Inchcock Today – Sunday 3rd/Monday 4th September 2017

Sunday 3rd September 2017

0435hrs: Stirred into semi-life and disentangled my massively bloated body from the £300 second-hand recliner, and off to the Porcelain Throne. Like during the night, no activity produced, all wind and phwerts! Haemorrhoid Harold still bleeding, but far less now. After cleaning things up blood-wise, I noticed how damnably tight the pyjama bottoms were around the newly swollen and extended stomach girth. This was not good. I hope things start moving shortly. Hehe!

A most artistic blood spotted on foot. IT really did look like someone had painted it on my foot? Haha! As Lynton said, with the Warfarin INR blood level going up and down so often, these will come and go regularly, they do not hurt or even itch at all. Never had them so beautiful before?

I felt a little febriculose, so took an extra Codeine tablet.

Made another brew of tea and carried out the Health Checks. Sys148, Dia 78, Pulse 74, Temp 35.6. I think the pulse might be a bit minimal and the temperature a bit high?

Not surprising though, with having the fever symptoms and bloated torso. The weight was 14.9.

Into the computer, and spotted something I had not earlier – a banana on the old chair arm. Now, there is a banana skin in the bin from last night where I ate one after the meal – so where has this one come from? Did I fetch another in my sleep? Has my mind now gone fainéant as well as confused? Mmm!

Got on with finishing yesterdays diary, not a lot in it, because I spent so much time sorting the graphics out nearly all day, and still have a lot more to get done before I can even begin to create them yet. But I like doing them.

Off to the Throne again, another failure and the stomach was churning more than ever. Wait till it comes is all I can do, with crossed fingers. I suppose it will come eventually, but where and when? Humph! Taking no chances, each time I get the ‘feeling’ to use the Porcelain Throne, I’ll pay a visit to be on the safe side. Even if I do wear out the carpet. Haha!

Made a start on this post. Then Email checks, WordPress reading and responding. I got interrupted by another call to the Throne – Boy was this a session and a half! The longest passage of wind ever followed the movement of gargantuan proportions! I considered opening all of the windows afterwards too, – talk about thick, the whiff was almost unbearable even to me. I hope it doesn’t filter through to the other flats? Still,  the tummy pains eased straight away.

Back and did the Emails and other catching up, then onto CorelDraw and the graphic preparation work.

Stopped to get the potatoes in the saucepan to boil slowly.

I have no idea what is in the seasoning, just that it tastes delightful. (Well, it did last time I used it in the boiled potatoes). Made a brew and back to CorelDraw.

I did a Birthday graphic for Australia’s Mary. Posted it to her Facebook and back again to preparing the TFZer next series ones.

Got a few done ready, lots more to do yet, though.

Ailments still being kind to me. Late now, so I must get the meal ready. Took a photograph of the plate, and when I got around to updating this, it had gone?

Health Checks, medications and settled t to watch the football match. Portugal v Hungary. Fell asleep in seconds.

Monday 4th September 2017

0425hrs: Hastily up and off to the Porcelain Throne. No change this session, still a touch Trotsky-like.

The blood-blister thingy on my foot seems to be changing colour now? The big toe nail appears to be going brown at the ends of them now?

I decided I must get a hobble in today, whatever happens. Two days stuck inside on the computer is doing me no good, methinks.

Back into the £300 second-hand recliner room, no signs of any nibbling or mess. Good!

Took the medications and did the Health-Checks. Then turned the computer on and made-up the weekly record for the nurse tomorrow.

Set about working on the TFZers photographic series. I think I’ve taken on too much with this one, it is taking far too long, and I am not getting other things done. But still, I do enjoy doing them.

Had to stop after three hours, to do the Email and WordPress readings.

Made a fresh mug of tea and took these photographs of the misty morning out side. The first one from the balcony. The second from my hanging out of the kitchen window (Camera strap firmly around my wrist, hehe!) and noticed that nothing building work wise, looked any different to a similar picture I took of the same area last Wednesday?

An Email returned to me that I had sent to her yesterday, told me that the beautiful Obergruppenfurheress Deana is on holiday again, I thought she seemed a little cheerful when she called in the flat last week to check if I had done the Wristlet Alarm battery tests. First time I have seen her for weeks. She must be very busy with all the workings going on… Mind you, they are not doing anything at the moment. So?

Back to the Emails.

A lot to get through this morning.

Th one that stuck out first was from Sister Jane, I saw The Foo on screen and feared the worst new possible, so quickly opened the email. She had sent a photograph of Fooey while he was snoozing and I assumed, snoring away!

Bless him and his pleasant nature.

Had to have many wee-wees up to now, so I might not go out on the bus for a walk, I’ll just hobble down into Sherwood and get some cooked meat perhaps. I could, if Hilda Hips and Arthur Itis are kind to me, walk up and down Mansfield Road taking snaps of the side roads for my friends abroad and the TFZers on Facebook to show how Sherwood looks?

Back once again to the Emails, then WordPress reading.

I got the rubbish bags sorted ready to go to the chute, then did the ablutions, which took me a good while, as shaving was not easy, what with me not shaving yesterday. Much bleeding. Naughty Boy!

