Inchcock Today – Kaleidoscopic Sunday 9th August 2020: Ups and downs… the downs won!

Sunday 9th August 2020

Khmer: ថ្ងៃអាទិត្យទី ៩ ខែសីហាឆ្នាំ ២០២០

04:50hrs: When I woke up, I was in a mental-haze from last night’s mind and memory blanks. ‘Mental-haze’; that came out without considering it, yes, I reckon that’s about right wording to describe how it was, too! I lay a few minutes, pondering and worrying over things, but that is normal for me anyway.

The EOGPB (Emergency-Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Bucket) was well-filled, and I extracted my bulbous wobbly-bellied body from the c1968 recliner, and made use of the receptacle yet again!

There were so many visits during the night, I can’t recall how many, but do remember well the constant interruptions to my sleep! I must have been in a hopeful, head-down state for at least five hours, but how much of this time was actually sleeping, must be very minimal. Clapbogsworthyness!

Apart from a little bother from Arthur Itis, and the Clopidogrel spots and blemishes were apparently returning, the legs looked to be in fine condition. The sunshine filtering through the second-hand, charity shop-bought curtains with the tears and holes in them, gave an appearance of much more colour to the pins.

I must remember to thank the wonderful, helpful, caring people at Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store. Had they done as they agreed they would, and split the three similar tablets. (But I will not call the unreliable lying, scumballs, names). Then I would not be missing my Beta-blockers and getting worried about my tickers thick blood, heart attack or another stroke! And not taking Furesomide and over-wee-weeing significantly, thus getting some sleep in, now! Thanks!

I cleaned and sanitised things and parts of my Charles Atlas like torso and body. Hehehe! 

Then, I hobbled limpingly and a smidge nervously, to the kitchenette and to get the Health Checks sorted out. The sphygmomanometerisationing results showed a jump in the SYS, a bit too high? I wonder if Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, are they the cause of this? Had they done as they agreed they would, and split the three similar tablets… (but I will call the unreliable lying scumballs, names). Then I would not be missing my Beta-blockers and getting worried about my ticker’s thick blood, heart attack, or another stroke! Also, not taking Furesomide and over-wee-weeing greatly, thus getting some sleep in, now!

I got the Saturday post completed and posted it off to WordPress. Did Facebooking catch-up. Then went on the WordPress Reader section. During which, I took five more wee-wees!

As I was about to put the computer to sleep, to get the ablutions done, a message came in on the mobile. It was from Iceland, telling me my order is on the way and has some unavailable items on it, and should arrive between 09:00 > 10:00hrs. Iceland order? What? How? Why? Obviously, my blank period yesterday, and I was out-of-it, must be when I made an order? Blown if I can remember doing so. And I certainly did not need any more fodder?

Feeling a bit down about this, and self-critical in the extreme, I stewed inwardly at my stupidity. And went to get the ablutioning sorted. The mind-storms started, but somehow I almost ignored them?

 I took a snap of the plates, which came out just like they appeared in the camera viewer. The session went pretty well, mind you. A few dropsies, a couple of small nicks shaving, and just one decent-firm clout on the forehead on the grab bar, as I retrieved the dropped carbolic soap in the shower.

Even the drying off and medicating went well! ! And the pins still looked good after the showering, drying, and medicating!

Then the Thought Storms abated, as well. I liked that!

But the niggling thought of my making an order and sending it off to Iceland when not required, and my not recalling anything about it, had me getting a smidge worried about my sanity. Gragnackles!

I made up three small bags of waste, grabbed the four-pronged metal walking stick, and wobbled out into the flat’s foyer, feeling a smidge better in myself, less self-critical, but that’s not saying much, I can assure you.

Through the door and down the lift lobby to the waste chute room at the far end. Got the bags in without any faux pas, knocks, trips, or shakes! A weak, temporary Smug-Mode was adopted!

Back to the flat, and got everything out ready to do Josie’s Sunday lunch, later on. Back on the computer to play catch-up with the updating of this blog.

The intercom chimed, it was the unexpected mysterious Iceland order arriving? The young man approached the door, and mentioned, “You’re getting a lot in this week, that’s two deliveries! Embarrassed, I think I said: ‘Yes, getting greedy in my old age!’

The bloke put the bags inside the doorway for me, I slipped him a G&T, and off he sped! Nice, chap.

I got the goodies opened, and was suspicious that this order was the same as last Tuesday’s? Well, more worried than doubtful! No way would I have ordered another big bag of ‘Exceedingly Crisp Chips’, again. I haven’t even started the bag I got Tuesday yet! No room in the freezer anyway?

I popped out to Josie’s and rang the bell with some nibbles and the bag of chips for her. I got told I was too early. Hehehe!

As my brain tried to work out the whys and way and wherefores, a blankness came over me, and I gave up trying to work it out! Oy-oy, oy! Grumbleconfusement!

Josie rang the door chimes, to tell me she also had no room for the chips in her freezer either! So, she rang Malcolm’s door and asked if he wanted them. “Yer, I’ll have em!” So that saved the day, at least they were not wasted!

I made a start on Josie’s nosh prepping, and while I did so, I thought I could hear some dogs barking (I had the window open). So I took a decker outside. I could not see any doggies, though. Perhaps they had gone out of view into the mugger’s passage at the backs of the houses.

All the parking spaces below on Chestnut Walk were utilised (No red cars, Billski?).

Made up a more intricate meal for Josie today. Surami prawns, tuns with egg mayonnaise. Gherkins, Piccalo tomatoes, silverskin onions, beetroot, carrot and onion salad, garden peas, and extra-cheesy buttered potato mash. A Limoncello dessert, mint chocolates, and a can of plonk.

I delivered it on time, and Josie said, ‘You’re making them (the meals) even bigger now! Without any hesitation, I quipped back; “No, no, I’ve flattened it more, Josie!” She did larf! Hahaha!

Wished her happy-eating’ and back to the kitchen to get the washing-up done. (I still hate cleaning the cutlery after making the cheesy spuds, it takes an eternity to get the residue off of the forks and spoons) Still, my teeth and tongue usually help. After all, it was only Leicester cheese, butter, salt, onions, and vinegar mashed up together, tasty! Hehehe!

Herbert was in a bash, knock, and tap-tap mode again. I’d love to know what he’s making. He’s a procacious type of chap, but I like him.

Saccades Sandra kicked off while I was computerisationing, I had to stop. Wished I’d done it earlier, got a cracking headache now. Tsk!

Got my nosh on the cook.

Feeling more drained, tired, and fatigued.

Got the meal served up, ate it, almost automatically. Didn’t like it too much, even though it was my beloved Chinese belly pork slices?

Washed the pots, took the last of the medications left. Videlicet, Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, failed to deliver my prescriptions yet again! Sickening!

Sat, in want and need of Sweet Morpheus for five hours or so, before it came!

Inchcock Today – Saturday 8th August 2020: Hectic enigmatic day. With late Memory Blanks!

TFZer Pattie, at the Cool-It-Cabin retreat.

Saturday 8th August 2020

Croatian: Subota, 8 Kolovoza 2020. Godine

02:15hrs: Woke up, wrestled my Bunyanesque-bellied body from the wrought iron c1968 recliner, and made use of the EOGPB (Emergency-Overnight-Grey-Plastic Bucket). A UDYP (Urgent-Deep-Yellow-and-Painful), colourful wee-wee indeed, was taken. Uncustomarily, no Pre or Post Micturition-Dribbling this morning! Which was most welcome! I took the grey bucket to be emptied, cleaned and sanitised, then I lollygagged my way the kitchenette, to get the kettle on, for a brew of Thompsons Punjana tea.

Then the realisation that I had just hobbled from recliner to wet room, then to the kitchen, dawned – without walking into or banging against anything! A reserved, not expecting too-much, a temporary, provisionary, Smug-Mode was engaged!

Took the medications but struggled to separate the Furesomide from the Codeine 60g and the Bisoprolol (In my case used: To counter blood pressure, help prevent further heart attacks, strokes and ease pains from Anne Gyna). So you can see why I asked the chemist to leave out the Furesomide, (taken on an as-and-when-needed basis) from the other two look alike pills, from the pop-pots?

But, thanks to Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, have again let me down, and I couldn’t identify which was which tablet! So, ended up taking an unneeded water-tablet so as not to miss taking the beta-blocker.

Is anyone at all bothered at the Pharmacy? Do they care? Does the Doctor do anything when you tell her of this problem? No, is the answer to each question. The chemist did change the first month; after I had to get the INR blood nurse to ring them and explain the situation for me. Now they have gone back into their old, usual ‘Sod Inchcock, let’s kill him’ Mode again!

(Dracula Depression) I got carried away a smidge there, sorry! (I blame my ailments, Covid-19, and Tony Blair) Hehe!

Where was I? Ah, yes! I got the kettle on and took a couple of photographs of the early morning view from the hated, letting rain in, thick-framed, light & view-blocking, life-risking to clean, new kitchen windows.

I photographed these two in the Aperture-Priority setting. Not bad at all, I thought. Considering that I had just started a Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley session as I was about to take the shots. Talk about bad timing! But she failed to destroy my efforts! Hehehe!

Did the Health Checks. BP not too bad at all, I reckon. The temperature showed up as 84° Fahrenheit, I hope, Haha!

Brewed the mug of Thompsons Punjana, and off to get the computer going. I did a graphic or two, then made up the template. And then got on with updating the Friday blog. Finished it and emailed the link, then went on the WordPress reader.

The above was in-between five wee-wees, each needed cleaning and medicating after each one – the flaming PMD (Post Micturition-Dribbling) again. A big thank-you to Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up the road from the Lidl store, for their care and consideration in failing to split the pills, thus forcing me to take all three, which included the unneeded water tablet! Just thought I’d mention it, like!

Off to make another brew, an Extra Strong Assam this time. The clouds looked worthy of a little nephelognosy time—the first one I took in Aperture priority, the second in Landscape mode.

