Inchcock Today: Tuesday 1st January 2019: Stuck indoors again. Suffering, sore, sad and sensing senility soon to arrive. Hehe!



Tuesday 1st January 2019

Scots Gaelic: Dimàirt 1mh Faoilleach 2019

23:35hrs. WD 0.31.0 Oh, boy! If you had seen my antics in painfully trying to get my overweight gargantuan-stomached body out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the emergency SSWW bin in time, for what turned out to be a Power-Short-Sharp-Wee-wee, you would not have been able to resist bursting into laughter; even I smiled afterwards! Hehehe!


WD 0.31.0 Just like yesterday morning, after using the emergency SSWW/LHBLWW (Long Hosepipe-Blasting like Wee-wee) bin and starting to clean it, the porcelain Throne had to be used. I got to the wet room in enough time this visit. Phew!

I washed, got the room cleaned up. And got the Health Checks done and medications were taken.


2Tue03The BP seemed to be worryingly low. I took the medications and made a brew, then took the second Health Check. Which seems to have gone high within the ten minutes or so since the earlier one I did?

00:00hrs. New Year:

Austin A40I made up a blog with the photographs I’d just taken out of the windows, of the fireworks from the New Year lovers of Nottingham. And got it posted off to WordPress as a post.

Here are a few of the pictures, many more on the link: New Year Photographicalisations


2Tue05Despite the heat from the oven, and the thermometer showing the temperature to be about 64°f – 17.77°c in the kitchen, and the warmth coming from the new storage radiator which was fitted too close that I could not open my cupboards and had to be moved, leaving me with plastering, painting and a new floor to be paid for and fitted. But no point in doing anything yet about that or the carpets that were ruined by the plasterer, as the electricians, plumbers and alarm installation people are still to come to make their particular mess in installing communications and a sprinkler system yet. I was still feeling so cold? Heck of a mouthful there, Haha!

2Tue11I got some brekkie made up. Mini pork pies, pickled gherkins, cooked chestnuts, and a few oven chips, followed by a raspberry mousse, that went down very well as I watched a YouTube clip on the Grenfell disaster. I see that no one has been blamed or taken the blame yet. Makes me sick! Well, that’s true come think of it, I am sick! Hehe!

Blimus, I keep shivering this morning, and it’s not cold at all, I’ll recheck the thermometer… it’s the same temperature showing, 64°f – 17.77°c.

I tackled the updating and finishing off of the Monday post. IT took me over five hours to get it done. The concentration has gone to pot, and the odd Dizzy Dennis visit didn’t help 2Tue10ain the least. I went on WordPress reader.

I trotted, well alright then, limped off to make myself a mug of tea. I saw a bit of smoke blowing through the window. I zoomed in to take a picture of it.

It had gone in five minutes, wonder what it was?

2Tue09WD 0.31.0 Back to the computer. Fingers on the keyboard and… well, another EIBWBBB (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle) found on my finger. Having my reading glasses on, I could see the scallywag doing her or his best to bite into the skin? I wondered if it might be the Furosemide they might be after? But why would that be, I tried to think of some funny reason to type, but the brain  was not functioning in it normal mode today.

I made a start on this post and realised it was suddenly thirteen-hours since I got up. Time flies dunnit? Humph! Got as far as this, and decided I needed to catch up on the Facebooking, so I did.

The fatigue arrived, so I got the nosh prepared. Not a lot, but nice-flavour.

Channel 81 on Freeview had some good stuff on that I wanted to watch.

Repeated calls for LHBLWWs (Long Hosepipe-Blasting like Wee-wees) delayed the falling asleep for a while, but I dropped off, halfway through ‘Great Expectations’.

But shot awake four hours later, in need of more Wee-wees. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Sunday 29th April 2018


Sunday 29th April 2018

Maynar (Burmese) တနင်္ဂနွေ 29 ဧပြီ 2018

0325hrs: Stirred in a confused over the dreams I’d been having. Not the faintest idea what they were about, and no sense of if they were good, sad, scary, worrying or whatever. No scribble on the pad – the nocturnal nibbling crumb-covered pad!

Whoosie3W01 The dirty plate and cutlery lay on the side chair, amidst further indications of nocturnal nibbling! I had no recollections of eating anything? But, the cheese curl crumbs told me I must have. Tsk!

