Inchcock Today – Sunday 11th October 2020: The hobgoblins, poltergeist and Karakia entities ruled today!

TFZers Escape in the Woods!

Sunday 11th October 2020

Welsh: Dydd Sul 11eg Hydref 2020

01:10hrs: I woke, early cause I’d gotten my head down early last night when I wasn’t feeling too good. But I must have re-booted the batteries while I was kipping. Because I woke up with a much clearer head, no SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley) twitching and jerking, an absence of Saccades Sandra sight problems, and with a vastly reduced hassle from Duodenal Donald! So, health and ailment-wise, things seemed on the chirpy side.

However, as soon as the brain tried to analyse the needs of the day, my omnipresent, ubiquitous, pestering, irksome aboulomania, made the job hard work, nae, impossible. Josie’s nosh came into the scheme of thoughts, the change in medications, and the need to sort out and take the waste bags to the chute room. Still, little else would come to the fore of the reluctant mind (Which moments earlier had a mental list of to-do’s, that seemed to have now dissipated, and left me in the lurch, off into the ether?) I spent a while, pondering things over, with no decisions made, through a lack of further information being gleaned for me to assemble and make any plans.

The need for a wee-wee arrived, no rushing needing. I took my time disengaging my volumingargantuan-bellied body from the recliner, got up with a little effort, caught my balance, grabbed Metal Micky (the four-pronged walking stick), and poddled over the few steps to the EOGPB (Emergency-Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Bucket), and started one the longest wee-wees I’ve had for many a month. Of the COLD (Cloudy-Orange-Long-Dribbling) variety.

As I started to whistle silently, and cling desperately to the bucket, I realised how full it was. Yet could not recall getting up to use it at all? This often happens to me, but I never know or find out for sure if I’d been sleep-wee-weeing or not? I can’t see how I could have got up without the pain of the effort waking me up? Brunglebogs! Maybe I ought to get someone to fit a CCTV camera in the room for me… no, better not – in case I really was doing any nocturnal wanderings, oh, I don’t know!

When the trickling had ended, I put the bucket down, to let Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters regain some use. And a dose of AMD (After-Micturition-Dribbling) arrived. But I got the handily placed bucket back up, and I avoided a minor calamity, mind you, I very-nearly dropped the flaming full bucket but can laugh about it now, cause I caught a grip, and the neurotransmitters were back working. So, a smidgeon of good luck there! But my EQ told me not to bother going into a Smug-Mode – Ominous that!

I took the bucket to get it cleaned in the wet room, re-disinfected it, and because of the EQ warning, I returned it to the main room, so it is ready for any urgent usage. I did not do any Health Checks or medical stuff but decided to get on with updating the Saturday blog instead. But only got as far as putting on the computer and booting it up, and the need for the Porcelain Throne was received. So, back to the wetroom, I limped. 

Sillily, I was feeling rather confident, after yesterday’s much improved, easier Throne session. But soon the pain and non-movement of old started, and I got out the crossword, believing I was in for agony and a long wait for any activity to start. At this point, I realised I had used the box as the doctor told me, to raise my knees when using the Throne. I put away the book, and pulled the box over with Metal Mickey, and lifted each leg into the raised positions… and ‘whoosh, thunder, pain, all gone, done!’ It was more painful than Saturdays releasing, but probably my own fault for trying without the box first? I am a fool! Poor old Harold’s Haemorrhoids were bleeding badly, but a wash and the Germoloid cream eased things.

Back to the computer, did some comment replying, then went to make a brew, and decided to do the health-Checks etc. I made a sachet of Macrogol first, using warm water, and got that down me. Downed that and got the sphygmomanometerisationing! The ‘Hum’ all-around from outside, had now got an accompaniment of a new to me, whining, or whirring noise, that was coming from above? It could be coming from the waterworks pipes, that Jenny told me about.

My BP readings looked a lot better this morning.

Ooh! The stick thermometer reading was the lowest its been ever! 32.1°c! Surely that can’t be, right. Can it?

I’d better give it another go. 32.1°c? Off to the medical drawer in the kitchenette, and retook the temperature.

Aha, that’s betterer! That’s up by a whole degree on the first check, and that was only a couple of minutes ago? I’m confused and bamboozled again!

I got the updating finished on the Saturday posting. Despite Liberty-Global Virgin Internet Media going down several times, for short periods. Thunderbogworthyness!

Posted it off, checked the Email link, I did the Facebooking, Comments and visited the WordPress Reader.

Made a brew of Glengettie Tea, and started on this blog. A few hours later, I went to have another brew, Thompsons Punjana, a bag of Frazzles, a wee-wee, hit the doorframe coming out of the wet-room, swore quietly, and went to make another mug of tea, cause by then the Punjana had gone cold.

I let myself get carried away when I had a read of the labels on the new cheap Chilli-con-carne, and the Princes, that cost three times as much as the Hubbard’s cans. (A Sainsbury’s generic brand).

The cans bottoms had the same markings, as did the bottoms, even the ring-pulls were similar if not the same type.

I was getting carried away here, and over-involved! It’s a fault of mine, you know. Hahaha!

They weighed the same as well, so I decided to have a perusal of the contents labels on the cans.

P: Princes – H: Hubbards. P: had 23% beef, H: 15%. Both had beans at 12%. H: Had 14% tomatoes – P: None.

The flavourings and seasonings varied greatly, a lot of salt in the P: one.

It will be interesting trying them out. I shall try the Hubbard’s for nosh today.

No bread to have with it, with Morrisons and Sainsbury’s failing to send me any, but that’s not a bad thing. Thanks to Jenny, I can chop up and add some yellow tomatoes to the can, and I decided to do some small potatoes to go in the mix as well!

It will be informative for me, if Tim Price in New Mexico, a cyber-buddy, and well known Chilli-Con-Carne Connoisseur, could advise me. Of course, he makes his own from scratch, using such chillies as, the Caroline Reaper, and the Naga Viper – which would most likely kill me if tried them. Hehehe!

I got the potatoes in the crock-pot, and put some Squid vinegar (they call it a sauce?) in the water, to marinate for a few hours, then I can turn the heat on later.

I’ve been doing so well this morning, and now Duodenal Donald is kicking off, and the typing is more error-prone than ever, thanks to SSS.

According to the latest official figures on the Your Area web page: Nottingham is still the highest part of England for new Coronavirus cases. With a 285% increase on the previous week! Oh, dearie me! Special lock-down procedures are going to be updated.

I remembered (It’s not often I that!) to turn on the seasoned spuds in the slow-cooker. Smug-Mode-Adopted!

Oh, back to the Porcelain Throne, I hope the extra Macrogol will help things along this time, here goes…

; Fantabulous! Brilliant! I pray this improvement continues; the pain was 50-60% less than a day ago! Not messy, and the bleeding was minimal – YEE-YA! Sorry, I got a little carried away and overjoyed there!

Jenny called me, bless her cotton socks. We chatted and had a mutual grumble while and laughed, we do that you know, Haha! I love it!

Off I limped to get the ablutions done. But, my aboulomania, indecisiveness, irresoluteness, and fickle equivocationalness had me washing the long-sleeved tee-shirt, instead. I got it done, wrung and hung over the kitchen sink in on one of the new coat hangers.

I then succeeded in getting to the wet-room, to carry put the ablutions at last.

  • Things started nice and easy, no toothache or gum bleeding! No dropsies at all!
  • I got the shaving foam on, and the razors out, no dropsies at all!
  • Shaving, a couple of tiny nicks, nowt worth bothering about.
  • Showering, it started so well, and it stayed that way, no dizzies, no hitting any part of my anatomy against the power box, or grab rails!
  • The drying off did present a few challenges, though. I cleared many of the medications, and some hygiene items off of the floor cabinet, when Peripheral Neuropathy Pete, launched one of his involuntary right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler dances, and over I went, but even then, not all the way to the floor, just down on the kees…
  • Which prompted a change of fortunes! Long-suffering Arthur Itis’s knees got a bashing, thus so did I. Haha!
  • The medicating was going well, although I was struggling to get the cream onto the ankle ulcer, and cracked my right elbow a fairly decent wallop as I grabbed the cabinet to stop myself having another little excursion to the hard floor!
  • The medicationalisationing of Harold’s Haemorrhoids caught me out. I was going all careful and wearily as well, as is usual, and the sudden sharp pain was a mystery as to why? But by gum, it didn’t half sting for a while! I thought perhaps I’d used the wrong cream, but no, it was the Germoloid ointment alright?

But overall, it was an alright session, and a tumble or two, and a little bit of bleeding and pain, has never bothered a man of my calibre, I just laughed it off nonchalantly, being made of sterner stuff, like. (Cough, cough!, Ahem!)

All dressed, and it was time to get Josie’s dinner sorted out; But again, my dithering and cunctation, had me checking on the tracker for the Amazon milk sleeves delivery ETA, it was not good! I swear the tracker distance indicator is going backwards! He was closer last time I looked. I’m sure of it! Tsk! Which also reminded me of my particularly stupid habit of ordering things in duplicate – for I had ordered the Jersey full cream milk that arrived yesterday, and I’d forgotten about this order. Do you know, at times, I come out with the obvious, don’t I? There was no need to mention my forgetting something, anyone who knows me, knows this! Gragglewash!

I got the meal prepared, made a right mess that needed cleaning later when making the Leicester cheesy potatoes for her, I spilt some of the chives, cut my finger chopping the onion, and even managed to drop the butter, and dropped and broke the mixer bowl! I had to throw the butter away, it, unfortunately, it landed in the rubbish bin! Ah, well, Nemo Mortalium Omnibus Horis Sapit.

I took a picture of the view, and Josie’s plate of fodder. I left the mess I’d made, and got the tray and nosh om the trolley, and off to deliver it to Josie’s door. “That’s more than ever, now! You shouldn’t be doing this!” Well, that was me told off! Hahaha! We laughed, well, I did! I wished her happy eating, that’s why I do it. I do hope she enjoys it.

