Inchcock Today – Thurs 1 Aug 19: Got out for a mini-marathon hobble with the trolley. The same route used to take an hour and a bit – now, three hours! But I did it! Smug-Mode Adopted!

2019 Aug 01

2019 Aug 01

Thursday 1st August 2019

Cymraeg – Welsh: Dydd Iau 1 Awst 2019


22:35hrs: I had to give up trying to get to sleep. A new aching from the innards and the CIDP affected right arm kept shooting all over the place. And I needed a wee-wee! I dismounted the £300, second-hand, sickly-beige coloured, rusty, c1968, rickety recliner, and used the EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-Wee Bucket). It was taking so long to get rid of so little liquid… then after several minutes of struggling and urging,  it was as if someone had suddenly turned on the tap! Blimey! Splashbacks and pain! Oy Yay!

When I went to the kitchen, I was surprised at first, not see any handwashing hanging up. Then remembered I was too shattered last night to do any. It was too early to take the medications or do the health checks – so I must remember later on in the morning to do them. I got the kettle on, It was still raining outside, but far less than earlier on. Made the mug of tea, and as I returned to the flea-pit room to start the computer, I needed another wee-wee. A different style this time, a WYSAO (Weak-Yet-Spraying-All-Over) wee-wee. And no sudden surges in power this time.

4Thu03Got the computer on, and checked the emails. An Email from the Nottingham Post Newsdesk informed me of this gigantic breakfast now on sale in a Nottingham restaurant or cafe somewhere. The most copious breakfast that is available in the Midlands it said. I can believe it too! Flipping heck, surely that’s not made for one serving? It looks tempting, though! Haha!

The new tummy-ache kicked off as I started to update the Wednesday Diary. When I take the medications, I’ll take an extra 5mg Ramipril, that might settle the innards for me. I pressed on, the fingers, hands, etc. had all calmed down from last night. I was well pleased that the arm was no longer doing it’s flying out all over the place. If it had been, I wouldn’t have dared go on the computer – cause sure as eggs are eggs, the arm would have done its impersonation of a Hitler salute, and might have hit the touch-screen!

A couple of hours or so later, I got the post finalised and sent off to WordPress.

4Thu02I had another WYSAO wee-wee, and had a rinse and made another brew. Then took the medications, and got the machine out to do the health checks. The sphygmomanometer worked on the third try. The readings were fine again. But the body temperature was a little low, still, at 34.1°c. I think so anyway, I keep forgetting what it should be, so I might be wrong; it has been known! Hehehe!

WD 0.0.0. I remembered to take the extra Ramipril alright – then realised they are for the BP, not a panchymagogue. What an Idiot! So I had a couple of extra 4Thu04guzzles of the mostly inefficacious, no good to Gundy, Peptac. I did feel a fool! Which, of course, is a regular happening.

I had a check on the Morrison site, to see if they have any of the West Country butter in stock for Jenny and Frank. If so, I’ll do an order.

WD 0.0.0. Nope, Out-of-Stock again! So, with Jenny & Frank being away for a while, I’ve time to try again later and can keep it in the freezer for when the return. That is if Morrison ever manages to get any back in stock before the Special Offer finishes! I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t get an more, though. It is an excellent price, and must be in great (unsatisfied) demand from hundreds of customers who also cannot get any! This way, Morrison’s can claim their prices are lower. Of course the won’t actually sell any, but still! So, no order from this Nottinghamian!

I then went on CorelDraw to do a couple more graphics to use and saved them.

Then started this blog going.

Then made up some templates for the Inchcock Todays. Stomach still rumbling, grumbling and churning a bit? Brekkers time, corn flakes and a mug of tea, methinks.

4Thu07WD 0.0.0.A2 The ablutions were sorted. No teeth-cleaning or shaving cuts suffered! Only a razor, once, and the soap, twice, were dropped from the CIDP affected hand. The shower head was not dropped at all today.

Although it didn’t show up in this picture, I’ve no idea why; but the veins showed up dark blue, almost black and bulged, in the right arm while showering myself. Well, there’s no one else to shower with! Hahaha! The pins were still thin, with far less fluid retention. And I could not see any new blood papsule, spots, bruises or blotches on the leg at all! Smug-Mode-Adopted!

4Thu15While showering, I decided to have a hobble to Arnold. This walk used to take me about one and a quarter hours to complete. (Today, it took me three hours!)

Mind you, I was not rushing and had to stop a few times, thanks to Dizzy Dennis’s visiting en route. I was well-pleased with myself.

Surprised as well! Hopefully, after the stroke. Things are beginning to improving at last? Fingers crossed!

I took some black bags to the waste chute. Got dressed for the trip out. Tea shirt and sleeveless jacket on. Took the three-wheeler trolley and the umbrella, just in case. Not that I can control this guide when using a brolly, but I can stop and shelter if needed (It wasn’t).

A call to the Porcelain Throne was answered. Unsuccessfully on this occasion. Rock-solid again! No actual movement, just some wind escaping. Ah, well!

4Thu08Down in the lift, with the trolley. No signs of any CIDP bother in the hands, arms or legs. Just the shoulder doing a bit of jiggling about now and then. Things were good!

Out of the foyer, onto Chestnut Way, over the road and up the gravel path to the park.

The day was perfect for a hobble, too. Not too hot, not a lot of bright sunshine. Getting up the footpath, needed a couple of stops, as Dizzy Dennis gave me some bother. But I put the brakes on and enjoyed the, oh, so beautiful petrichor.

4Thu08aI turned left at the top, down the trolley-wheel-grottifying, leaves, seeds, twigs and muddy walk-way.

The view across Woodthorpe grange Park to the North was beautiful. I took this picture on the left. I hadn’t felt so contented in ages.

But it didn’t last too long!

4Thu08bWD 0.0.0. By the time I had reached Mansfield Road through the park, the three-wheeler wheels were in a right state again! No wonder I’m becoming a euphobiaphile. Good-luck never stays long with me, but I enjoy it while it lasts. Mishaps, misfortune, misery and misdoings, are more my thing. Haha!

4Thu08cSo, I cleaned the wheels as best I could. Then set out North. Along Mansfield Road. The lack of traffic on the roads had me thinking for a while. Then it dawned on me, that the ankle-snappers and drug-taking, alcoholic, car-stealing teenagers were off of school for their holidays. So, I slowly made my way towards Daybrook.

4Thu08dDizzy Dennis called again to visit me. He stayed a little longer this time. But left me with no after-effects.

The weather really was perfect for a walk. Albeit a slow, rambling, interrupted one.

4Thu08eAlong by Sainsbury’s and into Arnold.

I made my way to Worall Avenue, then down to Front Street. Where I called into the Saver shop, to see if they had any of the Colgate Foam toothpaste that I have started using. Got one for 99p! And, Erasmic shaving foam, and a roll of waste bags. Then made my way to the Asda Walmart store.

I struggled to carry all I had bought to the self-serve tills. I remembered to tell the assistant of the bag I bought on Monday, that had a large slit in it. She swapped it for a new one. There was no tutting or sneering from her, then again, this wasn’t a Lidl shop. A touch of sarcasm and Lidl-bashing there, sorry!

