Inchcock – Sat 17 Nov 2018: A mental grind doing the page top graphics. Another day indoors. didn’t see a soul, but I am a bit of a heel. Hehehe!


These Willmott-Dixon lads don’t mess about, do they? Hehe!


Saturday 17th November 2018

Ukrainian: Субота 17 жовтня 2018 року

WD 51.2.51 0050hrs: I woke sadly this morning. I felt melancholicism, was because the dream I’d been having had ended. The nocturnal reverie I’d had, was so lucid. When I became conscious of the fact that it was indeed a dream and not real, I was mortified! I knew that my beloved, long-lost cats, Cyril and Lady were in there somewhere, and I was so content and happy. Sometimes, waking up can be a drag! Tsk!

Once the brain had engaged and cleared, there was a significant lack of the usual morning wanderings. The incomprehensibilities that would typically come from the cerebration’s insistence of taking on all the problems of the universe, my fears, jealousies, and needs, etc. But not today, the brain was worryingly showing a rare but welcome imperturbability. No rushing back and forth with a melee of ideas, nervousnesses, anxieties, uneasiness or dreads!

These were replaced with the primary concern in my cell-cells box: Getting the graphics done for the Inchcock Today page tops. Having failed to get them sorted out yesterday, I knew this meant another day indoors on the keyboard, and hours spent on CorelDraw and WordPress. I hoped the concentration would last long enough this time, and Dizzy Dennis, Shaking Shaun, and Fatigue Frank would keep off.

First things first: Remove my avoirdupois, fat, fleshy, gross, wobbly body from the £300 second-hand recliner without injury or accifauxpa. All okay, got my tremendously torpid torso upright without any dizzy spells, and off to the kitchen to get the Health Checks done.


6Sat04 Took the medications and made a mug of tea. Then the summoning from the innards arrived, so, off to Porcelain Throne. Another messy affair. By the time I had cleaned things up and unsmirched the hands. The tea had gone cold when I got back into the kitchen.

WD 51.2.51 Duodenal Donald had kicked off while I was on the throne. So I took an extra Omeprazole and Clarithromycin to counter Duodenal Donald, and a Dia-Limit for the Trotskies.

6Sat03I opened the new window with the unwanted too many panes of glass to clean, light and view-blocking thick plastic frames and, outside ledge that blocks my taking picture downwards and checking for a fire in the event of a fire alarm activation.

The scene was pleasant again this morning A few spots of rain fell on the camera as I took this photograph.

On the computer, and I set about updating yesterday’s blog, and got it sent off. 

Off for an SSWW (Short, sharp wee-wee).

Went on WordPress Ready section, then checked for the comments. Then, at around 0415hrs, I turned to the mammoth task of creating page top graphics on Coreldraw.

I took a break, to make another brew. (That went cold too!) Had a look out of the unwanted, more-glass-to-clean, view and light preventing, the anti-photographer thick plastic muti-framed new kitchen window. Took these two pictures, to the left and right. Eerie sort of scenes, I thought.


Eventually, many hours later, I got caught up with the graphics! But not until 1320hrs: During the long grinding session, I took about eight SSWWs, and made five mugs of tea (drinking one of them!)… but I let the other four all go cold. Klutz!

When my brain stopped working on the graphicalisastioning, in an instant, Fatigue Francis dawned on me. But, I was so pleased to have got the graphics done for this blog page tops, and without any Shaking Shaun or Dizzy Dennis interference.

I got the nosh prepared and served up, for I was sure I’d soon fall asleep. For mentally, I honestly did feel so haggard, hollow-cheeked, hollow-eyed, gaunt, washed out and worn to a frazzle.drained.

6Sat24I had already got the baked beans marinating with seasonings: Demerara sugar, mustard, curry powder and BBQ flavouring. Cooked the potato waffles and added the pork loin.

WD 51.2.51 I’m afraid that the apple had gone all black/green and nasty inside. Luckily, I didn’t bite into it. It collapsed when I picked it up to do so. Hehehe!

The tiredness was that bad, I didn’t eat anywhere near all of this meal. A flavour-rating of 7.5/10 given.

I tried to watch some TV, but no sleep arrived? I gave up and put on a Steven Seagal film. I felt sure this often-watched over the years, ‘Under Seige’ film would send me into dreamland.

It did!


Inchock – Frid 16 Nov 2018: Horrible Day, Dizzy Dennis, Shaking Shaun, Fatigue Frankie and Duodenal Donald, all struck! Tsk!


The Gorgeous TFZer Patricia, and Alcofrolic Keith. In love?


Friday 16th November 2018

Albanian: E Premte 16 Nëntor 2018

0145hrs: As I woke and awaited the brain to join my physical movement in action, the morning’s expergefactor made itself known. It was the importunate need to utilise the Porcelain Throne. The removal of bullous dominating abdominal region and body from the £300 second-hand recliner was achieved in minutes, and I hastened to the wet room. Although no toe-stubbing to delay me, I did knock the empty bottle of orange juice off of the side recliner.

WD 29.1.61 I got on the Throne just about in time. An uncomfortable and messy evacuation and Little Inchies fungal lesion needed cleaning up, the blood had leaked then dried; So you will appreciate this was not a painless or pleasant medicationalisationing and cleansing session. Very fermisht!

No call for me to complain, mind. Apart from Hippy Hilda, all the other ailments appeared to be resting. Haha!

5Fri002WD 29.1.61 I did notice a few of the EIBWBBB’s (Curculionoidea) Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles had put in an appearance. Most of them had been killed, presumably by my cough-creating spraying of the Bug Killer. Just one was alive and frisky, he/she got away. I decided that an EIBWBBB search and destroy mission was called for in all the other rooms, just like the last 186 days since the infestation began! Still, now that other tenants have got the same thing, something might get done to help? Although I believe my spending a fortune on the cans of spray and coughing my lungs up, has kept them down a little. He says not knowing what he’s talking about! Haha!

5Fri003Off into the kitchen, where I found around ten dead weevils, but no live ones at least.

The spare room had a decent selection of dead and live ones on the unwanted light and view-blocking new window ledge again.

I found a couple of EIBWBBBs on the hallway carpet as well, much alive.

Washed the hands in antiseptic disinfectant and soap. Off to the kitchen. The Sphygmomanometer operated the first time for the Health Checks.


5Fri004These first of the days’ readings looked to be all close to what they tell me is normal readings. Apart from the temperature.

Made a brew and guzzled the medications.

I got with finishing the Thursday Inchcock Today. My concentration this morning is pretty wretched, pathetic! But I got it completed eventually.

This idea suddenly came into my tortured brain, for a poem about the view from my kitchen window. Morning Thought in Ryme – and an R.I.P. to the hundreds of Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles (Curculionoidea) I’ve killed and hopes that one day I will be infestation free! I hate it when I get these brainwaves for an idea for a blog, but only like to say, when I get them while I’m in a confused state mentally. This meant I stopped what I was doing because I just had to get the post written! Humph! So, naturally it took me hours, four at least to get the ode done and sent off! Then, I’d forgotten and lost track of my brains thoughts of what I was doing beforehand! Klutz!

Funny rhyme and Weevil thoughts Bit of fun, a laugh and some bad poetry too!

On to Facebook TFZ site to catch up. Finished it at 1140hrs.

Made a brew of teas and dunked some Highland Shorties.

Not good concentration not there, but I got onto CorelDraw, as I was out of Inchcock Today header graphics and got some made up. But nowhere near enough of them. However, Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Shaun seemed to be an alliance of some sort and determined to stop 5Fri006my concentration by making it impossible for me to do any computer work. They won, with the help of Fatigue Frankie’s arrival; which forced me to abandon what I was doing, get something to eat and collapse.

WD 29.1.61 Did the Health Checks, with high results for Sys and Dia again!

5Fri34Got a meal made up.

A mixture of cold fodder on the plate. (Not up to cooking, and now Duodenal Donald is having a bash at me, Tsk!)

So tired and drained yet again, so early in the day too? I was a tad concerned at how I felt, and it is times like this that I appreciate having the Health Alarm Wristlet, just in case.

I ate about a third, if that, of the food, put the tray on the other chair, and turned on the TV.

I woke seven hours later! (Yes, seven hours [I must have needed it] sleep for me!) But I still felt so weary?

