Inchcock – Monday 22nd October 2018: Laundry done. Good Hobble and photographicalisationing session


Monday 22nd October 2018

Scots Gaelic: Diluain 22 Dàmhair 2018

0000hrs: Woke, feeling much better than last night. The mind had given back a limited amount of control to my brain. A degree of appetence had returned.

I lay perched on top of the £300 second-hand rickety recliner, appreciative that Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Shaun were both absent.

1Mon001I decided that an Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle assessment would be a good idea, first task!

A wee-wee was needed, so I started the reconnaissance patrol in there.

Amazingly, I found only two live weevils, no live ones in there, and, the possible reason why; a tiny spider. Whether this minuscule arachnid would be big enough to actually eat one of the Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles, Hmm. I wouldn’t have thought so? I left him or her to it anyway, just in case, he was searching for his breakfast.

1Mon01To the spare room, and found ten or so dead weevils on the light and view-blocking new window ledge and two live ones on a box. I dispatched them to snout-beetle heaven.

To the kitchen, and found only three dead ones! But there was a large LadyBug on the light and view-blocking new window ledge. I left the Ladybird in peace. Who knows, the reduction in the Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle this morning, maybe thanks to this bug?

Then, as it had grown more urgent now, I finally got to have my wee-wee.

Got the Health Checks done.


1Mon01aaThe readings were down this morning.

Well, all apart from temperature, and the weight, of course!

I must try to get a hobble in today if I can.

Took the medications.

1Mon06 Got the computer on, to finish off and finalise yesterday’s diary… and…


A long time later, it came back on, slowly. I struggled but got the Sunday Diary finished and posted off. Had a go on the WordPress Reader.

P1030618Off to the Porcelain Throne. Excellent Evacuation! Bloodless, and sufficiently substantial enough to allow me to read four pages of the Clarkson book.

I made a start on this blog up to here and chose to get the washing done.

Gathered the things needed and down to the P1030619laundry room. It was a bit nippy this morning!

Nipped outside to take a couple of photographicalisations.

It seemed eerie for some reason, then I heard noises from the trees area and came back in sharpish.

P1030620I noticed the electronic sign near to the lift doors was telling me I could be an Ace Inspector! I’d love to, but there is not enough time every day as it is to do anything else. Due to my habit or hobby of falling asleep earlier each day! Hehe!

Back up to the flat.

Did some more work on this diary.

Then down to move the washing into the dryer.

Back up again to the apartment, and got on with blogging.

I thought about where I could go for my hobble later. I reckon to the arboretum. I’ll get the mallard and pigeon food in the bag now, while I think of it. I can call in Lidl to get some of there tasty Assam Tea bags and bread, as I limp through Carrington, perhaps, if I remember to… will I, though? Maybe, maybe not… or should I… Change of thought took over, off to the wet room for another wee-wee.

Back to the computer, and went on the TFZ Facebook site.

0440hrs: Back down to collect the laundry. Cleaned out the filter and wiped the drum, back again to the flat.

Tried to download some TFZer Halloween graphics to amend and use, then…


Computer turned off. Swore, then went to get the ablutions sorted. Took the black bags to the waste chute.

I decided to have a walk to the Arboretum for sure. Checked that the Mallard and Pigeon were in the bag, made a shopping list for Lidl: Tomatoes, bread or cobs and the Assam Tea (determined not to buy owt not-needed!).

1Mon09I set off, still a bit cool, but the walking should put that right. Along Chestnut Walk and threw a good morning to Wardens Deana and Julie through the window on the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Generaloberstesses Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationalistic Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, 1Mon10and residents porta-cabin.

As I turned right onto Winchester Street Hill, the Pavement Parkers had just filled the footpath entirely with their cars!

That was nice of them, I thought!

Between the first vehicle (well, the first eight cars actually) and the mesh-fencing,  they had left about 4 inches for pedestrians to walk in! Grumph!

1Mon11This is where I had to walk down the hill!

Still, only for a few hundred yards, then I got back on the pavement, just in time to cross the road to go down the incline. Oy Vey!

The sun was breaking through and causing some nice views. I did take a photograph that I thought would come out as a ‘Moody’ one. But instead, it disappeared into the ether never to 1Mon12be seen again!

Near Hall Street, anyone parking on the double yellow lines would have had a reasonable excuse. Hehehe!

I limped along onto Mansfield Road. I called into the Continental Food Store, with hopes of finding some of the square lemon sliced cakes on sale. But they had still not got any in stock. Although I did get a lemon croissant. Never tried them before.

1Mon13I got a decent pace on, although I was in no rush, up and over the hill and into Carrington.

A depressing looking hamlet nowadays.

I called into the Lidl shop as planned. And kept Mostly to the shopping list. The Assam tea, tomatoes and White Scottish rolls, I was just tempted by their Lemon & Lime yoghourt and bought one.

1Mon14As I passed the college, a Herbert of the Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist student young gentleman came close to hitting me as he came from behind at speed.

It gave me a jump, and I called out to him, thanking him. For which I got the two-finger gesticulation in reply. I hoped he might fall off of his pushbike as he wobbled a bit, but no such luck!

1Mon14aAlong to the Gregory Boulevard/Mansfield Road traffic islands junction.

Anne Gyna was playing up a bit, but Hippy Hilda and Lower Backpain Petunia were a lot worse. Hehehe! Like the new name?

Half-way up the hill, I crossed over the road at the pelican lights.

1Mon15Up to Forest Road East and left down North Sherwood Street.

I stopped for w while near the Guinness Trust’s Colville Court. An aged person’s dwelling. I went to see about moving there before I came to Woodthorpe Court. I visited and had a look around and spoke with one of the wardens.

I was impressed with what they offered. The single flats were about the same size as the one I’m in now. A nurse on site 24/7. Communal cooking facilities. Communal lounge with snooker table and TV. Your flat had an option of cleaners weekly. The heaters were not on night-heating. A bus to the 1Mon16supermarket every Tuesday and Friday laid on. The staff do a visual check on you every day; unless you ask them not to. CCTV was internal and external. Hairdresser and laundry service available. I was deciding about whether to go there or not, then they told me the rent. Cor Blimey!

I got to the entrance and into the Arboretum. 1Mon17Walked towards the, what locally is known as Muggers Bridge or Tunnel.

As I walked under the roadway, I could smell an aroma I have never encountered before.

A sweet, yet unpleasantly nasal blocking smell? I suppose the nearest thing I can think of, would be cooking tripe with honey? Just thought I’d mention it.

I viewed the Chinese cannons from a distance. I was going to walk up and have a closer view, but I saw some youths lurking around them.


1Mon19I got to my beloved duck pond eventually, after stopping to smell flowers and looking at wildlife. Squirrels, blackbirds, mice and what I think might have been a mole, as I hobbled to the Mallards.

My heart lifted when I saw that there were many of them there today. Sometimes, like the last visit, when they had all disappeared?

1Mon25I shall only put this one photo of the birds on here because I intend to do another post dedicated to them.

It still amazes me, how the Mallards and Pigeons live together in such Harmony. At the Nottingham Canal, they fight and squabble all the time, then the Canada and Egyptian geese and join in. The Pochards get involved as well.

I spent an hour or so feeding and nattering with them. Hehehe!

The walk up into town set-off Anne Gyna and Lower Backpain Petunia. But once I was on the level, they both eased off for me. I’d just missed the L9, so caught a number 40.

1Mon26I took this bit of Nottingham Nature on St Anns Well Road from the bus window. Bootifull don’t you think?

When we got to Winchester Street, the Gas people had blocked off the up-the-hill side of the road. I got off at the usual stop, and with all the traffic turning off to find a different way through to the Mapperley Top, I got over the road with ease and little danger for a change.

Walked back to the flats, met Doreen. Poor thing was drained and tired. We had a natter though before I had to get a move on to the wet room!

