Inchcock Today – Wednesday 11th April 2018

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Contributions from the schlemiel who thought David Cameron was trustworthy and reliable. (Tsk!)

Wednesday 11th April 2018

Serbian: Среда, 11. април 2018

0220hrs: With a sanguineness and condemnatory-like filled mind, I woke to the accompaniment of worries, anxieties, jealousy and a definite overriding sense of unclassified foreboding, milling about within the brain. My head felt like I had no control to retain the rambling and uncontrollable insurgent thoughts within it.

Whoosie3W001 I forced my still tired body out of the £300 second-hand recliner and had a bit of luck with the lack of mind control, that brought back some degree of authority. I stubbed my toe on the Ottoman.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. A most excellent evacuation this morning. No bleeding from Harold Haemorrhoid at all and the Fungal Lesion had only been bleeding the smallest bit. This indicated that the Warfarin level must now be a little low and I must surely now be in Ticker-attack-Stroke mode.

I regained control over the wandering thoughts and went to make a brew and do the Health Checks.


3Wed02I injected some Enoxaparin and took the medications.

Surprisingly, I had to return to the wet room and porcelain to have another wee-wee?

Whoosie3W001 During which I, unfortunately, banged my right knee against the edge of the floor cabinet when I bent down to retrieve the tube of Germoloid I’d knocked over. Arthur Itis started to give me hassle within seconds. This, in turn, brought my attention to the needs of the day.

I washed up and got the computer on and examined the day’s reminders on the Google Calendar. Foot Lady Sue due around 0930hrs, and the blood test for 1145hrs at the Sherrington Medical Centre in Carrington. I remembered that I have not yet had a re-appointment date from the Gum Clinic, I’ll email them later (He says sounding so confident that he’ll remember – Humph!).

3Wed04The tea had gone cold, so I went to make a fresh one.

Waiting for the kettle to boil, I took this photograph through the kitchen window. A most difficult task while the windows are still prevented from opening by the security cables.

The mist was still lingering outside.

Whoosie3W001 With no effort at all, I managed to drop the camera as I brought it back in from the partially open window with one hand to the left of the security cable and one to the right. This poor camera has had a hard life. Hehe!

I got the Tuesday Diary post finished and stored.

Then, started this one off up to here, and then posted yesterdays off.

CertificateGot some Facebook graphics on, and it let me work on comments etc. For a while, before going slower and slower.

Watched some crash video clips on YouTube.

Closed the computer and went off to do the ablutions and medicationalisationing. After which I tried to remove some stains from the shower floor. Failed!

An hour later, all refreshed, I sorted and took the black bags to the rubbish chute. Took a photo of the top end of the lift foyer to show how they looked before the windows were installs on the lower end.


3Wed04Back on the computer to continue updating this post.

The mist still lingering a bit.

Had a look at the forecast for the day on the web; Windy, showers and cloudy.

Hope the rain keeps off on my hobble to Carrington and the Blood Test.

I got the nibbles in the bag for the medical staff.

Foot Lady Sue due anytime now. Hopefully, she will not be late, so I still have time to get to the blood test.

0945hrs: Sue arrived and did me tootsies. £25 well-spent.

Gathered the things, DVT record, nibbles etc. and off I went for the visit to the nurse, and set off.

Spotted a note on the board in the lift foyer on the ground floor on my way down. Warning folks with cars and garages about this coming Saturday’s works taking place.

3Wed08Out into the drizzle and surprisingly cold breeze, and off on a limp down Winchester Street.

At least the tootsies were not stinging for once, now that Sue had rubbed in the oil, whatever it is into my plates-of-meat.

Duodenal Donald was giving me some hassle, and Inchies Lesion was stinging somewhat. 3Wed09However, Anne Gyna only gave me pain on the uphill bits of the walk and dissipated minutes after I started downhill, and Hippy Hilda was very good to me.

I had to push myself a little more than I wanted to, to make sure that I arrived at the Sherrington Park Medical Practice on time.

3Wed10aI arrived at the surgery and booked in with the Obergefreiteress receptionist.

As I started to sit down, Arthur Itis suddenly started giving me twinges in the right knee.

I filled in the DVT card and got the crossword book out, but before I could start on it, the nurse came out to call me in. I was tickled-pink and over-the-moon; It was nurse Nichole! This surprise bucked me up! We had a chinwag while she took the blood, I gave her the box of chocolates I’d been taking with me for weeks to the surgery in the hope it would be Nichole on duty, thanked her and with renewed faith, I said my thanks and farewells. I handed in the bag of nibbles for the others at the reception, and asked about the haemorrhoid cream and should it have been in the prescriptions. The lady looked it up and found that the Doctor had only prescribed the one tube and not placed it on the with the monthly supply of medications. So, I asked her if she could see if Doctor Vindla would make it monthly for me. I thanked her.

3Wed10Whoosie3W001 Then I departed. As I was going out onto the pavement on Mansfield Road, this Herbert of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist was pelting down the hill, and it was as close as I’d ever been without making painful contact with the naughty boy and his bicycle, without actually colliding.

It felt like it had got a lot colder while I’d been in the doctors. I went to the bus stop and caught a number 58 back into Sherwood. Again I had to sit on one of the side-saddle seats but had far less bother in getting back up still today.

3Wed11As I got off the vehicle, I spotted that yet another shop unit had closed down in Sherwood. An estate agent this time.

Unexpectedly, the feet started humming as I crossed the road to go into the Wilko store.

I got a citrus fresh-air spray that was on offer at £1.50 from £3. A face flannel at only 35p and a citrus body spray that had gone up from 50p to 60p.

3Wed12Then hobbled (I could hardly believe the pain from the toes?) up to the bus stop.

I was beginning to feel weary, at first, this caught me off-guard. Then I realised that the late appointment for the blood test, and accepted the situation.

No other residents were at the bus stop, not any on the bus when it arrived. I got an exclusive ride up to the flats. When we got there, only three tenants got onto the bus.

3Wed12aBy the time I got up and into the flat, I felt right jaded and bushed. I got the nosh sorted straight away.

