Inchcock Today – Tuesday 19th September 2017

Tuesday 19th September 2017

0400hrs: Woke up. I tried to adumbrate some things from the dream I’d been having, but all the memories dissolved into the ether as I tried. Tsk!

Went to make a brew of tea and surprise! Demand for my attendance at the Porcelain Throne arrived (At last!) Off to the wet room. Found there was blood over my chin and jammies from Incisor Suzie-Tooth. Cleaned things up. So busy at the moment, don’t know when I’ll get around to doing the mounting pile of washing.

Did the Health Checks: Sys 144 Dia 74, Pulse88, Temp 35.1 and weight 14.92, not too bad, apart from the weight.

Saw the note come reminder I’d left for myself.

Started the computer, and did a Morrison delivery order for tomorrow. Then began finalising the Monday Chronicle.

It was a little cold this morning, so I went around and closed the windows.

A bit of drizzle coming down outside, and the street and house lights seemed a little dim. But then, I had my reading glasses on. Took the picture and they still looked dark?

Back to the diaries, but I had a feeling, an EQ awareness of impending bother, hassle or whatever. I could not shake it off. Most uncomfortable mentally when this happens. Sure as eggs are eggs, something is going to upset the apple-cart soon.

Finished the Monday post and went to make a mug of tea. I thought I could hear that little howling sound again, and took a look out of the window. No wind about, the rain had stopped and nothing in sight?

This feeling of discomfiture was bothering me. I wish whatever it is that is coming, would do so quickly to get it over with. A horrible sensation that something will not work out right? I hope I am wrong about it all the same.

Emails checked and I went on Facebook.

0935hrs: Ablutions tended to. Readied things and off out to the surgery hobble. Passed May at the bus stop on the way. Little chinwag and gave her a nibble bar. Down Winchester Hill and left up Mansfield road to the top of the hill.

When this naughty Nottingham Cyclist nearly bumped into me as he sped by.

Down the incline and into the Sherrington Park Surgery car park and entered. The receptionist was in a good mood today. Reported to her and filled in a request form for some extra Codeine 60g painkillers.

Took a seat, getting the crossword book out.

The EQ spurred thought of an imminent failure or let-down, still lingering.

Nurse Nichole came to me to summon into her treatment room. It made my day her being on duty. We had a nice chat while she took the blood. Gave her her nibbles as I left, and some to the receptionist team when I left the premises.

Walked down to the bus stop in Carrington and caught a bus back to Sherwood. Dropping off near the Charity Shop, then over the road and called into the Co-op Store. Where I bought some bananas to ripen to eat, just in case after the dentist removes the tooth, things might still be painful to consume and masticate. One large potato, and a TV magazine for next week.

As I limped up to the dentist place, two fire engine tenders belted passed toward the City Centre.

I mounted the too steep steps into the Dentist’s surgery and went to the receptionist and explained everything again as I did yesterday. Signed a form and took a seat, crossword book out again. Ten minutes later a nurse came down for me and led me up the steep stairs to the treatment room.

This female dentist seems a bit more pleasant, and we went through what had happened with the tooth. Things appeared to be going well. I suggested that maybe we could take out the two front teeth together, and have a plate put in. The Pound Signs flashed over her facial features for a moment or two, and said: “No, no! We’ll take the one out and let it settle first, then take the other out and let that settle, then think about having a plate put in. In other words “No, that will mean just one charge if you take two out same as for one. It is imperative that we charge you twice, and then again, for the plate, there is a maximum charge you know… better to get around that by charging less but much more often!” Fair enough!

When she got around to looking at my notes, she asked what my INR level was. I told her 5.0 – this stopped her in her tracks. “I cannot do an extraction if your INR level is not between 2 & 4!

This despite my having had three extractions, four fillings and two crowns done at this Dentist’s when my INR level has been over or under this level over the last two years?

I told her I’d just had a test done half an hour or so ago at the surgery. After a kerfuffle and talk with someone on the phone, she affirmed that she could not do it while the level was too high or low, especially too-high, because she may not be able to stop the bleeding. I asked her if it was alright then, for me to go home with the loose teeth, have something to eat and the tooth come out there, and I bleed to death?

A surprising reply was given: “I’m not bothered, all I am interested in is my not getting into any trouble from the authorities if I do any surgery while your INR level is not right!”

Fair enough gal, I thought.

This must be the EQ feeling of the next Whoopsiedangleplop[ or Accifaupa I had earlier? Humph!

She spoke again on the phone to someone, then told me to go downstairs, and the receptionist will look into the problem.

So I did.

The receptionist was most displeased that I did not know the number for the surgery. But she looked it up and rang them. I couldn’t hear the conversation.

Afterwards, she told me to ring the surgery tomorrow afternoon, to obtain the INR result. Then to contact them (The Dentists) with the figure and they will decide what can or cannot be done about the issue, or better still, call in and see them with the results if they are within 3 to 4.

I departed, downhearted and still in pain with the teggies.

At the bus stop outside the door, where some flat tenants were waiting. I had a little moan about things to them, and they thought it hilarious. Glad to give someone a laugh at least. Hehehe!

Hobbled off the bus and to the apartments, said my farewells to the other gang members, and into the flat.

Wee-wee, a mug of tea, medications, Health Checks, got the potato in the Crock-Pot and got on with updating this diary.

Tired and fed-up.

Nosh readied.

I’d boiled the large potato and mashed it nice and soft with butter and milk, and opened a tin of the hot dog sausage that was soft-to-eat, followed by the fluffy lemon meringue mousse.

Caught the tooth many times and received almost electric shock-like pains for my bother, Hehe!

I changed the time for the Morrisons delivery so there was less chance of it clashing with the time I might be going back to the dentist or phoning the surgery for the INR blood, results.

Got down to enjoy the fodder with Incisor dodging eating (Haha!) and the phone rang. Jenny called me to ask if I was still going to the free meal tomorrow. I tried to explain about the INR blood level and Dentist confusion best I could. But it was late, and I was feeling so confused and tired of all the hassle going on. Hope she understood what I said.

Did the checks and medication taking.

Watched a bit of TV, and then Duodenal Donald started playing up badly. Dare not take any extra painkillers. I did take an Omeprazole capsule, but stocks are low on them and the Codeines.

I pondered on the fact that the place needs cleaning up badly, very untidy. Fell asleep!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 13th September 2017: The 13th… what a day to have a dentist appointment. Howling winds and rain last night. Humph!

Wednesday 13th September 2017

0315hrs: I stirred in the £300 second-hand recliner. The stomach giving me no bother and I felt almost in a state of ataraxia for a few minutes… Until I tried to get up, the recliner shuddered almost violently as it lowered, and as soon as I moved to stand up. First, Hippy Hilda was most unhappy at the movement and then, standing on my painful, poor plates-of-meat stung and almost burned as I got onto them. That would be no doubt due to the enforced route march – Whoopsiedangleplop number three of the five from yesterday?

However, the other ailment were all much easier this morning. Off to the Porcelain Throne, no bother at all there. Arthur Itis, Roger Reflux, Hernia Harry even Anne Gyna were most acceptable pain levels. Duodenal Donald, Hippy Hilda and the plates were the only ones giving any grief.

Made a brew of tea in the new second-hand dainty mug, got a pot of porridge ready to have and did the Health Checks. Sys 159, Dia 79, Temp 32.4, Weight 14.96.

At this point, the innards came to life and bubbled up like, instantly. The rumbling and grumbling and a feeling of, I don’t know the word I need. Queasiness perhaps overcame me (Or should that be squeamishness?). I got the grabber and put the pot of porridge back up on top of the cupboard.

I was earlier, well pleased with the innards situation, especially after waking up to feel the ailments so much better. And now, the relief I felt earlier had turned to a discombobulated feeling of disappointment. Tsk!

Put the hearing aids in, after a search to find the reading glasses that took several minutes (I’d left them in the wet room hanging over the mouthwash bottle?). I went to make another brew, and by golly was the wind a-blowing or what! The beautiful wet-you-through rain persisted down and along in the wind. The howling gusting winds, that seemed to be getting stronger. I hope I can get to the Dentist safely later?

The note I’d left for myself helped me to remember this. Hehe!.

On the computer and started off this diary up to here.

Then finished yesterday’s and got it posted. Checked the Emails.

I popped into the kitchen to make a mug of tea, and saw all the street lights and thought this might make a decent photograph. Back to the computer to collect the camera, returned to the kitchen, and nearly all the lights had gone out. Huh!

Tok this one anyway. The wind had eased a little, but the rain continued to fall.

I thought I was gonna get soaked on my visit to the Dentists, but the rain and the wind dropped quickly?

Got the ablutions tended to and getting ready for the hobble into Sherwood, through Woodthorpe Grange Park to the dental surgery, the lights in the living room flashed and flickered for ages. Mmm?

I sorted and took the waste bags to the chute. Thre was no end of bits of detritus that had been blown in through the gigantic holes in the wall at both ends of each of the corridors.

