Nottingham City Centre – Christmas Day

Nottingham City Centre

Christmas Day



South Sherwood Street – Upper Parliament Street


Clumber Street


Market Street


Long Row West


Victoria Centre (Mall) Lower Parliament Street


Canal Street


Carrington Street


Maid Marion Way


Beastmarket Hill (left)


Upper Parliament Street

Ah, how peaceful!

Inchcock Today Fri 8th July 2016: Big arson fire in Nottingham, forgot to collect the prescriptions, little walk about and Olive did me a massage… Wonderful!

Friday 8th July 2016 – Vendredi 8 Juillet 2016

10d0600hrs: Jumped awake and in a right state physically and mentally. No idea when I’d nodded off last night, but for once I’d turned off the TV. Around me as clung precariously off the £300 second-hand recliner that refused to budge to let me out, but I got there. Hehe!

No eating or drinking today, before the CDH tests.

Update the diary.

Did the ablutions and took the medications with tap water. Getting ready and all set when I spotted a fire about two miles away down in the Basford area.

P1110293 10d

Found out later, that apparently, 16 and 17-year-old yobboes have been arrested for arson and endangering lives. I wonder if they will get a fine to be paid out of their dole money at 50p a week?

The rain was falling, so I put the bag in another bag and placed them in another bag. Made sure I’d got the nurses nibbles and umbrella with me.

10eAs I departed, the rain stopped.

Soon arrived at the surgery for the 0830hrs appointment, another bloke as there waiting for his CDH checks as well, as it was not yet 0830hrs, we had to wait outside for ten minutes.

We were admitted, and the nurse called me in for the tests. During which, I was informed not to take so much sugar, I’m far too heavy, the pasty look on my face is probably due to me taking too much sugar in my foods, I must take urine sample with me again on Tuesday’s INR blood test arrangement and I can only expect the right arm hand and shoulder to get worse and she will make an appointment to have them looked at later. I thanked her, gave her the nibbles and departed!

Walked to the launderette and gave Mandy a laugh telling her about it, and gave her her nibbles.

Then on to the Lidl store. Got two cheesy cobs, sweet and sour sauce and some sweeties to top up the nibble store supplies.

Then did a little Whoopsiedangleplop as I tried to get on a bus back to Sherwood, and the driver threw me off for being too early. I did feel a fool! Hehe!

So I walked it back instead, being, as the feet and knees weren’t feeling too bad at all. (They were by the time I got back. Huh!)

The walk went okay until I got into Sherwood, then the plates started giving some gip. I got into Woodthorpe Grange Park, not many dog walkers around, or even Pavement Cyclists either.

P1110295The rain held off, and I took a photographicalisation of under the chestnut trees near to the pitch and putt course.

I thought it came out alright?

I might try to add a figure of yours truly and a TFZ gal to it later for a bit of fun if yer know worra mean like.

P1110297The legs and feet were well aching by the time I got down the gravel hill path and back to the flat. Wee-weeing being the most necessary activity when I got in.

The fire was still going!

I made my first cuppa of the day (No nibbling, honestly!) Then sent a copy of the fire I took to the Nottingham Post for them to use if they wanted to.

Laptop on and updated this twaddle.

Must try to get some Facebooking caught up with, and then get to see how Olive is getting on.

Realised another Whoopsiedangleplop had taken place – I forgot about collecting the prescriptions from the chemist earlier! And there I was next door at the launderette! Sad innit?

Got some Facebooking done.

Then got another demand in the post from British Gas fro the electricity bill I got on June 4th – which Deana had phoned about and after a long time talking, told me not to pay it and we got advice that the account was closed on 8th June.

P1110298Popped in to see the excellent Olive she was watching Wimbledon on her good sized TV. I bet she can read the subtitles on this one. Hehe!

She looked at the letter, then sorted my pains by rubbing in the pain gel to areas I could not reach myself, for me.

Bless her cotton socks.

I departed and went to the Community Hut seeking help. Julie P1110300was in not Deana. She called up British Gas and spent ages getting nowhere with then. They asked for the meter number, so I was sent back to the flat with a key opener to get in the box outside the apartment to find it.

I took a photo of the number on the meter. Returned to the Community Hut with it, and Julie again phoned them. This time, they told us that there were two meters in the box – which there wasn’t! Also, that one meter is on economy 10 and the other one on the standard rate?

I asked if they were lying last month or now? They had told us not to pay the bill then???

P1110109Then they rang off while Julie was waiting again listening to the music!

