Inchcock’s Escape from Lock-down, No.7, to town. Pictographically

Nervously, I departed, my beloved Woodthorpe Court,

Wondering, if I really ought,

But off I poddled, my expectancies at nought,

Taking my quandaries, feeling relatively taut,

My nerves on edge and tension straught!

The bus-ride was painful and tense, oh, golly!

Feet under the wheels as brakes,

As I sat holding the trolley,

Then I got the nervous shakes,

Sure I would overspend my lolly!

Got to town, and nearly got ran over,

Cold, I wished I’d put on an extra pullover,

A van nearly hit me, moreover,

I swore at the man to show I was no pushover!

I made my way to the Poundsaver store,

Searching for milk tubs, Frazzles and more,

The knee gave way, and I ended up on the floor,

Some ladies, got me up, Gawd I was sore,

They had milk, but I got Frazzles & more,

Paid and left, with a bank balance more, poor!

I had a walk around the City Centre,

Limping now, I felt even ancienter,

The coffee shops looked full, but I’m not a frequenter,

Then one of the Pavement cyclist’s flew by,

If I could, I’d have given him a smack in the eye!

I never saw a policeman. I wonder why?

It looked like rain in the sky,

So I went inside, to keep myself dry!

The Exchange arcade, it was barren of folk,

So many retailers, closed-down, a pig-in-a poke,

Rent £78,000 per annum, it’s no joke,

Service Charge £17,144, what lady or bloke,

Who can afford this? No wonder they’ve gone broke!

The drizzle hadn’t come, so out I went,

Some time in Slab Square, I spent,

Street sleepers, yobboes, arguing, but no police sent,

My frustrations I wanted to vent,

The knee hurting, my money spent,

Getting home to Codeines was my intent!

To the Queen Street bus-stop,

Struggling with my purchases from the shop,

On to the L9 bus I did hop,

Well, struggled, and into the seat did flop,

I was so glad when we got to the Winwood Heights stop!

I alighted the bus, well, fell off of it,

I did feel a right twit!

No injuries, I felt tired, but quite fit,

Off to Woodthorpe Court, I did flit!

Not a soul in sight, for a talk,

So I struggled along Chestnut Walk,

No much thinking en route, the brain had lost its torque!

Into the decorative, welcoming lobby, I did walk!

I tooketh a photo, getting into the lift,

Can’t be accused today, of being a spendthrift!

I’d bought some pressies and a Christmas gift,

I was feeling proud, not peeved or tift,

For once, my thoughts were not all adrift,

There weren’t any at all if you get my drift?

I’d seen folk arguing, and one shoplift,

And yet, I didn’t feel in the slightest miffed!

Frazzled, I’m glad to say – Yes! Hehehe!

Inchcock Today – Thurs 21 Nov 2019: Mind-storm! City Centre Winter Wonderland photos took, today! (Not too good mind, Tsk!)

1 Nov 18

Thursday 21st November 2019

Spanish: Jueves 21 Noviembre 2019

WD 0.50.0 01:40hrs: I semi-woke up, with the mind-blasting away, fretting over yesterday’s Whoopsiedangleplops and Accifauxpas, the failure of medics to arrive (Did I get the dates wrong, will they come at all? What to do about it?) Generally, I was in a sad, pitiably pathetic feeling-sorry for myself phase! Which turned into a grumbling, moaning, acceptance of my inabilities to cope with failures, cock-ups, and disappointments. As the fermenting bubbled away in the brain, without the slightest nor inkling of my finding any solutions, the need for a wee-wee arrived to distract me. (And a good job, too!) Off to the wet room.

Having taken an SHLS (Short-Hosepipe-Like-Sensationless) mode of wee-wee, which was unexpected, and with no bleeding from the fungal-lesion, I washed the hands and went to the kitchen.

4Thu02WD 0.50.0 The knees and Arthur Itis were in a generous mood for me. I got the kettle on and imbibed the medications with water. Made the brew of Glengettie tea, and a spirit of fun emerged from somewhere, momentarily, and I put some of the pills on a plate with a knife and fork, to be photographed with the mug! Thinking it would be humorous. The photo, I could see on the viewer, was shaky-blurred again. I checked the hands carefully, and the mini-shake-shivering was still there, as it was when it started, last night. I hope it doesn’t affect the typing as severely today. If it does, then the Inchcock Today will have to be abandoned.

WD 0.50.0 Then I started to sink back into a depression and worrying about things in general. I sat drinking the tea without turning the computer on, and slowly, very slowly, I fought back the fretting, convincing myself that there is no point in worrying about what you can’t change or improve? That only made me feel worse! I always try to make people feel happy and worry when they are not. I can’t change or even control the Peripheral Neuropathy or the Idiopathic side-effects of it. The venous thromboembolism, the metal ticker valve, the Neuropathic Schuhplattler dancing, RAI Rheumatoid Arthur Itis, the Fungal Lesion bleeding. Not even can I get the Warfarin level right, walk safely unaided, hear properly… on and on I went, rambling to myself about my medical-negatives! The self-indulgent wallowing in self-pity; then, I turned to the Why-Me-Mode. And thoughts became a little less foggy.

WD 0.50.0 As I pondered, why not me? I am not really a worthy person to receive any luck. I’ve done very little in life. Made a mess of it mostly. But I am blessed with an ability to cope with pain, not with worry and fretting, but physical pain. And not having a social life or partner is a good thing (Not really). If any average person were to get all these issues and discomforts, it would affect them more, and their families. I came to realise that it is not the physical problems that are the worst, but the mental ones, and I can’t get help or do anything about them either. I’d overly diagnosed and confused myself!

WDP14LWD 0.50.0 I hope never to get into a deep-thought session with myself again! It’s a scary, fraught with confusion, turbulence, contradictions, torrents of twisted maniacal unfathomable thoughts in my brain, that are best left alone methinks! So, no answers, solutions found, no plans made, no progress, no hope… and yet I felt a little perkier in myself now. (It doesn’t make any sense, does it, just like life?) Tsk!

There were many clangs, bangs and knocks coming from somewhere close. Not that they bothered me. But such a rarity. The 24/7 humming droning noise all over the place was still with us, that does annoy me. Anyroad-up, I set to on the computer, updating the Wednesday dairy. The finger-ends were not as bad as I thought they might be, although still a little bothersome, calling for much time correcting mistakes. But with not going out Wednesday, there were far fewer photographs to sort out. So I got the whole thing done for about 03.40hrs.

Then went on TFZing on Facebook. Then on the WordPress Reader, and went for another wee, only the second of the day. Anther surprise one. A CMOUSTSTBOWAV (Catching-Me-Out-Unwilling-Slow-To-Start-Then-Blasting-Out-With-A-Venom) version, Phew!

Made what was, the fourth mug of beverage, and got on with starting this post off. After another four or so hours, I had to start making up the templates, another long job.

Got them finished, at last, a real brain-tester that was. Especially with all the myasthenia gravis affected finger-tips hassle.

The ablutions went well, even though I hurried them a bit. The only worry was Little Inchies fungal lesion bleeding, or rather, stopping it bleeding. Applied the Corticosteroid and Germaloid cream afterwards (the first stings like hell, then the second, very cooling and calming).

I prepared things in a hurry, got my shopping list of three items to get from the Poundland Store, Lavender Dettol, Bread and Batteries (For the wet room radio). Got the black bags on top of the trolley, camera in the jacket pocket, bus pass checked, out to the waste chute and to the lifts.

WDP 13LWD 0.50.0 Bit of a farce with the elevators. Lift one was on the 15th floor, lift two on the ground level. Pressed the call button, lift one went down straight by me to the ground floor, lift two, up to the 15th floor, then down missing me to the 11th floor, and down to the ground level. Lift one then went up to the 15th floor again, lift two seemed stuck on the ground floor, lift one came down, and the doors opened. On the fourth floor, a lady got in, and we chatted. It seems she had had a kerfuffle trying to catch a lift as well! At least we had a little smile about it!

