a few stops, but as you can see, I just missed it. Tsk!

5Fri014I considered taking the shortcut through the backs of the houses, but the state of the pathway put me off.

About a third of the way up the hill, where the wooden fences line the pavement, I stopped to admire the growth of the plants and weeds.

They had forced their way through the fencing and somehow sprouted sticky limbs to cling to the wood!

I took three photos and tried to line them up to show how they had shown such determination to cling to life.

Nature at its finest!

5Fri015It was if the funny turn had not happened, I was back to my self again.

5Fri016Got up onto Chestnut Walk. The instant I got on the level ground, Anne Gyna eased off.

Called into the shed, and Cathy was there. So I could hand her the DVDs. We had a chinwag I mentioned the dirty windows. She took my flat number, she’ll see if they can be cleaned from outside. Apparently, many other residents have the same problem.

I thanked the gal, Cathy, and made my way back to the apartment, put the fodder away.

Got the kettle on and did the Health Checks. Sys had shot up, but the pulse had dropped? Took the midday medications along with an extra Methyclothiazide tablet and a Beta-blocker 30g.

Started to update this diary.

The landline burst forth with its ringing tone. It was my old mate Michael. He was on his way to see me. I went down to meet him, and he had brought me some medical stuff, PPs loads of them. This was a fantastic gesture, and I appreciated it so much. He could not stay long but had a mini-natter, and off he had to go. Saying he will try to get to visit next week and stay longer. I thanked the lad and off he went. A true pal. Each time I see him, he raised my spirits, Bless Him.

5Fri017Got the meal prepared. I’m no gastrosopher, but I demolished this little lot off, and so enjoyed it. The battered onion rings and Morrison Pork Pie with some gelatine inside were both worthy of a mention in despatches tastewise. The peas were terrible, as was the egg. The beetroot was okay and the apples tasty for once. The highlight was the fresh continental sliced loaf and Anchor butter. I’ve not had any bread for a while, and this went down so well. Rated at a 9.2/10 overall.

I did the washing up and checked on the TV magazine to see what was on. This was when I realised that I had bought two TV magazines for the same week. My having forgotten that  I purchased the first one. (What a Shlub!) Still, I can leave it on the table in the reception, and someone might take it.

As for watching any TV, yet again, once more I fell to sleep at the first set of advertisements came on. Tsk!

Could I please make a request for each of my favourite TV Freeview channels to show the following to finish before 1700hrs each day. Hustle, New Tricks, Open All Hous. Last of the Summer Wine, Hetty Wainthroppe Investigates, Red Dwarf, Dads Army, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, The Blue Planet, All animal documentaries, Pie in the sky, The Good Life, The A-Team, Star Trek original, Keeping up appearances, Jonathan Creek, Frost, Heartbeat, and any Steven Seagal, Clint Eastwood, Denzil Washington, Bruce Willis, and Norman Wisdom films, please.

Also, can you put sub-titles on them as well if you don’t mind? Thank You.


Inchcock Today – Monday 2nd April 2018: Another death in the building, something else stolen from a flat, the Odd-Sock Syndrome returns, Rain, snow then rain again, Virgin Internet kept going down, and Crampy Craig attacks. Just a normal day at the Winwood Apartments. Hehehe!


Monday 2nd April 2018

Esperanto: Lundo 2an de aprilo 2018

00550hrs: Up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner within minutes of waking. Some form of rare-determination and will-power had overtaken my usually tepid yet obedient to psychosis and wandering off of on its own accord vacillating route and path of my mind.

1Mon05I collected the ready to go laundry bag with togs and accoutrements and was off and down the lift by 0112hrs.

Into the laundry room and got the machine going in a couple of minutes. Then back up in the lift to the apartment and straight on the computer to start creating this post off.

The time flew, 1Mon01aand it was soon time to go back down and move the laundry into the dryer.

A belated note about another of our clan of residents passing away. We’re dropping like flies this year!

Back up to the flat again, had a wee-wee and made a brew.

Odd that no Porcelain Throne demands had been made yet from the innards?

I got the Health Checks tended to. Made up the graph for the nurse on Wednesday’s blood test.


1Mon07aAs I was taking the medications, I wondered whether I should still be swallowing so many of the pink Trental Pentoxifylline tablets. I was prescribed them before the heart operation years ago.

I looked them up. The first site said; “These medications work by improving blood flow in the arms and legs. Pentoxifylline is used to treat chronic circulation disorders of the arms and legs, such as intermittent claudication (peripheral arterial disease) or trophic ulcers due to a poor blood supply.” I dug further, did a search with the name and heart, and got: “For patients with chronic occlusive peripheral vascular disorders of the extremities.” The last page indicated; Side Effects


The information possibly goes a way to explaining things. I might ask Dr Vindla about this later. They had mentioned possibilities relating to current ailments: Duodenal Donald, Reflux Roger, Anne Gyna and Dizzy Dennis?