Poor old thing! Hahaha!

Inchcock – Thurs 15 Nov 2018: Much betterer day, Chinwags, Laughs and Humour! Yee-Haa! Then the fatigue arrived. Ah-Well!


Lizzie & Andy – Celebrating!


Thursday 15th November 2018

Armenian: Հինգշաբթի 15 Նոյեմբեր 2018 թ

Approx. 0000hrs: Woke with a start. I had been having a dream, well, a nightmare. The visions had so many elements of unhappy times from my past. It made me shudder to recall them. A frozen canal, driving along the footpath, the car broke down, and I ended up on all fours, struggling up the mass of ice and kept slipping back down the incline, avoiding the over vehicles that were driving up to the bridge… This may get a little more confusing, but I was writing this from the notes I made to use later, and they were very sparse and terse. Each time I lost my grip, I’d slide back in time repeatedly and suffer the humiliations of me failure gone; Carters Soft Drinks, TA at Gatwick, Co-op shop days, lost love’s, etc. Then find myself back the frozen bridge over the canal again. I felt there was so much more, but the memories had gone and I only had my barely decipherable scribbled notes to use. I felt so glad when I woke up and realised it was not real! I drifted off again. My first dream in months, too!

0115hrs: Woke and found the notes, but real recollections of the nightmare were limited. The one factor that remained was my was my relief in realising it was all a dream!

I extracted my corpulent, obese flobby-bellied body from the £300 second-hand recliner with no hassle at all. Lost my balance a bit, though, as I set off to the kitchen to get the Health Checks done and take the medications.


Off to the wet room and a Porcelain Throne session. That was much better this morning. No bleeding or over fluidity. I got the Santex Bug Killer and sprayed around. I only found three dead Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles (Curculionoidea) in the room! Amazed at this, I went to treat each of the cells to some Rentokil Bug Killer treatment. The spare room produced only three dead EIBWBBB’s. Doing well, but I know from experience, the EIBWBBB’s sometimes seem to be dwindling, and then return in force again. Humph!

P1040025Back to the kitchen, took a photograph of the morning view and had a hunt around for any Weevils I could find that might need liquidating.

Not the most inspiring of photographs is it? Hehe!

Only two more live EIBWBBBs found. RIP.

Made up some graphics to us on here, with CorelDraw.

Went on WordPress Reader. Updated and posted off the Inchcock Today.

Went to make another mug of tea, and spotted some workmen down outside in the bottom field. WD 22.1.46 The last two of the photographs (The two that I moved the camera selector to the correct mode to take, Tsk!) When it gets light in the morning, I tke some more shots of the sad demise of the trees.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4Thu06aRubbish was taken to the chute, pressies, raffle prizes and other needed stuff in the bag, and off I set to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Oberstgruppenführer Wardens Temporary HQ. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Emergency WC that is always occupied (Hehe!), Tenants Socialisation Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Things like china and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room, for the Winwood Social Hour.

Arriving at the Portacabin, I found about fifteen of the tenants in there.  Jenny, Cyndy, Margaret, Doreen, Doris Brian etc. and the others were soon joined by a few others. BJ, Bill (William on Sundays), John and others. I write this to show off how I have remembered some of the folk’s names… although of course, I may have a few of them wrong… Hehehe!

A lively session. Handed out the pressies and nibble box, and had a few chinwags that I do enjoy so. They seemed to be getting along alright today. Jenny was in her usual sparkling form. Frank seemed to be in a good mood. Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Warden Deana had a word, asked me how the infestation of the Weevils was going. 

Out to the bus stop later, where a gaggle of pensioners had accumulated. Oberscharführeress Warden Deana was talking to the chap and asked me to inform the bloke of how to cope with the Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles (Curculionoidea). I shoed the man photographs from my camera card, of the £1 Sanmex Bug Spray and told him where he could get it and where they were on the shelves, from Poundland, telling him this spray was as good as the £6.99 Rentokil. Now I know why interest was shown in my invaders, the chap had reported it to the Nottingham City Homes Management.

4Thu07Down the hill on the bus, and onto Mansfield Road. Called in to get the medications.

Then to the Continental Food Store. Got some bread and Croissants on Special Offer, Cyndy. Margaret and Jenny and Frank like these, so I got a few in, because they had a good shelf life on them, and I can treat them at the next Social or if I see them around in the flats.

WD 22.1.46 I called into the charity shop and had a potter around. Finding a walking stick, just the length to suit me as well. For £1.50! So I bought it. The walking stick ferrule split within the first hundred yards. Humph!

4Thu09Out, over the road and up the hill to the Post Office shop to see if they had got the Highland Shorties back in stock.

They had indeed! The list of ingredients matched precisely with the contents of the Asda Walmart Scottish Shorties. But these were cheaper if you bought two, for only a pound! My favourites too! Very dunkable, but you have to be quick to avoid dribbling! Hehehe!

I met Cyndy in the shop. We both went over the road to the Wilko Store. I got a pot of the laundry freshener and some liquid soapflakes.

4Thu07aMargaret joined us at the bus stop, or was it on the bus when we got on? Dang memory! Good job I take so many pictures, they prompt the memory-box when doing these diaries.

I sat on the seat behind the gals and sneaked this photographicalisation of them. Lovely gals. Margaret’s put-downs are superior, but Cyndy’s innuendos are perfectly timed. I like this pair of lasses. Humorous and they allow me to chinwag with them sometimes! I can’t ask for more in my mental and physical state. Hehe!

Back to the flats, and back to the apartment. I was first off of the lift. Farewells and thanks to Cyndy, I got into the flat and had an SSWW (Short Sharp Wee-Wee).

4Thu08WD 22.1.46 Again the fatigue arrived early.

Did the Health Checks.

I got the nosh prepared. Mini veg sausages, tomatoes and Passata, with some of the brown continental bread.

WD 22.1.46 I don’t know why, but the Asda lemon dessert had mould on it when I opened it to eat it? And, it still had six days shelf life on it? Oy Vey!

I was soon in the Land-of-Nod.

Woke later, and did the last Health Checks and medications taken. I was soon off again… Zzz!




Inchcock – Wed 14 Nov 2018: Oddliest-most start to the day!


TFZer Fancy Dress Party Great!


Wednesday 14th November 2018

Azerbaijani: 14 Noyabr 2018 Çərşənbə

WD 29.29.255 x3: 2355hrs, 030hrs and now 0155hrs, I had to extract my worryingly adipocerous stomach and torso from the £300 second-hand recliner and struggle to the wet-room for my third short, sharp wee-wee. This time, I decided to give up trying to get back to sleep.

On the last visit to the wet room, I could find only one, just the one… Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles (Curculionoidea), were they taking a break? Regrouping for another attack? Apprehension and confusion hung in the air! I just had to a patrol of the other rooms to asses what the Weevil Army was up to. The spare room first, I found only three of the beasts, and they were all dead. The kitchen produced a few more, but again, all deceased? I emptied the first can of ‘Raid Bug Killer’ and used half of a Santex spray as I distributed the squirted it around all of the rooms.

Hands washed with the antiseptic disinfectant, and I got on with the Health Checks.


3Wed001A sudden drop in the readings for Sys and Dia, the Pulse down a tad too, and the temp the same.

WD 29.29.255 Was that a  damned baby Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle on the sphygmomanometer? Hmm!

I started the computer, and in between many trips for a short-sharp-wee-wee, I got the Tuesday Blog finished, three hours after starting it. A little quicker than usual, despite the TTTWRFAWW (Trips to the wet room for a wee-wee… Hehehe!)

Made a start on this blog. Went on WordPress reader.

Then on Facebooking to get the photographs on the albums, and visit the TFZer site. OVerdid it on there, and had to stop to get the ablutions done. I’m determined to get some cooked chestnuts today, going to go to Asda in Arnold with hope in my heart to try there.

Got the ablutions done.

3Wed01WD 29.29.255 During which I was so surprised to see that three Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles had appeared on the wet floor! All frisky and active ones, too But not for long! Yet another Weevil and Pensioner bug killer can of Rentokil was started, I gave the whole room a good-showering, then went into the other places to spray and recheck them.

The spare room had two little Weevil babies, dead ones.