Along the link passage to the Winwood Court and into Oberstgruppenfhreress Warden Julie’s and Hauptsturmfhreress Deana’s holding and interrogation office, dropped off some Christmas treats, then out to the bus stop, by gum, it was cold out there! Had a natter at the shelter. Onto the bus, got side-saddle-seated, crossword book out, and all the way to town, I got one answer. Hahaha!

4Thu03Off the L9 and walked down Queen Street into the Nottingham’s Slab Square. It was a right mishmash again. Temporary overpriced stalls, eateries, rides scattered messily around everywhere. With the ice-rink in the centre somewhere. I could not get in to photograph it on Tuesday, but I found a way in without steps today! I got nestles in a corner of the rink-side for support, and had to take the photos through the side glass, as I could not use the camera with arms outstretched and keep it steady enough. Here are the best shots I could manage. Being the lucky person I am, as I positioned myself for photographicalisationing, a hooter went, and nearly all the skaters disappeared!


I took some photos in the square, then got out back to Long Row and took some pictures.

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4Thu11I hobbled from the Slb Square, and got to the Poundland Shop, on Wheeler Gate. Where I commenced on an overspending spree… again! But, I did get the batteries, too many maybe? Some Duracell AA for the radio (2x£1.50). And a big pack of 30 Kodak AA batteries for £2!

They did not have any Lavender Dettol, so I got two small bottles of the normal scented. Another drain unblocker (Essential if one lives in my beloved if it can go wrong – it will, Woodthorpe Court. That lies somewhere between the twilight zone and a wormhole slipping through a tear in the fabric of space & the universal continuum, illusion, delusion, & hallucination!) A pack of Warburton’s ready-sliced Wholemeal cobs, some nuts, Cheeslets, Twiglets and yoghourt nuts. Turkey breast slices, and a bottle of Balsamic vinegar. Joined the long queue, got to the self-serve tills, and a young lady put my things through in a flash. I think she thought it would be a lot quicker doing it herself than me fumbling about dropping stuff etc. and free a til up sooner. She was 4Thu12right too! I thanked the gal, but she was too busy to hear me, I think.

I got outside and readjusted the weight distribution of the bought products, between the carrier and the trolley bag.

Back into the Slab Square. I had a walk around taking photo’s, South Parade, Exchange Walk, Exchange Arcade, and out into Long Row.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Long Row stall, where I bought a pair of tatty gloves, but they were warm!

I bought a pair of gloves from a stall on Long Row. They were not wrapped like the others, the supposedly stitched on crap labels were half hanging off… but they fitted, and were lovely and warm.

The Exchange walk picture reminded me of the Wailing Wall. With the row of Cash Machines giving out cash and statements that made people wail? Hehehe!

I got to the L9 bus stop just in time and was soon off on my home. Out came the crossword book, and to my amazement, as I flipped through trying to get some answers to the many crosswords still undone, I worked out five… I say Five answers! Smug-Mode-Adopted!


Dangerous parking, same place as today, photograph from last week

The bus pulled up, away from the kerb behind the one in front at the flats, but the driver had no choice, as cars were parked around the bus turning island again. Frank kindly came over as I got off last and helped me get the trolley down. I thanked him, and walked through the Winchester Court foyer, though the link-passage into the big Social room.

A good few folks in there from the Social Hour 5Fri14earlier, and for a coffee meeting I think. I said Hello to Obergruppenfureress Deana as I passed her and got no reply, she did look busy, bless her.

Through the comfortable warm Winwood to Woodthorpe link corridor, and into the cold Woodthorpe Court lift lobby.

A little chat with a chap going up to the 11th floor, and removed the untouched sign I’d left in case the rice-cooker lead had been delivered, but it hadn’t, got in, no wee-wee needed?  And got the kettle on and took the medications. Put the purchases away, and got the dagwood sarnies made using the wholemeal cobs I’d bought.

4Thu21aMade a salad of sorts. Seaweed, apple, cooked beetroot and the chicken slices and tomato sarnies. Enjoyable nosh that was. A flavour rating of 8.5/10!

The expected weariness and fatigue arrived, and I thought about doing the handwashing, but fell asleep instead. Haha! When I woke up an hour or so later, I knew I was going to regret having to do the handwashing when the morning arrived. I put on an old, rare DVD, a BBC one, The Day of the Triffids, from the TV. I did nod-off a few times of course, but I got to the end, 156 minutes long!

As I turned off the DVD. Pondered on whether or not I needed a wee-wee, and nodded-off, until 01:40hrs. When I needed the wee-wee and Porcelain Throne, urgently!

Inchcock Today – Sun 30 June 2019: A heterogeneous Sunday for old chap. The fool also walked up to Aldi and limped painfully back down. Hehehe!

2019 30 June

2019 May 25

Sunday 30th June 2019

Welsh: Dydd Sul 30ain Mehefin 2019

WD 0.0.0a 02:00hrs: I didn’t precisely wake-up, cause I’d been snuggled up in the second-hand, £300, c1968, near-dilapidated, rickety, rattling, faded-gungy-beige coloured, sometimes working, uncomfortable recliner, for hours! Trying to get to sleep, finally giving up trying. I needed a wee-wee anyway.

WD 0.0.0a I got stood up, grabbed the walking stick, and took the few paces to the EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee Bucket), and had a UWTWW (Unwilling-Weak-Trickling-Wee-Wee). Like the previous three I’d taken over the sleepless night, the evacuation was accompanied with an obnoxious, industrial-strength effluvium, and the colouring was of an odd, almost banana shade of yellow, and a smidge cloudy. I had to take the bucket to the wet room, to sanitise it and get rid of the odour. I had a spray around with the air-freshener as well!

WD 0.0.0a I was coming out of the wet room and had to return for another wee-wee. This time, a right sharp one, of the VSHLP (Very-Short-Hosepipe-Like-Painful) mode. I wasn’t expecting one of these and could not help but spray the WC, floor, cabinet, wall and myself. I got caught in the splash-back! I felt a right jobbernowle! I had to spend a long time cleaning things up afterwards, accompanied by some muttering and naughty cursing under my breath! Haha! I think it must be another urine infection. These things always seem to come on at the weekend, when no help is available! I only finished a course of antibiotics the week before last as well. Tsk! Ah, well!

I started doing the updating of the Saturday post. During which, yet two more, different wee-wees had to be taken. These ones were both of the LSPWWW (Long Slow Painful Weak Wee-wee) variety. They say that a change is as good as a rest… The nincompoops and schmucks!

I got the kettle on and did the hand-washing, only a t-shirt and a pair of socks.

WD 0.0.0a I suddenly had to go to utilise the Porcelain Throne. I only just made it in time. I anticipated the usual ‘sit-there-and-do-the-crossword-book’; while going through the pain and effort to encourage things along. But not this time – there was a lot of it, but it flowed of its own accord, leaving a similar industrial-strength effluvium, that filled the room and my lungs! Yet again, I had to spray around some air-freshener and disinfect things! (A good job I got the citrus spray and Dettol lavender antiseptic in bulk while they were on offer) Whatever this ailment/infection is, it seems to be affecting my front and rear exits, and I suppose, the innards? Still, the differing wee-wee varieties are unusual. Haha!

WD 0.0.0a I washed up again and went to make the brew and take the medications. Oh, dear, I could not find the medication blister pack currently in use. I didn’t panic, but I fretted a little. I could see the other three weeks packs in the drawer, and remembered (vaguely) that last night I thought I’d keep the current one separate, so as not to get confused. (Of course, the thought of me not getting confused, was ludicrousness and nonsensicalness in the extreme!) I went through all of the drawers, cabinets, checked in the junk room, and shower room without any success.

WD 0.0.0a Now panic was brewing up! I tried to calm down and leave things and try looking later, but this was not easy. I decided to take some pictures of the red sky, from the unwanted new kitchen light & view-blocking windows, with the glass it is impossible to reach to clean. I made four efforts, all using a different setting, so I could learn the difference between them. But they all look the same to me?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

7Sun11As I was leaving the kitchen, Aha! I spotted the partly used medication blister pack currently in use! I must have decided, although I do know why, to store them on top of the tea bags, and they had fallen down between the cooker and cupboard.