1Mon01bDown to collect the laundry from the dryer.

Noticed another new sign on the notice board this time, a plea from the owner of a Glade Air Freshener spray, who lives in flat 21, for it to be returned by whoever nicked it!

Add this to the things stolen from the Obergruppenfurher Wardens Temporary Shed and Social Hut, and I think we may have to call in Columbo, Frost or Sherlock Holmes in to sort them out. Hehe!

1Mon08Extracted the clothing and got it folded and into the bag. Cleaned the filter and drum and found yet another odd sock!

Up to the apartment with the bag, and got it stored away.

It was 0320hrs when I had finished all the laundry room duties. Good going eh?

I did take a photograph of the electronic signboard near the lifts, but that too disappeared into the ether! I’m getting fed-up with this happening!

Just like yesterday morning, I heard that loud noise as if something was falling and landing on something hard? But there was no way could I identify where it was originating from. Most annoying.

1Mon01I then updated this blog to here. Then, finished off the Sunday diary.

Went to make a small mug of tea. Waiting for the kettle to boil, I went in the spare room to have a search for the odd brown sock. No luck!

But I did take this photo from the window. Bit of a ‘Moody’ one, do you think?

Back to my beloved computer to Check the Emails. Can you believe it!


Luckily it returned in a few minutes. But going so slow now. Took me ages to get the email postings done.

WDPBL The flat has turned cold suddenly. My legs felt so cold too. I went around to check the windows and door were all shut and closed-to. The door was closed and locked. Spare room window, the wind was coming in through the two areas awaiting filling-in. The Kitchen window frames not letting anything in, but where the vast regions are also pending filling-in were, not only wind but rain was coming in! The front room, where the deeper holes around the outer frame, where I can see the pebble-like stones that fill the outer wall, it was moving the curtains with the incoming wind!

Back to the kitchen and made a mug of tea – and had to leave it to get cold, due to the startlingly accelerated need to use the Porcelain Throne! Another multi-coloured evacuation today, but far less messy with it, and no blood from Harold’s Haemorrhoids. So glad I invested in the Germaloid cream, now! The fungal lesion was a different story though, fresh and dried blood everywhere. Still, it is a quotidian event recently, so no surprise to me.

The tea was still just about warm enough to drink, so back to the computer.

I made the WP comments, then went to the WordPress Reader section. Next, back onto CorelDraw to create the header graphics for seven days, and save them to drafts. It took me over three hours, but I was pleased I’d got them done.

During these three-and-a-bit hours, boy did the weather change!


Did the Health Checks. Then back to the WordPress Reader then Comments.

I wish I could send some of the rain to Alburquerque for my cyber-friend Tim to have. There’s a bit of a shortage of precipitation in New Mexico. Thinking of this reminded me that Tim made a comment on Saturdays post, which made me larf!

“From Tim Saturday: Ace Inspector Inchcock comes in on the scene of a murder. “What do you think Ace Inspector?” asks one of the officers on the scene. “I think I have to wee-wee.” Replies Ace Inspector Inchcock. While standing at the urinal waiting for his prostate and bladder to reach an agreement, he looks up at the ceiling and reads “What are you looking up here for? The joke’s in your hand!” After a few chuckles, Ace Inspector Inchcock says “That’s it!” “What’s it?” the officer asked as he walked into the wet room. “The Joker!” Replied Ace Inspector Inchcock. “The Joker did it.” And the brilliant Ace Inspector Inchcock solved another murder.

Hehehe! It tickled me.


Made a mug of tea again, and did the third Health Checks. Tidied the wet room up.

Noise from BBJ above. Got the oven warming up, ready for the meal.

Feeling drained as well, now.

2Tue02abGot the meal served up.

An Asda-Walmart Cumberland Pie with extra cheese on top, half a mini-minced-beef puff pastry pie, tomatoes, mashed potatoes with cheese and some seaweed.

Followed by a lemon mousse and a mug of fresh orange juice.

Ate it all up, then tried the internet.

Computer back on again.

2Tue02adWDPBL Not that I could do much on it, as Craig Cramps came on in the left hand and fingers. I couldn’t have picked my nose let alone type accurately.

Went for a wee-wee, that was interesting with the fingers all bent, painful and uncontrollable. Hehe!

I turned off the computer, too tired mentally to concentrate, anyway.

Another wee-wee and I settled down for an extended period of nods-off-waking-ups.


Inchcock Today – Friday 23rd March 2018

Friday 23rd March 2018

Maltese: Il-Ġimgħa 23 ta ‘Marzu 2018

0155hrs: Woke-up, stomach feeling bloated. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner without any problems, and off for a wee-wee. The lesion was bleeding badly. No doubt the low INR warfarin reading having something to do with it. Decided to get caught up with the laundry duties. I’ll get a quick wash going, and put the things in the dryer when done. 5Fri001Then and start another quick wash and when that one is completed, add that to the others in the dryer. I can get caught up that way. With all the recent Nottingham City Homes jobs done and the extra medical appointments, I have enough dirty clobber to fill the machine twice. Messy, but must be done. Out with the first bag and into the lift.