3Wed05WD 29.29.255 As for the Kitchen, well I was gobsmacked! In the earlier Weevil-Free area at the bottom of the storage drawers, I found dozens of the rascals, luckily all dead, that spray is doing a good job. (On me as well, Cough-cough!)

I wonder if they would allow me to have a Peace-Pact, with them. Could I threaten the beasts with setting the Nottingham City Council Pest Control Squad on the EIBWBBB’s (Curculionoidea)? They are not to know that the Council hasn’t even contacted me directly about the reported problem, are they? Hehe!

I had to return to the wet room for an SSWW again, and check that I had not left the tap running

3Wed04aWD 29.29.255 I was totally flabbergasted, to see four adult EIBWBBB’s up on the sink top. “Where did they come from? How did they get up there so quickly? How come two of them are dead and two alive? Is this really happening? Who won the FA cup quarter finals in 1955… I’m losing it here!

I took the black bags to the waste chute and made my way down to the lobby.

Neighbours Angela and Roy, May and some others were down there. An agreeable insult exchanging and natter followed. Hehe! The chinwagging continued as we walked to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Wardens Temporary HQ. Willmott-Dixon meeting room. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin. More laughs were had inside while we waited for the bus with Lynne, Paul, and three other tenants.

3Wed05a - CopyOut to the bus stop and got on the Bestwood bound L9 vehicle. Angela, Roy, Betty, Bill, William on Sundays and Pete all got off in Sherwood. So, I was the only passenger for a while, until others joined me en route.

I got off the bus outside Asda, and made my way in, and searched for where I got the Chestnuts from last week. It took me a while, and I was getting a bit windy that I may miss the bus back, I only had twenty minutes to get the stuff and out to the bus stop. I found them, and grabbed six bags, picking up a large box of Celebrity chocolates for Christmas for the doctors’ surgery gang. £13 spent. I paid at the self-serve checkouts.

Out to the bus stop and caught the bus alrig3Wed05aht. I noticed that the bench had still not been repaired yet. Been about a year or more now. Hehe!

Got to the flats in no time.

We had a Stirling Moss style of driving driver on this run.

3Wed06The skies threatened occasionally, but no rain came.

In Sherwood, some other tenants got on the bus.

Back at the flats, Penny walked with me back to the apartments with Betty. Another nattering session for me to listen to. I’d done well today.

Left Penny in the elevator, said my sad farewells and to the flat an urgent SSWW.

I put away the Chestnuts and chocolates in the spare room. Well, I kept one packet to use with the meal later. Got some potatoes and Gungo beans in a saucepan on a low light. I did the Health Checks and the medication taking.

Then got the computer on, and made an order for Morrisons next week.


Then started to update this blog. Two and a half hours later.

Updated the TFZer Facebook album.

3Wed29Nosh prepped and served up.

Ate t all up with relish.

8.9/10 Flavour Rating given.

Put the tray down on the next chair, turned on the TV… I think I was asleep before TV warmed-up!

Inchcock – Tue 13 Nov 2018:


Lona receives her pressies from Gerry. ♥


Tuesday 13th November 2018

Welsh: Dydd Mawrth 13 Tachwedd 2018

2245hrs: I woke with the mind full of a confused, farraginous mixture of unrelated things, thoughts, and fears. As these annoying worries permeated the brain, somehow or other the jumble cleared.

WD54.39.1 To be replaced with the sudden recollection that I had not taken last nights medications!

So, to be sure of this, I disentangled my worryingly ischemia looking torso with its humungous belly attached, from the £300 second-hand recliner. I made a toe-stubbing and Dizzy Spell free hobble to the kitchen and inspected the dosage pots.

WD54.39.1 Had to have a wee-wee en route. Noting, that the damned Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles were back again!

WD54.39.1 Off to the kitchen, finding that the brain was right; I had not taken last nights medications. I then took last night’s as well as this morning, at the same time, together… Hehe! Taking care, not to duplicate the Trental blood release tablets, Codeine, and Beta-blockers of course.

2Tue06WD54.39.1 Then, on to an Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle patrol. The results were disappointing, to say the least. Apparently, a Counter Attack had been in progress!

The wet room revealed so many of the little, minuscule baby-weevils, it was impossible to count them all. Grumph! They were spread thinly over most of the floor, with a few that had somehow got up to the sink and had fallen in, or gone for a swim… Hehehe!, in the caustic soda water where the medical cloths were soaking. I finished off one of the Sanmex Bug Killer Sprays.

2Tue02fWD54.39.1 Then off to inspect the spare room. Well, what a revelation there, too! There were adults and tiny young Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles, actually inside an unopened pack of three kitchen towels! All dead I thought, they must be… But no! When I part opened the package, many of them scattered. I adopted my “Brutal-Killer-Mode!” Out came the can of ‘Raid Bug Killer’ and I used it all up, then fetched another Sanmex spray from my arsenal draw in the front room, and used up half of that on the illegal immigrant, alien Weevils! I was soon coughing with the spray use, myself!

2Tue03WD54.39.1 I moved on to check the unwanted light and view-limiting new window ledge, where I usually find a few dead ones from my previous bug-spraying mission.

I had about ten or so near the right holes in the newly installed ledge, this time I found just the one live one. I’ve Christened this Weevil, Usain Bolt, because of the speed with which he shot away! I’ll get him one day. Haha! The kitchen Weevil-2Tue08aReconnoitre showed up only dead baby Curculionoidea, around ten or twelve of them.

By the time I’d finished countering the resurgent Weevil attack, and coughing a lot, I’d used up two what were full cans of spray. On Sanmex and one Rentokil!

I guess anyone could tell which was my recycling bag? Hehe!

Wiped the overspray areas that I knew of, then I washed the hands and got on with the belated Health Checks.


A bit concerning to me, the Sys and Dia on the way back up again. I’ll mention this to the nurse later at the INR Warfarin blood test.

I got on with completing yesterdays diary. This took me ages, as my falling asleep so soon on Monday prevented me doing any work on it then. All done, I posted it off to WordPress and then went on their Reader section. Some good stuff on there this visit.

I went on Facebooking to add to my picture albums. Visited the TFZer site. Hours later I finished on TFZing.

2Tue09Mug of tea and a few (Honestly, only a few) Scottish Shorties biscuits.

Off for a short-sharp-wee-wee.

WD54.39.1 More damned Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles found on the cloth that was drying! Oy GevaltWill I survive the bug spray overspill long enough for me to see an end to them?

2Tue10The morning skies hue had changed dramatically, and I just had to photographicalise the view from the window. Gorgeous!

Ablutions were tended to, and the medicationalisationings were also done.

I took the black bags to the waste chute.

2Tue10aReadied the nurse’s nibbles and paperwork, and off out into the cold sunshine. Taking this shot from the end of Chestnut Walk as I limped along. Bit of a moody one, I thought?

To the end of the road and a right down Winchester Street hill.

Passing the Mystery Boots, still in the bin?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2Tue12WD54.39.1 Further down the hill, another of the thoughtless, imbecilic nasty Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclists shot by me! How he did not knock me, I don’t know he was so close! Git! Flipping psychopathic Pavement Cyclists! I’m losing faith in Christianity. One thing in years I ask for, just one thing; and he ignores me! I suppose wishing for someone to fall off his bike and end up under the bus’s wheels, was asking a lot and slightly naughty? I 2Tue12aassume I’ll be right up-the-creek now for getting through St Peter’s Gate as well. Tsk!

A few hundred yards up Mansfield Road, yet another Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist did the same thing, only this one from the front. I turned to snap a photograph, but he’d disappeared?

2Tue12bUp the hill with a certain gusto this morning. Well, I say Gusto… perhaps ‘I hobbled a little less slowly’ would be more suitable. Haha!

The traffic was starting building for the rush hour jams, as usual. The sun was breaking through more often as well, but there was no heat in it much.

2Tue12cApproaching the Sherrington Medical Practice premises… By the way, they gave it that new name some years ago, because they serve Sherwood & Carrington so used a mix of both locations. Just thought I’d mention it! Now, what was I going to type… No, it’s gone, now! My memory is h’arev!

Anyway, I got in and to the reception desk, and booked in with the lovely lady, in plenty of time 0835hrs. Got the crossword book out, and very glad I had it with me. It was about 0920hrs by the time I was summoned for my blood test.

