Inchcock Today – Monday 23rd December 2019: Judicious self-recrimination rampant!

1 Dec 23

2019 ttDec 23

Monday 23rd December 2019

Hungarian: 2019 December 23, Hétfő

01Dec 23

22:30hrs: I stirred, I involuntarily passed wind. Then sneezed, which seemed to move things along in the innards, and found myself suddenly in need of the Porcelain Throne!

With growing urgency, I fumbled to get my onerously overweight oxen-like, but wobbly torso from the recliner. Caught my balance, grabbed the stick, and limped precariously to the wet room.

WDP 11eLwd 60.25.0 2 But oh, dear! I didn’t make it in time! Red-Faced, I went into an SSE (Shamefaced-Sheepish-Embarrassed) Mode! I don’t want to dwell on this, just think squashed-black-beans, escaped before I could get seated. Once down on the plastic, I noticed a couple of the ‘black beans’ on the floor! Toes curled, winces, were winced, and fingers pinched at the shame of it! The evacuation began, and stalled part-way again! I had to apply painful pressure, helped by a few muttered exclamations like argh, eek, Ooohoho!, args, and Glory-Be! The shame of it! I initially blamed my taking the Compound Macrogol Oral Powder Sachet last evening. But I don’t know.

After things started moving again, the relief was blessed! The system coped well with the flushing. Then I got on with the cleaning and medicating. I was almost so worn-out afterwards, I felt like going back and getting my head-down again! Humph!

1Mon 01I shuffled to the kitchen and put the kettle on. As I got the medications out, I decided falteringly about taking Marogol anymore, but not with any conviction.

wd 60.25.0 2 I took a morning, zoomed-in picture of the roads and light on view. When I got around to uploading this, I realised what a mess I’m made of it. Not the part of the picture I intended to take at all, blurry, horrible effort too. Huh! What a start to the day! I’m now scared to, incapable and getting dangerous in using the Porcelain Throne. Found out I am a useless Herbert at photography. I have just spotted that I missed taking the evening medications! My confidence is now at a low ebb, I’m enfeebled, reticent and despondent. And I’ve only been up for less than two hours or so. Grumble-Sodit-Blast!

wd 60.25.0 2 I made the tea, took the medications with me to take later, at the computer, and made a start on updating the Sunday blog. Then, before I’d made a start, the wee-weeing belatedly started! I think I may have worn out the carpet and walking stick rubber end today, taking so many four-step treks to and from the GPWWB (Grey-Plastic-Wee-Wee-Bucket)! Haha! Every one of them of the torrential then faltering BTTTFA (Blasting-out-Then-Tricklling-For-Ages) mode!

I pressed on getting the updating done. (In between Wee-weeing and making cups of tea, I have a hellish thirst on me today?) I hope this eases, so I can get out. Finalised the blog and sent it off. Then I went on the WordPress Reader. Facebooking on the TFZers next.

1Mon02I turned all off, then I tended to the ablutions. And an excellent, limited dropsies session it was, too! As I can recall, only the toothbrush and a few razor dropsies suffered! Swank-Mode-Adopted!

The pins (legs) were looking much betterer, and the fluid retention had gone down a lot, too. Double-Smug-Mode-Adopted!

Oh, by the way, there was no toe-stubbing either!

WDP 003lwd 60.25.0 2 But, I totally forgot about the Haematology Nurse Christina coming today. When I got home from town later and saw her note put through the door, I felt so disgusted with myself, you wouldn’t believe it! Crabs and Grobblecraps! I seethed with frustration, self-hatred and the most infuriating disgruntlement! So much so, that Duodenal Donald kicked off giving me a lot of deserved discomfort! Spit!

I  got all warmly dressed. Checked the flat for anything missed, not done, or done that shouldn’t have been, taps (faucets), lights, oven, heaters etc. and got the three-wheeler walker guide, and off I trundled. I took the black bags to the waste chute on the way out.

1Mon03Down in the lift, and along the link passage into Winwood Court. (It’s lovely and warm in there). I called in the ILC (Independent Living Coordinator) Warden’s Holding Cell, and Interrogation office handed out some nibbles. As I was leaving, Mary (Jean), was coming through on her way to the bus stop. So I asked her if I could take a snap of her. I did, next to the seasonal tree in the lobby, getting a charming smile for my efforts. We walked through the Social room and link passage out of Winchester Court and to the bus stop.

1Mon05aI handed out the nibbles and had a laugh and exchange of insults and put-downs with the folks in the shelter. It was much needed, this bit of socialisationing, cheered me up. It might have bored the others, though. Hehe! Mary, Cyndy, Chrissie, Mabel and the others, seemed to be happier this morning. I got the nibbles issued. As I saw the others (Angela and Roy, Brain and Joan) who had been waiting in the Winchester Court lobby, coming out, I took these photographs. I was walking about and in circles, cause I could feel Arthur Itis stiffening and had the sit on the bus Side-saddle seat to tackle.

The buses arrived, Jean was going to Arnold, but I got on the City-bound L9 and firmly ensconced in the corner side-saddle seat. Got the crossword book out, and was amazed at how many of the unfinished puzzle clues I got en route! So many of the answers I really should have understood earlier, or the first time around. The ride was not relaxing though, this new three-wheeler walker has terrible breaks, (Whoops! Brakes!) and I had to give up the crosswording, to concentrate on stopping the walker from running away or tipping over when the bus went around a corner or up or downhill. And there are a lot of steep hills on the route.

1Mon22We arrived at the Queen Street terminus. I got off last, and stood for a moment, and noticed the mess all around, and continued to take pictures of the Nottingham Street Art, throughout my visit to the City Centre. Which only lasted for about an hour, before I caught the bus home.

1Mon06I made a separate post with all the ‘Art’ photographs later.

At at least it wasn’t raining. I hobbled down the street into the slab square, where I took a selection of pictures on my way to the Poundland Shop, on Wheeler Gate.

1Mon07By gum, it was a lot busier in Nottingham’s Slab Square.

The Galloping Horses even had some visitors today.

1Mon09aThe abience seemed far lighter too.

I could not get onto the Slab area, but I managed to take this long-distance, zoomed-in shot of the skaters on the rink.

I went into the Poundland store, it was hectic, as was expected this time of year of course. I came out with a lot of purchases. The helpful lady was on duty, and despite it being so busy, she put the things through for me. Bless her cotton socks. I moved into a quiet corner, and arranged the bag and carrier, to make them easier to carry with the walker-guide. A lot of stuff, too! Shaving foam, Dettol plain and lavender, four packets of Toffifees (Well, it’s a treat for myself for Christmas! Hehe!), a Pork Farms pork pie for Christmas morning breakfast! ( I don’t know why, but as an ankle-snapper, when it was just me and Dad at home, we had tris every Christmas, well, it saved him cooking, Haha!), Wholemeal sliced buns, Ferrero Roche for a treat for a 2Tue01tenant, Cheeselets, ready-made egg sarnie, Cashew and almond nuts, Body spray, Cooked chicken slices, and a tiny little can of ‘King in Million eau de toilette spray for men!’ I don’t know why I got this? Hehe! I do really, I thought it might be handy to keep in the trolley bag, just in case any embarrassing leaks occur which they are guaranteed to.

I got things sorted and poddled out and along South Parade to the Exchange Walk. I took these shots down towards St Peter’s Church. The flowers smelt nice, and the shoplifters… I mean, shoppers looked a bit happier than of late.


1Mon12I walked down and had a looked in a stationery shop for magnifying glasses. But the prices put me off!

So, out again and up into the Slab Square. Where the Horses ride had at least six people on it, a record methinks?

1Mon13As I crossed over Long Row on my way to Queen Street, I spotted this Highway Maintenance van parked on the Slab Square? This puzzled me a tad, but then again, I am easily confused and incongruously baffled nowadays. It comes with ageing I suppose, senility and mental confusion.

WDP 10R02Lwd 60.25.0 2 Throughout the visit to town, there were so many Pavement Cyclists, I didn’t bother picturing, but the sight of three of them on Long Row, side by side, pedestrians scattering, made me snap them quickly, and I passed a comment, something like ‘Gits!’ as they went by me. But I was not heard or ignored. Perhaps just as well, they were big lads. Haha! But, most annoyingly and angering, the photo seems to have dissipated into the ether from the SD card? Grrr!

