Inchcock – Tuesday 29th January 2019: Weevil Mystery! Photographicalistions. A long tiring day for the old-timer! Hehe!


Willmott Dixon lads at work on the new Winwood Court

jan29 2019

Tuesday 29th January 2019

Norwegian: Tirsdag 29. Januar 2019

23:20hrs: I sort of shot awake, with a worryingly instant demand for the Porcelain Throne! The scrimmage to get out of the second-hand rickety, rusty 1978 recliner, and straight to the wet room went well and without any altercations.

wd 255.0.150 But oh what a mess! Little Inchies fungal lesion had been bleeding again. The cleaning up and medications were painful and uncomfortable. However, on the plus side, the evacuation went well with no haemorrhaging from the rear end.

I cleaned up the blood on the porcelain and floor. I washed the dandies and disinfected the contact points.

2tue03wd 255.0.150 Then had a check of the fluid container pins. Hehe!

What a state! Although I think the fluid storage was less than yesterday, the papsules, mystery scars blotches, and spider veins seemed to have had some disappear and other replacement ones grown in the night, yet again!

I had a good perusal of the wet room floor, and there were no sightings of any of the EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) dead or alive? Another Woodthorpe Court Mystery!

I tackled the Health Checks next.


2tue05The BP had been so high on every check this week. I wonder why? Then again, a lot of things confuse me nowadays. Hahaha!

I used the old little camera to take this shot of morning sky – not very good is it?

Indeed not of my better efforts. I might have moved the camera a little, cause I was trying to catch the blue lights of the three emergency vehicles belting down Winchester Street, and the two on Mansfield Road in the same photo. Tsk!

I pressed on with updating the Monday blog and got it posted off to WordPress.During which, the wee-wees I found to have settled into a VSFWWW (Very short-Frequent-Weak-Wee-wees) variety. Hehe!

2tue07Had a break for a mug of tea and to get some breakfast. I reached for the porridge pot with the picker-upper claw, dropped it, then picked it up off of the floor.

wd 255.0.150 Then, when I spotted how dirty parts of the floor looked – Guilt mode was Adopted. I stopped and cleared the stuff off off the corners and edges of the tiles, and got it 2tue08swept and mopped.

Obviously, at this time of the morning (03:50hrs), I did not use the vacuum, but the old bush and pan.

I used the cloth mop to do the corners and gaps, and the round foot-press Spin-mop and bucket for the main area.

I made use of Flash floor 2tue09cleaner and lemon disinfectant used.

I didn’t make any noise and felt a little proud of myself in fact.

The knees and legs were not complaining at all. I did have to stop for three of the VSFWWWs, though.

2tue10aWhen it came to cleaning the mess afterwards, I found that two EIBWBBB weevils were in the water? Still, they were both dead ones.

But, as I washed the bowl used to clean both of the mops up in, I had to have a wee-wee.

2tue10When I got back after the VSFWWW, to empty the bowl that I’d left in the kitchen sink. Blimey, there was a live Weevil in the bowl.

Maybe it is fate, kismet, destiny or providence that I live out my life with these alien Weevils as some company? Has some all-powerful entity decided I can have their camaraderie and adopt them as pets? Haha!

I got to do this post and got up to here, then went to check the kitchen in case I’d left something running, like a tap (faucet), and to review the outcome of my domestic science handiwork. The floor didn’t look too bad, but Guilt about everywhere else made me consider doing some sorting on the counters and cupboards, the fridge as well.

wd 255.0.150 Then Dizzy Dennis gave me such a scare! (All the bending, I suppose I should have known I’d get this!). I all but went over when he came again a few minutes later. I’d gone from Semi-Smug-Mode to Feeling-Sorry-for-Myself Mode in two minutes. Humph! But I thought I’d get the medications pots done up to avoid the stretching, bending and lifting, as a substitute Make-Me-Feel-Better-In-Myself-Mode? Hehehe!


Back to the computer, and checked the weather forecast, rain-wise to decide if to go out today or not. I had thought yesterday about getting a bus to Derby or Mansfield to get out a bit. No more Dizzy Dennis visits, yet! This is the forecast for today hour by hour:


I didn’t have the porridge after all. I had a mug of tea and some cheesy-nibbles and watched some clips about motoring accidents.

Sorted the Ablutions. Assembled the recycling bag, glass empties and black bags sorted out. Got dressed warmly and took them with me on the way out.

IT was -4°c outside showing on the electronic notice board near the lifts when I exited the building.


A water leak on Chestnut Walk didn’t help either. The frosted/iced vehicle screens showed how nippy it was. I felt a tad sorry for the lads doing the excavating work. I plodded on, waving through the window to Generalfeldmarschalless Julie and Riechsführeress Deana as I passed the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Generaloberstesses Wardens Temporary HQ. WC, Rumourmongering Clinic. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationalistic Area. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Crockery and pottery to be stolen from location, and residents porta-cabin. Then to the end of the road and down Winchester Street hill into Sherwood.

2tue12cSince my childhood, I have always been fascinated by heliotropism (movement of plants towards sunlight).

The stretch of panelling in this picture shows why. The shrubbery has somehow forced its way through the narrow gaps in the planks of wood, attached itself to the grain, and spread out. I continue to be amazed at Mother Nature. At Mankind too, but for other reasons!

2tue12dFurther down, as I walked by the entrance to the Muggers-Delight pathway, I spotted a piece of Nottingham Street Art.

I thought for a moment, (I do this occasionally) with the beautiful orange daisy (or whatever it is called) flowering bravely through the freezing weather to bloom and search-out any sunlight, it shows contrast twixt people and nature. I wondered if the Tate Gallery would be interested? If not, I could take a picture of some bricks for them back at the flats. Hehe!

I got onto Mansfield Road, and there was a while to wait before I could use my bus-pass at 09:30hrs. So I went into some Charity Shops to search for any China mugs they may have on sale. The Nottingham Hospice shop didn’t have any. The Cancer shop had a cup 2tue12ethat looked like porcelain, but it was too heavy to be China. The Sue Ryder shop had a lot of cups and mugs, but no China ones, so my searching over, I went out to the bus stop and caught a Pronto bus to Mansfield.

Not many passengers to start with, but it filled up later, and the bus had to keep stopping with no one at the bus stops. Presumably, to keep to the time-table?

wd 255.0.150 Getting off the bus was a high-level-risk situation. The stampede from those at the back of the bus encouraged me just to wait until they were all off before me. But a woman still managed to tread on my bag and then foot sat sidesaddle waiting patiently for the trampling to end. Tsk!

wd 255.0.150 Being the last one off of the vehicle, I then had to contend with the attack of those boarding! I have to give these folks credit, their shoulder charges, tut-tutting and dirty looks were all first-rate! I escaped the bus depot as soon as I could, it was chaotic in there.

2tue12fI took the underpass through to the B&M and Poundstretcher stores, calling in the B&M first.

I poddled about for ages. First I went in search of any China cups or mugs they may have on sale. None found. However, I ended up with a bag full of purchases all the same. At the cost of only £10.38. A tube of Liquorice Allsorts, two different pots of porridge, Wagon Wheels for the Social Hour nibble box, and two pots of sweet & sour noodles.

3wed05The best thing I bought that made all the effort worthwhile was some Glengettie Welsh tea-bags! Perhaps the most potent tea I have ever tasted, just great! I’d not seen any on sale anywhere for years now. They only had three box’s left on show, so I grabbed them all!

wd 255.0.150 I paid the lady, who I felt sorry for, as she had apparently lost her voice. At least she didn’t respond to my Good morning, Are you keeping well, or Thank you, comments. Tsk!

The rain was drizzling as I left, but it didn’t bother me as I only had to walk a few yards under cover to the Poundstretcher shop next door.

Where I spent a little more money, on Nibbles for the Social box, some biscuits for raffle prizes, and some flying saucer sherberts for myself. I found they had some bottles of French’s Authentic American Mississippi Sweet and Smokey BBQ sauce at… wait for it… 19p a bottle! Its usually costs £2! I couldn’t find a sell-by date on any, so I assume it must have been out-of-date. ‘Brewed & bottled in Missouri, USA’ it said on the label. I bought two bottles. I got the whole shop for only £9.87! I paid the lady, who apparently is suffering the same problems as the lady in the B&M store with her voice. Haha!

I can’t blame the staff at all. With so many shops closing all around them, even the pub across the way had closed down, it must be thoroughly depressing for them, and their spirits at rock-bottom.

2tue12gOut into the sad roadway outside that had now barred any parking, that must have cheered up the few shop owners who are left!

But that did not stop a traffic Warden plodding up the road. The lady using her mobile phone nearly walked into the traffic officer, half acknowledge him without stopping using her texter. And then, almost walked into the scaffolding piles! Oh, how I wish I hadn’t put the camera back in my pocket! Hahaha!

2tue14I had a poddle around the sadly near-deserted streets.

Mansfield made Nottingham look like a Fun Palace. Depressive, I’m afraid.

Many years ago, when I worked near Mansfield for the Co-op, when the pits were still open, the folks were all a friendly and happy lot.

Even a year or so ago, I called into the Beales Store in the photo of happier times below. They occupied both sides of the parade.


Now, sadly I find they are closing down for good. This is such sad news for the retailers still open. Heartbreaking, I feel so much for the owners and the staff.

I took the midday meds from the pot in the bag and popped them.

wd 255.0.150 I made my way gloomily to the bus station and joined the scrum to get on the Nottingham bus. I was struggling to get into the seat with my two bags of shopping, another woman trod on one of the bags. Tsk! I was glad to be going home, I can tell yers! Humph!