The chances are the wind would have knocked down the building last night, without them being there? Such was the ferocity of them.

I set out, taking two jars to put in the recycling bin, the recycling bin that has been full for over five days now, incidentally. I’m not blaming our indifferent, elusive, unavailable, unobtainable, unreachable phubbing expert of a caretaker at all. I’m sure he has so many phone calls to make, it must be annoying him these alien blobs on the lift floor, the bins overflowing and debris on every floor of the flats near the lifts, all awaiting his expert attention. Oh, no, not blaming him at all.  Only joking.

I crossed over Chestnut Walk and up the steep gravel path hill. This picture came out very well, considering. I was just about to take a photograph, when the leaves and branches on the ring were blown straight into my face, then back again out of view again. They didn’t hurt at all, just made me jump a bit. Hehe!

Limped slowly up the path and into the park, then left down towards Mansfield Road. The damage from the winds had left branches, berries and leaves all strewn about.

As I neared the gate, a sad sight to behold. Some huge branches had been broken off the wonderful majestic, as was, Conker  Tree near the walkway, by the winds.

I pressed on, feet stinging of course, but Hippy Hilda and Duodenal Donald were both easier now.

Left out of the gates up and over the crest of the hill, and there, was a wind damaged new advertising hoarding sign.

Onward I limped, down to the dentist, with a feeling of foreboding at having to be seen to by the new younger dentist. The lady one who used to deal with me has gone back to Poland, and I had this chap tend to me on my last visit. Very curt, short and uncommunicative he was. Yesterday I spoke with Bill (William on Sundays), and another chap from the eleventh floor and they both said they used had the lady do them, and remarked on their feeling towards the new man and his not very friendly at all, nature.

I plodded down to the Co-op store. Bought a wholemeal loaf and some smoked bacon, to have with some tinned tomatoes with basil tonight.

Departed and walked back up the hill.

Where I noticed that another Sherwood outlet had closed down.

It’s getting bad now.

I arrived outside the Dentist and took this picture of the new signs and poster on the front of the premises.

Classy innit? Hahaha!

Tentatively, I went in and meekly reported myself to the Sturmbahnfureresses on the reception. I filled in the statement form, two pages now, not one. I was commanded to sit down, so I did.

I did very well with the crosswords. I didn’t finish one of course, but I came very close. Haha!

A nurse came down and had a bit of a job with me concentrating on the crosswords, to make her orders for me to follow her, heard. This did not please her in the least. I accompanied her up the steep stairs, and she disappeared from view, returning a few moment late back at the top of the steps, asking if I was coming – then she must have spotted my right foot sticking out and my battle to get up the rungs, and her nature softened a bit.

The biggest shock of the visit (Apart from the cost to come), was the young dentist being kind to me! “Hello, Mr Chambers and how are we today?”; with a fixed imitation half-smile showing through his chin stubble. It was all put on, amateurishly as well. Plainly, others had complained about his previous bullish approach and told someone about it, and he had been warned. He was even mock-patient with me when I struggled to get down in the chair.

Within seconds he was hovering over me, saying something to the nurse about the teeth. He leant back to me, sharing his curry scented breath with me too, and prodded the back teeth with a tool of some sort. Gave them a right few belts he did. Then declared I needed a filling, but I don’t need any anaesthetic because it was only a small one. Could he do it now? – I nodded, I would have spoken to him, but the pain from where he’d stuck the prodder in the tooth was still hurting. Huh!

He got on with the task, it did hurt of course, but he was no doubt trying to save the cost of the painkillers.

He gave me the paperwork to take down to the receptionist, he even offered to carry my bag down the stairs for me.

The Obergefeiteress received the paperwork and charged me £56.30, bless her. Gave me a time and date for the next appointment. Wednesday 14th March at 0840hrs. I wrote this down on the crossword book, and hobbled out, thinking I would catch the first L9 back up the hill to the flats. This I did. But, it turned out to be a Whoopsiedangleplop AGAIN! It was too early to use the free bus-pass… AGAIN! So, I had to pay the man. It was only after two bus stops and a lady got on at the next one, and got on for free! This, after she told him, she was a pensioner and could not walk up the hill and waffled on at him. Tsk!

I alighted and walked limpingly along towards the flats, and took a photograph of this rather beautiful bit of the walkway.

The mobile phone burst into tune. It was the Doctors surgery telling me that the INR Warfarin Blood level had risen to 5.8 now. This is opposite to the blood-clot and heart attack area. Rather the ‘Cut your yourself and bleed to death’, and the ‘You’re going to feel cold mate’ mode. I added the details she gave me to the Crossword book with the Dentist details already in there. She gave me the new dosages and the next blood test was arranged for Tuesday 19th September at 1100hrs.

As I did, a voice from behind called my name… it was Warden Deana, and I was go glad to see her. Always cheers me up seeing this lass. We walked into the flats together.

I got in and had a wee-wee.

Put the bread in the bin, bacon in the fridge and got the computer on to update the appointment calender. Then added things to the written diary as well.

Seems I am going to be medically busy next week. Hehe!

Between cups of tea (A bit of thirst developed here?).

Got the tomatoes seasoned and into the saucepan with some tomato juice added and heated the oven ready for the bacon later.

Although raining again, the view was very nice as the sun popped out for me to take this photograph.

Did a bit more TFZer graphic prep work. I may have to abandon this series I’m working on, because CorelDraw has started freezing on me when I try to edit in CorelPaint. Most irritating!

Got the meal in the dish, just the seasoned tomatoes and smoked back bacon, with the fresh bread, followed with the last pot of the Lemon Mousse and a lemon-curd yoghourt. So easy to prepare, but a devil to clean up after cooking. Does anyone clean ovens in their spare time please? How much do you charge? Hehe!

Such a simple meal, but I gave it a 9.2/10 rating.

Settled and got the DVD on and watched some of the ‘Hustle’ episodes. I was surprised I was still awake after being up for over 16 hours, and still conscious and enjoying the stories.

Had to dismount the recliner for a wee-wee, which turned into a Porcelain Trone session, a good one, no mess, no blood.

While up, I decided to clean the pots and to look threateningly at the dirty oven. Hehe!

Back in the recliner and nodded off, but woke up at 0140hrs, wide awake again. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Wednesday 6th September 2017: Laundry Room Duties – Trotsky Terence Returns, Whoopsiedangleplop. Humph!

Wednesday 6th September 2017

Maltese: L-Erbgħa 6 ta ‘Settembru 2017

0325hrs: Woke up doing my best to recall anything about the dreams I just know I had been having, absolutely nothing came back to me. Tsk!

The sudden need of a Porcelain Throne visitation arrived. The £300 second-hand recliner was as wobbly as my belly as it shook and shuddered to allow me to struggle out of it to get to the wet room. The plates were tender, and both Hippy Hilda and Arthur Itis showed their displeasure with me. Still, Duodenal Donald was very calm this morning. The Throne session was not friendly, and cleaning/freshening up was required afterwards.

Got the washing sorted and down to the Laundry Room one lift number one. Had to get some cleaning done before I could use the washer. It was of poor condition, soap powder clinging to various parts and what looked like some sort of bodily pustule gunk on the inside and rim of the drum?

The hands and fingers were doing well, mind. No Arthur Itis or Cramp Craig attentions.

Back up to the apartment. Kettle on and took this photographicalisation out of the kitchen window.

Back to the Porcelain Throne, oh dear, twice already? However, things were far less messy on this occasion.

Started the computer and to work on finishing yesterdays post. Time to go down and move the clobber from washer to dryer. Down in lift number one. Moved the things and up in lift number two.

I spotted this whatever it is on the floor under the button panel? Any ideas, please?

Once back up, I set the timer to remind me when the dryer should be finished and pressed on with the Health Checks. Sys149 Dia 74 Pulse 80 Temp 34.1, all looking fair enough, but the weight was 14.88 again. Huh! A brew in the new cute mug and took the medications.

Down to collect the washing in lift number one this time.

My two Kippahs had dried well with the other stuff, but I did realise that I’d forgotten to take the towels down again! Humph. Clot!

Wiped around and cleaned the filters and back to the lift. I paused to take a look at the book shelves despite the lack of lighting and spotted something that shouldn’t have been there.

Can you spot it? Alcofrolics!

Back up again on lift number two, and the blob of whatever on the floor, seemed to be glowing now? Tricky to tell mind, cause the lights in the elevator had started flickering and flashing again. Hehe!

Put the gear away in the airing cupboard.

Had a wee-wee and into the kitchen and got some fresh garden peas podded and placed in the crockpot with a large potato and seasoned with the Polish All Purpose seasoning ready to start cooking later.

Got the yesterday dairy finished and posted off.

Emails checked, then WordPress Reading done.

Onto Facebook next.