Again remembered something (Oh, Yes!), I’d put some of the Lego cards that Sainsbury’s are giving out, one for every £20, or is it £10, you spend. I shoved them through Malcolm’s letterbox, for his Grandkids to have.

Then not wanting to clean up the mess I’d made, I went on the computer to upload the photos I’d taken of the wonderful view and Josie’s dinner… and when it came to collecting them, this is what the Canon camera had taken; not one of each, but…

Five of each one! It was set on Auto as well? The next one I took when I got back in was when I got the potatoes in the saucepan with the Chilli and leftover peas. That came out normal, just the one saved? I added the sliced yellow tomatoes and some made-up gravy. I turned off the heat and put the lid one after stirring it well.

I got doing this post up and took a swig of the spring water & cordial, and the cap was dropped (fancy that, happening to me!), I retrieved the lid with the use of the long picker-upperer.

I had noticed, while down there under the sideboard… I’ll tell you the tale first, although I may have already mentioned it in another blog. About eight weeks ago, I was shelling some pod peas, and the landline rang and flashed. It was the District Nurse, and I was writing down what she was telling me, and found I’d taken a pod pea with me, opened it and found just three peas in it, and proceeded to drop them. Tsk! After the phone call, I got down on all fours, to search for them, but only found two of them.

Now back to the present, guess what I came across? Hehehe! The errant escaped pea! Talk about rock-hard! I had to laugh out loud, not that it is all that funny, but it tickled me. Hehehe!

I got CorelDraw, just as determined as I was fourteen hours ago when I woke up, to get some graphics done for the page headers.

My super 5g Nokia 2.4 dual SIM (GSM and GSM) smartphone that accepts Nano-SIM and Nano-SIM. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Micro-USB, FM, 3G and 4G (with support for Band 40 used by some LTE networks in India). Sensors on the phone include a Fingerprint sensor, Compass Magnetometer, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer and Ambient light sensor. (Ahem) It was I reckoned, the Amazon driver bringing the milk to me. But understanding him was impossible, (Latvian or Polish) he sounded a little annoyed about something or other, most agitated. I told him, in as clear proper spoken voice; “I will come down to you!”

Not easy in my condition, but I hastened as best I could down in the lift, and to the main doors. He’d left the box in the outer foyer; it’s a miracle it wasn’t lifted.

I struggled back up with the walking stick and box delivered. Well, when I say delivered…Tsk!

Of course, there is every chance that the new intercom system isn’t working again, this had happened, I think, to Jenny, Rosie, Roy, Barry, two of my nurses, and others in the flats. But it never gets sorted.

A fizziness in the head came on, and it doesn’t help in the least; I wanted to stop and have a sit-down, a rest, but the graphics need doing still, so I got on CorelDraw yet again, in an ever more desperate, deteriorating state of health and gave it a go. (That should muster up some sympathy, Hehehe!)

I got one done, got the meal served up, still left the mess from cooking, and got down for a rest.

I do recall taking a photo of the chilli on the tray. Because the first effort was ruined by SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley) having a go at me, and waiting until she’s calmed down and my being pleased with the second picture. But in the morning, both photographs had had it away into the ether – and they must have gone on the SD card, or I would not have been able to view them to find out about how bad the first one was? Cragnangles!

As I tried to settle, I recall thinking, did I take the evening medications or not? The head started spinning, and what the heck happened after that, I’ve not got the foggiest idea! But, I woke up at 01:30hrs, in need of the Porcelain Throne.


Inchcockski – Sunday 27th September 2020: Montezuma’s revenge, I shouldn’t eat Chilli-Con-Carne!

Fowl-Deeds at the TFZer Cool-It-Cabin? Hehe!

Sunday 27th September 2020

Norwegian: Søndag 27 September 2020

02:00hrs. : I stirred into a mock, semi-awake state of mind, and soon discovered that I needed a wee-wee. I could see the OGPEB (Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Emergency-Bucket) had not been used from where I lay, which was a bonus for me, cause I can now nip to the wet room, without having to take the pale to be cleaned and sanitised with me. As I rolled sideways to remove my preponderantly, over-bulky-stomached body from the £300, second-hand, c1968, nauseatingly-beige coloured recliner. Suddenly, there no time to even catch my balance now, I could sense the PMAD Pre-Micturition Dribble, was doing its best to escape, so a hasty-hobble to the wet room was made.

I got in the room, dropped the PPs, and thought I was going to let rip a torrential, intense blast of wee-wee into the bowl. But, no! A weak sprinkling for a few seconds and that was it? This felt all wrong. Hey-ho! I washed the hands slowly, just in case any after-leaking started, there was no more.

As I made my way to the kitchenette, I noticed than many of the regular ailments were more noticeable by their absence, this morning, up to now, anyway! Arthur Itis, SSS, (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley) and Anne Gyna to start with! But the oddity of the pathetic wee-wee, tells me something is brewing from the innards. A twinge here and there from the bowels! So I didn’t adopt any Smug-Mode!

I’d put the *Nokia camera on a charge, so I took a photo from the kitchen window with the complicated top learn Kodak camera. *Ah, just noticed, this, I meant, Nikon camera! I used the Night setting. It’s even worse than the Nikon and Canon at night shots! Tsk!

I was about to make a start on doing the Health checks – and the bladder tried to release its load straight away! A panic flap, and rush to the wet room, hitting my right shoulder en route, Argh!, but got there with seconds to spare (Just). I was fortunate in making it in time – wet, sloppy yet so quick and painful. I pinned the blame on myself, for having the Chilli-con-carne for my nosh, last night! Mind you, Tim Price told me a good chilli would clear me out – he was right!

Cleaning myself took long enough, but the splashed all over the bowl mess, took ages as well! 

But at least only one flush was required… I can tell, there will be more visits during the day.

Back to the kitchen, and got on with Health Checks. The sphygmomanometerisationing results were a bit scary! I think I’ve used the wrong photo here? I thought the SYS was at 167 on the machine?

Then the stick thermometer gave me a really low reading, then? Am I perhaps on my last legs here? Ready for the Great Leader above to call me to his side?  Not that this would be a problem, I’ve a few questions I’d like to ask him about.

Made a brew Thompsons Punjana, and another dash to the Porcelain Throne (2)! A repeat performance again. I got a feeling of deja vu! Although the evacuation was of a tad smaller in volume, still wet and splashy, mind. The cleaning up took a lot longer this time, for some reason.

The personal cleaning was awfully painful, Harold’s Haemorrhoids were almost screaming out loud! Hehehe! The innards were beginning to stab at me a bit, I think there are still some actions to come.

Made a brew of Glenbgettie Gold tea, and had to rush back to the Porcelain-Throne again (3)! Oh, dearie me! The last of the ‘good’ toilet paper has now been used-up! I’m onto the thin cheap crap from Amazon now. Resulting in an even bigger mess to clean up tan last time. The same type of evacuation, but so much less and even quicker job. Still hurt though! Tsk!

The tea had gone cold, so made another drink of Thompsons Punjana, this time. Then I got Computer Cameron going. Going for another wee-wee, I noticed the Humidity & Temperature monitor, both were within the guidelines.

I used the Kodak, and it produced a nothing-it-looked-like, to the eye, photo of my right foot! As I didn’t see any shaded areas as I reviewed the shot through the eye-lens, everything looked bright and clear. Klunglefrazzles! I think the auto flash on the Kodak made the feet look worse than they were.

I updated yesterday’s blog, not much left that needed doing. Made a drink of Glengettie, had a wee-wee and Pinterested some pictures.

Then, I had to visit the Porcelain Throne (4th) again, and it required some swift, dextrous moves on my behalf, to get there in time before the onslaught of an evacuation started! I’m getting worn-out with these visits, and all the sanitising and cleaning up that accompany each one! Schluberdubersnarl!

Got the updating finished and sent off. Then onto Facebooking catch-up, that took a long time. On the WordPress Reader, some great stuff on there today. Comments, and Winwood Heights Facebook page. Got a template made for the blog. Then went to make a brew…

Then, I had to revisit the Porcelain Throne, the 5th one of the day! At last, there were indications that the attack was easing, far less content this time, but it was messier than ever, and Harold’s Haemorrhoids were suffering something rotten! Got the place and myself cleaned up again.

Back to the computer, and spent a couple of hours sorting out the graphics on CorelDraw. I’m not sure if its the programme, the computer, or me; but things keep moving from one folder to another in just one file? Probably me!

Now, weak and weary and weak, I decided to get the Ablutions done, it felt like they were really needed! Well, they were required, a damned good freshening shower and the loofa and glove will be well used! Then, guess what?

Yes, back on the Porcelain Throne (6th time this morning). Still messy, but less content methinks. I had a good clean up, as the tummy still rumbled. I suppose the problem arose from my having the Chilli-Con-Carne last night. I wondered why I’d not had any for months, I remember why now. Hahaha! I’ll check the cupboard later, and dish any cans of chilli that I find. Tsk!

I utilised the lemon-fresh air-spray and set about the ablutionisationing.

  • Doing the teeth, I found another split in a tooth, that’s four teggies with problems now, they’re not many left, either. Toothache Terence played up, of course. Three dropsies.
  • Great shaving session, only one small cut, and just two dropsies!
  • The showering went without dropping the showerhead – mind you there were four other dropsies. The worst, being the little-slim last bar of carbolic soap, it shattered into tiny pieces? Can’t get anymore now. So I used the lemon bar, not that I can smell any lemon in it! Humph!
  • Just the one knock against the grab bar as I retrieved the loofa from the deck. And it didn’t set SSS off either. I think the brain-pain department is worried more over the bout of the Chilli-prompted Diahorrea.
  • The medicationalisationing, as to be expected, was so painful. Well, the rear end was. The furuncle had been obliterated by the outcoming torrents from the bowels, I couldn’t even feel it this morning? Poor old Harold’s Haemorrhoids suffered the most, bleeding and stinging without any respite. Brunglebogles!