5Fri001bDown and getting out of the lift by 0208hrs!

No messy-about this morning, I seemed to have been gifted vitality, vigour and verve? Hippy Hilda and Arthur Itis no bother at all. Duodenal Donald and the innards were the only things giving me any hassle, and this was slight. Yet again, a different pensioner waked up than the one yesterday!

5Fri005Got the machine going and nipped outside to take a photo of Chestnut Way.

Back up to the flat and got the weekly tablet dosage pots sorted out.

In a flash, I was going back down with the second bag of washing. Got the just cleaned stuff into the drier, and restarted another quick cycle with the clothes I’d taken down this time.

5Fri007And boy did that washing machine shake, rattle and nearly roll off of its plinth.

The noise must have been heard on the floor above. When I put my hand on the top of it, it dimmed the sound a bit, and I stayed holding it until the spin cycle had stopped.

I kept on shaking for a while though. Hehe!

5Fri002Back up again to the apartment.

Made a brew of Olde English Tea in the little cup, and when I got the milk out of the fridge, saw the two remaining Morrison’s vegetable Moussaka meals. The one I tried last night, tasted okay. But there was far too much courgettes and aubergines in it. Don’t get me wrong, I love these veggies, but they are on my barred list of foods from the Haematology and Anticoagulation Clinic. Had there been just a little of them, it would have been fine. But there was an awful lot. So, I dare not risk eating anymore. I shall seek a vegetarian 5Fri006living in the flats, or see if Jenny would like to have them.

Back down to the laundry room again and got the second load from the washer and added it to the others in the dryer.

Popped out of the foyer and took this semi-moody photograph of the rain covered Chestnut Way.

5Fri003Up once again in the lift to the flat.

Had a wee-wee, and as I was taking this photograph. It dawned on that I had received no interest from the innards regarding a Porcelain Throne requirement?

I refilled the laundry bag with air spray, topped 5Fri004up the crystals and soap capsules tub ready for the next laundry session. I took it into the spare room and spotted this pigeon on the hoist supports, with its head down, bless. How his eyes opened so quickly when I took the picture, to enable me to catch them open surprised me. The camera did flash, though.

Where will they sleep when the scaffolding comes down? Plenty of droppings piling up on the bars. Hehe!

5Fri008I made another brew, had a wee-wee, washed the pots from last night and started the computer and did some prep work.

It was soon time for me to go down to the laundry room again, to collect the clothing and clean the machines and filter.

5Fri009There were two new information signs up on the notice board in the lift foyer area. They sort of shouted out the messages. I got a headache reading them! Hahaha!

A tenant arrived in the laundry room as I was emptying the dryer of clothes and things.

She is one who has a washing machine in their flats and just needs to facilitate the dryers in our laundry room.

We chatted (Me mostly) and had a laugh or two. When the lady checked the filter on the other dryer next to the one I was using. You should have seen the fluff in it! I’ve never seen it so full. We said our farewells, and off she went back up to her flat. I noticed after she had gone, a sign on the dryer she was using read: ‘Fault, please close the filter door’. Good job I was there because otherwise, she would have come down again in an hour to find her washing still wet. I was so glad to able to do something to help someone at last and be there at the time. I pressed the door too until it clicked, and the machine started working again on its own.

5Fri010I got the things folded, then into my laundry bag.

Guess what… Another odd sock! Damnations!

I cleaned the drums, sink and surfaces, and set off to the elevator.

5Fri0110419hrs, and 6°c – 42.8°f indicated on the electronic information board. I thought I’d done well to get it all finished by now.

But, of course, there were still many jobs I would have done by now, had I not done the laundry, that still needed doing, so my chirpiness wained a little. Hehe!

Got in the apartment, and stored the washing away. Had a wee-wee.

Got the Health Checks done. Sys, Dia and pulse all down a bit, after being high for a few days.


P1270944Took the medications with a cup of milk. WH01b As I grabbed the carton of liquid, it gave way, and the milk shot put all over the fridge, floor and me. Got it cleaned up with just one difficulty involved. Getting back up after I’d wiped the stuff off of the floor tiles.


5Fri013Back to the computer. Updated this post.

I feared the worst when the Porcelain Throne was at last needed. For there have been no rumbling or grumblings from the stomach at all. Just a feeling that things were distended. I need not have worried. Solid and heavy, yes, but no bleeding or straining whatsoever. Out of the ordinary maybe, but a welcome change in the evacuationalistical department. Phew!

Started the ablutions early again today. Cause the bloke says, he is calling at 0900hrs to do the panelling under the balcony doors. We’ll see.

No idea when the holes and plastering repairs will be done.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5Fri014Got the ablutions tended to. The medicationalisationing went well too.