Whoosie3W01 Dismounting the £300 second-hand recliner, Harry Hernia reminded me of his presence. The spectacles lay on the carpet near the Ottoman, and Dizzy Dennis visited as I rose up and hobbled to the kitchen.

Whoosie3W01 Dangnations and Botherations! I’d left the flaming hot water tap running again! I was so lucky that I had not left the plug in the sink.

7Sun03No hot water, of course.

I got the best camera and took several pictures of the moon, as it kept disappearing and reappearing so quickly. This shot is the one that came out best; the other four, Shaking Shaun had ruined.

Although the brain was not running off of its own accord this morning, many blanks remained. The most puzzling was I could not recall what I had for nosh last night. I’d used the bowl/dish, but everything had been eaten. I looked at the camera, I was confident that as usual, I’d taken a photo of the meal, but it was not to be found anywhere?

I questioned my logicality and sanity, I seem to be turning into an enigmatographist?

Got the Health Check equipment ready, made a small mug of tea and the sphygmomanometer operated first-time.


7Sun01The Sys, Dia and pulse were all up a bit at last. Maybe this is due to my getting into a lather about the tap farce and the disappearing into the ether photo of the nosh, before doing these checks?

Whoosie3W01 I had to nip off for a wee-wee, and what a time this took! Like I’d fully turning on a hosepipe, seconds later, it was a painful dribble, that went on for an aeon. The flow, well, trickle stopped as suddenly as it arrived, a long time later? And, the fungal lesion had been bleeding again. Humph!
Cleaned things up and back to collect the small mug of tea, but it had gone well-cold by then. I decided it might be an idea not to have a drink after all.

7Sun05Back to the computer and had a search around on all the SD cards for the food photo from yesterday. I couldn’t find it but did discover this photo of when I used the lid-opener successfully last night to open the gherkin jar. Then I recalled what I had for the nosh. The label said it was Krakus Pickled Dill Cucumber, but to me they were gherkins. I’d made two sourdough bread sandwiches of Pork Knuckle, and had tomatoes, the gherkin, and seasoned sliced potatoes as well. Memory man, I’m not!

7Sun4bOff for another trickle-with-pain wee-wee. Tsk!

Washed-up, wiped the surfaces and door handles with the antiseptic spray, and then I decided to risk a small mug of Breakfast tea.

The was a lovely 0530hr blue-hue outside. I got the big camera and took a shot of it, upwards to my left, trying to show the old balcony supports.

Whoosie3W01 I’d left the SD card in the computer! So I retrieved it and tried again. I got a  vision of Norway when I first viewed the picture on the camera screen. Why? No idea, I’ve never been very far in my life, and never to Norway?

0600hrs: I’d got this diary started as far as here, then realised I had not finished yesterdays yet. So I got on with doing that. It took me a long time, with many uncomfortable trickling wee-wees in between. I’m running out of antiseptic disinfectant now. Hehe!

Pottered about getting the Woodthorpe photographs off of the computer files and SD cards. Took me ages to get it done, until 0800hrs. But, Cathy wanted have some to use. They are all now on the 16mb SD, on a folder I’ve named Woodthorpe. 280 photos. I must remember to tell her. I could let her have the disc-card so she can choose what she wants to utilise. If you read this Cathy, remind me when you see me next please, petal.

Started to update yesterdays post. Didn’t get this done until 1000hrs. Many wee-wees, short and painful ones in between. Tsk!

Then made a small mug of tea and did the midday medications and Health Checks.

Whoosie3W01 Struggleblunderthunder!


7Sun06cI’ve never had the Sys so low, or the Dia so high! And the pulse has gone down a fair bit too?

I meant to ask the nurse Last Wednesday what the optimum readings would be for me, but I forgot all about doing it. What a Schlemiel!

Around 1030hrs, I got up to here on this dairy.

7Sun07The shakes returned, so I was not going to medicate the lower regions yet, too risky!

Back to the other room, and took this picture through the balcony window and bird crap. Which reminded me, Cath said they were going to try and get it cleaned off for me. Nowt happened yet.

Sounds like Herbert is bashing away at his steam modelling. But there is nothing more I can about it, other than move. I don’t want to go through all that hassle again. Made myself poorly last time. And it wasn’t too bad, didn’t last long. No complaints from me about this.