I went on the Facebooking catch-up. Then Pinterested some snaps. Then went of CorelDraw to make up some graphics… passed wind, and decided it would be best if I made my way to the Porcelain Throne instead. Hehehe Hastily

Expuslivications! Trouble in the innards again! Rock-solid, no movement whatsoever, yet a sort of gurgling, bubbling noise emitted from within! Oh, ‘ecky thump! I got back to CorelDrawing, with a sense of doom.

Long Memory Blanks:

I found this photo on the SD card, but could I remember making the meal or eating it? No! I was sprawled uncomfortably, with the aching body-mass mostly on the recliner, the pots washed, the kitchen tired a bit, and a mug of tea made and gone cold, but no memories of doing or any of these things? It was beginning to get dark.

The brain just didn’t seem to bother or worry about these events? I think I got down and fell asleep for a while.

I must have got up at some time, cause in the morning, I found the photo’s on the right. It bothered me a bit, I think, not the foggiest memory of taking them, or at what time.

I know I had to keep getting up for a wee-wee and got little actual sleep in total. Thanks again, the Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, have again let me down, and I couldn’t identify which was which tablet! So, ended up taking an unneeded water-tablet, so as not to miss taking the beta-blocker.

These odd-moments of haziness and loss of memory, often happen when I am forced to take an unwanted Furesomide. 

Not that it matters to them, of course! With the Corona Virus problems, giving them hassle and problems, perhaps they should close down before they kill too many customers off, and start a Halal abattoir? Much better suited to their uncaring nature.

I also found this photo of a rather bloodless looking right leg. But the answer to why or when I took this, remains in the ether. The limbs looked okay to me? (Got a film-noir effect there?)

I do remember a realisation that it was gone midnight, and I was still awake. Mostly, having to get up for more wee-wee’s than ever before, and getting annoyed with the chemist who was to blame, and frustrated with each release. I also had to empty and sanitise the EOGPB (Emergency-Overnight-Grey-Plastic Bucket), twice, I reckon.

Yours:  Confused, indecisive, iffy, inept, insecure, irritable, inadequate, insufficiently capable, Inchie!

Inchcock Today – Friday 7th August 2020: A sedentary type of day.

Thomas checking his loco at the TFZers Cool-It-Shed?

Friday 7th August 2020

Scots Gaelic: Dihaoine 7 Lùnastal 2020

05:15hrs: Oh, what a good start to the day! The right arm and Harold’s Haemorrhoids were giving me a fair bit of gip from last night’s Accifauxpas. I woke and moved my lumberingly bellied-body to the edge of the seat in a hasty response to my needing a wee-wee. Slipped and lost my grip on the arm of the c1968 recliner, and thudded down into the solidly built seat, the hurting began, I felt the blood flow from the rear end, but no time to feel sorry for myself, I had to get smartly to the GPEB (Grey-Plastic-Emergency-Bucket), for I apperceived that the diabetes-inspired insipidus, namely the PMD (Pre-Micturition-Dribble), was showing a determined interest in leaking! Botherations!

The drip-dripping from Little Inchy was not-stoppable. The wee-wee was of the most annoying ones, a WSSULL (Weak-Squirty-Spraying-Uncontrollable-Long-Lasting) style. I had to wait then for the PMAD (Post-Micturition After-Dribble) after-dribble, to have it play. Gruffungrobblings! Then took the bucket to the wet room, got the GPEB cleaned and sanitised, and the Haemorrhoids treated and medicated.  I could get dysbulia, you know!

Silver Lining Search Results: At least I didn’t walk into anything!

I gingerly made my way to the kitchenette. As I did so, I got a message from my EQ, ‘You ain’t seen anything yet, youth!’ Oh, dear!

I got the Health Checks done and took the medications.

I opened the life-threatening, thick-framed, rain letting in, unable to get at to clean, window, and took a couple of photographs of the morning view. I realised how lat it was from the lightness compared to how dark it usually when I get up.

I got the photographs downloaded to the computer. Then did some comment answering, and checked the emails, and answered some. Did a graphic or two for tomorrow’s template.

Then went to get the stand-up ablutions done. All went pretty well this morning! A few dropsies, of course, a tiny nick shaving. A fair session! Although each movement I made, and pain would come from an ailment, bruise or strain. Hahaha!

I made up five small black bags of rubbish and fastened the recycling bag. Ready for me to take them down later on after the nurse’s visit and the trousers are delivered. I was feeling a smidge industrious? Hehehe!

I came across a letter I must have dropped yesterday. It was about the Electoral Procedure. Which reminded me that I had not called Deana yet, to ask her if she’d be kind enough to call the Doctors for me, too early yet, though, I must remember to do it later, now there’s a well-used Inchcock phrase! I wonder what the chances and odds are of that happening? No, I do feel confident, I’ll remember!

I got the Thursday post finalising started, and the intercom rang. It was the Iceland order, nice and early this Friday. The chap put the bags inside the door for me.

I thanked him, wished the lad well for the day ahead. And moved the bags into the kitchen to unload them,

I got the bags opened a sorted. Taking a photo of the fresh-food carrier contents. And somehow managed to cram them in the fridge and freezer. I’d got a treat of the Vienna suckers to give to the Wardens, but they wouldn’t go in the freezer!

So, I got on the mobile phone, the new one, that has no internet on it, and called the Winwood Heights, Desktop Dancer and Obergruppenführeress Warden, Deana. I begged her to help me by phoning the surgery for me to arrange an appointment booking for my Flu jab session and told her of the treats I can’t keep frozen for them. She said she’d pop up when she got a chance.

As Deana arrived, Sister Jane rang, concerned that she had not received the blog link yet. I explained quickly of the hassle was having. I’ll ring her back later. Deana, bless her cotton socks, told me she’d ring them, but can’t before gone eleven, as instructed in the letter. She’ll ring me later with the appointment time.

I took a couple of photos of the shadow cast view, and a zoomed-in shot, from the lethal, windows on the balcony, of the City Hospital.

It doesn’t look very big in this picture, but you ought to try getting lost in it, like wot I did. Haha!

Then I took another one, facing towards Nottingham.

Oh, did I mention yesterday, that the window cleaner told of a lady in Winchester Court, who opened one of the windows on her balcony, and it fell in on her, causing injuries that needed hospital attention?  They kept that quiet!

The good delivered, by the way, included a few kitchen towels as well! Why you ask? Well, I’ll tell yers of the reasons!

  • They are on a Special Price.
  • I do not have faith that the Corona Virus will not come back! Be prepared!
  • They are perfect for cleaning your glasses, nice and soft, but stronger than the others.
  • And the optimum size to let you have a good nose-blowing. Haha!

Deana phoned me back, the appointment was made for Saturday 11th October, at 09:57hrs, for the flu-jab. A bit precise that? I pondered on it, means getting a taxi methinks. A bit dodgy walking there in an hour, and the toilets being off-limits when we get there. Thanked her and put it onto the Google Calendar.

Jenny phoned me, and we had a jolly good natter, which I enjoyed.

I realised that it’s gone midday now, and for various reasons, I had not even made a start on this blog, yet! It’s going to be a long day!

As I got ready to begin the updating, the door chimes rang out. It was Robert, the caretaker. He’s found the trousers and bleach from Amazon, had been left in the foyer of the flats, on the ground floor! Nice, that! Thank you, Amazon!

Robert had brought them up for me, bless him. He opened the box of bleach, with nine bottles in it, for me. The trousers stated they were brown? Ah-well, when will I learn! Rob even took the waste bags down with him for me. Thanked him, slipped him a can of drinkies, and off he went, bless him.

I got the bleach and trousers stored, and went out on the balcony, to snap the wonderful clouds. I could see a figure in them, and still can for once, of an animal’s head. My nephelococcygia was rampant! Hahaha!

Took a few more snaps from the balcony windows. The above red pap-paps are for anyone who likes red pap-paps. Hehehe! For Billumski, somewhere in Kentucky, really, I think.

Got caught up belatedly, neglectfully, on the Facebooking.

The fodder was prepared and served up. Far too much, but that was because I’d got the Chinese belly pork in the oven, forgot about it, and got roast belly pork slices on the plate, then remembered the belly pork! 7.2/10.

Did the pots. Down in the c1968 recliner, and was within ten minutes, off into the land of nod.

Spent the night waking and going back to slumber, repeatedly. Shame!

Inchcock Today – Thursday 6th August 2020: This diary contains an Ablutionalisationing Injury Communiqué, Not for those of a nervous disposition!

TFZer Cool-It-Cabin get-together!

Thursday 6th August 2020

Welsh: Dydd Iau 6ed Awst 2020

02:45hrs: I woke up with an astronomical vagueness all around me. It took me a long time to gather my distant, reluctant thoughts into some form of semi-logicality. Suffice to start arranging and forging some kind of recognisable sense out of them! 

The distractedness of last night had not fully cleared away yet. The fuzziness began to clear, and be replaced with the worries, needs, and plan-making for today.

I realised that the new window cleaner was coming today, also that I had planned yesterday to get the kitchen cleared to give him access to the windows, and I had not done so! Fertummelt! This task became my priority.

I struggled out of the £300, second-hand, c1968, rickety recliner, grabbed the stick, caught my balance, and limped to the kitchenette. The most urgent thing was to get the window ledge cleared. Not an easy task, Dizzy Dennis was on the attack! For much of the time, I needed to use the four-pronged metal walking stick, which made progress slow down to a pathetic level. Then, thankfully Dennis calmed down.

I was annoyed with myself when I saw the recycling bottles that I’d forgotten to take down with me yesterday! Clunk-head!

I took a snap of the window afterwards and tried to catch my reflection in the picture. Hehe! The bald head and the bulging flabby stomach tend to stick out a bit. I’ve just noticed when putting the photo in, how much the man breasts tend to protrude, too! Hahaha!