I got in a set about updating this blog.

Made a brew, and took this panoramic type shot from the kitchen window. It looks lovely in the sunshine, but it was not warm at all. Brr!



A decent little hobble today.

Made all the more enjoyable by not having to rush around at it.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Updated this post, which cost me a long time.

Then made up the Arboretum Blog, making it with a bit humorous comments, and posted it off.

1Mon30Got the meal served up.

Prok Knuckle buttered cobs, potato letters and tomatoes with onion salt.

The Asda (Walmart) potato letter were very soft and bland inside. The vanilla and lemon croissant was too sweet but passable. The Scottish buns and Polish pork were great!

Overall flavour-rating, 7.4/10.

Fell asleep with the tray on my bulbous stomach, and somehow or other, it stayed there until I woke up at 0025hrs!

Pictorial of Inchock’s Feeding and Chinwagging with his Mallards and Pigeons at the Nottingham Arboretum



I arrived at the Arboretum


Through Muggers Tunnel


The two three-ton Cannons (Well, there were three, but Nottinghamians you know…)


My friends soon spotted me…


The feasting began…


All friends together, no fighting…


Young and old, Mallards and Pigeons… all content…


I’m not sure if they were listening to me talking to them…


Mealworms, seeds, earthworms, they gobbled them all…


Told them to take care, and off I went…


Bless em!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 1st August 2018: Marathon hobble, Arboretum visited, fell asleep on bus going home, wonderful nosh!



Wednesday 1st August 2018

Dutch: Woensdag 1 Augustus 2018

0425hrs: Woke up, but wasn’t entirely sure if I had woken up or was I still dreaming. I’d had a bad night, couldn’t get to sleep at first, then when I did drop-off, I had persistent nightmares and dreams.

In one of them, the only one I can recall anything concrete from the memory banks about, I was on stage doing a stand-up comedy routine. The laughter from the auditorium seemed long and loud, and I was delighted at this. When they started to throw eggs and Molotov cocktails at me, then started shooting at me, I found myself suddenly in a dark confined space. I realised where it was, as I was shot-out of the torpedo tube! Not sure what happened next, but I ended up on a beach, unable to move with holidaymakers amazed and studying me like they would a beached whale?

For some reason, the scribbled notes that I can’t remember writing on the notepad were mostly legible for once.

 It came to me; that I have to get to the hospital for the blood tests today. This prompted me to get my body-mass out of the £300 second-hand recliner and go to the Porcelain Throne and do the ablutions.

3Wed03WDP001B As I settled on the Throne, to find that things had gone all soft and runny again (Tsk!), it dawned on me; I do not have a blood test this week!

I cleaned up after the uncomfortably messy evacuation, washed my hands and went to the kitchen to get the Health Checks done.

The results looked alright.


Apart from the weight that had shot up. Humph!

3Wed04Took the medications, with a Dia-Limit capsule.

Started to make up a black waste bag, and found a few (around ten) of the black iron-clad biting beetles were in the bin I’d taken the bag out of.

The nippy little buggers dispersed at high speed, and I could only get to catch one of them. I sprayed the bins with antiseptic disinfectant. By gum, they are quick movers!

3Wed01It felt so cold this morning suddenly.

I got on with finishing off yesterday’s post.

With a lack of happening on Tuesday and the rain keeping me indoors, there was not much time needed to do the job of finalising and getting the diary posted off to the WordPress site.

3Wed04aThen I began to make up this blog page.

Went to make a brew of tea.

As I did so, the innards began to rumble a bit?

The skyline looked a tad threatening, so I had a look at the weather forecast for Nottingham on Google.


Not much chance of any precipitation until this evening according to this graph.

WDP001B Suddenly the innards started to brew, and I had to hasten back to the Porcelain Throne again. Another messy evacuation. Huh! Still, it gave me time to consider whether I should have a walk into town or not. For Dizzy Dennis was starting to get at me now, and I couldn’t see why, or if he will let up later, as he usually does.

Decisions, decisions! In psychology, decision-making is regarded as the cognitive process resulting in the selection of a belief or a course of action among several alternative possibilities, often misread or incalculable. At least that what found as I looked it up on the web when trying to find a cause of my hesitancy, irresoluteness, and pendulous shilly-shallying. I tentatively decided I would go out, and have a good long walk to help counter my increasing weight, and feed the mallards in the Nottingham Arboretum.

I went onto the WordPress Reader.

Then got myself ready and took the black bags to the chute on the way out.

WDP001B I went back to the flat to put my hearing aids in. Schlemiel!

3Wed06Out and onto Chestnut Walk.

Another fear-making take-your-life-in-your-hands job getting along the now pavementless road. The builders were very busy again.

The plates-of-meat soon started aching and hurting, before I even got half the way down Winchester Street. But this was expected with my not getting much activity in lately.

3Wed07I plodded on resolutely.

And was so amazed at the progress I was making.

And, not a single Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist on the two-mile hike as far as the Rock Cemetry. Where, I thought about going in to view my Architectural hero’s grave, that of Fothergill Watson. By the time I got to the gate, 3Wed08I had realised I could not remember where it was located. Klutz!

I Carrington I called on the Sherrington Park Medical Practice to ask if the doctor could add some haemorrhoid cream to my prescription.

But she was not there.

I left and went further down Mansfield Road and 3Wed09crossed over to go to the Carrington Chemist shop.

The pharmacist spotted me going up to counter,  and hid. Hehe! I asked the young lady about there being no haemorrhoid cream in last months prescriptions. She said, after looking into the computer, the Doctor had stopped prescribing them now, and I would have to buy some over the counter. Part of the Governments cut-backs to save the NHS money. I was Gobsmacked!

3Wed10I departed and crossed the road and continued my, by now hobbling progress toward the Arboretum.

Near the Clarendon College, I spotted this BigBoy Waste bin as I passed a bus stop. Blimey, the stink coming from it! Haha!

Up the hill and noticed the time on the bus shelter display3Wed11.

I cut through to South Sherwood Street

An area inundated with student residences, ladies of the night and drug gangs.

It doesn’t matter what time of day it is when I walk down this street, I’m always on alert for muggers, pickpockets, druggies, alcoholics etc. None today, though. Phew!

3Wed11aAs I entered the grounds and walked under the MPB (Muggers Paradise Bridge), it was apparent that some kids play organisation had taken over the bottom area of Arboretum.

Much to the chagrin of some of the organisers, I took some photographs of how far they had got with play areas, bouncy castles, playground games for the kids.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

No one else about apart from the veggie-folk and me. I image the show will start later on today. Bet the kids who go enjoy themselves.

3Wed19I got to the pond. Only one or two Nottinghamians were about there too.

Only the pigeons showed any interest in the mealworm pellets and sunflower hearts I was dishing out, at first.

Later my favourite mallards came over and joined in the feast. But not many of them, and they all appeared so young?

I love the way that the pigeons and mallards seem to get on with each other.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I came out with a good bit of weight in the bags and only £8.03 lighter in the pockets. With; Choc bars for the Social Hour nibble box, 1×6 500g spring water, a drink of fresh orange juice, 2 rolls of black refuse sacks, balsamic vinegar (At only 57p a bottle!), oven bottom muffins and some cocktail sausages.

3Wed20Paid the bloke, packed the bags to even the weight balance and out and back over the road to go through the Victoria Mall again.

I spotted this bit of Nottinghamian Street Art on the way. Hehe!

As I came out onto Milton Street. Now this is true, not a made-up photographicalisation, the real deal, genuine and honestly I took this snap 3Wed21in the front of the mall door.

Yes, two, I say two imitation police officeresses, making their way into the Victoria Centre, as the giggled together.

The uniforms looked bright and new?

So, that is three pretend officers of the law I’ve seen in town in the last six weeks now. Things are looking up. Humph!

