Inchcocksi – Sunday 14th June: Ups & downs, dissimilitudes, ficklenesses, and fluctuations!

Todays TFZer

Sunday 14th June 2020

Bulgarian: Неделя, 14 юни 2020 г.

03:00hrs: I stirred into consciousness, didn’t like it, and fell asleep again.

04:00hrs: Woke, and still not too interested in life’s trials and tribulations, or coping with the next faux-pas, mistakes, errors made, or decision making, I drifted off one more time.

04:30hrs: Reluctantly, I came back into imitation life, needing a wee-wee, so forced my bulk from the £300, second-hand,  c1968, rickety, none-working recliner, and off to the wet room. (I was not exactly full of enthusiasm at the thought of returning to life). I took the wee-wee, a SWAT (Sprinkly-Weak-Apricot-Tinged) configuration, washed my hands, noticed that the shower cloth looked a might stained for some reason, cleaned it and left it to soak in the hand basin.

I hobbled to the kitchen, almost on automatic pilot, for once Arthur Itis was in a good mood, or taking a breather.

I got the kettle on the boil. And I stood looking out at the morning view. No mist or fog today, I did a bit of self-analysing while I stood there, deep in involuntary self-denunciatory thoughts. By doing this, it only made me feel worse, and self-denigration ruled.

By the time I decided I had to pull myself together, the kettle had boiled, and the water had cooled considerably.

I was still dark, and I thought I’d use the Nikon to take a photograph, which I did. I selected the ‘Night landscape option, and a message came up to open the flash. The first shot is without the flash on; the second one was with the flash option. The first picture looked as it was to the eye. Neither of them was very good.

I got the BP machine out, and the readings were batter than yesterday morning. Although the pulse was down in Saturday’s, I think it was still a tad high. But with how my state of mind was, there was not much interest or concern inspired.

Getting the new bag of medications opened, I noticed that the Fenbid Forte 10% Gel box had acquired a new health warning. It read thus: ‘Fire Hazard’: Do not smoke or go near naked flames; clothes & bedding with this product dried on them can catch fire easily!

I wondered if a patient might have got burned or worse, had encouraged them, to put this warning on the box? Later I did a Google search for “Fenbid Forte gel” fire patient. And look at the pictures that came up: The first dozen and many more followed, that was from guess who? Me! From my old blogs. Well, here I am at a low ebb and disinterested in life generally more than ever, and fame at last! Hehehe!

I got on Computer Cameron and made up this template. I started off the blog, then went to update the Saturday post.

The morning looked a bit better than yesterday’s did, only a slight mist forming now.

A couple of hours later, and I went to make a brew, and, oh boy, the fog was coming back again. 

I went to use the Porcelain Throne, but try as hard as I could, there was no movement!

I had a go at the crossword book, not the usual one. I can’t find that, but an old one. I soon realised why I had abandoned trying to do it. It’s a little above my limited abilities. I photographed the painful, irritating uncut toes. Still no action.

So, I gave up and went back to Computer Cameron. Did some updating, had a wee-wee, made another brew, left it in the kitchen, and returned the updating again. 

I got the latest Coronvirus figures for Nottingham and England.

Then back to the updating again. Later on Facebooking and WordPress Reader.

Well, that didn’t take as long as usual. (Wonder if I missed something?)

I was still in Depression Defcon Three, I went to get the ablutioning tended to. Back in a bit!

I’m back! The ablutioning went even better than yesterday! No shaving or teeth-cleaning cuts, and in the shower, not a single dropsies!

I came out, all refreshed, and got the rubbish bags made up. And took them to the waste chute. Utilising the three-wheeler trolley.

It’s so much easier to get around with the trolley than any stick. Trouble is, on the bus, and going up steep hills, like the one I live on! Hahaha!

It was still a little misty outside. As I took a few seconds to have a nosey through the filthy window at the Woodthorpe Park. It dawned on me, I’d better get the spuds on for Josie’s meal. So, back to the flat and did just that.

Then I investigated the Facemasks that had been delivered yesterday from Amazon.

I found them a little hard to breathe in them, but no doubt, if and when I can go out again on the bus, I’ll be used to them by then I hope. I plan to wear them when I go to take the rubbish and recyclables down the Steve, or go out of the flat at all, really.

Of course, my having a treble chin, and large head for my torso, that needs to be covered is bound to make them tighter. Hahaha! When I opened the box, it was three-quarters filled with brown paper to protect the box inside. I found a Certificate of Compliance that pointed out they are nor designed for anything medical.

I thought I’d got a  bargain. I’ve just used the calculator, and I think they were about 10p each, compared to the £1 one’s I bought in town. Of course, being famous for my well known, recently acquired, since the stroke, arithmophobia, and dyscalculia; I may well have worked it out wrongly – £19.99 for 50.

I had a look at the Amazon Prime Morrison choices and options. There was a minimal choice, no fresh food, of course. A lot of the things were sold in 24’s or more, they had a bargain on the Swish Kitchen rolls, I thought at that price, I could stock up even more! Haha! But No! Sold-Out! While on there, I considered getting some more of the Branston Pickle Mini Cheddars and had a look around, during which Dizzy Dennis paid me a visit, a nasty one, too! So, I came out of Amazon and did some catching up on this post…

I don’t know what happened in between, but I found myself sat on the Porcelain Throne? Obviously, I’d had another memory blank. Not had one for weeks. Not that I wanted one! But, there I was, in mid-evacuation mode! Might have been a good thing, judging by the dollop that filled the WC. Took me four flushes to get rid of it.

Unsure of what I was doing before going to the Throne, I looked at the computer and recalled that it was in the state I can remember it being in. So, with any luck, it was just a few minutes of blankness, memory loss. Reading what I had written earlier, helped me get the thread again.

I got Josie’s meal made up. It took me a while to get a decent photo of the tray, with Nocodemus’s Neurotransmitters kicking off. Not complaining, they’ve given me a good break this morning. (When it came to downloading the photo, so I could pick between the five terrible shaky shots, where were they? Gone! All of them, not one on the SD card? – Shagaraggles! I’m going potty!) Cheesy potatoes, gherkins, silverskin onions, tomatoes, Marmite cheese, mackerel in tomato sauce, and a can of G&T. Delivered to the door, from a distance.