The summoning from the innards for my attentions being suddenly needed at the Porcelain Throne arrived. I wasted no time and beat a path (although a slightly wobbly one) to the wet room. Oh, what an improved, less painful session it was! It still hurt, of course, but compared to the last couple, it was heavenly! Also much quicker and not messy at all! Mind you, it left a pong that was not very pleasant. Ah-well!

Back to the kitchen, and got the Health Checks sorted.

Oh, ‘eck! The SYS had shot up again? The body temperature showed as just, ‘Low’. I made a brew of Thompsons Punjana.

Got the computer on, and had to make a head-top graphic, due to failure to make one yesterday! Humph!

I updated the Wednesday post and sent off the email link. Then made another brew, of Glengettie tea. (a thirst on me this morning!)

I took two shots of the morning view, the first in Aperture Priority, the second in Auto mode. I think the Auto one wins for more accurate colour?

Got caught up with WP comments, and then Facebooking.

I had a look on Amazon to see if they still had the cheaper offer on the Dettol lavender disinfectant. They had, but it said, ‘Only one left in stock, and unsure if any more will be available’. So muggins here, the favourite retailers type of shopper, ordered it. Then had a desperate last search for brown trousers available in my size. And bought some. I noticed an offer on Domestos. And bought some! Is there such a disease or illness called AGI, Amazon-Gullible-Idiot, I wonder?

Had a go at the WordPress Reader, then off to get the ablutions done.

: What a palava! After the two reasonable, indeed, good, last two sessions. It was back to the regular ablutioning experiences, with the Whoopsiedangleplops and Accifauxparing this morning.

Ablutionalisationing Injury Communique

  • The teeth cleaning set Toothache Thomas on the rampage! Then I stabbed myself in the gum with the toothpick!
  • I broke a razor! (Gawd knows how, but there you are!)
  • Dropped the foam spray, razors (4), and cut me near my earhole shaving. (See below, it was a most artistic of bleeds. Beautiful original job!)
  • Trying to make sure I didn’t stub the toe when moving the shower chair, I banged my poor old, already multiple-bruised right arm again! Gramshackles!
  • I tooketh the shower, and clouted my right arm on the shower box, when I had mini-dizzy, seconds later, I hit my left arm on the grab bar! (Now I was getting so annoyed with myself, and using naughty language!)
  • It had to happen I suppose, with me being so wound-up, I stubbed the toe against the shower seat legs as I moved it back after taking the shower! The language was getting a tad bluer, now!
  • I dried off without any problems. (There, I got something right. Hehehe!)
  • I dropped the Cortisone tube, and during the medicating, Little Inchies fungal lesion began bleeding! Humph! It took a bit of stopping!
  • The rear end furuncle became inflamed at I applied the Germoloid cream to Harold’s Haemorrhoids! I had quite a few tender areas stinging at the same time now! It wasn’t pleasant. Hahaha!
  • Leaving the room, I had a ‘drift-to-the-right’ episode, and clouted my right arm on the doorframe, yet Again!

No doubt about it, I was pleased to get out of there, and for the incidents to be over! Most annoying, especially as the previous couple of ablution efforts, had gone so well!

The right arm has taken a bashing lately. I just don’t seem able to judge distances accurately anymore. Peripheral Neuropathy?

But, I was pleased I’d got a photograph of the artistic bleeding during the shaving nick bother. Do you think I might stand a chance of getting an offer from the Tate Gallery? Hehe! How the blood ran the route it did, I found surprising. Hey-ho!

A mug of tea, and back on the computing. 09:10hrs and no show from the window cleaner yet. Of course, this started me of twittering, fretting and almost convinced I must have got the day or timing wrong. (I’ve no confidence lately either) The chap arrived ten minutes later.

Did a quick,  efficient job, and charged me £15 quid for the windows and sliding balcony. Did a fair good job. Booked me in again for a month’s, September the third at the same time, I think he said.

Herbert above was doing some tap-tapping and knocking again. I wonder if he is making a wardrobe from scratch? As long as he’s happy. Which is saying something for a laconic taciturnist like John (Herbert) is, compared to an argle-bargle, deipnosophist type bloke, like wot I am! Hehehe!

I made up an order for Iceland and then did a search for a word that I cannot remember. It means someone who is not talkative or revealing. I wanted it to put in the paragraph above, but can’t find it. Gribbledukes! I might not, well, I do not know what the word, but feel confident I’ll know it when I see it. Tsk!

I pressed on with this blog, and the door chimes rang out. It was the postman, delivering my last pack of 6 long, lambswool socks (for winter, if I make it) I stupidly ordered from Amazon. They have soft diabetic top grippers. Now I will be alright for socks, anyway. I’ve probably got more than enough pairs to see myself out. So in the event of my croaking out, I’ve put them in the airing cupboard, for anyone who fancies them.

Got the oven on and put the smoked haddock flavoured fishcakes, in. I must remember to add the fries in ten-minutes. Then hopefully, they will both be ready at the same time, but, ‘best laid-plans’ and all that!

I got the latest figures for Covid-19.

Then I tended to the nosh making duties. The sky was looking good, well, I mean the clods. Even if they were a tad on the dark side.

The fatigue arrived, a little late than usual, and I gave up on computerisationing and got the meal prepared.

And what the festival of a feast it was, too! The smoked haddock filled fish cakes were so moreish! The last of the truffle fries were used (Iceland no longer stock them, Boo!). The surimi stick enjoyed, The Piccolo tomatoes excellent, as was the egg mayonnaise! A well-worthy 8.5/10 for flavour-rating!

I got te pots washed, and settled down in the £300, c1968, unkempt, rusty, rickety, not operational, sickenly beige-coloured, uncomfortable, harmful to haemorrhoids, grotty recliner. Turned of the TV, and chose something to watch, and drifted off into the land of bliss within minutes!

I woke in a bit of the panic, the need for the EOGPB (Emergency-Overnight-Grey-Plastic-Bucket) was indeed urgent! The diabetes PMD (Pre-Micturition-Dribble) tinkled away well before I got the bucket! The SSPO (Short-Sharp-Painful-Orange) variety release was soon over, and off I went to the wet room to clean up, disinfect the bucket, and change the PPs. Walking into the doorframe as I went in. This right arm is going to have more bruises than ever! It’s already tender, just putting a coat or jacket on hurts. Hey-ho!

As I got back to the recliner to sit down, the right leg burst forth with an involuntary right leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler dance, ending up on my bum on the floor, banging the right arm on the way down, and in agony from Harold’s Haemorrhoids, and the leg just kept on kicking out for a minute or so. I stubbed a toe against the metal leg of the swivel chair! 

Not one of my easier Accifauxpas. Claggknackles!

Miraculously, no severe damage, just pain and frustration, oh, and the long-winded challenge of getting my humungously-large flabby-bellied body, up and into the seat!

I was sure the grey-cells would start chewing things over, and Thought Storms would arrive. I was so wrong! No joking… I nodded off, as Sweet Morpheus came, and slept for… wait for it… Seven-hours! Unbroken at that!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 5th August 2020: A few suspirations expelled today!

TFZer Eve, at the Cool-It-Cabin ♥

Wednesday 5th August 2020

Welsh: Dydd Mercher 5 Awst 2020

23:15hrs: I stirred into imitation-life, still feeling a little giddy, and stiff in certain areas, and a headache from last night’s tumble in the kitchen. Then Colin Cramps kicked off in the left leg, oh, boy, was he in a bad mood! Eventually, he eased off, but it seemed like it took an hour, but was in reality about five-minutes I should think. Blanglebotherations!

The demand for the Porcelain Throne attendance came from the innards. So, I disentangled my overly-stomached body from the £300, second-hand, c1968, rickety recliner, caught my balance, got the stick, and off hobblingly to the wet room.

I soon forgot my aches from last night. As the evacuation started, then stopped part-way again, and I had to suffer the pain in waiting for the action to restart. It was even more painful than yesterday! Made worse, I think, by my forgetting to take a Macrogol, with the toppling-over Accifauxpa mayhem. 

I spent at least ten minutes trying to get solutions on the crossword book. Eventually, an agonising bit at a time, things were released, but it was so cringingly hurtful in doing so!

The carbuncle and furuncular affected rear-end parts were inflamed and tender. And Harold’s Haemorrhoids were stinging like never before! The medicationalisationing took ages to get done as well! Humph!

But, at least the evacuation itself wasn’t messy, bled a bit again, though. Cringleblastitt!

The arm I clouted last night, on my way down to becoming a crumpled heap on the kitchen floor. (Haha!) It is was worse this morning. In fact, the bruise is already clearing up.

To the kitchen, and I did the Health-Checks. The sphygmomanometer readings were about right, I thought. The temperature came out as ‘Low’. Then I sorted out the three look-alike little white tablets to identify the Furesomide so as not to take it.

Then a straightened things up of the mess I’d left from the Accifauxpa last night. Made a brew of Glengettie tea, then, I got on with updating the Tuesday post. Got it finished and sent to WordPress. Emailed the link, then added some bits to Pinterest. 

I attempted to get the kitchen in some sort of ersatz tidiness. But the right leg was playing up, Neuropathy Peter was tweaking and twitching.  I hope he’s not working up to launch another one of his involuntary, right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler dances!

So, I made a start on this post. I went to make a brew of Thompsons Punjana tea. I and noticed the moon still trying to get through the clouds, and displaying itself, it looked amazing. I went for the camera, but the planet had been cloud-covered by then.

It seems it’s going to be another loud ‘Hum’ day. It looks all over and coming from and going to all points of the compass. (I’ll word that again, it came out wrong methinks? Tsk!) The dreaded ‘Hum’, which is usually worse on one side of the building, was everywhere, and of a higher volume.

Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley started acting up, as I got ready to get the ablutions sorted, and I caught the thrice-bruised arm on the door frame as I entered the wet room, and had an involuntary careen to the right. I believe I might have muttered silently, something like ‘Oh, botherations’!