I bought far too much stuff to fit into the bag and pathetically small basket on the three-wheeled trolley. Serves me, right! The purchases: A bag of marshmallows, fresh tomatoes, mini cheese-pickle pork pies, rice, milk, bacon fries (2 bags), jar of beetroot (A different brand, in hopes that these will not be as hard as ball-bearing, like the Asda ones I bought on 4Thu10Monday!), Sliced apples and a reduce in price triple DVD of The Men in Black.

The stomach began to grind again. I thought when I get to the bus stop, I’ll eat one of the mini pies. That may ease the tummy-twangs.

I paid up. And as I walked out through the doors into the alleyway and went over the drain covers… boy oh boy, the miasma didn’t-half pen-and-ink something rotten!

Walking up the hill to the car park, to get to the bus stop, and Dizzy Dennis gave me his last bot of the day. I had to pull-up three times on the steeper bits.

When I managed to get up to the Front Street bus stop, a lolly surprise! The old broken down bench had been replaced!


I took advantage, and got myself sat down. I opened the small pork & pickle pork pie pack – say that when you’ve had a few, Hehehe! Before I knew it, three of them had been consumed. Guilty-Mode-Adopted! On the bus going home to the flats, I ate another one of the pies!

As I got off the bus on Chestnut Way, the driver asked me to take some Metro papers to hand out, so I took some with me. I got off of the bus with the trolley and shopping bag, without any bother. I had a little few words with Cyndy and some other residents.

Going into the lobby, there was (I think), Gaynor, Mo, Brenda and Herbert sat there. “Would you like a Metro?” I asked each of them in order. The first three all said thanks and took one. Herbert, he just gave me a sneer and a humph, then waved me away, as he muttered something or other quietly!

I got in the flat and ate the last of the mini pork pies, as I put the kettle on. Oh, dear! So I decided not to have a meal tonight. Increased-Guilty-Mode came over me!

I got the hand-washing done, rinsed an hung up to dry. Then, I tried to do some cleaning in the kitchen, but the fatigue came over me. The stomach started to grind away again.

I got the medications taken, with an extra Senna tablet.

I settled to watch TV in unwavering faith that I would fall asleep. But no.

After a while, I got up to do the blog.


Inchcock’s Nottingham City Centre Hobble Photographicalisations

Thursday 11th July 2019

Nottingham City Centre Hobble, Photographicalisations

Council House

Little John’s Bell Tower – Nottingham Council House

Long Row

Imitation Policemen & Nottinghamians – Long Row

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Slab Square – Pavement Cyclist and Tram Lines


Upper Pariament Street – Pavement Cyclist


South Parade, Tram & Slab Square


Friar Lane


St Jame’s Street


Angel Row


Theatre Royal Tram Station (With hungry posing pigeon)

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Market Street Shops

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Upper Parliament Street


Pavement Cyclist – Upper Parliament Street


Nottinghamian’s, (attractive though!) crossing against the Don’t Walk Sign


Finally, back to Queen Street, to catch the bus home!

I thank you!








Inchcock – Saturday 2nd February 2019: Odd sort of day. Got a hobble in, was in a right grumpy state of mind today. Tsk!


2019 Feb 02

Saturday 2nd February 2019

Welsh: Sadwrn 2 Chwefror 2019

WD 0.77.77 00:45hrs: What a mess of a night! Forever waking and nodding-off repeatedly for hours and hours! When I did wake, and the brain engaged its usual imitation of modus operandi, my first thought was, “Well, that was a waste of time!” (Trying to sleep).

WD 0.77.77 Signs of nocturnal nibbling were spotted, crumbs on the expanse of the stomach folds and craters, and liquorice allsorts sweet on the recliner arm… but this realisation was lost when I spotted something even I found astounding:

6Sat06WD 0.77.77 The swollen legs had gone down at last, but the obese midriff was now a massive blown-up balloon, that had expanded surely as far as it is possible for it to become distended, without exploding! Let’s hope I don’t prick myself with anything sharp! Hahaha!

Taking this photo, and Duodenal Donald and Reflux Roger kicked off. So, off to the kitchen to get some medications and do the Health Checks. But first, the challenge of removing my even more-bulbous-body than usual, from the nocturnal nibbling residue-covered £300 second-hand, 1968, rickety, rusty recliner! (Try saying that mouthful when you’ve had a few drinks! Haha!) But, I was well-pleased with the ease in which I manipulated my torso from the chair. Smug-Mode-Adopted!

I took an extra Ramipril and Omeprazole in the hopes of easing the pain for Reflux Roger and Duodenal Donald. Then I got the Health Checks done.


WD 0.77.77 Cor blimey! The Sys showed 203 and the Dia 80! Still, the others seemed okay. I’ll take the second reading early, to put my mind at rest. Why do these splanchnic problems always happen at the weekend when there is no help available! Grumph!

6Sat03The view from the kitchen window has an airliner flying across the sky, so I took this photographicalisation.

But by the time I fetched the camera to take the shot, it had gone or disappeared behind some clouds perhaps. But a picturesque contrasting effort, all the same, I thought.

Porcelain Throne demands arrived, so off to the wet room I plodded. The evacuation was a little messy, but no complaints, I’ve had much worse before, and no bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold!

This picture provides proof that the pins fluid retention had reduced dramatically. And, no new spider-veins, papsules or blood-swells, either. Good! Only a dr6Sat02op of liquid in the ankles this morning. Thanks to Lona, Jenny, Sandie and the others for their advice. ♥

But, the ginormous bloated stomach that came on overnight remains. Ah well, it could be much nastier, and many folks are far worse off than I am.  I felt a lot better than yesterday. Maybe I will take a hobble to Daybrook later, to see if the B&M store there has any Glengettie tea bags on sale?

I got the computer going and did my best to finalise yesterdays diary. A lot of it I couldn’t remember at all with my getting the dizzies and shakes as I did last night. I thought I’d missed the medications and not had any meal. But I found the dosage pots for last night empty,  and a photo of a tray of tomatoes and bacon meal! I got the diary finished eventually and sent it off to WordPress.

I got on with starting this blog. During which, there were very few wee-wees needed.

I got corn flakes for my brekkers and watched a YouTube video while eating it.

Went on WP Reader and answered comments.

WD 0.77.77 Got the ablutions tended to, and worra farce it was! All went well with doing the teggies and shaving, then I got under the shower and got myself carbolicalised all over with the soap – Boing! The two red lights on the panel on the wall flashed red, and a bleeping started, and the water stopped! The sodding Weekend Whoopsiedangleplops continue!

