Inchcock Today – Friday 2nd June 2017



Friday 2nd June 2017

Kurdish Kurmanji: 2nd Roja Înê June 2017

0400hrs: Disentangled me from the £300 second-hand recliner and off for a wee-wee – It seems that the Trotsky’s are easing off… at the moment?

5Fri030415hrs: Got the readied dirty-laundry bag and down to the laundry room and got it washing away.

Took this photographicalisation outside the foyer, a close up of some of the new double yellow road lines. Apparently where they have put the cones was where cars were parked yesterday, to keep the road car free for lining to take place today?

Backup and took the medications and did the Health Checks.Results

Results were: Sys 156, Dia 73, 5Fri02aPulse 79, Temp’ 33.8, Weight 14.81: All good, methinks.

Took the medications and scribbled some notes to use when I get around to doing this diary on WordPress.

Took me a really long time to find the pain gel tube. Looked in its regular drawer and all of the others, the cupboards, the living room, the wetroom and in the spare room, without any luck.

5Fri02Found it in front of where I was when I started to look for it in with the bottles of sauce and seasonings on top of the counter? Tsk!

Took this photograph from the kitchen window, showing the new yellow lines.

0449hrs: Down to move the clobber into the dryer.

Back up to the apartment and got the computer on to start updating Thursday’s Chronical.

TFZ01burgerGoing through the Emails afterwards I came across:

Meet the Mother of all Father’s Day treats – an insane burger costing a jaw-dropping £39.95. The Almighty, on sale at Red’s True Barbeque in Nottingham, is the ultimate meat lover’s dream. Every key ingredient is aged to perfection, working on the idea that things get better with age. Only 25 are available at the restaurant in Queen Street for Dads celebrating their special day on June 18.

5Fri040530hrs: Down to collect the laundry. No odd socks were found today. Cleaned the drum and filter out.

Clouted my elbow on the corner of the sink unit and muttered something like; “Well, fancy that!”

Back up to the mini home and got the clothes put away, and finally got a demand for the use of the Porcelain Throne.

Much better this time – are the Trotsky’s easing off, or are they teasing me? Hahaha!

P1170808Updated and finished Thursday’s diary and got it posted off.

Onto Facebooking then, fingers crossed it would not play-up freezing and the like.

It was okay, apart from when I went to see the Notifications answered then returned. Had to search for where I was before… if you know what I mean?

Got the ablutions tended to.

Letter from E3 arrived, redirected from the old address, telling me I owed them some money and it must be paid now. I went to see one of the wardens on the way out, to call them for me so I could settle it and cancel the agreement with them, convinced this sidetrack would make me miss the bus, but it had to be done. Obegruppenfurheress Julie was in the cabin and kindly called them for me. Odds are I’ll get another bill next month?

As I came out to walk into Sherwood, I spotted the L9 bus coming, for once I was glad it was so late.

Dropped off in town, after another session on the crossword book.

Had a walk around taking the City Centre taking photographs. Made a Special Post of these and much more, later.



5Fri12eCalled in Primark Again, but nothing suitable. Hobbled in the rain to M&S, even less suitable attire. Walked to the tobacconist’s and got some snuff for Bill (William on Sundays) at the flats, then went to Clinton Street and the Sports shop. Where surprisingly I found some tops suitable and cheap too. Bought two of them. After getting a very annoyed yer disinterested good looking young man assistant to get them down for me with the extended prongs from the fifth row up on the wall.

Joined the queue to pay for them and left the shop, out into the drizzle on Clinton Street.

5Fri12dWhere I observed that many of the Nottingham shoplifter… no, sorry, I meant shoppers, had been caught out in the rain.

Had to go find a bus stop that displayed the time on it, as I had forgotten to take the mobile with me. I know, it must be hard for you believe I could do such a thing… Haha!

It was five minutes before the L9 bus was due, so I hobbled over the crossing and to the bus stop in plenty of time.

Had a visit from Dennis Dizzy while waiting.

I was soon on the bus trying once more to complete at least one of the crosswords without cheating… I failed again!

Back at the flats, I was very pleased with how the Trotsky’s had behaved. Perhaps things are getting better now? (If only I’d known what was coming in the morning – Eurgh!)