  • The teeth cleaning was done in a gentler fashion after I irritated Toothache Thomas straight away. Argh! comes to mind. (Two dropsies)
  • The shaving had too many dropsies to mention in detail. But, only one insignificant cut!
  • Moving the shower chair, I managed to clunk the toes on the metal leg.
  • The showerhead was dropped and retrieved, then I dropped it again!
  • I banged the multiple-bruised arm on the grab rail, Twice!
  • Dropped the shower gel bottle twice.
  • Getting out of the shower, I went to turn on the wall heater, and stubbed the same toes that hit the chair leg, on the raised seat metal support!
  • The towelling off, went well, with no knocking anything off of the cabinet this time.
  • The medicationalisationing process had several droppages, the Pile Cream, Germolene, Vasaline tin and Little Inches fungal lesion’s Ethamethasoneb cream tube.

I was vigilant and cautious when leaving the room, thus avoiding any more walking into or catching the door and frame! A Low-Degree-Smug-Mode-Engaged!

As I got out of the room, the damned ‘Hum’ was louder than earlier! Gragnackles! I made up three small waste and a recycling bag.

Got the empty glass jars rinsed out, and hobbled back to the wet room for a wee-wee, which turned out to be of the HPSUOC (High-Pressure-Sprinkly-Unexpectedly-Orange-Colour) style.

I set off out with the bags on the three-wheeled trolley, to the waste room. All the fire doors were wedged open again.

In the lift lobby, there were signs of the decorators getting ready to start work. I got to the room and put the small bags down the chute. Then waited patiently for the lift to arrive. A lady was in the cage and invited me to go with her, but what’s the point of rules? If it had been anyone from my floor, I have been tempted. Families can go together, and we on the 12th have nearly been cohabitating for years. Hahaha! I took about ten minutes before a free lift arrived, No rush, though. I got out and had a nosey at the notice boards, but couldn’t anything new or that appertains to me, on them.

Out into the fresh air, and had a stand, leaning on the trolley-walker guide, I just nosied up and down Chestnut Walk for a while.

Then I noticed across the road, an abandoned-looking three-seater sofa? I was curious, but not strong enough, twas but a velleity. I took a zoomed-in shot, for no particular reason.

As I turned to set off to the left, along Chestnut Walk, I got the third toe-stubbing on of the day. I got my foot entangled in the rear wheel of the trolley. Ooh, it didn’t half sting and made me jump! Humph!

I indicated a thumbs-up and asked the two highlighted- jacketed chaps, in a cheery, happy-go-lucky fashion, if they were alright. No answer or acknowledgement came in return. Maybe they didn’t hear me, it was a bit windy.

I wobbled along Chestnut Walk, surprised that there were so few tenants about, with the bus being due. No chance of me getting a chinwag in, then! Shame!

I picked up some bits of black painted metal on the edge of the grass as I went along, I’ll pop it in the bin on the way back. I’m sorry I did that, the bending set Back-Pain-Brenda off. Hey-ho! My spirits were waning now.

I got as far as the entrance to Winwood Court and saw the 40 bus at the stop. I decided there was no point in my going any further, so turned around and made my way to Woodthorpe Court. As I went to put the metal bits in the bin, I saw these two easy chairs, and realised they made up a three-piece sweet with the abandoned sofa! I’m quick, sometimes. Hahaha! Presumably, some yobs or travellers had been intending to nick the furniture and had been either spotted by someone or they found it too heavy to take any further? See that? I went straight into Sherlock Holmes mode then. Hehehe!

I put the bits I’d picked up in the bin, and got indoors and waited for the elevator. Malcolm, my bydweller arrived. We got a lift quicker this time. Of course, had I been on my own again, this would never have happened, it needed someone with a bit of luck and good fortune, that in this case was Malcolm.

I got in, and the kettle turned on. Although it was a natterless short little trip, being ignored, and pulling my back, litter-picking, I was in a bit of a chirpier mood now. I even began singing to myself, and I was ignoring the tap-tap, crunches, thuds and bangs coming from Herbert in the flat above. I wonder what model he’s working on making?

I got on with updating this blog for a couple of hours, then had to return to the Porcelain Throne. A certain amount of trepidation accompanied me to the wet room. The thought of the agony I might have to go through again, of dearie me. I hoped that the Macrogol and Senna tablet I took after the last Throne nightmare, would work.

The evacuation turned out to be far less painful, it just hurt this time. Haha!

Back to the computing, and ten minutes later the landline rang! It was the Anticoagulation and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) service at the QMC (Queens Medical Centre) The nurse did a question and answer session with me. I was straight to the point when she asked how I was coping. There was a little intrusion from Stuttering Stephanie, but she was patient with me, bless her.

I was open, about the problems I’ve been having with the Warfarin taking, and mentioned how I suddenly become confused over things and so forgetful. I explained the problems with Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters, the tablet pods not having the medications, that look alike pills not being separated, my bad mobility, and the peripheral neuropathy being made worse by the stroke. I’ve no idea if she fell asleep or put me on hold, but she didn’t interrupt while I was in full flow, so’s to speak. Hehehe! For the first, she said she is going to speak with my Doctor about things. Not sure if that is good or not, but it can’t be any worse than the lack of communication I have now. Getting to the surgery is a physical nightmare.

Apparently, the target for getting patients Warfarin correct has been changed. (Hence this call?) She told me my record of in-line results, was 13.8%, the new target is 35%. Mmm! I do hope something can be done. By that, I mean I can get some actual help or assistance of some sort. I forgot to mention the sock-glide, Duodenal Donald, Diabetes Derek, and Anne Gyna! Tsk!

I’m not going to get excited or too hopeful, mind you. I thanked the lady muchly.

Now I’m not so perky. I pressed on with the blogging, and the front door chimes rang out Dusty Springfields ♫I only want to be with you♫ tune, and off to the see who it was. Unfortunately, I banged my right arm against the rooms door frame en route. I almost let out a Calliopean whine, but just managed to contain myself.

It was the postman, bringing forth a parcel and letter. I thanked him and got to the front room to investigate the letter. Getting mail, email or messages, always make me nervous until I find out what they are about, the nI can decide whether to panic or calm down!

The message was from the Doctors Surgery. I must telephone them, after 11:00hrs, to make an appointment for a flu vaccination. Pointing out the necessity and urgency, with the Covid-19 rise in contractees in the Nottingham area, and my being a high-risk classed patient. The appointment is to be made for either Saturday 3rd October or Saturday 17th October 2020. It added a change in procedure due to Covid-19: (Italics = my penn’orth added)

  • DO NOT come early to your appointment; You will not be allowed in the building until your appointment time. Only you as a patient will be allowed in unless you need a carer to attend with you. (Carer? Wots one of them?)
  • Due to the large number of patients attending, there will be no on-site parking (except for blue badges).
  • DO NOT ATTEND if you have or anyone in your household has a fever, a new cough, or loss of smell or taste on the day. Mmm!
  • Face Mask/Covering MUST BE WORN when attending.
  • Please be aware that our facilities, such as toilet and water fountain, are not available to use. Which will be interesting, considering it will take me an hour and a bit to walk there? Better take an empty bottle with me?
  • Please wear clothing which gives easy access to the upper arm. Will a tea shirt do? Hope it doesn’t rain!

This session is for flu vaccinations ONLY, therefore the Doctor/Nurse will be UNABLE to deal with any other treatment at the time of your appointment. Hopefully, nobody will faint or have a heart attack, then!

I’m feeling weary and fatigued suddenly. I’ll get some nosh made up, and see how I am then.

I enjoyed this Surami delight meal. 8/10.

I was doing the pots when the dizzies and confusion started. All a sort of vagueness until I was waking up in the morning.

Inchcockski – Tue 4th Aug 2020: Ended up with an involuntary Neuropthic leg dance, that had me in a heap on the floor! Tsk!

TFZer, dancing at the Cool-It-Cabin!

Tuesday 4th August 2020

Croatian: Utorak, 4 Kolovoza 2020. Godine

00:05hrs: I made a template for tomorrow, then started this blog off for the day.

The piles were still very tender from the earlier mammoth, excruciating Porcelain Throne visit! That will stay with me until the end of my days! Argh! So bad was their stinging, that I stopped computerisationing, and went and got some Germoloid onto Harold’s Haemorrhoids, gave them another clean-up, and a good creaming. Ahh, that’s a bit better, no, much betterer. Haha! 

I sent the Email link off for yesterday’s post. Then went on the WordPress Reader.

I was making the tea, again, when the OPorcelaio… Porcelain Throne Alarm arrived. (Sorry about that, Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters and Suddering-Shoulder-Shirley clandestinely decided on a sudden joint attack), the innard’s Throne-Alarm arrived. So, off to the wet room.

Trying to find a one-word description of this session was easy today. AGONY! What the hell caused this imitation blackened hazelnuts-like evacuation to give me such pain, I don’t know. But poor old Harold’s Haemorrhoids, are in even more discomfort now! It was a slow, no-control-over grind! I just don’t know if taking Macrogol, will help or hinder the situation?

My being a well known, much-mocked and laughed at tergiversator, procrastinator, and a well-intentioned, senility-seeking old fart, but lacking commitment, who over-worries, and at times, is scared to opt for, make a choice or decision, I despair about this! Never used to like it?

Belatedly, I meandered to the kitchen to get the medications and Health-Checks done.

During the ten or fifteen minutes I was in the kitchen, I took some shots of roughly the same view, they made up an interesting little montage, showing how quickly the morning was breaking, really early as well!

I went to the medical cupboard to get the blood pressure machine, and was it there? No!

No panicking, but plenty of confusion milled-about in the brain. I am sure that I put it back in the third drawer down, as I always do, yesterday. I was pretty confident I had, cause I can remember trapping my finger as I pushed the drawer to close it? I even had a look at the finger knuckle, and it was still a little marked?

