Pictorial of Inchock’s Feeding and Chinwagging with his Mallards and Pigeons at the Nottingham Arboretum



I arrived at the Arboretum


Through Muggers Tunnel


The two three-ton Cannons (Well, there were three, but Nottinghamians you know…)


My friends soon spotted me…


The feasting began…


All friends together, no fighting…


Young and old, Mallards and Pigeons… all content…


I’m not sure if they were listening to me talking to them…


Mealworms, seeds, earthworms, they gobbled them all…


Told them to take care, and off I went…


Bless em!

Inchcock Today – Monday 16th July 2018: Belinda’s Blotches Return, I escape to Derby!


Monday 16th July 2018

German: Montag, 16. Juli 2018

0515hrs: Woke with a start at the bright light that filtered through the grotty plastic sealing, bird-poo, trapping dead insects in the flat, plaster, mud, bits of sealant and air-limiting windows.

Got the glasses on and checked the clock. A late time for my expergefaction. This probably due to me not being able to get to sleep for my ullagone at France winning the World Cup. I just knew they would from the start, all the luck they had with the crooked obviously bribed or incapable Argentinian so-called referee’s help. Croatia for me was the better team, but with the non-penalty being given against them, and… I’d better stop, it’s doing my health no good thinking of the crooked, bent FIFA. I shouldn’t ultracrepidate, I know.

1Mon041Mon01b I spotted that Belinda’s Blotches around my midriff front and back, had returned; reddened, itching, new spots and stinging the moment I moved my bulbous body.

Also, as well and besides that, the ankles had acquired some new and fresh blotches. Along with several scratch-marks and growths.

1Mon001How I made the scratch marks, I don’t know. Surely I would have remembered making them?

This situation is concerning.

Indeed, I would have been left with pains from getting down from Arthur Itis, and I had no such twinges?

Still, never mind. I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner with ease, and off for a wee-wee.

Got the Health Checks done.


1Mon01Then I was summoned to the wet room and the loose-lidded mini-sized, beetle ridden Porcelain Throne.

The session was a bit easier this time, so no extra medications of encouragement were needed. Hehe!

Collected a few dead beetle bodies under the sink, around the WC bowl and the shower area. The live ones were too quick for me; the bending down started Arthur Itis off. Humph! Had a rinse and made up some black rubbish bags to take to the chute when I go out later on in search of a 16″ fan. 1Mon03

Back to the front room, the temperature still 31°c – 88°f.

Seeing the old photograph of oneself, got me thinking back. I’ve hardly changed have I? Hahaha!

Got the computer going. Started this post up to here, and it was time to get the ablutions tended to if I am going to go to Derby’s Eagle Market to get myself a fan to keep coolish and fresh within the flat. Ah, bless the Nottingham City Council Free Bus Pass! Oh, I might be better going to Mansfield instead? Making decisions with my ambivalence is not easy, you know. Haha! I’d better go to Derby, after all, there are two stalls on the Eagle Market where I have seen bigger models of fans on sale, for me to investigate.

Got the stand-up ablutions done, got dressed, added three ice-cream cones to the bag for the gals at the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, NCH management telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to being stolen from, and Social Hut. I took the bags to the cute on the way.

Down, out and along to the shed. Luckily, Wardens Deana and Julie were in so I could treat them, and Cathy arrived a minute or so later, so she got the last one.

Bless them all! 

1Mon06Three or four residents in there to have a chinwag with, I liked that. 

I left the hut and noticed how the cloud formations were low and particularly impressive this morning, so I took this photo of Winchester Court in the moody-weather.

Down to the bus stop, and caught the City-bound L9 bus, gossiped with Pete en route.

1Mon07Got into town and made my way down Queen Street, over the Slab Square and along to Friar Lane and waited for a Y7 bus to Derby.

I got on the Maroon and was the only passenger. I could see Little Johns dome on the Council House, the flag still up to celebrate how well England did in the World Cup, and the many Nottinghamian students and shoplifters milling about.

 I had planned to take some pictures of the villages as we drove through them, but I soon fell asleep. Waking half an hour or so later with the Mercedes bus cram packed and a large lady sat next to me, also preventing me from falling off the seat. Hehe!

I got off the vehicle before the terminus and crossed over the road to have a little wander before making my way to the Eagle Centre, in search of a 16″ rotating fan. Not that I am educated in this department, it’s because Sandie of the TFZ site has explained the best ones to get. Fanking you Sandie! X

1Mon07bAn ambulance I passed had something that we Nottinghamians have come to accept as a rarity and worth mentioning, next to it; Yes, a policeman!

I turned right and took a photo of the dilapidated shops. Unfortunately, this one did a disappearing trick into the ether. Humph!

I approached an entrance to the Eagle Centre 1Mon07cfrom the South this time, and blow-me-down, another Ambulance.

Up the low hill and inside and made my way to the J Sainsbury store. Where I invested in a packet of Oven-Bottom-Muffins, Cheese Curls, Fresh pod peas, lemon and lime still water, mini potatoes and some Ruby Jewel tomatoes.

1Mon01b I got to the checkout and found I had not got my card with me! Luckily, I had enough money to pay the lady in cash, (But to the annoyance of the family waiting behind me in the queue. Oh Dear!).

1Mon01b As I made my way to the Market Place, I would not have any means of paying for a fan even if I found one suitable. Dejection overcame me. I got to where the two stalls were next to each other to see they had both shut-down, anyway.

As I meandered along to the pet stall and bought some mealworms to feed the ducks on the river Derwent with, I noticed a fan for sale in a shoe repair stall. Yes, it caught me off-guard and confused too! Hehe! He wanted £22 for it, second-hand, but I could not get it, of course, no money or card. Then the panic set-in, if the card is not where it should be in a pocket, where was it?

1Mon07dI ambled over to the river Derwent, via the Derby Council Offices gardens.

There were students and youths smoking cannabis, one was toying with a knife while laying on the gone yellow lawn. A few were locked in passionate embraces, and three intoxicated pupils near the bridge were having a scrap.

Just like Nottingham, I thought.

1Mon08The barrier close to the bridge had been occupied by Canada Geese, white geese and a few brave mallards that were continually being bitten into moving on. Hehe!

I picked a spot where some kids and their parent were watching the wildlife and got out the large packet of mealworms. I waited until some schoolkids got nearer, and then started throwing the fodder to the geese, and the pigeons who got there first as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I do love feeding the birds here in on the river Derwent. The Derby Council do not have a ban on doing so, and no signs warning of £120 on-the-spot fines like Nottingham do. I think not having had the chance to go for a long time, made it an even more of a fun visit for me.