2tue15A little light drizzle on the way back to Sherwood. But the driver was on my side and went like a bat out of hell for me.

I had to hold back a wee-wee of course. Not easy or painless, but somehow I held out until I got back to the flat! Phew!

Dropped off in Sherwood and waited for a 40 bus to take me up the hill a few stops. A tenant from Winchester Court was sat in the shelter, and we had a chinwag and laugh, bless her.

wd 255.0.150 The short uphill walk from the bus stop on Winchester Street proved a problem. The damned ankle kept giving way en route.

2tue15aThe workers seem to be taking away an awful lot of soil from the front of Winchester and Winwood Courts.

I hope they do not topple over and down the hill! Hahaha!

The drizzle had stopped altogether now.

2tue15bI made my way back to the flats, and up to mine and took a painful wee-wee. Ahh!

Well, Argh and Ahh! Hehehe!

I unloaded the bags of purchases and put the nibble in the spare room box.

2tue15cDid the Health Checks and took the medications.

I laid out the buys and took a photo of them.

I thought the Wheels would come in handy as raffle prizes, cause I haven’t seen them before so might be appealing?

The canned beans were a fair price and in 2tue15dsmaller cans to suit me. The sweet & Sour noodles were very cheap, so it doesn’t matter if I don’t like them.

USed the step ladders to get the brekkie corner filled with the pots bought added and rotated date-wise. All full now!

wd 255.0.150 But, the thing I went for, the milk, I’d forgot to get! Twerp, Eizel, Nudnik, Putz, Schlemiel, Schnook and Yold! But you must know that already? Humph!

I got the pie in the oven heating and added some Texas sausages later, so they were both ready at the same time.

Got it served up and had the last of the milk roll bread with it. Just about to get settled to eat it, and the door chime rang-out to its tone of! “You’ve started something oh can’t you… I only wanna be with you” (Dusty Springfield). It was Stabsfeldwebeless Warden Deana and Sturmbannführeress Warden Julie. They had come to do a battery check with control with the Alert Wristlet alarm. They’d seen me hobbling home earlier, so knew I’d be in. The smell from my Cumberland Pie and sausage cooking got them going, they liked it! Hehehe! Check all done, I told them about the Glengettie tea bags bargain, had a short chinwag and off they went.

2tue15eI used a drop of the BBQ Sauce I’d bought on it. I must remember not to use too much in future, its very hot, but I think I can cope with just using a little. Hehe!

An 8.5/10 flavour rating for this one.WAshed the pots up.

Watching the TV, Dizzy Dennis paid me another visit. Tsk!

Can’t remember much after that, so I assume I dropped off at a ridiculously early time. Which is probably why I woke at 23:30 hours, wide awake?

Ah-well, as the Italians say, ‘Quel Che sarà sarà’ I think?

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 1st May 2018: Incorporating photos of Inchcock’s Hobble around town


Tuesday 1st May 2018

Haitian Creole: Madi 1ye me 2018

0315hrs: Upon my experrection, and it was the complete opposite of yesterday, I knew I’d been dreaming but could not remember any facts about them. Just a sense that they were of a disturbing nature.

The ailments were in a good mood with me. I disentangled my misshaped rotund flobby body from the £300 second-hand recliner and limped into the kitchen to attend to the Health Checks.



Made a brew and laid out the medications ready to take.

The readings looked more in line with what they should be again.

Off to the wet room for a wee-wee, short and sharp this time. No long marathon, but it was a little uncomfortable and tingly; if that is the right word?


Back to the kitchen and took the medications.

The blotches on the head and face seemed to be easing off a bit too, although still there, they are not as vivid as on Monday morning. I seem to have acquired a yellow tinge?

I made another mug of tea to replace the one that had gone cold, taking the first sip of it, and butter my butt and call me a biscuit; I had to go to the Porcelain Throne!

A long, drawn-out session, very messy. Much cleansing to be done afterwards. I a[[lied the much needed Germoloid cream. Wiped the surfaces and contact points with the Dettol antiseptic, and back to the kitchen.

2Tue03Where I made the third small mug of tea this morning, both the first two went cold! Tsk!

I stood drinking, looking out through the bottom pane of the kitchen window. Seeing the Copse out there, I decided, as it seemed to look dry now, too have a wander through and up the beaten path within later, to satiate my nemophilist tendencies.

2Tue02fI heard one heck of a noise, that seemed to have come from the hallway area. It sounded like an elongated crunching noise, similar to stones being crushed?

I took a good look around but could find nothing that I thought may have been the cause of the sound.

Too early for the workmen chaps to be doing anything yet at 0700hrs?


A few curses, bangs of the head on the wall, turning on and off, and it returned. Humph!

I had a go on the WordPress Reader. Then commenting. Then went to get the ablutions tended to.

2Tue04Sorted the three bags of recyclables and waste rubbish bags and took them to the waste chute.

Set out to call at the Wardens Hut to see Cathy.

The morning looked and felt nice and warm, with little wind about.

The tree copse still looked a little thin on the ground. I hope it will blossom out and thicken later. Got in the cabin, and no one else was in. At first, I thought I might have got the timing wrong. It has been known, Hehe!

Obergefrieteress Warden Julie was in the office, and I asked her about the leaflet about what still needs doing in the flats. She rang Cath, but she is not in today. I’ll call in tomorrow on the way to the blood test methinks. Providing I remember of course.

2Tue05The place filled up with residents after a few minutes. Much laughter and gossiping ensued between them all.

As I left to join the others who had all abandoned me Haha!, out at the bus stop, I took this photographicalisation of the Winchester Court block of flats. They are really getting on with this upgrading, now.

2Tue06I caught the bus into the City Centre.

On Hockley, they are and have been for many months now, getting the old Woolworth site prepared to start building something or other in its place.

A Sold sign is now up on the site boarding, whatever it is.

2Tue07I got this picture while the bus shot passed the Victoria Centre.

I think the sunshine might have cheered up the unemployed, street performing, shoplifting, Nottinghamians this morning.

For the usual scowls and depressed stares, were mostly absent as I looked around.

2Tue08I got off the bus on Queen Street and walked down and through the Slab Square.

There were plenty of Nottingham Pavement Cyclists buzzing about.

This one had just cycled down Friar Lane and onto South Parade the wrong way and then cut onto the slab square over the tramlines. I decided not to photograph any more of them, for there were too many of them, 2Tue09and I was getting dirty looks from some as I took this picture.

I crossed over South Parade at the tram stops and made my way to the Poundland store to see if they had any of the Pork Farms pies on sale.

I had a hobble around the place. And ended up, purchasing too much stuff.

A pack of three small tins of baked beans, three multi-packs for the nibble box, tins cooked beef in gravy, and some Stilton and Leicester cheese flavoured min-cheddars.

2Tue10Paid-up on the self-serve tills.

Left and walked down to St Peter’s church and pictured the bell tower and clocks.

WDP03a As I did so, a bloke on his mobile walked into the back of me! He apologised and helped y pick up the bag he’s knocked over and put the items back into the carrier with me.

2Tue11I made my way up the Flying Horse Walk shopping alleyway.

There is an art gallery on there, and I had a perusal of some of the stuff on sale.

This painting, about 15″ x 15″ in size was, to my mind, a little childishly done. But, the shop was asking £249 for it. Blimey!

WDP03a 2Tue19A little further along, I called in ‘The Cheese Shop’, because I espied some appetising looking Melton Pork Pies inside.

See what cost me? Fiddlesticks, begorra, goodness gracious me, stone the crows, chuffing heck and Well, fancy that! £4.25!

Humph, what a gullible boy I am! I just hope it’s worth it when I taste it later!

2Tue21I walked up South Parade and got to the end of Clumber Street. I stood under a tree and prevaricated deeply!

I was shilly-shallying now; should I visit the Jessop camera shop and purchase myself a new Lumix camera or not? I pondered on the fact that I didn’t really need one – I could manage with the Nikons I already have, the old tiny one for using when out and about and the new powerful one to use when at home and there is less chance of anyone stealing it? I began to think favourably about this option.

Then, I thought of the Lumix that has died a death on me, and all the beautiful shots I’ve taken with it and how it is easy to carry around in my pocket. I swayed and pontificated about the fantastic view-finder built in and how much easier it is to see things with it… Yea or nay? After a little more traducing with myself, I decided to buy the camera after all.

I went into the shop, and a young lady approached me to see what I wanted. (Although after I managed to escape her clutches, I put her actions down to being more of the nature of ‘How much can I get the old git to spend!’)

Did I want the extended three-year-warranty? Me: No thank you!

I can do you a deal on a five-year warranty if you like, for only… Me: No thank you!

Do you need an SD card for the… Me: No thank you!

A case for it? Me: No thank you!

A tripod, we have some… Me: No thank you!

A spare battery, always a good idea to… Me: No thank you!

A strap? Me: No thank you!

It can accommodate an External Flash, for only… Me: No thank you!

We have camera bags on offer at… Me: No thank you!

At this stage, the girl was beginning to look nonplussed, and slowly she accepted that her efforts were futile. I think she actually thought my determinate was worthy of some 2Tue12amerit, and took my money and wished me a good day.

She looked drained after her best efforts had failed to get me to spend more dosh, the poor gal did.

I think the growling I thought I heard as I walked out of the door, was in my imagination. Hehe!

I was unsure if I’d done right or wrong in spending over £200 in one go, but walked down onto Long Row and took this semi-moody 2Tue14effort.