At the bottom of King/Queen Street, the Ice Mountain ride was doing brisk business. I couldn’t help but stop and watch the kids enjoying themselves.



I p[lodded up to the L9 bus stop. Ray (I think) from the same floor as I live in, in Woodthorpe Court was sat waiting for the bus when I arrived. I greeted him with “Afternoon mate, at least it’s not raining!” For which I received a look of amazement, and ignored, or not heard. He looked tired though, hope he’s alright. He’s also a kipper on bus journeys as I have witnessed before, and on our way back he nodded off a few times. I couldn’t join him in slumber today, the Stirling Moss fan driver, kept me alert and fighting to stay in my side-saddle seat and hang onto the three-wheeler. Haha!

AS the bus pulled up, I checked to see if Roy was awake or not, he was just coming back to life in time for the stop. (We have a lot in common!) I hastened to the flat with Mary, who had got on the bus, said our farewells in the lift. I fumbled with the door lock, and just made it to the WC in time for the start of a pathetical, INHBT (I-needn’t-have-bothered-trickling) wee-wee, that took yonks and probably amounted to a few fluid ounces.

2Tue02aWDP10L02wd 60.25.0 2  Then, I washed and came out, went to get the things from the bag and trolley. And found Christina note! My whole mind was concentrated on my feeblemindedness and stupidity! Everything else seemed to pale, other than my hunger.

1Mon14I got the sourdough baguette in the oven and made up a plate with beetroot and the ready-made egg sarnie. Cut up some tomatoes and got them on the bread. Got the sourdough out, and added the ready-cooked crispy smoke bacon as an overgenerous but well-tasty filler. Got a mini-bottle of orange juice, and ate the lot! Flavour rated at 7/10.

At least there was not much washing up to do. I was doing this when the doorbells chimed out. It was Josie, returning the cutlery and plate from her meal. On being asked, she said she enjoyed the nosh.

Back to the washing up. I then stripped off and put the jammies on, did the handwashing, only a shirt and pair of socks. Got them done, wrung and hung to dry.

Got some nuts to nibble and another mini-bottle of orange juice, and settled in the second-hand, £300, c1968 recliner. The one that xyrophobia-suffering Brother-in-Law Pete damaged, while he was flat-sitting when I was in the Stroke Ward. And he fitted new CCTC cameras, he erected a drone-landing platform outside and searched for my valuables, which he found and stole. But I did get some back. Less what he thought was a reasonable amount for his petrol and bother in visiting me in hospital and running me about from the care home back to the flats. Oh, and old coins that I had kept in order of dates, half-crowns, florins etc. They are now in the Cash Converters Pawn Shop on Parliament Street, so he says that I can repurchase them if I hurry.

Well, I was so tired now. I decided to get down and watch some Black Adder on DVD. I got through episodes one and two alright, but the drooping eyes started, so I turned off the set, pulled the woolly hat over my eyes and settled to nod off.

I was awoken, I do not know what by, but I had a feeling it was a noise. I lay pondering on whether I should get up to investigate, and the rattling noise, short and sharp came. I assume this is why I woke in the first place. So, I had to get out of the recliner and hobble around checking that it was nothing in the flat that had fallen over or collapsed.

WDP 003cwd 60.25.0 2 I performed a perfectly executed painful electric-shock-like toe-stubbing against the cupboard corner in the kitchen! Argh! But found nothing of any concern over the noise, whatever it was. So, I put the kettle on and took a Codeine 30g. The poor old middle toe again!

1Mon14aWhile the tea was brewing, I took this pretty snap of the evening view. Drank the tea, and then ruminated over things, mostly about how absolutely negligent and gormless I’d been over forgetting about the gorgeous, most appealing, highly attractive, Nurse Christina coming to the flat to take my blood.

I hate myself!

Inchcock Sun 18th Dec 2018: Another lonely chinwagless weekend. Weevils still visiting. Humph! Ah-Well…



Sunday 18th December 2018

Zulu: NgeSonto 18 ngoNovemba 2018

WD146.0.0 0015hrs: Woke with a cracking headache over the left eye. On the plus side, I didn’t go through my usual unpleasant expergefactory process of self-discriminatory, nit-picking and fault finding of my day’s actions, decisions, worthlessnesses, and fears. I just lay there trying to work out why I was feeling so glumpse and nefastous with myself, almost self-hating, for the few psychotomimetic, awkward moments that lingered pesteringly.

I was saved from this mental dysphoria, by the summoning from the innards, for me to attend and utilise the Porcelain Throne.

I extracted my outsize, paunchy elephantine stomached torso from the £300 second-hand recliner with no bother or hassle whatsoever. (My EQ told me this would not last for 7Sun07along!) Off to the wet room.

WD146.0.0 As I was seated doing my duty, I scanned the floor of the room and spotted about seven of the Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles.

Completed the evacuation, and gathered up the ‘all dead’ carcasses of the weevils. Put them in a paper towel, and said a few words over them as I wrapped them up, sprayed them with disinfectant and deposited them in the waste 7Sun07bin. Hehehe! They all seemed to be adults, which was worrying because the last week they have mostly been young ones?

In the spare room, I discovered more Weevils than of flat. EIBWBBB’s were scattered all around. Tsk!

Washed up, and off to the kitchen to get the Health Checks done.


7Sun10The Sys, Dia, and Pulse had all come down nicely.

Off for an SSWW.

This headache continues to grind on. Humph!

Made a brew (the last one went cold) and made a start on finalising the Saturday Diary. Got it posted off, and began to make this one up.

Went on Facebooking, a lot to catch up on this morning, with my not doing any yesterday due to the early arrival of Fatigue Francis.

I decided to take an extra painkiller, the aching head is getting worse I think. Ah-well!

Spend a good few hours on TFZer Facebooking, WordPress Reading, Comments etc. By the time I had got caught up with yesterday’s blog updating and posting, the headache had eased off.

Did some graphic titivating on CorelDraw for later.

7Sun24I tended to the ablutionisationing as soon as it was 0800hrs, and I could use the shower without disturbing my neighbours too early with the noise. Had a refreshing session, didn’t cut myself shaving. (Although, I managed to cut my gums with the toothbrush, Klutz!)

The view outside was decidedly different on the left to the right?

7Sun25Seeing my beloved Tree Copse looking so thinned out and sadly damaged more by yobboes cutting paths through from top to bottom, made me feel so depressed.

I decided to get out a bit for a bit of exercise and fresh air.

Thought I’d call at the Co-op to get some more apples to replace the Lidl Cox’s that had all got mouldy centres. I’d thrown them away.

Took two black bags to the waste chute. Paid a rather messy visit to the Porcelain Throne, cleaned up again. I gathered the bag, hearing aids inserted in the lug-holes, the correct 7Sun20glasses put on, put the gloves on, ensured I took the recycling jars and bag with me, made sure I had some money in my pocket, and set on my little hobble around the block, so’s to put it. See the tiny route map below left.

Down in the elevator, out of the lobby and to the recycling and glass bin.


I added my empty gherkin and vinegar bottle to the Thatchers Vintage Cyder, Peroni, wines, Champagne, Gin, Whiskey, Absynthe, Jack Daniels, Spirytus Rektyfikowany, Balkan, Zubrowka Bison, Huangiju, Kirsch, Cognac, Rum, Tequila, Lager, Freya Birch Spirit 40% Whisky Exchange, Black Cow pure milk Vodka 40%, Harrowgate Rum 40%, and Sangria bottles in the bin. I even found a bottle of a new one me; Brewmeister’s Armageddon beer (which has an incredible 65% abv according to the label)! I looked this beer up later and got this report: A Scottish brewery has created the world’s strongest beer — but a pint of Armageddon will cost drinkers a mind-blowing £80! Still, no good me being jealous. Hehehe!

7Sun27Over the road and off up the gravel hill path to the Woodthorpe Grange Park. Hippy Hilda and Arthur Itis being no bother whatsoever! Off course, Anne Gyna didn’t like the going uphill.

WD146.0.0 At the top, I took this sad photo of the once beautiful thick tree copse. Looking rather threadbare and frayed now. Heartbreaking, for a nemophilist like me!
Waking down the path to the Mansfield Road gate, and doing a bit of nephelococcygia (the act of finding shapes in clouds), daydreaming, and 7Sun28watching the dogs taking their owners for a game of ball – I was suddenly feeling so contented, comfortable and warm. Despite the sunshine producing no heat.