I made my way carefully through the arguing between themselves students, into the bus station.

Luckily, a Y7 bus was in and just started loading up his passengers.

1Mon13We were off in a few minutes. It must have been one of the older vehicles.

Although clean and tidy inside and out, the suspension left a lot to be desired and caused me some grief from the Blotches. Tsk!

Within minutes, we were out in the countryside, and I got the camera out to record some views through the window as we went through the villages.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1Mon17I would have taken more, but despite being thrown about by the stiff and bone-shaking bus suspension, I nodded-off again. Woke, and had to concentrate on not going off to kip still and miss the bus stop in Nottingham. Poor Old Putz!

I had plenty of time to get to the bus stop for an L9 bus.

1Mon18So I had an amble around the City Centre outskirts.

I went up an alley and took a photograph of some young female students rolling suspiciously fat and long twisted en cigarettes. Hehe!

But again, the picture mysteriously disappeared from the SDH card, as did a few 1Mon19more.

What am I doing wrong, I thought later?

I walked down Market Street into the Slab Square and along and up Queen Street.

The sky was again looking so different from usual, pretty yet daunting at the same time, If you know what I mean?

1Mon20At the bus stop, I realised I still had a long wait for the L9 bus to arrive. So, I walked down to catch a number 40 bus instead.

A piece of Nottingham Street Art on the seating metal photographed.

I pondered, is it BBQ sauce, or Chilli or Peri-peri. Surely not an escaped bodily… well, never mind.

1Mon21In the seat in front of me, sat the lady (Ethel I think, but I could be wrong) from the fourth floor of Woodthorpe Court. The bus was soon jam-packed with people having to stand.

I took this picture from the bus window of Clinton Street West. I liked the black dress. Hahaha!

By the time we approached the stop we needed, the crush had lessened a little, so it was easier for us both to get up and to the door.

We alighted and the traffic on the hill with the blind bends, Ethel just wandered into the middle of the road, and a car stopped to let her go over. I took a little longer. Me being on the nervous side, like. Haha! Ethel walked really slow so I could catch her up. That was kind of her. We had a jolly good chinwag en route. I enjoyed that too!

We parted when she got out of the lift, bade our farewells and I got to the flat ASAP. Stripped off, put on a new pair of the PPs, and got some cream on the Belinda Blotches affected areas. I don’t think they are any worse than earlier on, now. Put the bits I’d bought away. Deciding on two Pork Knuckle oven-bottom-muffins with tomatoes for nosh later on.

Got the computer on and started to sort out the photos from the camera, wonder why some pictures had done a disappearing act, titivated a few for posting and had a wee-wee.

Updated the blog up to hear, here Tsk! (1700hrs now!)

Late as it was, and tired as I felt, I went on TFZer Facebook to catch up and post the photos. Got it done, and decided after all to just have two oven-bottom-muffins with sliced tomatoes for the nosh. I said that before didn’t I? What a Shnook!

1Mon23Late as it as, and me feeling so weary and drained; hence the no cooking meal, I dug-in and savoured all of the fodder on the plate.

Washed the plate and fork up, and turned on the TV, assured that I woud soon be in the land of Nod.

1Mon01b But, no!

Nodding off was no problem, I seemed to do it every five minutes – the problem was I kept on waking up! Tsk! This process went on for hours. So long long I feared that I would be late getting up for the delivery in the morning.

I recall watching some of a Police interceptors programme that started at 2200hrs.

Been a long day, and now a long night? Hehehe!

Inchcock Today – Monday 16th April 2018: Got outside at last!


Monday 16th April 2018

Filipino: Lunes Abril 16, 2018

0545hrs: As my reluctant expergefaction began, the uhtceare ridden brain joined it in feeling depressed. The aching body tormented by Duodenal Donald and amalgamated to greet the morning in a cowed, fretfull, apprehensive mode. I seemed to be worrying about everything.

The need for a wee-wee forced me into extracting my weary, tired body from the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the wet room. A good job I changed the PPs last night, they coped well with the copious amount of blood from Little Inchies Lesion. This reminded me to visit the surgery today and get a date for the GUM clinic from the doctors, or better still, go there on Tuesday to see them first.

I did the health checks and made a brew to take the medications with. Sys down yet again, the pulse continues to do its ‘Up, down, flying around’ thing. Hehe!


I took an extra Omeprazole capsule and a good few swigs of the impotent antacid medicine. I’m sure the worry and hassle over the noise from the flat above every weekend and sometimes during the week, and my being forced to complain about it, has caused the ulcer to flay up like it is doing. I hate conflict, and it worries me.

With my not getting to sleep for hours and hours, and waking up feeling so tired, it was now nearly 0700hrs, soon I must get the ablutions done. How I will find time to do the WordPressing and blogging might prove difficult today.

I had a quick go on the WordPress Reader. Then got some draft diaries done in advance. Made a list of things to do today, and put it in my pocket.

Time for the ablutions now. I enjoyed this session, barely any medicating needed apart from the Germaloiding. Hehe! Duodenal Donald kept on at me, so much so, I took an extra few swigs of the impotent, weak antacid medicine and a Ramipril capsule.

Got the black bags sorted and taken to the rubbish chute.

Off out to the shed, where I met Obergruppenfurher Julie, who was aware it seemed, of my complaining about the Saturday noise above. She asked me why I don’t just go up and see him. This was not what I expected to hear. I informed her I had visited the flat before but got no answer. Perhaps he is a popular tenant with them? I proudly showed off my list of things to do!

Cyndy and some other of my favourite tenant gals arrived, and we had a great chinwag about this, that and a lot more. I wish I could remember the names of more people. The place filled up, Welsh William, Frank and others. William was looking and sounding so much better now he is getting over his Morphine addiction. When the bus arrived, I sat behind Cyndy and Doris (I think that’s her name, a lovely woman).

I got off the bus and began what turned out to be a delightful mini-hobble around town.


1Mon01aCalled in Tesco in the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall), and was lucky enough to find some cooked Pork Knuckles on sale, and bought three of them.

Whoosie3W001 However, I could not find the list of things to do anywhere. I emptied all the pockets and searched the bag, without any luck? What a Putz!

Then out and across to the Aldi Store for an amble around. I got some caramel nibbles that the ladies at the Social Hour have taken a fancy to. Some crispy bacon, lemon yoghourts and some flatbreads I have never seen before. They are called Flat buns. (There is a photo further below of them) Almost orange in colour, I had to try these, especially as I now had the Pork Knuckle and tomatoes to make some sandwiches for tonight’s nosh. Oh, and some potato cakes.

