Inchcock Today – Saturday 11th May 2019: Wee-Weeing ruled the day – but chinwagged with Josie.

May 11

Busy Week Coming Up – Humph!

Saturday 11th May 2019

Maori: Rāhoroi 11 o Mei 2019

02:45hrs. Woke up and escaped out of the second-hand, £300 c1968 rickety recliner to utilise the overnight-half-filled EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee bucket). A PDTSAOWW (Painfull-Dribble-Trickle-Spray-all-over-Wee-wee) class one. I anticipate struggling to pass all day again, on and off, mostly on.

Memories of the nightmare-dreams flickered into and out-of-the brain-box. Positive recall for once I think, but they faded as fast as they came to me. Tsk! I felt they were of an unpalatable-nature, though, with some touches of fear involved somewhere.

I cleaned and disinfected the EGPWWB, and had a shower, shave, cleaned the teggies, got the bamboo-socks on, using the glide, and had a failed attempt on the Porcelain Throne. Come think of it; it should be the ‘Red Cross Supplied Raised Plastic Porcelain Throne with the Rusty Metal Supports that Wobble’ to be right, nowadays. But it’s too big a mouthful to use. Hehe!

Got dressed then I took the morning medications. Taking an added Senna to hopefully move things in the rear exit department; it’s been a day or two since any successful evacuation has taken place. And the last wee-wee encourager-tablet from the Care Home. Hey-Ho!

The legs and arms were beginning to give me some sudden bother from Colin Cramps and Arthur Itis. So I applied some Fenbid Pain Killer on bothering knees, shins, feet, and wrists. The feet and toes were stinging badly, too, but they need the Chiropodist’s visit badly.

6Sat02Put the new socks on, using the sock-glide. They are shorter than the others. The legs seemed a little more blotchy and bloated than of late.

During this process, three more PDTSAOWWs (Painfull-Dribble-Trickle-Spray-all-over-Wee-wees) were passed. In total, maybe 5 messy-fluid ounces. Haha!

I updated the Notes for the nurse’s visit.

Another wee-wee, now in the form of an RPDDWW (Reluctant, Painful-Dri-Drip-Wee-Wee).

I started this post, and then finalised the Friday one and posted it off.

I felt the most welcome need for the Porcelain Throne! So, off to the wet room. Partial success, but at a high cost! It took me about twenty minutes to get things started, then half-way through, I did some of the crossword book puzzles, while I waited for some sort of completion. (Not agony, but it was painful) When things were over, surprisingly it was a messy affair with only a tiny… Well, ever mind! 

The cleaning up afterwards took another twenty-minutes, oh what a state! The new socks felt very loose and thin, but they were comfy, and warm enough. 6Sat01

After another RPDDWW, I hobbled to the kitchen to make another brew of tea.

Espying the amazing looking orange/red quarter moon in the sky, I got the camera and took this shot of it. I had to make five efforts to get the picture something like it really was. This was due to the right-side shakes from Dizzy Dennis, and or the Axonotmesis.

06:55hrs. Awaiting the carer to put the Ankle-Protection Strap on for me.

0720hrs. Titivating on this blog, and made a mug of tea. 07:35hrs. A new carer arrived. He soon mastered the Ankle-Retention-Strapping. I’d got the socks on. So, no need for any help with anything else. I mentioned about the appointment with the Audio Clinic on Monday and cancelled the carer for that day. I’ll have to leave the Ankle thingy and socks on overnight? I dare not ask them to call, in case they arrive late, and I might miss the bus into town. I’ll do it now,  I must sort out the bus timings and fare needed.  All sorted, (I hope), Stop S48 (Winchester Street, Time Monday 13th May 2019: 07:225hrs, Fare £2.30!

Another wee-wee, now in the form of an RPDDWW. Better get things ready to go to Sherwood for some bits.

6Sat03Took some black bags on the way out, deposited them in the rubbish chute. And down and out, called in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Warden’s Temporary HQ. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, Rumourmongering Clinic, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin. A few residents about, who were taking a peek at the cheapo-out-of-date-vegetables on sale. Some of the residents’ panel in there as well. No one was interested in chinwagging, apart from Mary. Lady asked me if I wanted a cup of coffee. I declined and thanked her. So I had a walk outside to get used to the three-wheeled-trolley-guide for ten minutes or so, up and down the road. When the bus arrived it was a Bestwood bound one, that and I and many others needed. And some nattering began, which I enjoy.