I got some hand-washing done in the kitchen sink. Used the dark-clothing liquid I got from the Bargain Shop in town. When I picked it up, I thought there must have been a leak, cause it’s the first time I’ve used the bottle, the seal seemed okay, but it was half-empty? Brunglebogs! Perhaps I can apportion blame to the mysterious wonders of Woodthorpe Court: The ghosts, hobgoblins, boll-weevils, aliens, gremlins, grotesqueries, urchins, karakia-cursing entities, hallucinations. Materialisations, poltergeist, lemures, wairuas, kehuas, manifestations that permeate, pass through the pores and interstices of space, through the time-continuum. Usually, without rupture or displacement within the building. To cause havoc, fear and frustration, as they dislodge time itself, in their aspirations and skulduggery, to complete their given by Satan mission; To destroy the sanity, confuse, and scare the hell out of Inchcock? Tsk!

I had a look at the latest figures for the Coronavirus in Nottingham. It as not looking so good. The 154 figure is for the last 7 days.

With stomach aching and grinding away, I started this blog going. But soon realised the time, and had to stop, as Josie’s Sunday lunch needed preparing, so I washed the hands well, dried them, and got on with it.

I was proud of this week’s cheesy potatoes, chives, Squid vinegar, Leicester Cheese, and a knob of Morrison’s best Brittany butter with sea-salt, all went into the mix. The fish in batter, garden peas, Surami sticks, tomatoes, Marmite cheese and beetroot finished off the plate. Added some chocolate bars and a can of pink gin and tonic on the tray. Made my way to Josie’s door with the feast.

On my way to her door, I suddenly felt a little poorly, weak, and oh, so tired. Josie mentioned that I looked rather qualmish. (I must look what that means later, Hehe!) She okayed the look of the meal, and we swapped hellos then farewells. I wanted to let her get the meal while the fish, garden peas and cheesy potatoes were still warm.

I took to the smell of the fish in-batter I’d served Josie. And I decided to have the same myself. Although it was early, I thought it an idea to get my nosh now, and refill the frequently-emptied innards, plus I was suddenly feeling so weary and tired, I knew there was a chance of my falling asleep the moment I got settled down. This was a good idea, for I sensed the body was telling me it needed to rest and recuperate.

I took the medications early and prepped my own nosh. Fish in batter, Surami, tomatoes, garden peas and the leftover cheesy potatoes from Josies. Two tiny tubs of mousse as well. To my own amazement, I ate the lot!

I washed the pots and settled down in the £300, second-hand, c1968, unstable, pukingly-beige-coloured, most-uncomfortable, no-longer working, heavy, yet tottery, rickety, rusty, rachitic, recliner.

That was it for me, the day was done. I spent about six hours, drifting-off to sleep and waking again! On the plus side, despite the rumbling from the innards, there were no more calls to the Porcelain Throne. I gave up trying to get and stay asleep and got up at 02:00hrs.

Montezuma’s revenge, the huckleberry two-steps, or dysentery, call it what you will, but worra terrible, testing, Trotski’s trying, torrential-teeming, Porcelain-Throne record attending, day!

Inchcock Today – Sunday 20th December 2020: A malagrugrous day! I’m glad it’s gone away, I say!

TFZer Pattie

Sunday 20th December 2020

Welsh: Dydd Sul 20fed Rhagfyr 2020

00:30hrs: I woke up, wanting a wee-wee, as has been the case for the last four or five mornings. But no sleep interrupting needs, which I’m thankful for.

I felt in much better health and perkier than last night now, and the removal of my obstinately, ever-growing more gigantic, flabbergastingly-flabby, flagitiously and over-fat bellied torso from the recliner, seemed so much easier for me, this morning.

Unfortunately, it was another one of the vicious HLSBS (Hosepipe-Like-Short-Blasting-Splashback) types, that required a good deal of cleaning up, a wash and change of PP’s. The urinary incontinence MAD (Micturition After-Dribble) followed. And off to the kitchenette, I wobbled.

I got the kettle filled and turned on and attempted to get a decent photograph of the morning view. I used the Nikon camera and put it in Night-Landscape mode. Held the camera against the thick window frame, and tried to hold it with the left hand and use the right one to press the shoot button. No good!

The BP Sys sphygmomanometerisationing showed that it had tumbled down to only 135! I can’t work out why it keeps going up and up, then drops back up again? The cause may be, I suppose, the mysterious wonders of Woodthorpe Court: The Woodthorpe Court ghosts, hobgoblins, boll-weevils, aliens, gremlins, grotesqueries, urchins, karakia-cursing entities, hallucinations. Materialisations, poltergeist, lemures, wairuas, kehuas, manifestations that permeate, pass through the pores and interstices of space, through the time-continuum. Usually, without rupture or displacement within the building. To cause havoc, fear and frustration, as they dislodge time itself, in their aspirations and skulduggery, to complete their given-by-Satan mission; ‘To destroy the sanity, confuse, and scare the hell out of Inchcock!’ Hahaha!

The stick-thermometer gave a reading of 34.8°c, which is okay for me. As I was putting the things back in the drawer, the ‘Hum’ outside turned louder, and positively to a droning like noise?

I got some potatoes in the crock-pot, and added water and Squid vinegar, and made a brew of Glengettie tea.

Then I had to have another wee-wee. This was of the SWCHH (Sprinkly-Weak-Half-Hearted) style.

I remembered then, the two wee-wees needed recording on the NHS record log. 

The throat seemed extremely dry, I was coughing a little, and carminative blasts of wind were escaping from the rear end. Some of them were blasters and relongated rumblers. Mmm?

Got several small black waste bags made up, disinfected and sealed, ready to take to the chute, in a few hours, when it would not disturb my fellow tenants.

I made a start on updating the Saturday blog. Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters and SSS Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley) were not too bothersome at all.

Which is just as well, because Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis were already giving me more than enough discomfort. I took a few swigs of the ineffectual, wishy-washy, impotent Peptac antacid medicine, I’m sure it helped any, and an extra Codeine 60g to counter Arthur Itis’s knee and ankle pain.

During the hours of doing the update, I had two more wee-wee’s, both of the SWCHH (Sprinkly-Weak-Half-Hearted) mode. Then, I sent Email link, read and answered comments, visited the WordPress Reader section, and did some Facebooking catching-up.

Then another wee-wee! This one was a PSL (Powerful-Short-Lived) release. Now the innards are giving me some right jip! I’ve had some bother this week ain’t I?

Got a template made-up. Then moved onto CorelDraw to create some diary-top graphics, I’m right out of them now.

The innards are still churning a mite. SSS has calmed down. But now it’s the new spectacles that are bothering me, they keep slipping off of my nose! Tsk! 

The ablutions next, and a damned fine job of doing them too! Naturally, there were a few dropsies here and there, but no toe stubbings, no knocks or walking into anything, no dizzies, and the showerhead stayed where it was, or I meant it to go!

The various departments medicationalisationing was a bit painful, but it was expected to be. Getting the fresh PP’s on afterwards, and did manage to swipe some items off of the floor cabinet. Oh, and I needed two of the reluctant wee-wees while in the wet room – that was convenient! Haha! I’d better top up the bowel ad bladder visits-list for the hospital.

The right foot’s new marks are not spreading or gaining any new bits, fading, and the ankle ulcer is all but gone now!

I reckon all these ailments, add to the colourfulness of my life, you know. My prepubescent, childish giving them names, such as Duodenal Donald, Stuttering Stephany, Reflux Roger, Arthur Itis, Hernia Harry, Haemorrhoid Harold, Back-Pain-Brenda, Saccades-Sandra, Bladder-Cancer-Bob, Kidney Kevin, Peripheral-Neuropathic-Pete, Little-Inchies Fungal Lesion, PMAD (Post-Micturition After-Dribble and the PMD (Pre-Micturition-Dribble), Metal Mickey (Mechanical-Aorta-Valve-Tim), Thrombophlebitis-Thomas, Varicose-Veins-Victor, Dizzy Dennis, Axonotmesis Arnold, Lethologica-Linda, Myasthenia Gravis Mavis, Vasculitis Vanessa, Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters, Shaking-Shaun, and of course, Ankle-Ulcer-Andrew, Bladder-Cancer-Cyril, Chlorhexidine Christine, Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley, Clopidogrel-Clive, Thrombophlebitis, Neuropathic Schuhplattler dancing, Axonotmesis, myasthenia gravis, PIP (Proximal Interphalangeal Pain), Stubbed-Toe Stewart, LIFL (Little-Inches-Fungal-Lesion Ian’s-Idiopathic-Polyneuropathy, and Peripheral-Neuropathy-Nigel, Hyperglycaemia-Hyman, Diabetes-Mellitus-Miranda, Diabetic-Dianne, Fulton’s Furunculosis, Phimosis-Plato, Paraphimosis-Patrick, Thrombophlebitis-Fred, Psoriatic Arthritis Paul, Colin-Cramps, Varicose-Veins-Victor, etc., all help to keep me amused. But I’m blown if I can think up a name for new scabs on top of the right foot, might be best to wait until I get the results back from the biopsy next week. And I’ve got the bowel and bladder scans the next day. Then the cardiac reassessment. Oh, and the dentists soon. Still, it keeps me interested and busy. Hehehe!

Hello, I’ve got a nose-bleed now? I’ll go and have a decker, back in a bit…

I got to the wet room, ran the cold water tap, and had a look in the mirror, to see up the nose. (See that, I’ve no fear at all, looking at my face in a magnifying shaving mirror. Hahaha!) Feel a fool now, no idea what caused it, a deep red colour it was too – but after poking some paper towels up and cleaning the right cavity out, it’s not leaking at all now? I suppose it’s all part of the mysterious wonders of Woodthorpe Court? Had another wee-wee while I was in there, a bit stronger this time, of the SPUTE variety. (Sharp-Persistent-Unwilling-To-End). Rarely do I pass two of a kind after each other. Got the hands well scrubbed up and sanitised.