I know my place and sway with the management – nilch, zero, none! Bit of a nuisance. So. I’ll say nowt, or they might throw me out. Hehe!

Around 1100hrs, I managed to get on the WordPress Reader for a perusal. Then did the comments.

1210hrs: Got the oven warming up for the shepherd’s pie later.

7Sun33bHad a go on Facebooking. But could not stick at it too long, it was holding and freezing a bit. Drove me mad.

Did the last Health Checks early, to see what the reading was. Sys down, Dia up, pulse still low on 75. It’s just one of those days. I’ve had them before with the readings up and down. I bt tomorrow things will settle back again.

I went onto CorelDraw, to get some TFZer fun graphics done, next. Got some ideas together, and realised I had had a wee-wee call for a while.

7Sun33cSo I risked making another small mug of tea.

Waiting for the kettle to boil, I had a look out of the window and saw that someone else was interested in the Nottingham Street Art that was still there down in the car park. I grabbed the new camera and threaded it out of the window, and took this somewhat decent, although I say it myself, photographicalisation.

Made the brew and added the picture to this blog.

Back to CorelDrawing. I managed to get two done and posted on Facebook.



Then I added these to the Facebook albums for each TFZer.

Got the fodder on the cook in the oven.

Made on starting the next TFZer graphics while I waited for the Shepherds pie to cook.

7Sun34aI  took a photo out and upwards through the kitchen window, took it blind, and it wasn’t too bad. I caught the reflection of the clouds in the glass and the actual nebulousness in the background. Good job I do not have Illyngophobia!

Apart from just knowing I was going to have trouble sleeping, I felt so tired.

7Sun34Nosh ready, got it laid out on the metal blue tin plate. The chips were terrible, good colour but savourless. The  Shepherds pie even blander. Tomatoes were okay. Sliced apple okay. As for the lemon mousse, I woke up later with it in my dressing gown pocket unopened?

Ate the meal and began the routine of dozing off for a few minutes and waking for ten minutes repeatedly.

On one awakening, I had to detach myself from the £300 second-hand recliner and go for a wee-wee. This evacuation turned out to be a most interesting little event! The fungal lesion had been bleeding a bit. Lasted a few seconds and tingled somewhat. I got there and back without stubbing any toes. Here’s a thought. How come, it’s only when I have no shoes on that these stubbings take place? Hehe!

Whoosie3W01 And then, I found the sealed pot of lemon meringue and the spoon in my dressing gown pocket! I removed them to throw away, and the container burst open. Took me a while to find all of the scattered splashes, they were in the bowl, in the WC, on my legs, on the floor and some had even managed to get onto the heater on the wall? Hehe!

Back to the recliner and the same pattern of dropping-off and waking started again.

Whoosie3W01 I then found some of the lemon desserts on my bald head. I thought at first when I felt it, that I was bleeding. So, I had to get up again and check things out once more. Hehe!


Inchcock Today – Saturday 3rd March 2018

Saturday 3rd March 2018

Hebrew: יום שבת 3 במרץ 2018

0035hrs: Woke with the shivers. It was feeling so cold. And, I had the woolly hat on, too. I was in urgent need of a wee-wee and had to hurriedly abandon the warmth of the £300 second-hand recliner to get to the WC in time. Little Inchy’s lesion had been bleeding and needed some uncomfortable medical attention.

During which the brain did not seem to be following its own commands, malapropos-like, the actions taking place seemed almost like I was dreaming or imagining they were taking place. No, Whoopsiedangleplops, Accifauxpas or Fears occurred, just the realisation that suddenly everything clicked into place and it was them, I understood that they were not in situ in the first place. I made a mess of explaining that, but it’s the best I can manage at the moment, sorry. The codswallop and balderdash started affecting my thoughts and lingered on in the background.

Off to the kitchen and got the Health Checks done.

0110hrs: It felt well below freezing out there as I opened the window to have a check on the weather… well, the state of the snow and ice really.

No new snow had fallen at all. But the compressed snow and ice were twinkling threateningly for any walkers.

I gave my elbow one heck of crack in the window frame as I came back in after taking the photo. I think I may have said something like “Oh, blow it!”

At this stage, all sorts of ailments appeared almost in unison. (Hippy Hilda was nae-bother). The grumbling-rumbling innards and Duodenal Donald were the main culprits for my sudden decline in health. Reflux Roger occasionally joined in. And this is how things were for a long time, until the Porcelain Throne visit, anyway.