I started to hobble up Queen Street on my way to the bus stop to catch the L9 bus home.

The eateries did not exactly have a roaring trade. However, the coffee addicts shops were doing alright.

2Tue15Halfway up the street, I took this effort of the Council House dome and Little John’s clock. Not too bad, considering I used the tiny Nikon camera I suppose.

The lone Christian singer was giving it some vocals at the speaker’s corner slab. He’d got some Far Eastern fans taking his photo and recording him on video today.

2Tue16I had some to wait for the bus to arrive.

So I walked up to Upper Parliament Street, turned left and went to the top of Norfolk Place and took a photo down the hill.

The building on the corner down the hill on the right, are University student one bedroom flats. They are £162pppw, (Plus £12 electricity) inclusive of electricity, water, rates and contents insurance. I don’t know what the ‘pppw’ stands for, though? Can anyone help, please?


I watched the traffic and let my mind wander a little about nothing until the bus was due. Caught it to go home. The neighbour chap from two flats away got on with me, and we had a chat en route. I discovered he also worked at Pork Farms and he told me many incidents he saw, good and bad. It was enjoyable listening to him.

I got in the flat and went for a wee-wee. A painful one, Tsk!

2Tue20Putting the purchases and the chaps putting on the insulation to the outside wall kept appearing and disappearing.

They responded to me thumbs-up anyway.

I got on to updating this load of rubbish. Took me ages to get done with all the pictures I’d taken on my trip to town. Had a few wee-wees as well.


When I went to do the Health Checks, the sky looked so amazing, I took three photos of it. Using the new Lumix, with the battery from the old model. Then I got the new battery into the camera and got it on charging.


Got the sliced potatoes and added a few bits of grated cheddar cheese to some of them.

Off for another wee-wee.

Meal prepared.

Not a bad one either, apart from the £4.26 Prok Pie. It’s only redeeming feature is that it had a decent amount of jelly in it.

Overall an Enjoyment-rating of 9.1 was awarded.

I got the TV on, in the hopes of falling asleep.

WDP03a Suddenly out of nowhere, Craig Cramps attacked the left hand and wrist with some venom.

I got the medications taken, with an extra painkiller and a good rubbing in of the Phorpain gel, and then did the Health Checks done.

WDP03a Then the brain went off on one of its getting more and more frequent rambling dereistic thinking patterns. Keeping up with sorting reality from dreams, hopes and fears from each other was impossible. How long this went on for I don’t know, the next thing I recall is waking up at 0315hrs in the morning.

At least I got some rest in of sorts. Humph!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 7th March 2018

Wednesday 7th March 2018


2345hrs: Roused and the brain engaged at the same time, extricated the body-mass from the £300 second-hand recliner.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Oh dearie me, I failed to make it there in time. The instant maelstrom of an evacuation left me in a right pickle and a terrible mess to lean and sort out. Had to change PPs, clean me and the bowl and throw away the jammie-bottoms. Embarrassing start to the day, left me feeling uncomfortable, and not very confident.

0005hrs: To the kitchen and got the kettle on. The hemadynamometer worked first try, with the sys going back up again. The weight sneaking up on the rails? Hehe!

Did the medicating and imbibed the tablets and medicines.

 Got on the computer to start creating this post.

‘Ecky-thump! Back to the Porcelain Throne with great haste and forebodings! Very little content moved, a few awkward splatterings, splodges and enough wind escaped in one-go to almost encouraged me to get the book on the side and have a read while I waited for it to stop. Hehe! Another cleaning up session, and back to the WordPressing.

The tea had gone cold, so I nipped into the kitchen to made another brew. Taking a Diarrhorea capsule and an additional pain-killer Codeine 30g. I nearly took an olive oil capsule but stopped myself.

I don’t think that would have helped with the Trotsky Terence attack!

Trapped my finger in the drawer. Fool!

The view outside looked nice this morning. No snow, no fog and no rain!

Seeing the tenants vehicles down below, for some reason made me look up favourite colours of cars. As usual, I got sidetracked and ended up with some interesting facts about red light cameras in Nottingham.

The figures for the Red Light Jumper offenders fined seems to be ever increasing. Possibly, this being due to the parachronistic tendencies of my fellow Nottinghamians. Their fear of stopping and getting hit up the backside by one of the drug dealers, uninsured none-licence holding, none-English speaking Ukranian, Lithuanian or Polish lorry drivers delivering their foodstuffs or stealing metal cables from the motorway, or their need to get to their supplier quickly for more cocaine, I don’t know. Haha!

Not until 0400hrs did I get this done up to here and started on finishing off the Tuesday post. All done.

I added some Cumberland Pies to the  Morrison order, I did yesterday. On offer at 3 for £6.

I then did a wrist alarm battery check with the Nottingham City Homes Monitoring Station.

Then started to fret about yesterdays visit that has many blanks in the memory, due to it taking place while I was having a Funny-Attack and confused.

0800hrs: Ablutions all sorted and waste bags dropped off down the rubbish chute on the way out. I enjoyed the shower muchly, and avoided any hallux stubbing!

Met Welsh Bill who got in the lift on my way down. Had a laugh and joke, receiving William’s put-downs and insults. With a good spirit. No choice, really. He’s a taller, fitter and younger bloke than what I am. Hehe!  A good few residents in the hut, all seemingly in better moods than of late. Nice to see and hear. Presumably due to the much better weather?

Got on the Arnold bound L9 bus.

Going through the Daybrook housing estate en route, and I spotted two grey squirrels bounding along the house garden hedges. But, by the time I got the camera out, they were long gone. I kept the camera in my hand after this, just in case.

As the bus turned left onto Mansfield Road, I took a snap of the rather fantastic-looking clouds to the right.

What a sudden change in the weather today. I reckon a lot of people were cheered by this nice weathers appearance. I indeed seemed to be.

I dropped off at the Sainsbury supermarket and hobbled swiftly in and rushed (Okay, limped). I purchased the hastily grabbed, vine tomatoes, two small baguettes, sugar snap peas, Sheldon’s Irish potato cakes, wholemeal flatbread and bag of cheese curls. All for £6.10, too.

Out and over the road to the bus stop, again. Just like yesterday, well timed. The bus arrived a couple of minutes later. I was the only passenger on it, this felt very odd.

It soon picked up plenty more as it pressed on with its route. It was the cheerful lady driver, so I slipped some nibbles.

The sky was still looking clear and bright.

At this moment, I decided to have a go on the crossword book. I dropped the pen and positioned myself in a certain way that I thought would be easier for me to bend down and retrieve it.

Unfortunately, I hit my forehead on the top of the seat in front on the way down. I was much cheered when I saw the bloke sat opposite started laughing, and he said: “I saw that coming old chap!” I joined in with his infectious laughter, as two female passengers did too! Then the driver had a giggle! I love it when things like this happen, that tickle others funny bone.

Got off the bus on Chestnut Walk. There were many other residents to get on as I did so. Proof that the pleasant weather is appreciated by us all, methinks.

All three cranes were working, and the hoist platforms on the outside of both blocks of flats were going up and down too.

There seemed a lot of workers about. Maybe they are making an effort to get catch-up with the work they have lost due to the fog, snow and ice?

I popped into the wet room for a wee-wee when I got indoors. The flipping fungal lesion had been bleeding again and had dried. Of course, I didn’t think and just whipped down the pants, and the squirting of haemoglobin commenced. Another cleaning up and medicationalisationing session required. Humph! I did feel a dim half-witted-cretin!

Went to make a brew and put the bits purchased away.

I decided to take a couple of photos from the kitchen window, while the sun was still out. The first one out and up to the right, depicting the balconies and scaffolding with a backdrop of the sky.

The second was going to be a shot of the car park, but I zoomed in on an SUV parked below. Why? Because I could not make out what the luminous yellow item was near the back of the vehicle!

It was still there hours later. Ah well, not to worry.

Got the victuals put away and pondered on what to have for nosh later.

I decided on pork knuckle filled baguettes, sugar snap peas, tomatoes and perhaps some chips.

I’ll see later how I feel later on.

I eventually got the health checks done, the medications were taken.

A fresh larger mug of Olde English Breakfast brand of tea was made. Using the Twinings best and one of the weaker cheap Lidl tea bags together. It made a half decent tasting brew.

I wondered what the weather was going to do. The forecast this morning said there would be a probability of rain and possible snow flurries on high ground this afternoon and tonight.

Also, it noted that temperatures may get down to below freezing overnight. So I did a lookup on the web for Nottingham for the coming week. Not too bad?

Got on with updating this post.

Went on Facebooking. Hoping it would let me this time, fingers crossed. Kept freezing after a while. Humph! Gave up.

Did some commenting on WordPress, but the concentration not right.

Went on the WP reader.

Fodder tended to. The meal was sepulchral tonight. The Italian mini tomatoes were not very tasty, bitter in fact. The sliced Dutch ones I used on the baguette were fine. The French Fries passable, the Panamanian sugar-snap peas were foul and the rolls bland. Still, I ate about a third of the fodder. Then fell asleep.

Kept waking up, and felt certain a voice had stirred me into life? Three times this happened. And, a few times I think I woke up talking. After every occasion I drifted off into dreaming about just about every topic my distorted brain could think of, only to wake and repeat the process. Grumph!

Inchcock Today – Monday 26th February 2018: Snow good today. Hehehe!