I got Josie’s lunch prepared and delivered it to her, dead on midday as usual. Ooh, I am good! Hahaha!

I hung out of the balcony window to the right, to take this snap of the kid’s playground in Woodthorpe Grange Park. Not many Nottinghamians about for a Sunday.

Back to the CorelDrawing.But a massive weariness came on me, and I was no use for doing anything that needed concentration.

So, off went the computer, and I poddled about getting my meal sorted and served. There didn’t seem anything wrong with it, I’m sure I should have enjoyed it more. I think the taste-buds have gone on strike, Hehe! Taste-Rating: 5/10.

Washed the pots, then myself, took the medications and got down in search of sleep. But it wasn’t about to come soon. The Thought-Storms were persistent.

Hey-ho! TTFNski each.

Inchcockski – Sunday 13th September 2020: Long, long day! But this phagomaniac made a decent meal for once!

TFZer Gal – Bootiful!

Sunday 13th September 2020

Spanish: Domingo 13 de Septiembre de 2020

13th September 1959: The first man-made Object (Luna 2) reaches the Moon!

About an hour after getting down to sleep, I woke to see the colourfulness and the brightness of the night coming through the thin, tatty, old, raggedy, multi-holed curtains. I could not resist fighting my way out of the recliner to take a photo of it. Lovely!

Around 00:50hrs, I woke again, in need of a wee-wee, and struggled to the OGPEB (Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Emergency-Bucket), and struggled to pass what was maybe 2 or 3 fluid-ounces, over the next five minutes or so! Yes, another RSHH (Reluctant, Sprinkling-Half-Hearted) wee-wee! Hobbled to wash my hands, and then I got back down in the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly beige-coloured, unkempt, fluctuant, ramshackle, non-operational, uncomfortable, dusty, rusty, decaying, tatterdemalion, heavy yet tottery and unbalanced, positively-dangerous to use, rickety recliner, I soon nodded off again, which was pleasant and a change.

02:10hrs: I stirred into mock-life again, wanting another wee-wee. This time, catching my balance as I grabbed the stick, was a little more difficult, I’ve no idea why, but I got the bucket in time. It was an RSHH mode again, but with far less pain. The  Post-Micturition After Dribble lasted much longer than the main event did. Drip-drip, dribble, wait, sprinkle, drip… Tsk!

I could sense that things in the wee-weeing department were going to continue in the little-and-often style, so I emptied and sanitised the OGPEB, disinfected it and returned it to the computer room for later use. (And believe me, it saw plenty of action!). I’ll try to resist mentioning too many of them, it may sound too dull, but to me they were annoying. Each one was of deep luteous shade.

I remembered (Miracles do happen, then? Hahaha!) that the Falls-Team arranged delivery of a new walking frame was due to arrive today. So I got with doing the Health Checks sharpishly. The flipping SYS is still high!

The temperature, using the stick thermometer was the highest its been in many a month!

But that’s a good thing, I think anyway? I don’t think its too high at all.

I took a photo of the tablet trays, to show you how it is so easy to make a mistake in taking them. Although these pods were designed, to make it easier for we slightly more mature dodderers, and cut back on such errors. As you can see, the pills are all over the placed, many stuck under the covers, and others had moved into another compartment altogether! Many were stuck on the glue, others by the static electricity in the packaging. When they were first introduced, they told me they’d be fool-proof as well! Hah!

Obviously, they had forgotten about the well known locally ‘Special Skills’ of Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up Mansfield Road, from the Lidl store.

I’d no idea what time of day the frame might come, so I got on with updating the Saturday post. Got it completed and Pinterested some snaps from it. Went on Facebook updating, then the same with the WordPress Reader. Emailed the link, and made a brew of Glengettie Gold.

I closed down Computer Cameron and got some hand-washing done, before doing the ablutions. The old oven grabbers were washed with the other stuff. I’ve still got the new gloves, but these although hard to clean, easy to dirty, and very old and tatty (a bit my me really, Hahaha!), they’re more effective and easier to hold onto when Shaking Shaun or Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters play up.

I had a bit of spontaneous breakfast after the washing was done, wrung and hung—cheese biscuits and a pot noodle, and off to the wet room for a scrubbing-up.

I needed a Porcelain Throne visit first. One of the easiest for a long time. Yee-Ha! Still painful, of course, but so much quicker than even yesterday’s was! A bit of blood, a smidge messy. Needed cleaning up before I took a shower, Haha!

But would the cistern clear things? No! I needed to hand-fill the tank a couple of times, and still, some bits were floating even then? Aggravannoying!

The ablutions were miraculously incident-free again! Not much bother from Toothache Terence, only one dropsy of the toothpaste tube! The shaving produced only two little nicks that did not bleed much at all. Doing the showering and only one mini-dizzy-spell, and three dropsies! Drying off went well, too!

Ah, well, the medicationalisation didn’t go as smoothly, I’m afraid. I thought that the rear-end furuncle was clearing up yesterday, I was wrong, and applied the ointment a little too roughly, and the blood flowed! So had to apply some Dakacort cream to get it to stop! I cunningly did this in the shower area and then sprayed-away the resulting blood flow mess using the shower-head. (Smart, eh? Smug-Mode-Adopted!) Harold’s Haemorrhoid’s done with the Germoloid cream, and Arthur Itis’s knees and hands with the Phorpain Gel. I felt rather good about how I coped these problems!

The leg ulcer, or Clopidogrel allergy markings, had spread-out but got fainter, and some new ones appeared on top of the right foot, below the base of the toes. The fresh ones looked like freckles. Ah, well, it stops me getting bored, Hehehe! 

I got the new PPs on, a pair of trousers, and the maroon zip-up shirt. The Sock-glide was given a sneer of contempt, as I left the wet-room.

Because I was not wearing any socks, and the vicious, finger bruising and crushing monstrosity, was again, not going to be used, and my digits and legs put at risk of injury once more! Not that it scares me, of course! Oh, no!

Then, I set-too making up some black waste bags, and put the Floor-Voting paper on them, so as not to forget to take them with me on the way out with the bags, to the Rubbish chute, and take the voting paper down to the lobby.

I got a face-mask on, and the items were carried by hand, using only the wooden walking -stick. For some unknown reason, at that time, I felt in a rather panurgic, ready-for-anything mood? Yes, it confused and baffled me as, why as well!

By the time I’d got out, and to the chute-room, unfortunately, things had changed quickly. I was all over the place with the walking stick, and must have appeared drunk to anyone who might have seen me? The old balance had gone to pot again. I got the bags in the chute alright though.

Then clouted my right elbow against the door frame, on the way out of the room!  A spot of turbidity in the brain as I waited for the lift down to the ground-floor lobby. By the time I’d got down to the ground floor, and into the main hall, my balance was a lot better, and the foggy-brain seemed to be clearing. What’s going on here?

I posted the floor colouring preferences sheet into the ballot box.

And again, with a renewed physical and mentally settled state, I got the lift back up to the flat.

Where, perversely, the semiobscurity returned to the brain and vagueness, a lack of concentration came over me. My memories of getting Josie’s meal prepared is a bit sketchy. I discovered later on that I’d forgotten to photograph it, yet everything from when I wheeled it to Josie’s door, is crystal-clear? We chatted a short while, and I returned to the flat’s kitchen to get the cleaning up done.

I was doing well again, and then almost flaked out. My body and mind told me to get down in the chair, and stay there; I checked that I had on Medical Alert Alarm wristlet, which I did. And I immediately nodded of fitfully. I kept on waking up with the sunshine coming through the thin, decrepit, holed, curtains. But, nodded back off almost straight away each time. I suddenly jumped awake, and felt a different person, back to my old self? I’ll put this on the questionnaire when it comes from the hospital.

But I was feeling fine, and got up to check on the potatoes in the slow-cooker, made a brew of Glengettie Gold tea, and got the computer back on to update this blog. And Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters, and SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley), were both being good to me! I couldn’t understand what had happened, but I was so happy that things had returned to semi-normal. Obviously, now a scepticism and uncertainty remained, a sort of fear that it might happen all over again. Whatever the heck it was?

The door chimes rang out. It was an NHS chappie, delivering the new narrower walker for me. He was in a rush, my EQ picked up on that. I remembered what Nurse Caroline had told me about not doing anything with it when it is delivered until she calls again on Wednesday. So I put it with the spare three-wheeler on the balcony. I never thought I’d use one of these! It was wider than I expected, and I didn’t cope very well with it, putting it on the veranda, at all.

Updated this blog again, and it is now hours beyond my usual head-down time.

But the need for some Diary TFZer top graphics is urgent, so I moved onto CorelDraw.

Decided to make another brew first, straight Glengettie this time.

Then took a snap of the sunshine, and returned to CorelDrawing at last.

I only got one graphic done, (Tsk!), and made the template for tomorrows, and the got the fodder sorted out. Better late than never!

Battered fish strips, slow-cooked potatoes halved, and a bit of butter and onion-salt sprinkled on them. Garden peas, and some of the delightful baby Piccalo tomatoes. A pot of raspberry ripple mousse from the freezer, thawed out as I as the meal, nicely!

Tired-out now, but I stayed alert enough to enjoy this feast. Deserving of a Flavour-Rating of 8/10.

Went to get the meal things soaking in washing up bowl, and took this photograph of the evening’s view.

Having been up for over 20 hours or so, and in a state of weariness that was high, even for me, I felt so sure that I’d nod-off within minutes of getting my head down in the £300, second-hand, c1968, puke-making beige coloured recliner. It was not to be!

Sweet Morpheous did eventually arrive, but it was gone midnight by then! At least I got around four hours of deep-sleep in, before waking up in urgent need of a wee-wee and the Porcelain Throne. Ah, well, TTFN!

Inchcock Today – Sunday 30th August 2020: Losing it, methinks. Tsk!