Set off, down in the lift and along Chestnut Grove.

The rain had stopped, and I found one building worker on site, I sneaked a shot of him through the temporary gate No.4 – no other workers sighted, no vehicles, deliveries or anything. Are they on a go-slow? Hehe!

To the end of the road and right down Winchester Street – it was a bit slippery underfoot with the leaves, berries, flowers and trimmings from where they had cut back all the bushes. Got to the bottom and walked left up to the library, started taking photographs as I walked back down and up the hill to the bus stop. I later used all of the pictures in a post. Link: A Walk along Mansfield Road…

I took about 15 photographicalisations of close business premises, retail units restaurants and food takeaways, amongst others.

So many failed dreams of so many small entrepreneurs and hopeful people.

I even found the alleyway where the brothel (So they tell me!) used to operate from, that is now flats it seems. But it looked a bit deserted to me?

I called into the Polish Food Store to get sneered at and ignored, as part of my training ready for next weeks visit at the Obergruppenfureress Receptionists at the Audio Clinic. Hehe! I bought some bread, roast belly pork ribs (A sandwich meal tonight, with extras of course), apples and cooked belly pork with herbs and garlic.

Pressed on up the hill and found that the Reptile Centre had closed as well.

On up to the bus stop and caught a number 40 the three stops up the hill. Dropped off at the National Cleaners place, and hobbled back up to the flats, slowly and limpingly. Hippy Hilda and the plates made sure of that!

Got in and utilised the Porcelain Throne, I think that Trotsky Terence is weakening now. Cleaned up and got potato thingies in the oven to cook and the meat sarnies done and the trimmings on the plate ready.

While doing this, I thought I heard vehicle horns being sounded rather aggressively.

Looked out the kitchen window, but could see no signs of any altercation, in fact, I saw no one about at all at first.

But seeing the tail gate open on the car on the left, I zoomed in doing my neighbourhood watch duties, to see if anything untoward was taking place. A bloke was sat on the end bumper in the car, using his mobile phone, I think, and drinking his can of Coke.

Excitement over, I got the fodder served up and settled with it in a tray on the knees, the TV on to watch the Football Match, and suddenly needed a wee-wee. Humph! Out of the recliner and off and tended to things, cleaned up and returned.

Climbed back into the now shaking precariously when in use £300 second-hand Recliner – and the phone rang! Tsk! It was someone wanting to talk to Martin? I explained things to the caller, who had a nice Cornish accent, that there was no Martins here, and climbed back into the still wobbling when in use £300 second-hand Recliner, and got the tray back on the knee and started to imbibe the fodder with the cold and rather soggy potato balls. Grumph!

I still enjoyed the fodder, just not as much as I would have without all the Mini-Whoopsiedangleplops!

I kept drifting off for a few minutes, waking up for a minute and off again. This happened for hours, until while awake and wondering what happened score-wise on the long gone football match, I passed some wind – Huh! Had to visit the wet room to chck things out – all good!

By the time I got settled again, I relaised it was gone midnight! Oh, dear!

Inchcock Today – Monday 13th March 2017 – Fantastic dreams, then Laundry Room Duties… Then the Whoopsiedangleplops returned!


Monday 13th March 2017

Hawaiian: Ka Poakahi 13th March 2017

What an utterly fantastic dream! Woke (I thought), around 0235hrs, and got scribbling on the notepad straight away.

The Dream(s): I was in on office and interviewing or counselling people and solving every one of their problems and giving them each a £20 note afterwards. I felt ecstatic: Thought I’d woken up to find that myself in the £300 second-hand recliner, but in an old luxury (I think hotel) room, the sounds of bombing in an air-raid… A knock at the door, and it was each of the people I had helped earlier… A maid appeared with cucumber sandwiches… 

Then, I thought I was back in my own flat for real, and grabbed the notepad to record things, and the door chime rang – it was the same folks again, all laughing. We all crowded into the so-called living-room, and we squashed up together as they all called out ‘April Fool Gerry! Laughed and disappeared? 

Again I thought I had woken up, struggling out of the chair, fell, put my hands out to break the fall, the walking stick broke and found myself in a classroom, one that I actually used back in my school days, where it seemed I was too scared to leave the empty room for fear of the bullies… a bit vague this bit: But I think Doctor Who, being Dr Lynton Cox this time, lifted me in his Tardis that was green not blue, back to the flat, he didn’t have time for a cup of tea I recall – I went in, and the lift stuck on the 13th floor? Which is really odd, ’cause I pressed the button for my floor, the 12th? Fire Brigade, hospital, bus… 

0300hrs: Woke up expecting the dream to continue and actually wondered where it would take me this time and half expected the door chime to go… As I dismounted the rickety chair, I stubbed my toe and realised I was actually awake and bruised???

To the porcelain room, very pleased when Haemorrhoid Harry was not pouring blood, just a few specks. Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Duodenal Daniel and Harold Hernia were all being so kind to me this morning. No dizzy spells. Even Little Inchy, had not been bleeding. Excellent start!