Put the two jumpers in the metal and canvas shelves in the spare room. Took the two bags to the rubbish chute, got the kettle on, warmed the oven for the meal later and got the computer on… Windows 10 update started… warning me of drive issues and problems that it chose to sort out of its own volition. Kept starting closing. About 40 minutes later it seemed to have stopped updating and turned off. I started if again, and the installations started.

With a hopeful heart, I opened Firefox after having to inform Windows several times that I did not want their browser as default.

Then I updated this diary, then started a new post using the photographs taken today, calling it ‘Gerry’s Photographic poddle around the Wet Nottingham’ Of course I may change the name.

Back in a bit after I’ve done it, folks… All done.

5Fri12pThe meal was tomatoes, crispy potato balls, even crispier extra strong cheddar cheese done in the oven, fresh pod peas, an egg and two battered fish cakes with bread thins and followed by a lemon mousse.

It was truly delicious!

Then the viewing of the TV programmes farce began. I spent more time nodded off that watching anything on the gogglebox!

No calls to the throne whatever?

Fri 24 July 2015: A Day of Rest – Well that was the plan like…

Friday 24th July 2015


The must used bus-stop near the flats by Inchcock today

0540hrs: Woke and usual start and dashed to the porcelain yet again.

Where I remembered some of me dreams and wrote them on the handy toilet paper before they drifted into the ether:

On a gigantic scaffolding in the sky – Trying to build higher, ladders.

Ran out of poles – panic, couldn’t get in touch with anyone on the phone to bring or send more up to me.

An Angel appeared, I think I knew her but she kept changing her facial features into other people, some I knew, some not? Floating in the clouds next to me on the planks… Talking to me for yonks, can’t remember what she said – suddenly she turned into a raging flying shark and gobbled me up – Inside the shark was a beautiful apartment, sunshine coming into the room through patio windows, beautiful aroma of lavender and lemon?

I was happy that she’s eaten me, but confused that I couldn’t find any teeth marks on me body as somehow I found myself in a luxurious bath soaking in bubbles… and me body was firm and slim again like when I was in me teens?

The face of a man appeared at the side of the tub, semi-transparent like and spoke to me through a pink megaphone? – I had been chosen to be installed as new angel advisor and had to go and see Captain Kirk to get my instructions… a bit vague here, but I ended up in an old dilapidated dusty office everything had gone mono in colour and I was wearing Dickensian style clothes sat at a high desk and smoking me old pipe, writing with a quill? In burst a beautiful buxom woman and she started to throw lemons at me out of her basket… That’s all I recall?

Any dream analyser who might read this – can you help? Hehe!

IMG_0095Making me cup of tea to take me medications I kept seeing movement out the corner of me eye. It was pigeons and crows flying by the window. I had a closer look and they were flying to and fro the balcony on the flat one above to the right of mine.

I took  photo, not a good one but I was having to lean into the window to get in the birds – of course seconds before I took the shot most of the pigeons flew away being pursued by the hungry crows – Do crows eat pigeons?

It appears that the resident in that flat has removed their bird netting, I could see it hanging down, or could I, perhaps that is the netting from the flat below?

Had a good spit and polish and decided that I had time to go to the old place and get some stuff brought back to the flat – also to check see if it’d been burgled yet.

I was really lucky when I left the flat, the bus was in and pulled off immediately after I got on it. So I didn’t have to walk down the hill to get to Mansfield Road, dropped of at the bottom of Winchester Street and walked into Carrington.

Plenty of Nottingham Pavement Cyclists around en-route. But I’m forgotten to take me camera with me.

At the dump I got in and sorted some bits out to carry bag in the two bags I’d got. Clothes, computer peripherals, cleaning stuff and me flat Doughnut cushion to ease me haemorrhoid suffering. The two bags chock-full I struggled to the bus-stop in Carrington. A bus arrived in a few minutes and I rode into Sherwood. There I went over to the bus stop to see when the next L8 or 9 was due – as I got to the bus-stop and L8 arrived! All this having luck if foreign to me, it worries me! Hehe!