WD54.39.1 It was not Nurse Nichole on duty! (I hid the tears and put on a brave face!) Nurse Ann said she was sorry I was kept waiting, they had just had a meeting? She got the blood taken without telling me off about anything at all. Worrying that, it’s unnatural! I gave her, her nibbles and thanked her. Dropped some fodder-nibbles off for the receptionists on the way out.

AS I got on Mansfield Road, I decided to call as Lidl, to see if they had any of the cooked chestnuts in stock again. They hadn’t of course. I still came out with fodder though. Crispy fried onions, Airwick air freshener, Almond Macaroons for the nibble box and some Cox’s apples, minus £6.25, Hehe! Humph! This annoyed me, and I decided to cheer myself up, by catching the bus to Bulwell to search for some chestnuts, and feed and gossip with the Mallards.

2Tue12dCaught the bus, and was dropping off in Bulwell within an hour. Calling in the Tesco Extra store near the bus stop, confident that I would get some cooked chestnuts and pork knuckle, this cheered me up! I came out with chickpeas and cheese baps.

I left disappointed and walked into Bulwell from the opposite end to what I would normally.

I called in the Fulton Food stores and got some pork with stuffing slices.

2Tue12eThen through the Market Place, a sad sight.

I called into the Poundland shop and foolishly decided to stock up and get some food for the ducks. Coming out with more Sanmex Bug Killer sprays and suet pellets. £9 worse off now. Tsk!

The pleasurable bit of the day next, I went over the road to the river Leen, and had a great time talking to the Mallards Much to the amusement of people watching, and fed them and the pigeons. Both lots of birds being harassed by the seagulls occasionally.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2Tue15cI caught a tram back to Nottingham City Centre.

Took this interesting picture, at least I thought it might be for anyone not familiar with Bulwell. IT is the new station bridge, with Saint Mary the Virgin & All Souls Church in the background.

The tram arrived in minutes. I did not enjoy the scramble to get a seat, amidst the rush. But I got one. 2Tue15dThen at the next stop, 50% of the passengers alighted? Spotting various bits of Nottinghamian Artwork on the seats, floors and near the doors.

This pear is the only one I could take clandestinely enough so as not to upset the seat standing on and swearing threateningly other passengers.

I got off in town and thought I’d try one more time to get some cooked chestnuts and pork knuckle, from the Tesco Metro this time in Victoria Centre. I got there with hopes high again. Only for them to be shattered again. They had none of either! I must try to get to Asda and try them soon. I came out with potato cakes, bread thins for the freezer and pork slices.

2Tue15eWalked through the mall and out onto Parliament Street.

Took this snap of Clumber Street East, with a few early Christmas shoppers, pickpockets, muggers, alcoholics and druggies, no doubt. Plainly, there were no police officers seen again.

Then I decided to try the City Poundland store, 2Tue15fjust in case they had any chestnuts on sale. They hadn’t, but I came out with a pork pie, Ritz crackers and some nibbles for the social hour box. I was struggling now with all the weight I had in the two bags.

I made my way to the Queen Street bus stop, where I spotted this jogger using the middle of the road?

2Tue15gThey just don’t care these Nottinghamian citizens, do they?

Etiquette, good manners, empathy, acceptable behaviour, decency, courtesy, politeness, civility, conformity, politesse, morality, ethics, and couthness, have all but died a death now, sadly!

I blame Brexit you know. Hehehe!

Caught the bus and the second spell of contentment and joy began at the next bus stop; Penny and Margaret with her hubby got on the bus. I fear the conversations were a little one-sided. Most of the time I kept asking Penny, sat behind me, what it was that Margaret had said! The hearing aid batteries were dying. Humph! But from what Penny told me, and bits I picked-up, I think it was a humorous and fun chinwagging session.

Back at the flats, we parted, and Jenny and I limped back to Woodthorpe Court, having a little natter which I enjoyed with Jenny.

Into the flat and I took a long-sharp-wee-wee this time. Hehehe!

2Tue15hDid the Health Checks and got the fodder unloaded and put away.

Then got some mushrooms in the saucepan with balsamic vinegar and herbs in the water and on the simmer.

The updating of this post was draining, but I enjoyed doing it. I stopped and made a blog up of the Mallard visit, a pictorial one.

2Tue16Took this picture of twelve floors down outside, of the workers, working!

Late now, but I wanted to update this blog before settling for a meal. Although it will mean my waking so much later. By the time I got the update done, it was two hours beyond my usual falling asleep time.

2Tue17So I did the last Health Checks, made sure I took the evening medication too, then got the nosh prepared. Taking this photograph of the fantastic evening sky.

The meal, I served in one of the divided plastic plates. Or I should say, to be correct; The terrible meal, I served in one of the divided plastic plates.

2useThe tomatoes, pork and pickled egg were alright, the rest for some reason did not?

A flavour rating of 4.3/10 awarded. I suspect this might have been due to my overtiredness, feeling fatigued and unaccountable irritability with myself.

I threw away most of the nosh. Got the pots washed. Had a short-sharp-wee-wee and got settled in the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some TV.

I was soon asleep.

Inchcock – Mon 12 Nov 2018: Got some nattering and laughs in today. Pavement Cyclist almost had me over, and the fatigue came too early for my liking.


Romance Blossoms! I love it!

Monday 12th November 2018

Basque: Astelehena, Azaroak 12, 2018

0025hrs: As I stirred into mock-life, I really did think I’d been asleep for just a few minutes and had woken with a start. Slowly the brain joined me, and I found that I had been sleeping for around four hours; but I still felt so tired, I decided to close my eyes, and determined to get back into the land of Nod. But the mornings agrypnotic summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived, thus ending any hopes I had of getting a little more rest and recuperation.

The valedictory parting of the overly-avoirdupois stomached torso was relatively easy today. Off to the wet room, and onto the Throne. T’was a messy evacuation that needed a lot of cleaning up after. Tsk! During which, I only found one of the evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles in the room. Aha, are they weakening, or plotting up another counter-attack plan?

1Mon001I decided to have a reconnoitre around for an assessment of the Weevil population this morning.

The results: Wet room; Just one live weevil.

The Spare room: Five carcases, one live one.

Kitchen: Two dead, and many tiny ones amongst them.

Front Room: Two live ones behind the curtains.

I still sprayed each room with the ‘Raid Bug Killer’, though.

WD0.60.0 Had a wee-wee, put the kettle on, and needed another wee-wee. Very short-sharp ones. The smaller ‘after being lasered’ bladder, might have an infection or something. I noticed yesterdays liquid release visits seemed to be getting more often and releasing less and less each time.

1Mon01Washed the hands with antiseptic disinfectant, and got the sphygmomanometer and thermometer to do the Health Checks.

Got the computer started and updated the Excel INR Heath Check results, to take with me tomorrow to Nurse Nichole at the anticoagulation blood test.


Off for another short-sharp wee-wee. I’ll stop mentioning these, or wee-wees might fill the page. Hehehe!

I have to remember to fetch the Prescriptions from the chemist later on. I can call in Lidl at the same time and get some rolls and be sneered/tuttered at and insulted by their staff. Well, it seems to keep them happy!

I made a start on this blog up to here, then got the not so sad as usual Sunday diary updated. Then made a post about the Woodthorpe Grange Park Tropical House Visit. Three hours spent on them, but I do enjoy doing them.

Had a short-sharp-wee-w… Oh no, I’m not mentioning these am I. Hehe!

I got the things needed, the bag with the brolly and a spare bag for use after the Lidl visit, camera in the jacket pocket, etc. Correct spectacles on my head, hearing aids inserted, black waste bags to drop down the rubbish chute on the way out and then got the ablutions tended to. Little inchies Lesion had been bleeding a lot.

Shaved, showered and medicated in various regions of the baby-elephantine wobbly body, and set off out.

1Mon14aNot many folks about out there this morning, especially for a Monday. A few of the Willmott-Dixon lads, but not a single tenant to be seen anywhere.

I arrive in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Wardens Temporary HQ. Sanctions decision-taking office. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus Portakabin.

Inside were just four male residents, who I greeted with cheery ‘Good morning all’; no responses heard. I tried to make a conversation, they all walked out. Hehehe!