Oh, ‘eck, checked on the emails, and found one from Amazon! It appears I put an order in with them?

Glugglegnatsworth! If you can you believe it? I’d ordered 12 packets of flaky-cheesy biscuits! And a box of 30 Branston Pickle 50g Cheesy Cheddars!

I sat thinking for a while. I have mentioned these blank-periods to the Doctor on my last visit, a long time ago. She didn’t seem too concerned, it was as if I should expect them? At least, she didn’t come back to me with any suggestions or advice. How do I know every time after a blank, that I’ve had a blank? I slowly got myself more confused. But this one was obvious to me.

I got an email from Jenny. We swapped messages for a while. Thanks to Jenny.

Getting tired and hungry now. The short date cooked meats need eating, so I’m the man for that!

Got some chips in the oven, and a hashed up meal. Rated: 6/10.

Settled down to watch an old 2016 Euro Match on the telly.

Mind storms, disturbing ones, made sure that my concentration on the screen was at a minimum.

Sweet Morpheous took her time in coming to me.


Inchcock Today: Sat/Sun 29/30th Dec 2018: Wee-wee splash-back like a hosepipe! Depressed Weary and Poorly, and the body growing like Robert Morely! Tsk!


Saturday 29th December 2018

Punjabi: ਸ਼ਨੀਵਾਰ 2 ਦਸੰਬਰ 2018

23:25hrs. WD 51.2.51 I woke, and the first thing that registered in my muddled brain was the unbitten tomato sandwich, squashed into the folds of my bloated stomach! The mind simply accepted this fact, without any expostulatory self-recriminations. Then it moved on to other concerns, and, with a degree of clarity in there too! This, I found surprising and worrying, such a rare stance for my grey-cells as I gain consciousness in a morning?

I removed the belly-dwelling sandwich and had a feel about of the legs. Again, I was surprised, to find that the fluid build-up seemed have gone down a little. Surely one-half of a Furosemide tablet, taken ten hours earlier, seemed to have made some effect already? Or, maybe, was being hopeful? The usual morning struggle out of the £300 second-hand rickety, rusty recliner was not as severe as usual, and I thought I might be right about the fluid retention going down a bit…

WD 51.2.51 That was until I caught the swollen tibialis muscle against the corner of the Ottoman! I take it back, perhaps the fluid is not going down after all. Hehe! A decent purple-blue bruise appeared in seconds. Tsk! But, of course, the pain meant nothing to a man like me. (Lie Mode Adopted!)

I Iimped on, muttering to myself as I did so, to the kitchen to get the Health Checks done and the medications were taken. The legs seemed to swell up as I hobbled on, and were rock-solid again by the time I got the few paces to the kitchen.


6Sat03My sphygmomanometer worked on the second attempt. The new thermometer which I was conned into buying worked, but I still can’t hear the ending beeps, even when the thing is in my ear-hole?

The readings for Sys, Dia, and pulse were all rather low this time. The weight, had gone down a bit? The temperature was looking good to me. 

GC blue f03WD 51.2.51 I took one Furosemide with the other medications, and off for the usual SSWW (Short-Sharp-Wee-wee): which after the Furosemide being taken last night and this morning, have now turned into LHBLWWs (Long Hosepipe-Blasting like Wee-wee). Cor Blimey! I got splashback all over the place. You wouldn’t believe how much and how far it went – well, I can’t believe how much and how far it went!

I took me ages to get things cleaned up. I have now positioned three plastic bins, one in each room. Humph! No going out today, then. I do not think the Protection Pants would cope if another blast like that one comes along uninvitedly. As the paperwork that came with the Furesomide said: “…blocking the absorption of sodium, chloride, and water from the filtered fluid in the kidney tubules, causing a profound increase in the output of urine – never a more accurate statement read! Hehehe!

WD 51.2.51 By the time I’d got the sorting outdone, another LHBLWW arrived! Forearmed with knowledge now, I made use of the grey bin in the kitchen and avoided the spray-back… well, most of it. Humph! I might run low on disinfectant and Germolene cream soon.

6Sat06I went on an EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) search and destroy mission. I got the 5p coin ready on the kitchen towel to photograph any prisoners I caught.

Something else hard to believe – I didn’t find a single Weevil, dead or alive!

I set about updating the Friday post. Considering all the mayhem and overabundance of events suffered on this day, I was pleased with how the end product came out. Titivated it, and got it sent off to WordPress. During this process, I utilised the thin deep grey bin three times for an LHBLWW!


Emptied and disinfected the grey ‘Emergency bin’, and went to make a very small mug of tea.

While waiting for the kettle to boil, I took five photographs from the unwanted or liked light and view-blocking new window. I tried each one in a different option on the camera. To see how they compared to each other in taking nighttime shots of the same view.

WD 51.2.51 Unfortunately for me, I forgot to make a note of each one’s mode it was taken in! What a Nebbish! Here the yare, anyway. Tsk!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Back on the computer and made a start on this blog. Just the one LHBLWW needed.

Checked the Emails, then went on the WordPress Reader. 

6Sat07I spotted that the papsules on the back of the left hand were returning again? A mystery these are. I forgot to mention them to the Dr Vindla yesterday.

Still, I can get another chance on Monday when I go for another Warfarin INR blood test and my appointment with the doctor. I think the original meeting might have been about the memory blanks and forgetfulness? But I forget for sure. Haha!

I went on Facebook to update with the TFZers and get the latest photographs in the albums.

The legs seem to be filling up again now, far more than when I woke up… what’s going on here? Tsk!

6Sat22I’ve decided to get some brekkie now.

I’ll go and have a forage around to see what fodder is available… Tomato sarnies, pickled gherkins, and chestnuts with a drop of hoisin and balsamic sauce, so I can try both of them out.

Not keen on the balsamic sauce, a little too sweet, but the Hoisin was tasty and tangy. As brekkies go, a Flavour Rating of 5/10 for this one.

I spent hours on CorelDrawing and making a few more page header graphics.