I had the last Cumberland Pie with extra cheese, and sliced tomatoes added, and three potato cakes with cheese added too. An orange, lemon dessert and two bread thins. It didn’t look appealing, but I enjoyed it. Rated at 9.1/10.

2Tue26Washed the pots and put the things I’d bought away.

I did the Health Checks. Then got settled in the £300 second-hand recliner, with a mug of orange juice, to watch some TV.

I got as far as the first set of commercials, and was off into the lad-of-Nod!

Inchcock Today 26 July 2016: Only a minor Whoopsiedangleplop today.


Tuesday 26th July 2016

Not much sleep last night at all. Late dropping off, the Whoopsidangleplop from the rear and having to have a shower, and the dreams made sure of that! Having no Olive to visit made things worse. And I could not remember the dreams! Tsk!

Struggled to disentangle my body from the from the £300 second-hand recliner that was in the half-up-half-down position and refusing to move, despite the grinding noise, it was making.

WRWW and WWHD carried out, then a quick wash and shave – then a search that was up to now, unsuccessful, to find my slippers? During which, I remembered the food delivery coming twixt 0700>0900hrs, I’ve got to see Warden Deana about the shower chair and INR blood test at 1230hrs.

Did my ablutions.

Asda (Walmart) delivery came, they substituted Two sweet potatoes in batter, for One Asda American Smokin’ BBQ pulled pork beef red pepper with rice? Luckily I like sweet potatoes. Humph!

Made a cuppa and took the medications. Laptop on and WordPressing were done.


Another look for the slippers.

Lovely morning as I set off to the Community Shed to see someone about the shower chair and changing it to a stool for me. Nobody in, so I set off on a slow and steady walk to the Surgery.

10bAt the corner of Winchester Hill and Chestnut Walk, a clump of blackberry bushes sticking out and over the netting caught my attention, I just had to take a photographicalisation of it. The different stages of ripening all in the same shot.

One of my better shots this one, I might post it on the flowers and animals Facebook page later. Plodded gently on, having plenty of time with my not finding anyone in the Community Hut.

10dAs I got over the last hill and down to Carrington, a Pavement Cyclist was coming up the hill almost had me as he looked across the road instead of where he was going!

It’s not as if the road was busy, was it? If he is too scared to cycle on the road, he shouldn’t be riding a bike – the Crudnut!

10d2Down to the surgery and booked in, to the waiting area – Huh!, I’d not taken me crossword book with me! I selected a woman’s magazine and read about HRM. The nurse came to collect me early bless her, and she could not help herself when she saw the lump on my head – the nurse laughed so much, I thought she was gong to injure herself! We had a chinwag, and she took the blood, gave her the nibbles and I was off to the Lidl store.

Got three little cobs, two desserts, new potatoes and a wonderfully formed gut-wrenching sneer from the checkout operator. Obviously, the gal was an experienced and well Lidl-trained member of staff. I checked afterwards to see if I’d been overcharged, but no, not this time.

Out to the bus-stop and caught an 87 bus into Sherwood, no chance of walking it back, the right ankle had joined the headache in giving me some hassle. But Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis had eased off nicely thank you.

At the bus-stop in Sherwood, I crossed the road and spotted a few fellow tenants at the stop, so knew a bus was due. This was not the case in actual fact, but a number 40 came sharpishly, and some of us got on for a few stops up the hill, we alighted and walked back to the flats. A lady and her other half helped me off the bus, the right ankle was bad again.

We had a good natter, and I left them en route, to all in the Community Shed, where I found the Wardens in. Deana rang the NCH number on the card they left and arranged for them to call to inspect the wet-room on Friday around 1000hrs. Gave them a nibble and limped back to the flat. Both lifts working again now, but still only one dryer in the laundry room.

Took the midday medications (Late I know!) I took an extra painkiller hopefully to counter the agony of a throbbing headache and ankle pain, WRWW and made a cuppa. Laptop on to update this and do some graphicalisationing. Added the NCH visit on Friday to the Google Calendar.

10d1Found this photo as I was downloading another from the camera. No idea why, how, when or even if I took it in the first place?

Got the potatoes in the saucepan simmering.

Hope Olive is doing alright on her trip out.

Had another look for the slippers – Aha! Found them in a rubbish bin in the Wetroom? I don’t know either!

Opened the airing cupboard door, and as I dug into the back to get a clean pair of pyjama bottoms out –  I clouted my head right on the bruise on the edge of the door – Think I said something like “Oh, fancy that!”

10k3Decided to have the Brussels pate with mushrooms and garden peas with the potatoes for my fodder.

Got cried away a bit when it came to making it. Polish pork, sweet potatoes, new potatoes, beetroot, tomatoes, red peppers and fresh peas, with an apple banana, lemon drizzle and the two cobs from Lidl.

Horrible time trying to get to sleep again, fretting about Olive and everything else that came into mind! Tsk!

Inchcock Today 4 Apr 16: Forced myself out and about – then it poured down!

G Dec

Nottingham’s Most Barmiest Sad Pensioner’s Diary of Woe

Monday 4th April 2016

I stirred into semi-life around 0315hrs and hobbled to the bathroom without any problems from the ailments, apart from the sore haemorrhoids, but they were not bleeding, just tender. 

Stubbing me toe on the way to the kitchen, I noticed the glorious view from the window and decided to take a photograph of it – I decided not to after all when I couldn’t find the camera. Humph, still looking!

Took the medications and found last night’s pot of pills I’d missed taking! Oh P1050891dear, so sad and anger making! I took the morning tub of tablets along with just one night time Warfarin.

Started the laptop and back to the WC to doctor my bits with the creams, painkillers, and lotions. Stubbing my toe on the same raised door stop as I had earlier! At least, Little Inchy was not bleeding this morning, I still applied the cortisone cream, though.

As I burnt my finger making the next cup of tea, that I knocked off the counter when I caught myself on the hot kettle and had to bend to clean up causing the back to go: This might not be going to be a good day I thought to myself?

I got the urge come inspiration to do a funny WordPress post in bad rhyming about advice for Pensioners on Waking up in the morning. This took a few hours to get done. During which, another call to the porcelain came, and I was so careful not to stub my toe on the raised door stop this time!