Monday 26th February 2018

Frisian: Tiisdei 27 Febrewaris 2018

0230hrs: Woke up coughing, and gave off a sneeze that Mount Vesuvius would have been proud of. Hehehe! I lay a while, Harold’s Hemorrhoids, the Fungal Lesion and Duodenal Donald all giving me some hassle. I bet they get worse when it comes to my moving. Tsk! On the bright side, Hippy Hilda, Reflux Roger. Hernia Harry and Anne Gyna were taking a break.

As I extricated my limbs from the £300 second-hand recliner and the could feel the blood flowing from both front and rear problem areas the moment I moved my ambulocetus-like wobbly body. Straight to the Porcelain Throne room to investigate.

Gawed, it was dang cold in there, shivering and shaking, I’ll be glad when the windows get put in the flat, to block the draughts and the cladding is put up. I put the wall heater on (At least this will please the power company) and removed the jammies and Protection Pants. Utilised the Throne. The session was not bad. The bleeding from Little Inchy and Harold’s Haemorrhoids was not as free-flowing as I had feared, and was relatively easy to clean up. The sharp stinging pains from the piles were the primary ailment to worry about.

No HT cream left! I imagined with me doing an excessive amount of sitting down and not getting outside for exercise over the weekend, is the cause of this dilemma. My sore throat seemed less so as well.

Cleaned everything up.

Another ‘catching me off guard’ sneeze as I left the wet room, must have been heard many floors away, it certainly brought on a headache and started the piles hurting! Oh dear! If I wore false teeth, I’m sure they would have flown out! Haha! I went to the kitchen.

Got the kettle on, and did the Health Checks and got the medications taken. The sys was the lowest its ever been?

I pondered at this stage; Should I go out or not today?

The forecast is showers of rain and sleet possible, a max of 1°c forecast. Am I up to it yet, with this cold and unwell? I decided that I would go out.

I felt that if I didn’t, after days of enforced imprisonment (Hehe!), I need to get out and take some photographicalisations. Anyway, I need to get some HT cream and TCP, to counter Haemorrhoid Harold and the sore throat. Maybe a little walk into Sherwood? I was undecided where to go, but sure (As I could be, not saying a lot I know) that I must get out. The new coat is snug-as-a-bug, and the imitation fur hat could be used. Got the brolly. I hoped I had not made the wrong decision. After all, I do feel a bit easier this morning, the throat has eased off a bit? I know I’m known for my dilly-dallying, tentativeness, ambivalence and indecisiveness. Oh, and lack of confidence in making choices.

Got Excel opened and made last weeks Health Check listing.

Made a start on this diary, then updated yesterdays and got it finished and sent off.

Found a few pictures to use in making graphics for header tops. Had several wee-wees during this work. Oh dearie me!

Made a mug of tea, and had a little while on YouTube.

0715hrs: Herbert started his knocking about early today. Took the hearing aids out, hope there isn’t any alarms sounding.

The ablutions were tended to. After which I made sure that I was well wrapped-up to counter the icy looking snow outside.

I met Olive as I was taking the sorted black bags to the refuse chute. So lovely to see her looking so well and carrying her usual attractive air of being in charge, superior and radiant. Not many lasses would dress so well to do their laundry. Apart from perhaps Jenny, who also manages to look radiant always, whatever she is doing. So does Cindy. I’m sorry I mentioned this.

Dropped the bags off and returned to the flat to do a check that I’d got everything needed, and not left anything on or off that are necessary to be the opposite. Lost that a bit there, sorry. Lights, stove, windows, taps (faucets), hearing aids, mobile and camera in the jacket pocket, fridge and freezer doors closed… I would have consulted my list I made for this task but could not find it.

Imitation Finland-like hat on, (Very warm! – not big enough, but it’ll do for me in this weather) Fingerless gloves. Times like this that I feel lucky to be wearing the Protection Pants, they do keep one warm, Ha-ha!

I was surprised to see the snow had fallen, but from inside it looked terrific.

I took a photo of the car park below and one of the houses opposite.

Well wrapped up and out into the icy-cold to the Warden’s shed.

No taking of any pictures on the route, because manoeuvring along the snow and ice made hobbling-safely my main aim to concentrate on. Got into the hut without any Whoopsiedangleplops of any kind.

This gave Welsh Bill the opportunity to show his sarcasm and wit.

A rather dryly spoken; “Hello Russia!” from Bill followed with a loud roar that made the others laugh, the instant he saw my stupid looking but, oh so warm hat. I like William’s humour. He looked even better than he did on Friday, so his recovery seemed to be ongoing, I’m glad to say. We were joined by a few others, all coming in to shelter against the bitter cold. The smokers braved the weather outside so they could have a drag. Bill went out to join them but came back in seconds later, shivering and saying it was too cold to go out there just for a puff.

The buses, City and Bestwood bound ones arrived, and I joined the others at the end of the queue. I had a little natter with Cindy, she was going on a visit to see her son. As she got off, I wished her a happy time.

The first thing that caught my ‘camera-eye’ was the pigeons on the ledges and tops of the Victoria Centre (Mall). Reminiscent of Hitchcock’s ‘The birds’, I thought Hehe!

I took this shot and then popped into the Wilko store in search of the medications to counter my persistent sore throat.

By the time I’d gone potty shopping and had got to the checkout and faced a bill for £27.80, I wondered what the heck I had done! Looking at the receipt I realised amongst the washing accoutrement stuff, I’d bought Ginkgo tablets £1.20, Germoloids, a tiny little tube for £3.50, Nasal decongestant £1.50, TCP liquid £3.50, blood cleaner £4.89 and realised why the cost was so high! Tsk! Shopaholic or what! I need help! Haha!

I called in the Poundland store to see if they had any pork pies in, knowing they would not have.

Came out and saw the new gigantic sign across the road.

There was no missing it.

Walked down Clumber Street, taking this picture of the affable, breezy, devil-may-care, easygoing, laid-back, polite, caring, gentle Nottinghamians as they cheerily made their way to the next store to shoplift from, or in search of their next mugging victim or to trip over a rough sleeper begging.

The kids would be playing the new game popular nowadays; Spot-a-Policeman.

I carried on to High Street and walked through the Council House Shopping Arcade. You can see all the mass of shoppers and closed units how popular it is. This delightful old area is not used much by Nottinghamians now. Good job the shops have doors on the outside too.

I exited and made my way through the Slab Square, and foolishly to the other pound shop to see if they had any Pork Farms pies in stock. But no, their fridges, like the ones at the other store, have been filled with bottles of pop for sale. The thought of the end of Pork Farms Pork Pies brought down my spirits. Also, I spend more than intended there as well. I got some wholemeal rolls, chocolate brazils, chocolate almonds and caramelised biscuits in a pack containing seven packets of two.

For some reason, although I had not walked much, the plate-of-meat started to sing. I decided to make my way back as the snow began to fall again.

To Queen Street via the slab square once more, not a police officer in sight, there were a few street sleepers in the doorways of closed retail premises, some people with pit bulls and tattoos and a Big Issue seller who deserved the hand out I gave him for his persistence in the bad weather.

At this stage, it being tomorrow morning while I’m updating this twollop, Virgin went down again! Grrr, Third Time!

Walking up Queen Street to the L9 bus stop and popped my head and camera over the railings so I could offer you this picture of some Nottingham Street Art.

The Council claim that Nottingham is the Queen of the Midlands, you know. It makes one wonder.

As I arrived at the shelter, the snow got severe, but only for a couple of minutes. Luckily I took the opportunity to make these shots. In the last one, the L9 bus was arriving, and I had to rush a bit to catch it. Tsk!

As the bus made its way along Upper Parliament Street, I wedged the camera against the window and took some shots as we progressed along.

Cindy from the flats got on at a later stop.

Glad to report that she’d had a grand time visiting her family, and offered me a tale about her 2-year-old granddaughter that made me laugh out loud.

This cheered me up a bit again.

Back at the flats and I took a picture of the sky as the bus turned right into Chestnut Walk.

I thought it came out rather good considering.

Oh, dear, problems with Branson’s Virgin Internet yet again.

Getting fed-up with this now!


This is photographicalisation from the bus window. To the stop and off of the bus and to the apartments in haste, due to the requirements for a wee-wee becoming urgent!

Made it, cleaned up, but a little late. Changed PPs and did the Health Checks.

Went to get the noshing sorted and cooking.

I was surprised at there was more snow in the City Centre than up here on the hill. I’d have expected things to be the opposite way around?

It had nearly all cleared at the flats, but the ice was forming on the windows already, enough to make me worry about tomorrow.

I heated the beef and potato hot-pot and added a beef pastie slice to the tray ten minutes later, hoping they would both be cooked at the same time.

Not too bad a result. Very tasty, not perfect by any means, but a worthy 8/10 rating was given to this effort.

Got the last Health Checks done and medications taken. The Germoloid cream made me jump a bit. Hehehe!

Changed into night attire and settled down to watch some New Tricks on DVD. I soon drifted off, though, very early on.

I suppose I must have needed it.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 13th January 2018

Saturday 13th January 2018

0220hrs: After getting over the resisted and reluctant waking up hurdle, the brain seemed atonally challenged and took a while before it joined the body in a sort of semi-coherence condition and a make-do survival state. When it kicked in, it was in a garrulous mood, but not making a lot of sense as it nattered away to me about things that needed getting done and sorted. The link to the memory didn’t seem active though.

Moments later everything my brain had informed me of, had diminished into the ether as the innards rumbled and grumbled, forcing me into a battle with the overnight fluid-filled legs to escape the £300 second-hand recliner in haste, to get to the Porcelain Throne in time. Which I achieved with about 2-seconds to spare! This session’s activities on the porcelain could be described as: “Whoosh, splatter, splat done!”