Got the Moussaka meals and poddled to the Temporary Oberbruppenfureress Wardens Offices and Social Shed. Where, much to my delights, Jenny was setting up the things for the sale later today. She looked grand but was having trouble with her back again. We had a nattering session, and she took the Moussaka meals off my hands for me.

5Fri015The rain had stopped, but more was forecast on the radio when I was shaving, and tonight they said to expect down to -4°c (24.8°f). Brr! And all those holes in the wall and windows as well! Grumph!

The Willmott-Brown lads were up on the hoist again, dangerous work.

Up to the apartment, had a wee-wee and continued to update this post.

0925hrs: Big John upstairs was clattering about noisily again. And, the work chap who promised he’d be here for 0900hrs, still had not arrived!

I visited the WordPress comments and replied to them. Then on to the WordPress Reader.

Tried to go on Facebooking. It let me post some photos to the albums, but so slowly. I tried TFZing, but the thing just crawled almost to a stop. I’ve asked a bloke to have a look. He might see me on Wednesday PM.

The work bloke arrived around 1015hrs and set to work. Obergruppenfhureress Warden Julie paid a visit just before he said he had to finish, and had to shoot off quickly and was sorry for the mess he had to leave. He did rehang the curtains for me, though.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I got the mushroom in the saucepan simmering with balsamic vinegar and a pinch of onion salt. Then got the chips int the oven cooking.

Carried on with updating this post.

P1270957Then when the fodder was ready, I got it served up.

Mixed results came from this meal. The potato croquettes were bland and tasteless 2/10, The skinless sausages bitter 0/10 (Not eaten), the tomatoes fair at 6/10, apple slices 6/10, the mushrooms good at 8.8/10. The canned pork knuckle gets a 9.25/10, excellent!

Did the Health Checks etc..

The regular fatigue hit me, I put the plate down, turned on the TV and fell asleep.

WH01b I woke to the accompaniment of what appeared to be klaxons sounding. I just caught hearing the end of them. I was confused somewhat, never having listened to this sound before. I had no idea of course, what it was or where it came from. I forced myself out of the £300 second-hand recliner and took the food tray with me into the kitchen and dropped them in the washing-up bowl and took a look out of the window to see if any emergency vehicles were on site that may have been the reason for this klaxon sounding. But the new layout of the window meant I could not see the ground below at all. I went to check the front door, no sounds were emanating from out there. I began to think I might have heard the alarm in a dream. I nipped into the wet room for a wee-wee. Back to the recliner and had a super-painful toe-stub against the cracked plaster on the frame. I never discovered if the noise was real or dreamt.

Head down again, sleep dawned and off into blissful rest.

WH01b Not for long. Woke again and the warm-wet sensation from the lower regions indicated that I needed to change the PPs. Reluctantly I escaped from the recliner… and trod on a small lump of concrete or cement whatever from the window workings! This made me jump and sod-me – I stubbed the same flipping toe against the Ottoman!

It’s not been a particularly good day. Hehe!


Inchcock Today – Friday 16th March 2018

Friday 16th March 2018

Catalan: Divendres 16 de març de 2018

0200hrs: Woke and regained a modicum of logicality and concentration. As I lay there getting up enough steam to tackle the sorting out of what needed doing, it dawned on me that the laundry had not been done yet. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner with ease, almost. Gathered the prepared bag of clothes and accoutrements and off down to the laundry room. No tea making, wee-wees or stubbing of toes – I surprised myself with my determination. Noegenesis seeking, I pressed on.

Into the lift # two.

A search and inspection revealed no beetles lurking anywhere within the confines of the cage.

The lift rattled a bit, as it descended down to the ground floor.

The automatic notice board sign was out of action when I got out.

I perused the notice boards, but could not see any new signs for us.

For a moment a bit of a panic set-in when I nipped out to take a photo of the foyer area. I thought I had left the door-fob up in the flat. The stomach went cold as I searched not expecting to find the item, but it it was in my pocket after all. Phew!

It felt warm outside this morning, I could hear the birds chirping and singing away to their heart’s content.

A little early in the day I thought?

Off to the laundry room and cleaned the washer drum, then got the wash-cycle started.

Surprised me some of the things I see in the laundry room waste bin sometimes.

This morning it had sections of polystyrene strips, take-away food remnants with plastic cutlery and nub-ends.

The input trays had to be cleaned up and old soap powder removed. Wiped around the casings.

Off back up to the apartment in lift number one this time. Had a visit from Dizzy Dennis on the way up. Only a short one, though.

The automatic-information sign near the elevator doors was now working again.

Up and in the flat. Had a wee-wee.

Started to finish off the Thursday diary.

Down again to move the things from the washer to dryer.

 I had to clean out the filter, cause whoever used it last forgot to do it.

As I did so, it moved and trapped my finger in the gap as the plastic sprang back into position. Tsk!