I joined them later at the bus stop, where a ganglet of Winwood Heights prisoners… no, residents, (Haha!) had amassed to catch a bus to town or Arnold. Shiela and hubby, Angela and Roy with Welsh William (there is a possibility I might have got some of the names wrong, memory terrible and all that, Tsk!) sat next to me on the bus, and we had a laugh. I got the best laugh when I got up to get off at the bottom of Winchester Street. I was sat on one of the side-saddle seats, and as I grabbed a pole to help pull myself up, I said something like: “I will now give you a pole dancing 1Mon07cdisplay!” They could not help but laugh! I love it when I can create a bit of happiness and a laugh for folks!

Onto Mansfield Road and a hobble into Carrington. Which went very well, with little hassle from the ailments. 

Even Back-Pain Brenda, Hippy Hilda and Arthur Itis were in a good mood with me. The plates-of-meat stung a bit, but no moaning from me this morning.

1Mon07aAs I limped along, this customary Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist shot by me from behind.

The git came close enough to me to cause me a moments nervousness.

It’s not as if there was any traffic on his side of the road that he had to be scared of, is it?

1Mon08Hobbling down the hill, near the car showrooms, I found a piece of Nottinghamian Street-Art with a difference on the pavement. An unopened pot of Tesco Egg and Spinach?

I plodded on down to the chemist, where I collected the bag of prescriptions from a lovely new young Asian lady, I got the idea she might have been a student, no idea why, but I did. Thanked her and handed a few nibbles for the staff.

1Mon07bMore shop units closed down. This one had moved into an Off-Licence and newspaper shop, further up the road.

Then into the Lidl store and had a ferret around. Trying to find some of the Italian cooked chestnuts, eventually finding out they had none in stock. I met Angela and Roy (fellow tenants) who were shopping as well. Had a chinwag for a minute. On to the self-serve check-outs. Where a new member of staff, signalled to me that till was free, and put my items through for me! The young man sounded Eastern European judging by his accent, nice lad. But I fear he will not last long at Lidl, with their phobia of having helpful staff! I came out with two bread rolls, a cheese twist, small potatoes, extra-strong cheddar 1Mon09cheese, tomatoes, a bottle of fresh orange juice and chestnut mushrooms. Thanked the lad, and out to the bus stop to get back into Sherwood. Which looked a little deserted to me?

WD0.60.0 I called in the Post Office shop and made a bit of a Whoopsiedangleplop. I bought another pot of mushrooms, somehow forgetting that I’d already bought one at Lidle! Klutz! The shop had some Scottish Shorties on sale, two for a pound – but only had one left on the shelf! So I bought a packet of Shortcake biscuits to get the offer. Which was really stupid, I thought afterwards)

Then I called into the store1Mon15. Where, I am sure I must have had a funny turn, dizzies or something. Because I came out with a large bag of TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein), nowadays called SPC (Soya Protein Chunks)! Why I needed or wanted these was beyond me, I must be losing it! Also, I’d bought some French Chestnuts in a small jar… and foolishly paid £3.50 for the privilege of buying them!

What a silly-old Plonker!

1Mon11I even confused myself by getting these chestnuts?

I paid up and got myself up to the bus stop, where I was happy to meet up with Angela and Roy again.

More chinwagging and laughter ensued.

Caught the bus back to the flats.

Angela and Roy went into the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Oberstgruppenführer Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Things like china and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room Portacabin.

1Mon12I hobbled back to the apartment, taking this photographicalisation of some Willmott-Dixon workers in the centre Extra Care Unit compound. 

I can doctor this one later for a fun graphic.

I got in the building and didn’t see a soul on my 1Mon13way up to the flat. Where I had an urgently needed and slightly longer short-sharp wee-wee. Hehe!

I unpacked the purchases and tackled the long job of sorting out the medication prescriptions.

Did the midday Health Checks.

1Mon14Then got the fodder prepared, another salad style one. But very tasty, and I put too much out on the plate, so about a third of it wasn’t consumed. Fool!

I particularly enjoyed the mushrooms and turnip I’d cut and boiled with some balsamic vinegar.

I’m afraid I was overcome with fatigue a lot earlier today than usual.

I watched another of the DVD films, Claude Van Damme’s ‘The Shepherd”. Well, I say I watched it, I almost did! I kept nodding-off so often, I gave up before the ending of the film. Sad innit?

I remember thinking about getting the pots washed, and that was it… I succumbed to the weariness, and off into the land of Nod! Waking later, and doing the Health Checks I’d missed. Then off again… Zzzz!

Inchcock – Sun 11 Nov 2018: Mystery noises, Laundry done, Weevils, Early Morning and Nature Photographs, Tropical Garden visited!


?The TZS lads compete for Nancy’s potions? Hehe!

Sunday 11th November 2018

Bulgarian: Неделя 11 ноември 2018 г.

WD146.0.0 2345hrs: I was woken, I believe by a loud noise, like a sort of rustling/grating, I suppose. It lasted for only a few more seconds but was concerning enough for me to go to the effort of freeing my adipocerous body-mass from the £300 second-hand rickety, rusty recliner. Then stubbing my toe as I went on a tour around all four (It’s a big apartment, innit? Hehe!) rooms in the flat to investigate the source of the sound. I found nothing that I thought could have caused the loud grating?

7Sun05Ah, well, at least I was up and awake now. I decided to carry out an Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle assessment patrol. Collected a full can of Santex Bug Killer and went on my sentinelic tour. With great assiduity, I checked everywhere.

WD146.0.0 To my astonishment, I collected only three of the Weevils! One live the other two dead?

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Back to being a messy-squirty-fluid evacuation. Most uncomfortable. But, I’ve had worse.

I went to the kitchen to get the Health Checks done.

WD146.0.0 I’m sure I heard that rustling/grating sound again. It lasted for about a minute or so. It appeared to be coming from outside, but close? Perhaps the building is beginning to crumble? Hehe! I got the camera and had a look outside as best I could, not that I expected to see anything actually falling off of the walls. The photographs came out well but did not show any signs of what might have been causing the noise. It has stopped altogether again now.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I got the Health Checks done. The flipping Dia, Sys & Pulse had all gone up even further. Huh!


7Sun03Took the medications, and sorted the next two weeks dosage pots out.

WD146.0.0 I got in a bit of a pickle halfway through. Fancy that! As I started part -way through dispensing the tablets to the pots, I opened a new pack of the Omeprazole, they had changed to a different colour, from green and white to blue and white. The Simvastatin also altered tone, from brown to white. I got confused and had to start again to get the correct medications in the right tubs. So, now I must take care, cause I now have many tablets that are white: Paracetomal, Bisoprolol Fumarate (Beta-Blockers), Magnesium, Codeine Phosphate 30g, Antipylori, and the midday Co-Codamol. Dead easy to get them confused. Well, for Klutz me it is!

Had a wee-wee, washed the dandies and made a brew. Then got the computer going. Worked my way through the mass of comments on my last block – both of them. Went on the WordPress Reader section.

7Sun13Then started to update and finished off the Saturday blog.

Got it posted.

I had a look at the Nottingham News on the BBC site.

Another shooting had taken place. So, four last weekend, one during the week, and now this one!

I like the way the police spokesman said: They believe it was an isolated incident.

Isolated incident? That might well be grammatically true. But does that the four other shootings and the four stabbings this month, were not isolated? Beat me!

Made a start on this Inchcock Today.

A few minutes into this task, and I heard that sort of rustling/grating sound again. But it only lasted for a few seconds.

I went to the wet room for another short, sharp painful wee-wee.

7Sun14Got as far as up to here on this page, and went to get the laundry duties done. By ‘eck it smells rotten in the laundry room!

Got the washing going. Outside to take a photo of the front of the building.

Back up to the flat. Had a wee-wee. Updated this blog.

Updated this blog.

7Sun18Down to the washing room. Someone had dumped two large bags of general rubbish in the laundry room bin.

I thought it best if I took them out and put them on the draining board to photograph them. Otherwise, when the bags were in the bin, there was room for anyone to use the black-bin for natural laundry room waste. Soap powder box’s, freshener containers, etc.

7Sun15Had a look at the notice board.

They are starting a lift for residents to go shopping in Morrisons on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. 0930hrs departure, arriving 1015hrs and returning 12.15hrs, back at the flats for approx. 1300hrs.