Well, I never! I took the medications and made the mug of tea. I forgot to do the health checks! Guilt-Mode Adopted!

Finally, after I don’t know how many hours, I got around to finishing off the updating of yesterday’s blog. Only the arm and shoulders seemed interested in doing much Axonotmesis inspired dancing about. The hands and fingers only gave me the odd spot of frustration, so I got the Inchcock Today finished quicker than usual. Smug-Mode-Adopted!

I had to make some page top graphics and Inchcock Thoughts up, and get a few advance templates made up. So I went on CorelDraw and Google to use and adapt any suitable pictures to use. Well, that took a long time as well. However, the fingers are still not acting too wicked. So, I’ll leave the ablutions for a while and get the templates done… Oh, not yet, I’m off to the Porcelain Throne again… Same again, evacuation-wise! 

Computer off. Got the ablutions tended to, only one little nick with minimal bleeding, in the shaving department. Dressed and refreshed, I made up four bags for the waste chute, and took the waste disposal unit; calling on Josie en route and on the way back. No answers, though. Not too worried, cause it’s early for her to be up yet. I only wanted to know if she needed anything from Aldi getting. A night gal, she is!

Down with the three-wheel trolley and shoulder bag. Had a few words with Mary, who was in the laundry room. Gawd, it looks well shabby in there today. Out and along Chestnut Way, the strength of the wind caught me out, blimus, it was strong, but warm with it. I took some photographs as I hobbled along.

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7Sun23I somehow got up the third steepest hill, in a reasonable time, and took this semi-dramatic photo of the changing sky, at the corner of Woodborough Road and Sherwood Rise.

Even windier up at the top, but still really warm with it.

I hobbled on to the Lidl…, no, Aldi store, to find out I had got there too early, and it was not 7Sun24open yet.

WD 0.0.0a En route, a naughty Nottinghamian Pavement cyclist shot by me, and as I got the camera out to snap the dangerous ignoramus chap, a female Nottinghamian Pavement cyclist was coming from the other direction.

More Nottinghamian cyclist as I walked to Porchester Road junction lights, and crossed over the 7Sun25road, but the damned camera was telling me the battery needed charging, and I missed the opportunity as they shot away out of view. Tsk!

I took an across the road picture of Bennett Street, I think it was. This show how England’s old narrow streets look, for my foreign cyber friends.

7Sun25aI doubled back toward the Aldi store, passing some shops on Woodborough Road. A new Chinese takeaway and eat-in, is opening in unfortunate old bankrupt Toney’s takeaway and eat-in, Caribbean Bistro. I think he has opened a shop in another location in Nottingham, but I’m not sure. Anyway, three shops down the road is another Chinese takeaway! How can they expect it to pay?

WD 0.0.0a I got into the shop, and almost immediately, the flipping shakes in the hand, arm and shoulder jumping kicked off. I was getting some extremely odd looks. I saw the pod peas on the top shelf of the fridge, but would dare to try and reach them with the jerky arm, and ask a chap if he’d please to pass me a pack of peas down. He was alright about it and handed one to me. I got the sourdough baguettes in the basket. Then some tomatoes. I went to the fridge where the Brunswick Smoked Ham is kept, and the hand really had a session with me. I dropped the packets I was trying to get a hold of, then I let the basket! I was not very popular with the nearby shoppers. One lady helped me pick up the goods and put them in the shopping bag. I couldn’t thank her as she was off like a shot, looking a bit wary of me, after assisting me.

Things calmed down ailment-wise then. I got a pack of crispy smoked bacon and saw some excellent value smoked ham offcuts, that looked really tasty, and I weakened and got a packet. Bin bags next, and finally a box of two cream doughnuts. I can share them with Josie later. I got to the long queue at the checkout.

WD 0.0.0a When it got to my turn, the dancing started just as I was packing the things away – I was so disconcerted! Dropped the cream cake box, cooked ham and bacon on the floor, then the should bag slipped down an joined them.  I was struggling to get down and retrieve them, and the bloke on the till was waiting to be paid… a chap waiting behind for his turn, (it turned out to be the one who’d passed me the pod peas earlier), came forward and collected all the stuff up for me and packed it as well! I thanked him profusely, and red-facedly. Paid the bill and, I assumed, moved away to gather myself for a moment or two. The dancing and jumping had stopped, but not the embarrassment of the situation. The discomposure and uneasiness faded a bit when I got outside, but the edginess and flusterment remained with me for a good while.

7Sun26Thankfully, no more jerking or dancing incidents took place before I got home.

As I got to The Wells Road, I noticed that all the cars waiting to join the main Woodborough Road looked the same basic shape to me? Why I saw this, I don’t know, but it was a sign that I was getting over the Peripheral Neuropathy attack; if that’s the right wording?

As I began walking down Sherwood Rise, or should that be Mapperley Rise? I’ll check… I went on Google Maps; It should be Mapperley Rise.


I photographed a thing of beauty, one of ugliness, and another bit of nature and beauty, on the verge and hedging. Bless her!

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We parted at the home she lives in, and I pressed on to the apartments.

7Sun30The mobile rang, but it stopped by the time I’d got it out to answer it.

I’ve just noticed I had missed off a picture, that I took on Mapperley Rise. Across the road was the collapsed garage, with the embankment behind it, having collapsed. I think they had replaced the old signage with new. So maybe it will soon get mended?

7Sun31The wind had played more havoc on Chestnut Way. Some fencing was blown down, and more than sufficient rubbish had blown into the Woodthorpe Court frontage.

U in the elevator, and called at Josies flat and rang the bells. No answer again. Now I was beginning to worry about her again.

Into my flat and I had a wee-wee first job. A UWTWW (Unwilling-Weak-Trickling-Wee-Wee) mode. Of which the many following ones I had to have, were, all the same.

I got the nosh purchased, in the fridge. Went for another wee-wee, as the doorbell chimes rang out. I hastened to the door, and I’m glad to report that it was Jocie! She returned the meal stuff all washed up to me. Josie mentioned how she had enjoyed the meal, and almost took a photo of it. Chest-Swelling-Mode-Adopted! I gave her the fresh cream doughnut, and she licked her lips, and she told me she was going to make a cup of coffee and eat the cake now! Slightly Bigger-Chest-Swelling-Mode-Adopted! Hahaha! I wished all the bestest and asked her to take care.

I then got on with updating this blog and getting the photographs organised. (In between the wee-wees!) I was well-pleased with the fingers and hands etc. not being bad at all now! I looked up if there was another wording of Peripheral Neuropathy, and found this little gem of a question and answer on Google:

Q: Can you die from peripheral neuropathy?
A: If the underlying cause of peripheral neuropathy isn’t treated, you may be at risk of developing potentially serious complications, such as a foot ulcer that becomes infected. This can lead to gangrene (tissue death) if untreated, and in severe cases, may mean the affected foot has to be amputated. Any breaking of bones, may not be recognised my the nerves. If not treated immediatley, this can be fatal.

So, how come they told me the Mary Potter Leg Ulcer Clinic, that nothing could be done about. Ah, that may have been for the Axonotmesis they also diagnosed? Sorry, I spoke (typed). Hehe!

Sister Jane phoned on the landline. Brother-in-Law Pete was walking to the paper shop this morning and came across a car parked up with the driver slumped over the steering wheel. (It all happens to our family dunnit?) He could not get the fellows attention, so phoned the police. Who attended within two minutes. (Obviously not Nottingham Police then!) The line kept fading and going crackly, so I missed some bits of the story.

Got the fodder on. Going to have some potatoes, the last of the Mini-Rostis, and some tomato and ham milk roll sarnies. Yum-yum!