I think I might have said at the time, ‘Well fancy that!’


Don’t know why I’m laughing.

Got the clothes out and folded them up – but:  The magic missing sock syndrome returned!

Oh, I was annoyed with myself. I checked the drums on the washer and dryer in case I’d missed it earlier. No odd sock found! I pressed on and got the folded clobber into the big blue bag.

Cleaned the filter and casings and as I turned to leave, there was the offending sock right in the corner behind the door! A real mystery to me, how it got there. But I was so pleased to have found it.

To the lift.

All done and finished by 0405hrs.

I thought I’d done well, then I realised I’d not taken the jammies, dressing gown or towels down with the other things to launder!

Up to number 72 and got the Thursday diary finished and posted off. Sorted the pictures ready for using later.

Checked the emails next, and I’d had one from the surgery re the blood test. They had booked it for Wednesday 21st at 0905hrs, with Nurse Ann.

(I shivered).

Got on with starting this diary of next, got as far as here. Then went to the WordPress reader, then comments.

Had a wee-wee.

Went into the kitchen, and was startled when I saw the fog and it was raining so heavy as well. When I got back to the computer, I had a look at the weather forecast for this weekend – Amber warning for snow and flooding!

Seems that today rain that might be followed with some snowfalls.

Sunday the most significant threat with snow showers forecast.

Makes it worse with the freezing temperatures overnight. Oh, ‘Ecky-thump!

Went onto Facebook to see if things would allow me this time. Slowed down often, but I got most things done.

Off to do the ablutions now. A good session, apart from the medicationalisationing procedures.

 Got things ready, and left the flat. Got the door locked and took the black bags to the rubbish chute, to the lift and realised I had not got my hearing aids in. Returned to get them.

Departed again, locked the door, and well well, fancy that. I had not got my hat on! Back in again and collected it.

The best of this series of Whoopsiedangleplops this one: Out once more, and realised I had my slippers on! Back in and changed into the shoes.

Got to the lift, and remembered I had forgotten to take the Chips, to give to anyone who liked them. This being part of my running down of naughty-foods, in my effort to lose weight. I still have all those ready meals in the fridge, but am not going to throw or give them away. Back to pick the box up. Tsk!

Outside on Chestnut Walk, the place was busy with workers again.

Got to the Temporary Wardens hut, and both Deana and Julie were in their office. I popped in to explain about my not getting anything information wise from the Fire meeting yesterday.

Seems that many other tenants were the same. She didn’t seem bothered by this, that assuaged my guilt.

Mary, Cindie and Welsh Bill were all in the big room. They all looked and sounded in good form. We had a decent nattering session.

The buses arrived, and we went out to join the mass of residents waiting. On the City bound one, and got the crossword book activated.

Dropped off the bus and I went to Tesco. With the aim of seeing what vegetables they had on offer, and get some potato cakes. The choice of veg was dismal, tatty, with some out of date. I wandered to the bread section, and things were the same. Out of date loaves, and their potato cakes had doubled in price and only had one day’s shelf life left on them. I put back the basket and went.

Walking through Trinity Square, and Dizzy Dennis paid me a visit. He stayed a while, and that was not appreciated. Eventually, he cleared off. I decided to have a walk around town, to kill time and get some fresh air until the next bus home could be caught. Not feeling very good, and Anne Gyna kicked off.

Hobbling down Market Street, I noticed a Nottingham Cyclist going on the wrong side of the road going down the hill.

Seconds after taking this photo, he veered onto the footway. How he missed hitting the sign on the footway, I don’t know.

But it was a testimony to his cycling skills, all done at speed as well. Good job there were no pedestrians around. In fact, the place looked like a ghost town.

It brought to my mind, a picture of the few Nottinghamian residents, having survived a cataclysm and apocalypse, were wandering around, not knowing what to do. Their mobiles and iPads don’t work, no one around worth mugging, nowt on the TV! (Deep that, won’t it, even surprised me!)

Down to the Slab Square.

Bleak, depressing, dark, dank, sad and dismal were the words that came to mind.


I think I might use this photo to make a funny as a page top for later.

I walked along passing the Jehovah’s Witnesses, a drunken beggar, the street-sleeper on Long Row, the newspaper vendor, the youths sat on the wall drinking cans of lager, the Nottingham Pavement Cyclists, two delivering Pizzas according to the box on their backs.

There were no Big Issue sellers to be seen this morning in the centre.

I took a final picture of the Little John clock and tower and made my way up past the man with his guitar singing the Praises of the Lord, at the junction of Queen and King Street.

The depressive atmosphere prevailed even at the bus stop. People around in numbers, but no one talking? Got onto the bus when it arrived.

Entered the flat, up the lift and ran into my neighbour and Obergruppenfureress Warden Deana as they were getting into the elevator. Words of greeting were exchanged.