Then I got the Monday diary finished and started this one – and as I did so, got the fearful feeling I might have forgotten the INR blood tests today – oh, and I’ve got to call the clinic to grovel for another appointment too! I checked the Google calendar and confirmed it was for Tuesday 1145hrs at Dr Vindla’s surgery with the nurse.

I got some kind messages on the email, heartwarming that.

Turned everything off electrically speaking and got a jolly good scrub-up. Got the Phorpain gel on my joints and cleaned Little Inchy and Daktacorted him once again.

Wrapped me up well and set off in a hurry to the bus stop. Met coordinator Dean in the lift, and a few words.

Out and met two tenants waiting for the same bus, man, and wife I think and I had another little gossip.

P1060008The bus arrived in the City Centre and I dropped off and walked to the bus stop for the number 17 to Bulwell.

The cloudy sky was looking rather threatening as I crossed over the road to hobble to the bus stop. 

Pavement cyclists were darting around as well, too quick for me today.

G Dec2I observed as got close to the bus stop, that the naughty little Nottingham pedestrians were not too keen on keeping to the Walk – Don’t Walk signs on Upper Parliament Street!

The little Scally-Wags!

There were two people at the bus stop when I joined the queue. A ten-minute wait and by the time the bus arrived, there were about twenty in the queue. They all rushed forward with steely determination and I was semi-trampled on and around the twentieth to get on the bus! Humph!

In Bulwell, I made my way to the cheapo shop and got a three pack of the Blitz towels. Then walked around to the Shoe Zone store and got three pairs of shoes, one brown pair included (Not the foggiest idea why?).

Next door to the Fulton’s Food store and got a pack of battered fish fingers and one box of same battered fishcakes. They had some short-dated dark chocolate orange nibble discs, so I bought two for 50p.

P1060010Over the Market Place to the river Leen, and fed some pigeons there with the seeds I had in my shopping bag.

Over to the tram station and had a repeat of the what took place at the bus stop earlier. I was the first there on the platform, but about the twentieth again to get on the bloody thing. Only one side seat left available, and I had a heck of a job hanging on to it with and the two shopping bags at the same time. Tsk! Swines were nicking me OAP seats!

On the journey, it was dry when I got on, absolutely pelting down half way and dry when I eventually dropped off.

I even had a battle, to get off the tram in time at the Theatre Royal stop I needed, it was so crammed full of folk who didn’t want to respond to me requests for them to make way so I could get out! Huh!

I walked over to the L9 bus stop, the bus already being there and I joined just one other passenger on the bus. Later the bus had to wait as it went through a housing estate for a builders lorry to offload some materials. The driver was not happy!

We got to the flats and I had yet another little natter with a woman as we entered and rode up in the lift. We both agreed a cup of tea would go down nicely.

G Dec3In the flat and put the things I’d purchased away.

I noticed that the last pair I bought exactly like the £12.99 pair – AUS £24.38 – USD $18.59 – CAD £24.95, were then a few months ago, selling at £9.99. AUS £18.75 – USD $14.29 – CAD £18.63. Thought I’d get three pairs of shoes before they all went up even more!

Mind you, they all start leaking after a while. Hurrumph!

G Dec4The weather then started to pour rain heavily; Over the next couple of hours, it changed from rain to bright sunshine, so frequently.

Some mail had been delivered.

One Election Poll Card for Thursday 5th May, and a letter for Margaret, the previous tenant.

I got the laptop on and updated this diary of Woe.

DSC00174While preparing to get the fodder cooking and deciding to have fish lumps and fishcakes with beetroot, I thought I’d let you all know, that I no longer have any bags BBQ disc crisps, or beef flavoured potato chip sticks in the place! Not a single bag anywhere!

Honestly folks! Not one bag left! 

G Dec2



P1060012The fodder came out alright this time, and what a feast it was too!

Had to give this one a high rating score of a worthy 9.22/10.f

The Caramelised Balsamic Onion Chutney really complimented the fish dish so well.

Took the evening medications, having missed the midday ones. Huh!

Checked the TV magazine and found that there was so much on the box that I would have liked to view, all at the same times.

Channel hopped, fell asleep, woke, channel hopped, fell asleep… on and on and on this went. I imagine there are plenty of, what shall I say? Aged people in this position at nights?

BJ rang to say he’s checked the old house and all looks okay. That’s a relief!

Nodded of eventually…

Inchcock today Mon 12 Oct 15: INR tests, Laundry, sorting… busy again!

01topj5Monday 12th October 2015

Up at 0425hrs, WC made a cuppa, took medications – and realised that I’d taken me morning medications last night in error for the night medications – not sure what to do then. So I took just one Warfarin, one Simvastin and one dose of liquid ant-acid dollop.

I can ask the nurse later at me INR Warfarin level blood test if I’ve done right or wrong.

Got the washing ready and went down to the laundry room – but the machines were not working? Gave up and decided to struggle to carry the bag of togs with me to the GP and call at the launderette in Carrington and get it done there. Tsk!

Many WC visits later, I got the laptop on and finished off yesterdays diary putting about 12 photographs on it from yesterdays outing to Papplewick for the 1940’s show.

Little Inchy bleeding badly, haemorrhoids bleeding a bit.

Did some Facebooking.

Got missen washed and ready for me walk to the surgery. Took some nibbles and letters to drop off at the Windwood Community shed, if it’s open.

IMG_0004The plan to call at the shed failed, cause i met some residents at the bus-stop and had a natter with them, then caught the bus into Sherwood, and walked into Carrington.

The traffic was busy for so late in the day.

Plodded on to the surgery and booked myself in with the receptionist.

Did some cross-wording until I was called in by the surgery nurse. Lovely woman, I explained about me missing my dose and getting it wrong in taking my morning instead of night dose. she said always leave it if I miss a dose, in the event of y taking the wrong dose I should inform them. So I informed them. Gave her the nibbles for the staff.

Left and struggled down to the launderette with me bags.

