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Tuesday 22nd December 2020

French: Mardi 22 Décembre 2020

02:35hrs: Jumped awake – At last, I’ve had a dream I can remember something about. But first, the need of a wee-wee must be tended to.

Then things went (temporarily, I’m sure, Ahem!), a little out of shape. A nasty toe-stubbing as I moved to the wet room, the wee-wee produced about 2-fluid ounces in a slow, painful trickle. I washed and returned to the front room, intent on writing down the memories of the dream to record here later… But No! The flaming nocturnal memories had dissipated completely, into the ether! Grumph!

I mused over the airing rack at the medications and pondered over the best way to arrange things, so I do not forget to put the five, and four a day eye drops in. Then thought about a way – or tried to think about a way I can assure I’ll stop missing the evening medications. The thinking and planning lasted about 30 seconds.

Then I fetched the Chloramphenicol antibiotic eye drops from the fridge, and set about spraying the head, then the floor, next I squirted some in the actual eye. Hurrah! This bottle is not going to last the full two weeks!

Then, I did a lot better with the Carmellose eye drops, aim-wise… until I dropped the bottle. This bottle is not going to last the full two weeks either!

The temperature came out good!

The Boot’s Chinese made in Hong Kong Sphygmomanometer, gave another high reading of 160 for the SYS. I still can’t believe that three medical professionals told me on Sunday that the BP was just fine, one of them actually, said it was perfect?

Next, I had a guzzle of the Docusate, with a lot of water to follow. Took the medications from the pill-pots, this needed a bit of care, as the Carmellose drops were, as they always do, making my vision a bit blurry, it’ll pass though. Then gave Arthur Itis’s knees and Cartilage Cathy a good rubbing in of Phorpain Gel. Took  Dioctyl® capsule, and an extra Furosemide. When one gets on a bit, life gets more and more complicated! A bit of advice for the whippersnappers, if any are reading this, of course. Hehe!

A long job updating yesterdays blog, a very long one. My concentration had gone on strike! Finished it hours later and sent it off to WordPress. Pinterested some snaps. Then did some Facebook catching up. Replied to the torrent of messages and comments (both of them!)

Then I thought about the fodder situation. No doubt, I have lots of frozen stuff in, cleaners and tinned goods, apart from garden peas. Sainsbury’s have no slots until the new year, fair enough. Out of desperation, I went on the Morrison site, and they had a slot on Tuesday 5th January. I reluctantly made an order with them. I’m dreading the substitutions that might, well, are almost guaranteed with them, that they may plant on me, and short dates as well. I’ve ordered Chilli Beans, I may get spaghetti bolognese. Oxo cubes, likely to get Strawberry jam? Rankin Soda bread, what chances of these being subbed with Soda Water? Sterimar Nasal Hygiene Spray… the mind boggles at the thought of what they might substitute for that… A face-mask maybe? I talked myself into getting worried now! Hahaha!

Blimey, look at the time! I’d better get the ablutions done. Closed the computer to give it time to cool down, and off to the wet room – it turned out a long, harrowing visit:

Ablutionalisational & Ablutioning Report

  • As I got in the door, all stripped ready for action, (Terrible picture in ones mind prompting thing to say, sorry about that!) I needed to use the Porcelain Throne, got down and as nothing was moving evacuation-wise, (the innards were active though, suddenly it felt like a stew, or witches cauldron bubbling away?)
  • The crossword book was tackled, and I got a few answers before any activity began. (Well, apart from some lively escapages of wind, with the associated pongs)
  • It was like early last week, the torpedo (which I thought it was at the time, but it wasn’t) peeped out and stopped. Requiring my painful exertions to encourage things to get a trot on. (Hehe! – don’t know why I’m laughing!)
  • I slow, long evacuation. Hoo-Haa! Argh! Blobblecraps! Yikes! Gawd, that hurt! Of course, it didn’t bother me!
  • Upon rising, I discovered I was back to the solid little meatballs evacuation mode.
  • More blood than for several weeks. Shame that, cause I was doing well lately with this. Humph!
  •  The nasal-cleaning and clearing: Went well, no bleeding!
  • Teeth Cleaning: Nae bothers, whatsoever!
  • Shaving: Worra farce! I had SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley) shaking the __it out of me, and Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters failing, at the same time! The razors spent as much time on the floor, or the sink than in my hand! Schpugglebogs!
  • Shaving: Five little nicks that I know of.
  • Stubbed toe number two of the day, as I moved the chair and sock-glide to make room in the shower. It made me jump, but to a hero and Clint Eastwood lookalike as me, t’was nothing! (Sob!)
  • The Showering: It went as well as it has for months! Just the four dropsies. Great! 
  • I thought the marks left on the chest arms and legs from the hospital’s electrode stickers were bits of glue. But the nailbrush, loofah, soap, shower gel and elbow grease all failed to remove them? I later tried bleach, without any luck?
  • Doing the medicalisationing had its moments. The first cock-up was the worst (pain-wise). The Germoloid tube shot out of my hand, (SSS to blame!) and as so often, it hit the wall and fell behind water-closet. I got the picker upperer, put the specs on, leant down to reach the escaped tube, and hit my chin on the raised seat arm when my hand lost its grip on the metal bar! Nicodemus and his neurotransmitters were to blame for this one! I think I’ve knocked another lump of enamel off of the broken tooth now. Cragnaggles!
  • Harold’s Haemorrhoids were going through the grind with these hard evacuations, gave them some extra ointment this morning.
  • At least the blood vessel burst eye was looking a lot better now. Got the bob-cap on, then the PP’s, and into the main room to get dressed.

As I was putting the slipper on, I noticed how calm the ankle was looking again. I wonder if the usual ailments have noticed the new intruders, the eye and diabetes, and are taking it easy with me?

I’m known a soliloquist and believer in resistentialism, but now I’m talking to my ailments as it we’re friends? Well, I’m a right little anthropomorphizer!

Jentacular thoughts came to mind. I went to the kitchen to look in the overflowing fridge to see if I fancied anything in p[articular. Not-half! I made up a plate of mini-pork and pickle pies. A disc of Marmite cheese, black grapes, tomatoes, a pickled egg, and strawberry yoghourt. Took it with me to the computer, and had half-an-hour watching YouTube.

But, I got a wobbly carrying it, and dropped and broke the pot of strawberry blancmange or whatever it was. I can inform you though, that when thrown on the floor and trodden on, these desserts make a hell of a mess to clean-up! Humph! Mind you, it also cleans the faux-leather slippers, they came up an absolute treat!  I wonder what it would have snow to my stomach if I’d eaten it? Hahaha!

I got both of the drops put in the eye again. Well, when I say in the eye, that’s not exactly right… In the case of the keep-in-the-fridge Chloramphenicol one, most of it ran down my cheek, leaving a brown-yellow trail, and into my mouth, discolouring the moustache en route. This time the gooey Carmellose drops, virtually all of the first couple of squeezes ended up on my clothes or the floor. I said earlier; I don’t think these eye drops will last long!

However, despite these altercations. SSS, and N’s Neurotransmitters, the eye is looking much better now.

I did some more updating on the blog, and the GW (Great Weariness) arrived.

I couldn’t manage to get anything further to eat, Shaking Shaun visiting me now. Not that it mattered much, cause I wasn’t hungry anyway. The stomach started churning, and the passing of wind was getting regular. Oh, dearie me!

I managed to put some of  Chloramphenicol, and Carmellose eye drops in. Well, most of it ended up on the face, floor and in my mouth, after discolouring the moustache on its way down the face, to the mouth!

Took the medications. Then I got a bag of Frazzles and a pot of yoghourt, which I got down the gullet alright, but the Docusate medicine flavouring was not nice.

I had a wee-wee, a worryingly long and getting darker orange shade wee-wee. I settled in the £300, second-hand bought, c1968, sickeningly-beige-coloured, not-working, uncomfortable, rusty, rickety recliner, in search of sleep.

The wind escaping from the rear end continued in short bursts, and each time there was a mini-gurgle and or pain from the innards?

Summat else developing? Humph!