Made a brew and then onto the computer to start this post off up to here. Then finalised the Friday post.

Checked out the WordPress Reader. Emails sorted.

Herbert from the flat above started his banging and knocking again.

Had a right funny-turn as I was getting the nosh sorted out. Did myself no-good at all. I had to stop everything and just sit down. I soon fell asleep and woke up many hours later, feeling as fit as a fiddle? Life can be very confusing.

The day had gone by now. But I must have needed the kip.

Got the meal served up. I had one of the Lamb Hotpots I bought from Aldi. And have to say, it was superb, flavoursome and filling. Plain Greek yoghourt with Maple Syrup, sliced Italian tomatoes the only sad part of the meal, bitter!) added, and a sliced apple with a large mug of Clementine Juice finished off this delightful repast.

I remembered I had not done next weeks Morrison order, so I got the computer on and did so.

I felt sure I’d be able, after so much sleep, to watch some TV, so settled down to view some.

Fell asleep!

Inchcock Today – Sunday 21st January 2018: What a horrible sleepless night again. Grumph!

Sunday 21st January 2018

Hebrew: יום ראשון 21 ינואר 2018

0230hrs: I’d been lying there awake for a good while, and was forced to detach my whale-like body from the £300 second-hand recliner to go for a wee-wee. Did a lot better last night in getting some sleep in at last. Little Inchies lesion had been bleeding, but not severely, and I did wear the Protection Pants, so little cleaning up to do.

Got the computer on and made a mug of tea. Which soon went cold at the side of the machine. Another wee-wee!

Back into the kitchen to make another. Got the kettle on the boil and felt a nippy breeze coming in through the holes in the wall, ill-fitting window frame and the air vents.

Took this photo out of the window, but regretted it. There’s not much wind, but it was so cold. The vehicles had all got frosted windscreens.

Thought I’d do the Health Checks next while I was in the room. I didn’t do any medicating or creaming until I get my ablutions done.

I managed to stop myself using the Enoxaparin hypodermic in time. Fool!

Made a fresh smaller mug of tea and took the medications. The Sys has gone back up, at last, the temperature up, and the pulse and down. But I think it all looks fine.

Hippy Hilda and Anne Gyna are calm. Arthur Itis was okay. Crampy Craig is a nuisance on my hands and fingers both this morning. The weight had gone down too. Yet another wee-wee was called for. Oh dear, a third since getting up?

I got yesterday’s diary finished off and posted.

0445hrs: As I started to do this post, an almost instant rumbling and grumbling from the innards forced a requisite for the necessary immediate use of the Porcelain Throne; during which the tea went cold again. Tsk!

0513hrs: Got back from the Throne duties. Yes, 27 minutes of the mess, cacophony, chaos and annoyance, suffered. The Troskies had returned! Discomfort, cringe-worthy and ignominy, would be the best words to describe this session on the Porcelain Throne. Oh, and with sloppy acervuline evacuations. I’m so glad I bought the bottle of liquid soap from Wilko’s last week. It’s so much easier to use and makes less mess with no powder for me to spill. Which I would have if I’d used some detergent. For Shaking Shaun had joined up with Dizzy Dennis to annoy me now. Hard work typing, so many corrections needed.

Cleaning up afterwards took me ages. And, I stubbed my toe going to the kitchen! Hehe! Where I made yet another brew of tea. This time in the tiny mug, bearing in mind all of this morning’s wee-wee activity.

Mind you, thinking about it, I haven’t drunk much tea, in reality, most of it ended up going cold and getting thrown down the sink. Huh! Carried on with updating this twollop.

0530hrs: Went on to WordPress Reading. Then the comments.

0630hrs: The tea had gone cold again, but I did have a few sips of it first this time. Made another one, and went on Facebooking.

Unexpectedly and quickly I began feeling a bit under the weather. So I got the potatoes into the crock-pot and got settled down in the chair. I had hoped to get out in the park later, but the weather and feeling a bit faint put me off completely. Tsk!

Put on the TV in the hopes that I would fall asleep and get some rest. Herbert upstairs was making a little banging about noises, but they were not bothering me too much at all.

Got the nosh sorted out. I’d been nibbling while sat in the chair and didn’t need much of a meal to fill me up.

Alright, this one was. Rated at 8/10.