IMG_0006On the way down a lady pavement cyclist was coasting at speed down the incline belting passed me, by the tie I’d put me bags down to get me camera out she was long gone in the distance – but I watched her as she went passed the florists shop grabbing a bunch of flowers out of one of those on display outside the shop and carried on into the distance without a care!

Into the paper shop to get lottery tickets – in a desperate foolish pathetic attempt to become popular, well liked and desired by the opposite sex. Sure as hell the only way that will happen is if I win a dirty-great big multimillion vast fortune? Hehe!

Into the launderette to be greeted by Wilhelmina, gave her some nibbles and got the machine going, then nipped into Lidl. Got two cheese cobs, pork pie and two lemon yoghurt pots.

Back to the launderette and swapped me clothes into the drier and set about me crossword book again.

Said me cheerios to Wilhelmina and struggled with me now three bags to the bus stop.

Dropped off at the City Hospital and into the GUM Clinic – I was out again in five minutes having been informed by the nice Obergruppenfurher on reception that my appointment is for next Monday… I did feel a fool!

Out and onto the bus back to Sherwood, where I met a few of the Woodthorpe Court resident inmates at the bus stop. I loved it when we had a natter and I listened to the banter between them – I thought to myself this is great seeing these old folk full of wit and humour poddling along and so content sounding… then of course I realised – I was one of them! Hehe!

Even the bus driver when she came, was cheerful and gossipy with us all.

For a moment life seemed good.

Got back to the flats and humped the bags up to the flat, while wondering if i’d make it to the porcelain in time… just, I mean just in time I made it. Unfortunately ‘Little Inchy’ was bleeding again – so spent yonks getting him to stop.

Then realised I should have asked at the GUM clinic for some more of the Betamethasone corticosteroid cream! Huh & Tsk!

I moved gingerly into the kitchen: Hello I thought, more meat flies lurking around the window again! Gawd they were fat ones again, when I got some with me paper towels they burst and the blood from them squirted out for feet not inches all over the place! I still reckon that someone in one of the adjacent flats might have snuffed it and no one knows, and the flies are having a feast? There are so many holes in the walls that must surely link with other flats that they are travelling between flats perhaps? I’ve noticed that usually these fat flies appear in the afternoon, there are usually between 4 to 10 of them… at least its a comfort to know that should I flake out 01topj4in the flat, the relatives of all those fat flies I’ve killed an get revenge and suck up me blood… mind you, with all the medications in me blood, mutant flies might develop with bald heads? Hehehe!

This scenario tickled me so much, I made a graphic of it.

P1020227Put me washing in the airing cupboard and resorted it.

Then put the food away, kettle on, then back to the porcelain.

Laptop on and did some Facebooking, checked emails.

IMG_0007Utter weariness dawned suddenly and I got me nosh before I nodded off.

Too tired to bother cooking I had this little ad-hock concoction.

Pickled egg, beetroot, cheesy cobs, pork pie, apple, a banana and a tomato that was so bitter i couldn’t eat it, come think of it I reckon I only ate the apple, banana cobs and beetroot.

Didn’t enjoy it at all rated it 3/10, but I was so tired and drained suddenly.

Spent hours drifting off to kip for a few minutes then waking again. It was most disconcerting and annoying, y body demanded sleep and rest, but me mind wasn’t so keen on it?

Tomorrow the Asda and Wilko deliveries are due. But I anticipate problems with the Wilko one as they tell me it will be up to the delivery person if the go up the lifts or not!

Maybe that worry is what is keeping me annoyingly awake?


Inchcock Today Fri 2 Oct 15: Memory test – Whoopsiedangleplop!

Friday 2nd October 2015

Head Mon

Spent the night in the chair again dosing off and waking every few minutes – Tsk!

Forced missen to give up and rose to go to the porcelain around 0700hrs – late for me, but had so little sleep.

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

I’d left the hearing aids soaking to de-coke the ear-pieces last night, so cleaned em and refitted the tube then put them in the drawer in me 1967 G-Plan cupboard where they should be, so as not to throw hem out with the rubbish of lose them again. (Another effort to train me failing memory)

Got the memory test at the doctors at noon today.

Spent a good while finishing yesterdays diary off and Facebooking. Too long really, but I enjoy it?

Got a bath and shave etc and the things ready I’ll need today on me trip out: Audio clinic record card, bus-pass, camera (I love this Panasonic Lumix camera), bank card, cash, keys, bus time-table me hat and some nibbles for the medical staff were all put in me bag or pockets.

Set off on me walk to the surgery. Met two residents as I left and we had a little chin-wag, by gum I like having these little chin-wags.

Hobbled to the surgery, well pleased with me timing when I arrived and told the bemused looking receptionist I’d come for me Memory Test. After a few minutes looking for  the appointment she realised it was for NEXT Friday not today! Whoopsiedangleplop number one of the day – Tsk!

I laughed it off, but inside I was getting a bit worried about yet another memory kerfuffle!

As I left the surgery I decided that i would go into town to try and get one of the really large rolls of paper towels that I saw advertised in the shop window at only £1.20 each, then have a run out on the bus to Derby to try and get some photographs of the mallards on the river Derwent.

P1020175Another Nottingham pavement cyclist was recorded on me camera as I arrived at the bus-stop.

Taking this photo I missed the approaching bus. Huh!

Got into town and walked to the shop that had the towels in the window. I found that the £1.2o price did not include VAT – making them £1.39 an you had had to buy a pack of 6 of em minimum. I could have used the six cause they looked good and useful, but I could not carry them. Tsk!

I wondered if this was going to be another bad day for all me plans?

Undaunted I limped down and through the City Centre onto Friar Lane to catch the Y5 bus that takes the scenic route to Derby. As I was reading the timetable to find that the bus left in seven minutes time – it pulled away making me feel a bit P1020176of a plonka! The next one was due in twenty minutes, so I had walk around town for a while.

Clinton Street had it’s usual crush of people, so I went the other way around to avoid getting delayed.

Back into the City slab-square I P1020177observed tow imitation policewomen nattering on the steps of the Council House as the chap in the foreground chased after two yoblets for some reason or other.

It didn’t disturb or stop them having their natter though.

