Inchcock Today – Monday 19th February 2018:

Monday 19th February 2018

Mongolian: 2018 оны 2-р сарын 19-ны Даваа гарагт

0050hrs: Stirred, woke, fell asleep.

0125hrs: Stirred, woke, fell asleep.

0155hrs: Stirred, woke, fell asleep.

0220hrs: Stirred woke, waited for the brain to link-up with the body, and pandiculated. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and into the kitchen, kettle on and set up the sphygmomanometer within minutes. Checks and medications were taken.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Bit of attention and medicalisationing needed.

Made a brew, and got on the computer. Started this post off, and then updated yesterdays diary and posted it.

I swapped from Firefox to Chrome so I could access the WordPress Reader. Then back to Firefox to do the commenting.

I’d run out of advance drafts, so I went on CorelDraw to make some more page header graphics to use. Only managed to do two, but still.

Facebooking next. Took me a good while, cause of all the photographicalisations I put on from yesterday.

Time to get the ablutions and medicalisationing done.

Soon sorted out. Sorted black bags and took them to the chute on my way out.

A bit of drizzle and it looked rather dark depressing and dank. But it wasn’t cold at all out there.

I took this picture of the new build and Winchester Court.

Then crossed over to the walkway to make my way to the Obergruppenfurheresses temporary porta-cabin come shed.

It was somewhat muddy on the grass path. So, recalling Saturday’s nasty slipping-on-the mud on the hill path Whoopsiedangleplop and ending up on my bum; that Harold’s Haemorrhoids are still giving pain from, I walked on the roadway instead.

Got in the hut, greeted Obergefreiteress Warden Julie, and joined four other tenants waiting to go out to the bus. Cindy, Welsh Bill, Ethel and the bloke that knows everything. Had a natter and laughed with Cindy and Bill. William told me he had been in the hospital for two nights. He had Morphine poisoning! The paramedics whipped him in quickly and bypassed the queues straight into a small ward with only eight beds, and two nurses in attendance 24/7. Glad to report he is okay now, but as they warned him, he’s going to feel so tired for a few weeks.

The gang went out to catch the bus of their choice. Only four of us got on the city-bound vehicle.

I dropped off on Queen Street and went straight down to the Slab Square. Where many Nottingham Pavement Cyclist were flying around.

But none of them close to the pedestrian shoplifters. Sorry, I meant shoppers, of course.

Works were taking place in front of the Council House.

The mood seemed to be one of moroseness and gloominess from the Nottinghamian’s, as they glumly went about their business. (Mugging, pickpocketing, shoplifting, benefit frauding, whatever) Hehe!

I made my way to the Fletcher Gate Poundland store. Where, due to their having many items I usually can’t get, especially in the nibbles department; I ended up spending £14! Tsk!

Walked down the road a little to St Peter’s Square and slipped the Big issue seller a couple of quid, on the way to the shop. This visit to the Food Hall was costly too. They had some triple-fried chips, Potato Rostis that were short-dated and reduced and Sourdough Bread that cost £2 for a 200g loaf! After paying the lady at the till; I remembered that the Morrison Order is coming in the morning, instead of Thursday because of the GUM clinic appointment on Thursday! Huh, what a plonka!

Making my way to the bus stop, I noticed another piece of Nottingham Street-Art.

This ride in the centre of the slab, looked like it was ready to be open to the public.

Buy, the weather did not seem like it would encourage many customers to take advantage of it.

I wonder how much they charge?

Plodded on through the Slab Square en route.

The place was getting very depressing looking now, as the drizzle was very light, but the accompanying bleak darkness not very cheer-making at all.

The lack of Nottinghamians I found disconcerting and unnatural.

As I continued up Queen Street, I saw this poor dog with his leg up. He stayed in this position for around three minutes or two. I thought I’d be too late to capture his image by the time I got the camera out, but no, I had plenty of time.

His owner yanked him away before the animal, who was apparently struggling, could finish. Tsk!

At the apex of Queen and King Street, I observed this super-fit pretend policeman… No, I mean Community Police officer, helping a driver with his nowhere to park problem.

I sensed the alert, wide-awake, intelligent brain and keen enthusiasm of this Officer. Hehe!

I made it to the bus stop, with eight minutes to spare.

Once on the bus, I got out the Crossword Book and had a good bash at the puzzles for the entire journey. Only stopping as we arrived back at the Winwood flats on Chestnut Walk.