Full of uplifting inspiration because I’d remembered so much of a dream, at last, I got the laundry things gathered in the bag, and went down to the laundry room and got the washer going, then up to the flat.

1Mon02I opened the jar of Falsoka, by gum, they don’t half close them lids tight!

Got it into the saucepan and added, what I think was the same as last time that I enjoyed so much.

Tomato & Herb Puree, Soy mushroom sauce and a little bit of demerara sugar. Later when I start to warm it up slowly, I’ll put some bacon bits in the oven and add them too. A right little food experimentationalist,  I’m turning into. Hehe!

Half-hour later, down the lift to move the clothes from washer to dryer. Back up to the flat, and got Olive’s letter for posting and some glass jars for the recycle-bin.

Made a brew, took the morning medications. Turned the computer on and started this post off, and loved having the scribbled dream notes to use, and found I could read them this time?

1Mon03Down and had a slow hobble out along Chestnut Walk to post the letter in the mailbox, then dropped off the jars in the Recycling bin.

The dark morning (0515hrs) was not cold at all, and no wind to speak off either today.

It was a little enjoyable, this was when I realised I had beaten the depressions for the time being, and sang to myself as I walked back to the flats, taking this photographicalisation en route. I believe I was singing Adam Faiths ‘The Time Has Come’ song.

1Mon06Back to the laundry room and retrieved the dried clothing.

Sorted the things out so that they will be put in the airing cupboard.

Cleaned the machines and then cleaned the filters.

Made sure the taps were off, filter replaced and I’d got all the clobber from the machines.

1Mon08The woolly bobble hat had shrunken and barely covers the head top now, but still, Pound Shop goods, so no complaints.

I’ve now got three of these, all a suitable imitation of a kippah.

Up a final time to the flat, stored the clothes away, put the kettle on and back on the computer to carry on with this post.

Made a mug of tea and observed the prepossessing view from the kitchen window was worthy of recording photographically I thought, so 1Mon07I took this one.

Things seem to be improving so much in the down-in-the-mouth-moods.

I’m recognising the beauty in nature again, and find myself singing to myself if you know what I mean.

Fingers crossed please, that nothing untoward occurs to ruin things again.

Then I got on to finishing yesterday’s diary off, better late than never. Haha!

Facebooked a while, then got the ablutions tended to and dressed for the shopping trip to Sainsbury in Arnold. Hoping to catch the 1030hrs bus. (Oh, I do love my free pensioner’s bus pass!)

Feeling rather self-righteous and smug at remembering to put the mobile in the bag and putting the hearing aids in before departing the flat to the lift – Whoopsidangleplop again, I’d got the wrong glasses on – returned to the apartment and swapped them for the bifocal ones. Humph!

Back down in the lift and out to the bus stop. Only one chap was there at the stop, had a little gossip with him. When the City Bus arrived, three of the lady tenants got off, and I gave them a nibble each.

The Bestwood bus was little late, but that is to be expected, because of all the roadworks taking place on the route. I thought I’d photograph the Lady Birds, who were amassed in greater numbers than ever on the bus stop seating and concrete bollards – in fact, there were some in the lift earlier. However, I gave this photographicalisationing a miss. Because I had forgotten to put the camera in the bag. Sad innit?

I dropped off the bus at Sainsbury’s in Daybrook and got some Rye & Sourdough, bread, first time I’ve tried this. I can split it later and share it with Olive… if she likes it that is. A jar of Cantonese cooking sauce, Bacon bits, lemon yoghourts, beetroots on special offer and Surimi fish sticks.

1Mon09Walked into Arnold and called in Wilko, got some Citrus Air spray on offer and Wash Fragrance.

Then to Chamber’s Butchers and got some delicious looking cooked smoked belly pork slices.

Pottered along to Asda and got two pots of Black Bean cooking sauce on offer and two packs of orange lollies.

Struggled with the bags to the bus stop, and was very lucky here, the bus was early, but I just managed to get on, cause some folks were struggling themselves to mount the bus.

Contentedly I did some cross-wording en route and dropped off at the flats and made my way up… it was in the lift that it dawned on me I had not been to the bank to see if the new card works or not! Plonker with bar, me!

Got in and took the photo of the stuff as I unloaded it, and got the bacon cut up and in the oven, to add to the beans, etc. later. 

Caught up with this dairy then added the bacon, then rang Olive to see if I could get permission to visit her – a bit inconvenient for her at the moment, but she said I could call in the morning.

I set out to catch the bus to Mapperley top and try the card out.

7sun08Tsk, Huh, Humph and pickled walnuts!!! Next time I’ll take the card with me!

Missed the bus back and had to walk it up the hill.

Got into the flatlet, feeling that the Whoopsiedangleplops had not deserted me, and a right fool to boot!

But I had remembered to turn the Bean stew and bacon light off, so set to warming it up for the meal of the day.

I spotted outside in the distance, smoke from what looked like a fire.


 Clean looking smoke, though, so it might have been a garden fire gotten out of hand?

1Mon12As I updated this diary, my acuity faded, so I got the fodder served up and consumed it with great disappointment.