3Wed22I made my weary way through Trinity Square, down Trinity Walk onto Upper Parliament Street and down King Street into the slab square, to have a look around the Nottingham Beach.

Not many people on the beach though. But today there were three kids having fun in the paddling pool, mind.

3Wed23On the ‘broad-walk’, a Nottingham PAvement Cyclist was riding through the few folks there were.

His head swaggered ass he stopped to chat-up some young Nottingham girls.

Naturally, I was not jealous, at all. Haha!

I made my way up Queen Street to the L9 bus stop and found Mary sat at the shelter. (I think that is her name anyway).

We had a little natter en route back to the flats. I’d nodded off by the time the bus arrived at the Winwood building site. I was a bit surprised that Mary did not wake me up, a complete stranger lady did, though. I gave her thanks. What a plonka!

3Wed24Our getting back to Woodthorpe Court from the bus stop was bit hazzardous again.

Deliveries coming into the Willmott-Dixon lads, forklifts, tractors, and general traffic had to be navigated through.

Got in the lift and gave Mary a nibble. That’s sounds bad, dunnnit? Haha!

3Wed25We said out cheerios, and I carried on up in the lift and got to the flat.

Had a much needed wee-wee.

Put the fodder away and put the oven on to warm up for the seasoned chops to cook later.

Got the computer on and made up a map of this mornings hobble.

Cor blimey, the plates-of-meat were giving me some Michael Caine after the mini-marathon trek I’d taken.

Cost me three hours to update this blog.

Then I went on TFZer Facebook to add some of these photos for the clan.

Put some picture in the albums, too.

Got the meal, such as it is cooking. Well, the seasoned potato slices in the oven.

3Wed29aWDP001B Unfortunately, I forgot about the beans simmering in the saucepan, and when I went to check the potatoes progress, I found a semi-burnt tough congealed mass of leathery almost black baked beans!

Cunningly, I removed the pan from the heat, and stirred in some tomato and basil cooking sauce, and remained in the kitchen stirring it, while the potatoes cooked.

As it happens, apart from the cleaning up of the burnt saucepan afterwards, the beans tasted marvellous! In fact, everything on the plate tasted good. A taste Rating of 9.45/10!

The washing up took a record amount of time, though. Tsk!

While putting the pots away, I missed a phone call. Too slow to get to the other room. Humph!

When I got settled down, I put the TV on after planning what to watch tonight. There was an old film on I fancied seeing. But I nodded off and woke up when the credits were rolling on the screen. Hehe! At least I got some kip in for a change. Add this to the falling asleep on the bus, I did rather well. Even had a kind lady to wake me up at the bus stop.

Some exercise got in, saw and fed the mallards, saw police persons in town… Not a sad day for me!

Inchcock Today – Monday 16th April 2018: Got outside at last!


Monday 16th April 2018

Filipino: Lunes Abril 16, 2018

0545hrs: As my reluctant expergefaction began, the uhtceare ridden brain joined it in feeling depressed. The aching body tormented by Duodenal Donald and amalgamated to greet the morning in a cowed, fretfull, apprehensive mode. I seemed to be worrying about everything.

The need for a wee-wee forced me into extracting my weary, tired body from the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the wet room. A good job I changed the PPs last night, they coped well with the copious amount of blood from Little Inchies Lesion. This reminded me to visit the surgery today and get a date for the GUM clinic from the doctors, or better still, go there on Tuesday to see them first.

I did the health checks and made a brew to take the medications with. Sys down yet again, the pulse continues to do its ‘Up, down, flying around’ thing. Hehe!


I took an extra Omeprazole capsule and a good few swigs of the impotent antacid medicine. I’m sure the worry and hassle over the noise from the flat above every weekend and sometimes during the week, and my being forced to complain about it, has caused the ulcer to flay up like it is doing. I hate conflict, and it worries me.

With my not getting to sleep for hours and hours, and waking up feeling so tired, it was now nearly 0700hrs, soon I must get the ablutions done. How I will find time to do the WordPressing and blogging might prove difficult today.

I had a quick go on the WordPress Reader. Then got some draft diaries done in advance. Made a list of things to do today, and put it in my pocket.

Time for the ablutions now. I enjoyed this session, barely any medicating needed apart from the Germaloiding. Hehe! Duodenal Donald kept on at me, so much so, I took an extra few swigs of the impotent, weak antacid medicine and a Ramipril capsule.

Got the black bags sorted and taken to the rubbish chute.

Off out to the shed, where I met Obergruppenfurher Julie, who was aware it seemed, of my complaining about the Saturday noise above. She asked me why I don’t just go up and see him. This was not what I expected to hear. I informed her I had visited the flat before but got no answer. Perhaps he is a popular tenant with them? I proudly showed off my list of things to do!

Cyndy and some other of my favourite tenant gals arrived, and we had a great chinwag about this, that and a lot more. I wish I could remember the names of more people. The place filled up, Welsh William, Frank and others. William was looking and sounding so much better now he is getting over his Morphine addiction. When the bus arrived, I sat behind Cyndy and Doris (I think that’s her name, a lovely woman).

I got off the bus and began what turned out to be a delightful mini-hobble around town.


1Mon01aCalled in Tesco in the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall), and was lucky enough to find some cooked Pork Knuckles on sale, and bought three of them.

Whoosie3W001 However, I could not find the list of things to do anywhere. I emptied all the pockets and searched the bag, without any luck? What a Putz!

Then out and across to the Aldi Store for an amble around. I got some caramel nibbles that the ladies at the Social Hour have taken a fancy to. Some crispy bacon, lemon yoghourts and some flatbreads I have never seen before. They are called Flat buns. (There is a photo further below of them) Almost orange in colour, I had to try these, especially as I now had the Pork Knuckle and tomatoes to make some sandwiches for tonight’s nosh. Oh, and some potato cakes.

1Mon01bThe bag a bit heavier now, but I was feeling okay, and wanted to make my way to the Nottingham Arboretum Duck Pond.

Out of the Aldi store, through Vic Centre and out facing Shakespeare Street, where I hobbled to the end of, passing the hundreds of young, fit students, very few without a phone or a coffee in their hands and up Goldsmith Street to the Arboretum.

1Mon05The mixture of ancient and brand new building was not pleasing to my eyes.

I hobbled up and in through the Arboretum gates, well, I say gates, there was only one narrow small gate open.

If a wheelchaired person needed access, I don’t think they would have gotten through it.

1Mon07I had a reminiscing moment or two when I got inside.

Back came the girls, the bandstand, the ice-cream sellers, my youth. I had to stop my wandering mind. Hehehe!

Along to the duck pond. The surprising thing was, there were very few ducks, just a handful of Mallards mixed in with the pigeon army. Here are the photographs I took at the pond.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1Mon07aOn my way out of the place, these beautiful little flowers caught my eye. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any like these before, beautiful!

Whoosie3W001 On my way up Goldsmith Street, a group of four or five students, on their phones yet still giggling and laughing with each other, coming in the opposite direction, forced into the road as they 1Mon08carried not. Possibly not even aware of what they had done. Hey-ho! No harm was done!

The grotesque new college building was now open and functioning. What an eyesore!

I wonder how much the demented architect got for designing this monstrosity?


Near the top of the street, I came across some Nottingham Street Art inside the wall of the closed down office block. It seems that the local pizza place is not as popular as it might be? Haha!

1Mon09Crossing Upper Parliament street near the Royal Centre and Theatre Royal, I crossed over and went down Market Street, with its many abandoned retail businesses and the odd few new specialist high-class shops, all customerless when I hobbled by them.

Down to the Slab Square, the sun was out, no 1Mon10signs of wind or rain, the sky looking a picture and a decent count of generally depressed looking Nottinghamians milling around.