WD146.0.0 It had to happen, a rabid 6’6″ young Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist, shot speedily by me while I was standing still watching the clouds (Well, one has to have a hobby. Hahaha!) And the git belted by me so close, it made me jump a little. Oy Vey, the Nudnik!

7Sun29 No longer in my contented frame of mind, thanks to the Herbert on the bike, I plodded on out of the park and up and over the hill into Sherwood.

I called in the Charity shop to see if I could find a John Q or The Negotiator DVDs. No luck.

Out and down to the Wilko store and had a look around. I came out with kitchen rolls, some nibbles for the Social box and a bottle of washing-up liquid.

Paid the lady, and out into the oh so cold sunshine. Up the road and into the Co-op store. Leaving there with some fresh tomatoes, oven chips, marshmallows and Cox’s apples, hopefully, these will not have rotten cores like the Lidl ones did.

7Sun31Down the hill, and left starting off up the dreaded Anne Gyna prompting Winchester Street Hill.

I did notice an unusual shape in one of the bigger clouds, just out of interest, can you also see it? Think eagle

Anne Gyna soon started to complain as I walked up the incline.

When I got up to Cavendish Vale, I turned into the road to take this view of all three components of Winwood Heights. Woodthorpe Court on the left, the new Extra Care block and Sturmscharführeress Warden’s Offices in the centre, and Winchester Court on the right.


Note the old Volkswagon car? ‘K’ registrations, that would be a 1971 VW Fastback Mark 3 with the 1.6H engine, I think.


I moved on up the hill again and came across these flowers/plant sticking above the fencing further up. I’ven o idea what they are, but they do look just like the ‘Special White Radishes’ I got from Sainsbury’s last week? Apparently, they are not them, but they did remind me of those radishes. More pointless waffle, Sorry!

7Sun34bAs far as I could tell, up near the garages on Winchester Street, the Mystery Workers Boots and little bin had both vanished! Being replaced with the larger, somewhat rusty container. Nottinghamian Street Art at its finest! Hehe!

The short way up to the top of the hill, and left into Chestnut Walk.


I took the opportunity to picture the scene in front of me. The barren and abandoned looking, lonely, unpopulated view of my beloved Winwood Heights.

In the complex, I didn’t see a soul all day again. Gawd, I hate Chinwagless Weekends! 

Got in the flat and Fatigue Francis dawned, earlier than ever on me. Did the Health Checks.

7Sun38Prepped the fodder and got it served up.

A few of the chips I’d bought, the gherkins, tomatoes, fried dried onions, Cox’s apple and a buttered pork sarnie. Followed by a pot of lemon mousse.

I ate it all up, wished I’d done more chips, though. A well deserved Flavour Rating of 9.3/10 was given!

I’m afraid the blues joined in with the weariness and all I did then (Apart from having many SWWWs, medications and the last Health Check in between getting up to check repeatedly that I had not left any taps on). (I’m going bonkers here you know!) Was to watch a DVD film, Seagal’s ‘Glimmer Man’. But after many nod-offs and rewinds, I gave up. Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Mon 10 September 2018: New Artillery acquired to battle the Evil Ironclad boll weevil biting beetles!


Monday 10th September 2018

Nepali: सोमबार दिसमबर 2018

0200hrs: Woke after only getting three hours kip, unwontedly, feeling in decent nick and half-aware of what was happening. I had a little hassle in removing my plenitudinously proportioned torso from the £300 second-hand shuddering recliner, but no Accifauxpas suffered.

The ailments were uncommonly quiet.

Off to the kitchen and got the Health Checks done for this morning. Then on the computer to update the record log for last week on Excel.


Plenty of short-sharp-stinging wee-wees, but no call to the Porcelain Throne, yet.

Made a brew, and a start on this log then went to finish off yesterday’s Inchcock Today.

W2.2.56 Thought I’d have another mug of tea, I let the first one go cold. As I rose out of the computer chair, the coxalgia gave me a few twinges.

Got the Sunday post finalised and posted off to WordPress, then made a start on this blog.

Visited the Porcelain Throne.

W2.2.56 Three pages of the book read, and I was interrupted by an onslaught of EBWIBBB’s, (Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting Beetles). The attacking force came from I know not where, but most of them ended up being showered down the wet room drain or trod on! After this attack, I didn’t see a single one again in the shower room?

Had a long medicationalising and clean-up, teggies, shave, showered. No need for rushing this morning. I made sure every somandric crevice was given a deep cleansing, then medicated certain quarters requirant of it. Hehe!

Had to go sparingly with the dwindling supply of Daktacort/Miconazole nitrate antifungal cream. Must remember to ask the Doctor for some more at tomorrows blood-test session.

Then I got the waste bags sorted out. With the entry point at the chute now made so small, I have to put so much less rubbish in each pack, or I  can’t get it into the chute. With the old opening, I could have used two bags. But this morning I had to make up 1Mon01aaseven much smaller sacks of them. Also, I took a large white bag of recyclable gear down with me on the way out. Just thought I’d mention it. Haha!

I had grubble about to make sure I’d got everything needed, and not left anything on I shouldn’t have.

W2.2.56 This time the ornery dang EBWIBBB’s had invaded the kitchen! Tsk!

That was it! I decided to get some weapons and or bullets to use in my losing battle with the varmints! Whatever the cost. I decided to call at the main Wilko shop in town in search of something that might be effective in ridding my flat of the ruthless little raiders!

This is War!

No one in the foyer, so I hobbled out and took the white bag to the caretaker door. I actually met him today, and of course, he was on his mobile phone. I don’t know why I bothered saying that? You can take it that he is always on his Mobile Phone. If he is not doing anything physical.

1Mon01bI bade him a good morning but was ignored.

At least I didn’t get the hand up, indicating: “I’m not to be bothered, I’m on the mobile,” this time.

I met a Willmott-Dixon chap who did answer my ‘Good Morning.’

I got to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Generalleutnantess Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationalistic Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents porta-cabin.

Obersturmbannführeress Warden Deana and Generalleutnantess Warden Julie were in, along with a few tenants. A jolly enjoyable nattering session took place.

I travelled on the L9 along with Penny, and further laughs were had.

I got into the Wilko store and spent rather a lot of dosh. Buying Fragrance Boost, Spectacle cleaners, and wipes. Liquid Soapflakes and bleach. I perused the fly killer shelves but found nothing for weevils or beetles. I did get two sprays. One an expensive fly spray and one an even more costly flea spray. I paid the lady at the tills and went to the Poundland shop next door.

1Mon02I spent again. Jelly babies, Steak slices and food storage containers.

I walked down Clumber Street East to the end.

Where I found this piece of Nottinghamian Street Art, on the new benches. It doesn’t show in the photograph, but steam appeared to be coming out of the £4 carton of coffee?

1Mon04Then I turned to face back towards Clumber Street. 

Boy oh boy, did the residents of this fair shoplifter ridden Olde City look depressed or what?

I almost felt like giving them a song and dance in an effort to cheer them up a tad! Hehehe!

1Mon05I took another more zoomed-in picture.

My mind wandered off when I noticed the peoples vague yet concerned expressions.

  • Are they worried about Brexit?
  • Having their Benefits capped?
  • The Crime Rates?
  • The NHS?
  • Immigration?

1Mon08W2.2.56 My mind was snapped out the pit of pondering it was swimming in, when a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist passed me swiftly, a little too close for my liking.

I called into ‘The Works’ shop and had a look around at the crossword books and Non-fiction they had on sale.

I departed after finding nothing of interest to my mind (Not unusual this!).

1Mon06I went on the gloomy looking Slab Square and watched some winos and youngsters having an argy-bargy.

I moved towards Queen Street, to catch a bus back to the flats.

As I turned up the hill, Hippy Hilda gave me some stick. Incomprehensibly, seconds later 1Mon07there was no pain?

I’ll mention this on my next visit to the clinic. (Inchcock says full of confidence in his memory. Tsk!)

Up to the top of the street and caught a number 40 bus, dropping off on Winchester Hill, and limping back to the flats.

1Mon07aI got across the road in a gap in the traffic coming up the hill around the bend.

Hobbled down to the complex, without seeing anyone at all. Man, Woman, worker or employees.