Then got the ablutions tended to… the razor cuts bleeding took a bit of stopping. Little Inchy needed gentle treatment after cleansing, with the Dakacort and antisepticalisationing. Poor little thing. Huh!

Finally all sorted out, I took the bag and box of recycling stuff down with me on the hobble to Sherwood. Dropped the box near the caretaker (The Phubbing Champion) door, and noted as I started to walk along the road, there were no signs of any workmen again around the site of the two high-Rise flats?

As I turned down onto Winchester Street hill, I saw that the Council was doing some work on the bus stop near the Laundry. I had to cross over the road, because they had blocked off the pavement, right at the most dangerous part of a double bend. Humph!

Got over to the pavement and took this photograph of the flats I’d just left.

Down the surprising traffic free hill and into Sherwood and called at the bank to get some spending money. I like going there, getting belittled and looked down on can be very therapeutic, I’ve heard.

Over the road and down to the Polish Delicatessen and bought a sliced loaf and some cooked belly pork with herbs and garlic.

I noticed that the closed-down takeaway on the corner near the traffic lights had lost another letter from those that precariously remain above the shop. Haha!

Walking along, I saw that a new eatery was being got ready for opening on Mansfield Road.

This seemed to me, to be a failed business before it even got built.

Bearing in mind the amount of abandoned retail units there already are within yards of this new one? Why anyone would open a takeaway or restaurant business with so many bankrupted and closed-down ones already evident, plus there being at least eleven still operating within a third-of-a-mile on the same road, I don’t know?

The only one of these above still open is the Polish Ania restaurant.

As I made my way up the hill, this Herbert of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist gave me a rum look when he saw me with the camera, and eventually got himself back onto the road. Not until he nearly ran into a woman with a pram!

Popped into the Bird’s cake shop and got a fresh cream iced bun. (It had to happen, my weakening after so long, Huh!)

Then, I called at the Co-op store and got some tomatoes, mushrooms and TV paper. Then into some Charity Shops, Mind, Sue Ryder and Hope, where I got an odd looking mug that took my fancy.

The last thing that I need, as I have bought about four this last August? Going Bonkers?

Up to the bus stop and three of our residents were there in the shelter. Little Annie, from Gordieland, a right, real character she is. About 4’10”, thin as a rake and brave as anyone I know. I like her, and we had a great laugh on the way back up the hill. Even the driver of the bus joined in the ribaldry! Hehe!

Back at the apartment, just in time too, cause Trotsky Terence started off again. Cleaned up afterwards and into the kitchen to get the fodder away and meal started off.

About two miles away there was more of the mystery white smoke billowing up.

Not the slightest idea what had or was causing it? Annoying that!

Soon had the meal sorted and served up on Lizzie’s plate.

This effort was, tomatoes with Balsamic vinegarette dressing (The ones bought today at the Cop-op, Horrible tasting, bitter, they were!), Potato cubes, fresh garden peas, orange peppers, sliced boiled potatoes with a dab of Soy sauce, pork loin, mushrooms and apple. I also made one small… smallish, er… giant sandwich of belly pork with herbs and spices to go with it, occasionally dipped in BBQ sauce.

After eating it, I fell asleep with the tray and remnant of the fodder, still on my knee. Of course, when I woke up after dreaming something about my becoming a Councillor for the Samaritans? – The food was spread over my bulging stomach the chair and the carpet, the tray had managed to lodge itself down the narrow gap between the seats. A right performance it was retrieving it and clearing up then trying to get back up again on my feet! Thought I was doing well with the Whoopsiedangleplops as well. Grumph!

Took the medications and did the Health Checks, had a rinse and got settled to watch some DVD episodes of the ‘Hussle Series one’. Did very well staying awake for two whole episodes.

Drifted into and out of sleep for an hour or two, before needing the Porcelain Throne again.

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 5th September 2017: INR Blood Test – Under the Brolly Photos and The Botox Meal?

Illegal parkers corale the end left-end legally parked car? Hehehe!

Tuesday 5th September 2017

Swedish: Tisdagen den 5 September 2017

0400hrs: Stirred in a loose form of life (Not much sleep at all), and immediately I’d dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner and got the light on, signs of nocturnal nibbling were found. Got the had hoover and removed the crumbs from the chair and carpet. (Naughty Inchcock!)

To the Porcelain Throne, a much easier and more successful session this morning cheered me up a bit this did.

Health Checks results: Sys 153 Dia 74 Pulse 76 Temp 34.0 Weight 14.88

Took the medications with a mug of nice healthy strong Thompson’s tea.

Consulted the Google Diary and made sure it matched with the written diary for this week up to now.

Today, the Morrisons Delivery is due twixt 0600 > 0700hrs, and the INR Blood Test at the surgery for 1000hrs.

Started to update and finish yesterday’s diary. While doing this, I heard a dog barking, although I didn’t recognise what it was at first, until I looked down outside and took a photograph of a man walking his dog. Early risers, then.

Early risers, then. The man was under the trees, but the dog could be seen behind the parked cars as they passed by, the owned was hidden in under the tree branches. Loud bark this dog had if I heard him on the twelfth floor?

I felt a bit sorry for the end legally parked car on the left, getting almost corralled in by the two illegally parked ones.

I got medication pots done and back in the drawer. Made a note remember to ask the nurse for a prescription for some extra Codeine 60g and Omeprazole.

I also hoped that Nurse Nichole would be on duty this time.

As the rain started coming down, I made up a nibble bag and pressie for Nichole.

The Morrison chappie arrived with the fodder.

I sorted it out, and the fridge and in particular the freezer, are now brimming full again.

Got on with the ablutionalisational activities, then got everything needed in the bag, nibbles for Nurse Nichole, nibbles for the others, hat, umbrella, crossword book and bus pass. Decided I had to wear a coat today to repel the weather, so swapped everything from the shirt pockets to the deep coat pockets. Got the coat on (mistake this) and checked the lights, taps etc. in the flat, and took the bin bags with me to drop in the chute and a box of recyclable stuff to take down and leave at the caretaker’s door. Which I did, as I left the premises.

The rain was persistent, as was evident by the deep puddles.

There were very few workmen on site this morning, again.

I can’t blame them, with this weather.

Walking on towards the end of the road I came across a few traffic cones had been mangled since yesterday?.

No people about this location.

As I passed the Winchest Courts, a van drew up so something might be done today, like work of the flats? Hehe!

I turned back to take this photo on the right of the chaps braving the rain.

Down Winchester Street Hill, struggling with the bag and umbrella a bit most of the way, and had to keep changing hands, as Arthur Itis and Craig Camps were starting to dislike the weather perhaps?

Onto Mansfield Road and left up to the hill.

Taking my time, as  I had 30 minutes before the appointment for the INR blood test over the crest in Carrington.

And the plates had started giving me grief now as well. Tsk!

On the brow of the hill, a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came a touch close to my shoulders as he sped by me.

He did not enamour himself to the chap at the bus stop either. I think a few well-chosen words were exchanged.

Got into the surgery and a new receptionist was on duty. A nice pleasant looking plump young thing. But she did not speak very loudly but was very nice. (Give them time to work on her though, and she might end up an excellent Cutting remark and Look down a nose at patients graded, just like the others).

I forgot all about asking them for a prescription and to book a flu-jab date. Tsk!

I took my seat and got the crossword book out, Then the good arrived. It was Nurse Nichole who came out to collect me. I was tickled pink. She soon had me done, a quick chinwag and I was off and gone.

Over the road and passed by the Chemists forgetting this time to check on the date to collect the prescriptions. Fool!

I wandered down to see if the Lidl Store had been reopened yet. No, they were still working on it. No shelving erected yet, so it looks like being a good while yet.

I caught a bus back into Sherwood. When I dropped off, the rain seemed to be easing off.

I had to look at my mobile phone to get the time from it, but the battery had died! A message flashed up momentarily telling me the battery was critically low, then the thing closed down on its own. For some reason, I suddenly remembered it is the yahrzeit of Annie from the flats, and I felt a little down, but good memories came to me of her. Bless her.

I stood and waited for the time to come round on the nearest bus timetable display. There were forty minutes before a bus would arrive to get me back up the hill to the flats. So I did a tour of the second-hand Charity shops, to see if they had any narrow at the top cups or mugs and a lightweight coat with plenty of pockets for sale. I went into the Sue Ryer shop first. As I was looking at clothing and tried on a jacket, to find it was far too small, I checked out the pockets and found a 50p coin inside. Plodded around to view the kitchen wear section and found a nice sized cup and bought it, giving the lady the fifty pence piece I’d discovered and told her where I found it.

Then over the road and into the Mind Charity shop, but they had nowt of interest to me. Then up to the Oxfam, noting there and then the Nottingham Hospice Shop. Here I spotted a World of Clarkson – For Crying Out Load motoring book. I do not like this millionaire man in the least, but give him his due, his cutting wit I do find worthy, and bought the book.

As I moved up the hill to the bus stop, another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist crossed over Hall Street, coming too close for comfort to a lady. The Git! He had a full face helmet on though?

