Enconium seeking Inchcock: Tuesday 15th December 2020

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Tuesday 15th December 2020

Zulu: NgoLwesibili 15th December 2020

00:15hrs: I rose resiliently resisting Roger Reflux’s rumblings, and regained my balance, and rambled to the bucket for a wee-wee. Another weak, restricted affair.

I was in a decent frame of mind for once, and many of the ailments had not yet woken-up along with me. Roger Reflux had. (The others will catch-up soon I expect!)

Got the kettle on. Then got the Harpin Xian Di Thermometer, and took my temperature, as you do with thermometers, I’ve noticed this. The reading was a fine 36.7°c and in the green.

As I was putting down the machine after picturing it, as Nicolas’s Neurotransmitters lost touch with the brain, and I nearly dropped the thermometer. Luckily my working left hand caught the Xian Di, but I pressed against the thermometer button, and got another screen come up, telling me the temp was low, but showing green! Huh? I was a smidge puzzled, maybe I’d hit the button several times and scrolled through somehow? Beats me. Nicodemus was back behaving himself today. The SYS was a little high again, but the pulse was well down on yesterdays 99, at 77.

Off to the kitchen and got the kettle on, and made a Glengettie Gold brew this time.

Decided to get the medications taken, back in the computer room. I wasn’t too sure of the innards intentions, but some mild turbulence from the stomach meant I did not take the Docusate Sodium medicine, but I took a Dioctyl® 100mg Poo-Softener instead. I feared that the liquid might be too strong, and create an opening for Trotsky Terence to take over at the Porcelain Throne session. Did you see that? I was thinking in a semi-logical fashion then? I almost went into a Smug-Mode – Grade 3!

I took a photo of the morning view.

Then, I got on with the updating of the Monday blog. And it went so well! Many pluses noted. The ailments were all much more manageable than they usually are. Oh, Yes! Even when the workers kicked off drilling, it didn’t bother me – for I have never been less hassled by the ailments for many months. Although this was worrying in a way? I was determined to make the most of the respite, mind you, Anne Gyna was starting to kick-off, you can’t win ’em all, Hehehe! I really was in a semi-upbeat mood! I got the updating done and finished. Posted it off to WordPress. Pinterested some snaps. Went on the comments, then the WordPress reader. It was as if I was a different person!  I could not resist making an ode, to display my contentment with the proceedings, and sod Anne Gyna, who was getting worse.

I then did some Facebooking, and for some reason, there were many more comments to reply to. Which I got stuck into, with particular relish. I spent hours on it, but was content and happy to do so! This really is a rare thing, me being like this, but still, I intend to make the most of it! Yee-Haa!

Messages came up from the ‘Cloud’, which baffled me a bit, I usually would have ignored them and hoped it wasn’t anything important. But not today, in my high spirits… A shame, though, cause I seem to have made a right mess of things. The MS Picture thingy keeps not working now. I’ve got everything changed to working in Inches as well. And the reader drive has stopped working altogether. Was I bothered? Nope! (Later on, it got to me, mind!)

 Ah, the calling to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Just as the drilling and knocking from above started again. Off to the wet room, still almost unconcerned. This is concerning me a smidge! It’s unnatural for me not to be worried, frightened and or fearful!

It was another different mode of evacuation again. No question, a victory (although another painful for me, one), for Trotsky Terence over Constipation Konrad, a 2-1 win I’d say, in the DESB (Daily-Evacuation-Stakes-Battle)  Messy in the extreme, with the added surprise, that after I started cleaning things. A second, nearly as big dollop messy followed through! By Jiminy, I was almost caught out, there! Cor-Blimey! The cleaning up took me ages, and with the extra hours spent on Facebooking, my semi-confident mood was getting less so all the time. Now, the tap-tapping, knocking and drilling was beginning to get to me!

I now had to force myself, to get some waste bags made up and put in the box on the walker-guide. Then some brekkers seemed a good idea, but I ended up with just two bags of Frazzles, three last lemon biscuits, and some nuts with a mug of Glegettie tea. But I still tried to stay chirpy, but it was harder to do so now, I’m afraid. Even if it dies altogether, it was great fun. No complaints!