However, when I got into the foyer of Woodthorpe Court. Mo. May and another lady were sat there. I offered them a choice from the 1Mon07bnibble bag, and we had a laugh and natter.

Up the lift to the flat.

Not your everyday trip in the elevator either. Haha!

W2.2.56 As I got in the cage, and the lights, all bar one, were not working. The lamp seemed to be throwing out a red tinge?

Someone had left a stack or pile of what looked like wooden shelving in the corner of the lift?

I took the picture with the flash on?

Up to the flat, where the first wee-wee was taken. Many more followed that I will not record.

Did the Health Checks and I took the medications.

Started putting away the things I’d bought. I did have a spray under one of the weevils more favourite cabinets, with the flea and fly spray.

Made a brew and got on with updating this post. Spent about two hours on doing the update.

I popped down to Penny’s flat to take her the sausages I said I would.

W2.2.56 But she was not in.

1Mon07cCame back and noticed some Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting Beetles just a few inches away from the sprayed-underneath cabinet.

I found they were all dead?

Blimey! Had the new sprays worked that quickly?

I hoped so.

Back to updating this blog.

W2.2.56 Back down to see Jenny, but she was not in again.

Back and got the chips in the oven.

On with the updating again.

Once again I went down to Jenny’s flat with the venison and caramelised onion sausages. It’ll have to be the last try for today, I was feeling tired and weary now.

W2.2.56 No answer. But this time I posted the meat through Penny’s letterbox. It is frozen.

1Mon20Got my nosh ready.

Two massive Pork Knuckle sarnies, pickled cucumber, chips and dried fried onions. Followed with three soft pastry lemon cream squares.

Gluttonesque Grub!

Medications were taken with the meal, then I did the last Health Checks.

I risibly persisted in trying to watch the TV. (The A-Team; three back-to-back episodes) I reckon I saw a total of around ten-minutes worth! But, foolishly I kept waking and trying to watch bits here and there. Klutz!

Inchcock Today – Friday 20th April 2018: Busy Whoopsiedangleplop Day!

Friday 20th April 2018

Lao: ວັນສຸກທີ່ 20 ເມສາ 2018

0335hrs: I woke up, initially full of apanthropinisation, a reversal of the brain’s general confusion, worrying and fearing everything whatever came into it. As a rule, I’d lay there fretting about whatever and searching for something to puzzle over, speculate about, weigh up or be scared of. Often resulting in dysania. But not this morning. At least not for long, the inner panic and sense of failure would soon return. Not yet though, for I unceremoniously arose, with the stomach grumbling away and Duodenal Donald giving me gip and found myself in the kitchen doing the Health Checks with no memory of my getting there.

5Fri001WDP001A As I was putting the kettle on, I caught my frightful reflection in the window. The face had the Spotty-Muldoon blotches again, like yesterday morning, although not so aggressively this time?

I wondered if it might be the tiny insects nibbling at me, as they flood into the flat through the holes and cracks in the walls that had not been plastered yet? Or was it something to do with nerves? Either way, the panicky, fearful-of-life mode returned, and anything to fret over came into my poor tortured brain again. The visitation from the apanthropinisation had ended. I enjoyed those few minutes of freedom from concerns.

5Fri001bBack to my regular ‘Getting worked up, get in a fluster, get overwrought, be on tenterhooks’ modus operandi and philosophyHumph!

Off for a wee-wee.

WDP001A Then, when I went to attach the sphygmomanometer, I found the Nurse Ann donated blood-taking scar on the arm, had turned into a right looking mess. Next time  I see her, this will be my fault of course. I made a brew and did the Health Checks.


5Fri002The sys was up a tad, the pulse gone down a bit, but the calefaction remains somewhat high, but physically I felt alright in myself. I’d best not mention the mental aspects of how I feel. Hehe!

Off for a wee-wee.

Got the computer going, it started alright today. Sorted the photographs to use. Started off this diary.

Then went to finalise the Thursday post. Got it sent off. Did some WordPress Reading, then a few comments to reply to and make.

Changed all the things from the heavy coat to the sleeveless multi-pocketed one. I expect to get sarcastic comments about still wearing such a lot of clothing mind.

5Fri005Got the ablutionalisationing and medicationalisationing tended to. Surprise, no bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold at all, and only the tiniest bit from the lesion. Hurray and yippee!

Set off on my mission to get some Liquid Paraffin, for the plates-of-meat and picker-upper. Out through the maze and along Chestnut Walk to the cabin to await the bus.

I took this rather picturesque shot of the flats with the new build in the centre. Coming 5Fri005aon in leaps and bounds now, the Extra Care block is.

Warm out there. But I have to wear long sleeves and keep a hat on in the sunshine. Else the skin cancer gets worse, and it affects the Warfarin level a lot.

Got in the hut, and it was soon filled with tenants. I had a smile, laugh and chattering session or two, with the others.

5Fri006WDP001A I did, ask expected, receive a sarcastic, “Ain’t yo warm in all that bloody gear?” I calmly pointed out that the skin cancer affects me badly in this weather, I have to keep the sun off of myself – Why does this bother you then?” He wasn’t bothered and just said “Oh!” sneered at me giving the up & down stare and left. I departed to join the smoker-residents outside when the bus arrived. I had a go at the crossword book, and did reasonably well on it, en route.

I got off and poddled to the Wilko store and had a look around for some Liquid Paraffin (At least I think that is the name of it.) I came out worse off financially, but no paraffin available. It appears the yar going to stop selling their own label softener and granules. Shame! I love the scent of these products. However, I thought the sign said they had reduced them down £1 a pot, so I got three while I could. I also purchased a packet of sweet almonds, citrus aerosol sprays and some small Milky Bars for the nibble-box.

5Fri007Paid the lady on the till and went out to search for the paraffin and picker-upper.

The Nottinghamians were out in force today. Presumably to get the sunshine while it lasts.

The beggars, street musician, Big Issue sellers and even a few of the imitation Police Officers were spotted. With their hands in their pockets or chatting away with members of the opposite sex mostly! Hehe!

I noticed amongst the shopper, many of the old folk were dressed like I was.

5Fri009Then I called in the Poundland Store, to see if they had any of the things I was looking for. Of course, they had not, but I did come out having spent a bit there too. They had some large bottles of the Zoflora Citrus disinfectant at £2. Which is cheaper than those at Morrisons (£2.69) and Asda (£2.59). So I bought one. And another two citrus air sprays, 2 for a quid.

I made my way towards the slab square.

5Fri008Calling in three different shops in search of a new picker-upper to replace the broken one I fell on having my last nasty dizzy spell last week.

I had no luck at all. I’ll have to get to see Penny and ask her when she is going to Derby, I’d like to go with her. Then I can have the pleasure of her company and have a look in the disabled shop in the Eagle shopping mall for the picker-upper.

5Fri010I cut through Climber Street into the slab square.

The corner where a gang of mock-musicians usually locate themselves in a closed down shop doorway, a young man was playing the keyboard. (Well, I think that’s what it’s called anyway). As I approached, I spotted several mugs of takeaway coffee behind one of his speakers and thought, well, at least he can’t be doing too bad then. On my turning the corner, there were three other blokes. One with an upturned Industrial Cleaner tub. And two more toying with… well, I don’t know it was. But they had more speakers, and I think what a bass-booster, attached to the instruments. They were sharing what to me, looked like a suspiciously long and thick roll-up. Haha!

Eventually, I got to the City Centre Square. And, I took a few photographs of the Nottingham students, unemployed, shop-lifters, alcoholics, potential muggers, two-imitation police officers, takeaway food delivery pavement cyclists, the stink from the eight coffee shops in sight, TWOC convicted metal thieves, addicts. Going bankrupt shop staff having a fag and selling products from the shop to the students (Cheaply, mind), and pick-pockets enjoying the sunshine. (Hehe, only joking… I think!)


Up Queen Street to the bus stop. Some more Nottingham Street Art on the bench.

The L9 arrived, and I got on along with one other bloke. At the first stop along, where regularly, I would expect several of the flats tenants to get on the bus, there was only one gal, Norma I think.

We couldn’t have a gossip, cause she at far away on the side-saddle seats with her deadly four-wheeled shopping trolley. Hehe.