Got back and on the bus to Derby. This one left on time – I’m thinking of writing to the company to congratulate the driver?

P1020178As we drove into the Beeston Bus-station i noticed a sign on the window of the Team Elite Kickboxing with the sign on the window informing us it was ‘The Family Business of the Year for 2015?

Continued the nice sunny run out to Derby. Looked in me bag for me crossword book and there it was gone?

P1020179Arrived in Derby and dropped off early to go down to the side of the river Derwent mallard searching.

I was so pleased with getting a rare shot of the pigeons on a broken tree branch near the bank. You just don’t expect to find pigeons posing like this do you.

P1020181Then I fed some seeds to the pigeons on the steps and got another decent shot in as they fought each other to get to the fodder. The ones on the branch stayed there and didn’t come for the seeds.

Very strange that I thought?

01topj7Someone further down the steps fed some bread to the water birds and I got this long distance photo of them arriving in a convoy to investigate the food.

Then I pondered about why else I had come to Derby – surely I wouldn’t have come just to take photos of the birds? I decided to have a nip around the Eagle Market then get back to Nottingham.

Making use of me free pensioners bus-pass today! Hehe!

Had a poddle around and saw some Amber I think they are, Bling and took a photo of them for the TFZ gals.P1020184

There is something about this type of jewellery I find attractive, maybe because they look old, aged?

I was going to get some photo’s of fashion clothes but had a dizzy spell, so I decided to make me way back to the bus-station.

01topj9Caught the Y5 bus again, this time back to Nottingham..

I can’t recall much of the journey as I spent most of in in the land of sleep like.

Luckily the driver was driving jerkily and slamming on his breaks very often, so I was awoken as we arrived in Nottingham.

Had wonder round when I realised I’d missed the last L9 back to the flats, to kill a few minutes until the 40 bus was due. This one drops off on Winchester Street and it’s only a few minutes walk to the flats from the bus stop on the hill. Mind you, getting across the road on the bend on the hill is life threatening!

When I returned to catch bus, I thought there was a football match on somewhere, but it was only the massive Queue for the bus. Huh!

P1020186Got on and managed to get the last seat in the Old foggy reserved ones.

Took a photo from the seat of the other passengers who had to stand crammed in like sardines.

I managed with difficulty not to fall asleep on the way back.

Two elderly ladies got off at the same bus-stop, and we all crossed the road together – but they never spoke to me. Huh!

They walked off after we’d crossed and they went into the Private senior Citizens Home at the end of the road.

Got missen in and to the porcelain sharpish.

Got into the kitchen to put the kettle on and there were six dirty great meat flies on the window? Took me a good while but I knobbled em in the end. I wondered how they were getting in, maybe through the hole in the wall behind the cupboards?

Changed into me layabout comfy togs and slippers.

Got me nosh in the pan –  Mild chilli, with potatoes and black bean sauce. For some reason I lost me appetite and turned it off?

Made me cuppa, and took me medications, laptop started.

Then had a look at the mail that had been delivered. Three for previous tenant Margaret and two, yes Two… fer me. Virgin Media trying to sell me summat called a Tivo, and Nottingham City Council telling me I am now on the voting list for this address.

Made another cuppa and updated this diary.

Getting dark earlier now.

Had look on the BBC news page on t’internet.  …. 14 year old plans to behead police officers – Syria being bombed and the Oregon massacre… as far as I got, depressed I went back to Facebooking.

Evening all.

Sat 19 Sept 15: Inchcock Today: Knuckling down to get some sorting done – At last!

Saturday 19th September 2015


The Sun-set last night

Woke up in the chair 0620hrs: WC, ‘Little Inchy’ bleeding, stomach churning and feeling so guilty for not getting any sorting done this week.

I decided enough was enough of me making excuses for not doing me sorting, and I must spend less time on the internet (Which I love of course) and get sorting attended to at least a start on the paperwork.

So me diaries might be a bit shorter than of late. (Thank heavens you say? Hehe!)

Cleaned up ‘Little Inchy’, made cuppa, took medications, finished off yesterdays diary and started this one.

Checked me emails and Facebooked a while. Got a reply to me email to the police moaning about the Nottingham Pavement Cyclists:

Dear Mr Chambers

I am writing in response to the email you sent to the police concerning cycling on the pavement in and around the City Centre and Mansfield Road.

My colleague who copied and I in are only responsible for Mansfield Road from the junction of Hucknall Road to the Junction of Valley Road with the rest of Mansfield Road heading into the city being covered by other beat teams so can only speak for what we do.

I can confirm that Dan and I do regularly stop and challenge people cycling on the pavement, especially on Mansfield Road, to give advice and guidance and we also report the worst offenders for potential fines or even a summons to court by issuing what we call a Traffic Offence Report (TOR)

The power itself is a discretionary power and I have confirmed with Nottinghamshire Police Law Clerks that a number of factors have to be taken into account with this offence, such as traffic flow (especially at rush hour), how many people are on the pavement, manner and speed of cycling and the age of the alleged offender. The minimum aged person we can serve a TOR to is 16 years, we can and will still stop and speak to the people under the age of 16 to give advice but further enforcement would not be possible by way of a TOR, however we will instead look at things like youth intervention/education.

I hope this answer helps to allay any fears you may have had and rest assured we will continue to challenge cyclists.

Kind Regards

CPO 9916 Craig Moralee


Community Protection

Not that it did allay any of my fears mind! No reply to my  noticing none of the bikes had any horns/bells on them. Or they come from behind, ride too close etc. Or the fact that one my photo’s of the offenders shows a policeman nearby while the burke on the bike road along with one hand, no lights or horn on the vehicle and he was texting as he rode on the pavement?

At least I got an acknowledgement from this pretend policeman. (See further down form on me walk into Sherwood today).

Sandra01dDid a graphic for the TFZers, then forced myself to make a start on the paperwork… what a job, but it must be done!

Stomach still churning.

Set about sorting the paperwork for a few hours.

Had a bath, but also a Whoopsiedangleplop suffered: I slipped getting out. Banged the side of me head and started the tooth I had done Thursday aching away! Took an extra Codeine. Then another one.