I ferreted around in cupboards, shelving and the other drawers, but couldn’t find it yet! I took a moment or two and really had a good ponder over what I could remember of the incident. Then stared blankly out of the window, hoping for inspiration in recalling where I should, could, would, ought or might have put it.

I maintained my sanity, just. The EQ was telling me to forget it, “You’re bound to come across it later, there’s no rush, nobody is going to call to see you, you’ve nowt on order to come today, pull yersen together, make a brew and gerron wiv the blogging!” (My EQ and I, both speak with the same Nottingham accent, you know!) But moments later, the niggling botheration departed, as I had to, to the wet-room for another Porcelain Throne session! Argh!

As I hobbled on my way, caught my toes against the four-pronged metal walking stick and I cursed a smidge.  But no time for sulking, the Throne had to be used! At least all the signs told me so, but No!

I got in and on the Throne and minutes later, I reached for the crossword book. My poor confused-more-than-usual brain was still concerned with where I’d left the flipping hemadynamometer, and a grand total of nil, zilch clues were answered! I think the walnut-like lumps of evacuation material, must have gelled in the gut together like cement, for as hard as the innards and I tried there was moving it along! In some discomfort, I gave up and had a clean and freshening session. Hey,-ho! No bleeding though!

As I was leaving the wet room, it dawned on me I may not have turned the taps off properly (♫ It’s not unusual… ♫) and went back in to check them…

Oh dearie me, indeed! There on the shower chair, was the BP machine! Of course, then it all came back to me, Humph! I’d got a tiny cut on the knuckle when I closed the medical drawer, a wee-dram of blood had gone on the camera lens. And got the need for a wee-wee at the same time, and off I went to the wet room, to clean the camera and take a wee-wee. It’s all gin-clear now! I recall it in detail! Plonk-a-Whatta!

I got the ablutions tackled. And compared to yesterday, it was a great deal betterer! The dropsies were a lot worse mind, but no shaving cuts and medicalisationing went just fine.

The photo on the right is a bit of a mystery! It looks to me, like it was taken in the front room or kitchen, not the wet room? (All a part of the mysterious wonders of Woodthorpe Court: The Ghosts, Hobgoblins, Boll-Weevils, Aliens, Gremlins, Karakia-cursing entities, hallucinations. materialisations, poltergeist, lemures, wairuas, kehuas, manifestations that permeate, pass through the pores and interstices of space, through the time-continuum. Usually, without rupture or displacement within the building. To cause havoc, fear and frustration, as they dislodge time itself, in their aspirations and skulduggery, to complete their given by Lucifer, mission, “We must annoy, scare and piss-off the energumenist Inchcock, at all costs!’ mission?”

Then, off to get the much-belated sphygmomanometerisationing readings were done. The SYS was down ten points the Dia 12 points, and the Pulse down 6 points. 

Great readings this morning. Or is it afternoon now? Hahhaha!

I then got around to drying off, a bit of burlesque ensued, I’m afraid, here. 

I knocked so many items off of the floor cabinet with the first waft of the towel around my back! What a mess I did make! I spent ages getting in back into the same disorder it was all in before my Towel-Attack!

Got the new bigger Enoxaprin 100ml filled hypodermic, and it was soon injected and all done. A longer needle on these ones, but a piece of cake to inject. (That reminds me, I hope Iceland have some more of the apple pies in stock) for Friday, Haha!

I got the kettle on, and realised I’d been drinking tea on and off all morning? Why? ‘No idea!’ Fair enuf!

I got some vegetables prepped and into the crock-pot for later. Red onions, leeks and I can add a tin of peas later. 

Then I remembered I have the mushrooms in the fridge, so went to fetch them to, wash, slice and get them in the pot with the other veggies.

Opened the fridge door, and there the mushrooms weren’t! I had a dig around in the fridge, but nope, they were AWOL? I looked just about everywhere for them, silly places as well, without any luck.  I’ve bamboozled myself now! Twittle-Prone-Pillock!

I took three photographs of the view from the kitchen’s thick-framed, designed by someone who hates old people and photographers. Are impossible to get to for cleaning, without risking life & limb, climbing up the stepladders and down again. That’s obviously, only if you don’t fall off of steps, due to old age, Rheumatoid Arthur Itis, Cramps, Dizzy Dennis, Shuddering Shoulder-Shirley, Diabetes Insipidus, collapsing, Vertigo,  Saccades Sandra, Nicodemus’s neurotransmitter failure, or you get an involuntary Stroke affected right leg’s Neuropathic Schuhplattler dance routine kick-off, and topple you off the ladder, and break your neck..Where was I? Oh, yes, the photos!

I took the first picture in Auto mode, the second in Landscape, the last one was taken using the Aperture Priority setting. Do you think one of them, is better than the other two? Thank you. 

Oh, ‘ecky thump! A triple ailment onslaught nearly had me over! Shaking Shaun, Saccades, and Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley amalgamated to put the wind up me! They did a good job, too. This put end to any computerising, and I got the nosh sorted straight away; because I feared a bad spell coming.

The concentration and focus failed, and I had to do my best to concentrate. I got my meal served up alright. But what a mess I was leaving in the kitchen. Got down to eat the repast, no taste rating, because I felt only half-with it. I didn’t eat it all.

I managed to do the pot washing, amidst a messy maze of cooking residues, that my mind didn’t seem to want to know anything about? (I now know I didn’t take any medications).

I can’t even recall getting down in the recliner? But woke up later, with a persistent panicky niggle, that I’d left the tap running? I stupidly got up and went to check, without the stick… the mind full of ackamarackus.

As I was going through the kitchenette door, a sudden short sharp (catching me by surprise) involuntary right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler dance had me over, landing against the counters doors, arm outstretched to ease the inevitable effects of the tumble. (Photoed later)

I remember the fall and collision as my overweight body banged into the cupboard handle and sliding down to make contact with the floor! But nothing else until I woke up to find myself half-in-out of the c1968 recliner?

As endings to a day go, I could have done without this one. Hahaha!

Inchcockski – Monday 3rd August 2020: I used to have Atychiphobia, but not anymore, I’m used to it now!

 End of Sunday catch-up

I got an impulse, after the earlier dream I’d mentioned, and made an ode, a funny one, about last weeks nightmare. I hope it goes down well, I’ve not done a funny rhyme for a while now. Got it done and posted off to WordPress, then Emailed the link.

Then, I realised I had not yet posted the Sunday blog! Moronic mentally malingering man, I am! So I rechecked it again then sent that one off to be published. It was suddenly nearly midnight.

I went on Facebooking catch-up, until nearly 01:00hrs.

I was most disappointed to hear loud knocking again, clunking noises from the flat above at 00:50hrs. I was as near to genuinely angry as is possible! But soon thought, well it might not have been intentional. Hope he’s not collapsed, but the noise was so much a thud, somewhat metallic. I reckon he’ll be okay. Never mind.

Had a look at what is on the TV, As usual, I wore my headphones so I will not disturb any of my neighbours.

Sweet Morpheus was not interested again, so I got settled down to watch some TV. Law & Order UK.

02:30hrs, dropped off to kip as the episode was about ¾ of the way through. At blooming last!

TFZer Film Star lads?

Monday 3rd August 2020

Italiano: Lunedì 3 Agosto 2020

A’morning to you!

06:40hrs: I slowly regained an ersatz appreciation of what was around me. I was droopy-eyed, Anne Gyna was giving me some walloping stabs.

I was more muddle-headed than usual, I stirred, in need of a wee-wee! Got the four-pronged stick, and rose to my full 5′-2″ height, nearly tripped over a slipper (No idea why, or how it got there).  Then I utilised the Grey-Bucket, to take a WOPT (Weak-Orange-Painful-Trickling) mode wee. Followed by the traditional nowadays, Post Micturition Dribble, but I am now aware of this problem, and always try to remember to wait a while after the evacuation, in case of a delay in the after-dripping starting, just in case, like. I’ve been caught out before, you know! Tsk! Long-Live the PPs!

Off to the kitchen to get the Health Checks and medications sorted out. I took a couple of sky photographs first, through the thick-framed, impossible for an aged, disabled person to get to clean, windows.

Not sure about whether or not the sphygmomanometerisationing results were good or not, with the DIA being so high?

Got the medications taken. And, my being in a rare industrious frame of mind, I got on the computer to make up a template for tomorrow, first. I achieved this with relative ease. (Superior-Smug-Mode-Engaged!)

As I started on this blog, my usual luck returned, and the Superior-Smug-Mode dissipated rather quickly!

My spirits sank! I felt wrangled and annoyed! But, there was no time for sulking, as the innards stabbed at me, and it was suddenly and abruptly, time for a rush to the wet room for the Porcelain Throne!

Nope, failed again! A rock-solid lack of movement! With twinges that made me fear of leaving for a while, just in case it what it did yesterday, and suddenly freed itself! Still, the crossword book kept me entertained while I waited and hoped.

But no activity. So I decided to get the ablutioning done instead, then if things activated, at least I would be close to the Throne in readiness! And also, be ready for the Sainsbury order arrival! And Liberty-Global disaster of an imitation, pretend internet service, could wait for me for once! Grrr!

It was late enough now, for me to have a proper shower, which is what I think of Liberty-Global, who pay their top man Mike Fries $19m a year, plus bonuses!

With my mind stewing over things, somehow there was no real damaging Whoopises or Accifauxpas suffered?

Plenty of dropsies, of course, that will never cure itself, and Nicidemus’s Neurotramitters will only get worse, the medics told me. So, at least I know what’s coming, which is a far better situation than many people find themselves in.

And the pins were not so pale! But thinner than for years?

I did have a close-call losing my balance, as I was leaving the wet room, but managed to control the lurch-to-the-right for once! I might go back into a Smug-Mode, now! Hehehe!

I got dressed and returned to the computer. But it was slow going and hard work! Most frustrating.

I took a snap from the swivel chair through balcony as the day lightened a little.