Julie shot off home, telling me she would ring them again on Monday – oh dear!

Back to the flat again, had some more wee-wee efforts. Updated diary once again to here, and got the fodder on the go. Roast peppers, parsnips and carrots, chicken thighs, tomatoes, beetroot, potato hashes and the cheesy cobs.

P1110301A quick bit of Facebooking while it all cooked, well, the hashes and vegetables anyway.

Not bad at all, 8.9/10.

The nodding off soon started after I’d settled to watch a James Bond DVD movie.

Eventually, after perhaps dozens of nod-offs and rewinds, I gave up and put the TV on. The same thing happened again, and I gave up again and got the book out to read… nodded off at last!

Inchcock flicks through the Nottingham Post Newspaper… To Cheer himself up perhaps?


On my way into town this morning, Sister Jane rang me and told me there was an article in the Nottingham Post about my GP surgery. So I thought I’d P1070179get one as I arrived in town, and have a flick through it like.

The seventies return with violence from football fans?

Disappointing news. And the paper had gotten a bit soggy in the persistent rain we were having this morning. Huh!

P1070178Next page was no less depressing mind.

“Man, 21, Stabbed in his car outside off-licence” was the headline.

More violence occurring in Nottingham yet again seems like every day now.

I hadn’t cheered myself up yet.

P1070180Then “Carer used pensioner’s card to withdraw cash”!

30-year-old Carer woman robs  Clifton 84-year-old lady of £2,200.

Joan Lynch, the victim, was an Alzheimer sufferer and was hounded to get the pin number by her Carer. She has since passed away.


A bus station bombs hoax threat.

65-year-old Widower David Dean suffers burglar breaking into his home and taking amongst other things, his recently departed wife’s wedding ring.

This quick flick through the newspaper is getting me down just a bit now.

P1070183Next up: “2,600 properties hit by a power cut.”

This affected properties in seven postcode areas.

On e poor chap had been working on his laptop for over four hours, and the black-out cost him everything he had been working on. Poor man!

P1070184A serial burglar got in through a window that had been left open.

He blamed his own drug use as the cause of this burglary, and the previous 38 he had been prosecuted for. His counsel pleaded for leniency now he was on a methadone drug reduction plan.

They didn’t mention how long he got.


Now it got interesting on the Comments Page. M Dybala sent a letter in about Nottingham Pavement Cyclists.

As you might know, a subject close to me heart.

I just had to send them an email in support of the letter.

And I did. Whether it will get printed I don’t know of course, but here it is:

I would like to support M Dybala’s comments in yesterday’s Nottingham Post about the Pavement Cyclists so rampant in Nottingham.

I wrote to the Police about the problem and got an email back from a PCO. He explained that if the roads are busy they can understand these antisocial cyclists using the pavement. If the roads are not busy, he assured me they will pull up the offenders and have a word.

I have since photographed many of these offenders, one or two with a police car or person nearby, who did nothing of course.

The problem is, they do not appreciate the difficulties this causes to the elderly, infirm, deaf and visually impaired pedestrians (I, unfortunately, qualify for all these descriptions) when they fly past and on more than one occasion I have been ‘caught’ by them. This causes bruising due to my being on Warfarin. They regularly weave at speed through and around people, and I have to admit to being a little nervous when in town particularly.

I think this should be looked into and the problems appreciated more.

Thank You.

I added a few photographicalisation of them that I’d took.


It seems the surgery has been awarded an Outstanding rating in Care Quality!

My Doctor, Lona Vindla, is wearing a turquoise jumper, and on her left as you look at the photo, is another one I love to bits, the nurse who looks after my Warfarin blood tests and they are both lovely with it.

Now this did cheer me up!

Inchcock Today: Amazing Nottingham Post Headline! – Sat 21st Mar 15

Saturday 21st March 2015

Woke in agony from the torn muscle – very disappointed with that, I thought it was improving too. Huh!

I suppose I must have sneezed or turned badly in me slumber?

IMG_0045No passings – on the porcelain yet despite two attempts, not passed for a day and a half up to now.

I went down and made a cup of tea then took me medications.

Popped out and took a photo of the sky in front of the hovel – very gloomy – just like me at the moment! Hehe!

Started this diary and then did me ablutions and applied me creams lotions and pain gel.

Not feeling too good, but decided to risk a little walk into town only, where I can get back sharpish in the event of any dizzies or worse.

The arthritis, haemorrhoids and ulcer all seem calmish, the angina and pulled muscle were competing to see which could give me the most discomfort.