Peggy from the flats with her neighbour bloke was at the stop when I arrived. We had a jolly good nattering, and laughter session before the bus arrived and continued on the bus after it came.

Peggy got a move on her way to the flats but had to stop for breath a couple of times. I caught her up and stayed with her each time.

We arrived at the foyer together and up in the lift had a laugh about things in general. Mostly the fact that we were both in need of our wet room Porcelain Thrones, Hehe! As she got off on the floor below mine, she suggested I do not wee-wee myself, and departed chuckling away to herself.

I got in and utilised the Porcelain first thing.

Washed and used the new cup/mug for a brew of tea.

Got the Crock-Pot going with a potato and garden peas in it, ready for later.

Cleaned the kitchen floor.

Then, I got the computer on to update this diary. During which, I got a message from the Grammarly Editor:

I had to look up Parallelism: The use of successive verbal constructions in poetry or prose which correspond in grammatical structure. Erm…? My lack of primary education coming to the fore here! Can anyone explain in simple terms, please, what I did wrong?

The rain stopped, and the smell and view outside were fantastic.

Got the oven warming up. Did some Facebooking, better late than never. Then some WordPress reading.

Got the potatoes letters in the oven.

Computer off. Perused the TV magazine, rather pointless really; cause I’m only going to have nod-offing-periods.

Got nosh prepared. Did a lot of messy work on this one. Sliced a boiled potato and added Soy sauce on them, fresh garden peas, the last bit of pork ribs, tomatoes with balsamic vinegar dressing, sliced apple, pork loin and oven cooked potato letters. Added a seaweed stick and had lemon curd yoghourt and a lemon mousse. I forgot the yellow peppers but can have them tomorrow all being well.

Washed the pots and cleared up – a nice change from falling alseep and having to do this in the morning. Had a visit to the Porcelain Throne and took the medications and Health Checks done. Sys 161 Dia 72 Pulse 80 Temp 34.1, all looks good to me.

I settled to watch some TV and nodded off of course, and seemed to have dreams every time I did? But could I remember them? No! Tsk!

Inchcock Today – 30-31 August 2017 – Thursday Tenants Social Hour

End of Wednesday 30th August 2017

Croatian: Završava u srijedu 30. kolovoz 2017

I started to assemble the new saucepans and got the fodder in the oven. Halved cooked potatoes (in the crock-pot) with cheese added on top of them and two potato pockets with cheese inside, and into the oven.

Obergruppenfurheress Warden Deana called on me to check out if I had done the monthly Wrist Alarm battery checks. I reported that I had. (I don’t think she believed me judging by the semi-concealed obliquely sideways glance, masked with a well-practised but attractive smile, I gladly accepted in return to my statement.)

This gave me a chance to get rid of the sauces, Peri-Peri pot and bits that I had ordered while apparently in a stupor, dizzy spell or moment of madness. Hehe!

Another Whoopsiedangleplop while turning over the potato pockets in the oven, I’m sure the blister will go down soon. Antiscepticated the digit with some Germolene antiseptic cream. Now some more of that I should have ordered from Morrisons! Hehe!

The door bell chimed again, and there was me walking about now with no trousers on, limping more than ever due to the stubbed left big toe, no hearing aids in and passing the wind rather freely! Hoping it would not be Deana, cause she lets herself in if the door is not locked. I gingerly partly opened the door and popped my head out to investigate. It was the chap from next flat to one, wanting to know if I had a five-pound note in return for coins. I fetched a fiver, and we exchanged currency. Couldn’t hear what he was saying actually, but he is an easy chap to lip-read, and waving the coins at me, I followed what he wanted, I hope. Haha!

Back to the kitchen to dish up the meal, but it was not ready yet, the cheese on the potatoes needed a good while yet to turn crispy and brown as I like them. I did the Health Checks: Sys 154 – Dia 72 – Pulse 78 – Temp 32.6.

Served up the meal. I had some of the Smoked Mackerel in barbeque sauce with the other fodder. No bread needed.

I had made too much, yet, ate it all with great satisfaction. The reason for the two lemon yoghourt desserts was my overstocked situation and short ‘Use By’ dates on them. I could have given Obergruppenfureress Deana a packet of them, but never thought. I’ll take some down to her and Obergefrieteress Warden Julie and put them in their fridge at the Social Hour in the morning.

The usual falling asleep and waking up ensued – but this time, I could remember a bit about one of the dreams – Not a lot! As Paul Daniels used to say. I was master of earth it seemed and was looking down on the planet from wherever and picking areas out that needed to be eliminated? Scary!

There was a lot of noise coming from above again; I could not identify where from or what was making it correctly, but it was annoying late at night, so it shouldn’t be workmen unless someone has had to call them out for an emergency?

Thursday 31st August 2017

Spanish: Jueves 31 de Agosto de 2017

0430hrs: Stirred in the £300 second-hand recliner, taking in the lingering aroma of the night’s involuntary passing of the wind, it was not nice. I started to scratch at the base of the neck; something was not right here. A flaming hard place for me to get to, to put the cream on! Nothing pedicular I hope? Later, it spread around the neck to the chest and shoulders? Seems to be taking an anfractuous route wandering around my body? Ah, well.

Dismounted the recliner, the stubbed (Or whatever) toe still painful, and into the wet room for a Porcelain Visit. Things went well, all in all, apart from the new  Itching Ivan ailment, only Duodenal Donald was bothering me enough to be of any concern.

So I took an extra Omeprazole capsule with medications.

Health checks were then done: Sys 148 – Dia 67 – Pulse 82 – Temp 30.8 and Weight 14.84.

Got the computer on and updated this diary.

Checked the Emails: Sister Jane sent one granting me permission to visit her on Friday.

Naturally, I replied thanking her for the most gracious granting. Hehe!

Went on Facebooking. Then WordPress reading.

Did the ablutions and had a wee-wee – no injuries to report. Hehe!

Gathered the raffle prizes and box of nibbles and off to the Temporary Social Hour Hut.

Got down to the foyer, and returned back up in the lift to the apartment to collect the hearing aids. Tsk!

Down again and hobbled to the hut, and was greeted with “Oh, he’s here then!” from Frank, they do like a laugh. Not many of them in attendance again this week. I should think about 15 or so. I put the raffle prizes on the trolley and handed out the nibbles and the lottery tickets when I bought them. Very quiet in there today?

I pondered on whether to catch the early bus, this will mean dashing off shortly, or waiting until after the Social and get the later bus. Being as Hilda Hips and Duodenal Donald were both in a bothersome mood, I decided to leave early. The atmosphere was a little group-like and unforthcoming, almost standoffish, anyway. I wondered if I’d missed something, or was it my deeds? Had I unknowingly committed a distasteful or misanthropic act?

I departed to the bus stop and had a few chinwags and laughs with some tenants. Bill from the 11th floor was in good spirits as we nattered en route to town.

The Sky brightened up as we went along Cranbrook Street.

As I got out of the seat ready to alight the bus, Dizzy Dennis’s hassle got worse I’m afraid.

When I did get off the bus on Upper Parliament Street, things seemed a bit bleak as I struggled to keep my balance.

I leant up against a bus shelter for a few moments, and things improved a lot, and I set off up the road and across into the Boots the Chemist store. I wanted to get some of the eye anti-irritant sprays. At nights I’ve been using one, but it has now run out, only 10ml contents and very expensive. I investigated the prices and range on offer.

The Optrex ones were over £16, the Boots one £12.49, still a lot, but they do help at night with the sleeping, I’m sure. I just hope these work, as well as the Optrex one, did.

As I left the store into the main mall, I took this photographicalisation above. Much later when I was setting up the update to this post, I saw something in this picture that seemed odd, out of place and luminescent almost. Weird! Can you spot it?

I called in the market there to look at the shirts the Afghanistani stallholder chap had on offer.

Then, ambled along to the Tesco store and bought some tomatoes, fresh garden peas and vinegar.

Out and over the road en route to the City Centre to take some photos. Passing the Little Waitrose store, I saw a lady coming out with some Marmite Rice Cakes in her bag. This reminded me that Sister Jane loves these, so I popped in to buy some for her if I remember to take them with me on tomorrow’s visitation to see Fooey, Jane and Pete.

Limped to the Slab Square and took these shots.

I noticed some Nottingham Street Art on the way.

The people around all seemed in a rather unhappy mood for some reason? Even the kids on the beach appeared to be a little less happy than the other day?

I espied a glass (Or whatever it was made of) figure of a horse in a window. I thought of the TFZer gals, one of them mentioned statues like these a while ago.

This photograph does not show the price ticket, so I thought I might use it as a ‘Price Competition’ on their site later?

Usually, I cannot appreciate this sort of art, but this one appealed to me – until I saw the price! A clue I can use, although it would mean nothing to me; Circa 1960 it said on the label. About 12″s high it was, maybe a little more.