We got off at the flats and had a jolly-good chinwag and laugh as we made our way back to the beautiful uncladded, filthy windowed, draughty, holes-in-the-walls, noisy, messy, in-a-right-state, full of agitated people, Woodthorpe Court apartments.

Norma got out of the lift on the 4th floor, said our farewells, and I got to my little assaulted by Willmott-Dixon attackers, dwelling.

WDP001A When I got in the flat, took a wee-wee, got the kettle on and realised I’d forgotten to put the crock-pot on when I left. So, the potatoes will not be ready for hours!  Huh!

WDP001A Then I checked the receipt for the things I’d bought. The Wilko one showed £15.80 spent! The fragrance granules were £2.50 each, not £1 as I had thought. What a Shlimazel! And, the bottom item showed up as being for: Wilko Functional Food 30p – not the foggiest idea what that was?

The banging, then drilling, then back to grinding and banging noises welcomed me home. But thankfully not for too long. No idea where they were emanating from, except they were coming from somewhere above. The hot weather for the Willmott-Dixon lads must be about as welcome as it is to me. The poor souls will out in the blazing sunshine sweating pints when they have to work outside up on the hoists. They must be busier than ever with the new build as well.

Got updating this diary. Took me four hours to get up to here. I’m getting tired again, the concentration was not high now.

I went to do the Health Checks and checked on the potatoes. The spuds were done, so I put some grated cheese on the potato cakes and got them in the oven.

Set the timer and went back to turn off the computer. The view with the bird poo on the glass, is not bothering me as much tonight?

The alarm reminded me, and off I went to get the meal sorted. These victuals went down nicely indeed. A worthy 8.4/10 rating. The bland taste of the Morrisons Extra Mature cheddar was a disappointment, though.

I got the pots washed and had a wee-wee. Did a bit of medicating here and there.

Last Health checks were belatedly done. Medications were taken.

5Fri014Got another mug of fresh orange juice and took this photo of the skyline through the kitchen window. I don’t understand why, but the Clint Eastwood film, ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ came to mind.

Off for yet another wee-wee. I must remember to mention this to the quack, Dr Vindla.

It seemed to be getting warmer in the flat, and I rolled up the jammie bottoms and got down settled to watch some TV.

5Fri016 I noticed that the legs had started to go wonky again. One bigger (More retained water) than the other.

WDP001A After taking this shot of my limbs, as I was returning the camera to the Ottoman, it slipped, and I had to grab it quickly to prevent it falling and getting damaged. In doing so, I knocked over the mug of orange juice, the tray with the pen and notepad and the tube of Phorpain gel… and the camera still fell to the floor along with the other things! Fool! I got things cleaned and sorted-out, it took me a long while to get done. Mainly, because of the struggle to get back up from the floor each time that I bent down! Hehe!

After what seems a day or two, I finished the pottering and got down again to watch the ‘Hustle’ episode on the TV. Just in time to see the closing credits rolling. Humph!

Some Street Art Found by Inchcock on his hobbles around Nottingham

Some Nottingham Street Art

Found by Inchcock on his hobbles around Nottingham

A sign on a Queen Street bin, thanking Nottinghamians, but that depends,

If the smokers are able to understand and apprehends,

That dropping rubbish often offends,

How can they miss the bin with their nub-ends?

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Nowhere is safe from rubbish, it’s found in every nook and cranny,

Dropped by old, young, Mother, Father and Granny,

They should be fined heavily, by a dewanny,

To encourage them to stop this villany!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

This above, in Sherwood the photograph was took.

I put this one on Facebook,

Cause, and I might have been mistook,

Someone might be in shtook,

The clothes are newer than mine, new they did look!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

The bus driver, using his Vape some more,

To me, it smelt like mandarin and camphor,

But it didn’t hide the nub-ends beyond, that’s for sure,

More mini street art, what an eyesore!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Winchester Street, 0700hrs, early in the day,

A takeaway that had gotten thrown away,

Chinese or Indian, I cannot say,

Smelt nice, but I resisted and walked away!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

On the way to the hospital, to receive some medication,

Noticed someone had vandalised this installation,

Whatever caused their aberration?

Undoubtedly a most dangerous adaptation,

I quickly moved on away without further cogitation!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Walking through the toddlers play park,

Seeing this, put me in a mood that was dark,

More spewed up takeaway, it looked like curry and quark,

More drunken louts perhaps, what a lark.

Seems to be becoming Nottingham’s trademark!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊


Along with these heart-rendering young folk,

Two mobile phones on the top left bloke,

Sorting the genuine ones out is no joke!

The City’s unused door & alleyways are getting chockablock,

One cheating one went up before the beak,

He was making more in a day, than my pension for the week,

Puts one off helping, so suffer the genuinely poor and weak,

So many of them have a Machiavellian streak!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Again, on the City Centre’s Queen Street,

More discarded food, possibly chips and kebab meat,

For this fodder, even the pigeons did not compete,

And a rubbish bin nearby, only ten-feet!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

These unclean rubbish deposits on the street, risking poliomyelitis,

Getting bitten by the rats, colitis and conjunctivitis,

Diahorrea, hepatitis, gastritis and chorioamnionitis,

Not to mention laryngotracheobronchitis,

Or getting mugged and hit over the head and getting tinnitus!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Nearly as sad perhaps, is the artwork in the wood,

At night, a scary part of my neighbourhood,

Young itinerants lurking, all claiming to misunderstood,

I never go there at night, I never would!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Please do not feel that Nottingham has little else to offer you wonderful money bringing tourists on your visit to our Great City!

Nottingham Castle, expert muggers, very crafty pickpockets of varying ages, Shoplifters of such skills, 90% of them are never caught, drunken students, gun-wielding ten-year-olds, antisocial elements can be enjoyed 24 hours a day, Pavement Cyclist to knock into you so you can sue them for their Social Security or Dole money, Robin Hoods, Multicultural criminal Fraternities abound, giving you a chance to chinwag with your mugger, robber, assaultist, beggar, pickpocket or knife wielding youth in your own language. Very few policemen left to catch you being naughty and various social disease clinics!

Yes, Nottingham has all these entertainments and more, awaiting your Vist!

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Inchcock Today: Wednesday 24th March 2015

Wednesday 25th March 2015

Dreamt of struggling to get to work, repeatedly I think.

On a motorbike in the snow… Then at work in a factory larger than a village I kept getting lost trying to find where I needed to go… Then on a massive old bus, all the other prospective workers milling around trying to get the attention of the manager was in answer to questions and fill in a form? Later I was in a factory and lost again trying to find the loading bay (that seemed to consist of bits of places I’ve known over the years) but I couldn’t find it?

Took me medications and started this diary off.

Did some graphics for the TFZ site on Coreldraw9 that didn’t crash.

Decided that after the Iceland delivery I’d have a poddle into town and try and get some shots from the top deck of the 141 bus – knowing my luck it’ll be a single decker and destroy me plans. Hehe!

My old mate Trevor got in touch this morning – but I was feeling a bit low, but it was marvellous to hear from him.

A good scrub-up spit and polish was done.


Bright sky at the bus-stop this morning – cheery that!

I got myself ready and put the reserve laptop on to await the arrival of the fodder, which came around noon.

I made sure I’d got me free pensioners bus-pass with me and I went and caught a bus to town and got to the bus station in plenty of time.

The 141 bus was late – not that it mattered to me like.

But it was a single decker so that scuppered me plans for taking photographs of me journey from the upper deck like.


Bestwood Village

Thinking about it, I’d have struggled to get up and down the stairs anyway, so maybe not a bad thing.

When we arrived at Bestwood Village nine passengers alighted and one elderly lady got on the bus.

We drove on through Hucknall and Linby.

I think every village we went through used to have a colliery of it’s own or shared  one with the next village in days gone by.



There are still signs of them today – Bestwood Miners Community Centre is still there – but of course no miners left.

Linby still has some roadside memorabilia.

So sad, but the industry went from exploited workers to exploited NCB in the end.


The Farm

We moved on to Papplewick and I took a photo of one of the farms near the bus stop there.

Not easy taking a decent photo cause of the reflections from the windows. Many I took were unusable – Tsk!



We moved into the rather more affluent village of Papplewick next.

The sky changed while we were there, and I thought we were going to get a downpour – but nothing matured.



Then into the even more affluent place by the name of Ravenshead.