Sunday 30th August 2020

Turkey: 30 Ağustos 2020 Pazar

02:25hrs: Woke up wanting a wee-wee.  wrenched my mass from the wickedly uncomfortable recliner, and wearily walked wobblingly to the wet-room and wee’d. (Another day of repeated PMD (Pre-Micturition-Dribble), and AMD (After-Micturition-Dribble, wee-weeing).

Waddled to the kitchen. When I turned the light on, Saccades Sandra was so annoyed at the flashing and blinking marathon that followed, until the tube actually lit up properly. This brought on Dizzy Dennis as well! Grumblecronkackers! 

I a sort of slow motion, I got the Health-Checks carried out. The SYS had shot up again. Took the morning medications and made a brew of Thompsons Punjana tea. By the time this was all done, Saccades-Sandra and Dizzy Dennis had both calmed down. Earhole temperature, 33.4°c.

I dropped the wooden stirrer, got the long picker-upperer to retrieve it, and noticed that the legs looked exactly (to me, anyway) like they did yesterday morning.

As I stood upright, the innards gurgled and spouted-forth with some rumbling, churning, and short stabs of mild pain? I anticipated that a rush to the Porcelain Throne would soon be needed. But, no! Not yet.

I found this mystery photo on the card?

Ah, blooming heck, I think I can feel a new boil on my bum! Just thought I’d mention it, like!

Computer Cameron booted up, and a template made. I updated the Saturday Inchcock and got the link sent off. Pinterested some snaps, and then replied to a comment or two. Went on the WordPress Reader section. Facebooking next. The ailments were in a good mood with me now, although Dizzy Dennis shows signs of being interested or planning to attack. Hehehe!

Ablutions next, fingers crossed.

  • Porcelain Throne usage was required, another agonistical session.
  • Teeth brushing went okay.
  • Shaving excellent, only one nick!
  • Overall, only four dropsies!
  • Dizzy Dennis attacked, but not too bad at all!
  • Overbalanced getting the PPs on, elbow clouted.
  • Not knocking anything off of the shelves. (Smug-Moded-Engaged!)

The pins and plates looked like they are going to burst out with some Clopidogrel allergy blotches, lumps, and welts again soon. The  Deep vein Arterial Thrombosis, Spider veins, Thrombophlebitis swelling, and the maculations could be returning as well.

I checked the availability of the ingredients for making Josie’s meal. Made up a couple of small black waste bags. Then made a brew and took a photo of the late morning view. No sunshine, but it did show through occasionally. 

Here is a photo of my Xyrophobia suffering, over amour propred Brother-in-law Pete, who searched my flat while I was in the hospital with the Stroke, and took all my cash and valuables. He could not resist the playing about with the recliner controls either! Now the chair longer works! Hehehe! True! Now the lads having to have Radiology Treatment for his Cancer, and he sent me this photo of his lost hair each time he has a shower! He’s keeping his sense of humour, I’m proud of him for that. Keep your chin up. Pete! It’ll be easier than it is for me, I’ve got three-chins to keep up! Hahaha!

I got Josies’ mushrooms and peas heating slowly in the pan.

Bit of a memory blank here. I recall delivering the meal to Josie. The next thing was sitting down, feeling a little queasy. Then I sort of came around and was serving up my plate?

I had a photo of this on the SD card.

Then, waking up a few hours later. TV on, nocturnal nibbling signs around, and a nearly full OGPEB (Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Emergency-Bucket), and with a fissiparousness of mind storming.

Inchcock – Sunday 23rd August 2020: A busy day, in a way, I must say! Noisy Herbert’s noisiest ever day!

Cool TFZer, at the Cool-It-Cabin ♥

Saturday & Sunday 22nd/23rd August 2020

22:15hrs Saturday 22nd: After a day of seeing and talking to nobody, but myself, six liquidly productive visits to the Porcelain Throne, and my innards all bubbling, gurgling and aching; then being woke up twice by the chap up above me (he’s drilling away making a model methinks), and not daring to eat anything, I gave up my search for Sweet Morpheus, and rose to finished yesterdays blog early and got it posted off to WordPress.

Later I risked a pot noodle for a late supper. This could prove a mistake later, Hahaha! Finished the blog, did some Pinteresting, sent off the links, and went on the WordPress reader. Then found the desire for kip returning and got my head down.

Sunday 23rd August 2020

Samoan: Aso Sa 23rd Aukuso 2020 

06:00hrs: I’d slept all the way through for 6½hrs! More than I have for the last three nights combined! Smug Mode Anticipated – But it was not to be!

The lightness of the morning, the confused mind, and the need for a wee-wee were the original expergefactor’s cause. On the first movement of my onerously large-bellied body, the queasy, nerve-wracking, gut-wrenching, nauseating, gurgling, rumbling disturbances in the innards returned, going on an intestinal-rampage. Fear of a repeat of yesterday’s six liquidified Porcelain Throne visits bothered me! But no real indication of any immediate explosions imminent, just the stomach going through the building-up, preparatory motions! Oh, ‘eck!

I disentangled my grossly overgrown bellied body from the £300, second-hand, c1968, rickety recliner. Got Metal Mickey, and hobbled to the wet room for a wee-wee. The message from the bladder told me to be prepared for splash-backs, spraying, and forceful exiting. But no, it was an OSUADE (Orange-Sprinkly-Unpainful-After-Dribble-Ever-Coming) type. Had a wash and off to the kitchenette. I was hobbling around better than usual this morning?

I got the kettle on the boil, and I took a photographicalisation of the late morning sky. I even had a few moments of pareidolia pleasure with the clouds. I found a couple of hidden figures, too! Then as I looked down towards the Tree Copse on the bottom field, I spotted what looked like dumped rubbish?

So I zoomed in with the Nikon camera to investigate. This below is what I found. At first, I thought it was a lad or lady that had fallen asleep. But I should have known, it was someone on their Smartphone, all alone, possibly living in the Cupid Zone! Hahaha!

I made the brew of Glengettie tea and got the sphygmomanometer going for the BP reading.

Great balls of fire! The SYS was very high again? The ear-hole thermometer read, 74.4°. Fahrenheit or centigrade? It must be f°. The stick thermometer was not working again. I’ll try again later, cause I think that 74.4° might be a bit too low, I’ll check on Google.

The Google answer: ‘Really, anything between 98.2 and 99.9 degrees can be considered normal. A body temperature below 98.2 degrees Fahrenheit is considered abnormal, and anything below 95 degrees Fahrenheit is a major cause for concern, as it indicates a risk of hypothermia’. Well, that’s cheery news! Summat else to put on the list for when I see the Doctor. High SYS, low temperature, diahorrea or infection of the bowels, bladder refusing to expel… Never mind, too much to cope with. Hahaha!

On the bright side, the leg ulcer is looking like it’s fading fast.

The stomach gave me another rumbling, brewing load of gut turmoil, but no signs of any evacuation needed as yet. I think it’s fermenting and liquifying its contents in readiness for another sudden assault? Hehe!

My articular cartilage ailment in the fingers is just painful when it wants to be. Like now! No logic to when. A bit like Colin Cramps. I wonder if the Doctor has time to read my blogs? It would save me forgetting what to put on the notes I take with me to see her. Well, I used to, anyway.

Took the morning medications, and got on with updating this blog.

No summoning to the Porcelain Throne yet. But it’s on the way methinks, the rumbling and grumbling seem to be getting a tad more vociferous. 

Onto CorelDraw to make some graphics up. Did one, then made up an Iceland order, for delivery tomorrow, twixt 09:00 > 11:00hrs. My beloved Vampire Nurse Hristina will be due around the same time, I hope, as well. Did some comment answering, and set about prepping Josies’ Sunday meal. ( Accompanied by some knocking and tapping from Herbert, above).

Got the meal finished and delivered to Josie.

Accompanied by some louder clunks, tap-tapping, etc. fro Herbert, I went back on, which turned out to be a lengthy session of making graphics on CorelDraw and Paint. But, Herbert and his Tinny-Banging noise kept his musical rapping up, to keep me company.

I got the smaller-eat-less meal prepared. Not one of my bestest, but I still gave it a Taste-Rating of 7/10. Washed the pots up.

I began to fade, but I had to fight sleep intentionally because the expected Amazon Facemasks had not arrived yet, I didn’t want to miss them.

Herbert’s knocking and banging got more frequent, but for once, it helped me stay awake when I wanted to!

I settled into the incommodious, c1968 rickety recliner. I turned on the TV, on some channel that had subtitles on it, so as to avoid wearing the headphones and not hearing the door chimes when the Amazon man arrived.

As it happened, there was no chance of my falling asleep, thanks to Herberts banging from above, changed to hammering. The knocking came in bouts of 3 to 12 clunks of a hammer-like sound, that vibrated, it sounded like he was laying a carpet, but we have concrete floors or something of that ilk. Over the next three hours, having nothing better to do, I wrote down each burst of banging. First half-hour; 14. Second half-hour; 11, third half-hour; 38. Fourth half-hour: 18. I bet it will piss him off when he reads this and finds it didn’t annoy me for once!

Eventually, the noise, whatever modelling he was working on ceased, and it was back to just the odd, thud, clunk or occasional bang. This worried me a tad, as I still had to stay awake. Hehehe!

I was struggling to keep awake now, the odd clunk from Herbert helped, but finally, the intercom rang out. I fought to get some trousers on. The masks arrived. Thanked the driver, and as I was taking a quick snap of the box, the long-awaited call to the Porcelain Throne arrived! Off to the wet room, I hobbled.

Stubbing a toe en route against swivel chairs metal leg! Argh!

I got seated, and the motions began immediately. Then stuck part-way. The crossword book was utilised until things restarted moving of their own accord. A messy, very tacky, sticky, gooey mess! The cleaning up afterwards was a time-consuming effort. However, things came out far less liquidified, and in large meatball shapes. No bleeding whatsoever!