I have to admit to feeling infuriated, sulky and a tad pee’d-off!  I could not help but muse over a few facts:

  1. My flat was the only one with a Weevil infestation!
  2. My flat is the only one that needed the newly-fitted storage heater in the kitchen to be relocated cause I could not get into the cupboards and now I have decorating and holes in the floor and wall to sort out!
  3. My flat was the only one that the plasterer left with splashes all over the curtains, the chairs, the storage heater, the glass on the new unwanted balcony door, the TV screen, and the computer keyboard!
  4. My flat was the only one that had plaster splashed and spread all over the new carpets – and had a man from Willmott Dixon come to clean it up with a bottle of spirit and a wire brush, and part-shredded what bit of pile there was left –  and now I need new carpets throughout the apartment! I shall do no buying or repairing until all of the demolition repairmen have finished – plasterers, electricians and plumbers in particular scare the crap out of me with their ability to leave more rubbish behind them than there was when they came. And that’s saying something about the flat! Hehehe!
  5. My flat is the only one last week to have the hot water control trip-out!
  6. My flat was the only one last week to have the light-tube blow in the kitchen! Without the help of the Nottingham City Homes Management, I’d still be waiting for the above two be repaired!
  7. My flat is the only one that has had an infestation of Ladybirds too!
  8. My flat had goods from eBay, no, the other one, erm… Amazon, delivered on a Saturday and it was delivered to the wrong block of flats, I got a call from Nottingham City Homes Control Room telling me where it was, and I had to move it straight away, it is a safety hazard! Which meant I had to go out in the rain to Winchester Court, got a rollicking off from the tenantess for being stupid enough to have it delivered to the wrong address. – Despite my pointing out the address label with 72, Woodthorpe Court on it, And then carry a boxed easy-chair all the way back to  Woodthorpe Court, with a dozen stops to catch my breath. Then go back to collect the other parcel and home again, I was nearly crippled, caught a cold and tore off one of my fingernails lugging the stuff about. Of course, weekend, so no help available!
  9. My flat gets mail delivered for the wrong units, and I take them to the correct one in Woodthorpe or Winchester. My missing letters, I never see again.
  10. 6Sat20My flat had a bloke come to block-off the air vent in the kitchen. This on the right is how he left it. Well, not exactly, he departed, and I went off to the clinic. When I got back it was like this, the filler had dribbled out and down the wall over the electric socket and dried like cement or concrete. Obergruppenführeress Warden Deana rang someone about it for me. A man called and said when they get time, he’ll send someone to look at it for me. I thanked him and apologised for being a nuisance. That must have been three-four years ago now. My hopes are long faded along with my will-power. But, my chronically lousy luck just continues, on, and on, and on!

I’m feeling a little woebegone, melancholic and despondent now. Low-spirited and dejected. Especially now I find out I owe the dentist money I thought I’d already paid them. Oy gevalt! 

I used up several rolls of kitchen towel and ricked my neck trying to clean off the carbolic soap from my Billy Bunter-like moulded flobby-body. Then readied my things for a limp into Daybrook in search of some Glengettie tea. My EQ told me there was no chance of this! Not with my current run of Inchockamian Luck!

6Sat07By gum, it was nippy when I first got out onto Chestnut Walk. But I kept hobbling as quickly as I could and then didn’t feel the cold so much, except for when  I had to wait about or take a photograph, and I made plenty of them today, mind.

I crossed over the Walk a started up the gravel hill to Woodthorpe Grange Park.

6Sat08I soon found the scenery pleasant. There is something fresh about mornings like this, don’t you think?

Taking extreme care in the ice and frost underfoot, I was soon up, and at the top, a cyclist came down quickly, but he gave me plenty of room.

6Sat09To the top of the hill and left along the Park Footpath towards Mansfield Road.

Now taking even more care as the path was well icy.

By the time I’d got down to the gates in the distance, I’d been threatened by several times by the Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclists, who each seemed to take great joy in making me jump. Two of them said something to me, as did a chap in a mobility scooter, but I could not make out what it was they said exactly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I turned right and along Mansfield Road and into Daybrook.

The brain began to churn, but not in an annoying or harmful way for once. The beauty of the weather and the shortage of Homo sapiens around me started me wondering about life in general and the future of we tellurians. The subject matter soon moved on to Brexit and its problems, political subterfuge, shenanigans, roguery and Artful Dodger-like antics of those in charge.

6Sat14Passing a neat piece of Nottinghamian Street Art, on Mansfield Road pavement.

This time, it had been created with the help of McDonald’s sauce pots and potato waffle-like food, plastic cutlery a straw, and some unrecognisable extras. And possibly a few pints and or chasers over the top?



The Mini-Hobble today

6Sat15As I got into Daybrook and crossed over the road, I passed the BP Petrol Station.

Not being able to drive anymore, I spotted the price of petrol. I didn’t think that was too bad considering. Later I wanted to compare this with America, for when I post the photo on the TFZer Facebook site. I found out: The price of fuel in the USA. When we were in Colorado last September, unleaded petrol was $4.59 a gallon. Taking all the conversion factors into account, including smaller US gallons, that equates to about 76 pence per litre. Currently, unleaded in the UK is about £1.40 per litre. So, Nottingham’s prices seem fair enough? I’ll find out I hope, about Australian, American actual and Canadian prices from the lasses and lads on the TFZ later.

6Sat18aI seemed to be going off in tangents with the mind today. Back to the blog, sorry. I called into the B&Q Store and searched for the Glengettie tea bags. Nope, none left, and they will not be getting any more in. Ah, well!

I did get the last of these whole peeled tomatoes in tomato sauce though. They were short dated, and cost only 20p each! And a pot of porridge.

I paid and left the shop. I walked over the crossing and to the bus stop in Daybrook Square.

6Sat16I was soon dropping off the bus in Sherwood. Where I stayed, to await the arrival of the L9 back up the hill to Winwood Heights complex. I later came across this Time-lapse video of the progress being made in the new Winwood Court Extra Care Flats buildings. I hope I put it on here correctly and it works. Interesting few seconds for folks to watch.

6Sat18I took this picture of part of the new Winwood Extra Care building.

I think this is part of a passageway between Winchester Court and the new block so they can keep out of the rain when then go to see the  Oberscharführeress Wardens in their new command-post.

I got into the flat, and no wee-weeing was 6Sat18bneeded? Good that, I think!

WD 0.77.77 A little tip here, folks: When you climb on the stepladder to store a pot of porridge on top of the cupboard, it is best not to slip off of the tread and grab the first thing you can to stop yourself falling. Cause you might fall-off anyway and get your fingers stuck in the slide of the ladders and leave some imprints in your finger. Just thought I’d mention it, like. Haha!

I got the mushrooms, carrots and peas in the saucepan cooking with a little demerara sugar, then got on with updating this blog.

An hour or so later, I got the Cumberland Pie, added extra cheddar cheese on top of it and into the ready-heated oven and set the timer so I can put the sourdough bread in and hopefully, they will both be cooked at the same time.

6Sat30The bread and nosh came out almost perfect!

Everything was eaten this time and enjoyed.

I think my realising that I have had no Dizzy Dennis or Shaking Shaun hassle today, helped me to relish the fodder more?

A Flavour-Rating of 9.4/10 was granted to this mini-feast.

5Fri004I washed the pots up and got the Health Checks done.

Settled to watch some TV (I’ll have to stop trying this, I never stay awake long enough to watch owt proper!)


Inchcock – Tue 4th Dec 2018: Long busy day, hectic almost. But things went from lousy to good today for a change. Yahoo!



Tuesday 4th December 2018

Sudanese: Salasa 4 Désémber 2018

0345hrs: Woke, full of dreading over my answering the door to a lovely resident lady who had brought me a home-made Chilli, bless her, yesterday; and without my trousers on. I feel humiliated and embarrassed, still.

I extracted my overweight body from the £300 second-hand recliner and off for an SSWW (Short-Sharp-Wee-wee). Only three dead EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) found in the wet room. I may, just be winning the battle now? Or they have migrated elsewhere?