Swore and cursed a bit, then set off on me walk into Sherwood via Woodthorpe Park to get some Beetroot and apple bread and large potatoes and strong cheese to make into Baked cheesey potatoes.

IMG_0043On me way up the hill to the park I took a photo of me shadow on the gravel path.

Why I took a photograpicalisation of me shadow I don’t know.

When I got into Sherwood I called in the paper shop and got a copy of the cheapest TV paper. Then to the Co-op and got me Beetroot loaf, tomatoes, mature cheddar and somehow, a cream cake fell into me basket?

IMG_0047 IMG_0046

I took photographs of two Nottingham Pavement Cyclists when I came out of the shop.

I thought about sending these by email along with some others to the PCO who replied to my email.

We, I’m sure he’d appreciate knowing how ineffective the police are in preventing this criminal activity in Nottingham.

But that would just be me being sarcastic wouldn’t it… hehehe!

As I walked back through Woodthorpe Park, two blokes with their dogs caught my attention on the football pitch:

01topaThey seemed to be playing their own devised game with the dogs catching the balls in mid-air. They seemed so happy it cheered me up a bit.

I think the dogs won 3-0. Hehe!

Made me way back and got me spuds in the oven and updated this diary.

When I got up to check the spuds progress a dizzy-spell overcame me, but I kept upright this time. I assume this was caused by me earlier Whoopsiedangleplop?

01topDid some graphicationalising for later, in thanks for me supporting card and message wot-I-got.

Then took the spuds out and halved them, mashed the flesh with the cheese, vinegar, oil, butter, salt and black pepper, refilled the skins and back in the over to brown em off. (Couldn’t resist nibbling a bit that was left over in the bowl like).

No meat today, just cheesy-baked potatoes, tomatoes and half of me Beetroot bread.

When I’d got them back in t’oven, I cleaned what I could: the new masher that worked a treat, trays, knives, fork, basin etc just in case I fell asleep after eating it, then I’ve only got the eating tray, outer tray and cutlery to wash afterwards. I’ve just reread this sentence… hope you can understand it folks?

P1020048Plain good grub nosh today then… enjoyed it so much I gave it 8.9/10!

Did the washing up and then tended to ‘Little Inchy’ again.


Got the washing up done and cleared IMG_0048up.

Well, toothache and a rumbling tummy to contend with, and feeling rather tired again for some reason, I settled down with a cuppa and an ice-lolly to watch the TV, an old Colombo film.

Got as far as the first advertisement break… Zzzz.

Unfortunately I kept waking every few minutes it seemed and gave up at 0300hrs got up, WC’d and finished this diary off.


Thu 17 Sept 15: Inchcock Today:

P1020041Thursday 17th September 2015

Woke at 0545hrs: Not surprising it was so late (For me anyway) cause I was still awake at 0300hrs – Tsk!

Dreamt something about being chased by different animals and they each had a helmet of some sort on? Ended up in P1020042the abandoned office block again?

The reflux valve playing up today.

Gorrup and saw all the stuff around me ready for me to sort me paperwork out.


No progress on the sorting front. Tsk!

I must make a start on this today – I just need a few more of the little trays for the drawers and I can make a start properly.

WD’d, made a cuppa, laptop on ready to finish yesterdays dairy and get it posted.

Did some Facebooking while waiting for it to be late enough to get missen washed and shaved without disturbing the other tenants.

No rain at all now, in fact the sun shine through at times.

Had a good bath and changed ready to go into town on the L9 (Bless that free pensioners bus-pass!).

Took me rubbish to the chute on me way down, called at the Woodwin Community Shed with letters delivered for the previous tenant – all locked up again.

Chin-wag with Norman and some others at the bus-stop.

IMG_0021 IMG_0020

Got into town and had a walk around and into Broadmarsh Centre (Mall) to et some trays.

Then I walked into the slab square and had a walk around as I had 35 minutes before the L9 bus.

Took some ‘Bling’ photo’s on the little camera for the TFZer gals and guys.

The top one on the right was shot in the Cope jewellers window.

The second one at the pawn-brokers come Money Lenders of  a sort on Upper Parliament Street.

The traffic was light today.

IMG_0022Called in the 99p shop and bought some bread and Mattessons Fire-Dogs at 2 packs for 99p!

The contents on the pack were: Pork 83%, Water, Salt, Dextrose, Sucrose, Caramelised sugar, Tomato powder, Dried red-bell pepper, Moltoextrin, Herb molasses and many other flavourings. ‘Inspired by the Deep South’ it said. Be interesting if any American IMG_0019readers can confirm or poo-poo this claim?

Caught the bus back to the flats, without falling asleep – although it was close at times.

Got in, WC’d, ‘Little Inchy’ bleeding. Huh.

Hunger beckoned and I got the Fire-dogs in the oven, and flavoured some beans and got ’em heating up. Seasoned this time with Bisto, sultanas, English mustard and unrefined brown sugar, added a bit of vinegar too.

IMG_0023Had another search for the mysteriously disappearing saucepan lid, no luck, it’s been four days now?

Made the dessert – Blackcurrant jelly with the last bit of Fromage Frais and spray-cream and apple.

This nosh was another 8.9/10 rating.

Ate it, t’was marvellous despite all the unnatural ingredients in it the taste was rich and satisfying.

Fell asleep.

Woke up several hours later with it getting dark, in a contorted position and desperate for a porcelain visit.

The hot water was cold and not heating? Must mention this to Deana in the morning when I ll to ask her to phone Loxley House for me with me NI number.

Had to boil water on saucepan and in kettle to do the washing up.

Took me medications late again.

IMG_0024Took a photo from the kitchen window that I thought was nice, of the dying sun.

Seconds later the sun was gone.

Laptop on to update this load of tosh, updated me Google Calendar.

Finished amending Kentucky Angel’s A2Use1cgraphic.

Then checked me emails and did some Facebooking.

Despite me little, well large nod-off I began to feel tired again?

I read until about 0200hrs eventually nodding off again.