WD 0.0.0a Dropped off in Sherwood and went into the Post Office shop. Got an egg sarnie for breakfast, a Polish sourdough slice loaf and a bottle of spring water. I dropped the bread putting it in the trolley, and a lady picked it up for me. Again a stranger asked me if I was alright, and told me I looked pale! Hehe! Bless her for the help.

I departed, out and across the road and into the Wilko shop. I came out with a bottle of liquid soap powder (which seems to clean the ankle-support, well), a can of deodorant, and a sink plug. The finding of the sink plug was interesting. After walking around and searching without any luck, I thought I’d try to find someone to ask their location. I bumped into a neighbour, Malcolm, and asked him if he knew where they were, and he guided me back to where I first looked, but they were electrical plugs. A good job I passed Malcolm again and ask him once more, for he found them for me. Tsk!

6Sat04To the Co-op next. They had some nice looking Piccolo tomatoes that I bought, along with two potatoes, that will do for Doris’s nibble next Saturday. I’m so glad I can do something in return, and I think Doris will accept some baked-cheesy potatoes every Saturday, now. And I love doing them. (And eating them, Hehe!) 

To the bus stop and a nattering session as about six of awaited the L9, back up to the flats.

WD 0.0.0a During the walk back from the bus stop to Woodthorpe Court, sudden fatigue overcame me, and it took me what 6Sat10seemed like aeons to get home. Ah-well!

I called at Doris’s, to remind her about the upcoming potato-feast. Back to the front room

But hunger got the better of me, and I had a snack first thing… well, after another PDTSAOWW!

6Sat09The weather brightened up, and I took a picture through the unwanted, light & view blocking, multi-glass needing cleaning that I cannot reach or get to do so, kitchen windows.

I then got the potatoes in the oven. And sat down and fell asleep in a short time.

WD 0.0.0a Woke and checked the potatoes, they were done ready for being mixed. I halved them, but split the skin in one of them. Scooped out the potatoes into a big basin, added much mature cheddar, distilled vinegar, a bit of butter, and some salt. Replaced the well-bashed up mixture, back in the husks and got them in the oven on a high heat. Kept an eye on the now three instead of four baked spud-halves. But they were well filled! Made up a nosh for Doris, two halves of cheesy-potato, and some Piccolo tomatoes, halved and salted. Then the pleasure of taking the tray to Doris. I hope she likes them.

Back to the flat, sat down and fell asleep in true style! Deep sleep! Woke up around 1740 hours, when the door chime was ringing out. It was Doris returning the washed tray bless her, and saying she enjoyed them. That made my day!

WD 0.0.0a Doris (although, I found out she is not Doris!) was with me in the kitchen, she had brought two big spuds for the next nosh, bless her! It then transpired that her name is Josie, or Josephine, Josephine or Jose. I did feel a fool! She kindly added that she responds to Doris, as well. Hahaha!

6Sat13I took the evening medications.

Then I set about taking off the Ankle-Support, it was no bother at all, I’d got it off in about fifteen minutes or so. Got it washed, using the bowl and some liquid soap flakes and hung it up. For it to hopefully dry in time for the carer coming in the morning to fit it on for me.

I got the computer on and updated this blog as far as here. Made a brew. Went on WordPress reader.

Shattered again. Late now for me. I reheated my cheesy-potato and imbibed it with a drink of spring water, then took the medications late.

Got done and settled in the £300 second-hand, c1968 rusty recliner for sleep, but the head was spinning with my faults, mistakes and bad choices made, and it was ages before I could nod-off. Humph!

Inchcock Today – Friday 23rd February 2018

Friday 23rd February 2018

Philipino: Biyernes Pebrero 23, 2018

0100hrs: I woke, as I  must have done twenty-times since nodding off, and sat musing. Well, fretting and pondering as well. Deep dark thoughts were trundling through the grey-cell area. I decided I do not suffer from thanatophobia, but now I do from
oneirophobia, following last nights harrowing selection of fears and worries contained within the many dreams and nightmares that I’d had.

A touch of basic logicality dawned, and I decided to get the second laundry session of the week done. Automotonlike, I arose from the £300 second-hand recliner, noticing the food tray on the next chair, and multiple signs of nocturnal nibbling.

Like it was someone else doing it, I plodded on slowly and unhesitatingly assembled the bag of clothing and made my way down to the laundry room. Vacant of any thoughts other than the need to get the washing done? I got the washer going, and as I was in the lift returning to the apartment, the head was flooded with all the usual worries, fears, concerns and lack of confidence. The brain was back to normal, then. Never have I had anything like this happen before.