I got a can of Chilli-Con-Carne and put it in the saucepan with a tin of peas, made and added some gravy, and mild chilli powder to it. I turned on the oven, warming to do the part-baked rolls later.

I washed the mug, and put some handwashing in the bowl, and it was time to get the ablutions tackled. At least I can have a full showering one this time.

Ablutionalisticalisationing Report:
  • I did the nasal clearing first, no problems.
  •   The teeth cleaning was carefully done, but still, I caught the broken tooth a few times.
  • Shaving: Oh, dearie me! SSS Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley and Shaking Shaun, both visited at the most inopportune times! Around ten dropsies, broke the best razor, three little nicks, a clouting on the head retrieving one of the dropped razors, and then I stubbed the toe against the trolley wheel picking up the dropped shaving foam as I moved it back to the shelf.
  • Thank heavens, the showering went a little better than the shaving did; Four dropsies, sponge, shower gel bottle x2, and the flannel.
  • Drying off, that went well, no dropsies or knocking owt over. Anf the stubbed toe looked much improved, despite the second stubbing. It had changed to the traditional blue colouring, I noticed, from the odd brown when it first happened yesterday, Hey-Ho!
  • Medicationalisationing: Naturally poor old Harold Haemorrhoid treating was painful. But, Cartilage Cathie’s patella, Arthur Itis’ knees, and the stubbed toe creamings went well. I cunningly used the picker upperer and tissues to get to do the toe (Crafty, eh!)
  • Freshening up: No problems! Other than The left leg, now looked like the veins were getting ready to burst forth again around the ankle. With the possibility of new papules forming on top of my foot. A funny colour too? 
  • Getting Dressed: An absolutely horrendous battle with the bloody sock-glide! Which I lost and gave-up on, capitulated, acquiesced, gave-up, accepted defeat, surrendered! I then took over half-an-hour and a lot of pain, to get the new long diabetic socks on by hand! Argh! But I was tickled to death that I managed to get them on, all the same!

I was still in a better than average mood, though, maybe not for long. Hehe!

I went through to the kitchen and got the short bamboo socks, and a pair of jammy bottoms I left soaking, washed, all done wrung and hung.

This was when it dawned on me, I’d just washed the clean ones! And now, I only had the thins crap cotton ones left that were dry to wear tonight! Granglesbognessbuggerit!

I spend some hours on the updating of this blog, with the errors and mistakes creeping back into my work. Things were slowly returning to normal. Which was not nice, but still I appreciated the temporary period of respite, earlier in the day.

Then an even bigger cock-up! I’d burnt the chilli and peas at the bottom of the pan. Still, it might give it a little extra flavour! I wonder how many days the saucepan will need in soak afterwards?

I got the bread in the oven and set the timer. Which was of no use, because I forgot to take it with me to the computer, to finish off the but I was doing on this blog. Closed down Computer Cameron, and returned to salvage the Chilli.

The slightly overcooked bread and the burnt Chill-Con-Carne turned out to be one of the tastiest I’ve ever made! I gave this one a flavour rating of 8.5/10! The oven-baked baguette and rolls came out spot-on! The gravy added, and amount of mild chilli powder worked a treat too! At last, a successful, Chilli nosh fitting for my tastes was made! (Although trying to repeat it, will need finely-tuned burning, singing and overcooking that may be challenging to get right again. Haha!)

The pot washing took a lot of soaking, scraping and effort, but with the taste still lingering in my mouth and tastebuds being savoured, this was not a problem.

I settled, mentally worn out, in the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly-beige-coloured, not-working, rickety, incommodious, grotty recliner, earlier than usual. And pondered over the mixed fortunes of the day… those I could remember.

No Thought Storms! I stayed awake for an entire episode of Law & Order (Cunningly taking the wee-wees during the commercial breaks, which the bladder permitted me to do?)

I took the belated evening medications, ensuring that I added the Dioctyl® capsule, and ignored the Docusate medicine.

I resettled in the recliner and readied myself to enjoy a Devils Kitchen episode. No, I take that back, it was a Ramsay one, Kitchen Nightmare, not that it mattered what it was called, for at the first batch of adverts, sweet Morpheous arrived, and I had peace and bliss for four solid, uninterrupted hours! Heavenly!