I hadn’t noticed, but Cindy and Ethel had got on en route.

As I got off the vehicle, I had few words of greetings with many tenants who were getting on it. Walked along to the flats with Ethel and Cindy, I could hardly keep up with them. We had a little laugh and natter, I alighted on the twelfth floor, bade them farewell, and got to the flat and put the purchases away.

Got the oven heating up, had a wee-wee, did the Health Checks and got on the computer to update this twaddle. It took a long time.

Did a bit of Facebooking.

Got the chips in the oven, and did the last Checks and medication taking.

Nosh served up.

Mackerel in BBQ sauce, triple-cooked chips, tomatoes and sliced apple. With the M&S sourdough bread, which was tasty, but had more holes in it than Gouda cheese.

Washed the pots and watched some TV. Staying awake for two full hour-long programmes! Before nodding off for ten-minutes, waking and nodding off again repeatedly for ages. The mind was in no mood for letting me sleep. I kept waking to find myself pondering or worrying about something different each time.

Inchcock Today: Friday 2nd January 2015

Last night I ate some sweetcorn I didn’t realise was in me BBQ bean mix wot I bought at great expense – I stopped eating them when I did realise… to late though. Boy did I suffer at the rear end last night!

I’m amazed  I had time to have any dreams with all the waking up I did. But I did my usual and had them, not that I can recall much other than: I kept getting caught doing wrong and gangs of people, some I’m sure were passed colleagues were goading and mocking me relentlessly… I seemed to be in a garden shed of sorts that had all sorts of machinery in it. That’s all I can recall of them.

I was up at 0240hrs and tended as best I could to the haemorrhoid problem. (Sweetcorn?)

WC’d then started the laptop and made a cuppa, too early to take me medications yet.

The knees were not pleased with being used again after yesterday’s marathon hobble.

After doing some graphics and posting yesterday’s Diary I made another cuppa and took me medications, applied the Phorpain gel and creams, passed wind and just got to the porcelain in time. It was not pleasant. Hehe… what am I laughing at?

I’d like to go to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop with some bits for em, then feed and photo the mallards today. Bit concerned about the arthritis in me knees and ankles at the moment, they’ve never been worse. Mind you, I can only blame myself for suffering the marathon hobble yesterday. Tsk! 

I forced me unwilling knees into action and had a scrub-up and got ready to go on me walk. I thought it best to walk to Sherwood first to the Charity shop, then catch the bus unto town perhaps according to how my ailments were.

So I set off on me hike to Sherwood, only to find the shop closed – I didn’t think of that did I?

0501FaaI was annoyed with myself, I turned round and walked all the way into town – painfully!

As I limped passed the Park Hotel I noted they had put up a new poster outside to advertise their gym. It said “Membership Sale 2 weeks free!” I saw a funny side to that and took a photo, but I can’t remember now what I saw funny in it? I know… sad!

0501FaI pressed on, and the wind was getting worse all the time – the weather wind I mean not me.

Hobbled to the top of the hill and as I walked down towards the City Centre a bus appeared, the first one in my up to that point 40 minute walk.

I walked through the Broad Marsh centre and out into Carrington Street 0501Fband nipped in Sainsburys for a loaf for the mallards on the canal, I already had some seed and earth-worms in my bag for the pigeons.

I reckon the wind was even stronger now, not cold with it by I had to take care not to get blown into the canal!

some yobs were lurking further along the bank, so I turned the other way 0501Fdand walked under the first bridge to feed the birds. In the distance on the photo you can just make out the mallards paddling towards me.

They were soon joined by the seagulls and Canada geese, then the pigeons too.

It’s incredible how much pleasure I get out of feeding the ducks and pigeons.

I checked first to see if the sign had been replaced on the tree informing folk not to to feed the birds but it hadn’t been, so I did.

And none of them pooped on me today.

0501FcThe youths were moving toward me and nearly under the bridge, so I poddled away under the second bridge and made me way up the path to road level, keeping an eye on them.

Two chaps were coming down the path onto the canal tow-path and the youths turned back the other way? since the last time I got mugged I’m very weary yer know.

I made me way into Broad Marsh shopping centre proper (limping well by now too) and foolishly called in Heron’s food store. I knew it would be bad for me legs carrying heavy bags again. Tsk! I got lollies, milk and disinfectant… oh and soap powder.