1Mon01bThe bag a bit heavier now, but I was feeling okay, and wanted to make my way to the Nottingham Arboretum Duck Pond.

Out of the Aldi store, through Vic Centre and out facing Shakespeare Street, where I hobbled to the end of, passing the hundreds of young, fit students, very few without a phone or a coffee in their hands and up Goldsmith Street to the Arboretum.

1Mon05The mixture of ancient and brand new building was not pleasing to my eyes.

I hobbled up and in through the Arboretum gates, well, I say gates, there was only one narrow small gate open.

If a wheelchaired person needed access, I don’t think they would have gotten through it.

1Mon07I had a reminiscing moment or two when I got inside.

Back came the girls, the bandstand, the ice-cream sellers, my youth. I had to stop my wandering mind. Hehehe!

Along to the duck pond. The surprising thing was, there were very few ducks, just a handful of Mallards mixed in with the pigeon army. Here are the photographs I took at the pond.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1Mon07aOn my way out of the place, these beautiful little flowers caught my eye. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any like these before, beautiful!

Whoosie3W001 On my way up Goldsmith Street, a group of four or five students, on their phones yet still giggling and laughing with each other, coming in the opposite direction, forced into the road as they 1Mon08carried not. Possibly not even aware of what they had done. Hey-ho! No harm was done!

The grotesque new college building was now open and functioning. What an eyesore!

I wonder how much the demented architect got for designing this monstrosity?


Near the top of the street, I came across some Nottingham Street Art inside the wall of the closed down office block. It seems that the local pizza place is not as popular as it might be? Haha!

1Mon09Crossing Upper Parliament street near the Royal Centre and Theatre Royal, I crossed over and went down Market Street, with its many abandoned retail businesses and the odd few new specialist high-class shops, all customerless when I hobbled by them.

Down to the Slab Square, the sun was out, no 1Mon10signs of wind or rain, the sky looking a picture and a decent count of generally depressed looking Nottinghamians milling around.

Passing the Starbuck and Costa coffee houses, with their clients all on computers or telephones inside. The coffee cups with the stagnating coffee and the froth, running down the sides of the plastic pots onto the tables and tops and congealing. At the Starbucks anyway, I had a good look in there. Hehe!

I called in the Poundland store on Wheeler Gate and had a wander around. I bought some yoghourt covered peanuts and a packet of Sunflower Hearts to restock the now empty duck-food pot to use next visit.

1Mon11Paid and went on the slab square.

On the South Parade side, I got close up to some plants and took a photographicalisation through them across to Long Row opposite. Now here, the buildings displayed some of the most elegant architecture ever designed anywhere. Done so by my favourite designer of all time, of course, Fothergill Watson.

1Mon13I was pleased with how this effort came out.

A quick look at the Little John clock revealed it was time for me to get to the bus stop to catch an L9 back to the apartments.

So, off up Queen Street to the shelter.

The bus was a little late, but this has become the norm for the 1205hrs one. The driver is coming from the depot to relieve the regular one so she or he can get a dinner-break.

The bus arrived, I was the only person to get on.

1Mon14I took a snap of the newly decorated facia of the Frankie and Bennie’s Diner as we passed by. I hope they do better at night for clients because I rarely see anyone in it when I pass by. Possibly another future victim of the Nottingham Business Failures League?

I’d have thought that their breakfast offer of ‘Bacon & Eggs’, consisting of two rashers of bacon, two eggs and toast on offer at only £5.95, would have had folks rushing in. Hehehe! £6!

The lovely Doris (?), got on at the first stop, and we had a jolly good laugh and nattering session all the way back home. I enjoyed that.

1Mon15We parted in the lift, and back in the apartment, I got the purchases stored away. The new to me Flat buns are on the left.

The sudden exhaustion overcame me, and I had to leave the updating of this post until the morning. I was fatigued in the extreme.

All I could do was get the Health Checks and medications sorted, and sit down with the worries, fretting and fears combining to stop an sleep coming for ages.

1Mon16The new Flat-Cobs were delightful. I buttered them and sliced some pork knuckle and tomatoes. Added a side of a sliced apple, pickled egg and seaweed sheets. A jar of the superb lemon yoghourt to follow.

I might have nearly nodded off eating this meal, but it was a smashing change for a meal. Rated this as a 9.3/10 effort.

I lay there waiting for sleep to overtake me, but it wasn’t interested, despite my thinking I was tired and drained?

Eventually, I managed to nod-off.

Suddenly temporarily rejuvenate, I shot awake ten minutes later. With the sensation that something was wrong, or I had forgotten something? Horrible when this1Mon17 happens isn’t it?

I had to get up have a look around to check if anything had woke me up. I checked that no alarms were activating, nothing had fallen over, cooker okay, taps off, etc.

I noticed the bird poo on the balcony window looked well set on the glass now.

It took me ages to get back to kip. But this time I stayed asleep, straight for five hours! Ahh!

Inchcock Today – Monday 22nd May 2017: Nice hobble to the hospital blood test

Monday 22nd May 2017

Latin: 22 Lunae Maii MMXVII

0530hrs: Woke, felt sorry for myself for getting no response to me begging for help with the Chrome problem. Out of the £300 second-hand wobbly recliner and to the Porcelain Throne. I reread some bits of the ‘Emotions’ book while there.

No bleeding anywhere, an easier session and decided to do the ablutions while I was in there.

Only two cuts this morning (The new Bic razors you know?), shaving, had a visit from Dizzy Dennis.

Out and got the nibble bag ready for the nurses at the Blood Clinic and put the Anticoagulation Record Card in the jacket pocket so as not to forget it later.

A bit nippy this morning.

Got the computer on and made sure that Chrome would load and did some WordPress reading.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications. The only thing about the results that bothered me was the 14.82 Weight. Sys:155 Dia:85 Pul:84 Temp:34.9. With staying in, in case the Tech Man called for two days (He didn’t) thus not getting any hobbles in may have contributed to the increase in mass weight? I must remember to email Sam, the Tech Man when Chrome allows me to and inform him of the No Change situation with Google Chrome going unresponsive, even after all the work he’s done on it, and ask him to have a look again when he gets the time.

Made a mug of tea and started this dairy off. Then I finished off yesterday’s post.

Oh dear, the tummy rumbling is back again now, suddenly came on? And I have a long hobble coming up to get to the City Hospital Anticoagulation INR blood test session.

Had to stop doing this at this moment, or I will be late if I don’t get a move on now… Hope things (Google Chrome) will let me back on later.

1Mon01Been no bother yet today?

Would you believe it, after typing the above, guess what happened?