Had a wee-wee, and I set about doing the Health Checks and taking the medications.

I was a little surprised that the pulse reading was so low. I thought with the nightmares and my just having gone down and up from the laundry room, it might have been higher if anything? Hey-ho!

To the wet room for a Porcelain Throne session and medicalising of specific areas.

It was a lousy session all round. Messy, Trotsky affected evacuation. The fungal lesion had been bleeding drying and bleeding again, so I had lots of cleaning up to do, and a pain-producing medication session too! My EQ sensed this was going to be another unpleasant, awkward, confusing, tricky, worrisome day. I pray it is wrong for once.

Time to go and move the gear from washer to dryer. Nasty Dizzy spell as I stood up from the computer chair. I ended up face down half on and half off of the recliner. Knocked over the things from the Ottoman and sent the food tray flying off onto the floor. My response was one of passive acceptance of the situation. Got up, with Hippy Hilda and Arthur Itis both annoyed with my actions now. I cleaned up the mess, not using the hoover though, too early, the noise would disturb my neighbours. Found I’d managed to give myself a bruise on the forehead somehow, also.

Down and got the clothing from the machine to the dryer.

Returned to the apartment and had a wee-wee. Got the kettle on and had another wee-wee while it was boiling.

Dizzy Dennis is lingering a bit.

Had a glance at the information sign when I got into the lift. Still showing Sunny?

Started the computer and it made me sign into the vault and Link-to first? Very slow in handling pictures in WordPress and impossibly slow in Gmail! Grr! Never mind though.

Finished off yesterday’s diary and posted it.

Down to the laundry room.

Collected the dried clothing, cleaned the filter, and folded up the things into the bag.

I noticed there were no beetles in the elevator this morning. Then realised they were in the other one, yesterday.

Back in the flat. Made a brew and took this photograph. It looked almost dry out there.

Onto the computer again.

Finding it challenging to concentrate at the moment. Managed to reply to comments on WordPress.

Did the WordPress Reader viewing on Chrome, then back to FireFox try and do Facebooking.

Watched some YouTube clips.

Sorted the bin bags, and did the ablutions. Another mess of an evacuation, but far less bleeding from Harold and Little Inchy.

All ready and set off to the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens Shed.

Three of the regular clan in there when I arrived. Welsh Bill, Brenda and Roy. Cindy and three others joined us later. Wardens Julie and Deans left their office and bade us all farewell. We had a natter and laugh, during which I found out from the others, that the coat I was wearing was too tight, my hearing aids were screeching and warned of the rise in the cost of electricity now the heaters were installed. Hehe! I was pleased to see that Welsh Bill was looking a lot better than the previous day. Far less pale, and his sarcasm and wit were returning. William, poor chap has got Morphine poisoning. It’s going to take a long time for things to clear-up for him. The doctors told Bill he’s going to feel so tired, for ages yet.

On the bright side, Brenda and Cindy were in good form, and much laughter produced and appreciated by us.

Out to catch the bus, I chatted with Bill en route, and he was more willing to natter just now. I like him, even if he does insult me everytime he sees me. Haha! All was in good fun… I think.

We got off on Upper Parliament Street, and Bill shot off. I made my way, into the Victoria Shopping Centre. The owners of this place are Intu, who have just spent millions on upgrading it.

As you can see in this photograph, it ain’t exactly busy, is it?

They are currently rebuilding their other centre, Broad Marsh in the south of the city. This vision below of the outside part of it does not impress me at all. The City Council says: The £250 million programme of works is underway to transform the area into a grand entrance into the south of the city centre with improved shopping, leisure and restaurant facilities in a vibrant new environment. Political-Speak!

Artists impression

The number of people around this Victoria mall, did not give any signs of hopes for the new one to make it pay?

I poddled along to the Tesco at the far end of the building, fingers crossed that they will have some the Pork Knuckles in stock. The plates-of-meat were stinging somewhat, but Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna, Duodenal Donald, Reflux Roger etc. were being good to me. Even Dizzy Dennis had ceased his visiting.

Hobbled around the Tesco store amidst the out-of-date produce rotting in the trays. Straight to the continental meats fridge, and got three of the Pork Knuckles. Nice! Off to the bread section, where after a sort through the crustless wholemeal 400g loaves, I found one not out of date and put in the basket. Got a lemon slice cake and to the checkout.

Out through Boot’s and on to Upper Parliament Street.

Still very few folks around.

Over the road and into the Poundland World, to see if they had any Pork Pies in stock. Shame, they didn’t have any.