0501FfAs I walked through to the other end I took photo’s of a ladies-wear shop for the TFZ gals that I hope to remember to post later today.

I got out into the wind again and walked up Wheeler Gate, there were a few folk about and most shops open.

The street performers were out in number.

0501FgAs I passed Marks & Sparks the police were taking away a couple of young Nottingham shoplifters, I could tell they from Nottingham by the way they pronounced the swear words.

I was really struggling with the knees and feet now.

As I went passed I think it was the Dolcis shoe shop, I couldn’t believe my 0501Feeyes. On display in the window were children’s shoes including the one I photographed here reduced from £28.00 down to £22.00! £22.00 ($34.00) for kids shoes and they were only about 5 inches long?

There were some in the sale at £35.50 ($55) crickey… do they know how to charge?

I walked on along Clinton Street and on to the bus-stop – I was very lucky one was in and due to leave in two minutes.

I struggled along and got in the flea-pit in time to visit the porcelain without any problems being caused.

I got the frozen food into the freezer and at that stage remembered I’d ordered a delivery for the morning from Iceland freezer centre – Oh what a clot I am!

Made a cuppa and started this diary of woes.

Lost BT internet connection – no really, honestly, hard for anyone to believe but there you are. Fancy that!


Inchcock Today: Friday 19th December 2014

Awake at 0250hrs. Feeling like I’d had no sleep at all and still tired?

I laid there again trying to reclaim the dreams I’d had without any success at all this time.

The angina seemed easier at this point, crossing fingers here.


05F01I started the laptop and went down and put the kettle on – sorted the rubbish and bags for the Refuge Containment Operatives to collect later. The rain was a’raining and the wind a’blowing, but it wasn’t cold at all.

I managed to trip up the doorstep coming back in… I believe I may have uttered an expletive of a parentage questioning nature. The tiny scratch on me shin bled away to its hearts content. Took a while but it stopped after a few minutes. I hoped my INR Warfarin level was alright.

Back up to the laptop with me newly brewed cuppa.


BT Internet connection working okay. Coreldraw messy and crashing with differing results to normal and not saving again. Tsk!

Started this Diary around 0325hrs.

Did some graphics and blogging.

Made another cuppa and took me tablets. Rubbed in some extra Permethrin cream today.

Got myself spit and polished – teggies bleeding now… huh!

Set off on me walk into the City Centre. Bit of drizzle and windy, but not cold with it today. Mind you I wus listening t’radio as I got ready and possible freezing tonight given out.

05F02crossing2The walk through town was easy enough, not many folks about yet, although the cyclists on the pavements were there again.

I plodded on and called in Sainsburys to get a loaf for the mallards on the canal.

Then up the road to take a picture of Carrington Street from the same view as the ones I posted a facebook from 1919 – 2003 and 2013, some changes made. I’ll post it later on the Troll Free Zone I think.

I ambled down to the canal to feed the mallards…

There were no mallards…

There were no pigeons either!

05F03bargeVery weird this – the only birds in sight were those illegal immigrants the sea-birds!

So I took a photograph of a barge on the canal where the mallards should have been?

See? No mallards or any other birds around the canal this morning?

The barge was named ‘The Slow Couch’ – I was careful not to wake the occupants who were obviously late risers.

05F04signI risked the now numerous mad mobility scooter drivers dodging all over the place and walked towards town.

En route I saw a Nottingham City Council sign for Nottingham Markets. It told me Bulwell market was open today. So I thought I’d catch a bus there and feed the mallards on the river Leen being as the Canal ones had seemingly abscondicated. (Is that a word? Well I like it anyway)

05F05ostrichI got me bus-pass ready and made for the Bulwell bus-stop. Stopping on the way to take a picture of the stall just opening that was selling Ostrich, Kangaroo and Beef burgers at £3.50 ($5.49) each. The lady there had some early customers too!

I pressed on and caught the number 17 bus into Bulwell.

Yet another interesting, during the trip I an old Asian guy sat next to me, but he didn’t want to talk when I asked him how he was keeping. He only travelled for a couple of stops and got off.

Then a young lady got on and sat next to me and dropped her mobile phone. She alighted the bus and an elderly lady got on and sat next to me. I asked her how she was keeping? She informed me that she was well, but rather deaf so best if I stop speaking to her.