I made my way up Queen Street to the bus stop, and sat down, knowing that this irritates Hilda Hip and Arthur Itis when I have to get up again, but I suddenly felt so tired. Now here, I had a fantastic bit of help from a kind generous natured lady, who woke me and asked if I was waiting for the L9, as it is here now! Yes, a right Whoopsiedangleplop that could have been, if that kind lady had not noticed me nodding off, bless her and a million thanks!

When the bus got on a bit further, May got on the bus. We chatted, and when we arrived at the flats, I was able to assist with getter her trolley off of the vehicle.

I had a job keeping up with her, though. Hehe!

Indoors and to the wet room for a wee-wee.

Then a plan was formed for today’s meal. I got some potatoes in the saucepan with the Polish herbs added to them, shelled some garden peas and added brown sugar to them. When the potatoes are boiled, I itnnd to strain them, and slice them, add strong shredded cheddar cheese on top of them, and get them in the oven. Have some tomatoes with them, with balsamic dressing? We’ll see.

Started (Between wee-wees) to update this diary.

Went in to repeatedly check the fodder, and leant out of the balcony to tak this shot ofthe kids on the park up the hill.

Prepared the side food and got the potaotes sliced, cheesed up and in the oven on a high heat. Sliced some yellow peppers and put a ring on each potato half.

The meal was wonderful, and despite Duodenal Donald’s attentions, I enjoyed eating it.

No more Dizzy Derek and Anne Gyna was so kind, too.

The things for the morning’s visit to see Jane was sorted and in the bag ready.

Must get the laundry done before going as well tomorrow.

The nodding off’s were remarkable by their absence? I nodded off once and didn’t wake until 0330hrs, slept straight through!

Inchcock Today – Monday 7th August 2017: Traffic Mayhem

Most uncomfortable sensation of failure in the dreams

Monday 7th August 2017

Sindhi: 7 آگسٽ آگسٽ 2017

0425hrs: Woke thinking of the nightmare come dream I’d been suffering, what seemed seconds ago. Scribbled down bits I could remember to write here later.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and into wet-room to utilise the Porcelain Throne. Which went extremely well. No bleeding now, from Little Inchy or Haemorrhoid Harold at all. Although, I had to smile when the toilet block I added to the cistern yesterday, bubbled right up to the rim when I pressed the flush lever. It was still present after I’d nipped and got the camera to take this shot. I think I might have put two blocks in by mistake? Hehe!

I certainly felt a lot better than last night, and the depression had gone.

Made a strong mug of Yorkshire Tea, did the Health Checks and took the medications as I started the computer.

Not very happy with the weight increase over the week, though.

All else looked okay to me?

Craig Cramps and Arthur Itis were both being nice to me.

Finished off the Sunday post and finalised the weeks Health Checks.

Took a break and popped out on the balcony to take these shots.

It had been raining a bit in the night, but the wind was low this morning, glad to say.

The Car Parking must be a nightmare for the residents as well as any visitors and the workmen on site.

The view to the South was as appealing as ever, I like to try and identify the buildings on the horizon in daylight.

Mentioning nightmare reminded me to have a look at the dream notes on the pad.

I reckon that it consisted of all the different things I’d got wrong in all the workplaces where that I did get them wrong.

Machinery seemed prominent all through, which is something I did struggle with at the time at Carters pop factory after I got promoted from the cleaning operative to Zone Controllers position. I would have liked to stay in the Hygiene team, but they privatised it. I knew there, I was capable of doing any task demanded. The Co-op managing days tormented me, and some of the dilemmas and altercations I’ve had when on Security were in there. Yet, oddly, not memories of when I got shot, knocked out, bitten by dogs or stabbed were in it? Just my inabilities, failures, fears and mistakes? I do not want another dream like that, ever, thank you very much!

Back on the computer. Checked the Emails and did some WordPress reading.

Then Facebooked a while, taking into consideration that I had to watch the time so I could get ready to catch the L9 bus. Meaning I had to start the ablutions at 0830hrs to get them done in time to catch the first bus at 0930hrs.

So much to get through on Facebook, I decided to catch the later bus.

0825hrs: A shaking shuddering in the flat! It was the workmen on a gigantic hole driller or flattener, judging by the sound of it, thumping away, between the two blocks of flats where they are preparing groundwork to build the third block, of smaller luxury apartments. Out of view, so I could not get a photo. But I kid you not, the computer and my belly shake every time whatever it is clamped down. Who would have thought it would spread all the way up to the top of the flats? Just hope it doesn’t loosen any of the concrete!

Ablutions tended to. Gathered the things needed and set off to catch the bus.

Many folks at the stop, but no time for a chinwag, as the bus arrived on time and caught us all off-guard. Hehe!

The City Centre was a mass of traffic. So many works were taking place everywhere.

The Broad Marsh bus station had been closed for demolition, and every corner of the streets had a new bus stop to replace those lost, and mayhem ensued!

Traffic lights out at the corner of Milton Street and Upper Parliament Street with temporary lights, for sewerage work. With no stop/go lights for pedestrians. (Fair enough, the Nottingham populace ignore them anyway).

Interesting Nottingham Post video of the works, showing the new buses. Click this link to see the mess: Traffic mayhem in Nottingham

A chap had been knocked over at these lights, and of course, the ambulance and police had a devil of a job getting through to him.

To the City Centre and the beach entertainments, the atmosphere was one of tension and discontentment.

Nobody was smiling much, no one interested in the amusements and the Nottingham Beach only had three people on it.

Walked through and down Exchange Walk to St John’s Church.

Even the flowers at the stallholders display on the Walk were withered and well beyond their best. (Behind the depressed looking Nottingham pedestrians).

I hobbled on down and through to the Broad Marsh Car Park (As was, it is closed now, creating more traffic problems) and along Carrington Street to the Canal.

Where I had planned to feed the large variety of ducks, Mallards, Canada geese, etc.

But the seed, bread and mealworms were left in the bag. Not even any pigeons, let alone ducks in sight? Over the bridge, there was the usual array of Nottingham Street Art.

I went to call at the Nottingham Citizens Advice Centre about getting help about finances, to find it closed.

Feeling a bit depressed myself now, I hobbled back to the Slab Square.

Even less fold on the beach now.

Had a window shopping session in the mall, then, foolishly perhaps, I wandered down to the M&S food hall. (Fatal for the finances that! Huh!)
Spent a fortune. I did treat myself to a new ready meal. Cheese and bacon (Both of the two ½-inch pieces of bacon were excellent, Hehe!).  It contained new potatoes, milk, single cream, and cheese in it, also savoy cabbage; Which I am not supposed to eat, but there was only a tiny bit of it, and I do miss my now barred Brassica.

Tomatoes, bubble & squeak, San Fransico style sourbread, everyday yoghourts, a lemon fool and a small box of fritters, also bought.

Had a hobble up Clinton Street, battling through the now increasing number of mostly seriously stern-faced Nottingham citizenry en route. Made my way to the bus stop on Queen Street. Where this young lady on her mobility scooter on her mobile phone, came out of the Post Office and down Queen Street, actually hitting my shopping bag as concentrated on her conversation, bless her!

I rather ashamedly thought if drivers get fines for doing this, why not the mobility scooter users, who do not pay road tax, are not forced to take insurance or driving tests, etc.?

Took this photo at the top of the street while waiting for the bus.

I called it, ‘Reflections of Nottingham Buses’.

Back to the stop and amazingly, the L9 bus arrived on time? Don’t know how he did it! A medal due here methinks?

There were new temporary lights on the route back to the flats on a housing estate in Mapperley. Tsk!

Had a go at the crosswords en route. Didn’t do very well, though.

A wee-wee was needed urgently.

Back at the Winwood Flats, the weather was all right still, and again I was last in the race back to the apartments.

The traffic was bad on Chestnut Walk, as expected.

Got to the porcelain just in time.

As I put the fodder away and got the meal ready cooking, I spotted some smoke outside, that looked to be coming from Sherwood.

It was clean white smoke, so I don’t know where it was coming from or if there was a fire at all. Didn’t hear anything about it on the radio.

Change into my night attire (Undies), did the Health checks and took the medications.

The meal, an easy one to prepare, and at last, it turned out a decent one.

I have to say, this San Fransico style sourbread is most delicious, if expensive at £2 for a 400g loaf.

Soon had the food eaten up and the pots washed.

Settled and fell asleep without any effort. Waking in time to do the late evening checks and medicationalisationing.

Tons to choose from on the TV. I was sure I would manage to stay awake this time, after having the involuntary Old Folks Nap earlier.

Got through a full episode of Law & Order. Nodded off at the commercial that followed, woke up an hour or so later and thought it was morning. Started to extract myself from the £300 second-hand recliner, stubbed my toe against the Ottoman (It’s got to go?), saw the clock, it was midnight.

Tsk! Hehe!