I bought some nibbles, paid and off to the bus stop.

Brenda and old Oscar was there, but neither wanted to chat with me, so I went along with their wishes.

The bus arrived, and we mounted.

As we travelled back, I put the camera against the window, in case I spotted something worth photographicalising.

Then I fell asleep! Astonishingly, later when I downloaded the SD card, I found these two on it?

Not the slightest idea why, when or how I took these? The poor old devil!

Walked with Brenda from the bus stop to the flats and had a laugh en route. We were both in agreement that we were shattered and ready for a cuppa and nod-off! Hehehe!

Got in the flat and had a wee-wee.

Put the food and nibbles away. I noy=ticed on the Tesco till, receipt, the girl had done the same as last time I bought three Pork Knuckles and put them, all through at the same price as the first one of them; when they were individually priced to suit the weight.

A quick working out to see if I’d been overcharged or not. Ah, 24p undercharged!

I got straight on with making the daily meal. Well, in between visits for a wee-wee. I had so many of these tonight, I shan’t bother mentioning them again; it’ll take up too much memory space! Hahaha!

The potato-curls were very good indeed, the BBQ sticks okay, the tomatoes excellent. The Tesco crustless wholemeal bread was like I imagine that eating cardboard would be, tasteless. Good job I put some butter on them. The Asda lemon tart was all sugar and no fruit taste. The lemon mousse went down very well.

Despite my plans for getting some TFZer graphicalisationing done, I fell asleep in the £300 second-hand recliner within minutes of finishing off the food. I woke up hours later, with once again, signs of extra nocturnal nibbling having been committed. The brain informed me that I had to get the tray and dishes washed… fell asleep again!

Inchcocks Dream – 10th March 2017

Last night, well this morning early, I had a dream so confusing and remembered some of it.

But can I make sense of it?


I set about doing this graphicalisation of the main things, I could recall.

Dream11 3 17Mostly because I enjoy making them, Hehe!

This is the scene in the brain I recall best. The sign for Mars elections and the Bush fiddling Presidents was there alright. Lynton Cox on the scene too. I feel there were so many other things going on as well.

I know I had many other dreams as well but no recollections of any details?

Just wondered what bought this one on like?


Inchcock Today: Tue 21st Feb 2017: Terrible day, terrible dreams!

What a day this was. Not a good one at all.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair, on its last legs creaking and struggling to move, (exactly how I felt and was [Hehe]) and to the porcelain, the innards rumbling, knees, ankles, elbows, hip and fingers all being attacked with venom by Arthur Itis, with Anne Gyna letting me know that she was not pleased with going to and on the wheel001Nottingham Eye Wheel yesterday. The effects of Walking to the Doctors and the climb into and out of the Wheel/Eye had taken its toll and Anne Gyna was not happy with me at all.

I perched there, on the porcelain, battling with the tireless strenuous eventual movements of the morning, no bleeding from Little Inchy and only a few specks from Haemorrhoid Harry; The mind turned to depression, self-loathing and self-pity. Many many minutes of moroseness filled thoughts, filled the brain all unascertainable, unanswerable and without any validity or clarity… not pin-downable? My own personal imbroglio. Despair, dejection and despondency irresistibly overcame me. These feelings gave me little elbow-room or latitude for any common sense or logicality to be adopted or acquired.

Eventually, I dismounted the porcelain, without any solutions to my dilemma of sudden depression, or any idea how to solve it. Tried to perform the regular activities. I did the blood-pressure, pulse, temperature, weighed myself, took the medication and applied the creams and lotions – but like an automaton, no drive, interest, get-up-and-go or enthusiasm at all. This worries me.

wheel19I decided next to get the photographs I’d taken while on the Nottingham Wheel/Eye thingy yesterday, posted off to my Facebook page and put some on the TFZ pages. (Troll Free Zone).

My spirits seemed to raise a little while I was doing this and creating some graphics on CorelDraw and Paint and commented on the TFZer Site.

If you like, more photographicalisations are to be found here: Nottingham Eye/Wheel Pics


1mon09A sudden hunger arrived, and I got the nosh so early today.

The self-loathing depression had eased, but the lethargy, hebetude and apathy remained.

Yesterday’s planned jobs to do today did not materialise at all, and I was withing an hour of washing the pots – back into the depths of self-indulgent dwelling on one’s own sorrows or misfortunes. Pathetic! 

I literally settled and watched TV for hours, not even aware if what I was watching? No efforts to get up and do anything were possible, I was in the pits.