An hour or so later, the intercom rang out Dusty Springfield’s “I only want to be with you!” It was the Sainsbury’s order arriving. Not a lot of it, but still enough to cost me £40.92! I got the bags in the kitchen and sorted out the products I’d bought.

A decent selection to go into the fridge, one item for the freezer, which was a pack of Smoked Haddock fishcakes. Might be tasty?

I gt some Surimi Royals, my favourite of all the brands. But for today, I bought a ready-made BLT sandwich, to which I plan to add, egg mayonnaise, more tomatoes and a Hovis Sourdough Muffin, with Marmite on it! Of course, I may change my mind, it has been known. Haha!

Gawd, what a plonker I am! I’d left the tap running, and now had no hot water! Twittleworthy-Idiot! But I’m glad I did the ablutions early!

As I made a brew of Thompsom Punjana tea, I took three photographs of the now darkening sky. These clouds still looked beautiful to me, though.

I took the tea with me back to Computer Cameron and found that the untrustworthy, incompetent, unreliable, skittish, maladroit, deficient, Liberty-Global, Virgin Media Internet, was still so slow!

Not that it gets to, or bothers me, much. Ahem! Hahaha!

I sent off an order from Iceland for the weekend. They may have some of the new kitchen towels in stock this time. It’s booked to come om Friday 7th, twixt 08:00 > 10:00hrs.

Butterfingers above me keeps dropping something heavy again, judging by the noise. !

The Internet’s still very slow and jumpy-jerky. So I made up some waste sacks and added them to recycling wite bag. 

The plan is, I can drop the rubbish bags down the waste chute, then take the big white one down to the bin. And have a wobble up Chestnut Walk, and call on Desktop Dancer, Obergruppenführeress Warden Deana, and Julie at Winwood Court. I need to talk to someone, it doesn’t matter what about! I’m going stir-crazy! Humph!

So I got the three-wheeler loaded up, and out into the hallway to go to the lift lobby.

Aha, that’s naughty! Someone had wedged open every external fire door! Decorators I imagine, but there were none in sight anywhere.

I got to the chute room and deposited the three small bags. Then back to the lift, and waited patiently. Got down and went through the caretakers’ passage and out to the bin, and left the bag next to it.

The weather seemed to be turning windy, and more cloudy as I progressed towards Winwood Court.

I got in, and they were busy, so I read the notices on the board while waiting.

We’ve lost another tenant, a nice lady as well. That did my spirits no good.

I called at the office with the paperwork but forgot all about leaving it. PPPlonker!

As I departed to go back to Woodthorpe Court, the rain threatened even-more, the clouds grew darker!

When I arrived at my building, I took a photo upwards of the fats, and I reckon it was even darker then!

I got the elevator easily enough, and I went back into hibernation in the flat.

Herbert’s tap-tapping continued, with the odd, louder Clunk or thud. I’d love to know what he’s making?

I made a brew and took the medications. Then  I started updating this blog again. The internet was so slow, it was a grind, not a pleasure! Grobbleknangles!

From heaven knows where a blinding headache started! I have sufficient everyday ailments without this! Tsk!

I turned the slow-internet computer off and started to make the cold nosh that I’d planned earlier, but had to divert to the wet room rather swiftly, to the Porcelain Throne!

Another false alarm! I’m getting slightly fed-up. Haha! Not really, I’ve resigned to the internet problem’s not going to get any betterer. The headache behind the eyes is a natural thing, time might heal it. I’ll put up with Herbert’s noise as well. But only because I can do nothing about them!

Back later, I hope.

I’ back! Having made and digested my evening meal.

 The BLT sarnie, gherkins, egg mayonnaise, tomatoes, red grapes, twp sourdough muffins with Marmite, for the main course. Oh, and a bag of Marmite crisps as an aside. An apple, a pot of Limoncello dessert. Flavour Rating: 7.2/10 for this effort.

Dizzy Dennis finally eased-off a bit, and the headache too. I put on a DVD to watch, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, the last movie. It didn’t last long, for Sweet Morpheus arrived, and off I nodding. Ahhh! 

I woke four-hours later. For some reason, the room light was on? The TV was still on, the remote control for the DVD was resting in the folds of my stomach, snug as a bug! Signs of Nocturnal Nibbling were spread about, unidentified crumbs on my chest, legs and on the carpet at my feet. Cheese waker crumbs were spread further afield, as far as the GPEB (Grey-Plastic-Emergency-Bucket)

I lay gathering some mental control and understanding, and the demand for the Porcelain Throne arrived, along with left-hand side chest pains,  under the shoulder stabbing at me. Anne Gyna, I hope, and not any new ailment! But she doesn’t usually attack me under the armpit chest area. A smidge disconcerting.

I rose from the c1968 recliner, caught my balance and off to the wet room, surprisingly agility. (Agility may be too strong a word, Haha!)

I got there in plenty of time, and the agony began! A painful, long, drawn-out evacuation and struggle to bear the wicked hurt, as the control of the motion was not under my control, but the innards. Not much bleeding, but Harold’s Haemorrhoids stung like hell! In fact, so much pain, I feared my next visit!

A wash-up and medicationalisational activities carried out, a brew of Glengettie tea made. Then I booted up Computer Cameron. To update this blog, and get it sent-off to WordPress.

I got the kettle on.

Inchcockski – Sunday 2nd August 2020: A mixed bag of a day. Videlicet, up & down Sunday!

TFZ’s at the TFZers Cool-It-Hut!

Sunday 2nd August 2020 

Maori: Rātapu 2 Akuhata 2020

07:00hrs: I did wake up a few times earlier, but each time, there was no way I wanted to or could get up. I felt as if I’d only just got to sleep, when in fact, I been asleep for hours? I was so tired, still! With no demands for a wee-wee, making it easier for this old chap to nod-off again. Different, worrying, but a great experience! A little guilt perhaps, helped me to go into action mode.

I was up, and admiring my magnificently muscled, firm, fit, young, six-packed body, and caught my balance, within minutes. Ahem!

As I was reaching for the four-pronged walking stick, when the demand for the Porcelain Throne arrived, with some urgency again. I hobbled carefully, but as swiftly as I dare, to the wet room. (To avoid any accidents or innards-controlled unexpected escapages). Arriving well in time!

There was a surprisingly long wait for the motion to begin. Plenty of time for me to access the crossword book, and fail to get a single clue solved. Humph!

The innards controlled evacuation began with a sudden bit of a rush, which caused a moment or two’s worth of Argh’s and wincing of the facial muscles (Hehehe!). Then lasted longer and slower than any evac. in months. I was worn out by the time it had finished! The Silver-lining were, only minuscule bleeding, not a messy affair, and the after-aroma was not too biliously pungent!

However, I lost a lot of time due to the cistern’s failure to clear the contents away again. Jugs of water, in between several flushes, had to be made. It’s still not all gone, I’ll have to keep returning and give it a flush every now and then, and hope for the best. What a palava!

I got the kettle on and took a couple of photographs from the unwanted, unliked, thick-framed, unable to get at for the disabled tenants to clean windows. The first one, of below, the Woodthorpe Court car park on Chestnut Walk. Noticing the red sports car had returned. (That should please Kentuckian, Billumski!)

Then I thought I saw bats flying around. After various failed attempts to catch whatever they (2) were, I gave up altogether. Hehe!

Then, taking the medications and doing the Health Checks. The sphygmomanometer figures were healthier today.

Made the brew of Thompsons Punjana tea, and to the computer, to make a start on this blog. I was about to start on it and remembered the WC flushing had to be checked on, so off to the wet room. One more flush, and it appears that the content had gone. But I know well, from the experiences of this mechanical-teaser, that it has a habit of regurgitating things, and when I go to utilise it again, I have to start the ‘Get-rid-of-it’ process again! So, I’ll recheck it again later on.

Finally, I got to start this blog off. And yet again, I had to hobble-off to the Porcelain Throne! A longer evacuation session this time. But I had some success with the crosswording, which was pleasing.

I had a wash, rinse, and teeth cleaning session while I was in there. And spotted just how bloodless the body was looking! Hogglesworthy!

As I was taking a photo through the balcony windows from the computer chair, I got a phone call from someone wanting to speak to Angie. I realised it must be for Angie and Roy from the top floor. Asked if she wanted me to take a message for them. The lady didn’t, apologised, and rang off.

I snapped the morning clouds in the sky (which I suppose is normal. Haha!).

Time to get Josie’s meal prepped. It was a bit of the struggle this Sunday, as Dizzy Dennis and Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley were both visiting me regularly. I pressed on, a slightly more complicated ‘Cheffing’ session, as well.

Skipjack Tuna flakes in brine, mixed with mayonnaise. Egg mayonnaise, gherkins, beetroot chunks with onion and balsamic vinegar, garden peas, tomatoes, surimi sticks, a bar of chocolate, an apple, and a limoncello dessert for her. Oh, and a can of pink gin & tonic. The fiddly prep work and the dropsies were trying. Yet, somehow or other, I got ita;; ready without a single bruising, cut, or any injuries! First-Class-mug Mode Engaged!

I wheeled it to her door, and we had a little chat, she gave me a packet of shortcake biscuits and again handed me the carrier back from last week. Carrier, Hah!, I must have at least 20 of them in the flat now, and she gives me one back! Hahaha! Anyway, she looked and sounded in fine fetal.

Well, I was up for working then, as Shirley and Dizzy Dennis eased off suddenly.

So I decided to sort out the waste bags, Which was a bigger job than I thought it would be. In the hallway, I ended-up stacking seven bags onto the three-wheeler-walking-trolley, a bit of a balancing act. But with me finding the unexpected smidge of confidence and a willingness to graft, there was no stopping me (Yet!) and I began to push the trolley out through the doorway.

I stopped myself when I realised I had not taken the bag for Jenny. Too heavy to add to the trolley, but it seemed an easy enough task to just carry it to the chute-room by hand.