Sun 13 Sept 15: Inchcock Today – A day in to get some work done… but…

Sunday 13th September 2015


Woke at 0615hrs: Full of memories of some of me dreams, the one I recalled best was of me in a frogman’s outfit that had cockroaches inside the helmet, I was at the bottom of the ocean, and a fish (fresh-water Carp like one) was trying to break into me helmet? Duncan Robertson, well his head anyway, was floating around and talking to the fish – no idea what he was saying like. For some reason I was searching I think, for me hearing aids on the bottom of the ocean? Duncan disappeared and returned with a note on a school easel and pointed it out to me, it said “Ferry on the way, don’t burnt your porridge?” Lots happened then but I can’t recall what exactly, only that I found myself on a bus driving along the sea-bed and Duncan was the bus conductor, and he hit me with his ticket machine and threw me off the bus without my frogman’s outfit, but handed me a sign printed ‘Help’ first, then started eating the cockroaches?

I got up and WC’d then made a cuppa and took me medications.

Laptop on and got into finishing yesterdays diary off and doing some graphic preparation work, and created the dream-scene above.

Then I put an advertisement on the Streetwise sight to sell me microwave cooker.

Got carried away and me tea went cold, made another and when I was in t’kitchen noticed a lady with her two dogs 13 floors below outside on the field.

01topa2aThis for some reason cheered me up, seeing the dogs tails wagging furiously and her giving them fuss and attention, so I took a photo of them with me Panasonic camera.

Not one of me best, but they were a long way away – that’s my excuse anyway I say. Hehe!

Still didn’t get me second cuppa though – Little Inchy was very sore and leaked a bit of blood again, so I went in t’bathroom and tended to him.

Not complaining at all though, me other ailments were all apparently giving me a rest this morning: The Ulcer was nae bother at all, the reflux valve had gone down nicely, the skin cancer wound was only itching a bit and no pain whatsoever, Arthur Itis was not bad at all, Anne Gyna was calm too. The hernia only gave me little twinges, and the bruise from me last Whoopsiedangleplop had all but disappeared, so only Little Inchy bothering me at the moment! Great! Add to this the being cheered up by seeing the woof-woofs so happy, I’m feeling very contented for once.

I sent a message to the local police about the many pavement Cyclists on the roads locally:

Good morning,
I’m writing to ascertain what the law really is about cyclists riding on the pavement locally to me. (anywhere really I suppose).
Being elderly and not so nimble nowadays, every time I go out to Sherwood I see cyclist on the pavements.
I realise they may find it dangerous on the roads – but not one of the dozens I have photographed and hundreds I have seen have had a honker, horn or bell on their bikes.
My being partially deaf this would not help me much anyway I know.
I have had cyclist on the pavement coming from behind at great speed, many of them using the mobile phone whilst riding.
giving me and others I’ve spoken to a nasty shock – on three occasions I’ve been hit by them, none of them stopped afterwards either.
They in escaping danger for themselves are creating danger and hassle for the less able pedestrians.
If they are too scared to use the roads they shouldn’t be on a bike.
I enclose just a few of those I’ve caught with me camera.
This is a serious worry and concern for me, and many others in the aided-flats i live in now, after moving from my house to avoid the local yobs.

I’m really concerned almost frightened to go out lately so many of them and they do not slow down, and just give abuse if I mention anything about their possible illegal activities.
Thank you.

Made yet another cuppa and got on with this diary, then did some Facebooking, checked me emails and blogged.


Rated 8.8/10 Super-good Nosh this one: Virgin oiled red peppers, wonderful roast parsnips, cubed potatoes, beetroot, red onion, beef pasty, apple, roast potatoes, garden peas & carrots. Followed by Blackcurrant jelly & cream!

Got me nosh going.

Did some Facebooking while it cooked the settled down to eat it.

Rated this one 8.8/10, very nice.

Beef pasty, red onions, garden peas, carrots, beetroot, roast parsnips cubed potatoes, red peppers marinated in Virgin oil and roast potatoes.

The usual tiredness came over me quickly. so I updated this diary to here, made a cuppa and took me medications.

Had a bath – falling asleep in it – Tsk!

Then got me head down – eventually nodding off.

Tue 8 Sept 15: Inchcock Today – Dentist, extraction and filling – No tooth Fairy though, Tsk!

Tuesday 8th September 2015



Woke at 0315hrs – Blimey it’s cold this morning. WC’d, ‘Little Inchy’ worse than ever, blood all over me togs, more extra washing again, Tsk!

Made a cuppa and took me medications as I shivered away – I must get to see someone today to explain this Night-Storage heating system and how it works.

Laptop on and finished yesterdays and started this diary. The USB extension thingy still have to be plugged-unplugged several times before the laptop can read it?

PKGCFinished a graphic on Coreldraw X7 and Corelpaint of Patricia Kropf.

I’ve been working on this one for a time now when I’ve had the chance.

Glad itcame out alright.

Remembered the Morrison delivery coming this morning, then I have to get ready for the visitation to the dentist for me extraction and filling.

Lesser men than I would be nervous about this yer know.

Doesn’t bother me in the slightest, no fear at all, I welcome the pain.4IT6

Made a cuppa and then had a spruce-up, shave and… other things in the bathroom…

Took rubbish and recycle bags and threw them down the waste hute on me way to the community shed to ask Deana if they could so anything with helping me to be able to open the kitchen window to clean it.

P1000022She is on holiday, at the same time that the Camp Obergruppenfurher Julie is? Bad planning that innit?

Walked up and through Woodthorpe Park and into Sherwood, avoiding the many Pavement cyclists and dogs en-route.

Arrived in plenty of time for the dentist so I called in the charity shop to see if they had any furniture, bed or curtains I might invest in.

P1000024They hadn’t.

Back to the Polish dentists, where the receptionist who scares the hell out of me was on duty. I handed her me appointment letter… She looked on the computer and gave me a look of disdain adding: “I am calling you this morning and you are not answering no!”

Me: “No, I mean yes that’s right, I was in the bath when you called, there was no number to ring back on, so I didn’t know it was you.

Her: “This is not good! The dentist is off sick! I needed to inform you, Yes!”

Me: “Not my fault is it?”