Not feeling too good with the innards, hope I can get to the hospital without any hassle. Hehe! Thank heavens for the free Pensioners Bus pass.


I’m back.

I’d set off and up through the park passing and talking to the tree Copse as I went. (I know, sad innit?)

Up over the hill and right down towards Valley Road Dual Carriageway.

Not too cold at all this morning, and no signs of any rain imminent either.

1Mon02On the hill hobbling down to the main road, I came across these giant daisies in a driveway of one of the houses.

I cannot remember seeing any of this giant variety of this species of daisy, the Asteraceae family ever before in England. I recall seeing some on a fishing holiday in Ireland at Athlone, though. Bootiful!

1Mon03As I approached the dual carriageway to turn left down to the turn at the next traffic island for the hospital, the fifth Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came at me.

I had the camera out from taking the flowers shot.

Along the footpath near the turn-off for the blood tests, I saw through the railings, one lone 1Mon04Ladybird, or Lady Bug as the Americans call them.

Did the best I could to get a clear shot of it, but ended up with the one here on the left as the best I could manage.

Onward through the ground passing the GUM Clinic and right into the Anticoagulation Section.

Took a ticket and went to get the Crossword Book out of the bag. But I’d left it in the flat. So I took the ticket from the machine and ventured to a mini-shop and bought another one. I must have about six of them now. Tsk!

Got seated and waited for the number to come up. The book I had bought had odd shaped crosswords grids where there were fewer answers crossing each other so made it a little hard to get some of the answers. That’s my excuse anyway. Hehe!

Half an hour or so later my number came up, and I hobbled into the clinic. Once again no bother with the extraction, but a right job to stop it bleeding afterwards.

Out and over the road to the bus stop with the bus pass in hand ready. I would have liked to have had a crash helmet and knee pads on too. Boy, was it busy on that bus! Haha!

1Mon09Got into Bulwell and walked to the cheapo shop where I found nothing I wanted. Limped to the Fulton Food Store to get the Sterilised milk – but they had none in stock. Not doing very well with the shopping today. They had none of the Bread Thins in either. I did get some battered fishcakes and fish fingers, though.

At £1 each on offers, so not all a waste of time, eh?

1Mon05Out of the shop through the Market Place.

Not many folks around today.

Although I could hear many emergency vehicles sirens and horn somewhere nearby? Mind you, this not uncommon in Bulwell I have to say.

To the River Lean Bridge to have a talk to the 1Mon07Mallard Ducks.

Gave them some of the fodder I’d mixed for them that I know they like.

Birdseed, Cornmeal pellets, Sunflower seeds and Mealworm Pellets.

Oh, I do look after them, and in return, it gives me so much pleasure to see them gobble them up.

1Mon06One white duck, a little larger than the others, did not join in the feast.

He or she was far more interested in something on the bottom of the river – and that is all I could in the photographicalisations I took of the bird – The Bottom!


I didn’t find out what was so tantalising the Duck in the river, though.

Went to catch a tram back to Nottingham, and a more perilous journey this one was. The tram was almost full when it arrived in Bulwell Station and dozens of ankle-snappers with mothers in toe with fags hanging out of their mouths and a varied vocabulary coming up from their oesophagus regions, shoplifters and yobboes competed with me for a seat… I lost!

Dropped off at the Theatre Royal stop and checked the time on the display. Twenty minutes until the next L9 bus. Not long enough to go to get some bread and milk, so I wobbled further down Queen Street and caught a 40 bus back. Another full bus!

A kerfuffle of sorts, but not an ill-tempered one at all. When it came to my getting off on Winchester Street Hill, Three ladies and a chap were getting off as well. But a lady who got on later in the journey had a for wheeled shopping trolley with her, and what a picklement as he had to move the trolley to make room the three trolleys the getting off ladies had. Still, they all managed it with a laugh, that was nice. The bus driver wasn’t too happy it took ages and a line of cars behind the bus up to the top of the hill by the time they’d sorted themselves and got off. Hehehe!

I waited as the bus departed to cross over where there is a central pedestrian island, waited further for the queue of traffic to clear and crossed over. To my surprise, the ladies had crossed with the chap and about fifty yards on down the hill already!

1Mon08Down and onto Chestnut Walk and took this photo from under the tree.

I wondered if this one will survive the chopper when they start the alterations at the compound?

Met Penny’s husband Frank in the foyer of the flats. We had a chinwag and a laugh.

Up to flat number 72 and to the porcelain for a wee-wee.

Put the fish away, keeping some out to use for the meal.

1Mon17aFelt somewhat peckish, so I got the meal cooking, took the medications and set the timer to remind me when the fish and fish cakes were ready.

Ate the lot of it and still felt a bit peckish afterwards.

Did the health checks.

1Mon18Drifted off into the land of nod in no time.

Woke a couple of hours later and put the kettle on to have a brew.

The sky looked nice, what is it they say? ‘Red Sky at Night – Shepherds Delight?

A small Whoopsiedangleplop with the washing up. Left the hot water tap running again. Blooming good job the plug was not in the sink!

Had a look at the TV magazine and found endless programmes I thought I’d like, took a while to choose which ones to watch… not that it mattered, I fell asleep again! Tsk!

Not a good one, off for a few minutes, waking up, nodding off again…

Eventually, I sprang awake with the need to make use of the Porcelain Throne, this woke me properly like when I stubbed the toe again en route. Hunger pangs returned, and I had a look what was available in the freezer for a second meal. Not had two meals in a day for years before.

1Mon17Cooked some potato cakes, petit poi and had the last three tiny potatoes left from the first meal of the day. The cooked smoked crispy bacon was a day out of date, but smelt and looked alright to me, so I had them cold.

Even had a pot of lemon yoghourt with it.

Within minutes of consuming and enjoying this extra feast, the innards started rumbling and stabbing away at me. Huh!

Put the empty plate and tray to one side, thought about taking an extra Omeprazole as Duodenal Donald was starting to kick off too… still managed to fall asleep right through until 0545hrs!

Inchcock – Monday 8th May 2017: Nature hobble, Whoopsidenagleplop and Accifauxpa, today. Tsk!


Monday 8th May 2017

Filipino: Lunes Mayo 8, 2017

0405hrs: Up, out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off for a wee-wee. Did the ablutions while in the wetroom. Little Inchy not bleeding, but sore as heck, Haemorrhoid Harold leaking just a bit, Duodenal Donald I could sense was getting ready to give me more bother today, and Dennis Dizzy had a go at me twice while I was in there ablutionalisationing.

Did the Health Checks and finalised last week’s log. All right I reckon?