2019 Mar 2I fell to sleep for a short while but luckily woke before any rostis or potatoes were burnt.

I got it served up, in fact, a little too much of it. The eyes were bigger than the stomach again! Huh!

I saved a sandwich in a food bag for later. Cunning eh?

The flavour rating of this not particularly appealing looking meal was 7.5/10, and worthy of it.

I put the TV on, and soon began the nodding off, in the £300, c1968, grotty-beige recliner. I kept repeatedly waking and drifting off for hours. When the kip came adequately, it was deep, undisturbed, and a long one!


Inchcock – Monday 8th October 2018: More graphicalisation done, Doctors for CHD test, Fatigue Mode Adopted, fell asleep… Int life good! Hehe!


Monday 8th October 2018

Irish: Dé Luain 8 Deireadh Fómhair 2018

0000hrs: Having been up and about and done the necessary ablutionalisationing and medicationalising, I had to return to the wet room for the Porcelain Throne duties. Hehe! All went well.

WDPBL02b Little Inchies fungal lesion had bled a bit again, but Harold’s Hæmatorrhœa was only leaking a tiny bit.

And I felt a lot better than last night when I had a fatigue festival. Haha!

1Mon01aI took a photograph through the kitchen window.

Just gone midnight, but the vehicle lights and emergency vehicle blues’ were plentiful.

I got the kettle on and took last nights medications that I’d forgot to imbibe, because of my falling to sleep early on in the day for several hours.

1Mon01I must have needed the kip, I suppose?

Then, I was sure I heard a clanging noise coming in through the open kitchen window.

I tried looking down through the window, but the new protruding ledges under the frames made it impossible for me to see anything. So, I took a blind shot with the camera. It showed nothing untoward down there.

I placed the morning medications on a tray and put them next to the computer so as not to forget to take them later. The Cardiac test at 0900hrs this morning at the surgery, mustn’t ignore that either.

Tended to the Health Checks next. Then made up the Excel record on the computer for last week.


Once again, the morning’s readings were all higher than the previous day?

I remembered I needed to take a urine sample with me to the doctors. So, I got a tube filled and put it in the bag straight away so as not to forget to take it with me.

WDPBL02b Damn it! Just remembered, I was not supposed to eat anything or drink anything after 2200hrs, but water before the examination. Klutz! I’d had a drink of tea!!! Everyone should have the right to do stupid things. But, I think I am abusing that privilege!

1Mon001I found about ten dead Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles in the wet room, one alive.

The spare room produced only about twelve weevils, all dead.

The kitchen held only about nine of the little invaders, again, all dead!

I did not allow myself to get too optimistic, this has happened before. Methinks that the beetles were either retreating or moving on to a flat with more food in it. Hehe! Only to find an increased number of flipping things the next morning.

I thought I’d make a start on doing some diary page header graphics in advance. So onto CorelDraw. Got a couple or so done.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1Mon05aMade up the nibble bags for the surgery staff. Had a wash and brushed up, and went to set out on the walk to the surgery. There was a letter in the box on the door, bent down to grab it and I had a Dennis Dizzy visit.

WDPBL02b Clouted my head against the corner of the metal. Ah, well!

1Mon06No one about when I went down and got out to the recycling bin.

I deposited my empty Tomato Passata jar on top of the beer, lager, champagne, sherry, San Miguels, wine, brandy, whiskey and gin bottles, etc.

I think I might be the only non-alcoholic in the block. Hehe!

1Mon07I took this shot of the New Extra Care Build and Winchester Court block on the way along Chestnut Walk.

The lower back pain stings started again, making it a painful hobble to the doctor’s surgery. Luckily, there were many distractions from the agony (Hehe!) in the form of many Dangerous Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclists, and my actually seeing a Nottingham Police Car on the road… No actual policemen on foot, of course.

As I plodded down Winchester Street hill, I took this picture of the beautiful colours on offer from the changing trees, the gloomy sky, with the early morning cold sunshine breaking through.


1Mon07bThe house Unpainted on the left, is where I lived donkeys-years ago in a flat. I’d guesstimate as being around 1965? Little knowing I’d be walking down Winchester Street, with bad memories of my short residence, fifty-four years later!

To the bottom and on to Mansfield Road.

The traffic queue as far as the eye could see. 1Mon07cOne of the rare occasions I feel content with no longer having a car.

During the forty-minute hobble, the back pains eased off a lot.

A few car horns were being used in the line of slow moving traffic.

Sounded like tempers were being strained to me.

1Mon08As I neared the Sherringham Medical Practice, I managed to get a photo of the ‘Look at me, I’m tough!’ Pavement Cyclist, as he approached me.

He shouldn’t really be on a pushbike if he is too terrified to use the road? I notice he is not too scared to put the fear of God into ageing pedestrians! The Brion! (Bully).

(End of rant. Haha!)

I got in the surgery and presented myself at the reception. And very glad I was, that I had the day and time right for once. Hehe! Logged in and sat down with the crossword book.

A nurse came to collect me earlier than my appointment time. She was a relief nurse I think, I’d not seen her before. Nice lady. She sorted me out. The bleeding afterwards took a long time to stop, but this is not unusual. Gave her a nibble bag, thanked her. Dropped some fodder-nibbles of at the reception, and I out in the car park well before I could use my bus-pass time.

1Mon09So, I set off on a hobble back to the flats, the way I came from, up Mansfield Road. The traffic was still congested.

Another Nottinghamian Pedestrian Cyclist shot by me from behind, giving me a bit of a shock. He was very close to clouting me!


1Mon10AS I got to the tip of the hill, another Pavement Cyclist approached, just as a rarity came into view as I took the shot.

Yes, it really was a Nottingham Police Car!

(Sarcasm Mode Engaged) It’s nice to see things that take you back so many years.

Down the hill into Sherwood, and called into the Continental Food Store. Had a look for any of the lemon cream cake squares, but no, none available. I could have got nutmeg, vanilla, kiwi or almond flavoured ones, but no lemon. (Sulk Mode Adopted!)

I decided to treat myself to some of the expensive sliced continental bread, then perused the cooked meats and bought some roast belly pork slices, with the intention of having some sandwiches later on. I got some mini-potatoes as well.

The haul up Winchester Street Hill back home proved detrimental for the back pains, but Anne Gyna coped well with the slog.

The first L9 buses were loading up with Winwood Height’s residents as I turned the corner. They were all gone by the time I got to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, shed.

I popped in the hut and caught Warden Unterscharführeress Julie as she was leaving on a visit to Winchester Court. A few words were shared. But of course, I have been forbidden from mentioning any communications I have with any Nottingham City Homes personnel or agents, on this blog. So, I won’t.

1Mon11I got in the apartment and had a wee-wee, and changed the PP’s due to Little Inchies fungal lesion bleeding. Washed and into the kitchen, for a much-needed mug of tea.

The sky looked a little ominous, and the sunshine had retired.

Made a brew and got the Health Checks done.


The early fatigue-mode arrived.

Got the nosh sorted out. Used the pork in the ultra-tasty brown continental sliced bread sarnies. Some tomatoes, chip-sticks, sliced a Cox’s apple, a pot of lemon mousse and some fresh Clementine juice.

The meal went down well. A taste-rating of 9.2/10 was given.

Things get a bit vague from here on, I’m afraid. I assume I fell asleep?

I woke up wondering what day it was, let alone what time it was! Tsk!

It was 2125hrs! I did the health checks and took the belated evening medications I usually have around 1600hrs.

Then, I got the computer on, to update this blog. Which took me until 0015hrs to get done, for Shaking Shaun was visiting my hands again. Humph!

Inchcock – Monday 1st October 2018: Life’s ackamarackus pondered over – Boll Weevils counter attack – Mini-Marathon – Nottingham Pavement Cyclist galore!