Inchcock Today – Saturday 5th August 2017: Flat clearing and cleaning, Shelving assembled, Accifauxpa. Tsk! Hehehe!

Saturday 5th August 2017

Yiddish: שבת אויגוסט 5, 2017

0505hrs: Woke feeling a lot better than I did last night, physically speaking. Although, I considered advertising for a famulus to train up to help with the wandering brain. Hehe!
After battling briefly with my own reasoning, thoughts and lack of perspicacity, I decided I would start the big cleaning up sessions. The plan was laid; I’d get the laundry done first, the tackle the cleaning of the balcony windows and door, then get the kitchen sorted, starting with those pesky ever present and growing in number, little tar-marks on the outside. After that, I knew no plans could be made. Because my EQ told me things would get bad again later with the ailments.

Proudly forced myself out of the £300 second-hand recliner, and nearly toppling over, such was the pain from the right knee and hip as I stood up. Straight to the medical drawer took a 60g Codeine, then the rest of the morning medications, with a brew of tea in the new little cup.

Sys 153. Dia 76, Pulse 81, Temp 33.2, Weight 14.82 – Nothing to complain about there… well, maybe the weight? Humph!

Did the health checks and off to the Porcelain Throne. After some examinationalistic activity, I found Little Inchy in remarkably healthy, pain-free and not bleeding, Duodenal Donald absolutely no bother whatsoever, Hernia Harry trouble free, Haemorrhoid Harold barely bleeding at all, and no visitations from either Shaking Shaun or Dizzy Dennis! Only Arthur Itis and Hippy Hilda any bother, and they had calmed down since I got up. Excellent start I thought.

Checked on the CCTV on the TV, no one lurking about downstairs. Got the clothes sorted and accoutrements gathered, out of the door. Oh dearie me? Dirt dust and bits all over the communal entrance, out of the door to the lifts and found, even more, mess all over the place. Tsk! I’ll have to hoover the flat entrance later.
I’d have thought one of the caretakers would have done it before they left, knowing they would not be around for the weekend? (Did I actually ask that question? Maybe they are going to have their mobile phones surgically removed from their ear-holes? Hehehe!)

Down and got the laundry in the washing machine and nipped outside to have a nosey.

Back up and had a wee-wee.

Got the things ready to have a go at the windows later. Razor-scraper, vinegar cleaner, paper towels and just in case they are needed, the bottles of nail-varnish-remover.

0559hrs: Down to move the laundry from washer to dryer. I timed it spot on, as I arrived at the cleaning machine, it stopped its cycle. (I’m getting a bit worried about all this good luck today you know. Ailments being kind, health- readings being almost perfect, no Accifauxpa, most unsettling for me. As history has made me a cynic and alarmist, I can often get into a panic when things do not go wrong. Haha!)

As I went to get the lift back to the 12th floors, this little mite was there on the builder’s carpet protector strips.

I tried to catch him as he panicked and shot all over, easily avoiding my efforts to put him outside. It even took me several shots with the camera to get a clear photo of him, bless him.

Once back home, I had another wee-wee and gathered all the pieces of the stand I’d bought to give to the Nottingham Hospice, another go at erecting it.

After several attempts and nearly two hours of trying to understanding the vague instructions and a failing to get some poles linked that I found were the wrong ones, I gave up, defeated and annoyed with myself.

Spotted some new posters on the OBergruppenfurheresses and Tenants notice boards.

So I had a perusal of the same.

The first one informed us only: ‘It’s been confirmed. Sliding doors will be installed!!!’ I was not bothered either way much which type of doors were fitted to the balcony. But, being a Profit -of-doom and a worry-wart, I anticipate trouble more likely with the slider ones than the regular opening one?

Nice to know that the cleaning of communal areas has gone from daily to weekly now? No wonder we don’t see them very often. And of course, their telephoning other caretakers with updates and possible financially beneficial gains and the latest bookmakers odds… No, no, no, only joking!

Mind you, when I do see him he’s on his mobile 90% of the 2% of the time I can actually find him. And I get the hand in air palm facing me, indicating ‘Not now, I’m on the phone!’, as he natters away into the ether, with a grave expression on his face. Not the most helpful or polite person. Unless there is a big tip promised, or other financially based inducement involved. But I’m not saying this, in case he sues me for telling the truth.

Down a final trip to retrieve the washing from the dryer.

Cleaned the filters, sink, taps and drums of both machines used.

Back to the apartment did the health-checks again: Sys 159, Dia 78, Pulse 90, Temp 35. Then got the clothes stored away, had a wee-wee and bravely (I thought) Had a go at the kitchen window and the tar marks again! Sprayed lots of cleaner stuff onto the window (Which I opened without getting any bruises, blood-blisters for cuts to my hands or fingers), set about the window with the Razor-scraper.

 This was a long, tedious job. Some came off, some just moved to another position on the glass, and some would not move at all! Percy Verance helped, and eventually, I got most of them off. After much-repeated spraying and scraping, scuffing, scraping and scouring – and, without my cutting myself once on the blade!

Which, as you can see here, the scraper acquired a brown tinge that is unremovable. This might be a clue to someone more cleverer than I am, as to from where the marks came from and what they consisted of? Something potent and corrosive, judging by how quickly they turned the razor blade into rust?

I think Andy from Canada had the best guess, of airborne bits of tar, so far?

I then moved onto cleaning the inside and outside of the balcony windows and door.

Feeling rather proud of my efforts, even more bravely, I had yet another go at assembling the stand for the Hospice. I really would like to get it done and delivered today.

The lady in the shop was saying about how they would like it donated and would sell in moments, last week when I chatted with her.

So I set about studiously working out the oh-so-simple instructions.

After much sweating, profanity, frustration, bruised fingers and knuckles, a wee-wee and more swearing – I ended up as pleased as punch with my progress until a Whoopsiedangleplop took place.

I was pressing hard on the screwdriver when it slipped and stuck itself in my left hand, which I had foolishly put in a position to enable it to. Hehe!

The blood flow seemed to stop quickly. This made me think that perhaps the INR Warfarin level had gone down? A moment later, strangely I hear the letter box clap to, and it was the INR reading from the Deep Vein Thrombosis unit. It had indeed gone down, to 3.9 now. They had left the dosages for this week the same. (Good timing that delivery, just as I was typing about the blood, too!)

Amazingly, after only about two-and-a-half hours or so, I got it finished, and it looked okayish. All ready for me to carry to the shop later.

Full of pep with my little victories, I set about finishing the kitchen cleaning. Cleaned the counters, shelving, drawers, cooker sink cabinets, hoovered and mopped the floor.

The feeling of threat of an impending further upset, Whoopsiedangleplop, Accifauxpa or Farcicalisational occurrence,  still lingered?

Took the rubbish bags and put them down the chute. Seeing the mess on the carpets in the access area near the doors, I got the vacuum out and hoovered it. Still, no tiredness or hassle from Anne Gyne or Arthur Itis, in fact, no bother at all? Am I dreaming? Haha!

I part cleaned the wet room, just around the Porcelain Throne base where it was bad, then got the ablutions tended to.

A few orange recycling bags came through the letter box… is the caretaker doing over time? I really will feel bad if he is working and I’ve cleaned the entrance for him? Grumph at the thought!

All clean and fresh now, I got dressed and somehow managed without too much difficulty to carry the erected shelving and a bag of clothing up through Woodthorpe Grange Park and to the Nottingham Hospice Shop.

En route, I noticed some food stalls getting ready for customers near the Mansfield Road entrance.

Limped along, without too much bother with the shelving and met a lady Tenant in Sherwood and we had a gossip for a while.

On to the Hospice and gave them the bag and shelving.

A thank you from the lady, who was very busy, and I departed back through the park to the flats. Stopping a few times to enjoy watching the dogs walking their owners, and training them on how to fetch the ball themselves. Hehe!

Top of hill on the footpath and right down to the apartments, and as I descended the gravel path, 93-year-old Polish Eddie was walking up it. I don’t know how he gets about so much, often and without any seeming effort, he can walk faster than I do. A grand chap too. Had a little natter with him as we passed each other.

At the bottom of the path near the car parking on Chestnut Walk as I crossed over to get to the foyer doors, this little squirrel kindly froze and gave me time to get closer and the camera out again.

When I got in the wet room, had a wee-wee and got the kettle on – it hit me! Suddenly a drainage of power, enthusiasm and tiredness, weariness. All hopes and interest in doing any more cleaning faded. Still, I thought I’d done well up to now, so I hope that a similar situation; No ailments to bother me in the morning, and I can get the front room and wet room cleaned properly, and the paperwork sorted out.

I got the garden peas and potatoes on the boil and set about starting this diary off to here.

Into the kitchen to make a mug of tea, and noticed this lady collecting blackberries. Nothing new or of particular interest in these shot, you say? Well, it was the poor dog’s oh so obvious, displeasure with his owner that tickled me pink.