Passing the Starbuck and Costa coffee houses, with their clients all on computers or telephones inside. The coffee cups with the stagnating coffee and the froth, running down the sides of the plastic pots onto the tables and tops and congealing. At the Starbucks anyway, I had a good look in there. Hehe!

I called in the Poundland store on Wheeler Gate and had a wander around. I bought some yoghourt covered peanuts and a packet of Sunflower Hearts to restock the now empty duck-food pot to use next visit.

1Mon11Paid and went on the slab square.

On the South Parade side, I got close up to some plants and took a photographicalisation through them across to Long Row opposite. Now here, the buildings displayed some of the most elegant architecture ever designed anywhere. Done so by my favourite designer of all time, of course, Fothergill Watson.

1Mon13I was pleased with how this effort came out.

A quick look at the Little John clock revealed it was time for me to get to the bus stop to catch an L9 back to the apartments.

So, off up Queen Street to the shelter.

The bus was a little late, but this has become the norm for the 1205hrs one. The driver is coming from the depot to relieve the regular one so she or he can get a dinner-break.

The bus arrived, I was the only person to get on.

1Mon14I took a snap of the newly decorated facia of the Frankie and Bennie’s Diner as we passed by. I hope they do better at night for clients because I rarely see anyone in it when I pass by. Possibly another future victim of the Nottingham Business Failures League?

I’d have thought that their breakfast offer of ‘Bacon & Eggs’, consisting of two rashers of bacon, two eggs and toast on offer at only £5.95, would have had folks rushing in. Hehehe! £6!

The lovely Doris (?), got on at the first stop, and we had a jolly good laugh and nattering session all the way back home. I enjoyed that.

1Mon15We parted in the lift, and back in the apartment, I got the purchases stored away. The new to me Flat buns are on the left.

The sudden exhaustion overcame me, and I had to leave the updating of this post until the morning. I was fatigued in the extreme.

All I could do was get the Health Checks and medications sorted, and sit down with the worries, fretting and fears combining to stop an sleep coming for ages.

1Mon16The new Flat-Cobs were delightful. I buttered them and sliced some pork knuckle and tomatoes. Added a side of a sliced apple, pickled egg and seaweed sheets. A jar of the superb lemon yoghourt to follow.

I might have nearly nodded off eating this meal, but it was a smashing change for a meal. Rated this as a 9.3/10 effort.

I lay there waiting for sleep to overtake me, but it wasn’t interested, despite my thinking I was tired and drained?

Eventually, I managed to nod-off.

Suddenly temporarily rejuvenate, I shot awake ten minutes later. With the sensation that something was wrong, or I had forgotten something? Horrible when this1Mon17 happens isn’t it?

I had to get up have a look around to check if anything had woke me up. I checked that no alarms were activating, nothing had fallen over, cooker okay, taps off, etc.

I noticed the bird poo on the balcony window looked well set on the glass now.

It took me ages to get back to kip. But this time I stayed asleep, straight for five hours! Ahh!

Inchcock – Wednesday 5th April 2017: Bank Farce Progress? Just maybe?


Wednesday 5th April 201

Swahili: Jumatano ya 5 April 2017

Woke at 0425hrs: The swelling legs had gone down a bit and were far less painful this morning. I think Anne Gyna knew this, cause she was giving me some nasty painful stabs, bless her.

Got out of the £300 second-hand recliner with little bother, and into the kitchen to put the kettle on, turned on the computer and then off to the porcelain throne. Oh dear. Haemorrhoid Harold had and was still bleeding a fair bit, but not enough to make me discard any clothing. Cleaned up and medicated what needed medicating.

Made a nice strong mug of tea and took the medications. At this point, the legs started to give me some bother again. Tsk! Found a note on the 1960 second-hand E-Plan sideboard, with scribble about a dream on it? How it found it’s way onto the sideboard I wasn’t sure?

Got the WordPress going to finish yesterday’s post off, and realised I must have got up last night and wrote about the dream, cause the writing was there in front of me in the diary? A good job I did, because I could never have gleaned so much detail from the scribble I’d wrote.

The tea had gone cold, so I went to make another one. Did the health-checks while I was in there. Dia 169 – Sys 75 – Pulse 89 – Temp 38.1 C, and the best of the lot, Weight 14.75, down at last! I’ll do it again later if I remember, cause I’d not long got rid of a hell of a dollop on the throne.

Remembered I’d got two deliveries coming this morning from Asda and Morrison. So had a wash and changed into the day clothes so as not to answer the door in my jammies.

Finished off yesterday’s diary and started this one off. Realised I’d not put on the picture of last evening’s sky, so I took another one of it.


The Copse is getting thicker now, I’ll soon be able to have a wander through it in search of flora and fauna to photographalise.

I’ve ordered a new kettle in one of the deliveries, cause the one I have seems to be resisting my descaling efforts nowadays.


Had a bash on Facebook for a few hours. The Morrison delivery arrived, followed by the Asda (Walmart) one.

Overdone it again!

Made another brew and weighed myself again… 2lb up on three hours ago and I have not eaten anything? Grumph! Mind you, I can feel the legs and ankles swelling again?


Graphic created for the TFZer site. Took me hours with one, but it ain’t too bad.

Got the washing ready and down to the laundry room. Fellow tenant Paul was there, had a quick chinwagging session.


Back up to the flat and finished the above graphic.

Postman called with the Stat pension letter.

I opened it with trepidation… they had got the right Postcode on it! But the wrong detail sheet! I swore so much!


Down once more to collect the washing. Cleaned the filter.

Back in flat, put the togs away and called Olive to see how she was and tell her about the continuing banking farce.

I can visit her tomorrow, in the morning.

Got ready and went down to the bank, just hoping this State Pension form with the correct address would be suitable for the job!

Feeling a bit down for some reason, and I’d been so high earlier?

The s3Wed08aun was shining, and the wind a blowing as I departed on my hobble to and down Winchester Street Hill and to the bank to see Lisa, the new manager.

At the end of Winchester Street, three rascals speeding down the hill on the pavement forced me to move across the road. Little varmints!

Fair queue when I got into the bank. Only one on the counter. Ten minutes or so later, Lisa opened another window, tended to the chap in front of me and another 10 minutes later, she beckoned me over to the counter. I managed to keep those behind waiting another 20 minutes as she sorted the paperwork out and asked for some forms they had already taken six weeks ago and photocopied, so she could photocopy them!?!?

She ‘Thought’ the newly arrived State Pension breakdown detail letter should be acceptable. She will ring me and if it goes through and let me know. Again, I asked if it would be possible to email me, but no. Told her about the Doctor being off sick so I might not get the required details from her, and that is if she agrees to do them for me, no obligation on her part to do it.

So, I said I would drop in at the bank, on Monday afternoon to find out what is happening. I am not in an unexpectant, but rather a nervous frame of mind now, no confidence left.

Peeped into the Birds Cake Shop window, jus tin case they had any of the Fresh Cream Iced Buns in, but they hadn’t. Naturally, I took this in good spirits.

Cried on my way up to the bus stop. (Not really, but I thought you might find this funny and like a laugh?)

3Wed08Back at the flats, I was nearly blown off my feet by the wind.

The sun was still bright, but when I got back up to the apartment, I could hear the winds howling. But the scenery was gorgeous to look at.

I couldn’t get my head around the fact that I had not bought any fodder, well, anything at all while out. Another odd sensation for me. Hehe!

3Wed09Updated the diary for Monday next on my Google page.

Looks like a busy Monday coming up.

Updated this diary after making a jolly strong mug of tea.

The legs and ankles were I think less swollen now, hurting all the same and irritating Arthur Itis, though. Humph!

Took the potatoes out of the saucepan, ready to have with a cold meal later on. (Or Not?)

Not sure what I’m going to have with them mind, but there is plenty to choose from.

Put the Lumix camera and mobile phone on charge and visited the porcelain again.