At the flat, I was somewhat perplexed to find the door unlocked. Had I failed to do this earlier when I had to keep returning to collect things I’d forgotten to take with me? I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten to lock this door before? Had someone been in, somebody who had called to see me and found the door open! Mmm?

Thee thoughts soon left my brain, as I had to go to the wet-room to clean things up and change PPs. A little bleeding had taken place while I was out and about.

Went to the kitchen and did the Health Checks. I notice Deana walking at rapid speed along Chestnut Walk.

Got the camera and zoomed in to take a shot of the busy gal.

My mind turned to the attention of the comestibles. It is not easy to comether myself not to eat my usual foodstuffs. I still have three ready-made meals in the fridge that I do not want to throw out and love the taste of them. I must eat them, but with far less other foods… This is not easy.

I decided in the end, to have sliced potatoes with grated cheese sprinkled on then, and tomatoes sliced on top. But, I let me get carried away with the side-stuff again. Felt somewhat guilty after I’d eaten it. But, I did so enjoy it. Tsk!

At least I have ordered some vegetarian Cumberland Pie on next weeks food order. Tsk, again!

Got the ablutions done. Afterwards, as I was putting the new PPs on, I tripped and cracked my forehead against the side of the sink. It was a cracking-good belt it was too, cause when I put my hand out to soften the blow, it got entangled in the PPs I was struggling to get on. So I was too late to lessen the blow. The truly amazing thing was that pain subsided within minutes, and I cannot see any bruising whatsoever on the head. Nothing at all, not even a bit of red colouring?

I was determined to watch some ‘Hustle’ on the box tonight and got down earlier than my usual. Hoping to nod-off, thus making it possible for me to watch some of the programme when I woke again. But no, I nodded off and stayed that way. Humph!

Inchcock Today – Friday 9th March 2018

Friday 9th March 2018

Italian: Venerdì 9 Marzo 2018

0230hrs: Stirred into life, mind and body seemed to be in some sort of cohesion for a change. I reckon I managed five-hours sleep; although dream-filled. Not that I can recall anything about them, but I know they made me wake-up feeling nervous about something or other. Tsk! The laundry room duties came to mind, and I decided to get this done first thing.

0240hrs: Out of the £300 second-hand recliner, almost with ease. ( Okay, I thought, what’s going on with all the ailments? Reflux Roger, Hippy Hilda, Duodenal Donald, Harry Hernia, Shaking Shaun, even Dizzy Dennis were notable for their absence?) Only Inchies Fungal Lesion, Trotsky Terence and Haemorrhoid Harold were giving any bother. Very rare and worrying! Hehe! Had a wee-wee.

Down the lift to the laundry room. Nipped out of the foyer doors to take this photographicalisation of the morning view. It was not cold at all out their. And in the laundry room, it was positively warm, and no machines were running either. Got the washer filled and back to the flat.

The electronic information board informed me that it was 02:58hrs, 5°c with Heavy Rain.

Up to the apartment, had a wee-wee.

Into the kitchen with the intentions of getting the Health Checks done.

But had to nip back for another wee-wee. (Hello, the third leak of the morning. What’s going on here?)

I’m not sure how or why I did this, but I took two readings on the Sphygmomanometer. One after the other? Seem to be losing-it early today.

Time to go down to move the laundry to the drier. I noticed the poster still in the lift, and reminded myself that I was going to look up the word (On the blue logo) Secondelement the other day and forgot to. What odds of me remembering later.

Back up to the apartment. Took a selfie, (Not a pretty sight, I know) Took a photo of the poster in this lift. More to get confused over?

Inside 72 and had a wee-wee. (Oh dearie me!) Went to make a fresh brew. It was incredibly warm in there. Temperature reading at 60°f. IT has not been this warm in there for ages. Well, I fib there, don’t I? When I left the oven on for the whole of the other night, it was slightly warm. Tsk! Getting older with dignity is impossible! Haha!

To the Porcelain Throne. The oddest session indeed. Little Inchies fungal lesion had been bleeding drying and bleeding again. But this seems to be the pattern recently. I hope the appointment with the chap at the GUM clinic arrives soon. The evacuation was worrying, Trotsky Terence was still in attendance, and Harolds Haemorrhoids were very tender, bleeding and messy.

Then got the computer on to start this diary off. Ten minutes later, I was back on the Throne! Repeat performance, but it took me a long while to stop the lesion bleeding. So long that by the time I’d finished and cleaned up again, it was collection time for the laundry. Down once again.

I opened the drawer to choose one of the six or so toothbrushes we keep there for cleaning the filter out, and there was only the one? Enough to do the job I know. But what happened to the others?

Clothes out and folded, filter, drum and casing cleaned.

Then back up and had a wee-wee.

Got the togs stored away and refilled the washing pots ready for the next laundry room visit.

Then, I took a photograph from the kitchen window to the left, just because I liked the view. For once, the colouring came out exactly like it looked.