Monday 1st October 2018

Sudanese: Senén 1st Oktober 2018

1155hrs: WDPBL02b I sprang awake this morning (Well, evening, Haha!) rather than just woke up. Mentally that is, not physically. Although a hint of melancholia was in there somewhere. How life’s ackamarackus, failures and trials had got me to this stage, this age, if you like, led the brain on a sinuous thought and time-travelling meandering session, that only led me to further unnerving psychogenic discomforture. No resolutions or understandings were gleaned, of course. The more the mind pondered, the more scepticism and disorientation I felt.

WDPBL02b Then, by good fortune, I knocked over the bottle of clementine juice from the Ottoman, as I began to raise my over-abundant torso from the £300 second-hand recliner. Thus, freeing my mind of the throng, the myriad of deep thoughts. The bottle rolled along the carpet and knocked over the hand-hoover and its charging base. Back to reality! Thank heavens the cap was still screwed shut on the bottle!

As I escaped the recliner and started to sort out the mess I’d made, another bit of good news was identified – there were no signs of any nocturnal nibbling anywhere in the room.

I made my way for a short-sharp-stinging wee-wee. Washed the hands and noticed several dead, asylum seeking, immigrant bloodsucking Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black beetles bodies on the wet room floor. So I sprayed some more of the ‘Raid’ bug killer around.

WDPBL02b Then, I needed another short-sharp-stinging wee-wee. Oh, dear!

To the kitchen and got the Health Check things ready. But this task had a wait, for the morning call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. Not such a messy affair this morning.

Completed the Health Checks and made up last weeks record.


The weight was up again last week and this morning for that matter. Grumph!

I made a pungent brew of Assam tea, took the medications and got the computer going. The internet was not too slow this morning.

Got on with completing the Sunday Post and got it sent off to WordPress. I went on the WP Reader for a while.

Then made a start on this blog.

001On to the TFZer Facebook, to post some photographs and peruse the page.

On to CorelDrawing.

Made a graphic of Willmott Dixon’s Incharge Ian for a bit of fun. Hope he gets a laugh and likes it. 

Ablutions all done, and I set out on a Marathonish mini-hobble to Arnold.


Limping up the newly sanded old gravel hill to Woodthorpe Grange Park, my poor beloved Tree-Copse was looking very sad and dilapidated, neglected and untended.

But, a few of the canines were taking their owners on the field for a game of ‘fetch the ball’ Haha!

The trip had more Pavement Cyclist incidents than ever before. I’ve collated them here for you to see the naughty Nottingham Pavement Cyclists. There were many more that I could not get to photograph in time, too!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

WDPBL02b I wouldn’t mind if the cyclists were aware of elderly, sight and hearing impaired people. They come too close and make folks jump. None of them seems to have a bell or horn either. Never mind, live and let live without fear… which I wish they would let others do!

A bit of a nip was in the air this morning.

I plodded on and arrived in Daybrook, and into the Arnot Hill Park to the duck pond.


1Mon07bNot a single pigeon there this morning. Perhaps the   Columbidae Columbiformes Columbimorphae Aves are late risers?

After having a chinwag with the birds, (They didn’t answer me, not one the even quake at me?)

I left via the top gate, taking this photo as I did so.

1Mon07cCaught the cold sun glinting against the water.

I pressed on.

When I arrived in Arnold, the rush hour traffic was starting to build up a bit.

It goes to show how quickly it gets lighter in a morning now, most of the vehicles still had their lights on.

1Mon08WDPBL02b What a shame, there were three more retail shops closed down now from last weeks visit.

Sadly, the gents clothiers I often but from, Greenwoods, was one of them.

No more bargain-priced clothing for me then, Humph!

I called in the Fulton Foods shop. I got a pack of six mini bags of Pork Scratchings. (one for me to try, and five to go in the Social Hour nibble box). And some just out of date Golden Wonder Chippie Curry flavoured chipsticks.

Then hobbled (Feet now beginning to sting) to the Asda Walmart store and had a good wander around. I bought a bit of stuff, well, a lot of things. I found they were selling some Cheese Thins Biscuits with pickle flavour and could not resist trying some. Rice cakes BBQ and Salt & Vinegar flavours. Nibbles for the box, potatoes, green beans, bitter lemon and orange yoghourt and a sliced cob of Coburg bread (Never seen these before) A bit risky trying the Asda bakery made bread, their sourdough and bloomer loaves I found to be both tasteless.

WDPBL02b I used the self-serve check-outs. I had to get assistance three times! The first time, on the first swipe, I had to wait eight minutes, (Yes, I had my new second-hand £2 wristwatch on, Haha!) and then had to signal to the assistant-lady to point out the flashing red light above the machine. I did feel a fool, I’d put the basket of shopping on the wrong side of the till! Klutz! I have no idea what went wrong on the other two occasions. But I got a look from the woman that said “Oh, the old fool!” both times. Hehe!

WDPBL02b I paid and went to the photo booth thingy. Got the SD card in, was picking out those I wanted to print, and the machine told me it needed a service and was unavailable. Tsk!

1Mon09Out with the two bags of shopping, to catch the L9 bus back to the flats.

The Daybrook Church looked nice against the blue skies background as we passed it on the bus.

When we got to Sherwood, a neighbour, Brian or Bert, I think got on. He gave me a nod in response to my cheery “Hello, you alright, mate?” as he passed by to get seated.

I was well tired out, and in urgent need of a wee-wee by the time we arrived back on Chestnut Way, at the complex.

Got in and had another short-sharp-wee-wee.

1Mon10Set about getting the meal ready.

Put some seasoned sliced potatoes in the oven, and made some buttered Coburg bread sandwiches with slices of pork knuckle and herbs. On the plate with the spuds, tomatoes, sliced apple, a few BBQ flavoured pork scratchings.

I have to say, the Asda (Walmart) Coburg bread, was delicious! As was the Lurpak soft spreadable butter and pork knuckle within it! A definitely worthy 9.45/10 for Flavour-Rating for this effort!

As I went to the kitchen to wash the things up, I spotted:

1Mon12WDPBL02b This time the immigrant bloodsucking evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black beetles bodies were of a more mature kind, bigger! Most of them were dead, but a few somewhat even larger ones were still alive, and they very quickly shot off, to where, I don’t know where!

I then declared war on the beasts who attacked my apartment from the holes and cracks left from the plastering of the surrounding walls of the new windows. Unequivocally, a casus belli situation now!

I finished of three part-used cans of the Raid and Rentokil bug killer can, in all the infested rooms, which meant of course all of the rooms!

1Mon13I got myself down to watch some TV. Why do I bother trying?

The nodding offs began almost immediately.

Then a longer one of about an hour.

More nod-offs varying between two and ten-minutes duration.

Then another one of about two hours. I woke, still feeling so tired, and went off for a short-sharp-wee-wee.

Had a drink of orange juice and drifted off again.

Woke at 0015hrs, and decided to get up. Tsk!




Inchcock Today – Monday 19th February 2018:

Monday 19th February 2018

Mongolian: 2018 оны 2-р сарын 19-ны Даваа гарагт

0050hrs: Stirred, woke, fell asleep.

0125hrs: Stirred, woke, fell asleep.

0155hrs: Stirred, woke, fell asleep.

0220hrs: Stirred woke, waited for the brain to link-up with the body, and pandiculated. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and into the kitchen, kettle on and set up the sphygmomanometer within minutes. Checks and medications were taken.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Bit of attention and medicalisationing needed.

Made a brew, and got on the computer. Started this post off, and then updated yesterdays diary and posted it.

I swapped from Firefox to Chrome so I could access the WordPress Reader. Then back to Firefox to do the commenting.

I’d run out of advance drafts, so I went on CorelDraw to make some more page header graphics to use. Only managed to do two, but still.

Facebooking next. Took me a good while, cause of all the photographicalisations I put on from yesterday.

Time to get the ablutions and medicalisationing done.

Soon sorted out. Sorted black bags and took them to the chute on my way out.

A bit of drizzle and it looked rather dark depressing and dank. But it wasn’t cold at all out there.

I took this picture of the new build and Winchester Court.

Then crossed over to the walkway to make my way to the Obergruppenfurheresses temporary porta-cabin come shed.