Haemorrhoid Harold leaking just a bit, Little Inchy not bleeding, but sore.

Popped on Facebook being as I was amazingly not too tired.

Did some WordPressing.

3Wed10Took the evening medications, finished on Facebooking and got the fodder prepared.

I accidentally had two of the lemon drizzles afterwards.

A mere misfortune that could happen to anyone. Ahem!

This meal consisted of mini-pork and caramelised onion, mushrooms, beetroot, boiled potatoes (Not done in Soy Sauce, Orb has advised me not to use this for a while as it contains a lot of sodium) sliced and drizzled with American potato seasoning, tomato puree, Vegetable sage & onion with herbs slices and soft cheese portions one with mushroom, one extra strong and one with Gouda. Oh, and the Lemon Drizzles and a banana. Nice! 9.5/10.

Tired, but I think the legs and ankles are reducing in size and water content again. Fingers crossed.

Soon nodded off.

Inchcock Today Mon 8 Aug 16: Whoopsiedangleplop and Prize Plonker Day of the year so far!



Monday 8th August 2016

0340hrs: Gave up trying to get to sleep. Feeling in decent form and the ailments seemingly in a calm mood, I climbed out of the now working again £300 second-hand recliner chair and off for a WWHD job. Oh dear, much blood from the  rear end, and painful passing.

11aHad a little dizzy spell. After which as I made my way into the kitchen to make a brew and take the medications, the stomach almost erupted, stabbing pains and it seemed to churn and rumble something rotten.

I popped onto the scales… Humph!

With the tummy churning away, and now the vision blurring a bit, I got the laptop on to finish the Sunday diary and start this one.

I felt a bit apprehensive about these ailments coming at the same time. Took some extra Peptac in the hope that this might calm down the innards a bit.

The wind was blowing in nastily through the air vent and edges of the windows, right up me bare legs under my dressing gown. Hehe! I put me trousers on.

Did some Facebooking (three & a half hours, huh!) while I could, then checked the emails, then some graphicalisationing, all between WRWWs.

I want to go out today now the toe is a lot better, and get to see the ducks in the Arboretum Pond and feed them with the earthworm pellets that they seem to like. Sorted the rubbish and took the bags to the chute.

I got the ablutions done and changed ready to set out to catch the L9 bus into town. I got as far as the lift and realised 11b I’d left the hearing aids – back to the flat to collect them.

Back out and in the lift, just arriving at the ground floor when I remembered I had not got the mobile phone with me – 11b back to the flat to collect it.

Once more, back down the lift and to the bus stop this time… Oh dear oh dear… 11b No Bus-pass with me! – back up to the flat and down just in time to catch the bus!

Then, 11b getting on the bus, I tried to swipe in with my Hearing Aid card! Huh!

Arrived in town and walked to the Arboretum from the bus stop. 01d 01c

A Nottingham Pavement Cyclist joined the pedestrian as we crossed over and I went passed the new Cinema, showing Trolls, and passed the university buildings and up Waverley Street to the Arboretum.

On entering the gate, I spotted a new bit they have created, a beautiful bed of flowers and plants, and an instruction sign/guide.

01f01gTook a photograph through the trees and bushes on the side of the pond.

Rather lovely I thought.

I could see some pigeons and many Mallard ducks further on near the aviary, and made my way to them with the pot of earthworm pellets and seeds to feed the little mites with.

01hThe Mallards came from far and wide to dine.

01iAfter talking to and feeding them, I made my way out to go to Tesco for some fodder and a wander around.

As I left the grounds, twp Nottingham Cyclist were coming towards me on the wrong side of the road, and this very near the tram lines! The both seemed happy enough, and they soon moved onto the pavement.

At Tesco, I invested in two for £3 lamb hotpot ready meals, Two yoghurts, potato cakes, some spread, wholemeal thins, a pack of Boczek and amazingly a two pack of fresh cream horns fell out of the fridge and into my basket as I walked by them?

I paid the gal on the checkout and checked the time, I could just make the L9 bus stop in time with any luck. So I painfully legged it ASAP to the shelter. Met a fellow tenant at the bus stop. When the bus arrived: 11b I couldn’t find the bus pass! I had to let the bus go without me and felt such a fool! I searched through the bags and my pockets, eventually finding the bus pass in my inside pocket! Humph!

01jI had an hour to kill until the last L9 bus of the day. So foolishly I went to the Slab Square and took some piccies of the Nottingham Beach – which was near to the Primark shop, and I went in to have a look around and came out with three long sleeved shirts/jumpers, another £18 quid spent on unwanted attire!

P1110546Caught the bus on Queen street.

The weather turned sunny for a while and the wind seemed to drop somewhat.

I was soon back at the flats and making a beeline for a WRWW with some urgency.

Made a cuppa and got this updated to here.

Some mail arrived, at first, I dreaded that the British Gas might have sent another demand, but no. Twas a letter from the Council, instructing me to fill in the Voting form and return it within three days.

Called to see Olive, going to take one of the Fresh Cream Horns for her, I departed and as I got to her flat, realised I hadn’t taken the cream horn with me, went back to fetch it, and went into the front room to collect the Voting letter so Olive could clarify things with it for me – oh dear! 11b

Plaster LegI did a Whoopsiedangelplop into and over new Ottoman!

I believe I said “Oh, flipping heck” Didn’t half sting. Hehe!

Hobbled to Olive’s flat, and she smilingly greeted me, but she was not very well herself.

She accepted the cream horn without telling off too much this time.

Then, the gal set to medicating me leg wounds and putting plasters on them for me. I felt so lucky to have Olive there. We had a good long chinwag and laugh.

I had to leave and get back once again for a WRWW, and I got the chips in the oven and updated this again.

10The meal, a wholemeal salad sandwich with sausage, oven chips, onions, beetroot, green and yeow tomatoes, fresh raw garden peas and the evening medications, followed with a banana, satsuma and honey yoghourt looked most appetising once I’d got it all prepared and arrange neatly on the plate ready for my consumption!

The Pleasures of Dining Alone:

It was a little uncomfortable eating it, though: 11b As I settled on top of the £300 second-hand recliner chair, tray on my belly, feet up and tucking into the feast, the seat went down on its own accord…

I got out of it to pick up the chips and peas that had been ejected from the plate onto me, the chair and the floor, and banged first, the already black and swollen left middle toe, then 11b I caught the newly injured right shin on the cupboard door as I extracted the brush and dustpan for use. The blood flowed from both plasters down the leg and soaked my sock.

Well, I thought, these things are sent to try us, or words of a nearly similar nature. Hehe!

By the time I’d sorted everything out, the cleaning and clearing up, the wounds replastered and medicated, two hours had passed since the Whoopsiedagleplop occurred before I got settled once again to eat what cold bits of the meal I had managed to retrieve.   

I even managed to tread on fallen fork on the floor that I’d missed. Now bent, bloodied and in the rubbish recycling bin.

Which is where I thought I should be!

A new standard of pissed-offed-ness, depression, frustration and lack of confidence reigned!

Thoughts of a defeated nature lingered… Humph!

Sat 2 April 16 – Inchcock Today: Arboretum amble today – in the rain!

Saturday 2 April 2016

01 cupid

Not a good morning at all folks. Woke drowsily at around 0500hrs, felt the tingling and wet in the lower region along with the urge to pass water. Stood up to go to the bathroom and nearly went over when a dizzy spell hit me and Arthur Itis let me know ‘He’s Back!”

‘Little Inchy’ was in a right state, bloodied and still pouring it out! I really was close to pressing my wrist alarm button – but glad I didn’t because, within a few minutes, I managed to cease the flow painfully. (Or so I thought at the time)

Onto the throne and as I evacuated the stomach started grinding and bubbling away, and another dizzy hit me. I thought ‘Ah well, get em out of the road early,’ Huh!