Private schools, 4×4’s in the houses drive-ways etc.

And no signs of the old (or new) miners housing that there is in other places on this route.


Blidworth Village

Further on an we came to the colliery of colliers Blidworth – this pit (No longer in operation of course) won many awards over the years and in the first world war a team from this colliery was sent to dig under the German lines and plant massive bombs, so my old neighbour told me some years ago.

All yuppies and upper crusts nowadays.

Then on to Rainworth.

Where the Rufford Colliery was opened in 1911, and closed in 1993.


Rainworth – Like so many of these villages en-route has a rich history

In 1975 killer Donald Neilson (the Black Panther) was caught by police officers helped by locals at the chip shop on Southwell Road East in the village.
Rainworth has a five turbine wind farm called Lindhurst Wind Farm which was built in 2010.

I tried to photograph them, but the old bus shaking and it not stopping near them curtailed me plans as the photos came out rather blurred and you couldn’t recognise anything on them. Huh!


Mansfield Bus Station

We arrived at Mansfield bus-station and I poddled down towards the market so as to have a look at the second-hand book stall if it was open.

As I walked down the narrow jitty people were running up the narrow jitty – I overheard one of the folk say to another: “Somebody’ll get killed…”.

I turned back up the jitty and to the bus station as I heard the police vehicles sirens.

Took me midday medications Better late than never).

I caught a Pronto bus back (Single decker, they all are on that route) and sat camera in hand in readiness for anything interesting coming into view on the way back.


Inchcock having an unplanned kip on the bus! Tsk!

As we drove though the Papplewick turn off I lost it – I woke up a mile or so further on.

I assume that is when I took this photograph without realising it…

Gawd knows how I did it, but it’s certainly different innit?

I wonder if I should enter it in some competition somewhere?

No… okay.

310RavenAt the Ravenshead turn-off I tried to take a photo of an old American car, no idea what it was, long low, massive wings at the back and coloured pink and white or cream, with white-wall tyres!

But I was too slow and it had gone before I could get me camera going. Tsk!

311RedhillAnother failed photograph here – the missing fox?

He or she was there when I got me camera out but I can’t see any fox in this photographicalisation at all… can you? No, I thought not, shame.

On into Nottingham with me fighting to stay awake now, Anne Gyna getting restless and being on the bus so long started me haemorrhoids off again, for which I am still suffering. Hey-ho!

312CarrOn the way back from the bus-stop, I came across a piece of Nottingham Street Art with a difference – no idea what it was at all, or why the artist had created it. Hehe!

On the pavement at the base of a telegraph pole it lay there awaiting praise or criticism

Back in the hovel, I was tired but hungry.

INR level results came through the post -1.7, down again. They booked me in for next Monday for testing.

313PitMade some herbed microwave potatoes (Must get some more of these from Aldi, they’re super!) and a beef slice, followed by a pot of ice-cream and a cuppa.

Took me medications.

Started this diary, then did some Facebooking.

Faded fast and gave in to the heavy eyelids…

Mon 23 March 2015 – Inchcock Today: Marathn walk – Hospital- bus rides… there’s no stopping the old codger!

Monday 23rd March 2015


Woke at 1205hrs – realised I’d not taken last nights medications dose – missing the Warfarin was bad, especially as my level is so low at the moment – Tsk!

It dawned that I’d not done yesterdays diary and set about correcting that – I’d fell asleep early last night and stayed asleep for hours. Feeling a tad confused now. Got INR tests at the hospital today, had yesterday’s diary to finish off first, then started this diary and I do not want to miss me League of Gentlemen posts again, mind racing.

Took me 4 hours but I got the post finished and posted.

01M04Made a cuppa to celebrate and took me medications.

Also had a bag of vinegar biscuits and me last banana – have to go to Morrison’s after the hospital today and do another Marmite search.

Got a good wash and polished me head and the things ready for the hospital and set off on me 0101marathon walk to the QMC.

The sky was not bad this morning and a tad brighter as I set-off on me marathon hobble to the Queens Medical Centre at 0715hrs – but as you’ll see in the photographicalisations wot I tooketh – the sky only got darker as the day went drew on.

0105Near the Mansfield Road college, I came across some Nottingham Street Art in the form of a giant Pizza I think box.

It had greasy stains on the box and some remnants of the fodder that had been within and some bits of discarded food decoratively scattered around.

Possibly the cause of the regurgitated food found a few hundred yards later…? It still gave off an aroma from the box – you now, like stewed rat that had gone off!

0102Down to Hucknall Road, onto Mansfield Road and along to the junction with Gregory Boulevard then right and then left down the Boulevard.

A pile of something or other regurgitated, had been left decoratively on the pavement near the school presumably last nights or even this mornings for the Nottingham Citizens to talk and walk over.

Unfortunately the photo I took of it didn’t come out well.

0102It looked to me like the pile was still bubbling and steaming?

I wondered if whoever had passed it was in good health this morning?

Passing the tram station for the Forest recreation ground and onward to the end of the Boulevard and over the traffic lights and up Radford Boulevard, where I espied blue lights a-0103flashing in the distance, and the traffic was well backed up.

So, instead of taking me usual route and turning right onto Hartley Road and going that way, I carried on so I could have a nosey at what the commotion was all about like.

Being a concerned citizen.

Whatever it was it was causing a backlog of traffic, cause usually around this time of the 0108morning traffic ain’t this bad.

Someone was having their pride and joy removed by the Nottingham Parking Team, and three police officers and two CPO’s were in attendance as well – mind you, knowing the area that might have been a wise move for the protection of those attending and removing the car.

It was getting a little darker now as I turned right down Norwood Road then left down Forster Street.

To the end of the street and then right down the hill on Bramcote Street to join St Peters Street and then left onto Ilkeston Road and crossed over the lights.

My first encounter with a pavement cyclist took place on my way to Triumph Road – and it was a close one, the git came from behind so no chance of my hearing or seeing the little toe-rag before he made me jump as he sped passed me – he carried on belting it and was too quick for me get me camera out. I did call out to him… I said something like “Excuse me you naughty boy, you made me jump!”… Well not exactly those words of course. Not that it mattered he couldn’t hear me from that distance with the traffic that was now getting heavier by the minute trundling by.

I was irked I can tell you… irked I was!

0109Plodded on and over the bridge and left down Triumph Road where the many many new college buildings are located.

By the time I’d gotten a few hundred – another git on a bike came at me from the front this time so I whipped out me Canon turned called out questioning his parentage and took a photo.

Now not only was I irked but feeling ratty too! – Thus, when a Porsche type shaped car turned onto a drive into one of the college building without even slowing down as I walked across the entrance – I followed the car into the car park and had a little word with the driver – About 26, 6’2″ and fit looking he were, but me gander was up now and fear d0110idn’t raise its head:

“Well done ###t!” I says.

“What” (In a posh voice) he replies.

“You didn’t even see me did you?”

A look of contempt came over his face and he ignored me completely and started to walk towards the units entrance, with a sneer for me now too!

“I called “Oi, ##ck breath, I’m talking to you… I’ve got a copy of the Highway code in me bag yer can ‘ave…”

He’d gone and I fumed silently for a few moments – then realised I’d attracted the attention of the many students on there way to the college, and two securty men arrived and spoketh to me.

One of them said they’d been sent out by the git in the sports car to remove me from the premises?

Anyway, they were all right about it and I got the feeling they did not like the git particularly. we moved back onto the road pavement and had a little natter and laugh – the things they told me about him, not his name like but his attitude to them and others. Also that he was being made redundant and it was his last day in the job in the IT department – I actually felt a bit guilty and sorry for him then.

01120111But it still cheered up a bit and I carried on to the end of Triumph Road, turned right there and hobbled to the hospital entrance where I was taking me usual photo of the frontage when the third pavement cyclist flew passed me! Tsk and Tut!

0915hrs I arrived. So that means it took me a bit longer than usual to get there on me walk – thinking about it though, an hour and ten minutes wasn’t too bad considering the hassle I’d had en route?

There were a few patients waiting so I got a free copy of the Metro newspaper, me queue ticket and patiently awaited me number to be called.

The nurses were in a good mood and appreciated the nibbles I gave them, in fact they all tried to get the bag of off of me first – so as to get first pick methinks? Hehe!