1Mon06 Got the Health Checks done. Results are creeping up again. Likely due to my embarrassment yesterday.


Got the nibbles in the bag for the nurse and receptions staff when I go for my early morning Warfarin blood test.

The computer on and updated the Monday post and got it sent off.

Went on the WP Reader section. Then made a start on this blog.

After half an hour or so, the summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrives, so, off to the wet room. A much easier evacuation today.

Updated the Facebook photo albums next, and go on the TFZer site.

Made a start on the page top header graphics, but only had a short time, as I had to get the ablutions tended to, so I can get to the doctors for the odd appointment-time of 07:12 hrs.

2Tue05All done, I gathered the nibbles, made up bags of rubbish to take out with the bag of recyclables. To early to use the chute cause of the noise it makes. Got wrapped up well and set off down.

In the lobby downstairs, the scaffolding and covering were now all gone. I think the workers may have been removing dangerous stuff, asbestos maybe, but I’m 2Tue06not sure. The workers might have made access for the sprinkler system and or alarm system?

By Jiminee it was nippy out there this morning.

I had to take care on the slippy road and pavement as I made my way along to and right down Winchester Street.

2Tue08aI still managed to almost slip over on the grass on the corner. Schlemiel! 

It felt a little eerie as I plodded down the road in the mist and patches of ice, with little traffic and two pavement cyclists on the other side of the road.

I got to the bottom and turned right along Mansfield Road.

2Tue09The new restaurant ‘The Pudding PAntry’ come bar over on the opposite side, seemed to me to look very American? Nowt wrong with that mind.

I wondered how long it would be before the poor owners went bankrupt and closed down, like so many before they had?

Another closed-down retail takeaway and eat-in food unit a little 2Tue10further on down the road, on my side, looked a pitiable sight, indeed. Whoever owned it kept it nice and clean and attractive, I didn’t think that their prices were too high. Still, they went out of business.

I checked my new second-hand watch, it was 0635hrs, so I had plenty of time to get to the Sherrington Park MEdical Practise on time, so I slowed up, and nosied around on my hobble up 2Tue10athe hill. There so many pavement cyclists about, I didn’t bother to picture them with my camera.

1Mon06 One cyclist caught my eye, even though he was on the roadway. It doesn’t show up well on the photo, but he was wobbling about precariously. But the thing was, he had on dark clothing and no lights at all. Just a reflector, with was one for the front not back!

2Tue11The bus driver was patiently keeping behind him until the cyclist began to totter a lot more, the driver gave him a little pap on his horn. So the cyclist just road onto the pavement. Tsk!

Down the hill, I noticed the partial moon had a planet or something, seemed to be shadowing the moon? Whatever it was, appeared to be rectangular in shape? Ah-well!

I arrived too early for the appointment at the surgery. So I walked into the outer entrance and sat down with the crossword book. I went through the clues I had not managed to get on the previous ten puzzles or so. I got one of them. Thick? Me? Yes!

The receptionist came and unlocked the inner door, and I entered. Greeting the woman with an as cheerier smile as I could muster; because the gal looked a little stressed to me. Nice woman. We chatted a bit, then  I took my seat, and tried to do some crosswords again. I got just one more answer. Tsk!

My heart was warmed when it was Nurse Nichole that called me later. A quick nattering session was enabled, due to the haemoglobin not wanting to stop flowing after she took the blood sample. Nichole’s Weevil problem was seeming to relent a little for her. She also noticed the rectangular shape of whatever was next to the moon in the sky, on her way to work earlier. I gave her her Christmas present and some nibbles, and left a bag for the office girls and out into the still nippy, but dry weather.

2Tue11aThe traffic had increased as it neared the rush-hour.

1Mon06 By the time I had got to Mapperley Hall Drive, just a few hundred yards away, no less than four Pavement Cyclist has shot by me at high-speed and close proximity. Grrr! I seriously considered pushing the next one 2Tue11cinto the traffic, but calmed down seconds later, and called myself a few names in retribution for my thoughts.

Over the hill and I plodded down into Sherwood. I took this ‘Moody’ photo of the oncoming traffic, from as far as the eye could see.

1Mon06 Another Nottinghamian, perhaps even a Sherwoodian Pavement Cyclist came close as he belted up the hill on the footpath. He’d was a big strong lad, he must have been to be going uphill at such speed. So, I said nowt’ to him! Lily-livered coward that I am!

I called in the Continental Food Store and came out with a large tomato, some expensive but jolly-nice continental bread, pickled peas and mushrooms, a croissant for Cyndy and some orange flavoured chocolate wafers for Jenny and Frank. Ten-pound less well of after paying up, I left and up the road.

I turned right and up the Winchester Street hill. At the bottom near the car park, this horrible, nasty, uncaring, ignorant excuse for a human being with boils, I wouldn’t wonder, if a Pavement Cyclist was as close to hitting me as was possible without hitting me. He’s been free-wheeling down the footpath on the incline!

2Tue12 But this discourteous, disrespectful, ill-bred, ill-mannered, impertinent, impolite, rude, inconsiderate, thoughtless, uncivil, insolent, antisocial, shameless, contemptible, deplorable, despicable, abhorrent, swinish, ungracious, rat-finkling, boil on humanity, intimidatory ruffian, badass bully, abhorrent-arse, plebian, dangerous, vindictive, threatening, obnoxious, pestilent, crutch-rubbing, tatterdemalion tit-head of low-life crap, didn’t bother me! Much!

2Tue12aBy the time I’d struggled up the hill, with I’d like to add, no bother from Anne Gyner or Arthur Itis, just the poor old bent ankle and right hallux pains; the sun was fighting its way through.

It shone on my beloved Woodthorpe Court making it even more appealing to me. The other reason that enticed me was the wet room that was waiting on the twelfth floor, for me to pass an SSWW! Hehe! Which I did as soon as I got inside.

Did the Health Checks and tool the midday medications a little early, but still.

2Tue12bI got the fodder put away. I didn’t need any today anyway, apart from the bread to go with the Chilli that Penny had made for me.

I transferred the beef chilli from Penny’s [pot to a saucepan. Washed it and wrapped it in a kitchen towel. Got the sweet lady’s Christmas presents and nibbles and went to her flat. Luckily she was in. I mentioned last evenings visit when she kindly brought me the meal, and she saw nothing untowards. Boy, was I relieved!

Thanked here and back to the flat… 1Mon06!!! About a mile I’d guess, from the flat, there was a massive load of smoke in the distance. I clicked away with the camera. The smoke kept going one way and then the other in the changing wind. After a while I saw the blue lights beyond the trees nearby to the, I assumed, fire?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Made a start on updating this blog.

I got to see one of the photos on the web! The Nottingham Evening Post used one.

Nottingham Post online

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “We received a call reporting smoke in the area at 8.49am.

“This turned out to be a rubbish fire in the garden of a vacant property on Burlington Road, Sherwood.


“One fire crew from Arnold attended and used one hose reel to extinguish the fire. The incident had been dealt with by 9.26am.”

2Tue15bWhen I got on WordPress, I was surprised to wee (really apt typing error there, Haha!) I meant, to see how many locations had viewed my Monday Post?