Inchcock, Mon 30 Nov 20: Whoopsiedangleplop, Accifauxpas, Tumbles, Blood and Pain. All normal then!

A TFZer Winner, Yaa-Hoo!

Monday 30th November 2020

Hawaiian: Pōʻakahi 30th Nowemapa 2020


00:10hrs: I woke up, belched, and thought about getting up and fell peacefully asleep again.

01:05hrs: I woke up, passed wind, thought about getting up, fell asleep again.

01:45hrs: I woke up, sneezed, shivered, thought about getting up, but didn’t fall to sleep again. But not through any determination to get up and actually do anything – I needed a wee-ee!

The first thing that permeated into my foggy brain was that the blasted ‘Hum’, was the loudest it has ever been! Like steam or water belting out of the pipe, or a wind constantly blasting away! How anyone with decent hearing can put up with this amazes me!

I disentangled my boing-boinging, wobbly-stomached torso from the c1968 recliner, and caught my balance, and with the new underfoot papule stinging like hell, hobbled off to the bucket. A wee-wee of the PMD (Pre-Micturition-Dribble), AMD (After-Micturition-Dribble) free, SWSI (Sprinkly-Weak-Short-Itchy) mode was taken.

I went to fetch the Health Check gear, and the view was of darkness, a mist concealing nearly all the lights from view. I got the Nokia camera out and took this photograph, although there is not much to be seen. Ah, I’ve done it again, I meant Nikon of course.

Just testing to see if you were paying attention. Har-har!

I used the contactless thermometer this morning, to take the temperature with.

A fair reading showed up, of 36.5°c. A little higher than yesterdays low reading of 36.1°c.

While setting up the sphygmomanometer, I had a visit from SSS Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley and dropped the machine. I swore silently, but proliferously, and retrieved the hemadynamometer, to find it still worked. Phew!

At first try, it failed to work, as has been happening the last few days. The second attempt went okay, but the SYS was smidge up on what yesterdays were, at 168, the pulse was 92, a little high? Mmm?

I got the medications sorted next. Remembering to take the Dioctyl® capsule.

Off for another wee-wee, of the same model as the first one. that turned into a Porcelain Throne visit as well. An interesting one this was. A draw 1-1 between Trotsky Terence and Constipation Konrad. Terribly messy, but with little pain, no concrete torpedos, and relatively swift. Cleaning up afterwards was not so much hassle as yesterday’s evacuation.

Washed and wiped around, made a brew of Thompsons Punjana, took a photo of the foggy but getting less so view from the kitchen window, and pressed on with the updating of yesterdays diary.

Which was all done and dusted within a few hours. The post sent to WordPress, and the email link sent off. The Facebooking was done. I visited the WordPress Reader section, and got the kettle on again, for a mug of Glengettie.

There had been a mass of comments come for my followers and fans again. I replied to both of them.

I began creating this diary and had a slight going-off the plan moment, and stopped to get the handwashing tackled. Just a long-sleeved tee-shirt was washed, rung and hung above the sink to drain-off for a few days. Hehehe!

Then I thought, I’d get the ablutions done, the full-monty today. The teggies cleaned. A nice slow, careful, shaving session, a gloriously lazy slow and long shower, using the new lemon-scented shower-gel. A steady drying off, the medicationalisationings, deodorising, and maybe then make a brew of Glengettie.

Then I stripped off to get in the wet room and commenced with cleaning the teeth, first. It was a mixed bag of a session, but I think more pluses than minuses.

Ablutionalisation Report:

  • The teggies were cleaned well, without any bleeding! One dropsy
  • The shaving was done leisurely. Three dropsies, only two nicks, nowt to fret over.
  • Getting in the shower, I caught the underfoot papule against shower chair moving it. Argh!
  • As planned for once, I deliberately took my time and wallowed in the showering process! No knocks, bangs or Dizzy Dennis visits! But the dropsies were about ten. Nicodemus, the swine!
  • The drying off was Accifauxpa-Free! One dropping of the towel and nothing knocked off of the floor cabinet (First time for a long time this!)
  • The medicationalisationing seemed to take aeons. But this was expected. Getting the antiseptic cream on the papule nearly had me over, saved by the wall, Hehehe!
  • Harolds Haemorrhoids attentions were not so bad this morning.
  • Arthur Itis’s knees and Cartilage Kathy were okay!
  • I’m afraid that applying the Phorpain Gel to BPB (Back-Pain-Brenda), seemed to annoy her, and she started off. Humph!
  • I spotted some spots on the right hand and tried to wipe them off. But, they were under the skin? Not the foggiest idea what they were, but no pain with them? Later on, they moved around the palm, then practically disappeared altogether?
  • Time to try on the new PPs (Protection pants). I saw another of the mystery growths on the right leg as I checked this photo out? But at least they fitted, but too tightly!  Well, they would with Sainsbury’s substituting medium for large size ones I suppose! I’ve had no leaks form front or back today (yet), si I don’t know how they will cope in the event of any matter or blood loss. But at least they can be used, but just not with much confidence.