Then Anne Gyna joined in the other ailment. If Inchy goes on like this, I’ll run out of clean undies and jammy bottoms. And I managed to bang me head when I bent down to get the bleach out to clean the blood up in the bathroom. Hehe!

The eyelids felt heavy. I got the kettle on and made a cuppa and took the medications. The guts were still heaving a bit, I thought of what the plans were for the day, maybe better not to go out? I might try a little walk into Sherwood if Little Inchy doesn’t start again now I’ve applied the Daktacort cream and cleaned him. My mind is taking its own route this morning, I’m just tagging along. The oddest feeling that I’m looking at myself doing things rather than controlling myself. Typing this, I’m making more errors and having to amend more than I have ever done?

I’ll have another cup of tea and see how it goes when I try on Facebook. At one stage I thought I was going bonkers, then realised I already was bonkers, Hehe!

I’ll see if Arthur Itis will let me get into the bath later, where I can sort Inchy out and have a good soak, hot water permitting. If I recall correctly, it as last Saturday when the hot water wasn’t hot? Hello, off to the porcelain again, oh I hope things are okay. Back in a bit folks (I hope).

P1050985I’m back! And considerably perked up I might add! Why you ask? (Or maybe not like) I’ll tell you; No bleeding from Hem Aroid and only the tiniest bit from Little Inchy, no dizzies now and, it is drizzling rain outside with a hint of mist. Maybe it is because of the improved conditions healthwise, but I saw such beauty in this photo I took from the kitchen window.

Did some Facebooking.

Feeling a bit better now, so I’ll get a bath and do me ablutions then consider going to the Arboretum to see the mallards and if the pond had been refilled yet. Got the seeds and mealworms ready in the bag first.Then on the way back I can drop off BJ’s photographs? 

Then on the way back I can drop-off BJ’s photos at his abode? We’ll see. 

P1050986Getting into and out of the bath was easier than usual. Feeling a bit better, when I set off to catch the L9 bus into town. I got down and realised it was a Saturday and there is no 0930hrs L9 bus running, so I caught the L8 into Sherwood, then a bus to the city.

Glad I did, cause it allowed me to have a nice chinwag with some folk in the bus.

At the bus stop in Sherwood, the queue grew and grew as we waited patiently for a bus to arrive. When it did, it was a single decker and already all the seats had been taken. I was surprised the drive kept letting people cram into the vehicle, I stood in the disabled bay and when it came to my wanting to get off, P1050987 P1050988it was a struggle getting through all the folks standing in the centre aisle, but I bravely persisted and got off on Mansfield Road at the stop for the Nottingham Arboretum. 

Crossed the road and in through the gates and through down to The Muggers Bridge. The rain was pelting down now, as I got under the bridge I thought I’d take a photo or two of the underside, but got rather wet from the rain water dripping through the brickwork, I was lucky I didn’t get the camera wet.

P1050989As I walked down through the park towards the Duck Pond, I espied a courting couple of mallards on the grass. I struggled to get the umbrella up and tried to take a decent photo from underneath of it.

I pressed on down to the pond area. The Aviaries were all empty today but, there was water back in the pond, although mysteriously no pigeons P1050990about, and very few mallards too?

The rain eased to just a few gentle drops and as I got the meal worms to throw to them, Isaw that some clot had thrown a massive amount of sliced bread into the pond and Bankside. Probably a takeaway merchant, judging by the amount of what was obviously full slices loafs of bread all over the place. They will have done this to save on costs and bother of using the dustbins the Council provides.

This is not going to do the ducks any good at all, all this bread will stodge the poor things and as it decays will poison the water. I left the Arboretum feeling a bit sad and angry.

The rain stopped as I was walking into town. I called at Tesco in the Victoria Centre (Mall).

I got some bits and had a window shop session as I left.

P1050992I took a hobble through Trinity Square feeling a bit better again then. Took some photographs to post on the TFZ site later.

Caught a naughty driver dropping off his daughter/wife/relative/bit on the side, in the Buses taxis and emergency services only lane. I also noted the rain puddle, waiting for the next bus to splatter the pedestrians as it wades through it. Still, it pleases the drivers, I’ve often noticed the drivers grinning widely through gritted teeth as they do this, bless em. Hehe!

P1050994Walked on to the bus stop, no L9’s available, so I caught the 40 bus. That was busy too today. I wondered if something had been taking place that I didn’t know about with so many passengers getting on.

I wondered if something had been taking place that I didn’t know about with so many passengers getting on.

Not that my not knowing about something is rare, of course. 

 P1050995The rain turned heavy again as we moved off from the bus stop.

By the time, it came to my alighting bus stop, I felt I knew the two ladies sat behind me. I picked up much information by simply listening to them chinwagging, one in particular who had a voice level and pitch of a champion town crier: Her daughter had been done for drug distribution, she is having her Benefits cut to £240 a week, but they were still going to pay her rent for her, she was not happy with that at all? She’d bought a new washing machine, she had to top up her ‘Lecy Card’, and the hairdresser on her estate is no good, etc. Hehe! There was lots more that I enjoyed listening to so much, I nearly missed my bus stop! 

I got off the bus and waited for a gap in the traffic, getting wetter and wetter in the rain so I could get across the road. I squelched along back to the flat, the water entering my right shoe reminded me I needed a new pair. 

Having had no dizzies during my sojourn, it came as no surprise when I got a good one in the lift up to the flat. Frit me a bit that one. When I got in the apartment, I WC’d and put the alarm wristlet on, made a cuppa, took the medications and put me bits away.

P1050996Got the fodder going.

Tin of stewed beef, petit pois, oven chips and made a bit of extra gravy so I could soak it up with a couple of slices of the Irish Batch bread, and a dessert tub to follow.

Not bad at all. Rated it at a decent 8.9/10.

Doing the washing up after, another dizzy hit me. I must tell the Nurse at the INR test on Monday no, Tuesday this week.

Fatigue overcame me, not unusual that nowadays. Felt drained. Didn’t do anything much then, TV, nodded off, thought about doing something useful, nodded off, TV, thought about doing something… Tsk! Hehe!

Inchcock Today – Mon 14 Mar 16: Incorporating the Nottingham Arboretum Shock and the Failed To-Do list!

A Euro Joke I came across here. Not a good one either, but it had a twinge of some heartfelt sincerity in it that I appreciated about it!

A farmer named Sam was overseeing his animals in a remote hilly pasture in Hereford when suddenly, a brand-new BMW advanced toward him out of a cloud of dust.

The driver, a young man in a Brioni® suit, Gucci® shoes, RayBan® sunglasses and YSL® tie leaned out the window and asked the farmer, “If I tell you how many cows and calves you have in your herd, you’ll give me a calf?”
Sam looks at the man, who obviously is a yuppie, then looks at his peacefully
grazing animals and calmly answers, “Sure, why not?”

The yuppie parks his car, whips out his Dell® notebook computer, connects it to his Cingular RAZR V3® cell phone and surfs to a NASA page on the Internet, where he calls up a GPS satellite to get an exact fix on his location which he then feeds to another NASA satellite that scans the area in an ultra-high-resolution photo. The young man then opens the digital photo in Adobe Photoshop® and exports it to an image processing facility in Hamburg, Germany … Within seconds, he receives an email on his Palm Pilot® that the image has been processed and the data stored.

He then accesses an MS-SQL® Database through an ODBC connected Excel® spreadsheet with email on his Blackberry® and, after a few minutes, receives a response. Finally, he prints out a full-color, 150-page report on his hi-tech, miniaturized HP LaserJet® printer, turns to the Farmer and says, “You have exactly 1,586 cows and calves.”

“That’s right. Well, I guess you can take one of my calves,” says Sam.

He watches the young man select one of the animals and looks on with amusement as the young man stuffs it into the trunk of his car.