Not surprisingly, as I had done very little constructive thinking or any actual work done, when it came to bedtime, I couldn’t even nod off at all.

I got up and tried to read a book, but for some reason, it had lost its appeal to me. I put the TV on, that normally ensure I nod off, no, that failed, so I got the computer on again and fluffed about with Facebooking. Eventually, I got the head down very late.

I woke around 0245hrs and lay there in the £300 second-hand recliner, depressed, full of self-loathing, confused and considered the dreams, or rather nightmares, that were still largely in my brain, spinning around and fading fast. I had the pen and pad at the side of the chair, (unused for months of having dreams and not being able to recall any that I’d had).

Events from my youth came distortedly into the dream, happenings I’m ashamed of, but none of the few successes or happy times… Getting thrown into the Canal when I was about five was so real to me, although the timing of the incident was way out of sync with the reality, I woke up ringing with sweat.

Had to have a shower, so I shaved at the same time. Feeling a little foolish that the dream had got to me, I had a glass of spring water and got back down into the chair – I was off in seconds and the nightmares returned – I’m not even sure now that I didn’t dream having a shower and shave, but could smell the Lemon shower gel and was in some other pyjamas, having put the others in the laundry bag, so I must have?

The past times, some even pleasurable started in the dream. Many incidents from my Security Guard days where mused over I’m sure, my first romance and being bullied by the yobboes in Carrington mingles with so many odd bits interposing and all mixed up together from the long gone days, I even tried to shoot myself but could not find the 303 clip and bullets and recall I searched for them in this flat, the house I lived in 1949, the Bed Breakfast and Evening meal boarding house 1964, Nairobi in a blood wagon and other places I cannot recall clearly? Lynton Cox, befriended on Facebook, who came to visit me a couple of years ago and saved my sanity, was chasing me waving a yellow duster?

Not a good day.

Inchcock: His weirdest dream yet – Answers to questions not asked?

Definitely Inchock’s Weirdest Dream yet!

01W06The backdrop: I was being sat down at a desk in a chair in a room with no doors other than a lift door, sat across from someone I knew, who gave me an answer to a question, but did not mention what the actual query was?

Then I got into the lift, up to the next floor and into a similar room, with another person I knew or had known. This process seemed to be repeated with different answers to other queries I’m thought about over the years. 

It felt like this went on all through my sleeping hours and I slept and dreamt for over six hours. A rarity for me to kip that long, and no waking up for trips to the porcelain either.

I got the feeling that I was going through some preparatory process on my way to hell, but oddly, this didn’t seem to bother me in the slightest? 

Here are the answers, given to me that I can recall: Not in any particular order, just as I recalled them I wrote them down.


“No, they are not all born equal, but of course, you knew this!”


“Yes, it was your fault, you are too gullible that’s why!”


“I think you always knew you would see the end of the world, what you would call ‘The Great Equaliser.”


“You understood why she had to, and wish you had had the guts to explained why to her. You will pay for this when your croak out and have to account for your actions.”


“No, never, Hehehe!”


“Oh no, nearly being a virgin is not sufficient!”


“Deaths and the responses of earthly beings have no bearing on the future death of the universes.” 


“Marmite is better than Vegemite, but don’t tell any Australians you might find quartered with when you get to heaven!”


“You could have looked this up on the internet instead of wasting you preparatory assessors time, we are busy you know!”


“Of course, it is not fair that you should have been dealt such a small attachment, but it is proof that the Lord has a sense of humour!”


“No, never. Shame really.”


“Would you?”

I think there were hundreds of more answers that were given to me.

In between the ‘Answer Rooms’, I had little chance to ponder on what the question before was to the answer given me. Bodies appeared from nowhere and they bundled me into the lift, up to the next ‘Answer Room’.

I noted that my walking stick was changing colour in each room, multicoloured for some of them, and wanted to ask someone why. Each time I tried to ask the bodies, the dream seemed to start over again?

After waking in the morning, as the day went on, I kept remembering the odd other answer given in the dream.

Really, the oddest dream yet?

Inchcock Today: Wednesday 17th December 2014

0301thermWednesday 17th December

Sprang awake at 0250hrs.

Angina still bothersome too.



Graphic wot I dun to explain the only bit of the dream I could remember

Again I could remember wanting to remember a dream but could not remember much – only corridors and passages with me being lost with my shopping bags. I’m sure there was much more to the nightmare but… no real memory?

Made a cuppa and started laptop.

