Inchcock Today Thu 30 June 16: Winwood Community shed Tenants Social Hour Today

30 June 1950 – Inchcock


Inspired by last night’s dream… or nightmare?

Thursday 30th June 2016

I stirred around 0300hrs, presumably due to a dream I was having, as I jumped awake with memories of it musing around my brain. T’was about my younger years, the house seemed very lifelike and details I recalled about the kitchen were amazing – unless I’d crated them in my dream? The gas stove with the Iron irons heating up on the rings were level with my head. I struggled to get them down to use to iron Dad’s uniform on the table, cleared of what bit of food and utensils there were on it, and a blanket put on top to iron over.

I had to stand on one of Dad’s cobbling tool boxes to reach the irons. Every time I tried, the red hot irons would go cold the instant I touched them? I went into the front room and got a dustpan of burning coal from the fire and put in in the sink? Put the irons on top of it and thought I’d done well, but the irons melted and ran down the plug hole? Dad came in and took off and utilised his belt on me, using the buckle end on me… this started all over again and nothing changed?

The reason I can remember so much detail, is cause I got up at that ridiculous hour and wrote it all down, then went back to kip hoping the dream would not reappear. It didn’t.

I woke again around 0430hrs, and was soon on the porcelain throne, no bleeding at all anywhere, that was good!

Made a brew and got the laptop on and wrote about the odd dream, and was inspired to make the graphic above.

Thought of the thinks needing to be done today, glad that no medical appointments were due. I’ve to sort the rubbish bins out. I’ll go to see the gorgeous Olive to have a massage with the pain-gel. Get the thing ready for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour and attend it. Hopefully if I get any photographs I’ll go to Asda (Walmart) in Arnold and get the photographs printed off. Must remember not to get any of those lamb shanks again after the disappointment of last lot.

Had a quick bash on Facebook.

Called in on the way out to see Olive, who considerately massaged some pain-gel into my shoulders.

Off to the Tenants Social Hour at the Community Hut. Very few folks there today, but all seemed to enjoy it all the same.

P1110236 P1110237

To the flat and got things for the trip to Arnold. Wee-wee’d.

Down to the lobby and chin-wagged with some residents also waiting for the bus. I was soon in Arnold and  getting the few photographs printed.

Got some stuff from Asda (Walmart), TV paper, prepared swede and carrots, Marmite crisps and some Orange chocolate digestive biscuits.

Walked over to the Futon Store and had a wander around. They had a lot of the Lamb Shanks in the fridge, no wonder if others had bought some like the last lot I bought. I bought more stuff there, some Bisto Vegetable granules at what I thought was an amazing price at 39p a pot… found out later they were well out of date. Tsk! And, some more biscuits.

P1110239Got to the bus stop, passing the famous disappearing decaying bench, now less one more slat.


The rain started as I travelled back to the flats, but not heavily.

Had a dizzy as I sat there and although I was wedged in the seat with a bag at my feet and one on my knees, I thought I was going to fall out of the seat? Then fought off the urge to fall asleep, managed it though and did not miss the bis-stop for Woodthorpe Court flats.

Walked through the rain and back to the flat. Got in, letter delivered with the INR blood test results from the QMC Anticoagulant Therapy department. Good news, it was almost spot-on target. Next date given for me to make an appointment with the surgery.

AndyEmailed a request to the doctor.

I added this graphicalisation wot I dun of the two Doctors.

Just for a bit of fun like.

Dr Mona Vindler

MBBS, MRCGP, DRCOG, DOccMed London 1988

Dr Andrew Flewitt MBBS BSc (First Hons), DRCOG, DOccMed London 1983.

A pair of good doctors. Mona Vindla is my caring, straight forward and humorous friendly General Practitioner doctor.

They are located at Sherringham Park Surgery on Mansfield Road in Carrington.

I got the nosh on and had a call from gawd knows who. Asian sounding woman who I just could not understand a word she was saying. I apologised and explained in the hope that she would understand me and rang off. An hour or so later, she rang again, same procedure.

P1110240 Got the nosh cooked and I’m glad to say it was much better than Wednesdays disaster. (Lamb shank)

Beetroot, BBQ pork sausage, those Rooster chips that Martin Shuttlecock recommended (Very nice too), and potato cakes. Plain yoghourt with added honey.

Had an apple, banana and some biscuits later. Feeling rough like I did, I was surprised I ate so much. Rated this a 9.4/10.