It was somewhat muddy on the grass path. So, recalling Saturday’s nasty slipping-on-the mud on the hill path Whoopsiedangleplop and ending up on my bum; that Harold’s Haemorrhoids are still giving pain from, I walked on the roadway instead.

Got in the hut, greeted Obergefreiteress Warden Julie, and joined four other tenants waiting to go out to the bus. Cindy, Welsh Bill, Ethel and the bloke that knows everything. Had a natter and laughed with Cindy and Bill. William told me he had been in the hospital for two nights. He had Morphine poisoning! The paramedics whipped him in quickly and bypassed the queues straight into a small ward with only eight beds, and two nurses in attendance 24/7. Glad to report he is okay now, but as they warned him, he’s going to feel so tired for a few weeks.

The gang went out to catch the bus of their choice. Only four of us got on the city-bound vehicle.

I dropped off on Queen Street and went straight down to the Slab Square. Where many Nottingham Pavement Cyclist were flying around.

But none of them close to the pedestrian shoplifters. Sorry, I meant shoppers, of course.

Works were taking place in front of the Council House.

The mood seemed to be one of moroseness and gloominess from the Nottinghamian’s, as they glumly went about their business. (Mugging, pickpocketing, shoplifting, benefit frauding, whatever) Hehe!

I made my way to the Fletcher Gate Poundland store. Where, due to their having many items I usually can’t get, especially in the nibbles department; I ended up spending £14! Tsk!

Walked down the road a little to St Peter’s Square and slipped the Big issue seller a couple of quid, on the way to the shop. This visit to the Food Hall was costly too. They had some triple-fried chips, Potato Rostis that were short-dated and reduced and Sourdough Bread that cost £2 for a 200g loaf! After paying the lady at the till; I remembered that the Morrison Order is coming in the morning, instead of Thursday because of the GUM clinic appointment on Thursday! Huh, what a plonka!

Making my way to the bus stop, I noticed another piece of Nottingham Street-Art.

This ride in the centre of the slab, looked like it was ready to be open to the public.

Buy, the weather did not seem like it would encourage many customers to take advantage of it.

I wonder how much they charge?

Plodded on through the Slab Square en route.

The place was getting very depressing looking now, as the drizzle was very light, but the accompanying bleak darkness not very cheer-making at all.

The lack of Nottinghamians I found disconcerting and unnatural.

As I continued up Queen Street, I saw this poor dog with his leg up. He stayed in this position for around three minutes or two. I thought I’d be too late to capture his image by the time I got the camera out, but no, I had plenty of time.

His owner yanked him away before the animal, who was apparently struggling, could finish. Tsk!

At the apex of Queen and King Street, I observed this super-fit pretend policeman… No, I mean Community Police officer, helping a driver with his nowhere to park problem.

I sensed the alert, wide-awake, intelligent brain and keen enthusiasm of this Officer. Hehe!

I made it to the bus stop, with eight minutes to spare.

Once on the bus, I got out the Crossword Book and had a good bash at the puzzles for the entire journey. Only stopping as we arrived back at the Winwood flats on Chestnut Walk.

I hadn’t noticed, but Cindy and Ethel had got on en route.

As I got off the vehicle, I had few words of greetings with many tenants who were getting on it. Walked along to the flats with Ethel and Cindy, I could hardly keep up with them. We had a little laugh and natter, I alighted on the twelfth floor, bade them farewell, and got to the flat and put the purchases away.

Got the oven heating up, had a wee-wee, did the Health Checks and got on the computer to update this twaddle. It took a long time.

Did a bit of Facebooking.

Got the chips in the oven, and did the last Checks and medication taking.

Nosh served up.

Mackerel in BBQ sauce, triple-cooked chips, tomatoes and sliced apple. With the M&S sourdough bread, which was tasty, but had more holes in it than Gouda cheese.

Washed the pots and watched some TV. Staying awake for two full hour-long programmes! Before nodding off for ten-minutes, waking and nodding off again repeatedly for ages. The mind was in no mood for letting me sleep. I kept waking to find myself pondering or worrying about something different each time.

Inchcock Today – Friday 16th February 2018: Graphicationalisationing. Chiropodist tended to my feet. Prescriptions Collected. Missed the bus. Nice walk through the park, where the worst of the Whoopsiedangleplops started. Local fires. Worra Day!

Graphic wot I dun to make yer fink! Hehe!

Friday 16th February 2018

Friday 16 February 2018

0045hrs: I woke-up shivering and shaking, yet it was not cold at all. Fading fast distant memories of dreaming that was fear-making, convinced me these were the cause of the Shaking Shaun situation.

The shakes stopped as I looked around at the various piles of paperwork lying about all over the room, waiting to be sorted and filed away. I decided this job must be tackled right way. But first, the Porcelain Throne needed attending.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the wet room. Trotsky Terence’s input had increased considerably, enough to cost me a long time cleaning up after the movement. So I decided to take a Dia capsule with the morning medications.

In the kitchen, made a brew, and got the sphygmomanometer, thermometer, hypodermic, creams, lotions, medications, drops etc. out and did the Health Checks.

Taking the Morrison own label anti-Trotsky capsule with the morning medications. Without dropping anything.

Foolishly, I opened the window to take this photographicalisation facing towards the City Centre, hiding over the hills to my left.

A mistake that, I didn’t realise how cold it was out there. It felt freezing to me.

Later I looked on Accuweather:

They had a section with the next eight-hour forecast for Nottingham on it.

While tacking the filing of the paperwork, I realised that the Foot Lady Sue would be calling at 0930hrs to cut the now painfully long toenails. These are the feet, with the scars of endless old and new toe-stubbing escapades! Hehe!

I will humble myself and apologise for my forgetting her last appointment, and crawl unashamedly!

Putting away the medical paperwork, reminded me that I have to collect the prescriptions from the chemist today as well. At least the walk there and back should be less painful, with the nails and corns done? Hehe!     Better wrap-up well before I go!

The innards were beginning to rumble again.

I started this page going up to here, then updated and finished yesterday’s diary.

Went on to Chrome from Firefox, to go in WordPress Reader. Back to Firefox for the comments.

Titivated the front room a bit.

Tried again to do some graphicalisational work, remembering to save regularly this time. Got carried away, and didn’t finish the first one, cause I wanted to make it too detailed. Tsk!

Early ablutions were performed so I will be ready when Foot Lady Sue arrives and not keep her waiting. Then have time to catch (Hopefully) the 1030hrs bus down into Sherwood. Making it a little less far for me to walk.

Sue arrived at 0944hrs and got straight on to do the nails and feet. Made an appointment for her next visit in 11th April. Paid her, gave her an Easter Egg and some DVDs I’d watched or was not interested in, thanked her, and she was off. I got myself ready for the trip to the Chemist.

But, foolishly tried to pick-up some of the errant toenail clippings and lost a lot of time. I thought I might miss the bus, so kerfuffled about in haste.

Got down onto Chestnut Walk and realised I had not got my hearing aids in. Too late to go back and fetch them now. But I could see the folks still waiting for the bus at the other end. Thre was a good few of them, so I assumed the coaches had not arrived yet, so took this photo of the delivery lorry blocking the road.

At the bus stop, I had a few farcical chats with some other tenants. The one between Nora and me… no, Doris, was the best as we had both forgotten to put our hearing-aids in this morning. Hehehe! A lovely lady is Doris.

Dropped off at the bottom of Winchester Hill (Only two stops). Hobbled up Mansfield Road on the opposite side today; A change is as good as rest? Haha!

As I got towards the crest of the hill, I came across those poor devils van parked conveniently, especially for someone on a disabled scooter or a mother with pram and children. But I did feel some commiserations with the man. He was a scaffolder working on some flats in a big house and really had no option but to break the law of the road did the man.

Over the hill and down into Carrington. And this Herbert of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly hit me as his rode towards me, and I had to move, there was no way he was going to! The git! I wondered as I turned to take this photo. I pondered on if he even noticed me! But my mood changed a few hundred yards further down the road.