Back up to the flats, dropped off just outside – good stuff this today, Gawd Bless and help me keep me free bus-pass. I felt almost fresh when I got back in the flat… well the feet were stinging a bit like, but Arthur Itis, the angina, reflux valve etc were being kind to me – Yahoooo!

CaptureTwo letters arrived – one for Margaret one for me. Mine was from the Nottingham City Homes to tell me the pull-cord on the kitchen heater would be replaced on Thursday 30th July – long with the Bricking-up of me gigantic hole in the kitchen wall.

So up to now, next week looks a bit easier appointment-wise? But we’ll see.

I took down the pull-cord from the bathroom light switch and soaked it in bleach and washing-up liquid. Then rinsed it and hung it up on a clothes peg in the hallway to dry. Bet I’ll have fun when I try to re-thread it?

The flat cushion over was terribly dirty so I washed that out in the bowl afterwards and will clean it again in me next laundry session, tomorrow perhaps. I wish they would make them in a dark colour instead of blooming white. Huh!

IMG_0097Realised I’d not done me baked bean special marinating. So I tried it with: Tomato purée, English mustard, vinegar, BBQ seasoning, sultanas, unrefined brown sugar and dried roast onions.

I’ll put the onions in last like when I have heated em up. Worraya think? I’ll let yer know later.

Close to expected 1400hrs call from the Skin Cancer place ran by private company ‘Circle’ for the NHS.

I’m hoping, after informing the NHS Dentist, NHS Anticoagulation Team, the NHS GUM Clinic NHS City Cardiac Unit and the NHS GP surgery of me new address and telephone number that they will have it so as to ring me here and not the old place… any bets on it?

Still the mobile number is the same, so they might use that – said he hopefully!

1405hrs – no call yet – whoops bite me tongue, here it is coming in now.

This second lot is Basal Cell Carcinoma type, far less dangerous.

They asked me to feel the healed wound and tell them if it was flaky or  wet. This I couldn’t do because Arthur Itis prevents me like, and there is no one living here with me. I said I would ask the staff if one could have a peep to let me know. There is no need to inform the hospital if the wound is dry or flaky, only if it is wet.

I went down and to the community shed but no one was in. So I returned and emailed Deana asking her if either of them could do this for me – but I fear it now getting on time-wise they will have gorn home like. Hey-ho!

IMG_0098Returned to the flat and made a cuppa, took me medications and updated this diary.

Put me beans int pan to slowly warm em through and watched an episode of London’s Burning on YouTube while the seasonings slowly warmed through for me to digest.

They tasted nice, perhaps a little too much sugar though. But I still rated it 8/10.

When I WC’s I found that little Inch had been bleeding profusely from the lesion. I’ll have to see the GUM again about this – but time and appointments are hectic already. Tsk!

Washed the pots and got down on the quilt on the floor next to the fridge in the kitchen and read me book then got me head down to the now familiar Click -shudder – whirr, clunk, drone… shudder – whirr, clunk, drone… Click of the musical fridge-freezer wot I bought from Currys. I’ll miss this when I get sorted and the bed in.

TTFN all.

Cameron’s Letter to Agony Aunt (Updated)


Agony Aunt for the ‘Lesser Endowed Gentlemen’s Weekly Gazette’

Dear Gertrude,

The constant voices in my head are forever chattering away, it’s driving me decidedly crazy.

I even questioned my own brilliance, cunning and competency last week. A rare lapse in my usual superlatively confident personality.

I prefer not to mention this to my Harley Street Doctor, as I hold a rather important position. Perhaps I am concerned because I got the job through skulduggery illegal and unethical means?

EM01Luckily my only genuine competitor for the job, is unfit and far too lacking in spirit, ideas and gusto.

Perhaps I have lost a little edge though lack of genuine competition?

Although UKIP seem to be doing well and starting to cause me a slight cause for concern.

But my overseas investment and offshore accounts have increased exponentially due to the backhanders from my lodge member friends who I am slowly and stealthily selling off the NHS to. No problems there.

I would prefer it of you did not mention or reveal the contents of this letter.

If you can help me with my problem Gertrude, I can assure you of a liaison of a physical nature with any of the members of my cabinet, a handsome cash reward via their expense claims, and a new caravan in Chelsea.