WD 51.2.51 A Blank Spot followed. And I found myself waking up in the £300 second-hand recliner, in need of an SSWW, which again turned out to be an LHBLWW.

6Sat23Dizzy Dennis paid me a visit as I got the meal prepared. I wish I hadn’t bothered now.

I think the taste-buds have gone off a bit again. Pork ribs with seasoned baked beans and a defrosted cob. To me, it all tasted horrible, not just not nice. I left most of it, and I usually would gobble up all of the seasoned beans.

I felt suddenly drained.

I got the pots soaking in the washing up bowl, had another LHBLWW and into the night attire and on the recliner. Despite my weariness, it took me ages to get off to sleep! No hobbles, you see?


Sunday 30th December 2018

Scots Gaelic: Didòmhnaich 30mh Dùbhlachd 2018

23:42hrs. I bestirred with the belief that I had been sleeping for so long like never before, and must have overslept by hours and hours! Then realised it didn’t matter in the least if I had overslept, no medical appointment today. Had grope of the fluid affected legs, they seemed in the same condition as they were yesterday, which was less solidly swollen than the day before… I waffled a bit making that statement didn’t I. Tsk!

WD 51.0.0 As soon as I tried to move my pharaonically-stomached body from the £300 second-hand recliner, I realised I was wrong about the state of the legs. Fair enough, they did feel less filled with fluid, but, oh boy, the pain when I stood up! From the top of the legs down to the ankles were positively painful, every time any part touched against something… like the floor! Ah-Well, nil desperandum! No doubt now the blood’s starting to move, it will ease off in a while.

I shuffled slowly and carefully to the kitchen, when I saw the clock, I realised I had only been asleep for about four hours!

WD 51.0.0 I was getting the Health Checks and medication taking things ready, when the innards erupted and despite the condition of my legs I hastened frantically, quicker than I had ever done before, to the wet room and the desperately needed Porcelain Throne! I did not make it in time! An uncontrollable liquified evacuation. No more details should be told. Nuff said! A lengthy cleaning up session took place.

Back to the kitchen and the Health Checks.

The flipping sphygmomanometer was not in the mood for playing this morning. It took four tries before it worked. Tsk!


I found a blobby patch of whatever it was on the lower right arm, and the papsules seem to have changed colour again?

WD 51.0.0 I made a brew and took the medications… no sooner done, than the stomach rumbled and grumbled and it was back to the Porcelain Throne in another hurry!

7Sun05WD 51.0.0 I got there with a few seconds to spare this time (and was so glad that I did!) Splattering and spluttering, this evacuation was more liquified than ever. But, I could sense… well, I could feel squidgy activity, brewing in the innards still! So, expecting another wet discharge was imminent, I remained  where I was and had a read of the ‘Catastrophy – Europe goes to war’ book, having now finished the Clarkson biography, I thought I’d get back to this exact detail-filled massive (Hardback 628 page) history book, filled 7Sun07awith so much delineation that, it is perfect for an opsimath like me.

And, I got it for only £10 reduced from £30, at The Works – discount store on Long Row in Nottingham City Centre.

As to whether I’ll live long enough to ever finish reading it, I don’t know. Hehehe! As I awaited the threatening onslaught of the third evacuation, I pondered on this thought. I decided that the cleverly manipulated changes in human behaviour, conduct, demeanour, outlook and accepted protocols, is of benefit to the elderly. Who surely must feel less bothered about snuffing it, seeing the madness of mankind, cruelty, lack of empathy and greed getting worse all the time? This train of thought, cheered me up a bit. I got side-tracked again there, sorry.

WD 51.0.0 The third evacuation arrived, less of it, but even wetter than the first two of the day! Nuff said again!

The tummy continues to emit warning signals, even now. The odd rumbling session and occasional little stabs, of mild discomfort. I fear things may be on the move yet again soon. Where the heck is it all coming from! I hope I will be able to get to the surgery tomorrow for the blood test and doctors visit.

Went on the TFZer Facebook page.

7Sun10Feeling peckish, so got a breakfast prepared. Chips, bits of Polish Pork Boczek, beetroot, tomatoes and onions.

Watched a YouTube Dvd while eating it. I nearly ate it all.

Went on CorelDraw to another try at getting some page header graphics done.

Managed to get a few done before Dizzy Dennis called again. I must mention this to the doctor in the morning.

Zombielike I just sat feeling sorry for myself…. fell asleep so early… but I needed it I think if only to escape the discomfort I was feeling.

Sister Jane rang. Not sure what was said. I do recall telling her of the side-effects of the Furosemide, I think.


Inchcock – Sat 6th October 2018: Indoors day – Some Graphics were done – Late Memory Blanks… Going bonkers I think?


Saturday 6th October 2018

Finnish: Lauantaina 6 Lokakuuta 2018

0130hrs: Yet again, I wake up feeling a different person. ([Chance would be a fine thing], I said that wrongly, sorry), I meant, Yet again, I woke up feeling ‘Like’ a different person. Hehe!

Only the worrying bleeding from the Fungal lesion bothered me, all my other ailments appeared to be taking a holiday. I’m delighted to say!

As I lay there amidst some suspicious looking empty nibble pots around my bulbous body balancing atop the £300 second-hand recliner, absorbing this good news: my innards summoned me to the Porcelain Throne. Out of the recliner, no toe stubbing, no dizzies or shakes (Looking good healthwise today), and I had one of the best Porcelain Throne session I’ve had for days now. *No bleeding from Harold’s Haemorrhoids either!

Washed and tended to the Health Checks. With further encouraging signs in the results (I began to wonder if I was still asleep and dreaming, such good fortune for me? Haha!). With all this luck, maybe I might win the lottery and become one of the nouveau-riche? Oh, no, I don’t do the lottery… perhaps I should? Hehe!


6Sat02Just look at this morning’s results folks. Sys, Dia, Pulse, temp and weight all down from yesterdays higher readings!

Even the sphygmomanometer worked the first time!

Can this last, I thought?

I got on with updating the Friday blog and got it sent off.

Made a start on this post, but I got distracted into adding some more words to the personal dictionary. An hour or so later, I went to make a mug of tea and take the medications.