Diahorrea Duncan has returned. Took a lot of cleaning up of me and the porcelain afterwards. When I do the ablutions, I think it safer, bearing in mind how close I came to another Whoopsiedangleplop, I add a Diah-Limit capsule to the morning medication pot and will adorn the safety pants again today.

Tended to the morning medications and Health Checks. Readings were looking good.

Temperature a little high, and I’m still drinking a lot of juice and tea.

The itching around the upper torso is back again, driving me potty this morning. No pain as such, until I over-scratch. Rubbing the back against the edges of the door or using a towel. I’ll mention these things to the Nurse on Tuesday blood test.

I found the little notepad on the floor when I got back in the other room. As soon as I read the scribble on it, memories of the nightmare came back to me. For some reason, the writing was all readable and, this decided me to get the computer on and add this to yesterdays diary.

Went to make another mug of tea.

While the kettle boiled, I stuck my head out through the window to take this photo. I hope the lady who drives the red one on the far left, isn’t planning on going out this morning? Reminded me of the Parking Wars programme on TV.

Got the Friday post finished and started this one off up to here. Then posted the Friday one. Read and replied to the WordPress comments. Made another brew, and visited the WordPress reader.

0545hrs: Checked the Emails. During which knocking sounds heard from somewhere above, or maybe outside overhead? (Hearing aids not in) Had a look around but could not find the cause of them.

Then did some catching up on Facebook. The posts with the flashing moving pictures are giving me the dizzies, I might have to consider leaving Facebook, there are so many of these annoying things coming on nowadays it’s doing the eyes and health no benefit. It will not let me close or hide the posts, only the comments on the site. The only option is to ‘Unfriend’ the poster, I don’t want to do that, but may be forced into doing so.

I did some TFZer prep work on CorelDraw.

Stopped to get the vegetables prepped and in the Crock-Pot. Green beans, Chestnut mushrooms, parsnips,  red onions and sugar-snap peas. Seasoned with a little Maggi. Back to the Facebooking.

Sorted the bag made up for the Nottingham Hospice. So glad to get rid of some of the stuff, to make it easier when they get the balcony done, and the big clean-up will be needed. Meanwhile, I dwell in a state of untidiness and noise from above during the week that gets worse every weekend, that is getting me hassled.

Then I got the ablutions tended to. Wrapped up well in warm clothing and set off on a walk into Sherwood.

As I got out and poddled up the gravel footpath hill to my beloved Copse, I could see right through her. So sad I felt, that. But the ailments were not too severe for me.

I turned back and took this photo of the complex.

I could feel the stomach building up for a rumbling grumble. A funny turn arrived, and in my mind, all the priorities, desires, needs and worries changed. I sat down on the damp bench for a minute.

The mind seemed to clear in a minute or so, and the Dizzy Deniss’s disappeared. I felt a little unhappy about this returning to so-called normal at first. It was as if I’d become a different person, yet with the same problems for a while? Hope this makes sense to you, cause it doesn’t make any sense to me. Tsk!

So, this stranger and I hobbled on up to the park and down the footpath onto Mansfield Road. I turned left up and over the hill and down into Sherwood.

This bit of the walk or instead memory of this bit of the trail seems to have skipped my mind as well. But the picture helped.

Into the Nottingham Hospice shop and dropped off the bag of donations. New lady in charge now, seemed nice enough bless her and the volunteer lady too.

I had a look around afterwards to see if they had any of the narrow at the top mugs. They didn’t. So I said my farewells and thanked them.

I left, out and over the pelican-lights lights safely; despite a pedal cyclist going through the lights on red and nearly hitting me and another old chap as we began crossing. Humph!

To the Royal Mail box and posted the letter I’d received for some unknown previous tenant of the flat, marked Not At This Address’. Then, I’m afraid, I started a search of all of the Charity shops (Well, most of them) for any keep-warm mugs.

Sur Ryder: Came out with nothing. Mencap: came out with a jumper. Children’s: Came out with a DVD. Oxfam: Came out with a towel. Mind: Came out with two mugs. What a clot! I took into the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop, jeans, undies, saucepan, towels, t-shirts and other bits, and ended up coming home with more rubbish to take back to the Hospice! Apart from the mugs, which the lad at the Mind Shop would not let me buy one of them because the ticket said £3 the pair on it. I suggested I took one and paid the £3, but no, I had to buy them both.

Got some tea-bags and lemon curd yoghourts from the Co-op and made my way to the bus stop at the top of the hill. Here, I met Welsh Bill and lady tenant. We had a good chinwag. Bill told me about the surgeon who had been searing his initials on peoples kidneys when he replaced them.

Back in the messy, untidy scrappy apartment, to be greeted by Herbert above’s noise, banging and tapping this time. Every weekend it is worse than weekdays.

Got the pasty and potatoes into the oven, turned the vegetables in the crock-pot to a low setting.

Made up the meal, and very-nice-too! Beef pasty, tomatoes, sliced roast potatoes, parsnips, green beans, sugar-peas, mushrooms and parsnips. Yoghourt and a mug of Clementine Juice, using the new bigger container I’d bought earlier. A mandarin & Lime yoghourt too. Rated this as a 9.54/10.

I think Herbert above dropped something heavy while I was eating this feast. I heard it while I had the headphones on to listen to the DVD I’d got and didn’t need. Tsk! The Magnificent Seven, the 2016 version I think. Crap! Violent, but the storyline terrible. I’ll take it back to the charity shop later.

After washing up and utilising the Porcelain Throne (Messy, wet!), I changed and settled adequately into the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some TV. Dizzy Dennis returned, and concentration was almost zero. So I turned off the television and listened to Herbert’s noises for a while. Tap-tap, chipping, knocking… I can’t complain really, cause it is still so early in the evening.

But getting any sleep was farcical. Not because of the noises from Herbert, but the noises in my head. The body needed to sleep, but the brain refused to cooperate with it. This has never happened before like this, and I don’t know why it is so.

Around 0230hrs, I surrendered and got up.

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 15th November 2017: Had to install new Firefox – Had to reset all of the defaults on CorelDraw – due to cock-ups from that Nottingham Pensioner Twit!

Wednesday 15th November 2017

Ukranian: Середа, 15 листопада 2017

0100hrs: Gave up trying to sleep anymore. A good job I’m an algophilist (Not really), cause the nocive condition of various parts of this obese-body I have to lumber around with me was giving me grief last night, and this morning.

The thighs (No idea what’s causing this) seemed tight muscled and stiffened in seconds of no activity. The regular attendees Duodenal Donald, Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis, are a bit frisky too. Still, on the plus side, no Dizzy Dennis’s or Hernia Harold bother.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner, the toes hurt the moment I stood up. Only to be expected with the toe-stubbing I gave them last night.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Harold’s Haemorrhoids were not bleeding anywhere near as bad as Tuesday, and the back pain has eased off well. Made a cuppa, took the medications, with another ADRC capsule, for things were still a bit messy. Haha!

Much rubbing in of the pain gel took place.

Did the health checks:

0200hrs: Sorted the photos from yesterday and started to update Tuesday’s post. During which, I needed to work on a graphic to use.  Opened CorelDraw and found that for some reason or other, all the fills I did were coming out as 50% transparent? I had to take off transparency manually each time. I got onto the Corel Help page on the web. After following as best, I could, all the instructions this did not solve the issue. But I did come across advice on how to revert to Default settings for Transparencies. Close-down and open up again holding F8 down. So I tried it. Oh, ‘eck!

It put everything back to Default settings! I had to start from scratch going through setting it all up as I wanted it. I’ve still not got everything done, and it is annoying cause the things I’ve set again in preferences are in different places, and of course, there are many that I have not used yet and will find I’ve got to do many more changes I’m sure.

Got this job done at: wait for it… 0755hrs. Yes, nearly eight hours lost. I bet things like this happen to everyone. But I haven’t heard of anyone doing it. Hehehe! Wot a Plonka!

Got on with updating of the diaries again, and the lads outside started their hoist going, with the accompanying clattering and noise from the blow-torches or whatever they call them.

Minutes later the massive clump and rattle were heard as the hoist come platform stopped right outside of the window.

The noise was awful as they had all that metal to cut off and holes to fill-in.

At the same time, the drilling started from the flat to my right, and the one above as the engineers were fitting, I assume, the radiators in those apartments.

All necessary work mind, if we are to get modernised. A cacophony of essentiality! I like that I might use it somewhere later. Hehehe!

Got yesterday’s diary done and posted, and went on Facebooking.

Blimey, it’s 1030hrs already, Danged CorelDraw Whoopsiedangleplop!

Did some more WordPress reading.

I checked the Emails.

1100hrs: Made another small mug of extra-strong tea and was about to start on some graphicalisationing.

Guess what happened?

I got a message telling me about the latest Firefox. How it was 3-times faster than Chrome and had added features.

Like a fool, I downloaded it and then installed it.

It is slower than the one I was using, and of course, finding things will take extra time now they moved and altered stuff about.

The constant grinding from outside, and drilling an banging inside has produced a mother of a headache for me. It must be worse for some of the younger tenants and those who cannot take their hearing-aids out.

The place is vibrating now. Hehe!

Ah, the lads have broken for their lunch – I hope they have a long one.

Back to the CorelDraw Graphics, with hopes that I can find my way around it alright.

Gawd blimey, the thighs and knees are terrible when I get to stand up and walk. A bit fretfull about this, or rather, what is causing it.