As I was taking it, I spotted the lights of a plane passing on its way presumably to the East Midlands Airport.

I zoomed in to take it.

It didn’t come out anything like the eye view. But it did remind me of the claims from the UFO 50s and 60s claimants.

Being the amateur artigrapher that I am, I got back to updating this diary and got a far as here, by 0635hrs. Long job! Then went to finalise the Thursday post.

0740hrs: Got the Thursday Diary finished and posted off.

Looked at the Emails to see if I’d had anything about the blood test or next appointment from the Doctors surgery yet. Nothing!

Checked and replied to comments on WordPress. It didn’t take long.

On to the WordPress Reader page, next.

Herbert above is very continuously noisy this morning. The first time I’ve let it bother me. Then again, maybe he has the workers in doing something?

All the heaters bar the one in the kitchen stopped working, and it got a bit colder in the flat. An hour or so later, they came back on. Very puzzling?

The door chimes rang out, and two ambulance ladies let themselves in. Looking for a tenant ladies whose name I didn’t know. We had a little chinwag, and I sent them to the Obergruppenfurheresses Hut to ask there.

I rechecked the Emails and found one from the Sherrington Park Medical Centre.

They had moved me to a Wednesday, which was much appreciated.

I went to book it on the calendar and found it clashed with the Dentist appointment! Humph!

Found the DVT results had been delivered. The reading very high at 4.9 now.

Less possibility of a heart Attack or Blood Clot, but I have to take care, cause any bleeding might be excessive. Fantastic news that, what with the Haemorrhoids and Inchies Fungal Lesion both bleeding all the time. Hey-ho! More protection pants needed! Tsk!

I got the ablutions done, Health Checks and set off to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Temporary Shed, to see if either of them was in, and to ask them if they could call the Dentist for me to move my appointment for me.

When I got outside, I took this photo from below Woodthorpe Court.

I could hear the workers drilling and knocking-away high above.

The sky looked beautiful, and it was not too cold either.

But then, I did have the new extra warm coat on and my hat and gloves. A little further down Chestnut Walk, I took a picture of the progress on the new build flats. The site seemed so busy this morning. Crews were working on all three buildings and looked so busy. A bit of light drizzle coming down on and off.

I arrived at the shed and entered. Kath was busy at a table on her computer. Three tenants were sat around. I offered them all a cheery ‘Good Morning’. Asking Kath, if any of the Wardens were about. She said no, they had just gone out on their morning visiting rounds.

I explained about the clash with the dentist and the INR blood test. She kindly offered to ring them for me, to change the appointment. Bless her cotton-socks! She’d soon got it arranged for me, and wrote it in my paper diary for me. We had a chinwag, and as other residents arrived, the gossiping-circle was widened and enjoyed by me.

Farewells offered, and I left to return to the flats.

Approached the foyer of Woodthorpe Court, I snapped this builders machine as it backed out of the end compound.

I got a right-rum look from the driver.

Up and to the apartment, and took a wee-wee.

I updated the Google calendar with the written diaries new info.

Got the oven on, warming up ready for the ready-made Cumberland pie with its extra cheese, and the potato-cakes with their sliced tomatoes to be put in later.

Made a good mug of Assam tea, Put the comestibles in the oven and set about updating this post.

Crampy Craig kicked-off, and I stopped, turned off the computer and went for a wee-wee.

Got the potato cakes and Cumberland pie from the oven, onto the tray and added a lemon mousse and a sliced apple.

At last, a tasty meal I ate all of and really did enjoy! These Morrisons Cumberland Pies, I can recommend to anyone who likes lamb. I’dd added extra cheese on top, mind.

Gobbled it all up slowly, savouring each forkful. The feeling was slightly spoilt by the noises from the flat above. The drilling and banging from outside had stopped, as the workmen and ladies had packed up for the week now.

Once again, the TV programmes on offer had plenty that I would have liked to watch. Of course, I kept nodding off. The Hustle episodes were on too late for me to stand the slightest chance of my staying awake. Tsk, always moaning me! Hehe!

Inchcock Today – Sunday 4th March 2018: Worrying Late Whoopsiedangleplops!

Sunday 4th March 2018

Mongolian: 2018 оны 3 сарын 4-ний ням гарагт

0030hrs: No poriomania from the brain this morning, strangely it was concentrated on the need for me to get the laundry done. I struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner without too much bother and got the washing bag checked, accoutrements gathered and out on the way down within minutes. Yet another, different version of Inchcock had woken today.

I nipped out of the foyer door, took this photographicalisation of the frozen snow and ice, and nipped back in sharpishly. It was lethal underfoot!

Into the laundry room and got the machine going. I’d put in the soap capsule and freshener granules first, then added the clothes.

But the capsule was in the window of the washer within seconds of it starting?

There must be some laws of logic that are beyond me, that causes this to happen? Hehe”

On the way back, I spotted this message from Jenny, in response to and about the radiators and lack of warmth reported.