The UK, US, Australia and Canada usually. Today I got Switzerland 2, India, Spain and Brazil.

Great… I think?

I went on Facebook to update with the new photographicalisations from today on the albums.

Getting late for me now, I could sense the usual afternoon confusions coming on.

2Tue15cHealth Checks and nosh prepared.

The beef chilli went down superbly with some of the continental bread. Thanks, Jenny. ♥

Tummy all full and warm now.

I put on the Tremors 5 DVD, and after several nod-offs, I gave up trying to watch it. Zzzz!

Inchcock – Mon 29 Oct 2018: Feeling betterer this morning – Mini-Hobble into Nottingham – Photographs galore taken!

Sept 21a

Evil Ironclad Boll Weevil Biting Beetles still attacking! Humph!

Monday 29th October 2018

 Yiddish: 2מאָנטיק 29 אקטאבער 018

2345hrs: I stirred into imitation life and found myself a bit baffled at how well I was feeling emotional, after yesterday’s horrible afternoonmare of gloom, depression, and self-pity had taken such a hold over me. But I was glad the dysphoria had evanesced into the ether and was no longer making me feel dark and gloomy within. However, my self-malevolence had also departed, for which I am well-pleased.

The brains thoughts became prolix-like. Darting from one subject, brainwave or idea to the next in seconds, never finding or working out any resolutions or clarifications, no taking decisions or adopting or creating any plans.

The need for a wee-wee arrived. By the time I had disentangled my over-ample, clinically obese stomach and torso from the £300 second-hand recliner, a need for the Porcelain Throne had been added to my immediate requirements.

1Mon01aaA surprisingly large amount of the evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles was on the wet room floor. Tsk! Dang things!

The evacuation was almost enjoyable. No bleeding or pain emanated from Harold Haemorrhoid whatsoever. And, negative signs of Diahorrea Derek at work. Great!

As I washed my hands, it dawned on me that there was no hassle from Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna, Hippy Hilda, Reflux Roger, Hernia Harry, Back Ache Brenda or Duodenal Donald either! A rare but nervous-making concerning, situation, for someone with my luck… or lack of success usually. Hehehe!

When I do the bug spraying next in the wet room, I must get the floor mopped up well beforehand. The effect of the bug sprays is discolouring the place.

I felt a certain degree of alacrity creeping into my frame of mind.

Into the spare room, to find that the evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle regiments in this room, had attacked with a Camisado-Camisade patrol. So many of them on the unwanted light and view-blocking new window ledge, but they were at least all dead ones.

1Mon01The kitchen only had around ten corpses of weevils and two of LadyBugs.

As I took this picture out of the unwanted light and view-blocking new kitchen window.

2Tue03 Then Reflux Roger started to give me some hassle. Sudden Big unforced breaths.

I got the Health Checks done. Then onto the computer to update the Excel graph record.


I’m off for a Warfarin blood test at 0900hrs in the morning. I must mention the high readings to the nurse. And, the blank spells and dizzies, too.

Another wee-wee, and back to the computer, and got the depressing Sunday diary finished and sent off to WordPress.

Made brew and made a start on this diary.

Then onto the WordPress Reader section. Next TFZer Facebooking. Then a mug of tea and a few (Honestly!) Scottish Shorties biscuits.

I took this photograph, supposed to be a panoramic shot, but it didn’t come out right. (Something that Mother said about me, that… Hahaha!) But it showed the frost and ice covered; landscape, houses, and roads on the high ground. I love it that you can see the footmarks across the bottom field where the out-very-early dogs had been walking their owners. 1Mon05a

1Mon06I got three small black bags of refuse made up to go to the to the waste chute, later when I get back. Too early to make the noise now. Then I made up a white bag of reusable rubbish, and put two glass jars in the shopping bag to go to the caretaker’s door on my way out.

Got the ablutions tended to. No shower this early in the day, of course, too much noise.

Did the medicationalisationing of the areas in need. Haha!

Hearing aids in, the right glasses on the head, picked up the new-to-me second-hand £2 wristwatch – Oh dear, it had stopped! I could see the battery-man in town later and get a new one; so I put the watch in the jacket pocket so as not to forget to take it with me…

2Tue03 I’m afraid to report that I put it in the wrong jacket pocket! Klutz! I set off down the lift with the bag and jars.

This map is of the mini-marathon walk/hobble that I took.

1Mon070730hrs: I dropped off the bag and glass, and set off along Chestnut Walk… the very icy slippery road and pavement in front of the apartments.

I hope the car windscreens thaw-out for the tenants before they get up and out. You’ll have noticed the parking on the double yellow lines I suppose? Rules have been removed for the period of the upgrading work with there being 1Mon07aso few spaces available.

The sun kept trying to get through, not that it was warm enough yet to help with the thawing process.

This single leaf of the thousands laying frozen on the corner bit of grass at the corner of Winchester Street caught my eye. I cannot recall why I took this photograph. Something to do with nature, I suspect.

I plodded on down the hill. The sun got stronger. The ailments were not harmful to me at all at this stage, and I soon began to enjoy my perambulations.

1Mon07c2Tue03 Until I neared the traffic light junction with Mansfield Road. This ‘Herbert’ of a Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist flew by me from behind at high speed, and close enough to startle me a bit.

My prayer that he slips on the ice then falls off and is mangled underneath the wheels of a pantechnicon lorry, were not answered. Tsk!

1Mon08The traffic in Carrington was almost at a standstill on and off. I think at one stage I caught up with a static red cat in the queue!

It was getting warmer now, or rather, not so cold? Haha!

Starting to walk up th1Mon10e steep grade on Mansfield Road, then the next even steeper hill near the Rock Cemetry, created a lot of hassle and discomfort from Anne Gyna and Hippy Hilda for me.

As I passed by, I could see the moon still in the sky – amazing! So I took this picture.

As soon as I started on the downhill stretch to the flat Milton Street and beyond, the ailments gave me a welcome rest. Unfortunately, the plates-of-meat were beginning to sting something awful. Ah, well, you can’t win ’em all.

1Mon09The plates and in particular the fibrous corn and callus on the left foot were up to at least Pain-Defcon-Three now. Haha!

The traffic was building up as I got into the City proper, onto Milton Street.

I did some window shopping for a while. Observing that for some reason the Nottinghamian Citizenry that came into view, looked to be far less troubled and depressed than they did on my last hobble to town… and with it being a Monday, this surprised me.

1Mon11I called into the Tesco Metro store and bought a packet of wholemeal cobs. Paid at the self-serve till.

Did even more nosing around and window shopping.

Then made my way down King Street into the Slab Square.

1Mon12Where they are constructing some amusements etc. for Halloween and or bonfire night, at least I assumed that is why.

Nowhere near open yet, the Ghost Train – Ghost Gator ride was massive!

Still, I kept seeing smiling faces on the Nottinghamians. Very disconcerting this was, I began to question my sanity.

1Mon13I took a shot of the Debenhams Store and Long Row. Showing the scarcity of members of the Nottingham shoplifting, alcoholics, muggers and druggies, populace.