1305hrs: Clang, bang, drill, shake, shudder… the lads are back off of there lunch hour. Tsk! Bless em!

Made another cuppa and took a pain-killer.

Letters arrived through the post box. Exciting selection; This one on the left for Tree Services and Maintenance. A good idea that was, delivering up here – I’m sure they’ll get a lot of trade from us. Haha! The other one was from the Deep Vein Thrombosis Clinic with the INR Warfarin blood test results.

I got one Diary top photo done and then went onto creating one for the TFZer site.

Looking a bit glum now, and it isn’t late either.

I hope that the workers outside are going to pack up soon, as it is definitely getting too dark to work safely, methinks.

Good ‘heavens, the workmen are busy right above me now. Thudding, drilling, banging, clunking, drilling. Ah-well!

1625hrs: Got the TFZer graphic completed. It took longer than expected due to the new set-up confusing me. Hehe!

Got the oven on to cook the bacon in later. Bacon, seasoned tomatoes and home baked (Well heated up part-cooked ones, Hehe!) cobs (I hope if I get them right).

Did the Health Checks, pain-gelling and took the Medications.

Posted the picture off to the TFZer site and closed down and got the nosh served up.

Canned tomatoes seasoned with balsamic vinegar and basil. Smoked bacon was done in the oven, and I made sure it was not too crisp.

I had to be cunning with the part-cooked cobs though, to get them a little less hard. I warmed them through and sprinkled some olive oil on them and returned them to the oven for a couple of minutes. It didn’t work, but at least I tried. Hehehe!

The noises from outside, the clanging of metal on metal started after the workmen had ceased working.

Then, after washing up the pots and settling in the chair, the damned phone started ringing. I was sure it would be that Pizza guy again, so put the headphones on loud listening to the TV, and watched the ringing-light on the phone. He rang at least eight times. Tsk!

I think, after the hectic day of Whoopsiedangleplops, noise and stress, I must have been exhausted, for I nodded off within minutes.

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 7th November 2017: Wet Day

Tuesday 7th November 2017

I didn’t wake up this morning. Hehe! I’d had a terrible night, woke up by the phone, then the Fire Alarm Shaker going off, and felt so attritional and ashamed at my getting things wrong, forgetting, being confused and this giving others hassle. The sense of compunction has eased slightly, but some guilt remains, churning away in my grey-cells. Couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got on with finishing the diary for Monday.

The most surprising thing is all the many hours I’ve been up and about so-as-to-speak, no call to the Porcelain Throne yet.

0140hrs: Made a cuppa and did the Health Checks.

Medications were taken then. I’ve got some pain-killers now, but things were not painful, so I decided to leave half of them off the dosage imbibed. I did take an extra Magnesium though, the cramps were giving signs of wanting to enjoy themselves. Haha!

I feel a right milquetoast this morning. Confidence, what bit I had, has evanesced. Along with and traces of get-up-and-go and drive.

I robotically did the WordPress Reading. Some good stuff on there again today. The mood lightened a little with my reading the amusing things some bloggers had posted.

I then went on Facebooking.

Still no call to the Throne?

CorelDraw prep work was done.

0830hrs: Got the ablutions tended to and adorned the daywear clobber, then set off for the bus stop. The rain was drizzling on and off, and it was not too warm with it either. Masses of tenants in the queue this morning. Gossips, moans and laughter ensued.

Caught the Bestwood Bound Bus and dropped off with many others in Sherwood. Three of the gals on the bus, all good uns, was also going to Mansfield this morning, Doris told me where to catch the bus back from as we parted, bless her.

Over to the Dentists. It turned out the appointment for today had been cancelled in the melee over trying to get the teeth done over the last eight weeks or so. Back out and over the road to catch the Masfieldbus, and the three gals from the flats were there. A gossip was started that only stopped when a bus arrived much later. The girls said one was missing that’s why they were still there.

The bus was full, and I had to sit on a side seat. Most uncomfortable and had the risk of me sliding off of it all the way there. Hehe!

The ladies got off at the Sainsbury Store, I went on to Mansfield Bus Station and got the brolly up. Walked down through the underpass and took this picture.

I haven’t touched it up or played with it at all, this is how it was down there. Eerie lighting?

I might save this to do a funny graphic with later.

B&M Store and Pound Stretcher stores visited. Treated me to some chocolate nougat, and could not find any of the screw-lid tubs in either shop. Called into the paper shop to get a TV Magazine.

So sad here, with a complete row of retail units and a pub, all closed down.

As I hobbled towards the passageway back to the station, Dizzy Dennis visited and a bad one it was. I decided to make my way home straight away, I was feeling tired anyway.

Caught the bus without much delay and the rain came down fiercely, en route.

When I downloaded this photo next morning, I thought there was a telephone pole coming down on the left that I had not noticed. But it was a sticker on the bus window. Hehe!

The heavy rain kindly stopped and reduced to a few spots when I dropped off the vehicle in Sherwood.

Up and over the hill and right up through the Woodthorpe Grange Park, right and down the gravel footpath to the flats.

I bit dodgy with the wet soil, but I got down without any Whoopsiedangleplops or Accifauxpas, I’m glad to report.

Mind you, the shoes socks and feet were a bit wet by the time I got in. Tsk!

The support cages or whatever they are called being put up by the workmen was now up to the top of the flats.

I hung out of the kitchen window to take these shots. While doing this, an urgent demand came from the innards for a Porcelain Throne visit. (At last!)

Messy again, took a while cleaning things up. I changed into the nightwear and put the wet clothes into the laundry bag for me to do in the morning. Dizzy Dennis had departed for the rest of the evening, bless him.

Got the meal cooking and took these shots, one from the front room and one from the kitchen again, of what the erection looks like under the balcony that will soon, not be a balcony? Haha!

Got the meal served up. A good mix tonight. Farls with cheese topping, beef steak pie, garden peas, Marmite Crisps and sliced boiled potato with vegemite and Balsamic sauce dotted about. Hehe! The teeth suffered when masticating a little, but it tasted so good.

Having the wash and cleaning the teeth were bleeding a fair bit from the loose one. My own fault for having the crispy sharp cheddar cheese on the Farls! Then took the medications and carried out the Health Checks

Sister Jane called me to tell me she had informed the Pegasus people for me. I thanked her. She is going into hospital for a neck X-ray in preparation for her operation. I hope she rings me to let me know how things went for her. I’ll stay in all day tomorrow, then I shouldn’t miss any call from her.

The heavy rain suddenly stopped.

Washed the pots and got settled into the £300 second-hand recliner.

Watched some TV on Channel 20. They are currently showing lots of the old stuff I like to watch. Unfortunately, I nodded off while Hetty Wainthrope Investigates was on, waking up two hours or so later – with the flipping Fire Alarm Strobe and pillow shaker going off again! I dare not ignore it. So, I went through the same schedule at the day before. Disentangled my body from the recliner, a quick look out of the window (No sign of emergency vehicles). Went to the front door, rested the handle with the back of my hand for any heat (None – in fact it was cold). Head out into the passageway, no alarms sounding outside at all. Back in the flat and checked both the other room in my mansion (belated).

Poured a cup of clementine juice and got back down in the chair, not now being able to sleep (I thought), I started to watch whatever it was on the gogglebox. Nodded-off within minutes.

Inchcock Today Thursday 19th October 2017: Winwood Residents Social Hour Today: Missing bus kept me indoors! Dentist – Warfarin complication Farce continues…Grumph!

Thursday 19th October 2017

Armenian: Ուրբաթ 19 Հոկտեմբեր 2017

0150hrs: Woke feeling a lot better than last night. Even the brain engaged within seconds, I told myself to get the laundry room duties done first thing.

The Porcelain Throne beckoned me at that time, and off I stumbled, out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair, a wibbly-wobbly walk that annoyed Hilda Hips a bit and off to the wet room. I spent a while digesting the writings of the Leningrad book, while the painful evacuation session decided if it was to be a success or a mid-way blockage! The raw pain accompanying the movement made me think that perhaps a submarine torpedo was on its way out! Cor Blimey, what a gut-wrenching, excruciating haemorrhoid tearing session that was! Surprisingly, there was minimal bleeding, though.

I put the empty sauce bottles on top of the washing bag and went to set off down to the Laundry Room.

The INR DVT results had been delivered, must have arrived yesterday while I was incapacitated with depression and the Dennis Dizzies. Too late for me to have got to the dentist to beg an appointment, but it was also low a result anyway. The Sherrington Medical Practise have failed again to Email me with the results and readings. So, too late now to get in I think, so I’ll go to the City Hospital Haematology for the test next week. I’m getting fed-up to the back teeth (Pun intended) with trying to get my toothache seen to. It must be five or six weeks now. I might have stood a chance if the reading was correct within range and the receptionists at the surgery had informed me in time… and the dentist could fit me in. No one seems interested at the doctors nowadays.  I had to stop myself thinking of this problem, it’s doing my health no benefit at all.

0245hrs: In the lift number one, and noticed that the new Wachelino Alien Blob had spread out a bit.

I think this one might have come from a different planet than the first one, cause she is definitely developing differently to the first one. Hehe!

Got the washing into the machine and nipped outside in the misty morning darkness.

The leviathan-sized advertising boards were showing what the new build will eventually look like shone out in the light from the foyer doors. Enough to allow me to take a decentish photograph of it on my way to the recycling bin. I noticed that someone had already added some graffiti to it. Huh!