Blissfully, I drifted off into the land of Nod.

The landline phone tinkled away, I woke, looked at the light flashing and ignored it.

Took a while then, to get back to sleep.

Woke-up with a start, not sure if it was the dream about me in a canoe being chased through blood-veins, or if some noise had woken me. So, I had to get up and have a look around for any signs of disturbances and stubbed my toe doing so. Getting fed-up with the recent anti-sleep campaign being waged against me by well, everything and everyone it seems! Tsk!

While I was awake, I remembered I’d not taken the medications or done the Health Checks, so I did. Gawd blimey this was proving to be a long sleepless night again!

Nodded off again eventually, but woke needing the Porcelain Thrones usage. Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding a bit, so I lost more rest time cleaning things up and medicationalisationing. Humph!

Sod Me!. Then the strobe and pillow shaker alarms activated! Out of the £300 second-hand recliner for the; how many times since I got settled? Did the safety checks, nothing untoward found?

Now disorientated, irritable with myself and having dark thoughts – I tried once more to get to sleep.

I admitted defeat with depressing ease, yet reluctance. At 0015hrs and got up.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 3rd/Monday 4th September 2017

Sunday 3rd September 2017

0435hrs: Stirred into semi-life and disentangled my massively bloated body from the £300 second-hand recliner, and off to the Porcelain Throne. Like during the night, no activity produced, all wind and phwerts! Haemorrhoid Harold still bleeding, but far less now. After cleaning things up blood-wise, I noticed how damnably tight the pyjama bottoms were around the newly swollen and extended stomach girth. This was not good. I hope things start moving shortly. Hehe!

A most artistic blood spotted on foot. IT really did look like someone had painted it on my foot? Haha! As Lynton said, with the Warfarin INR blood level going up and down so often, these will come and go regularly, they do not hurt or even itch at all. Never had them so beautiful before?

I felt a little febriculose, so took an extra Codeine tablet.

Made another brew of tea and carried out the Health Checks. Sys148, Dia 78, Pulse 74, Temp 35.6. I think the pulse might be a bit minimal and the temperature a bit high?

Not surprising though, with having the fever symptoms and bloated torso. The weight was 14.9.

Into the computer, and spotted something I had not earlier – a banana on the old chair arm. Now, there is a banana skin in the bin from last night where I ate one after the meal – so where has this one come from? Did I fetch another in my sleep? Has my mind now gone fainéant as well as confused? Mmm!

Got on with finishing yesterdays diary, not a lot in it, because I spent so much time sorting the graphics out nearly all day, and still have a lot more to get done before I can even begin to create them yet. But I like doing them.

Off to the Throne again, another failure and the stomach was churning more than ever. Wait till it comes is all I can do, with crossed fingers. I suppose it will come eventually, but where and when? Humph! Taking no chances, each time I get the ‘feeling’ to use the Porcelain Throne, I’ll pay a visit to be on the safe side. Even if I do wear out the carpet. Haha!

Made a start on this post. Then Email checks, WordPress reading and responding. I got interrupted by another call to the Throne – Boy was this a session and a half! The longest passage of wind ever followed the movement of gargantuan proportions! I considered opening all of the windows afterwards too, – talk about thick, the whiff was almost unbearable even to me. I hope it doesn’t filter through to the other flats? Still,  the tummy pains eased straight away.

Back and did the Emails and other catching up, then onto CorelDraw and the graphic preparation work.

Stopped to get the potatoes in the saucepan to boil slowly.

I have no idea what is in the seasoning, just that it tastes delightful. (Well, it did last time I used it in the boiled potatoes). Made a brew and back to CorelDraw.

I did a Birthday graphic for Australia’s Mary. Posted it to her Facebook and back again to preparing the TFZer next series ones.

Got a few done ready, lots more to do yet, though.

Ailments still being kind to me. Late now, so I must get the meal ready. Took a photograph of the plate, and when I got around to updating this, it had gone?

Health Checks, medications and settled t to watch the football match. Portugal v Hungary. Fell asleep in seconds.

Monday 4th September 2017

0425hrs: Hastily up and off to the Porcelain Throne. No change this session, still a touch Trotsky-like.

The blood-blister thingy on my foot seems to be changing colour now? The big toe nail appears to be going brown at the ends of them now?