I was totally amazed at the skills of the two carers, teachers or whoever they were, with this group of young ankle-snappers, as they plodded along so organised.

I’m so glad now, with how this photo came out. Cute is the word.

How do they get the nippers to walk along at the same speed while holding hands? Truly flabberghasted me and gained my admiration they did.

Ten minutes later I was in the Lidl shop. Got some lemon yoghourts, two cheesy cobs, chunky chip, cheese curls and vine tomatoes. Paid at the self-serve checkout without needing assistance once! The smug mode adopted! Mind you Obergruppenfurheress lady supervising we idiot shoppers, and shoplifters kept a keen eye on me, throughout! Hehe!

Out and to the Carrington Pharmacy, to collect the prescriptions. A beautiful young lady greeted me with a smile.

She then returned and pointed out that Deepak, the owner and pharmacist wanted to have a chat with me. The annual chinwag, you know, nothing to bother about. But of course, this delay meant I would miss the bus connection in Sherwood and would have to walk back up through Woodthorpe Grange Park to the flats.

But, I wasn’t feeling too bad, the feet had just been done, and he’s a grand chap, so I went in the consulting room with him and answered his questions. At the end of the consultation, I mentioned about the Protection Pants costing a lot of money, especially now with two sets of bleeding and my sometimes needing three pairs a day. I think he might mention this in his report to the doctor for me, to see if I can get them on prescription. (Thank heavens for help from my mate, Michael.)

I thanked him, gave the staff their Easter egg, and off to the bus stop and caught one into Sherwood.

Nearly fell off the side-saddle seat I had to use on the trip. Hehe! But the upsetting thing was getting off of the bus, checking the time and realising I only had four minutes to get over the road and up the hill to the bus stop in time to catch the L9 bus. I’d taken just a few paces and had to stand there looking at the L9 picking up the other tenants across the road and pulling off, and it was early! Tsk!

But I fretted not. Because the sun was out, there was no rain or winds, and I was in fit enough state to enjoy a slow amble through the park to my home on the hill. No Anne Gyna, Hippy Hilda or Duodenal Donald bothering me either. So I did that.

As I made my way up Mansfield Road, passing the bus stop and the new gym, I turned back to take a photo of Sherwood and noticed some Nottingham Pavement Cyclists actually pushing their bikes on the pavement. I was impressed.

But not for long. Reaching the downward part of the road, the Pavement Cyclists mounted up again. Humph!

Again, I was not perturbed or irritated! Because when I got in the park, I relaxed and became almost serene.

The dogs taking their owners for a walk, the birds in song, even signs of new growth here and there, all boosted my contentment factor. I stood for a great while just looking at nature.

Up to the top of the Pavement Cyclist free path, and right to the beloved, but sparse tree copse.

I observed that the hoist on the block of flats was on my floor, outside the bedroom window. I noticed that some apartments were in the process of having the balconies done, to differing degrees.

I was able to take a photo of the new centre flat’s progress. I was feeling good!

I put the camera back in my pocket, picked up the bags, started to walk on down the gravel hill… this was when I ended up on my haemorrhoid affected bum sat on the path after slipping on the mud! I hope no-one saw this from the flats.

A man and woman appeared from nowhere and assisted me back on my feet and sat me on the park bench. Bless them, they seemed genuinely concerned for my health. Informing me, that I looked terribly pale! A park worker joined us, inquiring if I needed an ambulance summoning. I felt such a fool! I thanked them all and told them I was okay. Which apart from the to me at least, indisputable facts that the haemorrhoids were stinging rotten and bleeding, I really did feel fine. But I thought it best not to mention the piles. Haha!

Made my back to the apartment, put the bags down and went into the wet room. And, oh boy, were them rectal lumps bleeding and hurting! Still, got things cleaned up and medicated in no time. Changed Protection Pants, naturally.

Anticepticated things, and got the purchases sorted and put away.

After a little rearranging was done, there was just enough room in the freezer to get the chips in it. I did wonder why I bought the tomatoes, already having so many in stock like? Huh!

Opened the sack of medications next and got them stored rotationally in the appropriate drawers.

Back to the wet room for a wee-wee. I checked for any new bleeding but was pleased to find none at all. A little pleasantly surprised, as well.

Did the Health Checks and took an extra Codeine 30g, in the hopes of easing the discomfort from the rear end.

1400hrs: Set about updating this and getting the photos sorted.

Got the oven warming ready for the chips to go in.

1610hrs: Got so far as to here. Checked the situation from the rear end. Still stinging, but minimal bleeding.

Kept finding toenail clippings wherever I went in the room. Hehe!

Cleaning up the preparation mess from the meal cooking, I observed some smoke on the far horizon outside.

I fetched the camera and returned to the kitchen.

Opened the window and took these shots of the incident.

I lost a lot of picture quality by zooming in, but nothing, settings etc. I tried could produce any really decent, distinct pictures.

A bit disappointed with my feeble efforts here when I downloaded them. The Lidl chips cooking in the oven needed turning, and did were not browning much at all. The thumb where I burn it the mass of water and fat at the bottom of the cooking tray is okay. Hehe!

Got the nosh sorted and served up. Mackerel in BBQ sauce, onion, sugar-snap peas, sliced Cox’s apple, tomatoes, the chips and two cheesy cobs, buttered sliced tomato and anchovies.

I put some Oriental Fish sauce on the cobs. Very tasty!

I settled in the recliner, the tray of vittles on my knee, and realised I had left the large mug of fresh clementine juice in the kitchen. Tsk!

Back to collect it from the bench. And saw another load smoke in a back garden of one of the houses on Cavendish Vale.

A lot of fires around Sherwood today?

I zoomed in, it looked like a bin fire of some sort to me. Didn’t half give-off some smoke. It soon eased off, mind.

Back to the victuals, and the chips were barely lukewarm by then.

Most annoyed with myself.

I am a photographicalisation addicted fool!

At least this photographicalisation taken to the left came out okay and without any smoke in it.

Got the Health Checks and medications sorted.

It had been a busy and incident ridden day for me this Friday. I fear this might have been the cause of my not being able to get to sleep at all, not even the odd nod-off, for hours and hours. I tried all of the usually successful tricks; Reading, TV and DVD, all with total failure.

The brain assiduously took me to places, ideas, fears, of its own will and choice. It led me into pondering over pneumatophilosophy, aliens, death and dying and forced me into finding faults with the argentocracy and self-serving politicians today. No rest nor sleep for me tonight. Thanks to the discombobulated brains welter of autonomous wanderings! Humph!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 16th January 2018:

Tuesday 16th January 2018

0200hrs: Woke in a terribly confused state of mind. Had dream involving my old cats, Lady and Cyril, so felt a tad low. However, things settled to their usual semi-confused condition as I lay there thinking ‘Blimey, it’s cold this morning’, Brrr! Got to go out to the surgery for the INR Warfarin Blood Test as well.

At least the brain had lost its earlier Boeotian wanderings. The innards were already bubbling and rumbling. The thirst remains with me.

The morning battle to extract my ashamedly plump torso from the £300 second-hand recliner was relatively easy for once. No toe stubbing either. Shunted into to the kitchen.

Made the brew. As the gurgling from within developed, I took the medications and did the Health Checks. All over the place again this morning, up and down, like yesterdays. I must mention this to the nurse later, hopefully, Nurse Nichole.

Off to the Porcelain Throne: a short wait of a few seconds – Spurt – splatter – pebble-dashing of porcelain and rear-quarters, then a painful stomach rumble and a long extended mess leaving kerplunk!  Had a good clean up of me and the wet room, wiped contact points and back into the kitchen.

The tea had gone cold, so I made another.

I thought about opening the window to take a picture but decided against it when I saw the low reading on the thermometer on the window ledge.

Checked the diary for the blood test appointment time, 0920hrs.