Inchcockski – The The fatigued faineant! Tuesday 8th December 2020

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Tuesday 8th December 2020

Italiano: Martedì 8 Dicembre 2020

01:35hrs: I stirred into life after a rather unsatisfactory two-and-a-half hours sleep. And the first thing I became aware of was that the worldwide ‘Hum’ was a little quieter this morning.

 The next thing gleaned was the need for a wee-wee. So the morning performance of getting my obesely, stupendously wobbly stomach burdened body, out of the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly-beige-coloured, not-working, rickety, incommodious, grotty recliner, which went fair enough. Catching my balance was a piece of cake, too. Grabbing metal-mickey and over to the OEGPB (Overnight, emergency, grey, plastic, bucket), another task that went well!

However, wee-weeing was a difficult task. After a long, long while, the flow started with the odd weakly-sprayed trickle and stayed that way until the bladder had had enough. Unbelievably, the Post Micturition Dribbling, carried on almost as long as the wee-weeing had? Ah, well, a change is as good as a rest! Well, maybe not in this case.

I now became aware of a new to me, noise! A droning hum, but not like the external one. I seemed to be coming from inside the building, close by, but above me. You can’t win here! Well, I can’t!

I went to get the medications taken. Not touching those in the not-sealed pots that I had gathered from the spraying all over the room when I opened then, as Matrom Jackie had told me not to do when she phoned me last night. I opened a pod-pack that had got the seals in place (Two trays had them, the other two had none). Bless Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, next to the pub, launderette, near the Lidl store.

When I did the sphygmomanometerisationing, I was certain that I’d got the wayward medications wrong! The Sys was the highest it’s ever been! A staggering 182! So, this is not good, but it’s a good job that the caring Matron Julie is coming to see me today, I’ll see what she says.

I tried to get my head around which of the medications I’d gotten wrong, easy-enough with the three same shaped and coloured one’s I take in the mornings. It’s not surprising that errors have been made, just look at the three aforementioned tablets! Plus there are still some missing from the spillage and scattering of the medications. I am not wee-weeing much today, and it’s reluctant, this indicates that maybe the Furesomide has been missed? The high blood pressure shows I may have missed a Beta blocker, (Bisoprolol)? Nope, I had to give up, it just got Conrad Confusion in a bigger mess than he was to start with!

I got the Harpin Xian Di Thermometer used. At least the temperature, was okey-dokey. The need of the Porcelain Throne arose, so off I trotted to the wet room.

Well, goods news from this session! Less painful, with minimal bleeding, and all over quickly! Not messy either! The cistern cleared everything in one flush, which considering the size of the torpedo, also amazed me! The first Smug-Mode of the day adopted!

I then took three photographs of the same area, the first one was in Auto Mode on the Nikon Coolpix B700 Bridge Camera. (A bit of bragging there, sorry, but it does sound as if I know what I’m doing. Hehehehe!

The second one down of the three was taken in the Aperture Priority setting.

The last one, I chose Night Landscape. The nearest of them to what the viewer showed, was the Auto Mode one.

No, hang on, I got that wrong, sorry, the middle one was in Night landscape mode… Oh, dear, my battle of resisting Conrad Confusion is being lost!

I got on with updating the Monday blog. With the unreadable scrawl on the notepad, through the late additions after I’d got my head-down, the photos and the attention pf Conrad Confusion, it took me far too long, but I managed to get it done without too many mistakes being made. Ahem!

I got the email link sent. Went on Facebooking catch-up. Visited the WordPress link, some great photos on there today.

Closed the computer to let it cool-off, and got the Ablutions tended to. I had to get the nearly, in case Matron Julie came early. (But she didn’t, she came very late! No point in moaning, she probably had to fit me in with the regular people she has to visit). Not that this will help in Sweet Morpheus seeking.

The stand-up ablutions went fairly well. About 15 dropsies in total. Only two shaving nicks.

A couple of knocking things of knocking-things over.

So not so bad really. The pins and plates didn’t look too bad at all. The ulcer was getting less flared, too.

Only Cartilage Cathy’s patellas looked, well, felt, worse than usual.