I decided I must get a hobble in today, whatever happens. Two days stuck inside on the computer is doing me no good, methinks.

Back into the £300 second-hand recliner room, no signs of any nibbling or mess. Good!

Took the medications and did the Health-Checks. Then turned the computer on and made-up the weekly record for the nurse tomorrow.

Set about working on the TFZers photographic series. I think I’ve taken on too much with this one, it is taking far too long, and I am not getting other things done. But still, I do enjoy doing them.

Had to stop after three hours, to do the Email and WordPress readings.

Made a fresh mug of tea and took these photographs of the misty morning out side. The first one from the balcony. The second from my hanging out of the kitchen window (Camera strap firmly around my wrist, hehe!) and noticed that nothing building work wise, looked any different to a similar picture I took of the same area last Wednesday?

An Email returned to me that I had sent to her yesterday, told me that the beautiful Obergruppenfurheress Deana is on holiday again, I thought she seemed a little cheerful when she called in the flat last week to check if I had done the Wristlet Alarm battery tests. First time I have seen her for weeks. She must be very busy with all the workings going on… Mind you, they are not doing anything at the moment. So?

Back to the Emails.

A lot to get through this morning.

Th one that stuck out first was from Sister Jane, I saw The Foo on screen and feared the worst new possible, so quickly opened the email. She had sent a photograph of Fooey while he was snoozing and I assumed, snoring away!

Bless him and his pleasant nature.

Had to have many wee-wees up to now, so I might not go out on the bus for a walk, I’ll just hobble down into Sherwood and get some cooked meat perhaps. I could, if Hilda Hips and Arthur Itis are kind to me, walk up and down Mansfield Road taking snaps of the side roads for my friends abroad and the TFZers on Facebook to show how Sherwood looks?

Back once again to the Emails, then WordPress reading.

I got the rubbish bags sorted ready to go to the chute, then did the ablutions, which took me a good while, as shaving was not easy, what with me not shaving yesterday. Much bleeding. Naughty Boy!

Set off, down in the lift and along Chestnut Grove.

The rain had stopped, and I found one building worker on site, I sneaked a shot of him through the temporary gate No.4 – no other workers sighted, no vehicles, deliveries or anything. Are they on a go-slow? Hehe!

To the end of the road and right down Winchester Street – it was a bit slippery underfoot with the leaves, berries, flowers and trimmings from where they had cut back all the bushes. Got to the bottom and walked left up to the library, started taking photographs as I walked back down and up the hill to the bus stop. I later used all of the pictures in a post. Link: A Walk along Mansfield Road…

I took about 15 photographicalisations of close business premises, retail units restaurants and food takeaways, amongst others.

So many failed dreams of so many small entrepreneurs and hopeful people.

I even found the alleyway where the brothel (So they tell me!) used to operate from, that is now flats it seems. But it looked a bit deserted to me?

I called into the Polish Food Store to get sneered at and ignored, as part of my training ready for next weeks visit at the Obergruppenfureress Receptionists at the Audio Clinic. Hehe! I bought some bread, roast belly pork ribs (A sandwich meal tonight, with extras of course), apples and cooked belly pork with herbs and garlic.

Pressed on up the hill and found that the Reptile Centre had closed as well.

On up to the bus stop and caught a number 40 the three stops up the hill. Dropped off at the National Cleaners place, and hobbled back up to the flats, slowly and limpingly. Hippy Hilda and the plates made sure of that!

Got in and utilised the Porcelain Throne, I think that Trotsky Terence is weakening now. Cleaned up and got potato thingies in the oven to cook and the meat sarnies done and the trimmings on the plate ready.

While doing this, I thought I heard vehicle horns being sounded rather aggressively.

Looked out the kitchen window, but could see no signs of any altercation, in fact, I saw no one about at all at first.

But seeing the tail gate open on the car on the left, I zoomed in doing my neighbourhood watch duties, to see if anything untoward was taking place. A bloke was sat on the end bumper in the car, using his mobile phone, I think, and drinking his can of Coke.

Excitement over, I got the fodder served up and settled with it in a tray on the knees, the TV on to watch the Football Match, and suddenly needed a wee-wee. Humph! Out of the recliner and off and tended to things, cleaned up and returned.