This brand of Fasolka was rather bland in comparison with the more expensive one from Morrison’s.

I’ll stick with the Lowicz brand in future.

Put the washing to soak in the bowl in the sink, and settled to watch some TV. Rubbish programme and I wasn’t in a concentrating mood anyway and nodded off.

Woke a while later with hunger, which confused me with all the food I’d consumed earlier. Made a belly pork sandwich with the Rye-Sourdough bread, settled to watch the football match and fell asleep again – woke up with the half-eaten sandwich and the associated crumbs all over me, the £300 second-hand recliner,  the foot stool and the carpet!

Had a clean-up of sorts then resolved to try once again to watch some TV, Law & Order was on by then. The  first set of commercials sent me off to the land of nod once again, where I stayed until 0330hrs.

Inchcocks Dream – 10th March 2017

Last night, well this morning early, I had a dream so confusing and remembered some of it.

But can I make sense of it?


I set about doing this graphicalisation of the main things, I could recall.

Dream11 3 17Mostly because I enjoy making them, Hehe!

This is the scene in the brain I recall best. The sign for Mars elections and the Bush fiddling Presidents was there alright. Lynton Cox on the scene too. I feel there were so many other things going on as well.

I know I had many other dreams as well but no recollections of any details?

Just wondered what bought this one on like?


Inchcock Today: Tue 21st Feb 2017: Terrible day, terrible dreams!

What a day this was. Not a good one at all.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair, on its last legs creaking and struggling to move, (exactly how I felt and was [Hehe]) and to the porcelain, the innards rumbling, knees, ankles, elbows, hip and fingers all being attacked with venom by Arthur Itis, with Anne Gyna letting me know that she was not pleased with going to and on the wheel001Nottingham Eye Wheel yesterday. The effects of Walking to the Doctors and the climb into and out of the Wheel/Eye had taken its toll and Anne Gyna was not happy with me at all.

I perched there, on the porcelain, battling with the tireless strenuous eventual movements of the morning, no bleeding from Little Inchy and only a few specks from Haemorrhoid Harry; The mind turned to depression, self-loathing and self-pity. Many many minutes of moroseness filled thoughts, filled the brain all unascertainable, unanswerable and without any validity or clarity… not pin-downable? My own personal imbroglio. Despair, dejection and despondency irresistibly overcame me. These feelings gave me little elbow-room or latitude for any common sense or logicality to be adopted or acquired.

Eventually, I dismounted the porcelain, without any solutions to my dilemma of sudden depression, or any idea how to solve it. Tried to perform the regular activities. I did the blood-pressure, pulse, temperature, weighed myself, took the medication and applied the creams and lotions – but like an automaton, no drive, interest, get-up-and-go or enthusiasm at all. This worries me.

wheel19I decided next to get the photographs I’d taken while on the Nottingham Wheel/Eye thingy yesterday, posted off to my Facebook page and put some on the TFZ pages. (Troll Free Zone).

My spirits seemed to raise a little while I was doing this and creating some graphics on CorelDraw and Paint and commented on the TFZer Site.

If you like, more photographicalisations are to be found here: Nottingham Eye/Wheel Pics


1mon09A sudden hunger arrived, and I got the nosh so early today.

The self-loathing depression had eased, but the lethargy, hebetude and apathy remained.

Yesterday’s planned jobs to do today did not materialise at all, and I was withing an hour of washing the pots – back into the depths of self-indulgent dwelling on one’s own sorrows or misfortunes. Pathetic! 

I literally settled and watched TV for hours, not even aware if what I was watching? No efforts to get up and do anything were possible, I was in the pits.

Not surprisingly, as I had done very little constructive thinking or any actual work done, when it came to bedtime, I couldn’t even nod off at all.

I got up and tried to read a book, but for some reason, it had lost its appeal to me. I put the TV on, that normally ensure I nod off, no, that failed, so I got the computer on again and fluffed about with Facebooking. Eventually, I got the head down very late.

I woke around 0245hrs and lay there in the £300 second-hand recliner, depressed, full of self-loathing, confused and considered the dreams, or rather nightmares, that were still largely in my brain, spinning around and fading fast. I had the pen and pad at the side of the chair, (unused for months of having dreams and not being able to recall any that I’d had).

Events from my youth came distortedly into the dream, happenings I’m ashamed of, but none of the few successes or happy times… Getting thrown into the Canal when I was about five was so real to me, although the timing of the incident was way out of sync with the reality, I woke up ringing with sweat.

Had to have a shower, so I shaved at the same time. Feeling a little foolish that the dream had got to me, I had a glass of spring water and got back down into the chair – I was off in seconds and the nightmares returned – I’m not even sure now that I didn’t dream having a shower and shave, but could smell the Lemon shower gel and was in some other pyjamas, having put the others in the laundry bag, so I must have?