Creamed the areas in need. Took the medications and made a good strong mug of tea.

1Mon02Viewed the scenery outside and pondered on the plans for the day: Morrison Delivery arriving 0630>0730hrs, wanted to go and feed the ducks various birds at the Nottingham Arboretum, then go to the bank with the details needed and ask them for assistance with changing my address with the new pension company. Oh, I must call Jenny to tell her I will be going to the nosh session and ask her for the number of the computer engineer she recommended a while ago. Also, get some bread and vegetables. Then remembered I’ve to sort all the bank paperwork back into the dedicated folders. Made myself tired thinking of it all. Hehe! I’ll see what gets done eh?

Did some WordPress reading as I waited for the food to arrive – while consuming another mug of tea of course. Then recalled I’d ordered it for Thursday twixt 0800>0900hrs. Huh!

I rang Jenny, and she said the Computer man is no longer working, but she will get a number for another and let me know it later.

Did some Facebooking and then got the things and me ready to set off into town. Took the waste bin bags to the chute and replaced them with new ones ready, and took the empty, cleaned jars with me in the bag.

Down in the lift, met Olive and had a natter with her, then took the jars to the recycling bin and joined several other tenants waiting for the bus in the foyer. Another chinwag I enjoyed.

1Mon01Caught the L9 to town and dropped off at the terminus.

Crossed over the road by the tram stop, and hobbled down and up the hill to the Nottingham Arboretum Pond area.

Hardly anyone about, apart from students from the local Trent colleges.

Had a pleasant few minutes talking to the Mallard Ducks and their ducklings along with the pigeons who all came boldly to me and dined well.


The baby Mallards showed no fear at all, and even competed with the other birds to get at the food!

1Mon02Many female University Students about on the way back, in the howling winds and nearly wearing clothes. Hehe! 

Hobbled to Victoria Centre (Mall) and called in Tesco. Got some Vegetarian Cottage Pie, a large Quorn one. Selling at £2 from £2.68 on Offer, fresh garden peas and Sourdough Bread.

Wandered up to the Fruit & Veg Market and got a few more pod peas. Wandered around Boots store.

1Mon04I liked the vehicle the Thai restaurant was using to advertise for themselves.

Out and over the road to Wilko. Got a reduced throw thingy, £8 down to £4. Body spray at 50p a small can and Citrus air spray on offer from £3 to £1.50.

Out and over the road to Wilko. Got a reduced throw thingy, £8 down to £4. Body spray at 50p a small can and Citrus air spray on offer from £3 to £1.50.

Then back to the L9 bus stop. Met the lady I chatted with on the way out, and we demolished some of the pod peas between us. Hehe!

A nasty looking accident between a taxi and a bus at the junction of Milton Street and Upper Parliament Street.

Chinwagged and had a laugh with the lady tenant en route home.

1Mon06I stayed on the bus and went on into Sherwood, to the bank.

Gave a bloke the details as requested while the two people that had been dealing with my problems stood behind with some paperwork sorting – they did not even acknowledge me. I bet something else will be needed or go wrong and either Christine the advisor or Lisa the manager will be in touch again within a week or so. No confidence in them at all.


Took this zoomed-on picture of the far end up the hill, of Dornoch Avenue. Poor folks dwellings at the bottom, wealthy ones at the top?

Hobbled up Winchester Street Hill to the flat. Where I met a bloke who asked me to order some white on black keypad stickers for him from eBay. Said I would.

Got in and had a wee-wee, put the bits away and got the pod peas cooking, then put the Cottage Pie in the oven. (Although I failed to put the power on to the cooker, so an hour or so later I turned off the peas and heated the oven properly and waited for it to heat up. Twit!)

Ordered the things for the chap, but not on eBay but Amazon, where I found them cheaper for him.

Got a message back from Amazon – order refused – I’d used the old bank card. Humph! Went back to the site and changed to the new card. Then did the order again, cause it was refused again. Tsk! Finally got confirmation it had been taken alright. After two hours of faffing around.

 Updated this article.

1Mon08Went on Facebook while the oven heated up.

I’d grated some strong cheese on the top of the mashed potatoes on the ‘On Offer Priced’ Quorn Pie. Put some demerara sugar in with the podded peas.

I have to say, it was a yummy meal, one of the best for a while.

Rated this one at worthy 9.55/10. Hope that they are still on offer next time I go to Tesco again.

A Torchwood DVD was watched for a while from the box set. I think this series got worse the longer it ran, too complicated for me to follow.

Turned to the gogglebox later, and started the nodding off for a few minutes, wake up to find another programme on now, repetitions routine. Tsk!

Nipped into the kitchen to get a mug of orange juice from the fridge…

Whoopsiedangleplop / Accifauxpa time had arrived! I decided to wash the pots while in the kitchen… cut down the finger nail again with a knife, banged right knee of the cupboard door under the sink and overfilled the orange juice in the mug and had a right mess to clean up!

Back to the £300 second-hand recliner, I turned off the TV and settled, soon started to drift off… Then the fretting began: ‘Did I turn off the tap?’, ‘Did I close the fridge door properly?’, ‘Did I leave the light on?’, ‘Did I leave the plug in the sink’ and ‘Did I leave the stove on?’… I could not settle until these worries were resolved.

Just had to go to investigate. That was when I stubbed my toe on the heater leg. Not just a standard stub, oh, no… this one almost made me yell out with agony!

Took an extra Codeine Phosphate and rubbed some pain gel on the tootsies and back to the £300 second-hand recliner and tried to relax again… Huh, as if!

Then, started worrying about my needless, or was it, worrying again? Everything that came into my mind seemed of a concerning, panicky, trepidation or consternation… was I turning into a masochist? Then I could not remember if I checked all my previous concerns in the kitchen, out of the recliner, limping a little more now after the good stubbing and checked the things…

I’d left the small ring on the cooker on. Turned it off, and once again returned limpingly to the chair with hopes of sleep foremost in my mind and seeking imperturbation.

Poor old thing! Hehehe!

Inchcock – Wednesday 5th April 2017: Bank Farce Progress? Just maybe?


Wednesday 5th April 201

Swahili: Jumatano ya 5 April 2017

Woke at 0425hrs: The swelling legs had gone down a bit and were far less painful this morning. I think Anne Gyna knew this, cause she was giving me some nasty painful stabs, bless her.

Got out of the £300 second-hand recliner with little bother, and into the kitchen to put the kettle on, turned on the computer and then off to the porcelain throne. Oh dear. Haemorrhoid Harold had and was still bleeding a fair bit, but not enough to make me discard any clothing. Cleaned up and medicated what needed medicating.