They used to supply one like this a long time ago, before my arrival at the flats. But it was Free back then. Considering they have spent over a million pounds on updating the apartments, we can’t complain.


They even went to the bother of destroying my carpets and curtains when they plastered the new windows in for me. Furthermore, they left access for the Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles to infest the flat, through the holes left in the sealing of the windows. By the time they have installed the fire sprinklers, new communication system, and fire alarm, I anticipate needing new carpets, curtains, and paying for someone to get the place cleaned up for me, before having to get repair people in. I’ll probably have spent hundreds of pounds by then on Bug Killer Sprays (Come to think of it, I can’t be far off that figure now!) and trap boxes and given myself another form of throat cancer by then with breathing in the spray myself! I may perhaps have to give up photographicalisationing through the too high to look down out of, vision and light preventing new windows, as well. Not moaning or kvetching, of course, just mentioning the problems! I don’t wish to appear derogatory or cavilling.

Back up to the flat. Had a wee-wee. Updated this blog. Had a search for the box of Enoxaparin filled hypodermic needles I’d lost. A good rummage around, but no signs of it.

7Sun19Down yet again to collect the washing from the dryer.

Got the togs out and folded up, into the bag.

Cleaned the casings and doors of both machines and the filter.

Gave the room a good spray of the fresh citrus air. Blimey, as I said before, it was reeking in 7Sun16there something awful.

Left the laundry room and out to the delicately decorated, appealing prison-like, and most attractive lift lobby, and up to the apartment.

Where I had… You’ve guessed it? Another short-sharp caustic wee-wee. Getting fed-up of these already. Hehe! They are getting me all uptight and niggly, even with myself. Humph!

I got the clobber put away. Then got back on with updating this diary. I took a break to add some words to my new personal thesaurus on Excel. I anticipate this one will disappear into the ether like the two before have done after Windows updates.

Ablutions tended to and got ready to go to the Woodthorpe Grange Park Tropical House. Sister Jane rang. We had a nattering session, but I was finding it hard to hear what she was saying. She might have been on the coke again, she was talking very fast. Hehehe!

I took some rubbish bags with me on the way out and dropped them down the waste chute. Here is the mini-hobble map of the route I took.


7Sun21WD146.0.0 As I left the flats, I limped carefully around the back onto the park. The well used uneven path through was in a right dangerous state with the rain last night. All slippery mud. A life-saver for me there was the Willmott-Dixon railing fencing around the compound for me to hang onto to assist myself getting up the hill.

Walked into the first trees and turned back to take this distance photographicalisation of the 7Sun22Woodthorpe Court building.

I then took what I’d hoped would be a super picture of the mass of leaves blowing in the high wind. What I had not taken into account, was the fact that the dead-leaves had a background of foliole! So, the loose leaves didn’t show up much, did they! Oy-Yoy-Yoy!

So, I tried again with the sky as a background.


I was positively ecstatic when I viewed the result in the viewfinder thingy on the camera. Yee-Ha! A much-improved effort! Smug-Mode Adopted!

I checked the time on my new-to-me second-hand £2 wristwatch from the charity shop. Timed it to perfection to meet with the old legion lads at the top field for the two-minute silence. Comforting each other and having a chinwag and reminiscing of monumental proportions.

7Sun24I pressed on, going through the trees up towards the Tropical Garden.

WD146.0.0 After a few yards, I realised I’d lost my feet! Hehehe!

It was a good job I didn’t get a visit from Dizzy Dennis and toppled over. They’d never have found in my khaki clothes! I did seem to be seeing the funny side of everything?

7Sun25No ailments were bothering me. Scary, I know!

I got to the Tropical Garden ground. The shop had loads of stuff out on sale, including one of the raffia street artworks. I think it was meant to be a bottle of wine or something, with the cork hanging off of it.

Not any other visitors when I got into the grounds. As I got near the door to the Garden, I could hear some kids screaming inside. But there was no trouble. In fact, there were four adults and four kids in there. Here are photographs I took while inside. The ones of flowers I shot because there were no signs giving names or details, and I wondered if any WordPress readers could help me to identify them, please.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

7Sun31I left and hobbled down to the park walkway, to avoid the mass of leaves and slipping over the mud beneath.

Plenty of folks were about now. Many of them being trained by their dogs on ball fetching. Haha!

I stopped for a few minutes and appreciated the nature all around me.

7Sun34By the time I’d walked on for about three hundred yards or so, the sun retired temporarily, and it started to look decidedly bleak for a while.

I tried to increase my speed but got distracted when I saw some squirrels near the trees at the top of the gravel footpath down to the flats, near my beloved Tree Copse. I wanted to get a picture of them. But despite my best efforts, the squirrel kittens/young were too nippy for me. Ah, well!

7Sun34aThe sky lightened a little, and I took the photo of Winwood Heights on the left, from the top of the gravel path.

I got down and into the foyer without seeing any residents, just as I saw no one on the way out.

I hate weekends! Sulk Mode Fostered.

Up to the flat and the traditional short-sharp-wee-wee was taken.

Got the Health Checks done, took the midday medications and got the kettle on.

Started to update this Inchcock Today. Spent a while on it, with having the photographs to get ready and use.

Went on WordPress and had two more comments to answer (I like it!)

Then on Facebook to top up the photograph albums.

7Sun38The cold nosh was prepared.

Mushrooms, gherkins, chestnuts, sliced apple, pickled egg, pork, beef, yellow and red tomatoes, garden peas and cooked beetroot. Another good mixture.

A lemon Fool and some clementine juice to follow.

Both the pork and beef needed either eating or throwing out, at their eat-by-dates were both for yesterday!

An 8.2/10 Flavour Rating. Cleared the plate!

Put the TV on, to find a documentary of the First World War showing, I put down the tray on the other chair and watched the programme all the way through.

Then nodded-off… Zzzz!

Inchcock Today- Sat 10 Nov 2018: Evil boll weevil ironclad biting beetles/weevils cunning counter attack – Virgin Media slow… as was I, in mind and body. Tsk!


These Willmott-Dixon lads know how to get a job done… Hehehe!

Saturday 10th November 2018

Catalan: Dissabte 10 de Novembre de 2018

2335hrs: I woke most unenthusiastically, reluctantly, and begrudgingly. For some reason, I felt I needed more sleep, rest, recuperation. Resentful that I had been cheated out of my sleep again. For I still felt tuckered out. I determinedly closed my eyes, and I snapped at the quilt and pulled it over my scarily ever-growing paunch. Intent on denying any expergefactor-like interference.

WD 22.1.46 This manoeuvre proved to be a bad choice. Unbenowst to me (Well, I’d forgotten about it!), I had earlier left the DVD remote control and an open tube of Phorpain Gel laying on the quilt when I must have fallen asleep, or maybe in a nocturnal eidolon? The remote hit me on the head and the medical gel self-dispensed itself down my neck and chest. So I gave it a good rubbing in. Hehe!

Within seconds of settling again, the call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Amazing, for three mornings now I have been free of these waking-up-time summonses to the Throne… today, the first time I didn’t want to rise out of the £300 second-hand recliner, I get the call! Sulk-Mode-Deployed and bottom-lip pouting engaged!

6Sat04I removed my body from the recliner and made my way to the wet room. The evacuation went alright.

I spotted only one live Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle on the floor. A look around in the usual hot-spots was conducted, but no signs of any more of the illegal immigrant aliens were found. “Aha,” I foolishly thought, “am I winning the battle at last?”

6Sat03WD 22.1.46 I investigated in the spare room next.

On the unwanted light and view destroying new window ledge, well-stained now, with all the Rentokil, Sanmex and Raid bug killer spraying, I found some dead weevils near their possible entry and escape route holes in the wall sealing from when the windows were installed.

6Sat02While in there, I picked a new bag of the PPs to move into the wet room for later use.

WD 22.1.46 I found several largish Weevil corpses underneath, and one live one. The thing that came to mind as soon as I saw them was how much it looked like they were creating a pattern on a music sheet on the box tape? No? Ah, well!

Gave a bug-killer spray around, then to the kitchen. Taking a wee-wee in between. Washed the hands with antiseptic disinfectant.

Got the Health Checks done.