WDP A Lilliputian release of wind from the rear end – and I had to make a dash to the Porcelain Throne again! I was delighted that I was in the kitchen at this time, for I was but a few paces from the wet room door.

♫ Just in time, I got there, just in time
My get-there time was running low
Blood was lost, the PPs had to be tossed… ♫

Had I had to go any further, I’m sure I would not have made it in time! So much for my improvement with the luck department! That didn’t last long, although I don’t know, nearly four hours without any Accifauxpas or Whoopsiedangleplops ain’t too bad. I think my EQ knew all along that the unnatural absence of Accifauxpas would not last… it never does.

The pay-back time now. Harold’s Haemorrhoids were stinging and pouring blood, and Little Inchies Fungal lesion was in a messy sanguineous state.

Medications applied (Germoloid and Daktacort), change of PPs, and I had a wash and a cleanup.

Feeling like another person again now. My usual Schlimazel variety!

As I was leaving the wet room, I spotted a few dead Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle carcases on the floor. This prompted me to get the spray and ‘do’ each room in the flat. There more dead bodies in every place, I collected them as I went around into a pot come coffin.

6Sat06WDP Unbelievable, picking up very last of the beasts from the kitchen floor, and the painful lower-back electric-like stabbing pains returned!

I got the brew and took some extra painkillers, which is the last thing I wanted to do, I’d been trying to reduce the Codeine Phosphate intake because of all the falling asleep I’m doing.

6Sat03And, will the bleeding interfere with the planned Haemorrhoidectomy Strangulation procedure?

I am not in a good mood now, especially compared to how I woke up feeling so good. Pessimistic, disaster-prone, hexed, cursed, jinxed, voodooed, luckless… Yes! The poor old thing, Haha!

6Sat05I took some a photos from the kitchen window of down on Chestnut Way in the rain.

A bit nippy when I opened the window to take these shots.

I set about finishing the funny graphics I’d done of some of the Willmott Dixon lads, and posted them to Facebook, too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope they get a laugh from them.

I got some photographs on my Pinterest site. Then some onto my Facebook Albums.

Started today’s diary going again, up to here. Then went on the WordPress Reader section, had a perusal of others efforts on WordPress. I’ve not heard anything from Tim Price lately. I pray all is okay, medically speaking. Could be technical or holidaying has delayed his content.

Then back to TFZer Facebooking. Made a graphic from the Goose Fair photo of the scary Spooky Tower Haunted House thing. TFZer creator Sandie in her Halloween outfit. Haha!


I posted it to the TFZer site. Then did a post about the latest Political Humour Graphics wot I dun! Hehe!

I made a Christmas order for the 20th December to Morrisons. Then got the meal prepared, did the Health Checks while waiting for the sliced potatoes to cook.

5Fri34I remember eating this meal and thinking it was a much better effort than of late.

What happened afterwards is a total mystery to me, as I nodded off repeatedly, waking and seeing the TV was on, then drifted off again and repeated this many times.

I woke with a start at 0025hrs, full of fears and trepidation. The lower back pain twinging, and Inchies lesion flowing copiously. The stomach grinding. I must have had a memory blank period methinks.

Ah, well, I thought and got up.

Inchcock Today – Sat 29th Sept 2018: Lost the day to six-hours of graphicationalisationing and a blank-spell. Another lonely see nobody day, indoors. Ah-Well!


Saturday 29th September 2018

Dutch: Zaterdag 29 September 2018

0100hrs: Woke up, the mind almost alert straight away, but uninterested in anything at that time, other than to get the two graphics I started yesterday finished off? No meandering off on complex subjects or galimatias this morning.

Getting my heavy but wobbly body free of the £300 second-hand recliner seemed to take little effort. Off to the kitchen, and got the Health Checks done.


Started the computer, to finish off the two outstanding graphics for the diary headers…


Come to think of it, their CEO, Michael T Fries, does look like a Mafia Boss, doesn’t he?

I did the last two graphics updated on CorelDraw.

The internet stuttering eased off, and I pressed on with finalising the Friday post and got it sent off to WordPress.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Once again a messy affair. Tsk!

Not so many Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles around at the moment. Good!

6Sat03Got my first mug of tea of the day, and started this post off.

Took this photo from the kitchen window.

Then, concentrated on getting the drafts made up.

Five an a bit hours later… I got them finished! Phew!

6Sat06Prepped some bags for the chute, and made up a large recycling bag to go down with me when I leave. (But I never did leave)

Got mushrooms sliced and in the crock-pot on a low setting.

Back on the computer.

6Sat04After 0630hrs, I leant out of the kitchen window to take these photographic efforts.

The one on the left here was taken blind, upwards to show the new balcony pods with their multiple thick bars that block out the light and view.

6Sat05Then on the right, another blind shot down towards Chestnut Way below.

The reason they were both handicapped in being taken? The new windows with the sticking out ledge means I cannot see below, as the opening in the window is much higher than the old one. Which were heaven for any budding photographer.

One heck of session of at least six hours or more was spent on the Diary-Top-Graphic creating. So glad I got it done, but the concentration seemed to take a lot out of me.

Did the Health Checks and had a sit-down in the £300 second-hand recliner, and had an iced lolly and took the medications.

6Sat24As for what occurred then, I think I must have slept a lot, for few memories remain until I was eating a right odd mess of a meal?

It felt like I was in a dream or something. Or, fell asleep?

I suppose I could have had a blank period.

Not much of the meal was eaten. I consumed half of the pork pie contents, a few slices of mushroom, two tomatoes and a third of the rye bread slice. I threw the rest away. I was just not hungry. My having nibbled during a memory-blank or not, I don’t know.

When I took the things into the kitchen, I did find the biscuit container with suspiciously, few bikkies in it? Haha!

Got settled to watch some TV, and the nodding-offs and waking ups started repetitively.

Inchcock Today – Monday 5th February 2018

Monday 5th February 2018

Shona: Muvhuro 5 February 2018

0035hrs: After a horrendous night of fitful nodding-offs dreaming and waking, (No memories of them) I stirred and with great effort, forced my way out of the £300 second-hand recliner. Off for a wee-wee, to find the PPs soaked in fresh and dried blood. (A lot of anguish and mess to sort out later), and did the Health Checks and took the medications. Recorded details in the log.