Made a nice strong mug of tea and took the medications. At this point, the legs started to give me some bother again. Tsk! Found a note on the 1960 second-hand E-Plan sideboard, with scribble about a dream on it? How it found it’s way onto the sideboard I wasn’t sure?

Got the WordPress going to finish yesterday’s post off, and realised I must have got up last night and wrote about the dream, cause the writing was there in front of me in the diary? A good job I did, because I could never have gleaned so much detail from the scribble I’d wrote.

The tea had gone cold, so I went to make another one. Did the health-checks while I was in there. Dia 169 – Sys 75 – Pulse 89 – Temp 38.1 C, and the best of the lot, Weight 14.75, down at last! I’ll do it again later if I remember, cause I’d not long got rid of a hell of a dollop on the throne.

Remembered I’d got two deliveries coming this morning from Asda and Morrison. So had a wash and changed into the day clothes so as not to answer the door in my jammies.

Finished off yesterday’s diary and started this one off. Realised I’d not put on the picture of last evening’s sky, so I took another one of it.


The Copse is getting thicker now, I’ll soon be able to have a wander through it in search of flora and fauna to photographalise.

I’ve ordered a new kettle in one of the deliveries, cause the one I have seems to be resisting my descaling efforts nowadays.


Had a bash on Facebook for a few hours. The Morrison delivery arrived, followed by the Asda (Walmart) one.

Overdone it again!

Made another brew and weighed myself again… 2lb up on three hours ago and I have not eaten anything? Grumph! Mind you, I can feel the legs and ankles swelling again?


Graphic created for the TFZer site. Took me hours with one, but it ain’t too bad.

Got the washing ready and down to the laundry room. Fellow tenant Paul was there, had a quick chinwagging session.


Back up to the flat and finished the above graphic.

Postman called with the Stat pension letter.

I opened it with trepidation… they had got the right Postcode on it! But the wrong detail sheet! I swore so much!


Down once more to collect the washing. Cleaned the filter.

Back in flat, put the togs away and called Olive to see how she was and tell her about the continuing banking farce.

I can visit her tomorrow, in the morning.

Got ready and went down to the bank, just hoping this State Pension form with the correct address would be suitable for the job!

Feeling a bit down for some reason, and I’d been so high earlier?

The s3Wed08aun was shining, and the wind a blowing as I departed on my hobble to and down Winchester Street Hill and to the bank to see Lisa, the new manager.

At the end of Winchester Street, three rascals speeding down the hill on the pavement forced me to move across the road. Little varmints!

Fair queue when I got into the bank. Only one on the counter. Ten minutes or so later, Lisa opened another window, tended to the chap in front of me and another 10 minutes later, she beckoned me over to the counter. I managed to keep those behind waiting another 20 minutes as she sorted the paperwork out and asked for some forms they had already taken six weeks ago and photocopied, so she could photocopy them!?!?

She ‘Thought’ the newly arrived State Pension breakdown detail letter should be acceptable. She will ring me and if it goes through and let me know. Again, I asked if it would be possible to email me, but no. Told her about the Doctor being off sick so I might not get the required details from her, and that is if she agrees to do them for me, no obligation on her part to do it.

So, I said I would drop in at the bank, on Monday afternoon to find out what is happening. I am not in an unexpectant, but rather a nervous frame of mind now, no confidence left.

Peeped into the Birds Cake Shop window, jus tin case they had any of the Fresh Cream Iced Buns in, but they hadn’t. Naturally, I took this in good spirits.

Cried on my way up to the bus stop. (Not really, but I thought you might find this funny and like a laugh?)

3Wed08Back at the flats, I was nearly blown off my feet by the wind.

The sun was still bright, but when I got back up to the apartment, I could hear the winds howling. But the scenery was gorgeous to look at.

I couldn’t get my head around the fact that I had not bought any fodder, well, anything at all while out. Another odd sensation for me. Hehe!

3Wed09Updated the diary for Monday next on my Google page.

Looks like a busy Monday coming up.

Updated this diary after making a jolly strong mug of tea.

The legs and ankles were I think less swollen now, hurting all the same and irritating Arthur Itis, though. Humph!

Took the potatoes out of the saucepan, ready to have with a cold meal later on. (Or Not?)

Not sure what I’m going to have with them mind, but there is plenty to choose from.

Put the Lumix camera and mobile phone on charge and visited the porcelain again.

Haemorrhoid Harold leaking just a bit, Little Inchy not bleeding, but sore.

Popped on Facebook being as I was amazingly not too tired.

Did some WordPressing.

3Wed10Took the evening medications, finished on Facebooking and got the fodder prepared.

I accidentally had two of the lemon drizzles afterwards.

A mere misfortune that could happen to anyone. Ahem!

This meal consisted of mini-pork and caramelised onion, mushrooms, beetroot, boiled potatoes (Not done in Soy Sauce, Orb has advised me not to use this for a while as it contains a lot of sodium) sliced and drizzled with American potato seasoning, tomato puree, Vegetable sage & onion with herbs slices and soft cheese portions one with mushroom, one extra strong and one with Gouda. Oh, and the Lemon Drizzles and a banana. Nice! 9.5/10.

Tired, but I think the legs and ankles are reducing in size and water content again. Fingers crossed.

Soon nodded off.

Inchcock Today Mon 8 Aug 16: Whoopsiedangleplop and Prize Plonker Day of the year so far!



Monday 8th August 2016

0340hrs: Gave up trying to get to sleep. Feeling in decent form and the ailments seemingly in a calm mood, I climbed out of the now working again £300 second-hand recliner chair and off for a WWHD job. Oh dear, much blood from the  rear end, and painful passing.

11aHad a little dizzy spell. After which as I made my way into the kitchen to make a brew and take the medications, the stomach almost erupted, stabbing pains and it seemed to churn and rumble something rotten.

I popped onto the scales… Humph!

With the tummy churning away, and now the vision blurring a bit, I got the laptop on to finish the Sunday diary and start this one.

I felt a bit apprehensive about these ailments coming at the same time. Took some extra Peptac in the hope that this might calm down the innards a bit.

The wind was blowing in nastily through the air vent and edges of the windows, right up me bare legs under my dressing gown. Hehe! I put me trousers on.

Did some Facebooking (three & a half hours, huh!) while I could, then checked the emails, then some graphicalisationing, all between WRWWs.

I want to go out today now the toe is a lot better, and get to see the ducks in the Arboretum Pond and feed them with the earthworm pellets that they seem to like. Sorted the rubbish and took the bags to the chute.