6Sat01The sphygmomanometer took a couple of tries before it worked.

Looks like the readings are going back up again. Oy Vey! Although the Pulse was okay.

Took the medications.

Back to the wet room for yet another short-sharp wee-wee!

6Sat07I had a look out if the unwanted new kitchen window with its light and view-blocking thick plastic surrounds and wide sticking out ledge outside that stops one looking down without sticking the camera at arm’s length… got carried away there, sorry… Apparently, the rain had been pouring while I was asleep. Which wasn’t for long enough. I felt like I’ve not had any kip, I was so weary. Poor old thing. Hahaha!

6Sat06I made another brew, hoping to get it drank this time. Got the computer going to get this Diary started off.

WD 22.1.46 Can you see the intruder on my well-worn keyboard in this picture?

The Weevil seemed to be shoving or pulling whatever it is behind him or her?

6Sat09Will I ever be free, of these annoying, uninvited, came in when the windows were installed Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles?

‘Bottom-Lip Extruding’ and ‘Feeling Sorry for Myself’ Modes adopted!

Off for another wee-wee. Tsk! I had a rinse and on to the computer.

The Liberty-Global-Virgin Media Internet was very slow again. Although it got a bit better later.


I got on with this blog, up to here. When it dawned on me, I have not finished yesterdays diary yet!

So I got onto it straight away. Finished it off and posted it to WordPress.

Went on the TFZer Facebooking for an hour or three. Then did some graphicalisationing of Diary page top graphic funnies to use later.

6Sat24Got the nosh prepared, feeling more and more drained as I did so. (Poor old thing!)

I ate it slowly, masticating the fodder, as well as I could with the few teeth I have left

I got the pots into the washing-up bowl to soak.

Had a wee-wee and wash, then did the Health Checks. Still high Sys and Dia, Tsk!)

Settled into the £300 second-hand recliner, and lay here thinking things through, but seemed to have nodded off within minutes again.

Inchcock – Fri 9 Nov 2018: Whoopsiedangleplops on waking. Weevil War continues. Had a good hobble out. Pavement Cyclist Threats. Some great nattering session, too!


TFZers Joycie and Keith living it up – Lucky Keith!

Friday 9th November 2018

German: Freitag, 9 November 2018

2240hrs: I sprang into semi-life, proffering I think, an involuntary and audible muttering of “Hurrerbglobwot” which was my expergefactor for today.

The brain, although a little wayward, seemed to seemed to have activated at the same time as my physical activity began… which was trying to catch the TV remote control as it slid off of my superfluous and over my generously-sized wobbly abdominal region.

5Fri006WD0.0.128 The farcicalness began…

  • The right leg slipped off of the Ottoman, and my heel clouted against the metal workings of the £300 second-hand recliner.
  • I slid (Well, rolled in a blubbery fashion) down towards the floor, put my hand out to limit any possible upcoming damage, and I missed the Ottoman, hence giving myself a little painful, but what turned out to be a very pretty, fetching purple-like coloured wherret on the right chin.
  • Getting back up, I banged my left knee on the recliner arm.

However, all was not as bad as it at first seemed. Despite the Accifauxpas, none of the ailments appeared to have been set off. Not even, Arthur Itis, Back-Pain-Brenda or Hippy Hilda? No complaints from me!

I hobbled delicately to the wet room for a wee-wee. Then to the kitchen, to take the medications, do the Health Checks and take a photograph of my newly acquired welt. Hehe!


The weight had gone up a smidge again. I decided to have a decently distanced hobble later today. Although, the weather forecast made me think twice about this. I got the computer on and took a look at the forecast for Nottingham.


5Fri08High winds, but the rain is not due until 1900hrs, so it should be safe for me to have a hobble, might try to have a chinwag and feed the ducks again.

I got the Thursday Diary updated and sent off to WordPress.

Had a wee-wee, and noticed the absence of Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles, well, not free of them, but there were only three juvenile weevil bodies in the whole wet room! Cheered by this, I decided it still needed to have a reconnoitering reconnaissance, perlustration… So I did, with Bug Killer Sprays to hand! Just as well!


Dead weevils in the kitchen doorway again, not too many. But I still gave a dollop of spray all around. Off to the spare room, where one live weevil and several deceased were located on the new unwanted, cosmetically now ruined by the bug spraying windows shelf. More spraying and coughing took place. Hehe!

5Fri001Back to the kitchen to make a brew of tea.

I found just one more Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle, that was not there ten minutes earlier? It was on the way to Weevil-Heaven, so the spraying must have taken effect quickly enough.

I then notice a few tiny weevils as well, all on the top of the stove.

5Fri08aWent on the TFZ Facebooking site.

Got the ablutions sorted, and changed ready to go on my hobble to see the Mallards (Anas platyrhynchos Anatidae Anseriformes Aves).

I decided to buy some extra food while I was out, for the Mallards, as I hope to get to visit them over the holiday period, wither at Arnot Hill Park, or the Nottingham Arboretum.

Got the bags ready, checked I had everything, and went to collect the hearing aids from the front room…

WD0.0.128 I tripped on the carpet and visited the floor. The unfortunate bit about it was my landing on the Picker-Upper stick, and breaking it!

What a schlemiel! 

So I added a new Picker-Upper tool on the shopping list!

5Fri09Set off down to go on the Mallard mission. I met a couple of resident gals, and had a chinwag for a while, before setting out form the foyer and taking this parting shot of all three courts. Woodthorpe, the New Extra Care Unit and Winchester Cathedral… no, I mean Court. Hahaha!

A smidge overcast5Fri10, but the weather was not too cold.

I set off on my Marathon Hobble, up the gravel path hill, and into Woodthorpe Grange Park.

Anne Gyna kicked off but soon left me when I got on the level ground at the top. Where I spotted two squirrels, seemingly playing on and around a tree. Bootiful!

Not the best of photographs, but I had to take them quickly as soon as they stopped jumping about. Bless them.


5Fri014This cheered me up.

I got onto Mansfield Road and turned right towards Daybrook.

And found myself singing away as I ambled along.

But not for long.

5Fri015This Herbert of a Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist all but hit me as he went by from behind at I estimate, as 20 mph!

I shouted out to the uncaring villain. But his speed was so great there was no chance of his hearing my voice. I had to zoom in to get a shot of him. The Kvetch!

5Fri016Ten minutes further along the road, and another Herbert came cycling towards me from the other direction on the footpath.

As he got level with me and about three feet away, I just said to him; “Thanks for that, mate!”. In reply, he questioned my parentage with one word! Oh, dear!

The ailments continued to be kind to me, and I got a bit of a pace going.

Unfortunately, I was not quick enough to get a photograph of the next Nottinghamiam PAvement Cyclist who came from behind in a few hundred yards further along the road. He was riding a three-wheeled yellow painted bike, or I should say tricycle, and pulling a trailer behind, also painted yellow. He magically disappeared, too; I know not where!

Eventually, I arrived at the Arnot Hill Park Pond. Where I enjoyed a natter and feeding the Mallards and other types of ducks I’d not seen there before. Temporary immigrant ducks, perhaps? I took these photographs of them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I walked into Arnold, I had 50-minutes before the next bus home arrives. 

5Fri019aSo I had a shop around to find the best bird food to stock up on. I called in the Wilko store and got some plain and Niger seeds for the birds, and £6 lighter in the pocket.

Then to the Saver shop, but they still had not got any of the cheapo Haemorrhoid Cream, Lemon Sprays or Strong black bags in stock. Tsk!

Then on to Asda, where I took a leisurely walk around, being tempted to things I could do without well-enough! Schlemiel! I bought mint sauce, vinegar, pickled eggs, a turnip, chestnuts, more bird seed, a packet of Scottish Shorties, a lemon dessert, two bread rolls and some beetroot. I used the self-service tills, but on this occasion needed assistance twice from the lady supervising. Tsk!

It was still too early for the bus home, so I limped to the Fulton Food Store. I came out with some Social Hour raffle prize nibbles, and some beef chunks. Only £4.29 spent in there.

5Fri20Then I remembered the  Picker-Upperer. So I called at the Seacroft Mobility shop. I bought a Revo Reacher 32″. £15 spent on it.