And to my amazement, it went well. In the waste-chute area, things got a bit hairy. I’d purposely made up small bags so they would go down the chute easily enough, but one white bag did not want to have it. I didn’t want to force anything, so took a carrier bag from the basket and broke it up into two bags, and all with no finger-trapping dizzies or other ailments troubling me! This was all very disconcerting, unnatural! 

I left the room and got to the lift lobby. I even go an elevator down to Jenny’s floor, within a minute or so! Luck, good fortune? Makes me shudder!

I put the bag near the door, pressed the bell, and got back to the lift lobby.

The residents lift arrived sharpishly again, I got in the cage, and pressed the floor twelve-button. My mind wandered on all this lack of Accifauxs and Whoopsiedangleplops. The lift stopped, dragging my mind back to the current time, and as I was absentmindedly getting out of the lift, a chap waiting to get on, wittily quipped, “Wrong floor, Gerry!” with a broad grin on his face, and head shaking! He added, “Stick with it, you’ll get there, mate. Hope you’ve some water and food in your trolley!” Hahaha! The wit! The cage had gone down to the 4th floor. It then took me up to my level. I did feel a fool!

I got back in the apartment, and I discovered I’d left two small white bags of rubbish on the kitchen floor.  Tsk!

I got the stick and took the two bags to the waste-chute, and on the way out, Neuropathy Nigel had me walk straight into the door frame! Twas a sickening sound, bone hitting wood, I verbalised a few oaths, by then Shuddering- Shoulder-Shirley started to kick of! It was all I could do to walk back to the flat with so little control over the walking stick, and not tumble over! I got in the flat to the knock-knock sounds from Herbert above.

Now this sort of luck, I understand and expect. Much easier to cope with! Hahaha!

I checked the kitchen for safety, got a bottle of spring water, and cordial made up, took the medications with an extra pain-killer (the shoulder felt a bit raw).

I got on with updating this blog).

Took a look for the latest Corona Virus figures, this chart on the right I got from the Your Nottingham web site.

The mental fatigue came on, and I got my dinner sorted out and served up. Ate it, well, most of it, then washed the pots, got my humongous-bellied body into the £300, second-hand, none-working, uncomfortable, rickety-recliner. Put on the original Die Hard DVD, and fell-asleep about ten-minutes into the film. Tsk!

I was woken up by some banging and tap-tapping noises from above. And wrote some notes of the dream I’d been having, on the notepad.

I rose to have a wee-wee and took this shot of the wonderful sky.

Below on the bottom field, were three youths playing music, and seemingly a picnic of some sort. I could hear the squeaky, tinny-sounding music right up here in the flat, but when I closed the window, I couldn’t. I made a brew, of Glengettie, and consulted the note about the dream to write in here.

Got the computer on; disappointingly, much of my scribble was unreadable. Bits of the memory was still in my head, though.

  • I was in what appeared to me, even in the dream, partly Draycott, Derby, and Leicester, or as if it was around the 1960s.
  • A bus station, again a mixu=re of various bus stations I had used over the years. I wanted a number 42 bus to Derby, but had to settle for a 4X, got on and paid the fair, and the conductor came back to me and asked for me fair again – we argued, the bus stopped, and we came to an agreement that he would only charge me 5/-, not the 6/11d the fare should have been? 
  • I fell asleep and woke up back at the original station.
  • I got off of the bus, and saw someone I knew (Don’t know who), and followed him into a gigantic underground world of brick-sided passages, covered in soot.
  • A bit vague here, the notes didn’t help. Mixed confused memories.
  • I eventually found myself coming out of the giant cave, and found myself in the Derby Bus Station cafe. I was a child in body, but a pensioner in age? Why I can remember this, especially, I know not? I even have a photograph of the exact area on file? The doors in the centre are where I appeared from the preceding part of the dream.

As I was adding this to the Inchcock Today, the ‘Hum’ got louder and louder until it almost became unbearable? Kluggledanks!

I went in to get the ablutions done, to find no hot water, and found the tap running in the sink! Skullclogglebonks!

So, I got this post done as far as here and will continue the tale of woe on tomorrow’s blog.

TTFNski, folks!

Inchcockski – Saturday 1st August 2020: Natterless day again. Humph!


Saturday 1st August 2020 

Xhosa: Ngomgqibelo Umhla Wokuqala Ku-Agasti Ka-2020

05:40hrs: I woke, I coughed, I passed wind, and clambered with an iota panic-stricken, out of the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly beige-coloured, unkempt, fluctuant, ramshackle, broken-down, uncomfortable, dusty, rusty, musty, decaying, tatterdemalion, heavy-yet-tottery, rickety recliner. Got hold of the four-pronged stick, tested Arthur Itis’s left knee-cap, it was still attached, and off I limped to the wet room.

I felt my balance was not yet settled, and still, I walked into the main room door frame, and the poor-old right shoulder suffered again! But, no point in my getting bothered, pain, and all that, I recovered and pressed on, still unsure if I would get to the Throne in time.

No problem with the timing. The evacuation was back to what had been normal lately. The innards-controlled flow started, then stopped – I picked up the crossword book automatically, and delved into the clues. What seemed like many minutes later (I’d got three clues solved! Hehe!), things began moving again, in a wailfully painful mode!

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, this stop-start stuff on the Porcelain Throne in a morning, you know! The Diabetes insipidus, Post-Micturition Pre & After-Dribbling were not a problem as it trickled and dripped, while I was seated, like a Little Tubby Lord Fauntleroy. (Haha!)

The only fretting coming from the session; was the amount of bleeding. It didn’t look anything like the usual vibrant red, as Harold’s Haemorrhoids leaks usually are?

I cleaned up and medicated things, and I made the way to the kitchen! Taking a snap as I went carefully through the doorway, thus, avoiding any more collisions. The upcoming sunshine from behind the flats lit up the far land-line.

I got the kettle on the boil and blow-me-down-with-a-feather-duster, I had to return to the wet room for another a wee-wee! Tsk!

I forbore from any PMD (Pre-Micturition-Dribble) because I’d made my way to the bowl as soon as I got a message from the bladder. Had I decided to finish making the mug of tea and then go for the wee-wee, I’m sure I would have had some embarrassment! The main-stream was surprisingly powerful and persistent. But the AMD still took longer to stop than the actual urinationalisticalising did!

Still, the pins, although looking bloodless, didn’t feel so painful this morning.  Slightly less bothersome. I wish I could say the same for my balance. Hey-ho!

It’s no wonder that I can’t get anything done! Marathon Porcelain Throne visits, now mega-long the PMD and AMD slowing things up even more! The tumbles; that can take ages to get back up from! Housework, what bit I can manage. Walking and banging into things! Shaking Shaun, Saccade-Sandra, Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley. Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters, Diabet… oh, never mind, moaning’s not going to improve anything. Bit of a self-pitying-chunter, slipped in, there, Sorry! Naughty Inchcock!

I cleaned things up again and returned to the kitchen. Made a brew of Glengettie Gold tea, and did the Health Checks. Sorted out the puzzling three tablets of the same size in the dosage pots, thanks to Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, who failed on their promise not to put the Furesomide in the pots, but in a box in my monthly prescriptions.

But I bear no malice, hatred, disgust, revulsion, loathing, or desire for execrations towards the antisocial, Inchcock-Hating, Sneering, uncompassionate, superior-acting, uncaring, insensitive, heartless, obdurate, oblivious to damage they are doing,  the callous swine! Oh, no!

I’m not sure why, but I seem to be going almost into a depressional grip, minutes later I’ll be singing to myself, with hints of the Joys-of-Spring in the air, then back down in the pits. Mmm! Bonkersness, or Senility? Or both!

I got on the computer and really bamboozled myself again, just like last Saturday, I think. I was jumping from CorelDrawing, blogging, and back again repeatedly, forgetting what I had been on moments before. And getting annoyed with my self about it! An awful lot of effort, for little return. Schluberdubski!

I got around to creating a template for tomorrow’s post. Then, I went of to make a mug of Thompsons Punjana.

I took this shot of the houses in front of the building from the light & view-blocking, new kitchen window. Typically, by the time I’d got the camera out, the sunshine had withdrawn. Back to the computer, and it came out again!

So I popped into the balcony and took this photograph. As the sun rose later, it grew to what is now a lovely summers day.

As I was working on the keyboard, making decent progress for the first time, Nicodemus’ neurotransmitters ruined the enjoyment by their dying-off and coming back-on regularly!  Granglesbognessbuggerit!

So, I had to stop and went for yet another mug of tea, Extra-Strong Assam, this time.

I took these snaps on the right, to capture the almost perfect weather for the youngsters and those lucky to be adequately fit enough, have an amble in the bottom field. 

Who? Me? Jealous? No, never! Unglefrogwogglings!

The clouds in the sky were so different from yesterday, even prettier.

About to close the window, and I spotted some regular visitors, down in the field. I’ve seen the chap, he’s been out twice a day since Monday. Gathering blackberries (Rubus ursinus). He either has a taste for them or sells them on? Hahaha! And the Yap-Yap dogs were out, walking their owner. I could hear distinctive yapping, 12-floors up. I love to watch these dogs on their walk. So full of energy, madly shaking tail, and none-stop running and sniffing around, bless ’em!

Nicodemus was still playing up, so I went on the WordPress Reader section, some great photographs on there today. Then on Facebooking to catch up.

Dizzy Dennis and Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley, along with Anne Gyna, have now joined forces to put an end to me doing very much. I’m going to see how I go making an early meal, take some pain-killers, and get settled in the chair.  Sod-it, Dizzy Denis is back too now!

I made the quotidian feast. It took me a long time, cause I made cheesy potatoes, and seemed to be forever washing up bits splashed and dropped, and applying Germolene to the many bits of my fingers I burnt, getting the baked mixture out of the oven, was the only bad singe, and that was on the overabundant belly, near the button. Hehe! Klutz!