No internet connection again, so I restarted the laptop… got message 32Fat is unstable – checking. Or something like that, went through and opened alright with internet connection back on?


Did some blogging and Facebooking.

Another cuppa and took me medications.

Got myself ready to go out with the intention of going to Derby and feeding the dicky-birds…


Putting me glasses (Spectacles) on and the left lense fell out! It took me an hour to find it. Kept it safe in glasses box with the damaged frame – then spent another hour looking for me old glasses to wear on me journey.

So, rearranged me plans for the day and set off on me walk into town… that turned into a bus ride into town on account of the wet rain like.

Another interesting bus ride it was too.

The single decker bus was crammed with passengers like sardines in a can. There was hardly room to move let alone any seats. And when the poor devils who wanted to get off at stops the poor devils who were stood hanging on for life to the bars had to shuffle off and back on the bus to allow them to get off!

I laughed on about the third time this happened and a woman asked me “If I thought it was funny?” I replied “Well it’s certainly an interesting ride isn’t it?” She was not impressed and grumpft at me.



Depressing view I thought

When I got off the bus in town and walked down towards the City centre, the view demanded a photo from me.

Most suitable I thought for how I felt at that moment… Sparse, barren, dark, dank, wet and depressed. Tsk!



View of Nottingham Slab Square today

I pressed on and down into the slab square, where the lights on the Winter-Wonderland Festival showed up brightly in the dark wet weather.

It would have been about 1100hrs I imagine then, but still the light of day did not appear – the gloom won in more than one way to me.

I walked up Friar Lane to the Boots 0303bootsOpticians shop and explained my problem to the lady there.

She took the glasses off of me and said she’s be a few minutes, take a seat. I preferred to stand in case me knees froze up and took a look through the frames on display on the walls.

A few minutes later she returned and explained: As she was taking the spectacles out of the case – one of the nose supports dropped off! Have you any shopping to do?

I’m got to go to the bank?

See you later then.

Thank you.

As I left the shop and wandered down towards the bank I pondered, what next?

In two days I’ve broken a tooth, cut me tongue, the Angina is bad, me dizzy-spells are back, lost me glasses lense and now had to get a new nose thingy replacement?

The dentists next month, my slippers have split, my picker has broken…

As I said before, Hey-ho!.

So I sorted things at the bank and returned to the opticians. Collected me repaired spec’s and made an appointment to 1100hrs in the morning to have me eyes tested.

I was getting more depressed although I couldn’t figure out why as the day went on.


More spending by Inchcock – Tsk!

I poddled up into Victoria Centre to the cheapo shop and got another 4 for a pound Lion Bars – fatal again for me wallet that. Because the shop was opposite the HMV shop and I veered across to foolishly look at the DVDs on offer. They had an interesting looking film with Stallone and  Schwarzenegger called ‘Escape Plan’ It was in the 2 for a pound display so I got another ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ with Ben Stiller.

Then I went into Tesco to get some Cream Horns that I’m addicted to… but they didn’t have any…. Sob! Boo!. I asked an assistant and he went to have a look if they had any in stock and came back with a negative answer. But it was nice of someone to try innit?

I should have just left… well I did… but not until I purchased two different cream cakes to take with me – No Willpower at all me! Tsk, huh and blabberpinkles!


Anti-social Scum-free Street today! Yippee!

Ashamed of spending too much again, I made my way to the bus-stop and dropped off on Hucknall Road.

Walked up the hill and turned right into my road and it hit me: (Pleasantly) There were no apprentice yobs in view! Perhaps the rain had put them off?

Who knows…

Got in, made a cuppa and updated this Diary.

Tried to watch a DVD… gave up when I kept falling asleep.

Must remember the opticians appointment in the morning!

Inchcock Today: Friday 5th December 2014


I awoke with a deep sense of apprehension at 0445hrs.


This is me scrawled scribble wot I found this morning

I’d had a long sleep for me, but apparently dream filled again.

Noticed a scribbled note from myself about dreams, that I could not remember writing?


Stated laptop and went down put kettle on and went out and moved the bins ready for collection. Returned made a cuppa and back in the bathroom took me medications then consulted the mysterious notes.

GC blipvin

Tried to make sense of them, some I could remember bits of and why I’d scrawled the word/s, others left me bamboozled as to why.

Written: Metal boat alone lost sinking?

Memory of: I seem to have been in a massive ship on a big river – think it was trying to dock somewhere but kept sinking? Searching for someone? Fear?

Written: Fencing,  Ice cream?

Memory of: Nothing at all.