I got the ablutions done and changed ready to set out to catch the L9 bus into town. I got as far as the lift and realised 11b I’d left the hearing aids – back to the flat to collect them.

Back out and in the lift, just arriving at the ground floor when I remembered I had not got the mobile phone with me – 11b back to the flat to collect it.

Once more, back down the lift and to the bus stop this time… Oh dear oh dear… 11b No Bus-pass with me! – back up to the flat and down just in time to catch the bus!

Then, 11b getting on the bus, I tried to swipe in with my Hearing Aid card! Huh!

Arrived in town and walked to the Arboretum from the bus stop. 01d 01c

A Nottingham Pavement Cyclist joined the pedestrian as we crossed over and I went passed the new Cinema, showing Trolls, and passed the university buildings and up Waverley Street to the Arboretum.

On entering the gate, I spotted a new bit they have created, a beautiful bed of flowers and plants, and an instruction sign/guide.

01f01gTook a photograph through the trees and bushes on the side of the pond.

Rather lovely I thought.

I could see some pigeons and many Mallard ducks further on near the aviary, and made my way to them with the pot of earthworm pellets and seeds to feed the little mites with.

01hThe Mallards came from far and wide to dine.

01iAfter talking to and feeding them, I made my way out to go to Tesco for some fodder and a wander around.

As I left the grounds, twp Nottingham Cyclist were coming towards me on the wrong side of the road, and this very near the tram lines! The both seemed happy enough, and they soon moved onto the pavement.

At Tesco, I invested in two for £3 lamb hotpot ready meals, Two yoghurts, potato cakes, some spread, wholemeal thins, a pack of Boczek and amazingly a two pack of fresh cream horns fell out of the fridge and into my basket as I walked by them?

I paid the gal on the checkout and checked the time, I could just make the L9 bus stop in time with any luck. So I painfully legged it ASAP to the shelter. Met a fellow tenant at the bus stop. When the bus arrived: 11b I couldn’t find the bus pass! I had to let the bus go without me and felt such a fool! I searched through the bags and my pockets, eventually finding the bus pass in my inside pocket! Humph!

01jI had an hour to kill until the last L9 bus of the day. So foolishly I went to the Slab Square and took some piccies of the Nottingham Beach – which was near to the Primark shop, and I went in to have a look around and came out with three long sleeved shirts/jumpers, another £18 quid spent on unwanted attire!

P1110546Caught the bus on Queen street.

The weather turned sunny for a while and the wind seemed to drop somewhat.

I was soon back at the flats and making a beeline for a WRWW with some urgency.

Made a cuppa and got this updated to here.

Some mail arrived, at first, I dreaded that the British Gas might have sent another demand, but no. Twas a letter from the Council, instructing me to fill in the Voting form and return it within three days.

Called to see Olive, going to take one of the Fresh Cream Horns for her, I departed and as I got to her flat, realised I hadn’t taken the cream horn with me, went back to fetch it, and went into the front room to collect the Voting letter so Olive could clarify things with it for me – oh dear! 11b

Plaster LegI did a Whoopsiedangelplop into and over new Ottoman!

I believe I said “Oh, flipping heck” Didn’t half sting. Hehe!

Hobbled to Olive’s flat, and she smilingly greeted me, but she was not very well herself.

She accepted the cream horn without telling off too much this time.

Then, the gal set to medicating me leg wounds and putting plasters on them for me. I felt so lucky to have Olive there. We had a good long chinwag and laugh.

I had to leave and get back once again for a WRWW, and I got the chips in the oven and updated this again.

10The meal, a wholemeal salad sandwich with sausage, oven chips, onions, beetroot, green and yeow tomatoes, fresh raw garden peas and the evening medications, followed with a banana, satsuma and honey yoghourt looked most appetising once I’d got it all prepared and arrange neatly on the plate ready for my consumption!

The Pleasures of Dining Alone:

It was a little uncomfortable eating it, though: 11b As I settled on top of the £300 second-hand recliner chair, tray on my belly, feet up and tucking into the feast, the seat went down on its own accord…

I got out of it to pick up the chips and peas that had been ejected from the plate onto me, the chair and the floor, and banged first, the already black and swollen left middle toe, then 11b I caught the newly injured right shin on the cupboard door as I extracted the brush and dustpan for use. The blood flowed from both plasters down the leg and soaked my sock.

Well, I thought, these things are sent to try us, or words of a nearly similar nature. Hehe!

By the time I’d sorted everything out, the cleaning and clearing up, the wounds replastered and medicated, two hours had passed since the Whoopsiedagleplop occurred before I got settled once again to eat what cold bits of the meal I had managed to retrieve.   

I even managed to tread on fallen fork on the floor that I’d missed. Now bent, bloodied and in the rubbish recycling bin.

Which is where I thought I should be!

A new standard of pissed-offed-ness, depression, frustration and lack of confidence reigned!

Thoughts of a defeated nature lingered… Humph!

Inchcock Today Tue 26 April 2016: A hobble to the Arno Hill Park to photograph the ducks and pigeons was the highlight of the day

06 Tuesday 26 April 2016

0255hrs: With a jolt I sprang awake. All I could recall about the dream I was having, was fire, a talking gargoyle and confusion. I took to the gargoyle and we chatted in the inferno about many different things before he ate me?

I sat there in my broken 1959 imitation brown leather G-plan armchair and checked out the lower regions: Only a few specks of blood, so a good start to the day I thought.

Managed to remember that BJ was going to ring me yesterday about lifting me to the launderette this morning, I couldn’t remember him doing so?.

Spent a while thinking of the man from the Council (Benjamin) had told me yesterday about the bathroom conversion. The actual shower area will be minuscule, not that it could be anything else with the tiny bathroom in the first place. The thought of going four days without a toilet and sink caused me some consternation about how to overcome the difficulty?

Eventually, I stirred myself and went to the porcelain then made a cup of tea and took the medications. Got the laptop on and did the graphic about the dream while it was freshish in my mind. I wondered if Steve Age UK might call me today if he’s heard anything about the house sale from FraserBrown the comical, expensive and uncaring solicitors yet like they said they would?

As I made another brew, I realised that Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were both in a good mood this morning and not giving me much bother at all. It was time for Rea Flux to have a go at me, and he was having fun with me. Tsk!

The incredibly annoying Virgin Internet connection keeps going down at the moment, Huh and Humph

I took a bath and waited for BJ to ring, but he didn’t, so I rang him, but no reply.

Decided to go for a walk into Arnold, and feed the ducks on the way at Arno Hill Park.

Great steady walk, and got some beautiful photographs, it was just grand!