I got down in the dang-wangled c1968 recliner to eat the meal and watched FA Cup Final on the box. Just before the kick-off, my EQ told me the score would be 2-1, unequivocally! And it was, but I thought it would be to Chelsea, but Arsenal won it. Three bookings, a sending off, and for the first time ever, a manager was booked in a Wembley Cup Final!

Then drifted off into the Land of Nod! I woke later, and Dizzy Dennis was back. (The Git!) I carefully made my way to get the ablutions done. And, very well, they went, too! The toothache was only the tiniest bit bothersome. The shaving had a few dropsies and only one nick. The showering, a few short visits from Dizzy Dennis, but no injuries, and one showerhead-dropping. One of the least harassing and most injury-free ablutions session for ages!

The medicationalisationing and freshening up went alright, a few dropsies, the Germolene tube, pain-gel tube (2), and the cap off-off the Cortisone cream. I have yet to find that!

Getting the PPs on, lost a bit of balance, and scraped my ankle on the corner of the floor cabinet.

I think I might have said something to the tune of, ‘Oh, how irritating, that was!’ Ahemski!

The Deep Vein Thrombosis lumps were protruding more than usual? The pins had a little more colour, though.

I took a photo of the evening skyling. Then I got the towel on the stand-up dryer, made a brew, and took the evening medications. Onto Computer Cameron, to update this post.

The earlier faster typing-pace was thwarted, by regular visits from Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Shaun. Grogglebotchwitches! Hours later, I sent this off to WordPress, turned off the computer, and crawled into the c1968 recliner. Still having Dizzy Dennis moments! Humph!

Adieu, Mon Amis!

Inchcock – Friday 31st July 2020: Ahh! A Natterless, but betterer day, at last! Yee-Ha!

Thursday evening’s end tale:

The events of the day had worn me to a frazzle, I was tuckered out, wearied and zonked! When I went into the kitchenette, the fantastic night sky demanded of me to photograph it! So I did! 

I took three snaps in different modes. Of course, I can’t remember which was which now (Tsk!) but do recall using Auto, Night landscape, and Aperture Priority.

I got the 12-hours in a crock-pot, home-made stew served up. It looked a little unappealing when it was in the bowl on the tray. After starting the meal 14hrs earlier, this was disappointing. But it turned out fine, tastewise! A Taste Rating of 7/10 seemed about right.

I got the things washed up and despite my fatigued condition, noticed that I’d spilt a lot of gravy on the oven glove. So I set about washing it in the bowl, as I scrubbed away at it, I began to realise that something was amiss. Why was I doing this at this ungodly hour? My EQ told me I might as well, for sleep is not going to come yet!

I made a bottle of spring water & orange cordial, and took it with me to the recliner, and hop[ed Sweet Morpheus would oblige me. But no!

I watched two one-hour long documentaries on the box, without a single nodding-off, even during the commercial breaks! I even had time for a few Thought-Storms before I got off into the bliss of sleep!

I can do without another brain-challenging day like that again! (But of course, they will be back!) Grobognangles!

TFZer, Model?

Friday 31st July 2020

Haitian: Vendredi 31 Jiyè 2020

05:40hrs: So, I must have finally got about four-hours with Sweet Morpheus, and much-needed this was, too!

I stirred again, in an amazingly semi-perky frame of mind! I think the brain had tried overnight to blank out the hellishness of yesterday’s horrible, tormenting trials?

The extraction of my ever-growing, flabbier, bouncing, bulging-bellied body from the £300, second-hand, c1968, none-operational, uncomfortable, rickety, rusting recliner was not such an easy task this morning. My balance was a smidge out of synchronisation with Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters on the right side of the body. No Accifauxpas or tumbles during the trip, but I had to move slower and more cautiously than usual, as I hobbled to the kitchen. And en route, Dizzy Dennis started with short sharp spells, and even more care and wariness had to be taken.

I got the soaking oven glove from the sink bowl and got as much water from it as I could. A bit of a severe and painful job, with Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters not being compliant!

Then I hung and wrapped the long oven gloves around the heating bars of the stand-up clothes airer in the hallway.

Put the kettle on and decided to try again, taking three photographs of the morning view, in different camera modes, this time writing down which, to record here. Cunning! The first one was in Auto, the second in Shutter-Priority, and the last one, Aperture-Priority. The third one looked nearest to what the eye saw.

I got the BP sphygmomanometerisationing done. The SYS was back up high again. I imagine yesterdays turmoil and emotional stress, might have been the cause?

I got an insecure feeling that I had forgotten something, that I should remember about today? Most uncomfortable about this! As I was going to the computer, I noticed that the ‘Hum’, was nowhere near as loud today? I’m not complaining, like! I checked on the Google calendar to see if I’d put anything on it for today, zilch, nowt on it? Tsk!

Back to the kitchen, and made a brew, while the kettle was boiling, I needed two wee-wees. Made the tea, and wanted another one! Blimus! Every one of them (I’ll try not to mention any of those that followed; unless there was a change in style, too many to mention them all! Huh!), were of the WOPT (Weak-Orange-Painful-Trickling) mode, with lots of annoying, time-consuming PMAD (Post-Micturition After-Dribbling)!

Then took the medications, after sorting out the three lookalike small tablets, to identify the Furesomide to remove. Thanks to Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, Telephone number: 0115 960 5453, just up from the Lidl store, letting me down again. Grangleclogs! To be fair, they are consistent at pissing me off, and have excellent customer ignoring skills! Credit where it’s due!

Back to Computer Cameron. Still not free of this nagging fear that I’ve forgotten something important today, Grrr!

I took this photo through the balcony windows, showing the spreading shadow of the flats.

That’ll be the balcony that has bits of cement or concrete falling from the top inside, that disappear through the wooden floor slats to join the dead insects. Closed windows that let the rain in. End window openings that are cleverly designed. So that you need to push and pull at the same time to open the razor shard-edged metal spring clips at the same time, to open them. Thus, assuring lumps of a finger or two will be removed when operating them.

Incidentally, there have been three people up to now, who have tried to open my balcony end windows since fitted.

  • One, an NCH fitter, he got a bruised and blackened finger for his efforts. Made him jump, and told me, that he is going to report the matter. That was well over two years ago.
  • The second was a Phlebotomy Blood nurse. She got a nasty bruise that tuned black before she’d left the flat. She also said this needs reporting, and I will when get back!  That was about two years ago!
  • The third is me: cuts, bruises, and black spots of varying degrees over the years.

Perfectly well-designed, anyone who is elderly, with Peripheral Neuropathy, Arthritis, Cramps, on Warfarin, Diabetic, poor eye-sight, or senile, these problems have been ignored, not taken on board. I fall into each of the above categories. Luckily, we are all here on a short term basis, age dictates this, so they don’t have to be worried about it. When one resident put in a complaint, he told me the answer given him, was, “Well, don’t open them then!” Fair enough, it’s a solution. But, I don’t complain, I daren’t. Hehehe!

Then, I made a start doing this blog. Dizzy Dennis has decided to attack frequently, but not for any long sessions (up to now, anyway). I made some progress blogging, and then realised I had no page header graphics in hand! And had not caught up om Facebooking either. (The idea that I’d forgot something still wrangled me!) So, I went on Facebooking first, then CorelDraw to create some graphics. It’s hard work, again!

Well, Goodness Gracious me! I’ve been at CorelDrawing now, for nearly four hours, and head-down time approaches, and nothing to eat yet. The worst bit is that I have only got three page-header graphics completed, in all that time! I got carried away, doing much more complicated designs, cause I was enjoying it so much! Now there’s something you really hear me say. Hahaha!

My newly made plans for my nosh are now changed to beef sarnies, Dagwood style, well-buttered, beef, with tomatoes and gherkins. Oh, I’ve got some eggs, it’s been that long since I bought some, I’d forgot I had them. Yes, some boiled egg as well, then!

I’ll make a start now, and return to computerisationing later. Now I have made myself hungry. I hope I get it right. Back sooner or later, folks!

The imitation Dagwood (lathered in Britanny butter) roast beef and tomato rolls, egg mayonnaise, beetroot & onion salad, and pork pie meat, backed up my apples, grapes and imitation cream dessert, was slowly and wallowingly digested, and enjoyed. TR 7/10.

I pondered over the day, a much betterer one than yesterday, although still a talkless to anyone one, (other than to myself – I did a lot of that, barely stopped). And no call to the Porcelain Throne either, yet! I got the pots washed.

I got down in the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly beige-coloured, broken-down, uncomfortable, dusty, rusty, decaying, rickety recliner, to watch the TV. Fell asleep, and woke up, in a semi-panic, needing to utilise the Porcelain Throne. I say semi-panic, cause I feared I might not get here in time, the gurgling was almost continuous.

But I did it and was most amazed when I sat there for ages, doing the crossword puzzled for yonks. I think I may have broken my record for passing wind, without a break! The movement had to be encouraged, but it was far less painful this time, and of tinned meatballs in texture.

As I’m was about to medicate certain no-longer-used parts of my grossly overweight body, I spontaneously (is that the right word?), thought I might as well do the ablutions while I as there.

I was doing the teeth and realised it was a little late in the day for using the noisy shower tonight, so I opted for a good stand-up bath. No problems with the teggie-cleaning. And shaving, wait for it… did not produce a single cut or nick! Plenty of dropsies, mind.

My plates and legs were the most anaemic looking for years? But, no problems or pains with them. Even Arthur Itis has been in a good mood all day. I fear something unexpected, and discommodious is going to end all this good fortune!

The medicating was painless and accident-free! I’m not used to this?

Freshening up spray, deodorant, that’s the word, created a bit of interest. I must have dropped the ‘Sure’ can repeatedly at one time, five times in a row! It’s a good job there are no microphones in the wet room! I was laughing at myself and passing criticisms every time I dropped it. On the final dropping, the Sure spray can hit my foot and it bounced against the floor cabinet, and the plastic sprayer-top shattered. Hahaha! 

I got the computer back on and updated, then sent off this blog.

TTFNski each, and haveth a super-duper day!