By the time I was finished and out, the time for me using me free bus-pass was gone, so I caught a bus into town.

0115As the bus was getting into the City Centre I espied a chap walking up Goosegate playing his guitar and singing. I took a photo of him trough the bus window – that’s why its a bit shaky I think.

The bus eventually got the 800yrds from that spot onto Upper Parliament Street and the City Centre terminus. They are doing some roadworks of some kind with barriers all over the place and this is causing pandemonium with the buses, as normally there would be room for two buses to park at each stop – now there is hardly enough 0116room for one to park.

I caught another bus out to Morrison’s at Gamston.

Primarily to see if they had any Marmite biscuits in stock.

The trip out took about 25 minutes, more than enough time for me to fall asleep despite the bus being rather full. Huh!

Luckily I awoke before we arrived at the 0113superstore – amazed at how I managed to stay in the seat during me trip into slumber?

It was getting darker still now as I approached the entrance to Morrison’s.

I had a wander around, found some Marmite crisps that were £1.40 for a pack of 6 bags – niggling that, yesterday I got some from Tesco and cost £1.90! Shackleramblast!

I got some bread thins cause they were cheaper 0114than Tesco as well by 25p, a pack of cheese and pickle mini pork pies and a bag of wonderfully full flavoured Thompson’s Punjana tea bags.

A blend of Indian and Nigerian tea that is almost perfect – and they were on offer at £1.59 instead of £2.25.

But they didn’t have any Marmite biscuits. Huh!

0117I got the bus back into Nottingham City Centre, all praise and bless me free bus-pass.

I dropped off the bus and went up the walk-over into the Victoria Centre and took a photo of the bus mayhem on Upper Parliament Street… and the Nottinghomians crossing the lights against them again.

I walked through Vic Centre and down to the ground level taking a photo of the ‘Boost’ fresh fruit drink stall from above again – still no actual 0118customer when I took the photograph, but I’m sure that if I live long enough, one day when I go through they will have a customer to serve I can take a photograph of – that is if they do not go bankrupt first like.

I meandered into the HMV shop to see if they had any new editions Law and Order UK in yet, but they had not. Just as well really the amount of spending I’m doing – Huh!

Walked to the end passed Tesco and out near where they are demolishing the BBC building. Today they had giant machines 0119with claw-like grabbers tearing down the concrete floors of the old building – I thought when I pass on the bus I could get a better photo of them and I remembered when I eventually got the bus too, as well and besides!

On my way to catch the bus back to Carrington, I took a photo of some ‘Bling’ from a jewellery store window shop in Kings Walk of Trinity Square.

I’ve no idea what the gemstones were in these rings, but they looked gorgeous to me.

bling1Just so you know, the prices were very high, I think each ring or piece cost thousands of pounds.

Green? would that be jade then or not?

I dropped off the bus in Carrington and the walk-through from the Co-op was free of any lurking yobboes this afternoon I’m glad to say.

Fatima and Fred brought the family down to get some extra rations as I walked into me road.

Feeling weary now, but not too bad considering the walking I’ve managed to get in today.

Laptop on, made a flask of tea and got on with finishing this diary.

I hope to stay awake long enough to take me evening medications tonight and me beef pasty slice and frankfurter.

I can feel the eyelids drooping again now – so I’ll finish here and get me nosh and medications taken.

TTFN all, hope to see you ll tomorrow. (Well yer never know! Hehe!)

Inchcock Today: Amazing Nottingham Post Headline! – Sat 21st Mar 15

Saturday 21st March 2015

Woke in agony from the torn muscle – very disappointed with that, I thought it was improving too. Huh!

I suppose I must have sneezed or turned badly in me slumber?

IMG_0045No passings – on the porcelain yet despite two attempts, not passed for a day and a half up to now.

I went down and made a cup of tea then took me medications.

Popped out and took a photo of the sky in front of the hovel – very gloomy – just like me at the moment! Hehe!

Started this diary and then did me ablutions and applied me creams lotions and pain gel.

Not feeling too good, but decided to risk a little walk into town only, where I can get back sharpish in the event of any dizzies or worse.

The arthritis, haemorrhoids and ulcer all seem calmish, the angina and pulled muscle were competing to see which could give me the most discomfort.

REgMDid a bit of graphicationalisationing for the TFZ on Facebook.

Not one of me best efforts I’m afraid.

0701sherGot myself titivated and prettified (What a challenge that was!).

Assembled the bits for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop and set off on me walk to Sherwood.

The sky still looking a tad sad as I hobbled over the hill towards Sherwood – and noticed that there were few folk about for a Saturday.

702artA bit further on I came across some Nottingham Street Art in the form of a musical instrument box laid open (presumably it held a Clarinet or whichever instrument it held before being stolen and dumped).

Artfully displayed between a lamppost and a telegraph pole, laying open as a plea for humanity to be kinder to musical instruments and for the crooked elements of society to stop nicking stuff?

Hobbled on to the Charity shop and left me bits for them and then I caught the bus into town.

0703cityI wandered up through Trinity Square and took this photographicalisation of the row with food retailers with outside ‘have a fag chairs’ on their frontages – it was gone 1100hrs but many of them had not yet put out their chairs and seats – mind you, with so few more-money-than-sense Nottinghomians about, I couldn’t fault them.

I caught me reflection in a window of a shop (Scary that I can tell yers!).

I looked old, welmish and disabled. Having said 0703acitythat I am old, welmish and disabled and wondered why it should have shocked me so. Hey-ho!

I was looking for a window with ‘Bling’ on display to take a photo of it for the TFZ gals when I wondered down Trinity Walk and as I was zooming in on the ‘Bling’ a lady appeared.

I considered momentarily popping in and asking how much they wanted for her… not really!

0704cityI wandered down into the slab square where I intended to catch the tram to Bulwell to see if Fultons Foods had acquired any of me blackcurrant ice-cream lollies for me to purchase.

The Nottingham Post newspaper stall I just had to take a photograph of:

Murders, rapes, muggings, burglaries, unemployment, car crimes, benefit cheats etc were the things I expected to see as the headlines. What was the top and first headlines? “4 Free Toilet Rolls with your Nottingham Post!”

Made me think that did!

0705cityThe slab square fountains for the kids had attracted one 20ish year old chap who couldn’t resist paddling through it fully clothed.

The market stalls were open again but few people were attending. Not surprising really, they were not offering anything different or any better value then anywhere else, dearer if anything – but the Nottingham Council has to raise money from somewhere for the benefits to be paid yer know.

I hobbled to the tram stop at the rear of this fountain photograph.

0708tramArthur Itis and the haemorrhoids were being kind to me at this point.

Anne Gyna and the pulled muscle were making their presence known though Huh!

I remembered to swipe me free pensioners bus pass card at the station before getting on the tram.

Not many folk on it today, I had a look around and noticed that of the eight passengers on board, two were not on mobile phones… and one of them was me!

The tram soon filled up with noisy Nottinghamian’s.

When it arrived in Bulwell I nearly got caught in the rush of folk to get off urgently. No idea why, but they all disappeared rapidly once they did get off?

Surreal it were… hypnagogic!

0709BulI walked to and through the Bulwell Market – such a sad sight nowadays.

First port of call was Fultons Foods in search and hopes of getting some blackcurrant ice-cream lollies – no such luck. Tsk!

They did however have some ‘Hunters sausages’ at the ridiculously low price of 89p for a pack of 4 ready cooked ones. So I got myself a pack, and it was in-date too.

There were so many mobility scooters about it scared me a tad. I rested a while and watched them on and around the market – it’s amazing how they all managed to avoid hitting any one.

I made my way to the bus station and caught a bus back to Carrington.

0710busEn-route the sun did its best to break through the gloomy clouds and I took a picture of it through the bus window.

Beginning to get bother from the rear end now – but I think the Angina was easing – so swings and roundabouts yer know?

Dropped off the bus on Hucknall Road and limped down to the hovel, feeding the pigeons en-route like.

WC’d – Success on the movement department! Hurrah!

0711eatI made up me meal, Hunters Sausages, two baked potatoes, beetroot and garden peas… oh and a bit of pork pie with the crust removed – not the jelly of course I loved that. Hehehe!

Watched a DVD while I consumed me nosh…

Then fell asleep.

Woke just in time to take me evening medications.

Had a drink out of the flask (Tea!) and downloaded photographs and resized them and did this diary.