The past times, some even pleasurable started in the dream. Many incidents from my Security Guard days where mused over I’m sure, my first romance and being bullied by the yobboes in Carrington mingles with so many odd bits interposing and all mixed up together from the long gone days, I even tried to shoot myself but could not find the 303 clip and bullets and recall I searched for them in this flat, the house I lived in 1949, the Bed Breakfast and Evening meal boarding house 1964, Nairobi in a blood wagon and other places I cannot recall clearly? Lynton Cox, befriended on Facebook, who came to visit me a couple of years ago and saved my sanity, was chasing me waving a yellow duster?

Not a good day.

Inchcock Today Tue 14 June 2016: Good start, Got a shower! Late Whoopsiedangleplop

10Tuesday 14th June 2016

0530hrs: Up and had a bodily scour,

Yes, at last, I got in the shower,

It lasted for well over an hour,

I gave it some waterpower,

Carbolic soap and talcum powder,

Afterwards, I smelt like a new flower!

Yes, finally I was refreshed. No messing about this morning, got the items needed and straight into the shower room, everything seemed to work correctly, no cold or hot shocks, slips, Whoopsiedangleplops or dizzies either.

The only thing that I was concerned about was the oh-so-very noisy water pump that might have disturbed my neighbour Barbara. In future, I’ll take the shower at night, I think, early evening perhaps. I’ll ask Barbara if I see her if it bothered her.

I titivated the room, remembered to turn off the power, then made a cuppa and took the medications and did my BP tests. The Sys and Dia were a bit higher than usual at 151 & 49, that would be due to me getting all excited about taking me shower? Hehe!

I got CorelDraw going, and somehow, it is currently letting me save to jpg again? Don’t know what I did right this time, but I did delete 815 files?

Walked down to the Community Hut to see Deana, who sorted the insurance renewal out for me, bless her. On the way back, I saw Olive, that cheered me up. She was waiting for the fish van to arrive, which it did, and she got hers first, as it was raining the gals took turns in going out to his van for their fish fodder. I went back to the flat with her, and she showed me her Wet-Room, and she had a pole that reaches top and bottom, with small corner shelves on it, seemed a super idea to me. Olive told me she got it from Wilko. We had a gossip, and I returned to my place and went the things ready for me to go to Arnold, and decided to call at Wilko see if I could get one of the poles, then to Asda (Walmart) to get the photo’s done and some fodder.

P1110116I was soon out at the bus stop with a few other tenants, waiting in the rain.

Good for me that it was raining this morning because that meant I could sneak a photographicalisation of some of them together.

I love listening and having a  chatter with these folks occasionally.

P1110118When the first, Nottingham destined L9 bus arrived, I was left all on my own.

I took a selfie (I think they are called, a photograph of myself like), to show how sad I felt at losing their company.

Note I’ve got my Flobber-dob hat on, the one from the Pound Shop? It covers my hearing aids and glasses in the rain, excellent!

P1110119I arrived in Arnold and went to the Wilko store first. 

See the top of this photo on the left? I had the pretty-coloured £1 shop umbrella with me today, and I needed it to take this picture under!

Wilko told me they no longer stocked the poles with shelves on – I could have cried, I’d got almost enthusiastic about getting one for my Wet-Room – Sob!

I poddled and paddled along to the Asda Store and got the photographs done on the machine. Somehow I ordered the Two-day instead of One hour process, though. Humph! Still, Nae bother, I can collect them on Thursday after the Social Hour and Doctors INR blood test… I hope.

Did some shopping, again. Apples, prepared fresh casserole veg, Batch Bread and Lemon desserts jumped into my basket as I passed them… again…

P1110120 Went to catch the L9 back to the flats.

The public bench near the bus stop had taken a further battering and looked in a very sorry state thanks to the local hoodlums.

Managed to keep awake on the trip back to Woodthorpe Court, well I did nod off, a couple of times but was awake when we arrived in time to press the stop bell. Haha!



When I got in the flat, the rain stopped a moment and everything outside looked so green, fresh and new.

I got the fodder away, put the receipt for the photographs in last weeks envelope on the kitchen window shelf behind the accoutrements pot. I write this so I can look back and find it when I can’t find it on Thursday, yer see.

Took the midday medications, made a cuppa and got the laptop on, updating this twaddle.

Later I made another cup of char and rang mate BJ for a talk. He was in good form and told me to have a look at the Ikea site to see if they sold those poles for the wet-room. He’s coming to Thursdays Social Hour, glad about that.

Some items of interest were discovered on the Ikea site, so I made a note of their numbers to show BJ.

Got the fodder going. Minted lamb chops in the oven, to have with mashed potatoes and garden peas with beetroot.

Received a postcard from Cyber-mate and jolly good egg Lynton.

He is a wit! He’s been walking at the Cotswold Way and returned to the fair City of Bath, and thought I’d appreciate the picture of a Bath as I had now lost mine!

P1110124 P1110125

Now that, was a clever thought, thanks, Lynton. Hehehe!

Went to check on the lamb chops, and found I’d left them in the oven tray on the side of the sink. Oh dear! So I put them in the oven correctly this time. Huh!

09Back to the CorelDraw graphic creating, and go got a little carried away with it I’m afraid… Whoopsiedangleplop!

The minted lamb chops were, er, shall I say, incinerated when I next checked.