He, or she, did not like all the stopping off and Mother going into the bushes. Hehehe! Bless her/him. Did his best to stop her, one time, laying down and she had to drag it to get to the fruits. Just a thought, but I hope that the berries have none of these tar like spots like the one on my windows falls on these fruits?

Then I realised I had not finished yesterdays diary yet. Not surprising, it was a bad, bad day for me. Which makes today’s good day even more enjoyable! (Up to now?) Got the Friday post finished and posted, better late than never. Tsk!

Feeling a bit drained now, but still smug with myself.

Got the meal all ready. Used the portion plate.

After so many successes with my fodder lately, this disaster was all the more sad for me. Everything, apart from the fresh peas and the potatoes, was disappointing. Mostly due to my own fault and after getting it presented for eating, demands for the use of the Porcelain Throne, added to the meals misery as it had gone cold by the time I got around to eating it.

Maybe it was because I was feeling tired after my many physical efforts, and was feeling well worn-out.  Perhaps the screwdriver holes in the hand starting to bleed over onion bhajis and mushrooms as I dined, did not help? I’m not sure which or if it was a combination of all of them. But, definitely have had to leave so much of the meal uneaten and to drop the plate, as I took it to the kitchen and the non-slip tray, did not help things. Tsk!

Raining now, glad I went out when I did and not leave it until later on.

Health checks and medications were taken.

Had a wee-wee, and settled into the £300 second-hand recliner to fall asleep during the first set of commercials to come on.

Long sleep followed I reckon I got in a six-and-a-half hour session in.

Inchcock Today – Friday 4th August 2017

Friday 4th August 2017

Swedish: Fredag 4 Augusti 2017

0430hrs: Stirred into life and exited the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. Far less bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold this morning.

I pondered over whether or not I am existing and living in a dereistic manner? This thought was brought on by memories of last night mental explosion and if it happened or did I dream it?

Got the mini-cup of tea brewed did the Health Checks and took the medications. All were looking good to me. Well, temperature a little high, but that is how it has been for a few days now.

Did you notice the red onion in this picture? I’ve no idea why it was there either. I felt sure that I’d put it in the bottom of the fridge after using some it on the meal last night?

Another wee-wee and I got the computer on. I had considered doing the long overdue laundry but decided to leave this until the morning (If I get up early enough).

I got the cramps in the left arthritic hand and fingers as I started typing.


Took a while for them to ease off this time.

Into the kitchen and took an extra Magnesium and Codeine tablet.

Got the diary for yesterday finished and posted off. Checked the Emails. Had a wee-wee.

Sorry, but the rest of today is a bit of a haze.

Had a funny turn, and now (Saturday morning) having made no notes and memory blanks of yesterday I am helpless in trying to do the diary update. Sorry.

Can’t even remember making or eating this meal – only the fact that is in the camera tells me I did so. So I must have been functioning alright?

However, the good news, no, the excellent news is, I am back on top form this morning and busy cleaning and hobbling and in good health, I fank you.


Inchcock Today – Wednesday 2nd August 2017: Nurse Nichol not available to do my blood test… Sob!

Wednesday 2nd August 2017

Maltese:  L-Erbgħa 2 ta ‘Awissu 2017

0535hrs: Stirred in the £300 second-hand recliner, feeling bloated and confused. Once again annoyed at not remembering the dream I know I’d been having.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. No adscititious ailments, only Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding a lot.

Into the kitchen to do the Health Checks, do up the medication pots and take the drugs.

Sys: 62, Dia: 72, Pulse: 79, Temp 35.3, Weight (Oh dear) 14.95

The sky outside did not over encourage me on the coming weather.

Got the computer on and consulted the calendar. Only the INR blood-test, get a razor scraper, and I have to contact the clinic about the new date for the op, now the last INR reading had come down a bit.

Suddenly felt a bit dodgy when Shaking Shaun visited me when I was making a brew. A bit worrying, I might mention this to the nurse at the blood test if it is nurse Nichole on duty and not Obergefrieteress Ann, that is. When on the odd few times I’ve been brave enough to mention any new ailments to her, she is giving me a matter of fact reply before I finish speaking. (Seen it all, done it all syndrome?) Hehe!

I took an extra St John’s Wort to try and get myself to cheer up a bit; I was sinking somewhat spiritually now. Spiritually? No that’s not the word I mean… er, erm, oh, that’ll have to do. Tsk!

Very quick bash on Facebook and checked the Emails, WordPress.

Dropped the pan of peas on the floor, that I’d just shelled. Tsk! Damned Shaking Shaun!

Off to get the ablutions and medicationalisationing done.

Noticed after the shower that the veins had turned red again, well, pink then! But at least the swelling had gone down. Haha!

Already, I set off down and out to Winchester Street. Having a good laugh with some of the crowd of residents at the bus stop, as I passed by.

Onto Mansfield Road up the hill and observed that the Restuarant Car Park sign had been tended to by ‘Nottingham Street Artists Blolblets’, again.

As I approached the crest to go down into Carrington, I observed a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist coming towards me.

Unfortunately, he turned left as I took the picture. Humph!

But fear not, a few more yards down the hill and another Varmint Nottingham PAvement Cyclist shot by me at a high rate of knots, and I got the camera out and managed to catch him as he weaved between other pedestrians.

I pressed on down and got to the Surgery with plenty of time to spare.

Registered with the new receptionist.

She’ll fit in alright here, high loud voice and does not listen when you speak to her. Perfect for the job.

Notices informing us of a change in Doctors and their status. Dr Lona Vindla is now in charge, the other bloke has left to retire early, and a new doctor is female and will be starting soon at the surgery.

Had a good long session with trying to do some crosswords in the book. Not, a very successful one, though.

An unknown to me nurse came out and called me in. Lovely lady, patient and polite. Must she be a locum? So, no nurse Nichol again. I inquired where she was, but this woman did not know?

She got the blood taken, but stopping it flowing afterwards, was as big a job as it has ever been. The EQ told me to expect a very high Warfarin INR reading and a phone call from the DVT clinic this afternoon. The gal was very patient with it taking so long, and plastered and tape covered it and told me to wait outside and make sure it had stopped before going away. If it is still bleeding after ten minutes, to tell the receptionist and she would let her know so we could have another look at the problem.

Disappointed with no Nichole being there, but glad to have met this new nurse and her similar pleasant nature. After a few minutes I peeled off the tape, and things seemed to have settled down on the arm. So I gave the receptionists their nibbles and out into the rain. This weather put me off going to town to find a razor scraper, and I thought best to go back to Sherwood after visiting Lidl.

Limped along into Carrington.

Yet another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist was avoided en route.

The rain kept stopping periodically to try and catch me out on whether or not to use the umbrella or not.

I crossed over the road and into Carrington proper.

No attention paid from Shaking Shaun or Dizzy Dennis at all now.

Things, I thought, were improving. What a Silly-Billy, I am!

Further along, near the Co-op store, a Nottingham Street Artist had been at it again, decorating new benches with an empty can, bottle and prettily spread sick underneath it, in a heart shaped design.

Tsk and Well, I never!

As I moved on to be insulted and cheated at the Lidl Store; Yet another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist had a go at me!

But I do not think this was maliciously meant at all.

He was making Rap sounding noises and had his earphones on under his Benny Hat.

The rain started to come heavily, as I got in the concentration camp… sorry, I mean Lidl’s. I noticed that all four check-outs were abandoned and only the end bit with the self-serve tills was in use.

I took a good wander around and ended up spending too much again.

I came out with biscuits, Pringles and chocolates for raffle prizes and nibbles, Sultanas, razors and fresh tomatoes.

To the bus stop and caught one to Sherwood. I long wait for the L9 bus, just as well because I remembered to go to Wilko and search for a razor scraper. Came out of there spent up as well, having got; A measuring jug, Dettol disinfectant, Citrus deodorant, Cooking foil, black refuse sacks, toilet cleaner blocks, kettle descaler, fragrance booster, foil trays and…. Yes! I did it, I got a Glass razor scraper!

Had a chinwag with 93-year-old tenant Polish Eddy at the bus stop.

Glad Sandie recommended trying these on the black marks on the window glass.

Thanks, Sandie (Loud voice cause she is in America Hehe!) I hope the bad weather other there is improving for the TFZers and Facebook friends.

Caught the bus home.

The rain got worse as we walked from the bus to the apartments.

Got in and had a wee-wee. Too wet to try and clean the windows yet. Put the food and things away and got the computer on to update this diary.

Got the meal cooking. Having a little different one today. Carrots and swede, potato cakes, onion bargees (Hope I like them), beetroot, cheese, an apple and Maple Syrup yoghourt.

Porcelain Throne for heavy duty and wee-wee session. Blood flowed! Tsk!

Health Checks and medications were taken. Sys 166 Dia 75, Pulse70, Temp 34.8

The meal took a lot of preparation tonight, but it was worth all the effort.