I phoned sister Jane to ascertain her and Pete’s health, and it was not too good for either of them, but they are still leading a good social life and that’s good for them. Not wanting to risk mixing our ailments it is frustrating not being able to see them.

Posted the diary then did some Facebooking.

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today: Odd night last night – Friday 6/3/2015

Friday 6th March 2015

A lousy night last night – didn’t nod of until around 0400hrs then kept waking up every few minutes. Remember looking at time at 0630hrs then drifted off – the mobile rang it was Sister Jane – apparently I’d called her a few minutes before?

We had a natter, she’s feeling better so that’s good.

Drifted off again and didn’t wake up until about 1130hrs.

Got myself beautified took me midday medications (Far too late for me morning ones).

Seems me innards are on the turn again, this time into not wanting to evacuate – spent yonks on the porcelain to no avail – the message from me innards told me I needed to go, but nothing happened.

The pulled muscle seems no worse today so things improving there, Anne Gyna not bad at all, ulcer perfick, Arthur Itis okayish, haemorrhoids no bleeding but stinging a tad and reflux valve sticking a bit again.

Received INR results and dosages, 2.6 so going in the right direction now.


Fred and Fatima this morning

Got the stuff sorted and nibbles into a carrier bag for the Nottingham Hospice charity shop.

Set off, feeding Fred and Fatima on the way out of the house.

Very windy again, but not cold with it at all.

Noticed hoodies lurking in ST Johns churchyard up to no good I’ll be bound.


Nottingham Street Art – one

Bit of Nottingham Street Art on the corner of Church Drive.

No many folk around for a Friday.

Up the hill passing the cordoned off by police St Johns church community centre that was burgled last night – I considered taking a photo of it, but the comminatory look the police officer gave me ensured that I forgot the idea in  a flash.


To Sherwood along Mansfield Road

Up onto Mansfield road and down the hill into Sherwood.

The sky was bright, the people few, and down to use the local library loo!


Facing back towards Carrington from outside the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop

Unfortunately it was closed due to vandalism and I had to suffer. Then up to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop where I gave them me bits and their nibbles.

I called at the Continental food shop and got a loaf of bread and two slices of their mixed seasoned belly pork.

Fri05Arthur Itis started to play up a bit and as I left the shop I was concerned about finding a loo rather urgently.

I noticed that there were three disability scooters were outside the pub today.

Notice I was keeping on the other side of the road to avoid the possibility of the drunken scooter drivers running into me in the event of their staggering out well sloshed like.

Fri06Onwards up the hill and on the corner of Mapperley Street more new Nottingham street Art in the form of a rather pathetically unskilled bit of graffiti spray painted on the wall that the Restaurant owner had re-plastered and painted a month or so ago.

I do dislike this so called Street Art and the antisocial apprentice yobs and nerks that do it.

Fri07Up the hill and a walk through the side streets coming across this sign that had been torn down a lamp post and had a bracket broken off it – and some writing (Presumably thought witty back the perpetrator/author) had been added in marker pen at the bottom of the sign.

But I could not make out what it was supposed to say.

More Nottingham Street Art?

Hastened me pace and got back to the dump in time to get to the porcelain – success this time.

Made a cuppa, made some sandwiches of the belly pork and got a mini pork pie with pickle out of the fridge.

Started the laptop and watched a DVD while eating me nosh.

Life of Riley or what eh?

Doing me header for this Diary Coreldraw didn’t play-up freeze or give me any bother at all?

Then when I restarted it to do some stuff for the TFZ page it froze repeatedly?

Int life confusing?

Actually slept for hours too – at last!

Inchcock Today: Saturday 17th January 2015

Oh dear… woke up several times during the night with the rumbling innards and rear passage giving me bother. Huh!

L Aldi

Jill from Troll Free Zone – A Pearl!


A funny wot I dun and captioned: “Someone really ought to wake him up know!”

Arose (yet again) to visit the porcelain around 0315hrs and decided to give up and started the laptop to finish and post yesterday’s Dairy and begin this one.

The dreams I’d had couldn’t be recalled at all this morning but  know I’d had them and they were frustrating in nature.


The innards are rumbling and bubbling still – took some bi-carb with me usual medications. Still, the arthritis and angina are not being too awkward anyway… yet. Hehe! What I’m laughing at I’m not sure?

Did some graphicalistioning on Coreldraw while it let me.

Many visits to the porcelain today, the innards are churning and a tad uncomfortable, two really close shaves up to now – not sure whether to risk going out or not yet… might just have a wander around locally if the yobs ain’t around. Or not?

Carried on with me graphicalisationing, dun some funny ones for Facebook Troll Free Zone gals and lad’s in mind.


Sandra – Packers fan?

Oh dear… just got back from another urgently needing attention message wot I got from me rumbling grumbling stabbing innards – no faux-pars though.

Still not sure if I should risk a poddle out?

I can hear emergency vehicle klaxons nearby – but I’m not going out to have a nosey this time.

At least the BT internet seems to be going alright, although I may regret saying that now that I’ve said that?

Bloomin’ ‘eck, another visit to the bog! Not good this.

Had an email from Nottingham City Council warning me of bad weather coming.


The cough now returned and stayed with me all day – Tsk!

After an hour or so the burbling and gurgling seemed to be settling, so I decided a walk into town might be okay. (What a plonker!)

0602roadGot a wash up and set off on me walk.

The traffic at the lights on Hucknall Road was at a standstill.

Horns a peeping and hooting as they jockeyed for position.

It freed up a lot further on near the traffic island and I took a photo 0603roadbecause the sky looked very clear compared with the last few days.

I suppose it’s the wintry weather on its way that I was warned about?

A little bit further up the road, I espied my first piece of Nottingham Street Art on the pavement yet again. I wondered if it was the same culprit 0604artas the other day as it was spotted roughly in the same area as was that dog poo?

I pressed on over the hill on Mansfield Road and down the other side towards the City Centre.

A block of six retail outlets on the other side of the road near the 0605roadHuntingdon Street junction traffic lights I saw had only one business open, the other had closed down.

It was an Art Gallery outlet.

Of all the things I thought.

There has been take-away food, Book shops, Butchers, Estate Agents, Hair dressers, Adult entertainment suppliers and Ladies nail shop but all have failed and gone broke or got out quickly in that row of shops over the last year or so. How can an Art Gallery expect to make it pay?

0606cycleA few hundred yards further down the road the first pavement cyclist came passed me. Again I only just caught him with me camera.

Then I turned to continue on me walk and nearly tripped and did a ‘Whoopsidangleplop’ over one of the uneven pavement slabs.

Undaunted, after using a few well chosen descriptive words I limped into the Victoria bus station and through into the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall).

A gurgling from within and severe involuntary passing of wind encouraged me to get to the public toilets ASAP!

0610fishPhew… made it in time.

I came out and looked for some ‘Bing’ ‘Pearls’ and ladies fashion items, anything that might interest the girls from Canada, America and Australia on Facebook to take photographs of.

I got six that might interest them. The one of the fish here I put in the diary because I couldn’t believe the prices of the 2.5″ glass fish on sale. £60 (AUD $110.44 – USD $90.86 – CAD $ 108.92) each! Mind you they were probably not glass, something else more expensive?

I poddled down the ground floor and popped into Tesco Metro and got some Cox’s apples, Cooked crispy bacon and bread.

0607artWhen I departed onto Milton Street, between the Poundland and Waitrose shops I espied another piece of Nottingham Street Art.

It doesn’t show very well in the photo, but it was semi-liquid and smelled of curry to me.

Not bad for early afternoon.

0608pigeonI took some photo’s of a jewellery shop window for the girls and went down to the bus-stop and caught one back to the flea-pit.

I sneaked some seed to the pigeons and tool a photo of em.

Walked home and rushed to the WC.

The top of the tap on the sink has split open.

No idea how to mend it. Tsk!

Put me bits away and depression overcame me.

Later I started this diary after having to restart the laptop to get Coreldraw to work.

Coughing painfully well as I pass wind, I did some graphics.

Tonight I plan to have me microwaveable Potato Gratin, bacon and some bread. Or bearing mind me innards… should I?

I did, and it wer lovely.

Paid the price with the usual painful getting up and down to tend to the calls to the porcelain throughout the night. Tsk!