After cleaning and medicating, I realised that I’d left a different, more pungent whiff behind than ever before. The tummy’s innards started to ache, and I was passing wind involuntarily. An irony taste came in the mouth? A proper odd situation.

I checked the lights, stove, faucets, etc. and got down in the sickeningly beige-coloured recliner, now hoping that Herbert didn’t kick off again with his noise, I went in search of belated Sweet Morpheous.

But, and however, as I got settled in, Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley and the Thought-Storms both began!

I’m fed-up!

Inchcockski – Sun 16 Aug 2020: A day of insomnia, aporia, and irresoluteoscillating!

TFZer With Guest?

Sunday 16th August 2020

Greek: Κυριακή 16 Αυγούστου 2020

04:05hrs: Woke, in a ‘Widdendream’ state of mind, and took a few moments for the brain to engage-gear and pondered, over expectancies, fears and consternation’s, that lay ahead. But the need for the Porcelain Throne, soon put an end to that little plan.

As I got freed from the rickety second-hand, £300, c1968 recliner, and got the feet down to catch my balance, it looked like the leg ulcer was trying to flare up again. A little itchy and painful this time, as I got Metal Micky (the four-pronged walking stick) and wobbled off, certain that I must have been nocturnally eating again, seeing the empty nibble bags as I made my way to the wet-room.

As I plopped down on the raised WC seat, the Furunculosis problems at the rear-end showed their displeasure, with a few sharp stingings! Humph! However, the evacuation was the easiest I’ve coped with for a few days. Aha, a smidge of good fortune! Shame the dang boils are so tender!  Cribblebogangonies! Washed and cleaned up, applied some antiseptic cream to the furuncles. And off to the kitchenette.

The view from the light & view-blocking, thick-framed, kitchen windows, was one of a depressing nature. Mist and showers! A zemblanity. A combination that may well bring forth rain later, of a severe kind, methinks, (Or not).

I got the kettle turned on, and dug out the sphygmomanometer from the medical drawer, which revealed some satisfactory results for once. I avoided going into any sort of Smug-Mode! The thermometers were still not operational.

I made the brew of Thompsons Punjana tea. As I went to pick up the small mug, the left hand, no, right-hand fingers started dancing of their own accord! Painfully too, in the joints. Osteoarthritis, I believe, is coming on.

Well, it’s only fair to give my old friend Rheumatoid Arthur Itis (Knees), a bit of company. I’ll have to think of a name for this new ailment? What about Ozzie Arthur Itis? No, too long. I could do with making some of the current names a bit shorter as well. Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters and Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley are in line for being reduced, if I can think of shorter replacements. Takes me yonks to type them! Hahhaha!

I set about the updating of yesterday’s post. Ozzie Arthur Itis was giving some trouble as I typed. Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters and Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley were only a bit of bother, now and then. So, I got the job done in a reasonable time for once. Posted it off, emailed the link, and went on the WordPress Reader.

Then onto a much interrupted by wee-weeing, Facebooking catch-up. Ordered some milk from Amazon, in individual-serving sleeves. I took a look at the weather from the balcony.

Then I made another brew, Thompsons Punjabi, and had a peep out of the kitchenette window. Still bleak.

I viewed the emailed ‘Your Area’ news, report. It showed some details of the Corona Virus situation, but they had now changed the layout format.

No doubt taking the Total Cases number off, replacing it with only news cases, on the instructions of the Government, who would sooner highlight 22 new cases, and not not the actual 1,166, or the 4498 for Nottinghamshire. It looks better! Hehehe! I’ve been in Sherlock Holmes Mode!

The reduction of 5% in Nottingham crime figures is not surprising, we have so few officers left to respond. So this figure I believe is Reported Crime, many folks don’t bother reporting it nowadays, I think it’s becoming almost an expected facet of life.

Then, I got the Ablutions tackled. A phenomenal reduction in dropsies this morning. Why I’m not sure. Shirley and Nicodemus were both behaving a lot better, is the only reason I can think of. Unfortunately, there were two toe-stubbings, and I banged my elbow while losing balance putting the PPs on. Gleefully, the medicationalisationing also went easily. I’m beginning to worry, this is not natural!

I got my Chef’s hat on, metaphorically and in reality, that Sister Jane bought for me! Hehehe! And started prepping Josie’s Sunday lunch.

I was accompanied by Herbert’s knock, bang and, clunking! (I wish I knew what it is he’s building!)

I did my impression of Gordon Ramsay, and although I say it myself, I thought I did a half-decent job of the nosh and extras on Josie’s plate. The cheesy potatoes I was well pleased with. I used the usual Leicester grated cheese, added salt and a drop of Sainsbury’s balsamic vinegar (the mortgage should be repaid eventually). Halved some of the Vittorio tomatoes, sprinkled some onion salt on them, and Surimi sticks, fresh garden peas, a mixture of Tuna and egg mayonnaise, red grapes, and gherkins. An apple and desserts on the tray with a can of pink G&T.

I delivered it on time, 12:00 on the dot! I think Josie felt a bit awkward accepting it today. She asked what she can get me in return again. Once more, I said as long as you give me a smile, and enjoy the nosh, that’s all I need! She gave me a smile!

Back to the flat, and got the clothes (shirt, slippers and trousers) off. Well, I could hardly take her the food with only my PPs on, Hahaha!)

Gawd, Herbert was giving it some hammer again! Sounds like he’s in his kitchen this time. 

I checked the emails and messages. Viewed and answered some comments.

 Hello, Herbert’s back in his front room with the noise now, straight above me!

I’m getting tired now, but it is essential that I do not fall asleep. Else I might miss the order arriving from Morrison’s. 

I settled to watch some TV with sub-titles, so I didn’t miss hearing the intercom. And it was a hell of a battle not to nod-off. I opted to get the fodder prepared and eaten, this should keep me awake for a while. Despite my weariness, I enjoyed this. Flavour-Rating 7/10. Please note the slightly less than usual amount of fodder on the plate. Smug-Mode-Engaged! Hehe!

Put the things in the washing up bowl to soak, and got back down in the c1968 recliner, and found something with subtitles to watch, but had to be cautious of not drifting off. When it came to 17:30hrs, I was well pleased with my ‘Stay-Awake’ tactics…

Then, it dawned on me, the delivery was due, twixt 18:30>19:30. Not 17:30>18:30nrs! Keeping conscious was a devil of a job. I was struggling with it… eye-lids drooping and the intercom sounded. (A good job it did then, too!) I admitted the delivery driver and got the facemask on. Off to the door to await his arrival. The chap put the bags through the doorway for me, thanked him, slipped him a can of G&T, then I got the bags into the kitchen. Not many there I thought?

I got them unpacked and had a look at what’s what.

I got the fresh stuff put away in the fridge, and found it was not cram-packed like it usually gets when I have a delivery. I’m getting betterer in not over-ordering? I mused!

The Sourdough and Cheese muffins, after a bit of re-juggling, or even re-jiggling about to make a space, only just fitted in the freezer with the orange lollies.

Then, I spotted the large bag of frozen mixed casserole vegetables. Had I made another cock-up again? There was no way that they would fit in the freezer anyway, not that I wanted or needed them.

I’d bought some chocolate and treats for Jenny, by way of a thank you. So I put all three in a bag, then phoned the good lady, to tell her I was coming down with the nibbles. I know that Jenny will make use of them, also that she will help others in genuine need. ♥

The gal recognised how late it was for me to be up and about (She’s clever you know, and caring!), she thanked me, my pleasure, and back up to the flat I trudged.

I took a snap of the evening’s weather, through the light & view-blocking, thick-framed, kitchen windows, washed the pots and put them to drain, and made for the £300, second-hand, rickety recliner; in search of Sweet Morpheus!

What a failure that was! I ended up nibbling, miserable and annoyed that I was so worn-out and tired, but sleep did not come for many more hours!

I’ve become a terribly affected insomniac. I don’t like it! Humph!

Inchcock Today – Kaleidoscopic Sunday 9th August 2020: Ups and downs… the downs won!

Sunday 9th August 2020

Khmer: ថ្ងៃអាទិត្យទី ៩ ខែសីហាឆ្នាំ ២០២០

04:50hrs: When I woke up, I was in a mental-haze from last night’s mind and memory blanks. ‘Mental-haze’; that came out without considering it, yes, I reckon that’s about right wording to describe how it was, too! I lay a few minutes, pondering and worrying over things, but that is normal for me anyway.

The EOGPB (Emergency-Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Bucket) was well-filled, and I extracted my bulbous wobbly-bellied body from the c1968 recliner, and made use of the receptacle yet again!

There were so many visits during the night, I can’t recall how many, but do remember well the constant interruptions to my sleep! I must have been in a hopeful, head-down state for at least five hours, but how much of this time was actually sleeping, must be very minimal. Clapbogsworthyness!

Apart from a little bother from Arthur Itis, and the Clopidogrel spots and blemishes were apparently returning, the legs looked to be in fine condition. The sunshine filtering through the second-hand, charity shop-bought curtains with the tears and holes in them, gave an appearance of much more colour to the pins.

I must remember to thank the wonderful, helpful, caring people at Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store. Had they done as they agreed they would, and split the three similar tablets. (But I will not call the unreliable lying, scumballs, names). Then I would not be missing my Beta-blockers and getting worried about my tickers thick blood, heart attack or another stroke! And not taking Furesomide and over-wee-weeing significantly, thus getting some sleep in, now! Thanks!

I cleaned and sanitised things and parts of my Charles Atlas like torso and body. Hehehe! 

Then, I hobbled limpingly and a smidge nervously, to the kitchenette and to get the Health Checks sorted out. The sphygmomanometerisationing results showed a jump in the SYS, a bit too high? I wonder if Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, are they the cause of this? Had they done as they agreed they would, and split the three similar tablets… (but I will call the unreliable lying scumballs, names). Then I would not be missing my Beta-blockers and getting worried about my ticker’s thick blood, heart attack, or another stroke! Also, not taking Furesomide and over-wee-weeing greatly, thus getting some sleep in, now!