The stomach was rumbling and grumbling. Put the kettle on, made a brew, and shot back to the wet room to utilise the Porcelain Throne. Most uncomfortable of sessions. More cleansing needed! Tsk!

Found the days medications in the pot near the kettle, I thought I’d taken these? I hadn’t it seemed, so I did. Hehe!

Got the computer on and started this post going.

Finished off yesterday’s diary of woes and got it posted off.

Went to the WordPress Reader. I made the comments.

The stomach is churning away severely again.

Went to Facebooking. Did some more of the TFZer Transport Series Graphic for the TFZer page.

Time to get the ablutions and medicationalisation treatments done now. Not looking forward to this, but it has to be done. Back later on folks.

Uncomfortable medicationalisationing followed the wonderful shower tooth-cleaning and shaving session.

0845hrs: Sorted and took the black bags to the refuse chute.

Prepared the things needed for the trip to get some pork knuckle in jelly and hearing-aid batteries.

Off out into the most misleading oh, so heatless sunshine.

Took this photo of the continuing work on the Woodthorpe Court flats half-way along Chestnut Walk on my way to the Warden, Obergruppenfurheresses Temporary hut. Walking well this morning. The right foot was sticking out a bit further to the right than usual, but no more painful than usual.

Into the hut, Warden Deana greeted me a good morning as she was leaving the shed. Inside was only Roy, and Welsh Bill sat opposite each other chinwagging. I offered them a cheery “Morning lads, are you both okay this nippy morning?” I was totally ignored. I smiled and chipped in with “I can go outside and come in again you know!” Each of them turned to look at me, both gave me a sort of ‘Phwert’ noise, adopted a semi-smile and carried on gossiping. Hehe! Nice to be well-liked, innit.

Out to the bus-stop and got on the City bound L9. En route, it dawned on me that the audiologist department does not open on a Monday. This was most annoying my forgetting again, cause I did the same last Monday! Twit!

Got off on Upper Parliament Street and walked through the Victoria Centre Shopping Centre (Mall) through to Tesco at the far end.

On this stretch of highway, there was a terrible saxophonist street artist with his instrument container used as a ‘Place-Cash-Here’ box. A band of three was making one hell of a loud racket and din, supposedly to make music and collect donations in the doorway of yet another closed-down City Centre business on the corner of Clumber Street. I could see from where I stood, no less than five street sleepers.

I attempted to take a ‘Moody Shot’ on Clumber Street.

Facing straight into the cold sun and holding the camera low. I had no idea how it would come out because I could not see the screen of the camera as I took the pot-shot photograph. However, this is the resulting effort, not good, but interesting.

It seemed that the Nottinghamians this morning, there were all in low spirits. Long faces, scowls and glumness seemed to be everywhere around.

In Tesco, I got some pork knuckles, jars of black bean sauce, sugar snap peas, brown bread thins, pork shoulder steaks and mini franks… how that packet of Fresh Cream Strawberry and cream doughnuts got in with the other fodder, is still a mystery to me. Hehehe!

Paid the lovely lady at the checkout and walked back along through the shopping centre and onto Upper Parliament Street.

Waiting for the bus, I noticed the street sleeper outside the PoundWorld shop, had three people approach him with a flask and bag of goodies. He was very quick to conceal his mobile phone out of sight under his blanket.

During the fifteen minute period that I waited for the late running bus to arrive, no less than three paramedics, two ambulances and a fire engine passed by. No signs of any police, of course, I didn’t see any officers in all the time I was in the City Centre.

The bus arrived, and Frank’s better-half was on, I sat next to her and had a natter as we proceeded in a Northerly direction toward our apartment building. She was not very well, just getting over a bout of flu, bless her.

Had a ‘Memory Blank Period’ when I got into the flat. It lasted a couple of hours or so, during which I have no idea what happened. I seemed to come out of it having eaten the meal, that was on the tray on my lap as I sat there watching the TV?

I went to do the Health Checks and take the medications, to find that I already had done so.

I found this photograph of the meal on the SD card the following morning when I went to update this post.

It seemed whatever took place, had not affected my appetite at all. Shame I could not recall enjoying, or even if I did, the cream cakes. But only the empty box remained. Hehe!

I’ll mention this and make an appointment with the doctor at Wednesday’s blood test.

Did the washing up and settled to watch some TV. I kept nodding and waking for ages.

Inchcock Today – Monday 8th January 2018: Heaters being replaced, so I abscond for the day, while they do it! The Marathonist of Marathons I’ve ever made, ensued!

Monday 8th January 2018

Armenian: Երկուշաբթի 8 Հունվար 2018 թ

0245hrs: I woke up and immediately the belief that an upcoming recumbentibus would arrive today: The day I have to get everything done early so I can relinquish my occupation of the flat for the day – while the crew remove and install the new radiators. Nothing could exclude this fear, and my grey-cells mused, fretted and the apprehensiveness had started Duodenal Donald off. Coping with change and stress is no longer my strong-point.

Imbibed the medications and did the Health Checks. The computer on and straight to getting yesterdays diary finished and posted off.

This is not going to be a good day. The rumbling innards have started already, Duodenal Donald and Hippy Hilda are both in fourth-gear, I am anxious about events about to take place and have to evacuate the apartment for the day. Worried? Me? Yes! No doubt about this. But can still feel the appreciation of the help Jenny has been.

I might get some photographs taken later when I go out on the enforced abdication of the flat?

A slight panic overtook me as I was adding now received an appointment for the INR test to the calendars; thus followed, atypical of me, “Panic at will period” Tsk!

I went to check the dentist appointment day, all I knew was it was in January sometime and feared I might have missed it. To my horror, it was not in the written or online calendars! I flapped about getting the files out of the case for the medical section and after a while found the letter – The date was for the 14th, so I wrote this and put it in the Google calendar – then I realised it was for 14th March, not January! So I had to change it all again. All this with Duodenal Donald in the most unhappy of moods with me!