Written: Underground bunker, soldiers, girl, bombs, hula- hoop?

Memory of: Very little… Many families huddled together, death, hidden, being chased? Children?

Written: Mazes, metal runways, no escape?

Memory of: Seem to remember running along pathways being chased and trying to protect someone?

Written: Shame, disgrace, frustration, tomato soup, writing, being laughed at, prodded by walking stick?

Memory of: This one I could relate too and remember bits of fairly well. I was at a desk in a submarine trying to write (with a quill I think) but I could not for some reason.

Then I was in a bath of tomato soup on the deck of an oil tanker that had thousands of illegal immigrants swimming in the oil in the holds, and none of the crew would listen to my pleas to get them out? I decided I’d write a letter to Lynton Cox (Cyber-friend) about it? By now I was using an old typewriter and the ink ran out, so I stood on top of the mast and did some semaphore signing with flags to tell the world of the problem… as I fell off the mast I found myself in a class-room sat alone with dozens of tutors/teachers coming in and prodding me with walking sticks and telling me I was… wait for it… ‘An obnoxious old coffin ready pillock’!

Later, I think it was part of the same dream, I was having an autopsy done on me and couldn’t speak to the tell the butcher in his blue and white apron that I was still alive… then a few people came in and started clapping?

Make some sense of that someone please diagnose this for me.

Written: Driving a bus, running over people, no ticket, shooting, loud kids?

Memory of: No memory of this at all.

Written: Fire, flames, smoke, Parliament?

Memory of: All I can remember is I had a gas mask on and was trying to eat a Cornish pasty inside it, and a feeling of jubilation when I fired my water pistol?

I worked on this Diary post before I forgot the things  could remember.

Even now, minutes after typing this in and reading it back the memory is fading fast.

Although I feel in good spirits emotionally today, I’m coughing and the angina is bad again. I am feeling the cold so bad too today.

Managed to sit on my headphones – another thing to get tomorrow, providing I’m up to going out physically.

Spent hours doing graphics, blogging and Facebooking today, but didn’t go out anywhere.

Took me medications at 1655hrs.

So tired and cold.


Inchcock Today – Nightmares: Friday 21st November 2014

Friday 21st November 2014

0248hrs: Awake after some horrible dreams again – some bits I can recall and am writing them now after making a cuppa while I can still remember them:

They all seemed to be connected with my failure to do something I wanted or needed to do.

I was in a big factory and searching for something I could not find…

Then I was on a big ship of some sort still searching for I know not what and everyone who I meet are trying to give me a blood soaked walking stick and or a vial of some purple poisonous liquid. Each time I threw away the walking stick and drank the vials contents?

Now I was back in the massive factory that seemed to have parts in it of places I have worked over the years.

Everyone was stopping me from getting out. I think there were four routes of escape and I kept trying each one without any luck.

Somewhere in there were exploding landmines, old cinemas and security guards? Even a nightclub entrance was in there somewhere.

I think someone, a woman I think kept bringing me Lemon sorbet and taking down my trousers then rubbing the sorbet into my knees, while laughing loudly?


0315hrs: The laptop started okay and I updated this hogwash diary. A message telling me of Windows Updates waiting to be downloaded came on screen. I clicked ‘Remind me in 4 hours’ button.

I wonder it all the trouble I had with the laptop yesterday might have been caused by the updates that were removed and are no back again?

Oh dear, it’s all beyond me yer know.

So tired now.

Didn’t go out at all.

Inchcock Today: Sat 27th Sept 14


Saturday 20th September 2014

Up at 0430hrs, WC, tended to the sore bulbous red Inch. No blood this morning thank heavens.

While doing so I remembered some of a dream I’d had, so wrote bits of the memory down to put on here, cause it was an odd one. (Aren’t they all though?)

I was in command of the German Kriegsmarine, and I realised that Germany would not win this war, so I hid U-boats under seashore locations, to use later, and stocked up with ammunition food, and Nazi Youth members.

It became the current time, and our unterseeboots were sinking all the ferries travelling from Europe to the UK.

Then we blew up France’s part of the channel tunnel.

I think we shot down some planes on their way to England as well.

That’s about all I can recall though.

After I get me food delivery, I’ll have to think about going into town and checking out the prices and availability of cameras I suppose. Might try Jessops methinks.

Food delivery arrived an hour late, 3 substitutes and two items missing. Tsk!


Went up to beautified myself; managing to acquire another nick on me mush.

Used me Colgate ‘Herbal’ toothpaste today, if you were considering using it, be warned it tastes horrible!