I dropped off at Tesco and went in to have a look see if they had any French Horns in stock.

My first visit to this large Tesco branch. I had to get a trolley first then travel with it up an escalator into the actual store.

05F05TescoI had a poddle around and came to the bread sections where I investigated the bread thins.

Mmmm… while searching for the ones with the longest shelf life on them I came across a packet marked sell-by 10th December! they even put Lidl and Asda to shame with that!

I placed that pack with a 22 December sell-by one and took a photo of em on the shelf! Needless to say which one I purchased.

I got some crispy bacon, ice lollies, olive-oil and butter spread and a pack of honey flavoured yogurts. I know how to live yer know!

05F06BulwellI hobbled down to the ground floor and waddled up into Bulwell Market as the Nottingham City Council sign in the city centre suggested.

It was very sparsely being used and the folk again didn’t seem happy at all?

Perhaps it was the wind?

I made me way to the River Leed and saw a newspaper vender’s sign: Three Men Arrested! So I bought a copy, it read:

Three men have been arrested after an altercation in Bulwell during which a man suffered a stab wound. Two people were taken to hospital following the incident, on Thursday morning. The trio were arrested in connection with a public order offence. There was a heavy police presence on the estate in the morning, with seven police vehicles, including a riot van, attending the scene.

05F07pigeonsAnother reason for them not to be happy?

When I arrived at the river, the mallards and pigeons greeted me as usual – but within seconds they all flew away? Another strange occurrence!

Perhaps there was a Peregrine Falcon about? But that doesn’t match with the canal mallards being absent? Mmmm!

05F08boughtI made my way to the bus station and caught one back to Carrington.

Got in and started the laptop.


Made a brew and put me things away.

Had curried beans and Pork loin sandwiches, a lolly and mousse and updated this diary.

Tried to watch a DVD…

Inchcock Today: Sunday 9th November 2014

Just how is Britain’s miniature answer to Ebola doing today?

0701Nervous, uncertain, cold and weary!

Sunday 9th November 2014

Bad night for waking up every few minutes it seemed – and fretting over something different every time.

Gave up and got up at 0250hrs.

0702Laptop took ages to start.

Made a cuppa and returned to it – Internet freezing again. Restarted twice. All three active blue lights on all the time now.

Third loading it is working… reluctantly.

0703I’m sneezing like a good un this morning.

Got loads of graphics done for the TFZers.

Coreldraw is not playing up now? Apart from the not letting me save of course. But still, in confuses me why.

Very cold this morning now.

0704Morrison’s order came, no substitutions.

I’m going to get myself beautified, sanitised and prettied-up and take the camera for a walk into Nottingham. Oh, and of course well wrapped up – me that is not the camera!

I attended the Remembrance service at St John’s, and came away slightly 0705thoughtful but depressed as usual.

Being a Sunday (See how quick I was there?), not much traffic on Mansfield Road as I set off on walk into the City Centre.

As I arrived there, still not much traffic, but plenty of Nottinghomian’s lurking alarmingly about, as well as cyclist, mobility scooters, street performers and big Issue sellers as well.

I poddled through town to the South end and went in Sainsbury’s to get some bread for the birds.

0706I went down to the Nottingham canal and as I was feeding them I realised or rather remembered that it was now banned and I risked an on the spot fine of £65!

So I threw in the rest of the bread quickly… during which one of the animals shat down me left trouser leg!

I was not feeling too good, a bit dizzy and lifeless so I made towards the City Centre to catch the bus home.

On the way I nipped into the pound shop and got another bag of bird seed – that I will have to remember to use in Derby not Nottingham.

0707Walked through town, taking a picture of buildings and nice sky.

Hobbling now, I struggled to the bus-stop. When it arrived and I got on it, I took a picky of me leg and the bird poop!

 Back at the Steptoe & Son hovel, WC, laptop started and made a cuppa.

Microwaved potatoes tonight, with some BBQ sausages methinks.

Do you know, I can’t figure out why I feel so low… Tsk!

Inchcock Checks Out His Medications


The magazine review:


I think this worried Inchcock a bit?

Warfarin (a colourless, crystalline, water-insoluble anticoagulant, C19H16O4) Introduced in 1948 as a pesticide against rats and mice, and is still used for this purpose.