I kept reading a few lines and having to go back and start again because the message got jumbled up in brain-box.

Got the Health Checks done and medications imbibed. Sys, creeping back up.

Made a start on this blog page.

Down to move the items into the dryer. Someone had had the same idea as me and had started their laundry in the other machine. How they managed to get soap bubbles all over the floor, I don’t know? Wiped the washer and got the dryer going, then back to look at the second notice that had been left for us from Jenny.

How kind of her. Bless her cotton socks.

Up and back on the computer, sorted some photographs ready to use.

Updated the health records and then made another mug of Olde English Breakfast tea, and very tasty it was too.

I stood for a few moments looking out into the morning darkness, and the brain went off on its own again. Anecdotal, and sequacious ramblings about nothing?

The time flashed by, and I soon found myself going down to collect the washing.

As I began to unload the dryer, the chap who’s washing was in and made a mess with the bubbles arrived to join me. The chap wanted to get to use the dryer I’d used while it was still warm. I had a funny turn, and Duodenal Donald kicked off at the same time. I spread my clothes on top of the machines as he shot in and filled his into the dryer. Bless him, he did ask if I was alright, pointing out I looked very poorly.
Must admit, I didn’t feel too steady at that moment. But things soon felt easier and returned to normal mode, but with Donald a lot less bothersome.

He left the laundry room to return up to his flat, and I packed the togs into the blue bag.

I took a photo of the Information Board near the elevators. Heavy Snow indicated, but I hadn’t noticed any when I nipped outside earlier.

4th March, blimey, time flies when you’re getting on a bit. Tsk!

It looked a little bleak from the kitchen window out there.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. A surprisingly comfortable session this time. Nowhere near as much cleaning up to do as there has of late.

One of my most-effective, clinically-executed and excruciating toe-stubbings of the year arrived next.

Following the advice to close all doors, and I trapped the end of the toe in the large gap at the bottom of the wet room door as I pulled it shut! The gap below the door is so large, I don’t know why I bothered closing it in the first flipping place!

It doesn’t-half let the draught in when I’m on the Throne. Brr, Tsk!

I limped back to the computer and got on with updating this diary.

Got into WordPress reader via FireFox this morning.

Started to finish off the Saturday post.

0450hrs: The Horrible Herbert from the flat above, started with some heavy bangs, about five, right above where I am on the computer. I almost got up to visit the gentleman and have words.

But, not knowing how big, violent or old he is, and my natural in-bred cowardice, prevented me taking any action. A few more knocks and bangs occasionally followed for hours, but not as loud. I’m sure that someone else nearby must have heard these bangs? And it would have been worse for them if they have good hearing and were in bed asleep!

Back to the Saturday Inchcock updating. Got it done and posted off.

Responded to the WordPress comments.

Made another brew, had a wee-wee and went of Facebook to try and catch up on the TFZer site. I think I’ve made a mistake on Marie’s birthday. What a clot!

0750hrs: Herbert noisy again.

Over the last few hours, while I’ve been on CorelDraw, the weather view from the kitchen window has been photographed a few time. It has changed considerably.

The fog seems to be settling in. Still very cold out there, though.

Made a brew of tea and back on CorelDrawing.

1025hrs: Herbert noisy yet again.

Continued with CorelDrawing.

Did the Health Checks.

1430hrs: Herbert noisy again.

Got the food prepared and served up. Two lip-smackingly tasty Frikadellens, curried baked beans with added sliced mushrooms slow-cooked with balsamic vinegar and three uneatable potato cakes. Sliced apple and lemon yoghourt and medications to follow.

A shame about the cakes.

Everything else was great tasting.

The sudden fatigue dawned, and the planned cleaning up of the kitchen was abandoned.

Got down in the £300 second-hand recliner, to watch some TV. Between channel-hopping and nodding-offs I failed to view any of the programmes throughout.

Went in to refill the mug with Orange Juice with bits, to find I’d left the hot tap running on the washing bowl. Tsk! No shower or shave tonight then, I’ll have to do it in the morning. By which time I might need a blow-torch to get the stubble off of my chin! Haha!

Back to the chair and TV. Nodded off, and woke with my right leg somehow over the arm of the recliner (I wasn’t sure how I managed to get into this position without any agony from Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis or Hernia Harry), and inside the small rubbish bin. That I surely must have moved to allow this to happen. Of course, I automatically lifted the leg to get it out of the waste bin, knocking it over onto the floor to join the remote control and pencil and notepad, which were down there already? Then the pains started. What had I done? How did I manage it? Why did I do it? Am I going potty?

 After a dysania-ridden removal of the body from the recliner, I cleaned up best I could manage, without using noisy vacuums and disturbing the neighbours this late on in the night. Knocking over the mug of orange juice as I did so.

Confused, irritated with me and feeling impuissant, incapable of restraining, controlling or understanding what the heck was happening.