Started this post off up to here, then finalised the Monday one, and went on Facebook to add photos to albums. Going a bit slow again today is Facebook. Comments when clicked on are not coming up? Turned off and restarted and it came back on. Made another mug of tea.

A bash on WordPress Reader, next. Then read the comments and responded.

It doesn’t seem to be getting any warmer, and the rain looks like it is settling in for the day again.

Made a page top graphic to use in a later post.

Seems to be getting a bit warmer now. I wonder if the flats are on fire? Took the midday medications and did the Health Checks early as I got up so soon, like.

Had an excellent ablutionalisationing session. Apart from the Little Inchy fungal lesion was bleeding, so I applied some Dakacort cream. Getting low on this again now. Must try to remember to ask for some more on a prescription request form.

I sorted a black bag of rubbish, got the three jars to go to the recycling bin ad tool them out with me. Dropped the bag down the chute, cause it was now 0800hrs, and tool the bottles down with me and deposited them in the bin outside the foyer door. The rain was barely noticeable as I began my hobble along Chestnut Walk.

The sun came out as I got further along the road. And, a few times throughout the day. But it was like politicians promises, no warmth and did nothing to warm up the voters! Hehe!

To the end and right down the Winchester Street Hill. When the wind blew, it had a chill-factor of Warp Nine!

Haha! Brrr!

A piece of Nottingham Street Art at the bottom of the hill. Art Deco style perhaps? Plenty of rice, but I didn’t know if it was of Chinese or Indian origin. Whichever it was, it proved unpopular with the most-likely drunk Nottinghamian purchaser.

Right along Mansfield Road and up the slow incline. I noticed the Continental Shop was open and I decided to walk back from the surgery after the blood test and call in to have a nosey around, Hippy Hilda and Anne Gyna permitting of course.

I pressed on.

0840hrs: The traffic going towards town started to back up.

The rain was very slight still, so the umbrella stayed in the bag with the other flotsam and mystery contents. Along with Nurse Nicoles and the receptionist’s nibbles.

As I neared the top of the hill, one of Nottingham’s infamous Pavement Cyclists shot by me from behind, between me and another pedestrian as she overtook me. Most annoying being made to jump like that, I can tell yer!

He was doing well up the hill, though.  He’d got a good head of steam going too.

Once more I carried on up then down Mansfield Road into Carrington and to the Doctors Surgery. The traffic still queuing and not moving very much. It’s times like this I am glad I had to hand back my driving licence after the ticker operation.

Logged in with the receptionist and got sat down and the crossword book utilised while I waited. The only ailments giving me any bothers were Anne Gyna and the poor feet. But both have been far worse. Doing well up to now.

Nurse Nichole came out to fetch me 20-minutes later. A chinwag and laugh while she took the blood. I told her about the radiator and the cupboard and drawer not opening. Nichole did laugh! She gave me a letter with details of a new system where I must book appointments through an operation on the internet. After I have registered. I gave her the bags of nibbles and departed.

Out and had a hobble back the way I came, made my way to the Continental shop in Sherwood.

Another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came too close to me to my liking. Tsk!

Down the hill and into the store. Where I spent far more than I wanted to or needed to. (Again!) I came out over £8 lighter in the pocket, with a bacon joint £2.83, a big potato 35p, some sliced belly pork £1.49, a packet of biscuits 69p and a small sliced loaf at the ridiculous price of £1.49!

The wind had got up a lot outside when I departed, struggling with the heavy bag.

Up the hill and into the Wilko store. More finances spent. £8.40 this time.

I got some Liquid Soap Flakes, Wilko Fragrance Booster and a bottle of bleach. Paid the lady and off up the hill to the bus stop.

Where more Nottingham Street Art greeted me on the wire seats in the shelter. I must say that it all looked really fresh? A lady there humorously stated; “Maybe they got blew away in the wind while eating” Hehe!

Ray from the flats joined us as the woman was saying how she can’t stand this strong cold wind. I said: “Gerrin’ the corner love, and we’ll shelter you with our bodies”. And she did too! Her bus arrived a few minutes later, and she thanked me, that was nice.

I caught the L9 bus later and had a chinwag with a lady on there. Got off at the apartments and called in the Obergruppenfureresses Hut. I showed Warden Dean a photo of the radiator in the kitchen stopping the drawer and cupboard door opening. She got on the phone and rand builders on site woman. Who said: “He should have been warned that this might happen, I’m sure he was!” They should have been warned to get the job right in the first place, surely!

I told Deana if I had been told I would have removed the stuff from the drawer before they fitted the radiator; and, if you remember, I was not in that day because I had a blood test, and you said you would let them in, and forgot about it! I did not like the building representative woman’s attitude and response at all! I’ll have a word with Mick and Jenny tomorrow, see what they think.

Now in a not so good mood, I returned to the flat. Got the fodder and things put away. Did the midday Health Checks and did the medication imbibing. Made a brew and got on with updating this blog.

This little monkey was spotted outside on noisy Herbert’s balcony. “Who are you looking at, mush” was the verbal message I received. Haha!

The door chime came to life. Two Nottingham City Homes blokes arrived to test the fire alarm. This reminded me that I  had again forgotten to tell Warden Deana about the strobe alarm they kindly fitted for me, was going off when the other warnings were not, always at night when I was asleep. I had to get up and check things to be safe. Open the door to see if I could hear any alarms, look out of the window to check in any fire appliances were on site, etc. repeatedly since it had been installed. I informed the two engineers about this. They took a look at things, and set alarms off a few times and dealt with the NCH control. Eventually, they worked out that Smoke Alarm in the hallway was causing this strobe alarm to activate. I told them I could not hear the beeping noise from the smoke alarm anyway. I was not getting much in the way of sleep between these activations and the noisy Herbert upstairs and could I safely unplug the strobe and pillow shaker alarm without damaging anything? They could not give any advice under instructions (Understandably) and told me to tell the warden.

I’m sorry I mention it now!

Had a go at Facebooking for a while.

Irritable and tired, I got the nosh prepared. Not that it took much effort, nothing hot in it tonight. Polish belly pork and fresh bread sarnies, potato chips, tomatoes, beetroots, sliced apple, chestnuts, and Chinese mushrooms out of a jar. Fresh orange juice and a lemon curd yoghourt to follow. Have to give this one a 9.45/10 rating.

Consumed this with glee, washed the pots and succumbed to the need for slumber as soon as putting on the TV to watch the Law & Order episodes. I missed the programmes entirely as I nodded off into a much-needed sleep.

I bit my tongue in the sleep and woke up with a start. Dabbing the blood with a tissue, wondering what it was I had on the TV screen, and I saw the light flashing on the landline phone. Struggled to get out of the recliner, stubbed my toes on the way to answer the telephone and knocked over the waste bin and scattered Stilton Cheese biscuit crumbs all over the carpet. It was a pleasant lady from the QMC Haematology & Anticoagulation Clinic. The first thing she said was to offer an apology for the late call, they were working with short staff due to absenteeism through illnesses. Or something like that, anyway. The IRN Warfarin level was well over the target at 5-point something. I am not to take any Warfarin tonight. Then 2 a night until the next appointment, at the doctor’s surgery, which I must make ASAP or go to the City Hospital if the doctors cannot fit me in, for next Tuesday. I explained that I had already taken tonights doses. So she said for me to eat none Wednesday night then, and to use great care not to cut myself. (Great, I  thought, and here’s me just bit my tongue and wondering why it was taking some stopping, Hehehe!) Thanked the lady, scribbled notes about this call on the pad; then went and took the Warfarin Tablets out of tomorrow nights pill-pot.

The old brain was active again now and kept meandering about various topics, all purposeless, banal, haphazard, incongruous or trifling.

Proper sleep did not return. All I could manage was a few minutes at a go, and then wake up, a battle for control of the mind, lose the battle and nod-off again, repeatedly! Sad innit? Tsk!

I expect that I have been ostracised by what remains of my sanity. Oh, I should use that on somewhere that takes new quotes or whatever you call them? I might do an ode post about this tomorrow?