Yours Unfaithfully:

Cameron01The Right Honourable David William Donald Cameron

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

First Lord of the Treasury

Minister for the Civil Service

Leader of the Conservative Party

Member of Parliament for Witney

Descendant of King William IV

Raised in Peasemore, Berkshire by father Ian, a stockbroker, and mother Mary Fleur, a retired Justice of the Peace.

Eton College at the age of 13

First class degree in Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE) at Oxford

Brasenose College, Oxford, from which I graduated in 1988 with a first-class honours degree.

Git with Distinction

10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA

Inchcock Today: Tuesday 2nd September 2014

Tuesday 2nd September 2014

GC corner3jpegUp at 0650hrs, WC and got the launderette togs ready, remembering in the drying balls, soap tablets and nibbles for the laundry girl.

Then a cuppa, and on the laptop… eventually thanks BT Internet.

Then up the apples to have a wash and WC.

Rubbish to the bin, and then out to walk to launderette. As I started walking, BJ arrived in his car to give me a lift. Kind of him that.

Got the things in the machine, then walked to chemist for me prescriptions, that were ready on time. Then realised I would not be able to carry Tue001the big bag of medications as well as me two bags of washing back home again.

So when I’d got the washing into the drier, I walked back to the pit with the medications, picked up two lollies from the freezer, and took ‘em back to the launderette with me. Mandy was tickled pink that I’d taken them for her, and gave me her excellent ‘Poor old sod’ look.

Tue01Got the togs, waved cheerio to Mandy, and legged it back to the flea-pit – where I found a police car, forensic van and reporters outside the house opposite just down the road from mine. An officer was looking for prints on the window frame, so I assume it was another break-in. Why the reporters though? A simple break-in around here is not worth their reporting; else they’d get sued for repetition!


I updated this Diary, did a bit of blog viewing.


Then I decided to have a walk into town, and have a look see if any cheapo pyjamas could be obtained. Then changed me mind, and decided to have a walk to Sherwood Nottingham Hospice Shop, take em me ticket maker and few bits and then bus to town for a wander about like.

Had a nice gentle walk into Sherwood, donated me bits and pieces, and glad to be free of the weight I was carrying too. Then I caught a bus to town.

Tue02When I got off and walked to cross over towards Clumber Street, I noticed there seemed a lot of people on it for a Monday.

I found out why as I walked down to near McDonalds – two women were going at it something awful, did everything but clobber each other, and that’s what attracted the crowd yer see.

Tue03I took a photo of the Nottingham Beach in the slab square, everyone seemed quiet happy.

I moved on and hobbled to the bank, where I waited for twenty five minutes to get served. The teller apologised, but I couldn’t help pointing out the sign behind him that advertised their excellent customer service!

The feet were aching a bit now, and the angina was kicking in. (Tsk)

Tue05I hobbled up to the NHS drop-in centre. As recommended to by my GP receptionist who I asked last week where I could get another Medical Card from, as the one the hospital gave me was almost unreadable now. She replied, try thr NHS drop-in centre, so I did.

I explained all this to the lady, who said: “Try your GP!”

Tue04Ah well…

I limped back up to the second had record/tape/DVD shop, and he’s saved me a rare Acker Bilk CD, £5, so I treated missen to it.

As I walked down to catch the bus back to Carrington, I took photo’s of a Chinese Medical Shop and the NHS drop-in Centre, don’t know why I did, but I did.

The queue at the bus-stop was enormous, so I went to catch another bus that took another longer route, and got on it and got a seat.

Unfortunately I was unsure which stop to get off at, and overdid it a bit, and found myself with another marathon walk. Never mind eh.

Tue06At the end of my street, I saw the Fire Brigade had put up a notice warning us about arsonist working in the area. The police put one up about burglars burgling in the area last month, but someone nicked it.

I called in Lidl to get some cobs – and was in the queue at the check-out for yonks and yonks, eventually giving up and leaving. There were only two tills open, and the poor gal on the one I was at, was having some sort of trouble with the till.

So I hobbled up to the Co-op store and got some Bread Thins on offer at £1, and a pack of 6 iced lollies for the same offer price. Why I did this, having purchased some from Fulton’s yesterday, I haven’t worked out yet.

Got in and made me sandwiches for later.

Feeling weary.