Then Sam says to the young man, “Hey, if I can tell you exactly what your business is, will you give me back my calf?”

The young man thinks about it for a second and then says:

“Okay, why not?”

“You’re a Member of the European Parliament”, says Sam.

“Wow! That’s correct,” says the yuppie, “but how did you guess that?”

“No guessing required” answered Sam:

“You showed up here even though nobody called you; you want to get paid for an answer I already knew, to a question I never asked. You used millions of pounds worth of equipment trying to show me how much smarter than me you are; and you don’t know a thing about how working people make a living – or about cows, for that matter.

This is a flock of sheep!
Now give me back my dog!

* * * * *

CG poorly2Monday 14 March 2016

0340hrs: I stirred into semi-life, and visited the throne. I had to clear up some spots of blood I’d missed from last night’s bath when ‘Little Inchy’s lesion cracked open.

It was beautiful and warm in the bathroom; I’d left the heater on for over 15 hours! Humph!

After cleaning up the haemoglobin, I was positively cold and shivered when I came out. I put the kitchen towelling in the Medical Disposal Bag.

No INR test today, but I’ll see if I can get to contact the clinic about ‘Little Inchies’ tantrums to get an appointment.

Made a cuppa, took the medications P1050207and got the laptop on. Then went to add the fodder photo to finish off Sunday’s Dairy, and found I couldn’t find it anywhere? Worra plonker! After searching for it for a while, I gave up. ‘?’

Very annoyed with me, and a little confused as to how I could have lost it, I started to do this one.

However, the lamb shank with minted gravy garden peas and oven chips, followed by the orange and lemon dessert was a decent 9.54/10 rating as I remember.

Back to the bathroom in response to Little Inchy feeling warm and wet, oh dear. No problems, though, it might be that I’m losing it or imagining things? I could sense the rumbling innards starting up.

I’m certainly not in a very good mental state this morning. Losing yesterday’s diary and not knowing why, how, or where, might be getting to me?

Did a bit of Facebooking. Has it turned out, a lot of Facebooking?

It was getting a bit nippy, but could I find my grey bobble-hat I went to sleep wearing? No! Another mystery raises its head! I wondered what the third disappearance would be and when it would arrive? Humph!

P1050210I washed the empty tablet box’s and lids. I did them in the sink.

Of course, this mixed up the lids and pots, and I discovered here is a variation in sizes so some covers would fit and some not. Humph!

So I added getting some new pots to my ‘To-do’ list.

To-D0 1: Call in at Cabin and give bits to Deana and Julie

To-D0 2: Call in see BJ on way to Carrington

To-D0 3: Call into Lidl and get some Frikadellens 

To-D0 4: Call at the doctors on walk into town, make an appointment

To-D0 5: Call at Chemist and get prescriptions

To-D0 6: Feed and photograph the vast selection of ducks in the Arboretum pond.

To-D0 7: Call in Jessops, get earthworms for the ducks.

To-D0 8: Call in HMV to get DVD ‘Went the Day Well.

To-D0 9: Call in Tesco and treat me to some fresh cream French Horns. (Haven’t had any for four weeks now)

To-D0 10: Call in the Pound Shop and get some more mini-pots for the medications.

To-D0 11: Call in the Victoria Market, Alladin’s Cave and get a decent tin opener.

Got a good scrub-up, and got the treats for the support staff to drop off on the way out. Dropped off the rubbish bags down the waste chute on the way to the lift.

GC (01a)Called in at the Community Hut. No one was in. (FAILED To-D0 1: Call in at Cabin and give bits to Deana and Julie)

Plodded on down the hill into Sherwood. Noticed the houses being built were now advertising for bricklayers.

Crossed over the road and went to BJ’s house, knocked on the door, no answer. (FAILED To-D0 2: Call in see BJ on way to Carrington)

Up the hill into Carrington, hassle with Pavement Cyclist, who drove back to the road, waving their arms of P1050213the handlebars and waving high, while whooping?

Drunk? They were indeed using some bad language!

Naughty Boys!

I carried on up the hill.

P1050214Amazed with how well I’m doing here.

No bother from the legs or chest at all. It’s like being a different person some days!

Jeckel and Hyde? But Roger Reflux mixed in there somewhere. Hehe!

Up and over the hill, down towards Carrington, and yet another P1050215Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came belting passed me from behind, and narrowly missed clouting me. The rascally scallywag!

Onwards and managed to pass by the surgery on the opposite side of the road and thus forgot to call in the place to make an appointment. Huh! (FAILED: To-D0 4: Call at the doctors on walk into town, make an appointment)

I called into Lidl, but they didn’t have any Frikadellens in stock. (FAILED: To-D0 3: Call into Lidl and get some Frikadellens)

Called into the Chemist to get the prescriptions, but they will not be ready until Monday. FAILED: To-D0 5: Call at Chemist and get prescriptions


As I passed the South Notts College, yet again a Nottingham Cyclist nearly had me over, this time from a frontal attack.

I turned and fumbled to get my camera out of me pocket, took the photo and shouted out a single word to the illegal cyclist. He turned and laughed then ignored me – The wicked P1050217boy!

I pressed on and started to walk through the Forest Recreation site, and up the hill to the top en route to the Nottingham Arboretum.

I spotted some crocus forcing their way through on the grass verge. Nature is amazing; I just wish I’d P1050218appreciated years ago.

On the walk up the long steep hill, it turned into a hobble; the feet began to sting, the knees to hurt, and I was struggling for breath.

The wind grew stronger and the temperature began to fall.

But I was not unhappy in the cold sunshine because the ailments were not as bad as they have been the last two days or so, and I began to whistle when I reached the summit and regained my breath.

P1050219I crossed the road  and down to the top entrance of the Arboretum and felt so happy when I entered.

I loved the flowers fighting for life and looked forward to getting to the bottom of the hill and fussing over the Ducks in the pond and birds in their cages.

Suddenly, despite the few pains, I found myself singing again. Frankie Vaughan, Rick Nelson, Adam Faith, Cliff Richard and Billy Fury songs, and the Shadows tunes hummed from my lips as I happily wandered around the unkempt bushes and wildlife. A happy Nottingham pensioner.

P1050221Unfortunately (I should have expected something to bring me down, but didn’t think it would be so quick in coming!) I found that the pond had been drained!

Why or what for I don’t know, couldn’t find anything about this on the web when I got home?

Disappointed is too mild a word to tell how I felt! Instead of the six variations P1050220of ducks and geese in great numbers, there were just a few mallards fighting each other for the one bit of water left in a hole about 2ft x 10″.

The poor things rushed over to me when I threw some earthworms and seed to onto the waterless brick bottom of the pond. The pigeons joined in the meal, and I was worried about the missing ducks? Had they moved to water elsewhere? I asked a chap working there, but he had no interest, he just replied: ” I dunno!” FAILED: To-D0 6: Feed and photograph the vast selection of ducks in the Arboretum pond.

I spent an hour or so wP1050222ith the ducks and felt very low when I left them and moved on towards town.

As I walked through the Trent College compound and sprawling student residences on my way into town, a young couple overtook me and the girl had a jumper on with “Plug and Play” on the back near her bottom quarters? I’m confused, can anyone explain to me, please?


I made my way to Pound World to get some of the pots for my medications. (FAILED: To-D0 10: Call in the Pound Shop and get some more mini-pots for the drugs)

I crossed the front of Clinton Street and was so glad I didn’t have to fight my way down that way today.

P1050224 Call in the Pound Shop there. (FAILED: To-D0 10: Call in the Pound Shop and get some more mini-pots for the medications again)

Then crossed over the walkway into the Victoria Centre. Called in Jessops to get some replacement earthworms. They had none in stock! (FAILED: To-D0 7: Call in Jessops, get earthworms for the ducks)

P1050227I moved along to the other end of the mall, down the escalator towards Tesco, where I hoped the fresh cream French Horns would be waiting for me in their fridges.