Made a mug of tea, no calls to the Porcelain Throne yet, that caused a mini-worry; if I don’t pass and have to go out for the day, I could find myself in difficulties?

I made a start on this blog up to here. Gawd, the innards are growling away today.

I got the mobile and camera in the coat pocket while I thought of it.

Hello; off to the Throne I go.

No movement, only wind, wind and more wind! I found I’d left the flipping fan-heater on all night. Snug as a bug I was there, reading the Lenigrad book. Only 60 pages left to peruse. But it was damned cold when I came out, especially with no radiators working.

Had a go on WordPress Reader then Facebook, cause I felt confident I would be far too drained and tired tonight to do anything but sleep.

Made a brew and did a TFZer graphic, A Mystery Photograph Quiz. Asking the TFZers if anyone can tell me what was going on here? Haha!

When I went to do the ablutions, it was virtual agony from Hippy Hilda as I painfully put on the socks and trousers. No wonder this post sounds like it is written by a pilgarlic pensioner who is on the verge of losing it altogether – I am that man! Hehe!

The workmen arrived, and I greeted them, had a laugh and then set-off out, the start of the marathon all-day-hobble!

A quick look out of the window before departing revealed a frostiness of immense magnitude.

Off I went, down the lift and out through the lobby doors. Which was not responding to the release button being pressed? But I managed to heave the doors open on the end and escape. Handy this, if there was to be a fire that needed the building evacuating? Tsk! Just a thought.

I called in the Obergruppenfurheresses Den on the way out. Wardens Julie and Deana were busy.

Had a chinwag and a few laughs (Not many) with some other tenants.

Here on the left, is the map I made up of the route I took after leaving the warmth of the hut on my marathon hobble:

Flatulence accompanied me for much of the course.

However, Hippy Hilda started to like the exercise the further I went? Duodenal Donald, Haemorrhoid Harold, Anne Gyna and Hernia Harry and the poorly painful plates, were not so keen.

The frozen-solid leaves on Chestnut Walk gave off a warning for me to take care in the limp down the hill into Sherwood.

This tale of the hobble, may get little out of sync time and happenings wise, I’m afraid to say. This is because usually after I go out for any length of time. The first thing I will do on getting back to the cold, lonely flat (Hehe, couldn’t resist putting this in, in search of sympathy!), would be to make a list of reminders on the notepad to use in the following morning. Then, when I update the blog, I can consult it. Although the order that the photographs stored on the SDH card helps. But tonight, I got home to the mayhem of four young, fit, good-looking, healthy, robust, well-paid men (Makes me sick! Hehehe!) in my abode, working merrily away finishing the installation of the dreaded new Storage Heaters for me. (I’ve done a separate post of this part of the day, funny and in rhyme of sorts). The hecticness meant I did not do the note scribbling reminders last night, you see?

Down onto Mansfield Road, up the hill an down through Carrington.

Down the incline and passing the Lidl store, where I half-expected the staff to run out into the road and give me glares and sneers like they do when I go in the shop, but they didn’t. Hehehe!

Along and passing the Clarendon College, as was when I attended night classes for the Elementary and Associate Member of the Grocers Institute. It’s amalgamated with other places of learning and is now called Nottingham College. I had no education at school and left at 14 years-of-age. I learnt how to survive bullies and when to duck, that was about all. I got sidetracked there, sorry.

Up to the pelican lights and crossed over the road. Much to the displeasure of a Yuppy type looking fellow in a BMW, who was not in the least bit pleased at having to stop his dark blue car at all, to let me over the road.

I could not hear or read his lip, so I don’t know what it was he was saying to me, but his accompanying single finger sticking up, indicated he was not a happy chappie.

I pressed on up the hill.

Thinking to myself, why had he been so upset at me crossing the lights? As I was doing this, a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly hit me as he sped by from behind of me, on his bike. He did the same thing further up the pavement as he passed another pedestrian. I’m glad to report that this chap shouted after him and waved his fist at him! The whole world of manners has changed along with the PC brigade gaining more power. Good job an altercation didn’t ensue, cause that pedestrian walker ahead, would not have stood a chance when it came to court. All the cyclist needed to do was tell the Judge or Magistrates, he was a sex-change Muslim Lesbian ex-offender, a Member of Parliament and was saving the world by not using fossil fuels! Haha!

To the top of the hill and right around the Rock Cemetry gates.

More memories were triggered at this spot.

In there, is the grave of Watson Fothergill. The most elegant architect whose work I have ever come across.

Down Forest Road East and Coalville Street to the Guinness Trust cleverly name Coalville Court, Home for the elderly.

I popped in to discuss the availability of any flats and the costs etc. It turns out there is 24hour cover 7/7 here. A cafe where you can order your breakfast, tea or evening meal. I was shown around two single flats. Very nice, and they decorate it for you when you move in with your selection of colours. One is free now, but they have to get things sorted before they can allow anyone to occupy it. The buses are not far away, and every three minutes into town weekdays. Regular Saturday and Sunday services. I can catch one to Mansfield, Derby, Hucknall, Bulwell, Arnold, Carlton etc. I was beginning to get excited about this. Then the rent was mentioned. Oh dearie me!

Mind you, if like Welsh Bill the electricity charges double with the new radiators, and Herbert keeps on with his noises above but, knowing my luck there will be none-available then.

I filed these thoughts tenuously in my grey-cells and departed. Hobbled along to the Arboretum via the side entrance for a change. This brought me out, or preferably in, much closer to the Bell and Cannons that Britain nicked from the Chinese. The Chinese bell tower (pagoda) was designed in 1857 by Marriott Ogle Tarbotton as a war memorial and built in 1862. The bell was looted by British troops from a temple in Canton during the Anglo-Chinese war (Opium War) of 1857-61. Two of the cannon were captured at Sebastopol.

Down the centre path on my way to the pond, where I had planned to feed the Mallard Ducks with the earthworm pellets and pigeons with some seed.

The pond water was frozen solid, with food thrown onto it and laying there in the ice, untouched.

The only birds in the place were the captive ones! These parakeets were lovely; they reminded me so much of my Australian cyber-love, Marie, she has one as a pet.