I made my way to the Fletch Gate branch of the Poundland shop. A certain lady is living in the flats who loves Pork Farm Pork Pies, and if Poundland has any, in I was going to treat her to one. Which, luckily they had in stock. Not so lucky perhaps, I came out with an overloaded bagful of other stuff as well! Most of an edacious nature! Yold! Chocolates, Social Hour Nibbles, cheese biscuits, Ritz, and a bag of Jelly Babies. But to be fair. 90% of them would be used as pressies for Christmas. Another £16 spent.

2Tue03 I paid at the Self-Serve till – and it was not until I had put them all through, that I realised it was a cash-only checkout. When I explained this to the lady assistant, she gave me a well-rehearsed, but welcome look that said: “Ah, poor old fool!” She cleared the till and took me to a Cash Card one, and even put the things through for me. Bless her Cotton Socks!

1Mon14I thanked the woman sincerely, departed and went back to the Slab Square to take some more photographs.

It was a little dangerous around there now. Pavement Food Delivery Cyclists were starting to appear.

And the delivery lorries and vans and cash-in-transit wagons needed an eye keeping on them 1Mon14atoo!

A bloke came up to me and gave me a free newspaper.

Then a youth who reminded me of a drunken student in wearing posh clothes, and muttered some words that I could not understand. Not in a foreign language, I reckon he was drugged up or drunk. “Oblski darum owd un?” It sounded like a question. I replied: Oh no, but thanks!” He just walked away decidedly wobbly. No hassle at all.

I made my way up to Queen Street. The ever-changing lighting prompted me to take three photographs as I hobbled up the hill to the bus stop.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2Tue03 I caught a 40 bus back, cause I’d just missed the L9. Being early in the day still, the driver got me home to Winchester Street so quickly. With the now really-aching feet, I crossed the road and walked down to the Winwood Height Complex. (Sounds posh dunnit?)

I didn’t see a soul, worker or resident all the way down Chestnut Walk to the Woodthorpe Court. Not that this mattered, all I wanted now was a wee-wee. Got in the flat and Mo was sat in the foyer. We had a chinwag and laughed, and she picked a nibble from my bag.

2Tue03 When I got to the wet room, things had gotten into a pickle. I hadn’t managed to hold things in thoroughly. So after the belated wee-wee, a washing session and change of PP’s was needed. For once, I was not as embarrassed like I usually would be? Washed things and to the kitchen and did the Health Checks and medication taking.

Got some mushrooms in the saucepan, and the oven warming up for the bacon later.

Sister Jane rang, and we had a chinwag of an enjoyable nature. I can’t remember her telling me off about anything. Hahaha!

2Tue03 There was a break in the nattering session, cause I could not remember if I’d left the saucepan on high heat or not, and had to go and check. The pot was on a low light… but I’d left the tap running. I didn’t tell Jane. Hehe!

The drizzling began outside, and the sun took a rest. Compare this panoramic shot above of the one I made around 0700hrs this morning? The sun came out half an hour later again. Odd weather.


I caught up with the Facebook Photo Album updating.

1Mon30Got the nosh served up.

Wholemeal bacon cobs, mushrooms, gherkins, and little tomatoes.

A 9.5/10 Taste Rating.

Went to clean the pots up, and the view of the fiery looking sky was grand.

So, I took a regular frame and then three zoomed in ones across the skyline.


It looked as if somewhere in Nottingham was getting a bit of localised rain. (Pic 3).

Settled onto the recliner to watch a Die Hard 4 DVD film and… Zzzz!

Inchcock – Friday 5th October 2018:


Friday 5th October 2018

Samoan: Aso Faraile 5th Oketopa 2018

2246hrs: Woke-up, blinked and decided immediately, that I would get the laundry tended to, the first job of the day! Please note the truancy of my usually rampant pathological indecisiveness! Smug Mode Adopted.

I was out of the £300 second-hand juddery recliner in minutes. No ailments caused me any bother in doing so. The back pain, Hippy Hilda, Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis were all being kind to me. A little unsettling when this happens. I gathered the bag of washing with the accoutrements already in it and set off down in the lift.

When I got to the laundry room, a chap was filling up the better dryer with his clothing that he’d washed in his machine in his flat.

5Fri003I got my stuff going in washer No.2 and back up to the flat.

5Fri003a But not before I had to clean out the filter that someone had left clogged up.

To the flat and got the Health Checks were done. The readings were all still too high, I think. 


5Fri001bMet Bill from the first floor on the way down as he got on the elevator, on his way to do his washing.

Move the togs from the washer to the dodgy dryer. I’m never content using this machine, because of the number of times it had finished its cycle and the clothing has still been wet.

5Fri003a I stayed downstairs 5Fri002wondering around. As I feared, the crap-drier stopped early, and the clothes were still almost wet! At this point, the big lad came in to gather his not been long in the machine clothing. Which was good for me, cause I could move the undried things into the better dryer after the big lad had emptied it. As he started to remove his items, I advised him to clean the filter out first, or he’ll drag his gear over it and get fluff on his clean clothes. I showed him how to clean it out, then did it for him.

I transferred my items to the dryer. As I was taking them out, Bill arrived to remove his washing, so that worked out well.

All this laundry room traffic made me realise how early it actually was. I’d woken up assuming it was somewhere around 0200hrs, my usual waking up time. But it was not. Fool! Folded the clothing into the bag and went back up to the apartment.

Then made a brew of tea and took the medications. Put the stuff away and got on the computer to get the diary updating done for yesterdays post. Went on the TFZer Facebooking duties, WP Reader. Made another brew of tea to replace the one I’d let go cold. Huh!

While waiting for the kettle boil, I leant out of the unliked view and light blocking new window in the kitchen to take a panoramic effort of a photograph of the night, er, morning now.


Not a lot to look at, is there? They are not stars in the picture, but, house and street lights.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Had a rinse, and made yet another decision (Oh, yes!). I’d get out to the Goose Fair later, to try and get a walk in, and some photographs of the stalls and rides for the TFZers on Facebook.

No good going out too early because there will be nobody much there. Too late, and it will be too crowded for me to get through. And, knowing my luck the pickpockets and or muggers might have a go at me. Haha!

My earlier aberration (Of instant decision making) came over me again. The cooked chicken legs I bought two of in error, is still a week in date, but a little too sweet for my taste, I’d been pondering over who might make the best use of it I can help out. Roy, well his better half, who has been struggling without complaint in looking after the old codger since he got out of the hospital and started his recovery, I thought. Might just save the gal from having to go out to get some fodder, I hope. I also hoped that they could make use of them.

So, I got the ablutions tended to and on my way out, I went up to the next floor with everything I needed for the trip out and the chicken legs and called at Roy’s flat. The Lady of the House answered the door. I explained about my getting two packs of the chicken on offer, and wondered if they could use it. I was tickled pink when the Madam of the House accepted and thanked me. I wished her and Roy all the best and toddled off and down and out onto Chestnut Way, feeling good that I could help for once.

5Fri006It was bit murky out there this morning, but not as cold as the weather forecaster on the radio indicated when I had my shower.

In a good mood now, I ambled on along the road. Passing the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Stabsgefreiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationalistic Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen 5Fri20from, and residents porta-cabin, and threw a wave and smile at Wardens Deana and Julie through the window.

I stood a while on the corner, watching wood pigeons in the trees and bushes.

Then set off on my mini-little-hobble.