I gobbled them up, all the same.

The plan was then to watch DVD, then at 2100hrs look at the debate on the Euro Stay/Exit… Nodded off – Woke up around 2330hrs, washed the pots, passed water and head down again.

Best laid plans eh? Hehe!

Anarchist planning to set up a World Government

A momentous, portentous, meeting took place in a shed in Lancashire shed early last week. We believe a Martin Shuttlecock may be the instigator as the meeting reported was believed to have been held in his shed.

After a meeting of six unknown men, they decided to form a World Government.with his choice of prospective candidates,

How, why who they are, is not clear yet.


If you can supply any details, please forward them via the comment section to the FBI, ATF, CID, Interpol, McDonald’s or any of the Secret Services below.

It is unknown which of the militants is to take over which department yet.

Caroline X of the WWE, warns people of the nefarious habits of this anarchic group of alcoholics. She told our reporter: “Take care and be very wary of approaching any of them. Some drink wine, some smoke tobacco, most of them are addicted to beetroot, one has been made redundant from work five times, one is too clever by half, one eats kangaroo for his breakfast… oh yes this mob need monitoring. Mr Obama is aware and about to take action!” As soon as he has consulted with Mr Cox, his advisor.


Inchcock Today – Easter Sunday 26 March 2016:

I heard that my Solicitors had gone bankrupt.

Well, I already knew they were only Morally Bankrupt!

* * * * * *

Easter Sunday 27 March 2016

01W03Woke around 0520hrs, but it was really 0530hrs. No medical hiatus’s prevented me from hobbling around and resetting the clocks. In fact, I was physically in good shape, even ‘Little Inchy’ has stopped his bleeding.

It was my mental state I was worried about.

I got the kettle on to make a cup of tea and take the medications.

Then, onto the laptop and got carried away somewhat with finishing posts, doing a humorous graphic post and starting this one off.

By 1045hrs, I’d got the graphicalisation finished and sent off.

01W03aWent to put the kettle on again, and had to clear up three or four dead meat-flies on the window ledge?

Back to the laptop for a while, back to the kitchen and found another meat-fly on the ledge?

Mad Magpies were amassing in the trees, and meat-flies were appearing from where?

01W04And not anyone animal could be seen anywhere.

Out of curiosity, I got the binoculars and scanned around; no signs of life at all?

No traffic was moving, no smoke from the chimneys and no lights to be seen?

Had the world ended? Dang dang, dang dang Hehehe!

Did some more graphicalisationing with CorelDraw 8 and CorelPaint.

I’m having problems with changing my default style on ‘Grammarly’. At the moment, I’m having to change it manually each and every time I do a paragraph – driving me potty, but I just cannot find out how to change it to Blog casual as default?

Frank16dI did a graphic of Caroline, Frankie, Lynton, and Shuttlecock for a bit of fun.

I’ll post it as a caption competition on Facebook methinks.

Then I spent another two and a half hours Facebooking, Tsk!

Suddenly the day had passed so quickly, and here was me, not even had a bath and shave yet, Tsk!

P1050946Got the fodder going.

Gammon chunks, cheesy potatoes, beetroot and, a bit of batch bread followed by a low-calorie lemon dessert.

When I run out of these desserts, I’m going to stick with pots of jelly afterwards, cut back on the dairy stuff a bit. Sandra, Margaret and Janet from the TFZ Facebook site kindly advised me to, bless em all.

Not a bad meal, 7.9/10 rating.

I got carried way watching the goggle-box, and soon it was too late for me to have a bath, cause of the noise disturbing my neighbour.

So a dirty me nodded off.


Inchcock Today Mon 1 Feb 16: A hyper-active day today!



Monday 1st February 2016

I awoke in desperate need of a Wee-wee.

A dirty great Meat fly landed on my hand as I stirred to attend the bathroom. In which some bits of memories of the dream I’d had came back to me. I wrote them down on some toilet paper to use here.

I’d snuffed it, and was talking to a football crowd as I stood in front of them with my feet in a bucket of mud? I was, in heart-rendering fashion, pleading for them to allow me to become a ‘Greeter’ at St Peter’s gate? They all turned to skeletons as I spoke. Then I found myself sat at a desk with my old Atari ST computer in front of me at the gates… seems I’d gotten my way after all? 

I was typing out names and giving them to some elves, and they would go off to the line of heaven applicants to find them, and bring them to me? I’ll not mention the names of them, but three Facebookers and bloggers I know came and booked in with me at the desk. For some reason, I sneaked them each a jelly baby? Can’t recall much more, but what I could remember seemed clear to me.

Made a cuppa, to have me medications with, and another meat fly was lurking in the kitchen. Got him!

A bit concerning where they are coming from, mind.

A few more wee-wees later, I got the diaries updated and started this one off.

The stomach rumbling is still there, but far easier now (He says with crossed fingers).

Checked the emails, of which the little icon informs me there was 150 received?

The wind is still howling outside, not looking forward to my hike to the surgery in it. Humph!

Then did some Facebooking.