Chagrined at failing to see and talk to my beloved mallards. I left and decided, being as there was a lot of time to kill before having to get back to the flat, I’d walk up the hill and down passed the Forest and had a perusal around the Asda (Walmart) store on Hyson Green.

Mistake that!

By the time a got to the place, the feet were giving me some stick. Then I had to stray around inside, killing time by pretending to look at the clothing section. But when I got to the foodstuffs, in my element here, I realised this was going to cost me. An hour or so later, I’d virtually filled both bags at the self-serve checkouts. They had curried baked beans on offer at 50p a can! But only had six left on the shelves, so naturally, I took all six. A bright idea, with how the feet were, that. Adding milk, crisps, garden peas and lentil snacks to the basket. Dimwit came to mind later.

No chance of my walking to town now. I waited for and got on a Tram. I dislike using these nowadays. You have to remember to swipe your Pensioners Free Bus-Pass before getting on and will get put off if any checkers get on to find you have forgotten to swipe the card. They are filthy inside: food dropped on the floor, clients giving abuse to each other, loud music: drugs being smoked (I think judging by the smell the roll-up was giving off?). 90% of the passengers on their mobile phones, almost shouting at whoever is on the other end. And, there were no seats free! Peoples Boeotian nature comes out when there is no conductor on the trams. Add all this to my having the weight of the worm pellets and birdseed to carry with me. I am a right Shmendrik!

Got off the tram at the Theatre Royal, had to step over what looked like a freshly regurgitated pizza to me, near the tram seats. Still, more time to kill, I wandered through Trinity Square, my rate of knots had declined with each hurtful step now. I called in the Wilko Store, having plans for only a walkabout. Came out having purchased Ginko, Fragrance booster, St Peters Worts, Eyelid spray and a wooden spatula. Why? I think I was so tired and might have been having a funny-spell?

Made my way to the Poundland shop on Fletchergate. To see if they had Chocolate almonds, misshapes of chocolate brazils or Pork Pies on sale. They hadn’t.

So I left being accosted by three people collecting and trying to get people to sign up for monthly donations for the PDSA. I was polite enough not to ignore them. And explained that I support the Nottingham Hospice and the salvation army and regularly give to Big Issue sellers. I am being hounded by appeals for water in the third world and other daily requests on TV and through the Royal Mail and will not sign up for anything else; but, I gave a donation now cause you made an effort. And gave him a few quid. I might not have bothered talking. The obviously parrot-learnt schpeel came out, with an upturned lip sneer and a look of incredulousness, when I walked away.

I went to the M & S store, and down to the food hall. Struggled on my wandering about the store, but determined to find some short-dated fodder. I found a box of chips and some Dinky Melton Pork Pies. These still cost twice as much as their Morrison counterparts!

A little earlier than planned, I made my way to the bus stop. No more photographicalisationing now, the bags were taking all my concentrations to carry, and the pain from the plates-of-meat was torture. Got on the bus and arrived back at the flats, but oddly, no memory of the journey – maybe I fell asleep?

Dropped off the bus and to the hut. I indeed fell asleep in the Obergruppenfurheress’s Social Shed!

After starting to talk to the lady there, who was also having her heaters installed today, I drifted off a few times, waking occasionally but no recollections of who was there or said what. I have a feeling, I might have spoken to Warden Deana.

Woke again later, and Deana was gone. I made my way back to the flat.

T’was mayhem I say!

An hour or so later they were cleaning up after finishing the job. A chap showed me the radiators, not how to changed or adjust them mind. Hehe! A little chat and they were off.

I did a quick look around to see what needed sorting.

Oh dear, this will have to wait until I get over the marathon hobble.

Got the short-dated dinner going.

Only the disappointing chips needed any heating up.

I need not have bothered. The chips were bland and tasteless. I might have well heated some cardboard up to eat. The beetroots were bitter. The mini-pork pies were just about okay. Had to add some Soy sauce to spice it all up a bit. Rated this effort at 4/10!

The tomatoes were not too bad. Left most of the chips and all of the beetroot.

The flat was feeling nice and warm.

Did the pots and settled to watch Law & Order on the TV. Fell asleep during the first set of commercials.

Woke up in the early hours, feeling so cold! Got up and got a thick quilt and threw it over me. I put this phenomenon down to the heaters settling in.

Drifted off into the land of Nod again.

Inchcock Today: Mon 2nd Feb 2015 – Confused

0101Monday 2nd February 2015

Lousy night again – it seemed every of the few minutes I managed to get any kip was dream filled but I can’t recall any of them.

Felt rather confused when I awoke to visit the porcelain and had a wobbly (Dizzy spell) then realised I could hear the wind outside… and I have the Iceland delivery then I want to go to see about the camera-pens and go to the Nottingham Hospice shop with some bits… my mind was racing with nothing really. Bit worrying at the time, calmed down now.

Laptop on, medications taken with water and set about doing the posts for the WordPress, Inchcock diary and to LOMM site.

Even got a wobbly when on the laptop then… Tsk!

Did some graphics and Facebooking.

Got ready to go for a bus-ride using me free pensioners bus-pass of course, instead of a walk into town in case the dizzies return later.

Caught the bus into town and had a hobble around the shops for a good while. Took some photos of interest.

I called into Jessops camera shop to get a new SD-card… why? Because I realised I’d took me camera and had not got the card in it… Tsk!

The chappy-fella put init the camera for me and I was off walking all over Nottingham taking photo’s of bling, buildings, trams, cyclists on the pavement, Nottinghamian citizens crossing the traffic lights on red etc.

Really enjoyed doing them, and no dizzy-spells either – good stuff.

Then I hobbled to the Menkind shop and found they had some Camer-watches on sale at £50. One for later after spending on me SD card, I took a photo of one with me old camera.

After walking around for a while I called in to get me Lion bars and they had sold out! Swines!

Hobbled up through Square and took some photo’s of the pigeons and two CPO’s holding hands?!?!