All done, medicated and deodorised my magnificent, manly, taut, desirable to women,  masculine, body. (Alright, alright, we can all get carried away at times, yer know! Hahaha!)

I did the handwashing in the bowl. Got it done, wrung and hung, to dry, above the kitchen sink.

Carried on with updating this blog, and the time flew by, without any signs of Matron Julie arriving. MY EQ tells she is going to come late after my head-down time. I just seem to be incapable of having any luck lately. I half expect her not to come today, Oh, dear, never mind. 

I got the dinner prepping done, to the accompaniment of Herberts, clunking and tap-tapping.

I put the left-over peas from yesterday, and cane of Chilli-Con-Carne in the larges saucepan. And made some gravy to go in the mix, too. Stirred it and tried a spoonful. After which, I bravely added some Chilli powder and Squid vinegar to it. Gave it another good stirring, tried a spoon of some more, it tasted okay to me.

But the gamble was in my having BBQ rice with it. I should wait until I get the Chilli mix boiling and add the rice to it then – but of course, I did all this without thinking about the nurse coming. So, I had to turn the heat off, or it will be ruined if Jackie comes too late in the day or even night. Now I was getting depressed, and I already getting tired through sleep deprivation and getting annoyed with myself. Pissed-off a bit, as well!

I had a look at the email Nottingham YourArea magazine. Amidst the knifings, burglaries, unlicensed and uninsured drivers, I found the latest Coronavirus figures chart.

On my usual, well, it used to be normal head-down time, the door chimes sounded, and Matron Julie entered the flat. A lovely feeling came over me!

She wanted to get the tablet cock-up details first, and I showed her the pill-pots and photographs I’d taken. She asked some questions, and I answered them all, in her usual professional manner. And she got on the phone to talk to the Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, next to the pub, launderette, near the Lidl store. She moved away to talk to whoever answered the phone in private, not that I could hear her anyway.

She told me to put all the tablets retrieved from the sprinkling, on the floor in a bag, and hand them back to the chemist, who she’s asked to replace the two unsealed trays for me ♥ Kind of her.

She asked some general and ailments health questions. When she asked what my BP was and I told her that this morning it was 182/81-P76, her eyes (I couldn’t see her face due to the black mask, Hehehe!) looked at me dubiously, telling that is way too high! I showed her the photo. I retook the reading as told to, and it had gone down to 159/86-P79. Julie seemed okay with this reading. 

We spoke about the problems, (I was getting a bit weary, and not everything of this chinwag sank in), and Julie departed, with my thanks.

I got the nosh rewarming, and served up. It looked good to me in the dish, and I settled to eat the meal while watching the TV. Oh, dearie me! It was horrible!

A Flavour Rating of 2/10, no, 1½/10! Eurgh! I’m never having rice with my chilli again! Spit!

A few spoonfuls after starting, I was getting up to throw away the meal. I packed it the disposal bags, but them in a carrier bag, and those into a black rubbish bag and sealed them up. So they would not cause a pong in the flats Or worse, they might have split open, effect and infect residents, and started a new Pandemic, the Woodthorpe-Court-Virus! Hehehe!

I had a bag of Frazzles (well three actually), and nibbled some nuts, turned the TV off, and lay there, waiting to be enfolded in the grasp of sweet Morpheus! Who, soon took over, drifting off into a deep but dream-filled slumber was attained! (vague memories of falling down holes in the ground?), but it was not to last for long, I sprang awake three hours later, the expergefactor, unknown! Blurblecrups!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 29th October 2020: A surprise late visit from the Matron – that cheered me up, girded my loins!

TFZers Supporting Elvis! ♥

Thursday 29th October 2020

Galician: Xoves 29 de Outubro de 2020

00:00hrs: I woke-up wanting a wee-wee, and wheedled my way out of the c1968 recliner. Caught my balance, and grabbed Metal-Micky, and wondered wobbly off to the wee-wee room. Not that much came out, but at least the bladder is more willing to try this morning. Hehe!

Still, variety is the spice of life. Which nit-wit first said that?

Cleaned up, and wandered off to the kitchen, to get the Health Checks done. The thermometer gave a reading of only 32.4°c?  That’s flaming low? What’s going of here?