Got the bath running and beautified myself, well I had a shave, did me teggies and got in the tub like. Then readied the things for me for me little outing trip.

P1020950Started to walk, battling against the wind, down Winchester Street into Sherwood.

I considered catching a bus to get out of the weather, but as you can see, they are not very frequent around here.

So I plodded on.

P1020951At the end of a one-way street that came out on Mansfield Road, I came across two cars that were parking up on a dangerous corner and both on double yellow lines. Both were women drivers. Which was rare I thought.

These ladies, the stronger sex, are not usually found flouting the law are they?

I’m not sure why this photograph came out in monochrome?

So, on into Carrington and the GP surgery.

Did some cross-wording while I waited for the nurse. Told her about the Constipation as she took me blood. Handed her some nibbles and shot off to catch the bus to Mansfield.

The wind was still strong. I caught the round-about 3b bus and enjoyed the scenery along the way.

At the bus station, a fight was taking place between some youths and girls, the police were there when I arrived and made my way out ASAP.

P1020952Down to the precinct, the sad, decrepit rows of shops and closed down premises went well with the aggressive unhappy people milling about.

I called in the B&M shop to try to get some Bonners Beef Goulash and or curried beans and some individual pots of their porridge.

They had none of any in stock.

Then I popped in the Price-Cut shop to have a look around.

P1020955I ended up getting some tiddly tins of Bonner’s Garden peas at 15p each, they were good value and will do me nicely. I bought up all they had left at this price. Some chocolate treats.

I also made a Whoopsiedangleplop in taking the wrong medications for my diarrhoea – I got the opposite somehow, Senna thingies to make me go! Plonker!

Back to the Bus station and caught the direct bus back to Nottingham. I managed to fall asleep and miss the bus-stop again! Still a plonker! Had to walk back into Sherwood and up the Winchester Hill back to the flats with me bags.

P1020953The wind was awful again.

Folks were struggling to hang onto their bags, hats, scarfs, etc.

One bloke getting out of his car lost his scarf as it blew off and on the road to who knows where.

It was a farcical scene. I wished I had a video camera to have recorded it.

P1020954On my way up the hill, I came across something that is so rare nowadays.

White dog poo! Just thought I’d mention it for Lynton Cox and Martin Shuttlecock, fellow bloggers who are experts on the subject.

Got in the flat and put the bits away, during which I observed I had no Potatoe Cakes or Farls in the fridge. (I’d forgotten I had some in the freezer like, Tsk!) Thus, after perusing the last of the buses time table, I made the decision to go to Sainsbury’s to get some.

Hurried about (Loosely speaking), and out into the wind, almost a gale now, to catch the bus to Arnold and the store.


I got some potato cakes and slims. And a bag of Anya potatoes (Sort date reduced). I found a tiny pack of cut beef shin in the fridge, short dated and reduced. 

I’d like to point out to Marissa Bergen, that despite being temporarily tempted by the fresh cream French horn cakes – I didn’t buy any. Therefore, keeping my self-imposed punishment for my Grammatical error cock-up in her photograph posting. (I used a naughty word by mistake) 

Feel quite proud about this.

Paid the snotty lady on the check-out and went out to the bus-stop. The winds were worse now than earlier!

NN09Got back to the flat and struggled to get from the bus-stop to the flats doors. The graphic I did yesterday seemed to be so much more appurtenant than ever.

Thankfully a lady in a mock fur coat and tattoos on her neck and hands in the seat behind me was yelling angrily down her mobile phone for the entire journey.

This ensured I didn’t fall asleep and miss the bus-stop again. I nearly thanked her when I got off but decided against doing so.

GC (01c)When I got in the flat kitchen, the view from the window demanded that it be photographicalised.

What a sky!

The winds continued to howl.

So, I got me few bits of beef shin and the potatoes boiling away.

P1020959Added the garden peas and seasoned it with some Bovril and Bovril beef cubes.

Had it with some soda bread, dipped in the gravy.


Delicious it was. Rated this one as 9.56/10.

Then did some WordPressing and Facebooking.

I had planned to read some my book and watch a film on the telly.

Fell asleep!

Inchcock Today Sun 27 Dec 15: Out and About today!



Sunday 27th December 2015


Brekkers this morning


Gloomy looking this morning as well!

Up at 0425 hrs, Some dreams I’d had stayed in my mind and I wrote bits of them down.

The cut lip I acquired yesterday while cutting my toenails was a lot less painful – until I made a cuppa and took me medications – Oooh stinging!

Arthur Itis was playing up on me knees badly, but Anne Gina and ulcer were not bad at all. Hope it stays like this for a bit.

Laptop on and got the Saturday diary finished and posted.

Then perused my notes about the dreams. So glad I did write them down because by now they had evaporated into the ether.

The Dream/s:

I was in a battle and seemed to be in charge of some Wehrmacht troops hidden up high in a battle-scarred building. We had little ammunition left but had pre-targeted all the areas around us for our artillery to pick of some of the hundreds of T34 tanks attacking us before we ran out of ammunition.