I got dressed and got some late brekkers sorted out. A BBQ flavour Super-Noodle, with added Balsamic vinegar and an oxo cube crushed in it, with a few slices of Milk Roll bread to soak up the gravy. Bit of a delight this was, tasty!

I rang Deana to ask her about the progress with the Chemist call, no reply, I’ll call again later on. Got on the computer to start this blog off. (Deja Vu?) The door chimes rang out. (It was Josie returning yesterdays plate, tray and cutlery from her Sunday lunch) She said she enjoyed it, especially the cheesy buttered potatoes. Which pleased me.

  Back to the computer and kicked off doing this blog, at long last. I was well into it, and I an email from Amazon, telling me the order for the jammie-bottoms had been delivered as; ‘Handed to the client’ – You’ll like this upcoming little ‘Tale of Woe’ (I hope).

  • I was worried that they might have been delivered to the wrong block of flats again. So I went to have a look outside of the door just in case they had been left there – Nope!
  • I closed the door and turned round to come back to the main room, and tripped over whatever it was, and ended up, after a bit of wall-bouncing off of, spreadeagled in a lump on the floor – I could feel the blood flowing into the left slipper.  The pain told me it was the papule. (That might have been torn from the skin in the Accifauxpa)
  • Now, not only was I a pain in the neck, but I had one as well! Haha!.
  • I somehow got myself back up on my feet and turned the light on, To find that what I’d tumbled over, was the small packet that contained the jammie-bottoms! It had been posted through the letter-box and had flown to the other side of the hall.
  • I believe I quietly muttered some to the tune of, “Well, I never!”, or “Flippin’ ‘eck”!

I got myself in the wet room and investigated the left foot problem. The slippers inside were well bloodied, but the flow seems to have stopped now. I put some Germolene and plaster on the half-hanging-off papule.

I seemed very calm over these calamities and ensuing. No fretting, panicking, swearing… Well, after the initial few mild oaths).

I swapped slippers, threw the old ones away in the bin, and back to the hallway, to replace the bottles of spring water, the readied Christmas presents and clothes and hats I’d knocked off of the coat hooks in my tumble, and tidied things up. Not a lot, mind!

Now, I had the papule and BPB making any physical activity, painful. And was growing a smidge of self-pity. I mean, how many other people have incidents like this? They must do, but don’t advertise them on the web? Hahaha!

As I got back to the computer, my Nokia 8000 4G, Qualcomm MSM8909 Snapdragon 210 (28 nm), WLAN Hotspot, GPS & S-GPS, FM Radio, LED Flash, MicroUSB, Bluetooth, mobile. rang. (Sniggerski!) It was Warden and Pole-Dancer Deana. She’d rung the Pharmacy for me, and they are delivering the prescriptions for me this afternoon, sometime after 15:00hrs!

That cheered me up a ton and-a-half! So much so, that after thanking her kindly for her help, I stood up without thinking, to go and make a brew of Glengettie in celebration of the good news, and almost found myself back on the floor, as the papule gave me such stinging! Flunglegagit!

I made the mug of Glengettie, and I returned to the computer. Contentedly at first, then I realised I’d have to stay up and awake, and await the arrival of the medications. Humph!

I got some drinkies in a carrier bag and placed them near to the door. In case the chemist’s beautiful daughter brought the prescription for me, as a thank you come Christmas treat!

Then I felt up to checking out the jammie-bottoms that had been delivered.

Gawd blimey, they were so thin! Mind you, they had to be for the delivery man to have posted them through the letter-box, I suppose. Tsk!