Warfarin was found to be effective and relatively safe for preventing thrombosis and thromboembolism in many disorders. It was approved for use as a medication in 1954, and has remained popular ever since; Warfarin is the most widely prescribed oral anticoagulant drug.


Not too encouraging a review here for Inchcock!

Despite its effectiveness, the treatment with Warfarin has several shortcomings. Many commonly used medications interact with Warfarin, as do some foods (particularly leaf vegetable foods or “greens,” since these typically contain large amounts of vitamin K1) and its activity has to be monitored by blood testing for the international normalised ratio (INR) to ensure an adequate yet safe dose is taken.

A high INR predisposes to a high risk of bleeding, while an INR below the therapeutic target indicates the dose of Warfarin is insufficient to protect against thromboembolic events, and may encourage blood clotting.

When you take Warfarin, your blood won’t clot as easily. If you accidentally cut yourself while taking Warfarin, you may bleed heavily. You’re more likely to have bleeding problems if you’re older than 75 or take other blood-thinning medications that can further increase your bleeding risk.


Warfarin side effects that require immediate medical attention

1) Severe bleeding

Inchcock Not affected at the moment

2) Black stool or bleeding from the rectum

Inchcock affected: Went to see GP, told he had haemorrhoids.

3) Skin conditions such as hives, a rash or itching

Inchcock affected: Mentioned to GP, who prescribed the old git Cetraben cream.

4) Swelling of the face, throat, mouth, legs, feet or hands

Inchcock affected: GP prescribed Furozamide water tablets.

5) Bruising that comes about without an injury you remember

Inchcock affected: Occasionally this happen. Inchcock notices sometimes in a morning, he puts this down to the nightmares he has nightly might have caused him to toss about a bit. He sleeps on the floor to ease his back pain you see.

6) Chest pain or pressure

Inchcock affected: GP put this down to his Angina and Reflux valve, and increased his Angina medication dosage.

7) Nausea or vomiting

Inchcock Not affected:

8) Fever or flu-like symptoms

Inchcock affected: He tells me these seem to be ever present.

9) Joint or muscle aches

Inchcock affected: GP told him to expect these and his Arthritis doesn’t help.

10) Diarrhoea

Inchcock Not affected:

11) Difficulty moving

Inchcock affected: He says every day can be different. As the CP suggested, he gets out for a hobble as often as his condition allows him to. Three/four times a week. Dizzy spells can be a bother to him though.

12) Numbness or tingling in any part of your body

Inchcock affected: Hands fingers and feet are the worst affected.

13) Painful erection lasting four hours or longer

Inchcock affected: Boy of boy… yes, every night! Hence the current bleeding on his Inch.

14) Severe dizziness

Inchcock affected: Not regular pattern, but some days it can be incapacitating to Inchy. GP changed amounts of some of his medications, but the dizzy spells continue.

15) Trouble breathing

Inchcock affected: GP puts this down to his angina and reflux valve.

Less serious Warfarin side effects to tell your doctor about

1) Explosive and unexpected emissions of wind from the anus.

Inchcock affected: Boy is he affected! GP told him to expect this due to the Warfarin, his Reflux Valve sticking and his earlier cancer operation.

2) Feeling cold

Inchcock affected: GP told him to expect this.

3) Fatigue

Inchcock affected: Hence the old man’s falling asleep at any given time. That’s why he lost his driving licence, and nowadays falls asleep at his laptop, on the bus, in the hospital waiting room etc.

4) Pale skin

Inchcock affected: So much so he told me he thought he’d died the other day when he woke up and looked in the mirror.

5) Changes in the way foods taste

Inchcock affected: He has found himself liking food he did not like before going on Warfarin.

6) Hair loss

Inchcock affected: Although his being bald headed makes this a tad difficult to monitor, his chest and underarm hairs have diminished, and his moustache is turning grey.

Although rare, Warfarin can also cause skin tissue death (necrosis) and gangrene requiring amputation. This complication most often happens three to eight days after you start taking Warfarin. If you notice any sores, changes in skin colour or temperature, or severe pain on your skin, notify your doctor immediately.

Inchcock wrote in a very unsteady hand that he had considered looking into the side effect of his many other medications… but had decided against it.

Inchcock Misses His Walk into Nottingham

Walk 001

Juan Inchcock, our 68 year old Nottingham correspondent and unemployed Gas Street lamp wick trimmer, found himself housebound the today.