01 02 03 04 05 06S001 S07So many new types of wild fowl at Arno Hill Park pond today.

The flowers in this photograph were found on the Bupa Hospital property on the top of the edge of the wall on Mansfield Road on my hobble to Arnold.

The best find was this colourful duck, I think it is called a Mandarin?

Apart from the Canada Geese that bullied the smaller breeds to get to the food I fed them.

I was very impressed with how all the others ducks and fowls got on so well with each other and the pigeons too.

A wonderful hobble out today.

As I walked out and towards the bus-stop, the high spirits evaporated as the worries returned. I’d heard nothing from Steve Age UK or FraserBrown the lying solicitors about the sale of the house progressing, Steve and the lawyer said at the last meeting that arrangements would be made for a meeting Wednesday this week, but I’ve heard nothing from either, fancy that. Deja Vu?

I must try again to contact BJ, who didn’t arrive this morning as he said he would, I hope he’s not got any bother or is poorly.

Caught the bus back to the flats. The wind was getting up.Got

Laptop on updated this tosh.

Got the nosh prepared and cooking.

Fretting over things again, so I delved into the DVD shelves and selected a ‘Rumpole of the Bailey’ DVD to watch and immerse myself into.

P1070055The fodder was baked potatoes, baked BBQ flavoured beans and the chicken discs in crispy batter.

Some bread thins and a lemon dessert to follow.

It was awesome, apart from I’d overcooked the chicken thingies a bit.

Still gave it a 9/10 rating.

To the porcelain, the bladder was a little overactive.

Back to the DVD and wallowed in nostalgia, managing to forget my worries for a bit.

I did nod off for an hour or so, but now I’ve worked out how the remote thingy works, no problem.


Shirley sent Inchcock to feed the ducks?

Shirley told Inchy to go feed the ducks, 

And mentioned that his poetry sucks, 

He got it wrong as he usually does, 

He fell in with ducks, what a fuss! 

Why the hypo and the uniform?

Had he been naughty, and did not conform? 

But is there more to this tale of Woe?

Only Shirley will ever really know!

Slab riots


Inchcock’s pictorial Walk along the Trent Embankment

♫ Down By the Riverside ♫


Inchy alighted the tram at the wrong stop, and set off on his walk that he enjoyed so much, despite the crippled feet, knees and hip he accrued during it! Tsk!


The fool walked over the field, through Wilk’s car park over the road and nearly got himself clobbered be these three burks of Pavement Cyclists!


Took a photo of the old halfpenny bridge – given that name cause then it cost a halfpenny to walk over it – now it carries the new tram to Clifton.

DSCN0006 DSCN0005

He bumped into these to reprobates of fishermen: It turned out they were two lads he worked with 30 years ago at Scan Security, and boy did he enjoy hissen getting all their news and having a natter for over an hour with them. Unfortunately he can’t remember their names, but did recall the things they got up to together in the days of yore working at Pork Farms and York sites… two of the best blokes one could have as partners in Security.


He forced himself to leave the lads and moved on down the river, started to feed the geese but stopped when he remembered there is a £60 instant fine if anyone gets caught feeding them!

DSCN0008 DSCN0009

Inchy pressed on only to be confronted by two more Pavement Cycling idiots!


For no particular reason the twit took a photograph of his legs in the dead leaves when he came to cross over the road. He’s losing it again I think?


Sentimentality overcame him when in the distance he saw his old school had just one of the three buildings left – two had been replaced by apartments it looked like.


He walked on over the fields and into the ‘Rock (Memorial) Gardens’ where as a young ankle-snapper, he and his schoolmates were barred from for various reasons…


As he walked through the now dilapidated gardens to the one-time fish pond he was mightily impressed with the colouration of the trees there.


Queen Victoria’s statue was in a right state despite the Council trying to keep off the yobs and vandals by erecting a fence to protect her. Tsk!


The view of the main gates from inside reminded him of the shelters, now cleaned up somewhat, where he used to meet the gals for a fag and a bit of slap and tickle – ah, that’s the reason they were barred from the gardens!

DSCN0019 DSCN0020

He called at the WC to find it all locked up and cobwebbed Tsk! As he mounted the steps to the main gates intent on getting a photo from the other side, he became curious of a man and woman’s activities in the pond. The man had torn off a branch from a tree and was using it to fish something out of the water, so he took some photo’s of them. The woman went over to the man and as he pulled out a child’s scooter from the water he shook his fist and shouted something at Inchy that Inchcock couldn’t hear of course. Inchcock beat a hasty retreat from the gardens, forgetting to take his photo of the main gates. Of course it was not fear or anything like that, that made him hobble-hastily away – it was because he didn’t want to lose his temper with the grown up vandal/yob and hurt him.   WWarnLie 


Inchcock took a photo of Trent Bridge as he approached it, just before he did his Whoopsiedangleplop on some leaves down onto his bottom! Luckily no one was about to enjoy it or laugh!.


Down Arkwright Street as was, and into and through the Meadow area.

DSCN0022 Inchy nearly had an altercation with yet another Pavement Cyclist, but managed to get a partial shot of the Memorial gates in the background.


The play area with the kids using F, C & B words as they played happily, probably they were just trading drugs as they were spitting at each other.


As he left the Meadows area he spotted the Brookfield Court old peoples complex. He used to live on Brookfield Place in the Meadows where this got its name from presumably, but that was 60 odd years ago… blimey, it was too!


Up towards the train station and yet another Pavement cyclist belted passed him from behind! These Swines were prolific today. Humph!


Just passed the station, he called into Tesco and amazingly another pack of strawberry jam fresh cream cakes jumped into his basket?


He crosed the Nottingham canal and threw some food in for the ducks, but when the wino’s emerged from under the bridge he moved on cause it wasn’t the usual couple of them, but at least seven of em looking up at him! Shame, cause the photo looks nice and serene dunnit?


Onward into town and the fool fed the pigeons risking a fine – the Wally!


As he came out of the shopping centre he’s walked through the crowds were getting thicker…


Up into the slab square, where the great Nottingham shoplifters.. er public, continued to show their disregard for safety, even one woman just walking in front of a tram with her kid in the pram!/!?


The a-fresco café’s were doing their usual roaring trade…


As he got towards his bus-stop, he took a shot of the Watson Fotheringill designed frontage that he admires so. A lot of his stuff has been demolished by the crude and blatantly uncouth Nottingham City Council 

Catching his L9 bus meant the end of his marathon poddle about.

But he met the lady tenant of his flats on the bus…

The one he has a hankering for… oh yes!

That made him forget about his aches and pains for a bit!

TTFN all.