I added my two empty sauce bottles to the Scottish Whisky, Irish Whiskey, London Gin, Brandy, Champagne, Wine, Tequila, Vodka, even an Absynthe one and other various alcoholic concoctions the residents had put there earlier.

0305hrs: Back up to the mini-apartment. Did the Health Checks and took the medications. I think the low Sys and Dia is a good thing? Sys 138 Dia 73 Pulse 76 Temp 33.7c.

Sorted out the photographs and made a start on this diary.

0349hrs: Down and moved the gear from the washer to dryer. I wondered if whoever left the bedhead in the lift area are aware of the Nottingham City Homes letters of warning we have all received?

Sadly, another of us old folk have gone again. A lady tenant from Winchester Court. I did not recognise the name but bet I knew her to speak to. This lowered my spirits just a bit for a few moments. I know it can’t be avoided or helped.

Saw the list for the nosh in Arnold that Jenny arranges for us. With the dentist/Warfarin level farce, I daren’t add my name until I know the teeth have been sorted. Then again, the way that things are going, I’ll never get the teeth done. Hehe!

Back up the lift and made another brew of tea.

Opened the window and took this photo of the characteristical winter weather. The eerie light mists. There seemed a deceptive warmth in the atmosphere. (Is that the right word?)

Updated this diary again.

0344hrs: Down to collect the washing and clean up the laundry room. Wiped the surfaces, cleaned the filters and folded the clothes and into the bag.

I did wonder who’d left the lollipop there, on the window ledge?

0415hrs: Up to the flat a last time from the washing room. Got the clothes stored away and refilled the washing bottles for next session.

Worked on this post up to here, then set about finalising yesterday’s diary.

Caught up with the Emails (None from the surgery, of course, Humph!)

Did some WordPress reading.

I thought it a good idea to soak some of the foul, bitter Lidl tomatoes in some fish sauce to marinate for later.

Now, I have two tips for anyone doing this:

  1.  Do not use White Wine Sauce in mistake for Fish Sauce.
  2. If you must cut your finger, try not to do it down the edge of your fingernail.

Nuff said! Tsk!

After the Tenants Social Hour, I intend to go to Arnold and get some milk, fish and if possible some more Ski Lemon Mousse. Then go to the Doctors Surgery to express my displeasure at being let-down by them again for their not getting the INR reading and next appointment sent to me, not just not in time for me to inform the dentist and try to get a booking with them, but not supplying either to me at all. Swines!

Ablutions tended to with a good long shower and scrub up, close-shave and medicationalisationing of the required areas of the overweight blobby body and Phorpained the joints. I was still feeling so much better than last night.

Set off to the Windwood Social Hour.

I managed to catch up and overtake the two gals in this picture on the left, Dooren and Mabel, and opened the door and held it that position for them to enter. Bill (William on Sundays) just entering the hut in the distance.

BJ had not attended, he was poorly. I’ll ring him later see if he’s alright.

I gave the new tomatoes to Jenny to use. Had a chinwag with her.

Handed out the nibbles on each table and managed to get some little nattering sessions in, that cheered me up a little. Bought two raffle ticket strips and gave one away to each table.

Had a peep out at the bus stop and the rain was pouring down.

I sat with Bill (William on Sunday’s), Snotty Nose and we were joined by 93-year-old Polish Eddy when he arrived, he was looking in good form today.

I said my farewells and left early in plenty of time to catch the L9 bus into Bestwood at the stop outside of the shed.

Ten or so other tenants joined me, and the City bound bus arrived. It departed just leaving two of us to catch the outward bound one, that was due at the same time of 1030hrs. We waited and waited and a chap from the Winchester Flats, the gambling addict, nice chap, joined us. At 1045hrs, still no bus, they both started to walk down the hill leaving me all alone under my umbrella fruitlessly waiting for the bus that never arrived.

Despondent now, and with wet trouser legs, I hobbled back to the apartment, getting wetter by the minute. Humph and Gumph!

So, downhearted, downcast, depressed, unhappy, miserable, sorrowful, dejected, dispirited, discouraged, despondent, dismayed and crestfallen. Chagrined, disenchanted, disillusioned, pissed-off, displeased. Discontented, dissatisfied, frustrated, shirty, disgruntled, miffed. Luckless, suicidal tendencies lingering, hapless, ill-starred, ill-fated, irritated, gutted, narked, as sick as a parrot, vexed, close to nocent, frustrated and cold and wet, there will be no doctors visitation for me today – again, through no fault of my own! Grrr! So, a marathon walk to the City Hospital for my blood test next Tuesday, or, two buses either way to the QMC. And I have the Nottingham City Homes man, Ryan calling to see me in the afternoon about the strobe alarm. Tsk!

Got back to the flat and got the umbrella drying, took the wet trousers off and a wee-wee that I thought would never end?

Got the computer on. A weather warning for Nottingham on the BBC site. 0700hrs to 2200hrs, fog and rain!

Made a small brew of tea and got updating this diary.

Got the chips in the oven and added the beef patsies after 12 minutes, in the hope that they would both be ready at the same time. Set the timer for another 20 minutes and carried on with the updating, to here.

Checked   Facebook.

The innards have begun to rumble and grumble again now, I’ve been free of this ailment for weeks gone. But it’s back. Tsk!

Got the meal sorted.

Got the chips done a lot softer today, so they were not so painful for the poor teeth to masticate.

Fell asleep for an hour or so, that was nice.

Went to do the Health Checks, take the medications and get the pots in the bowl to 04Thur21soak.

My, how the weather had altered in such a short time, back to the rain now, the fog departing, just a bit of mist in the distance left, now.

I settled to read the Lenigrad book, resuming on page 67. I can’t recall getting any further, still open at the same page when I woke up.

Evening all.

Inchcock Today – Friday 13th October 2017: Laundry – Dentist – New Alien Blob discovered in lift

Friday 13th October 2017

Irish: Dé hAoine 13 Deireadh Fómhair 2017

0140hrs: I stirred differently this morning, slowly. The reluctant to open eye-lids tentatively fluttered into an open position. I waited a few moments for the brain to catch up and assume a status of readiness for activity. It took a few minutes longer, but it got there. The thoughts bouncing about in my mind were depressing, tristiloquy-like ridden. Luckily, they were forgotten about and abandoned when the overwhelming demand for the Porcelain Throne arrived.

I fought the pain from Hippy Hilda and Arthur Itis, disentangling my aching limbs and body from the £300 second-hand recliner, and into the wet room. Only to find there were no evacuation materials to rid me of, just splurting winds.

I had a wee-wee.

I spotted the note I’d left to remind me of the Dentist Appointment at 0945hrs this morning.

I’d added about doing the laundry onto it.

0158hrs: I gathered the washing bag and accoutrements and made my way down to the laundry room.

Only the one lift was working, number one that holds the Wachlino – The Alien Blob. That has been in there resisting all attempts to kill and clean it up, for four weeks now. I’d got the camera with me and decided to do an updated photograph of the little creature. When I got inside the elevator, I took a photo to use later in making a graphicalisation.

I hoped that the other two new marks on the floor were not further alien amoeba about to give birth?

Got the washer going and back up to the flat.

Made a start on finalising yesterdays post for half an hour or so, and it was time to go down to move the stuff into the dryer.

I must say, I was pleased with how the oven thingy, mitt or whatever it is called, came out nice and clean despite its thickness.

Turned the dryer on and then back up in the lift.

Well, then I noticed something of further interest on the floor near the corner in the shadows under the fold-up seat!

Yes indeed – A new Alien Omeaba? A lot fresher looking than the old one now. Another Watchelino Mark2!

Got back up and set about making a graphic for a bit of fun.

Got this done, then finalised the Thursday chronicle and started this one off for an hour or so.

Then back down to clean the machines and collect the laundry.

Folded the stuff and got it into the bag. Then wiped the machines and cleaned the filters. Had a spray around with the freshener. Pleased to report that I had no Whoopsiedangleplops or Accifauxpas down there this morning.

Proceeded with updating today’s log.

Checked Email got a message from Jenny, thanking me for the flowers. She used the Facebook thing, but my computer freezes when I use it so I could not reply.

Time to get the ablutions done, and readied for the dentist visit. Oh, I do hope they can sort it today.

Sorted the waste bags and took them to the rubbish chute.

Got ready for the dentist and set off. Both lifts were operating now, but I got in number one and took the opportunity to get some better shots of the ‘New Alien Blob’. I forced the flash on the camera to work, and the results were better this time. Made this graphic later when I got back home.

Out the foyer doors and up the gravel hill into the park, left down to Mansfield Road.

I had nasty Dizzy Dennis attack as I neared the gates. Had to stop near a bench and hold onto it. Not all bad though, cause it gave me the chance to watch dogs playing with their owner and I spotted this insect, whatever it is on the top back of the seat.

Dizzy only bothered me for about five minutes, and then I set off slowly hobbling to the dentist place.

Fingers crossed and hoping for the best, I entered and bravely bothered the Obergefrieteress receptionists. Took a seat and got the crossword book out. A young assistant came to fetch me half an hour so later and carried the bag for me as I tackled the steep stairs to the treatment room. The Dentist needed to see the actual INR blood level figure from the Deep Vein Thrombosis Clinic, which I didn’t have of course. Not that it would have helped me get my teeth done, because the level was only 1.5 on it, and the dentist would not do any work until it was 2.5 to 3,5 anyway,  as she explained. So, now I have to wait until next Tuesday to have a blood test. Then wait until the DVT record comes to me. Then it has to be in range. Then I have to go to the surgery within 24hrs and try to get an appointment within the next 24 hours of visiting them and informing them. But they cannot guarantee me one. The dentist came down with me to speak to the receptionists about the situation. But even she got dirty looks from the Commandantess receptionist; I just got ignored.