I got the Saturday post completed and posted it off to WordPress. Did Facebooking catch-up. Then went on the WordPress Reader section. During which, I took five more wee-wees!

As I was about to put the computer to sleep, to get the ablutions done, a message came in on the mobile. It was from Iceland, telling me my order is on the way and has some unavailable items on it, and should arrive between 09:00 > 10:00hrs. Iceland order? What? How? Why? Obviously, my blank period yesterday, and I was out-of-it, must be when I made an order? Blown if I can remember doing so. And I certainly did not need any more fodder?

Feeling a bit down about this, and self-critical in the extreme, I stewed inwardly at my stupidity. And went to get the ablutioning sorted. The mind-storms started, but somehow I almost ignored them?

 I took a snap of the plates, which came out just like they appeared in the camera viewer. The session went pretty well, mind you. A few dropsies, a couple of small nicks shaving, and just one decent-firm clout on the forehead on the grab bar, as I retrieved the dropped carbolic soap in the shower.

Even the drying off and medicating went well! ! And the pins still looked good after the showering, drying, and medicating!

Then the Thought Storms abated, as well. I liked that!

But the niggling thought of my making an order and sending it off to Iceland when not required, and my not recalling anything about it, had me getting a smidge worried about my sanity. Gragnackles!

I made up three small bags of waste, grabbed the four-pronged metal walking stick, and wobbled out into the flat’s foyer, feeling a smidge better in myself, less self-critical, but that’s not saying much, I can assure you.

Through the door and down the lift lobby to the waste chute room at the far end. Got the bags in without any faux pas, knocks, trips, or shakes! A weak, temporary Smug-Mode was adopted!

Back to the flat, and got everything out ready to do Josie’s Sunday lunch, later on. Back on the computer to play catch-up with the updating of this blog.

The intercom chimed, it was the unexpected mysterious Iceland order arriving? The young man approached the door, and mentioned, “You’re getting a lot in this week, that’s two deliveries! Embarrassed, I think I said: ‘Yes, getting greedy in my old age!’

The bloke put the bags inside the doorway for me, I slipped him a G&T, and off he sped! Nice, chap.

I got the goodies opened, and was suspicious that this order was the same as last Tuesday’s? Well, more worried than doubtful! No way would I have ordered another big bag of ‘Exceedingly Crisp Chips’, again. I haven’t even started the bag I got Tuesday yet! No room in the freezer anyway?

I popped out to Josie’s and rang the bell with some nibbles and the bag of chips for her. I got told I was too early. Hehehe!

As my brain tried to work out the whys and way and wherefores, a blankness came over me, and I gave up trying to work it out! Oy-oy, oy! Grumbleconfusement!

Josie rang the door chimes, to tell me she also had no room for the chips in her freezer either! So, she rang Malcolm’s door and asked if he wanted them. “Yer, I’ll have em!” So that saved the day, at least they were not wasted!

I made a start on Josie’s nosh prepping, and while I did so, I thought I could hear some dogs barking (I had the window open). So I took a decker outside. I could not see any doggies, though. Perhaps they had gone out of view into the mugger’s passage at the backs of the houses.

All the parking spaces below on Chestnut Walk were utilised (No red cars, Billski?).

Made up a more intricate meal for Josie today. Surami prawns, tuns with egg mayonnaise. Gherkins, Piccalo tomatoes, silverskin onions, beetroot, carrot and onion salad, garden peas, and extra-cheesy buttered potato mash. A Limoncello dessert, mint chocolates, and a can of plonk.

I delivered it on time, and Josie said, ‘You’re making them (the meals) even bigger now! Without any hesitation, I quipped back; “No, no, I’ve flattened it more, Josie!” She did larf! Hahaha!

Wished her happy-eating’ and back to the kitchen to get the washing-up done. (I still hate cleaning the cutlery after making the cheesy spuds, it takes an eternity to get the residue off of the forks and spoons) Still, my teeth and tongue usually help. After all, it was only Leicester cheese, butter, salt, onions, and vinegar mashed up together, tasty! Hehehe!

Herbert was in a bash, knock, and tap-tap mode again. I’d love to know what he’s making. He’s a procacious type of chap, but I like him.

Saccades Sandra kicked off while I was computerisationing, I had to stop. Wished I’d done it earlier, got a cracking headache now. Tsk!

Got my nosh on the cook.

Feeling more drained, tired, and fatigued.

Got the meal served up, ate it, almost automatically. Didn’t like it too much, even though it was my beloved Chinese belly pork slices?

Washed the pots, took the last of the medications left. Videlicet, Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, failed to deliver my prescriptions yet again! Sickening!

Sat, in want and need of Sweet Morpheus for five hours or so, before it came!

Inchcockski – Sunday 2nd August 2020: A mixed bag of a day. Videlicet, up & down Sunday!

TFZ’s at the TFZers Cool-It-Hut!

Sunday 2nd August 2020 

Maori: Rātapu 2 Akuhata 2020

07:00hrs: I did wake up a few times earlier, but each time, there was no way I wanted to or could get up. I felt as if I’d only just got to sleep, when in fact, I been asleep for hours? I was so tired, still! With no demands for a wee-wee, making it easier for this old chap to nod-off again. Different, worrying, but a great experience! A little guilt perhaps, helped me to go into action mode.

I was up, and admiring my magnificently muscled, firm, fit, young, six-packed body, and caught my balance, within minutes. Ahem!

As I was reaching for the four-pronged walking stick, when the demand for the Porcelain Throne arrived, with some urgency again. I hobbled carefully, but as swiftly as I dare, to the wet room. (To avoid any accidents or innards-controlled unexpected escapages). Arriving well in time!

There was a surprisingly long wait for the motion to begin. Plenty of time for me to access the crossword book, and fail to get a single clue solved. Humph!

The innards controlled evacuation began with a sudden bit of a rush, which caused a moment or two’s worth of Argh’s and wincing of the facial muscles (Hehehe!). Then lasted longer and slower than any evac. in months. I was worn out by the time it had finished! The Silver-lining were, only minuscule bleeding, not a messy affair, and the after-aroma was not too biliously pungent!

However, I lost a lot of time due to the cistern’s failure to clear the contents away again. Jugs of water, in between several flushes, had to be made. It’s still not all gone, I’ll have to keep returning and give it a flush every now and then, and hope for the best. What a palava!

I got the kettle on and took a couple of photographs from the unwanted, unliked, thick-framed, unable to get at for the disabled tenants to clean windows. The first one, of below, the Woodthorpe Court car park on Chestnut Walk. Noticing the red sports car had returned. (That should please Kentuckian, Billumski!)

Then I thought I saw bats flying around. After various failed attempts to catch whatever they (2) were, I gave up altogether. Hehe!

Then, taking the medications and doing the Health Checks. The sphygmomanometer figures were healthier today.

Made the brew of Thompsons Punjana tea, and to the computer, to make a start on this blog. I was about to start on it and remembered the WC flushing had to be checked on, so off to the wet room. One more flush, and it appears that the content had gone. But I know well, from the experiences of this mechanical-teaser, that it has a habit of regurgitating things, and when I go to utilise it again, I have to start the ‘Get-rid-of-it’ process again! So, I’ll recheck it again later on.

Finally, I got to start this blog off. And yet again, I had to hobble-off to the Porcelain Throne! A longer evacuation session this time. But I had some success with the crosswording, which was pleasing.

I had a wash, rinse, and teeth cleaning session while I was in there. And spotted just how bloodless the body was looking! Hogglesworthy!

As I was taking a photo through the balcony windows from the computer chair, I got a phone call from someone wanting to speak to Angie. I realised it must be for Angie and Roy from the top floor. Asked if she wanted me to take a message for them. The lady didn’t, apologised, and rang off.

I snapped the morning clouds in the sky (which I suppose is normal. Haha!).

Time to get Josie’s meal prepped. It was a bit of the struggle this Sunday, as Dizzy Dennis and Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley were both visiting me regularly. I pressed on, a slightly more complicated ‘Cheffing’ session, as well.

Skipjack Tuna flakes in brine, mixed with mayonnaise. Egg mayonnaise, gherkins, beetroot chunks with onion and balsamic vinegar, garden peas, tomatoes, surimi sticks, a bar of chocolate, an apple, and a limoncello dessert for her. Oh, and a can of pink gin & tonic. The fiddly prep work and the dropsies were trying. Yet, somehow or other, I got ita;; ready without a single bruising, cut, or any injuries! First-Class-mug Mode Engaged!

I wheeled it to her door, and we had a little chat, she gave me a packet of shortcake biscuits and again handed me the carrier back from last week. Carrier, Hah!, I must have at least 20 of them in the flat now, and she gives me one back! Hahaha! Anyway, she looked and sounded in fine fetal.

Well, I was up for working then, as Shirley and Dizzy Dennis eased off suddenly.

So I decided to sort out the waste bags, Which was a bigger job than I thought it would be. In the hallway, I ended-up stacking seven bags onto the three-wheeler-walking-trolley, a bit of a balancing act. But with me finding the unexpected smidge of confidence and a willingness to graft, there was no stopping me (Yet!) and I began to push the trolley out through the doorway.

I stopped myself when I realised I had not taken the bag for Jenny. Too heavy to add to the trolley, but it seemed an easy enough task to just carry it to the chute-room by hand.

And to my amazement, it went well. In the waste-chute area, things got a bit hairy. I’d purposely made up small bags so they would go down the chute easily enough, but one white bag did not want to have it. I didn’t want to force anything, so took a carrier bag from the basket and broke it up into two bags, and all with no finger-trapping dizzies or other ailments troubling me! This was all very disconcerting, unnatural! 

I left the room and got to the lift lobby. I even go an elevator down to Jenny’s floor, within a minute or so! Luck, good fortune? Makes me shudder!

I put the bag near the door, pressed the bell, and got back to the lift lobby.