Climbed back into the now shaking precariously when in use £300 second-hand Recliner – and the phone rang! Tsk! It was someone wanting to talk to Martin? I explained things to the caller, who had a nice Cornish accent, that there was no Martins here, and climbed back into the still wobbling when in use £300 second-hand Recliner, and got the tray back on the knee and started to imbibe the fodder with the cold and rather soggy potato balls. Grumph!

I still enjoyed the fodder, just not as much as I would have without all the Mini-Whoopsiedangleplops!

I kept drifting off for a few minutes, waking up for a minute and off again. This happened for hours, until while awake and wondering what happened score-wise on the long gone football match, I passed some wind – Huh! Had to visit the wet room to chck things out – all good!

By the time I got settled again, I relaised it was gone midnight! Oh, dear!

Inchcock Today – Saturday/Sunday 26th/27th August 2017: Not one the best of weekends. Humph! Hehe!

Saturday 26th August 2017

Azerbaijani: 26 Avqust 2017 Şənbə

0225hrs: I stirred into semi-life, more on than in, the £300 second-hand recliner. I was not sure how I’d got into this precarious position and had it was a challenge getting out of it. By the time I had extracted and freed this overweight mould of body-mass, Hippy Hilda, Hernia Henry and Arthur Itis had all started kicking off complaining. A bad start to the day, Tsk!

Of to the Porcelain Throne, not a good session and I decided to take another Diah-Limit capsule with the medications. Slowly the yonderly feelings left me, and semi-logical thoughts were let through to ruminate within the brain. Not always a good thing.

I did the Health Checks: Sys 160, Dia 76, Pulse 88, Temp 35.5, Weight 14.89. Then made a brew of tea and took the medications.

The computer on and updated yesterday’s post.

0330hrs: Sudden decision to get the washing done. Down to the laundry room.

Ah-ha! The Secret Tea Drinker of Old Woodthorpe Court must have been visiting the laundry room? Hehehe!

On the way back up, I espied some new notices on the board…

A little confusing about the Scarborough now Skegness outing?

Seeing the word Bingo on the letter to the left made me shudder.

Thank heavens I have cancelled the trip. If they are to play Bingo on these trips, I will certainly not be going on them.

Lucky escape when they changed the destination and I withdrew my name. Phew!

Got the machine going and back up to the flat and updated this diary.

0405hrs: Down to move the washing to the dryer.

Popped outside and took this semi-moody photograph from outside the entrance doors.

Not cold out at all this morning at all.

Came back in and retrieved the clobber from the washer and moved it into the dryer, and cleaned the machine.

As I went back to the lift, I saw a notice I’d missed earlier, either that; or someone had been down and put it up during the last hour. Hehe!

I agree that this is unacceptable behaviour.

But, was Obergefreiteress Jenny right with her comment: “PLEASE either leave them on the floor of the chute room….”

Surely the new signs put up in the Chute Room, tell us not to do this?

Some of the more elderly residents might be misled by Jenny’s notice and get themselves in trouble?

Might I suggest that the Nottingham City Homes use fingerprints, DNA or pay a Personal Informer? Hehe!

Apart from this, though, it is a hazardous practice. It might have damaged the caretakers mobile phone, then where would he be if he could not do his ‘Phubbing’ (Noun: The practice of ignoring one’s neighbours or companions to pay attention to one’s mobile phone) at any of us when we do try to speak to him?

Updated this diary to here, then down to collect the laundry. Each time I’ve used it up to now, the elevator on the left has had flashing lights inside, had to close the eyes.


Gathered and folded the dried togs and got them into the bag.

Cleaned the filters and drum, and back up to the apartment with them.

Got the clothes stored away where they belong. All finished by 0550hrs, and ready for a mug of tea.

Updated this post to here, then got caught up with Facebook, it took a few hours. Well, three hours to get caught up.

Made a start on the next TFZer series graphic preparation. Spent hours on this too, but without much to show for it.

Got the nosh cooking, peas in saucepan chips and pie in the oven.

Still no call to the Porcelain Throne for a while? Managed a lot of wee-wees, though. Tsk!

This simplistic fodder went down like a treat, despite when I was taking the stuff out of the oven, I got a phone call from Brother-in-Law Pete, and it was not very hot when I got round to eating it. Very nice to get a call, though.

Fatigued again for no reason, I almost collapsed in the recliner, watched some TV in between nod-offs. The dreams were rampant and not nice, but memories of them a scarce.

And that was the day done for me. Tsk!