Potatoe cakes, tomatoes, carrots, swede, wild mushrooms, Gherkin, soft cheese, apple, beetroot, silverskin onions, fresh garden peas and onion bargees. I’ve never had bargee’s before, glad to say they were not too hot for me. Got them crispy on the outside. The tomatoes from Lidl, despite the label saying ‘Sweet Piccolo Tomatoes’, was very bitter tasting. But and however, they went well with the rest of the meal. Rated this one as 9.42/10. Very good! The plain yoghourt I flavoured with Maple syrup was delightful.

This meal will take some beating in the enjoyment stakes.

A lot of odd loud noises again tonight, from the apartment up above me? Third night in a row now. Perhaps, someone new is moving into the flat.

Tried to watch some TV, but as usual, the nod-offs and trips for a wee-wee prevented any successful viewing.

Inchcock – Thursday 13th July 2017: Tenants Social Hour Today – Spec Savers Farce!

Thursday 13th July 2017

Haitian Creole: Jedi 13 July 2017

0430hrs: Bad night for sleep, constant waking up, which is not like me at all. Again, I know I had dreams and many of them, but no notes on the pad nor memories in the brain, Tsk! Tell-tale signs of unidentified crumbs found when I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. Peculiarly, Trotsky Terence had weakened his effects a lot. Well, on this session, anyway.

No enough time to get the laundry duties done and the Morrison delivery should be here twixt 0630 > 0730hrs. So I set about having a good stand-up wash, shave, teeth-cleaning and medicationalisationing of the various body parts in need of. Hehe! This took about an hour.

Then I got the kettle on the boil, took the morning medications and did the Health Checks. Weight the same as yesterday.

Had a wee-wee.

Had a short, sharp visit from Dizzy Dennis, took a step to balance myself on the counter and trod on and broke one of the retractable pencils I bought the other day. For a moment, apanthropinization seemed a good idea. A few seconds later and all was well. I bent down to pick up the pieces of pencil and graphite, and as Arthur Itis complained, I passed the wind and hastened back to the Porcelain Throne. Cleaned up and felt like life and I was incongruent, almost enemies?

While the computer booted, I popped out onto the balcony to take these photograhicalisations, tho show the progress of the updating works at the compound.

Started this diary off, then finished yesterday’s and got it posted.

4Thur06Had a wee-wee.

The Morrison man arrived.

Got the stuff put away, now the freezer and fridge are fully loaded again.

Two Tuscan Sausages & Mash in tomato and fennel sauce with roast red onions ready meals were on this order. I do not remember ordering them, but most likely I did, and forgot or I ordered the wrong things?

Emails and WordPress reading were done.

Had a wee-wee.

I had a strong IQ feeling of something coming that would involve my being embarrassed and/or confused later today.

Got the nibbles and raffle prizes in the bag ready for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour in the New Temporary Residents Shed.

Podded some garden peas ready for later.

Took the rubbish bags to the refuse chute.Had a wee-wee.

Had a wee-wee.

Set off with the bags to the Tenants Social Hour.although with going

The work is coming on outside our flats. Although with going

Further along the road, I took these of the new fencing in the centre front of the buildings.

Although with going into town to collect the new hearing aids from SpecSaver and the Biederbeck tape from HMV, I couldn’t stay too long or I’d miss the 1030hrs bus.

4Thur09Nice chinwag and BJ was there. Put the prizes on the trolley and handed out the nibbles. Didn’t have a drink.Got the raffle tickets and handed them out to the gals.

Bought some raffle tickets and handed them out to the gals.

Farewells to all, and back up to the apartment and got the hearing aids in, and down again and to the bus stop, where a right gang of old folks were congregating waiting for the arrival of the L9 buses.

I joined the clan and had a few good mini-chinwags.

Off on the bus, more chinwagging with Pete en route.

Dropped off and waddled my way through the Victoria Centre (Mall) and to the HMV store and collected the Biederbeck DVD.

4Thur10Limped into the Slab Square, where I found they had made progress with the erection of the amusements and Nottingham Beach.

I think it is due to open on Friday or Saturday this week.

The sun began getting a bit weaker later on, and the threat of rain lingered in the air and sky.


As I neared the Specsavers Circus of Woes, I took this picture of the entrance into Eldon Chambers, another little Nottingham alleyway. Before I could get the camera out, a young lady with three small ones toddling along with her and a pram walked into the Chambers and disappeared. Then I noticed the sign outside; Igloo Hybrid Ho(S)tel. Presumably, a cross between a hostel and a hotel must be in there? Somewhere I have not noticed before, and I planned to have a hobble up to take a look at after the Specsavers visit. (But I forgot when I came out, not surprising after what had occurred).

I went in Specsavers and to the reception desk. Told them I was here to collect my hearing aids and handed her the receipt. “You’ll have to take a seat… we cannot get to your aids yet…” She barked. I wasn’t going to argue with this Obergefreiteress, I can tell you. So, I took a seat.

Minutes later a lovely lady came to me, asked if I wanted a bag for the box with the hearing aids and whatever in it. I said no thanks, I have these bags here. She handed me the box and strolled off.

I was confused now. What about me being shown how to fit the things in the ear, the batteries, controls, do they actually fit my ear holes? Had I nodded off and missed something? What day is it?

05Thu12And like the daft soft Plonker I am, I just walked out with the box in the bag. But will the things actually work and fit?

I’ll find out later, I supposed.

Not really with it at that moment.

Walked through the Slab Square and up Queen Street to the L9 bus stop.

Caught the thing and on the way back, I tried to take a photographicalisation of some Nottingham City Homes ‘Sister Flats’ to the ones I dwell in. The shot came out luckily better than I thought it would, with the light fading and the bus travelling, not too bad. The balcony’s on these flats are the ones many of our tenants wanted here, but the cost was too high, they tell us.


On and up Carlton Road and when the bus turned left into Rose Hill, I took another apartment based photo.


This one is of Burrows Court, Sneinton. A tower block that was once full of life has remained empty for over a decade and has been described as an eyesore for local residents. The abandoned 19 storey building off Windmill Lane was built in 1967 and is soon set for a £12 million makeover. When it was occupied, t’was a haven for gangs, crime, druggies, muggings and subletting.


When I got back home and into the flats, the notice board revealed some disturbing news from Jenny, that I could have done without.

So much for the external and internal CCTV cameras, we pay rent for each week.

Fat lot of good they were?

Got in the lift and it was full of dirt and residue from the workers?

The bloke who got in the lift at the same time with me enjoyed having a good chunter on about it and why are the caretakers not cleaning it up straight away, as we have to pay extra for them… Oh, dear. If they did what he wanted, that would mean additional costs, cause naturally the workmen are doing eight-hour shifts and that would mean paying for the other caretaker, Tsk! Got so upset too he did. Hehe!


Up and into the flat, ignoring the letter that had been delivered, I had a wee-wee first, then investigate the mail. It was this leaflet.

Got the mushroom and peas on the boil to add to the Italian ready meal of; Two Vegetarian Sausages & Mash in tomato and fennel sauce with roast red onions later on.

As I got out the Specsavers box of tricks to investigate, the weather turned a bit glum.


Took the things out of the box, what the H4 Pro’s are I’ve no idea. The leaflet was one of those that cover about five different models at the same time, as far I could tell, my hearing aids had none of the extras mentioned? No volume control, no telephone control… a bit disappointed. Tried to get the plugs into the ear hole but just could not fathom out why they would not fit it? Put them all back in the box and decided to complain about the service or lack of it.


I used the Resolve site.


At least I got a reply, okay a standard reply from them (Specsavers), within a minute.

05Thu19aI noticed that they do not print the word Aids?

05Thu18Calmed down a bit and took this shot of the works below outside.

Really, I am not angry, just disappointed in their treatment of me and my own lamentable and dolorous response to it.

If only they knew the difficulties and hassle I have in getting to the Specsavers store in the first place.


2017-07-13 16.02.50The £900 plus, the box of Specsavers hearing aid equipment is now residing, sadly neglected and looking forlorn, on the top of my stacks of DVDs.


Had a wee-wee.

Into the kitchen, got the meal in the oven and added two vegetarian sausages to it.

05Thu24Did the evening Health Checks and took the medications.

All were looking good. Well, the temperature was a bit low (29.6f?) I think, but not to worry all else is good methinks.

Checked on the oven, all looking good.

Picked out some TV programmes to fall asleep watching. Hehehe!

05Thu25Got the nosh served up – smell different anyway.

I didn’t think it looked too appetising at first after I’d added the tomatoes, the peas, vegetarian sausages and mushrooms I changed my mind.

The two sausages that came with the meal had skins that were so thick, I ended up sucking the meat out of the tube of thick 05Thu26skin, that reminded me of… well, never mind.

However, I ate it all up with great satisfaction.

Had a wee-wee and got settled to watch some selected TV programmes.

I don’t know why I bother really. Every time the adverts came on I nodded-off, woke not knowing what was going on with the storyline and nodded-off again!D

Worra Day!