Washed the pots and settled to watch some Law & Order UK episodes on the DVD. It was a losing battle, nodding off all the time, so I put on the Poland vs Portugal match, but still kept drifting off to the land of nod, until I gave up.

Kept waking up throughout the night?

Anarchist planning to set up a World Government

A momentous, portentous, meeting took place in a shed in Lancashire shed early last week. We believe a Martin Shuttlecock may be the instigator as the meeting reported was believed to have been held in his shed.

After a meeting of six unknown men, they decided to form a World Government.with his choice of prospective candidates,

How, why who they are, is not clear yet.


If you can supply any details, please forward them via the comment section to the FBI, ATF, CID, Interpol, McDonald’s or any of the Secret Services below.

It is unknown which of the militants is to take over which department yet.

Caroline X of the WWE, warns people of the nefarious habits of this anarchic group of alcoholics. She told our reporter: “Take care and be very wary of approaching any of them. Some drink wine, some smoke tobacco, most of them are addicted to beetroot, one has been made redundant from work five times, one is too clever by half, one eats kangaroo for his breakfast… oh yes this mob need monitoring. Mr Obama is aware and about to take action!” As soon as he has consulted with Mr Cox, his advisor.


Inchcock Today – Easter Sunday 26 March 2016:

I heard that my Solicitors had gone bankrupt.

Well, I already knew they were only Morally Bankrupt!

* * * * * *

Easter Sunday 27 March 2016

01W03Woke around 0520hrs, but it was really 0530hrs. No medical hiatus’s prevented me from hobbling around and resetting the clocks. In fact, I was physically in good shape, even ‘Little Inchy’ has stopped his bleeding.

It was my mental state I was worried about.

I got the kettle on to make a cup of tea and take the medications.

Then, onto the laptop and got carried away somewhat with finishing posts, doing a humorous graphic post and starting this one off.

By 1045hrs, I’d got the graphicalisation finished and sent off.

01W03aWent to put the kettle on again, and had to clear up three or four dead meat-flies on the window ledge?

Back to the laptop for a while, back to the kitchen and found another meat-fly on the ledge?

Mad Magpies were amassing in the trees, and meat-flies were appearing from where?

01W04And not anyone animal could be seen anywhere.

Out of curiosity, I got the binoculars and scanned around; no signs of life at all?

No traffic was moving, no smoke from the chimneys and no lights to be seen?

Had the world ended? Dang dang, dang dang Hehehe!

Did some more graphicalisationing with CorelDraw 8 and CorelPaint.

I’m having problems with changing my default style on ‘Grammarly’. At the moment, I’m having to change it manually each and every time I do a paragraph – driving me potty, but I just cannot find out how to change it to Blog casual as default?

Frank16dI did a graphic of Caroline, Frankie, Lynton, and Shuttlecock for a bit of fun.

I’ll post it as a caption competition on Facebook methinks.

Then I spent another two and a half hours Facebooking, Tsk!

Suddenly the day had passed so quickly, and here was me, not even had a bath and shave yet, Tsk!

P1050946Got the fodder going.

Gammon chunks, cheesy potatoes, beetroot and, a bit of batch bread followed by a low-calorie lemon dessert.

When I run out of these desserts, I’m going to stick with pots of jelly afterwards, cut back on the dairy stuff a bit. Sandra, Margaret and Janet from the TFZ Facebook site kindly advised me to, bless em all.

Not a bad meal, 7.9/10 rating.

I got carried way watching the goggle-box, and soon it was too late for me to have a bath, cause of the noise disturbing my neighbour.

So a dirty me nodded off.


Inchcock Today Mon 1 Feb 16: A hyper-active day today!



Monday 1st February 2016

I awoke in desperate need of a Wee-wee.

A dirty great Meat fly landed on my hand as I stirred to attend the bathroom. In which some bits of memories of the dream I’d had came back to me. I wrote them down on some toilet paper to use here.

I’d snuffed it, and was talking to a football crowd as I stood in front of them with my feet in a bucket of mud? I was, in heart-rendering fashion, pleading for them to allow me to become a ‘Greeter’ at St Peter’s gate? They all turned to skeletons as I spoke. Then I found myself sat at a desk with my old Atari ST computer in front of me at the gates… seems I’d gotten my way after all? 

I was typing out names and giving them to some elves, and they would go off to the line of heaven applicants to find them, and bring them to me? I’ll not mention the names of them, but three Facebookers and bloggers I know came and booked in with me at the desk. For some reason, I sneaked them each a jelly baby? Can’t recall much more, but what I could remember seemed clear to me.