Her: “Ve vill have to make anther appointment” – the keys rattled on her machine and she handed me a print-out of the new appointment – 18th Sept!

Me: “Where will I be sending the charge to?” I asked smilingly

Her: “Wos?!

Me: “Well you inform me that if I fail to turn up for any appointment, you will charge me a minimum of £18.50. So who do I charge the £18.50 to then?”

Her: “We no pay, you failed to answer your phone!”

Me: “Which I wouldn’t have done if your dentist had not gone sick – yes?”

Her: At this she turned and spoke with one of the other camp Kommandant receptionists then said: “Ve can take you off of our list your are avare of this yes?”

Me: Grinning broadly I replied: “I was joking, only joking, but you agree it should work both vays yes?” I enjoyed that!

P1000025I left and wobbled down to Wilko’s, where I went in to get some more wood dye.

I came out with an a 16mb SD card, £5 wardrobe organiser, Pledge polish, Wipe roll, Dusters, soap capsules, Olive oil, kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner and 375mg magnesium & Vit B tablets!

P1000026Walked up through Sherwood to the bus-stop and had a peep see if the L9 or L8 bus was due.

Found I’d just missed them both.



Got some bits from the Cooperative store.

Some red peppers, and a packet of biscuits.

Pavement cyclists were about as usual but with the two bags I could not get me camera out in tome to catch em.

P1000027The traffic was building up as I limped up the hill over it and into Woodthorpe Park.

Getting a bit nippy now.

A feeling came over me that I must top this spending.

For some reason I remembered dreaming of Lynton Cox last night – something about him giving a lecture and I couldn’t get the lectern lights to work?

P1000029As I walked up the footpath through the park up to where I turn right and down to the flats, I noticed a chap with a dog on the longest lead I’ve ever seen.

It wasn’t one of those reel-in-out ones.

In this picture the hap still had more dog-lead in loops on his arm to use.

P1000030I walked through a little clump of trees in the way down the hill in hopes of seeing some wild-life to photograph.

When I came out of the wood, a beautiful scene met me.

Back onto the path and down to the flats.

Got in the flat, WC’d, and got the laptop on.

Updated this tosh.

P1000031Put the new date for the dentist visit in my Google diary.

Got me salad ready: Cheese, apple, sliced tossed peppers in Virgin Oil, raw garden peas, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, beetroot, potato salad, pork and pickle pork pie and some parsnips I roasted in’t oven – and burnt!

Did some graphicalisationing and then got the nosh down me. Rated it 8.6/10

The weariness dawned again and I did nowt but snooze for ten minutes or so, wake-up, pass wind and snooze again all night! Tsk!

Sun 6 Sept 15: Inchcock Today

Sunday 6th September 2015


Woke at 0115hrs.

Many dreams but could only recall bits and pieces – had to nip to the porcelain, by which time I’d lost many of the memories, Tsk!

I was a ghost and wanted to touch and talk to the people in this hotel lobby I was in – frustrated…?

Alarm bells everyone running around, in Nottingham City Centre, all panicking, I was eating a blackcurrant and vanilla ice cream lolly whistling and doing a crossword and singing… pigeons?


Too early to take me medications, mustn’t forget to later though.

Made a cuppa and got the laptop on.

Finished yesterdays Diary off. Did some Facebooking then checked me emails.

Thought about Kentucky Angel Angie and wondered how she was going on with her apartment move. I hope she’s doing alright – she’ll be up to the neck in it at the moment sorting, just hope she manages alright bless her.

Hugs1Thought about telling me sister Jane that I have moved and inviting her to visit, but I decided things haven’t been sorted out and arranged anything like her expectancies yet.

DSC00050Got  scrub-up and ready for a walk through Woodthorpe Court into Sherwood to the Co-op store.

The usual assortment of Nottingham Pavement Cyclists were ll over the place.

First two as I got to the top of the hill into the park.

DSC00051Being a Sunday there were a good few pitch & putters, pitching and putting, and plenty of dogs taking their owners for a walk.

I love seeing the dogs happy chasing after the balls with their tails wagging.

DSC00052I got down onto MAnsfield road and was surprised by the amount of traffic.

The pavement cyclists were still rampant, but getting the camera out to picture them was too much of an effort as I began to feel weary for some reason or other?

Had a poddle around the Co-op shop and found they had some Beetroot and apple bloomers still warm, freshly baked?

DSC00053So I invested in one. (No will-power at all have I?).

Ended up buying too much unneeded stuff again. Tsk!

Still, I got a £1 off when I spend £10 within the next four days coupon at the check-out. I could have done with a coupon barring me from the shop – the amount I’m spending lately. Hehe!

DSC00055When I came out, not feeling to good, but no dizzies, I took a photo from across the road of another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist as he plodded on with the pedestrians having to move out of his way!

At the same time, there were three other cyclists on my side of the road doing the same thing!

I hate feeling hatred, but these ignorant illegal morons do annoy me so, no respect or concern for the elderly or infirm pedestrians at all. It wouldn’t be so bad if the slowed down or moved away from folk!

DSC00056Walked back through Woodthorpe Park.

As I got to the top and turned right, I spotted some squirrels in the trees and walked into them slowly to try and get a photo of them.

They were very small and seemed to be playing with each other.

DSC00057But I could not get close enough and they were moving so fast.

Down the gavel ‘Whoopsiedangleplop’ inviting path to the flats.

Past the illegally parked car and into the reception area into the flats.

Thought I’d take a photograph of the DSC00058area and it came out looking a lot cleaner than it actually is.

Up to the flat and hunger-pangs developed.

Mad missen a nosh that came out better than I thought it would.

The beetroot bread was so delicious.

DSC00059After I ate it, I sat down to watch something on the TV for half an hour…

I woke up three hours later.

Cleared and cleaned up and got on with some graphicalisationing on CorelDraw x7.

Weary once again despite me ‘Old Marissa07man’s nod-off’, I got missen down on the quilt.

Then got up to attend the porcelain.

I got missen down on the quilt again. 

Then got up to attend the porcelain.

I got missen down on the quilt again.

Then got up to attend the porcelain.

I got missen down on the quilt again… oh dear!