Then the Boots BP sphygmomanometerisationing showed the SYS to be the opposite, really high again?

Confusion reigns! Which is another way of saying, everything is normal then!

Made a brew of Thompsons Punjana tea, and set about creating a template for, and then creating a blog about yesterday’s Escape to town, pictorially and in rhyme, of sorts. It took me many hours, but I was reasonably pleased with the result. Emailed the link, and posted off the blog.

I made a start on updating yesterday’s IT (Inchcock Today) and stuck at it with resolve and determination. Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters mainly caused this, and SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley) had both died down at the same time and were being very cooperative with me. Oh, Yes!

I got it finished, emailed the link, posted it off top WordPress, Pinterested the photos, did some Facebooking updating, and then got the new Warfarin dosages and checked them. Then I took the Dioctyl® stool softener capsule.

Then had a perusal of the WordPress Reader section. Missed it yesterday with the escape to town farce. Lots of good posts today.

I did an Iceland order in response to their Email Priority reminder. I made the order for next Tuesday, 3rd November 2020, between 08:00 hrs > 10:00 hrs. I’ve only just spent enough to get free delivery, so I hope that they are not out of stock on anything that will bring the total too low.

I used to think that Iceland was not very good at packing food, but Sainsbury’s have taken the lead now, as the most discourteous, food damaging, lousy substitute-pickers, and running out of stock, stores now! Mind you, Tesco did me bad one day, sent a wall clock with the food, and it was broken when it arrived – I didn’t get a reply or refund from them, so no trade from me since! Although to be honest, Asda has sent me some silly stuff as substitutes, in the past. I’m running out of stores to ban! Hehehe!

I got some waste bags made up, and took them in the three-wheeler-walking guide to the waste-chute room.

Unfortunately, I trapped my right hand on the microscopically small metal opening, just after taking this photograph Humph!

On my way back to the flat across the lift lobby, with throbbing knuckles (Haha!), I saw how splendidly welcoming, and originally colourful and gay the new decor looked in the dim lighting.

Still determined, I got on with the template and made a start on this blog. Dusty’s tune rang froth from the door alarms, and before I could get up, Matron Jackie was in the room with me. So nice to see her!

She said she was in the block to see someone else and she’s decided to call in to see how I was going on with the bladder and bowel problems. I explained about the wee-wee colourings, but at last, they were getting lighter again, and the porcelain Throne visits are soggier. Hehehe! The gave me her units number in case I need any help in future.

Gave me a temperature check, during which I showed her the results from the new forehead thermometer, and the reading she’d taken, was 2°c higher. So she tried it with the Amazon one, and it was way lower. Told me not to use it, as it was well out of sync.

  Then, Jackie got my ear thermometer out and had a look at it, and told me not to use it with the cones on it, I tried, and it worked this way! I’ll use this again in future.

Then she had a look at the furuncle on my rear quarters. (I was a little Red-faced at this. Haha!) It is not a boil, but she wasn’t sure what it was, but she cared enough to tell me to keep an eye on it and call her if it doesn’t clear up in a week. We laughed my keeping an eye on it, Hahaha! 

She even took away the used Enoxaparin needle box for me! What a gal!

I felt really cared about and for, with he helpful attitude, and was cheered up so much! After she had gone, I began to sink again, but it was so good having her call unexpectedly! Thanks, Matron Jackie, ♥

I took this photo of the City Hospital earlier, and phoned Pete to see how he was going, he’s just finished his radiation sessions but is now suffering from bad sickness. A horrible time he’s going through, naturally worried, but coping with it well, I think.

I’ve got the Doctor to visit in the morning, CDH checks, I must remember to take a sample with me.

Got te meal ready, not one of my best efforts by along chalk. Flavour-Rating only 5/10.

I think I got the ‘blues’ a little; this always happens after a cheering-up visit from the Matron or nurse, and the realisation that I am all alone again.

Did the pots, got a wash and the TV on. Sweet Morpheous was reluctant to enfold me tonight, and the flaming Thought-Storms started. Hey-ho!