Made a cuppa, to have me medications with, and another meat fly was lurking in the kitchen. Got him!

A bit concerning where they are coming from, mind.

A few more wee-wees later, I got the diaries updated and started this one off.

The stomach rumbling is still there, but far easier now (He says with crossed fingers).

Checked the emails, of which the little icon informs me there was 150 received?

The wind is still howling outside, not looking forward to my hike to the surgery in it. Humph!

Then did some Facebooking.

Got the bath running and beautified myself, well I had a shave, did me teggies and got in the tub like. Then readied the things for me for me little outing trip.

P1020950Started to walk, battling against the wind, down Winchester Street into Sherwood.

I considered catching a bus to get out of the weather, but as you can see, they are not very frequent around here.

So I plodded on.

P1020951At the end of a one-way street that came out on Mansfield Road, I came across two cars that were parking up on a dangerous corner and both on double yellow lines. Both were women drivers. Which was rare I thought.

These ladies, the stronger sex, are not usually found flouting the law are they?

I’m not sure why this photograph came out in monochrome?

So, on into Carrington and the GP surgery.

Did some cross-wording while I waited for the nurse. Told her about the Constipation as she took me blood. Handed her some nibbles and shot off to catch the bus to Mansfield.

The wind was still strong. I caught the round-about 3b bus and enjoyed the scenery along the way.

At the bus station, a fight was taking place between some youths and girls, the police were there when I arrived and made my way out ASAP.

P1020952Down to the precinct, the sad, decrepit rows of shops and closed down premises went well with the aggressive unhappy people milling about.

I called in the B&M shop to try to get some Bonners Beef Goulash and or curried beans and some individual pots of their porridge.

They had none of any in stock.

Then I popped in the Price-Cut shop to have a look around.

P1020955I ended up getting some tiddly tins of Bonner’s Garden peas at 15p each, they were good value and will do me nicely. I bought up all they had left at this price. Some chocolate treats.

I also made a Whoopsiedangleplop in taking the wrong medications for my diarrhoea – I got the opposite somehow, Senna thingies to make me go! Plonker!

Back to the Bus station and caught the direct bus back to Nottingham. I managed to fall asleep and miss the bus-stop again! Still a plonker! Had to walk back into Sherwood and up the Winchester Hill back to the flats with me bags.

P1020953The wind was awful again.

Folks were struggling to hang onto their bags, hats, scarfs, etc.

One bloke getting out of his car lost his scarf as it blew off and on the road to who knows where.

It was a farcical scene. I wished I had a video camera to have recorded it.

P1020954On my way up the hill, I came across something that is so rare nowadays.

White dog poo! Just thought I’d mention it for Lynton Cox and Martin Shuttlecock, fellow bloggers who are experts on the subject.

Got in the flat and put the bits away, during which I observed I had no Potatoe Cakes or Farls in the fridge. (I’d forgotten I had some in the freezer like, Tsk!) Thus, after perusing the last of the buses time table, I made the decision to go to Sainsbury’s to get some.

Hurried about (Loosely speaking), and out into the wind, almost a gale now, to catch the bus to Arnold and the store.


I got some potato cakes and slims. And a bag of Anya potatoes (Sort date reduced). I found a tiny pack of cut beef shin in the fridge, short dated and reduced. 

I’d like to point out to Marissa Bergen, that despite being temporarily tempted by the fresh cream French horn cakes – I didn’t buy any. Therefore, keeping my self-imposed punishment for my Grammatical error cock-up in her photograph posting. (I used a naughty word by mistake) 

Feel quite proud about this.

Paid the snotty lady on the check-out and went out to the bus-stop. The winds were worse now than earlier!

NN09Got back to the flat and struggled to get from the bus-stop to the flats doors. The graphic I did yesterday seemed to be so much more appurtenant than ever.

Thankfully a lady in a mock fur coat and tattoos on her neck and hands in the seat behind me was yelling angrily down her mobile phone for the entire journey.

This ensured I didn’t fall asleep and miss the bus-stop again. I nearly thanked her when I got off but decided against doing so.

GC (01c)When I got in the flat kitchen, the view from the window demanded that it be photographicalised.

What a sky!

The winds continued to howl.

So, I got me few bits of beef shin and the potatoes boiling away.

P1020959Added the garden peas and seasoned it with some Bovril and Bovril beef cubes.

Had it with some soda bread, dipped in the gravy.


Delicious it was. Rated this one as 9.56/10.

Then did some WordPressing and Facebooking.

I had planned to read some my book and watch a film on the telly.

Fell asleep!