As I was trying to make another start at updating this blog, the landline burst forth with tone and flashing! It was Sister Jane. She was ringing from the QMC hospital, where she had had treatment for her right eye, she still can’t see out of it. Glaucoma treatment, Laser treatments, more to come, got to go back Wednesday for more attention. She took a movie on her camera of the procedure, that tickled the nurse. Pete was not allowed to go in with her. And Pete has his own problems with his cancer! Losing his hair with the radiation treatments is annoying him. She is having YAD treatment at the moment. I’ll look that up later.

We had a good chinwag, she was waiting for her number to come up, for her to go for the YAD treatment at the time. Jane could hear the tap-tapping from Herbert above, and she knew where it was coming from. Yet it wasn’t bothering me. (Not surprisingly, the new slipper I could feel filling up with blood again, BPB was so cruel to me, and the bang on the head I took, was giving me a headache like never before, it was well gone my head downtime, I had to stay awake for the prescriptions, I was aching all over, and had missed taking the tablets.) Still, yer doesn’t like to complain does yer? Hahahaha!

Jane had to ring off when her number in the queue flashed up. I hope things go well for her, and hubby Pete. ♥ I am so terribly proud of the pair of them. They are not used to all this hospitalisationing, and various treatments are new to them, yet they are coping so well with it. They now understand I think, what I’ve been going through. But it is far, far worse for them, and once again, I am so impressed with how they are managing.

I made up some more waste bags, got them on the box on the trolley, and took them to the waste chute. The papule (or whatever it is) seemed to be less bothersome now? I’m not complaining! I got the bags down the chute and hobbled back to the flat.

A brew of Glengettie tea was made, to the computer, and I took the belated medications, with an extra Codeine 60mg. BPB was getting worse, I might have twisted the back as I toppled over, I suppose.

I stopped and nipped to the wet room to check on the plaster and papule. The bleeding had stopped altogether. Why I thought I felt it bleeding again is a mystery?

I still couldn’t concentrate on blogging properly. Thinking of Jane took my mind back to so many years ago.

I dug this photo out, and photo’s it from the scrapbook. Jane on the left, me with hair and no belly in the middle, and Christine on the right, and all three of us having medical attention’s. Jane, with her right eye, Chrissie, who has got the Coronavirus (Living on the South Coast now, I think), and me. The picture prompted the Thought-Storms then, but they were good ones! Although twinged with sadness, of course.

It was so late now, I was fighting not to fall asleep and miss the medications arriving. I investigated the thoughts of what to have to eat, and opted for a can of Chilli-Con-Carne, and the meatballs in chilli! I got them in the saucepan and added some balsamic vinegar and a drop of made up Oxo.

Thank heavens, the intercom flashed and buzzed shortly afterwards. It was the lovely girl from the chemist delivering the prescriptions for me. I thanked her and handed over the carrier of Christmas treats.

Then, stupidly tried to do some updating on this blog. I wasn’t up to it, concentration is gone, and in desperate need of sleep, I hope I can stay awake long enough to eat the Tim Price Impressing, Chilli-Con-Carni and meatballs (I just stirred them, and they are hotter than I expected). Haha!

I hope to wake up sometime later and update this blog. Huh! I’ve got to get to sleep first. Fingers crossed, I’ll get the fodder done and eaten first!

Well, that went well. The Chill meatballs and Con-Carne together with a stop of balsamic vinegar, went down a treat. Absolutely on my limit for hotness, yet I loved it, no chance of nodding off while eating this concoction!

I got the plate etc. in the sink soaking with the saucepans and cutlery.

Regrettably, despite my assured feeling that sweet Morpheus would soon enfold in a blissfully deep, rejuvenating sleep, proved so wrong!

The Thought-Storms stampeded into my already befuddled brain, it was like being forced to listen to a  Dessert Island Discs programme on Radio Four! I was not interested in my fears, worries, or guilt, but there was no stopping them all-permeating into my psyche. I felt like just one person, watching a harrowing mystery play that I could not understand, and the doors were locked, I had to suffer…

And I did! It took hours before I nodded off! At least I managed about four hours before I woke up, in one of those rare, unaccountable ‘Up and at them’ awakenings, Dammit!