Set off on me hobble into Sherwood.

It’s getting harder and more painful by the day this walking lark!

Dropped me stuff off at the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop.

Then I went out and to the bus-stop to catch bus into City.

It was an all-around the place bus, so I managed to get some reading on me football book done.

0603Dropped off in the city on Parliament Street.

Very busy today, that was when I realised it was a Saturday.

Took a walk around, and dropped into Jessops photography shop. A bloke talked me into buying a Sony DSC HX50 Camera, with a free carrying 0604case, an Intergral Multi-Card reader, and a Sandisk Extreme HD SDHC 8GB 705268387.

I managed to resist his attempts at selling me a 3 year extended warranty, pointing out I expect not being here in three years according to the doctors.

0605I’d sooner not think about how much I had spent.

Un-bemused at how I got conned into spending so much, I waddled through the crowds to the County Contact Point in the library.

Where I asked about the Meals at Home delivery day, because I thought it might on me hospital days, Monday or a Tuesday. The kind lady said they were closed there at the weekends. But if I could call on Tuesday as I go through to the Queens medical centre, she would call them for me. That was nice of her.

What are the odds that something will happen that causes me forget to do just that?

I hobbled up the arcade stairs to see if the second hand record man has had any luck with finding me ‘Acker Bilks Gotta see mama tonight’ recording on CD. He was closed. Huh!

0606I wandered painfully to Victoria Market for a look around. I asked at two book stall if they had any memories of Stalingrad book, no luck.

The market was almost abandoned, very sad.

I limped along and down the escalator, and out into the streets of my beloved Nottingham. (Cough cough!)

I popped into Waitrose to have a look around, but decided against it when I saw the queue winding down the shop.

I started walking towards Kings Walk that led to me bus-stop home, but ended up taking the long route to it after seeing a fight starting near the cafe there.

I got back to the dumping ground (house) and made a cuppa.

0607Updated this diary – then somehow managed to put the new camera on charge – I hope I did at least. I can’t find anything that tells me it is actually charging. The manual tell me it need a 24hr charge for the first one, so I can check in the morning I suppose?

I took a photo of the new camera on charge with me old faithful but dying a death old camera.

0608Back to the laptop, with another cuppa wot I made.


Remembered I’d forgotten to get some spread. So no sarnies tonight for me. Good job I’ve got some microwave sausages left to nosh.

I’ll watch New Tricks DVD later tonight methinks.

Take care all!

Inchcock Today: Saturday 6th Sept 2014

Saturday 6th September 2014

Up at 0500hrs, and blimey I can remember a dream! (Well some of it anyway)


Me Dream: I was young fit and working at the Co-op store on Parliament Street in Nottingham, and I think I was clearing all the stuff off the shelves into customer trolleys… there was someone there with me who I recognised but have forgotten who now, then I was on Carlton Hill, pushing the loaded trolley to wherever it was to go, and a girl I used to work with in 1962, Rita appeared on the pavement and started talking to me. I became engrossed in conversation with her, and the trolley ran away down the hill.

Suddenly the hill became somewhere else, but I knew it, and chased after the trolley. UsatRossAs I ran on, doors kept opening in both sides of the road and people were calling to me…

A doctor with a beard, turban and a scalpel in his hands: “Come back, we need to operate again…”

My old boss at Scan security Kevin, with ‘Ross’ one of guard dogs we used: “Ross’s here mate, come in and see him, did you bring any pigs ears for him? He still loves em yer know…”

UsatHCbrutBrian, the accountant who ripped me off and put me into bankruptcy when I had the shop: “Sorry, it was nothing personal, come in and I’ll make you a cup of tea…”

The Grim Reaper appeared on a rooftop: “Oi… I’m waiting, get yer arse up ‘ere youth…”

Henry Cooper: “Splash it all over…”

UsatackerAcker Bilk came out of a door, singing “Buona Sera Seniorita”?

There were many others, but I can’t recall them.

I lost site of the trolley as it disappeared into an unrecognised building. I caught up and started searching for it, to find Susan Maughan (Off the song Bobby’s Girl fame, and she married theatre director Nick Leigh, and not me!) emptying the goods from it onto some shelves, she sneered at me “Who the devil are you? Sod off!”

I was amazed that I could remember so much of the dream, very rare that. But, what did it mean? Nowt I suppose, apart form the I’m cracking up?

Started laptop, made cuppa. Took medications.

Started work on some graphics for me later posts, just hoping that BT internet does not start playing up again.

All I did today really was blogging work.