0102Caught the bus back to Carrington, slipped the pigeons some seed on me walk back to the hovel and kettle on, visit to the WC and upstairs laptop on and got me SD card out to transfer photo’s to Coreldraw9 to use here… message came up that told me the SD Card had to be Formatted before use… so I lost all me photographs wot I’d painstakingly taken all day, apart from the one of the watch-camera – and that came out horrible on the old camera!

Pee’d off then.

Decided after downloading it the search for the old SD-Card began, and within an hour I found it on the stairs behind a bottle of sauce – Don’t ask please!

I put the formatted card in the new camera and couldn’t get it out again – after much angst I had to use a screwdriver to gently encourage it to come out. Huh! Back to the shop tomorrow for advice.

No INR level checks this week, they have given me a fortnight.

Then the search for the new camera started – I knew it must be in the bathroom cause I’d used it minutes before!

At this stage I began to question whether or not Alzheimer’s was approaching a little faster than expected?

After searching upstairs downstairs all rooms (There’s only four), clothes and shopping bags, depression frustration and suicidal tendencies grew stronger… had I lost it all together today?

Not giving up eventually I found it… it had fell behind the toilet porcelain on the floor. Oh dear! Being deaf I never not heard it fall see?

So well annoyed with everything I started this diary, then the light bulb blew!

Fetched the spare bulb, step ladders and returned with them – treading on me reading glasses as came back into the room…

I swore.

Well and truly had enough now!

Changed the bulb without any mishaps, picked up the beyond repair spectacles and made another cuppa and took me medications.

Tomorrow may be a busy day I thought – Laundry, the Clinic, Back to Jessops, to the Opticians… good job the INR level tests were cancelled by the NHS I say, oh and the Dentists, blimey let me check… no that’s on Wednesday 1200hrs.

Sandwiches tonight… if I ever get time to make em that is – got some cheapo smoked ham from Friday wot I got to use up.

Remembered to put the new camera on charge.

Must do some Facebooking now. Too tired to do the planned blog I wanted to.

Huh, what an ‘orrible day!

Inchcock Today: Mon 18th August 2014

Jane 01

Time 01Dream filled night with a difference, when I woke at about 0200hrs, I remembered the dream I’d just had.

When I awoke properly at 0400hrs, I attended the WC and went down to put the kettle on, I could still recall some details of it. So I got me cuppa, took me medications and gorrrit recorded here, before I forgot what bits I could remember.

Here it is:

I was in a lodging house in Skegness, having breakfast. Sat next to me, was a young lady who I was talking to. (I knew it as a dream at the time, but… well I knew).

Memory Blank Period here.

Jane 01The young lady asked me if I wanted a lift into Mablethorpe? She said I could drive her car for her. No idea why, but I knew it was Ford Zepher.

Memory Blank Period here.

I was at a bus stop. I realised I was getting cash ready to pay. No bus-pass, this led me to notice I was not in pain, no walking stick, no glasses, no hearing aids… Mmmm.

Memory Blank Period here.

Jane 01For some reason, I found myself being ejected from the bus on the sea-front somewhere. I ran around asking people where Mablethorpe was and how to get to it.

Then I realised I was naked, so opened a laughing policeman box, and tool his uniform to wear.

Memory Blank Period here.

I was running along the beach, and reached Mablethorpe, but there were floods preventing me getting into the town.

Jane 01Then I found myself at the gallows in a prison, not as the killer, but the executioner I think.

Memory Blank Period here.

I spoke to Tony Blair, telling him I can’t hang a man whose only crime was voting for the BNP? So he reversed the position and the criminal hanged me instead, as I fell through the trap door, I was back in Mablethorpe, this time with a bomb of some sort in a Lidl carrier bag, determined to blow up the Bingo stall?

Memory Blank Period here.

I was walking along the seafront road, totally lost, but this time no running, for I was as I am now – old, unsteady on my painful feet, all my ailments had returned and limping badly, away from Mablethorpe.

Memory Blank Period here.

A car pulled up, and it was the lady from earlier in my dream from the lodging house. She apologised for not giving me a lift, drew out a Luger and fired three shots into my chest. She laughed and sped off.

I croaked out me thanks to her?

Memory Blank Period here.

I was walking (young and fit once again) up Mablethorpe main road, over the promenade onto the beach. On the seas edge, I could see my old love Grizelda, she Jane 01turned and beckoned me. I ran towards her arms outstretched and so filled with joy – but stood on what I knew somehow must have been a landmine.

No one came to the funeral, I knew this because I lifted lid of the urn to have a look?

Memory Blank Period here.

Well that’s all I can recall… perhaps all I want to recall.

0630hrs: Must start to get ready for me trip to the hospital haematology for me Warfarin level tests in a bit.

I set off on my walk into town. Got about 500 yards or so, and remembered I’d not got me Anticoagulation Therapy Record Card with me. Went back to the flea-pit and collected it, off again.

Nice weather, set off again on me walk into town.

Bit of a dizzy spell on the way, but it cleared up after a few minutes.

18 8 01Went in Tesco and got some bread, and for the nursed, cream cakes to go with their nibbles.

Caught bus out to the hospital, and hobbled in – the first thing I saw in the waiting area was… dare I say it? – A mobility Scooter! Arghh!!

Soon got tended to, said me farewells to the gals, and out into the sunshine again.

18 8 03Caught bus to Bulwell, and searched freezer shops for chips and gravy, got some. Then to the special out-of-date cheapo shop, but they had now I fancied in.

But I did get a bargain at the cheap frozen food shop – some Microwavable pork sausages – 20 for £1-99! Walls are 6 for £2.40. Just hope they taste 18 8 02alright when I eat em. Crossed fingers.

Then as I was leaving, a Mobility Scooter belted passed me oh so close, mad me jump. By the time I got me camera out he was well gone. The Git!

Bus back to the hovel – no yobs around thank heavens.

Put me things away, made a cuppa and started laptop to update this load of bol… Oh, I must remember in the morning, I’ve already been today to the haematology for me Warfrin level tests instead of tomorrow, cause I wanted to do me laundry tomorrow instead of Wednesday, so I could talk to me mate Big John… I think. Clear as mud that eh?)

Feeling a bit tired now, so might try to get me head down a bit… or not as will be the case.

TTFN all.