REgMDid a bit of graphicationalisationing for the TFZ on Facebook.

Not one of me best efforts I’m afraid.

0701sherGot myself titivated and prettified (What a challenge that was!).

Assembled the bits for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop and set off on me walk to Sherwood.

The sky still looking a tad sad as I hobbled over the hill towards Sherwood – and noticed that there were few folk about for a Saturday.

702artA bit further on I came across some Nottingham Street Art in the form of a musical instrument box laid open (presumably it held a Clarinet or whichever instrument it held before being stolen and dumped).

Artfully displayed between a lamppost and a telegraph pole, laying open as a plea for humanity to be kinder to musical instruments and for the crooked elements of society to stop nicking stuff?

Hobbled on to the Charity shop and left me bits for them and then I caught the bus into town.

0703cityI wandered up through Trinity Square and took this photographicalisation of the row with food retailers with outside ‘have a fag chairs’ on their frontages – it was gone 1100hrs but many of them had not yet put out their chairs and seats – mind you, with so few more-money-than-sense Nottinghomians about, I couldn’t fault them.

I caught me reflection in a window of a shop (Scary that I can tell yers!).

I looked old, welmish and disabled. Having said 0703acitythat I am old, welmish and disabled and wondered why it should have shocked me so. Hey-ho!

I was looking for a window with ‘Bling’ on display to take a photo of it for the TFZ gals when I wondered down Trinity Walk and as I was zooming in on the ‘Bling’ a lady appeared.

I considered momentarily popping in and asking how much they wanted for her… not really!

0704cityI wandered down into the slab square where I intended to catch the tram to Bulwell to see if Fultons Foods had acquired any of me blackcurrant ice-cream lollies for me to purchase.

The Nottingham Post newspaper stall I just had to take a photograph of:

Murders, rapes, muggings, burglaries, unemployment, car crimes, benefit cheats etc were the things I expected to see as the headlines. What was the top and first headlines? “4 Free Toilet Rolls with your Nottingham Post!”

Made me think that did!

0705cityThe slab square fountains for the kids had attracted one 20ish year old chap who couldn’t resist paddling through it fully clothed.

The market stalls were open again but few people were attending. Not surprising really, they were not offering anything different or any better value then anywhere else, dearer if anything – but the Nottingham Council has to raise money from somewhere for the benefits to be paid yer know.

I hobbled to the tram stop at the rear of this fountain photograph.

0708tramArthur Itis and the haemorrhoids were being kind to me at this point.

Anne Gyna and the pulled muscle were making their presence known though Huh!

I remembered to swipe me free pensioners bus pass card at the station before getting on the tram.

Not many folk on it today, I had a look around and noticed that of the eight passengers on board, two were not on mobile phones… and one of them was me!

The tram soon filled up with noisy Nottinghamian’s.

When it arrived in Bulwell I nearly got caught in the rush of folk to get off urgently. No idea why, but they all disappeared rapidly once they did get off?

Surreal it were… hypnagogic!

0709BulI walked to and through the Bulwell Market – such a sad sight nowadays.

First port of call was Fultons Foods in search and hopes of getting some blackcurrant ice-cream lollies – no such luck. Tsk!

They did however have some ‘Hunters sausages’ at the ridiculously low price of 89p for a pack of 4 ready cooked ones. So I got myself a pack, and it was in-date too.

There were so many mobility scooters about it scared me a tad. I rested a while and watched them on and around the market – it’s amazing how they all managed to avoid hitting any one.

I made my way to the bus station and caught a bus back to Carrington.

0710busEn-route the sun did its best to break through the gloomy clouds and I took a picture of it through the bus window.

Beginning to get bother from the rear end now – but I think the Angina was easing – so swings and roundabouts yer know?

Dropped off the bus on Hucknall Road and limped down to the hovel, feeding the pigeons en-route like.

WC’d – Success on the movement department! Hurrah!

0711eatI made up me meal, Hunters Sausages, two baked potatoes, beetroot and garden peas… oh and a bit of pork pie with the crust removed – not the jelly of course I loved that. Hehehe!

Watched a DVD while I consumed me nosh…

Then fell asleep.

Woke just in time to take me evening medications.

Had a drink out of the flask (Tea!) and downloaded photographs and resized them and did this diary.

I phoned sister Jane to ascertain her and Pete’s health, and it was not too good for either of them, but they are still leading a good social life and that’s good for them. Not wanting to risk mixing our ailments it is frustrating not being able to see them.

Posted the diary then did some Facebooking.

TTFN all.

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Take care each…