So, what chance have I got of ever getting the teeth done? I thanked them and left with a despondent, dejected air about me.

Outside, just about coped with the two steep steps down to the sidewalk and things took a turn for the worse for me as a blooming Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came to close to me for comfort as he sped by.


Limped down to the Wilko store and got some duck food, bleach and fabric softener.

Back up the hill, still feeling depressed. Roy and Doris were at the bus stop, and we had a little chinwag and laughed as we waited. Not an easy thing to do when all three of us are hard of hearing! Hahaha!

Got in and prepped th things for a meal of the day.

Smoked Basi fish fillets, garden peas, orange flavoured beetroot and three small potatoes boiled. I’m goingto try some of the Fish Sauce with it, see if I like it.

Onto the computer to update this diary.

Quick check on the Emails.

Jenny rang me thanked me for her flowers and we had a nice chinwag. She told me to ring her when I needed ny help with moving things when the upgrade started. So kind of her.

Nosh eaten, but I took a photo of it without a cars in th e camera, and don’t know how to get it off the camera?

Porcelain Throne session; Meat Balls come to mind. Haha!

Flaked out so early after doing Health Checks and taking medications.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 30th September 2017: Major Calamity Grade Whoopsiedangleplop!

Saturday 30th September 2017

Bad night for dreams. Did not wake up until around 0530hrs. Then, I glanced around the room and the same feeling that overcame me last night returned. Well, many feelings but all with the same pattern of guilt at the state of the place. Contrition, disgrace, pangs of conscience and self-reproach being the worst of them.

I recalled the promise to myself last night that I made: “I’ll get the cleaning up done first thing in the morning, use the hoover later so as not to bother the neighbours with the noise.” The idea of leaving it all and doing something else, anything at all – fleetingly came to mind, but the guilt was too strong.

The ailments seemed kind as I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner and made my way to the Porcelain Throne. A rock-hard start, followed up with a messy slush of sorts?

Then into the kitchen to make a mug of tea. Did the Health Checks and took the medications, well, I was about to: I had to rush back to the Throne, and it was not a good session, it was a long hard battle for a few minutes again, and then Trotsky Terence had a bash at me! Splashing, spraying,  More cleaning up to do before I could start on the housework – or should that be apartment-work or flat-work? Haha!

Back in the kitchen again, I found I had left the hot tap running and now, had no hot water! Briefly, I allowed naughty thoughts to come into the brain, like, “Should I bother doing the cleaning, no hot water will make it difficult to clean-up…” But, my conscience would not permit me the luxury of being slothful again! I decided to start on the front room.

The view outside was beautiful as I went out onto the balcony.

The lights were about to go out, cause I think they do so around 0600hrs this time of year.

Took a look at the windows to see if I might get away without cleaning them on the outside. The mess inside was more noticeable with the lights on inside and dark out! What an idiot I am! They were in a terrible state, and it was evident that they needed doing urgently.


I took two photographicalisations down from the balcony, to the left and the other, straight down. To say that I did them in a rush, they came out alright, I thought. And, it was not cold at all out there, and the few spots of rain earlier had stopped altogether.

I tried to energise myself and apply a gritty ‘Sticktoitiveness’ into my psychological state. To dedicate me to get the cleaning up done, whatever happens! So I did. Although as you will read, the stickability idea came unstuck, thanks to Trotsky Terence, old age, Anne Gyna and bleeding a lot rather when I had my shave. Humph! Hehe!

The photographs following, are of the area before of the left, and after on the right, of each zone tackled so heroically by Inchcock, I thank you. (Hehe!)

I decided to work anti-clockwise around the room and to end up doing the hoovering because it would be well past 0800hrs and some by then. Started with the corner display with the photos on it. I seemed to cope with the bending to dust and polish, even the screw on ends, without too much hassle. Did the frames and spent a few minutes when I saw Dad’s and Suzie’s pictures. Replaced the other stuff. Felt quite good at this stage, mind you, of course, I’d only just started the job.

 Then onto the DVD shelves and the fire surrounds. This took me three hours to get done, and other Porcelain Throne visits in between.

I made up a bag of stuff to take to the Nottingham Hospice Shop later. Lots of DVD’s and the new fancy landline phone I didn’t get on with at all. I tried to sort out the DVD’s, thinking the 20 or so I was giving to the Hospice Shop would make more room, there seemed to be less by the time I’d done the polishing and started tp out the whole lot back on the shelves? I replaced Maries’ kindly donated to me from Australia, Koala Katie in pride of place on top of the DVDs and had a chat with her. Well, I love Koala Katie!
Dusted and polished the fire surrounds, truncheons, plaque, clock, dusted Margaret Thatcher, she still ‘Squeaks’ when squashed you know, even all these years later!

Tackled the bookshelves and moved the hearing aids and accoutrements into their own tray. Then started on the 1963 second-hand G-Plan that holds the landline and computer and printer stuff on top and all sorts of rubbish inside. A Major Calamity Grade Whoopsiedangleplop here! I’m afraid. The wooden door runners spilt open when I tried to close them after polishing them. The right-hand ones do not open anymore, Sob! I’ve left the left ones ajar so you can see how they should open. I had to use WD40, brute force and a prayer to get the broken door to close. My heart in the cleaning up task faded at this point!

Heck of a job getting the computer and TV screens cleaned without leaving any streaks. The alarm panel was involved too, I was scared of setting it off. After doing the best I could, I stopped for a break and mug of tea.The dreaded one next!

The dreaded one, the paperwork! But I took my time and got things sorted in the end. I remembered to keep the audio record book and card out on the writing desk and the INR card too, cause I’ll need them this week. (Smug Mode Adopted here, Hehe)

The office looked a lot better than it has done for some time, the two folder holders are beginning to burst at the seams, though. Might have to invest in another one soon.

The one area I thought I would not have any hassle with was the chairs. I was wrong! The cover on the recliner just did not want the hoover to remove all the little crumbs from my nocturnal nibbling session. Then I sprayed the wrong polish on the leather chair with the broken leg and cracked at the back. I used the window spray in mistake for the leather spray. What a Pallava it was getting it sorted!

Finally (photo taken at 1825hrs) actual time approx 1200hrs), the hoovering was done, a wee-wee and fatigued in the extreme now.

I wanted to get the Nottingham Hospice things delivered with the other stuff.

I pondered a while on if I would be okay walking around the block. Thought I would be, apart from Trotsky Terence and Anne Gyna giving hassle, all seemed well.

I boiled some saucepans of water and the kettle to get a stand-up wash and shave. .. then I thought, would the shower heater work now the boiler is cold? I was in luck, it was hot water coming from the shower head. Hippy! So, I carefully did the teggies, and shave, into the shower for a scrub-up and got the togs on, and bag ready to take to the Hospice Shop.

I got as far as over the road and onto the gravel hill path up to the park and realised I had not got the hearing aids in or the Lumix with me. So I legged it back to the foyer, and two girl tenants were just getting out of a taxi, so I waited for them holding the door open and helped one with her bag into the lift. To the flat, picked up the aids and camera and off again.

The feet were not too bad, but Anne Gyna was giving me bother.

Up the gravel hill again. Hehe!

Through the park to the gates and had a look at the Food Stalls on offer. Nothing of interest to me, there were seven food stalls, eleven personages available for serving clients, and two potential customers.

Very sad for the retailers.

Into Sherwood and dropped off the things at the Hospice Shop.

Sherwood seemed awfully quiet for a Saturday?

I walked down to the Co-op and got some soft bread and bananas.

By-passed the cake and hot food shops and made my now, very slow limp up Winchester Street Hill, back the complex.

On the way up, I spotted this slug. It seemed to be trying to drink water in a little crevice on the cracked pavement. Or not?

I was getting more wearier as I plodded on.

I got in and onto the Porcelain Throne, yet again. Splashes, splatters, WC and myself to clean up again. Getting fed-up again.

Did the checks and medications and took an anti-diarrhoea capsule. Then spotted the morning drugs that I was about to take much earlier when I got the Trots… still in their pot untaken! Tsk!

The recycling bags were posted through the door, they seem to come every two weeks nowadays. All five of them.

Then got on with finishing off yesterdays diary. Better late than never. Emails and WordPress reading. Then started this journal off. Many hours later. Even more, sacred hours passed my usual head-down time, I got it finished as the evening darkness grew darker.

Thought about the meal and what to have and got the urge to have some baked beans, seasoned with Balsamic vinegar, cheesy potatoes and BBQ smoked mackerel sounded nice. Realised I had only one tin of beans left, I added some to my Morrison order for Wednesday, or whenever it is for.

Then got the nosh cooking, well, no cooking at all really. I had instant mash with the last of the cheese mixed in, BBQ mackerel and baked beans with balsamic vinegar.

The light and free yoghourt had gone off badly – Pwher, nearly I passed out when I whipped off the lid! Eurgh! Haha!
Hope the others in the fridge are still okay.

I think I was too tired to get to sleep tonight. The nodding offs did not start until very late on. And, one dream, well, bits of one of them I could recall and made this graphic in the morning to show what it was about. I was at the British Railways house in Brookfield Place, as I was living there in my early years. I was on my own and searching for a ten-bob note in the outside loo, and the pigeons would not let me get out again? That’s all I recall.