Sunday 27th August 2017

Latin: Die XXVII Septembris MMXVII

0300hrs: Stirred and pondered on the dreams I’d been having, but only the nature of them returned to me, no details really. Guilt and frustration lingered from them I think.

As I moved to stand up, a right mess was strewn all around the £300 second-hand recliner. Nibble packets (empty), crumbs, medical pots and tubes, broken pencil, mobile phone on the carpet, nail cutters and rather worryingly an empty giant size roasted seaweed packet. I spent a while trying to remember eating anything last night, but could not recall doing so, apart from the meal?

To the Porcelain Throne, Oh dear… Trotsky Terence might be returning, a messy, uncomfortable session. Mind you, no Dizzy Dennis, Shaking Shaun, Hippy Hilda, Reflux Roger or Hernia Harry hassle up to now. Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna seemed to be working in unison to torment me, with the odd excruciating attack (Humph!). Especially, Duodenal Donald, he made me want to deracinate the innards to relieve the stabbing pains, and Anne Gyna seemed to be very busy causing similar annoyance all over the chest and back area. Not had a start to the day as bad as this for a long time.

Sat there on the free-moving loose Porcelain Throne seat, I ruminated on things. But the mind was not in the mood for my making use of it, so I gave up pondering, wash-up and into the kitchen to make a brew and do the Health Checks and medication imbibing.

Oh, heck! The state of the kitchen. Dirty washing in the sink, crumbs and marks on the floor, and, crucially, the fridge door was open! So, I had been night-nibbling in my sleep for sure, then?

It was 0355hrs by the time I got around to carrying-out the Health Checks.

Sys138, Dia 98, Pulse 80 Temp 35.59 and the weight 14.85. I put the high Dia and temperature down to my not feeling too well overall? At least the weight had fallen a bit. Took the medications.

I could not face cleaning the place up. I was concerned as to how I made the mess and could not remember doing it? The Rumbling Innards were getting a bit more fierce, now. Back to the Porcelain Throne soon I reckon.

I got the urge to take a panoramic photograph from out on the balcony. I could not hold the camera firmly enough to make one, so I took two regular ones and tried to get them together and trimmed, this is the result. Not perfect, but it gives you an idea of the incredible view I am lucky enough to have.

Not too cold out at all. I returned inside and visited the Porcelain Throne. Things no better, messy again. Took an extra Diah-Limit capsule and Codeine 60g.

Got on with updating this diary. (Anything to avoid getting the place cleaned-up! Tsk!)

0540hrs: Checked the Emails. Then WordPress reading. Readied and titivated some graphics for later use.

I’ve a little bit of advice in the form of a tip here for you folks. Then you are getting down to get the washing-up liquid from underneath the kitchen sink and get a visit from Dizzy Dennis, try not to fall with all your weight against the cupboard door. Especially when your thumb is still in the closet! The door squashing your digit may impose a sweet blood-blister under your nail. Hehe!

0708hrs: Updated this diary.

Perused Facebook.

0900hrs: Made a brew of Thompson’s Strong Tea (Personally Recommended for those who like a tasty mug of tea!), And set about prepping some stuff for the graphics for the next TFZer series. Got one done and posted, but not one in this series.

I pray they will like it. Sixteen TFZers with six of their pets, in this one. I wonder if anyone can name them all? Just a bit of fun. Marie Young was the first TFZ to say she’d found them all, bless her cotton socks. I must find time to do a Certificationalision of Merit graphic.

Got the nosh sorted. Tomatoes and balsamic vinegar dressing, boiled potatoes with grated cheese, beetroot, cheesy potato pockets, apple, mini pork pie, mushrooms and a slice of flat bread. Followed by a lemon curd yoghourt.

This went down very well. Rated at 9.35/10!

Washed-up and did the Health Checks, then took the medications.

BJ rang, “Do you still want to go to the Papplewick Pumping Station tomorrow?” – “Yes please, thanks.” – “Tsk! I’ll call you when I’m on my way after picking up David, should be around 1200hrs” Nice!

Settled-down to watch some TV. Intending to look at a daft monster film and a documentary about the Marie Celeste. I spent more time nodding that watching! Hehe! Then when I decided to give up the viewing, I could not get off to sleep with the mind fighting against any rest with its constant thinking of regrets, mistakes and frustrations I’d been through over the years.