The residents lift arrived sharpishly again, I got in the cage, and pressed the floor twelve-button. My mind wandered on all this lack of Accifauxs and Whoopsiedangleplops. The lift stopped, dragging my mind back to the current time, and as I was absentmindedly getting out of the lift, a chap waiting to get on, wittily quipped, “Wrong floor, Gerry!” with a broad grin on his face, and head shaking! He added, “Stick with it, you’ll get there, mate. Hope you’ve some water and food in your trolley!” Hahaha! The wit! The cage had gone down to the 4th floor. It then took me up to my level. I did feel a fool!

I got back in the apartment, and I discovered I’d left two small white bags of rubbish on the kitchen floor.  Tsk!

I got the stick and took the two bags to the waste-chute, and on the way out, Neuropathy Nigel had me walk straight into the door frame! Twas a sickening sound, bone hitting wood, I verbalised a few oaths, by then Shuddering- Shoulder-Shirley started to kick of! It was all I could do to walk back to the flat with so little control over the walking stick, and not tumble over! I got in the flat to the knock-knock sounds from Herbert above.

Now this sort of luck, I understand and expect. Much easier to cope with! Hahaha!

I checked the kitchen for safety, got a bottle of spring water, and cordial made up, took the medications with an extra pain-killer (the shoulder felt a bit raw).

I got on with updating this blog).

Took a look for the latest Corona Virus figures, this chart on the right I got from the Your Nottingham web site.

The mental fatigue came on, and I got my dinner sorted out and served up. Ate it, well, most of it, then washed the pots, got my humongous-bellied body into the £300, second-hand, none-working, uncomfortable, rickety-recliner. Put on the original Die Hard DVD, and fell-asleep about ten-minutes into the film. Tsk!

I was woken up by some banging and tap-tapping noises from above. And wrote some notes of the dream I’d been having, on the notepad.

I rose to have a wee-wee and took this shot of the wonderful sky.

Below on the bottom field, were three youths playing music, and seemingly a picnic of some sort. I could hear the squeaky, tinny-sounding music right up here in the flat, but when I closed the window, I couldn’t. I made a brew, of Glengettie, and consulted the note about the dream to write in here.

Got the computer on; disappointingly, much of my scribble was unreadable. Bits of the memory was still in my head, though.

  • I was in what appeared to me, even in the dream, partly Draycott, Derby, and Leicester, or as if it was around the 1960s.
  • A bus station, again a mixu=re of various bus stations I had used over the years. I wanted a number 42 bus to Derby, but had to settle for a 4X, got on and paid the fair, and the conductor came back to me and asked for me fair again – we argued, the bus stopped, and we came to an agreement that he would only charge me 5/-, not the 6/11d the fare should have been? 
  • I fell asleep and woke up back at the original station.
  • I got off of the bus, and saw someone I knew (Don’t know who), and followed him into a gigantic underground world of brick-sided passages, covered in soot.
  • A bit vague here, the notes didn’t help. Mixed confused memories.
  • I eventually found myself coming out of the giant cave, and found myself in the Derby Bus Station cafe. I was a child in body, but a pensioner in age? Why I can remember this, especially, I know not? I even have a photograph of the exact area on file? The doors in the centre are where I appeared from the preceding part of the dream.

As I was adding this to the Inchcock Today, the ‘Hum’ got louder and louder until it almost became unbearable? Kluggledanks!

I went in to get the ablutions done, to find no hot water, and found the tap running in the sink! Skullclogglebonks!

So, I got this post done as far as here and will continue the tale of woe on tomorrow’s blog.

TTFNski, folks!

Inchcocksi – Sunday 26th July 2020:

TFZer Model Joycie ♥

Not really, but I thought it funny. Sorry!

Sunday 26th July 2020

Mongolian: 2020 оны 7-р сарын 26-ны Ням гараг

03:40hrs: Once again, I woke in auto-mode. Not very much enthusiasm was within me, and I was up getting the stick and on the way to the kitchen, without much difficulty, thoughts, or desire.

But I came back to mind-activity mode, as I veered to my right (as usual), and clouted my shoulder against the kitchenette door. I silently swore! I knocked kitchen walking stick and picker-upperer from the top pelmet and bent to retrieve them, and had a visit from Dizzy Dennis! I sore some more! Now reality dawned!

I rehung the stick and picker and took a few moments to steady myself. Then got the kettle turned on, and opened the light & view-blocking window, to take two snaps of the morning sky view. They were not very good. There was little wind when I opened the window, though, and ‘The Hum’ wasn’t so loud as it usually is?

As I got the Health Check things out of the medical cupboard, I might have known, or at least have guessed, with my clumsily knocking into the door, Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley kicked off. It was a miracle that I didn’t have the sphygmomanometer in my hand at the time, but I still dropped the thermometer and armband. Thankfully the temporal artery thermometer even worked! Phew! Mind you, I got a bit dizzy picking them up again, and the picker upperer as only five feet away that I should have used! Dunk-headed-Nebbish!

Not surprisingly, the SYS was higher now, up to 63. Had I took it before, or if I hadn’t made such a clumsy job of getting into the kitchen, it would have been lower, I’m sure. Tsk! Note the blurry photograph?

I carried out the diurnally need, to sort out the three similar-looking tablets, to remove the Furesomide, hoping I took the right one out, and not a beta-blocker or Codeine 60g! Thank you, Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, for letting me down again!

I determined that I would calm down and concentrate on the next job in hand. Updating the Saturday blog and making a new template. I was seriously annoyed with, and blamed myself for the earlier cock-ups!

 But my plans soon had to be changed, after I’d made the brew of Glengettie tea, I had to hobble-off precariously, to the wet room and make use of the Porcelain Throne. I limped to the Throne, and I monopolised it for ages!

A sad case of a Start-stop and wait in some degree of pain, for further progress situation. The innards were back in complete control of evacuation progress. I tarried for ages. Despite the near agony, I managed to concentrate on the crossword puzzle, and did very well at it, got at least six clues done! Smug-Mode-Assumed & Ratified!

I washed the dandies and returned to the kitchen. I found that with all the time the Porcelain Throne duties had taken me, the tea had gone cold. So I made another mug, and took two Senna tablets! A lovely blue tinge to the morning view, now as it gets a little lighter.

I pressed on at long last, with the updating of the sadly taciturn, talkless Saturday post. It was a long haul job. Not because of Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley, Nicodemus’s neurotransmitter failures or Sccades-Sandra, but sheer lack of concentration on my behalf. My distrait distractedness was taking over, my frets, concerns, worries etc. were coming to my mind repeatedly. Thus the progress on the blogging front was pathetically slow!

Eventually, I did get the update finished and posted off to WordPress. But it was hard headwork for me this morning. Went to make a brew of Gengettie Gold, and managed to appreciate the beauty of the late morning view, still tinted with blue! Hehe!

Back to what should have been a pleasure, but was today a grind, blogging. Emailed the links. Then on the WordPress reader, some great photos on their today. Then on Facebooking catch-up. Got than done. Time is passing very quickly.

The poor tootsies and toes were in a bit of a state.

Better get the ablutions done. They went really well today! Only the one cut shaving, and fair enough a few dropsies. But no dizzies, knocking into anything or toe stubbings!

Doing well, drying off, and took the towel to the airer-heater, and heard the mobile ringing. It had to be Pete or Jane, their timing is atrocious, but don’t let them know I said this. Hehehe!  It was Jane, bless her cotton socks. I took the mobile back with me into the wetroom to continue with getting dressed and do the medicationing and freshening up. But it was impossible with only one hand, so I asked her to ring back later, which she agreed on.

I was then in a rush, to get out before she rang back on the landline. And I missed some medicationing off, so must get it done later, but with Josie’s meal to do, in between talking to Jane, it was not looking good.

I prepped some more of the food cooking and got to the computer near the landline.

Jane called, and we had a jolly good natter, although a difficult one, I had to keep asking Jane to repeat herself, crackly line, breaking up. She told be Pete was due in the hospital ion the morning, Haematology Dep’t and it would be a long session for the lad. She mentioned other stuff of interest, and we had a laugh or two. I wished Pete all the best, and we agreed that the odds for me getting the feet done tomorrow at the St Anns clinic, were not good. Hehe! I wished her and Pete, all the best.

I stayed on the line too long and then had to nip-smartishly to get the meal done for Josie. All delivered dead on time, again. Josie looked happy with it.

I cleaned up from Josie’s cooking, then got my nosh sorted out. PHOTO.

After eating the meal, I did my set of washing up, and used a small plastic disposable plate, to save a bit on the next load of washing-up. Hehehe!

Then while clearing away, I noticed the Prawn tales use by date! And I misread the numbers – Panic! I thought they were out of date!

I am a fool!

I plan to get my head down a while and then sort out the clobber for tomorrows Podiatrist visit at the Health Centre. Cash for the taxi, keys, bus pass to get home etc. I fear wearing socks is out of the question, shoes might even be too painful, so might go in the slippers and take shoes with me to change into – if, they will do the toes for me!

I got the fodder cooked and served up. Surimi mock pretend prawns. Crispy chips. Tomatoes, cheesy mash, battered fish, and canned garden peas. Followed by an apple pie, Vienna cake and mousses. I ate up the whole lot of it!

Got the pots washed for the third time today. Then got settled in search of sleep, slumber, or at least a little nod-off!

But, no, Herbert was banging about above. He might be making a life-size elephant or chipping away at a giant boulder to create a life-size model of a Mammoth. Hehehe!

  So, still so early for everyone else, but beyond my head-down time. So I can’t complain. I had to get up and on the computer again. Which might prove to be a good idea. I’ll finish this post and make a start on Mondays. This will save me time in the morning, cause I’m going to be busy early sorting things out for the Health Centre, and will have little time for my beloved blogging.

Hello, Herberts off again. He might have chiselled to hard, and the Mammoth’s tail dropped off? Haha!

See you later, folks.