I went to the bus stop and waited for the L9 bus. Got on with the heavy bags, and took out the Crossword book. Cyndy got on later, and I put the crossword book away. I wonderful nattering session and laugh later, we arrived back at the flats. Cyndy offered to carry one of the bags for me. bless her cotton socks. More laughter and gossip as we made our way to the lift. Said my farewells and thanked her, to the apartment and a much-needed wee-wee was taken. Haha!

I put the purchases away. Then checked without opening the lid, on the carrots and peas I’d left on in the slow cooker, looked alright. Got the oven warming and then got on with updating this blog. Put the lamb loin in an oven dish ready to go in the oven later.

Did the Health Checks and medications were taken. Returned to the updating of this post.

For some reason, Duodenal Donald kicked-off.

5Fri34Got the nosh served up.

Lamb Chump Steaks with lemon and mint. Carrots, peas, pickled gherkins, caramelised beetroot, red and yellow tomatoes. (I added a little extra mint to the lamb and peas).

Two small crusty rolls with some Light Lurpak butter.

And something new to me, a Limoncello Dessert. I enjoyed the meal and the sweet. The lamb was excellent, if expensive. A Flavour Rating of a deserved 9.56/10 given!

6Sat10Having eaten it all up, not a crumb left on the plate, I went to wash the pots, and read the ingredients of the Limoncello!

Just take a look at the contents listing here, please.

Had I read this beforehand, I might not have bought it. All the same, it did go down well! Even if the largest ingredient was water! Hehehe!

I put on a Jean-Claude Van Damme DVD film that I bought years ago and have not got around to watching. Titled, Double-Team. I still haven’t watched it… I kept dropping off and rewinding. Not that it wasn’t a good film. The odd bits I saw were entertaining and fun. I was just too drained and weary. I gave up, turned everything off and was in the land of Nod in minutes! Ahh, nice!

Inchcock – Thur 8 November 2018: Missed Social Hour, I was Nurse-Handled (Oh Yes!), Went to see Jenny & Frank… at the wrong flat! Wot a Plonka!


Lyzzi and Thomas… partying? Hehe!

Thursday 8th November 2018

Welsh: Dydd Iau 8 Tachwedd 2018

23500hrs: The main expergefactor in my waking up with a gentle start, was the need for the Porcelain Throne. Yet again, apart from Back-Pain-Brenda, the other ailments were all being kind to me. No uhtceare. The brain had not gone off on one it’s mind-bending fears, worries and problem seeking escapades, either!

Even my escaping the £300 rickety second-hand recliner seemed relatively easy. Then, when the evacuation went so well, no bleeding or deliquesce, medicational problems all good, I began to worry a bit. All these things going right, was not normal! For me, anyway! My incredibly high EQ told me I would pay for this later. (Incidentally, I know that my EQ was at the time of my assessment around 1980ish, was the Highest ever recorded in the UK. And my IQ was the lowest! (Source: UPS Assessment Centre, Stoney Street, Nottingham).

WD 99.0.0 While on the Porcelain Throne, I had a perusal to see if I could spot any of the Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles. There was, on a later closer investigation, only 4Thu001athree infant weevil carcasses found. I still gave the place deep spraying with the Rentokil Bug Killer.

Checked the front room behind the curtains on the balcony dividers. A mixture of adult and child weevils were all along the dirtied-by bug killer edges. Some of these were alive. Another spraying operation was done.

4Thu01WD 99.0.0 The kitchen had a few larger weevils scattered around. I had to get down on the floor to reach these marauding illegal immigrants. Several dead ones were collected as well.

Again, that brown gungy muck that the bug killer spray leaves behind had discoloured the floor where it had been applied to.

Had to get down on my knees to access some of them. Took me a long time to get back up on my feet again. Tsk! I put the cloth on the side of the sink, while I filled a bowl with soda and bleach to clean the rag in. Had to go for another wee-wee.

WD 99.0.0 When I returned, there were three weevils, two on the cloth and one in the bowl! I may have to concede defeat in my battle with these damned creatures. Still, you never know, there are less of them, if I keep filthying up the place by continuing to use the sprays regularly, and don’t choke to death on the spray-splatter myself… Oy Vey!

Had a thorough hand wash with the antiseptic disinfectant. Then got the Health Checks done and medications were taken.


The results looked to be okay.

Moved on to updating the Wednesday post. Two-and-a-half hours later, I’d got it finished. Posted it off and went for another wee-wee.

4Thu03Made another mug of tea.

Had a look out of the window, the rain had stopped now.

Back on the computer and made a start on creating this diary.

I had some Scottish Shorties dunked with my tea. By the way, two of the biscuits in the packet were not broken. Thank you Asda (Walmart).

4Thu03aWatched Motoring accident videos on YouTube, then went to get the ablutions done.

WD 99.0.0 Made a hash of the food orders. I thought I had ordered the Morrison one for this week, and the Asda for next week… but I made them both for today, in the same time-slots as well! Klutz!

Well, both Morrison’s and Asda arrived at 4Thu04precisely the same time.

Morrison arrived first. Accepted them. Free samples of Cadbury chocolate cheesecakes were included. Not my cup of tea mind, I’ll nip up to see if Jenny and Frank would like them later.

Ten minutes later, the Asda (Walmart) came, two-blokes, one being trained I assumed. They had been delivering to other flats. More Free Samples, a can of fizzy drink and an e-voucher which I couldn’t find anywhere. Hey-ho!

WD 99.0.0 Substitute on the order as well. The Oreo flavours had been changed. But this is no hassle, as I only got them for Social Hour raffle-prizes. The Kingsmill sliced Wholemeal rolls were replaced with Asda unsliced wholemeal rolls, (Not very soft!) and they run out of date tomorrow! Hey-do, again!

WD 99.0.0 I got all the fodder and Christmas present put away. And got the chocolate desserts, the fizzy drink freebie and bag of crisps that they like collected in a carrier. Added the orange croissant for Frank, and nipped up to Jennies flat to hand them over. But no reply to my ringing and knocking. Perhaps I was a little late, and they had already gone out. Hey-ho for the third time!

I had to return to the flat, as the nurse is calling, but I do not know what time, other than it will be after 0800hrs. Hope she arrives in time for me to get to the Winwood Social Hour and the chinwags I so enjoy.

Off for a wee-wee… I think I might be wise to stop mentioning these activities, it seems to be filling the page… Hahaha!

Did a TFZer graphic-touch-up. TFZer Sandie in her kitchen a while ago. Hehe! Then I s;eted a few of my favourite of Sandies graphics wot I done. Posted them to the TFZer site. Here they are.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, 1040hrs now, no one has arrived.

The Nurse arrived. I was woman-handled and had my new injections. (Nice!)

I popped up to Jenny’s flat, no one in. I had a hobble to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Wardens Temporary HQ. Willmott-Dixon workers tea-break room. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus Portakabin, where I thought I might find Jenny.

WD 99.0.0 I did feel a right Schlemiel when Generaloberstess Deana told me I had been visiting the wrong flat, and not 4Thu23Jenny’s. Good job no one was in. Red-Face-Mode-Adopted!

Took this ‘Moody Picture’ of the dwellings on the way back. In the flat and up to the correct flat to see Jenny and Frank. As I got out of the lift on their floor, Frank was going out. Went for my telling off from Jenny. Hehe!

Back home, had a short-sharp wee-wee. and went on the TFZer Facebooking, WordPress reader, and did the Health Checks over the next few hours.

4Thu24Got the cold nosh prepared.

Mushrooms, pickled gherkins, beetroot strips, apple, tasty tomatoes, ready-cooked smoked streaky bacon rashes, two hand-grenades… I mean Asda Wholemeal Rolls (Or do I?) Followed by a Lemon Fool.

Ate ate the nosh, and heard a different sounding noise coming from out side. I went on  perlustration to ascertain t he source of the whining noises.

4Thu25Some more of the bird-poo encrusted support scaffolding was being removed.

Had another short-sharp wee-wee.

Did the last Health Checks and took the medications, as the body and mind started to fade fast,

Gawd, I was so suddenly feeling languorous and enfeebled. Beyond the capability of mental activity or concentration. This incapacity came over me so quickly.

I can’t remember much after it arrived, but I woke up, so I must have fell asleep… Hehehe!

TTFN each.