Down the Winchester Street Hill and onto Mansfield Road, over the hill and down into Carrington.

5Fri007At the junction traffic lights, a young Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist was initially doing wheelies as he sped down the hill, then mounted the pavement, then back onto the road as the light changed to red. Of course, this didn’t interest him at all, and I caught him on camera cycling over, nearly hitting a lady with her child in a pram, then he began to so wheelies again. He seemed to be a high of some sort, I think he was shouting or singing as well? He was a big lad, I hope he grows up mentally too. The meshuggeneh!

5Fri08As I got into Carrington and near the doctors’ surgery, I was surprised by the lack of traffic on Mansfield Road.

I got into the reception and asked the lady behind the counter (the one on the reception was on the phone) if she could help me sort out my appointments.

There followed a farce of Faulty Towers merit:

Moi: You booked me in for a changed appointment for INR blood Test next Tuesday, to Monday at 0900hr...

Receptionist: “Yes!”

Moi: Well, I got the Anticoagulation Results, telling me my next appointment is for 30th October?”

Receptionist: “I’ll check for you…” Five minutes later… Receptionist: “This is not for your INR Warfarin, it’s for your CHC/D test, Mr Chambers.”

Moi: “I thought I had that a week or so ago with Nurse Ann?

Receptionist: “I’ll check for you…” “Ah, you need to retake it Mr Chambers, and some extra tests at the hospital, the last test showed up some concerns, that’s why we have to get it done urgently.”

Moi: Will I need to fast 12 hours before and bring a sample this time, please?

Receptionist: “I’ll check for you…” “Yes!”

Moi: Can I have a sample bottle please, and book in an appointment for the Warfarin blood test, on the 30th?

Receptionist: “We’ll see you on Tuesday next then.”

5Fri003a I didn’t realise until much later that she said Tuesday and not Monday? At least, I think she did? I never got a sample bottle either. I left and carried on walking along on the way to the Goose Fair on the Forest.

5Fri003a Flummoxed, brain-scrambled and confused, I nearly walked off the edge of the gutter into the r5Fri09oad.

I think I’ve got things wrong and muddled somewhere along the line? Klutz! I’m sure that I am to blame!

When I got to Gregory Boulevard, I spotted that this year they had given model Goose on the traffic island a blue jacket. To keep him warm, perhaps? Hehe!

I hobbled up the hill and over the pelican lights into a Forest Recreation Ground and Goose Fair, that did not have a single stall or amusement ride open.


5Fri11It all came back to me then. I’d made another mess over timings! Schlemiel!

I had a wander around, getting dirty looks from the staff and owners of the amusements when I got the camera out. So I only took this one shot of ‘Spooky Towers’.

I presumed this was a take on the old Ghost Train?

5Fri12I wandered out and up the hill and caught a tram a few stops to the University. The tram was almost full to capacity.

5Fri003a With this ignorant young man sat on the outside of the disabled seats blocking anyone sitting next to him as people stood all around him. I despair of people nowadays!

I dropped off of the tram and walked along Shakespeare Street to Mansfield Road/Milton Street traffic light.

This ‘5Fri013Nasty’ Nottinghamian cyclist passed me by from behind, shouting something and swearing I think with it. He was within inches of hitting me, then he carried on right up Milton Street weaving between the pedestrians. A naughty young Nudnik!

I went into the Tesco store and came out with Surimi Sticks, a Pork Knuckle joint and a  loaf of sliced crustless wholemeal bread. Paid the lady and out onto Milton Street to walk to the L9 bus stop.

5Fri014When I got out into the fresh air, Milton Street looked very eerie and unreal to me!

No traffic and few Nottinghamians in sight.

I walked up through the Trinity Walk and stopped at a second-hand jewellery shop, and I think, Pawnbrokers.

To take some photographs for the TFZer gals to take their fancy of. Hehehe!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5Fri018Amethyst, the birthstone of February, I think.

I hobbled into the Slab Square and took this picture of the Gay-Abandoned happy, merry, cheerful Nottinghamians coming out from and going down into Exchange Walk.

Up Queen Street to wait for the bus, on which I must have nodded-off eight or so times en route. Tsk!

5Fri019There were two other tenants on the bus, neither of which chose to wake me up when we arrived at the flats. Hehehe! Luckily the jerking when the bis pulled up woke me, I did feel a clot!

A resident of Woodthorpe and I tackled the challenge of walking on the road back to our domicile.

5Fri019aThe gal walking in front, by gum, she can’t half move, pointed out to me that the Woodthorpe Block had had its naming board finished while we were out.

I took this photograph. Notts County colours on the sign, I noticed.

I hastened to the apartment and took a short-sharp wee-wee. (One of many that followed, Huh!)

Got the meal part sorted. Mushrooms and green beans in the same saucepan with a little balsamic vinegar.

Health Checks were done.

5Fri34Updated this diary a little.

Got the meal served up.

Can you see what’s on my plate here? Can you identify everything in this picture? Hehe!

A Flavour-Rating of only 6.5/10 for this one I’m afraid. No idea what I did wrong, but, The Lithuanian made Tesco surimi sticks tasted right foul and bitter, and undercooked the green beans by a long way! The Morrison apples were soft and mushy. The shitake mushrooms were tough-textured.

Settled down after the 23 hour, up and about day.

The usual performance with the TV watching. Or rather not watching due to my nodding-off. Haha!

Inchcock Today – Friday 3rd August 2018: Mini-hobble, glasses collected, got some interesting photos and the plates-of-meat are now agony! Hehe!


Friday 3rd August 2018

Greek: Παρασκευή 3 Αυγούστου 2018

0450hrs: I woke, late in the morning for me, and had terrible dysania. The brain being determined for some reason, to toy over and permute the needs and fears of the day and its challenges. While seemingly determined, despite the signs of a wee-wee presenting itself, to remain there, bedraggled, half-in-half-out of the £300 second-hand recliner, without the slightest interest in getting up?

The lightness coming in through the unopenable filthy new balcony window and the decaying hole-ridden curtains was of no encouragement. The uhtceare was winning the inner battle over abandoning the chair or not.

After a long while pondering and fretting, without any discernable decisions being attained, I was forced to get my body-mass, (And there is more of it now, than ever before – See Weight – Oh dear!) upright without any ailments bothering me. Off to the wet room for a wee-wee.

I seemed to cheer-up a tad after that and went into the kitchen to take the medications and get the Health Checks done.

5Fri005aAs I put the light on, the reflection from the dirty cellophaned windows, with my own reflection bouncing back at me, then gave me the thought, to photograph it for posterity. Hehe!

I reckon the right window could have been accepted in the Tate, as a work of art!

Picasso would have been proud of it. Hehe!

I had to nip back to the Porcelain Throne, and the stomach innards rumbled suddenly, then activity ensued. I made it in time, though. Washed and returned to do the Health Checks again. Readings were mostly up this morning, including, I regret to say, the weight! So much for eating smaller low-calorie ready-made meals and getting exercise in! Humph!


5Fri001I found a letter in the hallway.

From the doctor’s surgery. Telling me to ring them after 1100hrs to make a 15-minute appointment with the nurse, for the annual CHD checks. Have nothing to drink other than water from 10.00 pm the previous evening.

Take medication as normal.