Partly due to his arthritis, angina, losing his free-bus-pass and walking stick, the flapping holed sole of his right shoe, and the lousy wet weather.

He was straining a thrice-used Asda Smartprice tea bag, when he thought about what he might be missing on his cancelled wonderful walks through his beloved Nottingham.

He takes up the story… no hang on, he’ll take up the story when he returns from the loo.

(Whistle whistle…)

Ah here he comes….

 Inchcock explains all

I feel rather sad really, realising the many things I had come to expect to see and enjoy on my daily hobble into Nottingham and by bus-ride back home again.

The things I miss most

Walk02* The skills I’ve acquired over the years in avoiding the dog phoo and broken bottles on the way to the main road.

* Checking for the gangs of yobs, and taking a different route.

* The skilful way I avoid the stones thrown at me, and ignore having my parentage questioned by the little mites in the playground as I pass the Junior school.

* Passing the many Pay-Day loan outlets is a bit depressing though. Not often I see any customers in them, but they always seem to be someone smoking, with a pram with toddler and beer cans in it, and a few kids with them. The kids are usually trying their best to destroy the furniture in the office.

* The pleasure of guessing to myself, where the next road blocked off while the police investigate the murder, stabbing, or fire-bombing that took place the previous night will be situated.

* Using my vast experience and skills in spotting and avoiding the beggars, Big Issue sellers, and pickpockets as I approach the city centre.

* Observing the playful way in which the shoplifters are occasionally removed from the stores into the police vehicles.

* Popping into the 99p store to be short-changed, sneered at and overcharged, I have to appreciate their consistency.

* Moving along to the Pound shop and getting out without physical injury is very rewarding – reminds me of jumble sales in the 1960’s.

* The St Peter’s Church area. Where one can find Jehovah’s witnesses, Muslims’ and of odd Christian spouting their beliefs.

* The clever way in which I take the routes less likely to be shat on by the pigeons, not always successfully I admit… all this experience is invaluable.

* To stand and watch Himmler, the parking attendant, with his chest out, and weighed down with all his pouches, machines, and tackle around his midriff, strutting up and down Mansfield Road, as he totally ignores cars parked on the pavement, and in the disabled bay. I often wondered if his ticket machine actually works, I’ve never seen him use it yet this year (or last year come to that!).

* The lunchtime drunks falling out of the pubs can be entertaining too.

Walk 003* I often wonder if I am the only person to see the drug dealing going on in the city library and McDonald’s.

* Avoiding the gangs of lager swilling pot smoking scary looking gentlemen who gather outside of the three benefit offices in the city centre is an essential part of surviving a walk through town. But I have to take care not to trip over any of empty strong lager cans.

Walk 04* The gentle whiff of rotting decay rising from the canal, as the ducks try to navigate around the shopping trolleys, condoms, empty cider bottles, and bicycles to get to the bread I’ve thrown in for them is always worth a look.

* The constant melodious sound of intruder alarms, car, and emergency vehicle sirens and klaxon’s, mingle with voices and curses of people being arrested, the children swearing, and the many different languages being spoken, all blend together to create a distinctively Nottingham sound that should be appreciated.

* A quick check on the many Charity shops – but they cannot help me!

* I might pop into the Arboretum to feed the ducks, get mugged, on my way to a meeting with my financial advisor (Social Security Benefits Office).

* An essential part of my strolls through the City Centre is to count the many and ever increasing number of retail premises closed down, for sale, lease, or rent. I do a report each month for the Outer Peruvian Pregnant Kangaroo Appreciation Society’s newsletter, although they have never printed one yet.

* I’ll often stand outside Starbucks, Caffe Nero or Costa Coffee, and sniff in the aroma, watching the people inside who can afford £2.99 for a cup of the horrible stuff.

* The pleasant group of youths who congregate in the slab square near the fountains are worth a watch while I rest me weary feet and legs and eat me seaweed. I think the one with Walk 05four ear-rings, a nose ring, smudged tattoos on his neck and green dyed hair is the best of them at seeing hoe far they can spit into the paddling pool area.

* Having been hit four times my Mobility Scooters (Or the people supposedly driving them) I am on tenterhooks when in the city centre. So I have to try and keep an eye out for them while trying to keep me balance walking, and watching for potential muggers. (I’ve been mugged twice as well).

Oh I do miss my daily walk into Nottingham!