For I needed cheering up after seeing the plight of the poor ducks in the arboretum.

Blow me down with a feather duster! They had sold out! (FAILED: To-D0 9: Call in Tesco and treat me to some fresh cream French Horns)

Popped in the HMV shop, guess what?  (FAILED: To-D0 8: Call in HMV to get DVD ‘Went the Day Well’!

I think I’d failed on every To-do, apart from getting the strong tin-opener from Aladdin’s Cave in the Market. I hobbled back and called in the Cave… yes, you might have guessed it. (FAILED: To-D0 11: Call in the Victoria Market, Alladin’s Cave and get a decent tin opener)! They only had the type I’d bought in the past and they have all failed or broken!

P1050226What with the  poor ducks and failing on every To-do on my list, I was feeling down now. Then I walked over the walkway out of the centre and saw this site. A paramedic pulled onto the pavement when responding to an obviously serious call, and knocked a bloke over!

I called at a Nottingham Post cabin to get a P1050225paper, and there was no one in it?I had no change so couldn’t leave the money and take a paper

I had no change so couldn’t leave the money and take a paper.

And to think how well the day started – Humph, Tsk and Huh!


I got to the L9 bus stop and caught the thing back to the flats, not in good spirits now, at all.

Met a fellow tenant (Frank) in the lifts, had a quick natter. To the flat and used the throne, found ‘Little Inchy’ was bleeding, but I wasn’t surprised, the way today had deteriorated.

P1050230Found a bill had been delivered from the Electricity, fancy that.

One thing that perked me up was the view from the kitchen window.


My feet were burning and painful.

I made a cuppa and found two meat-flies had appeared in the kitchen.

‘Little Inchy’ started leaking again, back to the bathroom and painfully cleaned and applied the Dakacort cream yet again.I found

I found the grey bob-cap I couldn’t find this morning, it was laying in full view on top of the battery radio? Little consolation for the feeling I had for the poor ducks, my failure to do one of the To-Dos on my list, and the pain Anne Gyna was now giving me. 

Already passed my bedtime, I put the laptop on to update this sad tale, and got some nosh in the oven, A meat pie, roasting veg and if I remember, I’ll put some Irish potato cakes in later.

Amazing how one can go from singing away to gloom and despondency so quickly. And I must not oversleep in the morning, the Morrisons delivery is coming twixt 0630>0730 hours.

Oh ‘eck, the backs starting now.

P1050231The nosh came out alright, I remembered to put the potato cakes in.

Rated it at 8.9/10.Far too late in the night

Far too late in the night for me, I got sat in the 1959 imitation leather armchair with the broken arms. After several attempts at watching the TV, I drifted off.

Woke a few times despite being so tired, and the poor ducks plight came back to me.


Wed 9 Sept15: Inchcock Today – Whoopsiedangleplop once again, Tsk!

Wednesday 9th September 2015


Woke up at 0410hrs in the chair where I fell asleep last night while watching TV.

Think I had some amazing dreams, but nothing concrete could be recalled – just a feeling of frustration?

WC’d, made a cuppa and cleared up the food wrappers at the side of the chair – Tsk!

Took me medications and cleaned up bleeding ‘Little Inchy’.

Laptop on and yesterdays dairy done and posted, started this one off.

Did some graphic work, Facebooked a while and then got on with trying to sort one of the dozen of giant bags that need sorting. Got me trays I bought to see if they fit into me 1967 cabinet etc.

Decided to get a bath and pretty myself up and hope I feel a bit better.

Had a super-soak, got me bus-pass, the Panasonic Lumix with the view-finder camera etc ready for me mission.

That was to go into Arnold and see if the shops there had any jackets with plenty of pockets in them. Then get some photographicalisationing done in the Nottingham Arboretum. Then see if the shops in town had any jackets with plenty of pockets in them.

Had a natter with some other residents at the bus-stop, then caught the bus into Arnold. (Oh that pensioners free-bus-pass is so appreciated! I wondered if Duncan had used his yet?) No jackets suitable in those shops, so caught a bus into town.

Dropped off on Mansfield Road and walked through the Arboretum. Some humans in the grounds but I didn’t see any animals to photograph on me way through and down to the pond come lake.

But there, were my favourites there – pigeons and mallard ducks, although not many mallards today.


P1000035Got me seed and fed them and took some photographs as they jostled to get theirs first.

I think that it’s amazing how mallards and pigeons get along, even when food is on offer, without squabbling with each other.

There were a lot of young ducks in the pond this afternoon.

I walked on down to the West gate entrance/exit and onto Waverley Street.

As I approached the gates I noticed a bee was jumping from one flower to another to get some nectar I assume.

P1000036He only stayed on each yellow flower head for a few seconds before he was off to another, he really was a busy-bee! Haha!

I tried several times to catch him with the camera. Later when I got back to the  house and laptop and downloaded the pictures from the card – only one of the shots I took came out decent. 

P1000039As I walked into town there were several Nottingham pavement Cyclists as usual – this one was on the pavement despite there being a cycle lane on the road? Ignoramus!

Up the hill and down into the City Centre.

P1000040They had some Foreign food stalls in the slab-square again.

A German BBQ stall that only had sausages on offer, the usual Indian, Chinese and a Spanish stall amongst the non-food ones.

I walked down Wheeler Gate and called in two stores in search of a suitable coat, but neither had any in.

P1000042Came out of the second store and sneaked some seed to the pigeons.

Walked back up and into Primark in case they had some jackets suitable – of course they didn’t.

I was after one of those sleeveless ones with no end of pockets all over them.

Caught the L9 back to the flats – and I reckon I must have nodded off on the bus five or six times, and was lucky in waking when I did not to miss me stop! Huh! It doesn’t seem to happen so often on the diesel buses, but almost every-time I go on one of these electric powered ones in the afternoons. Wonder why? 

Got in the flat and got me nosh cooking. I purposely made a little less this time as part of me new determination to lose some of the weight I’ve added to me belly since moving into this flat and getting a cooker.

Laptop on and updated this diary while it was cooking – had to nip to the WC and when I opened the door – the heat that hit me was lovely – I’d left the wall heater on from when I got out of the bath earlier. Made me realise how cold it was in the rest of the flat.

P1000044Got me nosh, cleverly put it in a smaller dish to fool myself into thinking I was eating me usual dollop like.

Boiled spuds, cubed spuds, tomatoes, roast parsnips, carrots onions gravy and braised beef. The roast parsnips were delectable!

Followed by a lemon yoghurt and Fromage Frais, no crisps to follow and no chocolate or biscuits either… yet!


After eating I started to clean the pots and kitchen like…

As the point of the knife stuck in me finger…

I whipped me hand out of the bowl sharpish…

Stepped back and fell over the rubbish bin. Luckily as I went down only the side of me head hit the counter.

I got up okay though… swore and then saw that the tiny wee cut on me finger could only be located with great difficulty, it is that minute! Tsk and Humph!

The bruise on me head is coming up nicely though.

Got me INR Warfarin Blood level results in the post. 4.7, very high, that means it is too thin, so less chance of having a blood-clot but more chance of bleeding to death – Hey-ho.

Rubbed some cream on me lump on me head, Cortisoided ‘Little Inchy’ and took me medications. Took extra antacid for me ulcer and stomach.

Noises coming from somewhere now, but can’t pinpoint em or work out what is making them? Sounds like crumbling concrete to me… oh, it’s stopped.

Couldn’t get to sleep – turned on the telly and listened through the headphones. Tried to nod off again… Read some of me book. Tried to get to sleep again, kept waking up regularly. I think it must have been around 0300hrs when I finally got off.

Woke up around 0530hrs. Humph!