Take a Urine Sample with you.

The line: ‘Make an early morning appointment’ made me laugh out loud! Every time I request an appointment I ask for an early one. Just once, I got an early one; July 2015 it was. Humph!

5Fri002Still feeling a little lighter in spirits, I started to create this blog up to here.

Made a brew of Assam tea.

Then, finished off yesterday’s Inchcock Today and got it sent off to WordPress.

I pondered over the things that need doing today.

  • I have to ask someone to ring after 1100hrs to the doctors to make an appointment for the CDH tests. Or, call at the surgery and make it that way. With the weight increasing a little extra exercise might help?
  • I must get to the opticians to find out when the new glasses will be ready.

There was another thing I thought of as I was typing, but it seems to have escaped me. Klutz!

Time to get the ablutions done. All sorted. One bag of waste to the rubbish chute. I got the Morrison freebie Hi-energy drink in the carrier to treat the helpful lady at the glasses shop. Down 5Fri006and outside, fingers crossed I’d not forgot to take anything with me.

More materials being delivered to the New Extra Care block compound.

Took a photograph as I crossed over Chestnut Walk and up the gravel hill footpath up towards Woodthorpe Grange Park.


It was a grand morning out there this morning. The sun was going in occasionally, but mostly out and bright.

All of the waste bins in the park were overflowing.

The last one near the gate was the worst one.

5Fri006bOnto Mansfield Road and up the hill and down on my way to the Opticians.

I met and greeted a couple of people I knew on the walk to the Optometrist.

I introduce myself to the lady on the reception disk. They had a little bit of a palava finding my spectacles. But they did so in the end. I handed the energy drink to the lady, who seemed pleased and surprised.

A gentleman fitted my with the new spectacles and took the £272 for them. I thanked 5Fri007them and pressed on, wearing the new varifocals.

Unfortunately with the plates-of-meat already hurting me, on towards Carrington.

Near the Methodist Church, I spotted this pigeon on the pelican control lights. At the time, I’m sure I came up with a funny or witty comment to put on here when I posted it. But, the brains memory box let me down again! Humph!

5Fri008Over the hill and down towards the Sherrington Park Medical Practice.

Stopping, to take this shot of the garden with the beautiful flowers, and view of Mansfield Road.

WCplasterA Sadly, as I got underneath the trees sticking out over the pavement further along the road in this picture, I came across this 5Fri009sorrowful sight on the right. This chic, I assumed had been thrown out by a cuckoo. Or its mother, or else it was blown or fell out of the nest. Whichever, it saddened me to see it.

I entered the surgery and waited for an assistant to become free.

WCplasterA The lady waiting behind me seemed a little uptight as she waited, so I told her to go ahead in front of me, as I was in no rush. All I got for my bother was a tut and a semi-sneer? But I didn’t mind on this occasion. The poor gal did look to be in an agitated frame of mind, something was worrying her.

The receptionist struggled to find my details on the computer. However, she did sort it out all on her own. She gave me an appointment for Monday 20th August at 0830hrs. Apparently, she was another new receptionist,  as this was only the second time I’d got an early appointment for over a year now. Hehe!

Out into the sunshine and hobbled (The feet were so painful) down into Carrington and nipped into the paper shop and got some pens. Then out and to the Lidl store. Where I got some lemon & lime spring water, seasoned potato slices, Cumberland mini-sausages, Scarlet tomatoes and a loaf of bread. Paid in the self-serve area without any problems.

Went to the bus stop, and realised it was not good timing today. If I caught a but back into Sherwood, it would mean I’d either have a 40-minute wait for an L9 bus back up the hill to the flats, or I could walk into Sherwood and catch the L9? After some consideration. I decided walking back to Sherwood was the best option, as that walk up the incredibly steep up Winchester Hill would take more out of me, and set off Anne Gyna. See? I can make and take decisions sometimes! Hehe!

5Fri011So, I hobbled back along Mansfield Road on the other side of the road.

Near the chip shop, the communal waste bins didn’t-half-stink!

Being Nottinghamians that use this facility, it was mostly wine, beer, and spirit bottles, that mingled with the rotting take-away waste.

5Fri011aAbout a third of the way, I was making decent progress.

When this mother and toddler passed by me. The little one kept looking back at me and smiling, but with a puzzled look on her face, bless her.

I failed to understand why, but she had such a cute smile. Haha!

5Fri012WCplasterA As I got to the Haydn Road/Mansfield Road traffic light junction, a Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist, wearing an Asda (Walmart) reflective jacket nearly hit me. Tsk!

The plates-of-meat agony was really even worse now.

I still had time to spare as I approached the bus stop.

5Fri013The Sherwood Discount (As was) shop, has still not been reopened by any new retailer yet. I suppose that seeing so many other closed retail units nearby would put anyone off!

I went into the Wilko store but didn’t buy anything.

I could see a new piece of official Nottinghamian Street Art near the al fresco 5Fri014seats of the cafe.

Definitely a teapot design this one. Further down the road, there was cup-cake fashioned one.

Back up limpingly to the bus stop.

I was joined by a lady and her other half from the flats. Gave them a nibble and we had a chinwag.

When we arrived back on Chestnut Walk, it was utter mayhem. So much traffic that was delivering to Willmott Dixon or trying to find somewhere to park or unload.

Jenny’s Frank caught we three up, and we made our way to the flats and into the lift.

We had a right good mix-up with the floor buttons pressed willy-nilly. Hahaha!

I said my farewells as each got off at their floor.

5Fri015Got in the flat, took the medications with an extra Codeine Phosphate to help counter the grief the feet were giving me. But, I thought, perhaps the extra exercise would help me with the weight problem. Got on the scale, but it hadn’t. Sob!

Then I got the appointments recorded in the calendar. Had a wee-wee, washed-up and got the fodder stored away.

Not been a bad day really. Apart from the plates-of-meat.

The new spectacles are working fine. The reading one with the larger lenses is easier to use when on the computer, than the old prescription ones were.

Perhaps just a little loose fitting, but they do not fall down the nose. So using them for so many hours at a time, this might prove beneficial?

Got the oven warming ready for the potatoes and beef pastie later.

I got on to update this post. Did the last Health Checks earlier than usual, had another wee-wee and got the meal cooking proper.

5Fri016All this hobbling is bothering the feet, and yet not halting the ever-increasing weight problem I have now?

I nodded off while the fodder was cooking. Only for a minute or so, but during that time I seemed to have several distinctly different dreams. With varying themes, too.

I’m glad I wrote them down now.

From travelling on a train in a goods wagon and being chased, being beheaded while in a dentist chair while having a shave, and finally back in the much-repeated underground cave, with bits of my body dropping off, as I searched for my hearing aids?

5Fri35Time to serve up the nosh.

A beef pastie, tomatoes, gherkins, savoury seasoned sliced potatoes, mushrooms, mini-sausages and meat sticks.

Some ingredients of this nosh were brilliant, others not so good. Overall, a Taste Rating of only 5/10 could be given. The pastie and tomatoes let it down. Hehe!

Settled to watch, Animal Police, The Dog Whisperer and then Hetty Wainthrope Investigates on the TV.

They had afew nod-offs in between, and I missed the ending of Hetty Waintrope. Grr! Hehe!