Then I seemed to be in charge of the Russian troops weapons and tactics? I summoned aircraft to attack and use the German’s ammunition. Having made all the plans – I found myself back with the Germans, for some reason the troops were using Bren guns but with a different shell casing?.

The best bit of the dream, Kathy Kirby appeared walking towards the Russian lines singing ‘Secret Love’ and the weapons ceased firing? After she had sung it, both sides gave her a round of vigorous applause.

As for me, I was transported to Italy, Rome I think.

I was sat in the Bistro (If that’s the word, an outside cafe wine bar), listening to a bloke singing Dean Martins ‘June in January’ and I was reading a book about ‘Open all hours’ the TV comedy?

I believe I was singing that song when I sprang awake?

Made another cuppa and decided that weather permitting, I’d try to have another good walk in Woodthorpe Grange Park again after the weather ruined yesterday’s attempted walk about in the Park.

Set about to attempt to create an Ode, but the concentration wasn’t there. Tsk!


Lynton & I in a graphic wot I dun like…

I did manage to get some graphics done, though.


Marissa Bergen in a ‘Women’s poster.’

I was pleased with the result of one I made using a photo Lynton that had posted on Facebook. Added my mush to it, and made a background using French toilet rolls, linking it to a word used in Lynton’s comments.

Then I did one of Marissa Bergen out of a poster I found on-line.

I made a bit of a mess of the neck though I’m afraid. Tsk! And Huh! Still it looks a bit like a collar?

I hope she isn’t too cruel to me over this transgression.

I live in fear now…

S-M Hornj

Shirley and Mike as Moneypenny and Bond!

Then I created a mock 007 poster with Shirley Blamey and Mike Steedenski as Miss Moneypenny and James Bond.

Hope they both like it.

Took a few hours to do but I did enjoy doing these graphics.

Went to have a wash and shave, during which I blew my nose and blood came out of the left nose channel. Bit concerned about this I was at the time. But thankfully it hasn’t happened since again yet.

Little Inchy bled a bit more than yesterday as well.


Traffic Jams en route to town

Took me rubbish to the chute on me way out. I walked up the hill path into Woodthorpe Park, and down onto Mansfield Road.

Caught a bus into the City Centre. The last ¼ mile was bumper to bumper with all the Sale shoplifters, er, shoppers going to town for the bargains.


Plenty on loungers with ear pieces and phones in their ear-holes were spread around

Walked through Victoria Cente shopping mall, a busy mob of shoppers were about in number.

There were many new eateries in the mall, and they were all doing a brisk trade today.

Had a look at some of the prices on their menus that were on display.

All through the centre, the available seating was occupied.


INTU centre busy today.

Most shops were advertising ‘Sale – All sale items at 50% off or more’.

When I passed by the ‘Next’ door, thought I noticed my Sister Jane inside, so I phoned her, no reply. Went into the store but couldn’t see her.

I walked to the other end on the top floor and out of the above street passage and took a photo from above.


Upper Parliament Street from the walkover bridge

The rain was holding off nicely.

Jane called me back, it was not her in the store, she was at home getting ready to go to the footy match.walk.

I carried on and down the wonderfully kept and cleaned stairs that come out between the Pound store and the pub in this photo.


Nottingham – The Cleanest City in the East Midland – they claim?

Not exactly an area that contributed to Nottingham becoming the cleanest City in the East Midlands is it? Hehe!

At the bottom of the steps were removed shop security tags, what looked like parts of syringes to me, sick on the floor, nub-ends, empty beer bottles and cans, uneaten takeaways and blood. Welcome to Nottingham!


The Mob! Clinton Street.

Got to the end of Clinton Street to go down it into the slab square, but being as I didn’t have me stick with me and the crowds looked rather daunting, I walked along Upper Parliament Street to Queen Street, to check on the times for the 40 buses today. No L9 or L8 was running today being a Sunday.


Food Glorious Food – at a price!

Had half an hour until the ETA of the bus, so took a walk into the Slab Square to get some photographs of the shoplifter… no sorry, shoppers fighting each other for the bargains nad entertainments.Least of all the food stalls!

The food stalls were doing well, despite the prices they were charging!


View of the Council House from the bus-stop on Queen Street

Back up to the bus-stop.

Caught the 40 bus back to Winchester Street in Sherwood. Close to the flats, only a ten-minute walk from the bus stop where I dropped off at on Winchester Street.

Arthur Itis had been so kind to me today.


View approaching the flats

The view here from where I turned the corner onto Chestnut Walk. the flats.

The first block of flats is Winchester Court, and it’s sister block, further along, being my residence Woodthorpe Court.

I think it had been raining here during my absence because the gigantic puddle in the road near the flats seemed to have grown bigger?

Got in the flat and realised I’d spent nothing during my trip out at all! Good that!

WC’d and changed into my jammies, getting very tired again now.

Felt peckish. Beef pie in the oven then added some Chilli-con-Carne to it.

Devoured it with relish. Took my evening medications and settled to watch some episodes of ‘Hussle’ on the DVD thingy in the TV.

The picture and sound kept sticking. But it didn’t bother me too much as I fell asleep anyway. Tsk!